The Argument For Adopting Leftist Tactics To Defeat The Left

On Friday, the 16th of June 2017, in New York City, Laura Loomer of The Rebel Media raided the stage of the controversial quasi-Trump-killing ‘Shakespeare in the Park’ recreation of Julius Caeser. Once on stage, Loomer interrupted the play and yelled about the violent rhetoric that the play was implicitly portraying against Donald Trump and the political-right.

Moments after Loomer got on stage, another protestor named Jack Posobiec rose in the midst of the crowd and started comparing them to Nazi propagandists. In essence, it was an excellent use of the left’s own tactics against them, and it gave the left a taste of its own medicine. And, on Saturday, other protesters once again interrupted the play protesting the same issues.

Of course, in response to these events, the standard “respectable” conservatives responded with disgust. David French of National Review tweeted that “Anyone on the ‘right’ who defends the BS that went down at the play tonight (16 June 2017) is showing themselves to be tribalist, not conservative.”

Ben Shapiro, writing at the Daily Wire, called the incident “idiotic snowflake-ism” and argued that “…the right was in serious danger of capitulating to the left’s ‘hate speech’ argument by reversing it on the left.”

Reading statements like this, it soon becomes apparent why standard conservatives have failed to conserve much of anything—they are like France during World War II, or, at best, maybe Italy. In fact, when reading comments like those from Shapiro and French, one has to wonder whether these two conservatives, or other conservatives like them, have ever found themselves in a real physical confrontation.

The reason why this is doubtful is because anyone who has been in a one-of-one fight knows that when you are confronted with an existential threat, and if you fight by Queensbury rules while your enemy does not, then the chances are very good that you will lose that battle. Indeed, if a punk comes at you with a jagged bottle after throwing dirt in your eyes, and you are worried about hitting him below the belt with your gentlemanly “fisticuffs”, then you will likely leave that fight in a body bag, and he won’t.

Well, the left is a punk, and they have been coming at the right with a jagged bottle for some time now, so is it any surprise that some on the right have decided to start fighting dirty, just like the left does.

You don’t worry about boxing rules when this guy is coming at you!

Note as well that there is nothing necessarily immoral about escalating and fighting dirty if the situation calls for it. After all, even cops are allowed to use whatever tactics and force are necessary to subdue an attacker and keep the public safe so long as the force is proportionate to the attack and so long as the force used is in response to an attack.

Thus, if talking fails and a gangbanger pulls a gun on a cop, then it is completely moral for that cop to stop that threat using whatever type of lethal force tactic is necessary, be it shooting, stabbing, batoning, choking, or whatever. The key point is that the cop must stop the threat.

Jack Posobiec denouncing the play as work of Goebbels

Even in larger-scale conflicts this idea of mutual escalation and proportionate tactical reaction has been understood as necessary. For example, in World War I, when the Germans started using large-scale chemical warfare, the Allies did not merely buck-up and carry-on as if the old rules still applied. No, they too started using chemical warfare until the other side learned from painful experience that enough was enough, and that the use of chemical warfare simply was not worth the cost.

Indeed, appeals to Germany’s better nature did not stop them from using chemical weapons. And principled arguments did not sway them either. No, only the pain and harm received from experiencing the same tactics that they used was sufficient to teach the Germans not to use chemical weapons again after the end of the First World War. Well, the same is true for the left today.

Principled appeals and rational arguments do not work with the left, as has been evidenced for years. But painful experience can change a leftist’s mind quite quickly; consider, for example, the fact that the Antifa thugs are not all that eager anymore to attack the right after receiving a thrashing in return for their troubles.

In World War 1, both sides used gas, but one side only did so in a self-defense response to the other, and that is a difference that makes all the difference.

At the same time, we should not be surprised by the fact that many leftists only learn from painful experience rather than from rational arguments. After all, over two thousand years ago, Aristotle, in his book Rhetoric, told us that some people are simply immune to rational argumentation and instruction, and that such people only learn by swaying their emotions and experiences.

Do we really think that so much has changed in human nature since Aristotle’s time that his point no longer holds true? Of course not. And not only was Aristotle correct, but the left actually epitomizes the type of individual that Aristotle was speaking of (although leftists will no doubt think the same of the right).

So, the point is that when in a war, and the culture war is a war (just a war that has avoided large-scale violence so far), you will almost certainly lose that war if you are unwilling to engage in the use of certain tactics that seem unpleasant and even dangerous to you when not in such a conflict. This is especially the case if those are the very tactics that the enemy finds most painful and effective against them.

And since the left loves to project, then this means that the tactics they use against the right are the ones most likely to be highly effective against them. Hence the need to use the left’s tactics against them.

It must also be remembered that the goal of using the enemy’s own tactics against them is not to rejoice at the damage that doing so causes to them, but rather to educate them through the only means that they learn from: namely, emotional pain. And this harsh education is meant to teach them that using the very tactics that they endorse is ultimately to no one’s benefit.

Thus, if the left stops its illiberal attacks, then so will the right. But if the left does not stop using such tactics, then neither will the right, and so there will be Mutually Assured Destruction (MAD). However, better the madness of MAD—as well as the subsequent convulsing break-up of the United States into two different countries—then losing to the left.

After all, if the left does not backdown, even when faced with their own tactics being used against them in a trajectory of mutual destruction, then it is best to know this fact early, so that other measures, such as a push for secession, can get started in earnest.

In the end, it is true that sometimes, responding in kind to extreme brutality can be too heinous to contemplate, but losing a war to someone willing to be so brutal is even worse. For example, just consider what would have happened to the whole world had the United States, in the face of a Soviet nuclear arms race, decided to unilaterally disarm themselves of nuclear weapons after seeing the damage that nuclear weapons caused. Had this happened, North America would likely be a nuclear wasteland today, and everyone in Europe would be calling each other “comrade”.

Well, the left are the Soviets, and their tactics are the cultural nukes of today. Either the right starts to use those tactics in order to bring about a detente based on an understanding of mutually assured cultural and social destruction or else the right will lose. After all, the left has a grip on large swaths of the media, academia, corporations, the judiciary, and the government bureaucracy, not to mention a large voting base, so it is not as if the right has any major advantages in other areas.

Furthermore, as history attests, and as the last generation or so in the United States affirms, the large masses within the country will likely just sway and move with the cultural currents, simply absorbing and largely accepting the cultural changes that come their way from whichever side is stronger. As such, the masses, and the standard conservatives, will not be much help to the right on a day-to-day basis.

Had the West decided not to stockpile “evil” nukes, then Soviet soldiers would likely have marched right through Europe. So sometimes, MAD is the only way to go.

So, in light of all of the above, the right has a choice to make: either act like a “respectable” conservative and most likely lose the culture anyway—as they have been doing for the last few decades—or else fight in a manner that actually teaches the left the hard lesson that maybe we all need to stop such behaviors before we all destroy ourselves and our freedoms.

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174 thoughts on “The Argument For Adopting Leftist Tactics To Defeat The Left”

  1. Things I like to say to leftists, just to fuck with their heads:
    “Why did the butter fly – was its attention span margarinal?”
    “I understand your position, inferior though it may be.”
    “I agree with a couple of your multiple personalities.”
    “You’re quite intelligent for a person who possesses such an enormous mental handicap.”

      1. Sofia Coppola directed…no doubt they remade Clint Eastwood’s character into a misogynistic caveman who tried to rape and murder all the Southern belles at the boarding school, while wearing a MAGA hat…

    1. “I have no control over your faulty opinion of me”. Woman to woman they always look puzzled, yet, their eyes betray them. They know they have been caught. Usually the high pitched snark starts.

  2. It’s really fun to adopt their dystopian language. I can tell you that they don’t like it one bit. I had a guy gassing off about the purported Russian election interference the other day. I could have grilled him a bit on this(asking about direct proof, etc) but instead I just said “don’t you think that’s Russophobic?”

    1. All I can say is, “we have a looong way to go.” The fight to stop Russophobia or Русская фобия is going to be difficult. It’s time to spread awareness people. Put on your out of context t shirts, grab your flags and block the streets. It’s time to take your paranoia to the next level.

      1. Maybe out of context but a request to people in the West (color doesn’t matter !):
        For the sake of your Fore Fathers and for GOD sake;
        DO NOT USE *** Underwear / Footwear *** with the symbol of your
        National FLAG !

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      1. and the left acts like voter fraud never happens but they push the idea that the russians rigged it.

    2. I swear to god, liberals are like trained pigeon utter a single word and they crap all over the place.

    3. The whole Trump Russia thing is a bunch of crap. The whole establishment, the media, they all believed Clinton was going to walk to the White House. Then they wound up in for a surprise because many liberals did not vote, and many minorities, particularly blacks, stayed home. There were enough black voters four Midwestern states to easily swing the election to Hillary but the fact remains that these voters were not going to get out to vote for Clinton. They voted in droves for Obama two times. Also forgotten was many working class voters chose Trump, the first Republican for them in decades.
      This whole Russia thing is mainly being used by the Democrats and RINOs to keep Trump off track.

  3. It’s a good point of view. Another is that anything that daring to call and ridicule Letism for what it is not only weakens it’s target, but also its supports. Or to be more precise, the believes of his own supports troops.
    Lucian, on his channel ‘Freedom alternative’ made some excellent podcats about it.

  4. Frankly those street brawls to suppress leftism should have happened back in the 1960’s, before the Baby Boomer left took over key institutions in American society.

    1. The kids I went to school with were ecstatic over the Chicago beatings. 90% of the class was cheering on the police.

  5. I’m all for flipping their language and overall tactics back on them to show them their own hypocrisy. So long as we don’t compromise on our principles because we get caught up on “beating the left.”
    For example we shouldn’t try to stifle their freedom of speech just because they are trying to suppress ours. The left will only use our hypocrisy as a recruiting tool. We HAVE more poise, and honor, and dignity than the left and I think it’s important to show that, because this isn’t a street fight it’s a war in the minds of a nation.

    1. There is a certain irony in your statement that we shouldn’t try to stifle their freedom of speech. I worked with a “progressive” young female engineer (a right cute little thing too) that got into it with me over holding the door for her. I told her I was just being polite and she told me I was a male chauvinist. I responded that she was certainly entitled to her opinion and I would happily fight to protect her right to express it. She practically screamed that SHE did not want me defending HER rights! I had to laugh and that really pissed her off, so I just walked away. A few days later I was walking by the glass front on one of our buildings. I caught her reflection with another female engineer, unbeknownst to them, checking out my ass and commenting on it (I’m partially deaf and read lips fairly well). I guess objectification is all right as long as it’s them doing it. That did put a smile on my face for the rest of the day though.

      1. Should have told her the door and glass was made by evil men and was part of the patriarchy and she shouldn’t touch it or any other building on the planet….then told her that you would most happily hold the door open for her after she gave you a feel of her tits…..

        1. And I would have been looking for a job shortly thereafter. I found it to be a lot more fun to píss the femi-nazis off with my ZFG attitude, always being careful not to say anything they could take to HR. We had one that made it her mission to stop all smoking at that facility. Management made us move outside and one day this fat bítch walked right down the alleyway where our smoking area was (she had no business being there). As she walked by she feigned a cough and said “Second hand smoke kills.” I said “Hey. You have no reason to come through here, you could have taken the service building hallway. So my smoking has no bearing on you.” She started in with all this crap that I was going to have emphysema and lung cancer and it was going run her insurance costs up, etc. So I countered with “Your obesity is going to run my insurance costs up because you are going to need knee and hip replacements and probably back surgery. Get back to me when you lose about 70 pounds!” Boy howdy! She turned red in the face, clenched her fists ’til her knuckles were white and stomped off speechless! The fringe benefit was she never spoke to me again. Now I haven’t smoked since 2005 and am in better shape in my late fifties than I was back then in my thirties. How much do you want to bet she’s still fat as a pig and remembers that little interchange with a lot less humor than I do?

    2. Agreed. We have to beat them without becoming them. But it means we attack, rhetorically. We give them no ground to retreat to. We take the argument to their safe spaces and places of power. No defense. All offense. They want to wipe free men from the pages of history. Don’t let them.

    3. I don’t know about this “freedom” of speech thing. There a lot of things we cannot say which means we don’t have freedom of speech. Then on the other hand everything is considered “freedom” of speech from the way way you drive, to live, to what you spend your money on.
      There might be two or more meanings on this:
      1. The 1st amendment is taken largely out of context where we are all supposed to be perfectly “free” which is the ultimate lack of responsibility
      2. There is an obvious disregard of the 1st amendment unless the left was to equate it with perfect freedom where they want to force people to be “free” or tolerate it to an unreasonable extent. Trust me I was in a few university classes overrun by swjs and they won’t shut up about their freedoms.
      3. I realize that the founding Fathers were very smart guys and that if you get rid of one amendment (just in the bill of rights) you get rid of them all but they might have made a mistake by adding in “freedom” of speech rather then some kind of control (liberty).
      I like liberty better. You can have freedom but responsibility comes first. Starts with you then family, local community eventually the nation-state level.

      1. Freedom of speech doesn’t free you from the consequences of your speech, only the legal repercussions.

        1. I know. It’s just an interesting study as well as all sorts of people practically applying it. It seems like a giant mess that has to be dealt with and there are two basic arguments. We have or we don’t.
          Who gets to have it etc. It’s a giant logical circle.
          Perhaps there are less consequences for your speech but we can’t forget that now speech seems to be aquated with action. And that in turn seems inconsistent with free speech which is not related to action.

    4. It’s also possible to adopt your opponents tactics, keep your dignity, and suppress the other side. Because sometime if you want to survive and you know that what you want will make the world a better place then you must suppress the other side or die trying. It’s a turn over of cultures and just plain politics, war, and business.

  6. I 100% agree and would love to see it in action.
    Such as the vile, filthy Obammies being portrayed as apes.
    They can use peanut butter to make their mouths move, much like the teleprompter that made Hussein’s mouth move.
    I would laugh like an idiot watching Ape Hussein, Ape Chimpelle, and the two little monkey daughters interact with each other in this fashion.

    1. Anyone ever notice that for 24 straight years America had Presidents with no sons?
      Obama: 2 daughters
      Bush: 2 daughters
      Clinton: 1 daughter
      Trump is the first president in 20 years to have a son.

  7. The tactic is irrelevant, when the greater strategy is playing both sides …
    Don’t fool yourselves.

  8. The comment that the left does not learn from arguments but from painful experience applies to cuckservatives as well. They believe race does not exist – it is a social construct. They believe Dems have held back blacks through welfare and “Dems are the real racists!!!!1”.
    When argument with cuckservatives or boomer cucks you really have to hit them over the head with the humiliation and ridicule. Deride their beliefs as nonsensical and over idealistic. Some are more open to not all races are created equal but a lot are just dumb, simple, and regurgitate anything breitbart says. And another thing, THEY DON’T ACTUALLY KNOW A BLACK OR A JEW.

    1. I heard this point put well recently…” Populate an island with Northeast Asians & you get Japan, populate an island with Celts & Nordic Germans & you get Great Britain, populate an island with Sub-Saharan Africans & you get Haiti.”

      1. Years ago I lived in an area that was predominantly black. As more and more anti-white propaganda took hold, I saw former black friends turn and become very bigoted. When they would start in on me about inequality (never mind they were being treated preferentially where I worked and in the local courts) and how they were oppressed by the white man, I would tell them this: “It’s simple, don’t buy anything from the white man. Only buy televisions, stereos, cars, tools and furniture from Africa. In fact don’t buy anything with a transistor in it, because white men invented that too.” They would usually only have to ponder that for a few seconds before they’d get pissed and walk off. As I pointed out to a white friend that questioned me about this “Who wants to have little more than brightly colored robes, hats with no brims and zebra tail swatters to keep the flies off your back.” Take away every bit of colonial white influence from Africa and they would still be up a tree with a stick smeared in ox urine and wood ash. Quite frankly, we need to turn the tables on them with this cultural appropriation B.S. too.

    2. One problem with cuckservatives is they try to keep the libtards at arms length. As the libtards mover farther and farther to the left, there are the cucks only one arm’s length behind them.

    1. Lil Ben is a charlatan. He does not actually understand political trends, media or how to manipulate public opinion. This is why he has such a poor track record with predictions. I smh at the people who think his political commentary has any value.
      We know he secretly took money from Cruz to shill for him. And we also know that he pushed the Michelle Fields hoax to damage Trump. Further, he has been calling mainstream news channels to de-platform certain pro-Trump ppl. It’s laughable to see him talk about his “principles” and how you shouldn’t use SJW tactics.

      1. Ben Shapiro is a cowardly douche. Vox Day was right to call him out on his armchair warrior for the Iraq war when little Ben was at a perfectly acceptable age and physically able to join the army and get shot at but running your mouth pays better. So much for his ‘muh principles’.

  9. I would say, be careful. “The ends justifies the means” is the hallmark of leftist thinking. That’s how they justified the Red Terror, for example.
    Anything the right does will be amplified 1000% by the leftist media and used to justify leftist retaliation (or even used retroactively).
    Personally I think interrupting plays is crap, whether it’s Hamilton or Julius Caesar. Protest outside is cool, might stir some thinking in the playgoers.

    1. This. Whatever side you’re on, “The ends justifies the means” is counterproductive.

        1. Perhaps it may help you win the war, but you won’t be able to win the peace if the methods you used to gain victory were not kosher.

        2. Oh its kosher, look at the way Atheist Israel will soon be over-run by the Haredi (ultra-Orthodox). Atheism kills itself off, just bottle them up in their own enclaves and they die off of old age likes weeds in a compost bin.

        3. Agree. I think we can win over more people just by exposing and laughing at the contradictions of the SJWs. The minute the right resorts to violence these same sorts of people will say, they really are nazis.

        4. I think the problem is that they are already laughed at but the state and business don’t seem to mind. I think we can all agree that the time are much less better then they must have been and the establishment is the cause who are mostly SWJs, cucks or both. As far as milleinnials go we are almost stuck between a rock and a hard place because there simply are not enough adaquate paying jobs.
          Another problem is that typically, throughout some periods of history, a man could still find a decent wife with a lousy living but that’s not the case anymore with cultural shifts. Pesants and wage slaves still had feminine wives. Nowadays there is a complete absence of this concept.

        5. Antifa doesn’t seem representative of any politically left-leaning people I’ve ever encountered; however, I’m going to roll with that underlying premise:
          Antifa has a lot of killing to do if they want to catch-up with either Right-Wing Extremists or ISIS; so far the only death incurred has been one of their own Antifa-people:
          “Unsuspecting Antifa Killed By Anti-White Muslim Degenerate
          We are reaching levels of irony that shouldn’t even be possible right now.”

        6. Yes, I am older and remember the times when a good, normal job paid enough for a family and stay-at-home wife.

        7. I’d agree that most of the lefties I know would be unlikely Antifas. However they seem happy to have the Antifas represent them. I think many leftists yearn for “The Revolution”. The antifas are ‘larping’ it (live action role play).

  10. I was curious about the chemical warfare history. Actually the French were the first to use teargas in 1914, ineffectually, followed by the Germans, also ineffectually. Then the Germans started with poison gas in 1915. Wow, 91,000 deaths, what a horror! Banned by the Geneva Convention in 1925, so not technically illegal at the time.

    1. Wrong Century,
      Yes, the French uses chemical warfare first, but the Germans were the first to use it in a large and massive scale, which is what I specify in the article.

    2. From what I was told through my family grapevine (my German great-grandfather fought in — and survived — the Battle of Verdun), even Germany thought gas warfare was pure barbarism as it horrified the ranks of soldiers and officers alike. The use or abuse of chem warfare left them mentally scarred, even if it was sometimes effective.

  11. I voted for Trump and am happy I did but funny thing is when you look at history well Caesar had the admiration and love of the people of Rome while Brutus and his crowd were acting on behalf of corrupt politicians who relied on a huge welfare state and gangs to keep up their political support so I suppose there is some grounds for comparison.

    1. and also the Julius Ceasar play has also used an actor resembling Obama in the past. Getting outraged at only this is hypocrisy.

  12. David French is such a cuck. Where do these losers get the idea that
    1. they can define the what is “conservative” 2. That anyone outside of the better business bureau, or the local diversified country club cares what they think.

    1. I’ve not noticed the establishment Republicans conserving much of anything…however, I always vote against the Democratic Party candidates because I’m a straight White Christian man & they HATE my kind.

      1. On the contrary, I see the “conservative” republicans conserving and protecting big government. They do exactly what democrats do, they are just less skillful.

      2. Conservatism is just yesterday’s liberalism. Their both the wings of the same philosophy. If you’ve ever heard a conservative talk about convicting muslims of hate crimes for anti Semitism you already know.

        1. Yeah, I was supposed to do my 4th day of leg raises/bicycle crunches/russian twists/pushups/deep knee bends/dips today, but when I woke up at 6:45 AM, my half full glass of gin from last night (2 AM) was there…I ignored it for 15 minutes, but then went for it. I figure 3 days of working out this week was enough, given the crappiness of my life.
          I’ll make up for it by getting laid tomorrow at the upscale K-AMP…
          I do need to get more sleep though. Not sure how to do that…

        2. Either blow all the cash on crack; or buy a few bricks, start slingling, get busted, and defense lawyers get the money.

    1. After buying a new car for everyone in the family and putting some deuces on them, they’ll be broke before they have their third house party.

    2. Bob, you have a gambling ‘problem’. I approve. Time for me to rake in extra cash as a bookie.

    3. Rodney King won a $3.8 million civil settlement against the city of LA after the police officers criminal charges against them were dismissed. He blew threw most of the money and then proceeded to drown in his own swimming pool due to a coctail of alcohol and cocaine.
      Ironically a cop from the LAPD had to jump in the pool to drag his body out of the water.

      1. The real question is how long did that LA cop stand on Rodney boy’s neck, before he dragged the carcass out? Ha!

  13. I think the time has long since come for us to fight back again st the left, with the same tactics they use. Conservatism is not enough. It’s defensive, and what we have ain’t worth conserving anyways. It’s time to push back….hard.
    I’m not condoning violence, let them draw first blood…the extremists always do.

    1. That will be an extremely one sided contest. I was marveling at the report about the baseball practice shooter. He fired over 50 rounds at unarmed targets & got only like 5 hits & no kills…that’s some piss poor shooting. Where I’m from there are 12 year old girls who can reliably engage targets at 200m with that SKS he was using

      1. Troll alert! Gil is a long standing troll most likely of the government funded variety. Don’t feed her.

  14. Ever wonder why the Army’s marching chant used to be, “Left…left…left, right, left…”
    Me neither.

  15. Absolutely goddam damn right. Detante. We can work together amongst a host of issues, but get cute, sabotage is guaranteed.
    Fuck Shapiro. He cucked to Michelle
    Fields shit-test; simped from her muff. Piss on that automatic pussy-pass bullshit.

    1. I am done making excuses for the left. I am done giving them the benefit of the doubt. I am done keeping an open mind. They want to wipe me out, based on my sexuality, heritage, gender, and values. Discussion is over.
      In ways, I think Shapiro’s “snowflakism” criticism is legit as a warning– but we need to take the fight to the people that want to destroy us.

      1. Shapiro must believe she does. But, you’re probably right. Dicken balls like the other Michelle Obummer.

  16. The problem with “rational arguments” to start with is that they just aren’t that persuasive to begin with. People are driven by emotions and cognitive biases. What commands attention will be seen as most important. How much change have those 50 page whitepapers from Cato or National Review brought as compared to the more rhetorical and emotive arguments of the left? You know the answer.
    As I said months ago, people think largely in labels and analogies. Trump understood this, as do the new internet shock troops on the right. “Conservatism, Inc.” doesn’t. Leftists have been trained in a kind of word-magic while conservatives just get lucky every once in a while:

    1. Use emotion. Make the left a toxic laughingstock. Make it so that people feel ashamed to be associated with it. Charge reason with emotion and weaponize it. Rip through the illusion of their moral authority.

      1. That’s exactly correct. The only reason the current leftist insanity (this ain’t your grandpa’s left) has gotten any traction is because, for some weird reason, it’s fashionable and gives some measure of status.
        Like Cernovich says: Want to defeat someone? Don’t out-logic him. Lower his status.

      2. I think we’re seeing it already. I’ve never seen so many ‘cringe compilations’ vids on the boobtube.

  17. Damian, you are quite correct. The gloves are off and it’s clear that the lib-tard left has no interest in honest discourse or a fair fight. The so-called “progressives” I have engaged over the years really believe their own rhetoric and that the end justifies the means. If they could, they would shut us down completely including ROK, any other venue that would carry your article and censor all comments that disagree with their ideology. The vast majority of them cannot be swayed with logic, reason or facts. It is a religious movement albeit secular on its face and these people are zealots. As evidenced by the “occupy” movement, BLM and now, the “anti-fas”, these are bullies set on having their way no matter what the rest of us think, what they destroy or who they hurt. These bullies are merely the useful idiots employed by the likes of Soros et al, but they can’t see it. I learned quite young that the only effective way to deal with bullies is to hurt them proportionally to how much they (intend to) hurt you (pre-emptive strikes are sometimes necessary). Only then will they back down. As we saw with Moldy-locks getting punched in the face (apparently not hard enough to knock any sense into her) the days of the likes of Mother Jones standing in the way of right wing violence are over. Back then most women were respectable and no self respecting man would hit them. Now they’re marching around shirtless with pussy hats on declaring themselves sluts. They are no longer respectable and will find out the hard way what happens to shrill and violent harridans bent on having their own way. Once they understand that their actions will result in immediate and unpleasant reprisal, most of them along with their beta orbiters and white kights will cease and desist. But for those who still won’t, we have the 2nd Amendment…

  18. You can’t win a battle unless you are at least as brutal as your enemy. If we executed 100 semi randomly selected muslims (first their family, then their mosque, then randomly) for every terrorist victim, there would soon be no more terrorism one way or the other.

    1. They are not such bad girls. They just needed a spanking from Daddy. Now they have the structure they need to live in civil society.

      1. Well the idea is to stop bad behavior in its tracks. That’s what they did. Here in the U.S. the police would have to put up with their crap, couldn’t really do anything unless they were violent, etc. Then if they were to arrest them for trespassing, disorderly conduct or the like, they have to be processed through the system. That costs us, the taxpaying public, a lot of money. And the lawyers make out like bandits. But over there they tell you to pack up and leave. When you don’t they pull your pussy hat off and whip you. If you still don’t get the message they put your guitar in the trash, throw you on the ground and whip you again. Then you cry and you leave, lol! Very cost effective if you ask me…

  19. Cuckservatives are all about self-defense but somehow using the Left’s tactics against the Left, in an act of self-defense, is wrong.
    This is why we need the alt-right.

  20. Most women have racial preferences in dating. If we pose as leftist, attack women for not dating more ethnic men, calling them racist and such, they may decide to switch sides. Those women who don’t, who decide to date more ethnic men, for fear of being called racist, will soon find themselves in real patriarchy as those of us (myself included) don’t really take well to that sort of western woman nonsense.
    They too will switch if it’s a choice between being called a racist or dating someone like me.
    I treat women like shit.

  21. use the lefts tactics? You mean like work with secret societies towards violent international revolution, then destroy the most fundamental institutions of culture and society (divorce rape, and gay pride parades) while filling your pockets with public funds all in the name of the people? Yeah, could just work.
    Oh, did I forget something….you know like murdering millions of people for the greater good.
    Got to learn what the left has to teach

    1. You missed the point. What you describe are leftist strategic goals. The goals and strategies of the right are different, and morally superior. Damian Michael made and supported his argument thoroughly. Marquis of Queensbury rules or courtroom rules of etiquette applied to the culture war will doom us to failure.

      1. fair points, but for most revolutionaries (permanent revolutionaries aside) violent revolution is not the goal but the means – like a “tactic” but on a larger scale. I’ve argued previously that we should adopt some leftist devices, but the point is that it isn’t always easy to separate ends and means particularly when the left is all about the end justifying the means.

      2. Only marquis of queensbury rules we should enjoy is watching mayweather destroy mcgreggor.

      1. He also said of his enemies “god will make them designer stubble to our swords” before putting on a pair of shades and going out to party

  22. I’ve always believed in being able to go lower than your opponent. If he brings a bat, you bring a gun. If he brings ten you bring 100. Victory must be total, swift, and devastating. Anything less invites retaliation.

        1. Luke, you’re a mod. Can you help get my original account de-ban’d? Porcer34. Don’t know why, or what to be regretful about, might even be a mistake, I hope.

        2. Ah, your name makes sense now. When you replied to one of my other comments, I assumed you were Kersey post-ban.

        3. There’s not really a function on Discus to do that. Most I can see is a “whitelist” thing which is a temp override and I’d have to find your last post and apply it, and I am not sure I have those permissions, either on my account or from Roosh personally. I recommend either rocking what you have, or making another account of Porcer35, or 34.5, or something. People will figure out it’s you, and that’s all that really matters; we’re not writing Shakespeare here.

  23. Every normal man must be tempted at times to spit on his hands, hoist the black flag, and begin slitting throats.
    -HL Mencken

    1. “As democracy is perfected, the office of president represents, more and more closely, the inner soul of the people. On some great and glorious day the plain folks of the land will reach their heart’s desire at last and the White House will be adorned by a downright moron.”
      ― H.L. Mencken, On Politics: A Carnival of Buncombe

  24. I agree but with a couple caveats:
    1) We lost the culture war. There’s nothing much to conserve.
    Accepting this, however, is tonic to the soul! Now we can pivot from always playing defense to being wanton marauders, slashing and pillaging the ridiculous globo-gyno-corporate-fascist society they’re trying to build.
    Oh, what joy it is to be on the attack! Always mocking. Always picking them apart. Always sniping. Taking every opportunity to shiv their id (to borrow a phrase).
    Let them beg us to not destroy their precious things.
    Let them beg us to abide by their politically correct taboos, which we will mock and tear down.
    2) The goal is not disarming the Left of a tactic. It is to destroy their ideology and their emotional health.
    A country can’t forever abide two mutually exclusive ideologies. The tension is too great. The divided house will fall.
    Someone has to win and it needs to be us.
    3) No violence on our side! (aside from enthusiastic mano-y-mano self-defense).
    Despite running MSM, academia and corporate America, the Left is way outnumbered by normal people. That’s why they resort to violence. But they lose all moral authority when they do so.
    So let them raise the social tension level with BLM and Antifa violence…and with political targeting, sadly as with Scalise.
    We will be there, standing on firm moral ground as the law-and-order brigade that can restore peace and lower societal tensions.
    * * *
    The guerilla tactics _our_ protestors used to break up the play is exactly what is needed. It makes it clear who are the tottering Romans and who are the coming Visigoths.

  25. I love this article.
    I’ve been saying for a while now that we need to start fighting dirty against the left.
    Forget the false platitudes of pseudo-intellectuals who claim that it makes us “just like them”.
    No, it does not. We have logic and rational arguments on our side. After that, if they won’t listen, all that matter is that we crush them.

  26. I dont know. I support their freedom of speech. It should def be known that if a similar play showed Something happeneing to Obama, there would have been riots adross the country.

    1. Not to pick a fight, but a few years ago, the exact same theater troupe in the exact same park put on the exact same production of Julius Caesar, except Caesar was portrayed as Obama. And there weren’t riots across the country. Clearly, it wasn’t a big deal, or else you’d have heard about it.

  27. One small point: The left does not believe that the right is stupid and immune to reason. The left believes that the right is evil incarnate.

    1. The strategists for the left are malevolent towards our trad culture but the rank and file left tend to be non-thinking reactionaries who react to you like you’re the devil when you trespass their bubble and surprise them with your trad cultural stance. Sneak your way into a shitlib’s house and once you’re at the dinner table, say “BOO, I’m far right” and watch them go berserk. They might try to argue point by point why your beliefs are unacceptable or archaic. They’ll chip away at family and push tolerance but if you reveal you’re of a branded league of the many growing factions of alt right like a card carrying Trumper or especially any of the older far right causes, then they really freak out.
      Back in my 20s, I went with a buddy of mine to the house of someone who I didn’t know was a former 60s radical leftist activist. The shitlib was a burned out slovenly middle aged single lady living with some other skanky old lady room mate and a few old shitlib looking female guests in an apartment. [not bangable]. When we left the apartment I heard whispers “didn’t you know those guys are radical right such and such?” Then I heard one of the guest ladies scream “oh my god you mean there are [right wings] on the premisis, in THIS apartment?” I heard wails and gnashing of teeth as we walked away.
      My buddy was retrieving his beer from his mom’s fridge in the apartment. The dude was a [right wing] buddy of mine but his old skank single mother had mainly lefty circles of friends. It was a college town with pockets and bubbles of lefties everywhere around the campus neighborhoods. You can’t imagine how crazy they are unless you make your way inside one of their safe bubbles where you hear and see them up close. Some of them really do react like you’re the devil if you reveal you’re far right.
      I’m sure those nasty barren ladies are in convalescent homes by now, haven’t heard from my buddy in years. College towns used to be so full of atomized broken old single landlord ladies renting their divorce rape properties for student rooming houses. The old shitlib ladies lived so cat-boxy, in their enclaves of shit think bubbles. And they really did freak out and lose their marbles when in the presence of their ideological adversaries.
      Nowadays it’s the LGBT freaks trying to storm the agenda on campuses. The propaganda materials they push need cut off from the curriculum. At present a sufficient number of common people have a will to see the cancer rooted. The real battle will be a nasty unconventional one with their legal advocates and connections.

  28. my classmate’s mom makes $65 every hour on the internet.. she has been without work for 8 months.. the previous month her payment was $18818 just working from home a few hours. ➤go here to ➤this

  29. Just do like the Romans did. Adopt the enemies tactics and be better at it. Once you have their tactics down to a science put you own spin on it that specifically targets the type of enemy. Attack. Win. Party.

  30. Abandon your conservatism and become a radical.
    You cannot be a conservative when there is nothing worth conserving. To be a conservative when your enemy controls the system is to support your own destroyer. Only when you abandon your allegiance to the current system can you actually oppose it properly.
    We are at war. Its a cold war right now, but its war nonetheless. The enemy should be given no space in which it can organise or gather without us being there to disrupt. Bring your whistles and blowhorns to thier speeches. Physically occupy their spaces. dox thier leaders. Disemploy them. Boycott them. Shout them down. Counterdemonstrate. Show them no peace, no respite no remorse. If they win, we go up against a wall so we have nothing to lose.

  31. Forget the tactics, it’s time for secession. Millions of third-world migrants continue to flood into the U.S. every year. These people have all been promised a free ride from the taxpayers.
    You can talk about using any strategy you like, however very soon we will be demographically outnumbered and the remnants of our so-called democracy will be rendered null and void.
    There is no way to reverse mass immigration. No way. This is why the left employs it as a weapon, they know that even if the right wing counterattacks, they will eventually lose the war of attrition.
    Why try to fight it? It’s like trying to revive a braindead patient. The most us nationalists can do is extract the healthy organs and book it.

  32. The writer’s points are all very good.
    However, how many people did Laura Loomer actually convince? Most people in the middle probably just thought she was another political crazy and compared her to Kathy Griffin on the other side.
    I do think one of the promising signs with the memes, etc. is that the right is starting to be seen as the edgy punks against leftist control of universities, etc. I think it was Andrew Breitbart who said politics was downstream of culture, and he had a point. The right doesn’t have universities or media to propagate its viewpoint. That’s why creating viral media and spreading through nontraditional channels (ironically enough) is so important.

  33. Great article, great points, but good god, can we stop with the “germans bad,” “cops good” nonsense, please?
    Cops are legalized gangsters who work for and protect the very same people we are fighting against. Fuck them.
    And please consider studying some alternative history on ww2. Not just history channel/every ww2 doc made nonsense. It isn’t necessarily true.
    That said, the article is right about the primary point. This new left sees facts and reason and argumentation as oppressive and a “white man’s” invention. They do not respond to it. Fight them likewise instead. This is not an ideological battle of words anymore. These people need to be removed from Western society.

    1. Agree about the cops thing. But as for Germany, ((())) conspiracy or not, Nazi Germany was a creation of socialists and zionists made to sway the German people while funded by Zionist bankers (rothschilds) and even Prescott Bush. Nazis were bad.

      1. What evidence do you have for that? Have you listened to Hitler’s speeches? Jews declared war on National Socialist Germany multiple times, and for that, were removed. Not to mention, it was after the removal of zionist bankster influence did germany have a tremendous recovery. Not to mention, he put a stop to the jewish designed debauchery and savagery that jewry was pushing in a weakened german people.
        How does that in any way help zionism?

  34. The libs will do anything and everything to be able to put their ink on that paper. They want to tell everyone else how they should live and how much tribute to send to the gov. If libs truly and honestly researched the problems they claim they have solutions for they would have no choice but to come to a much different conclusion. Libs get their way for so long this is the result. They had O for 8 years and the let down was too much not to get HC . RINOS are the next problem, conservative fakers obstructing what voters want, that is the big story no one is reporting.

  35. If we aren’t allowed to make “hate speech” then they shouldn’t be allowed to make “hate art”.

  36. Leftism is a cult. Democrats are insane and brainwashed. Facts and reason are pearls before swine on them. The only thing that works on them is using their own tactics against them. For example, claim to identfy as a woman when discussing with them, and accuse them of transphobia and misogyny for disagreeing with you.

  37. What if the gangster tells the cop to go fuck himself?
    HB 953: “It shall be unlawful for any person to select the victim of the following offenses against person and property because of actual or perceived race, age, gender, religion, color, creed, disability, sexual orientation, national origin, or ancestry of that person or the owner or occupant of that property or because of actual or perceived membership or service in, or employment with, an organization, or because of actual or perceived employment as a law enforcement officer or firefighter.”
    Blue Lives Matter has now enshrined in law leftist tactics and it’s not going to be us that gets an education in emotional pain.

  38. Saul Alinski’s book “Rules for Radicals should be read by those on the right. Understand it, use it. Watch the liberal tears flow like the Nile when their tactics are used against them.

  39. Great piece. The right was completely cucked before cucked was even a word, so it’s no surprise that most of the “thought leaders” like Shapiro lack the courage to do what it takes to win and instead pontificate about what should happen in an ideal world.
    Meanwhile, there’s a war going on and it’s time for us to win it by any means necessary.

  40. Newsflash asshole, the authoritarian right has been using disruptive and violent tactics the whole goddamn time.

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