Alt Lite and Alt Right Hold Dueling Free Speech Rallies, Alt Right Wins

As our dedicated readers already know, Return of Kings has remained neutral in the cat fights between the New Right/alt lite and the alt right. ROK and the #RooshRight have carved an independent path rooted in the principles of neomasculinity and the explicit banning of thots and homosexuals from our platforms.

Nonetheless, it behooves us to know what our neighbors are up to, if for no other reason than because they keep banging on the walls and blasting loud music at two in the morning. This afternoon, the alt lite and the alt right held competing “free speech” rallies in Washington, D.C., bringing their subtly different messages to the American public. While the dust is still clearing, it looks like the alt right won a huge victory.

Here’s our take…

“You’re Gay!” “No, You’re Gay!”

The recent slapfight between the alt lite and alt right began nearly two weeks ago. On June 16, Laura Loomer and Jack Posobiec, two journalists from Jewish-funded Rebel Media, disrupted a performance of William Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar in New York City that featured President Donald Trump as a stand-in for Caesar.

Posobiec and Loomer charged that the play was promoting the assassination of President Trump and compared the play’s cast and crew to the Nazis and Joseph Goebbels as they were ejected from the theater.

Self-appointed alt-right leader Richard Spencer, aghast that someone was getting more attention than him, quickly joined with the fake news media in condemning Loomer and Posobiec. Not long after, Loomer, who is Jewish (despite her shiksa-sexy looks), immediately revealed herself as an entryist, referring to the alt right as “neo-Nazis” and demanding that others “condemn” anti-Semitism.

It also came out that she and Posobiec had registered “” several hours before launching their stunt.

The battle of witlessness escalated when Gateway Pundit White House correspondent Lucian Wintrich—best known for the homoerotic “Twinks for Trump” photoshoot he did at the Republican National Convention last year—began asserting that Richard Spencer was a homosexual based on trollish comments from YouTube personality James Allsup.

This was further compounded by the release of the “Third Jimpact” podcast, which alleged that homosexuals were using alt right site The Right Stuff’s pool parties (real life meetups) to groom teenage boys for anal sex, with former TRS admin Ghoul named as a culprit.

Further fanning the flames is the fact that for the past month, Spencer’s colleague Daniel Friberg has been at war with Greg Johnson, head of the rival alt-right site Counter-Currents Publishing. Johnson, best known for his assertion that “intolerance of homosexuality is Jewish” (as well as falsely accusing ROK publisher Roosh V of being a rapist), has been deemed a little too implicit for the fashy goys of the alt-right and been summarily drummed out.

The final straw came when Posobiec and Loomer both withdrew from the Freedom of Speech Rally that was to be held on June 25 at the Lincoln Memorial, because Richard Spencer would also be appearing there and they didn’t want any of his “racist” cooties. Instead, they set up their own rally, the Rally Against Political Violence, to be held at the same time a few blocks away.

The stage was set for an epic showdown. Who would win: the undercut-sporting goose-steppers of the alt right or the hysterical e-book merchants of the alt lite?

The Alt Right Brings The Fight

It’s clear from footage of both events that the Freedom of Speech Rally won out in terms of turnout and media coverage. Recordings from Infowars and Red Ice show that the alt-right rally had over twice the attendance of the Rally Against Political Violence, with most fake news media coverage ignoring the latter. Antifas were also focused on the Freedom of Speech Rally, attempting to disrupt it but failing.

Not only that, the energy was clearly on the alt right’s side. In addition to Richard Spencer and James Allsup, the Freedom of Speech Rally featured appearances from Milo Yiannopoulos’ ex-friend Baked Alaska, Daily Shoah host and confirmed race-mixer Mike Enoch, journalist Jason Kessler, Radical Agenda host Christopher Cantwell and many others.

Conversely, despite the Rally Against Political Violence’s speakers being more popular (going by Twitter follower counts) than the Freedom of Speech Rally’s speakers, energy at that rally was at Jeb-like levels. In addition to Posobiec, Loomer, and Wintrich, Mike Cernovich, Roger Stone, and Virginia gubernatorial candidate Corey Stewart made appearances, but their speeches were limp and phoned-in in comparison.

It’s possible that at least part of the reason why the Freedom of Speech Rally outpaced the Rally for Political Violence is the fact that the former was the “original” event, with the latter only created because Posobiec and Loomer didn’t want to get upstaged by Richard Spencer and his million-dollar smile. N

onetheless, this is a huge propaganda win for the alt-right, and will further hurt the New Right/alt lite as they seek to form an independent identity outside of both mainstream cuckservatism and the alt-right.

Return of Kings will continue monitoring the antics of the alt lite and the alt right, with an eye to remain critical of but fair to both sides.

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282 thoughts on “Alt Lite and Alt Right Hold Dueling Free Speech Rallies, Alt Right Wins”

    1. “Piss us off any more and you can join hitler in his bunker.”
      Good luck with that, keyboard warrior.

        1. There is a lot of hipocrisy and confusion among Americans with freedom of speech and freedom of religion. I could agree with the first one, not on the second for obvious reasons, but in our current situation, defending “free speech” is just bullshit. Our enemy is not willing to let us talk, in the same way Islam does not tolerate other religions in their countries: they want to see us dead. It’s time to grow some balls.

        2. A lot of them are. I often question their bravery and note how one of my farts can send them running. After all, in WWII their frontline troops doubled as their 4×100 metre relay team(s) and their tanks only had something like 2 forward gears and 35 reverse ones. I laugh also at how my family bitchslapped them during that time.

        3. Indeed. I mock them constantly and point out their distant lack of manliness, how they prance around and preen like a bunch of queers and how their religious head is a pederast and a Communist.

      1. Calling me a keyboard warrior?? LMAO
        People like you are the very definition of “keyboard warriors”. You are only found on remote obscure corners of the internet. People like you hold no positions of political power anywhere on the planet. People like you are mocked by the rest of us on all sides of political wings that hold power.
        People like you are nothing more than “useful idiots” that us Republican Right call upon to make a marginally funny meme to mock the democrats with every now and then. Once you have done that we banish you back to obscurity.
        Know your place and embrace it, keyboard warrior.

        1. If this website is a “remote obscure corner of the internet”, I don’t know why are you wasting your precious time here. It’s true, our stances don’t hold power anywhere in the decadent West, but you’ll find us in Russia, Serbia, Hungary, Poland, Japan, Korea, Argentina, even Austria and many more places: it is called nationalism, nothing to be ashamed about. And BTW, I don’t know why you assumed I am American, ROK has readers from over 50 nationalities. Go back to your pathetic small world.

        2. That was some seriously over-inflated self worth you just projected right there…
          I’m not sure if you’re a troll pretending to be conservative or just another typical boomer spreading their delusions.

        3. These empty people need us so badly: that’s why they come here, to this “remote obscure corner of the internet”. I don’t bother to go to their pathetic websites. They are irrelevant to me.

      1. Ha ha. “Bagel boy”, you say that with such conviction!!
        Should you by some miracle make it to the pearly gates of heaven. Just remember, Jesus was Jewish. Say Shalom!!

        1. Jesus has nothing to do with today’s judaism. Actually, today’s “jews” don’t descend from the Israelites. It is just a global corporatist scam.

        2. It’s called science. Current Jews are a corporatist scam, even in a Jewish-controlled academia the evidence is there. Behaving as a Jew is an Evolutionary Stable Strategy, especially in a Western Society where ethnocentric views against them are penalized.

        3. Your wild conspiracy theory about the Jews.
          Not even actual real nazis believed that garbage you posted.
          It is a conspiracy theory that was originated by muslims.

        4. It is food for thought when you get some that look Slavic, some more swarthy in a Southern European kind of way and others that look distinctly Middle Eastern. Definitely a scam.

        5. Well, you’re welcome to take on the IDF. My popcorn’s ready. Thought not. Israel is here to stay, so hate on little man.

        6. There is no need to take on the IDF. Simply, the American taxpayer should stop funding defense programs such as the Arrow missile system. Arabs will do the rest.

      1. In addition the tyrant Lincoln committed high treason by making war against the several States. He was a crooked rail-road (read that corporate) lawyer bent on keeping the tariff rolling in for his northern industrialist and bond holding owners. He didn’t give two shíts about black people. Well…other than wanting to send them all to Liberia to almost certain death. Being a white supremacist was probably the least of his faults.

        1. If you were shown a scientific report that proved without a shadow of a doubt that blacks committed more crimes per capita than any other race combined, would you accept it? Would it be a racist report in your mind?

        2. Who conducted the research? Who funded it? Where was it published?
          Has it been acknowledged by other researchers?

        3. Yea the northern government was able to play that complicated situation well 100 years later when they decided to pose themselves as the negro saviours. Anyone should know that over 400,000 northerners laying in southern graves for some black folks is a little rich. They did it to “save the union!” They were put up to it because those elite Yankees knew they could never compete with the more advanced industrialization of England without forcing the south to bear the brunt of the cost.

        4. Assume the highest of each classification.
          …I assumed you knew what a hypothetical question was. I am starting to think otherwise.

        5. Too bad that Lincoln died before he could implement his repatriation plan. Oh what a missed opportunity!

        6. Honestly, I have serious reservations about that. I grew up in an area that to this day is still 61% black (it was over 80% when I was a child, but white flight from the surrounding cities has changed that). I was raised to respect all my neighbors regardless of race, as long as they were respectable. I grew up with a lot of black folks that treated me like family, others not so much. But the same was true of my white neighbors, some of whom were the biggest crooks you’ve ever seen. I knew who to stay away from in my community, black or white.
          Later in life, I was being divorce raped and the state was skinning me for so much child support I was in virtual poverty. A local black farmer and his son (old family friends) put me on their kill permits. I was able to shoot all the deer I needed to feed my family high quality protein for five years running. I had other black friends that helped me out over the years and vice versa. If Lincoln had his way, I would have never met any of those people, many whose ancestors were born right here on this soil, not in Liberia.
          Have I had trouble with blacks over the years? Certainly. Have I had trouble with whites? Absolutely. Who’s screwed me over more down through the years? Whites, usually wearing suits or uniforms and smiling at me the whole time they were giving me a shiv in the back.

        7. We all know good Blacks and bad Whites, but at the end of the day the most important question is if, by being good, the good Blacks have earned the right to add their genes to my family tree. The answer is no, they haven’t and they never will. If the good ones truly are good, then they will understand and respect the need for this restriction – those who don’t respect this need thereby lose their “good” label in my book, no matter how virtuous they may be otherwise. Lincoln’s resettlement plan could have been implemented humanely, with assistance to help the repatriated slaves to build their own country. Liberia could have become a trading post for America in Africa, and its Black residents could have prospered thereby, instead of enduring poverty and Jim Crow segregation here after the Civil War.

        8. Good points. And I’ve never had the desire to add anything other than Northern European blood to my family tree either. The funny thing is I knew young black man from our community that took up with a local white girl of dubious reputation. His family literally disowned him. But only white people be rayciss…
          There was a self imposed segregation in our community that prevented race mixing up until the gun-vermin stepped in to ensure homogenization and racial de-harmonization occurred simultaneously. The right to freedom of association (and by extension, the right not to associate) notwithstanding I suppose…
          What you bring up about the privation of Southern blacks is quite correct. The problem is the pious and ever so generous New England yankees had no intention of providing the material support necessary for successful colonization of Liberia. The black leaders of the day new the vast majority of their people were being sent there to die. I can hardly blame them for resisting the notion.

        9. I do wish that slime ball hadn’t been killed by your boy Boothe so he could have shipped them all to Liberia.

        10. I know it was too little too late, but at least the tyrant felt the sting of Karma. It’s a shame he couldn’t have snuffed a bunch of the northern industrialists and bond holders as well.

    2. IDK, seems the “right” have been rather shitty about defending our right to speak for a while now. Whether it’s Erick Erickson or David Brooks or George Will or the codgers who run National Review, they seem more interested in denouncing and silencing us so they can be kings of their little dwindling dung heap of Conservatism, Inc..

    3. Leave them to their little dreams, HC. At least they get to dress up in dinky leather shorts and eat bratwurst and talk about “ze gut alt times on ze Russian front”

      1. This comment was genuinely humorous. And sums up these alt-right idiots so well.
        Well-done ,steghorn21

  1. These things are normal, the alternative right is just in its conception and it is dividing since the differences are real. I guess that the alt lite will finally merge with mainstream politics, so there is no need to worry.
    The important point to keep in mind is to keep the alt-right CLEAN from Jews (edit: and sodomites). Once kikes (edit: or sodomites) get in, we know how things end: we lose control and become their puppets.

    1. You are SO correct. Just watched the NBC nightly news, and they were discussing a number of alt right demonstrations… recent and today. Then they had some guy talking about how it was all a danger, how we had to be vigilant of these groups, etc., etc.
      NBC never identified the guy or who he represented, but it seemed to be some jewboy from the ADL or SPLC. It wasn’t Potok, Wise, or any of the ones I am used to seeing. But def jewboy.

      1. Wow, “alt-right demonstrations”. That must be the one where they hired the garden shed. As for you anti-semitism, most people I know like that are inadequate: “I coulda bin a contender if it hadn’a bin for dem joos!” Sad.

      1. The risk, ultimately, is in seeing the same thing happen to the alt-right generally that happened to dark enlightenment. The latter at least imploded on it’s own from too much introspection after running off the entryists.

      2. I saw two men walking hand in hand last night and regret that I will one day probably have to walk past that with my kid. Sanctions against Russia partially cause they just want that stuff behind closed doors.

        1. Funny thing, Russia’s biggest issue towards regeneration of their people (and saving Russia) is abortion.
          It’s going to be funny when they ban it. And they will have to, or else cease to be a nation.

        2. This issue is being discussed right now and the Patriarch Alexis already voiced this suggestion on banning abortion all together. Hopefully Putin will listen.

      3. Well, in my estimation they go hand in hand in the sense that the latter are so wantonly promoting the former given their control of Hollywitz, the media and other institutions where they can spread their insidious poison.

      4. Homosexuals are 1 to 2% of the population. Transexuals are so tiny a proportion of the population to be negligible. I don’t see either as a threat if we take away the leftist megaphone that amplifies their impact.

  2. The Alt Right needs to emphasize that diversity makes white people’s lives worse, and that projects to increase diversity in white societies therefore fail the principles of humanist ethics.
    White people have the moral legitimacy to demand, selfishly and ruthlessly, what they need for their flourishing, regardless of whose feelings they hurt.

    1. I currently live in a 90%+ white country. I follow their laws and do not try to change their culture. It is rather peaceful and pleasant to live in. Now I know what my parents probably felt when they came to the USA in the early 1970’s.

      1. You live in Ohio?
        Most of flyover American (Midwest, West) is +90% white.

        1. Quite so. Fuck them.
          The majority of Ohio is white. I don’t get why folks don’t come here. Hit Union, or Delaware, or Madison or Marion counties (near Columbus) and it’s all white all the time.

        2. Ohio and Indiana are really the Midwest’s best-kept secrets. I concur, Columbus is going to shit, but the outlying areas (Dublin, Upper Arlington, Marysville and Plain City) are as country or WASP as you could possibly get. Could practically start an ethno-state with Ohio and Indy.

        3. An Indiana state law passed in 2011 bans sanctuary cities from ever being declared in the state. Ohio is trying to pass a similar law. Ohio Rep Keller and Treasurer Mandel are pushing for the law to ban sanctuary cities in the state. Dems ((Stephanie Howse)) – Cleveland and ((Dan Ramos)) – Lorain oppose the move as ‘bigoted’.
          Those Dems Howse and Ramos are fucking idiots. Is there nothing that will trigger them right? Not even ISIS playing soccer with Christian’s heads?
          Trigger –

        4. They just made Columbus a pseudo-sanctuary city. It’s full of gays and hipsters anyway.
          Dems are quite simply not on the same side of civilization that we are and I don’t think they have the intelligence to ever be convinced conventionally.

        5. …And that would be why it recently made the list as the eight most murderous city in the US, with 23.6 murders per 100,000 people (Yet Ohio as a whole has FOUR). Cincinnati is 44.8% black. Ohio is 18% black. Funny how the math works.

        6. I’m in Arlington and it’s generally pretty awesome. Still see bands of orcs running rampant in the library though, pillaging the DVD’s and such…it’s those damned rentals around Kingsdale shopping center.

        7. Cincy and Cleveland and one small area of Columbus is where our diversity is situated. I’ve posted stats from impartial demographic surveys here about my county and all of the counties that surround it and every single one is +90% white.

        8. Actually that’s correct, I should take it as a blessing.
          It’s funny in a way, if you watch horror movies, a lot of them are based in Ohio for some reason (not all of them obviously). It’s like Hollweird writers think that this is a scary place because “flyover!”. Ok, cool, yeah, Elm Street is scary and you should stay completely out of Ohio, Leftists. Heh.

        9. UA is a nice area, traditionally. Powell (near where I live) is also nice.

        10. I practically grew up in that library. If it goes downhill, I’ll lead a one-man crusade to retake it.

        11. No matter where you choose to live, there has to be something that sucks. Whether high cost, weather, or too crowded. Otherwise, you have too many people moving in, and that makes it suck in itself.

        12. Nice area, a little bit greener than where I am from lake effect snow. Check out Hill Air Force Base Museum. (Free) There are some cool planes. SR-71, B-52, B-1 Lancer, and others. Too far for an evening trip, but maybe some weekend.

        13. Haha I’ll be very familiar with that area, I think…
          I’ll definitely take a look when I’m there.

        14. You seem rather upset that the majority of counties in Ohio are +90% white.
          Why is that, race hustler?

        15. Some parts of it are Detroit diverse. As in “don’t go at night, and keep your car doors locked while during the day”.

        16. Yes, they are. Idiot. If you go to Ohio, you seem to focus on Cleveland where, as noted, there are a lot of blacks.
          According to census statistics, Union county is 92% white. Madison county is 90.7% white. Licking county, 92.7% white. Fairfield, 89.7% white. Pickaway, 94.1% white. Delaware 89.3% white. These are all of the counties that border Franklin (Columbus). Franlklin is more ‘diverse’ out of necessity due to OSU and it being the state Capitol, but even then it’s around 70% white.
          You’re out of your league here, Junior.

        17. Pennsylvania is mostly white but Philadelphia is black. Black enclaves are everywhere. There are very white places in Michigan, I know I lived there for a long time.

        18. Its the media, that is why people don’t go to Ohio, the media loves touting the coastal cities, so the young people like going there. In a way its a good thing because otherwise Ohio will wind up full of entitled hipsters like the cities on the coasts.
          I live in a part of Europe that is out of the way, doesn’t get featured on travel guides, but is one of the most beautiful places on Earth. Glad it doesn’t get attention. Last thing it would need.
          Years ago the media was focusing on Florida, which used to a be beautiful state. Its been flooded over the years with transplants from the coastal cities, cost of living and crime has went up. You don’t want that in Ohio.

        19. Notice how he skidaddled when presented with the actual numbers. These kind rely on ignorance and on people not knowing the truth, so that they can use intimidation and shaming techniques. He came to the wrong website if he thought he could do that here.

        20. To be honest, they don’t need to be right. As long as we let them flood the West with non-white migrants, they’ll reach their antiwhite goal. And yes, this idiot and many recent others, came to the wrong website.

        21. Latinos are classified as White I believe in the US. If thats the case, then your stars are misleading.

        22. Nope. Hispanics are seperated out into their own group. They are “Hispanic (may be of any race)” 2.3% in my county (Delaware). Around the same or less in other counties.
          I’m telling you, for a fact, that outside of the 5-ish counties that house our major cities (Cincy, Cleveland, Columbus, Toledo and maybe Youngstown) it’s Whitey McWhiteville here.

        23. Every census I have ever seen says White (non-Hispanic). Yes, there are tons of Hispanics that are as white as I am and I am of Irish heritage (red hair and green eyes). They do not confuse whites of European descent with white Hispanics from Latin American decent in census numbers in the US.

        24. Columbus is about 28% black. Way too much there as well. But yeah, much of the state is 85% + white.

        25. I’ve noticed that too. They commit a crime – they’re “white”. They do something good – then their Latin side highlighted.

        26. Try the Philippines
          Cheap. Warm, Western friendly. English commonly spoken, and yummy ladies everywhere

      2. If you own a gun, eat bacon, hate paying taxes, will adopt you. Also consider trimming the beard to a more traditional American cut.

      3. Sounds wonderful. And your observation is pretty much spot on. The nations of the Anglosphere before the Vietnam War were more or less as you say and some right up until they relaxed migration laws to allow all manner of mongrel horde in.

        1. Most definitely. An Afrocentrist muppet to boot if I am not mistaken too. That’s the proverbial double-whammy.

        2. “Afrocentist”? No. I true red-pilled man who wants to stop racialist thugs from hijacking the red-pill truth? Yes.

        3. Child, I am schooling people on real conservatism.The real one that is opposed to racism, not the fake one that “alt-right” and many (albeit not all) on ROK represent.
          I am doing what Wally George did to the racist Metzger back in 1987/88

        4. Right. And how do you think you are exactly? Pompous of you to make such claims as if you’re some kind of luminary.

        5. Who you calling child, ass?
          Adjust your tinfoil hat, it appears to have slipped.

        6. That’s why the alt-right is failing badly. Many people (me included) are sick to death of PC, liberalism, sexual perversion passing as normality, etc . but they take a good look at the obsessive racism and anti-semitism and turn away. Don’t be fooled by all the macho posturing; they’re mostly gamma-boys blogging from ma’s basement.

        7. Not necessarily. Your posting and subjects of interest are very similar to past commenters who were definitely trolls.
          I could always be wrong, but I can recognize the difference between an anomaly and a pattern.

        8. According to them: “Everyone in the world who may disagree with lunatics of alt-right is actually one person called “Kersey”.
          That does not make any sense.

        9. “I am schooling people on real conservatism”
          muh principled conservatism
          You mean Jeb Bush and Ben Shapiro cuckery?
          If I want to be racist then I will be racist. You also assume that a racist person runs around calling black people niggers and kicking them in the shins. The red-pill has lead many of us to the truths of female nature. The red-pill is also leading many of us to the truth of “diversity”.
          The red-pill allows me to cherish and rekindle my white pride. And frankly the last several decades all we hear about is black this and struggle that. I’m tired of the black “struggle” and the racist boogie man at every turn as the media continues to hammer down our throats.
          So take your “schooling” and shove it directly into your anal cavity.

        10. You alt-righters and your obsession with anal cavities and aids.The only difference between you and your leader Milo is that he is openly a homosexual while you are still in the closet. You guys are no conservatives.
          Now, go away.

        11. Nope, its my forum, I was here first.
          However, fell free to take your conservative principals to the National Review forums. I’m sure your white guilt assertions and aids talk will be most welcome there.

        12. The self loathing in him is palpable. How dare some people want to associate with people that they wish!

        13. Hes drumming on like the label of “racism” still has the sting and meaning that it did a few years ago. Late to the fight with the wrong weapons.

        14. The Left is disarmed very much so, because they have no idea what to do when their totem words and magic no longer work. They truly are not bright enough individually to figure it out and try new tactics, and their leadership that do think of new tactics is too busy trying to put the flames out from the recent election. It’s kind of funny and sad simultaneously.

        15. Disarming the racism arguments and positioning of the left is truly an unsung victory this last election.
          Its proving a lot of things; That crying wolf to many times really does have an effect. That the Left had no other plans for total cultural victory past white guilt and rhetoric that fuels the “feelz” of their misshapen and overly sensitive rainbow coalition of mutants.
          They are worried a great deal and this is why we are seeing more physical violence and outright open sedition from their media.
          They don’t have anything left in the armory aside from attempting a real revolution, one that they would lose spectacularly.

        16. I am schooling people on real conservatism.The real one that is opposed to racism

          How was your trip to South Africa? Were you able to convince the black South Africans there to stop raping, robbing, and killing their white minority in such eye-popping numbers? Did they listen when you told them to end their racism, and stop pushing for black supremacy?
          Have you chatted with Robert Mugabe about reinstating white farmers’ land in the country formerly known as Rhodesia? How about reparations for the families of the thousands of whites slaughtered there?
          How did your time travel trip back to 1804 Haiti go? Did you convince Emperor Jacques to stay his hand and stop the genocide of unarmed white women and children, to the point that the white minority of Haiti is completely extinct today?
          Or do you only care about telling white people to shut up when they mention not wanting to live among “diversity”, and turn a blind eye to the rape, murder, and genocide of whites by various non-white races? White lives matter to you much at all? I take it no, correct?
          You know what it appears your position is? It appears very clearly your position is this: “whites are better than these savages, who cannot be blamed for their actions. Therefore, we must hold whites to a higher standard.”
          Interesting position for a self-proclaimed post-racial social justice warrior… er, ahem, “conservative” (wink wink)… to hold.

        17. Jesus Christ!
          You couldn’t be more wrong about a great many things. That entire paragraph is poorly worded psy-ops to a comical level.
          You’re going to have to do far better than that if you want me to believe you and John Brown are not the same person with two disqus accounts.

        18. You pretend to be high minded and tolerant, but go after gays after one critical post. Yeah, real superior of ya

        1. Yeah, ’cause not fearing for the safety of oneself and one’s loved ones is SO BORING. [eyeroll]

        2. Warsaw, Poland is virtually 100% white, yet is dangerous as hell. A lot more so than many diverse cities you have visited.

        3. That’s silly. Why is white culture “boring” precisely? Every white culture has it’s own traditions and interesting things to it, whether German, Scandi, Gaelic, Italian, French, etc. What precisely makes our cultures boring, while “diversity” is somehow so “enriching”?

        4. Your 1950`s “All-White” utopia town no longer exists. Neither in the US, nor anywhere else in the world. Get used to it.

        5. Assuming that your assertion that 1950s-style all-White towns no longer exist is true, what’s to stop them from existing in the future? They could very easily return, if White Men reach the point of of anger where the prospect of spilling rivers of blood in order to bring them back no longer bothers them. I long for that blessed day of cleansing with every fibre of my hate-filled, racist soul. I long to wade through pools of blood and gaze serenely upon corpses hanging by their necks from highway overpasses.

        6. Better for a White Man to live in a dangerous all-White city where the chances of his children giving him half-White grandchildren is zero, than in a safe non-White city where the chances of his children giving him half-White grandchildren is 100%.

        7. Um, yeah, it kind of does. I live in one. It’s not 100% white but minorities are literally a head turning rarity here.
          I expect that makes you sad, like when a Jamaican transmits AIDS to other people, but, it is what it is.
          EDIT: I notice that you didn’t actually answer my question but just threw in some non-sequitur. Answer my question, Kersey.

        8. They’re all over the place here. I have no idea what world he lives in, except that I think that it’s dominated by Leftist SJW memes and talking points. He seems to gloat about whites in a way that is rather off putting.

        9. I travel to Ohio on a regular basis as my girlfriend`s mum lives in ‘nati. – very few, (if any) town would match your description.
          I answered your question. The countries you mentioned are all diverse. The only “really all-White” countries are probably Poland and Belarus – no sane person would want to live there.. Apparently even most Poles hate Poland and they rather live in the diverse Britain.
          Since you brought in Jamaica and aids (neither of the two had anything to with the post) plus the picture of Clark Gable on your profile, you are probably a closet homosexual like many of you in the alt-right.
          Now, go away.
          P.S : Is “Kersey” a racialist, alt-right code mane for a real conservative?

        10. So if a White guy beats you to death is ok as long as you don’t have mixed-race grandchildren.
          You “alt-right” fools do not make any sense at all.

        11. KIgali (Rwanda) is safer for a White American visitor than Warsaw (Poland). Visit both cities and see it for yourself.

        12. I said +90%, not “all white”. Comprehension fail ftw. Your obsession with “diverse” is goofy on its face. The original post I made was in regard to asking you why all white (or nearly all white) places are “boring”. You failed to answer the question and went on a sidebar with some goofy non sequiturs.
          Your reaction to the AIDS thing was exactly how Kersey reacted to AIDS pokes, up to and including commenting on Clark Gable. You’re Kersey, you’re just not man enough to post under that handle any longer since you got humilated and taunted into oblivion last time. How cowardly.
          You have nothing to contribute here it appears. You’re no more conservative than Vladamir Illych (Ulyanov) Lenin.

        13. Maybe it could again if non-whites stopped infecting our culture and ruining our cities with entrenched entitlement complexes.

        14. First you said “90%White”. The you said ” minorities are literally a head turning rarity here.”. Well, I assume 10% non-White population is pretty visible for racialist people like you.
          Hell, with you attitude, if 10% of your town’s population became non-White you would probably move to someplace else. Right?

        15. 10% is non-white here. Doesn’t bother me in the least.
          All of this still doesn’t answer why you consider “white” to be “boring” regarding culture, Kersey.

        16. The most successful cities in the US (and the world)w with the highest living standards are very diverse – see New York, LA, Chicago, Denver etc.
          Your hillbilly town is not on the list. Are you envious?
          P.S I told you a couple of time: my name is not Kersey. Or is it just a codemane for a real conservative? Pray tell…

        17. My hillbilly town is one of the highest earning towns in the state, as well as one of the most educated places in the state and likely, nation.
          Sorry Kersey, you coward, you’re losing this one, fast.
          Travel to the Ukraine much lately?

        18. Name of your hometown? Source of your claim?
          You go to Ukraine. They say is mostly White, so it should be a dreamland for you.

        19. Yeah, let me allow you to doxx me. Should I post my SSN too?
          You seem really married to your “if you don’t agree with me U R Rayyyyycisss” meme. You’ve already lost this discussion with me, but you’re not bright enough to understand it, just like when you posted as Kersey.
          You reek of try hard. Find some other place to haunt, you fraud.

        20. No evidence to back-up your claim? Thanks for admitting you are a liar.
          I am not going anywhere. I never posted under another username. You might as well accept some people will always disagree with you. And this site takes pride in taking free speech seriously, right? So, get used to criticism.

        21. I don’t have to provide you with specific information on where I live, dimwit.
          I am on record with noting that I live in Delaware county (but I won’t give you my exact town, go pound sand on that). The income bracket with the most numbers in that county fall in the $100,000-$149,000 range, with the next higher bracket with large numbers being the $150,000-$200,000 . Yeah, we’uns is all poor widdle hill folk, y’all, and whatnot.
          The “accept some people will always disagree with you” was said verbatim by you when you posted as Kersey, Kersey. You’re not even trying to change your word use and phrases. So sad.
          It may be time to stop feeding you. I destroyed your demographics claims and now I’ve zinged your hillbilly claim, and last, I could really give a fuck what you consider me, your “shaming” attempts are crude and laughable. Whether anybody considers me racist, or not racist, literally means nothing to me. Big deal either way.

        22. LOL, John Brown you are a cherry picking MFer. The most productive city in the world 60 years ago was Detroit because it was full of industrious White people. Diversity destroyed it. Diversity is literally more destructive than a nuclear bomb.
          The same fate awaits LA, Chicago and Denver as well. All three are living on borrowed time from its former White residence.

        23. ‘get used to it’ is a particularly idiotic assertion when discussing policy.
          disappearing farmland? get used to it.
          rising rates of downs syndrome? get used to it.
          Only a moron thinks like this.

        24. “Apparently even most Poles hate Poland and they rather live in the diverse Britain.” No, they just make more money there.
          A lot of whites, pakistanis, chiense and Indians live in Qatar and other gulf states. Do they prefer strict arab islamic culture to their own?
          No, they work there, make money and leave. You seem to be an idiot.

        25. That means nothing. As an idiot, you are conflating causation with correlation.
          When cities become wealthy, they attract migrants. Many of those are lower class people drawn in by the lure of jobs and welfare programs. (Let’s not talk of sanctuary cities).
          The idea that Muslim immigrants or blacks are responsible for the wealth of New York or LA is preposterous. You can see Chicago or Detroit for a taste of what happens when blacks run cities.
          I suggest you check out all the research on diversity and its impact on social cohesion.

        26. Ukraine is pretty cool. Women can walk around kiev alone at night without worrying about being gang raped by predatory blacks, pakistanis, afghans or arabs.

        27. Oh I’m aware that such towns still exist, but I was speaking in terms of a hypothetical situation in which Mr. Brown’s assertion that such towns no longer exist is true.

        28. You think Chicago, MY and LA are successful? Hell. Throw in Philly, Detroit and Baltimore! These places are diseased gutters of diversity

        29. Poland is one of only a small number of countries untouched by terror, because they refuse to let in all that wonderful diversity
          It always makes me wonder, what would Mersey say to the many victims of murder, rape, etc of these savages? How many deaths are acceptable, so you can feel smug and superior?en
          You suffer from a dilemma. You have fallen for the liberal narrative of fetal hillbilly conservatives, yet you agree with them. You feel the need to distance yourself. Sorry, but we are not the drunken redneck onbreds you so desperately wish we were. We are your full intellectual equal. That’s the way it is

      4. “I follow their laws and do not try to change their culture.”
        Once you learn the language and pay any neccesary taxes you are obliged (as a foreinger you are not entitled to welfare presumably), you are pretty much accepted anywhere in the world.

        1. True. But yet, there are some guests who believe their “entitled” to other peoples assets, property and women.

        2. And that’s where you need to put your boot on their throat and issue a stern warning that next time they’ll end up having their worthless carcass fed to dogs.

        3. “… assets, property and women.” All important prizes for invaders to seize, especially the (young, fertile) women.

        4. Exactly. Respectful guests don’t make demands on their hosts. Guests who do make demands on their hosts are acting like invaders and should be treated as such.

    2. The thing is that Trump is not part of the alt right, and he moved away from it. Even the immigration statistics recently are very discouraging, illegals are increasing.

    3. I remember a time when Florida used to a be a nice place to live, its been flooded with Hispanics, Blacks, and liberals from the North. A once nice place that turned to shit over the years.

        1. Lol I can understand your skepticism, but at the same time can you really deny that there are a few too many coincidences regarding them?
          I liked the Rebel media too, until Gavin McAnus started an attention-whoring blitzkrieg and showed his asshole to the world…

        2. ok Melvin bergstein, you’re welcome to oppose. But just know, the ‘da joos’ remark your people keep protesting online is starting to wear thin in the face of reality.

        3. I always wondered as to why alt-media personalities (McInnes, Jones, end up alienating segments of their audience (that helped build their empire to begin with) by doing stupid shit as you described?
          Granted, I have no problem with either of my examples; I find them entertaining overall. but I have a feeling that they take themselves way, way, way too seriously to be credible.

      1. Ezra Levant is actually a talented provocateur who goes after a lot of people who deserve criticism. Yes, he does have a blind spot for his own tribe and for Israel. However, I do enjoy seeing how he flusters the left wingers. Go find the video of the first nations protesters who came en masse to his office, only to have him enter the crowd and start talking to people; he made them look like fools.

  3. I like all the Right news sites but the bickering is petty and counter-productive. Crying and trying to wittingly destroy the other will not do anything but destroy.
    The best thing to do is You’re a conservative, stick to your guns and beliefs.
    Most importantly just listen, listen to people. Listening tend to fix most of my problems.

  4. Lol, I don’t know who any of those people are but, it sounds like a 7th grade pissing match so, whatever…

    1. It pretty much is, except the alt-lite has some potential to undermine the success of a new conservative movement.

      1. The PTB never waste a moment infiltrating and co-opting any movement that starts getting traction. You can bet that’s what you’re seeing with this split.

    2. Ayyyyyyy-yup! I tell ya whuhut: if ROK had something akin to its own Cliff Notes, your comment above would suffice for a summary of this article.

  5. No jews, no homos, no muslims. For straight masculine men and chicks with big tits. The HOt Right. THOR.

        1. “Posobiec and Loomer charged that the play was promoting the assassination of President Trump and compared the play’s cast and crew to the Nazis and Joseph Goebbels as they were ejected from the theater.”
          LOL! They were funded by Jews. When I first saw the video, I found it very strange they brought up Goebbels and the Nazis out of context like that. Reminds me of a certain group that shouts, “Sexist!, Misogynist!”

        2. Yup. Like I said in my other comment, the problem with the Alt-Light is that it’s full of women. It’ll get turned out by the Feminine Imperative and go full SJW in just a matter of time.

        3. What the hell kind of name is “Daily Shoah”?
          Speaking of Shoah, there was a documentary called the “Shoah” released in 1985 that received almost perfect scores from nearly every source except IMDB. From Rotten Tomatoes, “Expansive in its beauty as well as its mind-numbing horror, Shoah is a towering — and utterly singular — achievement in cinema.”
          LOL! Tell that to the 100 million Chinese.

        4. Doesn’t “Daily Shoah” basically mean “Daily Holocaust”? Sounds like a completely reasonable and rational bunch of folks.

  6. The problem with the Alt-Light is that it’s full of women. It suffers from all the same problems that every movement full of women suffers from.

  7. “Alt Right” is a suck-ass name. What does it convey to the noob? Nothing. It should be “WHITE Right”, or something equally clear.
    As for the “Alt Lite”: just the threadbare kike ploy of using goy whores to sucker patriotards into a koshah dead end.

  8. as i dont have Jewbook, or watch CNN etc can someone like Bob Smith or GOJ tell me the difference in the two groups please?
    AL – some men who think green haired tatted up warthogs are nasty and also think there is some sort of coercion behind the scenes of US politics and culture in general…?
    AR – ( <— see that, triggered) MEN who actually want to Make America Great Again?

    1. Primary diffren e as I understand it. Is social issues and the jewish question.
      Alt Light- you will find plenty of leftover egalitarian philiosphy and they deny that jews have had a profound negative effect on our civilization.
      Alt Right- more traditionalist / tribalistic. Agree that jews have had a profound ecfect on our civilization and its decline/ destruction.

  9. I have reached the point where I no longer believe free speech should be guaranteed. Not it if it means we have to be bombarded with leftism’s mentally ill ideas. We are facing an existential threat from the left and, for me, we would not be in that position had we banned leftist rhetoric from public discourse long, long ago. By the same token, it is now clear that allowing women to vote was madness.

  10. White people always try to find this balance in life and nature, even when the capacity for balance doesn’t exist. Sometimes in life, balance is needed, and other times, you need to go balls out, all in. I don’t know if it’s a cultural thing, or if the Zionist White Guilt propaganda is THAT ingrained in Whites, but the way things are going, even the KKK will start kicking it’s members for using the word Nigger.
    Why do whites have to second guess themselves at every turn? Free speech is free speech. We can’t even give an INCH on that one.

    1. I don’t second guess myself at every turn, nor do I fear minorities in a generic sense in a way that prevents me from speaking up when need be. I know a lot of white guys like me.

      1. Bem, you made a sensitive comment. It’s just matter of time and they will start calling you “Kersey”.

  11. Both sides have a purpose. I’ve been watching this crap for a while. now. The truly alarming element to me has been in seeing how cucked the Oathkeepers are. They truly embody the worship of the Constitution to the level that they will fight for it even as a dead letter that has failed in its purpose, and because they are sold on it being “anti racist” or something, while being very deluded on identifying what racism really is.

    1. To expand in your point, the Oath keeper’s specific failing is not realizing that the letter and meaning of the Constitution has been gutted and misinterpreted to a ridiculous extent by judges and law professors.
      If you want a good example of this, think “equal protection” or “commerce clause”… many of the things done now that are suspect on a constitutional basis are usually based on one or two of those justifications.

  12. Mike Cernovich has become an obnoxious fag. He used to be a freedom fighter of sorts but now he includes his wife in interviews and apologizes to her if he comes off as too abrupt with a request. If you look at his relationship history it’s pretty clear he has always been a beta male, and that helps explain his political stances.

  13. This website always makes me triggered. I start going on massive rants, and feel like taking my sword down from its holder and pulling it out, giving it a slight oil and shine then going on a massive murderous rampage.

  14. Real conservatives are not racist.
    Some of you guys would deserve a good schooling from Wally George (RIP).
    The same way he schooled that silly Tom Metzger back in circa 1987/88

    1. “Real conservatives” realize that calling people racist has been overplayed by liberals. Wanting to lynch people for being another race is racist. Telling a harmless joke, acknowledging there are differences, or dating who you want is not.

  15. Wally George humiliating Metzger and his sidekick again:

    The title is misleading: the only one getting “roasted” is the racist Metzger.

  16. How can you win, on the same side, when one group, just shot its own foot?
    English thinking patterns will never stop to amaze me.

  17. This is the problem with new movements. When I was in the LP back in the early 90’s they did the same exact thing, that is, started fracturing over literally *petty* issues, which usually involved a few key egos trying to have a dick fight over who’s was longest. Utterly destroyed any chance the LP had at the time, and subsequently, at gaining any real power.

    1. The Alt Right is open arms to homosexuals, groupies looking for husbands, and covert jews(Mike Enoch), yet they think Christians, the manosphere, and the Alt Light are their enemies, despite agreeing with them on most things.
      The Alt Light is too concerned with tone policing, which is the same thing that ruined #GamerGate.
      These movements are doomed to fall apart.

      1. Yeah. It’s silly how people don’t grok that you should band together with other like minded men to achieve goals. You don’t have to agree with them on everything, but if you’re fighting a common enemy, focus on the enemy first. Once the enemy is defeated, then start your own purity wars or whatever.
        Humans, the easiest animal to lead in the chains and the hardest one to keep in chains. I’ll never understand them.

      2. I have never met anyone in the Alt Right that thinks “Christians” are their enemy.
        The Alt Right is not “open arms” to homosexuals, and covert Jews, that is a ridiculous statement.
        In fact I should just go ahead and say your entire post is a laughable joke. Whining about the Alt Right “infighting”, while posting pure garbage about them.

        1. Not every single member is, sure, but for the most part the communities seem to be festering with neopagans who are rabidly anti Christian, despite the fact that Christians like Andrew Hitchcock, Texe Marrs, and Steven Anderson have all done great work on red pilling people about the JQ.
          They seem to be pretty lenient towards homos when they accept sodomites like Greg Johnson, or when Richard Spencer himself says we should accept homosexuality as a normal part of European culture.
          They are also pretty lenient towards covert Jews after turning a blind eye to Kike Enoch’s exposure, despite the fact that his Jewish wife is involved with degenerate LGBT and feminist movements. It also didn’t help when Richard Spencer allowed Jewish journalists to go to his rally and throw Nazi salutes at the cameras as an excuse to give the media ammo against him.
          The Alt Right was good in like 2014, now its degenerated into an echo chamber of former leftists who care more about larping and circle jerking to shitty memes. Its also funny how they think an openly Zionist president is going to save them.

        2. The Alt Right has been extremely harsh on Trump when he warrants it. So much so it was a contributing factor to this little Alt Right, “Alt Lite” break up.
          The current Church, especially in America and Western Europe is indefensible. Full of degeneracy and love of Muslim invaders. Instead of whining when the Alt Right points this out, like many Christians/traditionalists do, why don’t you do something about it instead of whining about how pathetic pagans are? Start your own churches. you don’t even need a physical building to do so.
          If you are defending the Christian organizations like the SBC, or the current pope just because they are Christian than you are part of the problem, not the solution.
          As far as Richard Spencer goes, he made his stance on the pederasty and gay question perfectly clear to me when he went after Milo.
          If I have to answer for Enoch’s wife, than Christians like you have to answer for all of the brain dead Zionists within the Christian ranks. What exactly are YOU doing about them?

        3. Are you kidding me? Every time Trump’s faults are pointed out, they instantly shame you as some kind of nihilist with stupid terms like “black-piller”. I saw Trump’s BS a mile away, it wasn’t until the Syria bombing when the Alt Right finally realized hes full of bs.
          I agree that evangelical mega churhces and the Catholic church are degenerate and pro Zionist, however the Alt Right doesn’t care when you explain to them that fundamental Christianity opposes this, because they only care about culture, and to them Christianity is automatically bad because its Semitic, despite the fact that its anti Zionist and anti degeneracy. I do my job by reading the correct Bible and donating to the right churches, as opposed to the pagans who would rather arbitrarily burn bridges.
          I or my faith don’t have to answer to the Pope or SBC because the Bible doesn’t support either of them, so its stupid to lump the fundamentals in with people who actively oppose it.
          I would only have to answer for Christian Zionists if I accepted them, which I dont. Instead I help expose them with wonderful works like this:

        4. Over the last 3 months I would argue that the Alt Right has been more critical of Trump than most other groups. Plenty of Trump criticism on AltRight dot com, OCCdiscent, TRS, etc, and the various podcasts. Most has happened since Syria of course, because before Syria there wasn’t a policy statement that would lead one to directly questioning him. Most people wanted to give him a fair hearing. Syria was what broke the damn. If you saw it coming, congratulations. I personally held my nose to vote for the guy knowing it was a gamble.
          As for the Christian versus pagan argument, I think the whole thing is stupid tbh. Both institutions are completely pozzed, and watching one mock the other is pathetic in my eyes.
          The main reason someone like me is more harsh on the “churches” is because they have far more influence, and are the reason why this ridiculous Zionism is so wide spread in the first place. Not to mention I WANT them to succeed in helping Western civilization and White people to recover.

    2. If anything, I think these fights are healthy for two reasons:
      1. Gives newcomers to our side the ability to see the differences between the alt-right and alt-light.
      2. Shows our side has more depth and variety with respect to opinions and beliefs than the SJWs do.
      I’ll only get worried if either faction wavers in going after SJWs and the institutional left. That said, glad that Roosh kept ROK out of it.

      1. Discussion and debate is fine. Open confrontation and trying to slam the other associated movements down and discredit them, not fine.

        1. Alt Lite is the exact opposite of Nazi, and if you were familiar with them, you’d know that before you posted. It’s full of women, minorities and even some gays. Do your homework, “conservative”, next time.

        2. LOL “real conservatives”
          That talking point was trashed back in September of 2016. You’re handlers failed to provide you with updated memes.
          Stick to TMZ. Its more your speed.

        3. Sure thing Boomer, already added it. Regardless, someone has to pick up the mess you “colorblind” morons made. You were given the greatest country on earth and destroyed it in 50 years because you wanted to experiment with egalitarianism.

  18. To all people who are spreading lies about my disappearance and thinking I am behind another user accounts. You are wrong.Mr Kersey did not get banned. Mr Kersey did not die. I simply took a break from ROK for a good reason: the forum became flooded with the most primitive racist commenters who had the IQ of a fruit fly and answer to any reasonable , non-racist comment to : “If you have a Black wife, you must have AIDS”. Taking mainly about kneejerk, G.o. Jefferson , cheeseburger, A.Thales, Chip Basket and Native Balkanian. It is funny they claim my views are insignificant on this website, yet they were so obsessed with my presence that they have already accused at least two commenter of being me (steghorn21 and John Brown). They failed to notice that they have different writing styles and slightly different views on a few things. They also failed to notice the article on Diversity in which I got as many as 15 upvotes from seemingly well-liked regulars such as Psquare, EnglishBob, bem and Edward Easterling. (knee and GOJ were not around o that day.) On that night I absolutely wiped the floor with White supremacist idiots such as “Mensh”You guys also failed to notice that on at least three occasion I got upvotes from Roosh himself.

  19. These are my last few comments here. I don`t have time to waste. Unlike full-time troll like knee and GOJ with their 23 000 and 44000 comments I hardly posted 478 comments during “membership” of nearly 8 months here. Unlike some of you guys, I do have a life. A business to run, a wife and two children to take care of.
    I still believe Red-pill truth is universal – a real alpha is not racist. Racism is for blue-pill gammas who blame other for their laziness. Let me address the few decent commenters who were around.
    EnglishBob – you came across as a decent person, I wish all the best to you. Don`t assume most guys on Rok are your friends. Tell them you slept with one of their “oh-so-precious” white women and watch their attitude changing.
    Psquare, Kisse Ellis- you were ok in my book. All the best to you guys.
    E. Easterling – polite and thoughtful commenter. I hope you will find your dream Latina.
    AutomaticSlim- we disagreed on many things but you remained civilized throughout our discussions. Respect for that.
    Jim Johnson, bem- you guys were respectful when GOJ wasn`t around. I believe
    both of you have a life outside ROK. All the best

  20. Cheeseburger. chip basket, A. Thales and a few others – you guys displayed a tote lack of analytical thinking, a great deal of racism and some pretty retarded comments. In all seriousness: what will you do if ROK gets shut down? Finally star doing something meaningful in your life.
    W.Pabst – you should get off ROK for your own sake. You should address you Asperger`s , improve yourself physically, get your finances in order and get the Korean/Japanese girl of your dreams. You know you can do it.
    As for GOJ – You are either a paid commenter or unemployed one judging by the number of your comments. You are also a classic case of freudian projection: your obsession with blowjobs, assholes and aids, plus mustached actors suggest you are probably what you project on others : a closet homosexual with aids. You know you are.

  21. Decent article, but your twitter is absolute cancer “Goylent Green”. It is always fun watching people get shunned for being head cases acting like crazy ex girl friends.

  22. “On June 16, Laura Loomer and Jack Posobiec, two journalists from Jewish-funded Rebel Media, ”
    a) Posobiec left Rebel Media in May of this year.
    b) Rebel Media is 100% crowd funded (which includes Jews, I suppose…)

  23. Wow, didn’t expect to see so many Jewish names among the alt lite and alt right. Who’s calling these guys nazis and anti semites again?

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