15 Quotes From “How To Be A Lady” That All Women Must Implement Without Delay

How To Be A Lady: A Contemporary Guide To Common Courtesy is a book written by Candace Simpson-Giles and published in 2001. The book is intended to be a self-help guide of sorts for women to bring back their natural feminine essence, in a world where they are being increasingly masculinized and encouraged to compete with men on a level playing field.

“The roles women play in society today are drastically different than they were twenty-five years ago, and some of the rules have changed. Somewhere along the way, the art of being a lady was lost in the shuffle to become a self-sufficient, straight shooting, aggressive survivor in the world. Some of us lost sight of the rewards that being a lady could bring.” – Candace Simpson-Giles

Even at the turn of the 21st century, Ms. Simpson-Giles was aware that overt feminism was not creating the rainbow-laced utopia that so many people were promised, and this publication was meant to help turn the tide. The book acknowledges that men and women are in fact very different, they should focus more on their core gender strengths, and they should not lose sight of what’s truly important in life beyond a career.

I picked out 15 quotes from the book which I think a lot of young women in the 2010’s are particularly having a lot of problems with. However, there are many more good ones within the whole body of work.

1. “Unless absolutely necessary, a lady does not carry her cellular phone into a restaurant. If she must, she turns it off.”

This was a lot easier to accomplish back in 2001 before smartphones, but nonetheless, a man knows he’s got a potential unicorn (by modern standards) on his hand if his attractive date is truly giving him 100% of her attention, instead of checking on the male thirst tsunami in her Tinder and Bumble box half the time.

2. “A lady respects other people’s time whether at the office or at home.”

Whether it’s “Time Vampires” or “Flakes”, men absolutely despise the nature of women who have a knack of wasting their valuable time. Show men some respect and indicate whether or not you are interested in pursuing a relationship within a reasonable time frame. If you must cancel a date, give as much notice as possible (preferably a day or more) instead of just one hour beforehand.

3. “A lady is mindful of her appearance at all times.”

Moldylox, before getting punched in the face when she decided to fight “Nazis”

A woman who voluntarily chooses to dress like street trash, probably has a mind about as trashy. A well dressed lady with a sense of style probably isn’t going to spend her weekends on the hunt for “100 Nazi scalps“.

4. “A lady knows how to make others feel at ease.”

Relaxed posture and cheerful/approachable demeanor. Unlikely to think you are “creepy” if you come over and say hello.

Scowl faces, sarcasm, high decibel speech, profanity, and belligerent behavior are not ladylike behavior. High quality men won’t want to marry them, and their gender won’t always save them from consequences.

5. “A lady never curses in front of others.”

Aging SJW profanity factory Sarah Silverman is unmarried and has no children. Thank goodness.

Profanity coming out of the mouths of females is even more unattractive compared to when men do it. For women, it is a clear indication of poor mothering and nurturing skills, and excessive cursing is the forte of degenerate leftists and SJW’s. A real lady can keep her language “X” rated in the sheets, but “PG” in the streets.

6. “When faced with life’s minor setbacks, a lady does not act like a victim.”

I lost the election because of sexist right-wing white men!

A lady does not blame her inability to land that dream job on sexism or the “patriarchy”. She is also wise enough to realize that there is no “gender wage gap”, but instead acknowledges an earnings gap because women disproportionately choose lower-paying professions and often work less hours per week.

Even in a larger setback, like losing the U.S. presidency, a lady does not squarely blame Russia or her vagina for her loss. Instead, she acknowledges that maybe her self-destructive policies and unladylike demeanor played a huge part.

7. “A lady knows that the gym is her opportunity to get in shape. She should be focused on her workout and dressed appropriately so that she is not a distraction to others or even to herself.”

Women should not wear skin-tight or revealing attire to the gym if they do not desire being stared at or hit on. What did she think she was going to invite?

8. “A lady should never ask someone if she looks fat in something.”

If she has to ask, then she probably is. A change in diet and a gym routine should ease her anxieties (see point 7).

9. “A lady uses her turn signals.”

I suspected this was a euphemism for “get off your f___ing phone and pay more attention to the road”. Sound advice for anybody, but women are statistically even more likely to constantly yak into a phone while driving than men.

10. “A lady knows that trends come and go, while true style is timeless”

Cotton candy short blue hair, bull rings, butt-ugly tattoos, and tattered Antifa/SJW rags may get a young woman a few short-lived friends and a low-rent boyfriend now, but natural colored long hair, no-piercing and no-tattoo skin, and some clean and attractive clothes will never get old to both men and women who have any class.

11. “A lady donates the clothing she no longer wears to those less fortunate than she.”

Men find kindness and other nurturing qualities in women very attractive, and donating unwanted clothes to goodwill rather than just tossing them out is no exception. It’s a red flag if a woman purchases clothes with the sole intention of wearing them once before returning them for full money back.

12. “A lady never assumes that somebody else will pick up the tab.”

There is something amiss in a western country where fully emancipated women are purposefully spearheaded into high-paying white collar office jobs, yet still assume that a male date will financially cover every dinner and drink order which comes their way. A lady acknowledges both her liberties and her responsibilities, and is always prepared to pay her fair share towards financial obligations.

13. “A lady avoids sexist and racist terminology”

Women with any kind of class, or love of that “equality” stuff they desire so much, should think twice about calling out a “all white male card game” or accusing someone of “mansplaining” without negative feedback and creating an embarrassing situation for themselves. These female politicians from Minnesota and Australia are not ladies.

14. “A lady does not turn down invitations. She never waits for something better.”

Whether it’s a date with a clean cut masculine man who has his life in order, or an invitation to a fancy dinner party or the ball/opera, women need to understand that their youth, beauty, and fertility are vital to their romantic and social appeal. A lady will understand that one day, when she is somewhere on the wrong side of 30, these invitations will become much more rare, and ultimately come to a grinding halt.

15. “A lady knows that sick children are more important than a deadline at the office.”

A lady knows that having children in general is much more important, and ultimately more satisfying in the course of a lifetime, than any office job in the world.


How To Be A Lady’s analysis on modern female faults is far from perfect (I’m not going to give an “A” to a book which completely omits any mention of “a lady knows how to cook”), but Ms. Simpson-Giles’ heart was in the right place when unleashing these many bite-size pieces of advice to any young woman who bothered to pay attention.

It’s an entertaining and easy-to-digest read for an hour or so, and the author should be commended for her efforts. Bravo, Candace.

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189 thoughts on “15 Quotes From “How To Be A Lady” That All Women Must Implement Without Delay”

    1. Really. That just drives me wild!! Stupid fucking names strung together like you are some sort of aristocracy. You know Smatchysnatchy-Dickydunkinfine. Morons. Then these bitches get uppity when you ask them to spell this nonsense. Morons.

      1. In about 30 years from now, you’ll have some guy called Smith-Jones-Portnoy-Petrovski-Yosifov-Aylward-McDermott-Letov-Uzan-Maher-Box-Garrick-Cowell-Doroschuk-Lawton-Minack-Hensley-Kerslake-Homme-Garcia-Shaw. What a mess. Imagine how hard it would be to pronounce.

        1. add to that bullshit first names like Keisha, Maddox or Korrina and you get a winner.

      2. Hunting around for the dash and spacebar on my keyboard after typing out each name drives me nuts and puts me in a ‘Here’s Johnny’ type of killing mood.

      3. Or Muslim names, they all embrace similar suckitude: Abu Hamza Abdullah Ali Abdullah Hussein Muhammed Abdullah Bakr El Jordani.

    2. What happens when one cuck with a hyphenated name marries another cuck with a hyphenated name?

      1. Latinos and Spanish generally use only the first part of the double-barrelled surname (the paternal surname).

    3. Three generations of that “dash-dash-dash” absurdity and your kid’s name will never fit on a tax form, the census, a check, etc. He’ll have to switch over to an acronym.

    4. Yes. It implies an attemt to control. The opposite of this being vulnerability, which is super attractive. Her last name should indicate who is supevising her. Her father, then her husband, then her son (“sons” plural hopefully).

    5. Good call! I was going to comment on the authors name (Ms. Simpson-Giles) , but declined. An old man once told me, “any woman with a hyphenated name is a bitch. If she won’t take the name of the man she’s married too, she is going to be of no use to anyone.” I didn’t comment at the time, but I understand now what he meant.
      If she is not going to submit to male authority, than she will hold no value to any man.

      1. I have hyphenated name because in my country women have traditionally changed their name when marrying and in my husbands country not. He didn’t expect me to change my name as his parents had different surnames. Combined name was a compromise. I had no idea it was some sort of sjw feminist signal at the time.

    6. What my wife did was use her last name as a middle name – no hyphen. Pretty common in the deep south where she’s from. But in all other aspects, she uses my last name.

      1. That’s actually pretty old school. My wife did the same on her post-marriage Social Security card. She hated her middle name anyway

      2. My mom did this as well. I’m from West Virginia. Must be a southern thing.

    7. Yeah, a guy who lets his female hyphenate his name in marriage, when marriage is such an incredibly raw deal for men (period) anyway, just needs to come to our site and get a ROK lobotomy. Nuff said

  1. I will add that if you want a lady, it’s best to become a gentleman also. (Although we know that opposites attract and that women say they like nice guys, and choose the rougher, rowdy types.)
    It’s sad there are no women that I know of who are even following at least five of these principles. I can’t even imagine what things will be like in the next ten years.

  2. Our flight attendants do not look like that. Fags n hags is how some of us refer to them. Now if you walk down to the international gates, that is a different story. Get this, some airlines don’t want their flight attendants tipping the scales at three hundred pounds and squeezing their fat ass down the isle knocking beverages out of people’s hands.
    So I’m standing in the crew room the other day getting the paperwork and I hear what sounds like a ghetto black girl talking. Out of curiosity I turn my head and I see it’s a fat white girl. Barf. The good old days of aviation are long gone.
    Excellent points made in this article. Especially the point about swearing. When I’m with a chick, I don’t swear and she’s pretty quick to follow suite and tone down the sailor mouth. I will also say I like when a girl controls the volume of her voice. I don’t want to feel like I’m at the zoo.

    1. I’ve always wondered what it was like to fly in the Golden Age. Most carriers are absolutely terrible. Only a few are still decent.

      1. I fly with the arab lines and some asian ones when I can. They still have good looking ones and fit. The habibis are too die for. I mean there’s a reason why they covered them up from head to toe. 😛

        1. When I lived there, you quickly realized that it was almost always the prettiest woman that covered themselves.

      1. Chubby white girls also do the ghetto/Oprah side to side head movement while wagging their finger. Never understood it.

      2. Maybe they heard the rumor that black guys like fat white girls so they’re trying to act black to land themselves a chocolate boyfriend.

    2. Nothing like having some 60-year old chain smoker in a too small uniform lumber her way down the aisle, amirite?

    3. You should see the airplane waitresses they have on Asiana Airlines. All young, thin, pretty, and charming girls. One of them even flirted with me once…ME, the biggest loser in the world! That’s how charming they are!
      And do you know why they are like this? Because Korea does not have any “anti-discrimination” laws. They hire only these type of girls, and then fire them when they get married or too old.

      1. Yes my friend and excuse me for saying “flight attendants” (bad habit). I have seen the Korean Airlines stewardesses. Nice looking girls and they are well kempt from head to toe.

        1. And Asiana hires Filipinas and Thais as well, as long as they can speak Korean and English. And as long as they are cute, too.
          It was a very cute Filipina that flirted with me. She said “when you came on board, I thought it was Nicolas Cage!” Made my day.

        2. And you replied with, “well I don’t like to draw attention to myself and please.. call me Nick.”

        3. Nah, I’m not that suave…just chuckled a bit.
          But that would have been a great comeback!

      2. From what I’ve read of you and your career in comments here, you are no loser.

      3. I hear ya….I fly Alaska Airlines (domestic) frequently. The “waitresses” are without exception, over-the-hill, over-weight cat ladies who compensate for their miserable lives by honing unmarketable skills on us poor sheep. Even first class isn’t immune to these harpies.

      1. Aeroflot has nice staff as well (see pic above). Unfortunately the next flight I am on is with United “stop beating me” Airlines.

        1. Remember the key knowledge of the universe: Silence is golden, duct tape is silver.

    4. I travel in Asia a bit. We American men say when you get on the American carrier (usually at Narita in Japan) you go from little cuties to the cranky grannies. I flew around the Philippines recently and all the flight attendants were young, slim, and very attractive; especially Howard and Kevin.

  3. A lady doesn’t open her legs while sitting down. A lady should never call anyone daddy other than her dad. A lady never farts. A lady should always shower and shave. A lady shouldn’t have a penis between her legs.

    1. >>>A lady doesn’t open her legs while sitting down. … A lady never farts.
      I know this from the soundcheck when my band opened for Courtney Love.
      Almost turned me gay.

      1. ……..You know, when I was a bit younger, I actually thought that Courtney Love was hot.
        I was dumb as shit back then.

        1. No worries. Always had a soft spot for Andie McDowell. Something about her made me want to slay her from sun up, have brunch with her at 6pm, and go back to slaying her until the day expired. You like who you like.

        2. In her day Andie McDowell, who is generally not my type, had some kind of weird charm to her that overrode my normal filters. So yeah, what you said.

      2. I always had a tiny crush on her. She seems like somebody I could have a lot of fun with before we hate each other forever.

        1. I heard one story about her I hope is true. She was at some function attended by Al Gore. He comes up to her and says he really likes her music.
          She asks him to name one of her songs.
          He looks at her for a moment blankly, she turns around and leaves…

        2. You must be young. I recall in the 90s right after Kurt ate a shotgun, Courtney did a live interview with Madonna (another talentless slut) on MTV. She was so strung out she fell out of her chair and rolled around on the floor laughing like a hyena. Madonna rolled her eyes and walked off stage.
          That impression has obviously never left my mind.

        3. Like I said: lots of short term fun. Besides, she’s like close to 6ft. I’m curious about the logistics of being with a woman close to my height.

    2. “Every time you call your boyfriend daddy, Sigmund Freud’s ghost gets a little bit stronger”
      – seen on twitter

    3. A lady never farts. Mainly because they can’t keep their mouth shut long enough to build up the required pressure..

    4. Well a lady doesn’t have a penis thats a man dressed as a woman. Now if you mean a woman taking dicks to the pussy yeah

  4. A lady doesn’t call those varmints (cats/dogs) living in her house, her kids.

    1. I like dogs more than kids. but I’m a man so I can get away with it.

      1. Depends….. whether or not you’re one of those guys that think dogs are better than folks .

    2. There’s a woman at my work, really intelligent, attractive, nice etc… A male colleague once remarked he thought it odd she was single.
      Me:well I saw her on the weekend pushing her little rat dogs in a stroller
      Colleague: oh that explains it

      1. I hate those little mutts, if a dog won’t go pick up dead birds for you he’s useless lol

        1. That’s not 100% true UC. I have couple of Great Pyrenees that do a dandy job of defending my sheep. Working dogs are where it’s at. Useless little rat dogs are nothing but welfare recipients and aren’t even big enough to eat.

        2. There’s a guy near me who raises great Pyrenees’s, he must have about 10-15 of them. One things for sure, nobody is getting within two hundred yards of his house without him knowing about it.

        3. That house is secure. I’ve only been around one and I was lucky to leave with all ten fingers.

        4. Yeah, my Cane Corsos are useless at retrieving things. All they want to do is fight, hunt or cuddle. My female in particular is a great guard dog, completely neurotic about defending the house. Sometimes she false alarms with cats pooping in the bushes, but on the whole she earns her keep.

        5. Any dog can be an effective mobile and independently powered alarm system.
          None, however small or cute, should be in your bed. Ever.

        6. As far as I’m concerned they should never be in the house, unless you like dog smell.

        7. Little rat dogs actually used to serve a purpose, although those days are long gone except for, maybe, some really rural farmers in China or another undeveloped nation. But yeah, I really loathe those little critters.

        8. My “baby” is about two years old now and weighs 120 lbs. He’s 1/8 Anatolian Shepherd and very loving. But he’s a killing machine. Anything that comes in the yard at night is there for my inspection when I come out in the morning. I would not want to lay a hand on mama in his presence either.

        9. Remember that a poodle (a standard size one) is a water retriever. They are fine dogs. Shrinking them down to be lady’s lap dogs ruined them.

  5. A lady keeps her home environment clean. A lady never puts used knickers on the floor.

  6. Don’t waste my time. I am strict about this with the girls I’m dating. She fucks up once, I tell her, “don’t waste my time, my time is valuable, there are other things I can be doing rather than sitting around waiting for you.” If it happens again, I stand them up. For example; I was dating a girl and she was late a few times. I gave her two warnings. The third time, I called up my buddy and asked him if he wanted to grab a drink. She calls, “where are you?” Me: “I’m on my way to meet a friend, we’re going to the bar, they have great wings.” Her: “are you serious?” Me: “Yeah, don’t waste my time.”

    1. Awesome. Once, a girl was taking forever to get ready on a hot day, so I left and got a slurpie and she was freaking out when I got back. She thought I was gone for good. She was apologizing and everything. I didn’t even mean to make a statement. I was just to hot in the car.

  7. I’m a woman and I was actually expecting this to be a lot more offensive.
    I agree with all of the points (although I think many of them amount to common courtesy and respect for others–which applies to both sexes). My only comments are as follows:
    7. Agreed revealing clothing isn’t necessary at the gym. Tight clothing? Well leggings are best for running and cycling. Paired with a t-shirt and I don’t see a problem with this.
    14. Turning down an invitation is acceptable if you’re simply not interested. Being wishy washy in the hopes something better comes along is rude and disrespectful, but again this applies to everyone.
    15. I don’t agree everyone must have children, but do agree if you do they should be your first priority. I think in most cases they are. A lot of these articles about working mothers fail to recognize that cost of living varies greatly geographically. In many areas, a single family income simply won’t be sufficient.

    1. A thoughtful feminine breeze has just wafted through this wolves den…delightful.

        1. Thanks. . I read this site occasionally. I don’t agree with everything that’s said (which is ok, crosscurents and all, right?). I must say though, when the writers on this site are on point, they’re on point, as far as I’m concerned. Tricky situation I find myself in. On the one hand, I am quite ( legitimately) independent. I am the first generation (X) who was able to take advantage of the feminist movement. (I loathe the term, btw, but for the sake of a quick discussion). On the other hand, I see the damage this current “wave” has done. As I see it, we’ve gone from wanting equality to a misandric society. And the part that kills me is that the shift was done via playing the victim card.
          I am enemy #1 on this site: a professional, independent woman (albeit married…. and frankly of all my accomplishments my marriage is by far my best). And yet, despite “us” supposedly being natural enemies, we are at times more on the same side than most people would expect. Because at the end of day, women in the West have equality. Anyone arguing to the contrary is refusing to accept the responsibility that true equally brings. We (women) have it really good, and if you’re a decent human being you will do well and garner the respect you deserve. No complaints. I sincerely cringe at the vast majority of so called “issues” brought to the forefront of the public conscience these days.

    2. Most of being a gentlemen or lady is based on common courtesy.
      Particularly– do not waste my time. Man, woman or child– I will not tolerate it. I agree with you about turning down invitations. I’m a big boy, I can handle rejection. If you’re not interested — a simple, polite yet clear no vice some non-committal or ambiguous response is better.

      1. Well I agree with your particular gripe but I’d go further than that. How about being an adult and accepting the consequences of your choices/actions? How about understanding that there is a dress code (for both women and men) and you need to subscribe to it if you expect to be taken seriously? And ultimately, how about understanding that “rights” are not in fact recommendations. I’m a woman and I shouldn’t be posting here. Thanks for letting me rant. Best to you and yours.

    3. “actually expecting this to be a lot more offensive”
      THAT was the attraction?!?!?

      1. What attraction?! I read all sorts of things. For the purpose of expanding my perspective. Sometimes I read things which solidify my world view, and other times I read things which open my mind to a different perspective. I don’t pretend to have all the answers and as far as I’m concerned, that’s the point of reading. Feel free to school me.

  8. A woman should never burp, spit or fart unless she wants to be a womens softball coach for the rest of her life.

    1. You mean they are supposed to swallow instead of spitting when they dip snuff?

    2. Can we make an exception for sisters?
      They’re known to get away with it in the house when no one else is around. S’all good.

      1. When no one else is around, yes.
        Reminds me of a funny story. I was out with a girl, we were walking and she accidentally farted. She must have really been holding it in because she never farted in front of me. She was really embarrassed. Without missing a beat, I said “damn! You must have got at least three inches of air on that one.. I saw your feet leave the ground.”

      1. I am quite proud of my Knighthood in the Holy Order of the Blue Flame. Just remember to always wear underwear when lighting your farts. Ask how I know.

  9. “A lady is mindful of her appearance at all times.***
    Schucks! You mean no yoga or sweat pants? Darn.
    :rolls eyes

    1. When we were first married my wife objected vociferously to my farting in bed. I told her it was not like I had dutch ovened her. Being a Filipina, she had never heard the term, and asked what it meant. Being a gentleman, I farted again and demonstrated the technique. After many years she complains, but always with a laugh, and generally gives almost as well as she takes.

  10. I agree with most of the points except the donation part. Is she getting a tax exemption for it? Is she getting herself into politics? Is she the Princess of England? Well, if not, she has no right to waste money on charity.

    1. Better then having the house look like a rummage sale. But then again, I am a thrower outer.

  11. My wife, who is a lady (or I wouldn’t have married her) has been doing her best to instill lady like values in our neighbor girl (11 y.o. whose mama passed away when she was a toddler). It is amazing watching this girl pattern after my wife, wearing long skirts, keeping her hair brushed (and growing it out), saying yes ma’am and no ma’am, learning to clean house and soon how to cook. My wife is doing everything she can to see to it that this girl will make someone a fine wife herself some day. And the young lady is soaking it up like a sponge. To say I’m proud of both of them would be an understatement.

    1. Just curious, does the child live with her father? Is he still single? I guess I’m just wondering what kind of home life she has. Regardless, sounds like your wife should be commended .

      1. Single father, essentially white trash, drawing social security on all three girls. The oldest is a lost cause (22 y.o. barely literate and 100 lbs. over weight). The middle one (16, very pretty and extremely intelligent) is already borderline SJW. I have managed to convince her not to cut off her hair (it’s to her waist) and avoid tattoos. We’ll see if it sticks. She wants out of this situation so bad I fear for her and what she’d be willing to do to achieve that (side note: she doesn’t look anything like her father or sisters).
        There’s still hope for the youngest, but “dad” has already pegged her as “slow” like her eldest sister. She is going into fifth grade this year with literacy and numeracy skills at a third grade level. With the amount I pay in real property taxes to support the local schools, it’s maddening to see this. We’ve been working with her and she’s improving, but I don’t know if it will be enough. Her eldest sister didn’t graduate high school until she was twenty one. She may well be in the same boat.

        1. That’s too bad, it’s still commendable that y’all are trying to help her.

        2. Well you do what you can. I’ve learned over the years you can’t fix the whole world. But even if you can only pull one or two these lost souls out of the fire, it’s worth it.

  12. Try telling that to today’s modern women and you’ll get called sexist, racist, misogynist, and every other ‘ism’ there is under the sun. The sad truth is that when so many people have been poisoned by the elite to think a certain way and believe a certain lie, they will eventually believe that their way is truth and that lie in itself is the truth. This is not something I said, it came out of my wife’s mouth. A decent, ladylike woman, not a degenerate turd like the good majority of these cows that are of western upbringing today.

    1. …and you’ll get called…

      So what? Sticks and stones, man, sticks and stones. Who cares what “they” call you? If they silence you because you’re afraid of words, who wins and who loses?

      1. Exactly, just keep talking your opinions even if they are screaming at top volume “We are EQUAL!!!!” YOU ARE SEXIST!!!! NAZI SCUM!!! cause it makes them look like the stupid ones.

      2. I wasn’t alluding to much more than an observation, sir.
        I really couldn’t give half a shit what they think. I will say what I say as I know is right with my morals.
        Nonetheless, you are right. If you one is silenced because of those reasons, they would definitely lose in the end. Not something I am prepared to do. Just thinking that it would be nice for people to actually think outside the mainstream conundrum a little more.

      3. What if affects your business/career/public reputation, even put you at risk of some time of legal accusation?

  13. A lady doesn’t get tattoos.
    A lady brings homemade baked items to the first date.
    A lady can sing a least one show tune.

  14. A lady should never piss in the sink in a motel.
    No matter how drunk she is.
    And I bet the girl in the yellow sweater would NEVER do that…

    1. A few years ago I went snowboarding with some friends. One of the chicks came back to my hotel room. I found her sitting at the bottom of the tub under the faucet (not the shower head). I said, “what are you doing?” She said, “taking a ho bath.”

    2. What about that girl in Philadelphia who posted a video on social media urinating on the American flag on July 4th saying it’s her freedom of speech? She got a backlash and now crying victim.

  15. A lady does not wear yoga pants and workout gear outside the gym; a lady does not dress like an elementary school PE teacher.

    1. I agree in no yoga pants! I insist on my wife looking good, but with showing modesty. There can be a point where she’s showing too much and it can also make a man look like a tool.

      1. It’s not even a modesty thing. It is gym attire! I would never take a lady out, or expect her to be seen with me while wearing gym gear. Yoga pants in public are sloppy, slovenly, and borderline lesbianiac.

  16. A lady carries a handgun in a caliber she can shoot accurately, practices, and cleans up her casings on the range.

    1. A lady brings sandwiches to the range.
      She must offer to lube / oil and clean her husband’s gun, but must allow him to do it himself if he wishes.
      A lady must attempt to reload her own magazines unless her husband is feeling particularly magnamonious that day.

  17. i do enjoy these articles from ‘how it was in yesteryear’
    #5 ‘bad language’ that is a pet peeve i have, really a shame when a otherwise ok woman starts cursing like shes trying to wrestle Jaws to the surface on the back of Quints boat
    on another note, is there going to be a flood of “ladies” from jizzabell turn the comment section into a big bad “M” word squall?

    1. There are several articles lately with titles, that if posted to the ‘femmesphere’ will be quite…..provocative?

  18. A lady doesn’t drink or at the very least never to excess. The outcome is never good. The greatest women I’ve ever met worldwide were not about the booze and knew how to have a good time without invoking the libation gods.

  19. Remember Marx, guys. A lie told a thousand times becomes the truth. Works both ways. A truth said a thousand times is the truth, moreover. If women say femeninity is obsolete, repeat the opposite twice again. “My anaconda don’t want none, unless you have values.” Something like that.

  20. A lady never tells other people what they are allowed to think or say.

  21. A lady doesnt physically assault someone then cry victim when they get hit in return.

    1. A woman does not complain when getting raped to death by a muslim that she imported on her own free will.

    2. They do that to cab drivers, It´s seems that there is a new phenomenon of women being nasty and rude for no reason, but it is the rise of the digital era, Women are the same the difference is that they are now caught on a smartphone camera so now no one believes them when they cry.

    1. “How to be” not “already exists”.

  22. Interesting that this book came out in 2001. I think that was around the last time I saw a Lady in public.
    Once in a while I will see something shaped like a lady, but then I see their hand out front holding their Iphags and I know they are just one more of those sheeples honing in on the next male Apple Pay pod.

  23. “A lady knows that sick children are more important than a deadline at the office.”
    The kid Just sneeze once and they leave early, I saw once that one mother leave early because the shape of his son´s knee was too bony, She waste Hours waiting for the doctor, It was a normal healthy knee for a boy of his age.

  24. Definitely some truth in those quotes. All females in recent memory that I’ve been with for an extended time rarely curse. One made up a nonsense word to replace any vulgarities and another the worst word she would say was “butt”. Though she did call me an ass at the end of the relationship for the first time, a sign of things.
    Regardless, I on the other hand curse when I feel like it and say many politically incorrect things. It has not cost me a woman yet but if my women were to swear excessively it would cost them me.

  25. Some of these are hilarious. Let women act like they want, it allows the good ones to stand out even more.
    Do you really want a woman faking it to trick you into committing?

    1. It’s about self reflection and self improvement. I’d like to think that just as men here advocated becoming a better person for one’s own sake, some women desire self-improvement as well.
      I don’t try to fake being better, I try to become better.

      1. he is right, the decadence we have these days allow to separate the good grain from the bad one.
        a woman that do not behave or dress like the other basic bitches, is already not following the system.

  26. You know, I am mildly – MILDLY curious whether there are any female ROK readers outside the West/Anglosphere. Maybe the author’s suggestions might actually ring a bell or two for them *ding*? Where are the analytics experts at?

    1. I am the female reader outside of West/Anglosphere. :-). (I didn’t get the part where you write about “ringing a bell”; not because I haven’t heard that phrase before).
      As to the article. I basicaly agree with almost all quotes, except for the part about donating clothes (why should I do that and why should be somebody grateful for my old rubish; if I put some of my clothes aside, they aren’t worth to be wore) and the part about accepting all invitations (really don’t think it is my duty and moreover, I don’t like being given false hope, so I don’t do it to others).
      Unfortunately, I’m not a real lady in the sense of those quotes, at least because I have a strong sense for dark humour, including dirty/sexistic/rasist/incorect jokes.

  27. men should also implement these points, except 6,8 and 12, these are just for women of course

  28. Ok, so basically I want to know if all the guys here think ladies should not be interested in having a career. If so, what’s the fun in that? I would want to be with someone who shares similar interests and wants to create art with me.

  29. I just want to know if this book and author triggered the MSM/sjw’s. If yes, then it is a success.

  30. If you need to learn something, it is not natural. Points 14. and 15. gave me cancer.

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