7 Reasons You Should Visit South Africa

South Africa is a country recognized perhaps mostly for its history of apartheid laws, much like the segregation of blacks in America almost a century ago. The only difference is that the South African government actually enforced segregational race policies as law. This involved a race hierarchy, with Whites on top, Indians (“Asians”) second, “Coloureds” third, and Blacks right at the bottom, which is still evident in most parts of the country where one can see specific areas dominated by one or two of the aforementioned races.

South Africa and the USA share many similarities, as I reveal in this article, but also many differences. Anyway, let me stop rambling and get to the point of this article, which is, why you should visit this amazing country.

1. Strong masculine culture and history

Settlers arriving at The Cape of Good Hope

Although hotly debated nowadays, the fact remains that the early settlers from Europe (predominantly Dutch) brought civilization to this country when they arrived in the Cape 1652, and although they were not the first to discover this land (the Khoikhoi and San inhabited the area), they ultimately made it what it is today (as it is with most of the developed colonies).

These guys treat their sport as war between nations

War has almost defined this country. The early settlers had to fight numerous wars with natives, perhaps most notably in the “Battle of Isandlwana” on 22 January, 1879, in which the outnumbered British suffered a humiliating defeat from the fierce Zulu warriors…

Battle of Isandlwana

But the wars were not limited to simply those between natives and settlers. Fast forward two hundred years and you’ve got the Anglo-Boer War between Afrikaners (or “Boers”) and the British, which lasted from 1899 to 1902.

Don’t forget South Africa’s amazing war effort during WW1 and 2, and also their famous Special Forces team, commonly known as “Recces” (their logo is my profile image)

Hierdie ouens vat nie kak nie! (English: These guys don’t take shit!)

2. Women

South Africa has produced countless Miss World’s and Miss Universes and, being a multicultural country, a man can find here, in order of highest population size: black women, colored women (mixed white and black), white women, and Indian women.

If you’re into black girls, many of them still value traditional gender roles so you’re in luck there. They can be found all over this country.

Coloured women in the Cape Town area are pretty Westernised but still tend to value traditional gender roles, however your best bet for coloured women would be in the more conservative and rural towns of the Western and Northern Cape. You’re also likely to find a large portion of Muslim “Cape Malays” which are also classified as “coloured”, but from experience I’ve found that these girls tend to be prettier than their non-Muslim counterparts for some reason.

Cape Malay beauties

White women fall into two camps. I think it’s safe to say that the majority of English-speaking white women are liberal and about as Westernised as in first World countries. However, the Afrikaner women are mostly conservative and you will find the majority of these in the Gauteng, Pretoria, and Free State provinces.

Candice Swanepoel, an Afrikaner model for Victoria’s Secret

Lastly if you’re looking for Indian women, you can find most of them on the east coast of the country  in the province of KwaZulu-Natal.

3. Cuisine

This is a “braai”, not a barbecue, bru

This is definitely one aspect I missed sorely while on holiday in Europe. The food quality in general was just poorer than what I’m used to.

I may be biased because this is my home country, but South Africa has, arguably, some of the highest quality food on the planet. In the Cape, you’ve got a Mediterranean climate, so fish like snoek, hake and yellowtail are commonplace.

The wine industry in the Western Cape is also very big and produces some of the finest wines in the world. Lots of fruit and vegetables are grown in the Western Cape due to the climate, and therefore it is quite an interesting region to stay in

Further inland you’ve got most of the livestock farms with sheep, cattle, and poultry. Beef and lamb are the main sources of meat in this country, not pork as in most European countries. While here, you cannot leave without trying “potjiekos” (stew cooked in a cast-iron pot over a fire), snoek (fish species found in Cape Town), and “boerewors” (the best sausage you will ever taste, guaranteed).

4. Scenery and wildlife

Where else in the world can you get such an exceptional view?

In South Africa, you will find some of the best scenery in the world. Starting at Cape Town, where you’ve got “Table Mountain” (so named because of its flat top resembling a table). Moving inland is the Karoo which is semi-arid, and further inland is the eastern part of the country where you can visit the Drakensberg mountains on the border of Lesotho.

Not to mention the huge variety of wildlife this country has to offer, of which the “Big Five” would be most famous (the animals are featured on our old bank notes!).

5. Beaches

Fish Hoek beach, voted n0. 1 by both humans and Great Whites

You will find some of the best beaches in the area surrounding Cape Town. These include Fish Hoek, Muizenberg, Clifton, Boulder’s Beach, Blaauwbergstrand and Langebaan Lagoon to name a few. There are also beaches in Durban and all along the southern coastline but I can’t really say much about those as I’ve never been there.

6. Great weather

Climate zones of SA

With a subtropical climate, South Africa has fairly predictable weather and receives sunshine for about 300 days a year. This is one of the things I missed during my trip to Europe last year, and when I got back I was instantly rejuvenated with the sunlight (not really, it was winter when I returned, but you know what I mean).

Week-long Itinerary

Below is an example of places you could visit in a one-week trip.

  • Cape Town, Western Cape: Table Mountain; Fish Hoek Beach (located in False Bay, the most shark-infested area of the world); wine-tasting in Constantia; Chapman’s Peak (beautiful views); Stellenbosch (university town – plenty of white Afrikaner babes)
  • Limpopo, Mpumalanga: Kruger National Park (one of the largest game reserves in Africa)
  • Johannesburg, Gauteng: Cradle of Mankind
  • Lesotho: Drakensberg Mountains (bordering Lesotho and several South African provinces)


So, whether you’ve never even heard of it before, or if you’ve already considered a trip to this highly advanced African country, I’m sure you will find much to love about this country once you’re here. I look forward to writing more about my country in future articles, where I will discuss the good, the bad and the ugly.

Anyways, I wish all of you the best while here (I trust you’ve booked your plane ticket already?) and that you at least survive in this (currently) crime-ridden and corrupt—but also awesome and unique—country that I call home.

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152 thoughts on “7 Reasons You Should Visit South Africa”

  1. Real shame what the US allowed to happen to your country.
    Reagan was on your side, but not strong enough.
    Partitioning was the way to go, forming an Afrikaner state.
    The powers that be allowed it for Israel, but not for Christians…

    1. Got to say, at times I don’t understand your stance. You seem to hate a lot about black stigmas, but then you wish to see a country densely populated with blacks do good. Is it more of a nationalist standpoint that creates your stance?

      1. In this case, it is simply common sense.
        You would have had a productive white first world country that would have been relatively crime free producing LOTS of food for the region (as long as it was being paid for by the other countries), and the black country where they could do as they please. Sink or swim on their own accord.
        Am I Nationalist? To a point. I am not a skinhead or anything like that. In fact, as a tan complexioned Southern European, I would most likely not even be considered white by most of them. But I do believe that countries have a right to keep out (or allow in) whom they want based on the will of the majority (or even a plurality). And common sense should dictate that decision. If the majority of people in a country are against importing the poor, the thugs and the parasites, why should “political correctness” override that decision? And If they want to retain good jobs for themselves, and do away with things like H1B visas, that is their right as well.

        1. To your comment, I appreciate the thorough explanation. Felt you had more of a nationalist leanings even if it wasn’t as overt as close American boarders or heavily limit immigration.

        2. Oh, I do believe in those things.
          Absolutely I want the wall built, and I would also support a total repeal of the 1965 immigration act. But this is simply common sense to me. I pay 40% taxes, much of which goes to support the poor, so why would I want poor 3rd worlders coming here and taking up resources? And the H1B visas cut in to my job prospects. So in that regard I suppose you can say I an nationalist, but the way I look at it, it is mostly spurred on by my situation as an individual.
          Individual liberty, private property rights and freedom of association are the things most important to me. For example, I am against public school. Why should I have to pay for someone else’s kids? Let me keep the money I earn, and have earned (no capital gains tax!) and I am fine.
          And lastly (sorry for the long winded post), I suppose you have read some of my anti-black comments here,like using the term “nog” and things like that. And some of the few RR posts i leave here. I suppose that is just from my experiences of living in a 30% black town for the last 25 years. I have seen very bad behavior and attitudes up close, and it has formed my opinions over the years. I suppose I should try to be a bit less caustic, but sometimes anger prevails.

        3. Nah. No reason to curb your language. If anything I read your Anti-Black comments as something I could say from not knowing enough Indian people or white people.
          Due to this site, I have long ‘taken the red pill’ on race relation but know I’m not an outlier by any stretch. I’m Caribbean black and have all of these specs available to me. Family was military in their native country. Guarded the President and all. Uncles taught in French, Latin, and Spanish. Later added Chinese to that list. Most everyone now either did military or second degrees at college. This was all my norm but I realize, in America for whatever reasons, the average family, neither white or black, has had this experience. This colors my view greatly since at best my family was always middle class.
          I recognize between job displacement, hard experiences with black citizens, you have your world view, same as many blacks would. Sites like this are great where you can express it and still build as men because as men we shape our communities with our activity or inactivity. I’m not really affected by nog comments but at times the scientist in me does get curious what things mean or why things are the way they are. Definitely appreciate your thorough responses.

        4. Some of the nicest guys I’ve met were Africans. I used to work as a loader for UPS a while ago , doing manual work. The packets would often weight as much as 60-70 kg and I had to load like 1500 packets a night. It was a shitty job but it paid good. Anyway it was very hard for me at the beginning and I would often fall behind. The only ones who willingly came over in my container to help were two Ghanese brothers. My fellow EEs and the Germans didn’t gave a fuck. Actually they would laugh behind my back and give me shit all the time , even though I was half their age.

        5. “The packets would often weight as much as 60-70 kg and I had to load like 1500 packets a night.”
          Holy Cripes!!!
          Now that’s a workout!
          Even when I was working for my father carrying sheetrock, I didn’t do anywhere near 1500 reps a day.

        6. With that being said , when I see a black man with a white woman my eyes hurt. It’s a natural reaction I guess , can’t help it.

        7. Humans are tribal and territorial.
          To deny that is to deny reality.
          Spike Lee said the same thing.
          But he doesn’t get sh*t for it due to the PC insanity.

        8. Of course. But what astonishes me the most is that only white men (a small portion of them) have a problem with race mixing. Men of other races are very happy to misogynate , especially when it means going after white women. I would very much respect a non-white man who is proud of his race and refuses to fuck around with women outside of his race. I read somewhere Muhammad Ali was like this. If that’s the case , he has my respect.

        9. “. Men of other races are very happy to misogynate , especially when it means going after white women.”
          Yeah, that’s really something, isn’t it? For some reason it’s like the white female is some kind of target or prize to them. I only wonder if DNA has anything to do with it, since a kid from this type of union will be overwhelmingly non-white. Some genetic drive to destroy the “other” tribe by attrition. Who knows?? But I don’t like it any more than you do.
          Although, in all fairness, I have been with Asian girls and maybe (a long shot ?) will end up with one. But at least kids are not in my future, too old for that, so not really not doing any damage,

        10. Oh, he had some good opinions on the subject. Came from his time in the NOI. Farrakhan believes the same as well.
          As a boxer, though, I always hated him. The taunting, the showboating. When I was a kid, I wanted to see Frazier and Foreman decapitate him in the ring. It didn’t happen…

        11. Yeah this makes me think that beauty isn’t really subjective and that white women are actually the best looking. I rarely see white man lusting after non-white women.

        12. That’s true to some extent. As of this moment a lot of white men are now going for the homey vibes of a woman as suppose to her raw beauty. We can’t all be good looking. Besides white women have degraded themselves to a point that they are at the bottom of the wifey totem pole.

        13. Blacks ruin everywhere in the world they live with their dysfunction and crime. Facts are not hate, just truth.

        14. The only damage done would be if that means not having a kid with a white woman. But if you have a kid with an asian woman that kid will be about 50% whiter so it goes both ways. You just need to have more kids…

        15. I am way too old for kids.
          And even if I was younger, I just don’t like ’em.

        16. @Red Hood….thanks for being open minded….maybe you should read Taleeb Starkes book The UnCivil War….Blacks vs ………

        17. Usually everybody wants to bang white women who look decent, but not many want to bang black broads as they have a lower SMV.

        18. This is cool. He was a nationalist before it was cool. God bless him.

        19. Just because “everybody wants to bang them” doesn’t mean the white females should be allowing it to happen. They are mostly at fault in all this. That goes for white girls banging other races, and also for banging loud, obnoxious, uneducated, tattooed white jerks. In the 40s and 50s that did not happen. Certainly not the interracial stuff and not the jerks either. The jerks got the fat pigs and the ugly women. The hot ones went with honest, decent, intelligent, hard working men. The 60s and everything that came after it ruined American females.

        20. It’s our right to physically, and violently, if necessary, prevent the sexual contamination of white women. But we need united white men for this. Race mixing is unacceptable.

      1. Yeah…Which is really strange considering how Israel and South Africa were strong allies in the past. Do I say, not as I do, I guess…
        Not sure how old you are, but do you remember the push for US “divestment” back in the 80s. And the song “Sun City”?

        1. Something something Zionist influence. Something something American Zionist Association.

        2. hahaha!!!
          And do you remember the organizer?
          LIttle Steven Van Zant aka Silvio Dante from the Sopranos.

        3. At Syracuse University in 1985 they built shanty town shacks to protest the South African investments the University had.

      2. Dyke march in Chicago banned Jewish/Rainbow flag… Jews squealing all over Facebook about it.
        The left is hilarious… Jews hate whites when whites gave them a place to live, dykes hate Jews when Jews lobbied to normalize their degenerate behaviour. Soon transgendered 9 year-olds will hate on dykes for not being fabulous enough?

        1. Kudos to Dyke for banning. How Ironic that local people doesn’t even notice when the Irish settlers/migrants celebrate “Saint Patrick’s Day” and when their Car number plate reads Irish, Irish etc.
          Aren’t the Irish migrants (and other migrants from Europe) supposed to “integrate and assimilate” themselves into the local culture !? Guess problem only comes when “other” migrants (people who are not of same color or religion) try to celebrate occasions of their original culture/place !
          If the Jewish want to raise their flag; they should GTFO from this Country.
          If the Irish want to “celebrate” their occasions; they should Get the Hell out of this Country. Same logic MUST apply to ALL migrants/settlers; regardless of their color, origin & religion.
          Why this morons (migrants aka settlers) forget this saying !?
          *** BE A ROMAN IN ROME ***

        2. You do realize that St Patrick’s day, as celebrated in the US, is strictly a US phenomena. In Ireland, if celebrated at all, the point is to celebrate mass in every church in your county. This is just like the Cinco De Mayo. It is a celebration of the victory at the battle of Pueblo, which signified the end of French domination of Mexico (Emperor Maximilian). It is not even known in Mexico.

        3. The hard left, of which most fags are part of, hates Israel and loves Hamas, despite the fact fags fare far better in Israel than in the West Bank and Gaza.
          You’ll note that not all Jews are like that. Heebs like Shapiro and Prager lobby hard against the transgender nonsense. Take both sides, profit. Simple.
          I’m starting to think this is just one big game of manipulating ideological zealots for political benefit. Explains the whole game of virtue-signalling.
          This might interest you:

        4. It’s also celebrated by nationalists in Northern Ireland to piss off the loyalists. Wasn’t a great idea to be in Ulster during St Patrick’s Day at the height of the Troubles.

        5. Dumb dumb.
          Those stumbling pattys with their fooking potatoes!
          Why don’t they assimilate!
          With their whiskey run enclaves all over! Just who do they think they are?!
          Damn Irish!

          At least they have good butter

        6. Absolutely ! Some have “good butter”, Some have “good food”, Some have “good skills” etc. etc. etc. !! But that doesn’t change the reality. Any body or any group-of-people (whatever funny/satiric words you want to use !), who want to leverage and enjoy the Living Standards, Technical Advances and endless Opportunities in this Country MUST “integrate and assimilate” with the local culture and people.
          If they can’t do that totally, at least they should not Hype or Celebrate who-they-are; beyond the allowed and bearable “limits”. If they are so proud of their heritage and culture, they should keep it to themselves and suck it up !
          To all those migrants/settlers:
          Try to assimilate, Contribute positively, Create opportunities, Promote brotherhood and Live Happily !
          But raising your Flags and showcasing your pride, No Way ! Only one response in that scenario: GTFO of this Country !!

        7. Right.. So of course someone is profiting from this. These psychopaths make me sick.

        8. The big thing here is the degenerate movements to undermine white Christians that have been supported by Jews in Western nations are all turning against them, the homosexuals, the blacks, the Muslims, the Mexicans, they are all turning against them and one another. Guess who is remaining relatively united? White Christians.
          Even Jews realized something about the 2016 election, despite Trump’s flaws right wing white voters remained pragmatic and realistic, while liberals were in lalaland.

        9. The Jews had a nice cozy spot in white society. We let them become wealthy, socially accepted, awarded their humour and talent in the arts, etc.
          What are they going to do when they are surrounded by blacks, Hispanics, Muslims, and embittered whites?

        10. Who really knows? The fact is there are also left wing whites and others that have allowed society to rot to where it is today.

        11. kids in puberty can’t even begin to handle the responsibility of ‘choosing’ their gender instead of allowing natural development to continue, let alone begin or complete…

        12. Yupp.. they’re being made totally unprepared to deal with the actual real complications of life.

    2. The country was technically already partitioned. The “bantustans” were all technically independent countries, sadly, (((the west))) just claimed it was segregation.

  2. I have to admit I found this article more interesting than I thought I would. I never really considered South Africa very high on my list of places to visit.

    1. I went to high school there, the country is so beautiful, incredible scenery, wildlife reserves etc, the cousine is also great, to this day I still miss the South African braai, going camping with the okes(bros) withe a few six packs of castle lager and enjoying the nature…great times…
      The crime rate is very REAL though , its best to befriend street-wise South Africans to know which places to avoid, I strongly suggest Cape town

  3. I’m friends with heaps of South Affies. They a good bunch, always reminded them to feed their pet lions or hyena.

  4. I wouldn’t set foot in your hijacking/AIDS/rape infested shit hole if you paid me. Any sane white would leave there very soon and let the dindus fester and fail.

    1. You’d think that would be the case and a few do but White Afrikaners are a proud bunch and they don’t abandon ship even when odds are against them.

      1. “..White Afrikaners are a proud bunch and they don’t abandon ship even when odds are against them.”
        I know a few and you’re right. They are entrenched and all in for the long haul.

    2. Yeah, I have to admit, it looks like a great place to visit for the nature and all, but I don’t like being outnumbered. I wouldn’t go to anyplace in Sub Saharan Africa, Jamaica, Haiti, or even the Bahamas.

      1. Interesting. American schools did a decent job of scaring me away from Africa visits, but African women are typically gorgeous to me. Thought everyone vacations in the Bahamas Atlantis resort. Or probably should before the Chinese make the Bahamas a Commonwealth.

        1. I am not that much into African girls and there are lot of land whales there – either locals or those coming in from Miami – but I met this slim, attractive black girl at a bar in Grand Bahama. I probably could have banged easily but I went with my buddies instead.
          As for the article, South Africa is on my bucket list, although I might go to Namibia instead. We’ll see. Nice to read about South Africa from a local who seems to be nuanced and knowledgeable.

        2. They’ve got no time for feminism with what their racist commie dictatorship government is doing to their people.

        3. That and an actual rape culture. Not the version they have here. Where if you sneeze the wrong way, you’re a rapist.

    3. Seems to me that “any sane white” would want to see as many prosperous, well-educated and safe Africa countries as possible. Middle East, too.

      1. A business trip to Dubai or Abu Dhabi would be OK for me.
        But I don’t think you should ever take a western female to those places.

        1. It’s not bad for females there as long as you follow the customs. UAE, Oman is pretty lax. Their Sharia is a blend of orthodoxy and modernity.

        2. I don’t see any good coming of it.
          Western females should not go there. Would you want your wife or daughter in that region?

        3. My mother’s been there and my father worked there. They came back alive.
          We tend to exaggerate these things but everything turns out fine as long as you don’t look for trouble.

        4. I cannot blame you for being skeptical because all we see from the outside is the shiny buildings, nothing about the culture.
          These guys still enslave Bengalis to build their infrastructure. It’s sad and never talked about.

        5. I’m a bald Palestinian. Rarely get in trouble.
          Every time I go visit, I always see white girls in Ramallah. No one ever bothers them. In certain Middle Eastern countries, they depend on tourism, so the people know better than to harass the white women. In Jordan for example, if the cop sees an Arab guy harassing a white woman, he’ll magically disappear.

        6. I’ve never been to Jordan. I would love to visit Petra, but really I don’t think there’s anything else worth going to Jordan for. Other than maybe the Dead Sea.

        7. That’s never been the same since Garcia died.

        8. My uncle worked their for a year doing high end consulting right after going through a pretty nasty divorce. He said he was in contact with very few women there (although I suspect the dude banged at least a couple – he has tight game for an oldster). He essentially said that in Dubai as a Westerner, you can covertly partake in most vices just as long as you are not a complete idiot about it, as the authorities wink at it assuming you blow copious quantities of dollars over there.

        9. Dubai has been a tourist destination for Europeans for over a decade or more. In fact I know a russian family that was there last month with their kids. Cheap flights, but bring $$$ if you want to do anything.

        10. ” In Jordan for example, if the cop sees an Arab guy harassing a white woman, he’ll magically disappear.”
          The cop disappears, or the guy doing the harrasing?

        11. The guy doing the harassing. White women can walk around in Jordan safely, no one will say a word to them.

    4. Also, you do know that most countries do not accept white South Africans as refugees, right?
      I think they should be accepted, but I suppose most Western governments/politicians would be afraid that it would be “racist”.

    5. Upvote. Yeah. Fuck SA. I am never going, even if the surfing is EPIC.

  5. Too bad it’s full of niggers. Might as well visit Detroit or sheeit.

  6. Fine article Johan. I visited in 2007 and would recommend SA to anyone. Despite security concerns in parts, the food, people and landscape make it worth the long trip plus the Rand vs other currencies make it a bargain once you get there.

  7. Dear Jonah,
    Nice to see the Bokke in the photo. As much as I’ve always looked up to the Springboks, I’m surprised your article didn’t mention that they are currently facing quotas were 50% of the team HAS to be black, a complete racist action by the Marxist-ridden incompetent ANC government. Only one white player made it to the current soccer team, but then again, Africa was never a stronghold for such a stupid game.
    Also, how about the fact that if you are black, they let you enter University with less grades than if you are white…hardly fair, don’t you think?
    How about AA/BBBEE? Another example of white-hate propaganda sponsored by the ANC.
    Maybe you should inform the ROK readers that there was a time, not very long ago, that South Africa actually had a “Space Program”, the Rand was even more valuable than the US Dollar & that black folks from across the border were trying to get into S.A despite the so called Apartheid.
    Hey, how about the systematic murders of the White farms community (Plaasmoorde) by blacks, which keeps intensifying? Don’t forget to mention Julius Malema agenda too.
    Also, how about a little reminder that the president of your country actually still sings “Kill the Boer (White) with my Machine Gun? Isn’t that a racist agenda?
    The only reason I can think of visiting South Africa is watching the Lions make it far in the Super Rugby, but then again, it would be too risky to even try it.

    1. the mighty Springboks of old is how you should remember SA rugby, full of tough men who played with guts, determination & most of all pride for their country.
      as you mentioned the current 50/50 quota team will be nothing more than fodder for the Wallabies, the French, the Pumas even the poms! not to mention the ABs.
      which is a real shame as the 3 best southern hemisphere teams used to have great games against one another.

  8. I think that, y’all aren’t going to have to stand in line behind me to get in…..send me a postcard or a keychain or something.

    1. Google street view covers much of SA and it’s shocking to see walls, razor wire and private security all over the place. Looks like a hell hole and the whites still alive are goners.
      Thanks for the link.

      1. YW. Wow, didn’t realize Street View showed razor wire, etc. Crazy shit. I’ll pass on that South African getaway…

    2. My lily-white ex-neighbor who is a 20 year old girl went there for some unGodly reason…she is fucking nuts.

  9. Been fascinated by South Africa since meeting my Cape Afrikaner uncle and reading James Micheners the Covenant.
    That being said, your country is rocketing off the cliff. I understand the “stand and fight” mentality but if you’re doing it alone without backup you’re just going to die.
    I abhor the racism that wanders around (“you’re virtue signaling cuck!” Fuck off), but you can’t undo centuries of being basically barbarians with “RAINBOW NATION all is well!”

  10. Been to SA in 2007 and was very cool. Went to the wine region above Cape Town Stellenchosch (sp?)and it was just as hip and trendy as Napa or Sonoma.. Place sounds like a war zone now unsafe for whites…

  11. A few weeks ago I came across a series of very alarming videos about black against white murders in South Africa. Was rather distressing to be honest, wanted to share this one thing on ROK, no gruesome images but it shows the extent of the split between the colours there and fear among the whites https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IKjoWRTtAWI Have been down there myself a fair bit, is certainly a lot of beauty, wild game, and happening spots in the cities (don’t go outside the main strip), but I finally experienced some of the crime first hand unfortunately, no injuries luckily (Joburg). I good friend of mine also had a nasty violent experience in a somewhat safer place, Cape Town. Contact with that country has further red pilled me despite a good amount of pleasant interaction with people of colour, the stories you hear etc. Some of the food there is very good, fish and also the sweet curries.
    On that dark topic mentioned above, I just don’t know if this fear of a genocide of the whites in South Africa is paranoia or justified, but did get the feeling after my last ill-fated visit that the high walls and electric fences you see are there for a reason.
    There is another video I won’t post due to the graphic content, but they claim that a few hundred years ago when the whites came, South Africa was sparsely populated, and in the years after as the whites developed the country, there was a lot of black migration from other parts of Africa. You can tell this apparently from the languages of the tribes. So the idea that South Africa ‘legitimately’ belongs to the blacks and all the pressure the rest of the world put on the country prior to the changeover can be called into question.

  12. I’m sorry, but this article is a total fluff piece. The ANC (African National Congress – all black, btw) is now going to be re-appropriating all white owned land and businesses over to blacks.
    White genoicide is very real even in south africa – I don’t care to travel all that way simply to witness the same anti-white initiatives that are already been implemented in Europe, Canada and the USA.
    Can we just, for the time being, forget articles about pretend paradises that do not exist?
    There are no havens to hide anymore, the push for white extermination is on It’s time to learn to fight and prepare. We are at war whether anyone wants to wake up to this or not.

    1. Black pigeons Speaks, His video are very good. His best work is “Women destroy civilizations” His video should be played in schools

  13. This article should be titled: Reasons you should’ve visited South Africa 30 years ago.

    1. Afrikaner TV ads exactly 30 yrs ago

      That was SA from the boob tube. No forewarning, just propaganda to buy and consume shit. Whites had more hands on control of their surroundings before the boob tube.

  14. Finally, an ROK article suggesting black women as mates. I’m white, American, and red pill, and I love black women. I would travel to South Africa to find a traditional, ebony woman to marry (with an antenuptial agreement)..

    1. I you are planning to marry a South African girl, you’d want to make sure that she doesn’t have AIDS or is suffering from ptsd because of rape. South Africa has a genuine rape culture and a police force that is over run with criminal activities of all sorts. Apparently single homicides don’t get investigated, but multiple homicides do.

    2. You marry those savages in South Africa at your own peril, black women in South Africa are the worst entitled species known to man, class A+ gold diggers, Indian’s meh, the rest they are Females, going to have the same BS as anywhere else.
      If you can find your unicorn go for it.
      And yes, I grew-up there, don’t live there any more, most people are deluded about the current socio-political situation and live with rose tinted glasses.

      1. Hey, I didn’t say I want to live in South Africa. Nor should any white man under current social/political conditions. White South Africans should be given refugee status, and allowed to emigrate to the US. Still want to bang glossy ebony broads, with big asses, though. Hope that clarifies things;)

        1. Save yourself al lot of hassle, head down to Atlanta, hell even Tahiti, Jamaica would be better if you really want some black cat pussy, it’ not worth the bother to go to the communist hell hole and potentially end up on the statistic list of stupid tourists who did not get the message of staying away from black people in South Africa. Pussy ain’t worth that much anywhere.

  15. Visit, but definitely not live. If you had to live there, go for Cape Town, that’s about it. Even then not downtown, but somewhere up in the hills.

  16. Is this a joke? South Africa is doomed. There is no future there. And not one mention of butchered white farmers or black rapists. Give me a fucking break. This cotton candy bullshit has no place on ROK.

    1. Although we must accept the harsh reality that is in front of us, there’s has got to be room for optimism or we just die off in despair.
      Totally goes against our nature to just submit to an unfavorable reality when throughout history we have gone through some tough shit. We are not the apex predator on this planet for no reason.
      Our optimism keeps us going. Don’t know how far but we are about to find out.

      1. There’s optimism and then there’s futility. The white SA population is literally being subjected to genocide in a black supremacist nation that hates their guts for existing. It would be far better to relocate them elsewhere (like Iceland) and shore up that area as a future ethnostate. Their pragmatism and backbone would be of great use there.

        1. Look below someone commented on the fact that no nation really accepts white refugees anymore because it’s supposedly racist. If that’s the case where would they go, these are people that have been there for generations tracking down ancestry is going to be tough and as mentioned they wouldn’t be accepted as refugees. It’s crap but this it the shit that you white people have to deal with.
          With that said, the only option for these guys is to gut it out and hope that the world takes notice of this barbarity. The black’s entitlement has gotten out of hand.

  17. Don’t forget to check out the white shanty towns and communities of the few remaining rich whites who,have to live behind walls with security.
    What a shit hole since black rule came about.

  18. Sure, just totally ignore the rampaging blacks killing white farmers left and right and sodomizing white women with machetes. The BOERS are the only civilized people in that area and they are being both bred and murdered out of existence there. I know you live there and all that, but can you ignore the racial strife that has existed in your country for decades? What about the fact that once the blacks got majority seats in government, all that stuff about “minority rights” that was promised to the whites was scrapped immediately?
    Yes, I would like to visit there, but only to network with whites that know what is really going on around the world. The Boers have known it for a while, because they are living it. Maybe I can sell crates of small arms there for the coming war?

  19. Candice Swanepoel, an Afrikaner model for Victoria’s Secret

    I would, without hesitation, fuck her blind. But she’d have to come to Ohio first. She’s basically Dutch-English, I can get that here. She’s an uber model of that type, but seriously, the continent “Africa” is never, ever going to be on my travel dossier.

    1. I cannot do the ‘name game’ song with ‘Swaenpoel’. I’ve tried. I would have to open her some other way.

  20. what drugs are you smoking Johan???
    i have a fellow working alongside me from Jo-Burg that says exactly the opposite to what you posted.
    ie – SA going to become Rhodesia 2.0 very very quickly.

  21. The future for whites in SA has to rest in your white community. Healthy family connection boosts stamina but a blood tribal community is the ultimate hedge against atomization. Atomization is the devil for any ethnicity in fact. Media and SA political heads will say things like “only whites who can adapt will have a future in SA”. To say it’s the greatest place to kick back and relax is kind of gas lighting yourself in a way. It was always such a polygot amassment of differing camps that elites could fit right in and do what they do best, pulling strings and levers with the circuses of differing groups so preoccupied that they never found the focus to root out the real elites. A blue collar white middle class wasn’t on the docket for long – unless they start breeding like motherfuckers 24-7.
    Speaking of gas lighting, do any South Africans remember or have old VHS tapes of newscasts in 1991 announcing Mandela died in prison?? Surely the ‘Mandela Effect’ youtube vids must be popular in SA unless they’ve been scrubbed there. Maybe SA is the wrong place, too close to the center of the storm to look. Maybe someone isolated in Nuuk, Greenland has an old VHS of it. Anyway, this vid is a good one:

    I didn’t think much of the mandela buzz but then the ‘heart in center’ mention in the vid piqued my interest. You can see both ‘center’ and ‘left’ images in google search presently.
    (from a school slideshow showing left side)
    So HOW does all this fit in to the patriarchy is the important issue. We must as always focus on regaining and maintaining dominion over our feral herds of shebeasts or our species is done! Under bitch rule, we all die. The ‘elites’ will eat themselves in the end regardless but WE MANKIND must grab ourself by the dick AND RISE to the next level. Mankind with its head buried in a pussy suffocates.
    Hail the patriarchy!

  22. I’m in Cape Town right now, and I have to say, the author is correct about everything. The women, the food, and the development of this area is truly incredible!!

  23. So you are recommending we all contribute to the economy of a country where the president sings “Kill the White Farmer” at public gatherings? Visit now where White people are experiencing a genocide. The RSA president was recently just barely defeated in his effort to get a law passed that would allow the confiscation of all white owned property, without any compensation. Go somewhere 100% racist and violent. Around 49 people are murdered in South Africa each day. The murder rate increased rapidly in the late 1980s and early 1990s. Between 1994 and 2009, the murder rate halved from 67 to 34 murders per 100,000 people. Between 2011 and 2015, it stabilized to around 32 homicides per 100,000 people although the total number of lives lost has increased due to the increase in population. There have been numerous press reports on the manipulation of crime statistics that have highlighted the existence of incentives not to record violent crime. The violent crime rate is incredible. All of this does not even touch on the incredible rates of AIDS and HIV in RSA.

  24. just switch the races around…and you get thd current situation in South Africa today.

  25. you forgot to mention the little white genocide that’s going on there.

  26. This is nice but I heard it’s a very unsafe country. High levels of crime and racial violence as well.

  27. South africa would be a great country, had it not all the blacks.
    The main problem was not the fact they got the majority – it is the fact they are so many.
    If there was a 80% whites and 20% blacks or even 60% whites and 40% blacks the situation would be peaceful and quiet. Each party knowing who is the boss and runs the country.
    As it is now, it is a hopeless case.
    Not even the powerful israel found a good solution to deal with all those many and hard breeding palestieans. Now imagine for a second how life in israel, for a jew, would be with moslem-palestinians ruling the country. Nice picture, is it not?
    Thats exactly what whites can expect in south africa in the near to mid-term future.

    1. Any chance of SA splitting into actual separate nations based on race? I get the impression the populations are too intermingled for that geographically.

  28. If you’re a white male you would have to be fucking insane to go to this AIDS ridden, sexual assault and car jacking infested hellhole. I would feel safer wearing a KKK outfit marching through fucking Ferguson or Baltimore.
    Absolute bonkers anyone would be interested in going to former Rhodesia 2.0

  29. That scenery doesnt even make my top 10. I have met a pretty over the top guy from SA though.

  30. I’m a Brit who has spent 25 yrs in SA and currently toggle between SA and the UK. The article is basically true. I am married to a Boer woman – a white Afrikaaner.
    It’s a fantastic tourist destination; definitely up amongst the very best in the World and for dollar/ pound/ Euro or other first world denominated visitors, is very cheap. You just must remember it is Africa and has a murder rate 30-40 times that of the UK – it really is a dangerous place. South Africa is a strange juxtaposition of first and third world.
    My advice is visit SA, but do not invest there, settle there or even buy a holiday home property there. It’s future is highly uncertain under the capricious, kleptocracratic, race obsessed ANC government. Who seem intent of flying the economy into the ground. SA is suffering a continuous brain drain as qualified whites who are able and have the means, leave for first world countries. This due to a combination of poor governance, draconian ‘affirmative action’, a euphemism for hiring policies discriminating against whites, horrific violent crime and declining standards in healthcare, education and municipal service delivery – all due to mandated incompetence resulting from said draconian ‘affirmative action’.
    There are about half a million South African whites in the UK alone. This with a white population of about 4.5 million remaining in SA out of an overall population of 60 million.

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