5 Ways You Can Revolt Against The Modern World

Italian philosopher Julius Evola wrote a book in 1934 entitled, Revolt Against The Modern World. The book is prophetic in that Evola was able to accurately diagnose the ills of modern civilization while they were still only ideas awaiting implementation. But Evola doesn’t give a lot of practical guidance as to how a man can revolt against the modern world. Here are some ideas for how we can implement Evola’s ideas.

1. Go outside

Evola was an avid mountain climber before an allied bomb robbed him of the use of his legs. For Evola, alpinism was something more than exercise, it was a spiritual experience. The concentration involved, the sheer danger of climbing, and the magnificent scenery all help to purify the mind.

Many Americans today never actually go outside. They take their car to work where they spend nine hours in a temperature controlled cubicle. When they get home they either go to their air conditioned gym, attend happy hour at a bar, or play video games. The only time they might be outdoors is during their vacation. We have to take vitamin D supplements because we don’t spend enough time in the sun to derive it naturally.

Most of us don’t live near a mountain range, but we can still make a small act against the modern world by spending more time outdoors. Make regular use of your local parks (trust me, they’ll be almost empty). Go on weekly hikes. Plan regular camping and hunting trips with your friends. If you live near the coast, go surfing or sailing. Make it a point to spend as much time outdoors as possible. You’ll function a lot better when you are closer to nature.

2. Increase time with friends and family

One of the worst side effects of the modern world is atomization—we are all made to think and live is individual units with little connection to our community. This is by design. Atomized units can’t get together to join a revolt. United we stand, divided we fall.

Social media can be a powerful tool in bringing together like-minded people—just take a look at what it is doing for the growing right-wing in the US—but is usually harmful as it takes us away from having real encounters with people. New technology is only going to accelerate the process of atomization: Recently Facebook announced it was developing a virtual meetup up room where friends could “touch” each other remotely. Why bother interacting in real life?

To swim counter to these modern tendencies, lessen your use of social media and try to meet with friends instead. And try to stay close to your family. Tribes are made up of families. In the West, we no longer have tribes but we are still permitted have families. Take advantage of the fact that blood is usually thicker than water and build strong relationships with your relatives.

3. Ignore the current political scene

Laura Loomer

Politics are important but paying attention the current political scene is a waste of time. This is true even of so-called rightwing politics. Take the most recent case of Laura Loomer, an employee of the alternative media outlet, The Rebel. Loomer burst into the public consciousness when she ran onto the stage to protest a leftist rendition of Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar that featured the assassination of a character that was obviously meant to be Donald Trump. Loomer instantly became a media sensation and a major celebrity in the alt lite.

The problem is that Loomer’s protest was little more than a publicity stunt. She knew that she would get arrested and even created a “Free Laura” fundraising website before the arrest. In other words, Loomer created a fake incident with the express purpose in gaining notoriety within rightwing circles. As soon as she gained prominence is the alt right/alt lite circle, she immediately tried to impose her own views on the movement, which, as Roosh points out, is classical entryest behavior.

Loomer is an example of why it is not worth your time to engage in the clown circus that is contemporary politics. It is filled with parasites who don’t really give a damn about creating a healthy society—only gaining notoriety and riches. The antidote to degenerate modern politics is to fill your mind with solid material that will give you a good foundation on how to approach politics. Here are a few authors that are worth your consideration:

Joe Sobran
Mel Bradford
Richard Weaver
Julius Evola
Alain de Benoist
Joseph de Maistre
Nicholas Gomez Davila
Dominique Venner
Tom Sunic
Hans Hermann Hoppe

4. Get off the hamster wheel

The average life of a modern American is a hamster wheel to nowhere. We watch commercials that awaken in us lust for items we don’t need. We go out and buy those items and saddle ourselves with debt. We indenture ourselves to employers for decades to pay the debt and keep up our consumption.

After 50 years of employment, we hope and pray that the stock market will not have a downturn immediately before we retire. If everything works right and our health holds up, we might be able to enjoy life for a few years before we die.

To revolt against the modern world we have to get off the hamster wheel. There are two ways of doing that. First, we can build multiple streams of income—if one gets cut off (getting laid off, for example), you still have income to keep you afloat.

Second, we have to be able to say ‘no’ to overconsumption. Even the truly rich can burn through their fortunes if they have no fiscal responsibility—just ask Johnny Depp. Your goal should be to reduce your fixed expenses to the lowest possible levels. One strategy to do this is to try to live interest-free.

You are only free when you are free to voice your opinion without fear of being financially ruined. Few of us have reached this level, but all of us should aspire to it.

5. Eat well and lift

The famous yoga master B.K.S. Iyengar once said that one cannot experience true freedom unless your body is functioning at peak efficiency. It makes sense, because even if you obtain financial freedom, it will be of little value of you are weak or sick.

The modern world is built (by accident or by design) to make us weak and sick. Corporate food is laden with excessive carbs and unhealthy fats and should be avoided. Instead, eat whole foods whenever possible. A good rule of thumb is that if it wasn’t available in 1900, it should be avoided.

Another trend in the modern world is to celebrate soy-fed manlets with no muscle tone. There are men walking around who look weaker than their girlfriends. Fight this trend. You don’t have to become a bodybuilder, but start hitting the weights at the gym. And don’t skip leg day.


These are simple steps but they will dramatically improve your life if you practice them. More importantly, you will be laying the foundation for a true revolt against the modern world.

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  1. 100% agreement here simple everyday steps can go a long ways to ensure you and your family is not a part of the problem

  2. Another article that I enjoyed immensely. I especially agree with number 3. Man, RoK has been on a roll this past week, producing nothing but quality articles.

  3. OT: if anyone noticed I wasn’t around yesterday I took the day off and took my girls to a local amusement park. We had fun but I couldn’t help but notice the demographics there. During the day 80% were married mothers with their children, often two or three in a group. I couldn’t help but think where are the men? That’s right at work paying for their fun. But a woman’s work is never done, right? Lots of princesses out there, boys.

    1. A wife considers her husband to be a walking ATM, while the husband can’t even do an ATM with his wife. Totally not a fair deal.

        1. Yoga instructor dude gets more ass than you think. At least the 12 straight ones in the Western Hemisphere do.

        1. Had a guy, used to love talking about him and his girlfriend ‘licking the chili ring.’

        1. You just gotta make sure shes cleaned out ahead of time.
          Then after, brush her teeth and mouthwash, then don’t kiss the rest of the day if you’re squeamish.

  4. Don’t just go outside – learn bush craft. Then spent few nights out there on your own.
    Civilization is a product of the female brain – women designed it, men built it for them. The more you stay away from it the better.

    1. Of course the more ambitious will get more out of it. Bet even going for a daily walk will help immensely

    2. In what way did women design civilization? Civilization isn’t some monolithic “thing” it is a combination of all human actions within a region. Women no more “designed” civilization than a polar bear did. When a dude picks up a paint brush, it’s not a woman telling him to do it. When a composer creates a musical masterpiece out of his own passion, there is no woman setting out the design parameters.
      “But women need shelter!” – well yeah, and so do men. And men are (or should be) every bit as involved in being concerned about their children as women.

      1. Modern civilization started 8000 years based on agriculture which prior to that was only women’s jobs. For 99% of the human evolution men were not involved in agriculture. After that they became farmers like their women.

        1. Agriculture was not “prior that was only women’s jobs”. Gathering, yes. Agriculture as in growing and harvesting, no, work was way too intense for frail women.
          You sound a bit to me like somebody who has never actually done any real farming. That shit is back breaking, and I’d imagine 100x moreso without the conveniences of modern technology.
          This is a niggling point however, as it does not bolster your claim that women designed civilization. They did no such thing, at all. Some may have inspired men to create things (clearly, this has happened) but most of civilization is just people figuring out better ways of doing things to get by in life, or creating art/music for its own sake.

        2. Eight thousand years ago women didn’t want men’s jobs; they were too dangerous, they were too subtle, and women were not physically or temperamentally suited to chasing wildebeests or fighting lions. Then, in Sumeria, the Fertile Crescent, men were brought in to do the women’s work of farming the fields. And recently, starting 140 years ago, men were taken completely out of nature and sent in to the office and the factory where they manufacture and sell more items to make women’s lives easier. Thus, men have been maneuvered into doing work that historically, for 2.2 million years, had been women’s work: farming and making pots.

        3. Source your claims. I have my hands in the dirt sometimes, that shit would not be possible for a woman (who would be about 2/3 the size in height of a modern woman and likely 80-100 pounds soaking wet) to hitch up a plow and till any kind of real fields effectively. That’s brutally hard work, whether you have a donkey or not.
          And even outside of that, that in no ways shows women “designing civilization”.

        4. The very notion of manufacturing is a female invention too – from clay pots to looms to planting kernels of corn – i.e., manufacturing food.

        5. So basically you’re just making unsourced claims. Yeah, women invent all the shit, men just like, you know, follow orders.
          Ok dude. Whatever.
          Hope your day goes well.

        6. You want a source that women were the ones that planted the first kernels to produce food? Are you serious?

        7. Quite so. Because it sounds like something you’d have no way, at all, ever, to show factual evidence supporting it. Unsubstantiated claims are not evidence.

        8. you got that Bass Ackwards hoss…….. just turning the soil or carrying the water to set up for that initial primitive farming would have put any female who was not an olympic athlete out of commission. Research bread making, basket weaving, breast feeding, and you will get a better idea of what was really happening.

        9. So tell us then how do YOU think it all started?
          Men went hunting and when they were all done with it they came back home to plant some kernels and change the baby’s nappies? Is that it?

        10. Funny, but Rich is a provable example what fervor for an argument without sources does to your psyche. Probably either cause ‘him’ to walk away with some level of anger or eager to return with some way to prove themselves right. Spot on article from Sebastian proving itself in real time. Man, I love the Red Pill!!

        11. You are conflating “gathering” with “agriculture”. They are two different things. Gathering involves no planting, no tending, no weeding, no watering and no plowing. It is instead “Hey, look, berries, let’s pick some!” I’ve already noted that women likely did this.
          Agriculture is a multi-tiered and very labor intensive activity. Women 2/3 the size of modern women were not out plowing fields, bro. The physics don’t work.
          And by the way, farmers even today go out and hunt a lot. Somehow, they manage to grow crops.
          Basically you’ve not sourced your claims at all yet.

        12. Everywhere men hunt large land and water fauna, trap small animals and birds, hunt birds, build boats, and work with wood, stone, bone, horn and shell. Everywhere women gather fuel and food, fetch water, prepare drinks and vegetable foods, and cook. Most of women’s activities are performed close to the home and involve monotonous tasks that require no concentration and can easily be interrupted and resumed. Male activities may require long absences from home and travel over great distances, not possible for women burdened with children. Male tasks may be dangerous, because men do not bear or rear children, and may be more highly valued in order to motivate the expendable male to perform them.
          Frances Dahlberg’s introduction to Woman the Gatherer (New Haven: Yale University Press, 1981), p. 13.

        13. So let me ask you again, who do YOU think was more like to have planted the first seed into the soil?
          p.s. modern farmers have mechanization and more free time, plus they hunt with guns and other sophisticated tools – your comparison is irrelevant.

        14. Whether I say man or woman it is unsourced speculation. Maybe women cast seeds from their little aprons onto untilled land, no problem. They were not out doing real agriculture though. Work is way too labor intensive and requires raw muscle strength.

        15. Exactly the point I was making. The men don’t need to hunt every single day. They hunt just enough to have the meat they need and spend the open time to tend the fields or work around the village.

        16. just out of curiosity….was there a point to any of this? I mean this is like 8 steps below tastes great / less filling on the relevant shit meter

        17. Proper agriculture does require a more brutal force that women do not possess, no one would argue with that. Which is why less-masculine males were brought in to do this sedentary left brain activity.
          But no proper right-brainer would argue that agriculture is masculine activity. It involves planting, sedentary existence, subduing and controlling the Earth. It was exactly opposite of how men used to live for 99% of the whole human evolution. Prior to agriculture, men only took from nature what they needed for their survival and their lives revolved around with the cycles and seasons. The mentality was based on the idea of abundance and faith in the goodness of life. Men knew that nature will always provide for them and thus they automatically respected their environment with all other creatures around them. They were natural conservationists – humble, vulnerable and dependent on the awesome power above them, and they prayed to be in harmony with it.

        18. If you think it’s sedentary then again, you clearly are unfamiliar with farming except as a theoretical construct you’ve read about in a book. I lease off acreage to farmers, sir, I will guarantee you, they do not have an idle day on their calendar.

        19. Yeah, I don’t get it either. We’re sperging on “who does agriculture” when the original claim was regarding “Women designed civilization”. It seems way too tangential, but I am guilty of contributing to it, so…well…there you go.

        20. You kill a wolly mammoth or a cave bear and your tribe is fed for a month or longer.

        21. It’s my prehistoric world and don’t you dare question it!

        22. actually the sperging is worse than “who does agriculture” which might, maybe, kind of be a little relevant…this sperging is on who did agriculture like a bajillion years ago which is like arguing who invented jerking off with lotion….was it a lonely man or an Asian masseuse

        23. *smh*
          I’ll stop this chain now, it is cluttering the screen. Have a good one.

        24. Civilization has all feminine traits – materialistic, hierarchical, protective, sedentary, enclosed, restrictive, orderly, out of touch with nature, crowded, confrontational, etc, etc.

        25. Right, which is back to my point that it is literally un-provable speculation. Hence my request for him to source his claims. Maybe somebody else says it too, but lacking any real evidence, then he’d just be sourcing another person making un-provable claims.

        26. Since when did “hierarchical”, “orderly” and “confrontational” become feminine traits?!?!

        27. How do you figure orderly is a feminine trait??? Men, by design, are much more methodical/orderly than women are. We are also more concerned about hierarchy (alpha male ring a bell) and confrontational (how do you think the alpha male assumed his position back then?).
          I got a shovel in my shed if you’d like to use it for that hole you’re digging.

        28. Back at the tent, the hunter’s wife is five months pregnant. She is manufacturing garments out of animal and/or vegetable fibers to be ready when the baby arrives in four months. She solidified her position in the hierarchy, the pecking order, the bureaucracy, the de facto government of the tribe, and is organizing other wives and older children into work gangs outfitted with seed kernels and sharpened digging sticks and sending them out into the bottomland to plant corn so there would be flatbread to eat in six months. She is dominating and controlling everything she possibly could within her restricted domain.
          Women invented the law and order.

        29. No. You need a scimitar to properly lob the head off of an equestrian. Fortunately such mad horses only exist in the midwest, so you do not need to rush out and purchase a katana.

        30. My sole problem with him was all the damn sperg spam. And several of us asked him, with varying degrees of politeness, to stop wrecking Disqus with that shit.

        31. Yeah. Disqus won’t even load when he shows up. I remember being reluctant to click “show comments”.

        32. Five screens of YouTube videos would slow loading to almost a stop on refresh. And he knew that.

        33. There you go, some outside opinion on this matter for you … as much as you would not like them.
          Who created agriculture? Men or women?
          Based on anthropological studies it is almost certain that women were first to plant gardens of cereals. Even today in isolated societies in the tropical jungles and forests the task of planting is primarily the woman’s job.

        34. Not that I’m aware of (he’s said nothing to me about that in Telegram which I’d wager he would).

        35. Based on anthropological studies

          Studies the author does not cite. And he was referencing only gardens, not fields. Gardens, which do not require the same effort as actual real agriculture. Sorry guy.
          And coming full circle, this has no bearing on “Women design civilization!”

        36. The day he posted two versions of the same sperg crap, and posted it again… I really lost my shit.

        37. You were already told you that civilization emerged because of the development of agriculture. The model is based on women’s needs – sedentary way of life, security and order.
          Read the whole article.

        38. Your claim was that women design civilization. Your proof is an unsourced (as of yet) article that makes the same claim. What you may be trying to say instead is that “Women contributed to some aspects of manual labor that freed men to actually focus on more abstract tasks, which then allowed civilization to come into being/flourish”. That is not designing civilization by women, but I think that’s probably what you’re trying to say (perhaps?).

        39. Hunting is as an abstract (right-brain) activity as you can get. The thinking process is quite similar to chess playing hence why best players are always men.
          Women later exploited men’s abstract thinking abilities to further their agendas and domesticate both them and the animals they hunt.

        40. The first paragraph is kinda true. I don’t think it’s the most abstract thing like in forever (astrophysics would be to differ, as would calculus, and engineering, and philosophy, etc).
          The second paragraph, that’s is just looney. You’re giving women way too much credit and basically saying that they are smarter and that men were feral animals needing to be domesticated, which is absurd on its face. The natural pecking order has always favored men, who keep women’s nature in check via a variety of methods. While clearly women can and do manipulate, structured society across the globe for homo sapiens sapiens have always been set up, until the 1960’s, to keep those impulses in check and as harmless towards overall civilization as possible. I think you have put the cart before the horse here.

        41. Jack R. Harlan, one of the great pioneers of historical ecology asked:
          “Why farm? Why give up the 20-hour work week and the fun of hunting in order to toil in the sun? Why work harder for food that is less nutritious and a supply more capricious? Why invite famine, plague, pestilence and crowded living conditions? Why abandon the Golden Age and take up the burden?” (Harlan, 1992)
          The answer is: pussy

        42. No, the answer is survival.
          You are forgetting that, at the time, man didn’t need to negotiate or perform to get pussy. Men just took pussy.

        43. That is not designing civilization, chief.
          You may want to simply retract that specific claim. You’re not winning this argument as it stands. What you’re actually saying is that men are inspired to create civilization because of women (women not being actively part of the design process) and tacking on “women contribute a bit to manual labor which frees men to focus on more abstract work” which again, is not women being part of the design process.
          It’s one word, design. Thus far you’ve provided nothing to back that up. At all. My guess is that you miscommunicated an idea but are too stubborn to admit error. That’s not an attack, I sincerely think that you are digging a hole rather than examining your own claim as an objective outsider. Admitting error is perfectly ok, it helps us grow and learn.
          Last thought: Anybody who considers living to the ripe old age of 26 while fending off huge predators that liked to make meals out of you, wandering around gathering random berries that you had to luck upon, as a “golden age” should be questioned right out of the gate in regard to his sanity.

        44. But he bowed to that pussy who guaranteed that the kid she had just popped out is his exactly.

        45. Enkidu was a man who grazed with the gazelles and slurped at the watering hole. He hung out with the animals. He was the Wildman; he was nature.
          Gilgamesh, the king, heard about Enkidu and sent a temple prostitute from the Goddess Astarte to seduce him. She waited near a water hole until the herd of gazelles that Enkidu traveled with came to drink. Then she bared her breasts and enticed him away from the animals and made love to him for six days and seven nights.
          After that Enkidu tried to rejoin his animal friends but they turned and ran away. Enkidu was now joined to the female urges and aspirations and it scared them. “No matter,” said the prostitute. “I’ll take you with me to the temple city of Ishtar (Astarte) and there you will have a good friend, Gilgamesh.”

        46. “Hickory dickory dock, the mouse ran up the clock.”
          Do you have anything else? I’m afraid that you may well be one of the stubborn ones who has not yet developed the capacity for self examination or admitting error. If you’ve nothing else to say and you’re not going to retract the incorrect claim of “women design civilization” then we really have nothing more to say to each other.

        47. 10,000 years ago? Are you serious? Pussy was just another thing to hunt and harvest… it wasn’t a resource, it was a net drain on the one and total sum goal of all mankind: survival.
          Men didn’t ask the mammoth politely if they could eat it… they hunted it down and killed it whether it liked it or not. Men didn’t get down on one knee and put the pussy on a pedestal… they hunted it down and slayed it whether she liked it or not.

        48. Some of Gary Oldman’s finest work, although Gary Oldman is pretty much fantastic in everything he does.

        49. That wasn’t an insult, it was an observation.
          We’re done, for good this time. later.

        50. Of course, if the man could not persuade the woman, he could overpower her with his superior size and strength as some men did and still do today. But aggression has never, ever been used as the standard sexual strategy for any other species. From an evolutionary point of view, it would be too costly and dangerous to maintain. So the woman had the upper hand and retained her veto power over reproduction.

        51. That’s like the most epic, stone-age Blue Pill argument I have ever seen. I feel sorry for you and your male offspring.

        52. Good. Keep your observations to yourself and act upon them. It’s women who tend verbalize them to insult.
          Good day.

        53. easy boy! a model who had a kid by an actor, now marrying a much younger tech billionaire…divorce rape t-minus ten years and counting…

      2. Yes! There is a new troll in the house! I was getting bored after the usual customers got banned.

      1. Yes, it’s another way of putting it but it was based on the needs of the woman.
        The hunter did not need to start accumulating food as he knew that he just could say his pray and go hunting for food. It was always there at his disposal.

  5. Totally in.
    On politics, I think that there are two standards which are both myopic. The first is that every single little thing matters and every tiny little event is an outrage of some sort. The second is that nothing at all matters, period, no matter what you do. Both are wrong. The first turns you into a political junkie who spends each day engaged in and getting dramatic about basically kabuke theatre. Most of the things that you “care” about in this condition are utterly, blitheringly stupid and inconsequential. The second stage is abject apathy and it fails to recognize nuances in politics, nor does it make distinctions on things that might actually matter and instead just lumps everything together.
    Basically most politics do NOT matter. Withdraw from the kabuke theatre and your mind will feel so much better and at ease. But in doing so, focus instead on the *mechanisms* of power in politics and how they are working for or against you, then if you wish change, work to manipulate those levers/mechanism regardless of the personal drama going on in front of the scenes.
    For example “It doesn’t matter who you vote for, Hillary and Trump are both clowns!” Well yes, they are both clowns and further, generally, POTUS has almost no real power (don’t say this out loud, most people want to think of the office as that of God King, it helps them sleep better at night). But, the actual mechanism of the office of POTUS can do a few important things that do impact you life. One of those things is fill judicial offices (SCOTUS and lower Federal courts) who are VERY in touch with a lot of things you do in life at some point in time or another. So take the personal stuff out of it and promote the candidate that you know will stack the courts in your favor (hence, the only reason I voted for Trump) and ignore the silly and meaningless campaign rhetoric.
    Or work locally (State and local) where you CAN and WILL make a difference due to your local politicians basically living next door and being much more accessible. This is how the entire Concealed Carry thing swept the nation from the 1990’s forward, local level work by some very dedicated people.
    All that said, most things at the high level really, you can’t change (except, hey, through courts packed in your favor).
    Just use some nuance when dealing with politics and reject the two extreme and counter-productive lines of thought.
    As to the rest of the article, it is spot on, but getting out of the rat race may be a challenge, because we all need to eat and while living the life of an minimalist may sound great on paper, it can get pretty boring pretty fast.

    1. Agreed I used to be a talk radio junkie. Other than adding a few points to my blood pressure, it didn’t do a thing.

      1. Same. Still like the format but mostly moved to Podcasts since they provide value. In my circle, people swear by NPR radio but don’t think talk radio is much more than gossip and jokes about the news.

        1. I’ve started listening to more podcasts and YouTube stuff too. It’s much more convenient, and you can narrow to people whose takes you want to listen to. I listen to a couple Red Pill guys and conservative types, but I also listen to a few ‘classic liberal’ anti-SJWs and a few other people I don’t really agree with, but who seem to be thinking for themselves and don’t seem to be pushing a corporate agenda. I think it’s important to get information from different angles.

        2. Completely agree on that stance. So far Knowledge for Men and Hypnotica make the weekly playlist. Haven’t found many other sources to give a shot to yet. Can’t classify as a true conservative or a true liberal since both sides can be equally as dogmatic. Whatever balance of the two which is needed to ensure my life attains the most joy has always been my agenda. Think that balance is healthy especially if you desire to have a devoted lady who can help you to raise smart and successful children.

        3. I think you have to listen to the other side sometimes, even if it’s just to be able to defend your positions. That said, you have to find someone of the other side that isn’t just a shrieking harpy screaming talking points and emotional-laden insults, which is difficult.

        4. Also, I think govt types feed Alex Jones legitimate info so that, by him announcing it on infowars, it totally discredits it, thereby hiding the truth as crazy Alex Jones talk. But I could be wrong…

        5. no, youre onto something. Im stunned at the size of his audience. Its huge, someone told me, forgot the number, maybe 40 mil globally tune in?

        6. Yeah, he has a huge audience. And when he goes on other shows, his audience follows him. The Joe Rogan podcast usually has like 700k to 900k views on YT, sometimes going as high as 1.5m. But the Joe Rogan interview of Alex Jones has like 4.5m views.

      2. The only guy I listen to now, and this is rare these days, is Limbaugh, but mostly because I enjoy his sense of humor and arrogance (I do). That’s maybe once a month or so, tops though. The rest I flushed down the toilet as silly long ago.

        1. I listen to Rush sometimes for the same reasons however, I have turned off the cable news networks once I realized that watching that stuff all the time and keeping up with politics day to day caused me more consternation than pleasure and there’s nothing I can do to affect day to day politics. I still keep up with the big picture though and don’t really concern myself with who said what about who.
          No longer a political junkie.

        2. Around 2009 I was big into Glenn beck. The Armageddon is eminent drivel gets you hooked but you end up thinking like pjclarke

        3. you have as much influence on politics as you do on the outcome of the Yanks-Sox game…

        4. Damn, Beck is such a loon but he has an ability to sound totally rational. It’s only after you listen to him for a while that you realize… this dude is insane.

        5. is he entirely bonkers though? didnt he get kicked off Fox after doing a show on the fed reserve?

        6. A mad man may roam the streets spewing a thousand sentences, and maybe one of those sentences is “The federal reserve needs audited”, but if it’s followed by paragraphs of “Demons eat Ho Ho’s and angles told me to eschew toilet paper!” then basically, he’s a loon.

        7. Look, they’re both batshit insane. But even a broken clock is right twice a day. Although Beck would soak whatever he’s right about in God’s Will stuff so much, he’d end up being wrong, and Jones would interrupt his one moment of truth to sell you water filters.

        8. are you saying he’s bonkers full stop, bonkers because he believes in conspiracy theory stuff about the Fed) or bonkers because he dared to criticise such a hallowed institution

        9. Im not saying hes bonkers, Aig is. Gotta be a large % of truthiness to what he says, or folks wouldnt tune in. Problem is figuring out what is horseshit

        10. I still sometimes listen to Michael Savage. I love his mantra of borders, language, and culture. He has been slamming the cultural Marxists for as long as I can remember.

        11. Glen Beck lost me with the crying and slobbering. He, like many, start off well and then go off the rails as their star rises.

        12. True that. Although I do like his books and aggressive style in general. His legal foundation is pretty active, going after the NEA and such.

        13. He is a career government lawyer. Government lawyers twist and manipulate laws for the benefit of government parasites like himself. The way he prates on about “the Constitution” and “liberty” is utter hypocrisy. People like him would not exist in a free society.

        14. Michael WEINER (his real name) is a former Cultural Marxist himself. He is perfect example of the false dichotomy of Left vs Right and Conservative vs. Liberal. Weiner just flipped over to the other side of the same false paradigm and profits from propaganda.

        15. He tiptoes around the race issue as well…he’ll discuss HUD blockbusting the suburbs with section 8 housing, but refuse to identify who benefits or loses, and why. He has a glorification episode every year on MLK day…he’s basically a cuck.

      3. Me too. I can’t take all the news and political talk anymore. It brings many things to my attention that I’m better off not knowing. Sometimes ignorance really IS bliss.

        1. my classmate’s step mother makes $95 each hour on the laptop. she has been out of work for seven months… the previous month her profit was $17930 just working on the laptop a few hours per week…➤ look at➤ this

    2. You know, you’ve been writing some long ass comments lately. Have you been taking lessons from that Aingramis guy?

      1. Dude, I can write like bajillion word comments sometimes. We both graduated with honors from Wall of Text University.

        1. LOL! My father taught me to write with the fewest possible words, so I always find it funny when I see a wall of text.

        2. There are two schools of thought. The first is your fathers. That’s the direct, no nonsense, engineer approach to writing that is great for communicating simple and direct facts. The second is the more ancient Greek philosophical approach that treats explaining an idea like peeling back layers of an onion. Nuance and subtler meanings communicated in more words for a fuller communication above the superficial level. Don’t get me wrong, I can write a wall of text about nothing, like, say, a description on the joys of farting. But generally when I go full WOT I do so with the intended goal of rounding out my thoughts completely instead of making it a Twitter length bumper sticker type of explanation.

        3. Fair enough. I prefer to condense as much information as possible in my texts. Largely because I’m a slow typer…

        4. Makes sense. The wall seems to summarize most thoughts well enough so that no more can be added. Worst thing you can do while stating your point is leave room to be misconstrued.

        5. I learned on an IBM Selectric typewriter back in the ancient 1980’s. Once computer keyboards came out I was like “Fuck, I can do stream of consciousness with this thing!” They are way easier to ramp up speed than the old typewriters.

        6. I’m a computer developer, it’s something I actually have to know.

        7. If writing leaves room for doubt or is ambiguous in its meaning, then its just poor writing. I intend to convey exactly the message I want to the readers, in as concise a way as possible.

        8. I write the way I write, and I do so for a reason. I am not a 144 character limit person most of the time. I’m also acquainted with rhetoric and how to persuade an audience, which requires a lot of interesting linguistic tools and methods.
          When a post requires only a brief explanation, I’ll default to that. A more broad themed post, I’ll write in the style to which I’m accustomed and which has seemed to garner me a rather large audience.

        9. I’m a philosophy major coupled with a journalism minor so everything I tend to write is layered and more detailed. I typically tend to look for longer comments as I feel like shorter comments do not cut it when it comes to explaining things (especially important ideas).
          While I do get that most ideas can be summed up in a couple of sentences and most of the time we should take a Occam’s razor like approach to simplify ideas, I will not simply ignore a comment because it’s lengthy and might take extra time to read and digest.

        10. This is precisely my view of it as well. I think a lot has been lost in the last few decades since we’ve omitted reading the canonical great thinkers from our educational curriculum across the nation. “It’s boring!” is for minds that have not been properly instructed on how to read for complete comprehension nor to consider nuance in arguments or statements.

        11. Yeah I hate it. It is interesting that a lot of the major media sites now restrict their journalists to writing articles of 500-700 words. Usually I can only stomach myself if im in the 1,000-1,200 word range and even I feel like that is short cutting it sometimes. I write for my own hosted website that lacks viewership because I’m not indexed and haven’t quite figured out the SEO yet, but with time and dedication I think it’ll get better.
          Most people I know have no idea what philosophy is, even though we use philosophy on a daily basis. The stuff I read (Plato, Aristotle (really dense), Hume, Spinoza, some Machiavelli, Locke, Russell, Nietzsche etc) are all pretty tough to read. Hume has been known as one of the first philosophers to write in a style that is easier to understand, but even that is pretty tough. I do think they cut it out and purpose, because most people are turned off by the fact that they actually have to THINK in order to understand what is going on.
          For example I was forced to take a Philosophy of Language course as my capstone after having no prior experience with that subject. I was supposed to take a Hume course but it fell through due to low attendance. Anyway I had no idea what was happening for the first half of the semester, but focused on the readings and dedicated myself to learning it. Got an A-, not too shabby!

        12. Gonna need to stop you right there Bill. Unless you are prelaw and in a situation to get into a first tier law school immediately change your major. Trust me on this, money is awesome and you are on a path that is leading to a place with very little of it. (This statement is retracted and an offer for drinks is proffered if you are set to inherit ungodly sums of dough)

        13. haha. Well I understand the hate Philosophy gets and the job market kind of sucks because yes it is true, a lot of places ignore philosophy majors. But I do think someone will be willing to invest in me in the near future. A lot of times it is what you make of the degree and how you present yourself. I’m definitely not defensive about my degree anymore. I was years ago when I first started school, but I make the decision and I stand by it.

        14. No hate. Philosophy makes a lovely avocation and a terrible vocation. I promise you this.

        15. I know a couple guys with philosophy degrees. They’re cutting steel at a stair fabricators shop for $12/hr.

        16. They tried to teach us that in highschool. I found much more fun in running a line of fishing reel monofiliment across the room, tied to the bell mechanism in a typewriter no one was using. Would sit there all class pulling on it. ding ding ding….
          yeah, I sure showed them.

        17. “I’m sorry that I have written you such a long letter; I did not have time to write a short one.”
          — Blaise Pascal

  6. Now this is how you’re supposed to revolt! Screw the politics! The whole thing looks like a madhouse anyway.
    Focus on improving yourself and your family, nothing else. If every individual lives like this, they can gradually manifest the changes they desire in society.

    1. Well put. Memes wont do shit (sorry bem) and trying to get the government to do your bidding is something our enemies usually do.
      WE have to be the change in society we want to see. Start a family, get jacked, make money, and take care of yourself. What a world we live in that this is now the counterculture. I love it!

      1. I disagree bigly. Meme-magic is real. There is absolutely no other way to explain President Donald J. Trump. Kek is a god, and 4chan is his prophet.

        1. I don’t think so. There was a news report from BBC, where they were worried that memes will help Le Pen win the election. You know how that turned out. The reason Trump won is because he gained the support of the working middle class, amongst others.

        2. Nah, Le Pen lost because she was a retarded women who utterly failed at politics. She did exactly the opposite of everything she needed to do to win. Kek does not reward stupid fucks.

        3. That’s my point. If she was good at politics, she would have pulled a Trump. I just don’t see how a green frog is even relevant.

        4. Just because you don’t understand Kek, that doesn’t mean that Kek doesn’t understand you.

  7. A wonderful article and extra points for the Casper David Friedrich Der Wanderer über dem Nebelmeer. The one bone I would pick is that of socialization. It is a wonderful thing for those who need it and not so for those whom eschew it. What is good here is taking what one needs. For those of you who think having a tribe is a stupid and useless waste of time and that family is more of a burden than a joy saying one must increase time with friends and family is like telling superman he needs to stub his toe more often.
    What I don’t understand is how this is in any way a revolt against the modern world. If anything it is merely mastery of the modern world and not a revolt against it. It can only be a revolt against the modern world if you see the modern world in the very singular terms of a political entity because you have been uselessly defining your life around being pissed about stuff you read on the internet. The modern world is a wonderful place boys. If you don’t see it then this article will be a revolt against your misconception of the modern world and not the modern world itself.

  8. Great article – agree 100%. Having a sense of humor can go a long way in terms maintaining mental and physical health as well. Just taking a step back to observe what’s ridiculous and having a good laugh – regular laughter provides very real health benefits!

  9. Great article my friend, I can personally attest to the entire list, it fills us with a certain wholeness when we keep our health in check, i personally believe the gym is the best exercise a man can get, nothing like throwing up or picking up heavy weights for a man’s ego and confidence. we are build to realize our strength.
    #4 is funny because my friend just told me it seemed like I was on “a hamster wheel” to quote him exactly and now i’ve taken steps to work from home and learn day-trading while collecting a wage.
    #2 is of THE UTMOST IMPORTANCE, because without friends and family we live a truly depressed life, connection is what helps overcome addiction too, i use to be big into junk food and sedentary living, but as soon as I started inviting others to join me for adventurous trips (IE #1) they were more than happy to step out of their normal box of a life and truly live.
    This article is needed for EVERYONE!
    Kudos brother, can’t wait for the next article

  10. Go outside,ha reminds me of a few recent trends around here the last few years.
    The article is right- lots of people only go outside to get to their car. The last few years people have gotten it in their heads that outdoor weddings in June are the traditional romantic time to do so. Well, that may be true in New York or Boston where it’s not anywhere near as hot and humid as South Georgia nor do they have clouds of tiny gnats flying into the eyes, ears, nose, mouth and anywhere else they can. I think people honestly don’t go outside enough to realize just how damn hot and humid it is around here at that time of year. The only thing that makes it tolerable to me to stand around and sweat in a suit is to watch all those air conditioned spoiled folks sweat in their suits and dresses because they had no idea how hot it was going to be even in the shade.
    Same thing with kids birthday parties. Evidently now it’s very important to spend a couple of weeks pay to have over the top birthday parties outside for crumb snatchers who aren’t even old enough to remember it. So they hire a few people onto the payroll for the day and rent a bunch of inflatable shit for the little turds to jump on, then they all hang out in the house because it’s too hot. Smh.

  11. Great article, great advice. Self-improvement doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive.

      1. call spirituality “Faith” you dingus. You have a whole F thing going on there.

    1. Nothing bizarre about Glute Bridges and all women should be doing them…though not quite as heavy as this.

      1. maybe they should, but its still a bizarre movement, laying a barbell over your groin- man or woman. whats wrong with old fashioned squats?

        1. Bridging hits different muscles than squats and for the muscles it hits in common works them in a different way. Bridging is a very fast way to tone the muscle that squatting builds as well as add functional hip movement and does all of this without 1/10 of the joint strain. It certainly isn’t a replacement for squats but it is an important move that all seriously lifters should incorporate.
          One other note about barbell glute bridge, it forces blood into the area worked by the squats which allows the recovery time on the squats to be shorter.

        2. as they should. Body weight exercise is largely bullshit with the exception of the classics like pushups and pull-ups. You are better of just shoving a thumb in your asshole than doing body weight squats or bridging.

        3. I always shove a thumb up my ass at the end of my workout and right before situps.

        4. What navel-snipper wiped and washed you as you squirmed about, you crack-brained creature?

        5. does she have 4 legs in the morning, two legs in the afternoon and three legs in the evening?
          I have 3 legs all the time.

        6. She’s dead, okay? Alright? My mom is dead! Thanks for bringing up such a horrible, painful memory!

        7. I have to say, @charlesrevan:disqus is one cold mother fucker to have upvoted you having a dead mother. Man, if your mother was alive this would have killed her. Thankfully, she’s dead. Your mother that is.

  12. #2 is most important
    and not as easy as the mandatory eating/lifting
    last weekend spent time with 2 redpill dudes…makes much difference

  13. The most revolutionary act a man can do is to embrace the classic traditions of the past. Knowledge of your classic heritage insulates and innoculates you from the depravity and sickness that surrounds us all.

      1. English and Austrian. Imperialism is in my blood. Maybe that explains what I’m doing here.

  14. 7. Be Non-PC
    You don’t have to be an a*hole but just speak truth, even to power. It’s liberating. I’ve decided that I may never climb the corporate ladder (trying to work my way out anyway) but if my opinion is asked I will give it honestly.

    1. “You don’t have to be an a*hole but just speak truth”
      You don’t HAVE to……

        1. you also don’t HAVE to masturbate into a woman’s shampoo bottle when you take a shower at her place…but man, you are missing out if you don’t.

        2. I’m funny how, I mean funny, like I’m a clown? I amuse you. I make you laugh? I’m here to fuckin’ amuse you? Whattya you mean funny? Funny how? How am I funny?

        3. hand lotion is good, but shampoo is the way to go. Twist off the top and just nut right in there. After that every time she says she is taking a shower you can sit back and smile and know your cum is in her hair and on her face. Also, do this for one night stands. It is spectacular knowing the next douche she brings home to do some wall expansion, should he take a shower, is cleaning himself up with your jizz.

        4. That’s just evil. But I like it.
          I always assume some other dude has jerked in her shampoo so that’s why I go for the hand lotion.

        5. This made my day. I shall make a point of this. Doing it in the toothpaste would be poetic also, but the opening is too small. No, really it is.

  15. “Don’t be the hamster on the treadmill – eat the fucking hamsters and dance buck naked.” – Gandhi

      1. Gandhi was the king, he was the Elvis Presley of his time, “Nuh-huh, thank ya very much, the Brits are all shook up”…

        1. He boned all the Ashram girls. He boned them silly…
          He boned them in the alley
          He boned them in the hall
          He got some on his fingers
          So he wiped it on the wall

    1. ol Gandhi was a prolific speaker with a wide range of interests it seems.

      1. Gandhi was a Renaissance man, although this is not widely known. He invented the pull-chain toilet, the Hokey-Pokey and sugarless gum…and the man could dance. He could dance like a hop-head Indian jitterbug with jumper cables stuck up his ass…

        1. Gandhi was also a staunch supporter of the Indian Caste system and despised blacks in South Africa during his times there, called them raw kaffirs… Nice man…

  16. What a coincidence, I’ve just started reading Evola. Love him so far. Will definitely look into those authors you mentioned

  17. Regarding #2, the social engineers want to demonize white identitarianism and white nationalism precisely because these ideas encourage white men to band together and work towards defending the interests of white people. Notice we never hear propaganda about how blacks, Hispanics or Arabs need to make friends from other races.

  18. This article shows intersectionality with the other one about the evils of LED bulbs. Perhaps we could revolt against the modern world by going back to candles made of natural materials like beeswax or grass-fed beef tallow.

  19. I agree wholeheartedly with #1, but you also need to do it without being on your phone. A lot of people that actually DO go outside are spending the entire day tapping their phones, so basically bringing the office or the outrage at home on twitter out with them. Don’t do this.

  20. Lose the smartphone outdoors definately. I may be wrong but this guy looks like he’s seriously blowing it. You lose the phone at the meetup.
    Eeeh . . or maybe he’s using phone game tiddlywinks.
    I’d love to walk around with a portable tesla coil EMP gaussian pulse generator. I’d walk past these girls and zap every one of their phones. Surely they can’t be reading or writing anything too important on those phones.
    Once their phones all take a pussy fart, then the game is to approach with “wow did you guys see that UFO that just zoomed in a flash overhead?”. Then the chat angle is to segue the group towards a good cool swimming hole somewhere. Guitar skills can play too if you’re a skilled acoustic guitar man. It is possible to DIY build your own EMP generator. The thicker the gague of the wire coil, the more powerful the field.
    (phone jammer)
    A DIY job may not be as powerful as a commercial unit, but could jam phones within several feet if the coil is sufficiently thick. Expensive commercial units can stop cars at 50m:

  21. Sam francis needs to be added to that list of authors
    You should also read the classics..Milton, Shakespeare, Homer, the Bible.

    1. Lot of classic wisdom in the classics. 😉 Ovid’s Ars Amatoria was pickup 2000 years before Mystery. He lived in the NYC of his time (Rome). Look good, but not too good. Don’t get drunk. Take the initiative. Play hot and cold.
      “If, as not infrequently befalls, a speck of dust lights on your fair one’s breast, flick it off with an airy finger; and if there’s nothing there, flick it off just the same; anything is good enough to serve as a pretext for paying her attention.” –kino!
      “If you have a voice, sing; and if your limbs are supple, dance; in short, do everything you can to make a good impression” –dancing and singing (if the skill is there) can DHV

  22. Start by throwing to the garbage heap, your idiot box ! The your Iphone or similar , shit .. Just a mobile to talk with a normal keyboard is sufficient ?? The Read ! Read ! Books ! Old classic would be preferred ?? Read light books but as well read serious books ??
    Then after all that , think of your future step ??
    BTW you can get some serious books on the following site, with links to English French German & other languages ??

  23. Take the TV off the wall, put it in the garbage, smartphones have there place but don’t charge them or keep them in your bedroom, they are annoying and keep you from having proper rest, read books are better than kindles, eat healthy foods, and sometimes eat pizza for a change, lift weights and fuck as many girls as you want…even if your married.

    1. You forgot to have a tiny dick. That’ll tell the world fvck you I ain’t gonna conform to your guy standards.

  24. Good solid advice – Perfect place to start when planning your on breakout, for guys who have only recently been red-pilled.

  25. The most annoying this is Republicans have majority and cave when it comes to Democraps.

  26. The society is not worthy of your time, or your life. It’s rotting and it will rot even further. Love yourself and only yourself only, you are the most important aspect in this life. Learn to trade, learn business, learn and learn. Don’t be a slave working 8h per day, but be the slave owner!
    Only a fool sacrifices himself for a family, society or for another. Don’t do it, maximise your living standards by not playing by the system.
    A gog is easily replaced, separate yourself from the clockwork.

  27. Only marry in a country where Divorce is illegal, then force the wife into consistent gangbangs.

  28. 1. Always be the authority in your relationships
    2. Don’t accept degeneracy
    3. Always be prepared for violence. You may be the nicest person in the world but liberals will dehumanize you for your beliefs and in the right situation harm you for not joining their cult of degeneracy.
    4. Have skills. Know how to fix a car, fish, hunt, build a home, do repairs and live off the land. This is independence. You shouldn’t need another man for anything but friendship and alliances.
    5. Own a business that makes a living. Chances are you will fail many times. Learn from this and improve until you are your own boss.
    6. Own land and acquire as much as possible. In the old days men had to fight to acquire land but now you can just purchase it. Don’t count on the city to be your adult day care that provides you with all your needs. Buy enough land that you could live off of a garden if necessary.
    7. Have a garden. It doesn’t have to be acres of garden that consumes your life with farming but a small one in which you can hone your skills will do because during economic uncertainty at least you have the skills and enough land to live off of.
    8. Have a group of male friends to go bowling with or have a poker night with once in a while. Men often become isolated from their friends once in a relationship. As a result of spending excessive time around their wives they actually pick up some of their wives or girlfriend’s feminine characteristics. They don’t realize it but they start talking and dressing feminine. A man’s testosterone will actually lower when they are isolated from other men. Men need male friendships. Women isolate men from friends and family because they want control. No man should be controlled.
    9. Detox from the damn smart phones. Although they have become a necessity for daily business in modern times it doesn’t mean you have to be chained to them. Don’t become an addict. Once a week for your own mental health throw the damn phone in a drawer and just go out and enjoy life.

  29. Most people don’t sit in a cubicle all day, because they like it. Sure it beats some jobs, but it’s called work for a reason. It’s not fun.

  30. Thank you for this article, and in general God bless the people who are behind this website, investing their time, energies and abilities in so virtuous an endeavour. Most of us are really concerned about the kind of legacy which we are going to leave future generations amidst so much sickness and perversion as we are living in.

  31. Regarding baby “Charlie Gard, 10 months old” who is in the Great Ormond Street Hospital, in the U.K.; everyone must email or phone them and express their CONCERN! before it’s too late. Here is the link.

  32. 6. Go Homeless while in USA.
    Get a van or RV. Refuse to pay mortgage or high rents. The only thing the 60’s hippies got right.
    7. Get all your medical services outside the USA. Refuse to feed the corrupt system.

  33. Great article. Getting outside is so important. I can honestly say I’ve felt the presence of God on powder days snowboarding in the rockies, rafting with my dad, or swimming in the ocean back home in Coastal Carolina. Something about challenging nature in a very real way and winning is the ultimate headrush. Looking down the face of a mountain and knowing that you have to be perfect or face certain death or serious injury is sure to get the dick hard.

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