The Life And Times Of Futurist Thinker Jacque Fresco

Praise and glory is given to the advances in technology with many academics worshiping the field as though it were a god in itself. There is however, the flip side of the potential dangers of it. As we’ve seen in America with the forced switch to digital-based technology, privacy, security, and personal freedom have suffered. Technology is a wonderful thing, but has it really enhanced human life or created consumer addiction?

Liberation Or Invasion?

Prophecies of science fiction like lifestyles are inscribed for the future, and while it may seem far-fetched, several are currently being executed.

Smart Cities

A new term used to describe urban develop projects featuring automotive technology to improve the standard of living. And the race is on as countries like Singapore, Dubai, and more all want in on it.

CITE Project (Center for Innovation, Testing and Evaluation) is a billion dollar city in New Mexico to conduct research, although it’s unclear what that entails.

“The vision is an environment where new products, services and technologies can be demonstrated and tested without disrupting everyday life,” said Pegasus Managing Director Robert Brumley. Similarly, another $40 billion dollar city is being built in Astana, Kazakhstan.

Korea has their own concept for a mega metropolis

Even Forbes predicts “Smart Cities” a trillion dollar opportunity.

Robots & Automation

Google now is testing its Waymo, a self-driving car. Facebook and Intel are heavily invested the AI industry as well. And of course, Japan is making advancements.


Charge it on credit! Now it gets better as more are getting into cashless providers like Bitcoin. The shift to a monetary free economy has begun.

Amazon recently bought Wholefoods and implemented a shopper tracking technology which over-rides their phones to sell products. What most don’t realize is that most, if not all, of these concepts are copycats. Such “smart city design” technologies were proposed decades ago by a man named, Jacque Fresco. His vision however, was very different to anything most have encountered.

A False Society

Automated transportation, construction, production of goods, revolving platforms, and self evaluating computer testing of new technology were all proposed by Fresco decades ago on Larry King.

Jacque saw machines as a tool to free people, not to control them. Too many people project the Armageddon scenario that they see in movies, but little evidence exists on machines being able to attack people. Hardly any incidents of that exist in time. Fresco reasoned the Terminator scenario was all Hollywood brainwashing, and his plan was to use technology to free people.

Technology cannot be stopped according to Fresco, so it is wise to use it intelligently. However, many companies have stolen his patents over the years for personal gain and profit.

The Problem With The Current Structure

Politicians will never be able to fix our problems, argued Fresco. The present day economic structure is obsolete. He claimed that soon the entire global economy will collapse all over the world.

Fresco’s hope was for people to then consider other alternatives rather than going along with the same politicians whom he referred to as “cerebral insufficients”.

A World Free Of Politics, War, And Money?

Over the past couple of decades, Jacque worked to build what he called, The Venus Project, a proposed new design of the world’s social and economic structure.

Fresco reasoned that most of all the world’s problems can be solved through intelligent use of the earth’s resources to give people the basic necessities of life – clean air, clean water, a spacious home, healthy nutritious food, access to resources and technology, and a relevant education. Many associated it with communism/socialism, but Fresco reasoned it had nothing to do with it as his designs has no need for politicians.

Solving Problems

According to Fresco, military generals don’t know how bridge the differences between nations. War, he says, is the most inappropriate way to solve problems, and he reasons that it creates hatred for generations. As a matter of fact, when it comes to solving the world’s social, agricultural, environmental, and energy problems, politicians haven’t got a clue!

Jacque gave lectures at various universities and sought funding to build the first city. He gave tours of his research center in Venus, Florida, and spoke all over the world on how his designs could help their economy. He felt a healthy educated society is more economical than the present system which suppresses them and believed his design was the current best plan that he was aware of to address the issues in our world today.

Jacque’s Early Days

Living through the Depression, Jacque saw homelessness and violence due to failed politics. When he was in his twenties, he thought up ways of how society could be better structured. Soon after, he began to test his theories.

Believing most social problems could be corrected by bridging the differences between people, Fresco joined chapters of the Ku Klux Klan and the Black Panther Group, and dissolved them both in about two months by using his knowledge of human behavior. By presenting films of different colored people from different parts counter to what they believed, he was able to dissipate their hatred.

When drafted into the military, Fresco designed various safety units for helicopters and other aircraft. He worked as an industrial designer and inventor, and consulted for various companies in the film, medical, and agriculture industries. Later, Jacque took various jobs while funding his research project to make it what it is today.

He was co-creator of Revel Plastics with Lou Glaser in 1941, created a prefabricated aluminum company, and designed electronic devices for the Parkinson’s Institute of Miami.

To Fresco, The Venus Project, formerly Socio-cyberneering, was a quantum jump in time, light-years ahead of the present social structure to create a peaceful society without war, politicians, or money. However, this wasn’t without pain.

Loss Of Family And Kids

They say the worst pain someone can have is losing their kids. Well, Jacque lost both his son and daughter due to a car accident and cancer. Even veterans who describe their time being tortured in Vietnam and other horrible scenarios with a stern face, break down when mentioning their deceased kids. Despite great loss, Jacque moved on continuing his work. It was all he had left.

A Life of Dharma

Although he didn’t believe in the version of God society labeled as acceptable, he lived a life dedicated to helping others unselfishly. Creating a world where everybody has food, water, and shelter was his goal. He mentioned it was the will of Jesus to create such a free world, as in the bible Jesus said, “Thy will be done on EARTH, as it is in heaven.”

In heaven there are no wars, no businessmen, no politicians, no money, and no prisons. Doing away with poverty, politics, and war, made the incentive for crime goes away according to him. The remaining issues left would be helping the mentally ill and socially damaged people.

Resources Available

Fresco believed that we already have the technology to create such a world. However, the current management of the world’s resources is being run by stupid politicians. Impressive as it seems, it will need testing at in an actual city, but many are now interested in more holistic city designs.

It would have been interesting to see how he would have handled Black Lives Matter or ISIS. In his earlier days, Jacque met a leader of an Arab group who believed the earth was flat. He rubbed a chip on a balloon and let the static attract it to teach the Arab how Earth’s gravity acts as a magnet.

What Will Be The Future of Technology?

One thing is for sure – democracy as you know it will be dead. Killing and spy drones are already being used by the military, and technology is already replacing many jobs in the name of greed as the billionaire “elites” will save a buck.

With machines, they can ramp up their production without having to pay a salary, provide medical coverage, or give vacations. It’s perfect for them and with Jacque gone, this gives the greedy corporations more leeway to steal his patented designs and run with it for their own agenda. However, if used wisely, a bright future can be created.

Less Regulations Could Improve The Economy

Take a good look at your current cell phone. In a few years or even less, you know it will become obsolete, because technology continues to improve quickly. If you went back just ten years, you remember that the phones you have today costed much more back then, most weren’t even around. Remember the days of the first cell phones? So what happened?

The same thing that happened with the television, computer, and internet. These industries had little to no government regulations and so entrepreneurs were able to expand and innovate.

When production and efficiency goes up, costs go down, meaning your buying power skyrockets. That’s how people are able to buy technology today that once costed millions.

Whether it is medical, genetic research, or engineering, people have learned to accept that technology improves rapidly. Unfortunately, they don’t expect the same for government and the economy. They are still looking to politicians to take care of everything rather than giving new ideas a chance.

Funneled government funds made technology what it is today, but now corrupt greedy billionaires are ruling the world through monopolies and must be stopped as it’s killing entrepreneurship.

Even when Nikola Tesla presented free energy and robots to replace hard labor, he was denied as the American government felt his technology threatened capitalism. Hey, capitalism was a wonderful departure from communism, however, it isn’t immune to corruption.

The Death Of A Great Mind

During the morning of May 18th, 2017,  Jacque Fresco died. His last few days were spent with close friends and he worked on his vision for a better future until the very end.

The Venus Project was Jacque’s life work, a plan for using science and technology to create a world free of money, military, politicians, and war. It proposed an alternative to the current social and economic structure presently being exercised in our world, and offered an entirely new approach to solving problems.

Jacque maybe gone, but left us a vision for a better future. Perhaps someday, the world may look back and acknowledge him as one of the greatest minds of the 21st century.

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49 thoughts on “The Life And Times Of Futurist Thinker Jacque Fresco”

  1. Fresco apparently stopped studying developments in psychology circa 1960. His thinking hardened around a behaviorist model of the human mind from the early 20th Century that modern cognitive science has discarded as inadequate. We have poverty, politics and war because of our evolved human nature, and not because we live in bad societies and grow up in bad environments. And education, especially, can’t turn dumb kids into smart kids; intelligence has to come from genetics.
    In other words, you just can’t remold human nature like clay into any arbitrary configuration you want to meet some utopian standard like Fresco’s.

    1. Exacly what I was about to comment. Communists suffer from the problem, they think human flaws are in most part a consequence of the enviroment we live in. They coudn’t be more wrong.
      Nature is flawed by itself, nothing is perfect. There will always be people doing bad things because human nature is inherently flawed, there’s no such a thing as a perfect human being that can’t do evil.
      The bible is pretty accurate in that regard. Humans are inherently evil.
      All we can do is to learn from history and try our best to not commit the same mistakes. But since the western civilization is falling apart from from the inside out, even thought we have enough information that we could avoid it, I can’t help but wonder if there will ever be a human society that will lasts forever.

      1. One would think that, if any society could last forever, it would be one where everyone spoke the same language and was related to one another within a few generations. But even if we ignore the Biblical account of the Tower of Babel, we find that tribes of native peoples have warred internally as far back as we can find record.
        Education doesn’t seem to appreciably help. Keeping records of history doesn’t seem to be helping, especially as so many keepers of history are content to revise them (and, even if we have the best possible records, most people can’t seem to derive wisdom from them).

        1. They say only 10% of people are able to have their minds changed through reading information, the other 90% need emotion appeals, no amount of logic will get to then; All these amazing youtubers redpilling people are all wasted on the people that need it least as people end up getting siloed in the trending section. It is futile, you just have to thank yourself that you actually were lucky enough with a high enough IQ to be curious in the 1st place, to go right, when almost everybody else was going left.

        2. + the issue of ‘female logic’ in the public (as opposed to private) sphere….
          When it comes to information, cause and effect, and reason itself, women are just ‘different’ to the men who built the world.

        3. “most people can’t seem to derive wisdom from them”
          That’s the problem. Hystory is useless unless we can properly learn from it.
          When I was a child I was taught that wisdom and inteligence are two different things.
          Wisdom is the empirical knowledge, the knowledge of common sense, of experience. Inteligence is the academical knowledge, capacity to analitical thinking for specific matters.
          Nowadays, wisdom is very understmated, people are taught to think that common sense is not really accurate, because it automatically secludes certain groups of people. This stens from the fact that wisdom is the product of the accumulated knowledge of centuries of human history, a knowledge that exists as a tool for social regulation with the purpose of keeping social order, without which civilization is not possible. So it is only natural that people will be cohersed into the social norm, but there are those who are uncapable of being cohersed (in liberal terms, “minorities”). And when someone fails to be cohersed, they will be segregated as pariahs.
          However, for today’s mindset, social cohersion is wrong because there’s no problem in people being different.
          This is only half thruth.
          Anyway, people stoped relying on wisdom to rely on the specifics of academical knowledge, because wisdoms tells them that homossexuality is degenerate and that women should stay at home raising kids, which is something they can’t accept regardless of the arguments. So they prefer to ignore common sense than question their social validation system that doesn’t reckognize human flaws.
          The problem is that these people are fooling themselves, because only a very small number of people can actually change just from aquiring information. Most people need emotional validation in order to change. That’s when wisdom comes in, because it appeals both to information and emotion.
          When it comes to history, the main problem is that these people fail to realize is that academical knowledge is not enough to cover the social aspects of life, to give meaning to human legacy and to inspire the younger generation to look at the future. Whitout having proper moral roots, it is not possible to understand where people commited mistakes in the past. Actually, the fair use of inteligence, when applied to civilization as a whole, requires wisdom.
          That’s why in the past the elderly were the most respected people. But we no longer respect our elders and their wisdom.
          Only a wise person can properly learn from history, but our civilization is made of childish adults capable of builting rockets, but uncapable of being good parents, good spouses or good friends. And the worst part of it is that people fail to realize which of them is more important.
          History is useless unless this situation is corrected.

        4. We need to not kid ourselves that the 10% exists. It’s well understood in cognitive science that ALL people are influenced by emotional appeals.

    2. ” We have poverty, politics and war because of our evolved human nature, and not because we live in bad societies and grow up in bad environments. ”
      ^^^ this ^^^
      Seriously. The only thing technology has really done is enable the elites to ghetto-ize every part of the world that is outside their gated communities.

    3. Well, so one sided it isn’t. Look at blacks. Nigerians do well, Somalis won’t.
      A few points of IQ can be attributed to poverty, but not as many as the socialist lied / like.
      Nigerians had a treasure given in Colonial times. German language. Got destroyed after WW1 but still some fruits come from it.
      The big lie about the enlightenment was, it would work without that treasure Nigerians enjoyed.
      The french revolution shows pretty good how it ended without that.

    4. I remember reading somewhere a long time ago that even if a “utopia” could be achieved on Earth that 10% of its population would still reject it.

    5. Right about the genetics. But it can’t come from a test tube as much as it must result from an intelligent driven man honing in on what he senses to be a snatch that eminates vibes and triggers your DNA. Not all reproduction is in the physical realm. Mastering the nether realms keeps us from becoming machines ourselves. Jaques’ cities were clever and artistic, but cities are temporary encampments while our genome is organic and either grows and evolves or devolves. You can look at countless new deal projects that were designed as microcosm utopias for housing in cities. They were pre designed as mega complexes and mini communities within cities. You see the system fails of these projects today with bags of crack being thrown down from windows in every inner city ‘utopia’ housing project. Just the notion that everyone ‘needs’ or is entitled to housing provided for them makes people sterile, dead and more like machines with a heartbeat. A totally right brained female is just as driven as a rat that scurrys about a housing project. Both become machines with a heartbeat. The rat gathers shreds of newspaper repeatedly to nest and the housed female runs the same loop activities repeatedly to acquire a handful of consumables over and over.

  2. Even when Nikola Tesla presented free energy

    Uh, no he didn’t. The great oil men in the late 19th and early 20th Centuries gave us the closest thing to “free energy” we’ll ever see, unless someone comes up with safer ways to harness nuclear fission. Just think that a gallon of gasoline costing pocket change can hurl your car 20 miles at 65 mph, and compare that with the chore of pushing that same car over 20 miles with human muscles. The latter task could take days and wear out scores of men.

    1. Hydrocarbons are just about the most optimal transportable energy sources on the planet. They’re sufficiently stable to transport without excessive protections, sufficiently powerful to produce the sort of energy required to get a man across the state of Texas in about a day, and sufficiently abundant to be readily available to most people. They’re quite literally batteries that store more energy per unit volume than anything else we’ll likely ever see on the market.
      Nuclear might well be closer to a “free energy” solution (especially if we get Thorium up and running), but we’ll still need hydrocarbons. A car accident with nuclear reactors is just too dangerous to ever be remotely feasible, after all.

      1. We really need to get more people to understand the basic ideas of thermodynamics, because the popular media keep promoting physically impossible notions about an electric economy without looking at where the initial power sources to make electricity and the storage systems like lithium batteries have to come from. Apparently manufacturing each Tesla battery releases the equivalent amount of carbon dioxide that would come from driving a gasoline-powered car for several years.

        1. I wouldn’t be surprised. Also, they’ve kept it pretty quiet, but the lithium batteries of Teslas are highly volatile and tend to explode violently on impact.

        2. You beat me to it. A recent metastudy (study of other studies) showed the battery manufacturing produces the equivalent ‘carbon footprint’ of 8 years of driving an ordinary car.

      2. Nuclear energy wouldn’t be made in the cars, it would be produced at plants and then stored in batteries.

        1. That just shifts the problem to the batteries. In order to store electrical energy as chemical energy in modern battery technologies, we use highly-volatile and heavy compounds, which is why a phone battery will explode if struck with sufficient force (or, with a careful cut, produce a jet of flame that can be an excellent last-ditch survival firestarter).
          Furthermore, the energy stored is much lower than we need. A gallon of petroleum stores enough power to transport a vehicle twenty or so miles at 60mph, with enough left over to charge a common lead-acid battery, run the air conditioning, charge your phone, and run your car stereo system.
          EDIT: I forgot a few problems with batteries. With the possible exception of the not-yet-in-production glass batteries, a battery loses potency over time as the capacitance decreases, internal impedance increases, and cathode deteriorates.
          Further, a battery is a less efficient mechanism. The weight of a Tesla Model S batttery is about 1000lbs with a volume of 396 liters. This is sufficient (at maximum battery capacity) for about 300 miles of travel. A similar distance with hydrocarbons (using a comparable sedan – a Honda Accord) requires approximately 65.5 litres and weighs in at around 106lbs. For those playing at home, that’s about 1/10 the weight and 1/6 the volume.

      3. I’m a mechanic and love the freedom of roaming where I want via a gas powered engine. I’ve always thought though that it would be possible to make large vacuum tubes for transportation like the pneumatic tubes that you send your money through at the bank drive through window. People transport tubes would be bigger and horizontal and with seats but still much like the cylindrical bank tubes. Theoretically a capsule could go up to 5000 mph in a vacuum tube. The idea for pneumatic vacuum tube travel has been around for about 100 yrs. Since 2010 a few short tube travel systems were built, one in Dubai – the ‘Hyperloop’.×618.jpg
        10x the speed of a bullet train and nothing to crash into but air . . hmm, seems safe.
        Elon Musk wants to build a vac tube system from LA to SF by 2024 at $80 bil. A bullet train would cost more supposedly. All the tubes I see being built are metal so they’d be dark inside. The tubes I see pictured in artist’s renderings are clear polymer of some sort. Old sci-fi descriptions of ancient mars described glass tubes traversing straight from multiple points on the planet. Maybe glass is the final solution. Glass can be heated and forged from molten sand and very thick glass would not break and could support total vacuum.
        Personally I’m never in that much of a hurry. I’m dog ass slow at everything, especially fucking. It takes me all night. I’m slower than a muufucker, so I myself likely wouldn’t jump on the hyperloop vac train. But for anyone who is in a hurry, 4000 mph travel would be just the ticket.
        More on tube travel:

        1. thunderf00t has some pretty compelling videos against the hyperloop as Musk proposes it. The basic arguments go something like this (highly simplified):
          – The proposal has tubes above ground, where they can suffer expansion and compression sufficient to rip the tubes apart (bad)
          – In the event of any damage to the tubes, air will blast in and slam into any capsules, decelerating them at sufficient acceleration to goo-ify people (bad)
          – According to the specs, it would appear they want a vacuum inside the tubes to rival that of outer space (bad)
          – The proposed tube materials seem like they can’t retain their shape without support struts inside the tube (where people are supposed to be – bad)
          It’s still a cool idea, though.

        2. “goo-ify” – – Ok I’m fine sitting in the bleachers watching but not riding. The forces at play when coming to an abrupt stop at over 1000mph in a vacuum could do that. Back in the 1800s engineers believed that it would be impossible for any car (horseless carriage) to go more than 85mph because all the air would be sucked out and the people would suffocate. But today a Porsche 918 Spyder goes from 0-120mph in 6.7 sec.
          With the vac tube, they plan to run cargo only until they get all the bugs out. If the Martians (sppposedly) did it, there must be a correct way. I’ve always thought vac lines would be a good way to send mail/parcels. If mailing stations were all linked by dual in/outgoing tubes, a canister of letters could go from coast to coast in munites without goo-ifying. That’s real competetion for Amazon/USPS and Fedex. Aside, women don’t need to travel anywhere anyway. They need to sit down, shut up and tit feed the offspring.

  3. (((Jacque Fresco))). “He tried to create a utopia”. Yeah the (((Communists))) tried to do that too….

    1. “(((Jacque Fresco))). “He tried to create a utopia”. Yeah the (((Communists))) tried to do that too”
      Utopia IMHO is a code word for marxism / communism.

      1. Any phrase that echoes utopia is equally dangerous. “Shining beacon on a hill” was used by the early socialists who settled the US (and nearly starved themselves to death). “Example to the world” has been used by the US and similar entities to push the globalist agendas.

        1. The US Government particularly likes to yell that “Example to the World” nonsense while installing and supporting puppet regimes in countries whose resources it wants.

      2. Yes, he was one of these socialists who was wealthy and lived in a huge expensive detached house telling the world ‘greedy’ consumers needed to be ‘re-educated’ about their expectations.

        1. “Do as I say, not as I do” is the credo of people like Fresco. They rarely, if ever, practice what they preach.

    2. Thank you for calling out what this guy truly is – an insane socialist/atheist utopian psychopath – and I hope you get a million up votes. When Zeitgeist first came out, it changed a lot of minds about the Fed and what fiat money (i.e. usury) and banks were doing to the world, but the first half of the entire “awakening” was the killing of Christ and God. It was watching a few videos of Jacque speaking, in his own words, about the beautiful future that technology would bring I realized this entire Zeitgeist movement was nothing less than complete enslavement of Man to machine and the utter destruction of God and all religion.

  4. I love it when utopians try to cite Jesus as some form of justification. Jesus was very clear:

    Jesus answered, My kingdom is not of this world: if my kingdom were of this world, then would my servants fight, that I should not be delivered to the Jews: but now is my kingdom not from hence.
    Pilate therefore said unto him, Art thou a king then?
    Jesus answered, Thou sayest that I am a king. To this end was I born, and for this cause came I into the world, that I should bear witness unto the truth. Every one that is of the truth heareth my voice.

  5. I gotta admit when I discovered Jacques Fresco about 7 years ago I was indeed impressed with what he had to say. He almost became my hero. I watched a lot of material about him and shit resonated. It’s not that I never had doubts about his theories and even about who he truly was and what he truly wanted to achieve, but still I did like a lot of what he said.
    Whether he was genuine or (((fake))) I’ll never really know for sure, but even if he was 100% true and good, and even if his ideas caught on and started getting implemented, I’m not naive not to have it cross my mind that those very ideas might have been steered away as the always are) from the good they wanted to do, and be utilized yet as another form of massive control ala Big Brother.
    For the most part, I’d like to think of the guy as a dreamer and guy with a good heart.

  6. Technology?
    Let me explain.
    There is YOU and there is ALMIGHTY GOD……that’s what you need to remember.
    Even other human beings are not THAT important, it’s you and God that counts…
    Now, technology is just another thing to come between you and the Almighty.
    Others include your health, intellect, power and certain aspects of your character (pride, fear, lust, love etc), your physical appearance, virtue, social status…….
    If they are bringing you closer to God, they should be nurtured.
    If not, they should be ignored and repressed.
    Technology can never ever create any positive moral effect in the universe, therefore; it is irrelevant at best and a dangerous distraction at worse.
    ‘..and his plan was to use technology to free people.’
    …must be viewed with up most caution.
    Only people enslave people, not tech.
    So, the Tech can never ‘free’ anyone.
    Only people can do these things.
    Only human beings can be active in a moral universe.
    Only WE can actually DO things of moral significance.
    Tech can never be a ‘solution’ to anything.
    Tech is not your saviour, honest.
    You’ve already got one.

  7. I think of Jacque Fresco as a Buckminster Fuller-wannabe who never get the break he needed. Fuller had become a counter-culture celebrity in the 1960’s, and he could pack auditoriums around the world while he gave long, incoherent talks about his ideas; he also published somewhat successful books with titles like Utopia or Oblivion, where he prophesied that if humanity doesn’t get its act together by that far-future year 2000 – by doing what, exactly, I could never quite figure out – we would all die horribly.
    Yet over 30 years after he died himself from the diseases of aging, you look at his books and inventions, and you wonder why people made that kind of a fuss about him at the time. His big idea, the Geodesic Dome, has become a kind of retro-future joke, and many of the ones built during the Dome’s heyday have since come down because they don’t work as practical shelters. For one thing, they tend to leak.
    Some documentary film maker discovered Fresco in his 90’s and tried to promote him as a visionary futurist and inventor along the lines of Fuller, but by then the Zeitgeist had passed Fresco by for such utopian dreaming.

  8. Fresco and Buckminster Fuller never calculated for human nature. Their ‘visions” required humans to change to conform for “utopia”. They thought by simply introducing novel, and frankly childish assumptions about resource distribution and logistics that people would become somehow more advanced morally and spiritually.
    We have networked computers in our pockets with the world’s knowledge at our finger tips and people use it for snapchat and porn…so advancing and streamlining technology does not equate to an automatically sophisticated society.
    War, poverty, money, politicians, lawyers, marketers, greed…..these things are not going away anytime soon. We are nowhere near, even remotely close, to eschewing these concepts from our society. As we have learned over the last 5 decades or so, social engineering cannot dilute or rewire human nature without consequences like depression, suicide, pharmaceutical usage, distrust or social cohesion erosion. The red-pill is a natural response to social engineering that does not “jive” with our hard-wiring.
    Fresco along with Fuller were simply overgrown, idealistic teenagers who daydreamed to much while making models and illustrating for a future that did not factor in for humans.

    1. We see a more sophisticated understanding of man’s nature coming from many of ROK’s writers than we ever saw coming from Fuller or Fresco. Funny how these two men lived to such advanced ages without attaining the wisdom about the human condition that we can find in much younger men these days.

      1. I wonder if they did eventually understand but just didn’t internalize it because the huge hit to their ego and lifes work would be devastating.
        These guys may have been decent engineers, but as futurists they fail because they were blinded by ideology and not facts.

  9. Fresco was certainly an interesting individual — I watched all the videos on him too — but his naive statements that politicians are all stupid and shortsighted were preposterous. Politicians are merely the puppets of the Criminal Elite, who are fantastically intelligent, farsighted and patient. Unfortunately for the world, they are also psychopathic, diabolical, greedy, sadistic and practicing Satanists (literally).
    Without any question, a world without war, fiat currency and resource scarcity is possible and would result in Utopia, but the Elite still have a stranglehold on the old ways of control. Extreme violence must be taken to the doorsteps of the Elite first, before any of Fresco’s ideas can be put into motion, but even then, we will be left with too many people that only know the old ways and have become reliant on their virtual prisons and addictions.
    And lastly, Fresco was Jewi$h, which is a huge RED FLAG for me, as many of his tribe have lead us goys down the wrong paths. Even if his heart was genuine, he couldn’t see or comment on the huge elephant in the room that makes the world what it is.

    1. The artist depiction of the future cities look like a progression of the Toronto pink skyline and undoubtebly full of empowered space girls.
      It’s a pipe dream to the max. She should be tittie feeding. A true future city evolves with purpose. Many best conceptualized plans erect skyscrapers that lie empty. What needs to be done up there is the question. The cities lack the great behemoth symbol of A GIANT OBELISK towering above. The obelisk is an ancient symbol of man’s overcoming a period of history when he fell under matriarchal bitch rule slavery and nearly faced extinction. The monument symbolizes a GIANT POINTED UNCIRCUMCISED DICK towering up towards the heavens. It screams “DIIICK POWWAAAH”. Let any feminist try and shake a stick at THAT! Humpf.

      1. >>> “The obelisk is an ancient symbol of man’s overcoming a period of history
        when he fell under matriarchal bitch rule slavery and nearly faced
        Wow… someone else has done some very far back research like I have. Like 10,000 years far back. It was the patriarchal revolution in Greece, and the subsequent pushing forward of Man as authority in Rome, that truly separated East from West. The east… simply never got out from under the matriarchal totalitarian ethos. An emperor with 100s of concubines is THE pinnacle of matriarchal power in society. Men rule… but are ruled by their women.
        Greece and Rome on the other hand, elevated Man as the sole authority and relegated woman to being beneath them. An extreme to be sure, but combined also with the elevation of heterosexuality (again, the east has no problem with homos and trannies in their culture, see Thailand) and the enshrinement of pure patriarchy with Christian monogamous marriage to only one partner for life… The West took over the entire world.
        The subsequent push by globalists to kill God (i.e. Christianity) is not just about God, it is about heterosexual patriarchy. The elevation of women means men still rule, but have harems, which is not a patriarchy. This was… how the matriarchal world of pre-history was run. The Mother Goddess and her “Son”, where the father was always under threat to be knocked off by the penis he sired due to Mom’s influence over the boy and enslavement to her rule over the fathers.
        Christianity… was the inversion, gender wise, of the old matriarchal culture since the dawn of Man. We are now going back to the caves and swamps, just like it used to be.

        1. The Asian cultures today have a lot of the residual traces of the ancient BITCH DRAGON, from the matrilineal customs of the groom being adopted in residence into the home of the bride’s family to anthropological features like similar hairiness of the sexes and the physical stature of the mongoloid male being relatively the same build and height as the female. Caucasoid males recently have been breeding with mastadon and whale sized females, reversing the caucasoid feature of the male being larger. The western whale women we see have been genetically enhanced, beefed up big by hormone enhanced foods. Western Afros also bitch up in breeding size with the stereotypical skinny black hood motherfucker who mates with the big black walrus. I always preach to the niggaz and homies “If you can’t lift her – SHE TOO DAMN BIG yo”. What this breeding up with more massive females will cause, is the females will become larger with each generation and eventually resemble the cannibal queens of the South Pacific. Western whites should breed with the petite females where the only sizeable feature is the wide hip ratio to accomodate the large caucasoid cranium during birthing. Asian females have a smaller pelvic bone – caucasoid avoid. Much on here is about SCREWING who you fancy, but simple screwing is different from breeding. Screwing could technically include goats but breeding is a whole different cat.
          ON THE POLYGAMY there has to be a middle ground and a recovery mode both. When you say harems beget matriarchy, this would be unbridled harems like a long hallway palacial residence with bedrooms to each side. The mega harem society imposes a pussy embargo while enslaving and castrating too many productive males.
          In the natural order regarding men as well as females, not every man or woman breeds. I’ve looked at family tree charts that predate western feminism, and observing a family tree of 1man/1woman couple with 12 offspring, usually one or two of the female offspring go on to be a ‘big mama’ like their mother and produce 12 themselves. And one or two of the males become big duggar daddies. Otherwise the majority of the offspring go on to raise families with 2-6 children. The mentality of the mother determines if she has the nerve to micromanage a multitude of nurturing tasks. Then there are black sheep males in any 12 brood and also ‘no nesters’ with the females. These are largely defective. Nature won’t breed them.
          The ‘RECOVERY’ mode I mentioned has to be implemented to revive the west. Western men need to take TWO wives – notice I said JUST TWO. It’s not a polygamous palace guarded by bull whips, no JUST TWO breeders encouraged for every [salted and virtuous] white man – – a tetrahedron structure – a TRIANGLE. Tetra means four or a three dimentional triangle, so the (fourth) point is your dimentional or metaphysical focus. Three is a magic number (not necessarily fourty as in fourty wives). With one extra wife, the family structure is solidified. As tetrahedral, the family structure becomes more impervious to the downward spiral of outside power forces and hindrances. (you can’t tax or regulate a threesome to death, the tetrahedron flips independently from societal regulation and is mobile. I’m not talking debauched threesomes with a wife and a mistress fandango, but two proper fertile young virgin wives locked into obedient matrimony. Or an older egg spent wife who mentors a fertile younger wheel and gives tips how to make bread and how the master likes his balls drained. In either case the three sided union continues to function as egg cannon continually propogating your seed.
          BUT THERE MUST be chemistry betwen the women sexually to eliminate competition and jealousy. A chemistry blessed synchronized trio becomes a wheel of cooperation and function in all matters. In the bedroom the gears turn like a Rolex and sex can become a nonstop dynamo of sucking and fucking until the moon falls. This isn’t debauchery. Under the sanctity of marriage this is man’s unchained departure from the state and earthly bondage with the all powerful vehicle of the tetrahedron. It is more than just a breeding machine when the man owns the women and then guides the 4th point focus like a stick shift. Sobriety is the law. Intoxicants not allowed. Most debauched threesomes are high and drunk flops out of wedlock and that ain’t what I’m talking about here.
          BEST OF ALL sisterwives always watch each other’s back. During periods of state encroachment, the nanny state never gets its foot in the door of a household where there are two sisterwives. A man can leave his (2) wives to relay the home duties like a tag team. All issues and disputes are settled at the table and in the bedroom. He never worries about returning home to a note that reads “gone to my mother’s to get some space” only to find his only toddler son drowned in the bathtub and mommy’s suitcases gone. Doesn’t happen that way when you keep TWO GOOD quality women domesticated AND SPANKED. Spanking is an art – and you make it a loving and funny kind of interaction but still with grace.
          In many ways owning two women is easier than owning one. The argument that you’re ‘stealing’ your extra woman from some other man is a moot point. Every omega that prefers hookers and robots wouldn’t take your quality ‘extra’ woman anyway. Many gammas screw whores only and pass them around like a library book. Again your ‘extra’ wife doesn’t disrupt the SMV economy when the 15% hapless gammas are happy with a loaner tool who services many.
          White men in the west need to implement RECOVERY MODE (2 wives) to shift into second gear breeding-wise and bring the west out of the doldrums.

  10. “Politicians will never be able to fix our problems, argued Fresco.”
    That’s the only thing Fresco got right. He’s hilariously wrong about technology, though.

  11. Speaking of “free energy,” intellectuals a few generations back praised coal as the wonder material of their age.
    Like Ralph Waldo Emerson:

    Coal lay in ledges under the ground since the Flood, until a laborer with pick and windlass brings it to the surface. We may well call it black diamonds. Every basket is power and civilization. For coal is a portable climate. It carries the heat of the tropics to Labrador and the polar circle: and it is the means of transporting itself whithersoever it is wanted. Watt and Stephenson whispered in the ear of mankind their secret, that a half-ounce of coal will draw two tons a mile, and coal carries coal, by rail and by boat, to make Canada as warm as Calcutta, and with its comfort brings its industrial power.

    And Henry Adams, a few decades later:

    The coal-output of the world, speaking roughly, doubled every ten years between 1840 and 1900, in the form of utilised power, for the ton of coal yielded three or four times as much power in 1900 as in 1840. Rapid as this rate of acceleration in volume seems, it may be tested in a thousand ways without greatly reducing it. Perhaps the ocean steamer is nearest unity and easiest to measure, for any one might hire, in 1905, for a small sum of money, the use of 30,000 steam-horse-power to cross the ocean, and by halving this figure every ten years, he got back to 234 horse-power for 1835, which was accuracy enough for his purposes. In truth, his chief trouble came not from the ratio in volume of heat, but from the intensity, since he could get no basis for a ratio there. All ages of history have known high intensities, like the iron-furnace, the burning-glass, the blow-pipe; but no society has ever used high intensities on any large scale till now, nor can a mere bystander decide what range of temperature is now in common use. Loosely guessing that science controls habitually the whole range from absolute zero to 3000° Centigrade, one might assume, for convenience, that the ten-year ratio for volume could be used temporarily for intensity; and still there remained a ratio to be guessed for other forces than heat. Since 1800 scores of new forces had been discovered; old forces had been raised to higher powers, as could be measured in the navy-gun; great regions of chemistry had been opened up, and connected with other regions of physics. Within ten years a new universe of force had been revealed in radiation. Complexity had extended itself on immense horizons, and arithmetical ratios were useless for any attempt at accuracy. The force evolved seemed more like explosion than gravitation, and followed closely the curve of steam; but, at all events, the ten-year ratio seemed carefully conservative. Unless the calculator was prepared to be instantly overwhelmed by physical force and mental complexity, he must stop there.

    Could you imagine anyone now writing about how coal has transformed the world for the better?

  12. I feel as altruistic and pure his intentions may be his system is too close to communism. Every instance in society where people are given everything leads to problems. Why would I even work my job if I had no extra benefit over having no job? Who decides what people “Need” vs what is a luxury? How would you support an exploding population of nonworking hedonistic adults.
    These ideas all sound nice on paper but they ignore human nature and the drive for competition.

  13. I read and interesting comment once in one of Jacques Fresco videos. One user challenged them to read and interesting book called “Seeing like state” where ideas of tecnological advancement and standardization of society using technology as Fresco said were applied. Fresco ideas are interesting but it lacks of the very human emotional side, as everything he wanted to solved using technology.

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