Megyn Kelly’s Career Is Finished

Megyn Kelly has lost all relevancy. Remember her first show debut on NBC? Well, neither did anyone else. She committed career suicide by hosting disastrous interviews with Vladimir Putin and Alex Jones. Ratings for her new TV program have plummeted to laughable levels and now it’s unlikely she’ll have a respectable career in media. Here’s how she did this to herself.

Vladimir Putin Interview

Kelly played the globalist line, but Putin slammed all the false allegations claiming Russia rigged the 2016 election as a hoax.

Strongly and powerfully, he bashed all the so called “official reports” Kelly cited to him, stating that these were based on unproven invented data gathered from public, not official, sources. There was no evidence proving that Russia was involved in interfering with the American presidential election.

Recently, a CNN supervisor admitted the whole Trump Russian collaboration is BS.

The jig is up folks, and now CNN is facing a possible $100 million dollar lawsuit over the fake story.

St. Petersburg International Forum

Kelly tried to trip up Putin with prefabricated scripts provided by the dark shadow goons in NBC, but instead it completely backfired as the Russian president made her look like a fool.

Desperate, she then tried to get India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi involved, asking for his comment, but that didn’t work either. India and Russia have a strong relationship; there was no way they were going to let some bimbo compromise that.

Did Megyn really think she could turn them against each other?

Both men, along with other leaders and millions watching around the world, couldn’t stop laughing at Kelly’s foolish accusations. Indeed, it was a rare site to see Putin laugh this much.

Alex Jones

Jones’ recording of a pre-interview reveals that Kelley lied about the date of the show airing, the context of the interview, and about refraining from a smear campaign. Well, as expected, it was everything she promised NOT to do.

And the ratings reveal all. People were so disgusted that viewership dropped to new lows. Everyone is on to her and even NBC knows it, which is why they attempted damage control by attacking Jones for three quarters of the show.

Look, Jones has claimed some controversial things like 9/11 being an inside job and elites creating human-frog hybrids. Still, there was no intelligent dialogue in the interview, just setup “gotchya” questions and follow up weasel phrases.

Kelly has destroyed her own career and is now paying for it. At best, she’ll find work as another stooge for some other anti-Trump media company to continue the lies. There are a few lessons to learn, especially for women.

Looks doesn’t hide personality

When you sell your soul to the devil, it doesn’t matter how much makeup you put on, no amount can ever cover the demon within. It was pretty apparent during her exchange with Trump at the debate, but now her true colors are on full display.

Academic or career “prestige” doesn’t matter to deplorables

Elites like to think they’re better than every one else, but deplorable American citizens, the majority of whom voted for Trump, place less important on nepotistic connections. Kelly’s education or net worth didn’t automatically make her show a hit.

Endless career pursuit don’t make you happy

She would have been a lot happier had she stayed home with her  family. If there’s any ounce of respect and dignity left in her, she’ll do just exactly that – retire and go home.

It’s a safe bet to say that Megyn Kelly is finished. Ever since she attacked Trump at the debates, she’s been unable to bounce back no matter how many millions mainstream media spends on her.

We only have to wait a month or two more until she pulls a Kathy Griffin and blame the old white man as the source of all her troubles.

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156 thoughts on “Megyn Kelly’s Career Is Finished”

  1. Every conservative who submits to an interview with the propaganda wing of the Democrat party should do what Alex Jones did. Having an unedited recording of the event can save one’s rear end later, especially when we see how the media lies about pretty much everything.
    As for Ms. Kelly, there’s always porn.

      1. Remember in about the 80s or so when actresses who reached 50 appeared in Playboy? Her turn maybe.

        1. You are too kind. I was thinking Bang Bus, in which she gets three BBCs at once. And maybe a dwarf cameraman.

    1. Every conservative who submits to an interview with the propaganda wing of the Democrat party should do what Alex Jones did.

      I prefer Vox Day’s policy of not talking to the media period.
      Why provide these idiots with any information? Not everyone is capable of a Trump or Cernovich-level trolling.

      1. Point. It saddens me when I see any Republican-type on The Daily Show or other trash like that.

    2. or demand live interviews only; one long shot of both parties, I cant stand those retarded reactions shots

    3. If you do an interview with anyone, you should record it.
      That said, the recording didn’t help Jones much. He did not come off looking very good, and optics are everything.

      1. This is Alex Jones we’re talking about. 99% of the country thinks he’s a kook and a tin foil hat wearing conspiracy theorist. Few take him seriously at all.

        1. The question is…who takes him seriously? I watched him, he is a nutcase. Alex jones, is his own thing.
          I am not worried about Megyn Kelly or Putin, I care more about the heath care stuff, and it does not look good. Is the 22M figure true? False? Why?
          Can we have an article about it, trying to explain it to the readers? Or was it done before here? I like the articles about game, and the articles written by QC as well, I think he has erudition.
          I remember a saying…most people look at the moon, but their legs are swimming in swamps.

        2. “Most people look at the moon, but their legs are swimming in swamps.”
          This reminded me of a similar quote by Oscar Wilde:
          “We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars.”

      1. If nbc dumps her she’ll sue claiming sexism.
        The she might do some of what you mentioned 🙂

    4. Porn would only have Kelly for one flick, then realize, just like with her so-called journalism skills, her porn skills suck ass (because she won’t suck ass, or do anything else). Her porn career will end faster than her new career at NBC

    5. She gets paid $20 million per year from her employer for disseminating corporate propaganda ahem “journalism”, she can retire early and live a life of luxury for the rest of her natural life.
      So much for Truth, Justice, and the American way.

    6. Yup, even Michael Jackson did that with Martin Bashir’s interview. Not necessarily a conservative, but a Jehova’s Witness is pretty strict in his or her beliefs. Hell, anyone who is religious needs to be careful on camera.

  2. Megyn Kelly divorced her husband and then married someone else. In her haste to leave her husband and remarry she never had the Catholic marriage annulled. When she had children with her current husband the Church refused to Baptiste her children. I take pleasure in knowing that with all the money this woman makes she cannot have what most Catholics with children have. Score one for the Patriarchy.

    1. I´d rather give children FREEDOM of choice in religion and religious ceremonies. Forcing religion on children is sick. If you´re affraid your kids won´t like your perfect lord and savior, the creator of holocaust, then you faith is weak and your religion is wrong 😉

      1. Why are you even here? Would you give a child freedom of choice on their food also? And enough about the (((holocaust))) heard enough of that shit

      2. Take your social justice to someone who gives a shit. This is Return of Kings not Return of Fags.

      3. Make sure you give your 3yo. male child a choice of wearing Batman or Princess Barbie at Halloween. The holocaust is men growing tits and cutting off their penis, but hey, it’s choice for children right?

      4. Children lack the mental capability to make these types of choices. Anyway, regarding a “right” or “wrong” religion, that’s entirely missing the point. The primary benefit of religion is its instilling of morality and ethical behavior in the populace. Whether or not there is a magic man in the sky, it’s hard to argue against this.
        Would you prefer to live 5 blocks away from a Christian welfare family, or a welfare family who has never been to church?

    2. I am surprised the Catholic Church would deny innocent children baptism because of what the parents did, it does not make any sense. Baptism is for the child, not the parents. In other words, I find this hard to believe.

      1. They are denying her children the Sacrament of Baptism because the Catholic Church does not recognize her current marriage. In the eyes of the Church she is still married to her previous husband. These children are now considered born out of wedlock. If the children want to be Baptized they need to do it on their own when they are old enough to make the decision for themselves.
        Religion is not a game, you cannot walk away from a marriage that was sanctioned by the Church. The Church is holding this woman accountable for her decisions.

    1. crazy like a fox! now get on over to his site and buying his quadruple reverse osmosis water purifier today! It removes fluoride, Haitians, and AIDS from your water!

  3. Why does anyone care about a news bimbo? This woman is on television (a dying medium) because of her looks. That’s all that needs to be said really.

    1. We are in Iraq and Afghanistan to promote freedom. If you don’t believe that, you’re a psycho conspiracy nut

      1. Some group of people are trying to spread progressivism. Here in the west it seems like this ideology reflects all life and is inevitable that we will all be animals again disguised as “human [bad development if you like being a morally good human] development” (because that’s basically the end state of progressivism). The reality is that progressivism is a very small ideology compared to the rest of the worlds population and would it not be for the massive capital and credit progressives have, it would be very unpopular to aristocracies and business leaders.
        Its incredible how progressives claim to represent all humanity but most people throughout the world don’t summit to their culture and practices. It only appears that way in the west. This is not to say that societies in the Mid East are the epitome of, and in most cases far from, virtue (and many of us know this), but again its no lie that progressives wanted to “promote freedom.”

  4. “Looks doesn’t hide personality”
    Her looks ain’t so great either.
    Her age has been showing for a few years now.
    And just look at those arms.
    She’s officially an old bag.

    1. HDTV was the worst thing to happen to female news anchors and reporters. Now They stop being eye candy around 25, but never bothered to have any actual talent to fall back on.

  5. >>> “Look, Jones has claimed some controversial things like 9/11 being an inside job”
    Are there still people who believe the official story? I swear, as long as this lie is still believed by even one American, nothing will change in that country.

    1. Tower 7 collapsed because of the heat from the other biildings. The Vietnamese attacked us in the Gulf of Tonkin. If you don’t believe that, you’re crazy.

      1. You’re absolutely crazy if you don’t believe that Cheney used alien mind-control tech stolen from Roswell to run the airliners into the WTC.

    2. If people took a step back and actually evaluated the ‘official stories’ with common sense they could see they are not that dissimilar or even more far fetched than the ‘tin foil conspiracy theory’ they disdain and reject.

  6. Comes across as completely out of her league in the encounter with Vladimir Putin. Like watching a child competing with a BJJ black belt.

      1. you call Floyd Money a fighter? i think he’s got more poise and is lighter on his toes than any Russian ballet dancer.

        1. Ha. So what you are saying is that your knowledge of boxing is non existent

        2. “whatcha gonna do brotha when Hulkamaina runs wiiiiiiilllllld on you”
          – George Foreman to Bruce Lee at the fight of the century “rumble in the bronx”

  7. Dam…he hands this blonde bitch her saggy ass on a golden platter…with a side of Russian caviar!

    1. You could see the fear on her face as Putin was dismissing her idiotic questions and the audience was laughing at her. She stepped out of her echo chamber for a moment & got bitch slapped by a man that doesn’t have to take her shit.

    1. and their wives prolly screwing around like flies and spending their hard gained money on lingerie for UPS guy to enjoy

  8. A woman lied? Not possible.
    Oh, and 9/11 happened exactly as they said it did.
    I know it’s true – I saw it on TV.

    1. I’ve watched some of those 9/11 conspiracy videos and I found them to be very interesting. They raised quite a few valid points, but what I find very suspicious is that those who buy into the media narrative don’t provide convincing proof or arguments.

      1. “The American people don’t believe anything until they see it on TV.” – Richard Nixon
        This is just a known fact…or at least, it used to be. Things have changed a little bit, but the vast majority of the American people still get their “dose of reality’ from the television.

        1. More and more they are getting their news from Social Media now, and as we all know, the heads behind Twitter and Facebook are TOTALLY, UNDENIABLY not bias on the kind of trends they allow to receive traction.
          Although I will admit, that unlike Television, on Social Media there is also the chance that the facts, the ones that Zuckerberg and Dorsey would rather not allow surface, occasionally pops up. It’s just that people are interested in sensationalism rather than the truth about matters.

      2. If you want to talk about who was behind 9/11, sure, that’s valid. Our only source on that is the .gov and I would trust the alphabet agencies about as far as I can throw them. They’re clear organs of the deep state and not friends of the American people.
        But when the truthers start talking about jet fuel not melting steel and controlled demolition and all that, they just look crazy and totally ignorant of physical science. Might as well be talking flat earth theories as far as us scientist/enginerd types are concerned.
        I suspect that is intentional, FWIW. Oh, there are plenty of people who really don’t understand the science, but I’m sure there are also agitators purposely pushing the discussion into the crazy weeds to lead people down the wrong path and get newcomers to dismiss the whole discussion as insane raving. And also to promote infighting, as it makes the enginerds waste their time arguing with the ignorant types, which gets real old real fast.

        1. “controlled demolition”
          Have you watched building 7 collapse. Heard the interview by PBS of Larry Silverstein saying that he told them to ‘pull it’?
          Are you an architect or structural engineer? A pilot? Physicist? Demolitions expert? Or just somebody who watches TV and believes the programming?
          Do you refute the presentations made by Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth, or those of Pilots for 9/11 Truth?
          I’d be curious to hear your rebuttals and your explanation for building 7.
          Since you seem to think the analysis of professional architects, structural engineers, and professional pilots is ‘crazy’, I’m sure your analysis is much more valuable.
          I’ll hang up and listen.

        2. I was talking about the towers, for one thing, since people love to claim the towers were brought down by a controlled demolition because they “free fell straight down”. I’ve never looked into building 7 much because I frankly don’t care. It’s ancient history and the evidence is gone. If it was some grand conspiracy, well, they got away with it.
          I’m not giving you my CV, random person I don’t know. Suffice to say that yes, I do have a much better grounding in the relevant science and engineering and practical application thereof than the typical person who goes around shouting about jet fuel and steel. I also have a lot of experience working around demolitions.
          You seem very impressed by titles. It’s a bit rich, you accusing me of just believing “programming” when you’ll apparently listen to anyone with the right credentials who supports your worldview.

      3. The most credible I find was the org, Architects for 911 Truth. There are still way too many questions that have been answered in the most obscured ways imaginable. Building 7? Never seen a credible explanation other than controlled demolition.

    2. Actually several things I saw on TV don’t match up to the Official Narrative.
      I saw a plane explode in an enormous fireball, several stories in size.
      Narrative is that a passport floated down from the crashed plane and landed on the street, barely burned.
      I saw a building fall neatly and quickly into its footprint.
      Narrative is that there was no controlled demolition, but suddenly the towers got weak and fell.
      I saw headlines that Saudis and relatives of the bin Laden family were the only ones allowed to fly in the days after.
      Narrative is that B.Laden is the perpetrator.
      I saw Building 7 collapse for no explicable reason.
      I don’t even know the narrative for this one.
      I saw a war started (and STILL ongoing) against Afghanistan and Iraq.
      Narrative told me the perps were from Saudi Arabia.
      I saw multiple people playing the character of bin Laden in video.
      Narrative is that these were all the same man (on kidney dialysis treatment in a cave)
      When even the TV is lying to you, you know it’s a deep state lie.

  9. White men have 2 choices, lock western woman down, which mean’s chain there legs to the kitchen, or they will be slaves anyway in 50-100 years time the muslims will do it, if we don’t. First step is to make Divorce illegal.

    1. I came to that same conclusion two decades ago. If we don’t chain women now, their perpetual hypergamous party will wreck the west’s defenses irreperably to where the west could fall to hoardes in 1-2 years with individual countries folding in mere days like municipalites fell under Stalin or Mao or like companies dissolved during the great depression or during the mega merger acquisitions of the 80s. Western men commence positions and begin dickwhipping your women now.

  10. Perhaps some media mogul will still try to build up her career. Or there will be a convenient sexual harrassment lawsuit against NBC!

  11. Alex Jones has also recently broken the lid off the Martian child slavery camps, which is huge.

      1. No, that’s fake news. The Venus camp is just a simple pizza parlor. Nothing more, nothing less.

        1. Little known fact: there never actually was a President Nixon. The entire Nixon Presidency was a huge hoax.

        2. What a can of worms that question opens. He was the last of the (successful) moderate Republicans — when he went down, he took that wing of the GOP with him. That’s why the Reaganauts couldn’t stand him — he expanded Medicare and signed off on the creation of the EPA as well as splitting Health, Education and Welfare into three separate bureaucracies, each one then proceeding to grow like a damn weed.
          If not for that damned streak of paranoia that led him to back up those third-rate burglars just because they were on the team, he would be remembered as a quite successful **moderate** Republican prez.
          Oh, Dick, why why why.

        3. He didnt open up anything- bilderburgers were talking about that in 1970 or so

        4. From what I have gleaned, based on conversations with low friends in high places, Nixon was a convenient patsy. The Ruling Elite wanted Gerald Ford to be president. So they went about it the convoluted way. First they got Vice President Agnew in trouble, and Nixon replaced him with House Minority Leader Ford (Nixon had no other choice; “I’m gonna make you an offer you can’t refuse”). Then they got Nixon in trouble, and replaced him with Ford, too.
          Gerry had a very interesting résumé. He was born Leslie Lynch King Jr…at the age of 22, he changed his last name to that of his stepfather (who was a mobster, based on my sources). Rumor has it Gerry was into all manner of disgusting shit (which I won’t spell out here).
          Be that as it may, Gerry was an NWO boy, all the way (as was his stepdaddy; and as was Ronald Reagan, which very few people realize – Reagan was hardcore NWO, despite his outré character; he was an actor, after all, so this was easy to pull off).
          So Gerry got shoehorned into the presidency. Nixon was just a scapegoat. Ford pardoned him, which was no doubt part of the deal. That whole Watergate thing was an elaborate frame. The Ruling Elite own all the media (as well as everything and everybody else), so they just scripted the entire thing and yanked some puppet strings and before you knew it the deal was done.
          That’s what I have heard, anyway, from people who know much more about the world than his-story-an puppets, faux journalists, online forum gurus, comment-board pundits, famous conspiracy authors, and other “reliable sources”.

        5. Reagan the Man
          Many recent memoirs have filled out the details of what some of us have long suspected: that Reagan is basically a cretin who, as a long-time actor, is skilled in reading his assigned lines and performing his assigned tasks. Donald Regan and others have commented on Ronald Reagan’s strange passivity, his never asking questions or offering any ideas of his own, his willingness to wait until others place matters before him. Regan has also remarked that Reagan is happiest when following the set schedule that others have placed before him. The actor, having achieved at last the stardom that had eluded him in Hollywood, reads the lines and performs the action that others – his script-writers, his directors – have told him to follow.

        6. And took us off the gold standard,
          All in all Nixon may have been our most progressive president ever when you look at his accomplishments.

        7. speaking of the fake news,
          where i am the fake news is doing its prunes because of what Donald Trump posted on twitter, when he was on WWF a few years back & he fought Vince McMahon i think, but the pres put the CNN logo on Vince’s face (personally think its genius, Making America Great Again by “knife edge chopping” the fake news to the ground)
          the fake news are saying Donald Trumps tweet will get someone killed (((projecting?)))
          anyway, are the (((you can trust us))) news outlets making a big thing of this in the USA also???

        8. They are-they’re shitting an absolute brick saying that it’s encouraging people to become violent against the media. I thought it was absolutely hilarious and cannot wait for what he’s doing to do next to the fraud news merchants.
          Long live President Trump-may death come swiftly to his enemies.

        9. the fake news here keeps interviewing CCN “reporters” saying they feel like they are in danger etc… interesting really when you think about it, because the fake news will stop at NOTHING to slander some person they have targeted for destruction (usually a man, white & heterosexual)

        10. They’re the ones that need to be put down like rabid dogs. They have shown their predisposition toward violence and thereafter reasoning or appealing to their better natures is a waste of time and energy.

        11. yes i agree the brain dead zombie loves to bait up and poke sticks at Masculinity, however as soon as Masculinity pushes back they run like cowards back to their handlers (who just so happen to have the full support of CNN, NBC & the ABC etc) crying abuse and they were not the instigators of violence.
          its quite positive to see, that even SOME older “baby boomers” who would line up to watch the 6 o’clock news every day WITHOUT fail & always had a subscription to the (((news))) paper are starting to think they have been had, and for many many years (not that the boomers can do anything about that now)

        12. I spit on those motherfuckers. They have ruined society and left the youth to clean up their mess because of their largesse and wanton hedonism. I hate them and wish them a miserable, painful death Countless many have been robbed of their birthright but at least are becoming increasing more conservative and nationalistic.
          I don’t subsidise idiots like the (((news))) and Hollywitz.

        13. i laughed when i read your first line Hammer brilliant!
          i happened to catch a show on Oprah Winfrey’s TV channel the other day (was channel surfing) “where are they now” i saw it once and Jenna Jameson was on it so i naturally sat through that (yoink!), but the one the other day, jeez you could not make this sh*t up, there was 4 people she interviewed i think and every SJW crusade was there.
          cant remember who all them were…
          1. a black man, who hated on white people, despite make his millions from white people in the movie business.
          2. a white woman, who shacked up with a younger guy, telling all the old shaggers in the audience that sex with younger guys is where its at, and they should leave their ‘boring husbands/families’ to go cougering.
          3. Sugar Ray Leonard, dont recall what he said (maybe he was ok?), i went and made something to eat/ dropped the Cosby’s off at the pool?
          4. that trannie kid Jazz something – wow, just wow! thats some terrifying sh*t right there, turning a 5 YO boy into a girl (if thats a real story, i had my doubts on that one, showed him/her at 13/14 didnt look all that trannie looking, was left thinking hmmmm???)
          needless to say, no more television for me.

        14. I appreciate that. I intend to parlay my comedic brilliance and misanthropy into podcasting and the like. Having also been a devotee of pro wrestling I have honed a considerable ‘gimmick’ and delivery analogous to Rowdy Roddy Piper.
          That being said, I would sooner scarf down a bucket of shit than watch television. Braincells die as it is and it would be remiss of me to accelerate that particularly when exposing oneself to the cavalcade of idiots who I would otherwise feed through a meat grinder and turn into dog food-they’d be much more useful in such a guise.

        15. you hit the nail on the head right there Hammer, TV really is crap, and you only need to channel surf for maybe 1 hour to see that it is pretty much 100% aimed at numbing the brains of women or fulling them full of lies/false facts at least, turning them left at every possible intersection.
          hell yes, Piper was great! from a great era of wrestling

        16. What can I say? Women are largely stupid-and if not stupid, very gullible and naive. There’s a reason why they have all those stupid magazines catering to them at the supermarket-note how none relate to a hobby/skill/interest like say guitars, guns, mechanics, science, cars but instead gossip and Hollywitz tripe.
          And yes-one of my credos is after all, ‘you do not throw rocks at a man with a machinegun’.

        1. my classmate’s step mother makes $95 each hour on the laptop. she has been out of work for seven months… the previous month her profit was $17930 just working on the laptop a few hours per week…
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          ➤ this


        2. Yeah we are…I have my “I Love Alex Jones” hat on right now; I especially love the fact his wife is an Ashkenazi Jewess…

        3. I would have volunteered, but that half-reptilian face of her’s killed my boner. But it was your idea, so you do it!

        4. I found this while playing Deus Ex: Human Revolution. It actually sounds plausible considering globalism and the rising power of corporations:
          “Where Will We Be in 2050?
          There was once a time when we believed that the world would become a monolithic nation-state, a kind of ‘United States of Earth’, brought together under the global aegis of a super-governmental body. But now that prediction seems quaint and hackneyed.
          The reality is that we live in an era where sovereign nations and the formal governments of countries are little more than lines of demarcation upon the world’s maps. More and more citizens of the world lend their loyalty not to a flag, but to the only true trans-national entities that still thrive – corporations. We thus foresee a time when people will be citizens of their employer’s ‘nation’ rather than Chinese, French, Canadian, etc. And in this world, what we have thought of as traditional nation-complexes – such as America – will fragment in order to find their own equilibrium.”

        5. There’s more:
          “Chapter 5: The European Quagmire
          With America’s attentions increasingly focused on internal problems, it’s withdrawal from NATO and the subsequent dissolution of that military-political entity had left Europe without its primary overseas ally and the vacuum that the European Union has struggled to fill.
          The creation of a replacement for NATO, the European Common Defense Alliance (ECDA), while far-reaching, remains mired in bureaucratic red tape. Ranged against the increasingly aggressive Russian Federation, the European Union is split between the hawks and the doves who wish to either defang or appease the reawakening Bear.
          While trying hard to maintain an outward sense of accord, lines of dissent and old rivalries slimmer just below the surface across mainland Europe, threatening to make themselves apparent. Tensions over economic factors and the tissue-thin border controls between nations are stressing the bonds between the EU nations toward breaking point.”
          We’re actually seeing this happen right now, but DE:HR was released in 2013, way before the turmoil in Europe.

        6. It’s all scripted. People can refute that if they’d like, but they are whistling past the graveyard. And it won’t change a thing.

        7. The whole thing is happening with such smoothness and predictability, one just can’t help but think that there are people in the back pulling the strings.

        8. That’s how it is…things are planned out years (if not decades) beforehand. Thus, the smoothness…

        9. In much the same way that video game producers have been known to do, Hollywood hides this shit in plain sight in their films; thus, these two little nuggets from “The Usual Suspects” (1995).
          Verbal Kint: To a cop the explanation is never that complicated. It’s always simple. There’s no mystery, no arch criminal behind it all. If you’ve got a dead body and you think his brother did it, you’re gonna find out you’re right.
          Verbal Kint: The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn’t exist.
          In this film, Verbal Kint is actually masquerading as the Kingpin/Arch Criminal Keyser Söze. Speaking of “Kingpin”, we have the character of the same name from the “Daredevil” comic books (sorry, graphic novels). He runs the entire city, in this particular case, whereas Keyser Söze ruled the whole frickin’ world (just as the elite do)…
          Well, that’s how it is in real life.
          If you sell something as being fictional, via the media that you conveniently own, the public thinks it’s fictional. Which is why Nixon said what he said, about the public not believing anything until they see it on TV. (Why do you think they call it, “TV programming”? – an inside joke there among the elitists.)

    1. I see you’re still a moron who gets the “facts” from CNN and Rachel Madcow. Idiots like you believe Trump is a Russian agent lol

  12. “Megyn Kelly’s ass has been plowed by so much elitist cock, her farts smell like a Comet Pizza.” – Gandhi

  13. “Megyn Kelly’s ass has seen more elitist cock than those kids at Comet Pizza.” – Gandhi

  14. Megyn was so far out of her league with that train-wreck of a mismatch
    (intellectually and otherwise). Putin’s barely tolerating her
    presence, but that certainly doesn’t stop her from pretending she’s in
    the catbird seat. Classic female “fake it ’til you make it” attitude, which means she’s simply oblivious to Putin dousing her fire and sending her back to school.

  15. I was glad she interviewed Jones. That’s the most I’ve ever seen or heard him so I found it educational or informative, whichever. Sometimes people like that need to be simply presented in a standard format.

  16. I once heard Kelly described as ‘stroke bait for old conservatives’ and that’s probably about right. She isn’t particularly talented and never has been. Putin embarrassed her and so did Trump. Jones was just the final nail in the coffin.

      1. to many white men that is what passes for good looking………..since many are closet homos anyway……………

  17. After the interview, Putin should have smacked her up side her brainless head and then pull his dick out and stuff in her mouth. That’s about all most women in the media are good for. When they open their mouth, it should be for one thing.

  18. Putin interview.. that was not a mistake. Alex Jones.. Big mistake. You don’t gun down 25 kids and bring the guy saying its a hoax with the families telling you to back off and you dont.

  19. Sure Kelly, going up against an alpha male like Putin. Putin swatting away an annoying mosquito.

  20. The mainstream media is in its death stages. For the last two decades journalism was controlled by corporate interests and now is finally dying.

    in the case of Kelley, you are wrong.
    She is exactly what she looks like. A vapid, fake, false face-lip-jaw-cheekbones-fake blonde hair, spoiled, not too bright, no talent hack white American broad who gets ahead in life based on:
    1. who she sleeps/slept with and that he is slim, and fake blonde/nose/face……
    Corporate America is filled with them.
    And to think, she thought she could become the next OPRAH !!!!
    GTFOH !!!!!!!!!

  22. “Kelly tried to trip up Putin with prefabricated scripts provided by the dark shadow goons in NBC, but instead it completely backfired as the Russian president made her look like a fool.” When Trump called her a ‘Bimbo’ last year or the year before. I thought that it was a bit harsh. But now, the public knows what the insiders in the upper strata of society know. That she is a fool.
    How can you move from a right leaning network to a full on ‘hammer and sickle’ I love the colour red network and expect your viewer to come along with you. The man that replaced her at Fox is doing better than she was.
    Megyn Kelly is feminisms wet dream. If someone was to waste time and investigate her past. i’m sure we’d find academic and career opportunities provided through title IX and the long standing male convention of ‘hire her she’s hawt’ to explain how she got to where she is today. She has such a strong case of ‘Penis Envy’ that no amount of therapy will every be able to cure. Bye Felicia, erm I mean Megyn.

  23. Must suck to wake up at 3 am in the morning and realize you are washed up.
    Next stop for this bitch:REHAB FOR ALCOHOLISM

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