3 Signs A Rape Accusation Is False

Despite what the media would lead you to believe, it’s an open secret here in the sphere that all public rape allegations are false. Women who publicly accuse men of rape have been proven to be liars time and again, yet, the public is still advocating ridiculous campaigns like “Listen And Believe” and “It’s On Us”, and “No More”.

Though there seems to be an increasing awareness of false rape accusations, women continue to make them at an increasing rate. As a result, we’re beginning to see patterns emerging with every (crocodile) tearful count of these harrowing tales of treachery.

Here are 3 ways to tell if a woman is lying about being raped.

1. They tell more than one person, but not the police

A woman who has been forced to have sex against her will feels violated and ashamed. Many of them keep the ordeal to themselves, some may tell a close friend or confidant and leave it at that, and some may never tell a soul, not even law enforcement.

But a female who has drunken sex with a Tinder match then decides it was “rape” the next morning because he left her apartment before she woke up and hasn’t heard from him since who tells everyone but the cops is probably lying.

Girls are a lot of things. Stupid isn’t one of them. They’re well aware of the fact that if they go to law enforcement, they’ll be forced to give details and be subjected to questions to actually prove her claim. If she wasn’t really raped, she’ll have to fabricate a story which opens up a whole other can of worms.

If she tells her friends but not the cops, she’s probably lying

A court of law requires proof. The court of public opinion does not. Women are keenly aware of this so they go to the public knowing full well that men are guilty till proven innocent in the court of public opinion.

Another false rape accusation tell is when asked why she didn’t report the alleged rape to the cops the go to statements they all seem to use are “I was embarrassed” or “I didn’t want to bring shame to my family.” So she can tell everyone she knows about her “horrifying experience” without shame or embarrassment but she can’t give that same story to law enforcement?

Now if a woman accuses a man of rape and doesn’t go to the cops, that doesn’t necessarily mean she wasn’t raped. But if she doesn’t go to the cops but tells other people, it’s probably a false rape accusation.

2. The sex was consensual

I’ve stated in the past that the term “date rape” is a myth. If a woman is forced to have sex against her will she has been raped. Whether or not she knew her assailant doesn’t matter. Neither does the fact that she was out on a date or a meetup.  A woman was either raped or she was not.

Women use the term “date rape” to muddy the waters when it comes to the details of her sexual encounter with the accused. If she knows she willingly engaged in sex but turns around and makes a false rape accusation, she’ll say she was “date raped” to cover up the fact that the sex that occurred was not forced.

This doesn’t look forced to me or anybody else

Having a one-night stand with a guy who never calls or texts again isn’t rape. Neither is a FWB who ghosts on her after a few weeks. So if a woman says she was raped, but then admits the sex was consensual, she is making a false rape accusation. Period.

3. Her “offender” is rich

Women are motivated by a lot of things and money is near the top of that list. Good looking women have used their looks to acquire money and resources for generations. From call girls, strippers, and prostitutes who cash out early, to attractive good girls who are smart enough to take a long term strategy and marry high value men at a young age, females know and understand that their aesthetic beauty is and always will be their meal ticket when all else fails.

When a woman falsely accuses a celebrity, professional athlete, or a man with an eight figure net worth, you can bet your ass it’s a money grab. Today’s attractive females feel entitled to cash and gifts for their vaginas and when they’re humped and dumped by a man with wealth, they accuse him of sexual assault to get paid. They couldn’t care less if the accused serves jail time or not. They’re in it for the money and nothing else.

Two summers ago I wrote about then Chicago Bulls star Derrick Rose’s false rape ordeal. Aside from the obvious lack of evidence, what tipped me off to this money grab was the fact that his accuser didn’t want him prosecuted criminally. She pursued “justice” in civil court and asked for millions for pain and suffering.

“We ran a train on that ho and now she wants to get paid??”

As I correctly predicted (which isn’t difficult to do in these cases these days), Rose easily won his case and didn’t pay the woman a dime. Chicago Blackhawks forward Patrick Kane was also fortunate enough to beat a false rape accusation without having to pay off the accuser.

Everyone knows that celebrities, professional athletes, wealthy men, etc. don’t need to rape women. They get pussy thrown at them at all times from every direction. There’s no need to take something illegally when it’s offered up so freely and frequently.

It’s for that reason alone that most people, red pill aware or otherwise, know that when a woman makes a rape accusation against a man of financial means and would rather be awarded punitive damages for her “pain and suffering” than seeing her attacker put in prison, it’s a false accusation.


The false rape accusation is one of a precious few circumstances where women have a decided advantage over men. Females are acutely aware of this and exploit it whenever they damn well please for whatever reason they deem necessary.

Always keep the above motivations in the front of your mind when commingling with a women on any level. All she has to do to turn your life upside down is make a false rape accusation against you. And she won’t lose a wink of sleep over it because she knows that the worst case scenario for her is better than the best case scenario for you.

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        1. True, but a false choice between non-kosher and kosher would make me feel a lot better about it.

        2. From what I understand, one of the main requirements of Kosher is that the animal be given as humane a death as possible. Because I like animals (more than I like 99% of people) I have to get behind that. All jewry aside.

    1. my suspicion is that claim – whatever its merits – is a red herring. It is not “ownership” of the bank – that generates power and influence, but simply control…as the famous quotes indicates – of the money supply that goes with commanding the central bank of central banks. The corruption is out there right in the open.

    2. Apparently jews are the ones who brought blacks as slaves and whites were blamed for that. Jews now have money, power, and so many slaves.

  1. They can lie as revenge too. I want to tell you a story (please, believe me, as disgusting as it sounds, its REAL, I have no reasons to lie you). A woman that I know (ex-good friend of my mother) divorced her husband (in fact, her husband left her after she cheated on him) and then made a complain at police that their 6 years old daughter was sexually abused by her father (her former husband). Both I and my mother were mad after we heard what happened and I even wanted to go after that man to beat him up after what he did to his own daughter. But, we found out that the mother lied (she also forced her 6 years old daughter to lie, threatening her with punishments, and poor child admitted in front of police what her mother forced her to do); the mother did that ONLY because she wanted to get revenge on her husband for divorcing her despite her being the one who cheated him. Then my mother BROKE their friendship and refused to even talk to her anymore, consider her a horrible and ruthless woman. My mother is one of the best women, she hates people who lie, cheat or do evil deeds to others, especially people who use their own children. Fucking PSYCHOTIC woman and poor child. They should take the child away from her.

        1. Objects are just your brain perceiving individual atoms to be electrically charged in closer ways than other atoms and giving the perception that there is difference between them.

        2. Reality is either;
          1) merely a concept, or
          2) a crutch for those that can’t face hard drugs.

    1. I believe you, my cousin is a lawyers and he knows a few family court lawyers, the horror histories he heard and told to us seems out of a movie but are real, Women can be that evil.

      1. That is the point that the tradcons trying to lure men back onto the plantation can’t understand (or their whole world view would be turned upside down.) It isn’t that all women are evil, and it isn’t that men should have made better choices with the women they married. The truth is that the system (legal, social, religious) is set up to enable all women to be evil when they want to.

    2. I believe malicious false accusations should be punished with exactly the prison sentence the accuser threatened the victim with.

      1. Not only that, false accusers should be required to register as sex offenders for lifetime and we should make that list VERY public (publish it monthly in local newspaper, with colour pictures and everything).
        That is a realistic solution though. What I really think is that false accusers should be publicly hanged, drawned and quartered.

        1. This. They say sex crimes are about power and domination, not about being horny. What better meets this definition than a woman making a false claim? That is a verbatim sex crime.

      2. Actually, that is what the Bible commands.
        Deuteronomy 19: (NIV)
        16 If a malicious witness takes the stand to accuse someone of a crime, 17 the two people involved in the dispute must stand in the presence of the Lord before the priests and the judges who are in office at the time. 18 The judges must make a thorough investigation, and if the witness proves to be a liar, giving false testimony against a fellow Israelite, 19 then do to the false witness as that witness intended to do to the other party. You must purge the evil from among you. 20 The rest of the people will hear of this and be afraid, and never again will such an evil thing be done among you. 21 Show no pity: life for life, eye for eye, tooth for tooth, hand for hand, foot for foot.

      3. Yep, at the very least, they should serve the same amount of time the innocent victim suffered.
        A man who serves, say, 15 years for a rape he never committed, out of a 20 year sentence, his false accuser should serve at least 15 years also.

        1. Also, maybe add in a mandatory hysterectomy. You know… so we don’t have to risk the bitch bringing any more lying, manipulative cunts like herself into the world.

      1. That’s the reason why I want the authorities to take the child from her. But it looks like nobody want to do something, on the STUPID and NONSENSE principle that exist in my country that a kid should remain with his/her mom, even if she’s an abusive mom like that “mother” “sighs”.

        1. statistically child abuse in single parenthood is Single mothers child abuse higher than single fathers, but media censors all those mother drowning their babies and make a big deal when a father kill or rape his kids.

        2. Domestic violence studies have also revealed women as the most violent, even more in extreme cases; they are the ones who initiate violence, when men respond, he is considered the violent. This is the opposite of what the media says, this is why they try to make of this a problem of both sexes, not just women. This is why society indoctrinates boys with oppression myths.
          The same with psychopathy, it is very hard for men to accept that it is very common in women due to how females have evolved.
          It is all correlated:
          Abortion, infanticide, child abuse, domestic violence, false accusations, being emotional, being impulsive, using sex and false innocence to manipulate men, etc.

        3. There was one British lady who open a shelter for abused women in the 70’s, then she start asking them how violent the women were, And how things really happen, in actually 70% of the time it goes like this, she start the fight then shit escalate she lost the fist fight, but it was hours of her punching, screaming, biting, kicking, breaking things, being violent and crazy until the man lose it and put that bitch in her place, then police comes and the man is arrested, when she tries to publish her findings media censor her and destroy her reputation. Media portrait women as angels who are being attacked by the evil man, but 70% of the time of domestic violence there is the women being violent and attack the man too, Men got arrested just for defending themselves. Both men and women can be violent and is usually both in domestic violence cases, And not mention that half of the victims are men, no shelter or help for them, and the media laugh in those cases. That’s why there is a high incidence of domestic violence on lesbians couples, it’s funny how homosexual male couples are the least violent couples, what’s the common factor in lesbian and hetero couples, WOMEN.

        4. Both sexes can be violent, but if she is the one who initiates violence, then the man is not the violent one for reacting, so in general we can’t say it is both as if both were equally violent. There is also another discovery about the brain: male brains are wired to not be violent against the opposite sex, this adaptation in the brain does not exist in women.
          Hundreds of studies in decades showing the opposite about men (machismo myth), instead that it is women the most violent sex. They don’t make this public, because then it would be the reverse, women as monsters, and the media as liars.
          If interested here is a link listing many studies and some quotes: http://web.csulb.edu/~mfiebert/assault.htm
          – Results suggest that male violence decreased with higher educational attainment, while female violence increased
          – Women significantly reported perpetrating more partner violence than men in all three ethnic groups
          – Results reveal that 8.9% of girls reported perpetrating violence compared to 6.1% of boys. In terms of victimization, 9.7% of girls reported being victims compared to 5.3% of boys
          – Author concludes that “when domestic violence-related suicides are combined with domestic homicides, the total numbers of domestic violence-related deaths are higher for males than females
          – South Australia, were presented a hypothetical scenario in which either a husband or wife perpetrated domestic violence. Participants were significantly more negative in their evaluation of the husband than the wife, were more sympathetic to the wife and believed that the husband deserved a harsher penalty for his behavior
          – Mutual violence was present in 66% of cases; while 26% of males and 8% of females reported being victims of violence and 29% of females and 4% of males reported being sole perpetrators of violence
          – A re-examination of the data from the most recent National violence against women survey (Tjaden & Thoennes, 1998) shows that “assaulted men are more likely than assaulted women to experience serious attacks by being hit with an object, beat up, threatened with a knife or being knifed
          – Twenty male victims of domestic violence were interviewed using a semi-structured protocol. Many subjects incurred sever physical violence and were “mostly disturbed by false accusations of violence on their part, and their partner’s use of their children against them, which they felt were supported by the legal system and the community
          etc. etc.

        5. that explain why in the past women needed a good spanking to behave, you could discipline your wife and no one bats an eye, But now, they have the pussy pass. there is a supposedly new phenomena of women caught in video being totally bitches, well is not new, AWALT. With new technology there is always someone with a camera, in the 90´s all those women would win. Good bless digital cameras, it´s very common for drunk women to not want to pay the cab ride. When the cab driver demand payment bitches call the police, then the poor cab driver got arrested. not anymore thanks to digital cameras, Women is indeed a privileged class, They´re entitled to behave as bitchy as they want, if a man talk like that to another man, the rude man will get a broken nose. But not women. That´s why companies use women employees when they want to fuck your money. They know that you are forced to be polite and you will not raise your voice against women, if they send a male employee to said FUCK OFF to you, there will be trouble, and it will be a one on one fight, but if you get angry with a woman there will be 20 white knights ready to defend her honor.

        6. That was Erin Prizzi. She lived with death threats under police protection in England for years. All her mail had to be screened due to letter bombs. Then they killed her dog and she fled to America. She still has death threats. This is the tolerant left.

        7. Holy shit, I’d never heard of her until I read your post (and the follow-ups). The MSM has completely ignored her body of work.

      1. well that’s a pretty effective way to completely lose the wider argument. That’s exactly the kind of thing the ‘watchers’ are looking out for on sites like this

        1. At some point these things have to be said, although that sentence should be erased IMHO. Take a look at this interview, we cannot shut up against violence anymore, especially when violence is applied to us:

        2. Doc Savage is a smart guy, so I reckon he should know better than to say stuff like that. I’ve watched a snippet of that video, and they mention that the MSM and left media are themselves inciting violence. Well, sure you may need to stand up to that, but in the first instance you stand up to it and defeat it by capturing the higher ground, the argument, which is something you stand to lose the moment you go beyond a defensive posture. The whole world right now runs on risk management, and that’s above all the case with respect to women. The argument that false rape allegations may in many cases be as devastating as actual rape (which obviously is a pretty nasty crime that can happen to men as well as women) is a serious one – i.e. loss of job, imprisonment,
          loss of family, career, even suicide etc – but that’s precisely why anyone making that argument needs to completely demonstrate that they eschew violence, and would be able to recognise and condemn actual violence against women (or men, or children etc) if it occurred. Failing to do that is a royal route to getting flagged as engaging in some kind of extremism.

        3. “Burn it to the ground” doesn’t have to (and quite often doesn’t) mean literally. It’s a pretty common metaphor for a (legally executed) total system overhaul. I get what you’re saying, but the “watchers” can kiss my ass. I’m speaking as probably one of the more liberal people on these threads too.

      2. It is very much popular knowledge what you said… but this comment can bring troubles to ROK.

      1. He go free but she only received a fine for lying to the police. A very small punishment for: almost destroying a man life and forcing her little daughter to lie against her father. I don’t know how is in other countries, but the justice in my country SUCKS.

    3. The lying woman shouldn’t have been let out of the house. Some women are worse than others. There’s a sura in the Quran that orders a woman guilty of ‘lewdness in public’ to be banished to the house. The Muslim women being stoned to death, HA – don’t think for a munite that they all must be innocent as a rose. You know better. AWALT. Islam has so many perfect solutions for dealing with the worst case rabid women. Parts of the Quran read like a song with regards to containing the feral shebeast.
      HERE’S THE PROBLEM, and it is clear that they are using the old illuminati ‘create a problem – offer solution’ or ‘order out of instigated chaos’ ploy they are so famous for.
      Parts of Islam are so beautiful in dealing with women and it’s all being fed to us like a spoonful of sugar panacea for problems that the elites created in the first place when they forced the feminist/gay agenda to go mainstream and then they cannonized it into law. Jews are part of the problem but they’re not the whole entire problem AND YES their hands are dirty as hell in all this. In the end the top elites will flush most of the jews as well.
      Right now feminism is a tool to force many to cry for Islam. But the elites have plans in the end to pit the Muslims against Christians in a battle of pyrrhic quagmire until the last man is eliminated on both sides.
      For now the west must reclaim, yoke, harness and stable its women RIGHT NOW before the Islamic regulators come in enforcing with sharia. We need our own western form of sharia-like control over our women that is non-Islamic but just as effective.

    4. Hence the reason why I haven’t touched a Western women in the last 10+ years! You put your life and career in danger where eastern women are bought up to respect men, more sane and are what I only allow to ride my dick these days!

      1. I still date Western women, but I make sure to text them after I sleep with them. I say something like, ” I had a great time last night.” As soon as they respond, ” Me too,” or if they say anything to the effect of having consensual sex, I make a copy of the text and archive it with a backup copy. I’ve never had to use it, but you never know. I think I learned that tip from this site.

    5. Similar story happened to a buddy of mine, but the wife claimed husband was sexually molesting his own SON. Sorry to hear you were getting angry and wanted to punch the guy. I never believe any of those claims, I just become angry at the crazy wife spewing them. If such a thing was actually true, would you want your mom telling the world about how you got butt raped by someone? It’s sick to mention it in the 0.0001% of cases where it may actually be true, and in the other cases it’s just pure evil on behalf of the woman.
      Thankfully Ive never experienced any vindictiveness after a woman decides its over. With me they just suddenly do a 180 on their feelings, drop the relationship, and continue on as if it never happened. Its painful to go through but in retrospect, I should feel lucky!

      1. I had a co-worker going through a divorce back in the early 90s. He was Casper milk toast beta to the max. His wife charged him with sexually molesting his children. He committed suicide by electrocuting himself in the bath tub. His suicide note made it clear that he was totally innocent of the charges (what point in lying with your dying breathe). He said that the charges alone made it just no longer worth living.

        1. While in the Navy we actually had the wife of one of the sailors file an accusation for molesting his children—- on dates he was at sea. Accusations of child molestation or abuse in divorce proceedings is almost routine…

        2. Wow. I know those at the point considering suicide are not thinking rationally, but every man needs to realize, no matter how bad things get, take your passport, leave, and begin life in a new country. Hell, that’s not bad advice for your typical man in America, but definately know it’s an option if you’re considering suicide.

        3. If you’re gonna commit suicide anyway, might as well kill the bitch first. That’s my take on it.

  2. A man’s income is directly related to his reputation; the fake rape stunt aims directly at that and the woman who tries it should not receive any mercy.

  3. If its in the news its false. If there is any hint of virtue signaling its false. If the “perpetrator” is white its false. If there is no justice done to truly help the victim then it was real.

    1. Christ… that is a dark assessment. I’m trying to find where you’re wrong and failing.

  4. Donovan, Donovan, Donovan, me and you buddy. I can see you’ve dealt with the psychopath, not a psychopath but THE psychopath.
    Daddy issues… AND mom was a ho….. get your fucking saddle ready, we going for a ride…. hahahaha

  5. “Girls are a lot of things. Stupid isn’t one of them.”
    Depends on how you define “stupid.” They’re generally quite illogical and short-sighted.

    1. When they want revenge, these vipers become freaking geniuses, not even the smartest men can beat them, trust me. Nobody is better at getting revenge than those evil women.

      1. Exactly. Even the dumbest woman you would swear was a graduate of the war college in her instinctive striking strategy. It’s not so much intelligence as it is reptillian instinct requiring only a pea sized portion of the brain. Any female has that much brain function at least. But an evil spirited pea brain bitch can cause damage just like a child can burn down a house if not supervised. If she’s wilfully not evil is the important thing. Things basically go well when she strives to be good and her best and most loyal self.

      2. Some of us who grew up around women know how to beat them at their own conniving game if we REALLY feel like putting the energy into it. I’ve just got better shit to do, personally.

  6. “A court of law requires proof.”
    Not so sure about that. Proof is required by law, but many judges just go along and convict the accused without evidence.

    1. It also doesn’t help when you have an overzealous district attorney who is more interested in making a name for himself as opposed to seeking actual justice.
      *cough*OJ Simpson*cough*Bill Cosby*cough*

      1. “It also doesn’t help when you have an overzealous district attorney who is more interested in making a name for himself”
        Excellent, man.

  7. We can talk all you want about saving the West and so on, but without wearing the pants with our women, our civilization is totally lost. We need our women, and we need them fast. Our fertility rates are dooming us for decades. It is so depressing.

    1. Well, that’s why im having interracial children, half Asian half white, I don’t even want to breed with white western woman they are simply to repulsive, and quite frankly might as well die out anyway, out with the old…in with the new.

      1. The trouble with that is that if the white Western women die out, so too do the white Western men.On the individual level outbreeding is a good option, but what will it mean for the white race and Western civilization if white Western breeding couples cease to exist?

    2. “but without wearing the pants with our women..”
      Plenty of guys, I would say the majority, wear pants. But the majority of young, attractive western females do not want honest, decent, intelligent, quiet, hard working men. They want the “bad-boy” partiers. The jerks, thugs, and clowns.
      The only whites that have it right are devout Christians. The rest of us are fooked.

      1. If plenty of guys wore the pants, we would be organized and put our women in check as we used to do not longtime ago.

        1. No, I believe you are wrong.
          In the past, it was their Mothers, Aunts, Grandmothers, friends and neighbors that kept them in check. Females policed themselves because they knew that if they slutted around with undesirables (criminals, “bad boys”, or anyone else deemed inappropriate), they would be shunned by honest, decent, intelligent, hardworking men.
          Thanks to the 60s they no longer police themselves. Just the opposite.

        2. Since you talked about the past, you may want to read about Roman Law, Medieval Law, etc. History and civilizations are masculine creations.

        3. Oh…come on now.
          Of course I was speaking about the recent past. Late nineteenth and early to mid twentieth century.
          Yes, if you want to go back that far, sure, it was the way of the nobleman and the warrior. I have posted here several times that I wished that I had lived a comparable existence in the Roman Empire, so that I would be a nobleman who could afford young teenage girls as sex slaves.
          “History and civilizations are masculine creations.”
          Of course! When have I ever said otherwise?
          Women policed themselves prior to the 60s because attaining a good provider was the only way for them to survive. They HAD to be chaste and decent because their survival and the survival of their children depended upon it. Even if the husband fooled around a bit , the wife looked the other way. But now?
          Without the fear of exposure and starvation, females will morph into “Wonder Slut” at the drop of a hat.

        4. That’s right. There was total internal henhouse policing back in the day. Your mother especially would hate on a slut showing interest in her son. “She’s the devil” like in ‘Waterboy’. Fairuza Balk did have a hotness that would take many horses to tame. In real life I believe she was pretty mellow.

        5. The basic principles of Roman Law were present in Catholic Europe until mid XXth century. In the case of Spain, the husband or the father acted as guardian of a woman until the 1970’s. It was called Patria Potestas . We stopped doing that very recently, and now we enjoy the results. There is not even an article of this in English: https://es.wikipedia.org/wiki/Patria_potestad

        6. Here in the US giving women the privilege of the vote was one of the 2 worst mistakes in our history.
          The other was importing African slaves.

        7. The two errors that (((they))) took advantage off after getting kicked from Europe.

        8. Shhhh, be quiet.
          That comment might bring out the “blame men for everything regardless” crowd.
          Many of whom are on here.

        9. Females still slut-shame other women, moreso than men do.
          The only difference is that today is that the women doing the slut-shaming see fit to outdo the women they slut-shame.

      2. When I was last dating (many moons ago) after living with the wrong girl, I met two Christian girls, who both wanted devout Christian husbands. They both came from large families with strong fathers. One of which, who I had a big crush on as she would have made an awesome wife to have a lot of children with, but we both knew that her dad would have not given us his blessing, which back than I had to agree with. Her dad had told her specifically what kind of man to marry, and she was looking to follow his advice. I have thought about them both on occasion.

        1. That’s when a little game and red pill would have come in reeeal handy. If you had a good red pill politico line to talk back then, you would have won over her dad regardless and escalated with her with you in the driver’s seat. I’ve talked to enough dads to know what makes good convo. They have concerns but so do I and that’s where you have to meet eye to eye. The dad knows you’re going to own her and you need to let the dad know that you too are glad that he wants his daughter to be owned by a red pill man. Plus I enjoy theosophizing and talking on about red pill stuff. Every proper controlling dad likes to hear that too.

        2. “Every proper controlling dad likes to hear that too.”
          He will see through you like glass. BS has a stench too it.

        3. I see a lot of my daughters’ future suitors trying the “Christian” card with me.
          If they want to go that angle, I’ll ask them about how they feel about all the violent parts of the Bible, particularly in the Old Testament.
          If they don’t confidently and boldly agree that the people on the business end of it were recipients of God’s divine and perfect judgement, then I’ll know they are full of shit.

        4. I’m not talking about being deceptive but being real. If a suitor is naive about life and women, the dad can see that the son in law will be too easily whipped or spurned by his daughter. I wouldn’t want my own daughters to become ruling matriarch bitch hens dictating over weak men in their own houses in the future. I wouldn’t approve my own daughters going independent of my tribe or culture OR political philosophy. If the dad is a fellow red pill bro, you’ll likely be friends with him too. You don’t just run off with the daughter and abandon her good red pill team member dad like that. Sure dads can smell pump and dump snakes but I’m talking about a serious find where she’s a keeper. The fact that she’s raised red pill eliminates her flaking and running home to ‘mamas’ to get some space. Her mama is kept by her daddy like it should be – at least I’m presuming in this case. If the dad is upstanding and runs a tight ship, with his daughters placed and situated with equally red pill suitors, then nothing would please him more than seeing that you’re equally red pill. It’s mutual.
          It’s easy to philosophize what SHOULD be done on this site but to realize and actualize real patriarchal principles is the next step. I would’t send my daughters away to some college mating scene crap shoot. Even if they qualified for some soft science like psychology, my stomach would turn. It’s for the good of my stomach and the west that they be squared away with good red pill assholes like me who also disapprove of women voting and who will breed them out the ass like I did my wife. I’ll stir a whole nest of feminists and naysayers currently but things are changing and I’m still in good enough shape of an old fart to climb up on my roof with a pitchfork if they come shoving that cult marxism/feminism shit at my clan. Yeeah buddy.

        5. Don’t ever send your daughters away to college where they’ll get drunk, stoned and laid for 4 years. Marry them off as soon as things start to get stuffy and stale between a mother and daughter. When a teen girl becomes fertile, she’ll fight like piss with her own mother at the drop of a hat. GET THAT GIRL out and married now motherfucker. (should be the voice in your head). If this mother-daughter tension and catfighting isn’t policed by YOU the patriarch, then the hormones in the house coupled with the illogic can become deadly FOR YOU. If your home is progeny blessed with multiple children, you learn to marry off your daughters when their hormones begin screaming nature’s call. Otherwise they’ll slut around high school and if they don’t drop a mud baby by some jock, they’ll go on to major in psyche and work for socialist services CPS where they’ll catch a lucky bullet. YOU DON’T want that call at 2:am.
          Honestly there isn’t a traditional ‘business as usual’ thing that will right and upturn the west right now. Siege and war rules are different. Just don’t forget that young girls are crazy at puberty if they aren’t married off. Otherwise they begin to go missing from 1-4 in the morning and their window is unlocked and you find blunts in their laundry and . . a nigger rap cd in her backpack. GET A HOLD white motherfuckers. THIS IS THE WEST we’re talking about here.
          Learn to spot the good red pill suitor. He may be of different specific denomination, but red pill bro language is universal. I once knew a red pill kickboxer who screwed the ‘preacher’s daughter’ literally. He was seeing her with the intent to domesticate her. It was secret from the preacher dad. He 19 she 16. Preacher found out and had the guy tried and sentenced for statutory. Now the girl is an old single childless bag on pills and the guy was ruined down to scrap jobs. The church was one of the JEWdeo churches that sends white girls on missions to the aboriginal jungles and that sponsors busses to hide refugees. A goddamn globalist shill church. And the preacher’s only white daughter was knee jerked and mangina slapped to infidelity and cultural sterility by her own preacher father. He was too stuck up to proudly announce to his half boat people congregation “LOOK AT MY BLONDE PREGO DAUGHTER and her white kickboxer boyfr . . . I mean Spouse. Married – boom (hammer). But he hammered his own potential son in law to death with mangina statutory law and local jew (and RC) prosecutors.
          I worked with the kickboxer guy years ago. I heard his whole story. If you seriously buzz the preacher’s daughter and if she’s quality and you are serious about domesticating and breeding her . . then have a route to RUN with her far away to settle. JEWdeochristian churches can be unpredictable and can bite. Too many of their pastors side with the system and we have to have written off the system completely already.
          ALSO events following a mother-teen daughter fight can strangely lead to YOU the father and patriarch being removed and placed under the gun – even if you were at work when mom and sissy got into gouging each other’s eyes out. BUT HOW? HOW can it fall on the man you ask? Well you should have MARRIED THE YOUNG GIRL OFF already before your home became ground zero for the suppressed hormonal storm.
          YOU as a red pill ethical man would never lust over one of your own daughters. You want the best for her and for the west. But many fine red pill bros out there are sogging their jollies for the dwindling rare find of a fertile young marryable gal that’s raised red pill. What more perfect a meet of minds, purpose and porterity could you ask for? Still there’s open warfare with empowered social marxists. What fun and excitement these days are.

        6. My daughters were both raised in an environment of red pill truth and traditional gender roles.
          The red pill seed grew and flourished in my youngest (the prettier/more feminine of the two) and withered and died (or ate least went into hibernation) in my oldest, who embraced the POZ with a depressing gusto — full SJW, anti-racist, pride, blah blah.
          She’s a lot like me in her temperament, and when I was her age, I rebelled against everything my parents believed in, only to come around to reality about life after a few years of some real exposure, independence and accountability. So I hope my oldest is just going through a rebellious phase and embracing those things more as a way to piss me off than a real belief in them.
          The youngest understands her value, her place in the SMP and is definitely seeing life through red lenses and often points out the hypocrisy she sees in pop culture and in her sister.
          The strangest thing to me is how two kids raised in the same house, under the same rules, with the same beliefs, could turn out to be polar opposites in that way.
          There are signs that the oldest is recognizing some of the fucked up nature of what she thinks she supports. But she most definitely won’t listen to me, she has to learn it on her own. I just hope that she, like I once did, survives it and comes out the other side a normal and better person.

        7. I’d like to say “Well, wish you the best bro for that older daughter” – but the forecast doesn’t seem too good for her. She already is in an established pattern of lying to herself on every aspect of reality. This is the result of her internalizing all the toxic illogic and coached rationalizations to self destruct and atomize anything patriarchal, family included. Her SJW and BLM bent is all a big “Fuck you” to the culture and blood bonds of family from whence she came. She didn’t arrive at any of her conclusions on her own volition either. She was assisted and violontly violated mentally in school curriculum and herd pressure from others who were fellow captives of the brainwashing.
          You say she’ll hopefully awaken like you as a man did, but she’s a woman and wired entirely differently and she’s wired much more rudimentally. She’s wired to perform optimally when supplicating to her master and patriarch man. No woman is truly happy, soulfully blessed and functional until she gives over the entirety of her body and soul unto her patriarch and master. A totally ‘given’ woman doesn’t have to be horsewhipped either. She is ruled gracefully by a righteous patriarch.
          It’s the strong willed yet stubborn woman being reclaimed from feminist hell that either break and are gone, too totally posessed to even feel the whip. Some women with a shred of femininity can flip and cry out for their right side to return and from there on it’s a course of adressing and tending to their residual damaged aspects. It’s a salvage operation at best.
          THAT’S WHY young women need to be married off ASAP to a hard core traditional patriarch with discipline and with familial and tribe support that is cored in the timeless tools of discipline and management of the shebeast. She’s not so beastly when she’s tit feeding, nurturing and servicing her master. It is the highest feminine bliss. She’s in seventh heaven when she performs and operates as per her divine design and architecture. She was built to do a job – breed, tit feed and be the deliverer of her fine bloodline. It’s kind of polar, the opposites of heaven and hell being similar to feminist empowered armageddon versus the right and virtuous natural order of patriarchy.

  8. Occasionally you will encounter stories about hot women who prey on men that have happy endings…I used to “date” (i.e., bang) this hot girl who was 24 at the time we hooked up. She would spend time at my place every once in a while. This chick was such a slut that if she was out in public, drinking somewhere by herself, her panties were going to come off – because she didn’t know what was happening after she reached her limit on alcohol. Anyway, I eventually had enough of her, and stopped seeing/banging her.
    She quickly beguiled this contractor who was doing pretty well with his business. She latched on to him, got pregnant, and he married her. And I thought, “That poor, stupid bastard.” Sure enough, after she had the kid, her husband started to realize what a slut she was and he had a DNA test done. The kid wasn’t his. He kicked her out and divorced her.
    After this happened, the girl contacted me and told me her tale of woe. She told me the kid was one of her ex-boyfriends’ kids – and she named the guy, who I also knew. So I said, “Talk your ex into giving up a DNA sample, I know he would do it.” Oh no, she didn’t want to drag him into it, she didn’t want to force him to pay up – which was laughable, because his family was rich and she was a money-hungry psychopath. The real reason she didn’t want to get a DNA test done on her ex, was because she had no idea who the father was.
    To this day, her kid has her last name (which means she never could remember who might have knocked her up, because she would have pinned it on somebody, if she’d been able to remember). She hit the wall a long time ago and she is done, finished, an over-the-hill, alcoholic slut. Her own kid will have nothing to do with her and thinks she’s a joke, as does everybody who knows her.
    See, I told you some of these stories have happy endings…

    1. The contractor is lucky to live in a state that doesn’t force the non-biological, duped “father” to pay child support…right???

      1. In most states a man has 1-2 years to prove that he’s not a father, and that’s assuming that he doesn’t act as a dad to the child first.

        1. Need to know the laws in your jurisdiction.
          In California you have 30days to request a paternity test/dispute paternity from the time you’re served with a summons/petition notice or the court may name you as the father.
          And your point about acting as the father or having presented the child as your child is critical. That can be used as evidence against you if you want to dispute paternity, or for you if you want to maintain the relationship. It isn’t dependent on genetics, but on how you’ve interacted with the child.

        2. And your point about acting as the father or having presented the child as your child is critical.

          This is known as paternity by estoppel, which in English means “if you act like the dad, you are the dad, even if you didn’t sire the child.”
          On a side note, this is often on the list of reasons to avoid getting into a long term relationship with, or marrying, a single mother. If her kids for her previous relationships refer to you as “dad” or you do “dad-type” things with them like pay for clothes, family trips, Christmas and birthday presents, etc. and then you break up, that single mother can then legally hit you up for child support, because those kids see you as their “dad.”

        3. In some jurisdictions a man has only as little as 5 days to deny paternity in court. After that they assume de jure paternity regardless of later evidence of non-paternity. The common tactic is for the lying bi…, I mean, mother to give the court a bad address for the purported father. He then never gets the summons and has a default finding of paternity against him.

        4. So if you play daddy for awhile and you both know child is nefariously conceived, then what if you have to go somewhere like on a business trip. Everything is fine until she wakes up on the third day of you gone and abroad. Then her defective nerves kick in and she grabs for straws and finally the phone.
          THE LAW then steps in and empowers her with teeth to belt you if you ever leave again for any stupid ‘man’ reason. The law empowers her to keep you without career and changing diapers and ‘heeelping’ her with everything like a housebound insect, that whatchamacallit species of insect that traps the male in a web and juices it, sucking it’s vital fluids and spirit until it is a cellulose husk that gets discarded when it’s too brittle and lifeless to move. YOU are that webby booger that drops from the hive to a pile of older droppings as newer suitors for the job smell the honey and buzz towards the hole.
          EMPOWERMENT BITCH LAWS are rewriting the female psyche and turning mothers into insectoid brained partisans of the bitchstate. Bitch empowerment is unnatural and is intended to mutate and downgrade our patriarchal species. We have to keep the crosshairs on the real enemy here.

        5. There’s no f*cking way I would pay. I’d skip town, work under the table, whatever I had to do. Of course, I wouldn’t be likely to get involved with a single mother to begin with, but I digress.

        6. I agree. Though it’s probably just a matter of time til they place a hold on one’s passport to ensure they can’t bail.

  9. Im amazed anyone still would even want to breed with white western woman…why?…why the fucking would you want to breed with those repulsive, arrogant monsters? Like seriously, this a good thing not to breed with them, its best men go to another country and have interracial breeding competitions, than get your cock near those ravaged diseased filth called the empowered western white woman.

  10. Looks like another job for Social Justice Sally!!
    1) A woman accuser is believed no matter what!!!
    2) A woman accuser is believed no matter what, even if all the evidence is against her or there are holes in her story!!
    3) A woman would never make up a story about being raped cause no woman would ever do that. (take my word, don’t google false women accusers as u will get nothing)
    4) Even if a woman has a history of making up false allegations, has criminal background and horrible reputation her word should be valued over the man, judge, police, evidence, jury, god and any other eye witnesses.
    5) Even if the court finds the man innocent, the SJW committee and media will determine guilt so it doesn’t really matter.
    6) No matter if the woman accuser is caught lying, women’s groups will support her, morally, financially and spiritually as we take care of our own.
    7) Most importantly none of these rules apply to male accusers, as women rule and men drool.

    1. 2a: no evidence beyond her words is required in the great state of North Carolina for a main to be arrested, jailed, have his firearms seized, and kicked out of his own house and forbidden to see his kids.
      All it takes is an accusation from a female with ZERO FUCKING EVIDENCE.

  11. #4. She has a pulse.
    #5. Hold a mirror under her nose, if the glass begins to fog up, it is a sure sign she is telling a lie.

  12. “when they’re humped and dumped by a man with wealth, they accuse him of sexual assault to get paid.”
    Two words: Kobe Bryant
    Good to see another Donovan article.

  13. Yeah, those in the manosphere are pretty aware of this by now, and even many men who are not. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gbb03SnhHOM but that doesn’t change things unless judges change. If a woman makes a false rape accusation (proven to be false, that is, not just that there wasn’t enough evidence to convict the man), then she must get the sentence that the man would have got had he been found guilty. As it stands it there is nothing to lose for the woman. After a few of them get long gaol terms, things start changing. The alternative is the muslim solution of wanting independent male witnesses. That would do it, but goes too far in the other direction, many real rapes would go unpunished. And since the only real rape culture in the west (outside of men’s prisons) is carried out by muslims, that is altogether too ‘convenient’.

    1. PETA is silent on muslim goat rape and justice departments are uninterested in muslim man-boy love. Islam has hit rock bottom. 9th century golden age Islam didn’t rape goats. 18th century Christian churches didn’t uphold rainbow sexuality and feminazism and Tammy Faye frivorce and women’s advocacy in the pews either. Many Christian churches have hit rock bottom too.

  14. The state causes this. It is them who control men with this.
    ROK does not have a clear picture of who is man’s biggest enemy.

    1. The state itself is like an empty building. It’s the people in it, the progressives, feminists and social marxists who have been granted stay after stay of actually engaging in a conflict, a housecleaning where they will be scrubbed.

      1. The state is “defined” by them. So they are the state.
        Not just individuals, nor buildings, nor just the government.
        Feminism, Marxists, etc, are made part of the state, as useful idiots, but in reality they are powerless without the state using them.
        The state sells the illusion that things would be right if you vote for the right person. It is a system of control of populations.

  15. A black man wrote this article……..coincidence ?
    Undermining Racist jokes aside
    Informative article and completely agree with all of it especially number

    1. ‘A black man wrote this article……..coincidence ?’
      You typed those words.

  16. I speak from investigative experience when I say that another “tell” of a false sexual assault allegation is when the women only reports the “sexual assault” to the police after her boyfriend and/or parents find out about the encounter, and they are the ones who pressure her to report it. Indeed, that is a warning sign as well.

    1. “..the women only reports the “sexual assault” to the police after her boyfriend .. find out about the encounter..”
      I know more than a few acquaintances of exactly that happening too. They banged a slut and a few days later they are fighting to stay out of prison after beta-boyfriend reports “her rape” to the police.
      Because women never lie or whore around.

  17. In cases such as this, I defer to he Elvis Presley Philosophy: All women are whores except my momma.

    1. Gnomesaying, i can only assume from your statement that you are not now, nor have you ever been in a healthy, loving, mutually respectful, honest, caring, long term relationship with a lady. That is an extremely harsh, not to mention unrealistically pragmatic blanket statement to throw out there as though it were some kind of law of the land. Come on now. Personally, I do not care, as I am not a whore, but as a huge Elvis fan for many years, I have never come across that “philosophy” of his, not that it doesn’t exist, but I am skeptical. With an attitude like that, you are looking at women with a very warped & diluted filter & you will never find one to fall in love with & keep. It’s sad, imo.

      1. “Personally, I do not care…” But you just can’t fucking shut up, can you? QED.
        Nothing here that couldn’t be cured with a beating, a circumcision, and a burka.

  18. Next time any of you ROK readers bed a woman right before the moment of truth i.e. boning stop and bust out a bunch of consent forms and video cameras. Try to keep a straight face but tell the chick ” you just want to be safe and legal ” and have her sign a “sex consent form ” in triplicate and then maybe have her give verbal video consent to a lawyer via Skype. Tell the gal you just “want to protect yourself”.. Throw this consent garbage right back at ’em….

      1. Nah, she’ll just claim regret later, or that she just “felt so pressured to sign- ya know? Like buying that new car and the salesman’s talking a mile a minute and you’re not all that sure but it’s a pretty color and you look so good in it and… a few weeks after you have it you see your best friend bought the same car in the same color, but with the running lights and sun roof like she’s all that and you just don’t want it anymore…”

  19. I have pitched this idea before and I will do it again. We need a database of false rape accusers. This is the perfect job for the manosphere. List famous ones like Jackie C and also the girl next door who makes a bogus accusation. Add details and be meticulous. It is time to fight fire with fire. Women dont respond to anything else.

    1. AVfM ran this for a while under the name register-her.com. I don’t know what happened to it but it’s worthwhile pursuing again. False accusers are a clear and present danger to men everywhere in the Anglosphere and there is currently no way to protect yourself from any of them.

  20. Mudsharks turn on their men badly. Look what happened to that guy on the Bachelor. Better to be with your own kind. Sounds racist? Well she just fucked up your life with an accusation, the guy got kicked off the show then was fired from his real life day job.

    1. I always see fat muds with their nappies in the local Mickey Ds. Even the short ones look like they’re pushing 250 lbs. All are fat with their hair in a bun and they talk in ebonics. Skinny muds usually have thick glasses and were special ed class. They’re all leftover nightmare bitches. The common chat you hear with them is “Jamal’s in jail again”. All the black baby daddies are in jail and the fat mud ho’s screw other available black guys meanwhile. The fat white muds run the show as stupid as they are, running the train of daddies in and out of jail. They snitch as fast as they order a pizza. The whole scene is system enabled and the housing projects operate as planned, like a honeycomb breeding hive. What jew genius would have dreamed up such a thing?

  21. When I was younger in Australia, I knew many women that when they saw their exs when they went out having a good time, they would go up to some muscular betas and say “he rape me” while trying to cry even tho they ever did and had moved on! These betas would go up to her ex and punch on!

  22. The only saving grace is that most of these whores are terrible liars, and eventually, they get exposed.

  23. Most rape victim is know doesn’t like to talk about that or managed to make peace with it.
    A person braging about her/his rape is much more suspect. But there is no ‘typical’ rape victim.
    A person using rape to win any argument or justify his/her behavior is VERY suspect.

  24. “Rape” stories I’ve heard from women, first hand.
    – My step dad was like, I could tell, looking at my younger sister in a bad way, so I, like, went over and sat on his lap to distract him.
    – I had, like, consensual sex with this guy and like, found out that there was a hole in the condom that he, like, put in there on purpose and then I was like, you know, pregnant, so I aborted the baby and like, I consider this every bit to be rape.
    Rape – is there nothing it can’t be?

    1. ‘Rape – is there nothing it can’t be?’
      Try oral sex.
      Oral sex was redefined to be ‘rape’ in the UK a few years ago.

      1. I don’t even know how that’s possible no matter how stretched the language!

    2. Good lord. I’ve only been up in your neck of the woods for two week and, like, literally EVERY girl like….talks like…you know constantly saying “like”, you know what I’m saying?

  25. Take steps to limit your exposure to goverment and its laws and such problems bother you no longer.
    99.99% are sheep and will never even consider this to be possible. They deserve no better.

  26. #4) You are not her close family member or partner.
    If something awful happened to me, I would not be divulging it to anyone other than my immediate close circle. I can’t tell you how many women have revealed a “rape” to me after knowing them just a few days or weeks.

    1. I’ve had a few tell me about rapes and/or molestation within 24 hours of meeting for the first time. A wise friend explained that it’s a ploy to try to make you feel sorry for them.

      1. If this happens again, have some fun with it… ask them what happened to the assailant. Was he prosecuted and did he go to prison? 🙂

        1. I had one tell me that her father slept in her bed with her from the time she was three years old until she was 15. My buddy’s response: “Why’d he stop when she was 15?”

        2. I forgot to add… let’s say you pop the question about the assailant and she responds along the lines of “I didn’t want to go through the trauma of seeing him in court” or some other silliness.
          Ask her then how she feels about allowing a rapist to run around on the loose, being free to rape another woman.

      2. Maybe you just have one of those faces. People tell me shit all the time, people I barely know, and I’m often left thinking “Why the fuck why I want to know that?”

        1. Yep. It’s been a curse. People are forever telling me things I don’t want to know and have no business knowing. Makes good material for stories, at least.

  27. I am shocked to hear that both sides willingly have sex while dating, and then the guy a accused of “date rape”. This behaviour is disgusting and annoying. In my country (Sri Lanka), babies are actually raped and murdered. It’s on the news with pictures of the body of the child and police investigation, and that’s how I found out the fact. There are kids as young as 9, who were forced to have sex with their fathers and stepfathers, and then these kids bear children before hitting their teens. Also, the culture here is very different. Some of my friends have had date sex and have told me that they had sex. They don’t call it rape if they preferred the sex. Falsely accusing men of rape is a sin, I believe, because the guy did not actually mean to rape, and also I am afraid that real rape victims will have no place to express what they have been through if these false accusation are always happening. It must be stopped!

  28. Another myth is so-called marriage rape. Marriage gives open ended consent, so it is impossible for a wife to be raped.

    1. Well, it’s a legal thing now. However, that doesn’t make it right. If I house a woman, and pay for her life, and I am supposed to be monogamous with her, then she needs to stay as attractive as possible, be nice, and put out whenever I want. But, that doesn’t happen because women are not legally required to bring anything to a marriage, unlike men, whose contribution to marriage is codified in divorce law (alimony and child support).

  29. To me number 1 is reason enough. All these washed up celebrities who wake up at 40 and remember that they’ve been raped by so and so when they were 23 are lying. All these stupid “authors” on jezebel and co telling us about how they got raped in college are lying.
    If you can tell everybody, put it in f-ing writing on the f-ing internet, but can’t take an hour of your time to press charge at the police you are lying. period.

  30. The law should be: if a woman falsely accuses someone with rape, she should serve the same sentence as the men would have if he was gulity.

  31. “Good looking women have used their looks to acquire money and resources for generations”?
    More like the beginning of time…the world’s oldest profession and all that.

  32. Another good sign that it maybe false is that she’s liberal, a feminist, and her definition of rape is fluid. I knew a chick who said she was raped, but all that happened was this: she saw the guy masturbating in public. That’s it.

  33. you have a fundamental misunderstanding of the term ‘date rape.’ Date rape is when you are on a date (i.e. consensually hanging out) yet you do not consent to have sex and are raped, either by drug (commonly called date rape drugs) or by force.

  34. The author makes it sound like false rape only happens when she tells people and not police. Give me a break, A friend of mine was falsely accused of rape, she told the police that lie, and they put him in jail. No proof, no evidence, no investigation that’s all she has to say and you go to jail. He went to trial and won. they did nothing to the girl. America is too dangerous to be a man.

  35. I know a female nurse who is a SART (Sex Assault Response Team) member. Her job is to medically examine victims of rape. She told me that 90 percent of the cases she sees are FALSE. Whereas the wyminsts claim- with faked statistics- that women are raped all the time. Because they want to get more government grants, I’d guess. There seems to a 9-thousand percent disparity between reality and what is politically claimed about sexual assaults.

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