Everything You Need To Know About Dubai

Generally speaking, whenever ROK and its readers comment on some aspect of the Arab-Muslim world, negative light sheds upon the region and its inhabitants. Although less alien from a Western point of view, the aversion is perhaps also directed towards Dubai, known for its massive wealth, largely created under slave-like conditions by migrant workers with few if any substantial labor rights.

In spite of these negative depictions, Dubai is obviously an interesting place as a booming post-oil era trade hub, and after having spent a vacation there and increasing my knowledge on the wealthy emirate’s history and economic development, I intend to describe its history and current profile. Additionally, I will also consider its value from a mere tourist point of view.

The formation of the United Arab Emirates

The modern history of Dubai goes back to 1833 when the Bani Yas tribe resettled from Abu Dhabi to Dubai, a land which previously had been inhabited. This was the second wave of modern migration. Since that year, the Maktoum family, a branch of the Bani Yas tribe, has ruled Dubai. The government structure is patrimonial and autocratic, although with democratic-like features among the rulers.

In colonial times the region has also been under the control of Portuguese, Dutch and British settlers. In fact, it was until 1971 the land was a British protectorate.

In pre-modern times, the land suffered from local and regional slave trade and pirates, much different from its now largely crime-free, authoritarian yet hedonistic aura. In the more distant pre-modern past, this was the starting point for long caravans, and raiding has always been part of that phenomenon.

Since the British local trade interests were threatened, they organized anti-pirate measures, and whether directly or indirectly, the British culture has significantly influenced the economic structures and modalities of this region. The British hegemony was made possible due to the gradual dissolution of the Ottoman empire, which created a regional vacuum for European powers to fill.

Since 1972, the UAE consists of seven emirates of which Dubai is the second largest in demographic terms after the capital Abu Dhabi, which likewise constitutes an emirate. The current population is over 9 million, of which about 2.8 millions live in Dubai. About 90% of the workforce in the private sector is made up of non-citizens.

The citizens of the UAE are granted a cradle-to-grave welfare, including first-world education and medical services. Arab-speaking expats have better chances to partially integrate and be part of the UAE community, but there is a substantial difference between Emiratis and foreigners (especially poor workers from Asia and Africa).

How Dubai became an economic powerhouse

Large amounts of oil were found in neighboring Saudi Arabia and Iran in the early 20th Century. In 1966, Dubai had similar luck and is the main factor behind today’s massive wealth. Sheikh Rashid has been a key figure in the creation of high-class infrastructure and economic institutions, such as Dubai Airport, built in 1959 but obviously reconstructed and refined multiple times in parallel with growing wealth.

From the 1970s onward, the UAE has been politically and socially stable, and managed to have constructive relations with its neighbors, as well as significant global players such as the United States, EU and China. This has secured the inflows and outflows of capital and favored the mobility of the foreign workforce.

However, since economic and material development tend to be based on cumulative processes, Dubai has significantly diversified its economy. The difference is that Dubai did not have to go through several stages, but instead managed to leap the stages to today’s high-mass consumption. Currently, revenues from oil and gas make up only about 5%, whereas trade, real estate, construction and financial services constitute its largest sectors, alongside mining, shipping, tourism, and mass communication.

An oasis for the global middle and upper classes

Dubai has similarities with wealthy East Asian cities and city-states such as Singapore, Hong Kong and Macau, and culturally with Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) and Marrakech (Morocco), and makes up sort of an oasis for the global middle and upper classes. In 2016, Dubai had 14.9 million overnight visitors and the economy is characterized by massive inflows and outflows and a steady growth rate at about 8% annually.

Though the future is unforeseeable, one should expect increased yet non-linear growth in at least the coming decades. Dubai is a prime example of an interplay between global human capital and localization of economic activities. That is the type of sane and limited globalization that also us Westerners want. The local interests are the basis, whereas relative “globalization” is only a means that might serve this end.

Although there are Westerners who reside there more permanently, Dubai is a typical location for either short stays or so-called circular migration. One resides there weeks, months, or in some cases even years, but in the end many prefer their home countries. After all, a hyper-materialistic sheikhdom built on expatriate exploitation and at least partially Wahhabi-influenced doctrines, where one is expected to awe Shaikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Nahyan, is not a place to spend one’s entire lifetime.

From my own, very recent experiences, Dubai is absolutely stunning from a material point of view. The architecture, hotels, scenery and activities are at least at the same level as those in Las Vegas, and slightly better than Macau and Singapore.

Although it is unrealistic that the rest of the Islamic world will follow this pattern, it is still preferable than militant Jihadism and other forms of Islam. Symbolically, my Arab driver put on the radio which played Ariana Grande’s song about being excessively fucked by a badboy, “Side to side”, while going on a desert safari tour. The soft power of Western pop culture is obviously more appealing than to recite the Quran.

Like East Asian countries, contemporary Dubai is a hybrid culture. The difference is of course that places like Japan, South Korea and Singapore mix their post-Confucian ethos with Western-global culture, whereas Dubai blend their Arab-Muslim heritage with Western practicalities, knowledge and hedonism. For instance, the sexes are generally self-segregated in the metro (there are segregated train cars in Tokyo too).

At one moment I had to admonish my girlfriend as she wanted to step in one of the mixed-sex areas, where severely sex-hungry men will likely grab females by the pussy or at least ass. The strategy for the rational male, who has to make most if not all of the important decisions in order to accommodate, is to let the girls stay in the females and children-only section, while you stand close to her in the male area. Although I prefer the culture in East Asia I find Dubai slightly appealing.

Apart from the desert tour, I recommend Ferrari world in Abu Dhabi (where one can go with the world’s fastest roller coaster, Formula Rossa, with a maximum speed of 240 kilometers per hour), Buddha Bar in the luxurious Dubai Marina, Burj Khalifa, and a stay at some of the city’s five-star hotels.

Expect to meet only a few locals, multiple Chinese and Korean tourists, a few Europeans and Americans, and a service staff which mainly consists of South Asian, Filipino or African people. If you have any doubts about the Arabs, you do not have to deal with them much anyway, as long as you abide by the law.

The price levels and excessive heat, at least between April and October, are two downsides. There are ways to hack around that but the major tourist attractions, besides the desert safari tours (about 50 US dollars), cost quite a lot.


Dubai is an economic powerhouse that takes some of the positive and negative features of the region and mix them with Western know-how and lavish consumerism. The UAE, Dubai and Abu Dhabi in particular, has managed to develop from a poor to a rich country in only a few decades. As far as tourism goes, I would highly recommend a visit there.

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  1. Dubai is scum. Nothing but shitskins and and more scum. Death to all dubai citizens and death to all muslums. If you see a muslum today slit their throat. Don’t let a single man woman or child muslum breathe in your presence

  2. I was in Dubai for 4 days at the start of last year. It was the last stop of a 6-week European holiday the wife and I had. She had been there previously with her family and wanted us to go.
    Desert safari, as you mentioned, burj Khalifa, aquaventure water park and jewellery shopping.
    I’ve gone there, I don’t see a need to ever go back, unlike my wife who maintaines that she could “happily live there for a few years”.

    1. Should have asserted patriarchal dominance and skipped the “jewellery shopping”. 1000% markup. Be a man, ban jewellery in your home (like it was banned in Sparta) and invest in bullion.
      Furthermore, I don’t see a bright future for you and and your wife. But it seems like you’ve already willingly given in to her demands and becoming red pill at this point in the game would just speed up the divorce proceedings.
      The ONLY time I can see any sort of justification for buying jewellery for your wife is if she’s 20 years younger and blows you every day like the good, docile, grateful housewife that she should be. And even then it’s iffy, as I wouldn’t want to marry a whore to begin with.

      1. Awesome reply. I have never gone shopping with any of my girlfriends. Even less, buying a damn jewel.

        1. FWIW your wife sounds a lot like my ex-wife. Make of that what you will.
          I didn’t consciously think it would happen either.

        2. You mean you allow her to have access to money? I feel about a woman having access to cash the same way the Ferengi felt about letting females have cloths; absolutely no justification. I do believe women should work to help defray the cost of their upkeep, but all the funds go into the communal pot and I am the CFO.

  3. I’m considering working there or in Abu Dhabi for a year or 2. How safe is it?

    1. Very very safe. No terrorists allowed. If you see someone who demands your seat or is walking around like he owns the place, his father probably does. Those guys are absolutely untouchable and you need to just step aside. Otherwise, you’ll be paid like crazy and enjoy a very luxurious experience. Not many sluts though, but expats are thirsty as all hell.

    2. I have always felt safe when in the Gulf countries. Be careful not to get caught up in financial scams – but that applies everywhere. I never saw any street crime. Most people who live over there, come from families with fathers married to their mothers. They are, therefore, well behaved.

    3. Just don’t say anything about goat fuckers or draw pictures of Allah on anything.

    4. A friend who worked there for two years said he would prefer prison next time.

      1. If the access to quality microbrew beer is bad, then it essentially is prison!

    1. You porta potty girls. they all getting poo poo’d on and gang raped for 50k. that’s why girls love dubai.

    2. “Ya see the thing is, that looks a lot like a puddin’ pop, ya see.”

  4. The uae didn’t make their money using slave labour, that’s a recent thing. They made their money primarily as a port, and investments. The slave labour is a very recent thing.

    1. False. The Arabs always had a massive slave culture, down from the seventh century when they went south of Sahara to take Black slaves, and they never stopped since. The UAE just improved and refined the scheme. Also, nobody said they made their money using slave labor, actually they used their money and extensive experience to attract and manage slave labor.

      1. Thanks for your reply. It’s time to let the Arab slave trade known.

        1. Don’t forget that the reason the Arab countries aren’t overrun with the descendants of black slaves is they castrated 100% of the black male slaves and killed any issue of the black female slaves. And the death toll crossing the Sahara makes the middle passage look like a Caribbean cruise.

      2. “Although less alien from a Western point if view, the aversion is perhaps also directed towards Dubai, known for its massive wealth, largely created under slave-like conditions by migrant workers with few if any substantial labor rights.”
        They are good paying jobs to those people. They know what’s up and they aren’t slaves, just people trying to make a buck somewhere. Stirring sugar into shit doesn’t make it sweet. Yeah, there’s a slave culture. These people get paid. What about their ports again ?

        1. “You see Rudy, the thing is Rudy…”
          Oh sweet hell.
          The natural order has been inverted.
          We have Whites and Asians laboring as servants doing all the jobs for these Jawas because these sand people had the good fortune to have been birthed out atop a sea of oil.

        2. “They are good paying jobs to those people. ”
          No they are not. Personal story of my brother in law (Filipino). Yes, the promised wages and working conditions were great. Then they found out that they would have their passports seized and held against completing their contracts. Then they found themselves housed in a remote location in a concrete prison like structure. Then some motorized equipment went missing from a locked enclosure over night; after it had been logged in and verified to have been turned in. Their bosses just assessed the costs of the equipment against the work crew’s pay. They were then paid nothing, not even for food, until the total cost was paid back. they would have starved to death if not for money sent from the Philippines by family. There was no evidence presented as to the guilt or innocence of these men, and no due process. there was no evidence other than the bald statement of the owners that the equipment was even stolen. The owners could have just moved the equipment to another site. No trial in a court to put the theft onto these men.
          “They know what’s up and they aren’t slaves, just people trying to make a buck somewhere.”
          Just NO. they are told many things before they go, but the reality is much different. Filipinas know that domestic work in the ME sounds good when they are being recruited, but then they find themselves as unpaid sex slaves to the males of the household and punching bags for the female members. The truth has come out and few Filipinas will go work in any Muslim country.

    2. The ports were built with slave labor. All construction was done by foreign nationals from third world countries.

    1. Good point. Some Westerners who went to Dubai in the mid 2000s “got drunk on Dubai” and made unwise property investments. Then came the crash of 2008, and they couldn’t leave.

  5. I haven’t been there for awhile. but i will say this i want to visit again this time with circular migration in mind. don’t plan on living there forever. just want to meet mo vlogs and his sister lana bear. dubai is a play land anyway

  6. Keep working for your shekels Goy. Those Bedouin had the good fortune of being born atop an ocean of oil so they don’t have to work. Now put your backs into it. Feel that whip? That’s your white privilege!

  7. Why do Westerners deal with these Jawas like they’re actually on an equal playing field? Just because they encamped their Jawa sand crawlers atop an ocean of oil, we’re supposed to treat them as fully actualized denizens of planet earth? HA!

  8. White male born in the Rust Belt, born with nothing = berated for having white privilege
    Arab male born in Dubai = given $100k a year to sit on his ass and watch white women on chaturbate = victim of Western Islamaphobia

  9. In a sane world, this is how it would go down:
    President Trump to Lord Sand Monkey, ruler of Dubai: “All your oil is now our oil. If you resist, we’ll kill you. Understood?”

    1. instead we bend and scrape, willingly paying these Tusken Raiders a $100 per barrel of crude like we’re playing a game of snooker ball with a Victorian gentleman.

  10. why no discussion of Arab privilege? Being born atop an ocean of oil and never having to work a day in your life

  11. Desert sand safari? WTF?
    Tour guide: “If you look out the window to your left, you will see sand as far as the eye can see. And if you direct your gaze out the right side, you will also see sand as far as the eye can see.”

    1. The sand dunes are cool. There is not much of a tour guide, only a driver, and the fun part is to go up and down along the sand dunes.

  12. These Bedouin Jawas make American blacks look positively industrious and austere by comparison.

  13. Can’t wait for this sandbox to become part of Greater Israel. At least the Jews have an IQ above 85…

  14. Anyone ever notice how it’s the most useless sacks of flesh who always have the most grandiose names?
    “Rashid bin Saeed Al Maktoum”
    Boy, that guy must have had problems filling out a scan tron bubble sheet back in school… yeesh!

  15. “the Maktoum family, a branch of the Bani Yas tribe” … Glad you clarified that. Wouldn’t want to mistake the honorable Maktoum family as part of the Bani Yar tribe! That would be simply slanderous!

  16. Dubai architecture? You mean Western architecture bought for with Dubai oil?

    1. That is the whole novelty of Dubai, to see a bunch of Gulf Arabs live like Westerners.

  17. Anyone hear of the new Beach Boys song? “Surfin’ Dubai Safari” ???

  18. White male born in the Midwest has to drive a shitty 20 year old honda
    Arab male born in Dubai has a fleet of Bugatti sports cars.
    Why? Because capitalism.
    And funny thing is you libertarians will defend this hahaha

    1. You are an idiot. The Midwest white male drives the old beater because he is taxed hard, and his businesses regulated into stagnation because of government, which is the opposite of capitalism. As for your Arab male with the fleet of high end cars, that’s the wealth extreme of the jawas. Comparing the two is dishonest to the extreme.

      1. Don’t regular people in Dubai throw themselves into traffic because cost of living is unbearable?

        1. Where did you hear this? I would like to known. It is a fact that Dubai has a history of high dollar cars being abandoned because some people flee due to their debt.

      2. He prefers North Korea or Cuba where everyone except the elites live in poverty and have no means of escaping.

        1. You’re right: Americans should be thankful they have to pay the government taxes instead of being like the Arabs who get paid by their governments.

    2. White male can stop using petroleum based products and send the arab male inyo poverty. That’s the beauty of capitalism that morons like you will never understand

      1. Or the white male can take his oil by force instead of doing the delicate tactful dance of diplomacy with Bedouin tribesmen.

        1. I have no desire to take the Arab’s oil by force. Who wants to go through a radioactive glass bowl to get oil, and that would ideally be all that was left. End the war on terrorism by going to the source of terrorism; and bombing it out of existence.

    3. No. a very small percentage of Arabs in the rich areas can drive fancy cars. The rest herd goats and work in hotels.
      That’s like comparing the entire US to Luxembourg and blaming it on Capitalism.

    4. Yeah, it sucks to have to be responsible for your own way in life, you poor suffering little boy. Why isn’t everything given to you for free?!? Oh mah gawd!

    5. Should you have a new Honda because of some self-proclaimed ‘birthright’?
      “life sucks, get a helmet”
      -D. Leary

    1. The prince is very pleased, he just requests that the scat session be moved from 8pm to 6pm.

        1. Did you mean to say, “Toasted Allah”? I wonder if it is considered an offense against Sharia law to toast Allah with alcoholic beverages?

    2. Don’t forget the dildo. Try to shove it up your ass while on the plane ✈️
      It will make things easier latter you’ll thank me.

  19. Nope. I would never, ever willingly and knowingly give my money or time to a bunch of savages who are aping European culture and architecture and do so in the knowledge that but for their insane oil wealth nobody would even shit on them.
    As a general rule I am insanely tight fisted as it is let alone giving away whatever I have left after oppressive taxation to a bunch of inbred Middle Eastern retards who would sooner try to butcher me. Fuck them and, fuck the Middle East.

      1. When they’re a bunch of homosexuals and sodomise animals and children I wouldn’t exactly call them better by any stretch of the imagination.

        1. “When they’re a bunch of homosexuals and sodomise animals and children I wouldn’t exactly call them better by any stretch of the imagination.”
          Yes, indeed. The catholic church deals with scandals as well – sexual abuse of children being among the most common. But the difference is that those practices are considered evil and sinful under all Christian doctrines, whereas under the koran, it is mandated that their islamic religious leaders take a 9 year old wife.

    1. hear, hear. Its just that – aping the fruits of European culture as a commodity rather than creating of earning it.

      1. They could never even dream of doing so given how they’re all inbred and thus borderline retarded.

    2. The reality is that the good ones are in Dubai minding their own business, the bad ones are on the streets of Malmo, Paris, Manchester, Brussels, Berlin, Copenhagen, Amsterdam, engaging in all sorts of sordid activities. Better them aping white culture in a Muslim land than having Muslims come to a white land and pushing Muslim culture onto whites. Wouldn’t you agree?
      In Germany, because of the large Muslim influx, its now very rare to see women sunbathe topless in parks during the summer, back when I first moved there, it was very common to see, also in the beaches and in the saunas. Most women are afraid these days because they do not want to be assaulted by refugees or offend some very conservative Muslims.

      1. “The reality is that the good ones are in Dubai minding their own business, the bad ones are on the streets of Malmo, Paris, Manchester, Brussels, Berlin, Copenhagen, Amsterdam, engaging in…:
        The issue I have is that the so-called ‘good’ ones is that the ‘good ones’ are laughing behind our backs while the bad ones are in the streets of europe doing the work of allah, paving the way for the eventual ape-ification. They’re all cut from the same mold.

        1. Here is the problem, the ones in Dubai got money, so they have no interest or incentive to go to Europe or America, they already got their financial needs taken care of and they got their Sharia and Islam. Muslims in Europe come from poor countries, not necessarily countries that are torn up by war but countries that have a low standard of living, they are in Europe for the gravy train. European countries are aging, the average Western European is around 45 years old, and most European governments are desperate for young people, so desperate they overlook the fact that they are bringing in backward medieval people. So in the end these people become cheap labor but also bring their backward culture to Europe. Their children wind up poorly adjusting to European society and often wind up on social services.

        2. “most European governments are desperate for young people, so desperate they overlook the fact that they are bringing in backward medieval people”
          Disagree with this analysis. The governments of Europe know EXACTLY what they are doing, and who they are bringing in. New Labour, for instance, deliberately sent out teams to the most downtrodden parts of the world to find new immigrants. They didn’t look for high IQs. Blair et al stated in their memoirs that their goal was to ‘replace the british working class’. That would be almost all of the English/Irish/etc.
          This is population replacement, not augmentation.

        3. If they really wanted to rejuvenate the population they would import large numbers of young Asian women. If you think about it the feminist European women would be out in the streets protesting such a move. So instead they prefer Muslim and African men breeding with white women.
          If you think about it the whole conversation on refugees would completely change if most of them were Asian women instead of Muslim men.

    3. “Nope. I would never, ever willingly and knowingly give my money or time to a bunch of savages who are aping European culture and architecture and do so in the knowledge that but for their insane oil wealth nobody would even shit on them.
      As a general rule I am insanely tight fisted as it is let alone giving away whatever I have left after oppressive taxation to a bunch of inbred Middle Eastern retards who would sooner try to butcher me. Fuck them and, fuck the Middle East.”
      Fuckin Gospel, man. Quoted for truth.

      1. Thank you very much. I appreciate your sayings that.

  20. No thanks. Emirates air treated me like crap on two long flights in a row and I’m not keen to travel to or with them ever again.
    I even stopped flying Qantas because they partner with EA.

    1. Fuck ’em. I fly Thai and they’ve always been excellent.

      1. I like Singapore airlines and around Asia their budget subsidiary silk air.

  21. I just want to say that everything The Peach Bandit has said thus far is very, very true. I am in total agreement with ol’ Pabst.

  22. Dubai is the ultimate enemy of Western Culture.
    They practice Sharia law. That is what we are fighting over here. Why would we want to patronize a country that supports the destruction of our culture?
    There is a huge gap between the super rich and the poor/slaves who live in squalor. The white slave trade is still very active and is both girl and boys. Our leaders know of this and do nothing because of business interests.
    Our leaders who continue to screw us over have strong ties to Dubai and its alluring culture of money. We are being sold out to the Arabic masters.
    This Islamic cesspit, and our association with it, is one of our major problems.
    Ironic that an article expounding the delights of Dubai follows an article about the US needing a trade policy that benefits Americans and not globalist billionaires.

    1. I’m fine with returning to a more conservative, strict law.
      Dubai is destroying American culture? You watch too much Fox News. Islamism wasn’t even a factor until about a decade ago. Feminism and other things are much more destructive forces than Islam, which, while it’s not a model for how I want things to be, is at least successfully fighting feminism, something the west has been unable to do.
      Dubai has all its eggs in one basket, and if there is ever an anti-globalist movement that gets us away from fossil fuels, the whole place will collapse, but that’s not likely. There are also plenty of fairy tale economies closer to home. Just look at Vegas.

      1. Thank you.
        Too many god damn commenters on ROK who suddenly become feminists whenever the topic of Islam is brought up.

    2. I don’t get it, the SJWs made the new Star Wars movie in the UAE, the same country that exploits Asians laborers like 18th century Africans.
      Akhmed the kid who brought brought a clock to school and got arrested moved to nearby Qatar. Don’t get these hypocritical pieces of shit.
      Notice that ISIS doesn’t attack the UAE or the Gulf countries?

  23. Its Pretty much Vegas sitting on a real estate bubble and a regional and geopolitical powder keg. I would be surprised if this place lasted over 20 years. The first sign of trouble and there will be an exodus of foreigners and that little stretch of desert will go bust overnight. Also, very much like Vegas, the place is going dry. The amount of energy and maintenance needed to treat and desalinise all the volumes of sea water for that city’s consumption is unsustainable on the long term. Everybody there is living in the NOW.
    Honestly you’re better off going to Bucharest, Romania. It’s not as pretty on the eye but the people are great, the booze is good, the women are beautiful and you can easily go back home with some left over change. And you don’tave to worry about going to jail for fornication outside marriage, being drunk or pissing off a rich local camel jockey.

    1. I have considered going to Bucharest. Want to see those medieval towns in Transylvania (instead of the modern towns in Transyvania).

      1. That’s great to hear, you’ll love it here. There’s a saying here about us Romanians that we like to take any opportunity to celebrate and have fun.

        1. I’d like to visit as well – though according to Roosh, it is Romania where he got burned by the women there, but then again he might have been taking an approach or going to a locale that was not receptive to him.

        2. I’d like to see Hunedoara Castle and pay respect to Vlad Tepes. Bucharest sounds interesting also.

    2. I heard the population of UAE is 90% foreign as in they have to import most of the workers to make it all operate. Outside of public institutions, few UAE citizens actually work and if any conflict did come to that part of the world, it would be a ghost town over night.

      1. Gulf arabs are primitive bedouins. They don’t even have the intellectual capacity to tie their shoe laces. They need foreigners to wipe their ass and blow their nose.
        The skilled workforce (engineers, architects, business managers) are mostly westerners. They’re the lucky ones.
        The unskilled workforce and manual labourers (construction, housekeeping, bell boys…) are mostly south or south east asian. They’re treated like dog shit. Often their passports are confiscated and their forced to stay in UAE where they’re paid $200months. Or sometimes never months on end.
        I’m no marxist but i don’t want to sip my southern comfort and coke knowing whoever served it to me is being treated like a slave. I dont want that shit on my conscience when on holiday.

        1. I haven’t been to UAE, but other parts of ME, but have heard of what you describe. I never understood why people would want to go there, but to each his own. I do feel for those guys busting their ass to feed their families back in SEA though. Seen it in other places.

        2. i don’t want to sip my southern comfort and coke knowing whoever served it to me is being treated like a slave.
          I’m a hard core randian and I agree with you 100%. The abusive labor conditions of this region is one of the reasons I will not visit them,

        3. “i don’t want to sip my southern comfort and coke knowing whoever served it to me is being treated like a slave”

      2. Main reason it won’t be a ghost town overnight is the major Asian economies and Russia, many Russians and Chinese got massive investments in Dubai, and that place has become a major financial hub between Asia and the West that is why there is no chance it will become a ghost town for a very long time.
        As far as Israel is concerned, the UAE like Saudi Arabia and Egypt are stooge Muslim nations. Its countries like Iran and Syria that concern Israel.

  24. Arab oil-sheikhs are worse than globalist bankers.
    Sure it’s all cool in Dubai when you’ve got money to buy Ferrarris and shit on Instagram models, but behind the glamour lies slavery, massive abuse of those who are not rich ethnic Arabs and spoiled rich little shits who wouldn’t spit on you if you were on fire.
    I’m not even talking about funding terrorism with your tourism money and the possibility of the natives coming down with Sudden Jihad Syndrome.

    1. “Sure it’s all cool in Dubai when you’ve got money to buy Ferrarris and shit on Instagram models, but behind the glamour lies slavery, massive abuse of those who are not rich ethnic ”
      Far be it for me to advocate for female’s rights during the current zeitgeist, but there was a case of a female hotel employee in Dubai who was gang raped, then charged with engaging in sex outside of marriage – then thrown in prison.

      1. She is Australian, so it is always possible that she wanted to be “raped” by these men, then regretted it and attempted to report the incident to police.
        Maybe this girl actually was violently raped and then thrown in prison for it, and if that happened, it’s fucked up. I’m just tired of all the commenters on ROK who suddenly start spouting feminist clichés whenever the topic of Islam is brought up.
        Yes, there are many reasons to hate Islam. Yes, we are at war with Islam. But that doesn’t mean that Muslim men are “oppressors of women” and that Muslim women need to be “liberated.”
        If you guys hate Islam so much (and rightfully so), then why do you go out of your way to stick up for the “rights” of Muslim women? Fuck ’em. Who cares if they are “abused” or “oppressed”? Why do you guys hate Muslim men so much but give Muslim women a free pass, treating them like victims?
        And yes, I realize the hotel worker who was allegedly gang-raped was a Westerner and not a Muslim, but my point still stands. Whenever Islam is brought up, half the commenters on ROK turn into feminist idiots.

        1. “but my point still stands. Whenever Islam is brought up, half the commenters on ROK turn into feminist idiots”
          I hear ya – and duly noted.
          Assuming that the female in question was grnuinely gang raped, then the justice in Dubai is corrupt.

        2. “Yes, we are at war with Islam.”
          we are? sh*t, where’s my bloody M16?

    1. Yes it does: “The architecture, hotels, scenery and activities are at least at the same level as those in Las Vegas, and slightly better than Macau and Singapore.”

      1. I see.
        Thank you.
        My point was the impact the buildings had.
        Is anyone in the west building with such self belief?

        1. I prefer classic and traditional types of architecture, and the greenery of Singapore, but some futuristic stuff can be quite cool as well. However, I am not that not impressed by the architecture since it is essentially the same as in America but with some additional height, refinement and details.

        2. The only things being built in America are disposable buildings to trade shekels in. We build shopping centers with projected economic lives of 40 or 50 years. Or Wal Marts that go dark after 15 years when they get a better deal with the town a few blocks away.
          The only pretty structures in my town are the ones built during the Great Depression. Look what they did to the psyche of the people of that time? Helped motivate them to build the most prosperous modern civilization.
          The psychological impact of architecture cannot be overstated. Another huge factor is transportation. People who visit me from abroad often comment on how our airports are third world. I’ve actually been to third world airports that I prefer over some of ours!

        3. look at it! its all shallow, meaningless, “look at me!” crap. Takes no account of site context, use, environment, etc.

      1. I think they are a little more, bem…….
        The Arabs are trying to define their own futures, these shiny toys are statements of intent.

  25. People have to realize that:
    1) Living conditions are sometimes even worse in Pakistan, Bangladesh and the Philippines, and thus it is still better for poor people to go to UAE than to stay in their home countries.
    2) Seriously depraved sheikhs are obviously nothing to cheer, rahter the opposite, but extremely wealthy people in all times have been this way, more or less. A lot of quite nasty but legal things are happening in the West too (Vegas, Berlin and Budapest), or somewhere else by Westerners (for instance Pattaya, although a lot of other people than Westerners go there too).
    3) These Instawhores that Ayder refers to with his picture can to whatever they want for money – I couldn’t care less if someone shits on them.

    1. I know it’s something you didn’t touch on, but glamourizing the touristic side of Dubai, the life of the richest 1% of its inhabitants without any emphasis given to the culture and potential bad things (things that are said in Arabic, not English), may lead to people believing these folks are “just like us” and normalizing their coming to western countries, where they do not contribute to the culture but rather bring their own shitty culture to us.
      That would be like writing about the amazing Maldives, but omitting the fact that you can’t leave your hotel to get an alcoholic drink because they have very strict Islamic laws outside of the tourist bubble.
      I mean, I can read any tourism brochure and hear about the huge buildings, artificial islands and Ferrarri rentals, but I come to ROK for some red pill truth.
      A pussy paradise – it ain’t.

      1. I haven’t emphasized the 1% but rather the 10% who are Emiratis, although they do not really deserve their high living standards. And I haven’t said that they are like us; I have said that it is a hybrid culture, a mix between Western consumerism and Arab values. I haven’t said that is a pussy paradise either. Nothing to cherish, but as long as they do not move to Europe permanently I have nothing against them.
        It is a red pill article from a red pilled person. I have a balanced outlook and emphasize both pros and cons and describe to which extent it can be of some value for a Westerner, short term-wise. To feed readers with information that merely confirm their biases – regardless of facts – is not red pill, it does not enlighten but is only a reflection of the mirror opposite of a social justice warrior.

      2. The article said a lot of interesting things about Dubai. It did not say Dubai was a pussy paradise. There are articles here about things other than pussy.

      3. Arabs love pussy as much as anyone. They are also big hypocrites in terms of islam. I haven’t been to uae but I’ve been to Bahrain. It’s definitely a pussy paradise….if you have the money.

    2. As per above, conditions are not worse in the Philippines. Every Filipino I know (and I have a huge family there by marriage) knows that going to the ME for work is a sentence to slavery and avoid it at all costs. They would rather starve at home with their families than become slaves to Arabs.

      1. I am not talking about Filipinos, Pakis or Bangladeshis in general, but the poorest bastards that have no other choice. So in the best case they get something. Maids and construction workers are probably in the most vulnerable positions.

      2. Koreans used to go work in the Middle East a lot in the 1990s, but appear to have more or less stopped since then as South Korea developed. I suspect the same sort of thing will be happening among Filipinos.

  26. Dubai is proof that slave labor works. If you support slavery, support Dubai. If you do not support slavery, do not support Dubai.

      1. Rather just kill them, personally. Slaves revolt, and the arabs by and large have nothing of substance to offer the modern world except for oil.

    1. “works” needs to be defined very carefully….
      works for whom? and to what end?

  27. Segregated public transport might be good when you have a GF but it truly sucks to be a single male in such a country.
    As a single male you almost feel like a second class citizen with places for women and children always being a lot nicer and comfortable and the reason for the segregation being that you’re considered guilty until proven not of being thirsty and perverted.
    In India there were also places for families where the husband is allowed with his wife and children but as always single men are the pariahs. I looked at those family places with envy. Besides, how to even pick up girls in segregated places like that?

  28. Come and visit the beautiful lands of your ancestors in Europe. While its still exists.

  29. My wife (a filipina) worked as a nurse in Dubai prior to meeting me. Trust me when I say that the article’s depiction of the city being founded on slave labor is a gross understatement.

    1. My Filipino brother in law worked construction in Saudi for several years and I noted no exaggerations what so ever in the text. We eventually bought him out of the slavery, and they let him leave the country.

    2. With high number of Filipina’s that get executed under unproven circumstances in the Middle East your lucky that your wife made it out alive.

  30. I would not contribute to an economy that is being built by slave labor. Effing Arabs.

  31. Although I’ve come to hate Las Vegas over the years, I don’t really see much difference from it and Dubai — accept Dubai looks bigger and better materialistically. Poorly treated humanity in both places by people who are not much different idealistically, aside from skin color and choice of clothes. Super rich American, Jew or Sheik — same behaviors and attitudes.

    1. “Super rich American, Jew or Sheik — same behaviors and attitudes”
      There is a better justice system in Vegas, and being a non moslem there won’t make you a third class citizen. Having sex outside of marriage is not a crime in Vegas. Dubai tolerates westerners there because they bring in money – but their muzzie laws are against you should you (even accidently) run afoul of the law.

  32. Everything you need to know about Dubai = they have oil and little else.

        1. As always, the answer to that is to be the 1% elite. They will get all the worthwhile women soon anyway. If only wishing could make it so.
          I don’t have to worry much as I am getting closer to getting my 72 virgins in Paradise. I plan on converting a day before I die, just in case I am wrong.

        2. Lol
          You know the difference between american women and women from the United Arab Emirates?
          American women get stoned before adultery.

        3. In the arab world, the 1% get the local women?
          Since when are arab women a prize?

        4. “Since when are arab women a prize?”
          There are some very stunning arab women, but they represent a very small percentage of the female population. Most arab females trnd to be fat, roundish butterball types.

  33. “Dubai is an economic powerhouse that takes some of the positive and negative features of the region and mix them with Western know-how and lavish consumerism.”
    Sounds like Iran and lesser extent Afghanistan before the Mad Mullahs took control now have a look these countries – Another words there are plenty of other countries to keep men occupied with adventures, culture and women

  34. I’ve been to Bahrain, a close cousin of uae. Slavery has been mentioned a lot here. What hasn’t been mentioned is all the Russian and eastern European sex slaves that fill the hotels.

    1. Where I am in Hungary I don’t have to worry about the Sharia police. I wouldn’t even go to a secular country like Turkey much less the UAE no matter how modern it looks.
      It’s good for Muslims.

  35. I have a simple rule: if a girl tells me she really wants to go to Dubai, has “worked” there or visited either alone or with “friends”, she immediately becomes persona non grata. Totally vapid, souless place. Nothing to do except spend money. The local people aren’t interesting. The expats are as fake as the facades. It only proves that money can’t buy taste or class ala Kardashian-esque. The author is an idiot.

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