Homosexuality Acceptance Is Leading To The Normalization Of Pedophilia

It was not that long ago (2015) that we reluctantly gave gays the right to marriage, along with all its benefits. We didn’t want it, but like any other form of degeneracy that was being pushed by students of the Frankfurt School, we gently let it slide, because we gave them the benefit of the doubt that it would become the slippery slope that it always does.

We were warned by the staunch detractors again and again that acceptance of homosexuality into the mainstream and in institutions would inevitably lead to them pushing for more degeneracy—no matter how far it goes. The gays browbeat us, called us “Bible Thumpers,” shamed us through all forms of media, and got the legal system on their side to fine people who want to run their business the way they want

Homosexuals finally got what they wanted because people—specifically White Christians—are willing to give people a chance if their sob story is good enough, because we thought in the end we would just let ‘em have it. “It doesn’t affect us,” we said. “Who cares who they fuck as long as they don’t bother me?” Such is the case for any minority group, racial or otherwise, that wants to become a protected class and bully whites into submission.

Great People!

Homosexuals as a group are some of the most depraved, morally compromised, and mentally ill people you will come across in your lifetime. The level that they embrace and push for degeneracy and debauchery is astounding to the effect that it is consistent among the vast majority of them.

Not only do they all advocate for perversion, they are amoebas that shamelessly absorb any and all depravity which comes their way. A simple visual representation of this is the rapidly expanding acronym used to identify them: LGBTQIAPK2SAAP—no joke, this is the best official acronym that I could find considering the irony of them being formless.

More Rights!

Back in the 1980’s in the United States, when GRIDS (gay-related immune deficiency) was first popping up all around the gay community, people were scared stiff of this new super virus that meant certain death if you caught it. It had an unintended effect of catapulting gays into the very forefront of public scrutiny and discourse. Along with it came safe-sex education and contraceptive use as the fear of contracting the equivalent of the Black Death during the middle ages was very high. A brief period of advocates vs. detractors came to be, but in the end, sympathy was given to the gays.

Only in very recent times have we seen the level of perversion accelerate at a frightening pace, with it going from sex with other men, to trannies, sex with animals, 100+ genders, and finally sex with children. Merely a few years ago, the idea of normalizing pedophilia was completely off the table. Now it is being rapidly introduced and pushed for public acceptance just like homosexuality was all those years ago.

Here are some stats on how much homosexuals enrich our society:

-They make up approximately 3% of the population but account for 25%-40% of all child molestation cases.

-They make up over 80% of all male child molestation cases and the average pedophile victimizes between 20 and 150 boys before being arrested.

-Homosexuals account for almost half of all serial killers and child killers, no surprise due to their fragile mental state.

-Most child molesters, child rapists, murderers and serial killers are male. Homosexual males account for 1% to 2% of the population. That means 1% to 2% of the population commit 1/3 of child molestations, 1/3 to 2/3 of child rapes, 1/2 of all murders, and more than 2/5 of serial murders.

-Homos have a disproportionate representation in all media (Hollywood, TV, Stage).

-Children of homosexual parents are twice as likely to have emotional instability than with children from normal parents.

In 2014 alone, gays aged 13-24 accounted for 92% of new GRIDS diagnoses in their age group

-Over half the people affected with HIV are homosexuals

-Blind surveys reveal a gross number of homos that admit to sexual contact with a minor

Not All Homosexuals!

Hmmmm. Who has been known to shove degeneracy down our throats?

In the 1990’s, an organization by the name of Gay and Lesbian Adolescent Social Services (GLASS) was accused of abusing troubled youths that were situated in their homes. The kids in these homes were groomed and used for sex by the adults that were a part of and ran the organization. Books were given out to help children “discover” their sexuality, and some youths were believed to be “born gay.”

This group still exists to this day, despite continued abuse reports. These cases are not unique, as fags routinely like to use organizations that specifically target youths to get their rocks off. Think of the boy scouts, church youth groups, and social workers as other avenues for gays to insert themselves.

The push for pedophilia is being waged the same exact way that all previous “accepted” forms of degeneracy have been. This movement is real and growing in strength and influence. They begin first by changing the discussion from moral absolutes to moral relativism in the same way that homosexuality became about “love” instead of being completely amoral (i.e., antithetical to the Bible).

Instead of being an absolute depraved and sick offense on the moral fabric of society, they are now “born that way,” effectively taking choice out of the equation, which thereby absolves the offending party responsibility—and with it, blame for the consequences of their actions on society. Not only do we have this, but pedophilia is also being pushed on the medical science front as being a “condition” that needs treatment. And you know what kind of treatments are being suggested? Micro doses of a drug to ease them off their pedophilic tendencies. Guess what the “drug” is? Yup, children.

It’s not just the innocence of children that is under attack. The nuclear family and healthy relationships in general are under siege constantly by the gay agenda and many others. Same sex parents are not conducive to a stable and healthy family environment and any of the other dregs of society that the LGBT lobby accepts are fit to raise children either. To gays and their ilk, children are groomed to be both the filth that their parents are, as well as whatever deviant flavor the child’s malleable mind decides as well.


Homosexuals and the other freaks that associate with them are just more foot soldiers created by (((certain people))) to surround white people with enemies who want to tear down the healthy patriarchal civilization that they built. Unfortunately for us normal people, we have allowed the number of enemies and rabid dogs who hate us to grow in number, and when the inevitable conflict breaks out, it will be all the more difficult to cull the infestation, especially since gay laws are paving the way for pedophile rights.

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519 thoughts on “Homosexuality Acceptance Is Leading To The Normalization Of Pedophilia”

  1. You really have to give credit to Christianity for making heterosexual marriage the default 2000 years ago, I believe before that homophobic pedophilia was considered normal.

    1. No it wasn’t. This is one of the great historical lies! Gius Julius Caesar is an EXCELLENT case in point. The historical recividists claim he was bi-sexual, but in reality, it was his “bonhomie” enemies who attempted to label him as such…so, he fucked ALL of their wives. He didn’t do this to prove his heterosexuality, he did it to avenge the tarnishing of his gravitas as a Roman Patrician. Homosexuality was widely disparaged in the ancient world, and the Greeks might have thought it was “normal,” but that was before the Romans, and we still live in a Roman world.

      1. Then there was the Emperor Elagabalus: Dressed as a bride and married the leader of his guard. That used to be taken as an example of his depravity, but today we’re supposed to say “nothing wrong with that”!

        1. No shit, the whole homosexual “revolution” is the false “normality” of sexual deviation taken to the extreme. I hear liberals and Leftisits say, “they have no choice in the matter,” but this denies the reality of medical science. Self-destructive behavior is in itself, a psychological illness, but now that medical science is ruled by emotional elites, we’re told this is the new normal. These people won’t be satisfied until they destroy the civilization, and then they’ll be executed by those barbarians that will end up filling the vacuum by the fall of Western Civilization.

        2. So true.
          Talking about sexual deviation to the extreme: In Japan apparently there’s guys who take their sex dolls everywhere with them. I wonder how long before we see that here. (“Nothing wrong with that!”)

      2. Homosexuality appears in every culture as it proceeds to die. Greece is an obvious example, as it began to embrace open homosexuality right before they were conquered (except Sparta, but they died out for some reason before that happened). Rome indulged in the same way outside of the Church (and inside, but Paul had some harsh words about that) during their collapse.
        As to pedophilia, it’s hard to find a culture that approves outside of Islam and a few others. That’s not saying that every culture required girls to be 18 before they had sex (in fact, until the 20’s we didn’t require anything of the sort). They had to be sufficiently developed to bear children, and generally they had to be more-or-less fully developed (which happens for most girls somewhere between 11 and 16). As a key factor to this, girls didn’t get to choose their husbands when this was true – their adult fathers made the decision to marry them off if they were this young, usually to prevent scandal (if she was messing around) or ensure she would be provided for.

  2. The incremental normalization of homosexuality has been shown to be a planned and very successfully executed strategy. The same strategy is being used to advance transsexualism, pedophilia, and polyamory. Even worse things will come next.
    The sole reason that the left has not been more successful that it already has been in advancing transsexualism and pedophilia is that they became too arrogant, and started pushing too much too fast,

    1. They have forgotten the past, as they are prone to do. They have forgotten that the dream of normalizing homosexuality in the West began in the 60’s (or, perhaps, even earlier?) and took two generations to bring to fruition.
      As with Marx, they view their visions as the natural progression of society, and thus there should be no limits to how fast they can push.
      EDIT: If we view a generation as a score of years, it’s almost three generations.

      1. I’m sure they thought the Tower of Babel was the natural conclusion to society as well.

      2. They also forget Russia, the Atheist Utopia, which is now rushing back into the arms of the Orthodox Church.

      1. According to Catholic radio and Focus on the family it can, but there is tremendous pressure from the mainstream media and the elites to smear it.

  3. I remember when even leftist Simpsons was aloud to casually poke fun at gays in the 90s. Not now.

    1. That is part of the process of indoctrination. They first start with “desensitization”, which is about making it cultural even if that means presenting it as something negative.
      It works because our brains are highly adaptive, we perceive things relatively. Then they start changing the message and people becomes more tolerant due to their loss of perspective.
      The environment(nature) used to be our “absolute”, but now with technology everything is made relative (our brains do not react); then it is too late.

      1. Bingo.
        Propaganda isn’t a failure if it doesnt change your short term thinking.
        Merely exposure to the propaganda is effective.

  4. “Hmmmm. Who has been known to shove degeneracy down our throats?”
    Funny, Jews just got banned from LGBT parades in the US – don’t let facts get in the way of your narrative though

    1. They eat their own. Jews shit on the peoples who made this country. Homosexual pride activists shit on those same Jews who made their lifestyle acceptable and popular. Jews started many of the civil rights groups, and those same groups view Jews as Evil White Men ™.

      1. Jews aren’t as monolithical as blacks, muslims or hispanics, but ok

      2. When the Jews manage to finally destroy all that is left of the Christian West, all that will be left is Muslims and National Socialists (and the rabble). Mohammed and Hitler. I’m starting to really believe that.

        1. His character served in WWI as a fighter pilot. Not a very good one (one general has a bum knee because Klink managed to crash into his plane).

        2. Nice! Your kicking my middle aged backside on stuff I should know! I grew up watching those reruns in the 70s. Must be the alzheimers setting in.

        3. I have the set. I may be young, but I know good TV when I see it.
          Right now I’m working back through the classic Beverly Hillbillies. Now that’s a show!

        4. You’ll LOVE the Hillbillies. Granny & Jethro are the best. Just wait till one of the episodes where people try to tell Granny that the South lost the war!
          & Granny vs Mrs. Drysdale. That sh*t is hilarious.

        5. American helmets more or less ape what the Germans did, except they’re covered in cloth and have equipment strapped on them. But the design is basically the same.

  5. My mom always says that no one talked about homosexuality in the 80’s, but we know that wasn’t true. By the 90’s, kids were learning which of their favorite celebrities were gay, watching pride parades on television, cracking jokes about homosexuality, and what have you. By the early 00’s, homosexuality was a theme of an increasing percentage of television programs and promoted in classrooms. By the end of the 00’s, they were a goddamn superpower of a minority.

  6. I graduated high school in 1997, and had never even met a gay person back then. No one in my high school was gay (at least openly) or even questionably-gay.
    But nowadays I see gay kids every day, every where I go. Flamboyantly open gay kids. It’s disgusting to see, but at the same time quite amazing to see how in such a short period of time an entire culture can be manipulated and changed.

    1. I think I may have known one in the Scouts, but he could have just been a weird kid. We all joked he was gay, though – I think it builds character.

    2. Part of that is all the estrogen and the decline in testosterone. I read somewhere that the rates of testosterone in the male population is literally (Hitler) plummeting. It goes down like 1% a year or something insane like that.

      1. The way of men is violence. We tend to disrupt order when we abide by our natural protocol.

        1. The way of Western white men is violence when we are pushed. Hence the desire of the elite plantation owners to feminize us and disarm us (which has largely been accomplished throughout Europe and the UK) as they attempt to herd and husband us like livestock. Otherwise, the way of Western men is organization, innovation, civilization and order. Western civilization has certainly had it’s share of disorder and warfare, but overall the modern conveniences that improve your quality of life, from air conditioning and reliable electricity to automobiles and the Internet itself were not born out of “disorder.” Hell, even the US military which kills people and destroys things all over the globe, literally (Hitler) over night, is quite “orderly”, lol!

        2. Violence is sometimes a necessity. It changes something that would of taken 100 years of changing in 1 day

        3. there is a major unbalance with violence coming from the left which probably won’t go on that much longer..

      2. I’m trying to pinpoint this. I’m thinking there has got to be like “2 wests”. Surely maybe some mainstream “normie slug” has low T but I know a lot of people who do not live any kind of Low T lifestyle nor engage in that kind of consumerism whereby they are ingesting all the “mainstream crap” full of estrogen mimicking chemicals and such.
        Makes me wonder who they are testing. I would bet if they want out into “the sticks” where men to real work and drink only well water and consume red meat they would get an entirely different outcome. These guys do not look like the urban snarkers.
        Heck I have worked in every kind of job from military to offices with suit and tie, and men who work in offices have that remarkable “office fag voice” that I seldom hear anywhere else.
        Look at the protests for example, these manlets and faggots. It’s like a different breed of human. You can just about spot them at a distance just on physical features.
        There’s got to be something to this and more involved than “all men in the west only have half the T”. Maybe these hordes of fags and manlets are driving the averages down.
        We risk oversimplifying this subject, treating this like some kind of “OMG Magical Reduction in T these articles say so” and we’ll have a generation of young men that might end up stupidly looking for a “solution” to a problem they don’t have and all it’ll do is give them pattern baldness 20 years ahead of schedule. The “problem” may be way more environmental AND mental. In such a way that I have seen how “mental obesity precedes physical obesity” it’s quite possible that the leftist brain virus is a T killer just on it’s own effects. That is, being proven that virtue signalling does cause the brain to spurt “feelgood” hormones, there might be a secondary effect. Hence the prominence of faggotry among leftist activists.

        1. It’s also possible that we’ve cut natural selection completely out of the picture. Unrestricted reproduction amongst physically and genetically unfit people would lead to weaker subspecies that normally wouldn’t exist.

        2. I’m inclined to believe there’s an epigenetic component to all of this. People willing to face death, sickness, despair, and the loss of everything on ships for the promise of indentured servitude (and, eventually, freedom) made a country of strong people. The strong people made a nation where people were generally good, the land was livable, the inhabitants of the cities produced technological wonders, and there was more than enough to go around.
          As life got better, people got worse. From the Old World came ridiculous philosophies such as Marxism, spread by those who had not worked or suffered to those who had yet to enter the workforce. The children of those brave, strong, and intelligent people lacked the circumstances to develop to their heights, and so became like those with less potential. This has led to the less-glorious nation we currently inhabit.
          I’m certain genetics plays a factor, but I still believe genetics only represent potential. A person of middling intellect who reaches his potential may never be as smart as a genius who reaches his, but he’s likely smarter than a genius who never explored his potential or struggled to achieve it.

        3. Who needs marxism when one has heretic universalist Puritanism?

        4. Worse than that. We tax smart successful people to give free gibsmedats to the poor and stupid. We make sure that no single mom goes hungry and that her felon kids live to spawn large litters of future felons and teen single mothers. We give welfare to backwards religious ideologies that turn around and bomb our children. We are literally encouraging the Breeding of the worst of humanity while strangling the best.

        5. I believe you have a point, but look at the individuals who compose Antifa and the social justice movement. Unhealthy, ill-favored people will bear marks signifying them as such. These people are almost entirely scrawny, malnourished, malformed or mentally unstable. There are few exceptions to this when they gather en masse.

        6. Oh, without question. I think that there’s more to it than simple genetics, though.
          Here’s a for-instance. I’ve got a cousin who can trace her lineage on her mother’s side back to Jamestown and her father’s to a group of American Tejanos who fought for independence. Her brothers are fine, but she’s loco.
          She eats differently than her brothers – they’re steak-and-eggs men, she’s a vegetarian. She thinks differently than her brothers – they’re in the trades with side hobbies ranging from music to theology, and she’s in a psychology degree with no hobbies to speak of. She lives with different people than her brothers – they live in smaller towns, and she lives in a leftist hellhole.
          This sort of things suggests to me that there’s an epigenetic component. She comes from fine stock and has fine brothers to prove it, but she’s worthless.

        7. That’s curious. Perhaps too, there is a component having to do with sex, as those characteristics are all of the type that women are more prone to (though not all, I know). I can’t guess too much further, I’m no geneticist.
          Regardless, I doubt these problems will be cured in our country until permanent damage has been done. We’ll have to start afresh then, most likely.

        8. If I had my druthers, I’d make every group of kids work a farm when they turn 11, preferably while they still think the other sex is gross/weird (just makes things easier, I reckon). A summer outdoors in creaky cabins with an outhouse and a water pump, working from sunup to sundown, eating only what they can grow or slaughter, preserving what they can’t eat, and I reckon we’d have much better kids.

        9. I doubt even your “rough” boys can compare to the people of yore. Most wells close to farms are contaminated with pesticide components that act as artificial oestrogens (my employer used to work for a company performing those tests overseas and the results are just gruesome). Granted, compared to the modern office workers, they are rambo on steroids but I would bet the farm that even in them, their T levels are lower compared to their counterparts from even 100 years. You can thank decades of “better living through chemistry”….

        10. I tend to think this has the biggest effect. The most fit are reproducing the least and the least fit, often the most. Anyone can have 1 kid pretty much. If that’s the case, we actually need this culling that is being produced by feminism. It at least works as a theory.

        11. I suspect you would be correct in there being a different average in testing for the country folk vs the city living, drive everywhere, eat junk food, drink chlorinated & fluoridated water, ssri popping, cubicle working folks. Also maybe the average T levels for men years ago were based on testing of robust men in the army whereas nowadays the average is based on pathology lab testing, where you are much more likely to get ordered a test for T levels if you show or complain of symptoms, so the sampling is going to include much more men who are struggling with health issues than strapping fit & horny men.
          I don’t know about you, but I really don’t buy it that lots of struggling for pussy chumpy dudes are flipping the switch in their head and deciding having sex with another dude is now a turn on. Logging into a free porn site and jerking off is so much less of a mental chasm to jump, and if they have major issues when it comes to femininazis, just go mgtow or just do pump’n’dump rather than try re-programme your natural instinct.

        12. I think that we are witnessing the divergence of society based on who reproduces. Those who listen to society are having no kids, where as before it has always been socially normal to form families. Those that don’t listen to society are reproducing. And then there are two main kinds that are a-social, those holding to a higher level of thinking and those who just don’t give a f***. Those that are socially acceptable are having 1 to 0 kids.
          So it becomes a divergence between those with higher thoughts and actions against the don’t give a f***s, and both these sides, the divine and the trash, detest each other.

        13. That shit will stop soon, you watch…once all the smart people take their cash and leave for the beaches of Thailand…watch all that tax dollars dry up…then all these coddling benefits will be slashed and wow feminists will have to get REAL jobs.

        14. Lot of kids these days are made as a means to weaponize them for child support by mothers. I hold no interest in anyone having kids. Whenever I meet a nasty and miserable woman shes usually a mother.

        15. In many Western countries the labor force is already shrinking. It’s just a matter of time before society will be split in 2: the sick, lazy and stupid ones and the healthy, energetic and smart ones. It will surely clash when the handouts stop.

        16. Children are a meal-ticket. A man will be more likely to stay with you and provide if you can put him in the proud “daddy-box”.

        17. There are many that have children as a means to make a replica of themselves because they feel they didn’t do good in life. Women almost all feel this way reason why they were born with a uterus. Nobody remembers or cares about the parent of a famous or accomplished man though. Who’s Bill Gates’ father? Who’s Newton’s grandmother? Nobody cares

        18. Fantastic post man. I always ask “If it’s across the board, then why isn’t it affecting me? Why is my son immune? Why is my father, even approaching 70, a fit high T dude? Why do I see guys all the time out here in flyover rural country who are about as high T as you can get without going to a doctor and getting injections?”
          Now *maybe*, and this is just me speculating, some men come out of the womb genetically predisposed to be more sensitive to environmental estrogen, while others are more or less immune to increased amounts in the environment? That would go a long way towards explaining not just my high T examples, but also the hipster faggot “men” who are one small knife cut from being a female. They were just born with this natural genetic weakness which, if they’d been born 100 years ago, would never have manifested itself and they’d be by all appearances normal men?

        19. unrestricted and government subsidised reproduction amongst physically and genetically unfit people

        20. Yes and this is why I support PP. need to abort the nigs and at the very least control their population if not outright shrink it.

        21. Funny, when I meet nasty women they are typically old, single, and with no kids. Very bitter people they are.

        22. Sounds like my childhood minus a crazy abusive stepmother. Farming was actually something I enjoyed. It got me outdoors and away from the psycho bitch. When I wasn’t tilling, watering, harvesting or canning I spent as much time as possible camping. I would even camp in the winter with a foot of snow on the ground. Having a life that’s too gentle and having everything handed to them without earning it turns children into big ol’ fat pussies when they become adults.

        23. You are supporting r-selected behavior. Strong families lead to patriarchy, patriarchy leads to order. Your mindset is exactly the mindset that leads to Agenda 21 and the elite policy to destroy everyone.
          You view yourself as better than this group, which is fine, but then you want to get rid of them as a competitive strategy. But once you set up that dynamic in your group, someone else in your group will decide on another arbitrary standard to say that this person is lower and therefore has to go. This continues ad nauseum.
          This leads to the neurotic insistence that everyone views everyone else equally because of a fear that things will go crazy again. However, I believe in Freedom, Liberty, Swift Punishment, Rights of Property, etc. Because of that, I don’t care if I think some other group is better or worse than me and mine, because all I want is an honest game.
          In the Nash Equilibrium, that kind of person always looks for win-win even at the cost of a higher payoff if he could get win-lose. (If you don’t know what I’m talking about, look it up, it’s important)
          If you look at resources as limited, such as a Pie that only has so much to go around, then as a matter of simple survival you have no choice but to take the mindset of tearing others down.
          But if you look at resources as unlimited, then you want people to succeed, and you absolutely insist on honesty.

        24. No, you are supporting r selection behavior with welfare/food stamps etc. PP aborts babies thereby stemming their population and shrinking their families. In a way, this could actually help their population as they will have less kids to take care of leading them to more of a K selection strategy.
          Your 2nd paragraph brings up a good point although I do believe a lot of social problems come from the black community. Eradicating their population would be a good first step towards improving our country. In order for someone else in my group to say “Let’s get rid of group X” I’d think there would need to be good evidence that eliminating that group would meaningfully improve our country. I don’t really think there is any group as terrible as blacks in America. Even the illegals are more decent than them.
          Resources are by definition limited. Pretending they are not is false and you are liable to draw faulty conclusions from it. Life is mostly a zero sum game. Someone wins and someone loses.

        25. No, I’m opposed to welfare and food stamps. I’m sorry about the comment on r-selected behavior, but it’s what I’m observing as a result of the policy you are advocating, I’m only telling you that because it’s obvious you despise it.
          You are correct, resources are by definition limited, and pretending they are not is false in the sense that it does not comport with observed reality, and yes you are right that I am liable to draw faulty conclusion from it.
          Nevertheless, I insist on it, because any other policy will inevitably lead to self extermination. There is a reason the elite maniacs erected the Georgia Guidestones. I’m sure they all think it’s very pat and nice, but in reality, why stop at 200 million? Why not 1 million? Why not move it down to 10? What happens when someone decides fuck it, if we only have 1 million people, maybe they should all be my descendants and not these other bastards?
          Of course, my views are actually rooted in religion, and I am simply making my argument in a way that can be relatable from what I perceive as your own.
          There’s only so much hypocrisy I can stand in myself.

        26. If you read Margaret Sanger’s book “The Pivot of Civilization” you will undoubtedly find her either horribly evil with the worst intentions in mind (i.e., you’re a race-denying cuck who thinks eugenics = bad)
          or you find her to be ahead of her time. She specifically went after nonwhite areas for her abortion clinics. Though, as a Christian bound to his people and homeland, I cannot condone abortion as an effective means of pop control as it can be hijacked easily by nefarious types like we see today.
          The best solution I have witnessed by far in history is just straight up castration. Certain countries that imported slaves during the height of the slave trade castrated every single one they brought in…and lo and behold, they have no negro problems!

        27. I do not understand the link with abortions and r selected behavior. If this is what you are trying to say, please explain the link because I am not following.
          I see your point but I do not necessarily see it that way. I am simply advocating for(at a minimum) population control for what I and many others consider an undesirable and frankly unwanted group of people.
          There is a meme that satirizes that holocaust poem about “first they came for X but I did not speak up because I was not X”. Basically it says at the end they stopped coming for people because all the problems were solved. Personally, this is how I think it would turn out. I do not think we would go from one cleansing to another because I think people would get weary of it. The idea is to improve the country. But if you are removing groups of people who are not bad then why remove them?
          I respect your position and how your views are rooted in religion.

        28. “I cannot condone abortion as an effective means of pop control as it can be hijacked easily by nefarious types like we see today.”
          I cannot deny this.
          Personally, I would like to see reduced sentences offered to convicts who get a vasectomy. The younger they are the more time they should see reduced.

        29. P.S. I poorly worded my first sentence. I was not accusing you of supporting welfare/food stamps. I was saying if you(or I) were advocating a r selection strategy we would be advocating for more food stamps/welfare. I believe you were saying before that encouraging abortions is supporting an r selection strategy, if I am understanding you correctly.

        30. The main feature (as I see it) of r selection is low resource investment in offspring. Abortion is the ultimate expression of that. If there was one thing I wish leftists would do, it is to have large families. That is because it is difficult to be a self abosrbed narcissist advocating insane policies when you have male led families with 4+ children. Not a parent, but I believe if a man has possession of his sons and daughters he is going to act a great deal differently than if the family courts will throw him out the moment his “wife” requests it. And dont even get me started on welfare. If black women wish to reproduce thuglets from 10+ males, lets see them do it when there is no welfare. And if that doesnt work, bring back whipping. Not joking.
          Left up to me, Id mostly cancel welfare, alimony, and child support. Those things were effective when women did not have the right to work as they chose. Child custody should go to the parent that can afford it. What we have now are men treating women as helpless waifs while arming them with machine guns.
          The quickest way to solve most of the Wests problems is, as Roosh said, to end female suffrage.

        31. Zz I also have to warn you that Im Jewish. Im sorry if my not bringing it up sooner misled you, Im just tired of arguing it with everyone. Im only bringing it up now because you said you respect mu religious position and I do not want you to get the wrong idea.

        32. I do not see how abortion is an ultimate expression of low resource investment in off spring. If anything I see it as a get out of jail free card.
          Aside from the future political implications of leftists having large families, I can see your point(although I am glad they don’t).
          Other than that I agree with everything that you said. family court/child custody/divorce laws/alimony is an abuse of men.

        33. I could be wrong, I’ll admit a bias. This is how I see it: the “monkey” doesn’t do logic. It does needs. Monkey wants to engage in procreation, but it doesn’t want to invest. The less it has to invest the better. The female with a father who carries a shotgun in one hand and the bible in another is only a good target if the monkey can bang her undetected and run faster than the father can aim.
          However, the tattood female wearing a tshirt that says “I make boys cry” is a perfect receptacle, because she is guaranteed to raise the offspring on her own. The monkey is not about raising 15 kids with one woman, because that means he has to stick around to make all 15 kids. He wants to pump and dump multiple woman, several of which will give brith to it’s spawn. The woman that refuses to do abortions because of her concern for the sacredness of life is the opposite of what the monkey wants, because that woman is likely going to insist on the monkey being around to help raise this new precious life.
          The abortion whore on the other hand, has no real human emotions, and as an added benefit will almost certainly decide to get fertilized by some random monkey. Hence, r-selection.

      3. Not for me, my testosterone is 10x higher than normal humans, I inject that shit into my gluts. Every 5 days 500mg the normal human body naturally creates 50mg max 75mg.

        1. Do you have a prescription for that much or do you buy it in the black market? I am prescribed 150mg/week of cyp
          The funny thing about me and what really shocked me the most was if you ever saw/spoke to me in person, you’d not be like “this guy has low T”

      4. Yes it’s going down. You can thank Kellogs and soy manufacturers for that.

      5. Luckily for us, being RP will forever turn us away from engaging in any faggotry.
        But the declining T levels are just one of MANY fronts that they use to emasculate men. These people have all the time in the world, and they are perfectly willing to do it slow enough for people not to notice in time. The whole “frog in boiling water” adage rings too true time and time again

    3. I graduated in 1998 and I know exactly what you mean, I’m in a Facebook group of my graduating class and most are married (to the opposite gender) or living a single heterosexual lifestyle. They way they push the narrative you’d swear that half the country is gay or otherwise.

      1. That’s their intention. If they give the appearance that homosexuals make up a large portion of the population then it becomes normalized. It’s social proofing. Now the kicker is they try to make men who point out that it’s abnormal as being in the minority. They’re using every resource they have to socially engineer society.

    4. ‘Flamboyantly open gay kids.’
      Could you put some meat on those bones.
      What do you mean, please.

    5. The term “trans trender” comes to mind. But I have seen two theories and transtrender is one, but the other might be more correct.
      For example I have seen it explained in part that all this tranny bullshit is simply totally beta’ed/gamma’ed/omega’ed males deciding to “join the winning team” so to speak. It’s of no surprise in a matriarchy whereby every day society shits on you for being male and these super-weak boys take on the decision to become girls.
      But while I insist that people are generally stupid, I have yet to see enough evidence to prove that people can be THAT stupid. For example in the 1970s when MADD said “don’t drive drunk” people actually stopped driving drunk as much as they did, and that’s why DUI was created because the cops were losing revenue from having far fewer actually drunk (DWI) drivers to bust.
      So in the end I don’t think that a totally beta-ized teenage boy is going to quickly and so easily decide that becoming an equally ugly female version of himself is going to solve his problems.
      However, something even more “dark” is represented in this trans-trender bullshit.
      It’s not the tranny thing so much as the trend thing. That is, the media still exerts so much control over feminized beta-boys that they simply make it popular and “the thing” and path of least resistance is “tranny”. Another example is in how the media contributes to rashes of school shootings by sensationalizing the perpetrator. Think about that for a minute: there are people so weak-minded out there that sensationalizing mass murder makes them mass murder.
      And this is accomplished how? By the foundation I mentioned: weak-minded. And the system has created hordes of weak-minded kids, from a combination of schooling, indoctrination, and second to last but not least: drugs (SSRI uptake, Ritalin, etc.).
      The last element is trauma. Just look at how the media traumatizes the masses every day with one calamity after the other. It’s not a screaming in the street trauma but a slow-burn constant bad news trauma.
      You can take a normal fellow and spend a month drugging and traumatizing him and what do you get? You get someone who is weak-minded and pliable. But with only a month you need to use hard drugs and very severe trauma.
      Take a kid and spend a good 5 – 10 years drugging him and traumatizing him, but with low level long term drugs and low level “constant hobgloblins” trauma, and what do you get? Someone who sees all this gay/tranny shit and those who do it being called “brave” and “popular” and all the attention they get and they latch right onto it. If the same fanfare over the LGBT crap was done say in the 1970s or 1980s, it would have been simply seen as ridiculous. But that was before the media was in cahoots with the anti-civilization movement (or not so much pozzed) and before all the drugging on false claims of ADHD and depression.
      So there you go. All of this was done on purpose. We need to stop “exclaiming” to the enemy that what they are doing is wrong. They sat in university think tanks and table-topped this entire thing. They know exactly what they are doing. They need to be rounded up and put before a firing squad.

      1. Quite right DJ! Good observations. I was talking to a young friend of mine recently who is relatively red pill. His contention was that the whole femi-nazi, rape culture, evil white man putsch against the patriarchy has caused a lot of the homosexual epidemic we now see. In his words a lot of his contemporaries “aren’t gay, they’re just horny!” He said what he saw in college was that a lot of weak and effeminate males who couldn’t find a girlfriend simply turned to each other to satisfy their “needs.” Sounds plausible to me…

        1. Matches up pretty well with what I’ve seen. Most of the lesbians I’ve known went feminist, then fucked up their appearances to get attention because they were known among their peers as bitches, then became lesbians because they were horny and men were evil.
          Among the males (I can’t, in good conscience, call anyone without virtu a “man”), it’s a similar story. They buy into the feminist nonsense (and so learn to hate themselves and all aspects of masculinity), then are insufficiently masculine to attract women (and can’t approach for fear of being patriarchal), then go gay just to get some action.
          Now, sometimes this doesn’t happen in the exact same order. Sometimes they fuck themselves up, then go homosexual, then become feminist; sometimes they are undesirable and go homosexual without becoming feminist. And, on some occasions, they were abused and became homosexual as a consequence of that.

        2. anonymous conservative has been floating the theory that what we are seeing is a reversal of sexual strategies and that homosexual behavior is the result of being in a”mid stage” of that switch.
          That is, the men are adopting the feminine role and the women are adopting the male roles. A feminine man is attracted to masculine behavior by men and women, and a masculine female is attracted to feminine behavior by men and women.
          That’s the idea, whether it’s completey or partially true is another matter. I have noticed that it does hold true in some cases, on the other hand, I’ve also noticed that a lot of people will revert straight back to traditional roles when put in a healthy environment.
          Lesbians in particular seem a lot more open to masculinity than they claim. It just depends on whether the male actually is masculine, if he knows what he is doing, and if he has strong frame. I’ve had some minor success with lesbians, but I never pushed it too hard because, well, they’re fucked up in general.

        3. Pretty sure lezzers and feminists appearance gets fucked up from using feminism as an excuse to let themselves go and stop spending time on makeup

        4. Indeed, there are two kinds of lesbians; the hideous/ugly bull-dykes, who are misandrists, and the often-cute receiver girls, who are usually androphobic/heterophobic.
          The former are more common, and yet the latter get all the representation in the movies, shows, and games.
          Being designed for reception, they want the dick, but they either hate, or fear, the man that it’s attached to.

        5. Not always Bob. I knew a professional photographer you would have sworn was as queer as a football bat. But he frequently had two and even three gorgeous women over for the weekend at his country home. When I questioned him about them trying to “set him straight”, he gave me this wry smile and told me they were “just models.” Yeah. Right.
          I also knew a high school art and photography teacher that was very slender, soft spoken and quite effeminate. Every year this guy would cultivate a relationship with one of the highest quality senior girls in his class (who would turn eighteen before she graduated). The tradition at this private academy was the graduating class would spend a week at the beach of Nags Head, North Carolina for their senior trip. This weasel would rent a cottage nearby and invite the object of his affection over for a little one on one time (wink-wink), then dump them when he was done. I know for a fact he broke more than one heart this way and he specialized in hot young eights and nines. I guess that was his graduation gift to himself every year.
          And one final final piece of anecdotal evidence revolved around my co-worker’s neighbor. He was a very effeminate hair dresser at a high-dollar salon. Here again someone you or I would have pegged as a master player of the skin flute. He was single, had a very nice house in an up-scale neighborhood and surprisingly a Corvette and a Harley (red flags). He, ahem, took some of his “work” home with him, but only the hottest “clients.” He was a lot more open about it than the other two, joking about how he was banging the hottest wives in the area and their husbands never suspected a thing because he was obviously “so gay.” On top of that, these women had money and frequently bought him gifts like nice watches, jewelry and expensive cologne. I’d say he knew how to take care of their “hair” alright! I was in my mid-twenties at the time and seriously considered taking up hair dressing myself, lol!
          So even though I would tend to categorize “girly” males as “missed a good chance” if they’re not gay, from personal experience I know some of them definitely aren’t. They just have a form of niche game that a masculine man would never dream of using. So I suppose if one is the artsy-fartsy type who doesn’t want to lift heavy, but loves the poon, it’s a workable solution…

        6. Well I guess if you worked as a hairdresser you would be around hot chicks all day with your hands wrist deep in their… uh… hair!

        7. Not necessarily. In high school I was on the effeminate side and was sometimes teased about it. But I am (and always have been) 100% hetero.

        8. I once had sex with a “lesbian” before. I use quotes because once we had sex she said she was actually bisexual.
          To describe this girl, you wouldn’t have known she was a “lesbian” unless she told you. Acted completely normal. Was not fucked up (from what I could tell). Looked normal. And had a pleasant personality. We got along well.
          20 years ago this girl would have been married with kids easily. Society (((the Jews))) have done all of us dirty.

        9. It’s probably low T. I have a buddy like that. Try to find a doctor who will prescribe you testosterone replacement therapy and you’ll feel like a million bucks.

        10. I do believe that reversal is inherent to the “plan”. However, you have observed the biggest problem with that plan – people aren’t programmed to live like that. Women are designed to be feminine, and men are designed to be masculine.

        11. Thanks for the suggestion. I have been thinking about that. But I read somewhere that TRT reduces the amount of T your body produces naturally so that TRT is more or less for life. Is that true?

        12. Kinda. I heard that once you start taking it, your body starts making it. Perhaps lifting weights would be another way for you to boost natural production. Good luck, dude.

        13. My understanding is once you cease supplementation your body reverts to homeostasis ie: you go back to whatever is natural for you to produce.

        14. Just start lifting weights. If you’re not a natural body builder type, you don’t have to get ripped. But you should do dead lifts and squats, and it will make you feel better, and also raise your T.

        15. I almost hooked up with a lesbian where I live in Israel. I met her at a counter and I teased her a bit, then got “the eyes”. Chatted her up, she said she was a lesbian, I was like “whatever”. Got her number, called her, but then backed off because I got a crazy vibe from her.

        16. The reason to take TRT is because your body is already producing low amounts naturally and most people who need it stay on it indefinitely. It’s like anemia but with T and so you’ll always need supplementation.

        17. Is TRT something you can get OTC in the United States, or does it have to be prescribed?

        18. Is TRT something you can get OTC in the United States, or do you have to go to an MD?

        19. No it has to be prescribed otherwise you’re just taking illegal steroids and you’ll get thrown in jail.

        20. I work out regularly, but don’t do deadlifts or squats. It’s a good way to fuck up your back or shit out your asshole.
          If you are bored and not currently eating, look up “russian weightlifter prolapsed asshole” on Google.

        21. Do you mean like in prison; where “It’s not gay, it’s a hustle”? 😃

        22. Okay, cool. So when are the bitches gonna “man up” and start asking US out and dealing with rejection?

        23. Yes and no. Depends what age they are. A lot of younger (teen age) girls are attracted to more effeminate boys (I’m looking at you, Justin Beiber etc); thus it can be considered a legitimate form of “game” in that age group. Once females hit their twenties, they pretty much all veer toward more masculine men (with obvious exceptions).

        24. Justin Beiber is not really effeminate, just young in my view. He’s actually an aggressive little guy. But also it’s much younger girls that like him. In my experience, teenage girls like manly older boys and men.

        25. Okay, maybe current Justin Beiber isn’t the best example. But, you know what I mean… those pop stars with coiffed hair, skinny jeans & weigh a buck twenty soaking wet. And of course any teenage/early 20s guy who models himself after them. All I’m saying is there’s definitely a market for that and it’s mostly with teenage girls.

        26. Yes. Synthetic T will definitely shut your natural T down.
          You CAN go off TRT, and your body CAN recover it’s natural T. But since the natural T was low to begin with, why would you want to do that?
          Another thing: If you use HCG (Human Chrionic Gonadotrophin) along with the synthetic Test, your body will continue to produce natural T.
          But if you discover that you want to stay on for life (which you probably will), there’s no point in doing the HCG.

        27. Ha ha ha, I don’t strain myself, hell I typically put on two 45’s so I’m talking about lifting less than 150 pounds which is considerably less than I weigh. I think most gym injuries are from trying to overwork. I want to be strong, I don’t need to be able to lift a car or throw a body across a room. I’m training for health, not the apocalypse. I will take your word on it that the Russian guy looks like a ‘roid-head. I look like an average thin man, with some muscle.
          Doing light deadlifts is an excellent exercise for back strength. I don’t do squats because of a bad knee. What I like about deadlifts is it is a whole body exercise that really activates muscles, helps posture, and is about building strength, not just having a big bicep. I didn’t touch deadlifts for years. Starting Strength turned me on to them.

        28. Sounds good. I’m a similar build, 5’11, 150. I got a bad back, knees, and foot problems from carrying heavy shit on deployment, so I’m pretty limited in what I can do.
          I use a machine at my rec for back exercises, works pretty well.

        29. Honestly… I think they were raised beta by their single mothers or married mothers with absentee fathers who were too busy trying to keep a roof over their head in this shitty wage vs cost of living economy. Also, as is well covered here on ROK… beta is the new thing because toxic feminism has made it a crime to be a male with needs.

        30. Why are those younger women attracted to people like Justin Beiber? What’s up with that?

      2. I liked this comment just because of the last sentence. The day of the rope is badly needed in this country.

      3. Out of curiosity, are you the same Doktor Jeep who used to post on the Zombie Squad (zombiehunters.org, its a disaster preparedness organization and charity, dosent really have to do with zombies) forums?

      4. It’s groupthink. It’s difficult to oppose the group.
        I was in a Sunday School class during the first Iraq war and we did a “debate” exercise where we separated into teams to hear both sides. My teacher wanted to randomly split the group in 2 parts, because he didn’t think there would be enough people who would choose to oppose the war. I couldn’t believe that a room full of supposed Christians who believed “thou shalt not kill” could support invading and killing some foreigners because of oil, so I told him that’s silly, just ask us to support whatever side we believe and there will be plenty on both sides.
        He listened to me, and I was wrong. I was the only one opposed to the war. Surely, some others were as well, but just lacked the guts to leave the popular team. Groupthink is powerful.
        On the 4th I was at a family friend’s house for a party when my friend’s wife was talking about how her parents were not adjusting to The Current Year. She said transsexuals were something the parents really didn’t understand. She mentioned trannies because showing support for trannies is seen as PC and cool and popular. But when I responded “I don’t get the tranny issue either. If someone wants to be gay, that’s fine, but if they don’t even know what sex they are, I can’t accept that.”
        This woman didn’t even like or understand trannies, but was afraid to openly say so.
        It’s brainwashing. The Germans perfected this in the 30s, but we’re not far behind them.

    6. It is a painful sight to see the feminization of boys these days.
      The man bun!!! Just wanna throw the kid to the ground and take the scissors to him.

    7. It really is shocking I can understand being brainwashed to support multiculturalism or democracy or other shit, but sticking your dick in a man’s asshole? How is that not instinctually repugnant?

    8. I was in high school in the 70s, and they were coming out of the wood work even then. They are legion.

    9. I’m sure there were gay orientated people in your school, they were probably just too scared to say anything due to the threat of being lynched by Christians and other moral fundamentalists, and the tenuous link made by them between homosexuality and pedophilia.
      Interesting article but obviously not one I agree with. There are both heterosexual and homosexual pedophiles and classing being gay as being in the same immoral ballpark as that of a pedophile is absurd. Homosexuality like heterosexuality in our society is legitimately practiced by consenting adults. On the contrary pedophilia is practiced by exploitative adults on children who do not have the mental or emotional capacity to consent. Pedophiles tend to project their own sexual desires on to innocent children and/or backward rationalize their actions after the fact.
      I’m sorry but I get sick of both Christians and Muslims defending their bigoted, hate filled beliefs by using the Bible or Koran as some sort of source of moral certitude. After all there’s plenty of pedophilia, child killing and torture in those two books, all on behalf of the good old moral prescriber God himself.

    10. That dicates tht hmosxuality can be contagious and be as commonly accepted as in Ancient Greece.

  7. It’s great to finally see all of these statistics in one list. But…I would like to have seen that list include links. Roosh once did something like this in his blog post about why men are getting screwed by the system in America. He included links (sometimes several) for each statistic. This is important in this article because there really is a correlation between homosexuality and mental illness. People didn’t just develop prejudice against gays for no reason. Gay = crazy was a longtime assumption, and the stats bear it out.

  8. For decades now we all said, and I said “I don’t care what they do as long as they leave kids out of it”.
    Well, the “deal” is broken now. That unwritten contract is violated.
    What are we going to do about it?

    1. Let’s organize a trip to Pakistan. Free one way trip for them. Pretty sure a Kickstarter campaign would be enough.

      1. OMG that is great, do you think we can get a special discount pricing at an airline for gay group bookings to Saudi Arabia? Let them see how peaceful their precious islam is.
        and, o yeah, better make the offer a round trip ticket just to keep them believing that a muslim country is a peaceful country with a beautiful culture that isn’t going to throw them in prison, torture, and maybe execute them.

    2. ‘What are we going to do about it?’
      Trouble with losing a politico-cultural struggle to scum is the afterwards……..

    3. Well, fat shaming is supposed to work on some level. Maybe fag shaming?

      1. Shaming always works. It’s why fags starting calling ppl homophobes. It’s how they shamed a generation into celebrating their degenerate lifestyle. Fags and fag lovers should be shamed constantly and ruthlessly.

        1. You make a good point. However, as a practical matter there is so much backlash against fag shaming such as losing one’s job, getting Doxxed, etc….there really is a fascist system against trying to shame fags….and that system scares the shit out of me. I am not a free man like I was in the 80’s. The only way I feel safe shaming fags is anonymously here on Disqus, which will probably Doxx us all to the government.

    4. I was thinking last night, before I saw this article, about how the west is ultimately doomed because we no longer take serious reaction to serious threats.
      In medieval times, entire castles would be pillaged and their inhabitants, raped, killed, or enslaved. Because they needed to completely wipe out the enemy so that their own people would be free from future retribution or attacks. Now I’m not pining for those times, and I would not call that a civilized culture, BUT there is a balance between never using violence and always using violence.
      Look at the picture of that parent, if you dare. The west bends over backwards to protect, support, and cheer these types of people, who in the past would be run through with a spear on mere sight. I am not exaggerating.
      The west will fall to outsiders because it does not have the will to forcefully oppose evil and degeneracy.

    5. Twas exactly my sentiment before. My tolerance ran out for every last one of these people claiming to be oppressed victims when they kept pushing it further and further.
      I gave them my ultimatum for compromise, and they smeared every bodily fluid on it
      The only end result I will accept is full scale removal of them, peaceful or otherwise

  9. Have gays ever done anything of significance? Have they pushed the limits of human potential? I’m curious.

    1. Da Vinci, Michelangelo, Whitman, Thoreau, Tchaikovsky, Alan Turing, Sally Ride. Pretty much any old artist.

        1. Haha, nope, full on gay. The arts seem to draw more gay people. Hard sciences not so much.

        2. Now, this is entirely subjective, but I think the mental state of homosexuals (particularly men) may inhibit their abilities in science and engineering. Those I’ve known who were homosexual (and I observe similar in the more pathetic beta/gamma male) do not seem to be masters of pattern-creation and pattern-matching, so they struggle with college algebra and programming concepts.
          Admittedly, I have a small sample size to work with, but that’s because I spent most of my time in college studying and building things.

        3. Yeah, they always seems to be in the arts, or media, or something like that.

      1. ‘Pretty much any old artist.’
        Not to seem provocative, I always suspected that notion as being false.

        1. Haha, “pretty much any” isn’t an exact measurement. “Quite a few” might be more accurate. Hang around a college art building for a week and then get back to me with your results.

      2. I’m rather dubious on half the names in that list. When I was in college the trend was to call any creative person gay, even if he was married, had children, there was no proof of affairs, etc. all based on “He at one time said another man was handsome”.

    2. A ton. You can’t have the power to create without having the power to destroy.

  10. ‘Homosexuals and the other freaks that associate with them are just more foot soldiers created by (((certain people))) to surround white people [Among their other victims] with enemies who want to tear down the healthy patriarchal civilization that they built. Unfortunately for us normal people, we have allowed the number of enemies and rabid dogs who hate us to grow in number, …….’
    With the writer, with the one insert, up to that point.
    ‘….and when the inevitable conflict breaks out,it will be all the more difficult to cull the infestation, especially since gay laws are paving the way for pedophile rights.’
    ….is a misunderstanding of how this works imho.
    Here Is The News.
    There will never be any ‘conflict’ to ‘break out’.
    Female dominated societies, as US/UK society certainly is; do not work that way.
    The ‘war’ has already come and gone.
    We lost.
    They won.
    The filth are in charge and their intellectual Demon Spawn, currently at university, will be running your world in about 20 minutes. They are everybody’s next gen. Managerial Class.
    So, so don’t await the denouement, you’ll be wasting your time.
    …..scatter into the hills and form hold out type die hard resistance groups is one plan…..

    1. Muslims are currently outbreeding the weak west in their own backyard. That doesn’t include the Muslim hordes invading from the East and south. Give it a few more years and see how many fag pride parades get the Allah Akbar treatment. They haven’t won. They just occupy the high ground for now.

      1. Hi.
        ‘Give it a few more years and see hoe many fag pride parades get the Allah Akbar treatment.’
        Recently left Europe.
        Logical thinkers think the ‘Gay’ ‘pride’ agenda will abate as the Islamic influence increases.
        This is a dangerous error.
        Instead, the ‘Gay’ agenda will continue to gnaw at the corpse of (western) civilisation while, at exactly the same time; the seemingly opposing force in society; continues to penetrate culture, lawmaking and decision making.
        Think pincer movement not long front line……….
        Both attack until the major enemy is defeated.
        Neither contradict each other’s agenda (Zero gay activism against Islam/zero bombing of ‘Gay Pride’ marches).
        See how that works?
        ‘They haven’t won. They just occupy the high ground for now.’
        We will never see a settled outcome to the conflict.
        Ongoing social/cultural strife and incoherence IS them winning.

        1. Not buying this claim. Luton just denied a license to a gay nightclub after the muslim community threatened violence.

    2. Make no mistake, this WILL end with bloodshed. It can only go so far before the people who are “woke” to grab a rifle and expunge the enemy that’s been prodding them for almost a century. I, and probably 99% of the people on here prefer a peaceful removal of the ills that have been addressed on ROK….but creating that “counter culture” which goes back to patriarchal 1940s america is a waste. All we can do now is awaken more people who can be ready to fight when we have to. War is a completely different scenario where your entire life is upended. I’m not currently salivating for gays being shot, but as we turn away from God more and more, the window of opportunity for peaceful resolutions closes ever the quicker

  11. The ways things are going in the west, gay pride marches in 2050 will be Muslims throwing gays off tall buildings.
    A strong culture will always defeat a weak immoral one.

  12. This article completely fails to recognize the real distinctions and problems.
    Gays are not the problem, faggots are.
    – Just like how niggas are the problem, not blacks.

    1. No, it really is a deviation from the norm and should not be glorified the way it is today.

        1. I was ok with gays provided they did their stuff in privacy and didn’t push for the leftist agenda. Until I learned that these gays are adopting children and that lesbian couples prefered girls while the man-man couples prefered boys , that is. Also the documented molestian of the adopted kids by a good few of these couples.
          Now I’m convinced gay-ism is a mental illness that should be treated accordingly.

        2. “Now I’m convinced gay-ism is a mental illness”
          It was prior to the 70s.

        3. From what I’ve seen, homosexuals have a host of mental illnesses (as a rule). Some adopt kids only to neglect them, as a sort of status symbol. Many are narcissistic and borderline/bipolar/etc. Many are abusive and have some kind of deep-seated insecurity. All the ones I’ve met have learning disorders of one kind or another.
          If that’s true on a statistical level, and not just an anecdotal one, then why shouldn’t we expect homosexuality to be a disorder as well?

        4. Because there is this devine leftist agenda we mere mortals cannot defy. Family must be ruined forever.
          Seriously , until trangender surgeries on children and children adoptation by gay couples are abolished the righties are not winning shit. Trump’s win and all are bullshit. Degeneracy has won. Cuckservatives and even the Alt-righters don’t even dare to challenge the left on these matters. They play war about useless little things instead.

        5. I think there’s a real chance, but only when people have the balls to call a spade a spade. I mean, Milo may be a degenerate, but he became popular for shooting back about men’s issues (and weathering the many, many assaults on his honor).

        6. Mental illness or not , these kind of degeneracy should not be promoted. And giving children for adoption to these people is absurd.

        7. A kid would be better off in an orphanage. Can say the same about a lot of welfare/projects kids too.

        8. Yes, hopefully. No kid, especially a boy, should ever have to worry about something like that.

        9. A cop who’d been one for some time told me that gay households have more domestic violence per capita than normal households. Meanwhile, the media promotes the narrative that domestic violence is this rampant problem of males abusing females… of course with white males being the ones highlighted in any reporting on the subject.

        10. The historical organized pedophilia that got recently revealed in the UK included predation of kid’s homes. Orphans and troubled kids especially make an ideal victim, unfortunately.

      1. Yeah, try saying that out loud…I’ve done it, numerous times, and I’ve ALWAYS had to pay the price of being attacked…it’s statistically an aberration within the population.

        1. Try saying out loud in a crowd……
          ‘People who choose not to work and to live off of others via welfare are parasites.’
          …you’ll get beaten up…..

        2. No, I carry a handgun and am quite well versed in its use… So, I’m not a good candidate to get beaten up because I am older now and tend to speak my mind with impunity. Like the saying goes: “Don’t fùck with an old man, he’ll just kill you.”

        3. In Argentina if you are over 70 years you can kill with impunity, with minimal mitigation is home prison.

        4. I think it’s interesting that in places like Argentina and Chile you can own a pistol or a shotgun, just not a high powered rifle (in most cases). Defending yourself and tending your livestock is a given. They just don’t want meaningful political change to occur from 300 metres at approximately 4.5 milliseconds, lol. Los Corruptos don’t like those odds…

    2. I will admit, there are some decent blacks.
      A few even show up here.
      But unfortunately, most are not.
      I can only go by my experiences, and IMO, about 95% are simply not decent.

      1. It depends a good bit on where you live. If you live in the backwoods, you’ll find most black folks are good, honest people. If you go into a place like Atlanta, though, your mileage may vary. And if you manage to spend appreciable time in the inner city without deciding all black people are scum, well it’s an honest miracle.

        1. Sure, understood.
          I am in the NYC Metro Area. 10 minutes over the city line.
          In the same town where I grew up. I grew up on the north side, which was well off and almost all white (50% Catholic – 50% you know what). The town is about 30% black. I have lived in the south area of the town (which is heavily black & has many mexican illegals too) for 25 years.
          Before that, 2 years in a heavily hispanic/pacific islander area in Ca. Been around “urban” minorities for a long time.

    3. Dey eat da poo poo
      As explained by the Health Minister of Uganda (a country with average IQ of 84):

  13. The “they are born this way” argument doesn’t hold water. If it’s genetic, then why hasn’t natural selection eliminated it from the gene pool? After all, homosexual intercourse is not reproductive. But what is more telling was the Clinton era LGBT freak show marching down Pennsylvania Avenue chanting “We want Chelsea! We want Chelsea! Recruit! Recruit! Recruit!” Sorry, but if you are born this way you don’t need to recruit. Homosexuality, like alcoholism, ruminations of the various apologists aside, is a behavior. Paedophilia is in the same category. These are behaviors can be changed and or controlled. This is no different than adult men praying on young girls other than the homosexual aspect of it.
    The big push to indoctrinate our young (especially boys) that this is acceptable and “normal” behavior comes from the homosexual paedophiles and pederasts themselves. NAMBLA (the North American Man Boy Love Association), who’s motto was “sex before eight or it’s too late” (until they were forced to tone it down) is behind a lot of this. I don’t think they could have made their intent much clearer. A word to the wise: When someone tells you who they are, believe them. These freaks know if they can get their disgusting perverted hands on boys before they are eight years old, they can “turn” them. Then a lot of those boys will grow up to be pederastic predators as well. We have gone well past the time to put a stop to this. In fact, we have now reached the point socially that we are making Sodom and Gomorrah look good!
    I watched one of my school teachers “turn” the first girl that ever kissed me into a carpet muncher. One of my dad’s queer employees tried to “put the make” on me when I was fifteen. Fortunately I was already a virulent and militant heterosexual and had he pushed the issue, I would have given him correction with a blade. Two of my wife’s family members are / were queer. One is now dead from AIDS (Another Infected Dick Sucker). The other pressured my wife and me to accept his lifestyle. She informed him that she loved him, but what he was doing was morally wrong. He disowned his own sister because she would not support his “lifestyle” (I contend that it is a death style). In my experience these freaks want two things: Unconditional acceptance (you must be a willing accessory to their sin) and unfettered access to our young (we must provide them with “fresh meat”).
    I am certainly not homophobic, since I have no fear of these perverts nor do I have any tolerance for them. But I will contend that their mental health issues are curable. If we catch them with a minor, we start with the whipping post and the lash. If they are caught with a prepubescent child then we resort to the gallows and the noose…publicly. Zero recidivism. The “smart” ones will go back into the closet where they belong.

    1. Just to pick at words, I wouldn’t say that want ‘acceptance’, even though that is what they say. After having listened to them I believe that what they want is ‘captive validation,’ that all must be forced to publicly validate them (hence the lawsuits against Christians).

    2. I call AIDS ‘Anally Introduced Death Sentence’ or ‘Another Infected Dick Sucker’. My dad is hysterical when he mocks poofs and whenever one is mentioned for whatever reason he has to casually ask ‘They died of AIDS?’ in his thick accent-hilarity abounds.

    3. Where there are homosexuals there are pedophiles. Greeks put homosexuality on a pedestal alongside homosexual pedophilia. Prison is a homosexual playground and the gay predators there have specific preference to the youngest looking inmates. Hollywood should be renamed Homowood, tons of gay pedos. Finally LGBT is putting so much interest in educating children about gay sex at such a young age and are so passionate about raising children by adoption. I read horror stories of children of gay couples and single mothers confessing of the abuse their so called perfect gay parents did to them. How some of them was used like a gay prostitute by their own gay parents. Not to mention LGBT is founded by NAMBLA. Kids that run away from home or are orphans are subject to a lot of gay pedophilia.
      I’ve noticed lots of people that rise to power have some perverse nature about them. There are politicians like liberal politicians that are openly gay and rape underage boys. There’s the Pope. Hollywood is gay pedo central. Lots of higher ups are addicted to cocaine. The Chinese eunuchs had no unmentionables and controlled the Emperor. No doubt if someone told me they traded their soul to the Devil for power I could believe that. Hitler was a gay Vienna prostitute who was a fecephile. Goebbels was a crossdresser and Goering was another gay pedo

    4. “If it’s genetic, then why hasn’t natural selection eliminated it from the gene pool?”
      Women hate to reproduce with short and bald men. why am I both?

      1. Maybe some women do, but obviously not all, because I know plenty of short bald guys with quality wives / GFs and children. So for “naturals” spreading their seed is relatively easy. For the rest of us, even short and bald, there is game so there is hope. And for the horny, effeminate, left-tard in skinny jeans orbiting some lesbo SJW, there’s the bath-house… (throwing up in my mouth now)

        1. Maybe bald & short aren’t strong enough to stress that I meant undesirable genes can be passed down. I have my own theory that I think is even an elephant in the room: it’s women who pass down bad genes since even the ugliest can find a (thirsty) mate but the burden of natural selection seems to be entirely at the expense of undesirable males. Moreover, due to males having the Y chromosome that lacks alleles to compensate for recessive genes, if you got a bad X from your mother that gene will definitely express itself and females are often the healthy bearers of hidden recessive genes that only express themselves in a male.

      2. Who are these women reproducing with gays? I’m sure it happens but wouldn’t that suggest the gays had a choice.

    5. In agreement, it might have some genetic component but is probably more than 50% environmental factors. Can conclude that when I think of what 3 gays I have known in the past who have told me about their mothers and admitting how it turned them off women.

      1. One particular high school in Virginia I know about had an openly gay guidance counselor back in the late seventies / early eighties. There were a disproportionate number of handsome young gay men churned out from that facility that just “loved” this fag. It’s anecdotal I realize, but more than a coincidence. He was very probably grooming the “fresh meat” and most likely why he had that job.
        My wife and I actually went out to a gay club at her brother’s request one night. What surprised me were the number of young men in there (75% or better) that you would have never pegged as gay (including my brother-in-law). Oh there were the “leather men”, body builders dancing with themselves in the mirror, a freaky black “couple” with the little black dude in a collar chained to his dom and a couple of queens. But overall, these young men looked like models from the pages of GQ, not flamers in women’s clothes. The freaky part was the guys were checking me out and the dykes at the bar were checking out my wife. It made the hair stand up on the back of my neck. When his mother (a Southern Baptist) attempted to gloss over and justify his behavior, my wife and I asked her point blank “Have you ever been to a gay bar and seen what goes on?” She responded that she had not. So I informed her that until she had, don’t try to tell us about it, because we have and it ain’t pretty! Shortly thereafter, our family relationship was all but done and this “good Christian woman” sided with the sodomite.
        I’ll say this. Over the years I have been acquainted with a number of gays and lesbians through work, business and family. Talking to one in New York and another in New Orleans (or any point in between) gives me the impression that they grew up in the same home and went to the same school. I don’t believe for one minute this is “genetic.” In my experience this is caused by a pervading unclean spirit. These people are demon possessed.

        1. they can have their clubs but it should go back to being a hush-hush affair like it was in the past, they don’t need the blessing of mainstream society to carry on like they do

        2. Yes to everything but hetero sex clubs are no less pits of debauchery. Just sayin.

    6. Eloquently put my friend
      It’s all leading up to one big purge. Like the scene in Terminator 2 when Sarah Connor was looking at the playground of kids. She knows what’s coming, but no one wants to listen. These people will not fight when we are breaking down doors and putting them in pedo-camps. The only cure for this is not trying to create a new “counter culture” that slowly turns most of the country hetero in 60 years. We don’t have that much time.
      The only option now is to awaken enough people for when the time to purge the filth comes. We must secure the existence of the people that WE want in our society and instill the moral values that WE want in our population, so when the dust and gunpowder settles, we can start anew easier than if we said nothing all those years before

  14. The homosexual is a violent, deceitful demon. He worships death and loves to indulge in endless depravity. The American spirit is dying due to the collaspe of Catholic values and the emphasis on moral relativism. Promotion of homosexuality achieves multiple goals of the “elite”; reduced population, increased consumer slaves, people addicted to hedonism and narcissism instead of being productive to society and so much more.

    1. go to anonymousconservative.com and read up on his take of r/K selection theory. He’s got a seriously hard core working model that explains a lot of this behavior and can accurately predict how people will act.

    2. “reduced population, increased consumer slaves”
      I find these two statements a contradiction. More population is more products/services to sell.

      1. True but think about how much your average people spends on crap. People dong have savings. Also its a common thing among liberals and elites that there are “too many” people in the world.

  15. Thanks ROK for explicitly, graphically, linking faggotry with Judaism. My confidence on this website has been fully reestablished.

    1. I don’t want the confidence of a man who would openly question our reputation just because he didn’t like a few articles out of over 4,000. That’s no ally of mine.

      1. I was joking in that last message 😉 I probably overreacted this week with the Jewish and female writer, but I am scared to death of Jews taking over one of the few really red pill media outlets. Keep up with the good job!

        1. I can totally understand the sentiment. Been burned many times before on other sites claiming to offer real advice. ROK will always be my go to for no-bullshit news and culture commentary, while also being the best for men’s improvement in all areas.
          Yes, some articles might make you scratch your head, but the quality control that Roosh has is damn near perfect. Also for the record, based on Roosh’s writings, he is NOT the kind of guy to sell out ROK for a few shekels

        2. Yeah, Roosh is a 100% solid man. I feel bad he got bothered, but I really appreciate this website, seeing it disappear I would miss it terribly. It is the only place where there is sanity left.

        3. For a daily dose of White Sharia, try the daily stormer. Anglin’s been on fire this year.

    2. Anti-Semetism CANNOT be introduced into ANY discourse without first dropping nuggets and tidbits here and there. Even a hardcore red pill site like ROK needs to take it very slowly. You can’t just go from “How To Bang Girls In Ukraine” to “Jews Want The West Dead”
      The subject can be incredibly hard to bring up, but I thought the pictures would suffice for people like us

      1. Antisemitism is a very tricky subject to talk about, especially with Americans. It really annoys me until which level (((they))) control the public opinion.

    3. Seriously why? Judaism forbids and condemns homosexuality. Leviticus calls it an abomination, a term not used for any other sin in the entire corpus of Jewish law
      It it true that the left has a disproportionate Jewish representation. It’s because Jews by nature when divorced from their religion especially for many generations, tend to jump on the the cultural degeneration band wagon in order to show the rest of the world how ‘tolerant and virtuous’ they are
      It’s in the Jewish soul: either be connected to God and a light into the nation’s (biblical orthodoxy) or be the fulfillment of every anti-Semitic stereotype
      Don’t compare liberal leftist Jews to what Judaism stands for

      1. Regardless of being left of right, jews still behave corporatively against the host culture. That is my main problem with them.

  16. I am not gay, but your data is mendacious, fallacious, and lacks sources to support it. To add insult to injury, and much in the spirit of RooshV, you are thoroughly anti-semitic. No, we are not known to bring degeneracy to the world. We are known for Nobel Prizes, inventions, medicine, and the technology you are using to write this ignorant screed. I am looking for the proper way to report you to authorities.

      1. I wish this was about goyim “criticizing” Jews. The article has 3 pictures of LGBT activities, each sporting a flag w/ the Star of David. If this wasn’t weird enough, the jew-hating author says “Hmmmm. Who has been known to shove degeneracy down our throats?”.
        Good news: this mendacious piece of homophobic, antisemitic trash has already been duly reported to the authorities. Roosh has said several anti-Israel (and probably antisemitic) things, so I am not surprised this article has not yet been taken down.

        1. Oh no. Reported to “authorities”. Whatever shall we do.
          1st Amendment, bitch. Welcome to America, you censoring little Leftist Nazi.

        2. Dan, that’s sick. I mean it, what you wrote may sound brave to you, but it’s actually an embarassment.
          You had a right to respond to the author and call him on his bullshit, but acting like he doesn’t have a right to do the same is disgusting.
          I don’t like what he did any more than you did, but it’s not like he didn’t have a point or that it didn’t come from anywhere.

        3. OMG some webpage somewhere with a minor following is questioning the link between Jews and anything negative! Shut it down shut it down! Now back to the regularly scheduled program of advocating for open borders and Muslim hordes for white countries and giant walls and gianter subsidies for the ethnostate of Israel. This will surely end well goyim!

        4. Dan the goyim are reaching levels of knowing not seen for nearly a hundred years.
          You all better think about shutting it down, IMO.

        5. What “authorities?” The ADL and SPLC? Knowing what I know about those bottom-feeders, I’m sure they already monitor this site
          Sounds like you’re just another little yarmulke-wearing sissy who can’t handle the truth or opposing viewpoints.

      2. No, you have a right to criticize us. I’m just pissed about the whole thing.
        Some of us are literally fighting for our lives over these things and we get zero support. It’s not your job to help us, I’m just tired and frustrated.
        I don’t really have a problem with the author, as much as he’s disgusted with the things that go on, I feel like dying when I see it. It hurts me so bad.

    1. Yes, how dare he think for himself! Only people we should hate are white Christian, heterosexual, males.

        1. This is literally (Hitler) the best course of action. Death to the oppressors! Take out whitey.

      1. Dude, you so need to get on Telegram.

        1. I would like to, Lolknee sent me an invite awhile back, but I couldn’t make it work for some reason. Such is life.

    2. You could, in theory, refute his points, but seeking a means of telling your mother on him must be a great deal more satisfying.
      Good job fulfilling the stereotype.

      1. He probably picks his nose and eats it, too. While smoothing out his money…

    3. ” I am looking for the proper way to report you to authorities.”
      For what???
      Ever heard of the 1st amendment?

    4. “I am not gay” but then “We are known for Nobel…” Anybody else catch that little Freudian slip? Dan, take that penis out of your mouth and step away from the keyboard, lol!

        1. I thought about posting the picture of the little mexican girl, but decided against it…

        2. Haha.
          No, the one from the “why not both” commercial, for tacos or something. She’s become somewhat of a “meme”.

        3. I am now initiated into the little girl why not both meme. Gnosis complete

    5. He can say whatever the fuck he wants. If you have a problem , deal with him personally. Only faggots hide behind the authorities.
      Also I’ve always been dubious about these anti-semitic sentiment since I’ve never met a jew , but you are not doing a good job denying the stereotype being such a puss.

    6. Are you sure this isn’t an SPLC sponsored post. That’s how they manage the wider discourse – by designating stuff like this as hate speech, extremist and therefore beyond the pale. I agree this isn’t a particularly pleasant read, but that’s precisely why pieces like this are useful to the establishment. Have you seen for instance the Kingsman. Did you see see that scene in the ‘fag-hating church’. Did you see how we were effectively directed to cheer as the entire congregation (of haters) got cut to pieces, and that was ok because they hated homos, and probably a whole bunch other people? That’s how the world is managed is today. So go ahead, report it, but first you should acknowledge the function you are performing when you do so.

    7. Lol…..fag, I guess you could call the SPLC or the ACLU.

    8. You say you’re not gay, but your avatar photo begs to differ.

      1. Looks like Hymie Shekelstein Kikenberg is all upset and wants to go full Bolshevik.

    9. “I am not gay (…) No, we are not known (…) We are known …”
      contradictory much anyone ?

    10. Actually the jewish role in pushing degeneracy in the USA is quite well documented. See, for example:
      Pornography, homosexuality, NAMBLA, etc etc. Jews played a leading role in all of those. They control hollywood and the porn industry. They also controlled a fair deal of the slave trade, and had the highest per capita rates of slave ownership. The Sassoons and other sephardic jewish families had a lock on the opium trade into China, etc etc.

  17. Not all homosexuals are pedophiles, but most male pedophiles are homosexual.
    It’s the same as with pot: most people who smoke pot don’t do ‘hard’ drugs like heroin. But most people who do ‘hard’ drugs started with pot.

    1. Logic 101, for those would would have it.

    2. Homos are sexual deviants when homosex and feces is not giving them a great enough high they rape little boys. The more perverse the more it’s up their alley or should I say their ass.

  18. Kinsey, Hays, Ginsberg… learn about the sexuality and the practice of the ‘fathers’ of the sexual revolution… and who their friends were…and what did they project to do.
    NAMBLA was a normal member of Gay Prides until 87, and keep Relationship with most important LGBT organisations, until they dump their fellow pédophiles.
    Because they wouldn’t get any ‘rights’ if they keep them with them in plain sight…
    Pedophilia was very trendy in all the leftist movements until the 80s. If you have a look in many books of the era, film, speeches, you’ll find it’s ugly trace…
    Sure, it’s less trendy right now. Until it come again, with a brand new look ‘the liberation of th child from a patriarcal world’ i presume…

    1. Patriarchal, ageist, cis-normative culture has always been a problem in the US. Why, until recently, they didn’t let people get married who were more than a few years different in age! We all agree that anyone can love another person of any age, right! After all, it’s [current year].
      Why don’t we allow prepubescent peoples to experience love until they’re 18? If we didn’t think they were ready to experience love, why would we have sex education classes in schools? This outdated and disgusting way of thinking is harming everyone, and we all suffer (especially [insert current protected minority list]).
      If two people love each other, it’s WRONG! to try to keep them apart. It took America too long to learn this lesson about interracial couples and the marriages of peoples of the same or non-binary gender representations; don’t let it happen to prepubescent peoples, too!

      Now we wait for pretty much exactly this to appear in the “news”.

    2. I seriously doubt that the Atheists Overlords will legalize pedophilia, because honestly, lets say a reddish pill 25 year old male, steals a virginal 15 year old girl, and “brainwashes” her with the truth. Then desperate strait men all over would catch on and just go strait for the young girls, it would restart patriarchal relationships in a decade. Its the exact thing they are working against.

      1. You don’t have to make it popular. It’s already popular in some circles.
        You just have to decriminalise it bit by bit.
        (As Kinsey did when he testified that Toddlers enjoyed being blown by Paedos., and made some change in the Law)
        Of course, Cis gendered scum would stay monsters if they bath their babies, but helping Trans kids to explore their sexuality WILL be seen as heathy.

      2. I’ve been saying this forever here on ROK that I disagree with the crazy idea that leftists want to give men the ability to be with young girls since they already hate the idea that older men prefer 22 year olds. Not gonna happen. Too good to be true even.

        1. that’s a good point I haven’t really heard about any push towards paedophilia being decriminalised but yeah it’s probably not to facilitate what our friend described above but the more twisted gay stuff

        2. I have a daughter, btw.
          I don’t want her to be a careerist, I want her to marry a great man and make me some grandchildren… someday.

        3. Exactly, the thing about them is that they say “oh you just want to have sex with girls that are too young for you”
          I say to that, there is a HUGE difference between pedophilia and attraction to fertility…as in when a girl becomes a woman who can bear children. No, I am not trolling for brides on the goddamn playground, but I want my wife to be young and able to bear me at least 8 healthy kids. And the only way that is going to happen is if she is young, not some 27 year old bar slut who ravaged her body and pussy for the past 10 years

  19. In Virginia, there was a criminal sex case from the 1970s that inspired the sexually violent predator civil commitment law. A criminal had kidnapped a child and buried the kid in a box. The child was periodically removed from the box for the deviant’s sexual geatification.
    Sometime in the mid-2000s, the predator was set for mandatory release, so the General Assembly moved to pass the civil commitment law. Care to guess the circumstances of the crime? You already know. The male pervert was charged with kidnapping and forcible sodomy. The victim was a boy. Anyway, the pervert’s release date came after the law was passed. He was transferred from a close custody prison to a maximum security facilty. His cell mate was a lifer doing time for murder. Well, Peewee the Pervert never got his civil commitment. Let’s just say his time ended with him leaving prison in a coffin. Tyrone the Thug had been molested by a faggot, so he doled out prison justice to Peewee. Tyrone simply got another life sentence.
    As for the boy, he grew up to be homosexual himself.

    1. I remember that case. I was probably 14 or 15 living in Tidewater at the time. It still sends shivers up my spine. I don’t think we can even begin to imagine what that boy went through. As I recall, that sicko did it twice. Even as a teenager I was eager for them to turn the pervert over to me for summary execution. I wouldn’t have even hesitated to smoke the sick sonuvabitch. It may have taken a few extra rounds, me not being a good shot and all… 😉 I only hope that Tyrone the Bone gave him a good dose of nine inches of his own medicine before he cured the problem for society once and for all.

    2. ‘As for the boy, he grew up to be homosexual himself.’
      Deeply sexually disturbed and psychologically scared.

    1. Muslims practice homosexuality at an alarming rate. One of the reasons Africa has such a high AIDS percentage. Non muslim Sub Saharans the same.

      1. That guy with the netherlands banner on the left actually looks like he’s being buggered from behind

      2. Homosexual pedophilia is rampant in the middle east and among rapefugees in facr in their culture and their version of scriptures its normal and encouraged to rape young boys. In heaven they’re promised boy sex slaves. Tons of reports of Muslim rapefugees helping themselves to white boys at the swimming pool. Women for reproduction and boys for pleasure. Bach bazi are basically whorehouses of young boys

        1. yes in Islam is a sin to fuck a man but a boy is not a man is a boy so no sin

  20. “They make up over 80% of
    all male child molestation cases and the average pedophile victimizes
    between 20 and 150 boys before being arrested.”
    So the other 20% of boy molesters are females?
    Seems kind of high, but I suppose with all these nutty schoolteachers, it is possible.
    My point being that any male who molests a boy is a homosexual. Regardless of any activities he has with females. If he has sexual contact with a male, he is a fag. The same goes for prison rapists and bachi boy raping muslims.

    1. is not high is low, if homo are 2% of population they should rape only 2% of the total of boys and women the other 98% of the boy, Gay are raping 40 times more than they should according to the gay population numbers they over represented and women are under represented.

  21. I can’t decide whether this is a (secretly) sponsored post by the Westboro Baptist church or the SPLC. There is a gret deal in this article that many gays might not like but nothing at all that the hate speech police won’t like as it completely plays into their hands. In fact I find the inclusion of references to the bible to be almost suspicious. Condemning all homosexuality as degeneracy and linked to paedophilia and then justifying that position with an appeal to the bible is a sure way tick all the right hate speech boxes that the police need you to tick so they can continue to push the love versus hate narrative.
    As for the actual issues raised in the article, some of them are legitimate and even concerning, but packaging it like this will fail to convince anyone who doesn’t already believe homosexuality is wrong

    1. I don’t have an opinion on whether being gay is right or wrong, but promoting and advocating for it certainly is.

      1. yes, I agree. It is the social engineering aspect of the lbtq etc movement that is highly objectionable, and which is a perfectly legitimate object of concern for a great many people, who face having their lives and the lives of their children transformed without any kind of real democratic mandate and therefore without any real consent. That fact is unfortunately buried under the rhetorically incompetent and morally suspect blanket condemnation of all homosexuals as degenerates and paedos. I think the author is just venting (his feelings of disgust) but its worth remembering that occasionally progressive types do write stuff that is designed to advance their cause by being deliberately obnoxious. That is if the opposition to lgbtq social engineering can be shown to be nothing more than backward “christian” prejudice and intolerance etc. then that agenda will be advanced, and the anti-hate speech / anti-extremist managers will have been given an excuse to take action.

  22. Excellent article and very accurate. The tie between hexagrams (so-called Star of David) and the rapid rise of degeneracy is no coincidence and nicely framed by this article also. It seems you can’t have one without the other…

  23. In Oregon, there’s a third gender for drivers licences now. On July 4th Kim Jong Un launched a test-rocket that reached 2,802 kilometers. As an Oregonian, I hope North Korea isn’t about to drop some Sodom and Gomorrah business on the northwest. I imagine we’d get blown away so the government can treat us as a Pearl Harbor-type catalyst.
    On a side-note, I’ve met one convicted molester, a pedophile, around ten girls who were actually molested (lots who said they were, too, of course), and had 6+ gay coworkers. Stats here are off the charts.

    1. Seth, get your ass on down to Texas. They could use voting-aged men with a brain down there, and outside the universities the stats are much more favorable.
      EDIT: “MORE” voting aged men. They got more than any state ought to need, but twixt the degenerates in Austin and the illegals they could always use more.

      1. Thanks for the invite, T. The thought is striking, but it’s probably most to do with a oneitis I had who moved there. This might shock the guys here, but my kids are quarter black/indian. Isn’t it dangerous for muts in the lone-star state?

        1. Nah, that’s some bullshit they spout up north.
          Growing up in Houston, I was genuinely unaware of the races of my classmates. They had funky names, but I’ve got an uncommon last-name, myself. It wasn’t until they started going to BLM protests and marching for Palestine that I had a reason to think about it.
          Dallas has whole cities primarily occupied by Indians (dot, not feather – I sort of assume that’s what you meant). Central Texas (them smaller towns) is largely Germanic, but they don’t really give a hoot in hell so long as you’re neighborly and hardworking.

        2. I could deal with that. Hard work here is rare, and mostly features older folk. It’s lost on the young, kind of like being neighborly.

        3. I’ll admit, I’ve slacked off in the neighboring department, myself. I moved a few months ago, and I still haven’t introduced myself to the neighbors.
          Maybe I’ll whip up some sourdough and some preserves, perhaps a few cookies or some jerky or something, and go around this weekend.

        4. My neighbors introduced themselves by yelling spanish, piling up garbage by their door, and filling a kiddlie pool in my entryway with pail-fulls of kitchen-sink water.

        5. The dot/feather identifier is so offensive !
          Such blatant cultural appropriation!
          I can’t even….
          Please use the more acceptable geographic identifier of casinoconvenience store.

          Don’t be such a white male.

        6. Have a barbecue. Leaves quite an impression especially with that smell wafting in the air and your neighbors will think they’re the kool kids

        7. If you’re going to self-flagellate it should be for failing to talk to a girl or skipping an exercise at the gym..

        8. I’ve got a little townhouse, so I can’t really hold it here. But there is a little neighborhood park right close by that I could use. Hmm, that might work. Cheers!

  24. There’s something strange going on. Whilst they are definitely promoting the sexualization of children and homo transgender nonsense.
    The (((media))) are still pushing the white male child sexual predator that could be lurking everywhere by film and Talmudvision.

  25. As far as I’m concerned, any child molester,child rapist or abuser should be staked out in the sun on top of a fireant bed.

  26. This article does absolutely nothing to protect children.
    Keep an eye on your close family friends, those men, (and your religious leaders and sports-coaches), are the molesters.
    I wish the flamboyant, glitter-wearing, ass-less patent-leather chaps wearing crowd were the main threat to our safety…how easy it would be to keep our children safe…better than a scarlet-letter A!
    The profile of the child molester is this: a white man who is married, educated, working, and religious.
    “However, we all have to be careful at this point. We have to ask the next question: What does this mean? To answer that we come to another finding from the Abel and Harlow Child Molestation Prevention Study.
    Rather than causing a person to molest, being married, educated, working, and religious is who we are as Americans. These are the facts. It’s crucial that everyone understands them. In order for adult protectors to stand as a barrier between their children and a child sexual abuser, the protectors have to know what a sexual abuser of children looks like. He looks like George.
    And he looks like a lot of other people you know. In analyzing the reports of the 4,000 admitted child molesters researchers found this: in their outward characteristics, matching percentages of child molesters to percentages of all American men, the average child molester closely matched the average American man.
    Child molesters exist in every part of our society.
    They molest children close to them, mainly children in their family or children in their social circle.
    Most child molesters, 90 percent, report that they know their child victims very well.
    Children are most at risk from the adults in their own family, and from the adults who are in their parents’ social circle. In fact, 90 percent of abusers target children in their own families and children who they know well. Furthermore, research suggests that the risk is across the board: Child molesters come from every part of our society, and so children from every part of our society are at risk.” http://www.childmolestationprevention.org/pages/tell_others_the_facts.html

    1. “The profile of the child molester is this: a white man who is married, educated, working, and religious”- if he’s boogering little boys he’s a closeted homo, anyhow child molesters of any sort should be put to death, immediately and painfully.

      1. 90% of child molesters are in the family, or known to the adults in the family…awareness is necessary; not crazed, paranoid, fearful man-hate…just stay alert, and present.
        A big part of safety is honestly assessing what and where the real danger is.

        1. Which is, turns out, gay relatives.

        2. That’s not necessarily true, and it certainly would not be known to you:
          “he’s married, just like 77 percent of the more than 4000 child sexual abusers in the Child Molestation Prevention Study. George is religious, like 93 percent of the abusers. He’s educated. More than 46 percent had some college education and another 30 percent were high school graduates. Like 65 percent of the admitted abusers, George was working. Numerous studies of adult victims have sought to link child molestation victims to lower social class and lower family income. All have failed. Child victims and their abusers exist equally in families of all income levels and classes. And, now from the study, we know that child molesters are as equally married, educated, employed, and religious as any other Americans.”
          “An estimated one in 20 teenage boys and adult men sexually abuse children, and an estimated one teenage girl or adult woman in every 3,300 females molests children. Although that’s well over five million people, most families mistakenly believe that as far as molesters go, there has never been one in their family, and what’s more, there never will be. Add together the child victims, the adult survivors, and the abusers, and that’s 15 out of every 100 Americans who have been either a molested child or a molester.” http://www.childmolestationprevention.org/pages/tell_others_the_facts.html

        3. If you fuck somebody of the same sex, regardless of age, regardless of consent, you’re gay.

        4. Sadly, that’s why people usually fail to notice how the child’s “coming out of the closet” originates.
          The parents often blame the child instead of hunting for the gay-pedophile hidden among their friends and family who violated their child.

        5. Right; however, you and your friends would not know which one of ‘the normal-guys’ among you was preying on young men…remember, it’s definitely a big secret; the wife, job, home, kids, 10% tithing…it’s a ruse.
          Little girls are more likely to be a pedophile’s victim; with 90% of pedophiles presenting themselves to the world as men we are related to, men we know and socialize with; this is where we have the ability to thwart the pedophile-in-our-midst…Pedophiles hate attentive parents that keep tight surveillance on the kiddo’s…labeling Uncle John a gay pedophile, way after the fact, doesn’t do the children any good, right now.
          Awareness and an ever-vigilant presence is the gift of safety that I gave my daughter and her friends for years, and I automatically switch into a heightened level of awareness, whenever I am around any children in a social setting.
          Straight pedophiles aren’t any less abhorrent than their gay counterparts; and by focusing on the myth of the flamboyantly-gay child molester, the real predator at the pool, family reunion, or BBQ continues the cycle of abuse, right under our noses.

        6. THIS. That’s when libtards throw me the cases of pederasty of the Church when arguing against homosexuality, I always tell them that those priests are gays themselves. Boom! It normally ends up in name-calling, though.

      2. “The profile of the child molester is this: a white man who is married, educated, working, and religious”
        I had a former coworker who bragged about molesting a 3 yo girl. The perpetrator was a black male…

    2. No mention of public school teachers or the amount of women molesting their students?

      1. Pedophiles are among us, in many professions, with many religious affiliations; many more men than women are pedophiles; however, whenever a female, (I can recall several teachers making headlines over the years), predator is caught and prosecuted, it sends a strong message that sexual abuse of children, even of so-called “red-blooded” boys in the teenage years-the time period some people, (half) jokingly say, “I wish my teacher would’ve molested me…”…that behavior is wrong, and will not be joked and shamed away.
        “An estimated one in 20 teenage boys and adult men sexually abuse children, and an estimated one teenage girl or adult woman in every 3,300 females molests children. Although that’s well over five million people, most families mistakenly believe that as far as molesters go, there has never been one in their family, and what’s more, there never will be. Add together the child victims, the adult survivors, and the abusers, and that’s 15 out of every 100 Americans who have been either a molested child or a molester.” http://www.childmolestationprevention.org/pages/tell_others_the_facts.html

        1. 5% of men are child molesters? Sorry, the world is fucked, but it’s not THAT fucked.

        2. I prefer to look at it as 95% of men are chivalrous…but it’s that 5% that we need to be aware of, (5% seems like a low estimate to me…perspective!).
          As a protective mother; my decision to keep my daughter safe from the unknown, child-molester among-us manifested itself when I:
          –Always made our home friendly and inviting for the neighborhood kids…always plenty of snacks, grapes, raisin boxes, fruit-juices; come in and out all they want…stay up late–Welcome Kids! (I know from experience that other kids homes have older siblings…lots of potential danger).
          –Whenever a gathering occurs when the kids move off in their own areas; I am an unpredictable and ever-present hostess, ‘making-the-rounds’ to pick-up plates, offer more snacks, bring more drinks…you never know when this helpful, friendly mom is going to be near, just that I am.
          –No! The 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14-year old girls don’t need to drive up to the store with the older kids; let ’em bitch about me, they always get over it fast, (yes, I did include those young ages…that 5% you can’t imagine, they really do-do the unimaginable…).
          I can share first-hand stories, but I don’t dwell in that area.
          I love and trust most people, including men, (of course!), and I have passed that trust and joy on to my daughter; however, being a kind and open person does not mean being dangerously naive.
          In fact, I believe that teaching kids what respectful, safe personal boundaries are, and how to maintain them, ward off the kinds of situations that could distort their view of humanity; you know, the type of foolish young lady, (probably foolish because her momma dropped the education ball…), that gets raped and then declares, “all men are bad…”, because she just happened into one of the 5%…that’s a whole other discussion, for another time.

    3. ‘Rather than causing a person to molest, being married, educated, working, and religious is who we are as Americans. ‘
      Yes, it makes statistical sense, there is zero causal connection.
      Despite that, ALL evidence demonstrates male homosexuals are attracted to boys/children like no other group.

    4. My intention was not to transcribe a call to action to protect the innocence of kids. I thought the message in the post itself would suffice to make anyone reading think about what they might do to protect children from it

      1. I think throwing this subject out in a public forum will naturally have a positive ripple-style effect.
        For the adults among us, who have been on the receiving end of sexual abuse; just knowing, ‘I am not alone’, or uniquely bad, etc…may help many men and women who struggle, alone, with the guilt and shame; because this subject has been taboo for centuries.
        And, I believe you have increased safety for children; the heightened awareness that comes from the discussions generated by your article, will invariably lead us to have a little more awareness when we find ourselves in social situations with children around.
        Just brokering the subject of pedophilia invites the sharing of divergent ideas; that alone is a huge deterrent…secrets love to whisper in the shadows…thank you for busting out your big-ass spotlight; I obviously have a different perspective, and some practical ideas to share: your bold article gave me an opportunity to do just that…keep tossing out those Hot-Button issues, Mr. Liam O’Connor; a lively exchange of ideas is exactly what this subject needed.
        Thank you.

  27. Laws will be of little consequence when total war breaks out. If the hostile minorities & their handler wishes to find out what will happen, then ought to check out the colourful videos out of Raaqa in Syria and Tiqrit in Iraq.

  28. WTF are you only showing the pictures that show the Israeli flag? Fag parades in ANY country will sometimes wave the flag of the nation that is permitting that flag.
    STOP trying to connect Israel with the world’s sicknesses and cancers.

    1. I’m not one of the baiting types, but I think that sure, Israel is *in country* very strict about this and on the right path. I have no problem with that. But here in the West “they” seem to control basically all of the media that is hell bent on shoving this agenda down our throats. I think that’s why he did it. It’s maybe not so much aimed at the nation of Israel, but at Jews in the West.
      Just guessing and not trying to put words in the author’s mouth.

      1. Indeed, I’m pointing out that it’s rather convenient that the author doesn’t show ANY of the pictures that show other flags, like say, the American one, getting waved with the rainbow one.
        And I’ve seen enough “hate-the-Jewish-people” bullshit on this website. Focus on the Men vs. Women deal.

        1. I don’t hate Jewish people, I hate Zionists. There is a big difference. GTFO of Palestine and we will make nice.

        2. Palestine doesn’t exist, and the Palestinians are squatters from Arabia, Syria, and Jordan.
          Jerusalem, God’s City, was built by JEWS. The Lord gave that land to the Jews. I say this as a True Christian.

        3. Even if that were trust Steve, I’m not leaving Israel and I’m not abandoning Zion. Israel is my homeland. She is my mother, and my blood will water her ground. This is where I live and this is where I am going to be buried. I will never leave her again. If you can accept that and work with me and mine, great. Because your friendship and support are a big deal, and I would like to live a long happy life. I definitely do not want to be on the receiving end of your hatred.
          But there isn’t anything in this world or the next that would make it worth it for me to leave Zion.

        4. did not know you were a jew, you have posted here for a long time, have you ever mentioned it? must have skimmed over if you did.

        5. Which “bastards” were you referring to, the JINOs, (aka Sons of Dathan), or the people who use them as proof that “Jews are evil”?

        6. eh, I thought I deleted my comment. I got all wound up and stopped thinking. I don’t remember what I wrote, but both the types you referred sound bastardly.

        7. I used to talk about that, but then I just got tired of arguing identity politics. Let people believe what they like. If I really cared, I’d start my own website.

        8. Jewish son of former Zionist General and well to do Zionist family exposes Israels lies

        9. So basically criticism is okay so long as it doesn’t concern Jewish people.

        10. I didn’t say that. I’m just saying that I’m tired of Jews getting singled out by this website.
          Fags and their supports are everywhere, in every ethnicity and nationality.

        11. I read it from my e-mail, and had to wonder why you deleted it.
          Dathan, a main character in The Ten Commandments movie, was a Hebrew/Jew who forsook his people and instead kissed the Egyptian asses in exchange for money and puppet power.
          Now his kind are all over the place, in corrupt high places, supporting abortion, LGBT, and other sinful shit. And others, (i.e. a good portion of this comments section) use that as proof that “Jews/Israel are evil.”
          The irony is that they apply the label “Zionist” to these JINOs. Zionists aren’t trying to destroy the world. They merely believe that the land around Jerusalem is for the Jews. Whereas the JINOs want that land destroyed.

        1. The Star of David is a symbol of Judaism.
          Dunno man. I’m not about conspiracies and “them” stuff much, but there’s not really any controversy about Jews owning the media here in the West. Seth MacFarlane via Family Guy, as well as other shows (South Park) mention this rather, well, all the time.
          It’s the media creating this culture of…whatever the fuck it is. People are starting to notice. Clearly it’s not “all jews” or “Israel” but I don’t think it’s a big jump to say “top companies in media” (or even “most feminist leaders”) are Jewish.
          Eh, I hate this kind of shit. I really just want everybody to fucking get along, tell racist jokes to each other and laugh and just fucking get on with life. 2017 is not my world.

        2. What people like the author fail to realize is that there is not one, but TWO camps of “Jews”, and they REALLY hate each other.
          1.) Are the devout Jews, and they make up some pretty well known conservatives, like David Horowitz and Ben Shapiro.
          2.) These are the ones who have thrown God out of their lives and went in pursuit of Satanic shit. Some pretend to have some faith (Dustin Hoffman) while openly remaining a hypocrite.
          Others become atheists who attempt to dream up a “heaven on earth”, like Karl Marx and Mark Zuckerberg.
          Still, there are other trouble-makers, like Seth Macfarlane who were raised Pagan-Catholic, then turned Atheist, and then get used as proof that “Jews are evil”.
          The irony of #2 is that they themselves are VERY anti-Israel themselves, and yet Israel gets blamed for their activities.
          P.S. I have been told that I was born to the wrong era myself. I am ashamed of my generation.

        3. It’s a massive fight. A lot of people work very hard to try to hold them off. A lot of it is actually because of human nature, when the money comes in, people get degenerate.
          Some of it is because we are in a vulnerable position and so we have to make compromises we don’t want. Some of it is just plain old corruption.
          Some of it is because of the influence of a certain group of old powerful families that have always infested our society. You have your own version of the same.
          And if I’m being very honest, as Jews we also have our own particular flaws just like every group has it’s strenghts and weaknesses.

        4. Man, you said it. I’ve done what I can to try to “enjoy the decline,” but my longstanding suspicions of having been born 100 years too late receive further justification every day.

        5. In spite of some of my hardcore statements on this site, I think just like you. But that is a dream world. And I simply won’t abide or ignore those troublesome groups who are contributing to the decline of America, and western civilization in general. I’ll call ’em out and not be polite about it.
          It won’t accomplish a thing, except letting me vent.

        6. good to hear these red pill attitudes from you GoJ at times I have been a bit worried..

        7. My whole life I have walked around with the sneaking suspicion that I was not made for this world.

        8. I know Jews seem to be all over the place, but to be fair, God did promise Abraham that his descendants (the Arabs and Hebrews) would be “as numerous as the stars in the heaven.”

        9. Meme-based ridicule all you can muster against my logical, fact-based argument?

    2. WTF don’t you understand about Israel, Myron?? It is associated quite directly with the vast majority of the world’s sicknesses. Wake up!!

      1. No, the Vatican that you serve is the one responsible. I dunno if you are a Jesuit agent, or someone brainwashed by one.

        1. The priests in the church are faggots…but the catholic church doesn’t promote faggotry!
          Jews looove faggotry!!!

        2. Every faggot here with Church rape children argument did not read the article. Is stated in the article that gays look for the places where the children are, so the sodomites are drawn into professions where they will be in contact with children like a priest, teacher, counselor and the boy scouts. The faggot was a faggot before becoming a priest he become a priest to be close to the object of his desire. That argument is a fallacy is does not matter if the rapist was a priest or a boy scout rapist he is faggot first, their fallacy does not negate that fact.

        3. I’ve no doubt the Vatican is filled with Satanic pedophiles snorting crank and worshiping circumcised cock, but why use “Jesuits” as the boogeyman instead a tribe of people we are well familiar with?? Hollywood is Jesuit controlled, is it? Television? Radio? Music industry? Book publishing? Porn industry? Wall Street? All Jesuits involved at the top, hey?? Not a dual-citizen Israeli Ashkenazi Jew anywhere to be found, accept at the local synagogue hard at work reading the Torah??!! Myron, you’re either a total wanker or a paid shill assigned to this website. Or likely both.

        4. Behind or in league with the Zionists you find the Jesuits. They learned from the Hashashin so I discount them.

        5. The Vatican has plans to destroy Israel. The Jewish puppets the Jesuits have used to make trouble throughout history were secretly converted to Catholicism, (always). They are NOT the “Zionists”.
          The Zionists are like me, we believe that tiny chunk of dirt surrounding Jerusalem, (a city built by the Jews) is the land promised to the JEWS by God Himself!

        6. The Old Testament (Jewish Bible) prohibits homosexuality. Quit pretending the JINOs represent the Jews.
          Also, the Bible prohibits the head of any church from being celibate. They MUST be married as per Bible law. God knew ways to smoke out homosexuals from passing themselves off as church leaders.

      1. And in the media, banking, the Supreme Court, Congress, Hollywood, Social Justice causes, the Democratic party, “the 1%”…

        1. True, but this is an article about homosexuality. As an aside, I hate the term “top 1%”. The power and wealth resides in the top .01%. You only need about $350k income to be in the top 1% which could be a successful small business. The top 1% are taxed to the max. The top .01% pay almost no taxes at all.

  29. You could say the same thing about heterosexuals and say the solution is to be uber-Christian in which sex and sexuality is only reserved for immediate procreation and not even for fun between married couples.

  30. And what about degenerates who father children? I know of a woman who gave birth to a child from a butt burglar. I don’t know how she got pregnant although it was most likely through IVF. It was a boy who would close to three years of age now. The woman is a narcissist and I feel sorry for the kid. My prediction for the boy is that the fudge packer will either molest him, pass him around, turn him into a tranny or all of the above.
    She has since had another kid but I don’t know any details about it. Either way the outcome won’t be good.

    1. You don´t know how she got got pregnant, hahaha she had sex with the homo. You don´t know how many girls fuck their gay friends just for fun. When gays are drunk their sexuality is more fluid. I known some gays from work all of them warn me that don´t trust my girlfriend gay friends. AWALT, of course that dick does not count as another dick in her notch count because he was gay.

  31. The author forgot to mention that the grand majority of homosexuals were themselves molested as children.
    So, put to death ALL pedophiles, and homosexuality will quickly dry up.

      1. Indeed, the New Testament prophecies state that Sodom and Gomorra will rise again, and strong arm the governments before the world gets incinerated.

      2. Promoted very heavily by celebrities faggots & young people brainwashed by it, become wannabe faggots, to keep up with the latest fad ??

    1. With that logic you have to put down the perpetrator and victim since the victim will be the next perpetrator.

    2. will add that some parents turn their kids gay with just emotional molestation

    1. Sad that the author didn’t use this pic. The pictures he uses are an attempt to connect the true Jews to the LGBT.

      1. You can fight this and you can win. We’ve been fighting this shit in Jerusalem for a while now and this year we finally got them to back off. You can do it where you are also. Don’t be intimidated by these bastards. You can win.

    2. Don’t know whether to give you a thumbs up or kick you in the nuts for posting that. Absolutely disgusting.

    3. They have homo merit badges now? I shudder to think how they earn them.
      If I had sons they wouldn’t associate with BSA.

  32. What a bullshit article. Nothing wrong between consensual relation between ADULTS, pedo’s are not interested in the consent of the child nor can the child consent.
    Trying to draw parallels is beyond idiotic.

      1. No I am not. The author despises homosexuals and is trying to equate their pursuit of equal rights as equivalent to pedo’s eventually trying to do the same thing. The author purposefully ignores the principal of consent as it blows their bigotry wide-open to scrutiny. Not hard to see.

        1. No, you’re actually missing the point of the article. A re-read is in order, if you even read it the fist time.

        2. Ah yes, you’re falling back on the usual “bigot” and “homophobic” shtick. Well no one is accepting those anymore as “arguments”. Their only purpose is to shut people up. Just look at the statistics he is citing. Apparently telling the truth is “homophobic”. As for evidence that the wide spread acceptance is degenerating society all you have to do is watch all the gruesome “Pride” parades.

        3. ‘The author despises homosexuals ……..’
          All decent men despise homosexuality.
          ……..and is trying to equate their pursuit of equal rights as equivalent to pedo’s eventually trying to do the same thing.’
          Trying successfully.
          Any honest person knows that male homosexuals especially are sexually predatory perverts, thus it is sensible and humane to ask if they threaten boys, especially.
          All evidence and research demonstrates that they do.
          Look it up yourself.
          ‘ The author purposefully ignores the principal of consent as it blows their bigotry wide-open to scrutiny. Not hard to see.’
          You are wrong again.
          ‘Incest a ‘fundamental right’, German committee says.’
          …we don’t care about the ‘consent’, we care about the filth and the perversion.
          Hope that’s clearer.

    1. Pedos ?? Pedos ?? Are you some kind of a pedophobe ?? Today we are calling them,
      M.A.P. Minor Attracted Person & not the “hateful” designation as pedos ??

        1. That´s right, then they will take children from the streets then con the people into believing that is better for a child to be “loved” than to live in the streets. Then suddenly it will appear a number of success histories from supposedly normal adults that are grateful to be “loved” when they were young and that they grow normal. of course the word loved is the new PC substitute of “child rape” like saying undocumented instead of illegal and gay instead of sodomite. The power of words matter.

      1. You need to put the word (sarcasm) in your statement or clueless liberals will take you seriously.

        1. What d’ya mean “liberals” will take me seriously ?? Will take me ?? They already take me seriously ?? See BBC about Jimmy Saville & BBC personnel that from now on are MAP & not pedophiles anymore ??

  33. When I first saw the pictures in the article I was furious. Liam, that’s a dick move you pulled and it’s not even close to the whole truth.
    You didn’t point out that we had near riots in Jerusalem the last time the faggots wanted to throw a parade here. You did not mention that the only thing that prevented it was the full deployment of the Israeli border police. You didn’t discuss that the foreign NGOs including the Ford foundation have been shoving this down our throats against our will via political pressure and the open funding of subversive Leftists groups. And that many of those NGOs are heavily funded by European countries. And you did not point out that there are people sitting in jail because someone finally snapped and killed some of the parade attendees.
    I saw the parade in Jerusalem last year, at least half the parade goers were Leftists from Tel Aviv trying to shove their sick lifestyle down our throats. This year, after a lot of politicsl fighting they kept their fucking parade small and quiet.
    Man, I don’t want us to be enemies. Your people were good to me and my family when I lived in the US. On top of that, a lot of your people helped us take back our homeland. I HATE IT that you have to put up with this vile shit. But you blaming us for everything that went wrong isn’t just false, it’s suicidal. Because by ignoring the actual causes for what went wrong and blaming us for it all, you are going to end up not being able to deal with the real sources of the problem, including the corruption in your own systems.
    This is not the way.

  34. Pedophiles are found more in your churches than anywhere, not in the gay community.

      1. I believe you may need to get better informed on the subject before you call anyone a liar.

        1. No.
          No, you are lying.
          I have followed this topic in many capacities, including in my professional capacity.
          When you write……..
          ‘Pedophiles are found more in your churches than anywhere, not in the gay community.’
          ……that is just a plain lie.

        2. For starters:
          70% of child molesters identify as heterosexual male
          9 % identity as bisexual male
          9% identify as homosexual male
          1% female
          The Abel and Harlow study revealed that 93% of sex offenders describe themselves as “religious” and that this category of offender may be the most dangerous. Other studies have found that sexual abusers within faith communities have more victims and younger victims.
          Boz Tchividjian
          Religious News Service Jan 2014

        3. Churches provide one of the best sources for children to be found. An atmosphere of trust and acceptance makes the church one of the easiest places for predators to find opportunities to attack victims.

        4. Muddled and illogical.
          If that made sense, nearly all paedophiles would be teachers, Doctors or Nurses.

        5. Well, I’m surprised you persist….but as you do….
          Unfortunately, you appear to be the liar I explained that you were above.
          One point is all I think this exchange deserves.
          ‘70% of child molesters identify as heterosexual male’
          Well……..as only 2.8% of the population are homosexual, by YOUR figures…..that’s a THIRTY PERCENT PAEDOPHILE RATE FOR NON HETEROSEXUALS attacking children.
          You are either innumerate, dishonest or (in my view) both.
          I notive someone is responding to a post I wrote to you as I type this.
          If it’s ‘little Terry’ I’m afraid I will not read it or respond.

        6. Actually in the same study I quoted before, teachers and doctors follow close behind clergy.

        7. Hey, simmer down. I’m just quoting the study from a Christian site. . Don’t shoot the messenger. Also, the total % of homosexuals to heterosexual is irrelevant.

    1. Yes, you are right, gay pedophiles in our churches is a problem, GAYS, They are dudes raping boys. It´s very tempting for them to have a stream of young ass when they become priests. Clearly you faggot did not read the article
      “Think of the boy scouts, church youth groups, and social workers as other avenues for gays to insert themselves.”

  35. I have long held the view that Sodomites must be removed from society once detected. If they are 3% of the population yet commit that disproportionate amount of sex offences and murders, they need to be contained / detained / banished in some way, and neutered at the bare minimum.
    What we have now is scientists trying to use cloning technology to create babies with the DNA of 3 parents, but I believe the ultimate goal is to make it possible for a pair of Sodomites to become the exclusive biological parents of a child. If they succeed, the wrath of God will, I believe, fall heavily on the West; maybe WW3. The Russians, for example, consider us to be vile and morally depraved when they observe the way in which we have embraced the gay agenda.
    It all highlights again the need for the Moral Absolute that is the Word of God. Without that Standard, everyone does that which is right in their own eyes, leading to societal chaos and ruin. But that would mean no more “pump and dump” for straights either, so maybe letting the queers run riot is seen as a price worth paying for “flags” and notch counts.
    It will, however, be proven otherwise. God will not be mocked for long and will not tolerate “gay marriage”, Sodomites’s “rights” and paedophilia being legalised. Every society in history that went down that route ended up being devastated. I predict it will bring a hail of fire on the West.

  36. I don’t think the author is suggesting that ALL homosexuals are paedophiles rather that acceptance of homosexuality into the mainstream is a gateway for other sexual deviancy.
    Is he right? I do not know.
    Homosexual acceptance in the mainstream seem to be based upon issues of consent and live and let live.
    Are we going to get to the point where as long as a child consents it is OK?
    It only takes one well-meaning liberal to accept that a child can consent for the idea to spread.
    On the other hand, he is assuming that things carry on in at the same rate. But they do not-a line on a graph stops somewhere.
    My own personal opinion is that while homosexuality should have been decriminalised, homosexual relationships should NEVER be afforded the same legal rights as heterosexual relationships: no gay marriage and certainly no gay adoptions.
    Only a complete idiot thinks they should be. For these people have no gut understanding for our ancient customs and wisdoms.
    It’s a bit like the difference between an aligator and a dog.
    You accept an aligator has a right to be an aligator and let it be; but you sure as hell don’t invite it into the house and feed it.
    Tolerance not acceptance.

  37. Thank you for bringing truth to this issue.
    Homosexuality is degeneracy in its purest form.

  38. The acceptance of homosexuality in itself was “a project” for the change of people’s morality. I’ve seen gay people talk about having sex with young boys (15,16) like it is normal. It’s a sliding scale.

    1. If society really does go the way being suggested, then its time to arm yourselves and isolate your children from society. Start hanging homosexuals to make a point, that it will not be tolerated anymore. I mean adults can fuck who they want to fuck, but expecting people to accept fucking with children is asking for total revolt. And the Jews will be the first to hang along with feminists and other degenerates.

      1. If men want to put their penis inside another mans asshole, fine, let them. I don’t care. I don’t wish them death. But gaymarriage is something I’m against. Gay couples adopting children, very damaging for children.
        This is what I hate so much. This everlasting marketing for the acceptance of homosexuality. A pedestrian crossing that isn’t even a legal crossing by law. Because they have to be dark/white.

        1. ……so what if someone actually dies because of our adoration of homosexuality?
          This is why we have to keep on keeping on telling the truth about human sexual perversion.
          It’s advocates are insane.

        2. Without the white stripes it’s not officially a crossing (like everywhere on the world) and by law you don’t have to stop. If an accident happens, the motorist is not responsible. So yes, people may die because their pro gay-agenda is more important to them than traffic safety.
          But that’s not all. The pro-gay agenda is everywhere. Even the military starts to sympathize. And sports… ah forget it. It’s already feminized.

        3. Yep.
          It’s not even sexual perversion; it’s a form of self destructive social madness.
          Social entropy.
          No-one will miss them, certainly not themselves; they seem to loath normality as they are abnormal. Thus, they will most likely hate themselves.

        4. A straight white man attempting to cross that street is committing a felony.

        5. Yes indeed. It’s an insult to my freedom of opinion. I don’t want homo-tolerance forced upon me. I, and millions of my countrymen will accept their gay pervert-hobby’s just as well without this faulty pedestrian crossing. In a sense it’s of course counter productive to do this. I’ll bet many homo-men will agree with that.

  39. This is part of the Jew’s plan, its till time to hang them all. Hitler was hell bent on destroying the Jew’s for a reason…now we know why. All this anti-semitism is bullshit, it’s no different to having a word like anti-christdom.

  40. I actually realize what’s keeping homos from getting what they want immediately is not primarily the right’s doing. The left is so saturated with different interest groups, they fight to advertise their cause to grab as much followers than other left groups. If the right capitalizes on that they could easily crush the worst left groups like feminists and LGBT. The fight to have a larger fanbase is the leftist horde’s downfall. It’s remarkable to find feminists at odds with tranny’s that want to value traditional women roles and even trannies fight the gays

  41. The gays marching with the Israeli flags had something to do with a ‘Free the Gays’ from Palestine drive. Aside from the conservative groups, Israel must be wall to wall full of Hillary type empowered shitlib women. Can’t Israelis just start belting their secular cunts according to the book? The world gay conference was in Toronto in the 90s before it was moved to Jerusalem later with Ford Foundation backing. Now the worldwide activists brag about planning to hold the first bisexual parade in Tel Aviv. Nothing will stop the gay agenda in a country where menstruating females feel free to vote, speak publicly and sit in office seats with an overflowing douche pail under the desk (I pity the a flies down there).
    And nothing will change until they stop chopping their son’s dicks and implement CHHAUPADI.
    Who is sponsoring the gay events there in Israel? Some group called iPride (‘i’must stand for Israeli) comes up in a search and ‘Stand With Us’, a fellowship program that recruits students from around Israel and grooms them to become the country’s future leaders. All foundation backed. That takes lots of hillarys teaming up to pull that off. How many more hillarys are there in Israel?
    I assume most of the cult marx Israeli shitlibs are secular/reform/ashkenazi. The guy who attacked the gay parade in Jerusalem was Sephardic – Yishai Schlissel, a Haredi ultra orthodox (center)
    Guy looks like an old bloodline Israelite with that beard. All he needs is a full OEM schlong. He stabbed 6 at the 1995 Jerusalem gay parade, served 12 years and returned to stab more in 2015. He entered the crowd of queers and was jumped after his first stab. It went viral when the 16 yo (female) victim died and it was revealed that she wasn’t gay but was flying a rainbow flag and skipping like it was cool and trendy. Wrong place at the wrong time. The girl’s father was probably too neutered to control his own family like a crack patriarch should. What dad lets a 16 yo daughter go prancing to support some fag parade? The 16 yo girl, Shira Banki, could pass for 26 . . or even 30!
    Do Jews seriously mature that fast? THAT GIRL could have been married off at 13. Bitch could have been busy in the kitchen on the day of the fag march, tit feeding with one arm and grinding rye meal for matzo crackers with the other arm. Looking at her picture taken prior to the fatal march, my beard senses something about her. She’s on the rag in that picture. I just know it. My beard doesn’t lie. She’s menstruating. The eyes tell. She’s wasted that last egg just like many feminized western european teens do who aren’t married off after puberty. Hey the Romans invented plumbing. Why can’t the JEWS lay down some CHHAUPADI plumbing to keep the mensing in its place and the women domesticated. LAY SOME LINE Jew motherfuckers and scrapple whack together some cozy plywood CHHAUPADI nooks in the backyard for ye women. I’M MCGOO and I know my soup. (I call my beard the ‘flavor saver’)
    The situation isn’t much better in the west with all the sexually cucked shitlib Christian churches sending white girls on missions to the congo to convert the saucer lips and evangelizing the same Ford Foundation backed gay agenda in the pews at home. Gay agenda is population control agenda across the board. It is designed to arrest normal reproduction by popularizing and encouraging non procreative lifestyles.

    1. not sure i want to know what all that terminology there was about but I also heard about some nutter who did a marathon while on her period member of some movement called the “free bleeders”.
      There was a stabbing in a hairdressing salon in Germany from someone who chose to employ a refugee as a hairdresser. As per your example above, although a bit sad it’s going to be more common place people supposedly out of mainstream society are basically going to get well deserved Darwin awards by supporting incorrect leftist politics.

  42. Psychologists can easily decide to change it so children psychology begets consent to sex and they can easily change the definitions and laws of their fake science. The psychologists are like the priests of the left, leftists believe their shit.

    1. I once tried to read an L. Ron Hubbard sci fi novel as a kid, and it spent a great deal of time in the early part of the book talking about how the psychiatrists were the high priests of the new world, hetero sex outlawed, and all children ‘taught’ and ‘tutored’ by these high priests in the correct ways of homosexuality — i thought at the time that the kids were being molested and still do.
      I didn’t finish that book. All of the above was in the first 100 pages IIRC.
      Sick fuck.

  43. It has been found that women who endured a great amount of stress during pregnancy (such as pregnant women who lived in London during the bombing of Britain by Germany during WW II) and women who took barbiturates during their pregnancy (which were prescribed by medical idiots) both gave birth to disproportionately high numbers of homosexuals. In other words, the normal and proper secretions of male androgens during pregnancy were inhibited by stress or downers to the extent that normal male brain formation did not take place.
    Male homosexuals do not take the same hormone ride which formulates the heterosexual male. They have the Y chromosome, but they don’t experience the requisite numbers or quantities of hormonal
    baths which form the male brain. Their brain physiology is closer to that of the female prototype of the species. Which is why homosexuality is being promoted together with feminism and all other sexual deviations.

    1. Born that way? At least that’s what gay’s say. You seem to suggest they are made that way, in the womb.

  44. Also, there’s this nonsense about how if you turn down a trans person you’re “transphobic”.

    1. but if a trans faggot lie is OK, but if a normal person lie about being rich or a Hollywood producer is Rape by deception.

  45. Think of the boy scouts, church youth groups, and social workers as other avenues for gays to insert themselves.

    I beg your pardon!

  46. Just had a look at Liam’s site some good stuff on there.. Yes, those two flags are not photoshopped on there.. I heard that in ancient times there was something between adult men and teenage boys allowed in societies. Anyway, don’t know much about it, but would none the less class it as a lower form of civilisation where that kind of activity was regarded as acceptable, what good is it going to bring, none but giving those with twisted drives license to carry them out.
    Anyway, am not pleased to see gay marriage being legalised, it elevates what is basically a disorder or rare genetic mutation into a virtue. I did not know or had not heard that the gays were prone to be sex predators after children but can confirm from many I’ve met that they’re often mentally unstable and prone to drug abuse. Still, there’s respectable and successful ones who probably don’t feel the need to strip almost naked and pose on stage. One gay I knew was totally in support of Russian anti-gay laws for the protection of children from things they don’t need to see, and I just might ask this gay who works in a shop I sometimes go if he supports or wanted gay marriage, cause am almost sure that it’s mainly a disgusting invention of the left which only a minority or subset of gays actually care about.

    1. I’ll take it one step further…
      The term Judaeo-Christian is an oxy moron. Their systems of morality are completely different.
      The Jews consider themselves to be chosen and don’t consider it a sin to cheat or otherwise abuse a non-Jew.
      In that way its very similar to Islam.
      Neither of these semitic ideologies or semitic peoples are compatible with Europeans. Historically association with them has been linked to slavery, rape, war, brutality, as well as systematic genocides of European Christians like the Holdomor and the Armenian genocide.
      Often times its the Europeans coming out on the losing end, as we saw during the Ottoman Empire, during the reign of the Barbary Pirates, the above mentioned atrocities (one committed by jews, the other muslims) and modern day Europe, even arguably the USA.
      Like they say over at CH: Diversity + Proximity = War

  47. The Greeks and Romans that you all love and worship were notorious homosexuals. It’s all over their art and literature and yes it was heavily intertwined with p3d0philia.

    1. Fuck off idiot. Do you know what the penalty for homosexuality was in Ancient Athens? If you committed such and tried to enter a sacred grove you were summarily executed on the spot. Fuck off.

    2. and that’s precisely why their civilization crumbled, degenerate behavior leads to failure.

  48. Only 3% of the population? In other words, less common than Asians? I never hear ANYTHING about Asians. When was the last time you heard about an Asian march or a rally for Asian-American rights?
    I hear about trannies way more than I hear about Asians.
    I do wonder how old that 3% stat is.. there is clearly some natural tendency to being gay (nature) but I think there is an even larger nurture factor, and that seems to have skyrocketed recently.

    1. *Clears throat.*
      3.4% of the WORLD’s population. not just America or Europe. In the 70s it was 2%, and 3.4% was a stat taken between 6 months to 5 years ago.
      World population-wise, Asians outnumber Blacks and Whites, though not necessarily put together.

  49. They use to say, 10% of the population are gay. Then the internet came along and said, it’s more like 2 or 3%. I think 10% is the more accurate figure. Because there are so many damn gays, it just can’t be a mere 2 or 3%. By that I mean, BEFORE the internet. Now, it’s even worse. Because contrary to what the left says, homosexuality sure does seem to spread. Like a disease. And yes, after many denials gay marriage would slide into acceptance of pedophilia, that is actually happening.

    1. ░░░░░░░░░░░░░░▄▄▀▀██▀▄▄▒

  50. I’m amazed at how quick the US went to hell over the gay thing. Has everyone forgotten how they all said it would stop at gay marriage? That wasn’t even 10 years ago! And now look. Many western countries are not only pushing mental illness as normal, but curtail your freedoms if you disagree! Now we’ve got so-called genderless babies and men on the cover of women’s magazines.
    I’m no fan of islam, but I do admit in weak moments sometimes I wonder about the benefits of the roof toss program. 😉
    Total. Complete. Madness!!

  51. The enemy is way ahead of us, they have been preparing the battle space for decades and all the prerequisites are in place. There is only residual revulsion and horror to overcome and if all else fails they simply wait for enough of us to die out.
    The big bright red line was the concept of age of consent. A child couldn’t and that was that, no matter how much a kid wanted to ‘experiment’ or whatever it was illegal, end of story. So they went to work and beavered away for generations. Now an eighteen year old virgin is a punch line. We have had it explained to us by our betters for generations that “kids are going to have sex” and that we therefore must teach them how to have “safe sex”, provide them with birth control, etc. The catch is kids can only legally have sex with other kids, the laws vary wildly from state to state and it is a legal minefield. Is this new social norm a defensible position? It is not.
    Remember when a teacher having sex with a student resulted in jail time? Now we want to see a photo of the teacher, and if she is deemed “hot” most decide the young boy was lucky to “get some”. Oops, there went the line. Lesbian teacher diddles a girl and screams “homophobia!” when it looks like she might get sent up. The line moved yet again. NAMBLA has for decades “explained” how cis-het-scum can’t possibly understand the “mentoring” a “confused gay teen” gets from his relationship with an older gay man. So soon we will all suffer the media circus of a gay teacher throwing the gay card when caught poking a boy. So that will cover every combination except what this is really all about, dirty old men getting some yung poon, but there won’t be much ground to object. So Roman Polanski finally gets to come home to a “hero’s welcome” as a early pioneer.
    But the sexual revolution won’t end there. It can’t. Only question is when does God puke up a fiery meteor to end it.

  52. https://www.nytimes.com/2017/06/27/opinion/im-glad-the-dyke-march-banned-jewish-stars.html
    Liam, if we had the kind of power you ascribe to us, then how is that possible? If Jews control the faggots, then how could the faggots drive us out? After all, we are all powerful malicious psychopaths who can degenerate everyone against their will, so how is it our totally dominated mind-controlled puppets would not allow three random Jewish faggots into a faggot parade with their Jewish themed flag?
    Whats a harder sell? Convincing a totally straight girl who wants a house, husband, 3 kids and a white picket fence to tat herself up and engage in degenerate sex with ugly fat insane mutants, or to walk in a parade with a Jewish star of David on a flag?
    Which do you think Jews would prefer, a world where Israel is supported and is a respected member of Western society or a world of faggots who want to kill every Jew on sight? Because that is what you are effectively arguing.

  53. 2/3 Sex Offenders identify as homosexuals. Also don’t forget prison is proof that being gay is a choice. I’ve been saying that way before Carson said it

    1. That is not true:
      “…[M]ost men who molest little boys are not gay. Only 21 percent of the child molesters we studied who assault little boys were exclusively homosexual. Nearly 80 percent of the men who molested little boys were heterosexual or bisexual and most of these men were married and had children of their own.” http://www.gundersenhealth.org/ncptc/jacob-wetterling-resource-center/keep-kids-safe/sexual-offenders-101/sexuality-of-offenders/

  54. Is the idea of this article to expose the degeneracy of homosexuality or to promote antisemitism? The author pollutes his argument against mainstreaming faggotry by injecting a pathetic strain of Jew-hatred into the discussion.

  55. Makes me wonder how many of these homophobic commenters actually suck each other off in darkened alleys. You’re all pathetic.

  56. The latest push by the gay and trans community is actually accusing people who are not interested in homosexual sex of being homophobic and bigots. If you are a straight man and will not date or have sex with another man or a post op tranny you are a Nazi bigot.

  57. Any normal hetero 15 year old boy going through puberty would bang any female that walks if given the opportunity. They would bang 30 year old women all day if they could.
    Same for fags. The 15 year old boys would gladly bang 30 year old men if they could. The difference here is that all 30 year old adult homos will rationalize away pedo actions cause the 30 year old fag “remembers how I was at 15”. To the 30 year old homo, the kid wanted it anyways.
    And this is what people dont understand about the gay lifestyle. All gays are pedos. When you promote a degenerate gay lifestyle, you promote old men fucking kids.

      1. Lee is correct because there is no consent under the age of consent, its statutory rape.

        1. No argument that its not Herr Hitler, but what was the difference between Lee’s two hypotheticals?

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