5 Initiation Rites To Help Turn Weak Boys Into Masculine Men

Within the manosphere, one of the best-known problems that confronts young men in the West today is a lack of genuine initiation rituals. In past times in the Western world, young boys underwent various hardships and pains which, once completed, marked their transition from boyhood to manhood. And even today, such initiation rituals still exist in other cultures. But in the West, no such rituals really remain.

At present, there are no established initiation challenges that a Western boy must complete before he is considered a man. After all, is a boy considered a man the first time he has sex? Maybe, but even boys can have sex. So then is it when a boy gets his first job? Or when he first starts to drive? Is it when he finally goes to college? Who knows, which is precisely what the problem is!

Now, while the above options are potential points which could mark a boy’s transition into being a man, all those options are actually quite unsatisfactory. And they are unsatisfactory because they fail to capture the unique essence of manliness: namely, strength, a tough physicality, a biting intellect, self-sufficiency, sacrifice, discipline, and an undying grit which never quits even when your body cannot move another inch.

Consequently, proper initiation rituals, wherever possible, need to emphasize such traits in order to truly mark the transition from boyhood to manhood.

Not the kind of initiation ritual that Western boys need.

At present, there is no way that Western society will reintroduce some type of initiation ritual which all boys can experience. In fact, in our feminized society, there is little doubt that any attempt to reintroduce a formalized initiation ritual exclusively for boys would be met with howls of protest and indignation from feminists and their ilk, but that does not mean that Western men, in small groups, cannot create initiation rituals with their own sons to allow those boys to have a true initiation challenge.

To that end, let me propose five different initiation rites which men could use today to mark the ‘boyhood to manhood’ transition for their sixteen to seventeen-year-old sons or nephews. (And please note that since these challenges are physically demanding, it is strongly suggested that your medical skills are up-to-date before undertaking any of these tests.)

Initiation Challenge 1 – Hundred Man Combat

Long before the UFC ever existed, a karate master named Mas Oyama invented Kyokushin karate. He also created what is arguably the most brutal martial arts test known to man: the 100-man kumite. In essence, what this challenge consists of is fighting 100 opponents in a series of two minute rounds without any significant break in-between the rounds. If you get injured, but you can keep going, then you do so. If you are so tired that you cannot raise your arms, too bad. Come hell or high water, the fight continues or you fail the test.

Now, as you can imagine, this is a type of challenge that only a man can complete. Thus, if your teenage boy is into martial arts, and if at least 10 participants are available that can rotate in and out of the fighting, then the 100-man kumite—or a scaled-down version of it—would be a test that would truly show the boy that he is a man. After all, he would be on his own in the ring and would have to use all his strength, will, and wit to survive.

Note as well that the goal of this challenge is not for the boy to really fight the opponents in any significant way; rather, the goal is that the boy faces the challenge and never quits, no matter how tired or in pain he is.

Additionally, realize that, if desired, such a test could be Westernized by changing the fighting to boxing rather than karate. Or, alternatively, this challenge could be completed with rounds of grappling instead of stand-up fighting. Either way though, surviving such a test would show the boy that he is indeed a man.

Initiation Challenge 2 – The 100-Km March

One of the best ways to test soldiers is with a rucksack march, and some of the most stringent special forces’ testing in the world includes forced marches. Consequently, a 100-km forced march would be another challenge which would truly show a boy that he has transitioned into being a man.

The plan for such a test is simple. The boy—and you, of course—has as long as he needs to complete the march, but he cannot stop to sleep. He must carry all his supplies on him. He can rest at any time, but he cannot quit. That is the test.

Note that, if necessary, this test can be scaled down as well. But anything less than 50-km would be too easy to count as a transition to manhood.

Initiation Challenge 3 – Hell Day

Just as certain special forces use forced marches to test their candidates, others use a challenge called Hell Week to put their candidates to the test. Therefore, you could put your son through a Hell Day as his initiation ritual.

Hell Day would consist of various physical tests and exercises which would not cease for a full 24 hours. Everything from make-shift obstacle courses to 10-kilometer runs could be part of this challenge. So could a thousand burpees or jumping jacks. Either way, plan out everything in advance and then get to it!

Also note that if you are already part of a group of males—such as a sports team or a martial arts club—then you would likely already have the facilities to use as a base camp for this Hell Day. This would also allow you to complete the challenge as a group, which would make it that much more interesting.

Initiation Challenge 4 – The Million-Pound Lift

If your son is into weight-lifting—as he should be once he hits seventeen or eighteen—then another possible test is to challenge your son to a ‘million-pound lift’. What this means is that you must both move a million-pounds of total weight before the test is done. You and your son enter the weight room, and you don’t leave until a million pounds of iron has been moved by the force of your muscles.

Now such a challenge would take hours to complete and it would involve fatigue the likes of which few men have ever experienced. But what a test it would be! Only a man can endure such a challenge. And that is the point.

Of course, as always, this test could also be modified as necessary for your particular circumstances.

Initiation Challenge 5 – Other

Finally, we must consider initiation rites for boys who, whether due to disability or otherwise, cannot complete physical tests. For such boys, such things as a prolonged fast of a week or more, or a contemplative retreat to a monastery or the mountains could be used to test their willpower and fortitude.

Such boys could also be tested intellectually, perhaps by such a challenge as having them read a series of massive history tombs that are clearly at the level of an adult, or by having them write a thesis-length paper on a subject of their interest.

Either way, the point would be to have them complete an intellectual task that is only expected from a well-seasoned adult. And if they do so without complaint or whining, this would mark their transition into the sphere of men.


In the end, these are just a few of the tests which could be used today to help a teenager know that he has transitioned from being a boy into being a man. But whatever type of test that you choose, the point is to push teenage boys into accomplishing something which only an adult man could do, and which exemplifies the masculine virtues of strength, courage, and will.

Indeed, the goal of any manhood initiation ritual is to push teenagers past their boyhood limits and make them accomplish something which they, as boys, would have never thought possible. But once they realize that it is possible, and once they realize that they, themselves, can endure more pain and suffering then they, as boys, ever thought possible, then they will realize that they have now truly become men.

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223 thoughts on “5 Initiation Rites To Help Turn Weak Boys Into Masculine Men”

  1. Great article, great concept. We, as men, have to start investing more time and energy in raising the next generation of boys to be strong, confident, traditional, masculine men.

  2. Since adult American man boobies often are so goddamn fat and out of shape I doubt that they can do it, although the ROK crowd of course is expected to do so.
    Great article, except that one should be hesitant to lower the bar toward mediocrity.

    1. With an overbearing mother out of sight and with a good male role model mentor those fat boys will say they want to do it

  3. My little tribe of clones (five kids) climb Mount Rainier (14,000 feet), hunt and rock climb. When they are ready they go solo backpacking.
    I agree that the West has lost something without a manhood initiation ceremony and I like the million pound lift idea but, consider this: These countries with really cool initiation ceremonies, what the fuck have they ever contributed to civilization? Ya, those Massai people, where would the world be with out their world-changing contributions to the good of mankind? And those little brown dudes bungee jumping with vines tied to their ankles; sure, that is pretty burly but what has their culture done to improve the world?
    I don’t see manhood as something you enter like walking through a door but rather a process you go through.
    Be an involved dad, take the red pill and you’ll be ahead of 90% of the world.

    1. I’m of the same mind.
      It’s kind of cool but with the obvious exceptions (Special Forces tests which mimic mission demands), chest thumping seems cut off from reality. All challenges should have a concrete outcome.
      Additionally manhood ceremonies were usually a segue into giving the boy economic means, a wife, etc. They were not “just for the hell of it”.

    2. True, any process to truly change someone takes time. A few years in the Army will do far more than a bungee jump.

        1. The US military, under Mattis, is now reversing some of its PC policies. If you go into it knowing what you want, you can get a lot out of it.

        2. You have to seek out the right service e.g Marines Of course special forces and their support units. Army Rangers/Airborne. Being a pilot in any of the services. Otherwise you’re a “in the rear with the gear type”. If I had my life over again I woulda tried out for the French Foreign Legion. Learn French . All male. French passport when you complete your term. A real brotherhood… Cool ass uniforms too…

        3. This is what I plan to tell my sons. They are welcome to join the military, but only if they know exactly why they are joining and what they are going to get out of it. I do see some serious benefit in being trained in hand to hand combar, knife fighting, pistol and rifle marksmanship, marches and basic military maneuvers. I think most guys get to shoot more bullets during basic than I have my entire life and I love shooting.
          Of course, if they already consider themselves men, they might join or not no matter what I say.

        4. You don’t actually get that sort of combat training unless you join the Marines or infantry or go to a service academy. I received very basic hand to hand combat training and paltry shooting time in the military. I shoot as a hobby on my own.

        5. Look up Systema Training. It seems like a good route. They have a school near here but until they move out of the ghetto central rear end they won’t get my $$.

      1. I would suggest a survival trip. It’s not exactly walking through a door but will go a long ways in developing character. Going hungry unless you catch, trap or hunt your own food teaches a kid they have to fight for and earn a living. They learn a lot about themselves and overcoming difficulties. It’s a good experience to add to the process. I did it and it changed me forever.

        1. I love this idea. Reconnect with nature, learn real skills which could help you if the SHTF, and it will test all types of your toughness. Mental and physical skill, mental and physical fortitude/ toughness and it will bond any two or three men whom do it together.
          It will likely require endurance, agility, stealth and strength. Sounds like a beautiful thing really. And again, the beauty of nature you could see at the same time.

      2. My time in the reserves certainly helped me, I felt like a king amongst men after basic training.

        1. Yup, ive done plenty of crazy things in my youth. None of it helped me become a man the way a two year mission did. I was never in the military but I saw what it did for my brothers.

    3. When your father takes you to explore or do outdoor activities with him is one of the most memorable things I remember.

    4. As a father of preteen sons, one of the major barriers to connecting them to the world of men (although with a gigantic built-in upside) is the incredible level of cynicism that my children already have. They completely understand that the majority of grown-ups in their universe are cowards, exploiters, competitors, and not to be trusted. There are precious few spaces into which they would actually want to be initiated.

      1. My parents sometimes remark that my generation and the ones behind me have a very dark sense of humor and appear highly cynical. I think the post-9/11 kids had to grow up in a very different world than their older siblings.

        1. Add into that they see many of the young adult millennials as fuck ups in one way or another. Probably because its true in most cases.
          Then you see the Boomer grand parents who are having life problems or very much out of touch with whats actually going on in the country let alone the world.

        2. Lol I’m a young adult millennial. However, I will definitely cede that around 60% of millennials are absolute train wrecks and we are a very poor quality generation as a whole. Personally, I have noticed a split in millennial viewpoints regarding when they were born and grew up. My sister is 6 years older than I and has more memories of times being brighter and easier. Her brother in law is my age and both of us are vastly more serious and contemplative, as 9/11 occurred when we were young and we know very litlle of a world that is at peace. It’s interesting to say the least.
          I’ve also had to educate my Boomer parents on how the idyllic world they grew up in is gone because of their obliviousness and that my generation and the younger ones will have to fight for our place in the world.

    5. A real man doesn’t care about contributing anything unless there’s a hefty reward behind it all or if there was a chance to sharpen the mind and take their skills further or if it was just damn fun. Civilization, gynocracy, patriarchy all reek of feminine nature and feminism.

    6. I’d go backpacking, but it’s illegal for me to haul my rifle with me without a hunter’s license, despite the fact that I’m not hunting jackshit.

      1. I hike without one. Any rifle I can think of is too heavy for backpacking. I’ve done a lot of miles, including the AT in 2010. Most rifles weigh more than all of my camping gear, including backpack.
        The weight of all my gear, without food and water, is a bit over 7 lbs. Google ultralight backpacking. I carried too much heavy shit in the Army, and I knew there was no way in hell I would do that when I started hiking. Go as light as possible.
        It takes a lot of skill to get there, but even newbies can do fine with a 15lb base weight. It’s light enough to still be fun, but that weight allows for plenty of gear.
        With what I know now, I could put together a 15lb base weight that would cover most any condition, down to a bit below zero or so. I don’t winter hike anymore, not just for the weight savings, but hiking and camping when it’s 20 outside plain sucks.

        1. My 8mm Mauser doesn’t weigh too much, nor it’s ammo. Lugging it about is good exercise, and plus, bears and cougars live in my part of the country.

        2. That’s a damn good rifle. I can see needing it for that sort of defense. Makes sense. But the weight is between 9-11 pounds, which is pretty damn heavy. Also, if a cougar is stalking you, it’s unlikely you will know it is there until it is too late.
          I think the heaviest firearm I’d want to carry is 2lbs empty, and that is pushing it. I don’t know of any rifle that weighs 2 lbs, which is what I meant by any rifle weighing too much for backpacking, I consider backpacking covering 20-30 miles a day, which you want a light load for that.
          I guess we disagree on the “too much” thing. Any backpack weight over 25lbs total with food, water, and all gear is too much.
          I have a lot of skeletal injuries from carrying too much crap on my deployment, though. So there is reason there.

    7. It’s what they haven’t contributed that makes the difference. Unlike Europeans, they have kept to their selves and haven’t tried to subject the entire world to their way of thinking, their laws, their influence. Think of all the destruction we have in the world now, and they haven’t contributed a single inch to it. That is homeostasis with planet earth, and worthy of applause. Doubt they have feminists in their culture.

  4. I always found survival rites to be effective. When you endure “hardship” (at least no a/c and no running water and no phone), you grow tremendously, and when you have to survive on your own strength you learn how much you can do.
    I plan to teach my future sons how to survive in the wilderness while they’re young. Then, one day when they least expect it, I’ll drop them in the woods with a GPS chip cleverly hidden inside their shoes (just so I can find the corpse if it comes to that), a small pack with some bare-bones essentials, and a map with a red X on it. They can hike their way to town with the map (likely 40+ miles) or hold out for a week.

      1. It’d be a heap more fun for me if I accidentally made my son blow off a date with some high-school floozy. The first day he’s thinking with his dick, then for the next six he’s thinking with his gut. When he comes back, I reckon he’s got a bit more perspective and is less likely to go and do something foolish like knock her ass up.
        EDIT: Although, if he got her ass pregnant it’d be a scientific wonder.

    1. This was exactly what I said. I did a survival trip and it changes a person. When you endure the hardships of weather and go hungry because you couldn’t find something to eat, you learn that you have to earn what you get out of life and you learn how much you can endure. This requires mental toughness as well as physical.

  5. No, the West had its own initiation rituals. It was bullyng and getting the belt which turned boys into conquerors who could enslave the world and civilize savages. Now with single women as mothers and welfare states as fathers these boys just turn into women.

  6. Fantastic. American boys are sorely lacking this initiation rite, so they invent stupid ones of their own — e.g. fraternity hazing, which does nobody any good because it glorifies drinking to excess and sets them up for a lifetime of excess and poor health.

  7. Your whaling ship is rammed by a giant whale. The 80 foot devil stoves your ship. You and your mates abandon ship into the life rafts.
    What do you do to survive?
    Do you draw lots?

    1. “I recommend the million whores challenge as an initiation rite for young boys. It made me the man I am today, herpes and all.” — Gandhi.

    2. For real for real, Gandhi wants to know if she’s had an enema today.

      Super serious. Honest injun

  8. I went to central Africa and the boys entering puberty are sent out of their homes for manhood rituals/rites. I do not know all of what it entails, but during this time they paint their faces white (MUH RACISM!) and are away from women. This was an incredibly primitive culture that didn’t seem to do much more than build mud huts and raise goats, but they have a more well-defined plan for their men than we do.

    1. youve been in self-imposed exile for a while, but no kratom refs in a non-sponsored article:

  9. Not sure if this is on par, but in the Mormon Church, 18 YO boys are encouraged to go to serve a 2 year mission, proselyting in some foreign land. There is a marked difference in how the Mormon girls look at you before and after. It distinguishes the guys who are committed to their religion or not.
    Regardless, I think it does pay to do some sort of adventure which you will be able to remember for the rest of your life.

    1. Is that like people who have to hand out coupons for eye brow threading in Times Square? Could you just dump your stack of Mormon literature in a trash can and claim you did your job? I converted 10 heathens today boss you know I did…

        1. No, I’m genuinely curious because I had a friend in high school who did his mission to Holland, which seems like trying to convert in Las Vegas, a fool’s errand.
          Moreover, only the male Mormons are required to do this. The girls go to college an the males come back, having lost 2 years. My friend was messed up academically as a result.

        2. I went to Ireland, which has an even lower baptizing rate than Holland. Most guys only had 1 or 2 baptisms, many had none. I had 8 (probably because I was a recent convert at the time and could relate to the process). Not a fools errand at all it is hard work, but you get a single person to change their life (even it if is your own), it affects other lives. For my own conversion, there are 8 in my family now, probably will start having grandchildren within 15 years.
          I was in the middle of my Engineering degree at the time, not a huge deal. You go to college when you are older, but that just means the women are younger.
          Proselyting is a priesthood duty, women are to be married off and make babies. I never read about Jesus ask women to go preach. Some women choose to go, but I didn’t like having them there. They typically whine, are more needy, and more emotional. Some sister missionaries are great, but like women in the military, they are typically not worth the hassle.

        3. I finally had to block him. I’ve never blocked anyone, not even his earlier incarnations. But Disqus kept locking up and having to reload with all the crap he was posting.
          Now every comment thread has “This user is blocked” pretty much every other post. And its all him.

    2. In other words, the Mormons embrace cuckoldry, wasting resources on genetic outsiders instead of investing them into their own, mostly white members.

      1. Proselytizing the Christian faith doesn’t take skin pigmentation into account nor do we believe G-d does either.

  10. Well said Mr. Michael. This serves as a reminder, for those who need it, just how soft and undisciplined we’ve become, and promote overgrown boys instead of real men. We need more men of character, strength, intelligence, responsibility, and real leadership..

  11. During initiation rights found in hundreds of cultures men ritualistically reiterate the processes of childbirth. The boys are brought into a great womb-like structure; they are ministered blood, as if through an umbilicus; they are fed, as if from a mother’s breast; all before being issued in great tumult of sound and movement into the world of men. The purpose of the ritual is to show that though women make babies, it takes men to turn boys into men. Because of their less-grounded sexuality, because men are not the fundamental unit of the human species, males must be incorporated in specific and exclusive tasks – not to accomplish the business of society, but to accomplish and affirm their own identities as males. If such roles are not given to them they disrupt the community or leave it.

  12. We already have such a march in America. The 80km one set up by President Kennedy out of fear for American physical fitness. Just have people do that one.

  13. Even back in the seventies there was no initiation ritual for me. My dad grew up in the thirties and hardship was part of living, so intentionally putting me in a position of hardship would have been the farthest thing from his mind. But due to his loud and overbearing nature, he unintentionally pushed me out the door at seventeen. I volunteered for the military as soon as possible.
    Looking back now, I see that I imposed my own initiation on myself. I had never really been away from home, family or friends before. The environment was hostile and foreign. There was plenty to challenge a relatively undisciplined young man. Some of the recruits did not make it. I did and there was not only a feeling of accomplishment in doing so, but also a feeling of camaraderie with my peers I had never experienced before.
    I am not recommending that you ship your offspring away into the imperial meat grinder. But military basic training is certainly a valid initiation rite into manhood, IMO.

    1. Agreed. Leaving the nest under your own steam and making something of yourself is an initiation of one’s own devise.

    2. There are plenty of jobs in the military that don’t involve being killed in a fruitless conflict in a shithole country by cave monkeys. Take one of those and make the government pay you, learn a trade and get some maturity.
      Step 4: Profit

      1. Which is precisely what I did; electronic countermeasures to precise. When I finished my four years, I walked right into a job as an Instrumentation & Controls tech in a nuke plant. That was back in 81 when the economy was still in the toilet, but I had offers before I even got out. That skill set was so hot, I was still on terminal leave and already working my next job. I got self discipline, technical training, three years of job experience and thoroughly jaded out of the deal. The empire got four years of my life, the plantaris tendon in my right leg and a good portion of my hearing. I guess it was a fair trade, but knowing what I know now I have long since repented of my service to the empire.

    1. See something so discreet cannot be the measure of manhood in and of itself. Such a task can be trained for, learned, anticipated….There has to be a measure of improvisation – a test of the subject’s ability to overcome a fluid, unexpected situation using only his wits and strength.

  14. You would have to have a system where a young man can do something else with his life after 8th grade like work full time learning a trade or part time while going to school. But no, too many laws in place that make 14 year olds on up unemployable.
    My dad had my ass out in the field pulling stumps with the tractor by myself. Not an initiation ritual, but it was satisfying running a piece of machinery by myself without damaging it or injuring myself as well.

    1. Spent time on my grandfathers farm in my youth and he would put me to work. He also taught me how to shoot and fish at the age of 10.
      Miss that guy the most.

      1. I learned more about being a man from my grandfather that my own dad. My dad was red pill as fuck but my grandpa was a no nonsense tough as hell child of the depression and world war two veteran. I didn’t always understand everything he tried to teach me back then but boy do I understand now.

        1. Same. He came back from WWII and went right back to the farm to work his whole life. Never flinched or complained to anyone.

    2. I don’t know why Americans want laws for everything…. making raising a child un bearable…how dare we make a 14 year old work when the school brainwashes them to b believe that college is that way to succeed.

  15. My father in the 1940’s served two years in the Army Air Force and then worked in a slaughterhouse before he went to college with the help of his GI benefits. Could you imagine today’s snowflake boys working in a slaughterhouse?

    1. Well, slaughterhouses haven’t disappeared and it seems that *somebody* has to be working in them.

    2. Well…I don’t expect to see the anti-fags or the beta boys in wymyn’s studies doing that. No. But a couple of weeks ago my 29 y.o. son came up to visit. I had 250 lb. Katahdin ram that we needed to replace. So I asked my boy if he wanted the meat and he certainly did. We went out back, I dropped the old ram my .45 and my son dragged the carcass into the barn. We ran him up on the chain hoist, skinned him
      out, gutted him and cut up the meat into a cooler. We were done in under
      an hour.
      That boy (man now) has known exactly where his food comes from
      since he was little, so squeamish he is not. He had helped dress and butcher more deer than most hunters will ever kill by the time he was 16. He goes out every year to his in-law’s farm and harvests as many deer as he can and processes them himself. There are still a lot of young men (and young women) out here in the country that wouldn’t have problem one with working in a slaughterhouse. City kids may very well be different. But as for my three boys, yeah, they could do it because they already have.

        1. Well Slim, the other two might not agree with you on that. Neither of them have spoken to me in years. After their mother and I split up, she did such a bang up job of poisoning our relationship and weaponizing those two boys I had to move away.

        2. C’est la vie. I suppose if you live long enough you will experience loss. Heartache sucks, but (generally) it’s not fatal…

    3. A lot of this comes to mothers being the sole or at least primary parenting force in kid’s lives today. Dads know kids have to grow up and deal with reality but moms are so protective and obsessed with safety above all else, including competence and independence. “But my baby could get hurt!” Never mind your baby is 6’2″, 200 lbs, and A GROWN MAN. Girls even get coddled too much, but with sons of single mothers it is really bad.

  16. Rape a woman make her scream with pain and/or pleasure, just grab that ass son don’t be scared they don’t bite son…test complete.

    1. Dude, this site really doesn’t need that kind of posting. While we are against fake rape culture, nobody here condones in any way shape or form real, actual rape. That kind of post draws unwanted attention of the worst sort to the site.

        1. I think it’s bordering on suppression of free speech to say never satirize something, but with a subject like rape it does give an impression that you most likely don’t want people to have. Appearing to be in favor of real rape generally doesn’t do much to help the cause of fighting false rape culture.

        2. You have a valid point, but we are not suppressing his satirical take on the view, we are merely pointing it out and voicing our displeasure. Some common decency goes along way especially in a day in age where anything can be turned against us. When people use little excerpts such as his satire, it tends to cause unnecessary issues for us.
          We can be brash and loud but we can also be decent.

      1. Sadly, even if this guy was obviously a troll, trolls like him make other readers of this site to believe that we are rapists or pedophiles or satanists. A friend of mine actually was resentful on me because I generally like this site. He called me satanist because “they’re satanist people in this site” (according his words). I convinced him that this site is harmless and only trolls are responsible for this shit. Trolls like this one “sighs”.

        1. Of all the many various epithets and disparaging names I’ve seen thrown at RoK… “satanist” is a new one, and it seems to make the least sense. I’ve never seen anything every vaguely Satan-related here.

        2. Sorry, but these are my friend words, not mine. Maybe he noticed that this site doesn’t talk too much about religion and God and he’s a very religious person (I’m religious too but not like him) and he was thinking that if a site talking about patriarchy and traditional ways isn’t religious enough then is satanist. Again, I apologize for him, I didn’t want to offend anyone, but some people have weird ideas.

        3. No, you didn’t offend me at all. No need to apologize for anyone. I was just agreeing that it was a weird idea.

        4. Ssshhh! The satan thing is supposed to be a secret!!
          I’m actually kind of envious. I’ve never gotten called a satanist before. Closest was being called anti-social… while being right in the middle of a highly social function. Where I was doing most of the talking. 😀 I still laugh when remembering the shocked look as I started cracking up. The brain dead are comedic gold that keep giving. 😀

    2. Funny I was just thinking that hunting down and publicly castrating a rapist would be a good rite of passage.

        1. I remember a Batman and Superman comic where the villain was a guy serially killing pedophiles who escaped punishment. Funny thing was, I was more sympathetic to him than I was to the superheroes by the end.

    3. You’ve made some questionable posts in the past, but this one was well off the deep end…it sounds as if you have some actual issues that need to be resolved.

    4. This obviously is meant to be a joke, but this is the sort of thing that very literal minded people see here and think “oh no, these guys are a bunch of savages who hate women and think rape is awesome”.

  17. Point 2.
    Along with a heavy ruck and rifle: throw them our of a truck alone in the middle of the night with a grid coordinate, map and compas. Tell them they have 12 hours to make it to the end destination or they will be left behind.
    It enhances their map reading and navigation skills and how to handle stress.

    1. When I was in the boy scouts, the so-called adults running the show thought it would be a hoot to create the “Urban Survival Merit Badge”. Smart-ass, know-it-all, big-mouth, phony tough-guy kids (ie us) would be deposited in their choice of Hell’s Kitchen, Alphabet City, or the South Bronx (mind you this was the early 80s) where they would be expected to survive for a period of no less than 72 hours.

      1. Sorry to say it, but your troop sucked, I remember that story about camping in a parking lot with 1000 other tents. You never camped in upstate New York or Vermont?

        1. You are correct.
          I dont believe we ever went upstate during my years. A few OK trips to eastern LI, and a once a year week-long stay at a scout reservation in Rhode Island. Frankly, pretty much pussy shit.
          99% of the camping I’ve done in my life has been outside the Boy Scouts – Upstate, Vermont, NH, PA, WV, MD, WI, MI, MN….

        2. I have found my family trips far more satisfying as well. Too big of a group means you are going to have whiners and therefore, wussy trips planned.

      2. GTFO?! If that’s the case, I would have issued live rounds with the rifle.
        Hope you tracked those guys down and dowsed them with lighter fluid while your buddy tossed lit matches at them.

        1. ah yes….”bum burnin’” was all the rage for a while. Assholes would go around looking for bums to flame in the manner you describe.

        2. Cake walk. I lived off campus, but kept the loaded pistol under my pillow.
          Old habits die hard.

        1. muhahahaha.
          The number of baseball caps, beepers and other valuables I asked “to see” is surpassed only by the number of quarters it seems black people needed back then
          I do wish that “The D” as in “give her the D” was a euphemism when I lived on D. I feel i missed out on a lot of really good stuff.

        2. yeah it did seem like that elusive quarter was the solution to so many people’s troubles back then….

  18. Speaking of male initiation rituals, I found it is helpful to take your kids on fairly rigorous overnight backpacking trips. When they reach six (I will carry their sleeping bag), I have been taking my kids on yearly trips to some high mountain lake and/or peak. Nothing dangerous, just strenuous enough that they will have to tough it up and deal with discomfort. By the time the next year rolls around, they will have forgotten all the misery and only remember the highlights. The oldest step up to the plate and take more than their share of the burden. We had a day trip to a lake with the whole family (including the baby) last weekend, and plan an overnighter in a couple weeks. I am hoping by the time they reach 16 or so, I can get them into serious mountaineering..

  19. How about a few years of hard work on a farm? Of course, then they would neither be weak nor need initiation.

      1. Not really, no, it hasn’t. Good farmland, and I mean good even by Ohio standards where farmland is superb, runs from $6k-$8k an acre. While that’s not chickenfeed, it’s certainly not prohibitive.
        Equipment, that’s where the real expense comes in. Freaking tractors are insane expensive.

        1. Not here. An 80 acre patch of decent farmland will run 800k at least, no way you could make half the payments off the produce you grow.
          However, I have a friend about 1000 miles north of me in central Alberta, says you can buy land, log it, and pay for the land with the logs, then farm. All it takes is work.

        2. I just bought, in June, a 10 acre parcel that connects to my land, for a cool $50k. So if it were 80 acres, it would be $400k. I throw in 6-8 because some farmers are pricing a bit high, you can still make due with 5 many times.

        3. I was pricing in my county a decade ago, but the state was talking about banning the installation of new septic tanks which drove prices up as anyone who thought about building a house in the country was buying up what was available. Did the law go through in the end?

        4. Nah, never heard of such a beast. Septic tanks are still going in without any issue.

        5. They’re not horrible at all. I don’t have the rate for this sitting at hand but I can let you know on Telegram a bit later when I get off work and can search around my paperwork. Put this way, I lease off 40 acres at, this year, $140/acre, which pays all of the taxes AND gives me a couple of grand to fiddle around with for Christmas time.
          And yes, the agricultural tax rate is different and lower than residential land tax rates.

        6. That’s more reasonable, that would be about the breaking point for good farmland around here. Most guys I know who are into farming made their fortune in some other trade, got burned out and sold their business to buy a farm, mostly for land speculation, where the real money in farming is. Still, we run 2x that.

  20. You’re on the right track with this. Take your son hiking, play rough with him sometimes, be there for all the important moments. Red-pill him about women early on. Can be a subtle conversation during a game of catch. Turn him into a man, a real man, not just a masculine male. You’ll find together the proper rite of passage.

  21. I think the million pound lift should be met with gradual steps. Like the 1000 lb lift, then 10,000, then 50k, then a 100k etc.

  22. 200 minutes of non-stop fighting/sparring against fresh opponents when most pro fighters gas after a couple of five minute rounds.
    100km march vs Ranger 12-mile tactical ruck march in full gear.
    One million pounds in the gym as a teen. Not even gonna touch on that one.
    99%+ of the men posting on ROK (and men in general) can’t do any of this shit, let alone a teenage boy.
    I’m all for initiation rites but these read like some Spartan comic book.

    1. “100km march vs Ranger 12-mile tactical ruck march in full gear.”
      A few of us have done that, so obviously it is not impossible as you make it out to be.

    2. The million lbs would be like a one man 500,000 lbs day. At 5000 reps with 100 lbs. 500 reps per hour for 10 hours. That’s 250 reps every half hour. For 10 hours. 125 reps every 15 minutes for 10 hours. Just over 41 reps every 5 minutes for 10 hours. So, lift right around 8 reps of 100 lbs per minute for 10 hours. Totally do-able. Of course your Son would need to do it also.

      1. Just watch Gunny Highway on Heartbreak Ridge for inspiration. Knocked the Swede flat on his ass.

        1. I’m guessing gunny highway never lifted a weight in his life.
          Probably all pushups, dips, chinups, running, etc…

  23. I know that there are still a lot of kinks in the system because for some reason I know alot of Marines with poor standards and do do very un-red pill things when they dont have to like marry a dependaptamus. But the right of passage thing is great!

  24. An interesting thing about initiation rituals is that they actually are another application Robert Cialdini’s famous universal principles of influence. In Pre-Suasion he talks at length about his seventh principle, that of unity. Every culture has aspects that blur identities between individual and collective. As seen with dance most notably, or soldiers marching in step. These kinds of group activities absorb your identity in some ways to that of the group. He goes over it in two chapters. I’ve reviewed some of that here. http://masculineepic.com/index.php/2017/05/13/pre-suasion-review/
    The modern culture of globalization in many respects acts to keep you apart from groups, to make you an automaton consumer. It’s reductionist individualism in many ways. And maybe that’s why some initiation rites are steadily eroding. Look at the outrage in recent years over fraternities, for example.

  25. “That’s fine, as long as no one keeps score. Wouldn’t want any of these boys to get low self esteem because they didn’t score enough points!”—Soccer Mom.

      1. Maybe having to go through something like this would be a handy cure for the entitled princess syndrome. Girls might as well learn you have to earn what you get, too. But of course 99.99% of females are not physically capable of doing nearly as much as the average teen boy.

        1. I like to ask these spoiled princesses, “what have you earned in life all on your own without anyone’s else’s help?”. I have never in the last ten years I’ve been asking this question ever got an answer to this. Having a pussy is a woman’s golden ticket to the world.

        2. And that would be fine, if they just kept to their natural roles. I don’t mind providing for a woman if she is faithful, loyal, is raising my children when they are very young and is in all ways a decent human being. Perfectly peachy. But they want that pussy pass AND to be entitled shrews, and therein lies the problem.

  26. If you worry your boy won’t get into any of them most likely they will. There isn’t many boys that won’t turn down anything involving a manly rite with other men.
    A very well known rite of passage for boys towards manhood in tribes was send a boy to live alone in the forest with nothing but his wits and only allowed to return to the tribe after a few years if he survives.
    Every now and then I have an urge to leave everything behind and go on a long journey with hardly any supplies. It’s instilled in our veins to want to go out independently. I’m always looking at obscure areas like the 24 hour gym, some rackshack bungalow or some bridge and can’t stop imagining how cool it would be to take shelter there on a survival campaign.
    Of course women would be against this because they have to indoctrinate us to developing office drone skills, put the horse harnesd on us and use our masculine energy to make money and build science and tech for their comfort. Civilization is primarily feminine and is for feminine interests.
    If a man was to die what would we find it more respecting? A man who dies fighting, who keeps moving even from his injuries or dying quietly in a hospital bed?

  27. Just wondering, what do any of you think of the character Mike Ehrmantraut from from Breaking Bad? I liked his cool as a cucumber demeanor and how, despite having the potential for serious violence, knew when to act and not to act. Contrast that to the various real life mangina thugs of all colors and stripes.

    1. He is one of my favourite characters from better call saul. I also liked that he was so quiet and modest. I liked to watch him preparing and planning and researching stuff and how he slowly creeped his way up to the cartel. He had lots of experience and could anticipate many reactions and actions of people.

  28. I agree 100% with the author in that boys should have challenges and rights of passage. And I especially agree that their fathers should train them and lead them. I wish my father had done that for me.
    But…the million lb. challenge???
    If the average weight is 100 lbs,thats 10,000 reps!!!
    Blow the kid’s knee, elbow, or rotator cuff out at 17 or 18 and he will never be the same. Sure, get him involved in strength training at an early age and let him progress to become his strongest, but that thing sounds ridiculous.

    1. If you lift 10,000 lbs, it’ll be over in 100 reps! It is actually easier than it sounds.

  29. It’s not a guarantee an initiation will make one a man but it will teach them how to make initiations of their own. That’s what’s important. When a man yearns for something and has ambition he already is a man. There’s really no need to prove you’re a man just know how you’re going to reach a new high.

  30. military service.
    that’s why israeli men are quite good. they all serve and the their military has high quality

    1. Depends.
      With all the liberalism in the military these days, may not be worth it.
      Also, depends on the kid’s intelligence. If he gets into an elite unit, either fighting or support (like Navy Nuclear), that is fine.
      But, you would not want your kid peeling potatoes and cleaning toilets with Tyrone & Jose.

      1. ok but nontheless military is still associated as a “male society” and even with Tyrone and Jose you can learn soldier stuff.

        1. i said it for military is very extensive in it’s job options.
          if you want the real deal you could send him to the french foreign legion^^ Only men there.

        2. Yeah, I’ve read about that.
          They are commando level troops, and you get to immerse yourself in the French language as well.
          Wish I could have thought out of the box like that when I was young.

      1. Women cannot handle power, and giving any to them is a mistake many societies have made, to their cost. Women do not understand honour, that is a masculine concept, so you can never put them in a position where this is the only thing holding them back. There is no equality between the sexes.

  31. Let’s try being like (some of) our dads were with us: you fail you do it over, and over, and over, until it’s done right. None of this “participation” crap. You either do it right, or you keep practicing until you get it right.
    We can call for “initiation” rites, but really the first initiation into manhood is learning that failure is an obstacle to be overcome by force of will and practice. Initiation into manhood is the ability to set hard, but realistic, goals for a person to overcome.

    1. Indeed. In that sense, passing exams in classical music would be a suitable task. I am not speaking lightly. Learning to play an instrument requires dedication and discipline – lessons learnt for life.

  32. Fantastic article!
    If I could add one more element… Boys that have the good fortune to work with their fathers at an early age can also develop permanent positive attributes. My father was a chef from Europe and I grew up in the restaurant business. I washed dishes, cleaned grease traps and took out the trash. Over time, he showed me how to cook, bake, sharpen knives, butcher meat, garden, etc.. I watched him host large parties, interact with dignitaries and speak 5 languages.
    I also had a friend who’s father was a plumber/electrician, another friend who’s father was a home builder and another one was a dairy farmer. All of us would take part in spending quality time – learning from these men… Very positive, very memorable times!

    1. An excellent point. And in families where there is no male leader, men need to step in an help boys to learn and be included in male activities. I don’t want to add a melancholy note, but, in families who have a dysfunctional father figure, unpredictable and addicted to alcohol – how the children suffer – and how difficult it is for a boy to overcome dejection and self-hate. It can be done, but someone in that situation has to come up from a long way down.

    2. Outstanding man. Just outstanding.
      The “learning from father’s friends” used to be a Germanic tradition, usually referred to as vassalage. It’s not quite the same but it has a lot of similarities.

  33. I count 4 events in life as my “initiation”;
    1. Moving 800kms away from home at 19 for uni
    2. Starting my own business at 27
    3. Doing a 10 week boxing program (you can read all about it here): http://scribecopywriting.weebly.com/notes-from-the-scribe/preparing-to-fight-taught-me-these-3-unexpected-things
    4. Slowly awakening to “red pill” philosophy around the age of 28 (due to a variety of reasons). Realising that many of the hunches and observations I’d had since as young as 12 years old actually pointed towards larger, deeper universal truths. It was a relief to realise I wasn’t crazy or some jaded MRA for thinking what I did!

    1. Haha that number 4 is real, though. “You mean I’m NOT crazy? That this innate feeling of unease is grounded in reality?” Such a relief.

  34. This shit must start from young age.
    But how with shrewish hellicopter soccer moms and feminist schools?
    Working with dad fixing stuff.
    Boxing wrestling
    Camping hiking
    Then onto these challenges when older kid…
    Cant take a fat feminist Cheetos eater to hell week.
    So i did much of that and more.
    But the redpill came much later, would have Lived better if the masculine incite/education was inured in my teens

  35. My son just got back from ROTC summer camp. Yes, there were your “You go girrrrrrrrls” there. But it was still challenging. He is in shape, a tough dude,muscular, looks like he is made of rock. I am so proud, hope he makes a good lieutenant. He got a lot out of the camp. I treat him like a man now mostly. But we still allow him to be a gamer slob when he comes home. He is fighting to make his way in the world, so I do not resent the therapeutic couple of weeks here and there he comes home and is a slug in the house. (I did the same way with my parents.)

  36. Most of these tests are military related, which is good. The military tests both mentally and physically: a staff officer at NTC is tested in planning, logistics and leadership. Ranger School tests your ability to lead on low sleep.
    Even the graduation ruck march at the end of Infantry OSUT is 25 miles. I remind myself that even the fat National Guardsman 11B passed that test, even if it was 10 years afi

  37. Each year, i was doing the pilgrimage from paris to chartres. +100km in three days.
    This year, my six years old son has done it with me.
    Even if the family version had half of the route done by coach, it was still very very demanding for him and was filled with pride for having completed it.
    And the catholics there are the most repilled.

  38. I liked taking my son to work between ages of 3 and 5. It was a metal shop, all men…learn how to drill, hand press, assist journeymen with small tasks that are easy cheesy and so forth. Now at 6, he loves targeting, older females, 50s Tom & Jerry, says Hillary is crap and curses like a sailor.
    It’s not perfect or ideal, but it’s a lot better than some of his male schoolmates who are selfish little pricks that want attention all the time. I guess they get that from their fat unfucked fempoisoned mothers.
    Christ, you should see these mothers. Maybe 3 out of 30 are fuckable. The rest are used up tubbies – probably medicated.

  39. I just came to talk shit about a website full of Theta males. Lol.
    I’m trollin, some funny stuff on this site.

  40. 10K pushup challenge.
    Perform 10,000 pushups in a month.
    That’s 400 pushups per day for 25 days. They don’t have to be done all at once, they can be spread out through the day. It’s doable for most young men, if they are persistent.

  41. I recommend the National Guard to young men who would like some challenge and adventure without living a full time military life. You will go to basic training (OSUT) as a full time soldier, most likely Ft. Benning, Georgia these days for Infantry or Cavalry training, so set aside 6 months of your life for that. You will be challenged, treated unfairly and pushed way past where you thought your breaking point was. You will learn how to function while hungry, exhausted, sick, or injured in uncomfortable weather and climate. You will repel from towers, crawl thru mud, throw hand grenades, learn how to shoot a rifle and pistol, conceal yourself and operate as a member of a team. You will learn to take direction without understanding and to depend upon your buddies, and how to be someone they can depend on. You will have confidence, a healthy body and a strong mind, and everything in civilian life will seem easy afterwards. Plus you get paid for it!

  42. This fucking stupid. If you feel the need to test someone else’s masculinity then you clearly need to see a shrink because you must be compensating for something.

  43. These tests sound ridiculously difficult for a boy who is just transitioning to manhood. Fighting a hundred men in one sitting sounds more like a test for a martial arts master than a teenage boy, and I’m, guessing most instructors would not recommend that you force your child to do this. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I’m guessing the writer of this article has completed none of these challenges, and likely never will. It’s a lot easier to write an article telling boys to lift one million pounds, or march 100km without sleeping, than it is to actually do these things. Unless the writer has completed one of these challenges, perhaps he should not be considered a man, and therefore not taken very seriously on the subject of designing initiation rituals.

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