How White Flight Can Be Reversed

Since at least the 1960s, more and more people of European descent have been fleeing the unwanted, invasive and often crime-riddled presence of non-whites. At the end of the 1980s, my parents left the Parisian suburb of Créteil after Arab drug dealers had taken over the neighborhood and sent their sons en masse to the local public school.

In the US, suburbanization has been an answer to mandatory busing and anti-“discrimination” policies. As blacks were pushed in or allowed to invade peaceful places, whites abandoned these en masse as well. Now the suburbs, in addition to being isolating and expensive, are targeted as well by unruly non-whites and the anti-white media that defends them.

Most cases of migration today are non-whites invading places whites have built and whites fleeing them. Yet there are some exceptions to this depressing trend. These exceptions are at best moderately inspiring: as we will see, they have been caused by the kind of hypocrite liberals who loathe us, too. But even then, they show that white dispossession is not a fatality and that, with a bit of will and political-bureaucratic power, positive urban policies can be pursued.

Examples of when the invaders are more wealthy than those who flee

Paris, France

For ages, the “City of Lights” had blue- as well as white-collar populations. Parisians ranged from bums to billionaires. Then, from the 1970s onwards, the factories were sent in other countries, automatized or simply shut down, thus reducing the former workers to pauperized welfare recipients.

Middle-classers did not care much until they noticed the growing price of everything, rents and daily shopping, coupled with a shortage of employments. Slowly, but surely, Paris became too expensive for them—and when they considered going to close suburbs, they noticed these had been made inhabitable by alien African populations.

Thus many former Parisians are forced to live either in a very far-away periphery, beyond the non-white masses that occupy the immediate surroundings of the city, or more or less among them and forced to do their best to ignore their offences.

So far it could be thought of as another case of white flight. But there is more. The first cause of exodus here has not been non-whites, as in other cases, but the typical “gentrification” phenomena where a left-leaning, globalist and wealthy upper middle class appropriates a neighbourhood. Several previously “popular” districts had their flats bought off by marketers, executives, mainstream journalists, “non-profit” white collars and other sons of the so-called information age. This rather peculiar class attracted organic retailers, “trendy” hipster places, and drove the rents and life prices up, thus forcing the less wealthy out.

Look at the Pigalle area. Fifteen years ago, it was Paris’ first red light district. There were plenty of nightlife, sex-shops and street hookers going along with bars and clubs. Drug trafficking and casual violence were part of the district. Nights were noisy and streets become dirty on Saturday and Sunday mornings. Because of all this, flats there were available at a cheap price. More and more of them were bought by upper middle class nationals and wealthy foreigners. These attracted Naturalia retailers, lounge bars, driving the square meter price up. More shops were bought off and turned away from wild nights and prostitution.

Minister of Interior Nicolas Sarkozy, although despised by the champagne left and constantly criticized by mainstream media, did their bidding by repressing street prostitution—thus contributing to making Pigalle more bourgeois, more “artsy”, more trendy-but-not-too-raunchy, more like all other hipster areas.

Before the gentrification, many Arab pimps and other related crooks swarmed there. Now, it may be said that Pigalle lost its soul, but these criminals are gone. What worked against the working class can also work against chronic parasites and offenders.

In passing, note that highly lib-fashionable events such as the Gay Pride and Paris Plage motivated the expelling of bums from the banks of Seine. The Right would have been “fascist” had it done that. When the left did, it did so with the moral backing of “non-profit” organisms and without media scandal.

New York, USA

The Big Apple has long been famous for its low-white, high-crime neighbourhoods. Those who do not live into the Bronx have mythologized it as a cradle of the “vibrant” hip-hop culture—and many who live elsewhere also managed to extract juicy crime or violence stories from it. The same can be said about other famous areas such as Harlem and Time Square.

Indeed, during the 1960s, these districts went down into a spiral of crime—and uncontrolled immigration. Yet, later, things have changed. During the 1990s, Republican mayor Rudy Giuliani enforced a tough policy against crime: massive police forces were deployed, “zero tolerance” meant a highly efficient determent even for minor offences, and the same murder rate that had quadrupled during the 1960-70s has been divided by three.

From 2002 to 2013, Republican mayor Michael Bloomberg pursued the same policy. He is known as a “staunch proponent” of Stop-And-Frisk, something liberals used to mount a huge attack over Trump but seem to have curiously tolerated when it benefited to New York.

Now that two Republicans did everything they could to secure a nice environment for their champagne liberal citizens, it happens that the former black ghetto South Bronx is being colonized by white—and (((white)))—hipsters. Some clever developers, such as Keith (((Rubenstein))), and local actors such as Ted (((Weinstein))), happen to be related with the growth of coffee shops and trendy organic retailers.

After all, a neighbourhood that has been “cleaned” by friendly senior officials and where space is still cheap happens to be a good place to take over.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Brazil is famous for its endemic crime and wide favela problem. Rio de Janeiro, the old imperial capital and most famous city of the country, had its favelas immortalized in movies such as Cidade de Deus (2002) and Tropa de Elite (2007). Stuck between the Atlantic Ocean and mountains, Rio is a place where space is scarce. Favelas grew illegally on mountainsides and have a long track record of violence, poverty, and numerous children from bad boys and teen mothers.

Yet Rio had still something more. It was a “cool” city. The favelas were barely livable for foreigners, but their movie exposure made them “cool” too. Then, it just happened that the militarized police corps commissioned with the favelas cracked down on them, killed most gang leaders, and would only let live the faveleiros who would dabble in drugs but not in weapons. When the tropa de elite completed its tough job, a proximity police corps was installed to endure that the favela would remain calm.

Guess what happened next? Once pacified, these places were still a bit messy, but they benefited from a privileged localization and low prices. Gringos, followed by some cariocas, started to rent places in favelas. Yes—even favelas can witness this same phenomena. Then…

Seen as unexpansive to foreigners, prices now frighten old dwellers. According to the president of the Association of Residents of Vila Vidigal, Marcelo da Silva, the arrival of ‘gringos’ and the [sociological] reshaping of the favela were accompanied by a substantial increase of life costs, which make access more difficult to lower classes.

“To those who come from the outside, paying R$800 or R$1.000 [approximately $250-300] of rent is an excellent deal. But to those who are from here this is expansive. Now, who could before rent a house for all his family needs to remain in a kitchenette or leave the place”, Silva said.

Also, the same upper middle-class leftists whom you can see in Tropa de elite gloating about Foucault, “repression”, “alienation” and “social work” and despising the “fascist” police joined the wave of foreigners who appropriated the pacified favela.

São Paulo, Brazil

In contrast with Rio, São Paulo is a wide city with a lot of space left. Opportunities to grow are far from scarce, and favelas and small homes can still be found there abundantly.

Still, the phenomena we are concerned with happened here at least once. During the 1970s, the powerful (((Klabin))) family managed to get a particular district “benefit” from a policy of “un-favelization”, which actually means that a then-tolerated favela was no more so and had its inhabitants expelled by the police.

The Klabin and (((associates))) then bought and sold the plots. Today, the area is officially referred to as Chácara Klabin and ranks among the most expensive in São Paulo, although its public parts are windy and inhospitable. (The private condominiums are much better.) Most of its inhabitants are of (((Lithuanian))) origin, and the French high school there has its private security provided by a company called “Hagana”, which means “defense” in Hebrew.

When middle-class useful idiots invade a neighborhood (gentrification)

All of the previous examples involved wealthy, well-connected urban dwellers, who may be briefly mentioned but never attacked by the media. And none of them prevented the broader trend of immigrants invading working-class or middle-class white spaces, marked increase of crime, and subsequent white flight.

The first step of the bobo conquest of a neighbourhood is the eradication of violent crime by an efficient and rather harsh policy. The liberal double standard is blatant here: criminals benefit from near impunity when they attack working-class and middle-class whites. When they turn previously peaceful, but not bourgeois bohemian neighbourhoods into slums, either the police turns a blind eye or Leftist judges give lenient sentences, if at all.

However, everything changes when crime happens to the upper middle class that serves top globalists or to the globalists themselves. In 2006, a Black Panthers-style small group just had to show itself en masse on a symbolic Jewish street in Paris, without even hitting anyone or destroying any property, to be promptly dissolved by authorities. The average white guy can die off far from the cameras, but whoever you are, do not dare to even disturb the one percent!

No country for black identitarians if they rebel against their usual masters. Raping white girls is OK though

A key moment comes once crime has been successfully eradicated. The neighbourhood has become safe, but is still cheap due to its historical reputation. Real estate developers and market-sassy people take advantage of this cheapness to nibble the place. Organic markets and trendy bars open, and the costs of square meter/foot values increase.

Some non-whites depending on welfare may still be there, but they won’t be able to do what they please anymore in the streets, and may even be quietly encouraged to find themselves a new dwelling. Then the media notices that crime has fallen and that “gentrification” is happening, because all this just happened, you know.

Depending on whether they pretend to be radical or dwell in the mainstream of the mainstream, leftists will either pretend to have nostalgia for the “popular area” of before or gloat on how “revitalized” and “vibrant” the place has become, although both benefit equally for the new state of things and did nothing to prevent it.

When criminals and chronic welfare recipients flee, they go to the actually popular or middle class suburbs, thus only displacing the unruliness bourgeois bohemians have chased away.

A model at all?

Urban liberals deep down

All in all, the pattern I have been describing is a mixed bag. On the one hand, many working- and middle-class whites and honest non-whites have been chased away by this ruthless dynamic. I also cannot feel at ease with the copious amount of champagne liberal hypocrisy at play here: the same who virtue-signal by caring noisily about criminals and rapefugees can show a merciless will to repress or chase the very same people away when appropriating a new backyard.

On the other hand, the sheer possibility of taking an efficient stance on crime and doing Reconquista is enthralling. It shows that white dispossession is not a fatality and can be successfully reverted.

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      1. What do you say to a woman with two black eyes?
        Nothing she hasn’t already been told twice.
        *rim shot*

        1. i dunno, always pictured you as more “quintessential classic American bloke” Clarke Gable, Errol Flynn, Gregory Peck, Sinatra etc, from what you say in your posts anyway.

        2. Q:What’s the first thing a woman does when she gets out of the battered women’s shelter?
          A: The dishes if she knows what’s good for her.

    1. Enforcing the law enables white people to thrive. Executing violent men and violent women for murder,rape,kidnapping,arson and hard drugs would do many wonders.
      And if there be rebellion treat them as the Romans treats rebellious provinces.

  1. “On the other hand, the sheer possibility of taking an efficient stance on crime and doing Reconquista is enthralling. ”
    Otherwise known as the coming race war; but with firearms. That’s how it’s going to have to be. Europe at this point is maybe 3 years away from their civil war to take back their heritage. It really comes down to when the number of sharia ape jihad attacks prompts the europeans to take matters into their own hands and liquidate their traitorous political elites and liberal Gutenmensch, as well as the apes.

  2. Hardworking, law-abiding people don’t need a lot in order to live somewhere. They need to be able to do their work, meet their physical needs, and reasonably expect that their lives, liberty, and property will not be violated.
    Do you really want to reverse “white flight”? Then you need to do three things:
    1. Fix the crime problem. This includes (indeed, almost necessitates) arming the law-abiding citizenry and protecting their rights to defend lives, liberty, and property from assault.
    2. Rebuild the ability to meet their physical needs. Fix the roads so they can do the travel they need. Encourage markets and businesses to reenter the area (primarily by making it safer).
    3. Encourage businesses to invest in the area. Without quality job opportunities, hardworking and intelligent people lack an incentive to move.

    1. I’d add – fix the tax problem. I live just outside my libtopolis specifically for the tax advantages (and my taxes are still outrageous). No one wants to live where they will be mugged, not be able to get around, cut off from food/shopping/entertainment/socialization AND have to pay extra for the privilege.

    2. 3. is relevant as long as the government does not help “diversity” to start businesses in. That would merely mean criminals and invaders taking a legal, official root. It should also be about businesses by people of our ideas and milieus, not big corp imposing a “diversity” agenda.

    1. This is the first time I heard the implied exclusion. “God’s Children” refers (in Christian theology) to the elect – those saved by God the Father through Jesus Christ the Son, and endowed with the Holy Spirit. It may be extended to the Jews (though a thorough reading of Romans would likely dissuade most from doing so), but not to the unsaved.

      1. I’m not excluding anyone. We are all God’s children… the sportos, the motorheads, geeks, sluts, bloods, wastoids, dweebies, dickheads… God is a righteous dude.

        1. Wait, I thought he said that if you can’t be with the one you love, love the one you’re with?

        2. In my haste to be witty, I do in fact believe that I missed it, yes.

        3. But we’re all right next to each other in this great big world of ours, aren’t we?

        4. Sorry, but you can only love people that are adjacent to you. Somebody ten feet away, you can hate with impunity.

        5. It’s called Adjacent Love Theory, and it’s quite specific. Basically you’ll only ever love two to four people in your life at any one time. Kind of restrictive, but there you have it.

        6. Not necessarily… sometimes there is great rifts between diffferent folks, individuals, groups and their heart, spirit and way of being and sometimes the most wholesome and respectful approach to our human dignity is to not try to bridge those rifts.

        7. That’s sounds like a woman. She only “loves” the nearest cock. Go 10 feet away and she “loves” the next closest cock.

        8. I suspect it was postulated by a woman who was riding on the New York subway system.

        9. No Jesus said if you can’t be with the one you love honey love the one you’re with

        10. No, Gandhi said “if you can’t be with the one your love, anally rape them until their anus is distended”

        11. That was so (checks my posts age that made the same claim) one hour ago.

        12. He did teach us to love our enemies and do good to those that persecute us. He was also very clear that we are to love our brethren, and to love our neighbors as we love ourselves.
          I’m just saying that, according to Scripture, only the saved are God’s Children. We are his by adoption, through justification, so that we may be co-heirs with Christ. The remainder are of his creation, to be sure, but they are not his children (except those who he has foreknown and predestined, but are not yet called and justified – only God knows who these are).

        13. You’re wrong. God spoke to me in a dream and said “All of my creations are my children, and Taignobias is wrong as fuck. And NemesisEnforcer is stupid, bless his heart, because that’s not how hyperspeed works in StarsWars. I know, because I made George Lucas. And its okay not to love George Lucas because he totally fucked up the prequels. Also, kill Jodie Foster.”

        14. But what would Jesus love? Would He, too, love the forlorn and distant cock, or scorn it for that which is in Hand?

  3. Why should we reverse white flight? Cities can be fun and everything, but I prefer the country. And people should be living wherever the fuck they want, whether that’s around whites, blacks, trannies, whatever. Just leave me the fuck alone and let me live where I want to.
    Also, white flight has the benefit of starving libtopias of tax revenue.

    1. I would say that it is a detriment for us to have regions of the country where nobody with a choice wants to live. Some of that may be unavoidable (e.g. the desert), but if there’s good land unoccupied due to rampant crime we should probably do something about that.

      1. Eh, maybe, under the right circumstances. I’m not under the impression that most cities are “good land” anymore. Look up pictures of NYC before they razed the hills – {{{literally}}} – to make the roads. Used to be beautiful productive farmland. Now, a concrete jungle. Don’t get me wrong, I live to visit, but what is “good” is relative.

    2. Yeah, you’d have to drug me with one of those Wild Kingdom darts and have Jim come and haul me into the city, and then tie me to a chair, to get me to live in one.

      1. And then see our discussion in today’s other threads – first chance I get, I’m running for the exits.

    3. I prefer city outskirts instead. That way you can maintain more accessibility with the city itself while keeping a safe distance with its liberal culture.

      1. Yep.
        My hometown of Leicester is perfect for that.
        From the city centre to canals, fields, horses etc
        (Oh, we have some Roman ruins too. And castles.)

      2. Even then it depends. Many of the outskirts have what my wife and I call the friendly neighborhood assholes, or home owners association. HOA’s over reach to the point of peeking onto your private life and neither of us will tolerate it.

        1. I wanted desperately to buy a house without an HOA but there just aren’t many left here in the burbs. The only places without them now are 5+ acres and way out of my price range. So now I have to rigorously keep the color of my mailbox exactly the right shade of blue or risk fines. It’s unAmerican.

        2. “Friendly” in heavy sarcasm.
          There are some things for which some amount of organization makes sense (keeping people from turning their yards into trash-filled jungles, organizing trash pickup, etc). But the HOA is a governmental organization, and so it naturally attracts assholes with a lust for power.
          According to my HOA, I can’t plant anything on my property except in pots, and those can only be on my view-obscured patio so long as no one can see them. I have to limit the space in my garage by keeping my cans inside when it’s not trash day. I can’t own or store my motorcycle anywhere in the neighborhood. I can’t have any signs on my property unless I get permission (except security system warnings and political signs during election season, but only if they’re borderline invisible).
          EDIT: Forgot to say, I still have my bike and I still work on it in the garage. You’re only in trouble if you get caught.

        3. Dammit! You can plant pot on your patio? I need to move to your…oh wait…read that wrong… 😉

        4. I live in Colorado, so legally I can grow it if I don’t plan to ever use it.
          EDIT: Never bothered to look into the laws, but apparently I would have to keep them in a locked area so no one can see or steal any weed. Learn something useless every day.

        5. Yeah, I witnessed a friend who was fined by the HOA for not watering her lawn enough until she reported them to the city for violating the water ration ordinance. My uncle had to pay for a storage locker miles away because they wouldn’t let him keep his boat in the garage. If I remember right, a family in Florida lost their home on account of the HOA as well.
          Those organizations truly are evil

        6. My folks fought for years to keep their neighborhood from forming an HOA. The lefties two doors down fought back, but eventually they reached a minor truce. The homeowners vote every now and again on things like trash pickup, and that’s as far as it goes.
          I never understood why my parents would be so adamant, until I lived under an HOA.

        7. Its fucking sad. When I moved here 5 years ago it wasn’t like that. Now every retard from everywhere else is moving here and making my rent go up every 6 months.

      3. Cities aren’t inherently liberal. If you took out all the Liberals and placed in conservatives, cities would be conservative and suburbs would be liberal.

    4. Well these people were subsidized to eventually cause white flight. So sure, so long as the government is not sponsoring who lives where, fine.

    5. what happenes when the lovely government sends the Diversity™ to your small town or country side home?. you gonna move again? well that wont work because thanks to obama no white neighborhood can be too huwhite.

      1. 15 years ago Ferguson was 90% white. Then the Libtard nearby city rulers decided they needed to move the section 8 housing there to improve the lives of the mostly black inhabitants of the projects. They moved so many of their ghetto dwellers to Ferguson that Ferguson became a majority ghetto small town. White flight worked when you could move to an only slightly more expensive suburb, still close to your work, to avoid the criminality of the ghetto (note I say ghetto and not minority or black).

        1. Eventually there will be nowhere to run if white people are not willing to work together and defend their communities or value themselves as a people.

        2. when there is no more fear of repercussions. for example – social stigma, lose of job and reputation. and nothing to lose for white people. only than will they open their eyes and defend their group interests. of course this is also what the globalists want. nothing less than absolute destruction of the elite cabals will be enough to save the west.

        3. Section 8 is about the stupidest or most diabolical policy ever devised! You don’t improve degenerates by moving them into nicer neighborhoods and magically expect that a nicer environment is going to automatically turn them into productive citizens. All that happens is their dysfunctional lifestyle ruin yet another once safe, peaceful, and clean neighborhood. I experienced it firsthand when Section 8 invaded my old neighborhood. Walls that were pristine for 50 years were soon covered in ugly graffiti. Clean streets and yards soon became full of trash. Violent crime that was unheard of for decades soon became commonplace.

        4. You make real talk, then bend over at the end like a girl. The blacks and minorities are the problem. The ghetto is a non living entity. Blacks and minorities….Das Riiigght!

      2. Someone needs to start a religion that uses:
        the colony concept of the Hutterites tempered with private personal possessions,
        the racism of rastafarianism (but inverted to favor whites),
        the male only priesthood of the Eastern Orthodox.
        and the original Christian theology of Methodism,
        and the [email protected] of Catholic Crusader Knights.
        That would create white christian communities impervious to ghetto-ization.

        1. You guys are supposed to the a minority. You come from 6.9% of Earth’s land. You bred like rabbits and now compose 43% of people on the planet. Luckily you’ve exhausted your genetic capacity and your fertility is waning.

        2. “You guys,” meaning white people come from 6.9% of Earth’s land mass. What’s racist about a fact?

        3. Hmm, interesting point. I guess people should listen more and not be so quick to play victim and cry “racist” when they hear something they don’t like?

        4. No. You should consider each deed and all words based on the merit. If it’s racist, call it racist. If it’s not and you don’t like it, fight it based on the substance. White people come from 6.9% of the world’s land mass and now compose 33% (correction from original post) of the world’s population. This makes them the epitome of what white men blame the world for. Not true? (Hint: you just can’t yell “racist” because you don’t like this fact.)

        5. I operate based on the black definition of racism. Your definition may allow certain racist behavior but our’s doesn’t.

        6. Your points were; 1. That you taking offense to me saying, “you guys” compares with the Migos rapper claiming racism for the extreme response of turning a plane around and kicking him off for not stowing his bag. And, 2. I don’t understand racism.
          So how exactly did I prove these points by informing you that we black people have our own definition of racism? SMH???

  4. Aw, jeez, more (((echo))) stuff. Yeah, we get it, you’re alt.right. Not sure who it’s going to impress.

    1. The site has a variety of writers with a varying range of opinions and views. We’re not “anything” except ROK and part of the manosphere. The editorial policy here is to discuss a wide and sometimes contradictory diversity of opinions.

      1. So if someone posted an article critical of capitalism and pointed out how it’s dying of its own internal contradictions that would be OK so long as it was within “manosphere” parameters?

        1. There has been at least one pro-communist article on ROK that I recall, because I remember tearing the author apart piece by silly collectivist piece.
          So yeah.

        2. Cool. Maybe I’ve got a “how late-stage capitalism is hurting men” article in the works now. Stay tuned.

        3. That’s completely up to you. I neither write nor approve articles, as an FYI. Just relaying the information.

        4. Submit. I see these article on here occasionally. Be prepared for criticism. But you will also see a fair share of agreement.

        5. Right, I do believe that we’ve had more than one “late stage capitalism” things here before as well, usually advocating from mercantilism to some form of mixed or socialist economy, from time to time.

        6. Yeah, and I see anti-capitalist stuff all the time in the comments. True, it leans heavily in the other direction, but so fucking what? Be a man. Come in here, and defend your views.

        7. I’m thinking of doing just that.
          The above article may be well intended, but it is unfocused.

        8. Unless your views are DEAD WRONG and your primitive intellect doesn’t understand alloys and compositions and things with… molecular structures.

        9. The phrase “late stage capitalism” is used quite a bit in the alt right. Don’t think they’re lassiez faire capitalists. Many want a statist tribalism or what the kids call fascism.

        10. I’m nationalist libertarian, thank you very much.

        11. They call everything fascism, except actual fascism.
          What we refer to as Capitalism is an adaptation of the laws of nature to economics. Many systems can emerge from capitalist roots – serfdom (where those who have the resources to produce lack the ability, so they sublet resources and receive compensation), tribal or guild competition (where individuals form groups to pool their abilities and resources, and so compete primarily with those outside the group), and many more.
          The only systems which do not reflect nature are those that oppose competition. Socialism comes to mind, here – it avoids the concepts that underlie competition, and so removes many of the natural incentives to produce.

        12. Agreed. Even when a monarch devolves into a tyrant, he may be deposed (as history has long shown). The further you spread power (or the illusion of power), the harder it is to change the system when it becomes destructive to its people.

        13. Oh Jesus, how did I not catch this Fallout 3 reference sooner?
          EDIT: Fallout New Vegas, not 3.

        14. That was actually from the Star Wars Christmas Special, but people get those two mixed up a lot because they both have basically the same plot.

        15. I actually think it’s word for word from that science robot in the expansion pack (where you go to the crashed satellite) in New Vegas (Not Fallout3, my bad)? I wonder if that was intentional (probably was, knowing Bethesda).

        16. Oh, I thought you were joking. In all truth, its a line from Bruce Campbell’s character Ash in Army of Darkness. I bet Fallout 3 put it in there as an homage.

    2. It really rustles Zionists jimmies when their (((people))) get called out doesn’t it.
      Nothing to see here goyim, stop looking!

  5. Yeah thats called gentrification and the reaction of left anticapitalists is the same of an KuKluxKlan member whose neighborhood gets invaded by blacks.
    In Berlin there is a restaurant owned by an New York woman, Claire D’Orsay. Her restaurant got attacked and she gets threatend by Antifa.
    I have seen a tag on the window of an organic food supermarket. Organic = gentrification and capitalism

    1. Was the police reaction swift? It usually is. I’ve lived in one-percent neighborhoods and the hounds are usually let off pretty quickly.
      All food is organic. The organic label is a scam to charge more money.

    2. Yeah pretty much once you see an uptick in kale sales, you can no longer afford the neighborhood, no matter how shitty it really is.

    1. Thank you for the link.
      I didn’t get far through the article, though I did post this beneath…
      ‘The writer is a bad teacher. He states………
      ‘They had little conception of ordinary white decorum. It was not unusual for five blacks to be screaming at me at once. Instead of calming down and waiting for a lull in the din to make their point — something that occurs to even the dimmest white students — blacks just tried to yell over each other.’
      His behaviour management is appalling.
      He has crowds of his students SHOUTING at him?
      He would fail any lesson observation a carried out, I’m afraid.
      All children talk over each other in large groups.
      I’ve taught across the world and all different races of children.
      The writer thinks the children/students were loud because they were black?

      1. Well I can’t speak for all black adults, but I do notice that when out, if you get a group of adult black women together at a social gathering, the decibel level generally hits at or above 110db. Seems pretty consistent everywhere I see it. I even asked a black buddy after a group of four EXTREMELY loud black women exited the vicinity “Dude, what the fuck is up with your women? They’re so fucking loud”. “Yeah, I know, can’t do nothing about it”.
        White girls can be loud and obnoxious, but they can’t hold a candle to a group of black women out on the city with regard to noise.

        1. A couple years back the Wife dragged me to a restaurant at the ritzy Easton Town Center for a Valentines Day dinner. We were seated next to a table of TEN black women (all of whom didn’t have men of their own, obviously), and I would have rather had a picnic on the frozen tarmac of the airport with jet screaming overhead, the whooping and hollering was so loud and distracting. We basically couldn’t talk the entire meal (and of course it was too crowded to relocate to another table). Just part of their usual dyscivic contribution to public life.

        2. Loud obnoxious women in groups shouting their heads off with zero regard for anyone else around them?
          You should come over to England as see our ‘ladies’ after one or two…..then we’ll talk….
          Obnoxious black women even louder than obnoxious white women?
          Yeah, probably.
          I’d say you are correct, however…..”Yeah, I know, can’t do nothing about it”…..does not apply ‘Ghost of’.
          He’s the TEACHER his JOB is behaviour managment,
          Last Autumn I met my class of Bedouin Arab children.
          Two girls and the rest all boys.
          Oh, you can bet they were loud. Obviously, they were at my desk shouting at me to begin with.
          Total transformation after two weeks with a complete change that started the MOMENT I became their teacher.
          They were like that because their previous teacher had allowed it.
          That’s how our profession works.
          No decent teacher has students shouting at them in THEIR classroom and blames race.
          Lower IQ fir black people?
          Everyone knows that, it’s nothing to do with not running your classroom correctly.
          ‘Instead of calming down and waiting for a lull in the din to make their point — something that occurs to even the dimmest white students’
          ‘something that occurs to even the dimmest white students’
          He’s just lying to his readers Mr Ghost.
          Recall your stupid and ill bred white students at school.
          They all knew not to speak over each other so they could hear the teacher’s words?
          Grow up.
          I don’t mind the racism (though it is a bore) but I trully hate incompetent teachers who blame their children.

        3. Yes.
          It’s the demure gentle femininity of modern white ladies that they like so much.
          ….and they swallow without you telling them to.

        1. ‘Thanks’ for that.
          I recall the event.
          Those ugly ugly horrible women are a menace in general, but of every white male in the USA, he actually fully deserves they company and their ‘thoughts’.
          ‘He taught in a not so good neighborhood with many ghetto kids.’
          Me to.
          No problems.
          It’s our JOB to be heard in class.
          We have training, support and guidance on how to do this. It’s vital, not optional.
          This man explains ‘It was not unusual for five blacks to be screaming at me at once.’
          Right, so that leaves 20-25 children in his class NOT getting heard NOT getting a lesson taught and sitting quietly with this inadequate teacher allowed the horrible din to continue.
          Black boys can be difficult to teach if they are the products of the Welfare State and have no fathers (news!).
          Blaming children in YOUR classroom for being loud because they are black is just terrible.
          I didn’t read beyond that.
          No experienced professionals would have done.
          Regs Stella.

  6. I have no idea why anyone wouldn’t want to live in a neighborhood that looks like the Cantina scene from Star Wars. No idea.

      1. im not a nerd for Tolkien, but wasnt Isengard a nice place before Christopher Lee made the deal with Sauron?

      1. They only let in the droids you are not looking for.

  7. Born and raised in a large Texas city. While growing up, watched our area of said city decline. It’s now the most dangerous part of that city. As a young parent, not making big money, we moved into a stable middle income suburb with a good school district. By the time my kids were near grown, open borders and Hurricane Katrina refugees had ruined this place as well. I’m done. The wife and I are renting a place a couple years in a much more expensive suburb, waiting for the youngest to graduate high school, then we’re planning to jet. I guess this makes me guilty of white flight multiple times. Funny thing is, the better – than – you white folks I live around now are the final straw for me. I think I’m just ready to return to my family’s rural roots that both my parents left.

    1. I don’t blame you. Who wants to live in an area where you’re now considered the enemy and wonder if you will be robbed/assaulted for no reason? Many of the Katerina refugees did the same in my city, setting an area of the city that was recovering back several steps. If anything, you should light your house on fire when you leave as a final f-you

  8. It may not even be crime insomuch as it is culture. Most people want to live where their culture is dominant, no matter their color or who they are. This fact alone is the model of success called Denmark.
    Crime is considerably lower over all than when I was kid growing up in Tampa.
    But there are many areas I still wouldn’t want to live in. The white culture is gone, replaced totally by black, Arab and South American cultures. Thats fine for them, and it is fine for some white people. I do not relate to it, so I just left.

  9. With New York the South Bronx was always going to be a reality. The 4/5 express trains and the 6 local train mean young people can get to their offices in midtown or even in the financial district with very little effort. WIth the average price per square foot being close to 2k in manhattan and more valued, safer, and frankly whiter neighborhoods costing more (my neighborhood is 92% white) areas like the South Bronx are geographically convenient . The developers who have quietly been buying slum properties and taking yearly losses as they patiently wait are very smart people in a good position who have the foresight and willingness to grow their already substantial fortunes with tried and true measures. I know a young couple, both employed, both making around 160, who just got married and bought a three bedroom in the bronx for a song. It is a little rough there now but the value of their property will more than likely triple by the time they pay their mortgage off in 10 years at which point they may not want to leave anyway.
    We are two back to back law and order pro police, pro broken windows, pro Giuliani mayors from turning the south bronx into what Harlem is now (many parts of Harlem are very good) and Harlem into what Hell’s Kitchen is now. While there is, of course, an element of virtue signaling in young white people moving to these areas that are trendy because of their dangerous hip hop culture etc the vast majority of the people moving there are simply people taking advantage of the ongoing (and positive) gentrification of NYC. I am too old right now to bother moving into an undervalued areas but If I was in my early 20’s right now and looking for a place to buy I wouldn’t hesitate for one new york minute to buy in Harlem as I know the value would increase exponentially as my young neighborhood became safer, trendier and more fun all while still allowing me easy access to the rest of the city and depending on what and where and for how much I would get something I would absolutely consider the south bronx

  10. Here they come to the rescue, with their artisanal, bespoke axe handles and their sustainable, locally produced beard oil.

    1. The gentrifier chooses the life of H.G. Wells’s Eloi, blissfully waiting to be eaten in the night by a morlock.

  11. “A key moment comes once crime has been successfully eradicated. The neighbourhood has become safe, but is still cheap due to its historical reputation. Real estate developers and market-sassy people take advantage of this cheapness to nibble the place. ”
    This hardly ever happens as you describe. In fact, I’m pretty sure you are confusing cause and effect. Brave people and intrepid developers step in and start sprucing things up well before the crime issue is even addressed, let alone solved. It’s a gamble, and sometimes it pays off – crime subsides and investors turn a profit (Columbus Short North area and Arena district). Often it doesn’t. It didn’t in Toledo, and after a 15 year period of struggle in Cleveland, it didn’t in the “Ohio City” area. I think the same also will hold true for Detroit and Cincinnati, among other American cities. It only works if you can displace the blacks somehow. It helps if there are some vacant properties in decent shape that have not been completely looted and stripped of valued components.

    1. Neighborhoods aren’t cheap due to their reputation either. Crime has subsided through lots of areas in Brooklyn but the rents soared at the same time. It’s often more expensive than Manhattan now. This took less than a decade.

  12. Actually, leftists weren’t OK with stop and frisk here in NYC. de Blasishmo won the 2013 election by taking that issue all by its lonesome and pairing it up with his black son on TV ads. They jettisoned him from an unknown to Gracie Mansion.
    Meanwhile neighborhoods still continue to gentrify fast, as you say getting rid of the criminal elements but also sterilizing the city with terrible bike racks, solar panels that aren’t even in the sun, and bike lanes, oh, and higher rents. I’m actually a real state agent and went over the rents in various neighborhoods a year or so ago for those looking to move here.

    1. I will say that I prefer bike lanes to sharing the road with what amounts to a pedestrian. If I had my druthers, though, they’d stay on the sidewalk or some other path far away from high-speed transport machines that could crush them to powder without much of a dent.

      1. Offset by the cyclists never thinking they have to follow the rules of the road. One of these cancer cells nearly ran down a friend a couple of years ago, and somebody died in Central Park because one of them thought he didn’t have to follow the speed limit or halt at a red light.
        Plus the lanes sometimes clog up the road or worse, the sidewalk.
        And there’s one of them every three blocks now. How many does one neighborhood need?

        1. “and somebody died in Central Park because one of them thought he didn’t have to follow the speed limit or halt at a red light.”
          In New York ONE person was killed by a cyclist, cars on the other hand resulted in over 120. Maybe motorists should start following the rules of the road?
          “How many does one neighborhood need?”
          They have CAR lanes on every road, how many does one neighborhood need?

        2. Unlike cars, cyclists almost never believe they have to follow the rules of the road. If bikes had more mass a lot more people would be hurt. The issue was finally supposed to be addressed by NYPD but no improvements have really come, and the bike racks are often crammed on crowded streets (one in my area is stupidly in front of a school on the sidewalk, even though another is on the other end of the block) and preventing longtime residents from getting spots. This is a simple quality of life issue and your attempt at sounding smart-ish with the quip (and all caps just so we can see how serious you are) about car lanes on every road doesn’t change this.
          I’m guessing you don’t live here but who knows, I might be wrong. If you like riding bikes around that’s fine, but many of the racks have been badly misplaced and there needs to be a crackdown on the cyclists and how they operate.

        1. hell yeah!! where is Lolknee? being a New Yorker he will have something to say about his city being targeted for culture reallocation.

  13. (((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((( ))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

  14. London is also another good example. The East end and North London used to be home to working class cockneys, Irish and all sorts of other English, but they all started leaving en-masse after the 1980s.
    The result is that London is now a multicultural mess but, remarkably, middle class whites have been moving in, in huge numbers. You only have to look at areas like Hackney, Tottenham, Walthamstow, Finsbury Park, to see the change. 15 years ago no one wanted to set foot in Hackney. It was a hole with useless Jamaicans and Africans everywhere, and they’re still there but the place has been transformed with a new white and hipster presence. Suddenly Hackney is really vibrant, clean and cultured. 3 bedroom TERRACED houses in the formerly mentioned areas (among many others) will now cost you close to, or over £1 million lol, and that is without any exaggeration.

    1. Oh I wouldn’t worry about the cost of accommodation. Just set your council high rise alight and you’ll get a nice shiny new box in the adjoining millionaires apartment block…….

  15. Speaking about Paris,yes,they deserved it.
    France colonised half of africa for centuries and when they left,they are *surprised* that these africans come back to their *motherland* for better life?
    They had to think about it before they stole all their land,natural resources and left them with civil war and whole bunch of shit.
    they deserve it i say.

      1. no
        its an inevitable consequence of their actions.
        If you do shit,you wont be surprised of the consequences later. Look at indians/pakistani’s in the UK as an example.

        1. Who is “they” as in “their actions?”
          You do realize that the current native French population is many generations removed from any colonial misdeeds?

        2. Really?
          then why france takes millions of euros of money from their former colonies every year?
          the economy in their *old* colonies are still controlled by major french companies. If the politicians doesnt *bend the knee*,they are killed.
          Its simple logic;if you fuck up a country,that country’s inhabitans will inevitably come to your country since they think your country has better life standards(because you ruled them).
          Simple enough?

        3. Former colonies=trading partners. Corruption, exploitation, sure! But hell people aren’t perfect or even fair. You can’t right those wrongs by punishing random people.

        4. Those white countries do have better living conditions. If those living conditions were the draw, why then, upon reaching the promised land, do the formerly colonized try their utmost to destroy the system which created the better living conditions they supposedly desire?
          Stupidity? Revenge? Irrepressible need to live in filth and squalor?

        5. these millions do not benefit the general population in any way. It only benefits the globalist scums who are raping african countries. Trying to racialize the issue is dumb and counter productive. I’m tired of the constant whining. History has been wars and conquest since the beginning, nothing new under the sun. Now we have whiny little bitches asking for repair because they’re either too lazy or too stupid to build anything.

        6. coloialism was an inevitable consequence of the inability of the Africans to build a better or equal technology than whites to defend themselves against white colonial plans.
          I follow your argumentation.

        7. the situation in UK is among other things a result of UKs generosity or guilt. The allowed every one who lived in a ex commonwealth nation to move to UK if he wanted.

        8. what a dumb theory.
          The maori exterminated all the indigenous groups they came across. Where is their karma?
          The Japanese wiped out 10 million Chinese. Where is their karma?
          The mongols wiped out 1/5th of the world’s population> Where is their karma?
          The muslim invasion of india killed 80 million hindus. Where is their karma?
          The idea that whites are the only oppressors is so laughably false that you’d have to be an idiot to believe it. Oops, and here you are.

        9. “Its simple logic;if you fuck up a country,that country’s inhabitans will inevitably come to your country since they think your country has better life standards”
          Uh, first that is NOT logic. It is not a deductive inference. Hence, it is not logic. I don’t think you know what the word ‘logic’ means.
          Second, if this is true where are the hordes invading mongolia wanting payback for mongol conquests?
          Hence, your ‘theory’ is crap.

        10. we are not talking about *white* oppressors,we are talking about *european* colonisation times.I’m white and i’m not european,go figure.
          Maori doesnt have high income society. They didnt colonise anywhere.
          Japanese are extremely racist and homogeneous hence there is very little foreigners there if any.Also japan didnt colonise china long enough to have an effect.
          Mongolia is low income country + they killed 1/5 of the world’s population,they didnt colonise them.
          Your point is?

        11. Really?
          Then why i experience MASSIVE racism(based on passport) when i worked for a british company(corporation actually)?
          Now I’m working for an american company. Never experienced racism based on my passport.
          Wow,i didnt know UK was that generous.I wonder why its so hard to settle or even visit UK legally right now.
          No one can make me believe UK is generous.

        12. and It’s european’s fault to fuck up their lifestyle by coming out of nowhere and colonise them+enforce slavery.
          They were quite happy before i bet.

        13. Maybe because mongolia is a crap country right now to live in?
          Or maybe mongolian conquests happened like 1000 years ago and no one even remembers?
          My friends in barbados still clearly remember the stories their grandparents told them that they were slaves who were cutting sugar cane.
          And yes,what i said is very clear logic. If an advanced country come to your home,fuck it up and use you as a slave,inevitably you will think that *advanced* country will give you better life standards and try to go there at first opportunity.
          Basic instinct=we always look for better life.

        14. There is no whining here,only historical facts.
          No one said africans are *innocent* anyway.

        15. Because UK has changed it’s mind since Merkel open borders policy. They saw what was going on in Calais and did not want that.

          Sorry but Calais looks like “Fear the Walking dead”. I get goosebumps just thinking of getting a blowout at that highway.

        16. they dont want that basic lifestyle. They want ipods and SUVs like everybody else. All african refugees in Germany try to look like rappers from Compton believe me

        17. wrong.
          what i said happens since before merkel.
          Its easier to go to UK illegally than legally,thanks to racism and stupid bureucracy.

        18. exactly
          and whose fault is this?
          maybe their *forced* integration to *western* civilisation?
          their tribal lifestyle got fucked,simple consequence.

        19. Why not just stay in Turkey and make your own country a better place? Why come to the and complain when people do not want you there? People have a to like/dislike whomever they please, for whatever reason. And, for the most part, westerners do not like muslims. And for vert good reasons.
          Don’t want to experience “racism”? Stay in your own country. I would never go to Saudi Arabia. But even if I did, I would absolutely expect to be treated as an “infidel” and an outsider. Why do you expect Christian westerners to accept you?

        20. That’s the point,i never lived in the UK and never ever will(or any other anglosaxon country).No sun,crappy local cuisine,cold people,extremely low quality of women etc.You dont have to be in Britain in order to work for a british company(hello cruise ships).
          And i’m not muslim.Just because i have certain country’s passport,doesnt mean you belong to certain religion.Thats where westerners are wrong since you guys assume your passport makes you muslim/hindu etc.
          Would love to make my county a better place,not gonna happen thanks to our *sultan* though.
          +i can go wherever i please and try to make that country a better place(provided that they deserve it).

        21. You are incredibly dumb. The fate of folks who are primitive but rich in ressources was always the same in history. The native americans also lived their live and had no need for much tchnology. The result was they got concquered by the west.
          Your argumentation is like from women who demand to walk around naked through a slum in Juarez withou getting catcalled (or worse) at night BECAUSE IT IS MY FUCKING RIGHT TO WEAR WHAT I WANT. They may have the right but if this right can be executed is another topic.
          Africa was rich from ressources and industrial nations had a need for that. Such as America was rich from ressources. The whites came to america and australia because they were looking for a better life. In UK there was a hunger crisis, they wanted to survive. And at least they did not force to make the america or african natives to pay welfare for the whites. If you want me to tolerate Africans moving in my neighborhood for a better life, why can’t you tolerate europeans moving to Africa because Africa offered something the wanted?
          The Germans could not prevent the Romans from invading. Poland could not prevent Hitler from invading. Half Asia and Europe could not defend themselves against Cengiz Kahn or Alexander the Great.
          by the way, with tribe mentality you can’t create a functional society.

        22. yep,what you say is the way of the world. Developed nations will conquer underdeveloped nations.
          Doesnt mean that it’s the right thing to do(or ethical).
          And you will have to face the consequences if you disturb the cockroach nest(they will also invade your home). Europeans disturbed the cockroach nest,now cockroaches invade them.

        23. that not only counts fpor nations. In UK pakistani men (who count as “weak” because they are coloured miorites) have exploited british underclass girls from troubled homes Over decades. Case numbers like in a war zone.
          Because…these men were not stopped from doing it. It is totally wrong who exploit girls who already down at the floor because they live in childrens homes and are defensivless and tht gets used for advantage. Totally unfair. But still happens and the best is, to try to find a solution instead of blaming who started it.

        24. Bullshit there is a plan behind this. No fucking refugee boat would reach the European coast if someone powerful would not want it to happen.
          There is a UN Agenda to transfer 70 Million Africans to Europa for whatever reason.
          No African reaches Saudi Arabia because Sauai Arabia says no and is willing to execute it’s will. Europe is not even if it could. The question is why, cui bono?

        25. So you are a Christian Turk?
          Like a Pontic Greek or something?
          Surprised you said “Istanbul” instead of the rightful name of Constantinople.
          “+i can go wherever i please and try to make that country a better place(provided that they deserve it).”
          Only if the immigration laws of that country allows you to come there.
          Many of us here in the US are trying very hard to change those laws.
          It should be very difficult for non Westerners to come to Western countries. I would say it should be nearly impossible.

        26. Nop i’m atheist turk of bosnian origina.
          Istanbul has many names,constantinople,konstantiniyye(ottoman times),Lygos,Byzantium etc.
          None of these are *rightful* names since they all mean the same thing.
          Thats what happens if you have a really old city which was owned by wide variety of cultures.

        27. you use cockroaches as a comparison for Africans? ok.
          But what you say still doesn’t make sense. You say Africans are happy with a native lifestyle but the west forced western idiology on them.
          And that’s why they have to move into the West and live the lifestyle they hate over there.
          But Africans could easily live a hunters or Massai sheperds if they want. Ok, their children will die of malaria and ebola but that’s the price of a free living. And when you have a bad harvest you starve. But if that happens they cry for help instead of being happy about their life style. I don’t get it.

        28. the reason you dont get it because you dont understand.
          Cockroaches was an example.I can use wasps,ants,etc as an example also ıf that will be more *politically* correct. The idea is that if you disturb their nest,they will invade your house,or if they need something(like ants).
          Yep,i’m sure africa had their own proper tribes and lifestyle/culture before european influence(even with arab colonisation times).
          Imagine tribes in brazil who never seen any civilisation(they stil exist).What do you think will happen to them if we *colonise* them? Do you think they will stay in their tribes or flock to the country which colonised them?
          Use your logic and you will have an answer.

        29. “All African refugees in Germany try to look like rappers from Compton”
          And I’ll bet dollars to donuts that they all do a pretty piss-poor job of it. In other words, they most end up looking like a complete parody of the rap genre, as Spinal Tap was for metal.

        30. Ancient people should be killed off. They won’t stand a chance with modern man….. Darwin

        31. Haiti killed them all and now their the biggest sheethole in the Western Hemisphere. Over 200 years ago and they still can’t get it together. This Tolga clown is obviously a French Jew .

    1. “…Left them with civil war…”
      So you’re basically admitting that Africans are incapable of governing themselves, and will immediately start killing each other if Whitey isn’t around to stop them? Fair enough.
      Also the French didn’t steal “all their land, natural resources” – last time I checked, they still have them. They just don’t know how to properly make use of them. Europeans tried – showed them where the gold, diamonds and oil were, showed them how to properly grow cash crops, even surveyed, built highways and railroads, hospitals and schools – hell, jumpstarted them from the 8th century into the 20th century! The white man even stamped out slavery for them and provided vaccines. And for what? Such ingratitude. SMH

      1. Africans are very well capable of governing themselves(hence why they have tribes). White *governors* are the ones who starts massacres and genocides(check what happened in africa after the *civilisation* came).
        Yes they did,and no they dont have their *natural* resources.Many african countries have valuable resources such as precious gems/diamonds(im in trade) and tell me one country which made proper revenue out of it and increased their life standards(except botswana). All their natural resources are owned by companies from other nations.
        *Whiteys* didnt build railroads,hospitals and schools for the people they colonised,they built these for themselves in order to *colonise* easily. Basic infrastructure for carrying goods. Makes sense?
        *Whitey*s also showed them where gold and diamonds are,since they NEEDED to use the slave force to get those diamonds and gold for their home countries.African culture doesnt put any value on gold,nor diamonds.
        White man stamped out slavery? Lol. You really believe that dont you?
        Did those *african* men WANT to be jumpstarted from 8th century into 20th century? Did the *white* people ask them before they jumped in with their *bibles* and claimed their land for centuries?
        Please read history properly.

        1. Hutu killed over 1 Million Tutsi within one hundred days without any help from whitey.

        2. Yes you should. The biggest slavers were…….. yes the Africans themselves who captured and put other tribes into servitude selling them to the highest bidder.
          For over half a century African countries have been the beneficiaries of billions and billions of dollars of foreign aid only to have it squandered.
          Why do so many Africans want to come to Europe? Because even with all their natural resources their countries are still shit. Why are they shit? Because they are full of Africans.
          Africa for Africans and Europe for Europeans. See how well things work out for Africa.

        3. So if someone tells me, that you are evil and I should kill your whole family and I would do that, you would not be angry at me who commited the killing but at the person who told me to do so?
          In Nazi Germany the concentration camp guards also had someone who told them to do their job but Germans are blamed til today for not having refused the orders.
          omg when I reread that than it looks as if I want to excuse the Nazi crimes. That’s not my intention.
          Das Dritte Reich is a very complex topic though and everyone should get informed how it developed, which psychological processes were going on.

        4. wrong.
          botswana is a clear example of how a country can be a proper country if its ruled properly.
          wow,europeans were so *angels* when they colonised africa,how i didnt know that

        5. Perhaps there are examples of well run countries…..I wish there were more. Believe me I want the best for Africa. Then we won’t have to keep bailing them out of whatever particular hole they find themselves in. They might even stop filling up rubber dinghy’s and spending all their money trying to get free everything in Europe……..and turning our countries into shitholes……

        6. They all want reparation, ok, for how long and for how many generations of whites and how much? and what will they do after that? be prosperous?. Let´s talk about the elephant in the room, they are low IQ people, simple as that, they are dumb as fuck, There was a Japanese guy who dare to study the relation between Race and IQ, and the liberal fags almost kill him. Blacks are a failure in Africa, in Europe, they are a failure in every society and time, Cities ruled by black are a failure, their countries are a failure their families are broken, and they always blame someone else,

        7. I mean, when you look what Germans have done to jews, how quickly the jews stood up again and created a prosperous country from nothing, after they were almost erased and have been traumatized millions of times,
          also the Germans, 1 out of 3 men was dead after the war and the prior generation was harmed by the First World War, the other half was probably traumatized, and many cities looked like… google Dresden 1945. few decades later Germany was a prosperous nation. how can an African still use colonialism as an excuse?
          I think humanitarian aid was wrong. That is a fault of the “West” It has created a big aid NGO industry, the CEO of Plan International earns like 150.000 every year, and african chiefs and presidents also get wealthy and the people get dependent and unmotivated. Investing would be better. But the problem then is, African nations are often unstable, which makes it risky.

        8. That is one of the rocket scientists they promised us. He will pay my rent when I’m old.

        9. Name one country in Africa that doesn’t receive assistance from an outside entity. Ain’t none. Africa is a dump filled with low output flora

      2. Since the Africans are coming to Europe, I don’t see why there isn’t a mass migration of Europeans to Africa. After all, the Africans are letting all those resources go to waste and the infrastructure left behind from previous European colonization is going to rot. Europeans could probably turn Africa into a resource-rich paradise while Africans turn Europe into a filthy, depraved, and uninhabitable hell. You can place certain folks in the most inhospitable place and they will transform it into a paradise. You can take others and place them in Beverly Hills and it will be a ghetto within five years.

        1. Pretty much everything you say is true, the problem is that with the exponential population growth in Africa there will still be hundreds of millions of Africans there if the Europeans do come over. Besides, they already did that once and don’t have the stomach to do it again, what with the guilt and all. What’s happening now is that the Chinese are moving in, in a BIG way, buying up all sorts of property and looking for raw materials. They won’t have the same moral or ethical qualms the Christian whites did. I say good luck to them – if anyone can make that place somewhat functional, they can. They sure as hell won’t take any shit from the natives…

    2. “France colonised half of africa for centuries and when they left,they
      are *surprised* that these africans come back to their *motherland* for
      better life?”
      I am surprised.
      The Africans had a whole infrastructure left from the colonists and many countries rich with natural ressources.
      When whites came to Africa, Africa had a population of 300 Million (and guess what? They killed each other in tribe wars they did not live peacefully). Whites brought health care, medicine, infrastructure but African did not develop much. One of the reasons is, Africans have too many babys. Having many babys is a sign of masculinity in Africa. Nigerians shit out more babys every year than the whole European Union. Every economy in the world would collapse under such birth rates. Simple logic.
      Africans are also Clan orientated which leads to corruption and to egoism not to democracy. Many african leaders have no interest in developing their countries. They just care to exploit their country and buy a chalet in Switzerland. You can’t blame everything on colonialism. China was colonised as well and in a much worse state but look where they are now. Now they explain Africans how the world works and recolonize them.
      Maybe you should do some research about the average IQ in African countries.

      Moving to Europe will solve nothing by the way, they will just change everything into a Slum.
      I also wonder why no black person is angry about Arab slave trade. You know the reason why there is no black diaspora in Arabia to brag about colonialism and slavery? Because the Arabs castrated them. But Arabs are not asked for reparations. Funny.
      I also wonder why no one brags about Chinese colonialism in Africa that happens today (not hundreds of years ago).

      1. I heard in some countries some Chinese business man are marring the African local women just to get permit to own land there. Damn China is buying the world, Soon if you pay rent probably you will end paying a Chinese dude.

    3. I am french, and i can tell you that it was the left of that time that pushed the colonisation of africa.
      For example, jules ferry, a famous lefist that made public school mandatory, sold this as “it was the duty of the superior races to civilise the inferior races”
      Clemanceau s answer to this was harsh, but his position didn t prevail :
      It is very funny to see the left of today denouncing the very works of their ancestors as facist and far right.

    4. The problem is, the French and other Europeans colonized places and made them better.
      Africans and Arabs come to Europe and make things worse… in all categories of social issues.
      Is Haiti a better place with the killing and expulsion of the French many years ago? How about Rhodesia (Zimbabwe)? Is that country better since the whites were terrorized, their farms seized, and many had to leave. Are American cities with large numbers of blacks better than those that are heavily white-populated?
      See a pattern here, chimpie?

      1. *The problem is, the French and other Europeans colonized places and made them better.*
        please say this to thousands of africans whose hands were cut by the order of belgian king leopold because they couldnt gather enough whatever they were gathering that time?

        1. OK…. no more debate with you. I guess you are correct. Europeans destroy the places they colonize, and Africans are a noble and enlightened people who just make everything better. Wherever they go. An amazing history of civilization, invention, exploration, and discovery.
          In fact, I think I’ll sell my house in a mostly-white neighborhood and move into the blackest part of the city I can.
          I just know I will be impressed with the wonderful work ethic, helpful nature, genius, and law-abiding ways of the black man.

        2. we are not talking work ethic,helpful nature etc of africans.We are talking about european colonisation times.
          i never said anything about noble nature of africans and other stuff as well.
          I also never included their inventions(if any),explorations,discoveries etc.
          Europeans had Istanbul(im turkish) for 10 years and we dont remember those times *fondly*. I can only imagine what they did to africa for centuries.

        3. Yes, that was bad. How is it any worse than arab slavers taking millions of black slaves and castrating them?

        4. European colonization of north africa started in 1800 or so.
          Arab colonization began in 700.
          I guess that 1100 years was uneventful, or perhaps you don’t know history?

        5. yes arab colonisation started in 700.
          Although i dont remember any african country’s official language as arabic(save for north africa) or majority is muslim(save for few maybe).
          you guessed it right,majority speaks french and they are christian.
          I really wonder *how* it happened.
          oh and we are not talking about arab colonisation times,we are talking about european colonisation.

    5. How odd, I had no idea history began in 1800.
      You seem to have left out the rather brutal arab conquest of north africa, and the subsequent arab slave empires that took in > 80 million blacks and 17 million Europeans.
      I guess those colonialists don’t count, do they? Only white empires are bad.

  16. Less crime
    Less vacant lots
    Less hookers and bums
    Maintained lawns and property
    Community gardens
    Friendly neighbors.

    Yea that sucks.
    Who would want that?

    1. Only to be pushed into someone else’s neighborhood… Enforced by government power…that’s what’s wrong. HUD take’s large numbers of these people that are gentrified out, gives them section 8 vouchers and drops them in the middle of middle class suburban neighborhoods, thus destroying them. Out of sight, out of mind for the urban yuppie SJW crowd.

  17. at the g20 the antifa stood at roofs and threw Stones ad gully cover on police. If you get a gully cover on your head protection clothing and helmet does not help. they went in with bataillons of SWAT units. The shit is totally about to hit the fan. Thats how its called in US language i guess.
    strange times

        1. I did, I get it now. A steel grate. The way your sentence was structured kind of lost me. Here, we would probably call it a sewer grate.

    1. I’m guessing that’s from Hamburg? I saw a video this morning in the news that was shot from a helicopter, all the plumes of black smoke rising makes the place look like a war zone from a distance. Whoever is paying off those protesters is getting his money’s worth.

      1. the hell broke lose in gentrificated hipster part of towns and rich people suburban areas were affected as well. they threw gully covers and paving slabs from roofs on the police i got told. I have seen with my own eyes like 40 police vans with SWAT teams and police inside racing past me.

        1. Just guessing here but, I would assume that when it comes to crowd control German cops probably won’t hesitate to crack some skulls.

  18. There’s nothing northern liberals enjoy railing about more than southern segregation. They still get upset because many southern towns basically have a black side and a white side but, all the kids are bused all over the place (forced busing due to federal mandate aimed at desegregation) to make sure they all mix at school. In the north though it doesn’t happen, black kids go to school in black neighborhoods and white kids go to school in white neighborhoods, no mandatory desegregation there. Yankee liberals really like to point out how horrible we are from their all white neighborhoods and all white schools, they won’t be taking their kid out to the bus stop to send him across the county to go to a mostly black school to make themselves feel better though.

    1. I don’t think I would live in any Northern liberal town in America. Also would not be caught dead in France. Absolute shithole of a country, both the French and their immigrants.
      The French author thinks Jewish developers are doing good things for New York. Rolling my eyes, they are lining their pockets. I notice French and Jews are similar in being sneaky and scheming.

      1. Yes, it has nothing to do with straightening out the neighborhood, it’s just about money.

        1. The author is talking about gentrification. It does not reverse urban decay. In many ways it makes things worse.
          Want to see an urban utopia? Go to Kyoto. Real people, real families, not a bunch of hipsters making overpriced cappuccinos. Of course Western countries will NEVER have what Japan has today. China as it’s wealth and power grows will enjoy similar modernity.
          Japan and China will NEVER have multiculturalism.

  19. For those who read french ?
    Jean et Martine travaillent à plein temps et gagnent 3000 euros par mois.
    Ils ont 2 enfants et peinent à vivre une fois payés le loyer, la nourriture, les frais de garde et les impôts.
    Mouloud et Rachida ne travaillent pas, ont 6 gosses et touchent
    5000 euros d’aides par mois ; ils ne paient ni loyer, ni cantines, ni
    impôts, ni rien !
    Expliquez sous forme de tableaux
    comptables pourquoi Jean et Martine ne partent pas en vacances et
    roulent avec une voiture vieille de 15 ans et pourquoi Mouloud et
    Rachida peuvent partir au bled tous les ans, pour 4 mois, en Mercedes ML
    Comment, les Arabes sont malins ? Les juifs intelligents ? Et les Français des kons ?

  20. Another teen’s article. Bla-bla-bla im scared to walk in the street by myself…
    Do you think 19th century London and New York were safe spaces

    1. Their were no “brothers”in London or New York with a ruling class allowing black dysfunction in 19 century London or New York, so yes, it was much safer. Stupid Bill

  21. With the globalization and fiat money system of the past 70 years, I don’t think whites can retake their lands. The top 10 debtor nations per capita:
    1) Australia
    2) Greece
    3) Cyprus
    4) USA
    5) Spain
    6) Portugal
    7) UK
    8) Brazil
    9) Indonesia (a surprise)
    10) Philippines
    The west have traditionally been the strongest, most powerful, and wealthiest nations. The world fiat economy and eternal western deficits, however, mean that these nations are indebted to and owned by creditors, more and more every year.
    The top 10 creditors?
    1) Singapore
    2) Norway
    3) Hong Kong
    4) Switzerland
    5) Taiwan
    6) Luxembourg
    7) Netherlands
    8) Belgium
    9) Mauritius
    10) Japan
    Norway always seems to make top 10 lists for anything good. I wonder if it is well insulated from the European invasion?
    Otherwise, the remaining nation, other than independent Switzerland, irrelevant Luxembourg, and occupied Belgium, are all Asian nations.
    China won’t rank highly per capita, mainly because it has a billion people, but it is #18. Without a serious financial or other revolution, the east will own the west. Regardless of whether we move back to the cities or not, we will no longer own them.
    Oh and US was the #1 creditor 30 years ago.

    1. per capita really doesn’t mean anything, Debt to GDP ratio is where it’s at. In which case, the top debtors are
      Cape Verde
      Antigua and Barbuda
      United States
      Only the top 8 have more debt than productivity in a year.
      Creditor nations really don’t matter, as for most states, including the US and Japan, the majority of debt is internal, not external. Keep in mind, for the US, a majority of bonds are actually owned by the Federal Government itself, which if Congress needed to, could simply forgive itself for.

      1. Per Capita means everything. Some nations are tiny nation-states which consist of a single city or island. Some are huge multi-countries (it’s been famously said the US is really 5 separate countries) operating as one mega-nation. What’s important is not how much debt or income one has, but how much *proportional* debt or income there is per person.
        It doesn’t really impress me if China wins 5 gold medals in the Olympics. What’s impressive is when Jamaica, with a fraction of China’s population, does so. To me, the whole “which country had more raw medals” competition is so stupid. It all depends on which nations have the largest populations.
        How do you think these nations pay off their debts? With income produced by their people. If nation A owes a billion dollars and has 10 residents, that debt will never be repaid. If nation B owes a billion dollars and has a billion people, they can raise taxes by $1 and boom, debt is repaid. Per capita is everything.
        That said, debt to GDP (which is really just your personal debt to income ratio that banks look at when giving you a loan, applied to the whole nation) is also important. One cannot look at a single stat which explains the economic conditions, of course.
        I am at a loss as to how being a creditor could ever “not matter.” I’m a landlord, which is essentially the creditor model as applied to housing, and my tenants are in debt to me every month. It’s literally Hitler how I make my living, and if the roles were reversed, I would be looking for employment to find a way to pay my debts.
        Also, certain government entities cannot simply “forgive” debts without serious repurcussions. Typically, government held debt are pension funds. If debts were forgiven, the underlying pensions would evaporate.

        1. The problem with per capita is that it doesn’t account for their actual ability to pay off the debt. Australia seems like they have a lot of debt, but Australians are a wealthy, hardworking people. They also have a lot of debt owed to them, so as a result, there debt to GDP ratio is only 16%. Using per capita would be like saying that an illegal alien family of 8 should have more credit lines than the Harvard Educated Jewish couple who run a consulting firm and a bank. Per capita doesn’t make sense because some countries are like South Africa, where FOUR PERCENT of the population actually pays taxes, or like the Congo where the average person is only doing 400 dollars of work per day.
          “I am at a loss as to how being a creditor could ever ‘not matter.’”
          It’s not that the creditors don’t matter, it’s just that foreign creditors are not as significant as you are making them to be. States can, and almost always will, sell bonds to internal sources (such as other government accounts or stately institutions, retirement funds, banks, central banks, private corporations and persons, etc.) before they sell them to other countries. Only 25% of US Public Debt is “external”, or held by creditor nations. Things get more fishy when countries are in debt and hold others debt. Sure Japan is a huge creditor by GDP, but was that really good for them in the long run, considering they have the highest debt to GDP ratio in the world?

        2. What you’re talking about is cultural / racial differences and is unrelated to population numbers, except to the degree that more developed cultures have smaller populations with low birth rates, and primitive cultures have high growth and birth rates.
          Anyway, I don’t see a viable way out for most of these western nations. When you get to the point that the majority of taxation goes to pay interest on past government expenditures, you’re at a pretty absurd level. Imagine if half your income went to pay interest on things you bought in the past.
          The only thing stopping that from happening now is the artificially low interest rates imposed by the fed. If and when that changes, the US, along with a handful of others above, are screwed. I don’t see a way out of that hole. Not a democratic way out, anyway.
          Volker was one of the only economists to understand it. He agrees.

        3. I think we can both agree about that part. The US can still save itself this year without significant outlays, but with the way Trump and Congress are headed with this next budget, it’s going to reach the point where the interest on debt is greater than the deficit.

      2. Tell that “forgive itself” thing to the banks, which have no loyalties. They will incite war quickly and make the nations destroy themselves before they allow themselves to be stiffed.

        1. I’m not talking about those bonds, I’m talking about bonds literally held by other government accounts. The US Federal Governments owns more than 7 trillion dollars in Federal bonds to itself. Private US individuals and institutions don’t even own a third of the securities.

  22. Walt Disney wasn’t all about cartoons and theme parks, his original idea of Epcot was to build an futuristic urban city, a city that would adapt to changing world, and his idea was actually quite feasible when he was alive back in the 1960s. It never happened because he died. Most people do not know this about him but it was very near and dear to his heart. The man was a lot like Elon Musk.
    Many of the current Western cities are in decay because they are just obsolete and cannot adjust to the changing realities of the 21st century. Gentrification doesn’t bring back a decaying city back to its former glory, it only glosses over its decay. Disney’s idea was building on a totally new paradigm. He was way ahead of his time, he was way ahead of urban planners today.
    If Disney lived another 10-15 years, Orlando today would be a very different place, his company would be a very different company, the American city would be a different thing altogether as well. This is what he wanted to do in his final years of life. After he died, his brother decided to build another park in Florida. That being said the Epcot theme park did showcase Disney’s futuristic vision of America for a while, although much of that has been removed over the years. The man witnessed incredible progress in American society during his lifetime. It was no surprise the man was full of sunny optimism that is so rare among people today.

  23. I just played in a band wher they have this once a month event on the side of town that used to be shitty. It has since picked up with good restaraunts and shops. It wasn’t long before the blacks came out in swarms and there were police everywhere and blacks doing what they do is start shit and cause drama. Luckilly we didnt have any problems but it wont be long before these animals gang up and kill someone and businesses start leaving again.

  24. I doubt a race war is coming but the black community is going to be seriously called out in the coming years. Too many people have been awakened through the alternative news / citizen vids about diversity. They hid it for years in mainstream media to cover up the problem.

  25. With Ben Carson being the HNIC at HUD we won’t be seeing the placement of feral negrows in pristine white areas. One thing I know about Ben, he hates a nagger in his hood more than anything.

    1. No.
      There is no way your ‘combat minorities’ could be trusted not to turn their guns on YOU.
      Try again.

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