Men Who Love Sex Dolls Are A Grim Sign That Sex Relations Are Beyond Repair

Getting down to business with realistic dolls is pretty weird. However, they do sell, so what’s the deal?

Better than nothing?

Davecat is living with his wife and their bisexual girlfriend. That might be the dream lifestyle for many, except that they’re RealDolls (they’re more lifelike in appearance than store mannequins, but still within “uncanny valley” territory). Davecat created elaborate backstories for their relationships. He posts online about their imaginary social life. To his credit, he’s well aware they’re not “organic women”—or to put it more bluntly, they’re not real.

Davecat and others this deep (if you’ll pardon the expression) into silicone girlfriends call themselves iDollators. He hopes one day sex robots will take realism to the next level. In case you were wondering, he’s neither a virgin nor a 600-pounder.

Perhaps it’s different only in degree from dildos, vibrators, and cucumbers available to women for ages. Although it’s not highest on today’s bizarro-meter, carnal knowledge with a doll just doesn’t appeal to me. Despite my unenthusiasm, I’ll hear him out.

Why would anyone want to bang dolls?

Davecat cites several reasons:

A synthetic will never lie to you, cheat on you, criticize you, or be otherwise disagreeable. It’s rare enough to find organics who don’t have something going on with them, and being able to make a partner of one is rarer still.

I’ll concur that finding someone who is compatible, honest, and low-drama isn’t always easy. Still, that’s no reason to give up.

…I didn’t ever want to be That Guy Who’s Being Aggressively Persuasive. So instead of asking whatever lass I was with to consider me as a boyfriend, I simply wouldn’t force the issue.

Where do I begin? I need a beer…

We’ve all seen relationships where things start out fantastically, and then just end up falling apart. A friend of mine just got divorced after 17 years of marriage. That’s an enormous investment of time, money, and emotion, and I’m not interested in having someone in my life who may bail at any time, or who transforms into someone unpleasant. Ultimately, getting romantically involved with an organic woman doesn’t seem worth it to me.

He’s giving the “glass is half empty” case, but yanno…

I was seeing an organic lass—a coworker… Our relationship started out alright, but several months into it, whenever I’d attempt to get together after work with her, she’d always have something come up. I was beating myself up over it when I realized: Why am I wasting my time trying to get her to hang out and be romantically involved with me, when I have a Doll who is in love with me at home? Plus, it was a bit of a contest with said coworker, as she was interested in two other blokes while she was seeing me.

Okay, granted, a doll won’t flake on you or put you last in the rotation.

Then there was the lass I bought a house with back in 2003. I was attempting to help her out of a bad relationship. She claimed to be one of my best friends. She wasn’t the least bit romantically interested in me, but I thought that if I helped her and she and I lived under the same roof, eventually she’d view me more favorably. Turns out that didn’t happen, as I later discovered that she was a pathological liar with a coke addiction, and I moved out of the house after living there for only four months. That really drove home to me that I guess I’m too trusting with some organics.

Neither do they friend-zone you nor turn into coked-out zombies. During my Blue Pill days, I suffered from both problems, though fortunately not from the same woman.

Gynoids and androids… would lack the qualities that make organics difficult to deal with. They would be pleasant, agreeable, non-judgmental, aesthetically and mentally pleasing, and more… The way I see things, your spouse should be easygoing and a joy to come home to… I think the best way to reach that goal is through humanoid robots.

Correction, I need two beers.

Being in a relationship with a synthetic means that the organic is taking a stand against loneliness on terms which harm no one. Instead of being miserable, they’re doing something about it, without having to waste time, money, and emotion playing silly games to win the fleeting affections of someone who might be wrong for them in the first place.

These are not my choices, though the libertarian argument makes sense here.

Furthermore, it seems easier for women to find an organic male partner than it is for men to find an organic female partner. Women, by and large, are more selective than men are…

Davecat seems quite game-unaware, but that observation is impossible to miss.

A lot of men are lonely because they’re misogynist pricks, true, but a lot of other men are lonely because they don’t meet women’s expectations. The latter group may be entirely nice individuals, and would treat their girlfriends extraordinarily well, but they’re shy, or unappealing on some level, or what have you.

He has it backwards. Obnoxious assholes are in great demand, defying all logic. Meanwhile, being nicer than warranted (in terms of reciprocal interest you’ve received) will get you shot down. Kindness without previous buy-in is worse than using “Tell me about the lambs, Clarice” for a pickup line. It’s quite a bitter irony (though possible to work around) for guys determined to have a social life while remaining decent people.

Our social environment has gone to hell

Davecat is a man who has given up. He’s found an acceptable (to him) substitute for women. Apparently banging dolls is just a new sexual marketplace safety valve. It’s his life, but this seems a waste of time at best. Although learning game takes a lot of work, it’s not quite like calculating orbital mechanics on an abacus.

Decades ago, the “iDollators” probably would’ve had regular love lives eventually leading to families. It used to be much easier for ordinary guys to find girlfriends who’d take them seriously and not bust their balls. That’s the tragedy here.

Will sex dolls be the next big thing for involuntary celibates? Will this become a disruptive technology for the sexual marketplace? Only time will tell.

Feminists still don’t get it

Some feminists have taken notice, and they’re quite displeased (as always). Still, they hardly can argue against the exploitation of plastic objects. Actually, they’re quite guilty of it themselves.

Milo Yiannopoulos had the following to say about this:

Another reason men might be enthusiastic about female-free sex is obvious: the sociopathic, man-hating feminism we see so much of on television and in our newspapers today is turning men off dealing with women altogether. Constant whinging about “toxic masculinity,” “manspreading,” “mansplaining,” the bogus gender pay gap and the absurd campus rape culture myth are pushing the sexes apart, fostering mistrust and fear. […]

In response, men are simply checking out, giving up on women and retreating into porn and video games. I call it the “sexodus,” and its immediate victims aren’t men, but women, who are being consigned to singledom as men lose interest in them or are simply too exhausted or fearful of the social consequences of approaching girls romantically. […]

[M]ost of the reason I went gay is so I didn’t have to deal with nutty broads. Imagine how much worse they’re going to get when the passive aggressive manipulation tactics stop working because the guy can get himself off with a thinner, hotter robot any time he wants to. They’re going to go mental.

So there you have it. As I’ve suspected, not all gay guys were “born that way”Nasty attitudes and Princess Complex are creating sexual marketplace safety valves like porn and “escorts”, or even other men and sex dolls.

Really, this should be a wake-up call for feminists. They inflated the price of their precious goodies above sustainability, while polluting society with their neurotic hostility. The sooner feminists fade into oblivion, the better for everyone.

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350 thoughts on “Men Who Love Sex Dolls Are A Grim Sign That Sex Relations Are Beyond Repair”

  1. As the software and hardware progresses, sexbots and personal androids will fundamentally alter human society and inter-sexual relationships.

    1. Unless, if we are lucky, men begin to regain their sanity and will to fucking live.
      At which point they will burn the places producing these monstrosities to the ground

    1. Sure. They feel the same level of affection for you, and require comparable levels of lube.

    2. They are as clean as you want them to be.
      They can’t talk. (anybody who gives one speech capability should be put in a sack and beaten with hammers)
      You don’t have to get rid of her in the morning.
      She can’t falsely accuse you of rape (unless some hacker reprogrammed her)
      She can’t get knocked up (intentionally nor accidentally) and turn you into her economic mule for 22 years.
      I’m not supportive of the idea of sexbots…. but I can understand, and will refrain from denigration of fellows who resort to this.
      IMO what these things would cost I would just wank and use the money on something else.

      1. No way, Jeep. The “I won’t support, but I won’t denigrate,” is what built the gay man. It also sounds dangerously close to virtue signaling, with all due respect. You draw the line and where to stand. Sex bots, or no sex bots. They don’t respect a woman, like my daughter and (fingers crossed) future wife, so no, no sex bots. They’re insane, and if a friend of mine had one, I’d give him the ultimatum, then if I had to, cut him off like a tumor.

        1. That’s a little harsh, don’t you think? A man likes to stick his dick in a doll from time to time doesn’t necessarily equate with disrespect for women.

        2. Your name makes me think you’re a woman. Any man who plugs plastic has so little respect for himself, he won’t see where he’s disrespected his nature and what a woman is. If you quit, you don’t get the prize, but then you’re not even a competitor, you’re unnatural, and you should be cut off and burned.

        3. You don’t know the reason why I won’t denigrate. It’s not a choice not to, out of some feel good virtue sniveling. It’s a comparison of the options the have.
          Think of it more like “who can blame them?”. I cannot blame them.
          But you know what, what am I to go about and shame them as if to “correct” their behavior?
          To this I say, no fucking way.
          You see one of the biggest problems we have had on the various facets of “the right” is that we have, in the face of growing feminism and further denial of the rights of husbands and fathers, hordes of “conservative” cucks and bible thumpers giving us shit for not getting married (as young as they did).
          So your opinion there reminds me of many conservatives who jump on the “what’s wrong with young men” bandwagon while totally failing to recognize exactly what they are dealing with.
          All through the 1990s I was watching women get fat right after getting married and, fueled by a culture driven by the media and shows like Oprah Winfrey, getting more and more demanding of men. It was during those years that a lot of the crap we see now was getting started, that we warned against (or tried to – we got called names as a response).
          But there was the conservative talking heads on the radio and TV “What’s wrong with these men today? Why, in my formerly nicoten-stained hands I have an article here that says they won’t marry! Ho ho ho! This is decadence!!!! These guys need to man up!!!”
          Bullshit. It was men doing what men do best (but take the least credit for): logically weighing cause and effect, and making tactical decisions to adapt in ways that minimize risk and ensure survival.
          (and that ability men have comes from what? It comes from the reality that when we lose a war, we die or end up in cages, but our women get to fuck the winners).
          So with all due respect, Seth, rethink that cucked mindset you have. “Respect”. That element has long been put in the trench.

        4. if you ever wanked you did a gay act. You stroked a penis. Sure it was yours. But you still stroked a dick. Can I say the same for wanking?

        5. Can’t see myself ever using one, but wonder what their availability will do…..
          Will it ever prompt women to look at themselves and why a man would choose a doll vice them.
          We keep hearing the call to ‘man up’, as you say ‘what’s wrong with men that they won’t……’. Is this the thing that will finally prompt a call to ‘woman up’?

        6. Women have failed to look at the sperm banks and reflect.
          Women have failed to look at their vibrators and rubber dongs and reflect.
          Women have failed to look at their cubicle rat/Sex and the City lifestyles and reflect.
          Women have failed to look at what Title 9 has done to the prospect of male students and reflect.
          Women have failed to see what the family courts do to men and reflect.
          Women have failed to compare the sanctity of life before womens’ suffrage and after and reflect.
          Women routinely fail to look at what years of anti-depressants, tubs of ice cream with reality TV, and boxed wine does to their bodies and reflect.
          Women fail to look at their reflection.
          Sexbots for men won’t change a damned thing. They will brainlessly complain, between sips of wine, that there are no good men, but the examination to find out why will never happen.
          They will never know.

        7. This is rare now, but imagine in the future if they acquire more realism, with better plastics, movements and artificial intelligence (not hamster), you can have a% of men hooked. It’s a really dystopian movie.

        8. ” They don’t respect a woman, like my daughter and (fingers crossed) future wife, so no, no sex bots.”
          What do you mean ?

        9. I can imagine a father teaching his son, “Look son, if it’s nice, it’s not a woman, it’s a robot.”

        10. I like that clear line and agree, but I have to say feminists do hate sexbots so they have that going for them.
          But yeah, they are still just another cancer.

        11. Kind of like the advice I give to newbies about to go on their first trip to Thailand. If she is super model tall, thin, fit, and gorgeous, and she is talking to you, then she used to be (or still is) a he.

        12. I think it’s because no book or movie it ever had a female character reflect on herself ever. If more of that media is made, women will follow suit with those female characters

      2. She can’t falsely accuse you of rape (unless some hacker reprogrammed her)
        I initially smiled at this one, but that smile vanished once I realized that some dumb prosecutor, somewhere on the planet, might actually find such an accusation actionable. (I’m looking at you, Sweden and Norway! Maybe Spain and Uganda, too.)

        1. coming to a city/country near you… “SDLM” (sex dolls lives matter)
          shouldn’t jest really, once the left gets an idea in their little minds they just keep on hammering it home.
          EDIT: good to see you round here again Porcer

        2. We can laugh now. But there is already precedent on the books to lock up perverts over “virtual child porn”.
          Now to me it’s just as sick as usual and if we simply took the chesters and dropped them out of helicopters the world could only improve (we would just be without a government for a while).
          But remember, the anti-male gynocrats study the laws and use any and all precedents they can get their fat fingers on.
          And there have been cases of men creating “virtual” child porn going to jail for it.
          It was a bit of a controversy because the whole point of child porn was that “it victimized a child” and this was due to it being in fact, correct: the whole point of people who do that is to victimize a child, and that’s the reason why it’s illegal. But in those cases (around 2004 I think) people were left wondering about precedent.
          But it’ll be one of those cases where “well it was good for locking up perverts”. But the leftists love their perverts and hope to see kids “on the table” for pedophilia someday.
          Yes the same people who call all PiV intercourse rape are pro-pedo or are at least blind to the prevailence of it and that gateway drug to the normalization of pedophilia: trans children (if the kid can decide on a sex change then the kid can decide on a relationship with an adult)
          Meaning: we’ll see a day when some beta can go to jail for “raping his sexbot” using the precedent that it will be a “precursor to raping a real woman” while the kid next door gets buggered by his 30 year old same sex lover.
          This is why we deserve Islam but I’ll wait until they are done throwing the assholes off the rooftops before we send them back.

      3. I bet the government would get in bed with the manufacturers to install survelliance duds on these bots and any gesture they deem misogynistic or abusive they will arrest you on it. Maybe it will come with Windows 10

    3. To all readers: Watch Lars and the Real Girl. A weirdo omega male with issues about intimacy (Ryan Gosling) announces that he has a new girlfriend named Bianca, who turns out to be a sex doll.
      Honest to God, it’s brilliant. Highly recommended.

  2. Computer porn costs nothing and the women look like something. Dolls cost something and they look like nothing. Internet porn addiction is bad enough, but at least it’s understandable for men either not getting any action or single and toiling away at home with unemployment.
    What in the hell is going through the minds of the guys who get friggin’ ridiculous looking dolls?

    1. Interesting point Hubert.
      in my generation, the disenfranchised ones (GenX) we hear much complaining about “kids today”. Mainly from boomers who went from bragging about how they paid their way through college and purchased their first Corvette working as a bartender to buying an RV every few years and bragging about their $20 copay from their medical plans that will die with them.
      But, in each and every complaint, screed, article, or whatever, when going through the factors, I’m finding that I simply cannot blame the kids.
      At age 13 I had my first boat. My dad gave me a Chapman’s boating manual and said “have at it, kid”. I would be out on the harbor before sunrise. A teenager. Sure my boat was well equipped. It even had a flare gun that I walked into a marine store and purchased myself for $18.
      Imagine today, what would happen, if they found a 13 yo doing that on the water. Parents arrested, siblings getting butt-fucked in foster care, social(ist) workers assigned, etc.
      So when the old fart talks about his lone hunting at age 10 with a .22 and goes into a “these kids today with their MMOs and social media” crap, I tear his boomer ass a new one.
      So your post reminds of me that. Sure, would it be a rather bad thing for hordes of young men to be wanking it up to strange turbo-porn and possibly even robots? You bet. Damaging? You bet.
      But fishing in World of Warcraft (I played it 11 years ago) is by far safer for teenagers than my real fishing on the harbor with my little boat. And not from drowning but from…. well from the fucking system. Run by people who passed all these laws and started all these programs, then turn around and complain at the results.
      So yeah, what would be worse: fucking a sexbot that looks ridiculous, OR …
      – STDs that you never get rid of (now contaminated for life)
      – false rape accusations that, if you beat it, means legal debt worse than college debt and a few years living in limbo deathly afraid of going to prison.
      – having “girlfriend drama” of which somebody hears a raised voice, calls the cops, and in most US states, “the man must be arrested” meaning YOU go to jail. Cue the legal costs and arrest records.
      – knocking the bitch up: You might want progeny but if she does not, you have no say. But if you are not ready and asks her to abort but she does not, you still have to pay. (Or go to jail if you cannot, and she’ll just get paid by other men whose taxes pay for the system that will give her money – you go to jail for not being able to pay, she does not go to jail and takes money from other men)
      So, pathetic? You bet. But the “pathetic” already happened. The “pathetic” is already long standing. Pathetic laws, pathetic system, pathetic society.
      Whatever complaint anybody is to have about young men watching porn, or using some kind of sexbots, is misplaced, and their stupidity when they mouth such screed from their skull-caves needs to be treated like a third arm: ripped out and their heads beaten with it.

      1. All of the things you mentioned are far better than fucking a piece of plastic.
        You can not experience joy without risk. By fucking this cheap imitation of a real woman, a man is not only forsaking ever experiencing the feeling of being desired…
        He is exacerbating the very suffering he is attempting to escape.

        1. If you enter ‘sex dolls’ into Google then click on images quite a number of images show a woman riding or fellating a male sexdoll. I and my girlfriends are completely repelled by sexdolls and consider men who use them or would use them to be creepy beyond measure. I think that it would be far better for a man to remain a virgin his entire life than get involved with sexdolls.

        2. Different browsers often show different images. I use Opera. Have you turned off the safe results? Also try typing sex dolls rather than sexdolls.

        3. It’s a good thing those men don’t give a flying f*ck about your opinion then, isn’t it?

        4. Why? Because he would then miss out on you and your circle of friends. We don’t want you or your friends toots.

      2. BINGO, on the part of how it’s more the fault of the older generation, because they are the ones who passed the laws that made masculine fun either harder or more expensive to get, if not impossible to get.

        1. It’s closer to the truth to say that the boomer generation allowed the evil laws to be passed because they were stupid and arrogant and pig headed and stubborn and full of themselves and a god-like hubris and refused to listen to the tiny few who tried to warn them that none of the laws were about the ostensible subject involved but were instead all about power and control and especially and more ominously about psychological warfare and brainwashing and tyranny and the Satanic government of the coming Beast. The sad truth is we are all victims to one extent or another of the likes of Edward Bernays who wrote “Propaganda” and William S Paley the psychological warfare officer who ran CBS for decades.

    2. Not to mention when they have to wash, dress and shop for clothes for their doll? At least a real woman does all that on her own….

        1. Jeez SYO is probably the guy who will want a voice module installed so he could have long talks too.

        2. Actually, maybe Amazon could have a new business for Prime customers where a guy puts his doll out on the front steps in the morning, the UPS driver comes by, picks “her” up, Amazon washes, does the hair, changes the clothes, and drops “her” off at home for “her” dinner date at 6 pm. Sounds so romantic… (Not)

    3. Sex dolls are a positive development for society.
      The kind of guys who go for sex dolls are the desperate betas. The same guys who reward cunty women after they are rejected by men who have dignity. With betas out of the equation, women will have to improve their behavior or nobody will fuck them.
      Prediction: as sex dolls become more and more advanced, real women will become less cunty. Feminism/SJW-ism will go virtually extinct.

      1. Hmmmm
        Whereby we might presume that there could be a “thirsty beta” gene and hence thirsty betas get bred out, it would be a net positive, no? But we have to conclude that civilization was built by a combination of the drive of thirsty betas plus what CH calls “sexual socialism” – a system whereby most men have a shot at a woman.
        But in more darker realizations, I have come to a more positive outcome.
        The “kind of women” who ride the cocks by the bag until they are 35 then hook up with a thirsty beta may not get a chance to reproduce either.
        Thus the “ride the carousel turbo cunt” gene might also die out.
        Or at best, if there is no genetics variable involved, there will be less children born to beta cuck dads and femicunt mothers. Read: less screwed up children around.
        So what we might construe as post-modernist evil may be something that saves us.
        Now if only we can do something about these breed-like-rabbits third world hordes who will outbreed and invade us we might see a long term improvement to civilization.

        1. There’s no gene. Women are all ‘sluts’ even the conservative ones. The question is who they’ll be sluts with, only you and their 1-2 ex-boyfriends or the whole neighborhood. Women love to be admired and nowaday we worship ‘sluts’ through every media of our society especially Instagram and porn/webcam/chaturbarte. Women are penalized for not slutting around more than the opposite.
          Send these women to a conservative country and they’ll close that pussy up way quicker than u think. A ‘liberated’ society is like a ‘liberated economic market’. It’s good for most women, bad for most men, and exceptionally good for a few Men, we go from mediocristan (guaranteed by the patriarchy) to fucking Extremistan. Betas are not bad per se (except the fcking socialists, antifas fucking SJWS and pseudo ‘nice-guys’), they just cling to an old system, believing the media,an old system that would reward their efforts in the past and view them as an useful pillar of society.
          Hypergamy is also more or less relevant compared to game and being good in bed nowaydays, considering women don’t absolutely need a provider, hence why so many ‘great women’ goes for byronic bad boys. If an ‘independent minded women’ seeks to marry up, I’m sorry 4 you, but she’s a total bitch, prolly a gold fcking digger. You can still be alpha while earning less, it’s called having options and frame but you won’t be an alpha PROVIDER so you will have to rely on game, frame and sex to keep her from pussying you. Tbh, I’d rather be an alpha provider but if you strictly believe in hypergamy, you’ll always be a bitter manospherian.

        2. You are right though, here in Canada, country of the Cucks. most of the Canadian people decided to elect fucking Trudeau and support mass immigration. It also doesn’t help that they fucking adds ridings and ridings in the GTA, years after years because it’s the most demographically growing place in Canada with B.C, British Cuckistan, thanks to ‘diversity’ while the plains and the rest of the countryside gain almost nothing.
          I’m pretty sure the NPD and the Liberals want to fucking replace us with diversity ’cause ya know easy votes. That alongside with the great bill C-89, are you fucking kidding me. We went from a decade of good conservative leadership to that? this fucking LGBT ZUXM02134056 idiocy?
          We need to fucking organize ourselves up North to stop this either by protests or by GUNS; I don’t even fucking know what country I’m living in anymore. Cuckservatives also don’t want to fucking answer the immigration and LGBT questions ’cause ya know bad for votes. People will only wake up, it seems. when pedophilia will be legalized and jihadists will explode in the parlement or in concerts, murdering our children. I mean I talk with people and they don’t even know what’s going in their own country, they’re fucking addicted to facebook, instagram and fucking Radio-Canada (Liberal leaning fake news, gov propaganda) and when you tell them, they say, who cares? You’re close-minded, you’re paranoid, you’re racist; people are cucked beyond relief even in my country town(50 000 population), that is ‘supposed’ to be conservative…

        3. Stop sending them aid. Don’t feed the starving masses and there won’t be any starving masses. They will die off to the level where there is enough food to feed those that remain. Don’t send them Medicines Sans Frontiers so they can return to the days when they bred like rabbits but died like flies. Harsh but necessary if the rest of us are to survive. Not that it is my problem. I am old and will die before it comes to a crisis (or more of a crisis).

      2. I wish this were so. The cuntishness trend is permanent and irreversible. As fewer and fewer men have met the ever expanding demands of women the level of horrible female behavior has just gotten worse. I do not think women understand supply and demand, substitute goods, or cause and effect.

  3. 1. Men are the inventors. Note no one seems to worry that STEMinists haven’t invented a giggolobot.
    2. A sexbot won’t get pregnant and sue you for divorce, child support, alimony, or accuse you of abuse.
    3. I missed “Sexodus” from Milo the first time – must remember.
    4. This is merely a slow version of the survivor type series where they put men on one island (where they thrive) and women on another (where they starve) and have to end or amend the experiment early. The Dutch version was featured on a post here. MGTOW isn’t bad for men. They can have a good if not a great life in a cabin in the woods even if they have to build it themselves. But it is bad for women when there aren’t sufficent providers to leech off of. (I say leech as the original “contract” was marriage where they handled the home and kids, and the man provided resources for that – but women don’t seem to want kids).

    1. Can you imagine the results if all those young fellows could just do TWO things:
      1. stop complaining, for the boomers and failed GenXers won’t respond: the former is too self-absorbed to care, the latter is too scarce in numbers to outvote the boomers.
      2. put the video game controllers down and find real dreams and goal to pursue.
      For number 2 for example, I knew a teenage fellow who was playing “Guitar Hero” roughly 8 years ago and was bragging about it, I got pissed off and said “so who are you when the power is out? Where is your score if I pull that plug? You want to brag? Learn to play a real guitar instead of this kid game.
      And he did.
      And last I heard, he was a musician doing gigs and scoring hotties throughout his late teens and early 20s. A perfect way for a young fellow to start his life. All because he put the game controller down.
      We don’t even need to pursue “great things” with our time. Instead of racing a car in a game, go build a real one. Instead of “crafting” in some MMO, go do some crafting in the real world.
      If only. It’s as if there is a force waiting to be unleashed.

      1. It’s strange how people don’t think more about demographics.
        The Gen X cohort, sandwiched between the much larger Boomer and Millennial cohorts, has always been lacking a voice or the ability to change the nation’s direction.
        I think Gen Z will be similarly small but also will have the lowest percent of whites of any previous generation.

      2. Until he gets one of those hotties pregnant and she sues him for child support. Or he gets one of the nastier SDTs which are running epidemic, especially one expensive to treat and not curable.
        Or the IRS thinks he hasn’t paid enough of his taxes like the Obamacare fee.
        Or some cop decides he is a good person to do civil forefeiture on.
        Live your dreams, but realize they can become a nightmare at any time and you have no control or defense.
        I will agree that complaining or whining isn’t productive.
        I don’t agree that there is any point going beyond.
        There may be base or fine or magnificient individual pursuits.
        I don’t see how playing a real guitar vs. guitar player is fundamentally different. Scoring points or scoring groupies? That won’t lead to a family.
        But perhaps the context is different – often things are too brief here to go into sufficient detail. I wish your guitar player good fortune and happiness = in the philosophical sense.

  4. If you make significantly more money than 80% of the dudes out there (ballpark estimate), women in your general vicinity will immediately turn into robotic sex dolls, as they fervently scramble to please you and impress you, in the hopes of locking you down, or being one of your sidepieces. If a guy focuses solely on his personal goals, he’ll be just fine, provided he kicks the skanks to the curb after a predetermined period of time (like, oh, a week or two, tops). That being said, if they ever come out with a robotic sex doll that is extremely close to the real thing, the majority of Western femicunts are in serious trouble…and they know it.

    1. I think you overestimate them. Blue-haired hambeasts will be utterly convinced that they cannot be replaced with dolls until it is too late.

      1. I just thought of Toecutter from Mad Max saying “And we’re going to tech them, Bubba”

        1. Nope, nope, and nope. Better to be forwarned than to be 10 – 20 years in and learn “I really wanted a tall blonde”. I so support LGBQT causes and every other sexual choice because people who lie about what they really really want leave trails of innocent human wreckage (including children) in their wakes when they decide to fess up. They want silicone so give it to them.

        1. I love me some Diet Pepsi. I drank a lot of them from maybe 2000 on. I lost a lot of weight in 2013, and still drank them. Late last year I started having some head spinning. Not sure if it was sinuses, or them, or dehydration. Picked running back up again, and I try to avoid all artificial sweeteners. Coffee, unsweetened tea, and a regular Coke a day or so. Sugar is caloric, but I think the artificial sweeteners may do awful things. Maybe. I tried a Diet Pepsi last month, couldn’t / didn’t want to finish it. Head is mostly better these days.

    2. In all honesty my good fellow, while my dick might like crossing the finish line, just knowing that “if I didn’t have the money this would not be happening” crosses off any real sense of accomplishment from that part of my mind which keeps track of these matters.
      In a way though, our ancestors knew this and that’s why they built a system based both on it, and around it. They accepted that men will always have resources to share with a woman and if he did not he goes nowhere with women, but at the same time ensured, in western civilization, an institution around it so that at least most men can partake if he was willing to work hard within his abilities, and if his abilities were not such that he would be swimming in money, he would at least not get punished for it with incelitude.

      1. I embrace your point of view. However, they’re all robots when you boil it down. My suggestion was mathematically based, having done field study on the subject for decades. There has never been a time in my life when I wasn’t uber-attractive to women when I was extremely flush with cash. Never. The more I was certain that this was no accident, the more I realized AWALT. So it boils down to turning them into compliant robots, or unruly, non-compliant robots. The surest way to make the former happen, is to amass wealth and accomplishments. It’s a law. True, they’ll still try to fuck you over if you let them get to close (or if you fall in “lurve”) but if you replace them with frequency you’ll minimize the damage. High SMV cuts both ways.

        1. Ah but I insist once more that out “fathers” knew of things, but not in the context we know of them.
          Women are indeed robots. You are correct. To fail to understand the nature of women is to lend them way more agency then they deserve.
          That is, after some years of observation I’m convinced that women are for the most part children that we allow to drive cars.
          But yeah, what would be the most baseline description of a “robot”? The word itself is based on “work”, and now when we think robot we think “computer”.
          So what is the first thing we learn about computers?
          Input and output – the relations.
          They knew women are like robots, but in different context and wordings.
          And like a computer you can almost (there are variable and null pointers) predict what you will get in output based on what your input was.
          Years of blue pill had me insulated from such conclusions. But as the veil started to dissipate, I started to try things with women I interacted with.
          And just about every time, the expected outcome occurred. There are of course many “dressings” that makes one appear different from the other.

        2. I’d love to make 5x what I do. I’d have no trouble locking down a baby-maker. I hate money.

        3. Pretty much that – cue the videos where a fellow makes a cold approach on foot or on a bike, then after failing, but with the girl still around, gets into a Ferrari or other supercar…

        4. “I embrace your point of view. However, they’re all robots when you boil it down”
          I hear what you’re sayin man, but still there are a lot of other processes happening when one is with a real biological female – swappin spit – the bodily musk a young woman emits – a bunch of things that plastics cannot dupilcate.

        5. You’d have no trouble locking down someone who is putting on a good show for you because you have money. There are very, very few women out there who would be great “baby-makers.” I’m speaking as someone who does quite well financially, and, if anything, you have to be even more diligent in your vetting than if you’re broke or earning an average income.
          A woman will invent an entirely different person from the one who truly exists if she thinks you’ll push a financial broom over her filthy financial fuck-ups. Money just puts women in good behavior mode; it doesn’t make them good.

        6. Exactly, sure you’ll get more female interest if you’re rich, but it won’t be GENUINE interest. Good for lots of short term “relationships” but in the long run it’s true that a girl will be more motivated to please you if she honestly likes YOU, not your money. But I will grant that it’s possible that being wealthy could potentially be the thing that initially grabs the attention of a girl who would’ve liked you anyway having gotten to know you but maybe wouldn’t have noticed you amongst all the other guys competing for her affection, especially if she’s conspicuously attractive.

        7. If I were stinking rich, I would pretend I was poor. But there is no need for such an experiment as sure as we know the nature of women we will know the outcome.
          So pump and dump

        8. Indeed,
          Have you seen the best of 3D graphics lately? They have it so that when the character or whatever places a foot a little bit of dust or snow pops up, or something like that.
          It’s the kind of detail we would not expect the pasty nerds to include, the sort of men who never get outside so to speak.
          So it’s an indication that they read. And read they will, about this things you pointed out, and there will be “upgrades”.
          Don’t put it past them. Don’t put it past men.
          (A warp drive would be better than sexbots though. A new frontier with hard living and away from shithole earth and it’s influence… wait a minute this happened before… )

        9. Indeed. There are very few things that feel better than after a few hours of hot, sweaty, intense borderline violent sex, of having a woman collapse on you and sleep with her head and hand on your chest. And that foreplay where she’s eager and ready to go, love it. There’s so much here in “dolls” that I don’t think will ever be replicated for men who actually enjoy things with women.

        10. I have no intentions of ever letting a woman know how much money I have when I start making a good bit.
          Now, it’s different. I’m poor as shit and don’t mind telling them. In fact it sometimes seems to help

        11. It can’t be. There is no joy in fucking plastic.
          You can’t tease it. You can’t dominate it. It can’t react to you. Can’t want you. It can’t even make you a fucking sandwich.
          What’s the point.

        12. Your average Joe with years spent learning pickup armed with used car salesman confidence and one liners is left holding his own dick if the guy who rocked up in a high end car flaunting wads of cash takes a fancy to his woman.

        13. If I was rich enough, I would be getting a surrogate and buying white eggs.
          That day may come. I would do it. There was actually once a time when reproduction was “man driven”. How do we know?
          All of those old customs, dances, pageants, etc… those were mating filters. This is why women and dance go together. The ones that could not dance for being too sickly or too fat were likely the ones who would spat out weak and/or retarded kids. Having kids like that in the days of olde meant you might not survive a bad winter.

        14. Priceless. Please write an article that emphasizes that horrible fact. And nice work. Good to see you again, buddy

    3. “If you make significantly more money than 80% of the dudes out there (ballpark estimate)”
      Could have just said “if you make more than 95%+ of the dudes out there” and skipped the “significantly more” bit.
      And I really don’t understand the social stigma attached to fucking a quality sex doll. Porn + masturbation is much more humiliating, debilitating (death grip), unnatural (no pelvic thrust) and cuckening (most of us are watching a woman getting fucked by another guy) than fucking a high quality sex doll.
      “Porn-and-masturbation-induced ED” is a real thing.

    4. I make more than 80% of men in my geographic region and I still don’t find women making much of an effort. It surely helps make you more attractive. It doesn’t make Americunts behave like functional human beings. Granted, I’m going for young attractive girls that are even more idiotic and privileged than your typical Americunt and I don’t flaunt my financial security like some new money people do so perhaps those variables make a major difference.

      1. I agree, same income bracket, no change in women.
        And why not go for the younger? Older ones are not worth the effort.

        1. Frame, social status and the ability to slide in slow, fun humor. Add in money and a good build, and you’re golden.

      2. Let me tell you, I have been “the guy with money” in some situations with women who needed a guy with money and the sense of entitlement they have is so epic to this day I’m still in facepalm when I think of it.
        They didn’t even fucking try to look good. Heck I would have seen through the effort if they did, but they didn’t even try. They though the vagina under the layer of hair, crappy clothes, granny panties, no makeup, flip flops… was enough!
        They didn’t even try – dry-boxed to the max.
        I simply gave up on them all.

        1. I try to stay optimistic, but goddamn do Americunts really make me question my sanity in chasing them sometimes. I do tend to agree that status trumps all else (looks, money, personality, etc.). And I move around too much to maintain and reap the benefits of an established status. I’m looking at moving again within the next 18 months.

        2. Roger that. I’ve been stuck around Seattle for over a decade and I miss Florida like I miss my youth.
          For the first time in 10 years I hit my online resume and started updating things. Time for a move and I’m itching for it big time.

  5. Well done, BA! Good artilce. I’d rather have no woman than a fake one. I always suspected gay men as taking “the easy way out” but I never dreamed I’d read it in print. What a confession. Anyway, these botpokers seem to be pretty dainty. Pussy ain’t free. Got to say some to get some.

  6. Legalize prostitution and this whole thing will solve itself, years down the road most likely, but, progress (the good kind) takes time.

    1. Having been to countries where prostitution is legal, here is the comparison:
      America: women are programmed to hate men,. They all go to the club, and after adapting to the high heels they very seldom wear, they all dance together and throw dirty looks at anything with a penis.
      Countries where prostitution is legal: If any man walked into any venue and saw a bunch of 4-5s painted up to look at least like a 6-7 all dancing together and throwing dirty looks and having shit attitudes, he would turn right around and head for the red light district. Thus you don’t see much of that in those countries.

        1. Yup. I know a few German guys who have live with and have kids with a woman, but refuse to marry out of fear of getting divorce raped. Prostitution may be legal, but it doesn’t effect the falling birth rates and failing marriages.

      1. “America: women are programmed to hate men,. They all go to the club, and
        after adapting to the high heels they very seldom wear, they all dance
        together and throw dirty looks at anything with a penis.”
        THIS ^^^

  7. It’s been my experience that women get EXACTLY the man that they deserve…even (and especially) if they have NO man who will commit to them. Being the gatekeeper comes with responsibilities as well as rights, ladies. Choices have consequences.

  8. Sorry, but those dudes who are with the real dolls are truly fucked up. Although the activity they engage in with the doll is sex, the interaction resembles more of necrophiliacs who snuck into a morgue.

  9. Beau Albercht says that Davecat’s overview of modern marriage – being his buddies – is “giving a ‘glass half empty’ case”…… while posting this article on a site that has routinely shit all over modern marriage saying its one of the worst things today for men.

  10. “If I had a nickel for every response a guy made in here, that was completely irrelevant, in relation to the comment to which he was responding, I’d have a lot of freakin’ nickels.” – Gandhi

    1. Hey, Uncle Bob, is this Peach Bandit guy just Pabst, and Ghost of Pabst with a new nom de plume?

      1. It’s hard to tell the players without a scorecard…but it wouldn’t surprise me. What’s your take.

    2. “This Gandhi quote meme is taking off!” – Gandhi

  11. I think it’s an escape thing. The real world is beyond either repair or their control, so it’s time to head to a world where things better fit one’s ideals.

    1. Seventy-three men sailed up from the San Francisco Bay
      Rolled off of their ship, and here’s what they had to say
      “We’re callin’ everyone to ride along to another shore
      We can laugh our lives away and be free once more”

  12. Anyone notice the ingenious ability of Jews to find some isolated case of depravity (swingers, men fucking Ed Gein style dolls, etc) and exaggerate it and pass it along as the next big thing to the guileless Goy?

    1. It’s a timeless tradition: find an isolated case and pass it along as the next big trend.
      Swingers, communal living, love bots, cuckolding, trans … one or two sickos does not a movement make but the authors of these sensationalist articles would have you believe all your neighbors are already hip to what’s cool.

      1. And by “article,” I don’t mean this article, I mean people who make “documentaries” like “Guys and Dolls” (above). Who wants to bet a Jew directed it???

        1. It’s a classic recipe. We could do the same thing. Find an isolated case or two of some phenomenon and hype it as the next big trend. Perhaps we should.

    2. Oy vey Goyim, you will all be casting your seed into sterile love dolls soon (hand rubbing intensifies)

  13. If you guys think the bot is bad, check this out:
    It’s a girl in a box; a hologram. It’s designed to keep men from committing suicide for lack of social contact (avoiding the high demands of the Japanese women for income and working.) Coming to the US and Japan this December. It controls a lot around the house as well.
    It’s to the point where a pleasant voice, a eager text, and a smiling hologram is enough to keep a man going these days.
    Feminism has truly fucked over the world.

    1. How sad is that invention. Fuck. How sad.
      And it’s because ultimately men won’t sack up, and drag women back to the cave, and fuck the feminism out of their soul.
      My God, how pathetic.

    2. I think stuff like this (and a personal assistant/ AI girlfriend like in the movie Her) and VR will take off more than the sex bots, even though they are not tactile. Synthetic Sex dolls will be big way into the future when they will be robotic something along the lines of Speilberg’s AI movie, but until then I think they will only sell to a small % of men who struggle for pussy and can keep a mannequin hidden from anyone knowing due to the stigma. You can bet women will use shaming tactics to deter men from using any of these as a substitute/competition

    3. Wow, it truly has and not just for men.
      But was it really borne out of thin air as claimed or the often simplified ‘men losing their nuts’.
      Or was it deliberately promoted and used in the long march as a destructive weapon to conquer and subjugate a broken people.

    4. How about the hypergamous operating system in the movie “Her”? She cheated on him with thousands of other AIs (fascinating flick)

  14. There’s no reason to try to shame men who are seeking mechanical love rather than the organic. When these corrupt idealisms are at an end, maybe those men will change their minds. For some men who are undesirable to women or handicapped or have a small penis or just don’t want to deal with women, this is a godsend.

  15. Say what you want but I’d rather have more of these types drooling over dolls (and the upcoming sexbots) than venerating women that are the eqivalent of garbage.

  16. Here’s the soundtrack to accompany this article:

    Her neon mouth with the blinkers-off smile
    Nothing but an electric sign
    You could say she has an individual style
    She’s a part of a colorful time
    Super-sealed lady, chrome-color clothes
    You wear ’cause you have no other
    But I suppose no one knows
    You’re my plastic fantastic lover
    Your rattlin’ cough never shuts off
    Is nothing but a used machine
    Your aluminum finish, slightly diminished
    Is the best I’ve ever seen
    Cosmetic baby, plug into me
    And never, ever find another
    And I realize no one’s wise
    To my plastic fantastic lover
    The electrical dust is starting to rust
    Her trapezoid thermometer taste
    All the red tape is mechanical rape
    Of the TV program waste
    Data control and I.B.M.
    Science is mankind’s brother
    But all I see is draining me
    On my plastic fantastic lover

    1. So you see, the sentiment 50 years ago was one of eschewing technology and artificiality in favor of naturalness and a simpler, even rustic existence. Funny that.

  17. Will someone alert me please when they invent the BellyBot for chubby chasers, in a male version?

        1. You guys are my day job. *group hug* But seriously, I’m just here trying to learn how men tick, seems you red pill guys are more honest than most.

  18. I don’t understand any man being against sex robots. Once they get them a bit more advanced and under a certain price threshold, this one invention will starve females of resources and attention. What beta orbiter will keep orbiting when he can have an interactive 10 any time he wants? If you are part of said orbiters, then at least you get a better jerk off experience since you weren’t getting sex before anyway. If you are not an orbiter then 20-50% of your competition that was inflating your target’s ego just evaporated. Bonus is that men will work less as they just support themselves and help starve the welfare beast that is sustaining the strong independent womyn myth. Combine this with invisible and reversible male birth control (like the pill for men, or vaselgel or similar) and the sexual market will skew HARD back towards men. And not douchebag felons, but the civilization-building type men.

    1. The sexual market will never skew toward men. The gender ratio is simply too skewed. Almost all immigration consists of young men. Almost all refugees / economic migrants are single young men. Also, there are simply more men than women due to female infanticide in India and China. Even if every Indian and Chinese woman married a man from India or China, there are still tens of millions of men in these countries who are willing to make an American 5 feel like a 10.

    2. Seems fair, considering women have played with vibrating vegetables and “experimented” with their girlfriends for decades now.

    3. I think the threshold point is when the sexbot is next to impossible to discern from the real thing.
      The reason for that is, the levels of shaming the women (with the entire media-academia-legislative complex at their side) will make over this, having a sexbot will be akin to being like a child molester.
      They will never say why. Unfortunately, the shame weapon is dead. Once the screeching blue-hairs start trying to shame men over sexbots, it’ll be the perfect shitlord thing to have. Heck I’ll keep an extra one in my car (and screw that HOV lane shit).

    1. This is true. Feminism ultimately causes death. It is, in fact, cancer.
      The strong men will survive and prosper with an army of abundant pussy at their beck and call, Replicants need not apply.

  19. We get this story, and just today I heard commentary on a syndicated talkshow that more and more women are complaining that they can’t find suitable partners. The observation of course was that women are getting exactly what they asked for when they started all this feminist war on men crap. So we have guys deliberately going gay because of women’s bitchiness, we have guys going into MGTOW and playing video games and fapping to Internet porn, and now we have the droid lovers.
    Personally, I love it. Women want to be bitchy cunts and sluts, they are untrustworthy, they are demanding, they think they’re more valuable than they really are, they think they can get away with being fat, and so on. I would call this a ‘market correction’. Possibly, more of this will get a message to the broken women of the West that they aren’t all 10s, that just having a vagina doesn’t mean they should be worshiped, and they have to get their sorry asses into shape to attract worthwhile men.
    I love it.

    1. It’s tempting to think there will be a market correction but it will never happen: men simply outnumber women. The Western govts will just bring in single men from the Middle East, India, Pakistan, Africa etc for women to keep the female corporate drones happy.

      1. in the great gas crisis of the 70’s, do you know how big the supply disruption was that caused huge shortages and widespread price spides? Less than 10%. It doesn’t take a huge percentage of men giving up on women to be hugely disruptive.
        We’ll see how this plays out.

        1. what Pabst said is right though, if white men opt out of white women, big daddy government will/is ship in brown/black skinned men and bombard white women with propaganda about how brown/black men are better/stronger/the future of humanity etc.
          its white men who loose, you only have to read articles here (and comments) to see this is very real.
          Pabst has some good ideas (sometimes) when he doesnt sperg everywhere

    2. Hetero men can’t “go gay”. Men repell and repulse them sexually. Those who can are bi or in the denial closet.

  20. Well, I’ll say one thing.
    If they had those things 30 years ago, and I had got up the gumption to buy one, I’d have saved a TON of money.
    Could have retired at 45!

  21. Milo’s statement was a huge shiv. “The reason I went gay”. Not born, but a choice. To avoid modern women. That is such a huge admission that I don’t think I’ve ever heard it out of any gay male to this day, until now. It’s the first atom bomb dropped on Hiroshima big. Wow.
    The future, if this synth stuff comes to fruition, is that most men will give up. They’ll bang synths. Us top 10-20% will have an army of women competing for us. Results: Thinner, more feminine women who are desperate for any male attention. While this will be too late for me to profit off of it, my son is going to be a god-king. King of Ohio. Has a nice ring to it.
    EDIT: But male synths!
    Yeah honey, he doesn’t have an income. He doesn’t care for your children. And he doesn’t want you organically, which you care about way more than men.

    1. ” my son is going to be a god-king. King of Ohio.”
      If that is the case I assume you are training him to be that. If so, he is very lucky to have you as a father.

    2. Milo’s lisp is the same as every other gay guy. I think he’s trying to cover/embellish his homosexuality.

      1. He’s seemed pretty open about it. What’s to hide, he makes it a point that he’s a faggot. He named his coast to coast thing “Dangerous Faggot Tour”. I don’t think he’s trying to hide anything.
        Not defending him, just noting that he’s the first faggot I’ve heard admit that it’s a choice.

        1. Do they deliberately talk with that lisp? Every single homo talks like that. Is it part of the gay agenda? I’m guessing it has something to do with test levels being fucked up.

        2. Probably conformity. Take a suburban dude and get him interested in country music and country girls and before you know it, he’s talking like he was born in the hills of West Virginny.
          Humans are predictable like that.

        3. In reality, most fags are abused as children (80%?), which fractures their mind into different personalities. Their “gay fem persona” then dominates and is an excellent mimic (in search of role models), which picks up on very subtle clues from other gays. Leads to very similar vernacular (regardless of nationality or language) and copycat posturing and mannerisms. This is all subconscious. It’s uncanny how similar the “gay fem persona” is everywhere in the world, as long as the individual has access to TV / movies or the local gay community.
          I suspect shows such as Wil and Grace have had a tremendous impact on directing gay behavior and mannerisms over the last 20 years. This also explains why most actors are gay, and why their mimicking abilities can be so uncanny. It’s the split personality of their minds from the abuse.

    3. I hope you are wrong. I hope men see this and finally understand how far we have fallen as a whole.
      How could someone look upon the guy featured in this article and feel anything other than horror and revulsion?
      This is no man. This is not even a human. This guy is as empty and lifeless as the two chunks of metal and plastic he blows loads into.
      It disturbs me on a very deep level that so many people are apathetic to this kind of shit, rather than instinctually wanting to violently revolt against it.

      1. I hear you. More, I agree with you. But what I want isn’t how human nature works. If they can build a 19 year old Scarlett Johansen (sp) synth that mimics her enough sexually and in looks to be passable as human, guess what happens?

        1. If you’re young, or have a son, the world of real life women will be your (or your son’s) oyster.

        2. I’m 25. I intend to have sons. And a lot of them. Won’t be hard to do.
          But I don’t care if it were the case that I couldn’t get a woman to so much as grace me with a disgusted look.. I would die before I even considered sinking my misery into one of these things.

    4. Eh I don’t know. That’s quite a leap. Most of us are wired for pussy. Looking at how rotten women are then going for dick seems like cutting off ones nose to spite the face.
      And seeing what “huge faggots” a faggot can be (a woman with a dick and beard generally), I don’t think the gay men are wholly spared the drama and BS. Heck I have seen stats suggesting that the LGBT crowd experiences more domestic violence than the normal people.
      What I think Milo is implying is that women these days make it easy to be gay.
      And much can be said already to how easy women make it for younger fellows to look at MGTOW.
      What I think is happening is a lot of trending. That’s the real weakness afoot here, not sexual desire or orientation. Make trannies popular for example and now the most weak-minded of teenagers (especially the ones on ADHD drugs since elementary school) declare it.
      I posted the link to the Cherry 2000 trailer for a reason close to yours though. If they can make a sexbot as “real” as that, and if it does not cost as much as a new sports car, yeah, dudes will buy them.
      And I won’t blame them. Won’t be a good thing. But the “bad thing” (family courts, gynocracy, femicuntism, misandry) are already happening and nobody cares so why be cucks and start shaming men for dealing with it.

      1. Cherry 2000 was B movie schlock on its release. Now it’s become top shelf regarding predictions. I don’t think my predictions are far off IF we get synth girls like Cherry 2000. Hell, husbands will buy them to have ‘threesomes’ with their wives. There will be sitcoms involving them. They’ll trend on social media. Lots of thirsty ,thirsty, sexless dudes out there and it isn’t getting better.

        1. Hey you have to admit old mad-maxxed Mustang and rocket launchers is exactly what I as a growing boy needed. I miss the 80s.
          I have been saying Cherry 2000 was prophetic…
          since I saw it on cable in the late 80s
          I lived in New York. The home of the shit, the other half of the effort was in LA. Ground Zero East….. where I watched men work 3 jobs just to buy a Camaro and expensive clothes just so they can get laid. Men in their 30s with braces and a Corvette hitting on fat 20 year olds in some last gasp attempt at… something.
          And I saw through this, and wondered why I should want a woman like such that I was watching men become overworked chameleons for, not being themselves, “just to get laid”. As if they would magically turn into a faggot if they found some higher goals in life.

      2. “I don’t know. That’s quite a leap”
        Is it? Cause fucking enticingly shaped hunks of dead material is on the horizon lol

  22. ” It’s his life, but this seems a waste of time at best. Although learning game takes a lot of work, it’s not quite like calculating orbital mechanics on an abacus.”
    Not saying I think it is normal to bang dolls, not by a long shot. But, “game” will not work for everyone. Implying that can is like saying a guy with a bum leg can win a marathon. It ain’t going to happen.
    Here is one of the reasons why:

    1. Thinking about writing about it more in depth, but four things that can help men with bad genetics (unless one is not something really extreme such as a dwarf, have severe facial scars and so on):
      1. Plastic surgery, preferably in Seoul.
      2. Anavar combined with an extensive diet and training program for extreme ectomorphs.
      3. Far-reaching stretching programs and special shoes for critically short men.
      4. Personality training for aspies and extreme introverts.

      1. #1 is very Interesting.
        Yes, I know that the Plastics Surgeons in Seoul can work wonders. Korean girls that are 5s & 6s turned into 7s, 8s and 9s.
        But it is an enormous leap of faith. Especially for a guy. A receding jawline is a classic “incel/omega” trait. A guy would have to have quite a bit of faith in the doctor (who probably does not speak english) for a jawline restructuring.

        1. I’ll have to do a little investigating the next time I am there. Which should be in early fall if everything works out right.

  23. In my opinion, the best treatise on this subject is Charles Bukowski’s short story, The Fuck Machine.
    Second best is Frank Zappa’s Miss Pinky:
    Got a girl at home with a little rubber head
    I rinse her out every night just before I go to bed
    She don’t never talk back like a lady might do
    And she looks like she loves it every time I get through.

    1. Mandatory upvote for Bukowski. Mandatory. No choice. By law.

      1. Bukowski was principally considered a poet, but he wrote many short stories and a couple of novels. The story I mentioned (and several others of his best) are in a collection called The Most Beautiful Woman in Town and Other Stories. It’s not the canon of great literature; it’s Bukowski. There’s some really dark and sick shit in there. Also a lot of laugh-out-loud funny.
        Best way to learn more about the man is to watch a doc entitled Born Into This, which is bouncing around somewhere out there on one or another of the streaming services.

    2. Only know of Bukowski (Henry Chinaski) from the movie “Barfly”.
      Reminded me a little of myself.
      – I change my underwear
      – I make more money than Henry
      – I wouldn’t bang an old bag like Faye Dunaway.
      – No matter how drunk I was, not sure I could ever take Frank Stallone in a fight. But if drunk enough, I would probably try — and get destroyed.

  24. “I’ve had blowjobs in Bombay and blowjobs in New Delhi…I’ve had blowjobs in the attic and blowjobs in the alley…but when it comes to getting head that makes you scream out loud, ‘Gosh golly!’…nothing can compare to my robotic sex dolly.” – Gandhi

  25. Wait until the women and their trained betas try to recognize AI as living entitled to human rights, so any man wanting to buy a sex doll will be guilty of rape …

  26. Let’s suppose there is a segment of the male population that is solely interested in sex based on how powerful the orgasm might be as a result of any random coupling. And let’s suppose an AI developer comes along and manages to create a pussy/mouth/ass within a fantastically good-looking sex doll, that can make the man orgasm more powerfully than any woman. And let’s suppose more and more men start having sex with that incredible sex doll, once the word spreads. What would happen? Well, the same thing that happened to a huge segment of the modern female population, who became largely desensitized to orgasming, unless they are getting plowed by their industrial-strength vibrators. At that point, the social engineers are likely to say, “Mission accomplished, we just generated a severe drop in birth rates.” (Just a thought here, realizing something like this could never happen…cough-cough, wink-wink, etc.)

    1. Goal is population control and family disintegration, especially of whites. As such, the method is to give white males all the reasons in the world to NOT fuck or marry organic white women. Consequently –> graphic porn, endless video games, 3-D interactive sex with goggles and eventually very realistic sex dolls with tight / vibrating synthetic pussies who vocalize moaning soundtracks to curl your toes. It all makes sense…
      5 years out at most, me thinks.

  27. The goal of feminism is to make women into office workers by day and sluts by night… And there are still men that can’t get laid? So many weak men today it’s unbelievable – women might very well be living in their worst period in history – incredibly brainwashed to act against their best interests.
    If I was a young woman I’d make finding a suitable husband my number one priority.

  28. I couldn’t support the dolls more. It’s the most Darwinian invention to come out in ages – guys without the drive to improve themselves and women so repulsive that men would rather fuck a robot will both die without reproducing, taking their pathetic genes with them.
    Elon Musk – this is where you are needed. Chop chop.

    1. Elon Musk looks like a low T fag with a “I just farted and no one knows” sneaky smile on his cuck face. He should not pass along his genes.

      1. Makes him the ideal candidate for making the perfect sex doll. All the girls will have a “is it in?” smile for these dumb fucks banging plastic pussies.

      2. But he bangs Amber Heard, now doesn’t he?
        I bang a girl that looks like Amber Heard. Maybe even a little prettier, but she costs me $600/hr and has BPD. Known her for 3 years. Starting to get tired of her BS.
        BTW, are you really Pabst, like they are saying? If so, I saw a blonde 8 with a greasy, hairy Arab walking on 6th Ave the other day…

        1. Yes, it’s me.
          That’s why I don’t go the prostitution route: I couldn’t just do it wham bam in an hour. I would need a night or a day to warm up and get comfortable with someone I don’t know and there’s no way I could afford 10-12 hours or a whole day at those rates.
          White women hate their own men.

        2. Oh, it’s not just one hour all the time for me. Sometimes it is (especially at the Chinese brothels). But other times it is not. I have pissed away a fortune that way.

        3. $600 per hour?!?!
          Damn you must make good money.
          Last time i was in Thailand was about 20 bucks for long time.
          Never had official ho in NYC

        4. I do alright.
          But I also save money on other stuff.
          – 25 years in a Studio Apt in a not so great area.
          – 12 yo Toyota Camry
          – Cheap booze
          – clothes from Macy’s, Sears, Walmart.
          So you can guess where my disposable income goes…

        5. 600 bucks??? 600? Lord Almighty, you could rent a Rolls Royce and a facy suit and pull 8s, 9s and 10s for that price!

        6. Yeah she is a bit pricey.
          Was worth it for a while, but she has been slipping lately.
          There are girls here in NYC who charge $1000 and even $1500 an hour. $800/hr is the highest I have ever gone. Refuse to pay more than that on principal.
          The usual rate I target is 300/hr for the Chinese girls, and 400/hr for the upscale Koreans, White Americans, and Russians.
          As for non pros…with my ugly mug, even the Rolls won’t do it!

    2. Except Elon wouldn’t be able to pay for it himself and would instead pass the cost on to taxpayers.

  29. I’ve complained about this before, but this transhumanist bullshit about sex robots shares assumptions with the propaganda about the wonders of self-driving cars, virtual worlds, robotic unemployment, the coming economic uselessness of human labor and the dominance of AI’s which tell us how to run our lives (this last shows up in Yuval Harari’s bestselling book Homo Deus).
    Namely, that our elites want to shield us from having experiences in the real world which teach us skills and develop our powers of agency. I call this The Future That Hates Teenage Boys, because it will produce a whole generation of adult male virgins who won’t know how to relate to girls, who won’t know how to drive, who won’t have held even an entry-level job, etc.
    Somehow this diminished life would lead us into a utopia, but I don’t see it.

      1. Harari must have made a pun about his sexual orientation, given that we’ve practically deified gay men now as the fruit of human evolution.

    1. And girls who don’t know how to relate to boys which is almost the case right now considering that girls are addicted to social media and most of them can’t hold a conversation for shit. I really love women but that doesn’t mean that I excuse their trash behaviors or tolerate it. There are thousands women in the world guys, don’t let a bitch turn you bitter.
      If I support RoK and the Patriarchy, it’s because it’s the best system in the whole history of Mankind. To be honest fuck this transhumanist shit, it’s unhealthy and dehumanizing; I’d rather take sharia law than this shit. Atleast u can then rise up against the Moslems and put your own version of white patriarchy just like in Spain.

      1. Millennial Woes points out how the modern forces of degeneracy like globalization turn women into eternal teenage girls. Just look at how many women even into their 40’s still act and talk like they never mentally left high school, notably those stupid Kardashian broads.

        1. “Just look at how many women even into their 40’s still act and talk like they never mentally left high school…”
          Too bad they don’t look like high school girls. Not even close. Women in their 40s are crusty old bags, not worth one calorie of energy from us.

      2. I love a few particular individuals who happen to be women, but I do not love “women.” I love that which is lovable, and hate that which is despicable. I love what is good and true and right, and I hate that which is bad and false and wrong. I’m comfortable with my loves and hatreds. Needless to say there is no room in my heart for feminazis, except in the hating part of it.

    2. Transhumanists are losers who cannot handle life and its profundity, so they seek something that makes them super-comfortable and thus virtually dead. Another thing is, transhumanists are stupid, because the garbage they believe in is not nomologically possible.

    3. Good observation.
      I tend to think fembots could be a means toward restoring a functioning society since we see that they affect and influence women. There will be further developments.
      I’m not going to buy one. I started to say unless they’re indistinguishable from real females, but if we wanted them to act like present day girls they’d be totally useless….

    4. Fascinating!
      I had no idea this was ‘a thing’…it doesn’t look like the educated-elitist are manufacturing these items, the demand for them appears to come from mentally unbalanced, and/or severely socially inept men.

    5. Sounds like an expensive masturbation toy. Although I suppose you can pretend it’s got a personality. How much longer though before you have a Siri like AI attached to one of these things. They already made a movie with a guy who started a romantic relationship with his AI in his phone called “Her” 2013 starring Joaquin Phoenix. (I’ll be honest that I didn’t see the movie).
      I suppose in the long run it would be cheaper than a wife, or a series of GFs or conquests. That might allow a man to pursue other introspective and self improvement interests. I wonder if the irony of that is that those that are seen as un-datable material become desirable? Or would not having to compete for affection result more likely in a de-evolution?
      The most creepy part are those guys that take their dolls out on dates in public.

      1. I can imagine these weirdos becoming the new letter in the LGBT. LGBTR. Robosexuals. The thing about gays is that homosexuality is a fetish but while straight fetishes can still allow a man and a woman to walk in public holding hands, gays can’t do that that”s why gays started making their fetish political. You won’t see a mistress and her male slave starting a movement because they can keep that in the bedroom and hold hands like a normal male and female couple. Robosexuals would want to be accepted walking withe their sexbots

  30. Women are willing to both take away men’s rights to screw plastic women AND preserve their own to screw plastic men. That is the depth of hypocrisy to which women will gleefully sink if it means controlling men. That controlling nature is why sexbots are the future.

    1. And we thought we saw the bottom of the feminist rabbit hole. Women are limited in their tools for controlling men. Only when the men are supressed can the women remain above. There will come a legal holliday period when men will cap and put their women down and strap them into order for basic survival. The catalyst could be a natural cataclysm but the political tension for men to flex and head bag their women across the board is building and everyone senses it. We know we’re preparing for something. And we know the crack order of patriarchy must be implemented at the drop of a hat. The most vocal feminists will squeal like piggies when subdued sure, but the music will be sweeter than the digital groans of any sex doll.

  31. I’m totally in favor of sex-dolls: it will eventually reduce a little bit the price of pussy since it acts as a substitute for it.

    1. No it won’t, there’s 300 million million red blooded African men waiting to cross over from Libya with a hunger for good life and wet pussy!

        1. Bro, you’re one of the few accounts I recognise from 3 weeks ago, what happened here? Was there some digital black death that killed everyone?

        2. Are you not normal, is that what you’re trying to say? Does it feel good to get that off your chest?

  32. Getting it on with a doll….that’s some fucked up repugnant shit right there. I mean if you feel like you have to, go ahead I guess but, damn, don’t tell anybody. If you’re really hard up maybe you could swap some cheetohs for some.

  33. Anyone ever seen the movie “Her”? It’s about some dude that falls in love with his damn phone A.I. … I had the misfortune of watching the latter half of it today, funny though in the end the A.I. flaked on him just like a real woman would have LOL In my mind that’s the polar opposite of a sex doll, you get a bitchy voice to have a relationship with. The tard even turned down a real surrogate sex partner because feelz.
    Next thing they’ll be pushing is the three sea shell thing.

  34. It won’t be a wakeup call for feminists because nothing ever is, they’ll just whine to big daddy government and legislate sex dolls out of existence.

      1. also too bad she’s like 9 feet tall…
        (not really 9 feet, but way too tall for me…)

        1. Hell, that will get me right at the level of where the tits are. Don’t have to worry about going higher (and with the actress, you really, REALLY don’t want to deal with her head.)

        2. She’s an old bag now, so I suppose it doesn’t make a difference one way or the other.

  35. You have more of a future as a sex doll, my dear Anglica. You shouldn’t be hard to reprogram.

    1. Hey, Anglica…..I know a way you could make LOTS more money… wont even need to get out of bed….

  36. I think I’ll stop my message here.
    Subconsciously you guys say it all the time, willingly or knowlingly (is that a word? not sure, I can create new words, with a meaning and not a definition, that is the power of German)?
    But just one hint, look at the picture at the beginning.
    Just look, I guess most here don’t speak German, at the length difference.
    That’s how a lie is spun and told to you.

    1. And to me too.
      Don’t get it wrong, this is not about one side being stupid or something along the lines.
      This is about spotting lies and sharing the tools to do so.
      German is a perfect tool to spot Unsinn.
      And a tool to spin Unsinn and to tell it to tools (thanks to the English language, maybe ask some South Americans, I have the suspicion, they somehow get it a bit easier).

  37. (please note: this reply is a PROVOCATION, it aims to further the debate and find the reasons behind this phenomenon)
    i’ve read the article and i also try to understand the reason behind this phenomenon, so i surfed the internet to gather info and have more insights about the reasons we are discussing here.
    As an intro, i want to ask you: do you know vibrators? did you ever seen one? did you used one to please your woman as an added tool of pleasure during the intercourse?
    As many commenters explained before me, women use a wide array of sex tools such as vibrators dildos and so on for ages! and guess what? yes we men created them, initially it was created by Joseph Mortimer Granville for helping women affected by histerya
    now, we know that today almost any woman has one and use it daily? and it is perfectly fine, the question is, since women are the gatekeeper of sex, they prefer to use a plastic/silicon sex toy rather than give the average joe some experience and fun, on the other hand, men have nothing than porn online, and are also ashamed for using such media to masturbate.
    as always, we create everythings to make women life easy but we forgot to made our lifes better, plus there someone like Larsen Halleck who believe you must stop masturbate

    3 Reasons Why You Should Stop Masturbating

    and let those bitches have fun of you, gettings free drinks and drives for you, for the hope you may score one regular slut, this is not logical and insane imho.
    That’s the reason why i believe sex dolls are perfectly fine as a masturbation aid for men, however let’s get back to the point we are discussing.
    the reasons behind the phenomenon is perfectly clear, today women are not willing to cook/ take care of themseves, their behaviours are like men who work at the local pier, they are not, in short marriage/commitment material anymore, plus the State laws are biased agaisnt men, regular joe’s of course, in many countries you can’t even stop a chick in the road without the fear to be accused of sexual assault.
    now, to further the reasons behind the point, keep in mind the world we are living in, very few Ladies outta there ready to be marriage material and even if you will be lucky enought to find one not poisoned by the feminazi movement, she still live in a world where she can dump your sorry ass in a glimph of an eye if she want, spitting out your soul and getting everythings from you.
    Now, as many articles i’ve read in ROK stated clearly, Ladies are rare and we daily deal with women and females, such human being usually have nothing left of their femminine traits we want to find in them, plus as Max Roscoe wrote in his article
    ( )
    Women doesn’t need men anymore, yes! betas still need to run and fix everythings, but they usually live their live like slaves without any purposes in life, now try to figure out what average joe’s can bring in the vaginal scale to impress women, almost nothing, unless you want to become a pua and entertain a wide array of skunks cunts, tatooed landwhales females who roams the local bar/discos and so on, do you still believe to find an unicorn there? yes maybe as Troy stated in many articles,

    The Counter-Intuitive Method To Closing The Deal In Tough Night Game Pickups may find an one night stand, however it takes time, energy money and efforts above all resonable means to score what? a bitch! go get an escort, cheaper faster and 100% sex guaranteed! and good luck with STD’s with regular chicks! escort does blood analisys on a monthly basis, i don’t bet a bud about the same with the gRRrrl you may meet outside!.
    As Roosh stated in this articles, the ruin of women is tragic, the supply of new women in the sex market places is behiond repair, documentary such as HOT GIRL WANTED

    The Documentary “Hot Girls Wanted” Shows The Destructiveness Of Porn

    shows how new girl try to find an easy way of life entering the porn industry, now, do you still believe to find a suitable mate in this corrupted societies? it will be a terrible mistake to day to get involved with such modern gRRrl mindset in any relationship that is not in a focus of Pump&dump and even with such goal in your mind, many women are not worth even a try.
    As A.V. Yader clearly explained in his brilliant article:

    5 Things I Hate About Banging Women Over 30

    “The men who marry these degenerate women and prop them up don’t have the truth, and, therefore, they don’t have true happiness. They’re living through a carefully constructed ruse, an act where the female is the star and director, and only she decides when, where, and how the curtain will fall—and fall it will. Never covet the lie, and never feel despondent when observing those men who buy into the lie displaying their mock happiness: their emotional currency is counterfeit, and their time is borrowed.”
    please, take your time to read it, it’s pure gold.
    Now, i don’t believe all men are like Troy, Marcus Awakuni or Roosh, im talking about those regular joe’s outta there who are trying to find those femminine aspect, yes today the only way to score sluts is to be bad and using the “idon’tgiveafuck” frame attitude, but you need to consider that not all men are the same, alpha fucks beta bux for a reasons, we live in a pollutted society where vaginocracy rule above everythings.
    So, why sex dolls are on high demands? the reason is simple:
    Today women cannot give men nothing else than sex, and when sex is overpriced, the best and safe way for regular joe’s or for smart men to obtain it will be like women, buy a sex toy.
    furthermore, try to see cost/benefits and to compare a regular slut with a sex doll, other than sex, today women are giving nothing in return to men, so a sex doll can fill the need of sex in every moment giving you the pleasure to live your freedom.
    Now, if you consider that women today already have silicon breast, silicon lips, silicon butts and you must fuck them with a rubber, tell me the difference to bang a slut with a doll while you play a porn movie in the background.
    However, we men are also to blame, accordly to the site i’ve visited, a sex dolls cost may vary from a bunch of dollars to skyrockets prices for the best one, while a simple vibrator for women cost less, we men are not like women, we try always to be the alpha bastard to make profit from other men, so i believe sex dolls will be an expensive masturbator for very few men, buit is still better to spend thousend of dollars for a sex doll rather than bar hoping in the hope to bang a whore? well, seems that we are reacing the point where “females” are not better than a sex dolls, that’s for sure so im not condamned anyone who buy one of them.
    Men as always adapts to social changes, now that women have no need of men, we may try find a solution and yes, VR porn is around the corner and sex dolls will be on the rise, however, i still believe that if you won’t deal with such situations in our poisoned societies, you may get an one way ticket to the East and have your fun and even a family there, until it last of course, because in the west things are getting worse each day. nothing will change until a war or somethings like that who will put our lands back in order once for all.

    1. Thank you for writing so much but I notice it is not actually punctuated (?).
      That will make it much harder to follow.

      1. yeah, i must improve my english, i hope in your cunning and intelligence to understand everythings. Thanks for your time.

    2. “As an intro, i want to ask you: do you know vibrators? did you ever seen
      one? did you used one to please your woman as an added tool of pleasure
      during the intercourse?”
      It was done to me once, but he did it wrong xD

  38. ‘Still, they hardly can argue against the exploitation of plastic objects.’
    Yes they can and they already have.
    Feminists (whores) in Spain complained that a robot brothel was ‘demeaning’ and had it cl;osed and moved.
    Reopened at secret address.

        1. Thanks for the link.
          But, man o man, that is just plain ridiculous! I can understand (sort of) a guy saving up and buying one of these things himself, but sharing them in a communal setting??? At least escorts wash themselves between clients. The classy ones, anyway.

        2. i agree, that’s the reason why i always saying to use an escort when in needed and/or buy your own sex doll, much better.

  39. ‘Milo Yiannopoulos had the following to say about this:’
    ….what a shame.
    I was hoping to read the whole article.
    Decent men can’t read that filthy pervert.
    Here’s a gay friendly analysis of why he is beyond the pale.

    1. I’ve tried to like Milo and even though he is a fellow Briton I just can’t listen to him.

  40. I don’t know. I find that sad somehow. I don’t have problems with sex toys and use them myself but I would not pretend to have a relationship with them. That reminds me of dogs humping a pillow, just in this case the dog pretends the pillow is another dog.
    I also am a little bit afraid of robots and I’m afraid of dolls. Anyone remember Furby? I could not sleep when this thing was inside my room. What if anonymous hack them and they kill you while you’re asleep?
    These dolls will also work as a wiretap I’m sure. They have to listen to everything you say to be able to react on you when they are supposed to. That’s why I also can’t understand why people use tools like Amazons Alexa.

    1. Alexa is for lazy people. I mean, the remote control has already made us lazy to the point where I can’t remember when was the last time I actually got up and changed the channel on the actual TV. Alexa is where I draw the line. Or can’t be THAT lazy to where I give instructions to some AI entity while being wiretapped.

      1. Yeah well I don’t feel well about how the internet has developed sometimes. I have a feeling we are not far away anymore from some big brother is watching you dystopia.
        I’ve heard from someone he parked his car for visiting an event and his phone asked him if it should create a gps map for him so he’ll find his car easier when he comes back later. So the phone “knew” he got out of his car, parked it and would visit a certain event.
        Alex was already used in a crime case

  41. On the other hand, there are alreade some Apps for artificial girfriends in Japan.
    Sending texts, lighting up the house half hour before you came home, playing your favorite musique, comanding your favorite food, greeting you before you go to works, using the house domotic to clean it, to prepare you a good bath… in a few years, it will also comand your sex doll.
    So, well, its a thing who will expands itself if life did not become more bearable during the few next years…

  42. I give it 50 years before we see these people calling for sex doll rights and starting a sex dolls lives matter movement. The sex dolls of the future will more resemble androids than inanimate lumps of rubber. However human like they become they still won’t be self-aware but society will be so twisted and far from the path that an SDLM movement is inevitable.

    1. there was a movie with Robin Williams about that. He played a robot who wanted to be a human because his AI was so highly developped that he actually had feelings.
      Another thing is, what if some pedofile makes a doll porn with his child doll. But it is so realistic that it looks like he’s actually fucking a real child for example.
      Or what if I “kill” my doll just for fun in public? I drive over it with a car and the doll screams because it has learned to react on touching and it’s skull gets cracked and it looks like a real human and the people around me witness that. Could that affect society somehow?

      1. My main concern is will they give these dolls gag reflexes. And that “clurk” “clurk” sound when you are fucking a woman’s mouth and your cock keeps hitting the back of her throat. And even if she’s losing oxygen she still hungrily laps up your meat stick like it’s the last one she will ever get to pleasure…
        Doubt it

        1. baah deep throat is so messy. will never understand why some people like it. How can one like to be vomitted at? And the tears, if you wear make up it looks as if you’ve survived a purge. I once agreed to do a man the favor he told me to lie on my back and overstretch my neck by letting my head hang from the edge of the bed he said that would make it easier for me. I lasted 5 seconds than I quit. The position totally fucked up my sense of balancy and I got so dizzy and sick as if I’d done 20 rollercoaster rides. I had to grab the sheets, close my eyes and lay still for ten minutes, because I felt as if strong centrifugal forces would affect me, like being on a spinning wheel. With my last breath I send him to bring me a bucket. Fuck that.
          And no I don’t believe dolls will have that. gotta wait for cyborgs I guess.

        2. Machines have no conscience and will bite your dick off. Deep throat is dangerous because the balls go too. An omega with no focus chirping neurotically in a high voice can forget successful job interviews too.

        3. That’s an advanced position. And one of my favorites. It can be incredibly pleasurable for both partners. But you should only ever attempt that position with a woman who is very skilled and experienced.
          Your statement “I once agreed to do a man the favor” says a lot.

        4. one can’t get experienced without practice and I have no interest in practicing it but I was willing to try it out.
          My brain does not like to be turned upside down for too long.

      2. Considering the dolls are like $6k, it’d be pretty stupid to “kill” it… publicly or otherwise. I’m just speaking pragmatically.

    2. From the Atlantic article: “If animals have rights, and rightly so, why shouldn’t we treat (a doll) that looks and acts like a human with similar rights and respect?”

      1. By that logic, an iPhone has siri… a fairly advanced AI… should iPhones have rights too? Would dropping an iPhone be considered by these nincompoops to be “reckless endangerment”. 😆

  43. What happened to this world? A world in which the real is being willingly replaced by the artificial. I could never stand libertarians because I could never understand their superficiality, their presuppositions that inevitably lead to nihilism and moral apathy.
    I don’t believe in the idea that mankind can find meaning and fullfillment in artifial experiences, such as having robots as companions and living in a virtual reality, regardless of how real they look.
    Although I can’t really provide any scientific evidence for this claim, and this bothers me, I’m nonetheless convicted that humans need real life experiences, that’s why people who live in fantasies eventualy try their best to convince themselves that their fantasy is real. They can’t simply accept that they’re living a lie.
    But now even scientists begin to believe this is all a virtual reality.
    Without God, mankind go crazy.

  44. The market will provide, as always. Women now have competition, and they will have to step up their game. Not acting like assholes or harpies will be a big help. Modern-day gender feminism will remain viable only with women who *want* to end up as cat ladies – probably a pretty small cohort.

    1. “Women now have competition, and they will have to step up their game.”
      No. They can put on 3D glasses and have a relationship with a vampire prince or a pirate captain not matter how much chocolate they eat.
      If a man would ask me to compete with a puppet, I’d turn my back on him and walk away. If a man would accept a robot as a partner, I’d feel repulsed because that would give me a silence of the lambs vibe, which would make it hard for me to gain motivtion to “fight” for him anyway. I also have the opinion, that men who want to make women like them by force are pathetic anyway (and vice versa, women do try that too sometimes).
      I would rather live with 20 cats and a masturbation machine then, sorry.

      1. Yes,any man who would consider for a second purchasing a sexdoll is not worth having. Even the MGTOWs are far superior to such men.

        1. Have you ever considered what may have driven them to that?
          These dolls cost a lot of money.
          Perhaps 5 or even 10 thousand dollars. Takes a guy with a good income/net worth to do that, doesn’t it? Which would mean he is intelligent and hard working, right? Now, why would guys like that not have an attractive, young female to penetrate? Perhaps because the attractive, young females are too busy slutting it up at bars & clubs with loud, obnoxious, aggressive, thugs and jerks. You know, those exciting “bad boys”.

        2. Until the day were a sex robot hoter than a 18 year old megan fox is made with an ultra perfctioned AI, then every men will go for it. People wen they see the sex robots of today are repusled without even imganining what these androids would look like in 100 year.

      2. There’s two issues with your point. The first is hypocrisy; it’s pointed out in the article and it’s even evident in your post. “If a man would ask me to compete with a puppet, I’d turn away, but you can’t make me like you; I’d rather live with 20 cats and a masturbation machine.” Apparently it is ok for one gender to abandon the other for a machine, but not vice versa.
        The second is that you assume you will know when you’re turned down in favor of a sex doll. You won’t know; there will be no opportunity for you to be self-righteous and dump him first, you’ll simply get rejected and not know why.

        1. Of course it is ok, to replace one gender by a machine. I’m just saying, that I’d not be interested in a man who’d expect me to get into competition to such a machine. I*m trying to imagine my boyfriend would do that. I could not take him serious anymore.
          When I would get such a tool, I’d do it for helpingy myself to still have a “sex life”, I would not buy it with the intention to put men under pressure. That would be the difference.
          I mean, what would you think about a woman who warns you: “You better do a really good job down there, otherwise this will be my new boyfriend”

  45. Wow it seems there is alot cynicism on these boards.I will put my two cents in; once men start fucking robots and sex dolls over your average cunt it will leave alot of lonely and lesbian women, opening up the door for more of the traditional women to make a move or maybe the ‘stupid women’ will realize “hey we need men” or our society will fall apart and cycle back to traditional values.

    1. For what? No one will need anything in such a dystopic society if it can be done artificially. If it is so highly developed that you you have robots who can act and speak like humans and move like humans, you clearly won’t need a “traditional” housewife anymore, nore does anybody need jose the gardener or hank the truck driver. In Dubai there is even robot police. though I hope this police is not armed yet

      Wth artificial wombs you won’t even need a real womb anymore to have a kid.

      1. I am actually authoring a story about that. However, No matter how much we as people think, we actually need each other physically. What happens when the mechanics on these robots fails?what if the economy slumps worse then it ever has in history? What about if WWIII breaks out? What if all of our electronics just stopped working? The future is a timeframe full of infinite possibilities, that is why it is so hard to predict and why one should focus more on the present with a responsible mindset.

        1. I’m not disagreeing. I’m just saying, the more you develop the less you need the traditional relationship. Because step by step all the reasons for it would disappear.

        1. Person dies under tragical circumstances
          “Nick, I’m very disappointed”
          “That was just a glitch”
          priorities XD I like that movie

    2. No, they’ll import men from other parts of the world to have families with while you bang a rubber bucket!

      1. Advertizers and social marxist school councellors could push the dolls onto the males completely ending real options for men. Female options expand with boatloads of refugees too poor to purchase dolls. Women need put back into their natural place for this shit to stop. Muslim men are partially denatured via circumcision and are driven to fuck goats and boys still. An airdrop of dolls onto ISIS strongholds in green Amazon boxes (partial assembly required) could be used to gather information.

    1. It would be so tempting for some hacker to make his one doll turn into Michael Jackson suddendy during mid romp, and the other doll to turn into his mother. Then Michael Jackson stands up and says “You just made ME into a monkey’s uncle” . . . get it? . . HE’s the monkey’s uncle . . get it?

  46. Milo : “[M]ost of the reason I went gay is so I didn’t have to deal with nutty broads.”
    See? Unlike what’s repeatedly said by liberals, being a homosexual is a choice. They have reasons to went that way.
    And by that statement, Milo is also trying to lure and persuade men into homosexuality by convincing men that he has it better as gay because he doesn’t have to deal with women.
    Milo is a Jew, so I’ve heard.

    1. It looks like Milo started the whole idea that robots will compete with women. Or he at least proclaims it early on. Others have commented this same point. Maybe they got the idea from Milo, but the whole idea is a joke to screw dolls. It is beyond omega. Milo is a fag and only in a group of fags can such an unreal idea become viral. Fags will never know what it is to be truly functional, alive and human, just like a group of fat people hear space music or something else when you lecture about wholesome paleo foods. Their mental processing ability has blocks and effectively has governors limiting intake of crucial input stimuli and their information catalogue room upstairs is a mess. There’s a hairy woogie gremlin motherfucker up there keep messing the shit up in that department.
      The key is for them to evolve and develop. An improper course was forced on them to remain narrow and not branch into broader development. The schedule to feminize targeted women also includes forcing them to refrain from learning proper food sense, preparation, procurement and service with a smile. Men are shunned from their natural roles too, discouraged from conquering and controlling the shebeasts, so it works both ways. Women never learn to cook and then eat processed shit and get fat, and the men turn into fags or worse – robot jockeys.

  47. A Chinese friend of mine owns a company in Wenzhou that births these abominations, as well as other assorted depravity.
    Is he successful?
    You should ask his personal chocolatier.

  48. The majority of women and the culture they follow and chase after are what’s broken beyond repair. They constantly complain about not wanting to be like their “gramma’s in the 50’s” then in the next breath complain about where have “all the good men gone”. The irony is completely lost on them.
    Well then all of the women were trained to be dick marry-go-round sluts from grade school by toxic feminism this is what we get in culture. That ‘gramma” she views with disdain was 100 times more happy in the 50’s raising kids and being a house wife that her stupid bitch of a granddaughter is out slutting it up a the club every night with three different “baby-daddies”.

  49. The sex doll and eventually sex robots make total sense. There’s a lot of guys who are “disenfranchised”. In the open sexual market only the top 10% of guys have any real success with women. Even unattractive women are holding out for a top tier guy. People are lazy, improving oneself to top tier level may be very difficult or impossible for a most men. Why not give up and live a fantasy with your sex doll?

    1. And these guys won’t even have to worry about their appearance. They could look like the South Park “World of Warcraft guy” and have a plastic 10/10.

  50. Prostitutes have already called for them to be banned.
    I won’t be surprised if 4th wave feminists call for them to be banned as well, as sex robots will be an existential threat to their existence. If the non-alpha males decide for business reasons that a few thousand dollars for a sex robot is worth more than a lifetime of misery being married to a typical western harpy, then it is all over for them.

  51. These sexbots would end up in the black market. Feminists already try and keep prostitution illegal (a more honest deal between man and woman than marriage and beta bucks relationship), they can’t have sexbots taking away their beta bucks. Furthermore they would hold hands with the Christian and even Muslim community to prevent sexbots from being legal saying it’s morally wrong. Yes the two communities that say women should be obedient to men.

  52. I personally would never or advise others to bang synths but the more low t, herbivore men who do, the better sexual relations will get. Revert the sexual market place back to a natural, intended, and NORMAL level.

  53. I’d much rather have a robot than a wife.
    I’d much rather have a broken robot than a divorce.
    I understand that the author thinks using game to get the few unicorns that exist is the right path, but that just isnt a realistic option for the masses of men who have seen the light.
    Advances in AI and robotics will be awesome, when the process is refined enough that they can be mass produced on the cheap the Cherry 2000 scenario will play out.
    I’m alright with that.

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