3 Simple Steps For Defeating Temptation

Peace, grace, and mercy to you all from the Lord Jesus Christ.

For those of you seeking to strengthen your faith by turning your back on worldly temptation, I am writing to you today with a simple 3-step system you can use in order to stop these distractions dead in their tracks.

As you will see, each step of this system is clearly outlined in Scripture as a perfect remedy for putting on the armor of God against the attacks of the Enemy, whose sole purpose is to keep you from knowing Christ. Remember, the Devil does not need worship to win; he only needs you not to worship God.

If the Enemy can diminish your focus on God by getting you to place it on the mindless accumulation of wealth, occultism, or indulgence in casual sex, that’s just as much a victory for him as getting you to draw pentagrams on your walls. Thus, today’s article will describe how to catch these attacks when they’re occurring–and stop them before you find yourself indulging in sin.

Remember as you read this article that the Enemy knows your particular and personal buttons for what is most likely to lead you astray. He has been around much longer than humanity; as such, he is already familiar with our most powerful weaknesses and failings.

Even more insidiously, he and his minions are intimately familiar with the individual failings and weaknesses of every single man and woman on this Earth–and just like a good conman, he knows exactly how to present himself and his offerings in order to best entice you by way of those weaknesses.

Before I continue, I would like to point out that I am aware some people like to read articles like this and immediately look for flaws in the writer, as a way of “disproving” the truth of what he is saying. So let me spare you the time and energy; I am an imperfect man and would never claim otherwise.

But having turned my back on worldliness to seek a relationship with God, I have discovered tremendously powerful ways to catch these flaws in action before they can turn into sinful behavior.

So with the caveat that I am not successful with them 100% of the time (nor should true perfection ever realistically be expected), I would now like to share with you some simple and Scriptural tools which will help you succeed in your efforts more often than not.

1. Recognize When You Are Feeling Compelled To Sin

We read in James 1:14 that “Every man is tempted when he is drawn away of his own desires, and enticed.”

Thus, we can see the Apostle James (the brother of Jesus) explaining that sin begins in your own mind and heart, before it ever expresses itself as the outward behavior. When we allow ourselves to fan the flames of desire, whether it’s the desire for a fancier car than our neighbor or the desire to sexually possess an attractive woman, we are being “enticed” and will soon be “drawn away” unless we learn how to reverse the process.

Thus, the first step in this system is to catch the desire beginning to burn in your own heart and your own mind. This can take two forms; you will either catch yourself thinking “I really want that,” or feeling the pull of compulsion to possess.

Regardless of whether you first become aware of your own desire via your thoughts or your feelings, you must first catch your own lower instincts in the process of their beginning to take hold of you. The contents of your heart and mind matter just as much as your outwards behavior; this is why our Lord said in the book of Matthew that, “whoever looks at a woman to lust for her has already committed adultery with her in his heart.

Once you have recognized the desire to possess a worldly thing, you can then stop that desire from boiling over by moving on to second step in the process.

2. Pray For Deliverance From The Desire

One of the most important steps on the path toward Christian development, and something I mentioned in my article on celibacy, was the realization that human beings are quite powerless against the dark spirits of the world. They are older than us, they are stronger than us, and we are relatively helpless to fight against their influence without wearing the armor of God.

Fortunately, this armor is available to every believer and can effectively shield you from their attacks. This is why we read in 1 John 4:4 that, “he who is in you is greater than he who is in the world.”

Recall that God gave Jesus authority over all creation–and that creation includes all the angels and demons which constantly surround us. They are all powerless against His name and against His authority.

Therefore, once you have caught a worldly desire beginning to burn in your mind or heart, the next step is that you must begin to sincerely pray for assistance. Jesus demonstrates how to pray in the Sermon On The Mount in the Book of Matthew, by invoking God’s aid and saying “YOUR WILL BE DONE.”

This is a theme Jesus demonstrates again in the Book of Luke when he prays, “Father, if you are willing, take this cup of suffering from me; yet not my will, but yours be done.

The key takeaway here is that our desires come from our will and our base and lower instincts; these are in strict opposition to the Holy Will of God the Father in Heaven. Jesus prays as He does because He knows that He cannot overcome the suffering of earthly life by His own will and power; He must invoke God’s aid and beg for God’s will to supersede His own.

Two pillars hold up the prayers of Christ: that of humility and that of submission. He has the humility to recognize His own relative powerlessness compared to that of God, and He is willing to submit His own will in order to live by God’s instead.

This is how you should also pray; by first recognizing a sinful compulsion, and then immediately invoking God’s aid in overcoming it before it can take hold in you and cause you to act on it. Be humble enough not to try and “bulldoze” your way through it of your own will; this is like being a “dry drunk” whose moment-to-moment existence is nothing but struggle.

If you try that, you will likely find the same compulsion expressing itself again soon afterward. It may be for the same desire, or that pent-up energy may seek to express itself by way of a different sinful outlet, instead.

Either way, you must have the humility and submissiveness to pray for God’s help in squashing the desire and restoring your heart and mind to the pure state which He desires them to be in.

3. You Must Believe God Has Heard Your Call

Prayer without faith is like rock music without a guitar solo; the structure is there, but the soul is not. Thus, the importance of genuine faith cannot be overestimated.

In the Book of Mark, Jesus explains that not only is faith in God’s power necessary for prayer to work, but He even gives us actionable instructions on how we can use this information for our greatest spiritual benefit. We read the following in Chapter 11, Verse 24.

Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours.

While many New Age deceivers like to take this line out of context, it’s important to remember that Jesus is talking about praying for spiritual victory—not a fancy new car. He’s also constantly asking that His prayers be answered if it’s God’s will.

With this one powerful line, Jesus gives us the instruction that our faith in God should be so absolute that we must believe God has heard us; that we must believe God has answered; and that our request will then materialize as a result.

As gratitude to God is an important tenet of this path, it then follows that we must thank God for providing the answer to our prayer–even before it has materialized–having full faith in the fact that it will. There is no room for doubt.

I hope this works” is not faith. “I guess I’ll try this” is not faith. Faith is “Thank you, Father, for giving me the power to overcome these demons and impulses.”

To recap, the 3-step process is therefore:

  1. Recognize when sin takes root in your heart or mind
  2. Immediately pray in the name of Jesus Christ for the spiritual armor to fend off the attack
  3. Profusely thank God for answering your call and providing you with the solution.

It’s not easy at first to have such absolute faith…but the more often you see the results, the faster this process will move from faith to knowledge and become a core practice in your spiritual life.

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        1. Bumper weights are great for making girls think that they are strong and keeping up with men.

      1. One could argue that it would take immense discipline in both examples you have portrayed

      1. Does meditation work? Does deep thought and concentration work? Prayer, arguably, can be credited to the same thing. You’re just being argumentative and confrontational. I’ve read all your comments. You simply throw articles at people and ask them to read, you offer no real logical or thoughtful explanation, No insight to why you think the way you do, nor do you offer and thoughtful contemplative rebuttal with a shred of respect. You are void of decency and respect. I’ve grown rather tiresome of your “many” facade.

    1. Funny how in that movie she does not speak in a hard Mexican accent. Now she speak like a Mexican cartoon. She accentuate that accent for publicity, LOOK I´m that Mexican hottie. Sofia Vergara does the same.

  1. Hello RoK, long time no talk
    I can appreciate & respect t this article & it’s author, his points of view are certainly valid if you’re a religious man. But how hard would it really have been to step back and make these more applicable to all of us? I mean hell, you could even write these things up exactly as they’ve been written here, and then just add an extra paragraph or two to each step, expanding upon the point & teaching the more secular readers (or those of other religious persuasions) how they too can apply the same points in their own lives without necessarily making them Christ- or Bible-centric. Because I promise you, if they’re valid teachings, it CAN be done. In fact, you can usually win converts that way — they see how the secular relates to the religious & doors start to open in their mind. Anyway wtfever, that’s my 2 cents, yinz motherfuckers keep doing whatever you like.

    1. We’ve argued before and I remember you often hold an aversion to Christ and Christianity. Why is that?
      “In fact, you can usually win converts that way”
      Heh, I’m sure your advice has altruistic motives.

      1. Argued? No way eh. I never argue here, only have intelligent conversations with other smart dudes. I’ve got to get back to work so I can’t reply to everybody now, or even you in totality, but I’ll take a quick shot at this: I don’t really have a huge aversion to Christ or christianity per se. I just think that the religion we now know as christianity has some major flaws. I don’t disassociate completely though, in fact almost every day I read my Bible or have it playing while I sleep at night. And yeah I definitely find it better than atheism, so I regret when I see articles that “preach to the choir” like this.

        1. So Drago, just to kind of elaborate on my above statements. Like I said, any time an atheist realizes the value of religion, it’s almost always a good thing, for themselves AND the world at large. There are of course exceptions, but most of the time, yeah – anything that causes a switch to flip in the mind of an atheist so that they’re like “oh! I think I understand why these people find value in their religion, & maybe I can find that same kind of value too” is a very good thing.
          Thing is, I agree with atheists on a few major points. I don’t believe in a “personal” god; that is to say, I don’t believe God is a guy (or gal, holy shit no) who lives in some far off dimension, who has thoughts and ideas and, well, any other trappings of “personhood”. What I DO believe is that, in the (good) religions, kernels of universal truths can be found that teach people how to live better lives. So dig this, you got all these smug asshole atheists walking around, thinking that just because something’s in the Bible (or other sacred texts), that makes it a “religious” idea and therefore useless to them. A common atheist might read this article and blow it all off bc of their anti-religious bias. But if you phrase these things in ways that lead them to the higher rock, the smart ones can and will climb.
          I guess all that’s just a long way to go about saying what you summed up quickly enough: My intentions are altruistic. I’m not here to get in pissing matches with RoK’s Christian readers, I just prefer when articles don’t hide their light from those who see things differently too.

    2. Pleasing masses of “secular” converts by tickling their ears with feel good buzzwords and universal, one size fits all relativism lessons, is for the sphere of SJW progressives.
      This is one of those things you either take it all as a full package or you don’t take it in at all.
      The red pill is often about dealing in absolutes, even if it makes you uncomfortable.

      1. Not only is it scientific fact that liberals churches lose membership constantly while Conservative churches either maintain or grow theirs, but Jesus never once changed His message to suit the predispositions of his audience.
        Paul did, and fairly frequently (of his own admission) but I am doing my best to model Christ in the way He lived and conducted Himself.
        John Calvin’s book “A Little Book On The Christian Life” has been helpful to me in doing so, to the best of my ability.

        1. Personally I don’t know how I feel about going to either a liberal church or a conservative one. Luckily, I go to neither these days, so I guess I’m safe. Story time though: I stopped by the church i grew up in, a couple years ago on Christmas Eve. I was in town & happened to be driving past as folks were filing in for the evening service. I saw many old familiar faces & on a whim wanted to join them. I knew the current preacher was a good friend of mine growing up. When I was young this church meant a lot to me. It was very middle of the road – neither liberal nor conservative back then. But now it had become VERY liberal. It was almost unbearable. So much touchy feely bullshit, all style & no substance. I was literally crushed inside. It was nice seeing all the old timers, but I’ll definitely never go back there again. I definitely agree that they’re doing more harm than good.
          I’ve thought about checking out some orthodox churches (based on articles here a while back) but I also heard all the services there are in Greek or Russian or whatever nation the church is from. Just not sure what I could get out of that, beyond the joy & inspiration & messages in the art. If anybody knows whether or not this is true, I’m all ears.

        2. Mine is pretty anti-liberal, though it bothers me a lot that the head Pastor is a complete cuck for Israel.

        3. if they believe in servant leadership and complementarianism they are pseudo liberal, if not- wow you are lucky!!!!!!!!!!

      2. Yeah I’m gonna have to respectfully disagree with you there, on multiple points & levels. But youre entitled to your own opinion, so long as it legitimately makes you a better man at the end of the day. I’d only add, with regards to the name-calling, a healthy dose of Matthew 7:1-3

  2. It’s interesting to see this article on ROK. This same website has articles about how to get single night lays, harems, etc. I’m glad to see this article because one, our society has been totally consumed by materialism and godlessness, and two, because it shows how much more open the men who this website caters to are to contrasting ideas than the politically correct harpies. Keep up the good work, Michael Witcoff.

    1. It is a safe article. Rok would never publish an article criticizing game, pua and rok itself.

    2. Thank you sir. God put it on my heart to begin writing articles like this for Return Of Kings, and I am very grateful to Roosh for allowing me to do so. I am glad it is having a positive effect and helping to bolster the faith of the website’s Godly readers.

  3. Ok wait a minute, are we tamin’ and bangin’ thots, or training for Deus Vult? The manosphere confuses me sometimes

      1. Something about that “defeating temptation” thing that isn’t compatible with the degrading sex acts that I currently enjoy.

      1. It’s called “diversity of opinion”. Unlike Leftists we don’t demand an echo chamber and ideological complete compliance. We explore ideas for good or ill and hash it out in the comments section. Welcome to real diversity of thought and debate.

    1. My own personal transition has been from learning how to best take advantage of the madness that has replaced any semblance of romance and dating, to eventually realizing I was just enabling it by playing their game–not to mention behaving in a societally destructive way.
      Ultimately I felt like a hypocrite espousing traditional values while engaging in the “player lifestyle,” and realized I had to choose between upgrading my conduct or somehow no longer believing in tradition and conservatism. Since I can’t really un-believe something I know is true and useful, I eventually decided to give up my own hedonism and become a living example of my values instead.

  4. Actually glad to see articles like this popping up in the manosphere.
    The red pill is mysterious at times.

    1. The Bible is quite Red Pill when read with an interest. It contains many accounts of fundamental human psychology and realism that remain unchanged to this day.

      1. Yes when you cherry pick. It can contain anything as long as you cherry pick. But try to take it as a whole and it falls like house if cards. Why pick tiny bits of information from such book when there are thousands of books written specifically for every topic which can concern you.

        1. Nope what? Jesus also says to give up all your savings, belongings, and money and just pray that God will take care of you.

        2. When reading the bible, you must understand the historical context. In this society it is impossible to give up everything and survive, but it is possible to give up what you want and only get what you need.

        3. No He doesn’t. He tells the disciples that for phase one of the mission, then tells them the opposite for phase two, as in explicitly “I told you this, but now…”

        4. Ahem. Again, no, that’s not how it works according to itself. Revelation is progressive, hence old and new testaments. And even in dogma you need context. It’s the difference between “there is no God” and “the fool hath said in his heart, there is no God”.

        5. Is that like God telling Abraham to brutally sacrifice Isaac only to say, “It was only a prank bro”?

        6. Revelation tells us about the apocalypse. The only thing we have as dogma is the New Testament, which is valid until the apocalypse. So it still stands for all time.

        7. If you read the Bible entirely literally and without context with the belief that Jesus was a pinko hippy then sure, I could see how you get that.

        8. Revelation is referring to revealed truth in this context, “the biblical revelation”, not the book of revelation.
          And no the NT is not the only thing we have for dogma, the OT contains plenty of applicable dogma. Jesus says in Johns gospel if you don’t believe in Moses you can’t believe in Him. Some practices change, and some events change matters, but that’s why you need context to understand.

        9. How’s this for context?
          Matthew 19:21 Jesus answered, “If you want to be perfect, go, sell your possessions
          and give to the poor, and you will have treasure in heaven. Then come,
          follow me.”

        10. Then why test one man instead of the entire group of people? And shouldn’t God know Abraham was worthy if he’s omniscient?

        11. That doesn’t mean you cannot get moral lessons from the old testament. Like the incident with Noah lounging around without his pants, or Joseph selling the Hebrews into slavery during the famine.

        12. Awesome, WHOM did He say that to? And WHEN did He say that? Answer that and you’ve answered your question. And seen context in action.

        13. And now Abraham knows it. There’s thinking you would sacrifice everything for God and then knowing you will.

        14. He said this during the sermon on the mount.
          Matthew 19:23 – “Then Jesus said to his disciples, “Truly I tell you, it is hard for someone who is rich to enter the kingdom of heaven.”

        15. The Old Testament tells you you can own and beat slaves, kill people with your God’s permission, rape virgins with your God’s permission.

        16. If you read the bible, Abraham begat the Hebrew tribes. He created man because He is omiscient, and cannot know what it is like to not to be omniscient. He who lacks nothing does not know what it is like to lack.

        17. Yes. But remember what it was like back then. 1) There were no machines to perform even basic functions, so slavery was a necessity (but not right). 2) Governments only protected people in cities and from armies. When it comes to highwaymen you’re on your own 3) Rape isn’t condoned. In fact, a rapist must support the victim for the rest of her life in marriage. Remember that society was different back then, and didn’t have the guidance provided by the new testament.
          The bible is progression of the religion, not an entirely divine truth.

        18. If He didn’t want it to happen, He wouldn’t have put the tree there. It was the choice of the snake, Adam and Eve. God let them do their own thing, only providing options.

        19. If you had a plan or idea, and you could stop something from fucking up, wouldn’t you stop it?

        20. You are comparing man to god. As a man, I would stop them from fucking up if the plan was dear to me.
          But God, being omniscient, treasures freewill and the ability to act without knowledge. The ability to learn, make mistakes and forget.
          If I were omniscient I wouldn’t stop people from fucking up, because I too treasure freewill, and it would not be right to use such power to interfere in the lives of others.

        21. So basically this omnipotent omniscient god is a useless asshole? Got it.
          You are hamstering so hard right now.

        22. You realize the everything after the Fall is just God trying to recover from his loss in Eden right? That’s why he flooded the Earth. To start over. And he still failed and that’s where the New Testament comes in. God sacrifices himself to himself to forgive himself for rules he created, and to save his creation – humans – from himself.
          So he DOES CARE.
          Hamster overload.

        23. Its a metaphor. God gave us the ability to make it all work. But it is up to us to figure it out. Jesus was crucified not by God but by men, and his sacrifice proved his divinity and made him the foundation of Christianity.

        24. It’s a metaphor. So it’s bullshit.
          I’m pretty sure Jesus’ supposed resurrection proved his supposed divinity.

        25. Yes. That is for people who cannot understand the metaphor and how it tells truth of human nature. One of the functions of God is to provide the mirror for man, you see.
          Edit: that is not a metaphor. Ever study Mr. Hitler?

        26. Stop trying, he’s just another pseudo intellectual who becomes mysteriously illiterate in regards to metaphor and speech upon reading a text he’s prejudiced against.

        27. Humanity is given free will. Without temptation, free will is useless and humanity would exist as slaves to God’s will. Given free will, we are instead loyal servants.

        28. That’s what I’ve come to believe is the main benefit of prayer. It’s not so much about us communicating with God, since He is omniscient it’s not like we’re telling Him anything He doesn’t already know. Rather it’s about focusing our own minds and getting our hearts and attitudes in the right place.

        29. You are comparing apples to oranges because you don’t understand the whole concept of his plan. Free agency or free will is part of that plan. We must have adversity in this life in order to demonstrate that we are men of morality so on and so forth. Without being able to make bad choices and fuck up as you say, there would be no reason for a Jesus Christ, a savior and thereby a process of repentance. But I digress you honestly don’t give a shit

        30. Universally accepted truths and flow of logic are now “bullshit claims”. Seriously man, who touched you as a kid?

        31. Have no fear, your wish hopefully will come true, the new 3rd Reich shall be visited upon you in glorious fashion! Hail Trump!

        32. Did not Jesus talk in parables, so he said that because he was rich and make sense to said that to a rich guy?

        33. No because Abraham´s free will, god give us free will. If you kill, it was your choice, god made me do it is not an excuse.

        34. Yes god could made thing to be perfect but he give man free will, yes god give man the power of disobedience, that is why the American constitution says that it protect right given from god, Freedom is a godly right.

        35. God is a father you don´t control all aspect of your kids, if your son end as a bump is his fault.

        36. Now you get it basically yes, he create the universe then let the things run wild, mysterious ways!

        37. The pre flood people was people born from incest and from fucking angels and demons, Genocidal god clean the world of that people. Half human/ half angeldemon was not his plan.

        38. That’s not how this works….
          Pseudo intellectuals like you are a dime a dozen. You contradict your own logic and have nothing but sneering and vitriol to display.
          I’m good, man.

        39. That´s a grammatical error, only Hitler can be literally Hitler. Trump is figuratively Hitler is the correct form.

        40. Because I can masturbate to Korean porn knowing that I can go to hell for it but I don´t give a shit. Free will is god create us but I do whatever I want to.

        41. oh no, another miserable internet atheist is dismissive of my theology, whatever will I do?
          I don’t care what you think, man. Do your thing.

        42. a leftist metaphor, the message is trump is Bad. You are talking with leftist buzzwords, We get it, You don´t, You are talking like if you are autistic, you simple can´t understand metaphors from the real thing.

        43. As you may have noticed in my bio, I am a Cathar. I agree with you that the idea of an omniscient God is not compatible with the idea of being surprised by such things.

        44. Leftist metaphor vs Jesus metaphors? Or better a cultural Marxist message vs a christian message what do you prefer? just because something is a metaphor you just can compare all metaphor as the same, Metaphor is a tool. What´s your point?
          I´m an atheist too but I hate your kind of atheism, new Atheism, you are a bunch of leftist anti west cultural Marxist useful idiots. Funny how those new atheist attack Christianity but don´t say much about jews because that is racist antisemitic or never say nothing about Islam because Muslims will kill you.
          Go and tip your fedora elsewhere please.

        45. Damn. For some time I’ve been considering changing my Disqus name to Les Grossman. I tip my hat to you, sir.

        46. Guess… probably… one among the “dogma” is something that goes as:
          When two MEN are fighting (assuming that one among them is Husband of a woman), that woman should not “attack” on “gonads” of the other MAN to save her Husband !
          GOD… DAMN… IT… !!
          Why it isn’t like this:
          When two women are fighting (assuming that one among them is wife of a MAN), that MAN should not “attack” on “vulva” and/or try to “tear off” tits and/or “squeeze the boobs into pulp” of the other woman; to save His wife !!!
          GOD… DAMN… IT… !!

    2. Praying is bluepill. It’s relying on and imaginary friends to fix your problems for you instead of doing it yourself

      1. It depends on the prayer.
        If you are praying for the strength (aka moral fortitude) to do something, it aint. That is you looking for divine inspiration.
        If you are praying in giving thanks, it aint. You are realizing how lucky you are.
        If you’re praying for ,say, a million dollars, it is. You are a greedy little shit.

        1. Of course, prayer does nothing but affirm your faith in god. It’s going “Hey god, I remember you gave me all the stuff to succeed. I just need to remind myself.”
          “God helps those who help themselves.” If you work damn hard and never give up you can succeed..

        2. I’ve read all your comments Just some guy. What exactly are you attempting to accomplish here? We get that you’re an atheist. So why read articles such as these? Why visit the comment section and antagonize those with a differing opinion? You yourself know that your quest to dissuade any of us here from believing in God is futile, so why even embark?
          From your posts I gather that you are very angry at Christianity and its followers for whatever reason, but what you don’t realize is that in your haste to try to be as different from Christians as possible, you’re doing the exact same things Christians do. Atheists frequently moan about evangelization “forcing” ideas and beliefs down people’s throats. Is that not precisely what you’re doing here?
          You’ve (erroneously) come to the conclusion that God either doesn’t exist, isn’t omniscient, or isn’t benevolent, and are now going to great lengths to evangelize this ‘gospel’ of yours. Side note, this argument is centuries old. You’re not breaking any new ground here: (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Problem_of_evil)
          Have you considered that we may not want to hear your blasphemy? Or deliberate misinterpretation of the Bible? Nope. Your sole concern is spreading your message, which ironically is the same thing atheists denigrate Christians for.
          I noticed that you conveniently ignored Duncan’s comment above asking why atheists such as yourself do not denigrate Judaism or Islam. So answer, why this fixation on Christianity? Why not visit Islam forums and blaspheme there as well?

        3. ROK is red pill.
          Praying doesn’t work, and isn’t true. It’s blue pill, and so is theism.
          ROK is promoting blue pill things.
          Is this not clear enough?

        4. ‘I’ve read all your comments Just some guy. What exactly are you attempting to accomplish here? We get that you’re an atheist. So why read articles such as these? Why visit the comment section and antagonize those with a differing opinion? You yourself know that your quest to dissuade any of us here from believing in God is futile, so why even embark?’
          Good questions indeed.
          I’ve posted to ‘Just some.’ that his questions here are dishonest.
          From memory, I think I recall he is a homosexual and possibly therefore unable to stop sinning?

        1. Prayer is a means of getting your mortal, finite thoughts aligned with the divine as best we can. Its not a Wish List.

  5. Thank you for this article. As a settled and middle – aged man, with an actual sweetheart of a wife, I don’t much need game articles. Rather, these kind that point toward discipline and spiritual awareness, self – improvement. As a man of faith, this is much appreciated!

    1. As a Christian, I have zero interest in ‘game’.
      The Faith is the heart and the brain of the west, not gaining sexual access to females.
      Without the Faith, no future.

      1. Exactly. At some point in each man’s life, he must make the decision as to whether his conduct will reflect indulgence in his own lower desires, or that which will best preserve the future of his community or nation.

        1. And with religion they become bitter, ignorant, violent little pricks. How many wars has secular humanism caused?

        2. “humanism, with regard in particular to the belief that humanity is
          capable of morality and self-fulfillment without belief in God.”
          Commies didn’t condone religion, bub.

        3. communism “a political theory derived from Karl Marx, advocating class war
          and leading to a society in which all property is publicly owned and
          each person works and is paid according to their abilities and needs.”
          I don’t see anything about God or religion.

        4. Nope. Communism is a branch of moral relativism. That is what kills. The belief there are no objective truths. And these objective truths have been personified as “God”.

        5. Gravity is an objective truth. So now all of a sudden God means, “objective truth”? How very convenient for you.

        6. Not all of God is. God is how ancient man personified of these objective truths. And God is still an interesting and excellent way to learn these truths about human behavior. Not physics, unfortunately.

        7. Gentleman there is still much more we do not know or understand about gravity. Nevertheless I agree with you that it is not truth.

  6. God gave us Kratom.
    Seriously, for those of us without an invisible friend, you just need to apply the core idea outlined in each point and use your own willpower.

    1. ‘…..you just need to apply the core idea outlined in each point and use your own willpower.’
      You will fail in the end.
      You are not powerful enough all on your own.
      Know your enemy…….
      ‘Remember as you read this article that the Enemy knows your particular and personal buttons for what is most likely to lead you astray. He has been around much longer than humanity; as such, he is already familiar with our most powerful weaknesses and failings.’
      ….of course, if you do not accept that you actually do have ‘an enemy’, then it may seem easier.
      At first.

        1. I am indeed talking about Satan. The word itself means “Adversary” or “Enemy” in Hebrew. On a functional level, it is that powerfully negative force which twists itself into whatever shape it can best use to pull you away from Jesus. Convincing you he doesn’t exist is one of his favorite tricks; another is convincing you that you have no need for God because you’re strong enough on your own.

        2. ‘How do you know this?’
          More dishonesty ‘Just some.’
          What sort of answer could you ever receive to that question?

  7. “and He is willing to submit His own will in order to live by God’s instead.”
    This submission to what God’s will for you has been defined AS faith. The act of submission to God’s will.
    Too often people use “faith” as a synonym for “belief.”
    On a side note, and a gross one I regret, I quit jacking cold turkey with prayer that God remove the remptation of the flesh from me, please. Every time I fall into the train of thought, I pray instead, and the distance from that sin has given me real pride over how I felt before.
    Good place to start strong internal frame.
    Edit: It’s been quite a while now.

  8. How do you cultivate faith and belief, exactly? The thing is, I was religious when I was a teen, then became a hardcore atheist before turning into an agnostic. So now I understand the wisdom in the scriptures, but I have little faith or belief to act on it.

      1. “How do you cultivate faith…”
        Read….I will normally do a chapter in morning and another in evening.
        Pray….But also meditate and take your time.
        Learn to recognize the promptings of the Holy Ghost……”But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, meekness, temperance: (Galatians 5:22-23). It varies for people, and for situations, for some, it is a “gut feeling”, for others, it is a calm reassurance.
        Put your faith in action….like a muscle, faith is strengthened through putting it to work.

        1. This is a great answer. My faith comes from direct experience and being born-again out of the world of PUA and occultism into becoming a truly Godly man. I became Saved before I started studying the Bible at all, and I now see that it contains a tremendous number of useful truths and bits of wisdom and guidance for how to deeper and maintain the Christian path.
          Ultimately, it’s only “faith” the first time…once it moves to “knowledge” (at least for me), communicating with God is no different from calling up my earthly father to ask for advice or direction.

    1. I was raised with no faith at all. I was about as full atheist fedora as you could get.
      Now older, with a family and conservative I understand the need for religion in a society and in a mansion life. I most closely align with Pagan or Buddhist thought but I’ve found that all the great religions say Basically the same thing.
      “Don’t be a cunt” St. Francis of Assisi

  9. I always thought managing temptations and bad habits was about understanding the brains reward centers, specifically the amygdala, and then applying these lessons through behavior modification or abstinence.

  10. Praying is the ultimate bluepill exercise. You might as well talk to a wall next to you because you’ll get the same result. It’s like asking the government for help.
    How about instead of relying on God, you actually overcome your weaknesses yourself?

  11. Oh yes faith, the complete absence of logic, reason, and evidence. A scammer’s best friend. Why does ROK always talk about knowing the truth of the world, applying logic, and better yourself, then publish this article which is about the most beta, bluepilled advice ever? “Oh, you have a problem, so talk to your imaginary friend in the sky and hope that your problem goes away”? Why not just learn to cope and improve yourself?

    1. If you like to be a nihilist good for you, if some people want to believe in a higher being it’s their right. Stop annoying the world.

        1. If you do not believe in a higher being, then you believe humans existence and inteligence is nothing but a hazard of the nature. Then nothing mater there no right and no wrong, no good no bad, no justice no injustice, and chaos is the only reality. Then if you can escape the laws of humans societies, you can do any atrocity you want because nothing matter.
          God is order. Godlessness is chaos. Maybe an illusion, maybe not. But it is nessary for order and peace in humans society.

        2. If you do not believe in a superior judge, and you can do bad deed without being punished. Why would you not do it.

        3. I don’t have to prove anything to anyone.
          If you want to believe there nothing, then believe there nothing. If you want to believe there something, then believe there something. That the only reality.

        4. The theist bases his claims on faith so he doesn’t have to prove anything. I’m afraid the burden is on you to prove that there isn’t a higher power.
          For this reason, I find atheists to be just as sanctimonious, illogical, and tiresome as the deists and theists, if not moreso.

        5. No. You claim there’s a higher being, as per your belief and you have to prove it.
          Classic case of dishonest theism.

        6. The claim is based on blind faith not science. So it’s up to you have to disprove using the scientific method.
          Still not getting it?

        7. You half right and half wrong zocli. Religion was possibly put into practice to help keep order for massive amounts of people back in history. Now a days there is so much physical evidence from bones to smelting metals to pyramids aligning exactly with stars…I grew up roman Catholic. Private schools and church 2 times a week. When I was 10 years old I wanted to be a priest. Then I grew up and saw everything that contradicts specifically religion. And not to mention how many people die in the name or god or allah? Its sick

        8. Faith is a belief whereas knowledge is a certainty. This gives the religious person some wiggle room. He doesn’t need to talk of proofs, since a belief is never based on proofs. Belief and faith are built mainly on willpower.

        9. You clearly misunderstand the scientific method. You cannot “prove” a scientific theory. For a theory to be considered science it has to be falsifiable . That is exactly why religion is not science, you cannot disprove it. You can always come up with reasons that “explain” the world according to God’s law and that cannot be disproved .

        10. Belief is based on proof. I believe the sun will rise tomorrow. I have proof because it has risen every other day.
          Faith is belief without evidence. That’s gullibility

        11. The great British mathematician Roger Penrose has calculated—based on only one of the hundreds of parameters of the physical universe—that the probability of the emergence of a life-giving cosmos was 1 divided by 10, raised to the power 10, and again raised to the power of 123. This is a number as close to zero as anyone has ever imagined. (The probability is much, much smaller than that of winning the Mega Millions jackpot for more days than the universe has been in existence.)

  12. Wait, practicing Cathar?
    Whoa whoa whoa, gnostic and everything? Did you watch Damsels in Distress recently?

  13. Redpill – Find a way to overcome your problems by yourself.
    Bluepill – Pray to your imaginary friend that he’ll fix it for you.

    1. Pinkpill – reducing all that which is infinite and beyond earthly explanation to “imaginary friend”

        1. Your questions are not honest.
          I have noticed you do not seek honest responses.
          I suspect (strongly) that Christian SEXUAL MORALITY is at the root of your problems with honesty.
          See and thou shall find.
          Pretend to seek and you will not find.

      1. Funny and I agree with you in the sense that, any man who chooses to relinquish meditative contemplative thought, and logic, or the conscious decision to ignore or even apply theoretical science to any and all matters is pink pill at best. However, I would be remiss to say, that principles taught in the gospel, such as obedience, a principal we would like our women to have toward a real true red pill man, must also be considered in some matters. Yet we cannot expect others to show respect and obedience towards us unless we to ourselves have demonstrated the same ability towards the same principles and ideals we read about in this website, that are preached on this website and also other principles those of us subscribe to in what we consider the gospel of a superior being. I choose to see this life as a Proving Ground And also an environment to learn. To learn about myself, Human Nature, science and the laws that govern the universe as we know it, albeit always changing which is good. I hate complacency! What at least I think all of us can agree, and that is why we are here, is that we must be men of discipline and obedience to certain thoughts and ideals that we choose to subscribe to. I use Google speech to text and it’s a double edged sword, my apologies.

  14. 4. Remove yourself from the situation. You don’t go to a strip joint to have yourself a beer if you are trying to refrain from looking at women with lust.

  15. Interesting comments on here. I thoroughly enjoyed your article MW, for I am a subscriber to the red pill of Jesus Christ and his gospel. Even if I wasn’t, you have identified valuable principles taught by Jesus Christ and his Apostles. Any man who chooses to disparage that is by no means a good ROK brother nor a respectful decent man, so disregard the nay Sayers who choose not to see the value in gospel principles , which can be like to many a philosopher throughout history ! Cheers

  16. Most Christians are not red pill.
    Modern Christian men are like the housewives of the 1950’s , that is “Godly” now

        1. feminism, Most Churches here in NZ literally groom men to be house husbands , we are taught that husbands who expect their wife to cook and do dishes is sinning, but a husband who does not do the same is also sinning
          we are taught to sacrifice our career for our wives to show true sacrificial love, just like christ died for the church.
          you know how churches tend to have women with young babies in a separate room or at the back, they are now reversing that and reprimanding any husband for being to selfish and not allowing the wife to be in church and learn from the pastor, a true servant leader looks after the kids…
          my youth pastor told us that men were to change all diapers and WHILE he was preaching his wife handed him the baby for him to change, cause you know he is the servant…
          this sounds unbelievable , but this actually happens and we are learning these teachings from churches in America.

        2. ‘…we are learning these teachings from churches in America.’
          Don’t pretend it’s an honest error to follow this poison!
          It is NOT!
          No Christian can imagine the MAN is a domestic slave to his own WIFE!
          Stop kidding yourself.
          These are not ‘teachings’!
          These are the lazy dishonest ramblings of left wing political dreamers who are ALWAYS half a step away from being agnostic.
          NONE of them are ever motivated by a love of their Lord or a fear of our coming Judgement.
          They are lying about their true motivation and therefore you are not obliged to even engage them in debate.
          Any specific concerns, then ask for help here.
          Kind regards.

  17. I have met some number of ten thousand recovering alcoholics who told me, “I discovered God and stopped drinking.” I have never met a single person who told me, “I discovered secular humanism and stopped drinking.” Female logic is not going to help us with spiritual problems. For that we have to pray.
    I don’t know anyone who knows why praying works. What I do know is that it is scientifically observable and statistically demonstrable that praying does work to relieve human suffering. People who pray live healthier, more stable lives than people who don’t. Don’t take my word for it. Just look around you. Praying makes us reach out and become part of something that is greater than ourselves.
    Praying is what men do, silently on our knees, or splattered with mud dancing around a fire in the woods at night. We pray. And we don’t have to apologize for being men or for how we pray any longer. Even Eric Clapton prays, on his knees, every night. What a MAN.

    1. I am quite sure that prayer and its effects follow precise spiritual and scientific laws…I just have no idea what those laws are. As you have so accurately observed, it works and it works well. Thank you for the comment.

  18. 27 years ago only 9 percent of the United States was obese, today about 30 percent of Americans are obese. And today Organic foods and groceries are now mainstream, they used to be a specialty and niche business. I remember thinking of going into the business back in 1993, and there was a Whole Foods near my house, and a friend was thinking that they were never going to go nowhere. Well Amazon recently bought them out. Not only that there are several other nationwide chains similar to Whole Foods hawking organic food to the masses. Even Costco is planning to become 100 percent organic soon. Despite this America is getting fatter and that trend is not going to change. Got to wonder why this is happening, its because many foods marketed as “healthy” are actually “junk”.
    For a store that calls itself “Whole Foods” they sell a lot of processed and packaged junk, only difference is that its relabeled as organic or natural. There is also a giant prepared food section and food court, catering to lazy people who cannot cook. This is another reason why so many people are fat these days, they don’t bother to cook their own meals. When you cook, you control the ingredients and portions.
    The biggest new “health food” trend are Acai bowls, they are really just sugar bombs, the real Acai you have to fly to Brazil to eat, the kind you get outside of Brazil are frozen concentrates usually made with additives and jacked up with sugar. Of course the companies that sell it are cashing in on the craze but its no better for you than a chocolate bar, better just to get some fresh fruit.

  19. Looked into the Cathar thing, that’s a bit out there for me.
    Good article however. I lapsed myself after my church went pro-homo. (If we’re going to ignore one major facet of morality, the rest of it fails too.) Got back to having a brain after a friend of mine passed away though. Funny how life happens.

    1. My congregation split off from the PC(USA), largely because of that, joining a more conservative Presbyterian denomination. Don’t get me wrong, there are still some in the congregation that push the causes of the SJWs, but I’m glad we took a stand.

      1. It’s just terrible isn’t it? When you start calling clearly defined sin as “right”, the whole thing collapses. Which of course, the Bible also warns us about. 🙂

        1. ‘When you start calling clearly defined sin as “right”, the whole thing collapses.’
          That’s called blasphemy.
          The real Church does not collapse, however.
          The Mystical Body Of Christ cannot ‘collapse’, as I am sure you know.
          Instead it always resides is us, in his followers…..
          20 ‘For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them.’
          ‘Matthew 18:20King James Version (KJV)
          What remains of the physical ‘church’ that you left because of the blasphemy is an inverted spiritual community.
          Hell bound.

  20. 1) There is no sin
    2) Desire is good. It is what motivates us.
    3) If god curshes my enemies and showers me with blessings he is a good god. Otherwise i have no use for such nonsense and will rely on my own strength for this life and beyond.

  21. Cool article Bro, we who are men of the red pill should be united by the true of the gospel!

  22. Tune out of the media, tune out of video games and social media. Read books, do some physical labor, exercise. Cook your own meals instead of eating out. A few good ways to avoid temptation.

  23. Currently going through a serious cycle of no PMO (porn/masturbation/orgasm) after my last tinder hookup. Realized I wasn’t living in God’s word – and constant sexual stimulation of the artificial kind has left a psychological detriment. This is where both faith and secular redpill truth point to being strong in facing temptation.

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