Blue Pill Losers Are Invading The Digital Nomad Community And Turning It Into A Safe Space

Feminists, inclusionists, and Marxists have flooded the mainstream digital nomad sphere. Since I found remarkable competence among digital nomads, it’s been a personal pain for years to observe liberal influencers rake in mass followings and install a belief system perhaps best described as radical self-denial into the minds of promising talents. The digital nomad lifestyle is one of the few chances still left to the freedom-seeking man to both enjoy life and offer resistance.

Depiction of radical self-denial (Kosmocentrism) at a presentation for impact entrepreneurs in San Francisco

Radical Altruism Produces Incompetence

Most of the powerful digital nomad influencers advocate radical self-denial and constantly attack egocentrism, ethnocentrism, spiritual, gender or generational centrism, and many of the other circles of identity and belonging. With this, they’re almost like the Rotarians or Kalergi Plan promoters.

This highly Marxist view has led many nomads and would-be nomads to sing along with social justice warriors. They crave feel-good people on stage and push true competence, sobriety and down-to-earth strategy planning away from them. Crippling the mind, falling in level, the nomad becomes just like any other libtard. How sad indeed when that happens.

Contaminated with beliefs such as white guilt, colonial shaming, radical tolerance, radical inclusionism, Hollyweird gender roles, political correctness, taxpaying, faith in mass-media, apologetic metrosexual attitude, nonviolence, pacifism, Rainbow Nazi acceptance and all these other hurdles, you’re kept from full masculine expression. The “good” news: you will quickly make friends at mainstream digital nomad or impact sphere gatherings such as the DNX, Hive, Bioneers, Nomad Summit, Nomad Cruise and your remaining host of whatchamacallits.

Well-travelled, broadly educated men are easily falling prey to the blue pill

No Place For Honest Discussions In The DN-Safe Space

If you actually have spent years traveling and came back a battle-proven veteran with all the facts and wisdom, be prepared for disappointment. I personally was viciously attacked by the German SPIEGEL journalist and leftist feminist sex blogger Theresa Lachner after first criticizing German migrant crime and immigration policy. I then received my “death blow” as a DN influencer when she mobilized the community against me since I wouldn’t apologize for sharing how much I disliked being woken up at 6 AM by Muslim prayers promoting religious violence in the South of Thailand in Koh Lanta. This lead to many of my associations being cancelled, with famous DN Tim Chimoy (CitizenCircle) taking the lead.

Another example is when I helped Marcus Meurer, the German DN Kingpin recover his cellphone from an armed attacker in Berlin, risking my life using my own blade. This notably reduced my reach and interactions. At Hive I talked about the deep government’s lethal robotic repression option and again suffered rejection, though low-key.

Mentioning the Israeli Defense Forces’ Samson Protocol or that feminists in power have turned Sweden into a Disneyland for rapists in less than a decade and practices comprehensive censoring to cover it all up is a sure-fire way to hurt yourself socially. Try it and watch as your following becomes disengaged, if not turn against you.

These developments are easily proven facts, but even DN-people you hung out with for some time will cut you off immediately if you discuss them. Luckily that’s when you tend to find those actual red pill bros. Here are some more off-limit topics that show the digital nomad mainstream is blue pill, just so you understand where I’m coming from…

  • All topics in reference to the existence of the deep government, even after all we know today of the NSA etc.
  • Topics having to do with war are often considered inappropriate, because “bad energy”
  • Tax justice and many topics concerned with justice, if it’s not for Marxist understanding of equality
  • Game, faults of feminism / female judgment and masculinism
  • Cultural, Zionist, LGBT and religious criticism (except to bash Christianity), mass media and blue pill system criticism
  • Super taboo criticizing refugee policy or refugee crime
  • Civil resistance, armed resistance against criminals, any action that is not complete surrender

Note how these are quite important, even interesting topics. I could go on and on. The mainstream digital nomad movement is under constant siege of influencers trying to make it more effeminate, toothless and confused. Anyone who speaks up is brutally sanctioned if they were of any influence. If they were of no influence, they will be henceforth ignored.

“So what?” you might ask. The digital nomad sphere is large enough and there are enough red pilled tribes out there you can choose to make your home at. In my opinion this argument is flawed. I’d put the current sufficiently red-pilled rate at 12-15% max and there is another huge problem, and that’s talent waste.

Displays of skill in arts and music at Cosmic Conversion Electro Festival, fully identified with radical inclusionism. The event promotes price discrimination to disadvantage Americans and Europeans and is backed by the highly influential NuMundo Impact Entrepreneurship Network, which in turn is close to the Burning Man scene which again is richly dotted with individuals who’d do well in our ranks were they not 100% brainwashed

Digital Nomadism Is A Highly Effective Yet Peaceful Weapon Against Consumerist Enslavement

The actual champion red pill nomad is still part of a tiny minority. Many get caught up in the ideological traps of peace-love-and-unity blue pill influencers. It’s a damn shame when the appropriate initial drive should become confused and pussified.

Well-educated, maybe even already half-pilled young white people end up as roadkill, tricked into thinking for example that South Africa is a giant party and it’s cool to walk home three blocks. Crap cultures fail and it sucks to live there, and belief bubbles and safe spaces don’t do well against blades and bullets. I’ve tried it, trying to talk assailants out of robbing me. It really goes so much smoother if you’re packing. But show me the influential nomad influencer who recommends packing a weapon! I’ll believe you when I see it.

For pictures such as these you’d already start getting heat. Shooting as a hobby, or carry-rights even if one has shown one has enough mental Zen to wield such arms? Pretty much off-limits to the “respectable” nomad, or so the mainstream will agree

We Can’t Be Happy With These Losses And Humiliations

Red pill nomads have the choice to either hold still and do business with traitors and sheep or to speak up and suffer sanctions and banishment. I say let the principles of higher design flow forth to speak for the richness of our capacity. Through relentless, masculine strive, we are a growing force to be reckoned with.

Always remember: We are the essence. Libtard ideology is but a sorry, empty story for feeble-minded losers. If we stay true to what we know is right even under fiercest onslaught, we will yet bend, sink and break the boat of worms and rebuild the desecrated temples of reason and logic.

From one, many.
From many, change.
From change, hope.
From hope, victory.

Hopefully we can end the corrosive blue pill stranglehold on the nomad and impact sphere.

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134 thoughts on “Blue Pill Losers Are Invading The Digital Nomad Community And Turning It Into A Safe Space”

  1. Why don’t these people actually open their eyes and just accept reality for what it is. That it’s a violence driven machine. There’s nothing safe about the planet. It’s designed to challenge you mentally, physically and emotionally.

    1. Physical violence is the ultimate source of authority. We men need to understand again this idea, in detriment of women, who are inferior violence-wise and are clearly interested in erasing male authority/violence from the public sphere. The left, in its current state, is an existential threat to white males. We’d better start taking all of this much more seriously.

      1. Women do not like violence, it is the one thing they can not control or be good at, yet they will easily defer the implementation of violence by the way of paying taxes or use your taxes against you, so Big Daddy Government can go and beat up someone on their behalf.
        It is also not so much the use of violence to achieve an objective as it is the question of ‘What if / Or else” when you don’t do as your told that is more effective. The threat of violence at the appropriate time achieves a lot more than actually committing violence to achieve an objective.

        1. No- not in thailand
          In the sjw jungle of new york area.
          The machete hard at work hacking thru the nonsense for the occasional delicacy

    1. And the rainbow-coated SJWs will think they’ll make enough “passive income” off their travel blog. Look, I’m the first person in Thailand to ride Elephants and pet Tigers!

  2. OT, but worth noting: legal prostitution in the USA is already here, as indicated by the aggressive expansion of “massage parlors” (cough, cough) across the entire country – most especially in California. The article below is interesting in that it demonstrates what ROK readers have known all along; namely, that most women would very willingly sell their asses, simply because it’s in their nature to do so. (And government officials do whatever they’re fucking told to do by TPTB.)
    It won’t be long until prostitution is officially legal nationwide. Once these whorehouse/massage parlors are fully entrenched across the country, the Lawmaker Puppets in every state will start to rubber-stamp the necessary legislation (to the cries of “My body, my choice”, by good-looking, useful-idiot feminists).
    Until then, it’s effectively legal anyway, as most of these massage operations are protected from on high by the Prince of Darkness (aka, the elite), and virtually nobody ever gets busted for visiting them, or for working in them. The few who do get arrested, are arrested for show – to make it look like the cops are trying to crack down, but gosh-golly, it’s grown so much, they just can’t keep up with it, etc.:

    1. I was just reading that there was a HUGE bust of yankee cranky houses in NYC. They closed down a dozen or so, confiscated client lists, money, bla bla bla.

      1. All for show. The number of massage parlors that I am seeing popping in Phoenix is startling. I am looking forward to this Brave New World, where all hot women willingly sell their asses (and proudly, too). And so do all the others. A 10 gets top money, a 9 gets second-best money, all the way down to a 1 who pays men to blow loads on her face…

        1. I made over $8,700 last month by having women pay me to blow loads on their faces. That’s how I bought my new Range Rover. (You know the rest…)

        2. This was the point where I scratched around for some cab fare and got Chuck Whorris out of there.

        3. I visited Arizona once looking at colleges, and man….ASU has the largest number of 9s and 10s in one place. If they all work the massage parlors I’ll be re-enrolling in AZ.
          ASU girls are pretty goddamn hot

        4. Only places doing that here have skanky hoes (ugh) or a few Oriental “Massage” parlors where, no thanks.

        5. Man, I remember a few years back some libertard journo hunted around Vermont looking for such parlors (apparently they exist). Didn’t do it to bust them, only to talk bout them. Some liberal hokum…
          The parlors consequently got busted.

        6. I haven’t visited any of them, so I don’t know what the women look like in the Southwest. (Although many Vegas whores are stunning.) I wonder how many 9s and 10s sell their ass, right now, on Tinder, etc. – I’ll set the over/under at 20% of them. No way to prove it either way, of course, but…it’s gotta be moving in that direction.

        7. Yeah, ASU has some stunning sluts. I think pay-for-play sex with 9s and 10s will eventually be as common as buying a Big Mac…that will be a wonderful day, in my opinion.

    2. Meh. Marriage was institutionalized “selling of the ass” in exchange for rights to a man’s property and labor. Men signed onto it because it was necessary for progeny.
      They took that all away. Except the indentured slavitude aspect.
      BTW in Orlando FL back around… 2001-2002 I think, the cops busted a strip club just down the road from me. Said there was prostitution going oon in the champagne room…..
      the bust came after an 18 month investigation and tens of thousands of dollars spent.
      Well played.

    3. DUDE
      One opened in my town a few months ago. And others have recently opened in surrounding towns. These all have populations of less than 100k. Some less than 50k. I do MMA and sometimes need a massage. I get it from girls I know, but I was thinking of seeing what the hell is up with all these massage places opening around me. Are they really all just whorehouses?

      1. I’m thinkin’ they are (whorehouses). They pop up like weeds in Phoenix. That article I linked to, it indicates the same thing is happening in Calipornia. (Er, California.) I think what we will see, down the road, is more articles like the one I linked to…the media will start the mindfuck, to make it look like, “Hey, we shut two of these down, and 12 more pop up – why don’t we just legalize it?” Have to see what happens but eventually it’s gonna get legalized officially here in the USA…

        1. I wouldn’t be so sure. If it were gay bathhouses popping up all over the place, well hell yeah, the SJW crowd would do everything in their power to legalize and even promote them more. But anything having to do with fulfilling base needs of a heterosexual man will most definitely NOT be made fully legal.
          BTW, if you saw that article the stats on massage parlors defy the “trafficked, naive young flower” stereotype completely. The median age of the “masseuses” is well over thirty, with many of them working well into their 50s and even 60s. Why these lame establishments are so popular is testament to the sexual marketplace realities and/or the lazy, blue-pilled nature of the guys participating. I don’t get it – if things were that bad, I’d really rather beat off for free than spend money on some old hag jerking my crank and maybe giving me a social disease in the process. No thanks.

    4. Hey, Uncle Bob, speaking of safe spaces, are people getting banned a lot around here? Even one of my comments got the Clinton treatment.

      1. For comments sometimes you have to reload Disqus, like exit the article entirely then come into it new.

  3. Ummmm…what is a digital Nomad?
    I’m always behind on this new age homosexual silicon valley lingo.

    1. I thought kyle trouble was the only one. Actually I think its a strategy based on the economic superiority of homelessness in cheap foreign lands in comparison to working from a major western metropolis

      1. Right, it’s those boring travellers you see in other countries working on their miniature Mac laptops in starbucks and such. I see.
        Not exactly the ronin of ancient Japan is it?

        1. rootless bloggers wandering the world beholden to no man and selling their mercenary skills to the highest bidder

      2. Yeah I kinda feel like that about it too. I’m like ‘yeah travel that’s great… SO FUCKING WHAT’
        Having done much traveling in the belly of a C5 I’m glad to be home.

        1. western society is designed to attack white men. this is a known fact. therefore, the west is a terrible place to be if you are a white male. its not travelling, its leaving the place that wants you as a slave.

        2. I went on one of those. There are like two fucking windows on the whole thing and if you are unlucky you have to sit backwards.
          POLAND is worth traveling to though, if only for the food! The women are generally better dressed and skinnier than 90% of what passes for women here in the USA. At least in 2005 it was.

    2. The official definition I think is you’re staying less than 2 month in any spot, have a sufficient remote income and no steady home base no more

      1. sounds like the guy from, but most of his posts are on investing in rather sketchy areas.

      2. But isn’t nomadism the contrary of tradition and civilization since they never settle in one place, take root and perpetuate their knowledge and wisdom?
        Look at the examples in history: Bedouins, pirates, gypsies and now blue pill digital nomads. Not pretty.

        1. Well yes, they have to be unless they’re entertainers in a travelling show. Even then.
          You cannot produce anything or learn a proper craft when you’re constantly on the move so you can’t really live off the fruit of your labour. Therefore they turn to theft and piracy.

        2. As far as I observed, nomads hold out 3-4 years tops and either settle or return. Loyalty to their original culture and contribution to the host culture varies strongly with gender, mate and character. Generally, WASPs always contribute something of value

        3. Sry, can’t confirm this as many are designers, writers, coders etc. that’s hard work requiring higher education

      1. see “digital exam”
        (though despite the high-tech title, that shit is about as analog as you can get!)

  4. Meh, pretty much every organization not explicitly right is converged nowadays. Joe needs to learn something I’ve internalized over the years: Enjoy the Decline and Schadenfreude. Speak the truth, fight when advisable, but otherwise learn to lean back and laugh as others disregard common sense and pay the price.
    When a feminist gets raped and murdered by playing with the savages, laugh and say “Well at least she wasn’t racist!”. When an idiot guy knocks up a blue-haired skank, tell him to enjoy his next 20 years. If you’ve been speaking the truth, there’s not much else you could have done to help them.

    1. That’s pretty much where I am. I say what needs to be said, and then sit back and not help anybody when the time comes. Fuck them.

    2. When the decline hits, it hits all, not just the ones who deserve it. Having done some tours in the countries of our lovely southern friends who all say “Frijole” in a similar manner, I’d have to say that nobody here, not even “poolside” will enjoy anything about a decline and will be too busy trying to not get shot to enjoy their Schadenfreude.

    3. I heartily agree. I have much hilarity and will be bringing smores when everything goes up in flames.

    4. Watching the world burn doesn’t work for me, I’m too emphatic. I really didn’t wanna give a damn no more, trust me- it proved impossible. I got that fighting gene I guess, for me by now it’s become a question of honor

  5. ….and the best of German luck to you Joe!
    Gotta admire your staying sane and focused out there in the Digital Nomad arena (whatever on Earth that is).
    Trouble is, the young are gone.
    They are SJW.
    Don’t waste your time on them, as it says above continue, ‘… the red pilling of worth-it people.’
    Not people who will not talk to you because you are not pro-massive rapid immigration.
    Forget the young.
    Skip a generation.

      1. …it’s something I’ve been discussing a lot this Summer.
        Conclusion; the young will absorb vast amounts of your/our spiritual energy and STILL regress to SJW hatreds and prejudices….
        Don’t let them depress or dispirit you.
        Keep psychologically clear….mental hygiene….

  6. Digital Nomads largely make their money by collecting personal information and then selling it without the owners’ permission.

      1. I can…..I can confirm EVERYTHING about ‘Steve Jarret’ for 25 Euros.
        I can give you his home address and tel no. for an extra 15 Euros!

  7. This is fucking hilarious. I didn’t even know sites like this existed! This place seems a little anti-gay or whatever, which is funny because it seems like its a bunch of dudes who can’t stop jacking each other off ideologically 🤣

    1. Welcome. Your personal mental process on this site will go like this:
      Stage-1 (Denial): “What is this cavemanish-sounding “Game” of which you speak? Actually, I’d rather you didn’t answer that.”
      Stage-2 (Anger): “SEEEXIIISST!!!”
      Stage-3 (Bargaining): “… but even if Game is real, it doesn’t mean anything, does it? You know, women like soft cuddly fat guys, right? Game only works on a certain kind of girl… (or something).”
      Stage-4 (Depression): “Who could possibly have imagined that reality was so evil?”
      Stage-5 (Acceptance): “Feminism really has been a mountain of dishonest garbage, hasn’t it? Guess it’s time to learn Game or get married with a used up slut who is going to ruin my life.”

      1. 😂 Actually its just cute so far. A bunch of mental slaves who only understand life if it’s presented to them in dichotomies. Oh well, whatever gets you hard bud. Hopefully you get freed from the attention economy someday. Till then you’re just playing for the one true king $$$

        1. Nah, you don’t know anybody here in person, to be able to make those statements. Don’t project.

        2. ” A bunch of mental slaves who only understand life if it’s presented to them in dichotomies”
          You have just about zero evidence for that claim. From perusing this site for the past month I’d say there is far greater diversity of opinion here than in most places.
          It sounds like it took effort for you to look up those big words in a thesaurus.

        3. Big words? Is “dichotomy” a big word to you? I had assumed most of the community has at least a 9th grade vocabulary. Maybe they do and you are just an outlier. But you should try reading a little more regardless. Reading will give you countless advantages in life.
          Maybe you are right about the diversity present on this site. I have only seen a few articles on here. But generally sites that have 3+ different monetization paths are sites that focus on clicks rather than content. Although some of what is on this site is OC, it seems like most of it is for the purpose of providing self-verification to people. And unfortunately having self verification as your content strategy means that diverse ideas rarely arise(I am not implying that diversity should be a site goal).
          I was just surprised to find that someone found a unique community to monotize. Props to the creators for thinking outside the box!

      2. Yeah- many 6+ women are more prostrate Cancer than wife, and below- might as well boink a bot

    2. Thanks 5 comment dude! Your comment changes everything!

        1. You walk in talking about jacking people off, and then tell me to “grow up”?
          Physician, heal thyself.

  8. “The digital nomad
    lifestyle is one of the few chances still left to the freedom-seeking
    man to both enjoy life and offer resistance.”
    And that is why “they” (or ((they)) if you prefer) have sent forth their entryists, and brain virus vectors to ruin it. This crap does not happen by accident. Find any big name in this “movement” today and in a decade they’ll resurface in some leftist think tank or university or head of some group. Mark my words.
    Edit: oh and telling white shitlibs to go treading unarmed in dinduland might be a service to humanity. We don’t need them. Let them be found dead with a stretched asshole for all I care. Heck they’d probably enjoy the first couple of minutes.

    1. Word up! Thus, let’s not be blind to what is actually happening, it’s a concerted action by the blue to ruin something inherently red.

  9. Too much hate. Live and let live. When you do what you love you don’t have time to worry about what anyone else is doing. One live 😉

  10. Huh. Digital Nomad ‘Community.’ You know what is Blue Pill? Community.
    God-Family-Tribe-Nation. A community of digital nomads has got to be some kind of oxymoron.
    “Community” is a cultural Marxist linguistic hammer meant to chip away the actual pillars of civilization. Hijacking language to change thoughts to, in turn, change language, etc. is textbook. And it seems to have worked in this example.
    The Digital Nomad community is as absurd as the “Gay Community”. Fags, carpet munchers, lesbian scooter gangs, bears, leathers, queers, trannies, and Obama are not all part of some ‘Community’ just because they fuck their own. It’s just in-group v. out-group virtue/vitcim hierarchy bullshit designed to marginalize and demoralize the good, normal, beautiful, and natural.
    These facsimiles and facades like “community”, are constructed upon the boneyard of tenuous and ever-splintering identity groups vying for the blood spewing from the host. Vampires, one and all.
    This absurd notion that people tending toward the same sorts of consumption, occasional production, or propensity to be aggrieved are somehow part of some community is a dishonor to the actual communities that exist. The existence of which is just what happens to allow theses pseudo-communities to pretend to be something they are not. But not for much longer.
    There is a marketplace. Enter the marketplace and produce something of value. The rest is playing their game.

      1. My intent is not to tear down those who seek out bonds with others – or to piss on a thoughtful piece, but rather, to caution against falling into the trappings of derivatives. Calibration is essential.
        The notion of community, much like that of “friends” has fallen into the contextual pit of the virtual and contrived. Expecting to harvest the benefits of community from something that is not actually a community is precarious.
        Calling out the weak points, in an otherwise weak chain, as “blue pill” is missing the mark; a kind of virtue-signaling of one’s self-appointed status as a True Digital Nomad. A more constructive angle would have been “How to build/strengthen/protect your network as a digital nomad” or someshit.
        Like a long distance “relationship” or facebook friends, one should be hyper-aware of calibrating according to the context of what is actually there.
        Have laptop, will travel, can indeed afford one the potential to create real bonds, in real time. But to suggest something as intricate and robust as Community arises out of an aggregation of casual intersects based on disparate motivations, values, and investments – and then complain as to the quality of individuals comprising that “community”, rings as misguided.
        While I believe that a community can arise in advance of (or arguably even, absent of – certain infrastructure), I do believe that individual investment into *something* beyond the self, shared values, and a social-moral ethos are required, in some measure at least.
        What the author is feeling is not the erosion of his nomad community due to some decline in individual character of those within it – or the encroachment of low-value interlopers, but rather the absence of Community altogether. Which, in my meager opinion, is a symptom of the actual problem.
        I don’t doubt he feels this erosion. But I think it is indicative that he sees a community where there is more of a network, as opposed to some “blue-pill” intrusion. Words matter in this regard. Calling something a community that is not, imbues values and implants expectations, etc. that are primed for collapse, manipulation, etc.
        In his notion of community, there are no barriers to entry, no (or extremely weak) mechanisms of moral-ethical socialization or enforcement, and very little in terms of (aggregated) personal investment into something other than tenuous intersections of professional and personal relationships pinging for something mutually-beneficial.
        All that said, the network has value and those personal relationships have value and the culmination can offer great utility – but a highly transient (i.e. nomadic), highly virtual, and low-investment contextual framework largely based on a subset of lifestyle choices are hardly fertile ground for the kind of harvest the author is (I assume) seeking out.

        1. That was a lot more than I’m used to reading in the comments section, but good stuff. Thanks for posting indepth.

    1. Lack of brotherhood and allegiance between reds will have us on our knees before long, just look at the jews. As we are a declining minority, we can’t hope to win against the horde divided, counting every pea, discussing every idea as competitors. Broken fingers can wield no arms, yet alone one as complex as the field requires now, after decades of the enemy’s ranks swelling.

  11. A nomadic lifestyle is inherently leftist. There are plenty of wholesome people to talk shit about Muslims with and fine girls just waiting to be impregnated by a sturdy white Viking invader in every small town and village in Asia. You’re hanging with the wrong crowd.

    1. Imho: a nomadic lifestyle is escape from the collective as an individual, an often desperate move with much sacrifice. The red tribes are tiny, and without my backlinks from blues who received mass media coverage and thus huge SEO value would never have taken off like it did- just google my name and see the publications that come up

    2. How do you come to that conclusion? Originally it was libertarians who went digital nomad way back before most of you ever heard of TCP/IP. As far as I understand it’s not about bedding women, but about parking a boat in a port somewhere and hooking up to the interwebs and doing a job for, dunno, web design, getting paid then moving on as the fancy strikes you. Sounds like a pretty fun life, if you have that kind of personality.

      1. That’s the weird thing. I first heard about it while working in Silicon Valley. The advantage was no income tax and you get to travel around. (If you were OK with tossing US citizenship. AHEM.)
        Got to Europe, and did it myself for a few years. You save a TON of money but it does get old after awhile. Sure it’s fun maybe the first 4 hops. But after that it starts getting tedious in a hurry.
        At least that’s the nomads I’m familiar with. The type in this article are news to me. And there are communities? Full of… men with man-buns? Haha! 🙂

  12. I saw an example of radical inclusionalism a few weeks ago in the Berlin U-Bahn.. Just like two young European girls and a humongously fat turkish or middle eastern character, the guy was yelling all kinds of silly stuff, and must have been at least 130kg, not muscle. Something not quite right there.
    Well, am not a digital nomad myself but used to be into couchsurfing, which has also an excessively large contingent of the radically inclusionist persuasion.
    That’s funny, jewellery for self defence.. Certainly, one enjoyable aspect of rainy weather is the right to carry a large umbrella and can also add that when am out with the bicycle, and in a dangerous situation keep my hand close to that thick cable lock that metal thing on the end would do some damage.

  13. Actually this is something that was to be awaited. No offence to the good nomads, but modern nomadism is nothing but the epitome of rootless cosmopolitanism. In fact I was surprised that the left did not came to it first in its digital form.

  14. Nomads are by definition parasites.
    « Nusquam est qui ubique est. Vitam in peregrinatione exigentibus hoc evenit, ut multa hospitia habeant, nullas amicitias. »

  15. Apparently there are… Digital Nomad communities now!?
    I suppose I was one of these weirdos before I even knew the term. However… the point of being a so-called digital nomad was supposed to be income tax relief and travel. (In that order for me. And none of the hippy freedom nonsense, thanks.) At least it was when I was purely a nomad. I’ve settled down a bit now and stick in one place longer. No tax relief but it isn’t as tiring either. It got to the point where I’d pay income tax just to stop moving around. 😉
    That said, it seems there are different levels of nomads. The few people I’ve met doing the same thing were either other software engineers or individuals that could provide some service purely online. That’s what allows us to move around and still make a great living. Whatever nomads this article is talking about are different beasts entirely. If those few pics up there are any indication of what they’re like, I’m very glad to have never encountered them to date. 😀

  16. I’m German, a DN before it was a thing, have never heard of these people and generally don’t seek to associate with Europeans. Western Europe is full of people with absolute garbage mentalities that want to drag others down with them and all the smart ones will soon have left the region – leaving it to it’s inevitable fate of third worldization (think dangerous areas of Brazil and Argentina).

  17. I totally disagree. Every dude I meet while traveling is just trying to bang foreign women, and or sex mongering. That’s not exactly blue pill. I’m sure some of them are wannabe yoga, budhists, etc… but only so they can meet women in those circles.

  18. I made a digital hoe mad…she said “Meet me on Chaturbate” and I said “Blow me first and I won’t send your dad screen shots of you sticking a lamb shank up your ass.”

  19. I know a couple of digital nomads, one very successful. Couldnt be much bluer pill. The successdull one was bragging about the filipino hotties he was getting..then I showed him the latin hotties I pull with no money. No contest.

  20. What does a digital nomad do exactly?
    Is it a travel blogger like the sluts who are sponsored by some beta simp rich guy?

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