The Stupidest Things That Liberals Have Told Me

Liberals have been led astray by an ideology that just doesn’t work, and they haven’t seen through its many flawed premises. For some, enlightenment begins after they gain life experience. Until then, they’re encumbered by some odd beliefs, including the following ones I’ve heard.

Money grows on trees

One of my former girlfriends told me that the government should loan a million dollars to anyone who wants to start their own business. This would get around the problem of banks capriciously deciding who qualifies for a loan. Since having to create viable business plans is an unreasonable burden, the government simply could rubber stamp all applicants and cut them a check for a cool mill. Yes, she was dead serious.

I have my misgivings about banksters, to say the least. Even so, they’re certainly correct to reject loans that are unlikely to get repaid. After all, they’ve gotten their fingers burnt over risky loans before. What sense, then, does it make for the government to start tossing out millions like confetti?

I asked, “What if someone fritters it all away instead and can’t pay it back?” She didn’t think it was a big deal. So I pointed out that for the government to lend everyone a million dollars, the only way to raise the money would be to tax everyone a million dollars. Then what’s the point? Nevertheless, she wasn’t deterred from this big idea.

The fundamental error

The government doesn’t create wealth; it taxes it. For that reason, whenever the government spends money, it should be for a very good reason, which frequently it isn’t. All too many liberals believe the government is a limitless wellspring of money. Because of fiat currency and the Federal Reserve, it kind of is, except that creates debt rather than wealth. Swiping that unlimited credit card ad infinitum brings consequences.

It’s a mentality similar to leftist revolutionaries who don’t understand how wealth is created and maintained. They see it as a big pile of treasure that someone else has and they don’t. They consider this unjust, and the solution is to steal it. When they run out of people to loot, the result is places like North Korea, Venezuela, and Zimbabwe.

Richard Nixon sets it straight

We are not spending the Federal Government’s money, we are spending the taxpayer’s money, and it must be spent in a way which guarantees his money’s worth and yields the fullest possible benefit to the people being helped.

Burn it all down

Saul Alinsky, grandfather of the community agitators

A public school teacher with SJW-like tendencies told me that whenever there’s a problem in society, the solution is to tear down the system. Reform isn’t enough. I was going to argue that if you set out to destroy something, you first should ensure that whatever takes its place will be better. However, she beat me to it, going on that it doesn’t matter if the results are worse than the starting point. What?

The fundamental error

If you take one step forward and three steps back, then you were better off leaving well enough alone. Sometimes reform is necessary and proper, but it must be carefully considered and have a realistic plan leading to constructive results. Not all change is progress.

This “burn everything down and magically paradise will emerge” mentality is a common theme. We’ve seen this with the Jacobins (France), the Bolsheviks (Russia), cultural Marxism (our society), the Cloward-Piven Plan (the welfare state), the feminists (the family), and the list goes on. Half-baked leftist schemes have a terrible track record. When they set out to torch everything, then Year Zero begins with a pile of ashes.

Richard Nixon sets it straight

One of the most startling gaps in the Communist theory is the lack of any clear notion of how a Communist economy would be organized. In the writings of the great founders of communism there is virtually nothing on this subject. This gap was not an oversight, but was in fact a necessary consequence of the general theory of communism. […]

Operating then, in this vacuum of guidance left behind by their prophets, how did the founders of the Soviet Union proceed to organize their new economy? The answer is that they applied as faithfully as they could the teachings of their masters. Since those teachings were essentially negative, their actions had to have the same quality.

Human nature can be altered easily

One of the primary means they use to try to change human nature

One of my friends conducts group debates via email which includes a millennial Bernie Sanders supporter. A debate over global warming somehow morphed into a discussion over what future society should be like. The kid stated that we’ll have to change human nature to eliminate greed completely. From the way he wrote about this, he considered it to be as easy as passing a speed limit law.

It doesn’t work this way. For example, Christianity has preached against excesses of greed from the beginning, likewise Islam and major Eastern religions. They significantly discouraged avarice along with other vices, but in thousands of years they haven’t eradicated them from the human mind. For that matter, they’re all nominally religions of peace, but it doesn’t always work that way.

Good luck on getting ideology to do more than sermons of hellfire and brimstone did! I thought of pointing out the futility, but he seemed impervious to reason.

The fundamental error

Leftists—from moderate liberals all the way to flaming Maoists—have great faith that human nature can be remade into whatever suits their purposes. They believe it’s completely created by society. Culture does matter a lot (which is why they should quit screwing it up), but you can’t engineer society like reprogramming a computer. That doesn’t work.

Still, they cause a lot of damage attempting this. Worse for them, these absurd social engineering efforts create smoldering resentments by coercing people to act against their nature. The sudden collapse of Communism in Eastern Europe should’ve warned them. For example, if the Swedes arise against their dispossession, there will be hell to pay. The same is true elsewhere in Europe; it’s only a matter of time before many criminally irresponsible politicians and their cronies find themselves in deep shit.

Richard Nixon sets it straight

In the long term we can hope that religion will change the nature of man and reduce conflict. But history is not encouraging in this respect. The bloodiest wars in history have been religious wars.

The media is objective and independent

Around Trump’s inauguration, one of my liberal friends (who does have some redeeming qualities) breathlessly told me that most magazines and newspapers were going to use the word “resist” in their headlines.

I mentioned how much collusion that would require. Then I asked if it bothered her that the media outlets were in cahoots with each other and had so little ideological variation. Sure, you’d expect some leftist periodicals, but why so few with other viewpoints? She just continued with how great the “resist” headlines would be. Again I brought up the issue of balance, but I might as well have been talking to a wall.

This seems to have been a half-baked idea; only a few publications followed through with “resist” headlines. Still, liberals should be concerned about a vast ideological imbalance in the press, even if it’s in their favor.

The fundamental error

If voters are to make informed decisions, they must get accurate information. This doesn’t happen if the news is one-sided partisan propaganda. Consider the following:

  • Obama’s Deep State had the whole country under surveillance: no big deal.
  • Hillary’s staffers erased thousands of emails: no big deal.
  • Nixon’s team bugged two rooms and erased a few minutes of tape: the press went berserk.

I say they owe Tricky Dick an apology.

Richard Nixon sets it straight

The American people are entitled to see the president and to hear his views directly, and not to see him only through the press.

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248 thoughts on “The Stupidest Things That Liberals Have Told Me”

  1. Liberals are insane, and I think it’s contagious. So I try my best never to listen to them. OT – This guy is seated on a commercial jet, right across the aisle from a hot blonde. He recognizes her; she’s a famous author who does sex research, but he can’t remember her name. So he leans over and says, “Hey, pardon me – just wondering. You’ve been researching this stuff for years. Which types of men are the best in bed?” The blonde author looks at him curiously at first, but then she smiles, and says, “According to my research, Native Americans have the biggest penises, but Jewish men last the longest.” The man nods and says, “What is your name again, I can’t remember.” She says, “Angie Johnson, what’s yours?” To which he replies, “Geronimo Feldman.”

    1. I just told my wife that in the middle of her grading some shitty papers and she almost fell over.

  2. Nixon created the EPA and supported a universal basic income, two left-wing causes.
    I agree with Nixon on a lot, so I often use those two facts to irritate leftists who love using him as a straw man.

  3. Tricky Dick took us off the gold standard, created the EPA, and started offshoring to China. He’s as much of a liberal as the other idiots you mention in your article.

  4. The whole point of State education (indoctrination) is to make sure the populous do not develop the ability look at the empirical data that is available, and then draw their own conclusion based upon that, using logic and reason as tools.
    If most people could do this, the elites would be slaughtered within a week.
    (Not that I support that.)

  5. Funny, I’m currently working on an essay about Nixon.
    This comment section is gonna be great. I’ll start. Liberals I know and don’t know have told me:
    That Trump created all the buzz about Hillary’s corruption and fabricated her emails
    That even if people admit to things, it doesn’t matter as long as they aren’t Trump (i.e., jews admitting what they’re doing to the West)
    That contempt of certain groups (blacks, mexicans, muslims) is anything but a symptom of their behavior.
    That women just want to be treated like you want to be treated *FUCKING BLAH*
    That ROK is where men go to plan rape meetings before they go out to mass rape
    That muscles don’t get you laid
    That posting shirtless pictures on Tinder won’t get you more matches
    That whites should give up 70% of their income to “disadvantaged” leeches
    That John Lennon was a prophet ahead of his time
    That girls like tender and soft touch and not rough balls to the wall sex >_>
    All I can remember in the moment. But I’ve heard some dumb shit (in b4 someone quotes one of my articles lol)

    1. everything you need to know about Nixon can be learned from the Wu Tang Clan’s song Bring da Rukus
      Ghostface, catch the blast of a hype verse
      My glock bursts, leave in a hearse, I did worse
      I come rough, tough like an elephant tusk
      Ya head rush, fly like Egyptian musk
      Aw shit, Wu-Tang Clan spark the wicks an’
      However, I master the trick just like Nixon
      Causin’ terror, quick damage ya whole era
      Hardrocks is locked the fuck up, or found shot
      P.L.O. style, hazardous, cause I wreck this dangerous
      I blow sparks like Waco, Texas

      1. “Long after I am dead, I will return in the form of the clan called Tang of Wu, to impart my cosmic wisdom upon a new age, from beyond the grave.” — Gandhi.

        1. Please McGregor would talk about how he could beat them at rapping and then get his punk ass handed to him while his fans cried he would have won if it was MMA

    2. Hold on there Liam: Are you suggesting that that ROK is NOT where you go to plan rape meetings before going out for mass rape because if so I am gonna need to find which site is.
      Edit: Just found it

        1. Wait, I’m all for a good rape meeting, but I’m out if this is a gang-rape meeting. Totally different. I’m not going after one of you sick fucks.

        2. we could always compromise and rape a good gang. That’s a lot easier to do than the one’s who carry knives and uzis and shit

        3. Whoa! Hold on there, young fella! We’re just going to take turns on the next female to comment anywhere on this site.

        4. Pay a smuggler to take your kid across an ocean in an inflatable raft, have him wash up on shore where he is photographed dead. Have this image crack open the gates, then grab your mates and head across yourself ?

      1. I created a facebook event titled “ROK Rape Fest: The Plundering” and no one showed up….
        Guess it’s back to the ole’ chloroform at 1am routine 🙁

  6. This article pretty much hits things squarely. We can all agree that modern liberalism is a mental illness that pretty much can be described as extreme delusional behavior but it is based on Humanism in which the basic tenet is Natural Goodness that people are born with an innate Goodness that is corrupted by the world around the individual by such things as ‘Demon Rum’, Money, Guns, Pornography and such things that in the past and in the present liberals thought improving society could be achieved through banning such things. Well people are by nature wicked and the only thing that keeps the individual straight is with a society that promotes Virtue and is quite harsh on those who are immoral.

    1. In order for us to be truly good, we must understand how viscious we can be.
      It’s a balance of good and evil that usually sets us on a path to a greater understanding.

      1. One need only study history to see the depths of human depravity though looking at what goes on in Europe also helps. I have long since come to the basic conclusion that people are by their own nature no damn good, that man has what the religious call a Fallen Nature while women theirs is even worse.

  7. “However, she beat me to it, going on that it doesn’t matter if the results are worse than the starting point. What?”
    We had created quite an elegant system for the problem.
    We called the ‘prison’ for those with dangerous minds university and it worked well for a long time.
    No chains needed. Maybe the movie “beautiful mind” was a bit to much off a joke on their behest.
    Start reading some Terry Pratchett.
    He got really a lot of things right.
    So much, he had to hide it on the Discworld.

  8. I don’t know. I hear this “religion causes all the wars and worst wars” line for 30 years now. To this I say, look at the wars before religion. Please tell me what religion the Roman legions, Spartans, Persians, Mogols were fighting for? Please show me this safe, happy society before religion. Show me this pre religion society that was void of mass slavery, wars, suffering? It doesn’t exists and was actually a more brutal world. Fact is, regardless of religion or not, all societies have had their beliefs. Rather it was a golden calf, Odin, Zeus, whoever. Wars are based on conquest of resources and labor. Religion is a side note. Like how bikes are in biker gangs. It would be like saying biker gangs fights because of bikes. No, they fight because they are aggressive and want control over others. Nothing more, nothing less. I contend religion has given meaning to billions of people and put an actual price on humanity.

    1. Was going to say, but glad you mentioned it: I’m pretty sure most gang wars and drug cartel wars had little to do with religion.
      In fact, the Crusades were less about Jesus and more about spices, the Silk Road, gold, and getting knights out of Europe.

        1. There’s ONLY one Spice: Kratom
          And it makes Sand Worms even more bigger !

        2. “The Worms are the Spice. The Spice is the Worms. The Worms are…Arrakis.” Damn I remember so many trips during ski club in junior high when we were on the way to the mountain and would alternate between quoting that, Monty Python and the Holy Grail, and Robocop. Thank you For Not Smoking.

        3. A baby Sand Worm with a pitiful collection of small plastic trinkets and a mood ring once got ahold of a shipment of Kratom.
          We now know him as Smaug.

        1. Who among us has not followed their idiot friends en masse to do something regrettable?!?!?

        2. These days its Krakow or Prague, but back in the day if you were having a stag do the only place that would do was Jerusalem. Shame about the damage after a few too many

      1. And…truly, defending Europe from Islam. It was a long slow, sleepy, classically European reaction to literally centuries of predation.

        1. In the meantime the Spanish language even today is filled with Arabian infiltrates (!Ojalla que si!) and some of the most celebrated architecture is Muslim. I would’ve loved to have heard the Spanish language before the Moors got there…bet it would have sounded more like Latin than modern Italian due to the isolation of the Iberian peninsula.

      2. The Crusades are a REACTION to Islamist expansion. Fuck every damn libtard with a chainsaw for their historical ignorance alone.

    2. You don’t have to back that far….in the 20th century Communists (atheists) murdered more people than all religious wars (if you want to say Christian, Muslim) throughout history. Stalin…50 million give or take 10 million, Mao….another 50 million….Chmer Rouge….1 million, etc., etc…..I guess you can throw the Nazis in there also. And atheists have the Gaul to go around criticising Christianity as if it’s the worst world view out there…..

      1. Stalin did not kill 50 million, this number has been parroted by decades to denigrate Russia and portray it as a slaughter house. (((People))) , the early (((bolsheviks))), who took control of Russia, they did kill and torture millions. Then Stalin killed them.
        Since Stalin dared to cleanse Russia of the Jewish overlords, the Western and especially American Jews, the ones who control all the MSM, have been pouring buckets of dirt over his head.
        Why not say 100 million or perhaps 300 million?

        1. No I wouldn’t say 100 or 300. If anything it was socialists and communists of the west brushing Stalin’s atrocities under the carpet for years.
          You’re implying Stalin was good for Russia?

        2. I’m implying you have to see things in the context of historical setting they were happening under. Stalin happened to rule Russia during the Greatest War in the human history. About 20 – 27 million Soviets died as a result. Should we attribute their deaths to Stalin as well? He made mistakes, and was not perfect. But he defeated Hitler and made Russia the world empire, developed agriculture and industry, improved quality of life for millions.
          All I’m saying, his portrayal in the West is highly inaccurate because Russia has always been perceived as an enemy. Just like today every news outlet talks about how horrible Russia and Putin are, day in and day out.

        3. Well said. The west will do whatever they can to de-stabalize and destroy other Stronger Countries/Civilizations/Religions. Ironically, every body knows about this but can’t say or do much… because…; west is the Majority !!

        4. Again, well said. Not just about Russia and Putin, the “few” shameless losers are targeting their very own President; every second, minute and every day.
          Don’t know when this “femerica” becomes “America” again !!

        5. I would side with Russia these days than I would with my own flaccid country. Visited St. Pete last year and have a booty call with a Russian hottie. I would like to see much more of the country.
          I would argue that he didn’t defeat Hitler, he was one of the factors leading to Hitler’s defeat, the US and a two front war had a lot to do with Hitler’s downfall.
          There was also the famine in Ukraine that lead to the deaths of 7 million, the purging of the upper echelons of the Russian Amy, the massacre of Polish army officers, 50,000 I think, the hundreds of thousands sent to the Gulags never to return. I would not have any rose tinted nostalgia for Stalin or the USSR.
          These days I do not perceive Russia as the enemy but as a light against the globalist darkness.

        6. Like I said – most of the atrocities were commited long before Stalin took power. The country was in flames, from 1917 till about mid 1930s – Christians were killed and starved in millions. Most of that was done by a small group of people who in their gut loathed everything Christian and Slavic. It took Stalin a few years to cement his rule and then he purged those Khazars.
          Congrats on your trip to St. Pete’s. Its a nice city. Been there myself.

        7. The two front war never really opened up until 1944
          Hitlers conquest into Russia started in June 1941

        8. Agreed and the Russian front was a meat grinder for both armies until the second front opened up in France which Stalin was asking the Allies to start from a few years before.
          The second front sealed Hitlers fate.

        9. You are an idiot. The Germans would probably have lost against the Russians, but the Russians would have taken longer and lost a huge amount of men if the west had not bombed the German heartland to ruble. What that did was pull all the German air cover off the eastern front to protect their homeland cities. If you are fighting a modern war where you don’t have at least air parity, you might as well just kill yourself. When the German army had air superiority (early on in 1941-1942) the Germans were wiping the Russians out. The German blitzkrieg required a combined armor, infantry, artillery, and air power to work. And the cost to the western allies of this air campaign was very high. Look at the casualty rates of the western allies air forces.

        10. Russia has not “always” been an enemy of the United State of Am. The Star of All the Russians sent his navy to assist the US in blockading the ports of the Confederate States of Am. The Russian Navy spent most of the time in New York harbor, but its presence was daunting to the Southern blockade runners.
          Russia was an ally (convenience, true, but aren’t all alliances of convenience?) of the US and its UK allies against Nazi Germany and its allies. Russia has worked with the US at times to curtail Red China.

      2. I tried that. They argued that the Nominal Christianity the Nazis and Communists were born into proves that it was really motivated by Christianity.
        Same way they argue Terry McVeigh was an act of Christian terror, even if the guy said he was an Atheist.

        1. And that he was a Militia Member. The only militia that McVeigh was a member of was the US Marines.
          But facts are “facts” to Leftists: whatever Leftist theorists say is Truth is “fact.” Today’s. Tomorrow’s Truth may be different, and (then-) yesterday’s Truth never was. If a Leftist pundit says Atheist McVeigh was a Christian, then a Christian he was. If a Leftist pundit says ex-Marine McVeigh, who is reputed to have been seen at a Gun & Knife show once, was a National Militia Leader, then It Is So. God said, “Let there be _______” And It Was So.

        2. Yup. Been in an argument with a couple lefties the last two days. One insists the Nazis were Christian Fascists, just like the… modern Republican party. The other…. well, he’s your more standard Nazis who can’t tell the difference between Israel and Germany….. I’m done with that twit.
          So Liberals is basically: Good = Me. Evil = Not me. And as I change, so do Good and Evil.

    3. Agree, however the problem is that religion can be quite a useful excuse to demonize the other side.

    4. Even friggin Islam curbed some of the baser customs of the Arabic peoples when it was first introduced. Granted, they’ve let the joint fall to shit lately.

    5. The Romans, the Spartans, the Crusades ecc without religion none of them would have been at war. Even in the nazi waffen ss there was an esoteric ideology inspired to some values of medieval chivalry. About the Romans, it is common opinion that they were pragmatical and kinda atheist, but it was not that way. Especially during the monarchy: to make just an example out of millions, the ritual of evocatio consisted in summoning on the battlefield the main god of the enemy city to literally take its favour, something resembling stuff like black magic summoning to make it clear. They also had two kind of rights/justice: ius and fas, the first establishing between roman and roman, the secondo between romans and gods, and it is no wonder that the fas was never to be broken.
      It is too long to post other examples, but there are many red pilled books about it, such as Evola’s.

      1. The Romans, the Spartans, the Crusades etc without religion none of them would have been.

      2. I couldnot disagree more. By this statement it would mean since every culture has beliefs than every war is fought over religion.

      3. Romans never went to war for their Gods. They went to war to conquer and control.

        1. Wait, I’m not saying the Romans went to war for, I don’t know, Juppiter. But we can’t deny that the first thing the Romans did, even before , winning, was ordering reality. Ordering in a material sense, obviously, but especially in a spiritual sense. The military camp itself reflected the organization of Rome, which was later transferred to the new colony. This organization had its foundation in mythology (I can’t remember well, i think Kereny talked about this), the foedus, cardum, decumanum etc. The Roman religion had a juridical character, everything was full of gods to quote Talete, and this character, the fas, was taken to the rest of the known world with war. So yes, they went to conquer and control, but ths two were firstly religious, and then material.
          Even in Greece, when a city was being taken, its soldiers would rather prefer to save the “sacra”, the pledges of alliance with the gods that legitimated the existence of the city, than to save the city losing them. Please forgive any error in my posts, for English is not my mother language.

        2. Sure. When you grab the other guy by the throat, if he doesn’t resist, you don’t have to defend yourself.

    6. Few people understood what Communism was.. (it was very wrong, but that’s not the point).
      For most of its followers, and victims, Communism was a Religion. A very successfull Cult, to be precise.
      With its saints, its martyrs, it’s collective Mass, it’s hero to come, it’s mysteries, it’s radiant Future becomings, its holly wars, its scapegoat.
      Religions doesn’t need to use obvious supernatural tropes. They just need to give a global explantation, a way to follow, and a group to join.
      We will never escape to religions. It’s our very Nature.

    7. The only religion that’s caused enough wars to be noteworthy is Islam, the death cult of a 7th century Middle-Eastern beta male who made sure his Allah sent him all the revelations he wanted to justify his violent and licentious behavior.

      1. Read your bible; there’s plenty of wars mentioned in there that the Israelites supposedly fought. Not to mention “God” order the killing of all the Canaanites, women and children.

        1. The Israelites were not Christians, so please don’t blame Christians for the wars of the Israelites.
          The Canaanites were given choices: beat it before the Israelite army arrived, open your city gates and submit when the Israelite army approached, or be massacred. The Gibeonites went one better: they sent an ambassage to meet the Israelites, and made a treaty to become tributaries (pay an annual ransom) to Israel.
          Only some conquests required the massacre of the entire population. Most massacred the warriors and took the women, boys and girls as slaves.
          This sounds vicious to us, but massacre of defeated enemies was standard practice throughout most of the ancient world. Of course pretty virgin girls would be taken as loot. Boys were typically castrated and enslaved.

    8. Religions are best used during peace, to create a culture worth fighting for in the future.
      There are no rules or morality in war.

  9. Nixon may have had some things right but he’s second only to Woodrow Wilson (Federal Reserve, income tax) in destroying us financially (Bretton Woods; a.k.a. getting off of the gold standard).

    1. Going off the gold standard was necessary. The French had decided to raid the US gold deposits by insisting on all transactions being paid in Francs and then redeemed in American gold. The other western countries were getting a free ride in being able to compete on the basis of cost due to being able to adjust their currency value to favor their exports and hinder their imports. During the immediate post war era this worked. By the 1970s the US was simply being looted by the rest of the west.

  10. 5 million years of engineering vs 10,000 years of engineering. Guess which one usually sticks.
    Nature has crafted a set of laws for us to abide by instinctively without even thinking about them.
    Liberals will never get this as everyone seem to have a Messiah complex believing that the human consciousness could be easily manipulated.
    For millions of years we have behaved in a way nature intended us to in order for us to harmously settle and live on this planet.
    Trying to deny nature the purpose she has given us is futile as we always end up as carbon feed for her.

  11. The dumbest thing a liberal can do is pretend that what they say has nothing to do with revenge, jealousy, subversion, control, lowering the bar and deep seated feelings of inadequacy.

  12. I don’t get why we don’t just make the minimum wage one million dollars an hour.
    We’d all be rich!

      1. No, no. You’re not thinking like a leftist. First, it’s the intent that counts. Then, there are no consequences worse than the problem you were trying to solve. So, whatever happens, it’s better by definition.

        1. You’re saying we are about to have the most delish beer in history of humankind.

    1. You’re a real radical! Even shitlib Matty Ygelias only suggested $150/hr, and “the Federal Reserve could figger out the rest”.

    2. The Ruling Elite just print their money via the Fed. No way they let the Unwashed Masses do the same thing.

      1. In all seriousness I can’t wrap my head around how modern finance actually works. My home province Ontario is over 300 billion dollars in debt.
        Are we ever going to have to actually pay that off? Is money even real?
        I work and save aggressively kuz that’s how I was raised, but I’m not even sure if I’m just cucking myself or not…

        1. Here’s something to ponder, that might take your mind off that clusterfuck…because the game is rigged and it isn’t rigged for us. So what do we do about it.
          The Professor, Gilligan and the Skipper are drinking beer on Gilligan’s Island. They start talking about which of the castaway females they would bang first, if they had the chance.
          The Skipper says, “That Mary Ann, she does it for me, I’d fuck her in a heartbeat!”
          Gilligan says, “The hell with her – I’d fuck Ginger in the ass in the wink of an eye.”
          The professor thinks about it for a second or two and finally says, “I’d fuck all three of them if I got to do things my way.”
          The Skipper says, “Fuck you, no way.”
          Gilligan says, “How, Professor?”
          And the Professor says, “I’d fuck Mrs. Howell and get her to divorce Mr. Howell and marry me…after that, Mary Ann and Ginger would crawl to me and spread their legs.”

        2. The US is holding $18 trillion in federal debt, but any other country would have imploded by now… the only saving grace is that we are the worlds reserve currency and the rest of the world is just as stupid as we are.
          Take your fiat cash and by hard assets that retain value.

        3. That which can’t continue, won’t. It’s not going to be the walking dead or anything, but rough times are coming. The problem comes when guys try to be too specific on timelines. The Soviet Union was insane but still limped along for 70 years and still needed a push at the end.
          So no being fiscally responsible isn’t cucking yourself. Take a leaf from the old Roman families who survived for centuries, keep some gold in reserve, raise your kids to not just be good, but allies, and quietly protect your downside.

        4. There are two ways that debt like that is taken care of. First, is the government says “eff off we ain’t paying”. The creditors get mad, and nobody will lend to the government for decades. This is the best option as it prevents more borrowing for a significant time with all the benefits that entails. The second option is for the government to print enough currency to pay it off. This results in inflation as the value of money gets diluted. The value crashes even further than that as anyone with that currency dumps it in fear of more rapid devaluation. This pisses off the creditors as their loan money is rendered worthless, and REALLY pisses of the population as it wipes out their savings. The third option is of course cutting government spending and paying the debt back, but I didn’t think utopian magic unicorn options were worth discussing.

        5. Its interesting. Debt is basically slavery, meaning whomever you are indebted owns you, at least until the debt repaid in full, with interest.
          Now when our nations governments and essentially its people are trapped in a never ending debt cycle, of something made out of thin air I may add. Who really controls us. Democracy or the private banking cartels.

        6. If government’s tell the cartel to fuck themselves, war is inevitable. They will use another of their nation-clients allowing that client to enrich themselves further by enslaving themselves with more debt at a better interest rate. And a couple of shiny things from the war booty.
          If Trump is truly attempting to tackle the third option you speak of then God help him.

        7. I think a common misconception is that at some point ALL debt has to be repaid. If that ever happened the system would freeze in place. Old debts get retired, new ones are made, some of it to repay old ones and some extra to account for expansion/new investments/inflation. The only metric that matters is debt-to-GDP ratio. Ideally it should remain below 100% although even that is not a hard, scientific limit. (Japan hovers near 200%, but it’s less of a problem than for, say, Greece where virtually no wealth is produced and there are more government employees than people)

        8. It’s a very narrow view of what debt is. there exists something like good and bad debt. Paying your next holiday with debt is a bad idea, but if you can buy a cash producing asset that repays the debt, the interest and leaves some for you then that’s the best position you can be in. I wish I were billions of $ in such debt. Even if my investment fails it becomes the lender’s problem, not mine. (except I might never incur such good debt again due to bad rep)

        9. So what are the consequences in the long run if GDP can never catch up to debt? What are the ultimate risks to Greece, as an example?

        10. Greece is technically bankrupt but Germany with IMF help guarantees a large amount of its debt because it kinda benefits its industry to stay in the Eurozone with the Euro being too weak for it (helps exports) and too strong for almost every other country (helps their imports).

        11. Every Western municipality and government is in “debt”, its all kosher. You know who ain’t? The Asian countries and Israel. They also have zero tolerance for multiculturalism in their countries. In Israel, Palestinian kids won’t even be able to see Harry Potter or Frozen because they are “security risks” but Trump is a racist bigot for not allowing Muslim men from Syria and Yemen to come to the US.
          Go to South Korea, they routinely deny entrance to blacks into clubs and restaurants all the time there. Imagine if that happened in Western Europe. Korea has been enjoying amazing levels of wealth and Western technology, they don’t want diversity though. They do want the West to get rid of Kim Jong Un though.

        12. That is incorrect. When you owe the bank $10,000, and you can’t repay it, you have a problem. When you owe the bank $10,000,000, and you can’t repay it, the bank has a problem. As things stand today, the world sovereign debt load can never be repaid. Let me say the key word again, never. When the international monetary system collapses (which it will within the next 50 years, thank god I am old and will probably be dead) those debts will merely be cancelled.
          BTW I work in finance for one of the biggest banks in the US.

        13. Exactly. The truly wealthy people have huge debts. They don’t invest their own money, they manage to make money off other people’s money.

        14. One word, default. Argentina has done it several times. All debt does not have to be repaid. In fact, the current level of debt can never be repaid. There isn’t enough future production to cover the current debt load. It just can’t be repaid.

        15. Japan has been “technically” bankrupt for a few decades, and seems to be doing just fine. It is a homogeneous culture. That makes it easier to maintain a knowing ignorance. If anyone wanted to drive the Japanese banks to their knees it could be done easily. They have more outstanding loans than the value of all the collateral in Japan. Since this serves no one, they all (including most especially the government) just ignore it, and go on with business as usual. The world is basically doing the same with the international financial system.

        16. They aren’t stupid, any more than the Japanese are. Tear down the system by bankrupting your debtors and what do you get? Nothing!

        17. Just remember that all money (today) is an illusion. As long as we all agree to accept the illusion, life can go on as it has been.

        18. That is what the US did to the Dominican Republic in 1916. We invaded and took over the country to assure the American banks got paid back. We basically seized all the assets and took the proceeds until the debt was satisfied (1924). Painful for the Dominicans, but what could they do? There doesn’t seem to be any desire to do this anymore (Argentina and Venezuela being current examples of where this would have happened in the past).

        19. You mean like the global financial crisis we just had. The world bank really went down in flames there…..Nope the public (slaves) just ate more shit.
          “When a government is dependent upon bankers for money, they and not the leaders of the government control the situation, since the hand that gives is above the hand that takes” -Napoleon Bonaparte

        20. The first edition of The Federal Reserve: Purposes and Functions, is online. Later editions are somewhat obfuscated.
          No, all “money” is imaginary, fantasy, fictitious. Paper money (actually cotton/linen blend) is just for convenience in small transactions.
          Back when a $1,000 bill (last year of issue 1934) was redeemable in lawful money, a Grand represented 1,000 silver cartwheels, which weighed right at 60 lbs. av. Rather inconvenient.

        21. Whoever has the loyalty of the military controls the situation. Whoever controls the pay, food and drink of the military has its loyalty.

        22. They got to where their sons would not study the military arts and officer the army. They hired Germans and Celts to fight for them. Eventually the Romans couldn’t pay them. The Germans and Celts came to collect their back pay and entertain themselves. A sack of Rome.

        23. No one else really wants Japan enough to take it. It’s chock full of Japanese. Lots of Jap girls are really cute, especially for those having pedo inclinations.

        24. Sure, but when rough times are ahead, see who makes it through and who doesn’t. There have been Italian families who’ve stayed on top for literal centuries through war, famine, and plague. There’s an art to it.

        25. Germany did this in the 1920s, Hungary in 1926 and again in 1956, Zimbabwe did it in truly royal style, finally having Z$100,000,000,000,000 notes printed (“Toilet Paper ONLY NO Zim Dollars”). They wanted to issue Z$200 trillion notes but the German banknote printing company demanded hard currency.

    3. the “living large “wage call it. If it is lack of money then just give every soul here in the USA an amount that will allow the person to buy the necessities, i.e. food, housing, car payment , and then call it a day. If you blow your annual allotment then F-U. Liberals would not want this cause it would solve the problem ….

    “In the long term we can hope that religion will change the nature of man and reduce conflict. But history is not encouraging in this respect. The bloodiest wars in history have been religious wars.”
    Citation needed.

  14. Who’s the hottie in that video up top? Man I would love to eat the corn from her shit, she’s smokin’!!!! America don’t make gems like that everyday I can tell you.

  15. “Liberals are a plague. They have taken the pants away from the men. The men no longer wear the pants. It is the feminists who are wearing the pants. Some feminists have ants in their pants. Some of those ants like to dance. Feminist rants are the result of ants in their feminist pants. And they are the pants we once wore. So kill the ants and reclaim your pants. Thank you. And god bless.” – Captain James T. Kirk, Flat Earth, Montana

    1. “The feminists native to this region contain a wide variety of critters in their pants. By croikey look at this one. Mean one, isn’t it? Don’t get too close. Can you smell the stench? That’s one of their many defenses. Easy now little buggah, no ones gonna hurt ya.” -Steve Irwin.

  16. One of the dumbest things a liberal told me; “If the best WNBA team played the best NBA team, it would be a close game.”

        1. Yep. Billy Jean King “beat” Bobby Riggs. I like the story of Humpty-Dumpty as fiction goes, but it’s a matter of taste…

        2. friend thinks mayweather is gonna throw the fight to macgregor- owes a boatload to the irs…

        3. I’m watching the line on that one with great interest. The odds keep dropping. Just like they did on Clinton vs. Trump. I’ll pass, but I’m tempted. NFL season is coming. Like shootin’ tuna in a barrel. It’s all about self-control. But I’d love to see Mayweather get taken out. Have to wait and see how it’s scripted.

        4. I have serious doubts, he’s going to make so much anyway, just soooo much. It may be why he took the fight, but he can’t owe the IRS more than the purse he’s getting either way.

        5. There’s no way to shift that kind of money to the point where it won’t be noticed, I’m thinking. We’re not talking little sums here.
          Is he really going to piss away a legendary rep and record to shave a few extra mil on top of an est. $400 mil purse?! You don’t get where he is without the type of pride that keeps that from happening.

        6. I don’t like it. McGregor +$400 (for a $100 bet). Mayweather -$600 (bet $600 to win $100). No way, man.

        1. “Bacon is the key of the morning and the bolt of the evening” -Gandhi

    1. If they handicapped the men by making dunks only count for 1, the WLBA mopes would still lose by at least 50.

    2. May be if the NBA players were required to run up the court using rubber crutches, it would be a close game.

  17. Where do married white couples like to eat dinner?
    Cracker Barrel.
    Where do married black couples like to go on their honeymoon?
    Nigra Falls. (You saw “Niagara” there, didn’t you.)
    Why do some people get really upset about ethnic jokes?
    Because they have thin skins – just like onions.
    Why do women want onion butts?
    Because they bring tears to men’s eyes.

      1. That’s okay…liberals were tricked into seeing a lot of shit that isn’t there, using basically the same tactics, so it could be worse, my man.
        Shee-it! I miss me some Soul Train!!!!!

  18. Good article as usual.
    I have to, partly or largely, disagree with Nixon here:
    “In the long term we can hope that religion will change the nature of man and reduce conflict. But history is not encouraging in this respect. The bloodiest wars in history have been religious wars.”
    Secular militarism, with a religious touch or not, have been part of some of the largest massacres in history. And previous the Enlightenment, it was hard to distinguish between religion and politics. Politics and fight over power and resources, in conjunction with various interpretations of society and individual strivings, can explain most wars, both in pre-modern and modern times: in Mesopotamia, China, Rome, the European Middle Ages, Thirty Years’ War, The French Revolution, Napoleon’s wars, WW1 and WW2 and so forth.

  19. One of the dumbest things a liberal said to me, “calling someone “bilingual” is poor word choice, you should think of something else to say.”

    1. Liberals: Eliminating all the entries in the dictionary…one word at a time.

    2. That’s an easy one: Someone who is proficient in both cunnilingus and anilingus.
      Next question.

  20. So, liberals should be concerned about the ideological imbalance in the press, even though it appears to be in liberals’ favor. However; conservatives need not be concerned about the current ideological imbalance in the GOV’T, even though it’s in conservatives’ favor? Interesting.

  21. Not sure of her political affiliation, but I had a pretty good guess, given she was from Portland, OR. Cute girl, she was a cousin of one of my best friends. We spend the day wheeling through the sagebrush, shooting at stuff. We go swimming at this reservoir. There are some bushes to change in across the fence in this ranch. The question she asks is, “Do cows eat people?”
    Yes, we farm grizzly bears for a living.

    1. I had a girl about 22 ask me earlier today, after I said “I’m an eternal optimist”…and I shit you not…what does the word “optimist” mean?

        1. You do realize, don’t you, that “Dumb and Dumber” was a documentary. Also, “Idiocracy” was a prophetic prediction, and not a work of fiction.

    2. Legitimate concern. If a cow ever got the chance, he’d eat you and everyone you care about.

    3. I remember this one time I was helping my granny with her garage sale and a woman started freaking out over a female wood duck burping away in a tree. She thought it was a lynx and it took her husband a while to calm her down.
      But a lynx did recently stalk a rabbit across my front lawn so…

      1. The baby calves suck on anything they can get their mouth on. On, a darker note, I have this cousin (now in prison) who flipped out his dick because he thought he could get a blowjob. Bad idea, bit him hard enough it made him bleed.
        I was out fiddling with my pickup at the time. He goes into the barn and is in there for awhile, then I hear this howl. I thought he must have stepped on a nail or something. I ask him what is wrong, he wouldn’t say, but later on I saw blood in his underwear in the laundry basket. That is the only explanation I could come up with.

        1. Cows, like most ruminants, spend most of their lives chewing. They don’t have sharp or tearing teeth, but they have some damn powerful jaw muscles.

        2. They have bottom teeth in the front, but yeah, I didn’t see what happened. He has been in jail now for rape (this one is legitimate) for several years.

        3. While my father has some great cow/farm stories, nothing compares to a botched calf blowjob.
          Not even the time my grandfather had his overalls stripped from him by a tractor.

        4. Yeah if those molars got on him, that would be murder. Hurts bad enough when they get your fingers with their back teeth.

        5. “On, a darker note, I have this cousin (now in prison) who flipped out
          his dick because he thought he could get a blowjob. Bad idea, bit him
          hard enough it made him bleed.”
          Animals are as instinctively disturbed by sexual molestation as humans.

        6. In my corrections officer days an inmate told me that they had an old nanny goat around the house when he was growing up, he and his brother had their way with that goat so many times that when she heard the school bus coming down the road in the afternoon she would go stick her head in the fence.

  22. Good points, but let’s not idealize the past, especially Richard Nixon. In other words, I can find similar quotes from any famous person, on the left or the right. I’m sure I can find quotes from Noam Chomsky that would “set the record straight.” Here’s a good one:
    “Is this money well spent? This is taxpayer money, it is going to be adding to the deficit short term and if we can’t justify it, then we’re not going to spend tens or hundreds of billions of dollars, just to make somebody happy, if it’s not good for the economy.”
    -Barack Obama

  23. “I say they owe Tricky Dick an apology.”
    No, that scumfuck deserves everything he gets. Title IX, the “war on drugs”, closing the gold window, the goddamn EPA, enforcing busing, shall I continue? Trying to revise history to make Nixon into a hero is the stupidest waste of time imaginable. Stop it.

    1. Yeah, he was almost as bad as Light Bulb Johnson.

    “…we are spending the taxpayer’s money, and it must be spent in a way which guarantees his money’s worth and yields the fullest possible benefit to the people being helped”
    yeah sure. and then starts the war on drugs – basically burning trillions of taxpayer’s money, not to mention other disastrous consequences of this idiotic idea. give me a break.

    1. That was inserted into a bill by Nelson Rockefeller and Henry Kissing er to a liberal Congress. The initial bill was to give the welfare loafing baby machines two years to get their shit together and work or get thrown off the rolls.
      Get your facts straight. You read like some Angela Davis socialist.

      1. yep the war on drugs was just “inserted” into some bill by someone else. i guess even against Nixon’s will. in fact, Nixon didn’t even know about it. after all he was only a president. he was an innocent victim. what the hell are you even talking about.

      2. ‘You read like some Angela Davis socialist.’
        You ‘read like some’ ill bred, petulant undergraduate.

    2. ‘yeah sure. and then starts the war on drugs – basically burning trillions of taxpayer’s money, not to mention other disastrous consequences of this idiotic idea.’
      Right wing Americans may as well praise Reagan as Nixon.

  25. Nobody owes tricky dick an apology. This point does however speak to how far we’ve gone.

  26. Everything they say is stupid, it would be hard to decide where to start but, right up there would have to guaranteed minimum income.

  27. Lot of folks in here have swallowed the liberal communist kool-aid over the years. Case and point to this article.
    I started the EPA and war on drugs. Okay. Full of shit and don’t know Dick.

    1. Mainstream media?? Don’t you mean Jewish media? You should go to Asia, to South Korea where they are achieving Western levels of wealth and comfort but guess what? They do not want Muslims and Blacks. It’s because they don’t have Jewish agitators in Korea. It’s the same in Japan. Although you may find Jews living in both places you won’t find Marxists trying to transform these modern Asian countries the way they are changing Europe and North America.

      1. There’s no difference between the two. Every communist agenda, you will find them. Every single time. Most pussy whipped cuck culture there is.

        1. Nixon was never in love with the Jews either and they ultimately stabbed him in the back. He left the Presidency in disgrace. If it wasn’t for Watergate he would probably be up there with Reagan and Eisenhower. They weren’t able to trip up Reagan for some reason and they had a lot of power in the 1980s. As America became more melanin enhanced Jews became more influential.
          Notice they trying to repeat history with Trump? The big reason they hate Trump is he is a threat to the programming that the media has done to America over the past 30-40 years.

        2. They almost got him twice…1981 and 1987. Weren’t happy with his policies with the Soviet Union. They wanted that racket to go on forever. The Soviet was headed for the toilet in the mid 60s, was unsustainable by the mid 70s.

        3. Well Trump is torpedoing the global Jewish media hydra. That is why they all despise Trump. They know they won’t be able to control the masses like they used to anymore. And the goyim know shut it down won’t work either.

        4. They’re about feeding from the American trough; their greed is insatiable.

        5. The big thing for the Jews is the media. Ever since the internet they have gotten nervous because the web offers alternatives to traditional news. Most of the mainstream news is all propaganda and alternate media is growing fast much of it counters Zionist propaganda and much of it pro Trump. Trump often tweets from alternate sources. This is frightening them, they are not afraid of Trump building a wall or banning Muslims but they fear him ending the politically correct culture of modern America.

    2. The EPA has gotten out of hand over the years but, it has done some good things.
      The war on drugs has been lost from the beginning though, its time to put up the French, oops I mean the white flag on that one.

      1. EPA was designed to alleviate bullshit lawsuits against business, but the fine print added by the luberals was about destroying smaller competition.
        Of course, liberals bitch about big business, but do nothing to stop it and continue to take their donations.

        1. It has moved away from the original intentions but, cities don’t dump raw sewage in rivers anymore and the air is better.
          The problem with such agencies is that they are politicized over time and they have been handed the power to make rules (laws). They work with little oversight and make new rules to justify their existence.

  28. “Money grows on trees”
    Yep. Your family tree.
    “Burn it all down”
    You mean, like Koulaks ? Millions of salvations through starvation ? You’re a tough guy !
    “Human nature can be altered easily”
    Yep. I support MK-Ultra, too.
    “The media is objective and independent”
    I agree. I trusted them when they told there were WMD in Irak, and i still belive it right now.

  29. The government picks winners and losers in business consistently and the federal reserve even more so. The biggest uphill battle for people starting businesses is the regulatory burden, the bigs having deals with government, and of course the investment coming into favored firms via newly created federal reserve notes. From startups getting seed money to large corporations being able to issue bonds at nearly no cost. Much of this is justified through Keynesian nonsense about the government goosing the economy and so forth.
    There are two ways to deal with unfairness. Stop helping person A or start helping person B. The mis-educated believe money printing is good thing. That’s what the schools teach. So which choice will it be? Free money for everyone of course.
    Reform is impossible, there is only collapse. Systems seek to protect themselves and real reform will always hurt many of those who benefit from a system as it exists. This prevents reform. So a system will end up collapsing under its own weight.
    Left statists don’t want to tear down systems but take them over so their people benefit from the rackets. The few radicals who may want to do that end up being useful idiots furthering the take over.

  30. “The kid stated that we’ll have to change human nature to eliminate greed completely.”
    Well that actually might be possible someday…..
    ….with genetic engineering human nature actually could be changed.
    But it will never happen because there are too many ‘natural’ people who know what they are.

  31. What was the thing with pink hair in the video? It looks like something that will either become dog food or Taco Bell meat.

  32. Mmh dumb thing a liberal told me? all Child Rapist are cis men, all of them even the ones raping boys and teens, because for her sex is about power not desire. Classic women solipsism because she lust for power (hypergamy) she assume men too. For her, gay are innocent angels that are all for love.

  33. Politics is the art of making people believe you care about them while holding a gun to their heads and robbing them blind.
    Fortunately for politicians, most people are idiots.

  34. Rumors are that CNN and MSNBC are in a bidding war for the girl in the video “typical liberal”. How do you get banned from Bad manner as their whole gimmicik is bad manners. LMAO

  35. “The conservatives are fools: They whine about the decay of traditional values, yet they enthusiastically support technological progress and economic growth. Apparently it never occurs to them that you can’t make rapid, drastic changes in the technology and the economy of a society without causing rapid changes in all other aspects of the society as well, and that such rapid changes inevitably break down traditional values.”-Unabomber Manifesto
    I started reading ROk because I found this text in its archivesk, and because game advice worked. But I believe that y’all should listen to Ted more, he’s got a point, the next technological revolution is coming, with all kind of stupid gadgets like Virtual reality porn and it promises to make many jobs useless in the future. What will happen? Idk, but believing that just mere GDP growth is gonna fix everything is preposterous, as far as I know our society today is far more wealthy than post wwii society, and yet people work far more than then. How can a man think about having a family when he can barely feed himself? This is one of the reasons why women have entered to the workplace in the first place, it was not needed before, and its obvious that these events are going to change how people behave.

    1. You’re ignoring, along with Ted, government coercion and propaganda, played a bigger role in these negative changes than technology.

      1. I dont understand exactly what you mean, but let me just add something Ted also said, technology gives power to collectives, big collectives, not small collectives like families., or individuals. Technology allows goverments to use better methods of coercion, and also to feed propagando down the throaths of everyone (Instagram and facebopok basically use psychologic methods to keep you hooked to their stupid useless apps
        Guess who is a collectivist, exactly leftists are collectivists. What are we going to do when the average Joe will be unable to find job becauise the elites already have a robot who does not sleep and does not whine like a normal human being? The system keeps getting more complex, and human beings all over the world depend more on the system in order to survive, and thats a product of technology advancement. The other day I was listening to a podcast of geoffrey west and sam harris, the guy at the end of the podcast said that innovation is just a dead alley, and that what the world really need is a cultural shift. What kind of cultural shift IDK, but the next industrial revolution seems to promise to change the game forever.

  36. “The bloodiest wars in history have been religious wars..” Except WW1. And WW2. And Vietnam. And Congo. And Rwanda. And the Mongol invasions. And the hundred years war. Etc etc. Seriously, if you’re gonna make a point, don’t use a quote that could have been ripped from the Watergate tapes.

  37. For those who prefer facts and logic to the propaganda upon which government schools have raised them, the “Black Book of Communism” details, in excruciating detail, the 85-100 million murders committed at the hands of atheist communist regimes throughout the 20th century.
    One could say that such were “religious wars,” but only if they [rightly] admit that atheism is itself a religion.

    1. Atheism (a belief that there is no god), is very much different than agnosticism (no particular belief or disbelief in any god). My parents are agnostic, no belief, but no criticism of religious people (outside radicals). The atheist are vehemently anti-god. They hang onto their beliefs as doggedly as any Muslim or Bible thumping Christian.

  38. Tell your friend that thinking you can reprogram human nature is like thinking you can add more hard disk space with a few lines of code.

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