5 Reasons Women Deserve To Be Paid Less Than Men

For the past decade plus, we’ve been told day after day about the alleged “wage gap”. One might think that an issue as serious and widespread would have multiple layers to it with facts and statistics to back up this claim.

Thing is, it’s not. It simply states that for every dollar a man makes, women only make 77¢ – 79¢. Though this bullshit myth’s been debunked in dozens of ways allow me to put in my 2¢ (pun intended) and dispel this ridiculous falsehood:

Last year it was 77¢, this year it’s 79¢….which is it?

1: Men work higher paying jobs, many of them blue collar (bridge builders, road graders, welders, millwright, etc.) that women are neither interested in, nor capable of doing.

2: Men work longer hours, hence more pay.

3: If a man and a woman work at the same company and do the same job and the man makes more, it’s because he’s been with the company longer.

Wage gap myth squashed.

“I should totally be making as much as him! I mean, his job isn’t even that hard!”

Even still feminists and the gynocentric media continue to cram this bullshit narrative down our collective throats. Like every other “issue” they bitch about, it’s as though they want this gap to be real so they can continue to squawk about what they don’t have despite living the best lives in the world.

So I’m going to give them their wish and give 5 reasons men should earn more than women for doing exactly the same work.

1. They’re always late

Women are late to everything. Birthday parties, doctor’s appointments, you name it. If there’s a designated time they have to be there, they’re going to be late. It’s one of the few things we can actually count on women to do consistently these days.

Work is no different. Chicks have every excuse under the sun as to why they’re perpetually tardy. My cat’s sick, my alarm didn’t go off, the sun didn’t come up, and on and on. It’s always something. They’re never at work on time consistently and it’s never their fault.

If any employee, man or woman, is always late they should be warned, reprimanded, and then fired. But since we know it takes an office shooting to have grounds to terminate a female (and even then she’ll probably collect unemployment), the solution here is to dock her pay. Pay her markedly less than men who actually show up to work on time every day.

2. They have a period every month

Yep, you read correctly. Women should be paid less than men because of their periods.

Today’s woman is a pain in the ass to deal when they’re body chemistry is in a rare state of calm. But when they start menstruating, they’re all but impossible. And that’s not counting the days leading up to the big event called PMS which we all know makes females insufferable… at best.

Sounds about right

The irritability and emotional swings caused by their periods affects their work performance—badly. Women simply should not be paid the same as men who’s work performance is consistent while there’s a solid 10, maybe 11 days out of the month when they go completely sideways because of their menstrual cycle.

3. They take maternity Leave

Currently, paid maternity leave is required in California, Washington, New Jersey, and New York. But you can bet your ass that number will increase if things keep going the way they’re going what with laws to further give women a decided advantage in the workforce.

When this happens (and it will), women are going to get paid for sitting at home and stuffing their faces with pizza, ice cream, and donuts all day if they happen to become pregnant. Even if they’re not paid, her job is waiting for her when she decides to return to work.

In the meantime, somebody’s gotta pick up the slack because her work isn’t gonna do itself. Further, while her job is being held for her, a qualified applicant who has zero chance to become pregnant (read: a man) misses out on a job opportunity because the U.S. is doing its best to stamp out male privilege.

Hiring a woman comes with the built in risk of her missing 25% of the calendar year due to pregnancy. Rather than keeping her on the payroll for doing nothing or holding her job, pay her less.

4. They’re a distraction

Any time a woman invades a male space, chaos ensues. The American workplace is no different. By the time a female gets her workstation set up, she’s already decided who’s she’s going to fuck, who she’s going to get fired, and whose coat tails she’s going to ride up the ladder to success.

“Can you help me with my…um….printer?”

How do they accomplish these things? Drama. And lots of it.

If they’re not flirting with the VP hawtee, they’re either starting rumors about other women or they’re at HR for the third time this week filing, yet, another sexual harassment claim because some beta “attempted to sexually assault her” by telling her hello.

All of these shenanigans reduce everyone’s productivity, including hers. So take it out of her pay.

5. They hardly work

Sure, they’re on the clock but their noses are always in their phones scrolling through their mindless Facebook feeds, setting up the 3 new Tinder cocks for the upcoming weekend (two of which are on the same day….possibly at the same time), or shopping for the usual useless crap they can’t stop buying.

I’m sure that’s work related

When they actually turn their attention to their monitors they’re on the company chat software talking to everybody about everything non-work related and reading HuffPo.

The bottom line is that women just aren’t as productive as men and that’s all there is to it. Pay ’em less.


The vast majority of women are flat out useless liabilities in today’s workforce. Yes, there are a few exceptions to the rule but by and large, the average female will end up costing a company a hell of a lot more than the average man because of all the built in baggage they bring with them to work.

And that’s before, they start up with all their nonsense. So while we know there isn’t really a wage gap, there certainly should be.

Wanna hear 3 more reasons there should be a wage gap? Click here.  And while you’re at it, check out Donovan’s website and checkout his podcast The Sharpe Reality on YouTubeSoundcloud, or iTunes.

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547 thoughts on “5 Reasons Women Deserve To Be Paid Less Than Men”

  1. As for points 1 and 5 it is important to note that men have much greater variance with regard to personality and intelligence. Thus you’ll have a lot of more or less unindustrious and incompetent guys who do little at work and are not much better than the average female or even worse. If they didn’t have some of the qualities that women tend to lack, such as greater physical strength and are better at working with technical tasks and mechanical phenomena, they would be quite useless.
    But on the other hand the smartest and/or most industrious people are generally males. They work 60-80 hours a week, run their own companies and so on. Overall males are better at almost everything, and almost everything a woman can do a men can do as good or better.

  2. No worries – as fewer men graduate from college and become “qualified” for office jobs, businesses will begin to crack under the weight of women’s privileges. Let the system fail, otherwise no one will ever see how ass backwards it really is.

    1. reminds me of the woman who decided to open a pr firm staffed exclusively with women. went to shit in a matter of months

        1. My girlfriend is a director of financial analysis for American wing of a fairly large global company, overseeing a team of twelve analysts. She’s honestly one of the hardest-working, most responsible people I’ve ever known. The VPs (all men) call her with questions, seeking advice, nearly every day. She won Employee of the Year in 2016.
          Guess what she told me last month? She will no longer hire any more women, as a personal policy.

        2. My dad actually had to go to my mom’s boss and tell him to stop loading mom down with projects. I’ve seen that woman go 72 hours without sleep to get procedure manuals written and submitted (her boss “needed them by Friday”, but actually needed them by the end of the month), and she’s a good enough actor to just look naturally gifted.
          She has no female work friends.

        3. I hate to tell you this, but the odds are that a girl like that will have a difficult time transitioning to being a wife and mother. Your girl may be different, of course, but the odds are against you.

        4. My own long-suffering wife has a hard and fast policy about not hiring ANY of the following:
          the Obese

        5. We’re both divorced from other people. I didn’t get with her to make babies — that’s what 19-yr-old Latinas will be for, later in my life. LOL

        6. Very pretty face, size DD chest (they’re incredible, all natural), obedient and submissive to me, loves travelling, teaches me her native language, and makes a good income of her own so doesn’t need any of mine. Downside: Too responsible, too workaholic. Divorced amicably, now in her late 30s. Not good for wifing up, but good girlfriend material for a man in his forties who is recently divorced and shifting careers.

        7. My wife tells me women hate working with one another because they are all backstabby bitchy gossip cunts.

        8. She has a high powered director position and it sounds like she bears a striking resemblance to a swimsuit model; yet she’s “obedient and submissive” to you? Interesting. And by “interesting”, I mean it sounds like a typical line of bullshit from a loser who spends the majority of his day beating his chest in internet forums.

        9. Women like her do exist, troll. In fact, it’s a common phenomenon, powerful people seeking to submit themselves in other areas of life. My mother even told me, “No matter how powerful the woman, she wants a man who is more powerful.”
          BTW my disqus account is public. Be sure you to put on your loser spray before you dive into it. This athletic 6’2″ self-employed professional white man definitely reeks of it, lol.

        10. Yeah, I’m not going to dive into your disqus account. I honestly don’t give a damn about some other dude’s life. I just get tired of reading posts from neckbeards who claim to be Billy Badass on the net. If that’s not you, and you are what you claim to be; then you are apparently among the genetic 1%. This of course begs the question, what are you doing on here? Don’t you have some pussy to slay or something?

        11. I have six sisters, most of them retired. Recently I sat a family gathering where my sisters complained bitterly about the women they have had to work with and for. They all nodded in agreement that they would kill themselves before they ever worked for another woman again. Then, being a shitlord, I piped up with, “So, you are all in agreement that women make lousy managers?” In unison they all yelled out, “Not at all. Women make great managers.” I pointed out that none of them would work for a woman ever again. They hamstered their way out of it, never noting the cognitive dissonance. Women, logic, and introspection are mutually exclusive.

        12. You obviously don’t know the difference between giving a damn and mocking someone. Not that I’d expect otherwise.

        1. Most female offices are like that. More than one woman in the office and you’re going to get a lot of crap drama. Now, there are drama queen men out there, but they’re easier to weed out of the system.

        2. I dunno, I like The Cunt Company better. It just seems so much more solid. I can hear Morgan Freeman doing the voiceovers for the ads.

        3. Not worth it, no matter what. I would shovel pig shit with a spoon before I would work in a fucking office with women again.

      1. My worst job ever was being hired by a woman VP for management help. Come to find out that I was the only guy, which made sense about the drama that she had complained about. It was a horrible 6 months before another VP, a guy, hired me for another job.

  3. Of all the points listed, the only one I found myself slightly disagreeing with, was the second point on periods, only as I haven’t heard women use this excuse much. That could likely be since I am surrounded by women so they likely don’t let that one excuse fly. However, everything else, always leads to an excuse and inept work ethic. At best, they are notorious for undercutting others and if it is allowed, it is always because the boss is also female and afraid, and or, equally inept themselves. Nothing screams shitshow in the work place more than a woman who decides to meet with a boss at least 3-4 times a day. Guaranteed 2-3 of those meetings are based around plotting because someone is in their way and they want the bosses approval to do something sideways to get their way. Bottom line, a mostly female staff is always one unused cock away from imploding on itself.

  4. Take your daughter to work day.
    Women at work is similar to having a child running around the office. Conversations become dumbed down with the language, mannerisms and conversation topics. When a woman opens her mouth at work, it seems like she is more interested in proving some point nobody cares about or she is trying to project a certain image. If a woman isn’t acting childlike, she will behave more like a man. When this happens, she becomes one of the most arrogant people you will meet. It turns everyone off and eventually everyone in the office hates her and for good reason. It’s humorous for me to watch them struggle to find a good balance of arrogance, cockiness and confidence the way a man does.
    Since women suffer no consequences in their every day life, they are very unlikely to be consequences oriented at work. It is for this reason alone that a woman should NEVER be in a leadership position. You must be held accountable for your failures and you must visibly hold yourself accountable for your mistakes to keep a healthy morale in the workplace. When the young modern woman is confronted with a mistake, she typically follows this formula; “I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, *bats eyelashes, *waits patiently for convenient moment to shift blame. The office white knight will forgive her, men, on the other hand will not be forgiven. Quality of work and morale suffer. Office white knights patronize the shit out of women when they do perform well which doesn’t help the woman’s performance either. “Oh wow, good job, good for yooooo.”
    When a woman tries to contribute something to the conversation, it is usually something very trivial that everyone already knows yet she seems to act as if it is extremely profound. The useless statement always seems to interrupt something more pressing.
    I’ve often referred to women at work as “playing house,” they don’t really take the work seriously, they are more or less “playing” at work and collecting a small paycheck.
    Last but not least, every woman who has worked in an all woman office told me they hate it because its an extremely caddy environment.

    1. Exactly. Some even get MBA degrees. And then they “play business.”
      As my father used to say, if you put three women in an office, invariably two will join forces and torment the third. No different from chickens.

      1. no telling what happens when you put chickens together. Boy, those faggots down at the hatchery!

    2. had a new boss a few years ago, tried to give her the download on a client in fly over country. proceeds to tell me “Im an east-coast elitist, and will make no apologies for it.”
      you can imagine how that relationship went with the client

      1. The girl power movement has caused women to be assertive and aggressive at work and it’s always out of place. It never seems to fit the situation. Men are a lot better at being assertive and making such comments when it’s appropriate. Women do it because they saw it on TV, it looked cool, so they did it just cuz… girl power.

        1. And when they get together they get excited like they got another actor/playmate like kids to dress up and play pretend. Women these days also can never imagine themselves incompetent of their job position. Secretaries like to roll their eyes and talk about their bosses being incompetent and that without them their boss would be clueless when it took hours of him planning and strategizing before executing an order while Ms Secretary was on shopping.com while filing her nails for the 50th time wondering when it’s lunch time to prattle with the girls

      2. Haha… My ex was a fast-talking coastal narcissist, and she was assigned a client in rural Minnesota. I coached her on how to slow down her speech on the phone, insert pauses between words, how to sound like your words have weight. She didn’t listen, of course, and eventually the client requested a different rep.

        1. my boss was from MN too. somehow 4 yrs college and decade+ in nyc made her an east coast elitist

        2. Oh, trust me… MN produces many very liberal/feminist cunts. With that boss of yours, it all started with her MN upbringing.

        3. Seriously these guys don’t realize Minnesotans descend from beta socialist Norwegians which is why the Upper Midwest is a cucked cold hell

    3. As I’m writing this, I’m currently working on a hospital remodel. Funny you write this, because being summer, some of the gals working here are bringing their daughters to work. And as I write this, one of them, who may or may not be jailbait, is blonde blonde wearing a short skirt and high heels. And mommy is ok with it, as long as you make six figures, less than that, you’re a dirty pedophile.

        1. Unfortunately, no can do. This is a hospital full of cameras, as I mentioned, she may or may not be jailbait, and I live in West Texas, where people love guns. Some say, a bit too much. And even Republican Texans are so pussy whipped that any attempt will result in jail time.

        2. my sister lives in texas and is a nurse for adults with autism and gets a good whack every now and again. Her husband cancelled their anniversary plans a few years ago because, as he said, “i am NOT going out to a restaurant in fucking texas with a wife who has a black eye and busted lip…..they have guns here and they aren’t really the question asking, philosophical types”

        3. My own comedienne of a wife gave herself a black eye (honest!) and thought it would be cute to shout “just don’t hit me again!” in a crowded store once…

        4. She cracked. But fortunately, the place was mostly other girls or non-confrontational shlubs. NOT rural Texas thank god.

  5. If all women quit their jobs they could be replaced by men in a matter of weeks or months, if the job was even necessary at all. If all men quit their jobs it would be the end of civilization.

    1. I thought about this whole brushing my teeth. I figured if I brush my teeth 3 times a day, the tube will still last me 3 months. If I had a family of say, three kids and a wife, the same tube won’t last two weeks. Multiply that by 10 more single men, then by 100 single men, and so on. My point is, if men don’t marry and have children, the economy will take a giant hit. And then then, as you said, civilization will collapse because not only is there no incentive for men to reproduce and perpetuate the species per se, but there is no incentive for us to buy and contribute to the economy.

      1. They have an endless supply of new citizens (slaves) in the third world to draw upon as replacement.
        Just need to get rid of those pesky nationalists and white folk first.

  6. Does anyone have any evidence of what’s been the outcome of paid maternity leave laws in the states mentioned in the article? I’m wonder if this has resulted in the expected outcomes of less upward career mobility for women.

  7. #6. Hypergamy. She displaces a man from a good paying white collar job. He is either unemployed or works a lower-paying, lesser-status job. She won’t go for the plumber, or even the man working the same level job as her.

    1. Countless women with bullshit degree’s and well paid superfluous positions with government or big companies that have priced themselves out of the sexual market with their delusions of grandeur.
      “There’s no good men”
      The plumber she scoffs at provides a service and skill set far more valuable than she ever could. But no, only a highly educated, wealthy, tall great looking man with a horse schlong is adequate for the empowered princess.

      1. I see them on OKC. Some have been on for over 4 years. Hitting 36/37, have a master’s degree in counseling or some other bullshit, fading 6 looks in the face, gaining weight, and think they can pull some well-heeled, debonair man with movie star looks.

        1. They’re dreaming. But they’re so stubborn they would prefer to remain barren and die alone than settle for anything less than superman.

  8. Sitting here with my wife reading this to her and point #2 attracted her attention. When I told her this point especially is 100% accurate, she brought up one of the Ontario govts ideas about forcing business to give women special sick days for their periods. So this tells me that if point 2 is erroneous then such special days off should not have even been a point of discussion since there is no problem.

      1. How about for dislocated jaws? Do they provide mouth guards? Or splash goggles for jizz rockets?

        1. oh look, everyone’s favorite unemployed homosexual. How’s your mom? nevermind, ill ask someone else. I am sure plenty of people know.

        2. Whats with the new identity Loljew?
          50k + posts starting to make you look like all you do all day is troll the internet for Zion

        3. man, one day i hope to get to meet you in person frodo. I’ll keep on wishing. I would love to watch you piss your pants.

        4. I had the same suspicion about this guy. 50K upvotes and the profile is PRIVATE!
          He admitted in another article that he’s from NY and he loves it, exactly like his previous impersonation – the knee guy.

        5. ” I’m Lolknee, I am so Lolknee, I have nobody, I’m so lolknee, all by myselfffff!” -Kim Jong IL

        6. “I may be drunk, Miss, but in the morning I will be sober and you will still be lolknee.” -Winston ‘Gandhi’ Churchill.

        1. I’ve known mostly amateurs but a lot of them had the makings of gamers.

        2. Me too. It takes dedication to be top-drawer at fuckery and suckery. Most bitches are too lazy to put in the hard work. I refer to them as WNB.

        3. It is true. Seriously, my cock has passed through quite a bit of female flesh and I am still shocked when a girl really gives great head.

        4. I’ve gotten to where a really hot chick who puts out no effort in bed actually pisses me off. Like she thinks she’s so hot she can’t be bothered to put in a little work? I’m supposed to be so pleased and honored to be graced with her hotness that I’m supposed to bend over backwards to make her cum? Fuck that. I’d rather fuck an eager 7 than a dead fish 9 any day.

        5. I’ll bang once. But I gotta have skilled whores.
          Old guys like me need the following:
          1) Good visuals (they have to look really hot)
          2) Wild sexual skills
          I guess if you flip them upside-down, they all look the same…but that undercarriage is important, too. Pretty pussies rule.

        6. Many of them suck it as if they were eating a vegetable they don’t like. That’s unacceptable. The rest of them either pretend that they love it…or they really do love it. I gotta have the ones who really do love it. The ones who have it down to an art form and a science. (“She’s a keeper.”) However I’m not against training them if they are enthusiastic. (“She’s a sleeper.”)

        7. yeah, the ones who love it are great…the super enthusiastic like if i don’t slobber up this cock my life will end cock suckers are great. Im beyond training. Ill put it in their mouth for a bit. If it isn’t enjoyable ill shove it in another wet hole

        8. i agree….but i am not kicking her out of bed without nutting first. I must say I have either been lucky with selection, my penchant for drawing in crazy brings good twat, i hit the demon scream button or some combination of the three but i haven’t had a pillow queen in a coons age

  9. Now gentleman let us all play the ROK troll prayer “Dear Lord, Please let this article get picked up by jezebel, passed around, tweeted and retweeted and allow it to bring in a slew of angry and grotesque feminist trolls for this will make our day go faster, work seem easier and create enough lulz for us to forget the problems of the day. amen.”

    1. There hasn’t really been a thermonuclear article posted for at least a year or so it seems. I’m ready for the excitement.

      1. There was that one about what feminism does to women that got like half the female population of Brazil all jacked up.

        1. I’ve been working on getting the other half of the female population of Brazil all jacked up. It’s exhausting.

        2. You’re doing the Lord’s work, mystery person who no one else knows or has ever spoken to before.

      2. Roosh’s article a few weeks about women who don’t have babies had legs, but yeah…we haven’t gone nuclear since the one about anorexic girls being a good bargain for banging.

        1. it did, that was great. But big time like my fav…fat shaming, or the one about women with piercings and tats….we haven’t seen the likes of that in a long time.

        2. I thought about that, but I do not. It was a good try, but there were elements missing that made it less fun

        3. For many curious readers who were able to read between the lines, initially repulsed by the “rape group” claim, they actually became converts to our cause. There was SOME long term benefit to the whole thing.

        4. Most of the people I saw read and/or parrot the smear pieces were already write-offs, so nothing lost there. The remainder reacted with apathy or checked us out and came away more positive.

        5. It was essentially the #1 story in all Australian media markets, and it was an outright lie.

        1. I will, however, now begin using the insult “despoil your sleeping mother’s sea urchin” on a regular basis, because that is awesome.

        2. I still like the Irish curse: “May the curse of Mary Malone and her nine blind illegitimate children chase you so far over the hills of damnation that the Good Lord can’t find you with a telescope!”

        3. But that doesn’t even make any sense. Who the fuck is Mary Malone and why would she curse me? How could her nine illegitimate children chase me if they are blind? Where the fuck are the hills of damnation… because that sounds like a fun place I might want to visit. And why would God need a telescope? He’s omnipotent and omnipresence.

        4. That’s what makes it fun. While they’re struggling to figure out what the fuck you just cursed them with, you’re walking away with a whistle and a song.

        5. close….but no cigar. The greek would be someone who copulates with mother….modern parlance…motherfucker

        6. That is a really good one. I’ve been known to get creative with my insults from time to time, but that’s a new one on me.
          Some of my favorites:
          “Festering Boil on a Mule’s arse” (not only useless and disgusting, but making it harder to get anything done)
          “Bowels of an incontinent shitzu/poodle” (spewing shit everywhere)

        7. That could be the japanese version what italians call eating cold lasagna

        8. Yeah, I usually forget all that and just go with “cunt”. No one likes to be called a cunt.

    2. I doubt many people will find it credible enough to come. The only reason I’m here is for a good laugh.

      1. Occasionally, though it is rare, one hits just the right spot and a shit storm happens. Off the top of my head 4 times in about 3 years

        1. I just don’t see how anyone evolved with a brain can take these articles seriously. I’m sure the people who write them are serious but to me, that just makes it even funnier. Honestly its so ludicrous its hard to even be offended. The only reason I would even worry about these articles is the men reading and commenting have a lot of similarity to the DV and sex offenders I’ve worked with. A majority of the men on here are no closer to being real men than those they mock. It’s both funny and sad.

        2. And by this you have diagnosed their personality disorders? You are quite the talent.

        3. Where did I diagnose personality disorders? Domestic violence and being a sex offender are behaviors supported by patterns of thought. I commented how the thoughts being expressed in these articles and comments section are similar to perpetrators of those behaviors. That is not diagnosing.

        4. “similar to perpetrators of…”
          Really? Are they similar to anything else? Dog catchers? Computer programmers? Every single man without being forced by public shame to recant? Murderers? Chronic masturbators? Dutch expressionists?
          Basically what you said is that in a cursory read of the comments section of a website you read things that are similar to other things you have read elsewhere. What if I said to you that doing that is very similar to what Venezuelan goat fuckers do? Just out of curiosity, did you bother keeping an open mind and trying to understand the threads, the thoughts, what was tongue in cheek, what expressed pathological frustration with a world that is congenitally anti-masculine, what might be an inside joke, what might have value even though it is opposed to your own personal value system assuming you can accept you aren’t omniscient and like the rest of us mortals occasionally flawed? Or did you just come and out of context pass judgment on dozens of people with different points of view from different walks of life with one broad stroke?
          Don’t answer. I honestly don’t want to know the answer you will give. Not only does it not particularly interest me and not only will I most likely not believe you are being sincere but, in the end, it really doesn’t matter. Why type this up then? It is my sincere hope you will ask yourself these questions and maybe, in the quiet of your mind, try to answer them honestly.
          Have a great day

        5. There’s no smoke without a fire. Women do not really need to work and you know it. Men have no choice, or die. One would think that would influence motivation a bit.

        6. There are many women who need to work to pay their bills. There are also plenty of men that stay at home while the women work. Men do have a choice.

        7. What choice really..no woman is going to pay a mans bills or pay him to marry her..there’s no choice for a man, be successful or die. I like it.

        8. And again for many women it is be successful or die. Not to mention many women take on poor men who are attractive or even if they will be the primary breadwinner. The days you are describing are long over. My wife worked up until we got married and she certainly didn’t marry me because she needed to. She married me because she wanted to. Isn’t it better to be with an independent woman who chooses to be with you than some women who only thinks of how she is going to snag a man and can’t take care of herself?

        9. Get where? Where women had enough independence they didn’t have to desperately search for a man in order to survive. I call it progress. I imagine women got tired of having to depend on men to meet their basic needs when they knew they were completely capable of doing it themselves.I’m proud of my wife because I know if anything happens to me she has built a career and the ability to take care of the family. We are a team but I know she brings a lot to the table as do I.

        10. We talked about if men have a choice but to work or not..women can find somebody to “take care” of them if they want, men can’t.
          I’m staying on target because the other things you mention are related but not really what we talked about.

      1. I never said it wasn’t valid. Also, women already get pain MORE than men if you do the math right. I was just hoping that then women went nuts so we could troll them when the complained

  10. The answer is simple. Women are attracted to men with status and resources ie: money/good paying job/high ranking job title. Additionally it is a man’s job to support his family. We must absolutely pay men more because we should encourage traditional family formation and procreation.

    1. I would amend that to read, “Women are attracted to men with the appearance of status and resources.”
      They will go for flashy consumer goods bought on credit over substance every time.

      1. Yeah this is pretty much what black people do. Buy things they can’t afford with their paltry min wage salary and credit cards.

        1. It ain’t just for black people anymore. Most of the college kids I knew had massive credit card debt on top of their student loan debt (and the rest usually were still suckling at mommy’s financial teat).

        2. I’m not going to deny that white people do not spend lavishly but statistics show they have higher levels of edu (ie: more potential to command a higher salary), higher household income (better ability to service debt), and greater net worths (debt isn’t killing them as much as others).

    2. Agreed! I am the sole breadwinner and need more money for my family…for my stay at home wife who raised our son really well.

    1. Unskilled labor is getting priced out of the market. Washington state has theirs set at something like $15/hour. Nobody in their right mind is going to hire a high school kid to pull weeds at that price. Lots of unemployment coming for the low class.

      1. The original intent of minimum wage laws was to keep certain people unemployed.
        Heck, that’s probably the hidden intention of every wage law.

        1. People think minimum wage laws are laws that restrict a business. They are not. They are laws that restrict the workers. If you can’t find someone willing to pay you 15$ an hour, it is illegal for you to work.

  11. Prehistoric woman, say Moir and Jessel in “Brain Sex”, with a shorter life span and more pregnancies than modern women, could expect 10 menstruations in her life. Modern women can expect 400! We have to put up with 40 times more shit from our women than biology ever intended, and they expect us to believe that we are the problem.
    Contrary to toxic rumor, pregnant women are the happiest, most centered, women in the world. Women were intended to spend the great part of their young lives pregnant, not working in offices. It’s a biological fact. Blame God, not us. You don’t want to get pregnant? Fine. Don’t sabotage my life with your chemical gloom. Women’s chemistry is women’s chemistry, not my chemistry. I can work around it, but I don’t have to wallow in it. You can’t defy biology and then blame me for the ensuing problems and grief.

        1. He has a point. Pregnant women almost always seen to be the center of attention. Even other women seem almost forced to give them attention.

        2. Yep. I’ve seen the hard-charging, childless workaholic cunts try to resist… but then end up fawning over some newly preggers chicks.

      1. During pregnancy woman’s hormonal levels get stabilized – it’s nature’s way to incentivize them. Outside pregnancy, the hormonal levels vary sharply up and down.

        1. Careful, you’ll wind up with 10 or more. I know a girl like that, they are at 13 and counting.

        2. i’ve always found the imagry of “bun in the oven” very disturbing….apt and accurate, sure…but disturbing.

  12. Instead of expecting women to get married we have now rigged it so that they can do basically meaningless, unnecessary jobs, get a paycheck, and pay men to do their dirty work. And men are happy to do it, because they have child support and alimony checks due to some other woman if they want to stay out of jail. We are caged animals. We’re not getting laid. And we’re still making everything happen. It cannot last.
    Are we beginning to get the picture here? Women don’t beat clothes on rocks anymore – like they still do throughout most of the rest of the world. I’ve been there. I’ve seen it. Women do not work with asbestos or tar. Machines do their housework. They live longer than men. They get paid to do “information” jobs. They fire their husbands and get other men to do the husband’s work. This is the biggest scam in the history of humanity! Women work less and get more than they ever have in the entire history of life on earth – and they’re not happy about it.

    1. Women are unhappy because they’re not doing any decent amount of work. That sense of accomplishment is void in a woman’s life. And right out of work do they work hard to get a date? Do they make an effort on their relationship with a boyfriend or husband? Nope so even in their social lives they get no sense of accomplishment.

      1. The amount of work women do isn’t the issue. They’re unhappy because they aren’t doing the TYPE of work that evolution created them for: Nurturing children, supporting a husband in his leadership role, and maintaining the family nest.
        It is not in most women’s DNA to feel fulfilled in the business/work world. (Masculine high T women would be a possible exception.) Thus the dissatisfaction and despair so rampant among western women, convinced as they have been to live life in conflict with their natural purpose.

  13. Feminists have to push the notion that the reason women make 79¢ for every dollar a man makes is because of patriarchal suppression, and not because men actually work more than women. If they acknowledged this fact, then it puts the onus of women to step up and put in more work, rather than to blame men for everything.
    And as we all know, feminism will not have any of that.

    1. I wonder how many manholes were involved in the making of this ad? And I also wonder when are men going to say: That’s it I’ve had enough of your childish non-sense, from now on FIX YOUR OWN FUCKING TOILET!
      Just imagine one-week strike by anyone who considers himself a “real” man. That would be more devastating than Hurricane Andrew and the San Francisco Earthquake all rolled up into one. Just one week of real work not getting done. Out with the manholes, up with the men.
      And why don’t we do it? Why won’t we men revolt for one week? Because men are addicted to praise.

      1. “Because men are addicted to praise.”
        And pussy.
        And I don’t know when men are going to say no, but the video only has 300 hundred likes and 10 thousand dislikes. People are showing that they are tired of this.

        1. Disliking a video will not achieve much. Initially, the majority men were against the women’s suffrage movement but now it is universally accepted.
          The more we see this kind of propaganda the more these ideas will get accepted by our brains even if initially we disapprove with them.

      2. Because they are scared it wouldn’t be any big deal. Women can learn to do or already know how to do a good majority of what men can do. Fix their own toilet, change their own tire, run their own budget, make their own money, have their own orgasms. Men can do many of the things women can do as well. The fact is in this day and age we choose to be with men because we want to, not because we have to. The only thing we can’t do without each other is have children.

    2. I think this needs to be watched with a grain of salt. This isn’t a political ad, it is a stupid shoe commercial. They aren’t trying to change the world they are trying to sell women’s shoes. If we are going to say that the left needs to calm down about jokes and non-important nonsense that they tend to make mountains out of despite their molehill natures then we really ought to meet that same standard.

      1. Could be. I think they made this commercial purely to garner controversy for marketing purposes. People will whine about it on social media but the rest won’t care.
        I don’t really have any strong feelings towards it, but when I saw it I was certain that it was meant to be satirical. It seems like that anyway.

        1. of course…controversy, get name out, bla bla bla. That’s the marketing game. Sometimes it is done well and sometimes not, but you can see clearly what is going on. I don’t think this company is seriously suggesting that men’s lack of fashion sense regarding shoes is a reason for global overhaul of wage distribution.

        2. You might be right. I just hope people don’t take it seriously. As in “OMG, this is so true! Women are discriminated” Maybe the company didn’t care about any political statement, but people are stupid enough to actually believe this stuff.

        3. There are always idiots that will i am sure but how much can we really care about here. It’s too nice out, there are too many girls, food tastes too good and wine is too plentiful to care about women’s shoe commercials

        4. You’re right, man. Sometimes I get too caught up about what’s happening in the world and spend too little time for myself. At the end of the day, this won’t affect me in any way possible. I really need to shake this whole “caring about what others think” mentality.

        5. It would be nice to live in a perfect world, but we have to pick and chose our battles ya know.

        6. that is the truth. I tell this to people frequently. Want to get back at your ex wife, your boss, you worst enemy…..be so ridiculously happy and content in every possible way…there is nothing worse you can do to them

      2. Do you know how the PR people persuaded women to take up smoking? It started with a marketing campaign.

        1. that is how everyone started smoking. Advertisers selling cigarettes is no big shakes. They did it to everyone. I am not about to get bent out of shape by a woman’s shoe commercial

        2. The detrimental effects of advertisement for the cigarette industry on smoking is well known. Making a gender issue of it is just bananas

        3. ok, well you go over react to women’s shoe commercials and i will sit here missing the point and living life. Let me know if there is a tampon ad in this months Cosmo that seems scary

  14. Skipping work for periods? That’s easy. Identify as a man for a day, it will stop the period, no PMS, problem solved, get your ass back to work.

  15. -Be fair with women- We are not being fair, e.g.:
    What belongs to USA does not belong to Russia.
    What belongs to whites, does not belong to blacks.
    What belongs to a country, race, tribe, group or individual, does not belong to another.
    To understand this correctly, remove men from the equation and see what is left that women deserve.
    They have been indoctrinated with the idea that men must give them “opportunities”. That if they don’t have what men have it’s because they are oppressed and men are evil. And they want to believe that.
    Men have been so “extremely” successful, that the only way to avoid this brutal reality about the sexes was to invent equality and oppression myths. We never measure things correctly, “they” use emotions to distract us from seeing what each sex, group, race, individual, truly deserves.

      1. you haven’t met the women i date.
        “You had how many almonds today”
        “three but i threw up after”
        “that will have to do”

  16. There was a woman that used to work at my job and if she made more money than me, it was only because I dumped work on her so I could go home early.

    1. Women own 65% of America’s wealth according to Forbes magazine. Seven times more retail space is allotted to women’s personal items than to men’s. Women make 85% of buying decisions. Women have naively entered into an unholy alliance with corporations to provide themselves with more jobs and more stuff. The corporate conquest, the materialist mindset of modern society, may be blamed directly on female greed, female self-seeking and female materialism.

    2. We spend our Husband’s money.
      Haven’t you heard Steve? “What’s mine is mine and what’s his is mine.”
      Every time I hear some bitch say that I would like to punch her in the face.

    1. Pleasant to work NEAR, but not WITH. The female presence seems to liven things up a bit. Besides, they’re much more visually appealing. Like new furniture or plants.

        1. Or in a state Capital. I used to have to run up to the Capital building occasionally for my job. The secretaries who worked for the powerhouse politicos did look like that.
          I suspect secretarial work might have been a minor part of their duties.

      1. Uh….no if you ever worked in construction or in sawmills where there are zero women, the place is very lively and upbeat. What brings it down is having a few women, and suddenly everyone is browbeaten and gossipy.

        1. Right. I should have qualified my statement to be specifically with regard to the office environment. Where there’s real physical work to do, the distraction is unwanted.

  17. Fantastic article Donovan!
    How about doing one on the “patriarchy” ….. or maybe my personal favorite when it comes to feminist horse shit – “rape culture.”

    1. If she was hot and gave BJs for a job well done that would be good for team morale. But then she wouldn’t need to be an officer to do that.

  18. Massage parlors, strip clubs, bars, porn movie sets, beauty salons and whorehouses – that’s where women should be allowed to work. Although I think women would make great exterminators. Put a couple of them in an infested house and let them shriek at each other, and the insects and vermin will run screaming. Pay should be optional at all venues, of course. They have plenty of adequate income streams via child support, divorce rape, and soft prostitution (I mean, “dating”).

  19. Reminds me of when I still worked in the prison system. A 200+ pound burly ex-Marine got fired for sexual harassment because he said something to a 90 pound bull dyke with a boys haircut about her liking other women. I was thinking about which one of them I would rather have for backup and it sure wouldn’t be a 90 lb bull dyke with short hair.
    Also she quit a year or so later, where burly ex-marine would probably have made a career out of it for 20 plus years and would have been an asset.
    So we wound up losing good help after pissing away the money to train both of them.
    It’s like women combat troops, fighter pilots, attack helicopter pilots etc. They will never have the aggressiveness or calculated risk taking abilities of men. Sorry ladies, babysitting and men stuff isn’t the same.

    1. Most of the chicks I knew from grad school who put in the years to get PhDs now just live at home with their kids while their husbands work. Down the hall from me right now is a chick with a PhD who just sends out emails all day.

    2. Wasn’t there some female naval officer that junked several jets trying to land on an aircraft carrier until she eventually got it on deck? Then she was hailed as some sort of fucking hero after costing tens of millions just for the feels…….

      1. I believe you are correct but, Naval aviation needed some diversity so they could feel better.

      2. AV Yader had one about a chick who barely made it through flight school then crashed while trying to land on a carrier.

        1. Kara Hultgreen was her name. She died in the crash and destroyed a very expensive F-14. But at least for a very short time the Navy brass could brag about having their first female fighter pilot on a carrier.

        2. And feminists probably raged about how a man somehow probably distracted her into crashing. No respect for the dead.

        3. All that money pissed away training her along with the loss of a multimillion dollar aircraft and all she did was take space that could have been used by a better male pilot who would probably still be there.

        4. I actually do not respect Ms Hultgreen that much. She tried to be a man, and paid the price. She didn’t know her limits.
          Equally culpable are the Navy brass who caved in to the feminists in Congress at the time, and ordered the flight school cadre to push a woman through the training.

    3. Sounds like he should have been fired. He clearly has poor boundaries and is impulsive. He’s the kind of guy who would end up taking bribes, going off on a prisoner or if he works in a women’s facility sleeping with one of the inmates. If he can’t have boundaries with someone who is his equal in standing, it’s clear he will be either abusive or weak with the inmates. I wouldn’t want him at my back.

      1. Yes you’re right it was better to keep the 90 lb useless bulldyke around instead of him.

      2. So if someone says something in a casual conversation that all parties present were involved in that’s later deemed to be offensive by one participant then that means they are impulsive……rriiigghht.
        Anyway, that’s beside the point which is, it’s a waste of time and resources putting women into men’s jobs. (Men’s prison). Outside of administrative duties women are useless there, however they get paid the same as male officers and all they have to do is show up, which coincidentally is about all they can do.

      3. I wonder if a man could get a woman fired or if he even wanted to. Women seems obsessed about getting everyone fired.

  20. Western women are neglecting their duty in the home to chase this mirage of satisfaction in the workplace. They should be paid less on that alone.

  21. At some jobs men do get paid more than women. Women also get paid more than men in some jobs. Some men get paid more than other men. Some women get paid more than other women.
    Welcome to the Real World where life is unfair

      1. When you think about it, the five or so men who do all porn (or so I’ve heard) have a lot of shit they have to do. They have to shave and apply makeup to their genitals (and/or some sort of faux penis extension thing, I’ve heard), keep completely clean most of the time, usually stage the bed, and be ready to ejaculate when the director calls for it.
        Then they have to do it several more times that day, because there are only so many male porn stars these days and they don’t make jack.

        1. Yeah, I had to fiddle while I wrote, myself.
          Still, you have to figure sex becomes unappealing with all that work put into it. That’s gotta suck.

        2. Zzzz Zzzzz…. oh sorry mate! I was having such a lovely sleep because my balls were 100% drained from getting paid to shag 8’s and 9’s all day.

        3. I’m just sayin’, there’s way more work involved than it seems. That’s their job, really – making it look like an hour of fun when it was probably at least four hours of tedium.
          Once it’s out, though, you have to figure the money keeps cumming in.

        4. The biggest issue I can see with male porn starts once they leave the biz (along with difficulty getting “civilian” work) is an inability to have a true connection with women. A lot of the 50+ former male stars all live alone and are by and large miserable. Interesting memories…. but dead inside in the present.

        5. I’d be willing to bet most of those whores don’t look like 8s and 9s in real life. I’d also be willing to bet they smell like a port-o-potty.

        6. I mean, most women start to get ripe by the end of a good lay. Figure a porno takes four times longer to shoot (to be conservative), and you virtually guarantee the room smells something fierce.

        7. Some men aren’t meant to have a true connection with women and to live alone. I am one of them. I don’t know about male pr0n stars and if it is people like that that are drawn to it, but my being alone doesn’t make me miserable at all…in truth, the opposite would make me miserable. However, if you took someone who really had the kind of personality to pair bond and gave them my life, let alone the life of a pro dick, i could see how it would destroy them

        8. I wish I could find the clip from Don & Mike where the porn producer tells them, in a stereotypically loud New York voice, “These women are GARBAGE CANS!”

        9. Promiscuity, especially paid sex work, does that to most people. Sad. And one of the few valid arguments against widespread prostitution–which otherwise would be a good option.

      2. But the women in porn are usually faking pleasure–aka acting, which is work. The men are not acting.

  22. 6. Whenever they get even the most modest reprimand or scolding at work, they run over to the corner and cry for 20 minutes. Thus 1/3rd of an hours paid labor is rendered useless.

      1. i am currently doing that but i wasn’t reprimanded. I just go in a corner and cry for 20 minutes several times a day.

  23. Women can afford to fuck around at work because they know that even with all of the quotas and “anti-discrimination” laws in place to prevent them from getting fired, if they do lose their jobs, they always have a fallback. Whether it’s marrying a beta provider, getting knocked up by some rando and getting child support and public assistance, or having daddy take care of her, they know they won’t be out on the street. Men know if they don’t perform, they’re out of a job and out on their ass, and no one is going to have a lick of sympathy for them.

      1. Wellllllllllllllllllll there’s homeless and there’s homeless. Sure, we get those filthy punk jackasses with the OD clothes and the dogs who beg and live outside, some of which are passable, but my suspicion is that they all find their way back home to their parents when the weather gets bad or they get dysentery or pregnant.

        1. Where I live we call them the “fake homeless.” They hang out in fairly safe alleys to smoke weed, fuck around with some hipster toys (those tossing sticks, yo-yo’s, skateboards, etc), and go home to pizza bagels when the dark and cold sets in.

      2. “Attractive” homeless women under 40 do exist, but they are homeless by choice. They could shave their pits, wash their hair and take the rings out of their face, and within 3 hours, have a beta orbiter willing to provide them a free place to stay and food for only the barest hint of a suggestion of the possibility that one day, far in the future, the girl might potentially consider thinking about briefly touching his junk.

        1. I saw a hippie homeless couple, the girl looks 28 probably was 21, With a better diet, a bath and a skin with less sun damage she would be a beauty. They were selling hippie handcraft crap and were playing the bongos for money to buy pod and the annoying anti capitalism chants.

        2. I see something similar frequently but not exactly homeless. All over new york right after thanksgiving hippies come down from canada with a shit on of trees and sell them. They basically live in a van and sell trees until they are out and then go back. the one closest to me has been, for the last few years, a couple of filthy, disgusting hippies both of which would probably ping 9 on the looks scale if someone cleaned them up and dressed them properly. I have straight up thought about asking the guy how much it would cost me to take her for a weekend. I would have her scrubbed, waxed, manicured, hair done and dressed just to spend 9 hours sodomizing her

        3. HAHAHA just buy marijuana, the good stuff, invite her to smoke a joint, then appeal to the laws of hippieness of share love.
          In my case they were homeless they sleep in a bench in a park. Worst case, it was Mexico, Mexican homeless hippies scum. I´m sure they were homeless.

        4. I don’t want to fuck her hippie cunt i want to do a transformation lol. Plus, if i tried to buy marijuana i’d probably wind up buying oregano AND getting shot AND getting arrested.
          One girl i hooked up with was kind of technically homeless in a way but not really. She was from france and came for the tourist season to St.Martin to make and sell jewlery on the beach. There are a lot of people like that and they always find a place to sleep here or there though so it isn’t really homeless more just like a french girl sewing her wild oats.

        5. That is what is called a dirty backpacker, She will return to the first world once she find herself (when she hit the wall and less and less hot guys want her)

      3. Single men comprise 44 percent of the homeless, single women 13 percent, families with children 36 percent, and unaccompanied minors seven percent.
        The homeless population is about 50 percent African-American, 35 percent white, 12 percent Hispanic, 2 percent Native American and 1 percent Asian.
        This one looks too clean and well fed to have ever been homeless.

        1. Literally the only thing that looks “homeless” about her is the canvas bag, but that could easily be a $200 Designer Haversack or something.
          Look at her recently-washed hair, for example. It’s got a good shine and body to it, meaning she’s well fed and recently groomed. Her shoes are still very white, indicating that she does only casual walking (unlike a homeless person, for whom it’s the primary mode of transport). Her scarf looks brand-new, and there are no indicators of wear on her sweatshirt or jeans (those holes are there by design).
          Conclusion: she’s just bored.

      4. an attractive homeless woman deserves death. Her pussy is literally an atm.

  24. The funny thing is that 100 years ago the feminists were trying to get women and kids out of the factories to make stronger families. The current feminist movement wants to put them back in – and destroy the family. Insidious. Misguided. Evil.

    1. This current crop of feminists could care less about what’s best for normal people. There is nothing left to fight for, women have all the same rights as men and things didn’t get better they got worse.

  25. Tesla was disturbed by seeing women in the workplace period. He held them to a high pedestal previously, noting that only superior women with superior feminine qualities nurtured offspring which became the greatest men. He perhaps would have mated if he first found a superiorly feminine woman and then he felt immense pressure to match by becoming superiorly masculine. Then he saw women become empowered and described their fall to become competitive and the most repulsive creatures. It was two extremes. He held the ideal feminine woman high and saw them become the most lowly and undesirable when liberated. Tesla on women:

      1. Turns out Telsa was an evil Misogynist, maybe Musk should have named his car company Electric Buttplug.

    1. Good video, I remember watching this documentary about him. They spun it as he lived out his days alone and depressed, like he developed mental problems or such, I didn’t think much of it. Now that I see the other part of the story, it makes sense. Little red pills are discovered almost daily.

  26. Not long ago, I had another manager take two months maternity leave, and the rest of us had to pickup her job duties. The business is generous with time off, so she was fully paid. If I asked for that time off I’d have to be dying or quit, not to mention that I’d only receive half of any time off balance.

    1. My buddy recently used his short-term disability leave when a close personal friend shot herself. He was fired within a week of returning to work, despite having paperwork from the VA and his psychiatrist attesting that the leave was justified.

  27. It’s been a while since I have worked in an office. Did they finally decide that it’s inappropriate to slap a girls ass…… when she’s done with the blowjob?

  28. If women customers behave like this:

    Then they wouldn’t make reliable employees and absolutely shouldn’t be the boss.

  29. OT: I think I am getting promoted to the head of the engineering department. We got an office for the boss, and the rest is cubicle land. When I do, I am going to see if I can put both women who work here in the office so the guys don’t have to listen to the endless chatter about nothing.

    1. ‘…I am going to see if I can put both women who work here in the office so the guys don’t have to listen to the endless chatter about nothing.’
      ……absolutely nothing whatsoever.
      I saw this book today and could hardly believe it.
      ‘Shopgirls: the True Story of Life Behind the Counter by Pamela Cox and Annabel Hobley, review: ‘packed with good things’
      Frances Wilson learns how women serving in department stores needed to live by their wits.’
      …oh yeah….who knows WHAT might happen on the perfume counter today???!!!
      ‘Shopgirls’ Jim.
      They read whole books about absolutely nothing whatsoever.

  30. “We shall defend our manhood, whatever the cost may be; we shall fuck on the beaches, we shall fuck on the landing grounds, we shall fuck in the fields and in the streets, we shall fuck in the hills; we shall never surrender.” – Winston Churchill

    1. “While Winsty was out doing all them speeches, his old lady was round the back of my teepee, giving me a trusty trombone.” — Gandhi.

        1. it’s funny because he conflated the woowoo indians with the hoohoo indians.

  31. And this is why we need to fire these corporations and work for ourselves. If you are the sole owner of your company with zero employees, the government does not have the leverage to make you adopt these silly rules, like holding a job for someone who isn’t there while paying a second person to actually do it! No HR issues, no corporate insanity forcing you to adhere to crazy rules, treating you like a child. Just you, fully motivated to work your arse off, producing useful products for those who want them.

    1. “Five stars. I laughed, I cried, I nodded my head and screamed, ‘Fuck yes’!” – the National Association of Red Pill Men

    2. I like your idea, but “the government does not have the leverage to make you adopt these silly rules”? Business licenses, taxes, all manner of “fees” and “mandates”, “anti-discrimination tribunals”? They have plenty of means near at hand to fuck with you.

      1. You are right of course, but the government has far less means to fuck you if you have no employees. There won’t be any “anti-discrimination” tribunals for example. Also, if you run an Internet business you can just move to a more business friendly environment. Take a look at what Kyle Trouble is doing. He only started last year and he has already quit his job and he is living the life in Ukraine.

    3. You are on to something there, my British Rob. Amazon is an example of how that can and will be a model of success. That marketplace gives the “little guy” the exposure that was once the territory exclusive to larger entities.

      1. Indeed, adopting an Internet based model of business means that you can duplicate yourself with minimal effort. You make one premium digital product but you can sell it infinite times. With overheads of practically zero you can very quickly make enough money to quit your job.
        I’m actually putting together some information to help you guys with this and will you all know when it is ready.

  32. Number 6 should be:
    Women expect men and society to provide for them.
    Unlike some members of some historically oppressed minorities who have a small claim for reparations, women married their “oppressors” and got his wealth through marriage or inheritance (such as a dowry). The welfare state, marrying for money or expecting men to provide for them mean that men earn more NOT only because men work harder but then the men provide that income to women.
    For feminists to gripe that they aren’t paid for “equal” work when they’re not working “equally” and then asking men to foot their bills for them is laughably selfish and dishonest. It’s stunning they even try to get away with it.

    1. Do you understand that a dowry was what the bride’s father paid to the groom to take this net loss off his hands?

      1. I just finished reading a biography of Genghis Khan where his mother’s family demanded a bride PRICE from her suitor or a period of servitude to the fathers. The Khans who achieved power then demanded women provided as wives as a form of taxation. In the Bible, Jacob was tricked into marrying another woman after spending 7 years in bondage to the father for the privilege of marrying another (hint: Listen for what a woman’s voice sounds like when she’s taking vows 🙂
        Dowries often were considered the wife’s property during the marriage and would be retained by her if there was a divorce. Sometimes there’s a bride price (if the woman is attractive) or a dowry (if, er, she’s not or the man she’s marrying has significant financial assets that would improve her standard of living).
        I read somewhere that many H-1bs who come to America and are bachelors get significant dowries from the bride’s family for an arranged marriage not because they’re getting her off of their hands but rather providing her with significant opportunities in the states.

  33. Women should consider offering sexual favours for equal pay, similar to how ‘short, fat and bald’ guys have to offer money for equal sex.

      1. I would think they wouldn’t want to go bankrupt because of affirmative action and sexual harassment BS policies that they adopt in fear of law suites ,WAL-MART won a sex discrimination law suite. Awhile back ,companies large and small should just say in one voice. We will not comply with affirmative action and we will remove HR departments as well as get rid of these bizarre sex harassment policies and lets see how the government responds. Telling them their stupid rules are ruining are businesses and we won’t comply!

        1. And the thieves in black robes will bring them to the realization that; yes, we can make you do that.

        2. There are ways of getting around these policies ,an article here on ROK shows us that a company got rid of their HR department in and saved money doing it. And the government didn’t come down on them!

        1. By choice probably not, but if all their competitors are doing it they have to follow suit eventually. If they want government contracts they have to implement affirmative action programs and quotas which are mainly satisfied via support/hr positions and a sprinkling of management roles.

        2. That is true ,the ROK article it talks about the reason why major companies have adopted these bogus policies ,but I agreed with article when it said . Why should they want to do business with an entity that doesn’t generate wealth but rather steals it ,its not worth a contract.

        3. But at this point it be a better idea to buck this trend ,under a Trump government its more then possible

    1. Inthe interest of a kinder gentler fasism Big business dictates policies that are egregious burden to small businesses.
      Check mate

      1. Amazing how few people realize that. I work in banking. The post 2008 regulations are forcing out small community banks. They are all consolidating or being subsumed into the big banks. so, the too big to fail banks get bigger as the result of regulation meant to limit the size of too big to fail banks. The law of unintended consequences marches on.

  34. I can not speak on how it is lie to work in an office. I will tell you that women in the medical field have no time for the above goofing off since they have to work. I am going to be mean here but the main reason we are seeing this shift is because the number of men that do not want to work has increased. Some men do not even want to learn mechanics, how to work on a house etc.

    1. We did all that praying and this is the best we got? Damn, the RoK gods must be heap big angry at us.

    2. ‘ I will tell you that women in the medical field have no time for the above goofing off since they have to work. ‘
      We have a gathering problem in the UK.
      That problem is women Doctors.
      They do not work as hard.
      They take off vastly more time ‘ill’.
      They refuse to work pediatrics’s (too hard).
      They refuse to work A.& E. (too stressful).
      What’s worse is that is you mention the above you are bathed in howling insults and lies.
      A (female) Minister mentioned this problem a while ago.
      Last we heard of her….

      1. I do not live in the UK. That said I am not shocked that men are less motivated to be doctors. I am carouse to know how many doctors America and Canada have imported. Could I complain about some female and male workers? Yes, but I admit my field puts up with less of junk that some people would want to pull.

  35. This could have just been #3 and it would have been dead on. Such a privilege should come at a cost, check it women.

  36. The average life-span of a Male is 10 years shorter than the average life-span of a Female!
    Let’s close this Death Gap first, then!
    What do you say, dear Feminists?
    Priorities, right?
    After we closed the Death Gap, we may start comparing wages and counting pennies!

  37. Worked with a pregnant female attorney who excused herself from an afternoon meeting, left work, took the next day off, then went back to work with breast pump and baby snaps. Total maternity leave – 10 hours.

    1. My older sister was an internal auditor (accounting) and went into labor with her fourth child (now a pediatrician) on the Friday evening on the Labor Day wekend. They did not even have time at the hospital to take off all her street clothes. She was back to work Tuesday morning on time. Maternity leave = 0 hours.

  38. I’ve had this conversation with many small business owners over the years, and the joke is: “One of the reasons women are paid less is so the business can set aside those funds for the inevitable sexual harassment lawsuit that will ensue once they’re terminated for their poor job performance.”
    All jokes aside… I can say from personal experience that I have received exceptional service over the years from Women in the Legal, Medical/Nursing and Veterinary care industries.

  39. I’m sorry, but this is just too much generalization. Obviously, women all have certain things in common, but really? This article doesn’t prove at all why women should be paid less. Of course I do strongly discourage women entering careers, but for Pete’s sake, if you work and do a decent job at it then you should be paid well. That’s the same for everybody. Payment is based on skill, not gender. There are plenty of smart and responsible women in the workforce, and you bet your ass there’s a lot of lousy men.

    1. I’m sorry, but this is just too much generalization.

      First of all, the mythical “wage gap” that is paraded around (every couple of menstrual periods or so it seems) is based on a group-to-group comparison, a refutation can also be based on the very same group-to-group comparison. At that macroscopic level, the flaws in the “wage gap” are well known and the author notes them in the first section.
      Is there too much generalization in what follows that? Well, not according you your reasons. Let’s have a look at that…
      = = = = = = = = = = =

      Obviously, women all have certain things in common, but really? This article doesn’t prove at all why women should be paid less.

      In careers where there are set rates of compensation (say collective bargaining agreements) it is doubtful that wage rates vary even a single penny (or equivalent) between the sexes. In vocations that are based on the asset’s value add, you’ll have to show some evidence that women are being short-changed. That means demonstrating equal productivity or merit but lesser pay. This article introduces several aspects that can and do affect production. You seem to be thinking (or was that really, “feeling”) that these are phantom menaces. Can you elaborate on, for example, how women, as a whole, do not actually gossip and Facebook (I just made it a verb!) more than men, as a whole?
      = = = = = = = = = = =

      Of course I do strongly discourage women entering careers, but for Pete’s sake, if you work and do a decent job at it then you should be paid well. That’s the same for everybody. Payment is based on skill, not gender.

      Certainly, and you will find that, as a whole, men are far more designed to work at a common goal (aka the workplace) than women (again, as a whole) are. That is why you will see the median productivity of men usually higher than that of the median productivity of women.
      Of course, some (as in the cookie-cutter neo-feminist) will try and argue that many occupations are agnostic to the sex of the individual. However, that ever-important aspect of “control of one’s emotions” is always overlooked. If one group is more prone to flakiness than the other, logic tells us that the more stoic is the better soldier (literal or figurative).
      = = = = = = = = = = =

      There are plenty of smart and responsible women in the workforce, and you bet your ass there’s a lot of lousy men.

      That is disingenuous. It is not occurrence of smart and responsible men or women, but rather the overall distribution of “smart and responsible”. Most of this is due to the reality that employment opportunities are shaped to match the underlying “curve” of the environment. This is an important concept…
      The things that are needed to transform the natural landscape into modern society, as well as the processes required maintaining that level of artificial comfort are generally better dealt with by men. Certainly, within the bubble of that a “man”-made Eden, one could say that each sex is equally adept (e.g. Librarians, para-legal, etc…) but most jobs do benefit from more brawn and less b*tchiness. There will be women that outperform a lot of men, but as a whole men will have the superior median.
      That is why “equal opportunity” does not generally produce “equal outcome”. Only neo-feminists and their sycophantic white knights think the two are one and the same.

  40. Male to female office job percentage breakdown:
    95% Not too bad as long as you don’t put two women together which leads to cat-fighting and then loss of productivity.
    75%-94% doable you run the risk of getting a female boss which if she is under 40 will have a chip on her shoulder and you will have to suffer through her deficit in basic math. Office talk will consist of relationships and 50 different ways of saying the same thing.
    74%-94% The office starts to resemble a day care facility: walls get painted pastel colors, feelings supersede profits, female on female violence is almost observed daily, and your bonus will be tied to the lunar cycle.
    95% You won’t last 6 months before getting fired for stating something logical.

  41. I work in an extremely “progressive” work culture and it is nearly impossible to fire a female. Time and time again I see women taking vacations to travel 2 and 3 weeks at a time. I mean, let a man try and take 2 weeks off and see how quick he’s told “no.” You never see men taking vacations that long. I even seen several women abuse their privilege in the workplace by simply never coming to work. I’ve seen several use up all their vacation and then continue to be perpetually on vacation traveling the world and claim that they are “working remotely.” Meanwhile they’re posting photos on FB all day and night showing everyone what a great time they’re having. They actually have the nerve to post that while having work friends on their accounts and nobody bats and eye. I mean, how productive could they possibly be? Sure they might be doing just enough to get by but when your job requires some amount of study and exploration in order to be innovative and solve problems in unique ways, I highly doubt the work is of any quality or original. But we keep them on staff because we have to be diverse. Nobody is gonna tell us we aren’t progressive goddammit!!!

  42. A larger proportion of women in general (as compared to men in general) have trouble with logic. Everything is about their “feelwings”. Business is warfare. You don’t win a lot of battles, let alone a war if you a slave to your emotions.
    It’s bad enough when emotional wrecks have no power. Give them just a little, and look what happens… Ever notice how HR departments are about 99% female?

  43. Slightly OT, but I’ve noticed a rash of articles about the “travails of the aging career women”, and while the laughs from those are great, I’ve noticed a newer, more disastrous trend: a large number of females in the fabled 18-30 cohort who have neither a family NOR a career.
    Now maybe it’s just my small social circle, but I note many a friends’ daughter in this age range who has absolutely no direction or purpose in life. Of course, you will be shocked to discover a nearly one-to-one relationship between these young ladies personal travails and the volume at which they spew progtard slogans and talking points.

    1. My sister’s husband has a niece like that.
      Finished college 2 years ago and still no job.
      But its OK, her boyfriend is a drug dealer…

  44. All women suck at work. I’ve met a very few who EVER worked hard and I do not know any that have ever done it on a regular basis.

    1. Can you take blood without leaving one of those huge bruises? That is how I judge a good nurse vs. a bad nurse.
      Doctors suck at that, btw. They just don’t give a damn if they mess you up when taking blood.

      1. If a patient is a ‘tough stick’, it pays to slow everything down…get a nice warm compress over the arm, while the patient relaxes back and keeps the arm hanging down…a little lidocaine bleb, for a pain-free experience, and I’ll draw the blood while I start your IV, (one stick!); and none of those painful, bony, bendy areas…I like the inner forearm, completely secured, so that fucking IV pump isn’t driving me…(Oops!), I mean My Patient, crazy by beeping every time they move.
        Now just a blood draw, that’s about taking a couple extra minutes, also…often the same warm compress trick, but this time, after pulling the needle I-not the patient-Me, I hold the gauze and apply pressure for a minute or 2, more if they are on any blood thinners.
        Everyone’s in such a damn hurry…like my Daddy said, “No one has the time to do the job right, but everyone finds the time to do it over…”
        In those extra few minutes, I get to actually speak with my patients, and get a better understanding of their history, or what they may need assistance with after surgery, who’s waiting for them while they’re having surgery…and after just a few extra minutes of extra time, and attention, if I do miss the vein, (it could happen, not often, but…), well, the patient isn’t pissed…and I, of course, bring in the CRNA, instead of poking my new friend to death!

        1. “, but this time, after pulling the needle I-not the patient-Me, I hold
          the gauze and apply pressure for a minute or 2, more if they are on any
          blood thinners.”

        2. Out of curiosity do you find elderly people bruise very easy from taking blood or having an IV in? So far every elderly person I take care of comes back with a bruise or more from the hospital after having IV’s in them. I do know elderly people can have skin that seems as thin as paper.

  45. 5. They hardly work
    Very true.
    Cute Chinese girl a little over a year out of college at my new contract. She does a little work here and there, but spends a lot of time organizing social events, taking long lunches, and works from home quite a bit too. Doesn’t bother me too much. She’s nice to look at and has a cute voice and a good sense of humor. That is VERY RARE in an IT office.

      1. Nah, I’m my own boss.
        The companies I work for are my clients.
        But if that did happen, I would be more than happy to make full body massages part of the package. But only for her.

  46. 6. They don’t die enough
    Men make up well over 90% of all workplace fatalities. Until we see more equality in women being taken away from the workplace in a body bag then they should shut the hell up about the wage gap.

    1. I’m still mindblown by the fact that Archie was supposed to be a parody of right-wing values. He was the only character on the show with reason and who didn’t virtue signalled.

  47. Maternity leave helps white Europeans to have children. I don’t see it as a bad thing. In Eastern Europe, most of the men can not earn enough to provide for the whole family, so the wife has to work too. But without maternity leave, they would have even less babies than they are having right now.

    1. False. Europe is in a demographic death spiral. They have more time off than anywhere on earth and do not even sustain replacement levels. White women are sold on career and consumerism just to scramble at +35 to find a mate to inseminate them for a baby before 40.

      1. My mother, aunts and all the family was able to raise 3 children/family thanks to maternity leave. It is not about women wanting a career, it’s just the only means to get by in Eastern Europe.

        1. I think your female family memers would have raised 3 kids regardless and maternity leave was not a deciding variable in that decision. Point being: Europe has more maternity leave and paid holidays than any where else in the world and they have been below replacement levels for years.

        2. Would have been impossible to raise children without a job. Would have been impossible to keep the job without maternity leave. On the other hand, you are absolutely right about the replacement levels unfortunately.

  48. Right on the fucking money!!! I’m sick of quitting my job over the years cause of women and their emotional childish mood swings!

  49. nice article Donovan, however, let me add the 1th reason why women must be payd less than men:
    Every men who earns money do EVERYTHINGS, and spend his money for women! big house, new car, travels you name it, while women do everythings and spend her (plus HIS if married) money for themselves!
    i never witness in my life a woman who buy a new condo, a new car or else just to go to pickup a man and want to share everythings with him!
    we men do it on a daily basis! from going out with friends to the local bar and offer a drink to them (beta trait alert!) to marry them and giv’em all we have (marriage trap alert!)
    plus, when men spend money for women, they put money back in the society as a whole, in a wide array of field to please them! if was not this way, bars, restaurants, discos, cinemas (you name it..) will be closed! and think about this due now, that a work crisis strike in the jobs for men, who earn less in many cases, we can see that the social situation are getting worse due lack of money.
    men without the power of money not only doesn’t have “honey” anymore, but also the society began to sunk due lack of money going around, and women will never find suitable men rich enought to get laid, so the reason why they want only the top dogs, even average jane’s.
    to further the reasons, women chat a lot, so in every office you have to go, the queue are much longer when women are there, hence the quality services are going down, and in many cases men are able to restart a computer or fix minor damage while women always ask for help.
    Also many marriage ends due such reasons, we spend more time at work than in families, hence is rather normal that women flirt with a collegue, and sooner or later she will cheats on his husband.
    Women should work only 4 hours in the morning and than back in the home! let this men world run and fixed by men or it will be over in decades.

    1. I say this, as often as I get to say it.
      “Women are born with value, men have to earn it”
      So, the more shit women do, the more value they lose. Men on the other hand, only lose value according to what they have earned.
      Fyodor Dostoyevsky said “A man with money, is a men anywhere “

  50. I f*cking DETEST feminism and feminists; but this article is ridiculous to the point that it reads like a parody. Am I on The Onion’s page here?

    1. You have to understand the principle of satire. Articles like this are about shining a light on the feminist rhetoric which has become the norm in our society.. in this case, “males deserve to be paid less for working more hours in more dangerous jobs”, which is what “wage gap” essentially amounts to. Of course, that principle will fly above the heads of most leftist apologists.

  51. Name one major modern invention that women have created? Name one. The US unemployment rate was actually lower when women were not working by the way. The entire modern world has been created by men, and mostly white men, only Asian men have been able to replicate white men’s success, and Asians have done it mostly through copying.
    In Africa and the Middle East they living in the Stone Age and the Middle Ages respectively. All sorts of horrific poverty, disease, violence, and general misery in those parts of the world. Much of the world still has to poo in a field, the idea of toilets, sinks, and running water is a foreign concept, which is something the West has had since the late 19th century.
    Most women, 99.9 percent couldn’t change the tires on their Prius or Mini Cooper or do a simple oil change.

  52. Lmao this has to be a satire piece. You troglodytes constantly insist that women should have kids and you place importance on the nuclear family, and yet, you want to punish women who have kids and fulfill your ideal? If you truly value families, then you’d be wise enough to value the importance of things like maternity/paternity leave. Otherwise, be prepared for the birth rate to keep declining, and be prepared for families ending up on welfare because they have no job protections. You, sir, are a pathetic specimen.

    1. They should have kids OR have careers. Not both. If they have both one or both will suffer. Try to keep up with complex ideas sweetheart.

      1. There are tons of women who successfully handle both. Maybe if men like yourselves helped out with domestic duties instead of expecting your wives to both work full-time and be the primary caretakers of your shitty offspring, then women wouldn’t have to stress over making such sacrifices. Kids need attentive fathers just as much as they need attentive mothers.

    2. Its not punishment, it’s called paying an individual what they are worth based on their productivity.

      1. I agree, but to make a blanket statement that all women should automatically be paid less than men before even knowing their work ethic is bullshit.

  53. In my shop, if a woman is in charge of a presentation or seminar, rest assured that the AV equipment will not be ready on time, tremendous amounts of time will be wasted in trying to patch in one person from outer Mongolia (so they can show you they know how to operate a speakerphone and call-in number), that the presentation will start 20 minutes late, and that you won’t be allowed to ask any questions b/c of their incompetence and a need to truncate discussion in order to get back ‘on schedule’ b/c they could not start the damned meeting on time. Drives me nuts. I’ve just stopped attending if I know a woman is in charge of the program.

  54. It seems even readers of ROK can’t stomach reality, like the inherent inferiority of woman in certain aspects of life. I love women. But I love them while understanding their flaws, even accepting them and coming to find them endearing. It’s just a shame that so many have been indoctrinated to thing “girls can do anything”.

  55. Maybe if y’all based your arguments off something other than stereotypes the mainstream media would take you seriously.

  56. you have forgotten the most obvious reason: they are less productive than men. In free economy, salaries reflect productivity. If women really put up the same amount of work for a 20% lower salary, managers would only hire women

  57. Whereas men are using the internet on company time to read manosphere blogs and gripe about not getting laid, or gripe about the kids they have to help support because they got laid, or…whatever.

  58. Having worked in offices a lot, #5 I can definitely vouch for. Seriously, half the time they are chatting. Not all of them, some are very hard workers but on the whole a lot of women treat work like it’s a social event.

  59. No. 1 thru 1000. Because the statisticians never count it when a woman gets paid for having a vagina.

    1. Edit this pageRead in another language
      Liability (financial accounting)
      In financial accounting, a liability is defined as the future sacrifices of economic benefits that the entity is obliged to make to other entities

  60. I went to school to be an auto-mechanic for two years. I only saw three women and one of them only took an entry course with her boyfriend for fun. The other two were dykes. Then when I got a job as a mechanic no women at all, which unsurprisingly is why mechanics have a stereotype of up selling service to women… women don’t know shit. Later I changed careers and became a pilot, again almost no women although certainly more than mechanic school. Both jobs are difficult to get into, require a high degree of personal management and responsibility, and both can cause injury or death.

    1. Of course there’s anger. The wage gap is a myth, and that makes it a lie, and I for one don’t like being lied to. Do you?
      And stop being ageist.

  61. Seen this, confirm this, hire men. NAWALT sure, but close enough that it is not worth the damn risk.

  62. I can attest to #5 easily, having worked so long in retail. It’s always the women who are using their phones to chat and do other things while on the clock, sometimes sitting down and doing so instead of working.

  63. This is (I’m sorry to compare the author to this) but Tosh.0 level sexism…. and it’s hilarious and hopefully provokes some fun reddit nonsense.

  64. Here’s another reason:
    They don’t get hired because of qualifications. Usually it’s either because they look good or because they know somebody in the company. So why should they get paid what someone who actually WORKED to get where they are? You want easy street then it will pay like easy street.
    They also bring down productivity by having their emotional meltdowns that we are all forced to tolerate. They’re a protected class. So, they can get along just fine with their 79 cents considering they do less work and produce less while bringing down morale.
    Yeah, fuck equal pay

  65. Women >7 are mostly useless in any jobsituation. Why would they work ? No reason really..<= 7 another story, seen many who were good workers. Above 7 are hardwired to become whores one way or the other and cant be bothered to do hard work

  66. When I worked at GE Astrospace in NJ, they put out an email about sexually harassing photos, calendars, etc. needing to be removed from the workplace. They gave a week’s warning, then a VP went around and disposed of anything he felt would qualify. Later, I was entering a short (25 feet or so) narrow hallway (just wide enough for two people) as a woman entered the far end. She was in a slinky, form-fitting, red dress, with nothing under it (it was quite obvious, nipples and labia were clearly “visible” – dress was not see through but it conformed so closely to her body that I could tell how she groomed her pubic hair). If I’d taken a photo of her, dressed like that (this was at work, during normal business hours), and put it in my cubical, I’d have been fired. So, are they distracting? You bet. Is there a double standard: definitely. If I could be fired for having a photo of her dressed like that in my cubical, why the hell wasn’t she fired for dressing that way for work? Not sure, but I didn’t see any carpet burn on her knees (dress was short, but not “bend over and show the world my vagina” short).
    I’ve seen multiple women at work with see through blouses (although all have had bras on), and have been told by eye witnesses of women removing their shirts and working in their half slip in one case, and sports bra in another (both cases were due to lack of A/C on a hot day; so logical reason but..). But heaven help the man who makes some comment.

  67. There’s a shitstorm brewing in Britain over the fact men get far more money than women at the BBC…a company funded by TV licence fees, a tax for having a T.V(which if you don’t have one you run the risk of being taken to court and receiving a hefty fine)

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