5 Ways Northeast Asian Countries Benefit From Having No Diversity

The world’s most prosperous and developed regions, or what we casually refer to as the “first world”, are roughly divided into four key areas of the planet. They are Anglo North America (U.S. & Canada), Australasia (Australia & New Zealand), Europe (though northern Europe in particular), and Northeast Asia (excluding the communist nightmare North Korea).

The northeast Asian cluster of developed nations differs from it’s European, North American, and South Pacific counterparts by being the only highly populous and high-income region of the world which is not predominately inhabited (or founded) by people of Germanic European extraction. Furthermore, these northeast Asian countries are the only advanced parts of the globe (along with Israel) which have absolutely no diversity or multiculturalism agenda being forced upon them.

This article will explore five ways in which the prosperous countries of this region (Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and mainland China to a smaller extent) greatly benefit by not having “diversity is our strength” garbage shoved down their throats by the global elite.

1. Enviously Low Crime Rates


Even people of northern European descent are statistically more likely to commit crimes than northeast Asians. The Japanese, Koreans, etc. are therefore WISE to not let us/them permanently migrate to their countries, as it would inevitably upset the very low crime rates they enjoy.

The native inhabitants of northeast Asian nations are arguably the most law-abiding on the planet, aided by having a very high average IQ, a docile temperament to civil authority, and cultures which highly emphasize honor and mutual respect. Japan for instance, is perhaps the most sincere country in the entire world, and famous for various “wallet drop” experiments which yield an amazingly high chance of having your property returned with all cash in it’s proper place. (Good luck with that in Africa or Latin America).

Furthermore, all major cities in Taiwan, South Korea, Japan, and Hong Kong are like toy towns. They have absolutely fantastic and far-reaching metro systems, and overall safety levels so high you can literally (Hitler) throw a dart at anywhere on the city map, go to that area at two in the morning, and absolutely nothing is going to happen to you.

Why in the hell would these super safe and honorable cultures want to embrace and “celebrate” diversity and multiculturalism? Bringing in distant foreigners, who are routinely lower IQ and prone to higher rates of crime and degeneracy (yup, white people included!), would not only be outright foolish, it would be completely anti-humanist in regards to the well-being of the native citizens.

2. Excellent Social Cohesion

We fight as a single, inpenetrable unit. Diversity That is the source of our strength. – Leonidas, King of Sparta (300)

In the later decades of the 20th century, the comparatively small island nation of Japan became the world’s second largest economy and a technological powerhouse, and ethnic and cultural “diversity” had nothing to do with their massive success. Mainland China has also really been able to spread it’s wings now in the 21st century, and they couldn’t have done it without the aid of racial diversity and free-for-all Islamic immigration (not).

And how about the business environment of South Korea? It’s Samsung Corporation has enjoyed phenomenal global power and success with it’s various consumer electronics, while it’s Seoul headquarters is 99% ethnic Korean. So considering the great success of these monocultures, can ethnic and cultural diversity really be considered a source of “strength” as the West regurgitates, or rather a source of friction and discord?

korea couple

A Korean family looking at moving within Daegu. They do not need to research “bad neighborhoods” like Americans do, because everywhere will be inhabited by the same low-crime prone people with the same ethnic heritage, language, culture, and values as them.

The awful truth is that diversity has no inherent strengths. At face value it’s merely neutral at best, while it can only be a potential catalyst for major societal issues/weaknesses. In fact, study after study shows that ethnic and cultural diversity leads to a lack of social trust and community cohesion. Additionally, most people around the world demonstrate a clear preference for ‘homophily’, which is the tendency of people to prefer the company of others who are most like themselves when entirely left to their own devices.

One of the reasons the countries of northeast Asia are so successful is that they have great social trust and cohesion, aided primarily because everyone shares the same ethnic heritage, speaks the same language, and shares the same culture, values, and traditions.

On the other hand, the rampant multiculturalism occurring in North America, Europe, and Australasia is leading to increasing social strife and discord, sometimes culminating in instances of mass violence. Even Roosh has done a video which demonstrates the folly of multiculturalism.

3. Time And Money Saved On “Diversity” Crap

japan business meeting

A Japanese boardroom embracing the only “diversity” that actually matters. Diversity of portfolios, investments, ideas, and RESULTS.

All over the Western world, corporations and media organizations spend untold amounts of time and money telling everyone about how wonderful diversity is. Meanwhile, the non-diverse nations of northeast Asia can just… sort of carry on with their valuable time and keep making money.

When there is next to no diversity, there is no inherent need to even acknowledge it’s existence. This is why countries like Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan don’t have to waste time with such asinine things like “sensitivity awareness” or “diversity training” within their corporate working environments.

Australia Post unleashing the same virtue signaling SJW Diarrhea we’ve come to expect from this formerly great country. Japan, Korea, and Taiwan don’t even have to bother with eye rolling time wasters like this.

And it’s not just the private sector, multiculturalism and diversity are major time and money drains within the government realm as well. Having to translate documents into over half a dozen languages (ever been to a California DMV?) and the amount of resources spent on refugee welfare programs could be better utilized trying to get everyone to assimilate as quickly as possible. Northeast Asian countries simply don’t have any of these problems, because they wisely chose to opt out of the diversity shtick.

4. No Islamic Terrorism

europe terrorism

If you don’t have followers of Islam in your midst, then you won’t have Islamic terrorism. It’s really that simple. Somehow the current Muslim mayor of hyper-multicultural London did not get that memo, and instead tried to save the face of his religion (and SJW mindset) by saying that terrorism is just “part and parcel of living in a big city”.

Meanwhile, Tokyo is the largest metropolitan area in the world and they have absolutely no Islamic terrorism. Because the religion of Islam is not there, other than the most token of numbers. Other cities in northeast Asia like Osaka, Seoul, Busan, Shanghai, Taipei, Sapporo, Kaohsiung, etc. don’t have any problems with Islamic terrorism either for the same reasons.

By comparison, just a little further abroad in southeast Asia, Islam is nothing but a source of friction or even outright violence in the countries where it has a large footing. Muslim-majority Malaysia imposes various levels of economic and civil discrimination towards non-believers, Muslim-majority Indonesia has suffered bombing attacks, and the Philippine island of Mendanao has been engaged in an ongoing conflict that is Islamic in origin.

As Black Pigeon Speaks has pointed out, wherever there is Islam and the other, there is always conflict. The nations of northeast Asia would be wise beyond measure to make sure that the religion of Islam does not ever gain any significant foothold in their territory.

5. Safe And Satisfied Tourists

tourist taiwan

Western tourists in Taipei. Unlike modern London or Paris, their chances of getting robbed/conned by Africans or stabbed to death in an Islamic whack job is pretty much zero.

Northeast Asia’s fantastic natural human capital (high IQ, low crime, hard-working, non-belligerent people) along with the regions lack of cultural diversity tends to work wonders on their domestic tourist industries. Other than the relatively high costs of the region (especially Japan), visitors to these countries tend to express very high levels of satisfaction with their experience.

Tourists routinely give praise to the high perceptions of personal safety, lack of street harassment and scams by unwanted foreigners (unlike many modern cities in Europe), and appreciation for the regions unique cultures. Unique cultures which, unlike the West, are not being tainted with such a degree of forced multiculturalism and degeneracy that many native inhabitants no longer even recognize their own countries.

Safe and satisfied tourists equals great word of mouth and even repeat visits, which are things that “diversity is our strength” countries like Brazil and South Africa routinely miss out on, as those nations have much poorer reputations for personal safety. Tourist numbers to formerly picturesque cities like London and Paris have also been hit hard in recent times, as the recent spate of terrorist attacks is driving away outside spenders.


Besides having more “food options,” the facts show there is no logical benefit to diversity, and countries that are not diverse would be wise to keep things that way. While Japan, Korea, and Taiwan will still be ethnically and culturally Japanese, Korean, and Chinese at mid-century, it is a complete Pandora’s Box as to how much Europe, North America, and Australasia will change for the worse.

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        1. Is sauce for the gander.
          I had to put that out there. Many people mess it up and say “is good for the gander” and I’m like “Dude, shut dufuq up, get it right, yo”

        2. Oh you modernists and your displacing and putting into dissuse so much of our beautiful Saxon language.
          Actually it’s supposed to be “sauce” for both uses of “Good” but it’s already confusing enough.

        3. Well now wait a minute, if we want to reduce the amount of influence the Jews have on Western societies, shouldn’t we encouraging Jews to move to their own ethno-state?

        1. You cant make bars of soap without the shrunken heads.
          Tis a shame all the shrunken heads from the Nuremberg trials went ‘missing’

    1. The Jews are expanding their despairingly lucrative and fashionable business of convincing Whites to abandon their identity to the Japanese now!

      1. No doubt they will lead and profit from this revolution and smash open the doors of Japan to the (((chosen))) ones subversive, usurper ways.

    2. Why doesn’t she make the case for bringing more Syrian and Iraqi refugees to Israel? After all, much of the Middle East is war ravaged because of Israel and policies that support Israel. Israel doesn’t have a single Iraqi or Syrian refugee, at least not Muslim and Christian ones.

    1. 100% Non-white = 100% diversity
      51%+ White = Whitewashed/redneck/whiteprivilege/monoculture/whitesupremecist etc

  1. I saw all this in Japan last summer.
    You know how major American cities are covered in graffiti? Not so much in Japan. Sure, you have your Yakuza and the triads and whatall, but that’s not something to worry about on a daily basis.
    You know how no two Americans can seem to agree on a damn thing, politically? The Japanese were arguing over whether the emperor is allowed to retire and pass his ceremonial roles to his heir. Not much else – they agreed that their sons and daughters need to get hitched and provide grandchildren, cultural landmarks needed to be preserved, etc.
    The most diverse cities I visited were Tokyo and Hakodate. Tokyo is self-explanatory, as it’s become the Japanese host to most drunken idiots from other nations. Hakodate is a very Japanese town that bears the influences of centuries of US occupants (it has to do with Commodore Perry setting up port there). What does that mean about Hakodate? Really, it means some of the houses look colonial and you can find Catholic nuns there.
    Never saw a Muslim in Japan. The folks I met there barely knew what a Muslim was, but they knew about the terrorists and that was enough.
    I had a great time in Japan. It was so very…Japan. It wasn’t the US, or Europe, or Chinatown, or Africa – it was Japan. And they were nice folks.

    1. One of the most red-pilled people I’ve met in Canada were Koreans. They just see through all the identity politics BS here so well.

      1. I had some friends in high school who were Korean nationals (my school had a big exchange program). Great guys, very hardworking, and no one saw through the American culture like they did.

        1. Oh, a few of my close buddies are Korean. Amazing guys. The amout of jokes we made about SJWs is Huge. The stuff I say around them, I would never say around a Cucknadian.

        2. Most of them are. And I heard one of them funded a small business venture through the exchange program – he would bring trinkets and cosmetics here to sell, then go home with a suitcase of Levi’s and sell them over there.

        3. I dated a Korean in college. She and I were treated like the blonde girl dating a darkie. They did not like it at all.
          The Koreans are very protective of their culture and that is something I grew to admire about them.

        4. They’re the most xenophobic culture in the world. Many openly admitted it to me too. Just straight up: “My family is totally racist.”
          I like Koreans, and worked with them for years, but good luck dating one.

        5. Da fuq bro? In the early 90’s in L.A. they were ready to fuck up rioting blacks around their businesses like Bunny in Platoon. They can be my neighbor any day of the week!

        6. except if you watch the recent documentaries on1992 (25 anniversary), the Koreans business were not being attacked mostly by black people, it was latinos.

        7. The most blue pilled and betas that I ever found were Indians. Not Punjabi Sikh Indians, but the average joe Indian.

        8. Is it ! really !! you mean “average joe Hindustani/Indian” is more blue pilled and betas than the (majority of) pussified femerican manginas !!?? You (and a “few” here on ROK) seem to always have some grudge on Hindustani/Indians !
          I wish that Grudge doesn’t turn into full fledged JEG&IIC Syndrone (Jealousy, Enviousness, Grudge & Inherent Inferiority Complex) !!

        9. I used to see a lot of Asians run cash business in black neighborhoods in the 1990s, at that time the American economy was rock solid and opportunities were boundless, I found it admirable they had the grit to put up with kind of hazards are dealing with inner city blacks.

        10. “The most blue pilled and betas that I ever found were Indians. Not Punjabi Sikh Indians, but the average joe Indian.”
          Your perception is actually wrong. India has a red pilled, traditional patriarchal culture where marriages are arranged and premarital sex frowned upon. The idea that Indian men in the West look beta is because as a consequence of never having had to worry about picking up chicks since dad will find your spouse they fail miserably with white women. Another thing is that they seem to believe that befriending a girl is a way to get in her pants in the future, something that might sometimes work on red pilled Indian women (but not the westernised or feminist ones) the same way it used to sometimes work in the West when we also still mostly had arranged marriages and few opportunities to have sex before marriage.

        11. Explain why India has a high rape culture then? When men can’t get women, why do they resort to rape? Explain to me why ROK published an article describing how a White European woman was brutally raped and murdered in India after her Indian guy “friend” was told she wasn’t interested in him that way?

        12. 2 words: female infanticide.
          There’s an acute shortage of girls leaving many men forced into a life of incel.

      2. Well you see, Korean men don’t get labeled “racist” and they don’t condemn themselves to a life of celibacy by openly espousing red pill beliefs. Korean women are totally alright with their men being racist and anti-fag. White women … eh not so much.

      3. One of the most red-people I’ve met in Canada were Koreans. They just see through all the identity politics BS here so well.

        Funny, because every red person I’ve ever met has been Injun.

        1. The older Japanese people I talked to were either gushing about their childrens’ marriages and/or children, or complaining that their kids weren’t hitching up. At least they know the value of reproduction, and God willing they get their way.
          Maybe a government reform effort could help with that. There’s a sort of Alt-Right over there trying to make their country more traditionally Japanese, so it’s not impossible.

        2. lol I was gonna post a pic of Godzilla but I fucked up and now disqus wont let me change the image

        3. Japan’s population is shrinking FASTER than maybe ANY other country on earth! In 50 years, I could see China invading Japan and making all the men eunuchs. OH, and with all the white guys the women are marrying….

        4. I wonder why they don’t just reward having children with hard cash. Japan has two problems, chronic deflation and low birthrates, which they could solve with a single tool: quantitative easing from the BOJ. Print money and distribute it for every child every young couple has.

      1. All Western countries have low birh rates. The difference is while not making any babies the West imports immigrants in millions. Japan stays Japanese.

        1. back in 08, when the global economy melted down, they sent their guest workers home; hell they even PAID them to leave if they had more time on their worker permits. did USA n Europe do the same thing? nope! dumping more and more unneeded people in their own countries

        2. Japan has their immigrants, as well, but they do it in very different a way. They’re usually Chinese, Korean, and other groups who have ethnic history with the Japanese (strictly speaking, they’re a blend of Chinese, Korean, and various islanders). Those who receive residency usually are married into a Japanese family and produce children who are, for all intents and purposes, Japanese (raised in the culture, basically identical genetic heritage, etc.)

        3. what passes for jap culture? koi ponds? kibuki theater? Sounds like an odds and ends drawer: measuring tape, some twine, some broken pencils, a can with no label …

        4. alternative history novel: nixon switches us off the gold standard and onto the koi standard:
          instead of gold ingots, we trade with koi: an orange one under one arm and a yellow one under the other, the bank instead of a vault consists of many pools of water to keep the koi

        5. This is true. The US really broke them after the war. What you see now is the hobbled survivor. Culturally they are nothing like they were.
          I do appreciate their antiquated warrior culture. That being said, the European warrior culture is dead too.

        6. Are you fuckin’ brain dead? Those gooks are obsessed with Post WW2 Americana culture, I’d say 1950-1970 USA icons. Think they’re on to something? Learn the difference between Jap & Flip, you sound like a coon ass from east TX. One is SS while the other is like a Chinese Mexican.

        7. If you visit you will see their culture. It is carved into the landscape and their mountains especially, going back hundreds and hundreds of years.

        8. In Japanese popular culture, all their delinquents have Elvis and Arthur Fonzarelli hair. I’m sure that minor detail has to do with the post-WW2 US occupation.

        9. What passes for yank culture? Baseball, the NFL, guns, monster trucks, McDonalds, and Walmart? I’m not trying to be negative, I love all that shit. It’s not a “can with no label”, because then you couldn’t exactly say it was Japanese, but its an aggregate of a whole lot shit whose total sum makes “jap culture”.

        10. Oh, that warrior culture you love had nothing to do with World War II. It was dead in the ground way before that when Japan deposed the shogunate and disposed of the samurai class. Feudal systems with distinct warrior classes based on birthright and honor no longer worked. The Imperialists just made it more egalitarian by opening up the cannon fodder jobs to everyone.

        11. I wasn’t trying to imply WW2 was the cause for their loss of warrior culture. I agree with your assessment. Getting nuked and controlled economically certainly didn’t help though.

        12. Jap anime/games keep warrior dreams alive. Few manifest it in judo/ufc but the thought and oath is there to be reborn.

      2. The result of living on islands with little room to expand leading to overpopulation and high costs for housing. The US will also reach the limits of finite amount of land. We’ll have no choice but to cut off immigration if we want to survive.

        1. The US could probably have a population of like 10 billion at least before it reached a population density of Japan.

        2. Talking about the areas that are suitable for human habitation. Ie. not deserts, mountains, most of Alaska, etc.

        3. So, every square inch of Japan is habitable? They are extremely mountainous. Lots of areas where you can’t build a house or farm. I would think as a percentage of the whole their uninhabitable areas are only slightly less than US.

        4. There’s a ton of land that isn’t used in Japan. Hokaido for example is less inhabited per square mile than Ireland despite being similar sized. It is one of the smaller islands yet accounts for 20% of all agricultural output. You can live much more cheaply up there than on Kyushu or Honshu.

        5. You don’t get around much in the U.S. do you? Texas is a big as France with half the population. Much of the western half of the U.S. is very low density. The biggest issue for us or any country is resources, especially water.

        1. The manosphere in general (and white nationalists in particular) is bored by the Demographic Transition Model. I’ve commented on it here before, even uploaded the graphic, and got nothin but crickets in response.

        2. what is that? when muslims and hispanics stop having so many kids when they become westernized?

        3. I think it stems from the binary paradigm so many are stuck in. Because everything has been reduced to two choices many think that whatever the opposition supports, the opposite must be true. Hence why get conservatives who oppose protecting the environment and people believing that white nations should spawn like Africans because feminists hold the opposite view.

        4. Not so much. This is a oid argument you are using, here. Imperial Europe, as Imperial Japan, btw, were still some of the most developped nations of their time’s world, and they had fertility rates fraknly higher than those of today.
          The pill, and cultural post-WW2 factors, are the most relevant factors.
          Now, if we are to talk about “civilizational anguish”… as in the last centuries of the Roman Empire of the West… I may concur, but that does NOT mean good news for the West, no Sir.

        5. I know of no conservative that wants dirty water or dirty air or litter along the side of the highway or strewn in public parks. Not one.

        6. The correlation is circumstancial, non historic, and a probable coincidence (former Soviet states, as well as developped nations before WW2, suggest contrary evidence).

        7. Yup. Absent external stressors, dropping death rate due to civilizational advance is always followed by dropping birth rate.
          It explains the growth of the developing world vis a vis the developed world.
          For kicks, try showing this to a white nationalist.

        8. The graph is short though… what happens after the inevitable decline in population? Does it level out at some point?

        9. Then you should get on the phone with some of those conservative friends and ask why the conservative-run EPA, in 2017, is stripping away the very protections that keep our water and air clean.

        10. Oh please. Most of these regulations do nothing of the sort and only grant government way more power than it was ever supposed to have at the federal level. Letting people have drinking water in their own back yard instead of government commandeering it and telling them that they can’t because some stupid and plentiful minnow is in it, is nonsense.

        11. Well, it started out as a 3 hour tour, but then, well, you know…

        12. Not too far outside my back door is one of our fine Great Lakes. One of them isn’t too far from your back door either, in Columbus. It’s our greatest natural resource in the region.
          In 2010, the Obama administration began the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative, which provided $300 million per year to do things like prevent an invasion of Asian carp, which would devastate the entire ecosystem.
          This conservative administration’s suggestion? Cut the entire program. The funding was fortunately later saved by a bipartisan committee in Congress.
          Don’t tell us that economic conservatives are great stewards of the environment. That’s a load of baloney. Look at Appalachian mountaintop removal, which is driven wholly by conservative mining interests, and is devastating rivers and streams throughout the region.

        13. Not that blatantly, no, but there are plenty of conservatives who have a knee jerk negative reaction to any environmental laws. As an Eagle Scout and lover of nature, I will always err on the side of slightly less economic widget output if it means preserving our air and water.
          Richard Painter is one conservative who has become very critical of the anti-environment Republican agenda. Then again, he served in the W administration, that pushed the Clear Skies Initiative that increased pollution levels allowed by industry. I’ve never understood why the favoring-profits-over-health thing was a good idea.
          My point is that conservatives want clean air and water just like democrats want to live in safe communities. But many Republicans will vote against environmental legislation and Democrats will vote to import “refugees” simply because the party narrative tells them to. End result is a dirty environment and unsafe cities. But it’s “good” because they beat the other team, right?
          I liked what alt-right Richard Spencer said about the environment. He said we should have even MORE national parks, and clean places where we can enjoy our nation and its natural beauty. That’s my position, which is either ultra left, or alt-right, depending on who you ask.

        14. Talk with demographers. There are two fertility transitions, both of which are based on technology and level of prosperity. It is in fact very correlated.

        15. That is the first fertility transition. The second one is when the state takes over your old age pension and health care and children suddenly become 100% on the cost side of the ledger.

        16. I believe it will follow the Mouse Utopia population decline and eventual extinction curve. Of course, I am blessed with old age and can go to bed every night knowing that I will be dead before the worst of this comes to pass.

        17. In the US the largest immigrant population to be studied was the Hispanics. By the second or third generation their fertility rate matches the non immigrant population. No one knows how a civilized country will affect Islamic immigrant populations, because the Islamic immigrants usually tear apart any civilized country before it has a chance to change them.

        18. So you’re another boomer who doesn’t give a shit about the future. Congratulations.
          I doubt Japan is headed towards absolute extinction.

        19. Why do you doubt it? They may be just farther along the Mouse Utopia curve than we are. Their birth rate is well below replacement, and shows no sign of reversing the trend.
          As to being a boomer that doesn’t care about the future, I have six hostages to the future who I am very concerned about. However, I do not worry over much about that which I can do nothing about. I advise you to do the same.

        20. It’s an empirical question whether human populations in a limited physical space will just die off from total lack of reproduction.
          My gut tells me they will decline in population but eventually bounce back in some number of generations.

        21. I’m actually thinking the overpopulation is benefiting the leftist agenda of control and big government. Their control over us wouldn’t be so easy if the population wasn’t so fucking large and dense , which was the case like 100 years ago. Their strategy : as few natural resources per family as possible so they have to depend on our technology to make a living. So the West is way over-populated.

        22. Rats are not humans. And the experimental conditions of the rat utopia are not identical to the conditions of modern Japan.

        23. I think the reason for such a knee-jerk attitude is the little fact that most if not all environmentalist movements have been infiltrated by the left, so the proposition is mostly “Pretend with us that we are doing something for the environment while inviting the world/having homos educate your child/more taxes are great”, at least that’s the case in Europe.
          The worst part of all is that they do mostly nothing to preserve the purity of water and other resources (otherwise several plastics and other toxic agents would be banned).

        24. Maybe I’m biased due to my education but I am almost certain you are completely wrong. All their actions if they are observed as black box into which you push inputs and get outputs, the results of most if not all the policies enacted in the west (and increasingly elsewhere) point to a population reduction if not outright slow-motion genocide. Moreover even a population of morons is far more manageable when there are a few million morons than when you find yourself among hundreds of millions of them. You seem to forget our technology is a result of our population needs in most cases (95%), hence the distribution networks and distribution methods of the 21st century are unnecessary for a population density as low as it was in the 1800s.

        25. My beliefs fall into the right-wing liberterianism spectrum. So I believe the more individuals there are , the less power a single individual holds. The more power the mob has , the stronger the deep state is. The mob is easier to manipulate you know.

        26. I think you got it backwards. The more individuals with “independent thought” (not second-hand ideas) there are, the harder it is for the deep state to manipulate the public in a democracy. Once independent thought has been banished, the mob rises, whether it’s 10 morons or 1 million morons, the problem with the later case is that is a lot harder to herd 1 million morons, vs 100, specially when the 999.900 are not going to be needed soon…

        27. Look man I’m kind of drunk right now to give any good arguments , but I’m sure you have it backwards. Maybe some other ROK bro will be the judge here.

        28. The world is 7 billion people and counting. What’s the tragedy of not shitting out tonnes of kids? Japan’s population was probably a third of what it is now in the not too distant past.
          What do you think is the major problem of Japan having a smaller population?

        29. But there is no conclusive evidence on this issue… what should I go with if not my intuition?

        30. Their heart is right. They want to compete with other races. Better solve is reduce their numbers not increase ours.

      3. That problem is because MERICA forced that crap down their throat about men and women being equal.
        Women ALWAYS want to marry (breed) up the social ladder, NEVER equal or down.
        When the average woman is EQUAL or above the average man on the social ladder, failing birthrates result.
        3rd generation & onward American birthrates are not much better, on average its below the replacement fertility rate of 2 children per woman.

      4. And they won’t have Sharia law either. They won’t have to worry about being murdered by Muslim nutcases either.

    2. You know how major American cities are covered in graffiti? Not so much in Japan.

      If Japan’s criminal justice is anything like Singapore’s then we can assume that they take this sort of thing very seriously and it would not be wise to tempt fate by breaking the law.

    3. Most racist people on Earth, government sponsored whale hunting, 100 million sharks killed per year for fins (bodies are often tossed in the water), overpopulated, polluting like crazy etc. Worst countries ever.

        1. I take great pride in being a member of the species that is driving sharks to extinction after 100s of millions of years of their existence unchanged on earth. Lets hear it for the top predator ever. T Rex eat our dust.

    4. “Never saw a Muslim in Japan.”
      Muslims can dress “normal” too, you know? You probably saw at least one, but you didn’t know since they didn’t wear turbans with beard or hijabs. Considering Japan hires a lot of foreign workers from Malaysia and Indonesia.

    5. Been there too, I would say Eastern Europe is much safer than Western Europe, odds of running into trouble with Muslims in Eastern Europe is much lower than Western Europe. Its changing a little bit, but still the risk is small in former Eastern bloc nations compared to France, Germany, and the UK. Only place in Western Europe I felt safe was Spain and that was in only the smaller more out of the way cities not in the major capitals.
      None of these places hold a candle to Japan and Korea.

    6. Honestly, you can live in Japan for twenty years and never encounter the yakuza directly. I can say having lived, worked, and owned various businesses in Kobe and Osaka for 25 years.

    7. That is because Japan is culturally uniform, America is culturally diverse, and therefore politically people do not agree on much.

  2. It’s ok for those countries to be homogeneous since they aren’t white, only white people benefit from diversity.

    1. Asia is killing the ocean, killing the air, stealing jobs, overpopulating the world, nothing good about them.

  3. I love visiting countries​ which are ethnically and culturally homogeneous. I hate London​, new York and Paris for what they have become.

  4. Diversity: It’s just like putting a bunch of different species of ants into a jar, and watching them kill each other.

    1. The taco truck isn’t really true Mexican food unless there is an actual Mexican in the back spitting in your damn tacos.

    2. Some raping, looting, mugging and stench is a small price to pay for a world-class shawarma. Those Japs dont know what they’re missing out.

  5. Many Northeast Asians travel a lot these days, especially Chinese and Koreans, and know how to really benefit from globalization without losing from it, whereas the Western world benefits and loses simultaneously. They often dream about moving to the U.S. or a less densely populated European country, like Sweden, whereas Swedes want to go to Japan and South Korea and experience Seoul and Tokyo. The grass is always greener on the other side, I guess, but objectively Northeast Asia is indeed better in a lot of ways. Points 2, 3 and 4 are very important to emphasize as they are significant. Crime rates should not be exaggerated since a country like Iceland is even safer than those in NEA. But rough American militaries are not what they dream of.
    One of the most fascinating things I’ve experienced in Seoul was when I climbed a small mountain and talked to a Buddhist monk in Korean and read his poems. If you know the language, more or less, a whole new world manifests itself. Not everything is about slim Oriental legs.

      1. That’s why I went there. For instance I had a really tight hottie from Åland (belongs to Finland but they speak Swedish), 19 years old, but those you meet the first night in Tokyo like they are almost everywhere. In Scandinavia the faces are better on average but the girls typically, even the good-looking ones, cluster around 25% body fat. In East Asia they have 17-18%.

        1. Any Swedish girl who travels all the way to Tokyo is there to meet some feather haired JPOP look alike Jap not a round eye.
          It would be like if I traveled to Tokyo and some white bitch started talking to me. I’d be like WTF?

    1. Asia is a hellhole, Japs and Chinese are killing 100 000 000 sharks per year and many whales, ILLEGALY.

      1. Yeah, the whaling is so bad over there that the average American woman can’t go there anymore without getting harpooned. The apparently make good soap lamp oil.

    1. “Gandhi is very multicultural. Brown, black, yellow, red, white… dog, monkey, camel… if has a pussy, Gandhi will fuck it.” — Geranimo.

      1. “I’d crawl through 100 miles of raw sewage to suck the sweat off Gandhi’s wrinkly Hindu knob – and I ain’t lyin’.” – Nicki Minaj

        1. I thought inside every gook there was a piece of paper that had a pithy saying on one side and lotto numbers on the other.

        2. You know, lately I’ve seen a lot of fortune cookies with Chinese on the back instead of lotto numbers. That’s a much luckier system to me, because 我不会说得很好.

        3. Inside every gook is a fervent desire to go to Las Vegas and dump the money they made at their Asian restaurant (or convenience store, etc.) into the video poker machines…

        4. Howard Cosell once called Ali “truculent” to which Mohamed replied “I don’t know what that is but if it’s good I’m it” I feel the same way about your squiggly lines.

        5. I was wondering what those numbers were, I thought they an underage Asian prostitutes phone number.

    2. One thing I never understood about Gandhi was his hatred of eskimos. He hated eskimos but nobody ever knew why. The last time someone asked him why, he just took a deep sigh as he bit into his Big Mac and with a piercing glare out the window, he said “the world would be a better place if all those nose rubbers just froze to death.” And not another word.

    1. If the West needs to suffer, so do they. They need commercials featuring Korean girls drooling over this half breed while simultaneously making the Korean men look stupid and lame.

  6. I’ve gotta take exception with the “low crime rates because no diversity” argument. There are a shitload of other factors that cause supposedly “””low””” crime rates across the Asian continent. A few:
    1) People report far fewer of their crimes. In cultures of shame, sexual crimes aren’t reported in particular, because it would mean loss of “face”. This is especially true in Japan. Japan also classifies all murder-suicides as suicides, and doesn’t report yakuza murders as murders either.
    2) Lack of handguns. (Chew on that one, NRA members.)
    3) Dense urban living means more eyes and ears.
    4) More powerful organized crime groups keep the peace.
    5) Confucianism instills respect, and is a stronger cultural force than the law.
    None of this concerns diversity. Please try to consider more factors in your argument. Correlation =/= causation.

    1. Read for instance Don Baker. It is called post-Confucian. The Confucian systems in EA are all gone but some of its residues, like collectivism and family values, are still there. Another way to describe it as a hybrid culture, a mix between Western and East Asian, and traditional and modern elements.

    2. Asian Americans, Asian Canadians, and Asian Australians still cause less crimes per capita than the white majority. Did you factor that in?

    3. what about all the carbonated cola urination? Does that get reported. If so, I bet they just laugh. They just think it is a big joke

    4. Yup this man speaks the truth. If people IN SEA actually reports crime. That region would sound like the middle East. But Asians don’t snitch, they also tend to just fix the problem themselves.
      Victimization? Asians ain’t got no time for that.

      1. It’s also worth noting that truly organized crime can be a boon for a society. In a chaotic crime setup, there is no expectation of safety or longevity, which dis-incentivizes long-term thinking and planning. Johnny Law has no power over such crime, either – it springs up out of nothing and fades away.
        Organized crime is a known quantity and tends to enforce a code of sorts – keep on the right side of Jimmy Crime, and you’re fine. Admittedly, it’s not so good as having no crime, but it’s a damn sight better than its anarchistic and chaotic cousin.

        1. Absolutely. Organized crime is stabilizing. It can even become a de facto government when it grows strong enough — look at Tammany Hall.

        2. Yeah, that was exactly his point. Crime that doesn’t disrupt the system is no longer seen as crime, after a while.

    5. Handguns aplenty where I live, and we can even own silencers and machine guns. Firearms are omnipresent. Only 2 murders in my county in the last 13 years, no rapes and only a couple of assaults. Our crime rate is lower than Switzerland’s.
      Chew on that.

        1. Basically every county in Ohio except the ones that are home to the big cities (I’m hesitant for doxxing reasons, but consider “north of Franklin County”). We’re ethnically 90%+ white in all counties except I think, maybe 5 or 6 (out of 88). You want crime, you go to Cleveland or Cincy, otherwise, you’re sitting around looking at basically corn fields, good neighbors and pick’em up trucks, all of which (except the corn fields) have guns present. There are more guns in Ohio than actual citizens.

    6. Crimes are rarely committed with legal firearms. Don’t think the NRA has anything to do with thugs shooting up chicago with stolen/black market firearms.

      1. True, but you’re changing the subject. We’re discussing Asian countries. Japan outlawed handguns in 1958, and as a result, they usually have single-digit handgun murders per year.
        Mind you, I’m not recommending anything. Them’s just the facts.

        1. I understand your reference and you do have a point. However, the cultural differences are also quite important. For instance, despite their low murder rates, their suicide rate is significantly higher than our’s. This continues in spite of their almost nonexistent weapon ownership. Cultures push people to crazy things and once they’re there, people will always find a way.

        2. And notice how @disqus_rZAs5FK2jm:disqus is ignoring the Monster-related calamity Japan is known for?
          They have adjustable signs all over the city:
          ____days without a Mothra Incident

    7. When I say I am worried about crime, it’s generally property crime. We are not in medieval times where you are at threat of being killed by enemy agents on horseback if you are outside the city gates alone at the wrong hour. Risk of murder is very low, even in high crime areas, all things considered. But what sucks is having your car stolen, having your home broken into and your valuables taken. Having someone hold you up to steal your wallet. Property crimes are a measure of peace and stability.
      There are extremely low property crimes in Asia as compared to even the west, which is in turn better than Africa and Latin America.

      1. “killed by enemy agents on horseback if you are outside the city gates alone at the wrong hour.”
        been to Philly?

  7. China, Korea, and Japan need more blacks. Let’s airdrop a dindu care package. It’ll be more destructive than Hiroshima.

    1. I have been saying this about Ireland for years. The reason all those people who are all exactly the same are fighting each other is a lack of darks.

  8. Mildly intelligent woman with rigidly myopic views of the world gives birth to an insecure child who is encouraged by his mother to believe that he is much smarter than he is. Said child believes he has all the answers and is convinced that only his perspectives are correct and he develops a major chip on his shoulder due to lack of recognition and accomplishments in the big, bad world. Said child becomes a young man and winds up trolling the ROK forum to vent his anger and frustration over his tiny penis and low social/intellectual stature. You will find lots of these individuals in the comments section here at ROK. So much for diversity – among trolls, anyway…

    1. Not sure if you’re trying to claim Northeast Asian men don’t have it a hell of a lot better?
      This country may be a sewer but at least we got some soul food, right?

  9. A society works well when people work to a common purpose and prior to the sixties America was pretty much that and right now the Asians certainly have that advantage over us and for honesty’s sake we can include Russia with the Asians in that where we with ‘diversity’ for over fifty years have basically been ripping our own worlds apart in hedonism and self destruction.

  10. The Arab countries has 1st world infrastructure 3rd world barbarity. That makes them .5 a first world?
    Why do people always forget Singapore? Islamic by law but Chinese with everything else.

    1. “Islamic by law but Chinese with everything else.”
      So they make pee pee in your baba ghanouj?

        1. This is a civilization that’s almost 5000 years old. Very traditional too. The Easterners are quite an anomaly. As they have fought against and bonded together over and over again.
          Being the last batch of migrants from Africa might do that? I am theorizing.

  11. It’s not just the diversity issue.
    The Asians have a much healthier existence, including the dynamic between the sexes.
    For the Chinese, they basically marry their first boyfriend or girlfriend. They start dating at 18 or 20 and marry at 22-25. They get to grow together. So when they’re old and wrinkly they can think back to when they were young together.
    The White way? The women fuck random men until they’re 30-35. Most men sit on the sidelines. Then they get to be old together while the woman reminiscences about the other men she fucked when she was young.

        1. If Syrian “refugees” can claim they are 12 years old despite being 6ft+ and having a full beard, I should be able to do that in Korea.

        2. God! In that case I must have been at the bottom of the valley for the past several decades. believe me, you have a long time before you start downhill.

  12. You people don’t realize the Asians are for the West importing tons of Africans and Arabs. They will even adopt the language of tolerance and diversity to shame us. They’re trying to talk the West into plunging the dagger into its own heart.

        1. Eh. Yo knock yoself a pro slick, gray matter live performas down now take TCB’in man. Hey, you know what they say….See a broad, to get that booty yak ’em Leg ‘er down ‘n smack ’em yak ’em

        2. Those subtitles were maybe the funniest part of a movie which is outstandingly funny

        3. The subtitles are especially funny if you even have cursory NYC wop eye-talian and pay attention to The Godfather when Luca and The Turk are making a deal
          Luca: minga
          Subtitle: not bad

  13. Despite spending a few years in the Far East, I’d never considered the bit about the big cities of Korea, Japan, Taiwan not having ghettos but it’s true. Even the poorer parts of town — and they’re very hard to distinguish from anywhere else — are as safe as anywhere else. I’ve just spent several minutes recalling every section of my wife’s hometown of Kaohsiung, a metropolitan area of about 3 million where I’ve lived and where I’m going to retire, and I can’t think of anywhere that’s noticeably different in terms of public safety and crime.

  14. OT: In case everyone’s favorite frog is lurking about, Monsieur: I wish you well wherever you are on this la Fête Nationale Française

  15. This country is such a joke compared to Asian countries.
    You pay your taxes for the public school where they allocate resources for new arrivals to be integrated and learn English and for “special” kids for remedial / retard education.
    No money left over for gifted education for White children.
    So you send your kids to private school, hoping to avoid the disaster that is the public school system. Shell out $20k a year and it turns out that school is infested with Cultural Marxists too. And they still use your money to give scholarships to increase diversity.
    You’re fucked every which way, Americans.
    Asian countries actually want to identify and help their best and brightest: the American government wants to punish its best and brightest.

    1. “Asian countries actually want to identify and help their best and brightest”
      How do they help them? Send them to America? Give them the rest of their penis back? Let them look slightly different from the millions of other people? Allow them a daily ration of food that is slightly more that the normal 3 grains of rice and depression? Let them finally get a haircut other than the Mo Howard? Warn them about the pee pee content in their carbonated cola? Allow them to eat with a fork? Give them soap?

        1. That phrase has been fukked up for millennia: hard work, poverty, sacrifice….builds CALLOUSES. CALLOUSES, not character!!!!

        2. like the jews not eating pork or shellfish because the torah says not to…..when in reality it was just advising against certain Chinese take outs

        3. Even though you’re technically right here, if you’re waiting for me to admit you are right, well, you can just forget it.

      1. For instance, Taiwan identifies “gifted and talented” children and tracks them into adulthood, making sure they are challenged academically.
        Unlike in America, where most states have ZERO resources allocated for gifted and talented education.
        And the “Asian males have small dicks” jokes have grown stale. Even if it is true, their women do not betray their culture, history, and race for an extra inch of dick.

        1. Let’s put it this way: I would gladly make do with a peener 1/2 my size if I could become Asian. My dating prospects would improve DRAMATICALLY

        2. You don’t think there may be more…ya know actually possible….ways to improve your dating prospects? Like maybe stopping with this nonsense?

        3. Oh shit Sean Connery did it in “You Only Live Twice”

          With a bowl haircut and darkened hair, no one questioned if he was Japanese, despite his height.

        4. yeah but first he become a Japanese, second he train quick and hard to become ninja and third, to give him extra special cover, he take wife.
          The point is the an anglo could just show up one day and in 48 hours do things that it took the gooks a life time and then bang their women too.
          Meanwhile, you still have yet to address how they are ALL making pee pee in coke

        5. Only line I remember from that film was “In Japan, Mr. Bond, the women take care of the man” as they proceed to undress Bond and massage him in the hot tub. (sorry if this is not it, I’m sending from cafe and can’t listen to the audio)

        6. This is pretty much how every asian girl is the second she trades up to a white dude

        7. I had a 28-year-old Hawaiian/Japanese girlfriend when I was 19 years old. She drew my bath, ironed my clothes, cooked, cleaned…the whole nine yards. She was raised in a traditional-Japanese household. If she hadn’t had a barbiturate problem, I might have let her move in. Traditional Japanese women know how to take care of a man.

        8. “Challenged academically” and turned into good little worker bees for the govt?
          Govt schools service government and their cronies only.
          They harm society.
          BTW, I was an “honor” student. Now I am red pilled (hopefully) and won’t fall into their servitude.
          Valedictorians practically NEVER go on to do anything significant. The 12 year olds on Oprah with 3 Ph.Ds? Where are they now?
          GATE = good memorizing skills…and nothing else

    2. “Asian countries actually want to identify and help their best and brightest: the American government wants to punish its best and brightest.”
      Please explain why millions of families in northeast Asia sacrifice years of their working lives to send their children to American high schools and universities.
      I already know the answer, but I’d like to see if you do.

      1. You’re an idiot.
        You’re living in the past. It isn’t the fucking 1970s or 1980s where poor Chinese families live on a dirt floor and eat bugs to save enough to pay for their children’s tuition.
        Most of the international (read Chinese) students at American universities are rolling in cash (driving luxury cars): they’re far from being poor.

        1. Nice to meet you too. You have some spittle at the corner of your mouth.
          I didn’t mention poverty; you did.
          FYI this is one of my areas of expertise, many years dealing with Asian immigrant groups.
          So I ask you again: If what you say is true, if we really do punish our best and brightest students, why do so many Asians — and people around the world — sacrifice so much to send their children to high school and university in the States?

        2. They aren’t sending their children to American public high schools you retard. They are sending them to private boarding schools like Exeter and Andover.

        3. I warn you again — this is one of my areas of expertise. Many, many years working in Asian immigrant communities, most of whose children attended American public schools.
          Once again, if we “punish our best and brightest” as you stupidly stated, why do people bother to come here to study?

        4. Are you denying that most American public schools allocate ZERO resources to gifted and talented education? Aside from the magnet schools in NYC, there are pitiably few options for gifted children in America.

        5. These days, a gifted child is someone who absorbs Common Core horseshit very quickly and can spout it to near-perfection, with only mild prompting.
          Instructor: All of earth’s problems are due to _____ and _____.
          Gifted Student: Racism and Climate Change!
          Instructor: Gold star! You are one gifted motherfucker.

        6. You’re debating “Pabst”, keep in mind. Don’t expect reason or sanity.

        7. America has some of the best universities in the world (MIT, Stanford, Urbana) but one of the worst K-12 systems in the world.

        8. Wow you really aren’t asian are you. Did a quick search and as it turns out 51.9% of Exeter is still mayflower honky while 25.6% is asian

        9. yeah? and what’s the missing 1/4? “International”? What do you think “international” means? Ooga booga Congolese? It means Chinese/Korean. So therefore 1/2 of the student body is Asian.

    3. But you know those “special” kids somehow grow up and go on to get married have children of their own at 18-20. They don’t troll the interwebs.

      1. They have entire reality tv shows dedicated to chronicling the dating lives of retards in the West. More wards for the state. Yay!

        1. yup. while peach fuzz is complaining he can’t get a date these kids have full social lives.

        2. “Hee-hee, that tickled me…just like the feather duster my 12-year-old niece has.” – Gandhi

        3. meanwhile, programs for gifted programs get cut because “finances are tight” but they expand programs for ESL etc

        4. that must be why you got bounced out of a gifted program….funding issues.

        5. Where did I say I was “bounced” from one? I completed it. It only went up to middle school

        6. Yeah good luck being a professor or being hired by anyone with an “I’m an autodidact” degree LOLZ

        7. and yes the program has been more than halved since when I was in it, despite the town roughly doubling in size in the same time

        8. Come on man, you knew an ASIAN article would trip him up.

        9. Go do more reps Cave Man. Keep pulling your pud about being a real man. Meanwhile, your institutions exist to serve foreigners.

        10. ya know DB I haven’t really thought about it but as you say it I am scanning my head for people I know and have known who get laid a lot and you are, as far as I can tell, 100% correct.

        11. some is like this. Some isn’t. I think that a lot of people on all sides of the field, have a tendency to take the absolute worst examples and extrapolate them as a law. There are a lot of fine institutions offering excellent educations today just as there are a lot of places (and majors) offering exactly what you say. It reminds me of the absurdity of Pillow girl at Columbia. It was loud and got media attention and people associate that kind of behavior with the school when the average student there is a very intelligent, hard working, determined student who, to the best of any college student, tends to eschew this kind of stupidity as they work towards getting a world class education from a world class university.

        12. This weekend I’m going to blow out the guts of a little asian girl Bandit. I just wanted you to know she is smart, successful and from an excellent family and she is going to scream my name and tell me her little slanty cunt belongs to me. Figure around 11 on Saturday. If you listen close you may be able to hear her moan.

        13. FALSE. If you manage to bed an Asian girl, it will be some brown pinay not a pale skinned Korean or Chinese girl.

        14. “Johnny’s life passed him
          By like a warm summer day
          If you listen to the wind
          You can still hear him play”

        15. It’s been proven time and time again that true talent will overcome all obstacles and will triumph.

        16. And saying shit like “slanty cunt” is why Asian women are increasingly staying the fuck away from White men. You already have white women accusing white men of having yellow fever. Don’t give them ammunition.

        17. listen closely, you will hear your premise fall apart quicker than her cervix

        18. I want foreigners to stay in their own shitty cultures and MARINATE in their ignorance and backwardness.

        19. yeah ok I’m sure ethnic women love being fetishized: “Who’s a good little jungle bunny? You are! Call me massa!” lolz

        20. Are you a Paki? Cuz all your comments smell like curry.
          And do I have a gf? Or an ex? You keep switching back and forth…

        21. laugh all you want funny boy…i am juggling the UN on my dik while you cry yourself to bed so maybe you ain’t the one what has is all figured out after all.

        22. Yeah you get so much sex yet you comment feverishly on ROK. If I had a gorgeous girlfriend or a family, none of you would ever hear from me. At least I’m fucking honest.

        23. is that one of Ben Franklin’s sayings? Use it on the HR person when the job posting calls for a Masters and 10 years experience.

        24. Why, what would you being doing at 4pm on a friday. Calling her and telling her how excited you are to dip your egg roll in her duck sauce? Trying to hack her email and make sure that none of her ex’s have her clit in chopsticks? Making origami hearts with love haiku inside them?

        25. Pabst. You’re grasping at straws the way your ex grasps at any egg roll she can get her hands on

        26. That’s just dumb.
          I get along better with Asian women: they’re quieter, more reserved (like me), less raucous, more deep emotionally (and in terms of hobbies and personal cultivation), drink less or not at all, more romantic, more affectionate (again, like me).

        27. Which ex? The ex (Chinese girl) who was married (to a Chinese man) when we were together? My Jewish ex who married a Jew after I refuse to commit to her? Which one?

        28. yes i have noticed the same. That’s why when i fuck this ones guts out and she screams it really seems amazing. I like how she puts my shoes on for me when I leave.

        29. You are bad at this
          Obviously its you
          Unrelentlessly babbling on
          Really not that difficult to recognize
          Every fucking time
          Many times I’ve tried to stop you
          And you keep going
          Dont know what else to do
          This time is different. I’ve
          Had enough of your shit
          And I’m done with you
          This time I’m serious
          You try to be funny
          Outright pathetic
          Unoriginal and weak
          Really just annoying
          Given, I’m pretty new here
          I try not to troll too bad
          Really just here for the articles but
          Little shits like you ruin it
          I dont have time for it
          Got things to do Pabst
          Every minute I waste on you
          Eventually adds up to this
          Tactical nuke about to drop
          Taking you out once and for all
          I hope you can handle it
          Get ready to die
          Everyone knows who you are
          And its just funny now
          There is no holding back
          Each comment you made
          Nudged me a little further
          Lets take a look back
          I think you know the drill
          Keep your eyes on the first letters
          Every one matters
          Sorry to do this to you
          Hope you recover
          Really though, you’ve earned it
          I had to do it
          Meant to harm you
          Fuck you and your comments
          Really annoying sometimes
          I hope you’re ready for it
          Every line takes you closer
          Dont fuck with me
          Ready to see the magic?
          I hope you’re not too far gone
          Catch you later Pabst, Not
          Every Asian guy is after you

        30. Ha! There is a lot of debate about that. They are The Twins, so a split-personality is indicated. I won’t go near Gemini women unless it’s for a quickie. They are crazier than Jihadist psychos.

        31. Not sure how I’m crossing a line: I’m not the TV mogul who decided to exploit retarded people for the amusement of others and for $$$

        32. There’s no question of his assholia. However YOU are making fun of mentally retarded people, not to mention calling for their destruction!

  16. Top pickup lines to toss at Asian women:
    1) Your ass makes me hungrier than a plateful of Korean barbecue.
    2) I’ll bet that pussy is tight, once you get past the used part – meaning the first two centimeters.
    3) You blow me, I cum in mouth, you get U.S. citizenship…chop-chop, Kwang Soo.
    4) Fucky-sucky, zero dolla.

  17. I think they are culturally enriched as well. Here, in America, it is really hard to identify a specific culture.

  18. Great article. I was impressed by that military video. Some of the chicks looked hot in those military skirts.
    I gotta be honest though, I do like diversity sexually. I haven’t been with a white girl in years.

    1. OT, but not really. If a black person calls a white person a white boy, no problem. If a white person calls a black person a black boy, riots ensue. What the fuck is up with that…I have no clue.

      1. I’ve honestly stopped caring. If a black friend starts using “nigger” or “craker” around me, I return the favor (in the spirit of camaraderie) and don’t feel the least bit nervous or out of place doing so. The relaxed part helps a lot, because a lot of white people get *really* stupid nervous even saying the word with a black guy twenty yards away. I have literally zero fucks to give, and my black buddies just laugh and don’t seem to mind. A lot, if almost all, of this “not allowed to say” comes from whites.

        1. An old Irish buddy would go around screaming nigger everywhere and he would laugh at the rest of our reactions. Because of him, I was a nigger/nigga too.

      2. I don’t know how it’s in America, but here in Romania I practically grew up calling other kids every racial slur in existence. Never once have I heard anything about racism being thrown at me. Just wails from losers who didn’t know how to respond back in kind.
        Generally, the people who spend an inordinate amount of time on the news and revisioned history are the ones who takes issues with these kinds of thing, since they live in a world outside of reality. Ordinary people don’t seem to have a problem with this. I’m assuming the same is true for America, and it’s mostly Television and Social Media that casts this illusion that Americans are incredibly sensitive about everything.

        1. hey you are from romania….uhm, i know this is odd but can i ask you an off topic question about curses from romanian girls with gypsy blood?

        2. I don’t know man. I was dating two sisters from Romania. After a tumultuous kind of love triangle the younger of the two was…lets say…somewhat put out. I should have known when she started giving me homemade Țuică that things were more serious than I thought. Anyway, I found her drunk and screaming some crazy shit and she burried crushed up chicken bones outside my apartment where there is a little tree and my window faces. What she was chanting in Romanian I will never know. What I do know is that the two of them were raised by their aunt who was a gypsy and that I have noticed some ill winds since them. Missteps that don’t usually happen. Bad luck. I know it is probably a coincidence, but do you know anything about chicken bone curses?
          EDIT: Before you judge me ill I would like to point out that hey were hot and one of them was probably one of the top 3 lays I’ve ever had

        3. Huh, this is news even to me. Never had a gypsy chick bury a chicken in front of my house and start chanting. There was that one time when one THREW a chicken at me(a decapitated one at that) for refusing to hand her money after she gave me unsolicited advice on my depression, and ever since then my life has been going great. Probably why she still hates my guts. Never had an appetite for chicken anymore, though.

        4. the younger. The older had more of a nonchalant attitude to the whole thing

        5. sorry i misread that. Yes, it was the one who cast the curse. It was mindboggling sex.

        6. Do you suspect it’s something different than the standard Bones of Anger Revenge Hex?
          (Okay, I had to look that up. I had no reason to guess there would even be such a thing.)

        7. I don’t know. My googling showed Bones of Anger Hex but since Constantin mentioned he was from Romania I thought maybe he would have some inside info

        8. Good pussy always attached to crazy and this was as good as i’ve ever had and that is saying quite a bit

        9. ‘Ordinary people don’t seem to have a problem with this. I’m assuming the same is true for America, and it’s mostly Television and Social Media that casts this illusion that Americans are incredibly sensitive about everything.’
          100% correct.
          No-one cares about this boy’ thing.
          It has zero public resonance.
          Only racists care, they imagine their sensitivities matter in the real world.

    2. Ah, a like mind. Martin Luther Cock doesn’t care about race, creed or color….

  19. The narrative that was pushed about Japan for years was that Japan was a “time bomb” because its people were not reproducing like rabbits and continuing to GROW! GROW! GROW! ever larger. After a decade of predicting collapse, the verdict is in: Japan has a strong economy, and the quality of life is getting better for them all the time.
    Hell, if you look at population density, 120 million people in such a tiny space is an insanely high population, but (((economists))) insist it is too small, and must be pushed ever higher. More wage slave units, stat! It will be interesting to see if Japan, which is strongly Japanese and free from outside influence, will be able to resist these calls for spiraling population rates.

    1. The overpopulation concept emanates from globalist think tanks. “We gotta get rid of most of these bastards…let’s convince them the earth is too crowded…yeah, that’ll work.” If at first you don’t succeed, lie, lie again.

    2. I wish Japan the best of luck, however, their demographic profile is very clear.
      Their decades of stagnation resulted from their Bankers refusing to submit to the new banking regime/s (NWO).
      Before they fell out, we were told they were all ‘indestructible worker robots’ who never needed any holidays. Come to own us all. Remember?
      Japan has decided to go it’s own way.
      Good luck, but they better have some astounding Geriatric-care-tech. or it will be a nasty end.

      1. I loved MICROeconomics in college. It’s the study of how prices and competition affect the number of goods or services transacted in a society. Within both micro and macro economics, two theories are taught.
        The first is classical economics, which includes the ideas of John Stuart Mill, Malthus, Adam Smith, etc. who theorized a few basic rules like when a price is raised, fewer people will buy an item, but more people will want to sell it. There is an “equilibrium” where producers and consumers meet. This theory was taught in a week or two. It’s important information that every modern person should understand.
        The rest of the semester they spend explaining Keynesian economics, which is a load of crap. It’s where the theories of “government can stimulate the economy by borrowing massive amounts of money” or the fed can just create endless credits without it negatively affecting anyone. It takes months to explain.
        Then there is MACROeconomics, which is not looking at a single item, but looking at the entire economy in aggregate and making blanket assumptions and observations about it. Not only is this theory entirely flawed, for reasons I won’t go into here, but even if one plays devil’s advocate and accepts that it works, its results are utterly meaningless. For example, just because there were more goods transacted in a nation within a certain period, doesn’t mean the people are any better or worse off. They might be buying cigarettes and alcohol because they are depressed. They might be spending lots of money on divorce attorneys because their families are falling apart. They might be paying $1,000 a month health insurance premiums to a company whose deductible is so high they will never even use its services. They might be replacing their appliances more frequently because production was moved offshore and the items no longer last. Macroeconomics tells you that each of these things is “good” because “aggregate demand is higher.” It’s utter bullshit.
        I’ve come to believe economics is like psychiatry–mainly a tool of deception and propaganda.
        Oh and, it’s economists who are always pushing the propaganda that one must have more and more economic units (people) created every year, or the whole thing falls apart (actually, it does somewhat, under the Keynesian system they have implemented, which is reliant on ever greater growth). The end results of this are environmental degradation, factory farming and GMO to feed more and more mouths with limited resources, fracking and high risk energy extraction models to give everyone the energy they desire, decreased autonomy and individualism as we all become cogs in a soulless wheel, and more fake jobs like HR manager and corporate benefits officer. There simply aren’t enough “real” jobs for 10 billion people on the planet to do. So we invent them, and we get concerned about snowflake issues like gender spectrums and diversity quotas.
        /rant off

        1. When I studied Micro and Macro economics we skipped Keynes all together. Or maybe was just me.
          Anyway, fuck all those theories and get back to what the elders are always saying:
          Spend LESS than you EARN.
          Simple as that and could be taught in a 5min class.

        2. But if we don’t misinform our children, how will we ever convince them that going into student loan debt, which is never forgiven, even in case of bankruptcy, to the tune of $100,000 for their gender studies or racial diversity degree, is a brave and wise decision?
          If you want a good exposure to basic economics, Henry Hazlitt’s Economics in One Lesson is in public domain and is excellent.

        3. Whites were being told to have fewer children because overpopulation and climate change, but we feed the birth rates of the third world and encourage them to come to nearly bankrupt Western countries because we don’t have enough workers.
          The whole thing is a scam.

        4. http://www.usdebtclock.org/
          US debt is over $800,000 per family. And growing every day. At some point the amount of debt becomes greater than the wage output of the family (assuming 40 years of work, each family must earn $20,000 a year just to pay down the debt, IF IT WERE STABLE and not exponentially increasing). Median family income is now $56,500. So debt is now 35% of family income and rising exponentially every year, while real income is stagnant since 1960 (note: personal debt of $56,000 per CITIZEN is not included). There are only 3 outcomes:
          1) Debt default – The US will officially go bankrupt, renegging on its obligations. I cannot even fathom what this would lead to, but it would totally destroy the US economy and lead to war and destruction of the nation as we know it.
          2) Hyperinflation — if the value of the dollar is rapidly lowered, eventually its debts will be payable in worthless currency (ie average family income may be $1 million federal reserve notes a year, so they could pay off the $800,000 debt per family). This would destroy the supremacy of the US dollar and US economy and would drag down the nation’s wealth to that of African dictatorships.
          3) Import new taxpayers to make the debt payable. If you doubled the population, the debt per family drops in half and is payable.
          Which do you think will happen?
          Mass immigration is a foregone conclusion. Anyone who doesn’t see this is delusional. It’s not even a matter of whether you like or dislike brown people. They are REQUIRED for the system to continue.
          I have searched for an article or paper discussing this but haven’t found one. If I were an economist PhD candidate, I would choose this for my dissertation, but I doubt there is much interest in the economic community spreading this dangerous truth.

        5. You really think these new arrivals add to the nation’s tax base? Most don’t work and leech off of welfare. The rest (the Mexicans) work off the books and hence pay no taxes.

        6. You’re completely missing the point, which is that Exponential Debt Growth Requires Exponential Population Growth.
          Immigration is not bad because immigrants are lazy leachers of taxpayer services. That is a demonstrably false red herring. Immigration is bad because it breaks down social cohesiveness, creates low-trust societies, reverts the population to the mean, increases crime, and destroys cultural differences.

        7. With biological weapons to make the death toll high while preserving the infrastructure as much as possible.

        8. All 3 outcomes historically have lead to war.
          I guess 4th outcome would be China just eventually owns all our debt and takes us over as a Vassal state. They can do this without ever firing a shot, and while being a more primitive nation than us, but because they are a net creditor and we a net debtor, every year they can own more and more of the USA until they own it all.
          That would probably lead to war as well, although who knows if future generations will even have the gumption needed for rebellion.

        9. Also, much like there is a qualitative difference between cultures, there is a qualitative difference between immigrants.

        10. Seeing as they own more and more of our mainstream entertainment avenues, they can pretty easily brainwash the vast majority of the population into being totally okay with China taking us over. Hey, Kim Kardashian says its cool, who are you to complain?

        11. the west isnt importing many new taxpayers.
          millions into Germany, the gov did a study- 75% of them are suited for menial labor only. 66% are illiterate- in their own languages. you think these people are contributing to society? they become criminals and go on the dole for the most part. most are young men, perfect fighting age. I think they are here to spark internal wars, not to jumpstart dying economies.
          so like AT says below: war is next

        12. how can population growth pay off/service the debt when their is minimal job growth? they are being dumping here for a more sinister ulterior motive

        13. ‘I think they are here to spark internal wars,…’
          They ‘are’ the internal war.
          Not an outright shooting conflict, the (white) women of Europe would never allow ‘their’ men to fight back.
          No, instead we will have a non-stop low intensity world of social ‘friction’. There will be enough violence to keep all state power concentrated in a few hands but never enough to stop women shopping or men watching football.
          ‘…not to jumpstart dying economies.’
          No-one could think that!
          ‘….so like AT says below: war is next’
          War need two to fight.
          Who do YOU see ready to ‘fight’ in Europe?
          Children are raped in the street by Muslim child sex gangs in Northern England and their parents STILL VOTE LABOUR!!!
          We wish.

        14. ‘That would probably lead to war as well, although who knows if future generations will even have the gumption needed for rebellion.’
          No-one will ever go to war again.
          Not after Nuclear weapons.
          This IS a war, s’been going on for many years.
          Who needs guns to take you over when people vote for politicians like this?

    3. And given automation which is going to accelerate rapidly in the next 10-15 years to the point I’m now hearing as much as 50% of jobs could be replaced (and relatively soon!), there is absolutely no need for population growth to keep economic growth happening. You can argue the merits or demerits of a declining population, but economic growth being threatened is no longer going to be one of them very soon.
      In fact, it is probably beneficial to have a smaller population once automation and AI kick into high gear. Tens or even hundreds of millions of people with no jobs and no prospects doesn’t make for a good social order.

      1. You are right, but I’ll raise you one and say economic growth is not even that important. I’m much more concerned about moral, demographic, and quality of life issues than I am about Exxon selling 5% more gasoline than they did last year. Economic growth does drive development, of course, but if I look back on history I’m much more likely to conclude we have had too MUCH growth too fast, not too little. Is “change” and “progress” always good?

        1. The decline in population will affect it. The bubble will burst. The Japanese of today are not the Japanese that built that powerhouse. They will have to rebuild.
          They have neutered the men to a point that half of them are virgins. They are a omega cesspool.
          Fvck that, rather live a short, sweet life than be one of them.

      2. I fully agree. The way things are predicted to go and what has happened post 2000, even with zero immigration I can’t see there being enough jobs for people. Immigration (on top of outsourcing to cheap labor countries) is just going to make it much worse.

        1. Yes, and you’re going to need some kind of universal basic income or something like it to offset it. Much as many may scoff at “socialism,” this is the direction that fate is going to demand. You can’t have millions of people out of work with no hopes of making money. That’s how you get unstable societies that lead to revolutions and civil wars.
          Immigration is just going to make that program a lot more difficult and more costly than it needs to be.

    4. The narrative that was pushed about Japan for years was that Japan was a “time bomb” because its people were not reproducing like rabbits and continuing to GROW! GROW! GROW! ever larger. After a decade of predicting collapse, the verdict is in: Japan has a strong economy, and the quality of life is getting better for them all the time.

      While the powers that be have their own reasons to tell their spiel, the truth is that Japan is unlikely to survive the 21st century. You would be right…if Japan were alone in the world or full of wealthy wimps willing and able to buy its stuff (like the countries in the EU). You as well as me know that in all likelihood Pax Americana will end in this century, one or another. Once our current order falls, there will be a reordering, a bloody one and Japan is unlikely to survive it for obvious reasons, one of them is their small territory and an aged population. Whether you like it or not, humans are a murderous bunch and not only China is very eager to inflict the pain they suffered in the last century…on its former tormentors. Japan should be cursing the U.S. for stopping them from acquiring more Lebensraum.
      Japan’s problem is not the size of its population but its age structure. Damn they had more children alive in 1935 than today (70m vs 120m). No nation, regardless of its economic system, can be defined as healthy when there are four elder for every young person and there are far more oldster than babies and children. All of this while the nation’s men population is killing itself quickly (Japan is one of the top-ten countries in suicide worldwide rankings) or slowly (herbivore stuff). That’s crux of the matter, the issue is not having 1.2 children vs 8, but having 1.2 vs 2.1.

    5. People fail to grasp that perpetual growth is unsustainable and are easily deceived by economic fearmongering.
      Natural corrections and nations valuing their people more than just economic units do not benefit the globalist elite or their agenda’s.

  20. ‘The awful truth is that diversity has no inherent strengths. ‘
    We knoooooow……..
    The only interesting question is this.
    Despite the transparent failures of multiculturalism, the vast majority of western voters still accept it and support it electorally.

    1. Brainwashing, guilt, flawed reasoning, fear, plain ol’stupidity….
      There are always countless WRONG answers.

      1. Hum..
        That describes any old kind of stupid.
        This is different and we ‘should’ work harder to ‘understand’ it.
        The citizens of the west are culturally devouring themselves in front of our eyes.
        Why do you think that is ‘bem’?

        1. HA!
          Putty in my hands………you KNOW you undermined western civilisation ‘bem’ and now you may as well just come OUT and ADMIT IT ALLLLL…

    2. I’m not even sure they accept it. They’re just afraid to say otherwise because that would mean losing status to the possible point of social excommunication. Because of that, it lacks attention and electoral politics isn’t responding.
      Though that is beginning to change thanks to the people brave enough to brawl it out. See the preference cascade theory. I actually devoted quite a bit to it chapter 5 in my book predicting Trump’s eventual win.

      1. ‘I’m not even sure they accept it.’
        It was unclear for many years how much was ‘acceptance’ and how much was sullen silent resentment.
        Now, I’m sad to say, it IS very clear that the average housewife, school teacher of Police Officer considers Islam, Hinduism, or any other utterly alien creed as certainly having equality with our Christian traditions and a vocal element consider them superior.
        I hate it too, but that’s how things are.
        ‘They’re just afraid to say otherwise because that would mean losing status to the possible point of social excommunication.’
        You are being too easy on them.
        They have gone full bore Stockholm syndrome and will denounce each other with ‘You can’t say THAT’ at the drop of a hat.
        They are not victims, they are collaborators.
        ‘Because of that, it lacks attention and electoral politics isn’t responding.’
        Because the voters are domesticated cattle.
        ‘Electoral politics’ are just people making decisions and doing stuff.
        When individual people refuse to say, ‘But this is England, we have our way of doing things and we are happy that way’ they REFUSE to live like free people and therefore do not deserve to.
        ‘Though that is beginning to change thanks to the people brave enough to brawl it out.’
        My direct experience is the opposite, sadly.
        The pc warriors have almost total social power.
        Their (mostly female) Gestapo Officers are ruthlessly patrolling conversations and brief verbal exchanges all over the country as we speak.
        They are closing down schools that refuse to promote trans to 6 year old children.
        There is no ‘fight back’.
        I only wish there was.

    3. i dont think the vast majority of western voters will support it. it depends how its pitched to them, if a candidate is anti immigration, the opposition and msm is going to ridicule him/her and paint them as racist and their supporters as low iQ and cultural hicks (I guess Asian govts must be full of hicks and racists) It is also being pitched by the progressives as being essential for future prosperity of low birth rate countries. Big business sure as hell dont want less consumers and flat sales growth and they count more than citizen joe & jane. There are no referendums on immigration policy, i haven’t seen a political poll on it for so long, and opportunities like the census are great for piggybacking on and also asking the people about big picture policies they do or don’t want the govt to follow, but the govt wont do that in case they don’t get the answers they want. They decide whats best for (big business) us.
      Another factor is that as older voters pass away the voter ranks are filled with young who have been raised on the diversity = strength nonsense and have a tendency to want to be different from their parents/grandparents on cultural aspects…but not in Asia. they are smart and do whats in the best interests of their tribe.
      On the one hand we are told ‘we need more immigrants for a future workforce and to keep up our prosperity’…but on the other hand you have proud British establishment bank like Barkleys recently sell off a large division to IBM (the hatchet men) who are going to arrange the training of foreigners to take over the jobs of the Brits, who will then be sacked, but with their work tenure prior to IBM not counting so they get f*** all redundancy or retraining support. Getting shafted by Barkleys and having to compete with local immigrants for their next job and foreigners at cheap labor overseas outsourcing firms.

      1. ‘It is also being pitched by the progressives as being essential for future prosperity of low birth rate countries.’
        They’ve not made that pitch for two years now.

  21. Great piece, I can just imagine the exploding SJW heads when confronted with facts about northern Asia.

    1. Nope.
      It wouldn’t make a blind bit of difference to them.
      Recall, all the ‘facts’ about everything else didn’t make any difference to them, so…..

      1. he didn’t say pitbull was an A student, just that Ghandi was the teacher

  22. Diversity Training is cultural marxist propaganda, pure and simple. Complete BS.
    I had to sit through a few of them.
    At first, I was trying to bring some common sense into the discussion (I was young and naive), but my colleague quietly suggested to me that I was risking my job.
    After that, I sat in silence, nodding in enthusiastic agreement to all the greatest BS our diversity trainer could dish out.
    Small wonder I quit my corporate job and started a new life as an entrepreneur…

  23. Cut welfare and other social programs for immigrants and this spate of quiet invasion would dwindle to nothing. Japan’s birth rate is dropping so fast because they have a healthy lifestyle and safe environment so one or two kids are 100% going to make it to adulthood. They are using automation to do jobs the “Immigrants” are brought in to do here so a drop in population is not going to hurt them like they claim it will here… “Who’s going to pay my Social Security?” “We need these low skill people to replace white people who are not reproducing.” No… Just follow Japan’s example.

  24. This article perfectly reflects my thoughts the last couple months. Although muslims are rising in Tokyo, especially in Shinjuku okubo chin, where the first Muslim attacks will take place, in -my estimate- 7 years time. It’s just a matter of time since more Pakistani and other scum is being imported there illegally.
    That will still leave many places in Asia to settle down to. Taipei might be too hipster, I’d go for Busan in Korea or Fukuoka in Japan. Or as I feel move about half Russian half Asians go Akita / Aomori / Hokkaido

  25. FFS, even with Pabst’s new alter blocked, Disqus is still hanging up in this thread. That’s how shitty his posts are — he still screws up the thread even when you block his shitty comments. He’s like radioactive shit…. you put him behind a blocked wall… oh, there’s still shit, oozing through. That is a seriously high level of shittiness.

      1. I’m seeing more and more of these “banana – cream” couples, PB.
        Not sure what’s going on here…

        1. You mean white female / asian male couples, right? People on this site dismissed my observations but it is getting more and more common, especially with teens and 20s somethings.

        2. Yeah, that is what I mean.
          I was one of those who dismissed it.
          But lately I see it (notice it) more and more.

        3. I have people saying the same thing about white female and paki / indian male pairings. But I think they have an antiquated mindset. They’re thinking of Indian men being like Apu, a convenience store clerk. But that was 25-30 years ago. Those guys who ran 711s had children who speak perfect English and attend(ed) top schools and are 20 something now and work as lawyers, doctors, etc with a lot of $$$.

        4. Yeah, NYC.
          Noticing more and more decent looking white girls in their 20s walking around with Asian & Indian guys. Guys who are not what you would call “well built”. Its weird. Not sure what the appeal is. But I have been noticing it.

        5. I think it is mostly foreigners with very rich parents back in India/Pakistan/China who send their sons here to go to college and work in finance and such. But yeah, I suppose they could be 2nd generation types as well.

        6. It looks like decades of anti-white propaganda have taken their toll. I bet it’s bad in the UK too with he negative stereotypes White men have to deal with there: soccer hooligans, drunks, loutish, uneducated, etc.

        7. The world has changed very quickly: China and India went from being dirt poor to having hundreds of millions of middle class / wealthy citizens in just a few decades.
          Plus I think white women have been led to believe white men are only looking for sex. They see Asian males more favorably (well educated, prosperous, responsible, wealthy, family oriented etc).
          If you want to stay in touch: [email protected]
          The cock suckers keep banning me here.

        8. Yes. Did you hear the recent story of a NJ teenager (Ziad Ahmed) who got accepted to Stanford. For his application essay, he wrote Black Lives Matter over and over and over again:
          Turns out his papa is Shakil Ahmed, founder of a wealth management firm.
          Must be nice, being the son of a Muslim millionaire lecturing white people in their own country on how racist they are.

  26. And Asian countries have some of the highest suicide rates imaginable (especially among teens). So much for this utopia. On to the next bullshit.

    1. North Asians due to the high stress rate and expectations, the society breaks you down mentality like you could never imagine. That’s why I prefer living here in the west as it’s more chill.
      Asians have no chill.

    2. You are right. Korea has a very high suicide rate.
      Seoul is a very expensive city, and people without a strong family support structure will fall through the cracks and sometimes will take a header off a building. But overall, it is much more civilized than the US. If you go to the beach in Jeju or Busan, you can leave all your stuff, including your wallet, while you go for a swim. Try doing that or Orchard Beach, Seaside Heights, or even Jones Beach.

  27. Doesn’t China have like 100,000,000 muslims??
    The way the Chinese deal with the Chinese Muslim sht is with live bullets… so no cuddling the terrorist, like the west does.
    I would hate to see how the Chinese deal with a suicide bomber… many, many muslims would die. The muslims know this, so they think thrice before doing stupid sht.
    On another note, I always use the Japanese as an example as a culture that over came many obstacles in recent history, and instead of destroying the European influence (like the Africans) they embraced European influence, and developed upon it. Not culturally, but technologically.

  28. Northeast Asia is out-developing the western world in many ways. This used to be the opposite.
    Northeast Asians, however, especially amongst those who do not travel a lot or pay a lot of attention to international politics, still don’t realise that the western world is declining in many ways, in some places more rapidly than others.

  29. Food options? Do you really think Tokyo, Seoul, etc. don’t have every type of food? Or any significant proportion of migrants work in a restaurant providing quality food?

  30. There’s pro’s and cons about North Asia – Public Transport is sensational, food is reliable good to great, most big cities are safe to go out at night, No foreign terrorist attacks (there have been terrorist attacks in Japan remember that Sarin Gas attack on the Tokyo subway), the streets are clean, locals are helpful etc. But the suicide rate per capita is higher than the west, child abuse hit record levels last year in Japan surprisingly five times as many women then men were permanently banned from seeing their kids, work life balance is a shocker, half the marriages in Japan are a sham, random knifings are a regular occurrence – the West is in decline and we truly need a leader to reverse that but Japan is in decline, China has reversed its one child policy to hopefully stop a Japan style decline, Korea is one Country I don’t know anything about so I hope other people will comment on their observations.

    1. Meh. Comparing those problems to the problems of the West is like comparing a toothache to late stage cancer. Whatever their problems, those countries have their own territory, populated by their own people and can determine their own affairs. They at least have the satisfaction of knowing that their problems are the result of their own shortcomings rather than the result of their leaders importing tens of millions of Orcs. Their fortunes may ebb and flow but it will be part of the history of their civilizations. Compare this to Americans, French, Germans, etc. who are on path to join the ranks of extinct tribes.

      1. True the Germans, French and Swedes are well on the way in committing demographic suicide but what really amazes us is the fact the populations of these three countries are actually voting for politicians that are helping in their own demise.

        1. They are culpable but the USA also went 50+ years without a right of center leader. And that was only possible because a famous, charismatic billionaire and media genius decided to run. Otherwise, the system was entirely corrupt and the only solution would have been popular violence, which doesn’t happen when people are fat and content. The Europeans have much less severe demographic problems, are wealthy and are subject to much more draconian restrictions on speech and thought so I am not surprised that they are docile leftist cattle. Their only advantage is the presence of established far right parties.

        2. True America has some serious problems, if Donald Trump is given a chance America has a good chance in turning around. The germans must be truely fat and content to allow Merkel ruin Germany. Those North Asian people are capable but I doubt the Japanese have the policies in place to stop their decline YET.

        3. It depends on your definition of decline. Japan has been in decline for 25 years but it is still a functional civilization. I doubt the USA would be able to achieve its low levels of dysfunction even with eight years under Trump but we can hope. And Japan’s immigration problem is worsening so I wouldn’t say it is in the clear yet.

        4. Trump’s not gonna get anything done. Neither Congress nor the Media have any intention of letting him do anything.

        5. I do not think Trump will do much on a policy level, only thing is that he can do is attack political correctness that is about it.

    2. I can not help to think if the West did not go through the sex revolution, start to look down on the family unit, did not try to destroy a structure where white man thrived we probably be in better shape. We had some social issue problems back then but we went extreme on how to handle them. Public shaming could had held get rid o these issues for the most part. Even the African American community lost it’s way after obtaining the right that a white American citizen had.

  31. I can live in Tokyo for a bit less than the cost of living in Omaha, Knoxville or similarly sized US city. Costs don’t even compare to NY, SF, etc. Why? It is all inhabitable. I don’t need to pay a huge premium to live in a small island of civilization. Contrast this with US cities, which are generally just third world migrant camps with a corporate center and where you have to throw huge amounts of money at the problem just to roughly approximate a first world lifestyle. And this will just buy you some safety and cleanliness, at best. You still won’t have the community cohesiveness, old mom and pop shops, festivals and other hallmarks of a stable community.

  32. The Australian island state of Tasmania remains the whitest holdout in the nation at 88% native born. I don’t know the rape laws (including divorce rape) there but they usually go through the roof before an operation floodgate begins dealing a choking deluge. I remember how Sweden, GB, Du and other NW European countries including the US were wrecked by state divorce courts in the 80s-00s and over half of municipal courts had vile menstruating hook-nosed skirts sitting on the benches. They looked like fucking crows.
    Now the alarms are all over the web. I hadn’t considered Tasmania before, but as soon as I searched it, the top article was what would have been considered extreme right ten years ago. The full blast spotlight is on the enemy everywhere. How long before citizens begin physically clearing house and tossing the enemy into the ravines like sacks of dirt? Tasmania – still like suburbia once was at nearly 90% white and WHO is branding Tasmania as remaining too white and petetioning and waging activism to ‘convert’ Tasmania into multicult?? Could it be? The article names fingers and points names:
    All aside, the ‘Hell march’ video looked similar to the North Korean ‘hell march’:

    They look so perfect marching. Whites war like barbarian Germanic hillbillies when we have to but it has worked for us thus far. Those N Korean marchers have such perfect form. Sure western armies like the US or GB could march like that but would look more diverse, kind of like the Blackeye Peas or the Village People in camo. Any Polish elite corps would be 100% white and even a nationalistic polish army girl has higher wifable smv than a western European femicunt.
    I would hate to be the one N Korean marcher that trips up and stumbles, creating a domino effect especially in front of Kim Jong Un. I would feel like I had defective genes and would be dishonored greatly. I wonder why the two cutie girls aren’t marching? They must be his daughters.

  33. America is in the unique position of being the “melting pot”. The citizens do not have to lose their culture but we all need to drop the “fill in the blank american” identifier and just be “American”. The constant barrage of diversity crap only causes me to resist, not conform.

    1. Here is the thing America was mainly built by Europeans and the non Westerns like the Chinese that came to build the railroads they were not at all like the refugees trying to come into the West.

  34. I agree 100% with everything in this article, because it is all true.
    I have lived in Hong Kong for over 10 years and have travelled to all the other countries listed, too many times to count.
    It is racism that keeps out those who would dilute their cultures, rape their women, corrupt their society, and bankrupt their public finances.
    And I admire their racism. It is because of their racism that these countries remain safe, cohesive, orderly and interesting to visit. It is the racism that preserves the culture that produces women that are slim, feminine and polite.
    And I accept the fact that I am a guest in these countries. I don’t stand up and screech about how easter eggs are insulting my religion, and I don’t bludge around the place expecting the taxpayers to pick up the tab. If I am subjected to an isolated incident of racism (which is very rare) I accept it as the price you pay for living the other 99% of your life in a safe, interesting, unique culture.
    Without the racism in these places, they would end up like Australia, Sweden or any number of other multicultural shitholes that have given immigrants free leash to destroy the society that has taken them in.

    1. Great post. Agree 100%
      When I am in a foreign country, when I am the minority, I adjust to the ways of the majority. It is the natural behavior.
      Except in the West were the majority is expected to change. Liberalism is a mental disease, and white guilt is the very worst symptom.

  35. “They have absolutely fantastic and far-reaching metro systems, and overall safety levels so high you can literally (Hitler) throw a dart at anywhere on the city map, go to that area at two in the morning, and absolutely nothing is going to happen to you.”
    “literally (Hitler)”

  36. You have got to admit it. Diversity is not, never has been, a strength of a human society. And this is coming from a guy who lives in a banana republic which has over different ethnicities.

  37. Y’all know this article is based in reality when the artwork for the post comes from fanart from an anime.

  38. Flying before towelheads were allowed to fly with whites. A transatlantic flight to London was 6 and half hours in 1954, sure it was more expensive back then, but then again you actually were visiting the real United Kingdom, where you would get real fish and chips and lager at a pub not halal meat.
    Notice how comfortable the people look on the plane, as if they were in their living room at home. Look at what life in America used to be like, look what we lost.

    1. I do not know weather to laugh or cry when comparing 1950 flight video to the modern flight videos like the what happens when this dog got loose on the plane. It would be funny if this was a fake parody but sadly it is not.

      1. By the way this is what they thought air travel would become like in the 21st century in 1968:

        Everyone knows the real aviation story of 2001, an unfortunate tragedy that led to a chain of events that have lead to the dystopia we see today. America has a space station and a base on the moon in this future. They genuinely believed that was possible in the 1960s. Today people in the West live fear a bunch of men that have beards and have a medieval ideology.
        Arthur C Clark was quite a brilliant fella, he came from a Mathematics background, he didn’t dream this stuff up like other writers. Given the trajectory of Western scientific and engineering progress at the time, he really believed that America and others would have space stations in the very early 21st century.
        Then again the emphasis in the West the last 25 years or so has been on social justice rather than technological advancement so I guess America is not going to build a colony on the Moon or Mars anytime in the near future.

      2. Probably cry because when its the 23rd or 24th century Captain Kirk will be an Asian guy and the odds are he won’t speak English. What you are seeing in those videos the devolution of Western society.

  39. The flight from “Hell”. Got to love the diversity we got six decades later. People in the 1950s thought people now were going to fly to the Moon and Mars for vacation. Its rather odd in the year 2017, that we are still using aircraft designs from the 1970s and 1980s. I recall a Popular Mechanics article that envisioned more advanced aircraft. But alas, we got to accommodate all the diversity these days.
    Now let you me ask you ROK reader, would you rather be on that flight with that black lady with the dog? Or would you want to be on that Pan Am flight from the 50s? You will probably get a nice hot meal on Pan Am and sit in a comfortable seat, you won’t be patted down by the TSA or go through a body scanner because Abdul or Mohammed wants to fly with you on the same flight. Back in those days Abdul and Mohammed were living in the desert riding their camels going about their lives and people in the West were going about theirs.

  40. I currently live in South Korea and western SJWs here in Seoul are trying to bring all of the crap mentioned on this list here. I’m glad they’re a vocal minority and Koreans want to keep Korea for Koreans.
    They welcome foreigners that want to integrate into Korean society and build societies that benefit the country but they leave it at that. I remember some SJWs tried to bring BLM here and people cared for about an HOUR before everyone got back to their daily lives. PRIDE march was here in Korea yesterday and there was a STRONG anti-LGBT movement trying to counteract it. I think there were more foreigners than Koreans in the event. All other Koreans were like “fuck this shit”, let’s do something productive.
    In Taiwan, people had respect for their land and country. No one littered, people were respectful towards one another and even the animals that were walking around freely had respect for the surroundings (peeing in a corner instead of the middle of the street).
    I’ve traveled back and forth around Asia for five years and saw the benefits of not having any diversity. These Asian countries don’t mind foreigners living in their country but they FORCE (more or less) people to adapt or to GTFO.