It’s Your Civic Duty To Fat Shame Obese Women

I’ve always found it moronic—if not morosely comedic—that middle-aged women think the plastic proportions of Barbie dolls have a negative influence on the emotional well being of little girls.

Perhaps these “body positive” activists should try waltzing down the boys’ aisle some time. Row after row of miniature super-heroes and professional wrestlers, all sporting impossibly muscular physiques – surely, such perverse parodies of masculinity would have the same deleterious effects on boys’ developing body images, right?

Strangely, you don’t see 50-year-old men—with their sagging bellies and receding hairlines—raising a fuss about G.I. Joe’s “unrealistic” anatomy. Nor do you hear of any organizations attacking the NFL, NBA and bodybuilder magazines for giving boys unpleasant ideas about nigh-impossible-to-attain physiques.

Why? Because men do something that women simply don’t – when it comes to their own bodies, they take self-responsibility for the end-outcomes.

One look at the “fat activist” ranks demonstrates the “body acceptance” jihad is an almost entirely female phenomenon. Statistically, this makes sense, since the bulk—pun most definitely intended—of America’s obese populace is female. But therein lies a key difference between the sexes: while men wallow in obesity in relative silence, female fatasses are utterly obsessed with politicizing—and ultimately, weaponizing—their unhealthiness.

How a whale managed to get this far inland, I’ve no idea.

When irresponsibility becomes a “disease”

Obesity doesn’t just happen out of the blue. In fact, there’s an algorithmic process for how it happens – a person consumes far more calories than he or she expends on a day-to-day basis. One must marvel at the incredible gluttony that occurs for a 5’6 female to maintain a 300-pound-plus body weight. By one metric, to do so would require the person in question to gobble up at least 4,200 calories every 24 hours – more than double the recommended daily allowance established by the National Academies’ Institute of Medicine.

In that, being fat isn’t “a disease.” It’s the consequences of overconsumption and a sedentary lifestyle. But today’s third wave feminists can’t accept they and they alone are responsible for their miserable health conditions – and since it’s much easier to normalize their biologically suicidal lifestyles than hit the treadmill, naturally they try to make a virtue out of their biggest character defects.

Don’t you just love it when feminists use the phrase “unrealistic body image,” as if thin, beautiful women don’t exist anywhere in the world? As evident by the entire industry of modeling still existing, however, it quite obviously is possible to not be a lumbering, 300-pound wad of redundant adipose tissue. Of course, such requires moderation, dedication and vigilant repression of instant gratification wants – i.e., the kind of personal discipline and restraint fat women just can’t muster.

Care for a shag?

Why would anybody be proud of being unhealthy?

At least men are honest about this kind of thing. Average Joes like you and me admit we don’t have the kind of tenacity and willpower to have a physique like Brock Lesnar or JJ Watt. We don’t blame “genetics” and “societal norms,” we blame our damn selves for not having the proper impulse control and sticktoitiveness.

But feminists—the narcissists they are—don’t dare fathom blaming themselves for their problems. Instead of admitting they’re too lazy and undisciplined to look decent, they try to convince everybody else that there’s nothing intrinsically wrong with them and that their triple chins and high blood pressure should be idolized as “the new beautiful.”

So-called “fat-shaming” might just be the most pathetic event at the Self-Victimization Olympics. For one thing, since almost three-quarters of women in America are overweight, that actually makes them the majority and therefore logically incapable of taking refuge in “muh minority rights.”

Furthermore, fat isn’t an intrinsic characteristic, like race or gender – it’s the aftereffects of idleness and gluttony. It’s like being asked to take pity on a man who chose to saw off his arm for the insurance money, or feeling bad for a four-pack-a-day smoker with emphysema. Such fates could’ve easily been avoided, and the only person to be blamed for such pitiful circumstances are the individuals who CHOSE to engage in the dangerous behavior to begin with.

Civil rights revolve around what people are, not what they do. “Fat” is not an identity, it’s a consequence – dare I say, even a representation of one’s failing content of character. With more than 800 million people in the world at risk for starvation, how insulting is it that these fatass feminists dare posit themselves as “victims” of anything other than their own bad decisions?

It’s her body and her choice … only with *your* money paying the hospital bills.

Subsidizing bad choices

If we’re going to live in a welfare state in which almost 70 percent of the Federal budget is allocated to socialized medical care, fat-shaming is far from a form of discrimination – it’s actually a civic duty.

Right now, the health care costs associated with obesity is a floorboard-buckling $190 billion a year – accounting for almost a quarter of ALL healthcare spending in the United States.

Think about that. We could reduce one-fourth of ALL taxpayer-subsidized health costs if only these waddling, thunder-thighed, self-professed “BBWs” would lay off the Chunky Monkey and figure out how to use an elliptical every now and then.

If only those proud lardasses would drop a couple of pounds, the money used to pay for their Metformin prescriptions and motorized scooters could be diverted to fighting childhood cancer and finding cures for Alzheimer’s. Because these shameless Instagram whores are too vain to admit they’re killing themselves with terrible diets and too apathetic to stop cramming Ring Dings down their gullets like Tic-Tacs, millions of innocent children and senior citizens continue to suffer and die.

Don’t take it from me, take it from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention – obesity, a totally PREVENTABLE condition, is now the greatest contributing factor to death in this country.

There’s nothing liberating or empowering about that kind of self-destructive behavior and there’s absolutely nothing noble or admirable about sucking funding from taxpayers’ coffers to deal with the dire consequences of your own poor choices. In that, ridiculing, mocking and belittling fat women isn’t just reasonable – it very well could save untold lives.

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  1. These things are beyond obese. If I see a woman with even just a moon face, some arm flab, or a double chin I am pretty shitlordy to not even look at them like a human being. These lard-based lifeforms are like the liberal communist power complex, you can only defeat them by starving them. Don’t feed the wildlife gents.

    1. The one breaking the couch didn’t even register as a human form at first glance. Thought she was torn foam or butter-rosettes at first.

    1. I need to see these studies and determine how they come to this. While there’s no question that there are plenty of fat people, these numbers in no way accord to the reality staring me in the face when I’m out and about. Granted, the South has a ton of fat people (pun intended), and you’re going to find fatties anywhere you go, but 75% of men fat? Oh come now, not even close to the eyeball test.

      1. I wrote about that in this article – males really are more obese than females and here you can look at the state statistics:,%22sort%22:%22asc%22%7D
        The thing is that overweight is one thing and obesity another. To be just slightly overweight, which many Americans are, is not that bad. But the facts are real. Even though there is a lot of variance in the States there is clear difference between US (fat) – Sweden (intermediate) and Japan/South Korea (low, 3-4% obesity rate). So for instance one can see quite many thin and fit girls in Sweden but there a lot more really thin and model-like females in East Asia.

        1. I just think it’s a mistake to mash everybody together. Hit UP Michigan and you’ll be hard pressed to find anybody with an ounce of fat on him. Hit Alabama and the chances of seeing a skinny non-tourist is about the same chances you’ll see for locating bigfoot.

        2. But even the least overweight states in the US are still fatter than Sweden and much more so than Japan/SK, on average.

        3. “Fatter” or “above average weight”? Fit people are by and large (no pun intended) heavier than unfit people. Muscle is denser than fat. By the charts, I’m “overweight”, but I have a 49 inch chest, 35 inch waist and 19.5 inch arms (resting, not pumped). But according to the government, I’m way above where I should be in weight and would show up on the charts in the same bracket as fatties.

        4. Oh definitely. I’m 6’0 192# with about 15% body fat and I’m considered borderline obese. I don;t even care what BMI says

        5. The only real BMI that should be taken as serious and accurate is the water immersion test. Everything else is just bullshit.

        6. You’re 6’0?!?! All this time I imagined you were a jumpin n jiving gnome!

        7. It’s funny how you picture someone in your head. It rarely matches what they really look like.
          I listened to the old Gunsmoke programs and remember when I saw the guy who played Marshal Dillon. Short fat dude. I was like “No way does that voice come from that guy”. But it did

        8. Yes…William Conrad (best known for his TV shows CANNON and JAKE & THE FAT MAN) played Matt Dillon on radio.

  2. I promise I will not post fatty pics, so kindly upvote me as a way of expressing your gratitude. Or else…
    P.S. Jimbo Jones is now my favorite writer!

        1. the weird aspect is that even in most videogames, today, women are pictured as perfectly fine being fat and with bad attitude, or worst be the jack-of-all-trades better than men!

        2. If you won’t believe my words, you don’t have to play to check it out, youtube is there for a reason.

  3. I don’t even hold the door for them. I figure they need all the exercise they can get.

  4. Shaming works.
    And is the natural tool of women: older women would use shame to compel young randy bitches into village compliance.
    The leftists have perverted it to shame men into unnatural conformity…
    I see the sad men every day – head bowed, complying to the screeches of a fat shrewish overseer

    1. I’m all for shame, however, I would be terminated from my job – yet again. The hive religiously protects their members. Sure wish I had invented that FatBit bracelet or SlimFat drink or the 500 gallon drum with a handle to hold enough water for a small village.

  5. At almost 50 I don’t have the physique of The Rock because it’s too much like work.

      1. While the rock is def on a truck load of gear I think people often think steroids are basically take some roids, eat some pizza and look like the rock. Even with the great he has to be pushing 6 hours a day minimum harder than most could ever do. Sure, steroids are super unhealthy and they are a cheat code but they aren’t magic. The Rock puts in an impressive amount of work

        1. Of course I know of this. There are 5 main factors involved to get really big: training, eating, recovery, genetics and gear (and 4 for natural bodybuilders). The thing is that I am dedicated natty who has competed and I know what the guys take in order to get this or that big. I can even spot tren, anavar, deca or winstrol users with the glimpse of an eye.

        2. The size in relationship to number of training years, the rate of progression, age, type of muscularity and vascularity. So it is essentially visual evidence combined with basic facts.

        3. And a nearly 50 year old natty would struggle hard to lift heavy 6 hours a day without rest.

        4. how about big white guys who are too pink- you ever see that? what are they on?

        5. I am not as familiar with it to spot it by eye unless they are huge like Kai, but yeah I get it. I am dedicated natty as well. That said, for the movie deals, money and fame that the Rock has, or to have a half dozen world series rings…sure, I’ll admit it, I would not hesitate for a second. The problem is, when I think it through, the upside is what? To be bigger in the park or at the beach? I am already pretty big, good and lean…what does the extra bit get me? Now if you say “hey, we want to cast you in a block buster movie and give you 100 million dollars and make you a celeb but you are gonna need to start doing tren and anavar my pants would be down for my first shot before you finished the sentence.

        6. Either genetics, or niacin, assuming they’re in good shape.

        7. i dont think i know what i mean haha- a pic would be easier i guess, a jacked guy who is pink, hes not white, but hes not tan…something is off with the skin tone…seen a few guys like that.
          nm, Im an idiot

        8. Could be genetic. Scots are known for their ruddy complexion.

        9. as a side note — in my case the hardest thing to do is recovery.

        10. Combination of Test and/or high blood pressure typically. Flushed reddish/pink color from face down the neck and chest areas… not healthy.

        11. Hey! I ain’t juicing!
          Granted, he’s a bit bigger than me, but still!

        12. Hey! I ain’t juicing!
          Granted, he’s a bit bigger than me, but still.

        13. You are a greedy little whore, and sir, that is why I like you so much. Heh.

        14. absolutely. No doubt in my mind. I wouldn’t do it for anything less, but for A list celeb or athlete status…sign me right up

        15. I’ve found that my body responds well to taking a week off any weight training about every three months or so. I come back and usually am able to bust past any thresholds I was at.

        16. That is actually highly recommended in most bodybuilding circles. Recovery is a very important step, if you live 24/7 in a gym and don’t take days off you’re doing a disservice to your own work.

        17. I will take a week off every few months and I will also massively deload for a few months. I am working VERY hard now. But at the end of august I will cut my efforts pretty much in half until early december when i pick it up again

        18. Would you mind sharing how you deload? I’ve thought about doing that but didn’t want to screw up my gains.
          I work out by myself so I can’t push TOO hard due to fear of injury. I have benchmarks I want to reach but then I really don;t want to go heavier on a consistent basis.

        19. You do screw up your gains a little. I mean in the end you are eating less and working out less so, ya know. Right now I do 2 sessions a day. One is heavy weights and one is intense cardio. I cut both in half and do only one session a day. The workouts are the same….massive volume weights and intense interval cardio (I also do an abs circuit every day). So where today I did a huge push pull weight routine on shoulders and arms that took nearly 2 hours and will go back and do a full hour intense intervals on stairs and a 45 minute ab circuit I will cut back on set numbers and so a single trip to the gym where I would do a similar, though shorter, volume routine along with a half hour on the stairs and a modified shorter ab circuit.
          If you don’t mind me asking: what goals do you have for yourself and where are you in the attainment of them? What are your sticking points? Very often people sometimes just need a new vantage point to look at things from.

        20. Like I said I workout by myself, (although I might start training some of the younger guys at church to help them out), so I have a goal of 300# squat 5×5, 200# bench 5×5, and 400# deadlift 1×5.
          I’m currently at 220 squat, 160 bench, and 250 deadlift.
          I use Stronglifts routine which is 5 sets of 5 reps with heavier weights. I’ve thought about doing lower weight with higher reps occasionally to switch it up.
          I use my lunch hour but might start working out in the evenings to give me more time.

        21. Those are reasonable and respectable goals. I will suggest to you that strong lifts or traditional strength training is not the best way to go to reach them but rather volume work….sets like 18/12/5 or 5×20 will get you to your goals faster. I know it is counter intuitive but you can ask some of the guys on this site that I have worked with. The strength growth is so freaking fast it is outrageous.

        22. lol yeah, Im 40, I dont need a partner screaming “ONE MOAR!!” when I know I might hurt myself on the final rep- I know when Im done, not my spotter

        23. I’m headed to the gym in about an hour. Do I need to keep my same weight or drop it some starting on one of those? And which do you recommend?
          Do you do warm up sets too?

        24. While part of me is tempted to say that you’re wrong, I’m looking at it from the perspective of a guy who has been heavy lifting for nigh on 3 decades, religiously, so my huge stats in both working weights AND body measurements right now are probably more a function of “over time” than “lifting heavy” in a short term sense. Seeing your gym shots almost daily, there’s no denying your results.

        25. also, different things work for different people. So if a person is going one thing and it is not working then changing it is the only sensible way to go.

        26. ooof. on the quick I would say keep with your program and contact me off board. The shit I do isn’t something you just try out. When I say I go really intense I mean it. It is something which requires preparing for. Just jumping into one of my routines on an hours notice or just changing set numbers isn’t going to do much good for anyone and has plenty of potential to do bad.

        27. Check Telegram, I sent you the workout that Hippo here sends out.

        28. Forgive my ignorance…what’s telegram and may I have this workout? Thank you

    1. dude hes getting by with a little help from his friends. hes bigger now than when he was wrestling 15 yrs ago

      1. He eats Clen, Trens hard, Tests himself, DBOLished his goals, GHets Huge, Keeps HusSLIN, WINNY it all, ANAVAR gives up.
        That said, i’ve done the CBE on gear and decided it wasn’t for me. However, for what the Rock has I would take the health risks

        1. what is CBE?
          Yeah, I would too, Id rather look and feel 55 and be 70, get sick and pass at 71 than live to 81 and be a shell of myself the last 20 yrs of my life

        2. CBA sorry typo. Cost Benefit Analysis.
          I mean I would be a liar to say I didn’t think about it. Almost pulled the trigger a few times too. It just isn’t for me. That said, when I am in my 50’s or 60’s or whenever my test totally tanks I will absolutely do TRT but I will do it with a doctor etc and not as a cosmetic thing but because sooner or later test just will peter out and the health concerns of low test are just as bad as the health concerns of doing TRT

  6. My eyes, oh God my eyes! I was laughing at the first picture, sobbing at the second and throwing up after the third. I need Jesus to restore my vision, because Americuntian land whales have made my eyes go on a strike!

    1. They’re all over Britain and Canada too.

  7. “diverted to fighting childhood cancer and finding cures for Alzheimer’s.” Guess what? Fat shaming will cure these too. Cancer and Alzheimer’s are caused by a terrible diet, mainly sugar. Hell, they’re even calling Alzheimer’s Type 3 diabetes now.

  8. A few years ago I was dating a nice looking girl, nice body, about 110 lbs. Her sister on the other hand managed to blimp out to a whopping 300lbs. She was a single mom of two boys. The three of us hung out a few times and she began complaining about her son gaining weight. I saw the poor little guy and sure enough, he was getting really fat. It’s sad, the kid has a lot of energy and has all the makings of becoming a big strong dude. My girl and I had a few fat person discussions and their delusions. I said, “I’m not gonna keep my mouth shut next time, I’m gonna say something.” My girl just kinda smirked and said nothing.
    We meet again and she made a comment about her son getting fat, she was being dramatic, acting like she had no control. In an assertive manner, I said, “what do you have in your pantry? Do you have Coke?” Her: “yeah.” Me: “Do you have sweets? Like little Debbie’s and shit like that?” Her: “yeah.” Me: “Get rid of ALL that shit.” She starts stammering, “well, ummm, it’s not like we can just get rid of all of it.” Me: YES… you can, meat and veggies are great, fruit is great, the reason why you guys don’t like any of that stuff is because you eat so much damn sugar that nothing can compete with it anymore.” She just sat there with her mouth open. She didn’t want to hear it. It seemed to me that she just wanted sympathy from her sister.
    Get this; I heard this girl say, “I need to run to the store and get some ice cream, I have a sore throat and it helps cool my throat.” Whaaaaaaa….?
    Fat girls are not honest with themselves about their lifestyle; diet and exercise.

        1. The Inuit people pinch the blubber off and chew it raw. Think of the potential food supply for northern communities!

        2. What’s interesting is that a whale’s diet would make a human from going obese (Japanese diet)

      1. fuck gargling. just drink the whisky. all the better. BTW I approve of the scotch whisky spelling!

        1. My mom had us gargling whisky for sore throats as kids. So, no drinking and at that time I didn’t like the taste at all.
          High school physics teacher smelled it on my breath, she didn’t say anything to me but they called my parents who said, yeah, he has a sore throat and gargled with whisky. Ok, they says, done.
          Nowadays my folks would probably be arrested. The honey whiskey/bourbon they make nowadays works a bit better for the purpose.

        2. Yeah, feed your kids pure sugar all day every day until they blow up like a blimp — that’s fine. Have one gargle some whiskey once for a sore throat — you’re going to jail and you’re never seeing your kids again.

        3. yeah, now a days you would be raised in a foster home and your parents drawn and watered for that. I still (and have recently) recommend, for a cold, a mix of hot water, whisky, honey, lemon slices studded with cloves for just about any form of sickness

        4. Jamaican strain is resistant then? Weird.

        5. Our pediatrician was cool with it.
          A reasonable topical anesthetic and a passable general anesthetic was the way he put it.

        6. Thanks– after learning your reverse sear wizadry, I’ll file this one for the next time someone around here is sick to give a try.

        7. Oh shit, the AIDs got Jamaica now, too? Must have paddled over there from Haiti.

        8. Jamaica, Haiti, every other squat island in that area, are all literally the same place, they just made up prank names to keep us off balance.

        9. A mustard plaster on the chest works surprisingly well. So many older remedies work wonders, but for one reason or another they have been left by the wayside.

        10. i’ve always called it a hot whisky. I don’t even remember where i picked it up.

        11. my method of drinking steaming hot whisky with honey cloves and lemons is better…even if it works worse it is better.

        12. speaking of that i believe a new laird will be made this weekend as I am out of scotch.

        13. My mom gave me a litre of vodka once when I went camping for over a week. The nights in a tent were cold and vodka kept me warm, I barely got even tipsy since all the alcohol went into warming my body.

        14. All this ‘you can’t drink a drop until you’re 21’ stuff causes more problems. Children who can have a little taste get to be where they can get a hold of it themselves in their late teens and it won’t be a big deal to them. No thrill of the forbidden. Those who live under prohibition are going to be the ones that drink themselves to death in college.

    1. Women(and betas) love complaining for sympathy and get affronted when you have the temerity to make a suggestion instead of wallowing in the mud with them. Single mothers take it to the Nth level, beating everyone over the head with their victim status. They’re not even sure how to engage people as peers anymore.
      And the sick thing is no one calls them out on their shit: Why didn’t you make use of condoms/BC/abortion/adoption? What did you think would happen when you chose to have three children with an unemployed alcoholic? He already had several exes/children he didn’t give a shit about, what did you think made you so special?
      Make single mothers ashamed again.

      1. A childhood friend is like that. Recently she was knocked up by her coked up ex and thinks she might get an abortion. When she informed the wife my response was, “Great, she’s going to create another welfare sucking kid.”

      2. Why will it make you happy, fuck them if they want to be stupid and fat and living with an alcoholic is their life, it’s mine over matter, I don’t mind it don’t matter. Want to look like a pig or a cow, whatever turns your crank. I see alien food big fat women, eat them first. lol

    2. Tell her to Eat Ice, fat people rationalize every excuse to remain fat and blame everything else but themselves, Women are the worst offender in the denial issue, men known that are fat and don´t give a shit women just pretend to not give a shit and just make excuses, muuuh genetics. if this shit was genetic then why any of our grandfathers and grandmother were fat, where does that genes comes, your ancestors were thin, it´s normal to gain weight after pregnancy, yeah but not like 200lbs, Some fat fuck believed she was gorgeous and behave like an entitled bitch, then she rationalize that she “prefer” to be fat than to have small boobs, why you don´t simple blame genetic for your small boobs? She get triggered just by the presence of a thin girl, MUh MEN LOVE CURVES!

    3. It’s amazing how quickly a woman’s looks can change. I knew a smoking hot 22yr old blond with big tits, curvey and slender. One day I was talking to her about how I had no respect for ppl who have no self control and let themselves become obese. Her faced immediately turned red and she screamed, “I’m going to get fat as I want and I don’t give a fuck what anyone thinks!”. I was surprised she got so pissed off because she had a great body. Not an ounce of fat on it. Honestly one of the best looking women I had ever met in my life and her looks were natural. Two years later I hear her voice behind me and I turn around to say hi. What I saw was horrifying she had gained at least 200 pounds. She was completely unrecognizable. Her head was round like a basketball and had fat rolls going down her neck. I couldn’t believe someone so hot could let themselves go so much. What’s more amazing is she had the foresite to know she was going to get fat and did nothing to stop it.

        1. It was definitely a shock. Whenever my brother mentions his fiance I just show him a before and after picture of this girl.

      1. OMG! You ate my friend! I can hear her inside of you trying to get out! You monster!

      2. Interesting enough. This is a perfect example of the feminine principle of chaos in action. She cannot force the world to conform to her vain ideals. She is powerless. Instead she just destroys herself in an act of spite and attention whoring.
        Even more sinister and ignoble is the fact there were likely numerous if not all the voices she keeps around her assenting to her inglorious degradation. “You’re beautiful at whatever size girl”.
        I find it amusing that so many males literally feed these sows. They give her the ego salve she craves. The fertile ground to give birth to a disgusting mutant. And when her terrible life choices call down this obese destruction, the weak male stands in the way to bear the burden.
        What a fucking chump!
        Bring back shame, guilt and regret. Hurl insults, mockery and guilt at them furiously. Make the consequences more painful for them to live in an environment of constant condemnation.
        This is what they deserve.

        1. No matter how disgusting a woman is there’s some thirsty simp waiting to marry her.

        2. – Women ruin themselves then society. Welcome to western civilisation 2017. I don’t agree with anything Muslims do or say but they are doing one thing correct, and that is keeping their women in check, something we lost decades ago.

        3. I blame growing deference to the negro. They fetishize obesity and now the wiggers are too.

      3. Maybe her mom was a whale and she knew it was just a matter of time. I knew a chick who took it the opposite direction. Her mom was hugely fat and that was her biggest fear. So far she still looks pretty good.

        1. Sad. It doesn’t always work out that way, but 7/10 times just look at the mom…

        2. Yep_i could see it, but hoped it wouldn’t happen. I did happen. Then when we separated, soon to be divorced (Dylan), she promptly lost 60lbs. Case closed

      4. Look at the ankles–many slim ladies in their teens and early 20’s have a dead giveaway-it is thick ankles. Not a 100% predictor because obesity can always be avoided with effort but a HUGE red flag if you are thinking of getting serious.

      5. Women ruin themselves then society. Welcome to western civilisation 2017. I don’t agree with anything Muslims do or say but they are doing one thing correct, and that is keeping their women in check, something we lost decades ago.

      6. Yha just look at Pamela Anderson still got them big hooters but she’s old now in her 50’s and looking ruff.

    4. I once heard a fat diabetic talk about her also fat diabetic 13 year old son having to shoot insulin while with his friends eating at McDonalds, while she stuffed her face also with a super sized lunch. It’s all genetics don’t you know?!

    5. It’s the be who you are generation. If you are a fat fuck keep being a fat fuck. The only people with the mindset of be a better you is found in gym rats

  9. I’ve lost count how many times I’ve been asked by one of these 400-pounders on a scooter to help reach for and hand them a box of Pop Tarts or a case of Dr. Pepper. NEVER once have I been asked to assist them in loading their basket with any fresh produce…

    1. I’m assuming that you refuse them help? I hope?

        1. Why? Just show them the best snacks and packaged junk food. They’ll gobble that shit up and die of clogged arteries.

        2. I’ve actually given that scenario serious thought over time, but I think it’s an exercise in futility… See, I fill their cart with crap, then they go to the pharmacy to get a pill to unclog their arteries just enough for them to return the next week for me to again fill their cart with more crap. I just don’t have this kind of time!

    2. seeing a 400 lb woman in nyc is about as rare as meeting someone who admits to voting for trump- where are you? I read the fattest city inthe US is Houston- nothing but sprawl, and people drive a few blocks just to get some beer

      1. How the South (and I count Texas as basically an extension of the South) has so many fatties is confusing to me. It’s a freaking furnace down there, and fat does NOT go well with heat *at all*. You’d think at some point ol Cletus and Myrtle would say “You know, them skinny folks never seem to be constantly sweating, maybe we should cut down on the Sweettea a bit”.

        1. I was about to say the same thing- muggy as hell down there. AC in your car, 30 seconds sweating, then into AC in the office. It was about 105 degrees and humid on the subway yesterday- wringing wet when I get home. mass transit and walking keep us un-fat up here

        2. The south has states that are 30% or more black. That skews the fattie statistics. Blacks have higher rates of obesity than any other ethnic group.
          So there’s the answer. Easy.
          Cletus and Myrtle ain’t the ones affecting the stats for the south. It is Tyrone and Laqueesha.

        3. Well I can see that, but it doesn’t explain why like 9/10 Appalachians seem to have this addiction to girth.

        4. Hmm. wasn’t aware of that, but could be. No explanation for that one. :-O
          Though Appalachians are a pretty small part of the overall US population.
          I’ve seen the research and stats. Blacks and Hispanics have higher obesity rates than whites. But I am not being an apologist for the ridiculous great white land whales I see in my state.

        5. Yeah, you hit southern Ohio down through North Carolina along the Appalachian trail and it’s just trailer park after trailer park of really fat white folk. Not all, there are some pretty wild flower looking girls and some decent corn fed dudes, but generally they’re really…gross.

        6. I think its a combination of food stamps, lack of will and its disgusting to look at every day.

        7. The sift in obesity from the very wealthy to the very poor over the last, say, 500 years, is something I have always found really interesting.

        8. I have been saying this for years. Keep the peasants fat and entertained and they will never revolt. There is never going to be a revolution as long as people can get a shit ton of fast food nearly free and take it home to their 65 inch HDTV and forget the massive amount of debt they are juggling. The peasants may BE revolting but they wont revolt.

        9. I’m fascinated by this phenomenon, and it seems to be rapidly accelerating over the last 20-years or so.

        10. Lack of any exercise and HFCS, not to mention nobody cooking and everybody eating out, would account for like, all, of that.

        11. Don’t forget American Indians (feather not the dot) these are the largest people in the US. I can’t believe conquering them took so long. My guess is all the Indians of good fighting stock died in the long Indian Wars, all that was left was the lazy fatties and their genes are what carried on.

        12. In my neck of the woods it’s rare to see most black ladies necks. Most of the black guys are in decent shape, about half the white guys are, and about 2/3 white girls are decent

        13. Well it could be that people have forgotten how to cook and rely on convenience food which is basically additive ridden garbage. In Italy, where they love food passionately they know how to cook and even their junk food isnt that bad (pizza in Italy is basically bread, cheese and tomato sauce plus a topping) The result is almost no obesity

        14. Cooking really isn’t that hard. I mean start with the boxed stuff that has the directions written right on it. Making some homemade spaghetti and sauce is handed to you right on the package, for example. Not the healthiest thing but it’s a hell of a lot better than a cheeseburger.

        15. Well you’re right but too many people can’t be bothered to even do that. Especially women, if a woman can’t cook she is no good for me.

        16. I think you’re on to something. If you have developed the habit of eating everything prepackaged or pre-packaged, you aren’t going to instantly jump to preparing and eating fresh meat/veggies/fruits. Just moving to cooking something as simple as spaghetti is a good first step; heck, learning to cook own your hamburgers (and moving towards filling them out with a good vegetable load) would put you way ahead of going through the Burger King drive-through.

        17. A few nights ago, I was seriously considering ordering in, but nothing looked good. For a few weeks, I’ve been cooking every meal to save money (also making preserves, sourdough gf bread, jerky, and the like), and none of the takeout food looked in any way appealing.
          So I put fifteen minutes into whipping up a lasagna with mashed potatoes.

        18. I had a feeling that you’d show up eventually on this thread. It seemed rather a given, really.

        19. Aye. I’ll bet you many men would feel happier and more confident if they regularly cooked their own meals, instead of relying on eating out or ordering take-out.

        20. Better yet, find yourself a highly-rated recipe online for something simple. Make a list of the ingredients and follow the directions to the letter on your first go-round.
          Here’s one I’ve made for years. Sausage and Potato Soup:
          – 1-2 lb potato, peeled and cubed into 1 inch sections
          – 2 links Andouille Sausage (you’ll want the spice), sliced into 1/2″ rounds
          – 1/2 medium onion, chopped
          – Salt, pepper, garlic, red pepper (to taste)
          – Parsley for color (optional)
          Boil the potato and onion until the potatoes can be easily cut with a spoon. Add sausage and cook 30 minutes. Add seasonings to taste.

        21. It is immensely satisfying to eat a meal cooked by your own hands. Even more satisfying to see others enjoy eating what you’ve made

        22. Buh buh buh…I need food now and don’t arse me to plan ahead!

        23. Put it on the stove before you grab lunch, and I guarantee it’ll be ready by dinner (easier still if you cook with a crockpot).
          You can also stretch the recipe a few days by adding cream as the soup thins out. Upping the fat content makes a more filling soup with longer-lasting energy, so you feel satisfied longer. (You can add cream immediately, but I just prefer a thin cream-of-potato soup).

        24. Oh, I know man, you’re preaching to the choir. Hell, just get them to buy and use a crock pot. Put meat in with seasonings in the morning before lumbering into work, set it on “low” and when you come home that evening your meal is instantly ready.
          But no, there’s always an excuse. Always. This is why they’re fat to begin with, an utter lack of self control and discipline.

        25. I usually go with a “night before” prep approach. I’ll start the soup when I start my dinner prep, and I’ll let it simmer for a while before I kill it, cap it, and go to bed. So many soups get better from sitting.

        26. You said it. I lived in various Middle Eastern countries and their female population are also experiencing an obesity crisis…damn fast food joints. They frequent far too often and feed the kids the same shit. It’s an epidemic really, around the world. It takes me 15 minutes to sear an Ahi Tuna steak, slce it, slap it on a bed of kale/spinach/chard mix. Throw in some split red grapes, walnuts and a splash of balsamic vinegar. Tasty and healthy and quick.

        27. Just one of the many reasons it’s so hard to find a good woman in this country. Culinary arts and talents are nearly non existent these days.

        28. “sometimes I throw a potato in the oven. Sure, I’m not hungry now, but…..”
          -Mitch Hedburg

        29. Paradoxically, city-dwellers walk a fuk-ton more than so-called ‘country folk’.

        30. As someone who spent most of his life in the south I partially agree. I agree that a lot of blacks are fat but a lot of whites in the south are really fat as well

        31. I am in/from the South. I can attest to the obesity rates here. People like to eat enormous amounts. And not the healthy stuff either.
          Just a quick walk down to the store and you will get passed by trucks full of fat asses, scooters with fat asses on them walking their dogs and see fat asses sitting on their porch with a monster sized cola.
          We have gorgeous parks in this city and no matter the time of day, I find myself alone most of the time on the exercise trails.
          Bicycling is also a lonely activity. Few get out and do anything.
          Sitting, drinking beer and eating burgers while in a bass boat is considered exercise here.

        32. Having lived for extended periods in both environments, I would agree.
          The city environment lends itself to walking.

    3. Excellent point. Start looking at people in a grocery store then have a look at what’s in their grocery carts. Lots of veg and fruit? = trim. Lot’s of junk, soda and carbs? = tubby.

      1. I am a big fan of grocery store game and I always asses what is in the card before approach. You have a frozen pizza and soda in there….no thank you. Oh, is that a bunch of spinach and lean protein…what are you doing Saturday night?

  10. To approach this from a different perspective, when you see somebody who has put in work and lost weight, be sure to compliment it or point it out in a nice way.
    On another note, shaming doesn’t have to be direct. If you’re in the company of fat people or they are in the range of your voice, ensure that you compliment a thin person (preferably a girl, but whatever) on how well she keeps herself and how you find a healthy figure to be attractive and how you see it as a sign that she has some self respect.
    I really do question a lot of numbers bandied about regarding the number of fat people, as while there are plenty, the numbers don’t seem congruent with what I see out in real life (and I mean outside of where I live too, I travel a bit). You’ll find areas where it’s nearly all landwhales (the South, Appalachia) but then you’ll find places where you’re hard pressed to find a fatty at all.

    1. It doesn’t help that our statistics for obesity are based on BMI and not body fat %. Everyone knows BMI is a useless number, which is why they pass around pictures of The Rock and note that he’s morbidly obese by BMI.
      Probably also worth noting that there are many kinds of “being fat”, some of which aren’t as obvious. We’ve got the landwhales, skinny-fat folks, ridiculous beer guts, the “too many snacks” jigglers (more common among kids), the “cellulite for no reason” girls (who love short shorts)….

    2. My daughter was getting chunky about the age of 13, but she decided to do something about it. She is fit and beautiful at 20, now. Her reward? Being called “skinny bitch” by those women who won’t do the same. But we already know certain groups are ok to bully around, right? She probably oppressed the chunky ones with her healthy eating.

  11. My applause. Fatness is probably the biggest thing I have little sympathy for.
    Fuck fat people. We spend over $60 billion a year on obesity related illness. That’s $60 billion that could go to better fighters, bombers or tanks.

    1. If it’s government dollars, you’re right. If it’s mixed, then only a portion would go to those things.
      Personally I’d just like a refund on the government dollars.

    2. Takes me back to my early days of dating in the 80’s. On a first date with a girl I met at a party a couple days before; she was a fit if not on the skinny side ,20 year old, and at 19 I was, too, only a year out of high school and being a two sport athlete. No more than 15 minutes in the car going to our dinner date spot, she says out of the blue “Look at that Whale…” to a woman walking on the side of the road. I started laughing so hard I almost crashed the car….
      She was from the Mid-west conservative bible belt area, and had utter contempt for woman whom would not take care of themselves…including members of her own family. Goes to show that even members of their own kind don’t really approve, and never really have…they just hide it today under the fakeness that is “political correctness”.

      1. Pretty funny she was from the Mid-west, this is a source of many fatties. Actually getting outside of the major cities in the US can be a real shock not just at the obesity but how incredibly large some American women are. I’ve also noticed on some obese women they have hairy arms and faces. Is this a result of the chemical imbalance due to obesity or is it they just don’t care about looks at all?

  12. hey Jimbo, you wrote such article because you are unable to see their innNNNnner beauty!

    /sarcasm off

    1. That dude has nobody to blame but his own thirsty ass for that thing he’s clasped to. As nicely as he’s built I’m still going to go out on a line and guess that he’s a beta guy.

      1. Sure, but if the standards for women drop so low that a fatty can grab an abundance of “thirsty beta’s” who look like this and bust their ass ‘gaming’ them, what do they need an ‘alpha’ for.

        1. To get their pussies wet. No matter how jacked a guy is, if he’s a beta simp she will get tired of him *real* fast.
          It’s the attitude that ultimately wins. When my wife watches Kelly’s Heroes, she finds two men attractive. Clint, of course, and….Telly Savalas. Why? He has this swagger, macho, alpha attitude. Dude wasn’t even vaguely in the same league looks wise as Eastwood.

        2. Show a young attractive woman of today a picture of this guy after watching Clint Eastwood and Telly Savalas in that movie and ask her who she would bang and I would strongly wager she is picking this guy.

        3. A picture? Maybe. Show her all of them talking and interacting in real life, and assuming that black dude is a beta? She’ll go with Eastwood/Savalas any day of the week.
          It’s about more than looks. Looks count but they are not the prime attractant for women, as women as not men, they are wired differently. Saying otherwise flies in the face of reality when you step outside the door.

        4. Sure, money, power and status are important qualities that women find irresistible too.

        5. Had nothing to do with money and status for Savalas. I asked her direct and she said it was his swagger and attitude. If it was just money, status and power she’d have been goo goo over ALL of the cast of males.
          Like it or not, there are things YOU can do to improve your chances with women, it’s not all uncontrollable factors. One of those things is to develop high confidence and an ability to charm women conversationally.

        1. of course the black guy is gay, frodo posted it. Half his hard drive is filled with black gay guys

        2. for the same reason i stopped letting your sister give me rim jobs….got tired of it.

        3. Jew this, Jew that. You talk shit about high school insults, and all you got is insults from the 1930s. Go Google up something new, grandpa.

        4. I think it’s pretty clear that you’re the one with the hard-on for lolknee.

        5. Then its a good thing you’re here to protect him. Should I wait for the rest of the crew?

        6. “In the dictionary under the heading ‘fat’, there is a picture of him there”

  13. Crazy story… I was in Walmart (yes, Walmart) a few months back and as I entered the detergent isle, I noticed a guy on a scooter at the opposite end of the isle. This guy wasn’t a fattie at all, maybe 180-lbs, but actually looked very sick. As I was looking up at the shelf, I heard a thud and the sound of flesh hitting concrete. I looked down the isle, and the guy on the scooter had fallen off and was laying lifeless on the floor. With nobody else in our isle, I ran over to see if I could help him. I thought he was dead; his voice was very weak, but he asked if I could help him back on to his scooter. He couldn’t move – completely dead weight – I had to squat down to the floor, between the scooter and a shelf, wrap my arms around his chest and lift him back up. I helped him fill his basket with the items he needed and made sure he was ok to continue shopping. The poor guy was just reaching for a pack dishwashing tablets – not a case of Dr. Pepper.
    Now, let me ask all the fatties a question: In a store full of your species, what are the chances that this guy would run into a person physically capable of helping him off the floor without incident?…

    1. fatties arent here, they are on line right now waiting to order a frappachino with a brownie on the side

      1. I wish I saved those pics of Cameljockey photoshopping his face onto a fat chick on tinder. I don’t think I’ve ever laughed so hard at anything on this site.

    2. Reminds me of what I saw more than a decade ago, back in my school years. I was 16 at a time or so. There was this land whale in our school back then (just the one, seeing as obesity wasn’t, statistically speaking, a huge problem here). I heard that, as per the usual, she claimed some sort of glandular problem or something. Everyone figured it was bullshit, given the ridiculous amounts of junk we all saw her eat during lunch time every single day. I recall we all called her “Meatball”, her equally-obese mother was “Meatball mom”.
      Besides stairs and elevators (staff-only), the school also had this huge stairwell ramp, going from floor to floor. Some buddies and I were competing to see who could run up and reach the top first (there were some 9 or 10 floors or so), when we saw her coming down the ramps with a couple of friends (they were her polar opposite in appearance, as I remember). She tripped, and rolled downwards ’till one of the flat landings where the ramp curved stopped her; she smacked against the soft nets along the walls. I swear the whole damn ramp on that floor quaked for a few seconds.
      Her arms were fat and short, barely able to grab hold of the netting, and, even then, she didn’t have the strength to haul her whole mass up. She kept flailing her arms and rolling left and right, trying to get up. I confess I felt a twinge of pity for her. Her friends did help her up, but only after laughing at her for a few seconds, and they clearly had to put some effort into it.
      In the end, it begs the same question as your story: what the hell could she have done, had there been no-one around to help?

      1. When I was in high school, the resident land whale tried out for the cheerleading team and failed. She whined incessantly about it and I made the comment that no one wanted to see a fatty on the cheerleading squad.
        Under threat of getting beat up by her friends on the football team, I apologized, but I never forgot.

        1. You know there’s only one reason a fatty has “friends” on the football team, right?

      2. Everybody lose 12 minutes of your life watching these:
        (Recommend the guy on skateboard at 4: 25)


    3. I really thought you were going to say a fattie ran down the aisle and stole the scooter. I notice that marginally obese people are using these scooters. How about a little walking? Good exercise. Knees bad? Probably because your body has 100lbs. more weight than God and nature intended.
      Thank you for helping this man and not standing around looking or filming on your phone. Thumbs up Mr. Skunt.

      1. Yeah, that “I have bad knee joints, I can’t exercise, don’t judge me” thing has run it’s useful life as an excuse. You have bad joints because you are fat, you caused it, it’s not the other way around, fatty.

        1. I’ve tried to mention such to two “knee joint” problem fat broads but it brought the whole room down on me for daring to suggest that she bears any responsibility for her condition.

        2. They’re wired to say something can’t be done, vice what would it take to make it happen.

        3. I mean it brought down the whole room of girls, most of whom were not fat.

        4. One pound of lost weight unloads four pounds of weight off your knees. I was told many years ago by an Orthapedic surgeon. The saddest is when you see large children and their upper legs and knees are “tripodding”. This is the body’s way of deforming to cope with the massive weight and force from the upper body.

        5. They think they’re being sympathetic and supportive and it allows them to think well of themselves.

        6. That is correct. It’s the same mentality that applauds the tranny psychos.

        7. Bad Knees! My sister is an X-ray tech and much of her day is devoted to imaging “bad knees.”

        8. They know the fatties give them a lifeline by keeping female health and aesthetic standards low.

        9. That’s some serious dark level shit right there though if you think about it. These two women are *obese* so these thinny’s are basically encouraging her to die early.

        10. Regardless of how your knees got bad, properly-executed squats will make them better. I had bad knees from poor lifestyle choices (i.e. too much time on the couch as a lad), and my buddy had them when an IED took out part of his knee. Bodyweight squats, working on up to weighted squats, fixed us right up.

        11. There are so many reasons they give though why they “can’t”, and every one of them sounds to me exactly like “Because I’m a fat lazy fuck and fuck you for trying to help me”

        12. The “fuck you for trying to help me” part is the worst. Fatties are all about the complaining and wallowing in their own misery, and if you dare try to help them out of it, they will turn on you like a shark with blood in the water.

        13. Is that what it’s called? I always wondered if they were born that way — guess not.

        14. My mother’s obese friend had knee replacement surgery at age 55. The surgery worked, but only for about decade. Now she’s nearly 70 and literally confined to a scooter.

        15. Once you shed all that excess fat you will be able to tripod with your cock instead.

        16. Troof.
          I never did A squat until I was 44, and always had “a bad knee”
          10 weeks into a regimen with lots of squatty moves, my old knees, though still a little crunch, feel noticeably stronger.

        17. And similarly the “bad back” is more often than not a “weak core” as I’m learning now.

        18. “since when do youse let skirts into this gym?”- bem losing his gym membership on top of losing his job yesterday

      2. ” really thought you were going to say a fattie ran down the aisle and stole the scooter.”
        and ATE it.
        See now THATs a good Walmart tale!

      3. That and ghettos people. They love nothing more than making big show of themselves.

  14. Maybe, we as men, should start to complain about the “un-realness” of GI Joes, protest football players & pro wrestlers, and boycott Dwayne Johnson (aka The Rock) movies…this way the she whales can see the utter banality and stupidity of their “movement”.

    1. No, they’ll just welcome us into their rank of whiners.
      I’ll continue to uphold high standards and shame fatties.

    2. As GOJ and hipponax said no. Men see a guy better and should strive for that level of greatness. I hear a long time ago:
      Men stand at the base of the mountain and climbs to the top to test himself. Women proclaim where they stand at the base of the mountain as the peak and that they’re just as good as the guy at the top.

  15. I’ve admitted before and I am proud to say; I crop dust fat girls in public spaces. The fatter they are the more humor I derive from it.
    Don’t judge me, its a “disease”.

  16. Two good things about this article are that males respond faster to logic (Roosh has made this point too) and obesity is not about intrinsic identity. Well done.
    I had two Swedish blogs (2006-2009, 2011-2014) and I wrote about for instance self-improvement and how to have a proper outlook on obesity. What I emphasized in one article is that science indicates that it is linked to autism – the children of obese mothers can get aspies. Therefore fat acceptance is immoral. Recently Heartiste wrote about how obesity impairs cognitive ability.

  17. I’m giving this 5-star article only 2 stars because I had to look at all these disgusting fat blobs of fatty human fatty fat fat.

  18. Dear Land Whale Ladies:
    Please do not complain about being “sensitive” to scents. I am tired of your whining about perfume yet you seem to have no problem shoveling fatty, fried and smelly food in your face. Also stop wearing a FatBit bracelet, it’s not working. Don’t get me started on the 500 gallon drum of water you carry around because that’s not working either.
    Cinder E.

        1. She took an awful lot of crap for pictures she posted. I remember seeing similar pictures she posted with the ‘what’s your excuse?’ line.

        2. Yes she did. Which tells you everything you need to know about modern culture.
          I celebrate women like that. Good for her.

        3. I saw it when someone in my office was bitching in outrage over it – the, how could she?!
          I pointed out it’s a common meme- guys who’ve had their legs blown off competing in marathons, 85 year olds working out in fantastic shape , disabled climbing a mountain etc. People always make excuses yet folks overcome far harder obstacles to get in shape.
          —- yeah, …but…. but… she’s criticizing womenz!!

        4. I met her through a mutual friend (a trainer) and we’ve spoken a number of times offline. She’s a sweetheart. Those fat feminist … I want to say it but won’t … crucified her. Way beyond the usual snarky, patronizing hard time fat women so often give thin women. When millions of strangers are suddenly accusing you of sexism, misogyny, “fatism”, cruelty to the “fat minority” (??), causing them depressive and even suicidal thoughts, it can mess with your head. She was stressed, gained some weight, personal things suffered. Made me crazy just to watch it all happen. These people are poison.

  19. Not off topic but slightly to the left is one of my pet peeves WRT fat people / out of shape people which is a direct result of the psychosis or neurosis which leads them to allow their bodies to get this way. It comes out in 3 words….”you’re so lucky” I FUCKING HATE THIS SHIT.
    I get this a lot but mostly from a guy i work with. He will be sitting there pounding down 3000 calories of ghetto ass chinese food while i eat lean chicken and he well say “you are so lucky you are in good shape” Fucker, it ain’t luck. It isn’t even fucking hard. Don’t eat like a pig and get a little exercise. I told him that he would not be over weight if he forced himself to break a sweat once a day and ate a sensible diet. He may not be jacked but he wouldn’t be fat. Next day he orders from the cuban place chicken and rice and beans because “healthy”
    Somewhere in the fatty or out of shape brain there is somehting that is so hooked into thinking that not being fat or being in shape is luck of the draw. Like @disqus_txIGLylK3P:disqus pointed out, sure genetics is part of it but unless you are talking the very high end extreme of the fitness game, genetics can be overcome 100% of the time to be at least healthy if not slightly fit. When you hear “you’re so lucky” even if that person is not fat, they have that mentality and will, mark my words, become fat. It is as much of a signal to the mental unbalance which leads to unhealthy bodies as anorexia or self-harm

    1. I regret I have but one upvote to give to your comment.
      I’m lucky– here come share my luck doing an hour of cardio.

    2. You know, I don’t think I’ve ever looked at someone in better shape than me and thought, “man, he’s so lucky to be in that good of shape.” That just ain’t right. However, I have looked at people in better shape than me and thought, “‘man, I wish I had that kind of determination.”

      1. I wish I had that kind of determination
        I wonder if he has any advice for me
        I wonder what his diet is
        All healthy responses. One guy I talk to online from here and organize workouts with said it best “i looked for someone who looked like I wanted to look and asked him how he did it”

        1. This is it, exactly! I never could understand why people would pay for a personal trainer when fit guys are usually happy to lend a hand – after all, there was a time they couldn’t deadlift their own weight, either. Paying someone who’s not significantly better than you for training is mind-boggling to me.

        2. Out-of-shape people don’t pay the personal trainer for advice, they pay the trainer for motivation. If they were truly motivated, they would find the advice themselves and save the money.

        3. It is funny you mention it. In my gym there are a slew of trainers. Some are in excellent shape, some not so much. Today this guy who looked like he was an extra in cheech and chong movies, like skinny fat and slow to move, is training this woman in her late 30’s who is already in fair shape (I am guessing she was just using the one free session that comes with membership or something) and he is talking to her, she is rolling her eyes, and I am next to them cranking out seating dumbbell press massive volume sets with 70 pound dumbbells superset with side lat raises with 30 pound dumbbells also massive volume. I am twice his size, twice his age and half his body fat and he has a shirt on that says trainer and you could tell this girl understood how absurd it was.

        4. I’m starting to see overweight “personal trainers”. My only thought is “what advice could you possibly give that I could ever take seriously”.

        5. It’s a new niche industry that’s all about the feels. No guilt, no imposing person with a perfect physique who shames your lard ass merely by existing. Just another fatty who won’t make you feel bad for being a fatty while you stumble a quarter-mile on the lowest setting of the treadmill before sitting down on an exercise bike to rest and drink a quart of Gatorade.

        6. planet fatness is running a new promotion- $10/mo
          I would like to know how they crunch their numbers eg 75% of their members come in 2 times or less a month

        7. Do they actually have any weights or true weightlifting equipment at Planet Fitness or is it all just yoga rooms, exercise bands and kettle bells?

        8. I dont think they have kettle bells. someone on this site said they removed any dumb/barbells heavier than 60 lbs haha

        9. I know a **formerly** overweight personal trainer. He knows his shit, and I would hire him if necessary.

        10. Formerly overweight I’d listen to any day of the week. He’d know what gets results. But fat and blobbing and standing there giving me fitness advice? Nah, hit the road, stubby.

        11. IMHO, i believe most fat chicks pay a personal trainer to throw it around in conversation as a status symbol of sorts, and….to have a viable excuse to blame someone else for their own failure to lose weight and get lean. Not all of course, but many I suspect.

        12. I’d hire a formerly overweight trainer before a not-formerly overweight trainer. Somebody in good shape shows up with a picture of himself weighing 300 lbs two years ago… this is a guy who knows something about something.
          Or he can get me some meth.

        13. It’s like how I won’t listen to a shrink who hasn’t faced and overcome his own demons. A man who has quit smoking can help you quit smoking, because he knows how it’s done and what you’ll go through; a teetotaler can’t help you quit alcohol without knowing what it is to quit.

        14. Yeah, most fat people just see it as an exercise accessory. They want to buy some workout clothes, buy a fitbit, buy a juicer, hire a personal trainer, show up at the gym and *poof* magically be thin.

        15. This is 100% true. I heard of this rich guy who paid his trainer extra to enter his home and wake him up in the morning so he’d actually go workout

        16. Holy shit I saw that my gym this week and had the same thought!! They filled it up with noonday crossfit type classes and one of the “trainers” has a gut. It was reassuring as I gave my 30 day notice last month and today is my last day of membership.

        17. I lost about 30 lbs in about 7 monthes – just stopped drinking soda and eating donuts.

      2. It’s the ones who can eat that cake, coke, and sugar pie and still be thin without being on drugs or sticking their fingers down their throats that are lucky. If they even exist that is.

      3. True, but me when I see someone in better shape than me, sometimes I think “I wish I had better genetics on my father’s side”. Doesnt matter how much I lift- it cannot make me taller or my back significantly wider.

    3. As far as I see it, genetics proffers you to be a hard gainer or an easy gainer, with weight training. That’s it! With chicks, you’re either a hard gainer or an easy gainer, of fat. Recognize your genetic propensity and eat/exercise accordingly. simple! My sister uses the same excuses mentioned here today, albeit with a lighthearted tone and a dash of respectable accountability. After all she’s a biologist and understands her own lack of self discipline and addiction to processed sugars and foods.

      1. this is absolutely true but that is to actually be in GOOD shape. To just not be fat is fucking easy. It’s like quitting smoking. I never understand people who tell me it is hard. How hard is it to NOT do something. all you have to do is NOT do it. Want to not be fat. Figure out how many calories you burn in a day and consume 80% of that in a macro-nutrient ration that is sensible and healthy like 50/25/25.

        1. There is a small chemical addiction to smoking, but nothing that willpower for a few days won’t cure. My grandmother put down cigarettes one day in her early 50’s and just walked away. No nerves, no bad mood, no substitution stuff, just threw the pack away and said “I’m done”.

        2. It’s hard to quit smoking because you like smoking. You may not like the future consequences or the way people crinkle their noses at you, but you like smoking. It’s hard to stop doing something you like – that’s where willpower comes into play.

        3. there is a small dopamine addiction to eating fast food. If you want to stop you just stop.

        4. If you’re eating 13,000+ calories a days, its a fucking huge dopamine addiction.

        5. It’s hard to WANT to quit smoking. If you want to quit smoking and can’t then there is something goofy. Here is the one and only step to quitting smoking: don’t put cigarettes in your mouth. I will be it you follow that one step, never put a cigarette in your mouth, that quitting will be a great success.

        6. That’s what I meant, put more clearly. If you truly want to quit, you’ll find it’s not that hard. Heck, there was a time I smoked weed pretty much every day (what a waste…), but when I started applying for jobs I put the pipe down and walked away. It was easy, because I wanted to quit, but if I’d tried to quit a few weeks earlier it would have been much harder.

        7. Yeah I hit rock bottom in a taco bell parking lot…..third one that day….I’ve seen some things, maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan

    4. Can 100% confirm this, since THIS is the exact mentality that I’ve used for many years to justify not getting off my ass to lose weight. It’s really one of the most pathetic mental states a person could ever put themselves through, especially since it’s extremely, extremely hard to crawl out of it once you are deep in.
      I’m thankful as hell that I managed to overcome this. You could say I was… lucky :))

      1. nice. And good for you overcoming. No one is without flaw. It is how we deal with it that makes us who we are. Good for you!

        1. Like I always tell people who I congratulate on their efforts. Don’t thank me…you the one puttin’ in that work. Get it!

    5. That’s all well and good, but isnt “you’re so lucky” technically FOUR words?
      Maybe your friend wants to say: “you’re so lucky you have had the good sense and discipline to have done what’s right all along”?

      1. actually it is a contraction and two words if you are going to be a stickler.

    6. Had coworkers give me shit for ordering a petite sirloin and green beans while they all ordered burgers and giant bowls of pasta. One lard ass says “you’re lucky you have a good metabolism”
      It was a superior to me but i wanted to say “it’s not metabolism it’s willpower and discipline”

      1. they may have had a higher rank but in no way were they superior.

        1. They were superior, actually.
          In stupidity that is.
          “you’re lucky you have a good metabolism”
          Unequaled, even.

    7. It’s the same thinking that (wrongly) ascribes any product of ingenuity and hard work to be the result of “privilege.”

  20. It’s not just women, we’re a fat slob society, overall. Garbage food is cheaper than good food, now. Being fat was once a sign of wealth. Kind of the opposite these days. Food stamps buy you a lot of cheap processed garbage, and those dollar menus are tempting for a quick cheap lunch. None of this is an excuse, however. Most people on food stamps don’t need them; they need to straighten their lives up. I think it’s more of a problem of no self control, no discipline. Make a sandwich and an apple for lunch from home and drink water. Pretty cheap. It’s just amazing to see how low western society has fallen.. all these fat folk are just a symptom.

    1. This is absolutely true. Also, if you live in a busy city with a hectic life there is a convenience aspect. I leave work, go to the gym, spend some time there, come home from the gym, cook dinner, eat, clean and by that time I am just totally exhausted. Meanwhile, on my walk home from the gym, especially now in the nice weather, i pass a dozen restaurants with outdoor seating where people are eating wings or cheese burgers or mexican food or pizza and having a nice happy hour drink. I will also see people in suits holding bags from thai take out or pizza boxes just walking home to have a few easy bites and put their feet up and relax. They don’t have to prepare and cook a healthy meal and then clean up the mess after wards, just open the box, have some yummy stuff, turn on the tv and chill….and I will admit that after a long day at work I often think…fuck it, i would love to do that. What am I killing myself for. My muscles are sore, i am tired, i don’t feel like cooking….it isn’t easy and it isn’t cheap….but it is worth it in the end.

      1. I feel you. Sometimes I just want to go home and veg and occasionally I will. I work out on my lunch hour and then usually am cutting grass until dark after I get off my day job.
        Luckily I have a wife who cooks healthy meals so I don’t have to fool with that unless I’m grilling. She handles the clean up too

      2. Brown rice, steamed veg, salad from a bag (already washed) and a protein. It is easy. I understand being exhausted.

        1. yes, that will keep you healthy for sure. It doesn’t taste as good as pizza but whatever. I guess for me it is different because I have specific goals. I am eating zero carbs. Last night I had an omelette with 3/4 a pound of leg of lamb which I made last sunday, 1/4 cup of feta cheese and 6 eggs. So I go to the gym in the morning and leave my stuff there. Then work all day. Then go back to the gym and beat it up again. Then walk home past people laughing and drinking and eating shit. Then I get home, take down a pan and take out the food. Prep. Cook. Eat. Clean. By the time it is done it is time to go to bed again. Whereas if I didn’t have to wake up at 4 in the morning the next day to start over or if I didn’t go to the gym after work and din’t care about what I ate I could have left work, gone to a fun place, ordered some yummy burger and a few drinks, chatted up some girls and gone home easy peasy. I really do believe it is worth it, but sometimes it is hard to see when you are tired and cranky

        2. If you stopped being a Calvin Klein New York philosopher playboy, I would honestly spend an evening smoking cigarettes by the water thinking about life in general.

        3. Thinking about life? I used to do that for a living. It ain’t what its cracked up to be

      3. And I think there’s a time for that, to enjoy a nice restaurant meal with family or friends, relax, etc. But folks have come to believe this lifestyle should be everyday. That they deserve it or that they’re SOOO stressed or anxious that they have to wind down by food and drink as opposed to what would really help, which is physical activity. But as you point out… it can hurt and not be as fun. Discipline. All things in moderation.

        1. Absolutely. I still drink on the weekends (never on a work night) and I still go out on fri and sat night to restaurants. I am not training for an event or anything. But you are 100% on point. The idea of going out once or twice a week on the weekends and being healthy the rest of the time has turned into …. well…this article.

    2. Why are Japan/South Korea and the United States so different in this regard, even though they have similar economic development?
      First, national culture is different. US is typically more individualist (and lifestyle relativist) whereas East Asia is typically more collectivist and objective. Thus Americans and other Western people will behave in ways which conform more to their genetic and personality propensities. In East Asia fat shaming is as ubiquitous as a land whale’s body.
      Secondly, food culture is different, and even though everything is not healthy in the Orient they eat less of burgers and other crap food and only about 2000 calories in total (slightly more for males). I asked a Korean girl whom I slept with a lot last summer how she could be 168/50. She said she always ate 2000 calories on average. Very simple and objective mathematics.
      Thirdly, population genetic makeups are different. Blacks have lower IQs and conscientiousness, on average, which often put them in lower positions on the socio-economic ladder – obesity is linked to lower average income. Also, whites have greater variance with regard to IQ and personality profiles than Orientals. Thus we have a lot of thin and fit white people in the upper-middle and upper classes, as well as a lot of “white trash” with low IQ and conscientiousness. Orientals typically cluster around or within a less variable spectum.
      Ps. Someone who knows if Trump has criticized obesity?

      1. I don’t think he has criticized it publicly and he caved to big business on nutritional standards. The First Lady seems to be his strongest criticism of fat that I can tell.

        1. Didn’t he have a tweet a few years ago along the lines of “I have never seen a skinny person drink Diet Coke”?

  21. Actually using an Elliptical is not much better than sitting on a couch, the best cardio machines the Treadmill, the Airbike, the Rower, the Versaclimber, the Stairclimber, and Spin Bike. Other than these only Swimming will give you a good cardio workout.
    Most people would just be better off getting off their rear and going out for a walk for a good hour or two.
    If you do not believe me ask an Exercise physiologist, most of them rarely have good things to say about Elliptical machines except for them being low impact and good for beginners, most of them have an issue with the range of motion being limited. HIIT is another way to go but its not for everyone, there is also the risk of injury with HIIT.
    If you are at the gym and absolutely got to use an Elliptical use the ARC trainers instead if your gym has them. They are expensive so only high end gyms usually have ARC machines. Its still mediocre cardio, but not as terrible as Ellipticals.
    People usually think Rowing machines are easy, for the first couple of minutes it might seem so, after that its one of the hardest cardio machines in the gym.

    1. Stairmaster is evil evil evil and I force myself to use it because it’s the good kind of evil.

      1. Jacob’s Ladder is another good one, and if you have to use an Elliptical the better one are ARC trainers or Octane XR7s, the latter are very rare at gyms because they are very expensive.
        I know people who can easily do an hour on an Elliptical but will be out of breath after 5 minutes on a Stair Climber.
        Airbikes and Rowers are old school, and they work. Why? Because the Crossfit people use them. Also you can get both cheap, while Elliptical machines are expensive and complicated to assemble.

    2. absolutely right. Treadmill is great but impact is bad. I think the spin bike offers too many chances to cheat as does the ski and row machines — though those machines offer an excellent workout if you really put your back into it. For my money the stairs is the best. Less joint impact than treadmill, forces you to keep pace so you can’t cheat unlike rower or bike or skimachine and has the added benefit of putting you at a vantage point to check out all the hot little ass in the gym

        1. brilliant. She is still getting a better workout than someone on an elliptical.

        2. i still see bishes do the stairmaster by walking sideways- any merit to this or are they insane?

        3. I really don’t think it matters. The stepping up and the speed are what causes the intense cardio, not what position you’re in. Sideways stepping to me is just what you do when you’re out in the winter trying to climb the side of a snowy hill, nothing more.

        4. Sir, I’ll have you know that I come from the land of ice and snow, with the midnight sun and where the hot springs flow.

        5. I do NOT understand that at all. WHen I first saw it I just thought some bish was checking me out. I am totally at a loss for what the sideways stairmaster walking is about.

        6. rofl- “thought she was checking me out” i dont know why this is so funny

        7. well what else am i supposed to think. I am on a stairmaster sweating balls in shorts and a tank top and on the next stairmaster some bish has, for no discernable reason i can see, turned her body sideways and is looking directly at me

        8. We have a similar level of conceit. Although you know that already. I just generally assume that every girl in a place wants to jump my bones. I’m right way more often than I’m wrong. Just because I am *that* awesome. Heh.

        9. Karon Karter started this years ago. Theoretically it better targets inner/outer thigh and improves hip dips. Of course none of this precludes insanity.

    3. The Wife made us get a boxflex max trainer. Its like a stepper-eliptical thingee and that thing will get you huffing and puffing in no time, with minimal impact.

      1. Just a waste of money inmho. You can get better results with an Airbike or a Rower.
        The best is a treadmill but lots of people don’t like running.

        1. “I can’t stop eating. I eat because I’m unhappy, and I’m unhappy because I eat. It’s a vicious cycle.”
          –Fat Bastard

      1. Hmm.. French fries and potato chips at the same time. Something about that seems especially wrong.
        None of it even looks good. An extra scoop of something delicious might be understandable, but this is cold cuts on white bread, and some microwavable monstrosity? I’d barely be able to choke it down, let alone over-eat it.

      2. 12,538 calories? It was news worthy when Michael Phelps explained his 12k calorie intake while he is in training for Olympics and I am guessing that this cow doesn’t do 3 hours of weight lifting and 10 hours of swimming every day.

        1. Considering that swimming like he does burns apx. 3000 calories an hour, I’d say that he was borderline under eating. People look at me funny when I say that, but it’s true.

        2. At least Phelps had major justification. Men burn more calories resting when they’ve done intense physical activity, so Phelps probably burned a good 3-4k just sleeping every night. Add to that the energy loss from swimming and weight lifting, and it’s almost amazing that 12k is enough.

        3. I heard that’s one of the excuses he gave for his marijuana habit – he needed the munchies in order to wolf down the food his body needed to survive.

        4. yeah. He was literally (hitler) in the pool for 10 hours training for the fucking olympics, working out with weights several hours a day AND was genetically gifted. I think he was in deficit at 12k but needed to keep lean.

        5. Given his amazing performance I’m going to give him a pass on anything he does basically, short of physically harming others. He wants to toke, good on him, I don’t even care if it’s just to have fun. Dude is an apex athlete, he’s earned his vices.

        6. A friend back in college was a crew rower. Very intensive calorie-burning activity, wasn’t an ounce of fat on this guy. We’d go out for pizza and order two pies – one for him, one for the other three guys.

        7. Rowing burns insane calories. Too bad there are no men’s rowing teams out here for guys my age, I’d love to do that. Am also considering dropping some dough on a kayak as well, for the same reason.

        8. Can’t go wrong with a good kayak. Find yourself a lake, so you can’t just ride the river, and you’ll wear yourself out in fairly short order.

        9. Oh, well do I know that. I rent kayaks from time to time in the summer. Love that shit.

        10. I’ve never found a decent rowing machine that really seems to work well. Especially the ones with the stupid fans built into them.

        11. Yeah, those things suck. Real boat rowing hits all the major muscles PLUS the balance type minor muscles that a straight gym exercise will not. Much superior.

      1. I think you may have missed the point of the cartoon. It’s shaming the “she just got lucky” thing.

        1. I haven’t missed the point , but that exercice addict chick is as likely to make a bad relationship option as the fatties or worse. Women like her crave that male attention and will shower you with shit tests daily. Just like those hoes who do weights at the gym. Good women manage to stay in shape through diet and a daily gymnastic session at home , and don’t like to show off.

        2. Look man, we basically have two options here. A woman who takes care of herself, for whatever reason, or a fatty. I personally have no problem with women having some amount of vanity who like to look good in public. It really doesn’t bother me at all. Given the alternative, I’ll opt for a vain fit woman any day of the week.
          Having dated many really attractive and fit women, I don’t find your observation on what she’ll do particularly true. AWALT, even the pretty ones. Good and maintained frame smacks away and puts down shit tests, whether she’s gorgeous or an HB4.

        3. I’ve found that to be mostly true, but any woman who’s running by 5:30 and works out until 8 is better relationship material than a fatty. They shit test because they actually know the value of their attractiveness, and when you rise to the challenge they are more likely to reward.
          The way I figure it, a few hours of hard work every day earns you the lustful stares. If that’s why you do it, hell if I care – I’m just enjoying the view.

        4. Exactly correct. If she has that amount of discipline then she’s automatically 100x better personality wise than a snide, sneering “don’t judge me!” fatty.

        5. The fatty is more likely to stick around if you get your legs chopped off at work and have to live off some shitty welfare , because of how the sexual market works nowadays.

        6. Oh hell no she isn’t. Fatties the last fifteen years or so are every bit as nasty and entitled as non-fatties. They used to be semi-nice and rather jolly, but you’d be hard pressed to find a pleasant fat girl these days.
          A chick will follow your lead, whether she’s fat or thin. End of the day, the thin hot girl will react in the same exact ways as a non-hot girl, if you have solid unshakeable frame.

        7. Dunno man , from what I’ve seen those women who are too passionate about working out and such are also some of the biggest sluts. Also if a woman who is in a relationship with me , feels the need to look so good and dress well (shows off too much meat) in public , I would feel mildly cucked.

        8. I second this notion. They act as entitled as runway models…once you get to know them, most especially. Must be cunt-tagious…

        9. Also if a woman who is in a relationship with me , feels the need to
          look so good and dress well (shows off too much meat) in public , I
          would feel mildly cucked.

          I cannot even begin to relate to that feeling. I demand that the women I’ve been with in life look good, keep in shape and dress nicely when with me in public. She is a reflection of a choice I made, and I don’t choose to hang around homely girls. I’d only feel “cucked” if I was uncertain of my own market value in her eyes. If I was borderline I might feel like “Hey, you know, don’t like, you know, wear that dress, other men will look and you might stray”. Fuck that. Be sexy, svelte and pretty when with me, or don’t bother to show up.

        10. Women are all the same in nature of course , I said the fatty is more likely to stick around merely because of the more limited options she has.

        11. Around here, that kind of woman only talks a big game. They’re fit, don’t get me wrong, but they don’t spend a third as much time working out as they like to claim. Usually they’re relying on drugs to control their diet, causing them to eat less and thus remain thinner with less work.

        12. Unfortunately in this day and age, there are plenty of really thirsty betas who will in fact snatch her away. Sad but true. I wish they still had limited options, as I’d be more prone to agree with your statement.

        13. A fellow I used to hang out with just got engaged to a bitchy tub of lard. It’s a damn shame – he’s a good-ole down-home Southern farmer with a great mind for mechanical engineering, but he just never grasped the game. I know for a damn fact he could do better, but he just never looked.

        14. If you own her soul, it doesn’t matter how much other guys look. When sexy and sexy dressed girls hang with me, it’s their privilege to be seen with me, and they better damned well maintain a high level of fitness and looks, or their privilege is revoked.
          It’s all a matter of mindset man. You’re the prize not her, she has to earn your attention and company. If she’s getting off more on the attention of other men than you, then a change needs to be made in how she views you I’d think.

        15. I’m not sure what y’all are talking about but I am sure about one thing: that chick gets airtight on the reg.

        16. Not sure what that means, but she’s decently attractive. Nice legs too.

        17. Preach brother! My wife has kept herself in top shape our entire marriage (almost 20 years). She’s not at all obsessive, but highly disciplined and really enjoys life. Her willingness to maintain such high levels has done nothing to harm our marriage. I have absolutely no complaints.

        18. That’s the mindset I’m talking about right there, both hers and yours. I’m no Muslim, I want the woman on my arm to be worthy of being on my arm and being seen with me. Some frumpy, button up to the top, semi-hijab thing? Fuck no, I don’t do that kind of thing.

        19. Each and every of her various bodily orifices are contemporaneously filled with male sexual organs on a reoccurring basis, my good fellow.

        20. I really simply, and respectfully, disagree. Again, it’s in how YOU are seeing the relationship with regard to her. You’re assuming that your SMV is marginal, just enough to keep her outside of the company of others, but not enough to risk her dressing sexy and hanging on you in a nice upscale club. I always hold that my SMV is superior to hers, even if she is a fitness model, and that attitude bleeds over into the confidence that I display. I’m not saying that she should dress like a hooker, far from it, but showing cleavage and having a nice sexy dress on for me is requisite, and if she isn’t in nearly perfect shape, she’s out the door. Again, I approach it as if I own her soul, because 99% of the time, I will.
          As one of my friends in the past said to me “Man, what the hell is it with the girls you’re with, they all seem obsessed with you, like they adore you, how the fuck do you keep pulling that off”.
          It’s all how you approach it. If you think that she’s dressing sexy to attract other men, then chances are, she knows you think that and in fact, she is because *she* at that point controls the frame. If you demand that she dress sexy and be fit as a condition of seeing you, the entire frame belongs to you.

        21. Men like that need kidnapped and shipped to an island until they gain their sanity.

        22. Your SMV may be decently high , but for the average guy the chances are not looking good if she likes to dress sexy in public. I myself , have taken the black pill when it comes to women. I just can’t trust wimminz.
          This what my female companion would ideally look like.
          in public
          at home

        23. Dude, seriously, no. At home “Yes”, but out and about? Not even gonna happen. What mediocre men that you mention feel is really none of my concern, perhaps he can’t risk having an HB6 dress nicely because she may well flock to somebody like me when his back is turned. But my girl(s)? Show up sexy or stay home, those are the choices. See how that switches the frame?

        24. But he’s extrapolating to ‘all fit women” as you’ll see below.
          I’d still opt for hot than lazy and fat.

        25. “gets airtight on the reg”
          Ho-ly shit…….
          Dive Smut. You are my new hero of the moment.

        26. Yeah, I know. I just hate, when nobody metions the name of the author.
          I personally would also go for fit than fat. Fit girl’s body shows, that she is willing to do some hard work and I don’t want a lazy pile of lard as my spouse. However, I don’t have a problem, if she is slightly chubby.

        27. She may stick around, but she will make your life absolutely miserable. She’ll never stop reminding you how useless you are etc etc. I’d rather ride it out solo.

        28. ‘Good women manage to stay in shape through diet and a daily gymnastic session at home , and don’t like to show off.’
          There should be an age requirement to post.
          14 years minimum.

        29. Big question how many good looking girls decided to leave you because they did not find you high enough? I am not trying to be mean I am just trying to be reality based that a woman that knows she is good looking is more likely to go after the higher prices. On a side note about the article those overweight women are scary and make me want to throw up. I have told women who posted their boyfriend wanted them to lose weight or he would dump her to lose weight to make herself feel better and to be healthier. I intentionally leave out the boyfriend because 1 it probably will not work out in the long run 2 she needs to focus on her life 3 the relationship will change if she betters herself.

        30. The name of the author is quite clearly presented in the third frame.
          If anyone wants further information, that’s what Google is for.

        31. How a woman is presented in public directly reflects the confidence of a man and his ability to control the relationship.

        32. At some level it isn’t vanity though, there is such a thing as self-respect. I don’t think being grossly overweight is consistent with respecting oneself.
          And if she doesn’t respect herself, why would I?

    1. Isn’t this everything now? Calling the results of hard work and sacrifice in the present to be better off later luck and unfairness?

    2. That is my wife and I, and we commonly get crap from people for not eating the junk that they eat. My co-workers are mostly all fat, and there is constantly junk food sitting all over the office. Go figure that we never go see doctors either.

    3. Right on! That’s so true about a lot of things. Slackers vs. having personal responsibility.

  22. Got together with family last week for the 4th… My sister-in-law was there with her usual shit-attitude. She’s 39-years old, 5′-6″ tall and at least 280lbs. She’s always complaining how her knees hurt, how her ankles swell, etc… She’s always meeting with different doctors, always looking for a solution to all her “weight problems.”
    Long story short, she tells my wife that she recently went to a new doctor and how upset she was with her visit to him. This doctor actually told her that surprisingly, she’s in good overall health, and against her demands, did not want to give her any prescriptions. Instead, this doctor had the nerve to suggest that “maybe she should consider eating less” as a way to combat her weight problem. She was furious with his advice and said that she would never go back to him again!

    1. It’s the same mindset that drive some MGTOW guys on this site to exclude any suggestions to help improve themselves. The “I just want a sympathy party, women be bishes” mentality. “Ok, here, let’s help you improve yourself, here are some game techniques.” is met with “Women only like hot/rich men, fuck you, fuck women, fuck everybody waaaaaaaaaaa!”
      Same. Exact. Mindset. The mindset of a loser.
      Shake that mindset, and self improvement will follow in short order.

      1. There are two kinds of MGTOW. The first usually have no idea they’re MGTOW – they just live their lives how they want to live them, and fuck the dance of courtship. The second are losers.

        1. I was speaking strictly of the Elliot Rogers types that show up here from time to time to sneer at any man who likes sex with a woman that he’s a pussy beggar and how no amount of self improvement will help, and women are all whores and fuck women and I don’t have to do a thing that would be pussy begging and also I eat Cheetos and I hate all women and they’re nasty and my basement smells slightly of mold.
          You know the type.

        2. The vision that came to my mind, with this last statement, was of Michael Moore in a moldy basement angrily typing away at an online forum.

    2. The denial that load has anything to do with the wear and tear on load bearing joints is an amazing feat indeed.

  23. Yesterday I hiked four miles in the 100-degree heat and carried 30 pounds of groceries half that distance. It was so hot, I was the only person on the sidewalk – even the rattlesnakes and scorpions were hanging out in the shade. On the way back from the store, a carload of teenage girls zoomed past me, and one of them yelled out the window, “Yeahhhhhhhh daddyyy!” screaming it at the top of her lungs. I waved and smiled, and couldn’t help feeling a rush of satisfaction. It was a palpable affirmation that my hard workouts and strict diet over the past few weeks were paying big dividends. Hell, I’ll be 61 in December. Why people don’t do the necessary work to keep themselves fit is beyond me. It takes just as much work to be miserable as it does to be happy…

    1. Nineteen years behind you, Bob, and I still look young for my age. Life’s been harsh for me. Spent ten of my best years with free room and board from the State. My fault. Live and learn. Regained all my rights back. Own a house. Have a halfway decent job. CCW and FFL holder. I’ve considered going back and finishing my degree but it seems the costs outweigh the benefits. Any technical skills I need I can learn on my own and apply them myself. Eventually I’d like to be my own boss and set my own hours so that I can say screw it, I’m taking a month off to E. Europe.

      1. Good on you, dude. The guys who run the world are bigger criminals than the rest of us combined. Life’s a marathon, not a sprint. You can do any damn thing you set your mind to doing. Seize the day and steer your own ship, and it will work out just as you envision it. Corny, maybe, but so true. Bravo, you young puppy, you…

      2. Great work. You had to face some demons to come out a better man. I had some friends who came out much worse than they went in. You probably have an appreciation for life and freedom that some of us don’t.
        I’ve done alright with no university degree, just associate degrees. Honestly, health care and IT are pretty necessary skills right now i think.

    2. Hey Bob what do you think about Ethereum? I bought some and it’s plummeting and I thought about jumping on it while it’s down.

    3. “Why people don’t do the necessary work to keep themselves fit is beyond me. It takes just as much work to be miserable as it does to be happy…”
      They don’t know because they never learned/were taught. Up until a few years ago, our fucking schools were saying we should be eating 6-11 servings of bread and carbs a day!! We need to teach people nutrition early on. I never understood the hate on Michelle Obama for trying to make our children not fat. Like fucking pizza in a high school cafeteria is some sort of fundamental human right. I drifted off course.

      1. It wasn’t that she wanted fit kids, its that she suddenly acquired government powers to force kids to eat as she wished, which just checking the Constitution, FLOTUS does not have. Further, she’s a fatty.

        1. “Further, she’s a fatty.”
          Yup. Anyone who preaches something but doesn’t put it into practice needs to be dismissed.
          While I appreciate the sentiment, I wonder whether she genuinely wanted to help kids or she was just practicing some form of virtue signaling to look good as the First Man-uh, I mean Lady.
          “Look at me, I’m so good with children, aren’t I?!!!”

        2. Goddamn stop the fake partisan bullshit news. Don’t buy into this silly hoopla and educate yourself.
          The USDA revised already existing standards for the school lunch program it already administered and already had standards in place for, which you cannot say were healthy, nutritional standards (and nobody bitched about them before). This was authorized by a bill passed by 264 members of the house and unanimous senate approval, not Michelle Obama’s approval.
          MO also ran an independent campaign to encourage healthier schools, much like Laura Bush promoted reading. It was not “forcing kids to eat as she wished.”
          Also, she’s not fat. That’s just not even debatable. Over rated and stupidly over adored, definitely.

      2. Not to mention most parents are too lazy to cook properly meals almost every day

  24. I don’t know what’s worse. Viewing these morbidly obese women or stumbling onto gay porn. And yes, some cucksucker posted fag porn on RoK some time ago. I could say I’m triggered, but I’ve seen a head blown off with a shotgun. A man’s got to deal with harshness in life and move on. Enough worrying about Jabba the Slut. None of us have to date her. Now go forth and put the wisdom of Troy Francis to use.

    1. Gay porn is worse. At least with the landwhales you can laugh and think of a bean bag chair.

    1. Sounds expensive. How about we just cut off their health care and save ourselves a lot of money?

  25. Ever see a really humongous, morbidly obese fat person over the age of 70. Neither have I. Being obese puts ungodly stress on your internal organs, and everything else, which shortens the life span considerably. Being an optimist, this means we don’t have to look at individual fat people for very long – which proves there’s an upside to everything. “Put down the fork, bitch.” They just can’t understand that one.

      1. dont turkeys drown themselves in rainwater? put their heads back and drown? did I make this shit up?

        1. I think that’s chickens. And they do that because they are stupid, not because they are gluttons for water.

        2. so what is the pt of a turkey shoot? just wait for it to rain, no need for a gun?
          edit: NM wild turks dont do this

        3. Domesticated turkeys, yes. Wild turkeys are actually smart.

        4. That’ll only really work if you’re the first predator to find the fresh kill. And I know that most game animals get that gamey taste when they’re scared (and I reckon drowning is scary).

        5. guess this explains why Wild Turkey bourbon always outsells Domesticated Turkey bourbon

        6. gay battle or, could also be the title of a Weight Watcher participant’s biography. So, you’ve brought me back on topic. Well done.

    1. and fatties are more prone to get cancer. big report on how chemo probably SPREADS the C just came out…
      coincidence though…

    2. I would disagree with you Wal-Marts where I live, I have seen people who do look 70 or maybe a bit older gliding around those scooters. Not that it’s a good thing. Personally I blame healthcare programs like Medicare for needlessly perpetuating their lives.

      1. I was going to set the bar at 75. But whatever the reality is, they don’t live as long as thinner folks. As you pointed out, they are living too long as it is…

      1. “gentleman in a buggy”
        YOU’d forget your grammar too if you just got out of a time machine!

    1. Who the fuck is that guy? What is his problem? Actually it’s me, and for some reason disqus assigned me a name I’ve never heard of before, and gave me horribly liberal opinions. I didn’t know that could happen

  26. This is why single-payer will never work in the US. There are millions upon millions of these fatties in society today, stuffing themselves with sugar, carbs, transfats and HFCS, constantly promoted by a non-stop, 24/7/365 media barrage, and they are too weak-minded to resist. The endgame of all this obesity is heart disease, cancer, and Type 2 Diabetes, at a level never before seen in the history of the world. “Treatment” for this will overwhelm the system in short order and bankrupt it. “Death panels”? You ain’t seen nothin’…

    1. I think single-payer could work if fat people were forced to have their stomachs stapled. Also mandatory birth control for people unable to care for themselves. The medical industry doesn’t really want a cure, there is just too little money in curing all obesity.

    2. Heh… they tried ramming through a state single-payer system in Kalifornia and even the Dumbocreeps running the state finally figured it’d be too much.

      1. Wouldn’t mind hiring hot secretary on the second pic. But first, I would give her a through background check.;-)

        1. I’d take any and/or all of those chicks without any problem. My kinda gals.

      2. You’re a good man Ghost. That first one is exactly what I need-I would ravish her for days at a time.

  27. Loved the article!
    Just another example of feminist infantilization of women – blame everyone and everything (AKA men and societal beauty standards) for your own laziness, stupid choices and actions and the ensuing consequences of those actions. Then, in true professional victim mode, turn around and try to convince the world and yourselves – “beauty standards have to change.”
    What has always infuriated me is feminists blame men (of course) for women’s self hatred regarding weight, anyone knows with regard to weight, women are far more insulting and degrading toward one another than men have ever been toward fat women.
    I’m a slim, pretty blond who takes care of myself. Men love me – fat women (“BBW’s”) hate me with a passion.

    1. Everything feminists complain about the rules, expectations, shaming, etc are from other women projected on men.

  28. I can speak for myself, but I’m only 15 pounds overweight, and yet, I don’t like it. It affects my work performance, my workout, and it does affect my appearance in regards to women.

    1. High Fructose Syrup!
      Hunt it down in your diet (+it’s recent re-name).

      1. …and MSG, hidden on the ingredient’s list in about 50 different names…

  29. I don’t care if people get fat. Most people are disgusting slobs and will do anything to fulfil their base desires, like animals, whether it’s through eating, drugs or sex. So there really is no point trying to save people from themselves, because to do so requires huge effort and almost never pays off.
    The best thing you can do is to lead by example by going to the gym, swimming, hiking, and flaunting those abs and muscles when appropriate and fat people around you will cower behind your superiority. As an added bonus, your children, younger siblings, nieces and nephews will follow in your example and your family and friends will get jealous and perhaps even try to change for the better.

  30. It’s all in one’s perspective. Years ago, the motorcycle club I belonged to had the predictable assortment of skanks hanging around, and one particular buffalo heifer took a shine to me. Stevie was joshing me about it, and I said, “Life is too short to waste time fucking fat women.” He disagreed. He replied, “Life is too short to waste time feeling guilty about fucking fat women.”
    Of course, he later wronged somebody in a business transaction and the sheriff’s department in the next county pulled what was left of him out of the river. Thus you should neither cheat your business associates nor fuck fat women.

      1. Not even close. You would look far to find a more stereotypical Southern redneck than he. But when you get far enough down the food chain, you’ll find plenty of guys who will fuck anything that moves. Race doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with it.

      2. I should add that the likelihood of a black guy being in that club would have been on a par with an extraterrestrial or a tranny being a member.

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