New Amsterdam Law Criminalizes The Act Of Unsuccessfully Flirting With Women In Public

Amsterdam, the largest city in the Netherlands and once a mecca for those interested in pot and prostitution, is in the process of criminalizing men approaching women. Though the Netherlands has enjoyed a reputation as a liberal country sans the SJW extremism of Scandinavia, this might be about to change.

The new laws in Amsterdam are aimed at male actions that “frighten” women, according to one of the lawmakers responsible. This kind of highly subjective test, in an age where women write 2,000 word diatribes on “manspreading” on public transportation, is ripe for abuse and overuse.

In Rotterdam, the Netherlands’ second city, large fines and even jail time await a man who cat-calls or “bothers a woman in any way.” The test is also painfully subjective and shows no indication that it will rely on proper evidence, only the he-said-she-said calculations already capable of sending men to prison for decades after poorly-argued rape allegations.

As I brought you last year, the English city of Nottingham now defines unwanted male approaches of women as a “hate crime.” Expect many more cities, if not entire legal jurisdictions, to follow suit. Totalitarian lawmakers will use different words and legal formulas to criminalize men approaching women, but the intentions and many of the pernicious results will be the same.

Feels above evidence

“And then a guy on the street who wasn’t Brad Pitt said, ‘Your dress looks nice.’”

Well before the latest developments in Amsterdam and Rotterdam, Return Of Kings has repeatedly poked holes in the idea that women are ubiquitously harassed, not to mention sexually assaulted, in public. Given the prevalence of CCTV surveillance in the West, most especially in the United Kingdom, we have criticized a complete paucity of objective evidence demonstrating either street harassment or sexual assault.

At best, the approach bans being implemented in Nottingham, Amsterdam, and other cities are the result on largely self-serving anecdotal evidence, which conveniently portray female complainants as the subject of constant sexual desire on the part of men.

In London, for example, the realization of one aging Game Of Thrones actress, Souad Faress, that she had hit the wall–one far older, higher, and stronger than the one manned by the Night’s Watch–probably led to the most ridiculous false rape accusation of all time. Just as we want economic forecasts to be based on verifiable proof, so, too, must we have hard data on the level of supposed street harassment.

An issue we’ve always covered

We’ve been saying time is running out for men approaching women in public for years.

My coverage of the Nottingham debacle, part of a wider virtue-signaling operation being orchestrated by politicized UK police chiefs, was preceded by Tuthmosis Sonofra’s eery prescience about the future of approaching women in public:

…soon this time-honored way of meeting a complete stranger… will be illegal.

This year, Beau Albrecht continued our critical inquiry. He pointed out the spectacular incongruence of women expecting men to “man up” and approach first, all while castigating undesired suitors for being so-called “street harassers.”

To be frank, we’re tired of being right. Defenders of the draconian Nottingham move said that wolf-whistling would not become a hate crime. Even if we significantly doubt this, Rotterdam’s legislation has gone one step further and banned cat-calling itself. It’s only a matter of time before other vague but still menacing feminist laws become specific and even more menacing ones.

Every man is a potential target

Even for seasoned students (and teachers) of game, not every approach leads to a number or date, let alone some bed-warming soon after. And the more experience you accumulate, the higher the quality of women you tend to pursue, whether in Amsterdam, Nottingham, or New York City. This in itself can lead to frequent enough rejections, as can the fact that many women are taken (without you realizing it) or simply in a bad mood. You reject some women and some women reject you. It’s a part of life.

Yet plans like the Amsterdam and Rotterdam ones should cause significant concern for two reasons. The first is evident–who proves whether street harassment took place? Secondly, a massive conflation is at play here. “Unwanted” communication, which can include compliments and date requests, is progressively being equated with instances of actual violence, right up to rape.

Having tight game will only take you so far. Just as your tight game won’t cure the sluttiness drive of women you encounter, it will not always insulate you from shady, concocted claims of street harassment. It didn’t insulate Donald Trump or even Dutch football star Robin van Persie, who found himself held in jail for two weeks after a false rape accusation, from allegations of misbehavior. If you think you can always escape what these men didn’t, you should be teaching the rest of us.

The proposals show how rare actual rape and sexual assault is

Recent migrant crises are likely to significantly alter violent crime rates, but the general trend has been downward for years.

That the police in a place like Rotterdam will have to chase men who cat-call is a testament to the fact that rape has fallen to historic lows across the Western world, at least prior to the present migrant crises. If we truly were experiencing a “rape culture,” cat-calling would be an issue the authorities would just have to ignore until actual rape numbers were eliminated or at a minimum brought under control.

The Amsterdam move is similarly illuminating in that:

Perpetrators would be tracked, possibly by using plain clothes police officers, he said. Cameras should be installed in places where there are a lot of problems and extra police checks carried out.

I generally agree with the installation of cameras, despite the risk that one recorded incident will be presented as “proof” of an epidemic of men saying highly sexual things like, “Nice shoes, baby.” What is confounding, however, are the resources evidently at the disposal of local police.

Amsterdam is home to many universities, which are, like in the United States, designated as rape hotspots by feminists and SJWs. Why are lawmakers prioritizing a cat-calling plague in Rotterdam or a “he’s talking to me” plague in Amsterdam when their ideological bedmates are simultaneously alleging a plague of rape?

In the age of cell phone cameras, where are all the videos of this outlawed “harassment” taking place?

I think I’ve seen about 25 videos of wandering cats in Amsterdam over the last several years, uploaded by zealous Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook sharers. Where are all the street harassment ones? There are far more Dutch cats online than cat-calling instances or things far worse than cat-calling.

Because advocates of the new laws report more salient problems in crowded areas like red light districts and nightclub precincts, we should be seeing firsthand, objective evidence of these harassment incidents all the time. In fact, an inundation of them should have arrived already. But no, we have nothing.

Moreover, if these incidents were regularly recorded, it would almost certainly highlight the triviality of most of them and how the proposals in Amsterdam and Rotterdam are nothing short of leftist overreach presenting normal male behavior as rape-like.

How many of the real street harassers are recent migrants?

Proponents of real street harassment in the Netherlands.

My final question is one very few people in the Netherlands seemingly want to answer, either for ideological reasons or for fear of speaking out and perhaps even being prosecuted like Dutch politician Geert Wilders. Like in Scandinavia and Germany, migrant populations, including those whose large communities were established since the 1970s, have an abysmal rate of incarceration for serious crimes in the Netherlands.

Rates of antisocial behavior and true sexual harassment towards women are much lower than feminists and cucked politicians claim. Nevertheless, any unacceptable actions are disproportionately committed by non-European Dutch residents.

Moroccans are a noted troublesome group. They account for 2.2% of Dutch people, but comprise 11% of the prison population. Around 48% of incarcerated felons come from non-Western backgrounds and they are more likely to be the perpetrators of violent crimes. In bigger cities like Amsterdam and Rotterdam, indigenous Dutch and even Europeans generally tend to form minorities in many districts.

Consequently, the leftist commitment to an anti-male but pro-mass migration agenda means that men with no inclination for crime will be unfairly labeled as sex pests for having the balls to approach attractive women in public.

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368 thoughts on “New Amsterdam Law Criminalizes The Act Of Unsuccessfully Flirting With Women In Public”

      1. There’s a limit. I’ve dated tall girls some taller than me but Dutch girls are freakishly tall.

        1. I have no context to deal with here regarding your height, but at 6’3″ (6’4″ in my boots) I can handle most tall women without having them tower over me.

        2. I’m just an inch under 6 but I used to date a girl who is 6’1. She was Chinese to which was odd. Asians are usually on the short side.

      1. Same, one of my gal bestfriend is actually Dutch. She’s fairly liberal but i’ve know her for 10 years and i’ve always looked at her as a guy. Hence an Amazon.

  1. Through infinite absurdity you rediscover and get to understand most dogmas and traditions of the past days.
    Women and men need to be segregated, until they reach maturity.

  2. Well, this is Europe we’re talking about. They’ve never been shy about adopting the most absurd laws and political fads. Kinda why a huge chunk of their former residents packed up and emigrated to America and Canada, leaving behind ancestral homes that their families inhabited for thousands of years. You have to get to really serious levels of crazy to get a whole huge swath of your population motivated to abandon their ethnic homeland.
    So really, no surprise here. This “law” would last approximately 1 hour before it was rushed before SCOTUS and shot down, here. Thank God.

    1. The European culture – by far the most feminized, materialistic, rationalistic, sense-oriented culture the world has ever produced. That’s why the history of Europe is the history of warfare – too many people chasing too many materialistic dreams.
      And just look at what they did to Christianity. They took the words of a wandering, ascetic, desert guru, and turned them into the biggest business, the largest landowner, the most sense-oriented pageant of archetypes – of virgins and saints and theological-babble – the world has ever seen.
      Have you talked to a Frenchman lately? Most of them have the brain pattern of a Rubic’s cube. A German? A Swiss? A Dutchman? Rigid. Formulaic. Fretful. Chipmunks playing checkers. They need a little Black Elk or B.B. King in their lives…So, Freud and Jung discovered the insidious extent of the female meme’s penetration into European Culture, but they couldn’t figure out what to do about it.

      1. “Have you talked to a Frenchman lately? ”
        Nope, but they are hard to find. The major cities are full of third worlders these days. I was practicing my rusty French with a fellow from the Ivory Coast the other day, and he complained that there are no French left in Paris.

  3. Have you ever asked yourself: How come we live in a society that appears to be run by men, but feels like it’s run by women?
    The answer is pretty simple.
    The men who run modern society – the politicians, businessmen, educators and priests – are men who think like women. They are men who espouse and advance female values. Why do they do this? Because women have more purchasing power, more voting power and more cultural power than men. Women control the marketplace, the polling place and the content of our schools, churches and media. The “secret of success” of the modern “successful” man is that he sold his soul to women and female values. Our society is being run by men who think and act like women. That’s why we have so many problems.
    The Patriarchy is, in fact, a Matriarchy. Female values rule.

      1. MANHOLES – the men who think like women. These manholes defend and propagate female values at the price of drowning the masculine soul. They are traitors to all men.

  4. I expect the Dutch to be at the forefront of Getting It Wrong. I’m only surprised this is limited to a city and not the whole country.
    To the decent men in Amsterdam (all three of you), flee.

  5. There is a natural paradox in law that many countries are beginning to approach: when there are too many laws, every man becomes a criminal. Functionally, whenever it becomes impossible to remain within the law (and people become aware of that fact), it doesn’t matter what crimes you choose to commit because you were already damned.
    By outlawing normal male-female interactions, they have thus made every form of interaction between a man and a woman illegal. If you’re going to jail either way, what incentive is there to stop at normal interaction (and go to jail) instead of raping her in a back alley (and go to jail)? Sure, you can say, “They know rape is wrong,” but if that’s the case what value is there to the law for prevention and punishment?

    1. Women obey rules and regulations. Men obey principles. Our legal system is a swamp of rules and regulations incapable of honoring or enforcing principles. It cannot dig up the truth for all the hard roots of precedent and technicality cluttering its soil.

      1. Not all are principled. Many men couldn’t reason their way out of a “room” with no walls, much less develop and preserve a system of ethical conduct.
        For this reason, the law is not sufficient to establish morality. Morality must be established and shared among the people as a matter of course, so that every man know how he ought to act and live. When morality is spread through rhetorically powerful means (e.g. myths, parables, repetition), those without reason are able to embrace it while those with reason are able to see the reasons behind such a shared moral code.
        The Law, then, serves primarily to establish how destructive violations of such a code will be dealt with. All men should know it is wrong to murder, but the law describes the punishments for murder. All men should know it is wrong to steal, but the law describes the punishments for theft.

    2. Knowing Netherlands they probably do it for the muzzies. You can thank the “enrichment” for laws like these. Maybe it was all part of the plan ? Pushing laws like this would seem absurd to Europeans if there weren’t hordes of muzzies in the streets. Well played , Elites.

    3. This one aspect to the book irked me until now. I always wondered how and why the F would people not be able to fuck anymore.

  6. It was introduced by a guy named, ready for it?
    Ahmed Marcouch!
    Self-loathing much?
    Weak game IS a crime though, I must say.
    Could it also outlaw fat chicks creeping on guys?

    1. Could it also outlaw fat chicks creeping on guys?
      No, because that would require fair treatment and equal application of the law.
      Put yourself in their frame of mind, and ask yourself – what the next obvious step? The answer is pretty much the opposite of your proposal: It will be illegal for men to decline the advances of fat chicks.

        1. It’s already pretty much illegal to decline business transactions based on, well, any characteristic. Personal interactions also have restrictions. Say you get in to a drunken altercation with a black guy. Nothing too serious, except that in some places in the US, should you use a slur in the process, you wind up with a felony intimidation charge. (I’m sure there are better examples, but this one happens to be in my head today.)
          Anyway, the point is that laws regulating interaction have already gone too far, and I don’t think yet another law delineating the acceptable reasons for declining a romantic interaction is too far fetched.

      1. Mad Magazine did something along those lines back in the 1970’s, predicting that if true equality were to come to America, that pretty chicks must be made to date ugly/nerdy guys. Kinda prophetic in a one off way.

    2. This guy became mayor of the 8th city of Holland whilst his labour party, recently more commonly known as Partij voor de Allochtonen (Party for the Immigrants) only got 6 out of 150 seats in national election. It’s a total idiotic system where liberals always end up getting high influence jobs

  7. Poor Amsterdam. With drugs being legalized across America and with American women putting out for free more than ever (maybe its my skill improving) I bet they are really feeling the pain financially there.

  8. Washington State recently got rid of a law called, “Slander of a Woman” which made it a crime to impune the decency or chastity of a woman, who is not a common prostitute. Feminists said it was too patriarchal.
    Funny how The Netherlands are going back

    1. Good for Washington (not often I get to say that). It should never be illegal to call a spade a spade.
      Of course, I reckon it should be permissible to deck any asshole who slanders you, as well. There’s a fine balance there which promotes civility while not discouraging honesty.

    2. Those really old silly laws that nobody knows about or enforces really need to be combed through across the nation and repealed en masse.

  9. Unintended consequences… the socialist way is to come up with some stupid law, then when these unintended consequences pop up, instead of revoking the law, they will come up with more stupid laws to mask those consequences.

  10. It’s starting to look more and more like the lawmakers and the super-rich want all of the available hot women for themselves. They don’t want anybody else to even have a shot at them. Might be time to drag out the pitchforks and torches…where did I put those damn things.

    1. Precisely this is one of the reasons I left religion in the first place. All the pastors and imams getting access to the hotties.

  11. After reading other things on the matter, this is just a way of them dealing with their beloved diversity.
    They talk about groups of men being very aggressive, following, yelling.
    They talk about women avoiding areas and wearing different clothes.
    Dutch men are not the problem.
    Politicians are too cowardly to admit this is really about the durka durkas.

    Diversity, love, inclusion all sounds good on paper.

      1. In the worst cases, they will.
        Won’t be many cases reported against Dutch men, except for the craziest feminazis

      2. I read an article from an Austrian newspaper (translated for me – I still don’t speak a lick of Deutsch) about some guy who foiled a broad-daylight rape. IIRC, the mohammadan perpetrator just grabbed this woman out in the open and started to go to town, and this guy ripped him off and held him for the cops.
        When interviewed about said mohammadan getting off with a slap on the wrist, the young hero said he wouldn’t react the same way if he’d known…
        He’d react much more violently.

        1. While I’d want to cheer that dude for doing the right thing, end of the day I’m almost 100% certain that the woman being raped either held “Refugee Wilkommen!” signs for a while, or nodded her head in sympathy for women who did. And further, I’d bet a solid nickle that aforementioned woman STILL thinks importing these animals is great.
          Just a hunch.

        2. Even odds that the woman is pissed off at her defender for interrupting the attack.
          Lots of reasons for the sickness, and all of them connect back to institutionalized feminism.

        3. Well I surely wouldn’t still want her after she’s been penetrated by a gaggle of Somalis. And since she’s a strong independent women, best to let her solve her problems and go find her replacement.

        4. Yes, I remember that one. he sat there in the tent for fear of a machete. No one told him that machetes are useless in close quarters… all he had to do was grapple and the advantage is gone. Typical European ‘man’. Try that with a Mexican or Armenian.

        5. Yes. Machetes are fine for slashing and swinging. Poor as piercing weapons. Should have had his own carry knife as a matter of practice and habit.

        6. Why the hell would the guy wait for the authorities to show up? To smile for the camera? The authorities ARE the problem. Just body slam the mohammedan right there and throw in bushes. Then you whisk the lady away to domesticate and breed her yourself. Take her to a spa and wash the mohamedan stink off of her. Some retard 80 IQ muslim beaver animal isn’t going to hurt any Austrian’s eyes being seen with Heidi. Hell no. But remember the ‘authorities’ are more your enemy perhaps than the aggressive refugee. You can deal with the refugee in 5 munites but you can’t even domesticate your own women with the psychotic authorities holding a knife to your throat. Who are the real cuthroats again? Hmmm? Whenever you interact with the authorities, they come back at you like a hornet’s nest you’ve just poked. YOU are your own real authority. Other like minded Austrians are your fellow forces of authority. It has come to that.

        7. ” I’m almost 100% certain that the woman being raped either held “Refugee Wilkommen!” signs for a while, or nodded her head in sympathy for women who did. And further, I’d bet a solid nickle that aforementioned woman STILL thinks importing these animals is great.”
          Was thinking the same, man. Seriously. This is why defending western europe is a very, very uphill battle for men. Going up against a traitorous government is one thing, but when the females of one’s tribe (white anglo european females) reject their own men — well I can’t imagine the undercurrent of depression the average european (one who loves and is connected to his european heritage) is experiencing at this point in history.

        8. “and the cuck just watch there”
          Was he a wimp, or did this event happen in a place that had a law specifically stating that that no one can fight back?

        9. “Yes. Machetes are fine for slashing and swinging. Poor as piercing weapons”
          Yeah I hear ya. I assume an EDC knife (every day carry – small) would be better?

        10. he can fight back for self defense, but he can’t insult the rapist, If he yell STOP THERE NIG’A he would be charge for a hate crime.

        11. Self defense, defense of others, and property is often criminalized and has harsher penalties than the crime itself.
          It starts in grade school when a kid who is attacked faces at the very least the same punishment as his attacker.
          It’s one thing to defend against a criminal but quite another to go up against the state alone. Especially in a trial where strangers (instead of your neighbors) will sit on a jury and ruin your life over it.

        12. Never help women. Any problems Western women have are the ones they created for themselves. I think that beneath their “I am womyn, hear me roar” rhetoric, they really want to be dominated. I think the ones screaming the loudest about rape culture are the ones who have rape fantasies and project that onto others, as well as use their protests in a (vain) attempt the quiet the ever present voice of doubt in the back of their minds.

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        14. He didn’t hanker to be assaulted by police and prosecuted for Insensitivity (a very serious Hate Crime).
          European women don’t have to be kidnapped by Muslim Corsairs (pirates) and taken to slave markets on the Barbary Coast today to get raped by Muslims. The Muslim Corsairs are coming to them.

        15. Let me get this straight. This guy was trying to rape a woman in broad daylight in front of everybody? Sounds unlikely to me.

        16. Many of these coutries have never tasted hybrid/gueril warfare. Either the refugees will bring it or the locals after all this it might be the ticket.

        17. In my country if you kill your attacker you will go to jail for murder, even if he slip in a banana and crush his own skull while he was trying to stab you, you will be charge for murder. So you have to defend yourself without killing him or cripple him or you will end paying for it. Totalitarian regimes don´t like people defending themselves, they like the idea of the people being dependent on them for security.
          It´s true school is a cuck indoctrination center, I remember teachers ignoring the bully, When I was verbally bullied, I complaint with the teachers, they ignored me, then when I was insulted by a bitchy girl for not knowing how to solve a math problem I gave her the finger, I was put on detention, that´s when I learned that the system is against me. Only reward the strongest and women, 25 years later it is still the same. it´s even worse now we fight bulling with hugs and it´s sexist to disagree with women.

        18. Without my mother’s intervention I would have been suspended for standing still and taking a punch. Nothing punishable happened prior to him throwing a punch that didn’t hurt and while I stood there and thought about seriously hurting him the teachers came running in.

      3. They’ll also find a way to actually blame white males for the behavior of feudalist cultural minorities Same games as with womankind; whatever she does wrong is our fault but whatever she does right, often with the help of other western men, is great and good.

    1. This reminds me of the codes of hospitality in many ancient cultures. They vary a bit, but ultimately they boil down to a few rules:
      1. You are not required to offer hospitality, but it is a good thing to do
      2. No one is required to accept hospitality
      3. When hospitality is extended and accepted, the recipient must take what he is given gratefully.
      4. At the end of some time (3 days, often), hospitality automatically ends. The recipient can end hospitality after a single meal/night, and the host cannot throw them out unless the time is reached.
      It’s been a factor in several interesting myths. For example, there’s a Celtic hero whose fate was to die from eating fox meat (and no other way – that’s how he became such a great warrior). He accepted hospitality from a woman whose husband he’d killed long ago, and she fed him fox meat. He was obligated to accept, and he choked to death.

        1. Indeed. Notice how hospitality is a sort of social contract – one party agrees to provide shelter and food to another, who agrees to be happy with whatever is offered. This agreement is entered into voluntarily, and it has very clear limitations for both parties.
          If the recipient of hospitality complains, or causes trouble for the host, then the contract of hospitality is violated and the recipient is transformed into an invader. It is then the right of the host to demand reparation for damages and exile the invader from their homestead (or outright kill them).

    2. On the contrary– I bet you a nickel and a pint of blood that this vile law *specifically* targets white heterosexual men. Rapefugees will be given a pass based on cultural acceptance and diversity.
      This is a testable hypotheses: all we need to do is look at who goes in front of a judge over this nonsense. I bet you it’s 100% white heterosexual male betas.

      1. Nah.
        Did you read the actual articles?

        Read what the women are complaining about.
        Its the durkas.
        Now, they may get fairly light punishments, but its clearly them the women are complaining about

        1. I think the ones who will get roped in will be white heterosexual betas, tbh.
          Send the cops to do something to a muslim and you get what happened in France with riots and the muslim “assaulted” being hailed as a hero.

    3. Rapists are disproportionately from the primitive races (non-whites/asians). But that violates the libtard agenda.

    4. Women are perfect voters for despots. That they can’t sustain themselves as a demographic without federalized assistance is always an excuse to raise taxes.

    5. Its interesting how all of these laws stand in direct contradiction to TV Land. In TV Land women are just as strong as men and can beat them up with ease. And people believe that this is true while at the same time stating that we need laws to protect women from dangerous men.
      Well which is it? Are women as strong as men or not?

  12. I know people in their 50s/60s who were going to retire back to the homeland in Europe. They arent so hot on moving back anymore.

    1. I’m thinkin’ L.A. for a retirement spot. Or inner city Detroit.
      Go out like Clint Eastwood in “Gran Torino”.

      1. those were really nice middle class homes in Gran Torino, werent they? probably can buy them now for less than $100k.

        1. Probably so. Those ‘hood areas have some great deals on property. Because there’s a downside. A guy could sit on the front porch in the morning, with an AK-47 and some grenades, hidden from view, in a box right next to him, and read the paper, smiling and waving at everybody…

        2. Or you can always rig one of your garden gnomes with dynamite in case one of them punks steps in your lawn.

        3. Don’t forget good ol fashioned dogs.
          Big mean looking , well trained dogs.

          Release the hounds

        4. Ha! No shit…good idea. So I have this devious plan for a custom-built house. I’d build it in a high crime area. The only way to get in, would be via the front door. All the windows would be at the second level. And once you enter by the front door, there’s a fairly long hallway, all walled off, a corridor, and it leads to a second door, via which you gain entry to the house itself.
          Now, the floor of the corridor would be a trap door. And it would adhere to the walls of the hallway via powerful electromagnets. Whenever a switch is triggered, the floor swings free and drops away – and the person inside is dropped into a vat of hydrochloric acid. And there’s no way out of it, the vat is encased in solid walls of concrete, with an iron, padlocked door at the rear of it.
          So I would leave the door cracked open whenever I was there. Once a burglar entered, I would activate the trap door. Every couple of days or so, I’d clear the vat of acid and replace it with fresh juice.
          This gives new meaning to the phrase, “There goes the neighborhood.”

        5. LA is 20% larger area-wise than NYC and has less than 1/3 of the cops(less than 10,000); if the shtf, you do not wanna be in SoCal

        6. Would you be constructing this with original D & D rules, or are you going with the newer AD&D ruleset?

        7. Ha! I’d have to give that some thought.
          I like the idea as a screenplay, mostly. I would call it “There Goes the Neighborhood”, for sure.

        8. Unless you and your fellow citizens are carrying concealed, LA regulations and laws be damned. The odds that a cop will rescue you before a villain has a chance to pump you full of lead (anywhere, not just authoritarian utopias) are depressingly long.

        9. You can make due with very little law enforcement, if everyone generally adheres to a shared ethical code and every citizen is armed.
          If you want to protect everyone and police everything, you’d better have more cops than civilians.

        10. Way too many cops. We have a small Sheriff’s department that deals with the whole county here where I live. I mean maybe twenty dudes, max. Last pop I saw we were at 196k, give or take. So that’s like 1 cop per 9,800 people, give or take.
          Not a lot to police here anyway. We’ve had a total of two murders in the last 13 years and other violent crime is pretty scares, a few domestic issues notwithstanding that you’ll get anywhere.
          1 for every 425 practically has the cop on your ass every day. Heh.

        11. Close to it. We keep Barney’s one bullet locked up in the gun cabinet in Andy’s office, because he can be pretty fidgety sometimes.

        12. That’d be like in that movie – Purge, but not once a year – every day would be an open season.

        13. I’ve long thought that the world envisioned in the original Purge movie would be ideal to live in. I mean this seriously, I’d move there in a heartbeat. The idea that thugs would last beyond one or two years is laughable, and it would be cathartic to have open season on thugs, criminals and trash until they are literally, well, purged from the earth, never to return.
          It was a law abiding, tidy, beautiful, rich society with low taxes and a high regard for private gun ownership. In all ways except the actual Purge night it is nearly identical to how I think many people used to envision America being in its prime.

        14. You know, for some reason, that statement rings a bell in my head, I think I’ve heard that before, long long time ago.

        15. A few months back, we had an article that described the Russian festival of maslenitsa. I was enthralled with the idea of having a week every year in which folks can gather to kick the crap out of one another in public.

        16. You can buy houses in Detroit (and Buffalo) for $100. The latter has tens of thousands of abandoned houses. And if you like violent crackheads, you’ll love your new neighbors.

        17. But then wouldnt you be dead worried about your loved ones on that one night?
          Every day when I walk through Downtown and see this dirty filth occupying every public space, throwing trash, harrasing people, urinating on sidewalk, breaking glass bottles – it makes me want to return those wild West days. But then again its Canada I live in, criminals and degenerates get a pass here…

        18. Andy Griffith intimated as much in various interviews. Knotts’s reputation as a ladies’ man was so widespread, apparently, that women pursued him virtually wherever he went. He’d get swarmed by women in comedy clubs, and whenever he was out on the town. You know how the average woman just loves a guy with a sense of humor. (Especially if he’s a TV/movie star with a big wanger…)

        19. No. I’d do what the father did, who was cast in a particularly strong role until the very end where he died (I found him rather heroic), which is, arm up, and have house shields. And I’m betting that after a solid three years of Purges there wouldn’t be any worry about it at all, and it would in short order turn into some kind of holiday festival that involves cooking out and adult beverages.

        20. I don’t reckon most folks would turn into monsters on a Purge night.
          Even so, I’d prefer having local militias and deputized LEO’s round up troublemakers on the regular. That’s just the people of the municipality turning on those elements that act as a destructive force on their communities.

        21. Criminals dont listen, so how ca we assume they’d keep their bargain of only fukkin up one night a year?

        22. They wouldn’t, the first year. Come purge night, everybody is out hunting them. Next year you have maybe 30% of them left and brother I’m betting that they’re laying real low and not trying to make a name for themselves.

        23. He did. And the kid was a little turd. Daughter wasn’t much better. Fucking “Feelings” on a night when humans are out hunting other humans is a liability regarding one’s own chances of survival.

        24. Until trespassing gives you the right to defend your property with deadly force, that’s still not worth it. You’d probably be immediately sued for not providing clean needles to your crackhead squatters.

        25. I’m going to play it right now.
          Can’t remember the last time I did.
          Maybe couple years ago.

        26. In the US it’s “because freedumb”.Crazy stumbled towards me and mumbled at me this am before he decided to play in traffic. Granted its been extremely hot and no one’s brain cells are designed for 100°f. But, it’s not like one doesn’t have to sometimes walk through a gauntlet of mumbling smelly crazies in most US cities.

        27. And that is just the street crime. You also have to deal with the city which is keeping that house on the tax rolls for the value it had back when the neighborhood was at its height, not the hellhole it is now.
          Also if there are back taxes, the new owner incurs them.
          So you buy a house in a neighborhood full of crackheads who have stripped the house of everything they could sell then have to pay the city government thousands for that privilege.

        28. No shit. And then live in snow up to your chin.
          As my long-gone father used to say, the good thing about the winter there was that it turned the garboons into the equivalent of Fudgsicles, so they couldn’t commit as many crimes. There’s a good selling point for the realtors.

    2. Southern Brazil, Paraguay or Uruguay. Southern Brazil is probably more European than Europe itself right now.

  13. From what I’ve seen, there’s a real harassment toward women, but by the most part it comes from the homeless, semi-homeless wierdos dwelling in the cities inner-cores.
    These low-lives are at the social bottom anyway and have absolutely nothing to lose. Many are crack-heads and alcoholics. In Canada, majority of troublemakers are Natives with admixture of white males and African immigrants.
    Local feminists avoid them like bubonic plaque and barely call the police on them. Those who do have something to lose, aka decent people, would rarely do/say something inappropriate toward women.
    And since most blue-haired freaks are cowards, the will be reporting normal guys for the most innocent advances while ignoring real harrasment from all the degenerate, homeless wierdos.

    1. Reminds me of this video, go to 0:27, homeless guy comes out of nowhere to grab ugly feminist titties hahah.

  14. I know exactly how to escape prosecution under this law – just claim that you don’t “identify as a man.”
    “See, I did say all those things to that woman, but I identify as a woman on a nonbinary genderfluid spectrum, so the law doesn’t really apply to me. You follow the logic of that, don’t you judge?”

  15. I’m from Holland born and raised. I have friends working for both governments in Amsterdam and Rotterdam and am aware of these laws. There is only one reason for these laws and that is horrible harassment by muslim immigrants. The type where mainly blond girls are approached like “fuck me you blond cancer whore” and if they don’t reply they get spit upon – if they’re lucky. That kind of approach, usually done in young male groups, often Moroccan / Antillianen descent. I’ve seen it many times on regular supermarkets like Albert Heijn. It’s also of the key reasons my gf wanted to move abroad because she could hardly go in to any major city center herself without being harassed by muslim groups.
    This has less to do with freedom of speech but more with indirect laws not covering the real deal and stating real problems. Once the number one skill of the nation. But hey, look where Pim Fortuijn and Theo van Gogh ended up with freedom of speech.
    Funny thing is Rotterdam with their Muslim major is making the best progress tackling scum.
    Edit: to add, if you want to address SJW craziness in Holland look in to the UVA, University of Amsterdam

    1. Wouldn’t a more sensible and long term and freedom enabling solution be to deport these alien hordes from your ancestral homeland?

        1. I still don’t understand this mentality. Europe fought to keep their homelands intact and free from aliens for thousands of years. Then the 1960’s hit and they are literally about importing the same Mohammedans they’ve been fighting ruthlessly since Islam became a thing. In what sane world is one’s ethnic homeland suddenly required to become part of the multi-cult?

        2. That fills me with a sense of hopelessness. After understanding the error, then they’d have to honestly admit the error, which is a huge leap. Then, they’d have to correct the error.
          Each of these steps is probably too much to ask of the people making the error in the first place.

        3. Everybody with balls and brains either emigrated or was killed in one of the 20th century’s big wars. The dregs remain. And so you get the current situation.

        4. I have enough trouble wrapping my head around the US’s swift shift from hating England to being best buddies. At least we had a few generations of tension-easing and were, by and large, children of the Empire.
          This is more like the Founding Fathers encouraging their sons and nephews to enlist in the British army in 1776. You’re still at war with them. Why would you do all you can to HELP them defeat you?

        5. I read a history of the War of 1812, by a British historian, that tried to answer the first question you have there. His main point was that during this war the US and England learned that it was in neither of their interests to fight each other. I think the relationship was still pretty lukewarm though, even through the Civil War when England was getting pretty close to intervening on the South’s behalf. Correct me if I’m wrong but WW1 seems to have been the turning point, and it was more Germany’s doing in terms of pushing the US AWAY from itself and into the laps of the Triple Entente by unlimited submarine warfare. The US was pretty indifferent and isolationist, even when Germany was sinking US cargo ships going into the prohibited zone around England…took a couple ocean liners to change that.
          England learned it needed its arsenal and new source of manpower across the ocean, and the US learned that England was a great staging area, and later in WW2, aircraft carrier, and technology producer, for wars in Europe.

        6. An old professor of mine had a theory involving some international brotherhood organization. Apparently, the shift happened in the early 1900’s if you look at publications of the time, and this fellow asserted that some brotherhood organization that spanned England and the East Coast was instrumental in changing popular opinion.
          Of course, he had the look of a long-time stoner, so “grain of salt” and all.

        7. i thought the war of 1812 was about jefferson not extending the charter for the central bank(which came back a few yrs later after we declared “victory”)

        8. Yeah, Germany made a huge strategic mistake tagetting American boats before we were in the war. Given the HUGE German population here, hell many communities were officially German speaking at the time, there was no small amount of sympathy to be had for Germany. If they’d just stopped that nonsense and waited it out, I’m certain that if we’d gotten involved in WW1 under those circumstances, we may well have sided with them. There was no love lost for England up to that point, and everybody knew that they were pretty willing to betray us even during the Civil War period. Germany Fookin’ screwed the pooch with that maneuver. The history of the entire world would look utterly different today and likely no WW2 would ever have happened (nor Nazis).

        9. It wasn’t Freemasonry, was it? Long ago I read an interesting book about its role in the War of Independence; the author’s point was that, since there were so many Masons on each side, the generals essentially “pulled their punches” because of honoring their fraternal affiliation (G. Washington was the first master of the Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania) and the war was nowhere near as bloody as it should have been, by all rights. Made sense to me at the time.

        10. I reckon there’s no preventing such wars, but there are a few things about which we can be reasonably certain. If Germany hadn’t screwed the pooch, we’d have been reasonably inclined to aid them instead of fighting them. That means that it’s unlikely the Weimar would have arisen and led to the Third Reich.
          Would Germany have entered an EU agreement if they’d not been beaten down? Who can say. Which armies would engage in WWII? No one can know.

        11. I agree with you there. Ludendorff and the Kaiser cooked their own goose with that BS. And back then, the U boats were sinking battleships and cruisers left and right, along with passenger ships, cargo…there was nothing like the coordinated search and destroy that we got by the latter half of WW2, and little knowledge of how to even detect them. So even though they were rickety, loud boats with crappy torpedoes, they were an almost unknown weapon with free reign.

        12. WW2 might never have happened, as Japan might never have gotten the gusto together to invade Manchuria and attack Pearl. However…the Soviet Union is a different matter. Now I am picturing Tiger II’s & Panthers alongside M-26’s and Sherman V’s fighting off the Russian hordes…how much better than would have been.

        13. Nah, he called it something like the Roundtable. No idea if it ever existed – it was just fun to watch this impassioned draft-dodger-looking professor wax philosophic on things.

        14. Indeed. A united campaign to ultimately rid the world of communism once and for all. I could get behind that entirely, in those circumstances. And if it is in the timeframe of the original WW2, that would mean that our universities wouldn’t have been invaded by soviet plants spreading their poison, and cultural Marxism would not exist today.
          The world would literally be a much nicer place in all respects.
          Talk about a nice utopian view, eh?

        15. Worked with a real estate broker in Marietta, Georgia. He was a Mason and he had a photo on the wall of his office, of which he was very proud. It was the Marietta Masonic Lodge, right after General Sherman burned though the town during the Civil War, on his march to the sea. The only building left untouched in the entire city was the Masonic Lodge. Coincidence. Yep.

        16. As if Europe has that much of a choice. Those who raise artificial wars in Middle East and Africa in order to create refugee waves wouldn’t mind shutting Europe down if we opposed. Europe basically became a puppet after WW2 , being used as an experimental lab for what’s to come a little bit later in the USA maybe.

        17. Yep. People, individually and as a group, HATE admitting they were wrong. And will only do it when it is well past time to fix things.

        18. Decades of outright brainwashing are a bitch.
          When generations have it beaten into their head from birth that they should give everything away because some in the past were bad, you get what we have now.

        19. I think that the “later in the USA” may not come to fruition. Not that Trump is some Lord God Savior, but his election showed that basically everybody outside of the big cities are spitting mad right now. While ultimately (thus far) ineffectual, handing the Senate, the House and POTUS to the GOP, combined with right wing types starting to fight back violently against these Leftist loons, shows that we are at a stage where we’re saying “Stop! No more!” and we mean it.
          That’s my hope anyway.

        20. You are the last hope. But don’t give the left an inch. You already have all those lgbtq laws. My impression is the blue areas in the US are even ahead of Europe when it comes to this shit. For example , same-sex marriage was only recently legalised in Germany but it’s been legal for some time in the US if I’m not mistaken. Also , you ultimately have to do smth about your fucked up demographics. It might come to a point where even if the great majority of Whites wake up , it may not matter anymore.

        21. I think it may have something to do with two world wars wiping out a good number of nationalist men. The void being filled by cowards.

        22. I’m partly inclined to buy that, however I know Germans from my generation (GenX) who were not wholly cucked out little faggots, at least back in the 1980’s. They seemed like normal people, if a little obsessive about details and particulars regarding courtesies.

        23. The kicker about this dude was that he would say the most openly sexual shit to women who worked in his office that I have ever witnessed. He talked to an office bitch one day, about getting wet and having an orgasm, while she was standing right in front of us. Then he started openly making fun of her, telling her she rock-rock-rocked her legs together in her office chair, because it made her orgasm. And he would be glad to give her the real deal there, all she had to do was ask him. She turned bright red and walked out. (Why, it was as if he knew he would never get in trouble over it…)

        24. Actually it wasn’t “legal” in most states until Obama’s SCOTUS forced it on the 38 (?) states where it was not legal a year or so ago. Some states caved long ago, yes, but as a nation and not individual states, it didn’t happen in toto until very, very recently. And SCOTUS basically said “Screw the 10th Amendment, we’re giving the Fed power it was never intended to have and there’s nothing you can do about it”. Bunch of faggoty traitors, the Leftists.

        25. I’m only going off of what my omi told me. Probably has a lot to do with growing up in East Germany after the war.

        26. Simple, once religion was done away with, every went out of the window. Their/our thought is exhausted.

        27. Exactly. Not only that but we are being told from Childhood that everything our ancestors did was bad in some way…

        28. I have no doubt that they did what they thought they had to in order to win the war. But it was the impression of “attacking innocent people” that ignited US popular opinion against Germany, and pressured the politicians to do something about it. That and the smear campaigns against Germany by England and France, the whole “German soldiers eat babies” kind of stuff.
          Interesting read though…there are always two sides to every story!

        29. No God, no reason not to keep your head down.
          You need a little “suicidal” bravery in a society for honor to pertain, even the Vikings believed in Valhalla. If death is just nothingness forever, you may get some instinctual bravery, but not in enough numbers to matter.

        30. British ship carrying ammo. Legit target.
          That being said…UK got involved because of Belgium which really was innocent. Ironically no one side was wholly in the right. It was the grand physical and spiritual suicide of Europe.

        31. You have clearly proved me wrong in every respect. Seek corroboration from a Swede… who is being gang-fucked by Somalis. Which is basically any Swede in current times.

        32. The sins of the father trope they would hold over Europeans heads is complete bullshit when they are obviously trying to eliminate and include in the ‘guilt’ collective, the peoples/nations that never participated in colonialism or bankers wars.

        33. I heard somewhere that in the US a vote was taken (don’t know if a referendum or parliament vote), on which language should become the official one, and German lost by a small margin. If German had become the official language of the USA, I can’t help but think that alliances and hence results would have been very different during the world wars.

        34. The trigger was a captured cable (possibly a forgery) which had the Germans asking the Mexicans to attack the US and guaranteeing them a large portion of the US south west in return.

        35. My ethnic heritage is twofold. The Irish half of my heritage at the time of WWI were virulently anti-British. The other half was my German immigrant grandfather, who raised my mother in a German speaking neighborhood. He was not very pro Kaiser Wilhelm, but was more sympathetic to Germany than to Britain. So,

        36. Actually there was debate in the continental congress about determining an official language. It was so contentious that it was tabled; never to be revisited. As a result the US is one of the only countries in the world with no official language.

        37. The British suffered the highest casualty rate among officers of any conflict they have ever fought. I do not see evidence of elite punch pulling between gentlemen.

        38. Not all of us in the cities are libtards! There are a lot of us city folk who despise leftists and their agenda!

        39. Yet it also gave humanity a tremendous boost in technology. Nothing seems to motivate innovation within the human species like war.

        40. Nations kept their country safe and in control. Nowhere did the EU do anything to protect Europe (failed Interpol, EU Army. EU police)

        41. To add to the Dutch discussion, Holland was neutral in WW1 too. It made Rotterdam rich and a secret service intelligence hub, weapon harbour for both Germany and France. It’s remainders can still be seen by massive amounts of CIA flights from Rotterdam airport.

      1. Yes.
        But, there’s always a but. Dutch politicians follow the path of clean sheeting their way to EU. Think primer minister Rutte can make 8x go working for the EU, like Frans Timmermans or Jeroen Dijsselbloem (liberal and sold off his white Lamborghini). The EU immigration policy is majorly determined by Germany. Germany’s policy is mainly determined by big industrial players like Siemens. As Germans don’t breed enough and industry lacks faith in robotization they see a major demographic issue only solvable by importing blue collar workers.
        As Holland thrives on export with no 1 client Germany and the EU accounts for 25% of GDP nobody sensible or with any influence dares to come up with that idea of closing immigration.
        Last argument is Holland was the front runner of the EU, with Belgium and Luxembourg as joint oil and steel corporation. EU started as a commercial institution and will forever be, no matter what consequences that has for society. Their recent career ads for investors in Africa and Horizon 2020 subsidy heaven program Eurostars flirts with South Korea, Canada And Australia prove this too.
        That said, the EU will fall apart, starting with Visegrad. Then UK, then south Europe then the rest. Interesting times for sure.

    2. Why continue to import them? Why pass futile laws which can only be turned around to reduce the freedom of well meaning citizens?

      1. They will eventually stop importing them, and many will be thrown out of the country, but the laws will always remain to control the rest of us. That’s the well thought out plan. Problem-reaction-solution. Male Muslim immigrants have become weaponized to force social change and trigger people to howl more to the governments, “DO SOMETHING!” — which results in freedom-limiting laws being passed for “everyone’s safety.” It’s been going on for 100+ years, but just now much more obvious.

        1. Your nations are rapidly becoming case studies for the moral justification of vigilantism.

        2. Dutch are too pussy. Real vigilantism crews happen in countries like Finland. Although there is a trial in Breda

    3. And how many of these Muslims have been charged under these laws? Can you ask your friends? I bet 0!
      Using Muslims terrorists as a pretext to curb human rights for everyone is well known trick they play with the public. We don’t fall for it though.

      1. In my city a Muslim raped 3 times, was convicted for 2 years jail time. Subtract half a year for good behavior and you get 6 months jail per rape. Pretty good deal for any Muslim immigrant.
        About your second paragraph, sad but true indeed

    4. “Fuck me you blonde cancer whore” is officially my new pickup line. Have to try it out this weekend.

      1. I’m thinking “You Blonde Cancer Whore” is the title of my band’s next EP.

    5. i remember this joke was very popular in Holland years ago:
      Q: how often Moroccan woman takes a dump?
      A: every 9 months.

    6. My fav was when a pack of arabs tried to hit up a British girl in France, and when she replied ‘no thanks’, they beat her. Set upon her like a pack of wolves. Witnesses said they were punching her like it was a kickboxing match. Middle Eastern men are generally cowardly scum… import them at your peril.

      1. Dutch head of police said when we see something like that happen we should go and talk to the group. After that statement he got a lot of resistance, sensible Dutch people saying he never saw a Muslim group in real life because then he would know there is no talking to 10 Moroccan all with knifes

    7. Is this law likely to be used only against aliens? How patriotic is Dutch police force and legal system? If what you say is true, great. But your politicians are as crazy as ours, meaning I’m not so optimistic

      1. Only time will tell. Patriotic police yes of course, Morrocan police love Morocco and Turkish police love Turkey. Outside the big cities the police get more native and sensible. I’d rather get 10 times arrested in the countryside than 1 time in Amsterdam.

        1. I hope what you say is true. I’m going to your lovely country next year and hope to see improvements

      1. Hahaha! Hey , the 80s are calling…
        But seriously, you and bem are the two funniest guys on this site!
        Always crack me up!

  16. Many of these women will get off more on the attention and power they will get from rejection than anything the man could offer her in the first place. Expect to see these claims skyrocket. I suppose men will just withdraw and become more dysfunctional, unless they are exposed to foreign women or game.

    1. Any woman tries to pull that shit with me…good luck with that, bitch. She won’t do it again.

    2. How odd that you can purchase sex from a woman in Amsterdam but you are not allowed to convey interest in a woman under regular circumstances.
      I guess men should instead of asking “how are you” to start asking “how much”.

    3. Game doesn’t stop you from being falsely accused of rape. Just look at all the articles on ROK about what to do if you get accused of rape.

  17. Who actually approaches women in Amsterdam? The only reason to go there is for legalized whores, lol.

    1. As an add on, I do have to say that Europe is more “The Camp of the Saints” now than it has ever been before.
      Now that I think of it, I don’t recall ever seeing an article here mentioning Raspail’s book.

  18. No feminist decried Julie Bindel (noted UK feminist) when she said all men are rapists and should be put in concentration camps. Everyone ignored her as a wacko because her idea was too ludicrous. And yet, this law is another step in that direction.
    And these feminist idiots wonder why there are MGTOWs and men interested in sex robots? More and more average (beta) men are catching on to the true situation.
    Legalize prostitution. That’s the only way to roll back the feminist entitlement mentality. “Oh, it’s a crime to approach? Fine – I’ll just go spend my $$ and get fucked by a good-looking pro. Enjoy your cats in your lonely old age, bitch!”

    1. Problem here, is that prostitution IS legal in Amsterdam. Didn’t seem to help.

      1. True, but logic never stopped progressives and other species of leftist loons. When women get approached less, they’ll scream all the louder to get attention. Until they enforce this foolish law, men won’t pay attention. But once arrests are made, even the die-hard betas will realize how bad things are, and then the women who can count on beta orbiters are going to find themselves all alone. These things take time for blowback. I think we have to just give it a little time.
        If there are any stocks available in Amsterdam prostitution houses, this is the time to buy, buy, buy, because they’re going to get very busy as soon as the first public prosecution is made.

      2. Of course it does, I have never seen happier divorced men than Dutch ones.
        Being in your fifties, bald, and lonely but being able to easily nail hot slavic broads for 60 euros (price from some years ago) really helps.

        1. 60 Euros huh? That’s what? About $100? I have to pay $400/hr for hot Russian girls here in NYC.

        2. I’m in the Dominican Republic. $40 for a solid 8 for a couple of hours, but they’re kinda the opposite of Slavic.

      3. I would suggest it actually did help. Fewer women were getting approached due to legal prostitution, meaning only the prettiest were still getting attention and the bottom 80% were feeling a lack. So they do what women do best and whine for a law that makes the pretty ones get less attention so every girl is equally miserable. It’s pretty much feminist MO.

  19. So the (((powers that be))) use the primitive behaviour of their imported islamist pets as the grounds to fuck over the local straight white male polulation. Nice…

  20. Dutch police are notoriously useless in dealing with crime, at least in the area where I live. Most of these harassers are Moroccans and Somalians, who the police actively avoid.

  21. Women demanding the “right” to dress as they please and approach men then sliding into constant rape terror and accusations then becoming prudish before beginning to claim men are oppressing them and forcing them to be prudes, and then demanding to dress as they please….
    This is why some countries, including our own in earlier times, wisely don’t let women make legal decisions or even listen to their forever contradictory, responsibility shirking demands.

  22. When I was little, my dad used to say to me “stop the bullshit crying or I’ll give you something worth crying about”, and he would actually follow through if I didn’t cut out the bullshit. It would seem that a very large portion of the current generation, women and pussified men alike need similar treatment.

    1. So many of the shitty people I run into would have been at least a little less shitty if someone had taken the time to spank them as children.

      1. Yep, I got my ass beat many times as a child by both of my parents. I like to think I’m slightly less shitty because of it heh

        1. My mother favored wooden spoons, my father favored the belt. Neither had much use for crying. Crying certainly wouldn’t get you out of punishment
          Strangely enough 99% of the time the mere hint of either was enough to scare me straight.
          The mother of the kids nearest to me in age in my extended family favored a “let kids be kids” and “aren’t they so cute!” approach, one of her kids is a straight up sociopath the other is an addict. She often said that discipline just wouldn’t work on her kids, they were free spirits, interestingly my mother could have them minding their manners inside of 10 minutes the few times she babysat the brats,
          But hey I and my sibling were the “abused” children right?

        2. I got hit by parents as well as teachers (Catholic school in the 70s). And bullies too. Lots of them. I absolutely know when to clam up.

  23. “And then a guy on the street who wasn’t Brad Pitt said, ‘Your dress looks nice.’”

    Several of my female co-workers have this exact attitude and if they are ever allowed to press charges for unwanted male attention then every man who’s not a model is in trouble. They’re all plain janes with the worst one being a post-wall ooma-loompa who was very attractive before the two kids (by two different men of course) came along.
    Talk about a bitter bitch!

  24. And that is a system based on laws ruled by a state. They need chaos otherwise they force that chaos.
    And.. It is females who are harassing men. The way women dress is sexual. Their act is sexual.
    In primates sexual exhibitionism is a mating call: Females desperate for attention.
    Our society reverses facts to disguise things.

  25. If happens in rotterdam it could happen anywhere
    In liverpool or rome
    stoopid feminists. Someone should prosecute them whenever the call their cats. It would be just as much about justice.

  26. Not buying the rape stats at all. When the police refuse to go after Muslim rape gangs (and even in some cases collaborate with them to cover up the crimes), the stats are worthless.

  27. “And then a guy on the street who wasn’t Brad Pitt said, ‘Your dress looks nice.’”
    Nailed it.

  28. “He pointed out the spectacular incongruence
    of women expecting men to “man up” and approach first, all while
    castigating undesired suitors for being so-called “street harassers.”
    Sure, females want to be approached, by Brad Pitt or Tom Brady, or guys who look like them. I suppose they would even settle for Elon Musk and his $12 Billion…
    But an honest, decent, quiet, steady, hard working guy??? Feh!!!

      1. Key your car?
        Hell…she looks the type that would conjure the dark lord and spin a curse to make his balls fall off.

        1. Hahaha!
          Yeah, but by now I think he is over Miss 48 yo Aniston.
          If I were him, I would move to Connecticut.
          16 is legal there…

  29. Regrading the rape chart.
    “Recent migrant crises are likely to significantly alter violent crime rates, but the general trend has been downward for years.”
    I only wonder how those numbers are skewed by liberal white female SJWs who refuse to report rape if (when) the rapist is an “oppressed minority”???

    1. It’s very well known public secret that crime rate in Holland goes down, not because the country gets safer but because police doesn’t have capacity to solve anything (from 30% solved cases to 20%) so reporting is increasingly useless

  30. isnt Amsterdam popular among British blokes going on boozy stag do’s and boozy lads weekends? will be interesting to see how this plays out.

  31. Same thing in a city in England…
    Well, any place doing that Policy (or anything approaching that Policy – higher prices for me, etc) should be vehemently boycotted.
    Find a way to “strike the wallet”, to make loose some money, and these places will magically change their mind.

    Translation: If a guy who appraches a skank in the Netherlands is not fuck loads rich, or a drug dealing DJ, or simply not popular, he’s as good as thrown in jail once he has the audacity to say hello to her. This law was already beta tested on some parts of the UK.
    Excellent article – thanks too for mentioning all the sharia apes who are the ones actually raping and killing, yet will all be exempt from this new ‘anti flirt’ law; gaurenteed.

  33. Vinny Pringo says he doesn’t give a fuck about laws, he’s coming to Amsterdam to get laid and high, not necessarily in that order though.

  34. It’s only a matter of time until such laws are enacted across Europe and eventually to North America and Australia. These laws are going to set off a chain of events that few, if any, could predict.
    The ultimate goal of feminists, SJWs and the left in general is destruction of the West and they’ve allied themselves with others who share that goal. What they’ve failed to consider is what’s going to happen once they’ve achieved that goal. Feminists, hipsters, ANTIFA, etc. don’t stand a chance against Muslims in open warfare. We may see in our lifetime the collapse of the West.

    1. I have just read somewhere a comment from a woman . : Hate feminists ?? They only just talk & talk & what we women need, is more copulation ??

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  36. Diversity, equality…Sounds good on paper… The only places where you are truly equal is when you are starving to death in Gulags…
    Or bulldoz by dozen in mass graves…
    And that type of equality can happen quickly.

  37. The irony is that it’s a leftist’s protected category that catcalls the most: Morrocans and Algerians.

  38. What is is another law we can make to beat down western men and discourage them from even trying? -Your Government.

  39. “…large fines and even jail time await a man who cat-calls or “bothers a woman in any way.”
    More like:
    ..large fines and even jail time await a man who is accused of cat-calls or “bothers a woman in any way.”
    No actual evidence is required. A bare accusation by a woman or an effeminist (male feminist) is sufficient for an arrest, incarceration, and conviction by a plea-bargain extorted by the prosecutor’s threat to take the vict… defendant to trial, with almost 100% guaranteed conviction and subsequent requirement of registration as a “sex offender.” Lawyers who give more than a nominal defense for the sake of appearances of due process are also at risk of being attacked. Netherlands, welcome to Californica.

  40. I hope this city and cities across the world enact similar laws. “Am I crazy” You might ask? The answer is no. If these laws are passed that just gives more men more reasons to stay away from toxic women. What women can and most likely will do to a man is absolutely horrendous. The best way to do this is go MGTOW. As long as women are allowing laws like this to be passed they don’t deserve a man. Let them go to sleep with just their cats, Crying.

  41. The government end game is complete dissolution of marriages , families and parental upbringing, the state will breed and “educate”

      1. What else can one expect from a psycho that equates someone leaving a glass on the counter to someone taking a shit on said counter?

  42. To be honest this really doesn’t bother me at all. My plan is to teach my sons to avoid such places anyway when they go looking for wives. If they want to crash and burn, let them.

  43. Stupid hoes – You should be eternally grateful that any man would approach you. You don’t deserve the lowly beta nevermind the high value alpha.
    Also I came to a realization – legalized approach will be in the form of “online dating” and “mutual swipe apps” like tinder. Is this the new state sanctioned corporatism/surveillance age of dating?

  44. You know, when I see that witch with the “All men are rapists” white board, I’d just love to walk up to her and say “WRONG! Some men are just violent sociopaths!” and punch her square in the nose.
    But back to the crux of the article: why approach or talk to a woman in public anymore anyways? Public spaces are just a backdrop for her solipsistic “life’s play” she is acting out. Everybody else are just extras in her movie, and god forbid if an extra DARE ADDRESSES the star of the show!
    Everybody knows that if you want to “get” with a woman now you need to gain access to her social media network through her tiny shiny little screen. Either through tinder or as a friend of a friend on Facebook… you need to become part of her social network. I recommend Tinder – and keep a short list of “banged and will bang again”. The other access points to a woman’s social network have dead ends in friend-zones and beta orbiter positions. These are incredible wasters of time more than anything else.
    Cold approaching is socially irrelevant and quite frankly, potentially dangerous.
    In the future, when dealing with women and their social network, it will be:
    Connection to 103.493.491 Requested
    Connection Denied
    Connection to 885.391.512 Requested
    Connection Denied
    Connection to 534.732.587 Requested
    Connection Denied
    Connection to 344.782.114 Requested
    Connected at 100MB/s
    Oops you’re boring
    Connection Lost
    Network Error
    Error 401
    Women are turning from feminists (angry men with boobs) into robots.
    I really thought it would be men who would be the first ones to upload themselves into a virtual matrix. It was the women, all along. An infinitely complex network of feels, little bits and bytes zipping around with a little flash of light for every “Like” she gets, little digital tokens she amasses like social validation coins to fuel ever increasing narcissism.
    Fun times. I’m watching with popcorn.

  45. This is all just the logical extension of the left’s and SJWs belief in the government “protecting” them from all of socieital “inconveniences”, be they health related issues, or housing or food… cradle to grave “security” from ALL of life’s harsh realities, including unwanted male attention. Just one further step from abortions on demand and being “inconvenienced” with a child, why stop at just that??? Or having to even “talk” to a human with a penis!! OMG!! But I suppose… in the long run, it is much better to have the state intervene at this point than kill an actual human being in the womb!! Right??? Call this then a “pre-abortion” mentality, if you will….stop that damn sperm carrier, before he can even get into your panties!

  46. it is strange how the law of unintended consequences play out…. perhaps the solution to legislation that bans unwanted advances will result in people ‘dog’-calling the unattractive ones. That is not an unwanted advance. it is an unwanted rejection!

  47. Legislators are surely hoping that voters will see this law as targeting the vast epidemic of Islamic terror-rape but that is NOT its purpose. All across Europe law enforcement is covering up and refusing to prosecute actual rapes by Muslim “refugees,” which of course are already illegal, so authorities will certainly not be prosecuting Muslims for lesser violations. No, this new proposed criminalization of male-female interactions based on how women FEEL about an interaction can only be aimed at relations between native European men and women. It is another ploy by the lesbian “feminist” movement to try to keep the objects of their sexual desire away from the heterosexual competition.
    Lesbians have just enough female in them to know how to manipulate the moral weakness of hetero women. Just offer a chance for power over men, for revenge if the man dumps them (relabeling regret as rape), or revenge for the insult of thinking she might stoop to this or that particular man, and the majority of women can’t resist. They haven’t got the rational/universalist proclivities to grasp that liberty is at stake, or that the attentions they DO want to receive depends on liberty. Manipulative power, no matter how phantasmic or self-destructive, is much more real in their minds than the ground they walk on.
    Many women are morally wise and strong–I’d trade one Heather MacDonald for a hundred Paul Ryans–its just far below the majority, to the point where the west may have sealed its doom by allowing women the vote. That the majority of married women voted for Trump suggests that male influence can keep women from going morally off the rails, but with all of our anti-male marriage laws marriage is also in steep decline. America hangs in the balance and it seems that Europe is already gone.

  48. And if you’re someone who’s trying to develop or improve your game in one of these cities, you’re completely fucked (and not in a good way). Lose frame = get framed.

  49. I’m increasingly glad I decided to drop out of the dating game a couple of years ago. It’s becoming extremely dangerous for a man to speak to a woman in any context other than a family member.
    There are plenty of other and more interesting things in life than playing Russian Roulette in the dating world.

  50. For goodness sake, I don’t exactly appreciate being hit on, but I wouldn’t like to see a man get a criminal record for it. Most men don’t get all arsey if you’re just nice and go ‘well thank you, but I’m already spoken for’. If you’re honest and nice, most men don’t seem to take a offense at a gentle let down. Or at least they haven’t from my own experience.

  51. Look fellas, ask Muslim women if their oppressed. They are some of the most privileged groups of people on the planet!
    That’s why feminists don’t fuck with them. Do some research on Sharia Law and male responsibilities and you’ll understand what im talking about.
    No man from the West is going to sign up for that bullshit!

  52. Statistics show that incidents of rape has been declining, but if you redefine “rape” to include cat calling, then that number would certainly rise. See how the cultural Marxists work?

  53. Wow this writer is clueless. The law has everything to do with protecting Dutch women from dirty muzzgroid “refugees” who prey on the young and defenseless. Dutch men are harmless eunuchs, and Dutch women know this. Dumb article misses the real point.

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