The Transsexual Lobby Now Dictates Terms To The Criminal Justice System

Lately, society increasingly resembles Roman decadence as described in Juvenal’s Satires. The historical parallels are hard to miss. Indeed, Juvenal may be the grandfather of the alt right just as Ovid was the grandfather of the PUAs. Still, it seems we may be outdoing Rome’s decadence. The latest evidence is the transsexual agenda dictating to the prison system. Let’s see how this developed over time.

Richard Speck

(Warning—the following can’t be unseen.)

The first notable transsexual in prison was Richard Speck, a habitually drunken career criminal, and overall an evil and dirty man that no one wants to know. In 1966, he raped and murdered eight nursing students. A lone survivor hid out and later identified him. This oxygen thief was convicted and sentenced to ride the lightning, but the story doesn’t end there.

Although guilty as hell, in 1971, the Supreme Court ruled that his death penalty conviction was “unconstitutional”, so the state of Illinois must redo it. The next year, it became a moot point, since the liberal SCOTUS overturned all death penalty convictions in the USA. So Speck got re-sentenced, for 400-1200 years. Although he was doing time in a tough, maximum security prison, apparently he was having a blast. As one summary describes:

In May, 1996, five years after his death, a pornographic video made secretly in prison began airing on Chicago’s WBBM-TV showing the mass murderer wearing woman’s panties, doing drugs, having sex and bragging about living the good life at Stateville prison. A total embarrassment for Illinois lawmakers, the tape, believed to have been shot in 1988, shows Speck handling $100 bills and casually snorting from a huge pile of coke. At one point he says, “If they only knew how much fun I was having in here, they would turn me loose.”

A feminine-looking Speck appeared to have taken hormone shots and, like fellow killer Bobby Joe Long, seemed to be sporting a pair of tits. It is unclear how the jailhouse Tarrantinos obtained the equipment to make their porn video. Besides Speck two other inmates appear on the tape, Speck’s black lover, or in prison lingo, “his bitch,” and the film maker himself who casually pops in for a line of coke. After viewing the video, Illinois state Representative, Al Salvi, said the demeanor of Speck and the others suggest “that they had the run of the place.” On the tape, the convicts do not appear worried about getting caught. At one point Speck acknowledges that he killed the eight nurses saying that it, “just wasn’t their night.” For years he claimed to have “blacked out” on drugs, and couldn’t remember anything about the killings.

It’s been speculated that becoming a prison punk with chemically-induced breasts was a means of survival, or possibly a strange form of atonement. However, given his statements, those explanations don’t hold up. He clearly wasn’t sorry about anything, and he was partying it up behind bars.

No doubt the female hormones (like the dope) had to get smuggled in. However, in the Current Year, all that’s different. In some places, that will be provided by the state, because Constitutional rights.

Robert Kosilek

Cuter than Andrea Dworkin at least.

Unlike Richard Speck, Robert Kosilek (who now goes by Michelle) first took female hormones as a young adult and grew breasts. Despite this, he got married, but—as you might guess—things didn’t turn out well. As the legal papers say:

About two and one-half years later, in October of 1992, the defendant gave a series of recorded interviews to a television news reporter. An audiotape recording of one of the interview sessions was played for the jury. During the interview, the defendant stated that: on the day of the murder, he and the victim had been in an argument; the victim threw boiling tea into the defendant’s face; he then knocked the victim down; she grabbed a butcher knife and chased the defendant into another room, threatening to kill him; he picked up a piece of wire that had been on a table; and this was all he was able to recall until he woke up days later in the hospital. The defendant stated in the interview that he “probably, because of the trauma of it… went into a black out at that moment.” He also said, “Apparently, I did take her life. It was probably in self-defense.”

We don’t have the wife’s side of the story, of course, because she’s dead. She had been strangled by both a rope and piano wire. That seems strangely like the “suicide” of Rudolf Hess. Be that as it may, note well that leaving loops of piano wire on your coffee table is just plain bad luck. Don’t do that.

In 1993, Kosilek was convicted by a Massachusetts court to life without possibility of parole, and became famous for filing lawsuits about transgender issues. In 2002, the court granted hormone therapy and psychiatry, based on 8th Amendment protections against cruel and unusual punishment. Ten years later, a district court ruled that denying sex change surgery was also unconstitutional. Thus, refusing sex change operations to lifers is the same moral category as drawing and quartering.

And taxpayers foot the bill

At least it wasn’t a bad hair day.

The barriers the above trailblazers encountered are on the way out. The transgender agenda has reached complete convergence in California (of course). The state that used to gas murderers will now give them free sex changes. The New York Times reports:

The policy, which took effect this week, grew out of a pair of successful lawsuits filed by inmates. In one, a federal court in April ordered the state to provide surgery to a prisoner, which transgender advocates hailed as a landmark victory, but the inmate was paroled while that ruling was on appeal, making the point moot.

Then, after years of fighting such requests, the state settled the other case in August, agreeing to surgery for Shiloh Quine, a convicted murderer formerly known as Rodney J. Quine, who is serving a life sentence. California’s prisons already provided hormone therapy to transgender inmates, but experts said the Quine settlement was the first time any state had agreed to taxpayer-funded surgical reassignment for an inmate.

I do love California despite all its faults (geological and otherwise), but come on, people! Indeed, early in 2017, Shiloh Heavenly Quine—a 57 year old lifer—became the first to receive a sex change surgery at taxpayer expense. Who says crime doesn’t pay?

As the article states:

Ms. Quine told a prison psychologist who recommended her for the operation that it would bring a “drastic internal completeness.”

So the story has a heart-warming ending, right? As for Quine’s victim, he doesn’t have the opportunity for self-actualization, of course, because he’s dead.

Logic time

Denying someone an emergency appendectomy would be cruel and unusual punishment, but nobody dies from not getting elective surgery. That’s right—a sex change operation doesn’t really turn a man into a woman; it’s just extensive cosmetic surgery.

It’s a controversial point. There are two ideas concerning what a “trans-woman” is:

  • A woman trapped in a man’s body; or
  • A delusional man who thinks he’s a woman.

The first proposition isn’t supported by hard science, though psychologists with agendas offer plenty of mumbo-jumbo. Occam’s Razor favors the second proposition. Delusional people certainly do exist. They’re easily observable, unlike female souls inhabiting male bodies (which can’t be proven to exist). So then, why exactly are highly controversial and unproven psychological notions treated as Holy Writ?

Is penal trannymania confined to liberal states like California and Massachusetts? Apparently not. In 2013, the authorities in Harris County, Texas ruled that inmates will be placed in jail according to whichever gender they claim to be. Before that, Harris County Jail was notorious primarily for pizza that tastes like cardboard with cheese baked on top. (So, what do they do if someone claims to be non-binary or an attack helicopter?) If Juvenal were still around, he would’ve had some witty things to say about the law bending over backwards (or forwards?) for the transsexual agenda.

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166 thoughts on “The Transsexual Lobby Now Dictates Terms To The Criminal Justice System”

  1. With few other exceptions, only two groups of people in the U.S. get free dental and medical. Military personnel and prisoners.
    Sign up to kill for the state or rob a 7-11 and your on your way to a free sex change. Pathetic.

      1. Naw, paperwork is for insignificant things like getting your kneecaps blown off by an IED. Serious things like wanting to wear a tutu without bulging probably have a fast-lane.

    1. A derivative point, but valuable in quantifying exactly how broken the system is – but is there a minimum sentence (or other circumstance) that must be met before one qualifies for taxpayer funded mutilation? If you’re only on the hook for 30 days in county, do we have to pay for it?

      1. I think people in prison get more state-funded benefits than people in jail (except, maybe, in Arizona – I miss Sheriff Joe). Jail is supposed to be temporary, so I doubt they’d go through the effort of requisitioning funds for a guy who’ll be out before the paperwork’s gone through.

        1. friend works corrections. he has seen people get out, then back in in a year or less. they told him the broke parole deliberately bc they couldnt get a job and its free room n board, 3 meals a day, and medical/dental bennies.
          Im sure this happens more than we think

        2. Given enough time a person can get used to anything. Being a prisoner may seem horrific but at least there is security and certainty about a few things. Some grow to love. Knew two, who I don’t associate with it currently, who fall into that world.

        3. “certainty about a few things.”
          Yeah. Like anal rape.
          “Some grow to love.”
          “If rape is inevitable, lay back and enjoy.”
          – Confucius

  2. I have said before that there was a time I could have fallen to the whole transgender thing. Girls were treated better than I was absolutely everywhere – my sisters never got the whuppin’s I got, girls in class could practically get away with murder before being sent to the principal while the guys could go for passing note (singular), girls could get any guy they wanted while I struggled attracting them. Legitimately, there were times I prayed to God to let me wake up a girl.
    You wanna know how that ended? I fixed an imbalance in my brain chemistry, worked out, and got laid. Two months total, I went from “why am I a man?” to “thank God I’m who I am.”

    1. Therein highlights the danger of pushing the agenda in popular culture and on kids. They’re simply too young and too inexperienced to understand, with no framework to appreciate the consequences of such decisions.

      1. I look back on those days with loathing. I hated who I was then, and I hate that version of myself now. He was a loser despite having all sorts of advantages (even out of shape I look pretty tough, I’ve apparently got a winning smile or something, I’m not exactly the local dumbass…)
        Sure, there were things that sucked, but I let myself believe the lies about being a special and unique snowflake. I let myself believe it shouldn’t be that hard, that if something about a situation seemed wrong it was my fault, that I was fundamentally wrong in an ill-defined way that had to do with being a man.
        What a little shithead that guy was.

        1. What a little shithead that guy was.
          … Though apparently necessary to make you precisely who you are today. And you came to absolute truth through hard experience, the hardest way – in circumstances beyond your control.
          See him through a lens of a little more pity and a little less contempt. Because it affects how you interact with everyone close to you, not to mention your outlook of the rest of your life.

        2. I think it’s fine to hate an old version of yourself as long as it drives you to improvement and puts you into perspective.

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    2. similar story when i first started HS. Got sucker punched on a city bus, blood everywhere. happened to a few other kids too. HS was was in a shit hood. every day I ran the risk of getting jumped if some animals got on the bus. I really wished, for a few weeks, that i was a girl, bc these savages didnt attack them. Imagine if that was today and I told a school counselor?

      1. Nothing new there. Back in the 1980s even white kids created little “war zones” in their neighborhoods where you had to be on your guard but nobody hit girls.
        But when you understand the real reason for it (sexual commerce) it’s not looking like a good deal, is it? Think of every scumbag you met and change the game: instead of fighting him how about getting fucked by him?
        Not looking like a better deal now.
        (Though from my perspective I get beat up in a dojo every week and was once in a fight club so that’s not such a big deal to get bloodied)

        1. Yep. New York, 1990s. The movie didn’t invent it. Reality did. The only way to get good training was to really hit each other. We just didn’t pummel each other’s teeth out on purpose.
          The real fun was when we would pub crawl all night on a Friday and then train while still on the verge of puking drunk the next morning (figuring on the premise that when you really have to fight it’s not going to happen under ideal physical circumstances anyway). Three to four hours later we felt much better, with chemical drunk replaced by punch drunk. Never have I been so relaxed as those days.

        2. Can’t speak for Dok, but as a teen yoot one of the things my buddies and I used to do was almost beat the tar out of each other to practice “martial arts”. Kind of stupid in hindsight, I guess, as I came away with at least a couple of sprained wrists and my lower legs took a hell of a beating. On the plus side, I learned that nunchucks are designed as a reverse martial arts weapon and cause 99% of their damage to the person wielding them. Important life lesson, there.

        3. We had a 3-sectional staff.
          Looking back, I think the Chinese played a joke on us selling their farm equipment to American teenagers as weapons.

        4. i was in a fight club, learned Karate, Judo, Ji Jitsu, Boxing and Thai Boxing and combined them to form KaraJuJitsuBoxThaiBox. I was invincible for over a year.

      2. Still afraid, even anonymously, to just say how it was black kids doing the beating, huh? Still cowed.

    3. Kind of profound what a little bit of realism can do for situations that look unsolvable.

    4. I have seen those households. The men are all overworked, dour, bitter, and henpecked, with the sons constantly being told life is hard and this is their future. The girls pretty much all empowered and always having a good time.
      Still a hard sell though. Just add in some “other mental issue” and that might get any boys in that family to want to join the other side. Most of them just learn to lampoon their beta simp dad and not be like him.

      1. I’m a younger fellow, so I was raised under the spreading shade of feminism. Only had a handful of male teachers until college (women don’t generally teach engineering), which meant female teachers and all the issues for boys in school that we’ve discussed here. Every television program and book was feminized. It made it easy to wish you were a girl.
        Honestly, were it not for my father I probably wouldn’t have recovered. When the dam broke and he saw how bad it had gotten (we’re both pretty stoic and introverted, on the whole), he straightened me out. Dragged me out for long father-son walks to teach me about life, put me to work on labor-intensive home projects, taught me to cook so that I could maintain a healthy mind and body, that sort of thing.

        1. Now imagine those boys lacking a father and having a mother who would covet the “points” she thinks she would would earn in life if her son wanted to be a girl.
          A lot of this was planned from as far back as the 1970s. I know because I had three sisters and learned at an early age to tolerate and tune out the presence of girls. I was immune to cooties.
          My sisters used to get those toy “kitchen sets”, a collection of stoves,
          sink, and such – all 2D and flat, basically stickers on metal boxes.
          Dumb toys from the past. Kids would laugh at that crap now. Some of them had working doors on them. But every Saturday at 6PM they aired reruns of Star Trek. I even had the
          “Spock” shirt. I would get a hold of that stuff and set it up as the
          bridge of the Enterprise.
          In kindergarten there was “the house” that, during playtime, girls used to “play house” in. But as a kid I was fixated with castles and knights and such so I used to play in there and pretend I was the king or knight. Hey it was a structure and as a kid imagination is an unstoppable tool. I totally ignored the girls in there as easily as I did at home with that brood of cackling hens my sisters and their friends comprised.
          This got me the attention of “counselors”. Looking back, and having a good memory, when I got older and learned about trannies and sexual dysfunction in college I realized what these counselors and school psychiatrists were looking for.
          Now, this was the 1970s. If they had gone to my parents with this “he’s really a girl” bullshit, they would have called bullshit on it. Knowing how my dad was back then he would have said one thing about it and that would have been that and the “counselor” would have never forgotten what was said.
          Try that now. With no dad, or simp dad. Try that with a “progressive” mother who is already addicted to that dopamine shot in her head that she gets whenever she virtue signals over pretty much anything. A transgirl “son”!!! Oh that’s the jackpot. And naturally as kids want to make their parents happy you can get them to do just about anything.
          That’s what we have going on today. It’s sick. It’s abuse, and there are a lot of people needing a helicopter ride. It’s only a matter of time. But we can be pragmatic now. The biggest threat to the health and safety of the aiders and abbetors of all this is not going to be some right wing shitlord with a high /pol/ post count. It’s going to be some tranny who figured it all out and takes revenge for his destroyed life.

        2. what a cool story. Props to your dad. Father’s often have to save their boys from the clutches of their mother or females in general. That is why most cultures have some sort of manhood ritual or ceremony to signify that a boy is now a man and henceforth should be treated as such. Also it tells the females of the family (moms and sisters..) “hands off the boy is mine” ie the dad will be the primary influence from now on….

      2. Empowered; weak fathers responding to the tears as the manipulator stands behind him with a shit eating grin on her face, *rubbing her hands together. He created a monster, now we shall forever walk on egg shells. Egg shells…

        1. Dad developed his brand of ZFG because he was tired of that shit and what it did to the family as a whole. Mom’s still a bit crazy (though, credit where it’s due, she’s finally dealing with her issues), but through brutal experience he learned when he needs to care and when she’s just being a manipulative bitch and needs to be steadfastly ignored.
          It gives me hope, honestly. Growing up with that sort of manipulation was hell, but if my dad can learn to salvage such a mess then surely it’s possible.
          The moral of the story, I guess, is that Game can be developed at any age.

        2. That is the secret of game. I have long insisted that game is wasted on “getting laid”. Game is life.

        3. Agreed, call what you want, but it goes back to avoid getting manipulated. I cringe when I go back to my parent’s house and see my dad putting in 80-90% of the effort in the household, (both retired), and my mom still is the one who holds the remote control.

        4. It’s not wasted on getting laid, if you ALSO use it with life in general. Nothing wrong with getting a lil’ sumpin’ sumpin’ from time to time.

        5. My mother innoculated me against women crying. She did it all the time and it brought out belligerence in my father. The only time I recalled him crying was when he was dying of cancer. Not because he feared death, but he feared leaving his family behind. He nearly died twice before when he was in the coronary care unit; only then he was quite stoic. I suppose that with the cardiac instances, it was either die suddenly or live another day. With the cancer, it was a slow, inevitable process that gives one time to comtemplate. I myself have been on the verge of violent death twice. While it’s panic inducing, it’s not a tearful experience. All that went through my mind was, ‘if it happens, it happens’.

        6. Shit. You know what burns my ass?
          Those car restoration shows where some guy has some old car he’s been sitting on for decades and “never had time” to restore.
          Now, the kind of person who puts in sooooooo much time “working” that he can’t find time to restore some old car is also the kind of person who is capable of paying someone else to restore it. Or they sell the darned thing and buy a new sports or luxury car.
          I have screamed at the screen when the wifey says “he’s had it for years but never could find the time to restore it” and the dude was some workaday (possibly union member) 40 hour per week guy. I have shouted out loud like a lunatic “YOU ARE THE FUCKING REASON YOU FUCKING SELF-CENTERED FUCKING CUNT!”
          Of course these guys could be to blame. These are the simps who say things like “Happy wife, happy life” and refer to their wives as “their better half”.
          The levels of simpery achieved in modern living are incredible. Even without feminism and teenage boys on hormone blockers with breast implants our ancestors would see us as beyond pathetic.
          And beyond salvation probably.
          And the worst part is that a mans only choice is top level simpery or living alone yet getting shit done.
          Too bad for the system that for many of us now, “getting shit done” includes red-pilling younger fellows and fucking the system over. Their system. There is no woman saying “c’mon you have to let go so we can live a normal life”. Oh no. The leftists destroyed and denied “normal life”. Now all we have is their destruction.

      3. Jeep, according to the current blue pill playbook, a young man will bust his ass and maybe have a shot at C-grade or D+ pussy.

    5. not happy, last 6 girls i pulled and 3 have been transgender – this is misrepresentation….

  3. That Richard Speck guy reminds me of Buffalo Bill. Seriously, how fucked up do those inmates have to be to fuck that creature?!?! Just go to the bathroom and rub one out for fuck’s sake!

        1. there are topless pics of a young merkel, and they’re not much better. As an ex-Stasi she’s probably killed more people than that Speck monster

        2. communism and killing kind of go hand in hand. Merkel though probably just watched youtube videos of rosa klebb and practised in the mirror

        3. I saw that pic. She looked horrible, just horrible. The two girls next to her though, if we’re talking about the same picture, I’d certainly not hesitate to bang. At least as I recall.

    1. I believe that Buffalo Bill was actually based off Richard Speck, albeit loosely. I have to see that movie again just for shits & giggles.

  4. Trump should have banned women in the military not transgenders. Just watch Brian de Palma’s Dressed to Kill and ask yourself who do you want fighting ISIS: Angie Dickinson or Michael Caine in a frock?

  5. Do these transgendered soldiers require constant hormone therapy in order to stay the gender that they transitioned to? Having soldiers literally (Hitler) changing sex while in the middle of a long mission is a liability no?

    1. they are sent back until completing transition. 14X the amount is spent on them compared the the avg soldier.

      1. Right.
        But even after completing transition, it’s not like they can produce testosterone without testicles… So they must require hormone therapy to maintain their chosen sex right?
        If they are on mission without a big supply of injectable hormones, their body chemistry will go out of whack, compromising the mission.
        Kinda weird to have soldiers that can literally transform on you if they don’t take their meds… all because of non-lethal cosmetic issue… The whole thing is whack…

        1. oh duh. yeah I cant imagine theres gonna be a medic administering T shots.
          all part of the plan dude, almost as if they are softening up for something…

        2. A population of transgendered deracinated bug people with RFID chip-implants, who think Starbucks and MacDonalds grew out of the ground.
          It’s all coming together so well!

        3. Jesus Christ! I clicked on the article and saw the picture.
          I should have listened to your warning, I know.

    2. The hormones they use to become “female” severely weaken them and expose them to all manner of diseases and emotional instability. If captured, they will be executed because the Muslims don’t cotton to that sort of thing.
      Nothing about this sounds like a good idea.

    3. I’ve never served in a military but I couldn’t imagine sharing the same barracks as these tranny abominations

      1. In the whole social media frenzy over this issue I haven’t heard the opinions of actual soldiers that serve alongside trannies…

        1. Because they likely don’t have the correct opinions, they will not be permitted to express them.

        2. I understand that the standard protocol among enlisted men is “Dude, just shut up.” There’s no upside to speaking out for them – they will be punished for any and every conceivable offense.
          Heard a story once about a female Naval enlistee who filed charges against the man she coerced into knocking her up to escape active duty. If that’s bad, how much worse can it be to have trannies in the ranks?

        3. Not a chance, like the black criminals and media blown up shooting stories, the soldiers are going to go out of their way to avoid friendly fire for the protected class.

        4. As I just responded to Clark above, case in point:

          We can’t let the public know that the military has been trying desperately to delay implementation of this thing. And shhhhh, don;t remind them that it was implemented against their wishes in the first place on the recommendation of two female military nurses, and a JAG officer who I would be my last dollar have exactly zero deployments between the three of them,

      2. when was the last time the word barack and tranny was written in the same sentence without the word ‘michelle’?

      3. I once skipped a cub scout camping trip because I was afraid this faggy kid was gonna try something.
        In retrospect I should have trusted my instincts and beaten him to death.

    4. The first real fight we get into.. one that is for our survival.. like against China or Russia or both.. most of this will go away. Either it will be needed strength enough that they’ll be given the heavy boot, or it will be REALLY needed enough where we won’t care how bat shit crazy someone is, as long as they can fire down range at the approaching Chinese horde rolling up main street.

    5. Yes. Which is why its retarded.
      Also, this isn’t getting much play, for obvious reasons, but the notion that the Pentagon was caught completely off guard by this is a prime example of bullshit fake news.
      In fact, SECDEF Mattis just postponed implementation, and the services had asked for a two year delay because they don’t agree on the science. This has even been stated in congressional testimony. But reporting that means that you can;t make it look like Trump is an unhinged bully who doesn’t take what is best for the military into account.
      When these reporters are swinging from lampposts, I will give exactly zero fucks, only because I cannot give negative fucks.

      1. The first thing I noticed was the address in the link.
        OH! How very interesting… But it gets better. We click, and find this:
        Editor’s note: The opinions in this article are the author’s,
        as published by our content partner, and do not necessarily represent
        the views of MSN or Microsoft.

        MS/MSN/MSNBC/NBC has a content partner that they are absolutely obligated to publish content from!
        I see a glimmer of something deep here. I see rationality returning to the mainstream. Well, I don’t want to count those chickens, but… Hell, this is the biggest sign I’ve seen in a decade.
        And then, the substance of your remarks also deserves recognition:
        When these reporters are swinging from lampposts, I will give exactly zero fucks, only because I cannot give negative fucks.
        You can actually give negative fucks! In fact, you already have. You are identifying the enemy, and laying bare their hatred for everything normal and sane and reasonable. These types of “journalists” need to be checked, fired, and replaced.

  6. “I must have done it, if everybody says I did.” – Richard Speck
    Above excerpt taken from, “There’s Something About Henry” (an examination of Henry Lee Lucas, Ottis Toole, Richard Speck, and other infamous serial killers), by Dave McGowan.
    Read it if you dare. (What’s the matter…chicken? bock-bock-bock) –

        1. “Race and gender, race and gender, make me wanna take a three-week bender. This I tell you brother, you can’t have one without the other.” – Frank Sinatra

    1. Not sure what I like better for a good execution: a Saudi-style beheading or burning at the stake.

  7. Apparently our elites got bored with telling us that 2 + 2 = 5, and they came up with this nonsense about “transgenderism” as their current gaslighting operation to make us doubt our understanding of the world and the evidence of our senses.
    Frankly transgenderism reminds me of Cotard’s Delusion:

    Cotard delusion is a rare mental illness in which the affected person holds the delusional belief that they are already dead, do not exist, are putrefying, or have lost their blood or internal organs.

    The comedy script practically writes itself where you put a transgender guy in the same room with a Cotard guy and have each try to argue with the other’s delusion. The Cotard guy would go, “This transgender guy sounds nuts!”

    1. I don’t care about how the Federal Reserve started. We need to de-Zionize it and get white men in charge of it so that it serves white people’s interests.

      1. the federal reserve and central banks are corrupt regardless of whether jews are at the helm though. I’m not defending Greenspan, Bernanke, Yellen etc but the system is set up to function regardless of who is at the helm. Proxies would make no difference

      2. It’s an awful system and set up in such a way that to even try to exercise it for benign purposes, you end up doing great harm.

  8. Steve Sailer has written about the absurdity of many allegedly transgender public figures, generally smart, accomplished, energetic men who often married and formed families, before they decided in middle age that they really had felt like girls inside all along. These men showed nothing feminine about them during their early years.
    “Martine” Rothblatt, who founded Sirius Satellite Radio, compounded the degeneracy by fathering children with two different black women, one of them a Kenyan (that sounds familiar somehow), before he decided to “transition.” He rationalizes larping as a woman now by invoking Robert Heinlein’s work as his model for “futuristic” living, because some of Heinlein’s stories feature characters who change sex, like “All You Zombies” and I Will Fear No Evil.
    Pioneering satellite radio technology and reading science fiction? That has girly-girl thinking and interests written all over it.

    1. Well who would have imagined that the Warshawskis (or however it’s spelt) would both snip it off. It’s almost as though its some kind of elite penance that’s been imposed for “red-pilling” with the idea that we’re living in a simulation

      1. one is effete; other is built like a linebacker with a wig on. all seems fishy to me.

        1. I think it’s just how hollywood works. They probably got a phone call in the middle of the tonight: “if you want your grandchildren to live, as of tomorrow 6am, you are a bitch”

  9. The penalty for premeditated murder should ALWAYS be death. And the sentence should be carried out swiftly and publicly to discourage others.

    1. I agree that punishment should be punishment. Can you imagine any parent punishing a child by putting them in time-out with all their toys, pizza, and cake and cookies? It would be considered insane, yet that’s what our lib courts seem to think. But I would disagree slightly with your last point. The purpose of prison and/or execution can NOT be deterence to others. CS Lewis wrote an excellent article about the theories of punishment and deterrence and rehabilitation.
      If Punishment is for deterrence, then ANY person being publicly punished will do as a scapegoat to foster deterrence. It must be about punishment first and foremost.

  10. My biggest point about the LGBTQRSTUVAttackHelicopter “rights” movement is that they absolutely miss 2 vital points. First, while we have the principle of majority rule with minority rights, that was never intended to extend to the point that < 1% of the population could dictate to the vast majority of people – so long as a few fundamental rights were not impinged upon (life liberty, etc). A sane civilization would never sacrifice millenia of tradition that works for the delusions of a tiny fraction of mentally-ill people. If one adds the concept of responsibilities and rights together, then responsibility to not infringe on the rights of any others would render all this trans stuff moot.
    The second point that was never raised in the entire homos marrying each other debate is the question of what the government’s interest in marriage was in the first place. It is NOT about two people being happy. They can be happy without marriage. Their ‘union’ can have all the benefits with a contract. Marriage is about fostering a stable institution to pass on culture and tradition, and government interest was in making sure there was a stable foundation for such inculcation. Anything more is SJW meddling.

  11. Ug, I getting so sick of this. This is why we must defeat post modernism and progressivism. Consider the “progressive stack”, which inverts virtue and merit and puts the worst of the worst on top. I think its apropos to this article, as convicts are most certainly the lowest of the low, we can see the creeping influence of the progressive stack at play by acquiescing to ridiculous demands of convicts for sex changes. I mean, criminals never lie? Of course, the left has always been sympathetic to criminals. Note: in the soviet union the criminals in the gulag were actually of higher status than political prisoners. That’s fucking chilling and, moreover, we seem to be headed in that direction.
    I’m still in a state of disbelief that this “trans” issue is even an issue at all. You can’t force people to accept or respect you, but, that’s exactly what all this “trans” shit is about. And its so fucking selfish. Its not just trans its homosexuals too…these so called “rights” amount to “like me, accept me, be my friend” and, as we see, “do as I say, or else”! The more they push, they more I want to stay far far away from these freaks. Why? Because it takes an especially selfish, delusional and pathetic kind of person to use the government to make them popular.

  12. OT, but thought some of you guys might get a kick out of this baseball story (just to break up the tranny nausea for a few seconds) –
    “One day at Dodger Stadium, St. Louis Cardinal catcher Gene Oliver blasted a long home run off Don Drysdale. Before beginning a leisurely trot around the bases, Oliver first stood at home plate admiring the flight of the ball and then said, loud enough for Drysdale to hear, ‘Hey, bat boy, come get the bat.’… The next time Oliver batted, Drysdale drilled him with a fastball. While Oliver writhed in the dirt of the batter’s box and teammates and the Cardinals’ trainer rushed to his aid, Drysdale said loud enough for everyone to hear, ‘Hey, bat boy, come get Oliver.’”
    – Author Mike Shannon in Tales from the Dugout: The Greatest True Baseball Stories Ever Told (Mike Shannon, McGraw-Hill Publishers, 01/11/1998, Page 62)

  13. Up until a few years ago this tranny nonsense was largely fringe, but then the mainstream media started to heavily promote it to the point of obsession. It was no doubt an orchestrated effort on the part of left-wing radicals to normalise this mental illness through incessant exposure. What surprised me the most was the Daily Mail in the UK (once a Conservative newspaper) were at the forefront of this agenda, which just goes to show how far the Left and their agenda has infiltrated every aspect of society.

  14. Can we give cheers to President Trump for wanting to get tranny weirdos out of the military? Yes, I know that the Pentagon fussed over the news coming from a Tweet. (Trump needs to ditch Twitter.) DoD said the order needs to come from a NSC memorandum.

  15. I don’t have much good to say about Saudi, but you have to admit, their executions are some of the best in the world. Wouldn’t it have been divine if the last words that piece of shit Speck heard were ‘Allahu akhbar’ as Hassan’s sword sliced through his neck? Nothing like a good public beheading.

  16. Why is it ten years ago no one had ever even heard of transsexualism and now it has saturated the narrative to such an extreme that I recently heard it being referred to as “The civil rights movement of the twenty first century.”
    More leftist/sjw/globalist/cultural Marxist destruction/division via mass brainwashing that has sprung from the globalist elite’s crown jewel of Marxism feminism? It’s now infected everything from the kindergarten class room to the Military.
    And some people believe there’s no such thing as a globalist agenda.

    1. Because it is a manufactured issue. Notice how women and SJW men will act when you bring out the facts or how the case may adversely affect someone? They will get angry and tell you that you are hurting someone.

      1. Yes, it is a manufactured issue. Just like the “female oppression” nonsense – A’La feminism. Transgenderism is, like feminism, another CIA engineered “social movement” designed to cause division and destruction, chaos and confusion to weaken the foundations of society so it’s ripe for globalist takeover.

  17. Hello everybody good to see you again. Yes Robert Kosiliek was able to get his sex-change operation because a Federal Judge by the name of Mark Wolf ordered the Commonwealth to do so. Judge Wolf’s argument in favor of this was that Kosiliek is suffering from Gender Dysphoria and failure to accomodate his needs would result in cruel and unusual punishment. Of course there was no input from the family of the victim and they now have to pay for the operation through the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Just another reason to boycott the Bay state and vet Federal appointees to the bench more closely.

    1. So a Federal judge just issued a statement declaring Transgenderism a mental disorder. And Hollywood, Democrats and the left in general want the American public to embrace and celebrate this disorder. Even in children.

  18. “So then, why exactly are highly controversial and unproven psychological notions treated as Holy Writ?” Because it is all part of Satan’s plan to destroy God’s created order. Though Satan will never be completely successful, she will cause a lot of damage in her efforts, with a little taxpayer money thrown in for good measure.

  19. that photo of Robert Kosilek looks a little like Anthony Quinn when he was portraying “Crazy Horse” in the brilliant (but maybe a little historically flawed) Errol Flynn as General George Armstrong Custer movie “They Died With Their Boots On”
    if i was American, i would be shouting in the streets to anyone who would listen that the legacy of the brave men of the ‘Mighty 7th’ wont be tarnished by trannies and anal avengers!

  20. I have run across these trannies in jail. Usually as the nurse I had to confirm whether they were crested or cloven. That determined whether they were put in gen pop or isolated. Despite the pictures we see, most do not look like they just did a Vanity Fair shoot. Usually they look like an escapee from the clown asylum with bad hair, make up and blabbering bat shit crazy. One told me that he needed his rights “as a woman”. I promptly told him that he was NOT a woman, he was a man in wearing bad makeup. Most have mental problems and always include drug and alcohol use – it quells the demons.

  21. The mentally unstable are found in prisons. There’s lots of homosexuals and trannies there. Trannies and gays are also significant in number in poor destitute slum neighborhoods. Constant drug abuse like coke, marijuana could help them become gays and trannies as well. Theres also the downlow brothers that exist in both bad towns and prisons which are black men that give up the ass or dress like women to protect themselves

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