Seduce The World With The Red Pill Gospel Or Be Destroyed

I claim to be a leader of men, who wages war against evil without cessation and without mercy. I also claim to be a protector of the weak who never recoils before the enemy.

Some have groaned and complained about these unrealistic, self-aggrandizing claims. Yet, I assure you, my rhetoric is purposefully and unashamedly grandiose. My prose is well calculated. There is method to my madness. Allow me to explain.

In the past couple of years, I have violently sauntered upon an incredibly severe truth – facts, reason and logic are not as important as I thought they were. Emotions trump reason, always. Why? Because reason can rationalize and justify, but emotion motivates.

Scott Adams, a philosopher and expert on persuasion has helped shape these views, and this article builds on many of his brilliant ideas. Here, I stand on the shoulders of this intellectual giant (and others).

Reason and logic are masculine

While reason, common-sense and logic are the social capital that men have used to drive civilization forward, to bring us to the moon, and to cure all sorts of ailments and diseases, they are ineffective when used to communicate to the general masses, and those of lower intelligence.

This is especially the case when speaking to women. Dr. Jordan Peterson has surgically extrapolated the consequences our historic gender roles have had on our political values, and how we view reality. Where men have pushed each other to explore, to produce, to invent, to protect and to build, women were tasked with distributing resources throughout the “in-group”. As such, for the female mind, equality and fairness trump conscientious virtues associated with male production (that are far more fact reliant).

Fairness and equality are emotionally driven, yet male endeavors of production and gathering of resources require a hard realism. Our male ancestors needed to fend off vicious predators to obtain resources. They needed to climb, to lift and to strategize to protect their women and children from the elements and barbaric armies. These endeavors are not emotionally compelled. They depend on intelligence, reason and pragmatism.

Why President Trump is a monster to the Left

For these reasons, many women on the left, and their effeminate beta-male orbiters, view President Trump so differently than masculine men. Where masculine men (like readers of this blog) see a great builder, a brilliant persuader and a man motivated by pragmatic common-sense (i.e. build a wall to keep illegal migrants out), the feminine Left sees him as a monster who endangers their ability to redistribute resources to those who are “vulnerable” and “oppressed.”

To evangelize the left and bring it out of its collective insanity, we will need to adopt this emotionally oriented message. That is the only way we reach the hearts and minds of these equality driven, culturally suicidal modern women.

Let me be clear. We will remain staunch and steadfast in our views. But our messaging will have to change and evolve, if we are to survive the impending feminist dark ages, and continue to build this movement.

Our enemies are using nukes while we use swords

For while we fumble in the manosphere with facts and figures, using the masculine virtues of reason and logic, our enemies in the Social Justice radical left along with their Alphabet Soup Nazi allies (LGBTQRSTUV etc..) deploy methods that are far superior – they appeal to the masses’ emotions and feelings, even if those appeals are devoid of truth and reality. And the Left eats it with the same vigor as solid game being delivered upon a young woman with ‘Daddy Issues.’

These truths have also been expounded by veterans of the game, albeit in a different context. Too often, us men, especially those with above average IQ’s, employ reason and logic, so that we are made impotent, unable to communicate and speak an emotional, less intelligent language that women understand and so desperately crave.

In this feminized epoch of history (perhaps the first ever), where many men have adopted a feminine-centric fairness-based outlook, we will need to re-orient our powers of seduction to seduce the masses into adopting our political views. Like ‘game,’ political seduction will need to be an emotionally driven pursuit. We will need to taunt and tease our ideas into the collective zeitgeist and slowly and vigorously thrust and penetrate our dogma into the feminine sphere, so that our superior seed of survival and self-preservation will bear us a new more masculine, sane political progeny.

Where once we relied on moral, pragmatic arguments, we will need to evolve them into emotionally based views that appeal to fairness and equality.

Example 1 – Abortion should be illegal

Let us examine how this would play out in a pro-life/anti-abortion argument:

While I, and many here would condemn abortion for its moral depravity, and for the hard reality that it destroys demographic continuity and eliminates a woman’s sense of self-responsibility, an emotional/fairness based argument spoken to a leftist would look like this: Why is it fair for you to kill fetuses who would develop into human beings, while you yourself were able to survive such a predicament and become a human being?

Example 2 – The West should avoid importing mass amounts of “refugees”

Another example, relates to mass migration of foreign hordes. The manosphere argument looks like this: it is wrong to import mass amounts of people with inferior values than us, since they will be unable to integrate with the rest of society, and cause social chaos (Exhibit A – Western Europe). This makes sense for moral and common-sensical reasons.

An emotional/fairness based argument looks like this: allowing mass migration is not fair to working class people, who will have to bear the brunt of the ill-effects of these migration patterns.

If the left counters with their relativistic nonsense, and claim that these migrants will not be a strain on social resources, but a benefit (since “diversity is our strength”), then the alternative argument would be: importing migrants en masse is unfair since it is exploitative and predatory. We Westerner’s should stop bombing their homelands and displacing them, sending them onto dangerous journeys where they put themselves at severe risk of death. It’s not fair to these developing countries that we then pluck out their young men and women, which causes major demographic imbalances for them.

These arguments are not morally, or pragmatically oriented. They are inferior since they are driven by fairness and equality, yet the conclusion is the same – abortion should be illegal/foreign migrants should not be imported en masse to the West. In order to evangelize and spread the red pill gospel, we will need to start appealing to the left’s emotions.

Know your audience

Back to my bio, I write these things because they are meant to invigorate and to inspire you – my fellow dissidents – so that together, we can reclaim Western nations. My prose changes according to the audience that I am addressing.

On our quest to reclaim Western lands then, we will need to win the hearts and minds of the masses, by speaking their language, by appealing to their emotions and their sense of fairness and equality. We will need to change our prose accordingly. While foreign hordes are knocking at our gates, our skills of seduction can very well save our societies. For us to survive, we must seduce, charm, manipulate, and enchant the female voter.

Only then can we lift our movement from the underground, into the mainstream, where we will achieve great victories for Christendom, for freedom and for truth.  We will protect our women, we will defend our brethren, and we will defeat the Globalist enemies who torment us like demons.

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113 thoughts on “Seduce The World With The Red Pill Gospel Or Be Destroyed”

  1. It starts with the stories we tell each other. We need to ditch post-modern ideas like the disdain for narratives and remind ourselves that we’re part of a great tale. Other cultures are proud of their story but we’ve been taught to be ashamed of ours.

  2. Knowledge withouth power can be terrifying. It makes you feel helpless. Knowledge is supposed to be power , but we live in a paradoxical world. We have knowledge , but it’s the leftists who are all-powerful. We have to be very cunning to ensure our survival.
    On a side note , why do conservatives make all this noise about abortions , but close their eyes when it comes to transgender surgeries being performed on actual children ? The second seems far more disturbing and barbaric to me. Is it because the Right doesn’t have the guts to even challenge the Left on LGBT stuff ?

    1. Knowledge is complementary to power, power is achieved through actions and risk.
      You can be knowledgeable as Eisntein but if you don’t put it into practice, you’re as good as a book collecting dust in the bin.
      Knowledge, Power, and Spirituality are the components to a greater understanding. These three usually gets you whatever you want.

      1. Knowledge is supposed to give you some advantage when taking action ans risks. But it doesn’t mean shit anymore. You can do/say witty things , but all the leftists have to do is call you a racist , publish your identity and boom your life is ruined if you’re a normal person. It has come to this point. If you are a weak person and find yourself on the right ideologically (knowledge and some intelligence will lead you on the right as a rule ) it’s better not to have knowledge at all and be happy inside the matrix instead.

        1. Nah we were born to be rebels.
          Manhood is constant Rebellion.
          There’s a reason why the men in power want to feminized men. It’s easier to control and manipulate subjective individuals. Women are this.
          Real Masculinity usually results in catastrophe and warmongering. Which are two of our worst vices. But this is our nature and if not fostered, you get the top dogs staying on top of the food chain for far too long.
          The elites are afraid of powerful, knowledgeable men congregating for this reason.
          We are nature’s children and how we determine hierarchy is no different than other animals on this planet. We topple the totempole.

        2. You’re right but there is smth interrupting the natural flow of things. It’s fucking technology. We are not men fighting with swords anymore. I’m very technology-sceptic. What worries me the most about modern world is how powerless and worthless the individual is becoming.

        3. Eventually something or someone will become this great challenge that might get us up our asses and become active.
          That’s yet to be seen. I notice that all the potential challengers are in cahoots anyways.
          If we decide to burn down their mansions and rip them apart, then we can truly say that we are free. But the top dogs dictate the rules of engagement. We can’t control that unless we do a crusade against the very opportunist that has given us the luxuries we have.
          Creating a new world is tough and going back to nature is even tougher. But one thing is certain, you will always have to destroy the previous canvas.

        4. The crusade better be quick or it may never happen. They managed to make us all have a virtual identity and virtual life. They now know everything about us , what we do and even what we think (I guess they could easily hack these anonymous accounts of ours if they wanted to). This has never been the case in human history. It’s as if the 20th century’s communist dictator’s wet dream became true. So it’s not far-fetched to think we might have a chip inside us is 30 years. You know for “security and convenience ” reasons.

        5. But even then. What’s to stop the new bosses from becoming like the old bosses. Also what would be the plans for the aftermath. Most revolutionaries tend to not think through what will happen after their big revolution.

        6. History will repeat itself. We are no different from the previous generation s afterall. It’s in our nature to rise fall and corrupt. It’s a sad reality but great men who aspire to help the world eventually gets corrupted.
          This is consistent with all businesses and government.
          The good times don’t roll forever my friend.
          Look at it from a biological standpoint in which we are born with nothing, we create wealth and boon, then we decay as we grow old.
          It’s just the way it is.

        7. While we sit here and think what is appropriate and good for men and for humanity, there are many managers, engineers etc in weapons, oil, pharmaceutical companies who are contemplating what is good for profits and shareholders, which often means wars, invasions and excuses to have them, excuses to maintain sanctions etc. So much of the military machine, bases all around the world is out of our sight, things we see every day, we forget these things exist. It’s great so many talented forces on the right are using every medium to get the message across, we’ve got to remember some of these profit-motives that drive all this sickness from time to time..

        8. Women are not subjective individuals. That is because they are not really individuals, except when they are considered as individual members of the herd. They are easily manipulated because the need to be acceptable members of the herd is bred into their genes as an absolute necessity.

        9. You are correct in one respect, nothing will change until the elites are hanging from lampposts all over the country.

    2. How can you object to the transgender agenda if you lost your battle a few steps behind (the objective truth of abortion as a murder, the objective truth of heterosexuality being the norm and the rest deviances etc.)?

      1. The war on sexuality is lost forever my friend. The cucservatives were sleppy when the left was winning it. Also I merely said this transgender thing is more disturbing than the abortion and nobody is addressing it.

    3. I don’t know of a single solitary conservative who is ok, or silent, about little kids being mutilated into another “gender”. Not one. Ever. Hit BreitBart and bring the topic up. You’ll not find one silent conservative saying “live and let live” when it comes to this.

      1. You missed my point man. I know conservatives are against it and express their views in places like Breitbart…to each other. But I haven’t heard of them organizing any demonstrations or protests against it. Or any republican politician address it publicly. They do this all the time about abortion. Conservatives or cuckservatives are especially quiet when it comes to LGBT stuff.

        1. Perhaps because of all the crap flung at them when they try to ban gay marriage? Maybe they’re thinking: “Welp, we stood up to the LGBT on one issue and got raked through the coals for it. Maybe we won’t be quite so vocal on the next LGBT issue that lands on our desk.”

        2. My thoughts exactly. The only man with balls on the right seems to Donald Trump , but he has no backup. When he dares to stand up to the LGBT , and the leftist shitstorm hits him , the cuckservative masses keep quiet. So he always has to back off a little. When he banned the transgenders in the military , some cucked republicans and even army generals opposed him publicly. Cucks love to virtue signal. So yeah , they’re scared af to stand up to the LGBT.

        3. The LGBT war machine is quite powerful; just look at the battle over Prop. 8 in California, or the incident over the that country clerk in Indiana. I don’t entirely blame people for being scared to stand up.
          At some point, the fear does need to give way to something that will drive us to our feet.

    1. Only land owning, tax paying, naturally born citizens should get to vote. Imagine how far along our Mars colony would be.

      1. Almost every single problem in the west comes from universal suffrage. No accountability from the voters leads to no accountability from the politicians. Voting needs to be a privilege- not a right.

        1. The right to Vote should only be given in the following circumstances:
          Paid income tax to the government for 10 straight years.
          Served in the Armed Forces for 3 Years
          Served in the Public Service for 12 years
          Achieved a Doctorate in Politics
          Served in Medical Public Service 5 years

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        3. It’s no fair how a voter can vote someone into office but then they aren’t able to vote them back out again – kind of like a ‘thumbs up’/’thumbs down’ vote on disqus. Some other body has the authority to impeach but you the voter can’t cast a mid term vote to boot someone out from an automated machine at the library. Running for office beats voting. The voters are people who don’t have the time to run for office.

        4. Achieved a Doctorate in Politics
          Some sentences written in a public space should at least make YOUR voting right debatable. 😉

        5. Bollocks. Income tax is merely another form of servitude. Pay tribute to your slave owner and you get to rotate your slave owner for another one off of the Approved List every four years until they decide that you no longer have that right.
          Why not return to a Federal Republic and abandon the farce of “democracy”
          Throw out the ethnocentric few who rule you and keep- you in ghettos of the mind walled in by all the alinsky-esque “isms”

        6. Fürchenegott LOL yes so much of fail in the comment of Skeptic. Indeed why not include graduate from Gender and Race Studies from Columbia?

        7. Google is paying 97$ per hour! Work for few hours and have longer with friends & family! !at151d:
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        8. Well, it would have worked IF the three Amendments and the law that created the FED were never enacted…the Senate should be appointed by state legislators, the 16th, 17th, and 18th and the Federal Reserve Act are the lynchpin to what’s been going on for the last 100 years. FDR got rid of the 18th amendment, the others need to go, too.

        9. Step 1: End Universal Suffrage.
          Step 2: Terminate the Federal Reserve.
          Step 3: Eliminate Welfare Programs.
          Now America is great again.

        10. Its not quite that easy. Suffrage was a disaster, yes. But the bigger evil is Egalitarianism, founded in Christianity, which begot Democracy, and then Marxism. But those things–up to and excluding Marxism–also made Western (white) civilization, which is the highest human achievement. We need those even as they spelled our doom.
          Sort of like women themselves.

        11. Because they have nothing to do with Politics by which he means Poli Sci, which is a neutral field that happens to be infested with Marxism in our era. Hurr.

      2. like one of the founding father’s said (paraphrase.) “when the idiots, I mean citizens, can vote themselves more welfare and goodies then you’ve lost the republic”…

        1. That was:
          Tocqueville 1838 … “[Democracy] can only exist until a majority of voters discover that they vote themselves money from the treasury.

      3. I don’t understand why more people don’t get this. Even my hard working farmer brother thinks, “You just can’t take away peoples ‘right’ to vote.” But it’s totally correct. If you don’t have the ability or want to own and care for a piece of property of real value, then you shouldn’t be helping to direct to path of this nation.

        1. But you never actually “own” land do you. Just try not paying land taxes and see what happens.
          The farce of land ownership is nothing more then a scheme to generate money from that land for banksters that own the governments. Your so called ownership is really just a contract that binds you into paying ad infinitum.

        2. Heinlein: Starship Troopers…only those that served in the military were granted the Right of Citizenship. You gotta have skin in the game! If you’re on welfare…sorry, you got NO say…yes, you should be at the mercy of volunteer organization which served the nation well until the early 20th Century when the socialist-progressives DEMANDED that the State “do something…” All we got is more poverty and more problems.

      4. I am for giving it all to a monarch or an aristocracy, not a clear meritocracy as it is too open, and ditching the vote entirely!
        Needless to say current “elites” (usurpers in my mind) would have to see themselves and their offspring executed before that happens. The people, as a body, though has proved that it cannot govern itself no matter if they own land or not it is not possible to stop emancipation.
        Democracy was a tool by the modern usurpers to throw down white elites make a power vacuum that they and their proxies and the traitors of ours would fill. First they used nationalists against the physiocrats (they wanted a return to the monarchy as things should be), then they used classical liberalism against nationalism, as it posed a threat, then they used socialism against, classical liberalism in order to start the developing of their voting base, then they used modern liberalism against socialism, due to the fact that it was co-opted by nationalists and communist-patriots*.
        Notice there is no mention of conservatism as it is in the end nothing else but a watered down version of liberalism that watered itself down even more every time the liberals (with Trotskyite social and Keynesian economic ideas) managed to move one of their milestones.
        So swallow all the red pill, wail for your past self, and be reborn wiser and truer to the core.
        *of course I am reffering to Stalin who in order to win the war made some form of patriotic communism, with conservative social values but socialist economic policies… As few would fight for the amalgam that he Bolsheviks were creating, that eerily resounds the leftys dream. That was the only good thing about that man and the regime he created… don’t get me wrong I am not a commie and do not support communism but Stalinism was a unique fruit.

        1. Nothing, the organ is now free of disease.
          What I meant is: remove the vote by abolishing it completely but someone needs to make a decision. If the vote can be abolished completely (‘xcept for ordering pizza or souvlaki on movie nights) it be the best outcome. If that cannot happen an aristocracy would be sufficient as it removes any form of mass suffrage and it opens the road for a clear monarchy to develop.

        2. The problem with aristocracy and monarchy is the power corrupts, and there is too much power in the hands of a few. Just read some European history.
          The abuse of power by the aristocracy is how we got into the democratic mess we are in now.
          There has to be some kind of accountability to the people or we will return to the dark ages.
          Democracy actually works fairly well as long as the people have some common sense and a work ethic. The first 150 years or so of US history shows this.
          The current state of US politics show how badly and how fast democracy can go bad.
          The idea that only property owning male taxpayers can vote is a good start.

        3. Please forgive me for not answering immediately, but I was busy!
          Now to the answer:
          I have read some European History but I have nearly become an expert on ancient Greek History, philosophy and culture and I can point out that Democracy is just a bad system. Plato said that it is in the democratic rulers benefit to free the slaves (consider here LGBTQIA, criminals, illegals, socialists, liberals etc.) in order to become more secure in his position, but the moment he frees them becomes indebted to them and they rule on him and hence this is how tyranids are born (the regime not the alien from W40k). He also points out that in democracies there is the tendency for the people, or a part of them, to vote for attaining money privileges etc while when most people when left to govern themselves tend to feel their bellies like the beasts. In short this only makes the point that in bigger masses of people there is more corruption than small and in small there is more that there can be in one.
          During the Peloponesian war the Athenians voted on condemning and eradicating three cities. Their decision was to kill all the men and sell the women and children as slaves destroying the cities completely… All the time they felt bad for even thinking to do this later sending a ship to inform their soldiers not to go for that plan all times the boat did not make it on time and no they continued on doing things that they knew from experience that they would regret them. This was the reason why the Athenians in the course of this war proved to be the greatest disaster to the Greek peoples.
          But there is also one more greater example. In his apology Sokrates points out to the people in the court (courts were ran by citizens and the whole citizenry voted for the result) that if they would condemn him in death they would regret it as they did it for killing the three or four generals before him… they did not heed him and they regretted, again, their decision!
          Contrast this with the case of a so-so Byzantine Emperor Theodosios who did order his soldiers to put down hooligans around the hippodrome in Thessaloniki with violence killing them. He regreted his decision and sent a messenger but… classically it was too late the roads in Thessaloniki were red rivulets of blood! He apologised said he wouldn’t do anything like this again and… he kept his word!
          So an monarch did learn from his mistake but the masses… not. Even worse the second Peloponesian war was fuelede by Athens’s hate and fear of Oligarchies: in a Mackinderish (Although it is a diservice to Mackinder, you may call him neoconish) “manifesto” Demosthenes
          (If I remember correctly in his “For Megalopolitians” speech) declared that it is Athens’s need to destroy all non-democratic Greek states to secure its existence hence starting the next Peloponisian war that destroyed what little were left standing from the first.
          Lastly a bit from Aristotle’s Politics which I have read ’till now the half: Monarchy is the best from the good systems and the worst from the bad (in its inverted form tyranid), while democracy is the worst of the best forms and the best from the worst (in its inverted form: okhlocracy). He further points out that there is no way to secure for any length of time the rule of law in democracy if one wants to have effective leadership while with a monarchy the rule of law is not required in the first place to keep it under control (it is for the favour for the rule of the moral man instead of the moral law and hence his power is based upon the ethos of the people rather than a law that people may condemn one day starting an okhlocracy or a being understood differently by a class of oligarchs) just an insane amount of care given to the monarch so that he rules for the people rather than for himself. Hence the mania for ancient Greek thinkers on supporting the kingdoms of the heroic times which Homer mentions in his epics plus their weird enthrallment to tyranids as it was not uncommon for them to be transformed to legitimate (for the people) monarchies.
          Lastly with the mantra power corrupts… This is false. Power and money do not corrupt anyone but the already corrupt. A sane moral person will use power and money in a sane and moral way. The mantra created during the enlightenment, if I remember correctly spoken by Rousseau written in his work “The Social Contract” was used by the most corrupt people of France against the ruling class which defamed by actually over representing and pushing for promoting the misdeeds of some of its members colouring them all as miscreants. Reminds anything doesn’t it? Maybe the way that the media portray Brexiteers, trump-supporters and white-identitarians and other such groups. While on the other hand Antifa, by far the most problematic group and SJWs were seen as good and moral and they projected all the things they ‘d like to do to society in general as actions that we would do to act upon society in general! The same can be said for that mantra and if you want further proof of this just read Edmund Burke’s work “Reflections on the Revolution in France”.
          Lastly Democracy polarizes society in an extreme way by separating on two or more parties with antithetical positions on key subjects many of them concerning the principles the system is designed and ran on. It also makes it into an open and inclusive system allowing it to become target of infiltrators and legitimizes treason as long as it is being acted upon the land by a party that forms a legitimate government which means that most people, in many cases probably just a 30% chunk of the population and even less, voted for it.
          As for the U.S. The system was good as long as the founding principles were followed but it required a Roosevelt to wreak havoc on them and just the first emancipation (of small landowners) to completely start the process for its vulgarization and to make the system mutate towards its current form in which even illegals vote! At least, for all its failings, the Republic of Greece may have allowed the reinstatement of the Communist Party of Greece in the 70’s by the most cucky government of the time but in Greece there is no way for illegals to vote as it requires a totally new constitution but still it has not protected from the traitors and the idiots (I use the ancient meaning of men that care only for themselves and their private workings no matter what happens around them) that work in it.
          The problem is that a democratic state is weak to ennact anything that is much needed when it is strong and well in order to stop itself from devolving to okhlocracy, but the moment it has transformed into one it is very difficult to enact the laws that the okhlos wants but because the oppression is not evident it acts as a safety pin releasing the extra steam from the system giving a semblance of stability and law enough to keep the people occupied with their daily routine as their country suffers and their future is being stolen from them while they cower in angst. This is the reason why also people do not revolt they feel safe enough and not oppressed enough to lift a finger.

    2. Voting in general is a fraud. Democracy is also a fraud. Masses are totally incapable of thinking rationally, so voting is extremely risky for a nation. There are (very) few exceptions of course, but these do not change the overall rule.

      1. That’s what the Founders thought, too. Read the Rise of the Roman Republic, by Polybius…you’ll see in his first chapter that the ancients realized that democracy didn’t work, for long…

    3. but if you take away the female vote you still have to deal with the fact that democracy is largely a sham anyway, and if you’re working to take away the female vote – which isn’t going to happen anyway – you can’t even claim the democratic high ground necessary to challenge the subversion of democracy by elites. Voters get led, shepherded and most of the time manipulated. Removing the vote from a section of the population isn’t going to change that. All you’ll get is a little bit less welfare and female pandering, but the cryptocracy will rule behind the scenes just the same. The surface world would look a little less insane, and less cucked, but the back office would remain what it has long been.

      1. michaelmobius1 Yes you are correct, however prior to suffrage there was at least a modicum of sense and logic involved in the decision making processes and the decision makers had to be a bit more careful not to make logical minds angry. However since suffrage decisions and policies and there consequences happen many times faster than before.
        Who actually were the main sponsors of both the suffrage and its offshoot feminism?

        1. I’m all for pointing out negative consequences of such ‘social justice’ milestones, but democracy is something I believe makes for a better rather than worse society over all, as it is effectively a minimum condition today for being able to make the case for ‘fairness’. Note I don’t mean that it results in fairness. Often it results in the reverse, and a tyranny of the stupid, but that’s as much to do with how democracy is arranged and institutionalised as it is to suffrage itself. There are potential advantages too. We complain sometimes that women act like children with a short-attention span and little capacity for abstract as opposed to emotionally driven planning. It is only in a democracy, where they can be asked to answer for, to account for their decision making, which is precisely what may be the practical effect of flagging up the consequences of women getting their vote. Yes, women don’t like to be accountable for anything they do. Their attribution style is to blame others – well men. This is the age of pointing that out, and discovering if they are capable of looking themselves in the mirror. So far the answer appears to be that they do not have that capacity, but who knows. They are still young at this. I admit it is not promising, but we have to work with what we have

        2. Except we DON’T live in a democracy, we live in a Constitutional Republic that’s been usurped by F’ing judges who no longer follow the Constitution.

        3. Well as a point of information I live in a constitutional monarchy that doesn’t even have a constitution….and which has been usurped by bankers, masons n’ marxists, all working together. Be glad you’ve still got a constitution even if it’s under attack

        4. yeah, I get that…we recognized Common Law in our Constitution…but Franklin said it’s “an experiment.”

        5. We could do with some of your inalienable rights in the UK and Europe, especially regarding freedom of expression

        6. Those judges should be shot. Is that illegal to say? Its just an opinion, NSA/FBI please don’t arrest me…

  3. I will be for outlawing abortion when we don’t have BILLIONS of taxpayer dollars going towards welfare babies. Eliminate the welfare system and then I’ll be fine with no abortion. On a personal level I don’t like abortion. On a national level, I don’t want welfare babies and national policy trumps personal preference.

    1. No welfare & no abortion, our society would be first rate 12 months after the shit burned off. Family union would be treasured & skanks would be left to wither away in shame.

  4. Nice article. A few things:
    1. Don’t be like the shills on the alt-lite calling leftists “Nazis” (hurr durr the left are the REAL nazis lelelel) as it shows a lack of understanding of national socialism and historical facts surrounding their ideology. We don’t call left leaning people “Marxists” for no reason. Can’t be commie and NSDAP at the same time.
    2. Yes, you said facts are not important and that we need to appeal to the emotional masses, but our enemies use emotion in a deconstructionist sense in that emotion is merely the byproduct and manifestation of the untermensch, to which the emotions are gleaned from destroying everything that was built. Emotion motivates, but *reason* accompanying the motivating power of our limbic brain is what drives individuals to a higher purpose and aspirations, instead of merely getting manipulated into being “triggered” by almost literally everything that makes a healthy society. You make a fair point about converting the lemmings using leftist tactcs as it is inherently Machiavellian, but many of these people are not capable of being saved, and thus will only seek middle ground with you after you’re dead.
    3. And now I make my next point, that using emotion like you said is both a waste and time consuming. The level of mental conditioning to convert enough of the masses into the cult that the big-schnozzed manipulators invented takes YEARS. Not just a few, but around 2 generations or more. We neither have the time nor the key positions in media, government, and economy to play their game. We must still use what we have been using to inform and gain allies, but we should only use emotion when a call to arms is sounded, because when the call comes, the message must invigorate the spirits of the awaken en masse to show up to the battlefield. That is when emotion will be very useful to us.

    1. Well, nazism had some leftist elements to it. I wouldn’t consider it fitting to call it right wing for sure.

      1. National Socialism combines elements from both Left and Right and its adherents weren’t really concerned about how much that might upset their critics. My family suffered greatly at the hands of the Communists, but Hitler sent his military to the rescue and probably saved my parents’ lives, which means that I probably exist because of him. Honor requires that I not speak too harshly of him, even though I don’t agree 100% with everything he did.

        1. Thanks for sharing your story man. Neearly all territories east of Germany at the time saw the SS as liberators, and rightly so. Stalin’s Order 0428 “Torch Men Order” in 1941 terrorized their own people by using partisans in German uniforms to slaughter villages and burn everything in order to make the rest of the population think that the Germans were doing it, thereby shifting focus away from the genocide being carried out by the Bolsheviks on Christains. People like to deny it, but both the Russian governent and survivors confirm it. Also given that historically, Russia was no stranger to using scorched earth tactics when an invading army crossed their border.

  5. “Diversity is our strength” – who the fuck goes around saying that?
    Shitlibs running for office are saying that. They have all been incorporating “diversity is our strength” into their speeches over the last decade.
    That was Tony Blair a decade ago. Now his “diversity is our strength” schtick has trickled down in Great Britain to empower every gay buttfucker in the gutter into thinking they own the degenerated culture and that THEY represent the land. Sophie Cook – the first ever tranny candidate for MP of the Labour party now ‘comes out’ with ‘diversity is our strength’. God help England

    Luckily he/she lost the election. He(?) now does some RuPaul type tranny shit on British gay tv now. To think he was once a RAF engineer and football player. Shit’s too fucked up.
    And across the pond, Justin Trudeau spouts the same globalist shill bullshit – more ‘diversity’

    Monkey see monkey do. Funk monkey Obama then apes the Canadian cuck:

    It is a required platform point for every globalist shill to announce “diversity is our strength”. It is the mark of a traitor and weakling. Any local politician saying “diversity is strength” would turn your community into a sanctuary city without batting an eyelash. When a person in authority says this, it identifies and separates them as clear as a trench in the dirt being on the side of the traitors. Whether they be champaigne liberals or lowly sjw scrappers, any party machine assembly or city council that nods like bobble heads in agreement that “diversity is strength” is a room full of wall to wall traitor globalist shills, dupes and clueless females. The left is totally sold on diversity and the left is becoming near total lgbtq as well. After Trudeau’s advocating “diversity (rape and pillage of your land) is strength” in his bid to kiss globalist ass, now we see the trickle down to mayoral offices being pursued by LGBTQs. George Smitherman, the first openly gay candidate for Toronto mayor debates with conservative anti-diversity mayor Rob Ford.

    Luckily again, the fag lost. Smitherman married some other fag in 2007 who used medical marijuana and then committed suicide in 2013. Hmm?? During their ‘marriage’, these buttfuckers adopted two children from the Toronto Children’s Aid Society – a Dyncorp affiliated CPS(child protective service) group that steals children from parents for reasons ranging from legal pretense to political opposition, and then brokers them to wealthy gays, Arabs or whoever flashes cash, or they release them to the open child market where they run the risk of becoming medical waste less a few organs. THESE FAGS had custody of ‘Michael’ and ‘Kayla’ whoever these kids were.×698.jpg
    Any of the dime a dozen government globalist shills already scrubbed the kids records so we’ll never know the kids real names or how to reunite them with their blood parents. Here the kids are being groomed to mourn the ashes of fagdaddy #2.×650.jpg
    How many Christmases have those poor kids missed now opening presents around the tree with their real mommy and daddy? We wanna know dammitt! Do their parents know or approve that their kids were sold to fags? We want full disclosure. The government ‘protective’ child traffickers are a thick wall of marxist trash and lesbians that are hell bent on atomizing the entire nation and their free ride is about over. What will the bald assfucker Smitherman do now? Hit the fag clubs again and suck dick in the restrooms in search of a new asshole to bitchdog on? “Diversity is strength” my ass. Fags are morally weak. Weakness is corruptable. They’re as corrupt as any other type of pillaging thief with their debauched omega weakness. Fags in government are no different than thieving mobsters in government. Stealing people’s kids to show like trophys in the fag scene(pound fists) . . . I swear.
    And lastly who have we here? The communist Bernie Sanders, same old worn out diversity crap. Communism is so dead.

    At least Bernie was a live human. Hillary became a dead stick puppet robot last August and doesn’t even deserve my effort.

    1. I felt some familiar emotions reading your argument there McGoo…and I agree, anyone who claims ‘diversity is our strength’ has lost my vote at the very least. I can’t help wanting to curb stomp butt fuckers, I was born that way.

    2. Just another ROK article being hysterical and panicked about the “flood” of middle eastern immigrants. It’s funny to think of these writers soiling themselves in fear over something hyped up and relatively insignificant as far as % of American immigration. By overplaying the concern, they demonstrate a most unmanly quality: being a pawn manipulated by fear.

  6. wtf happened…I read about Old Ironsides the other day, a ship built from Northeast USA wood 30 years after the US was created-& it knocked the shit out of the British Empire all the way down to Brazil. What balls we once had. OK going to go cry at time machine attempt….

  7. ”Our enemies are using nukes while we use swords”
    the only time nukes were used was by the fucking yanks!
    and swords? what about all the times you bravely faced indigenous peoples with submachines when the only weapon they had was a spear?
    bunch of fucking hypocrite cowards

    1. It was survival of the fittest. And if we are dumb enough to not wake up and erase our enemies, then we will deserve the doom that will follow.

  8. For abortion, my plan is to just call women whom get abortions murderers. Just label them murderers, as they are, and don’t accept anyone else calling them anything else.

    1. They REALLY hate that. About as much as queers hate being called sodomites. It’s like they’re recoiling at the voice of God.

    2. It’s one of the things that has absolutely ruined women. If they can kill their own child for convenience what will they not do to a grown man? If she admits to abortion in her past, run!

  9. You assume leftists are capable of understanding issues, once broken down into an emotional format. That won’t happen for 2 reasons:
    1. Most cannot (The stupid faction)
    2. Those that can understand, choose not to alter their thinking (the sociopathicareasonsTn)

    1. Hey Brian.
      Here’s my psychological analysis of ideological leftists after decades of sincere (unofficial) therapy with them to explore their motivations:
      They’re conned into being leftists. When they were young and naive (or perhaps married some badboy like Teresa Heinz did or embittered such as Arianna Huffington), they get sold the “we’ll make the world into ABBA era Sweden!” bill of goods but also, more importantly, told…
      They can be cool and hip.
      After all, most of their teen idols are leftists and they claim to be rebels (they do what’s popular because they’re cool, get it? Sort of like the cigarette ads that tell you to rebel by fitting in.)
      The first thing the cool table teaches them is to mock those who aren’t at the cool table: People who disagree with them are “stupid, bigot racist losers who don’t deserve any mercy!”
      After a few years of this and seeing how the “uncool” kids are mocked, to leave the cult becomes unthinkable.
      Those who do wind up leaving do so because the difference engine (computer) in their brains do a simple form of binary math: Is A) being a leftist and not being uncool worth more than B) Letting my children get beaten up repeatedly by protected groups and ignore the problem because their kids’ interests are outweighed by A? Conservatism and right wing thinking is about admitting you’ve been, gasp, stupid for a while but doing so because you have obligations as a father and spouse.
      One reason why leftists are often argumentative is they realize they were conned and hope to do it to someone else so they can alleviate their own guilty consciences that they were so easily duped. “If I can convince some guy on the street or right winger that hating themselves will make the world a better place, then my own foolishness will have been ok!”
      Disproving their ideology accomplishes little. What does work is to point out that being self-hating makes them worthless as human beings (by definition) and asking others to jump off a cliff to make them feel better is laughable. To help get them out of their situation, they need to hit rock bottom. Send them there.

  10. Well intentioned article but off point. Abortion itself is not a significant factor in the ethnic cleansing of the west and the religious right allows itself to chase after this red herring. Logic 101: European right winger women who oppose abortion simply won’t get them (unless they’re hypocrites) so therefore abortion will disproportionately impact left wing constituencies. In addition, the impact of abortion on reduced birthrates is questionable since many women who have an unplanned pregnancy/child when they’re younger may learn (positively) from the experience and decide to opt out of having additional children later so the net impact of them not getting an abortion may mean them having FEWER children!!!
    The main factor driving down white (“western”) birthrates is due to equality for women in the workplace while women’s sexism drives them to demand men compete with them as traditional breadwinners and many of these women forgoing marriage and having children altogether and general anti-male feminism driving down marriage/procreation rates altogether. The lousy economy due to leftism and feminism doesn’t help people to feel secure to have large families either. I know several “twofer” career families where the woman has a good income who feel that the cost of living has increased and she ‘has’ to work and the cost of having fewer children is the same as my blue collar worker father a half century ago having a larger family.
    Food for thought, folks.

  11. Now regarding the outrage against Trump.
    I wish Trump was the boogyman the left portrayed him as and he REALLY cracked down on immigration but he’s only done a small fraction of what needs to be done and they’re going nuts. But the thing that really gets in their craw is him tearing down the thought-police PC narrative worldview that they had thought was cemented in the USA consciousness.
    The average Joe Six Pack working guy can get fired for saying the wrong thing in front of a woman at the workplace. Many of them are beta male white knight wussies kissing women’s butts to get laid. Politicians feared saying something unPC lest the press come down on them hard as “racists” or “sexists” so that right wing positions could be thrown down the memory hole and erased before even debated.
    Trump showed it was possible to do things we take for granted in a western Democracy: Have a discussion of ideas and NOT be thrown off stage and even WIN. THIS scares them most of all.
    It’s funny how the feminists shriek over him saying the “P” word when the celebrity culture of the west is far more vulgar on a regular basis and feminist protests against him were also unladylike. Feminist logic: Trump doesn’t treat them like “ladies” in his private locker room talk so they’ll run around naked with vulgar words on their bodies to show them how they deserve to be treated like ladies.

    1. I think if a few more of the mainstream politicians etc would boldly defy PC and self-censoring like this it would go a long way. It will seriously get a genie out of the bottle that the left won’t be able to stuff back in. Was pleasantly surprised to learn today how a journalist in an extremely mainstream German magazine had totally defied the unspoken rules and successfully hacked a lot of attention for a book that they would have otherwise loved to censor

  12. I hope by “Nazi allies” you are not referring to the National Socialist of Germany. It was precisely against this leftist cuckoldry by murderous communists with which today we have been subdued that they fought.

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  14. Abortion should be illegal. OK,
    But let me ask you this.
    How many of these non aborted children are you willing to personally adopt and bring into your home and raise ? How much extra tax are you willing to pay for to provide more welfare for them ?
    We already have an overpopulation problem on this planet, how do you propose to feed, clothe, house and educate them ? How much are YOU willing to contribute to this ?
    Or are you a typical christian hypocrite sitting on your ass making up rules for someone else to follow ?
    Please do not tell me that ” god ” will provide, just look around, it pretty obvious that he is not going to.
    The people here at ROK complain long and loud about Islamic refugees, and then ask the liberals the same questions I just asked you.
    This kind of thinking is the root of much of my hatred of religion, HYPOCRISY.

  15. An interesting take on strategy to combat the current political and social climate. Well reasoned and thus, it should make sense and be adopted.
    However, I view the current state of politics/culture in The West from a divine perspective.
    It would be nice to believe if we adopt feminine language (i.e. emotional appeals and arguments), we should, in theory, be better able to counter the globalist propaganda and appeal to win “the masses” on the left back over to our side.
    The trouble with this argument is… you still expect these people to WANT the truth. Whether you do this through masculine logic, or feminine emotions, the strategy is one and the same.
    We (the right, patriarchs, conservatives) have the truth. We want them to believe and accept it. If reason and logic don’t work, we will try an emotional appeal which seems to work spectacularly on them.
    Here is the root problem in The West, and it is a divine one.
    The left – feminists, SJWs, LGBT, liberals, etc – don’t want the truth.
    They have fully invested themselves in the life philosophy of BELIEF, not truth. They WANT to believe what they believe, and thus NO argument (logic or emotional) will appeal to them.
    Am I the only one to see that THIS… the rejection of truth… is the ROOT cause of the current state of societal breakdown in The West?
    If you are trying to make an appeal for truth, no matter how you argue it, you are going to fail.
    They… don’t want the truth.
    They… only want to believe what they want to believe.
    Why do you think so much of the left are rabid atheist/communists?
    They have rejected God (truth) and there is NOTHING you can do to change their minds. This is why “there is no talking to them” at this point and juncture. Maybe there never was, but before, the numbers of those who rejected God/truth were small 50 and 100 years ago. Now, atheism/science is the new church of The West and sadly, a LOT of people have become disciples of the way of falsehood.
    Sura Al-baqara 2:7 -“Allah hath set a seal on their hearts and on their hearing, and on their eyes is a veil; great is the penalty they (incur).”
    John 8:32 – “Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”
    This is what we are fighting – truth vs falsehood – and the Quran speaks of this in their eschatological view of the end of history/times. Truth… will be rejected. And once rejected, those that reject can never be convinced otherwise no matter how you argue with them. They are now wholly and completely in Satan’s army.
    So… what is to be done? If we can’t make the left/liberal see the error of their views/ways… is it not game over?
    I would advocate for what Roosh has already said to some degree. Stop trying to convert and convince those who are hell bent on denying the truth. Stop attending rallies for free speech. Stop confronting and trying to “win battles” with those that will only commit violence against you for doing so.
    Instead… start building. Building the political, economic, technical (see Gab) and social institutions and foundations for a new patriarchy. It is a COMPLETE WASTE OF TIME combating the left at this point. Sun Tzu would call this complete ignorance of the estimation of the enemies strength and the state of the terrain you find yourself operating on.
    Plus… (((they)))… the globalists… WANT you to believe you can convince those who are now your outright enemy to see and accept the truth of the lies they are accepting and living. (((They))) KNOW this battle is a spiritual one, and once Satan has his soldiers fully committed to falsehood and lies, you will NEVER get them to turn back to God and the truth.
    Did Winston Churchill (thinking of the incredible final scene in DUNKIRK) bring back the soldiers in order to try and make an emotional appeal to Hitler and the Nazis to stop the war?
    No. He brought back the troops to rebuild and become STRONGER than the enemy before taking on the final battle that was D-Day.
    Don’t waste a precious second trying to argue with someone, with logic or emotions, when that person is incapable of seeing, hearing or responding to the truth. This is currently what Americans in the conservative movement are trying to do with free speech rallies, and we can see the results. Build a new political party and movement. And we are seeing that right now in the move to the right socially and politically.
    My two cents, for what it is worth.

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