What I’ve Learned About Women From My Long-Term Relationships

I’d like to share some things I’ve learned about women from the relationships I’ve had. A lot of that experience comes from Eastern European girls, who are more feminine than American girls, but I believe the true nature of women is the same no matter where you go, lurking underneath regardless of outward presentation and behavior.

1. They lie a lot

Men assert their interests through logic, dominance, and physical strength. Women assert their interests through beauty, guile, and deception. A girl has self-interest in a relationship that may not overlap with yours, and will use her strengths to maintain that interest. Lying is one of the ways she steers the relationship into her desired destination, and this is often done unconsciously to the point where she may actually believe the lies she is telling you.

Girls who are more moral or “good” compared to others can still lie by omission. Because they feel some guilt with bold face lies, they instead craft narratives that leave out damaging facts which may cause her to lose power or standing in the relationship. Lying by omission requires a careful editor within their minds that are meticulous about removing details that can cause problems, especially in their encounters with other men.

For example, imagine a a girl asking her man what he did during the day. He replies, “I ran into a girl I knew today and we had a cup of tea.” He was walking home from work, suddenly recognized a girl he went to college with, popped into a cafe to talk about old friends for twenty minutes, and then gave her a handshake goodbye without any suggestive touching or flirting.

Now imagine a man asking a girl the same question. She replies, “I ran into a guy I knew today and we had a cup of tea.” The event happened in the same way as the man, right? Wrong. What actually happened was an old flame contacted her on Facebook, they exchanged several dozen suggestive messages that included kiss emoticons, he asked her to meet at a specific time in front of a cafe, they went inside and talked for two hours, their legs touched underneath the table, they reminisced about a past drunken hookup, they went for a walk to a nearby lake where more incidental touching happened, and then finally they said goodbye with the guy failing to get a lip kiss and having to settle for a playful grab of her ass.

What she told her boyfriend about the event was not a lie in her mind, but he thinks the event happened in the same way if he recounted it to her. As you can see, asking a girl to narrate an event will not get you close to the truth, because the truth would damage her standing in the relationship. The truth can only be uncovered after asking specific questions.

  • How exactly do you know this guy?
  • Did you hook up with him in the past?
  • How long were you at the cafe?
  • Did he try to touch you?
  • Where did you go after the cafe?
  • What exactly did you talk about?
  • How did he say goodbye to you?

This is exhausting for you to perform, but may be prudent if you are suspicious about a certain encounter. If she hesitates at an answer, you are witnessing her editing mechanism at work, and can assume she has gone from lying by omission to outright lying.

2. They’re time vampires

The late comic Patrice O’ Neal, who dropped reams of red pill relationship advice on the Black Philip Show, called women “time vampires.” He described how for men, the actual sex act is the most pleasurable part of being with a woman, but for a woman, merely having a man spend time on them is the sex. They like being taken out, doted on, entertained, and so on. This explains why they will go on dates with men they don’t even like, because the act of going out and being “hunted” by a man is so extremely validating.

Men just want sex, a bit of intimacy, a companion to eat or watch movies with, and space. Women want sex, cuddling, and endless hours of conversation about nothing important. She wants her man to be a problem solver, psychologist, warrior, and punching bag all in one, and even if you satisfy those needs, she will always want more, because it’s in her nature to keep extracting value.

For whatever reason, a woman finds it impossible to be alone. They’ll spend time with someone they hate, or who they are intensely jealous of, than be alone. A woman rather have a gaggle of gay friends, and hear them constantly talk about butt sex, then watch documentaries or read old books. Their primary fear in life is being alone, something that many men actually desire. A man would not spend time with someone else he dislikes from fear of being alone, because it’s during his alone time that he can recharge his batteries and process his experiences.

When a girl identifies you as a romantic boyfriend, what she really has found is a “time friend,” someone who can now spend dozens of hours a week with her, just so she doesn’t have to be with her own mind. For men who do value their alone time, this causes the bulk of relationship conflicts, but since pussy feels so good, we continue making the sacrifice, as we have been doing for millennia.

3. They have nothing going on in their lives

Waiting in line for a little cupcake

Time vampires need other people’s time because they have nothing going on in their own lives. Men have peculiar interests and hobbies that can occupy them endlessly. I’ve gone days without human contact while working on a particular book project or web site, and didn’t feel particularly pained.

Women don’t have hobbies or interests that are not external projections of how they wish to see themselves. Their primary life interest is men, because only men allow them to construct an image to others of who they want to be seen as: a good girlfriend, a girl in love, a girl who another man greatly desires, a sexy woman, an honorable woman, and so on. The man is a needed accessory in this manipulation, which is why it’s so common for a girl to dive into a long-term relationship, and profess her love for a man, only to cheat on him from the weakest of impulses. The relationship merely serves as validation of how she wants to be seen, not who she really is. The gap between who she wants to be and who she actually is gets taken care of by her advanced rationalization mechanism that prevents her from accepting she is rather clueless and makes grievous mistakes.

It’s her relationships with men that give her definition to her life, because outside of it, she has nothing but Facebook news feeds, Instagram, pop trends, a mind-numbing job, and friends who mainly talk about other men, gossip, text messaging, and feminine hygiene. Besides work, which she pursues partly to have more leverage in her relationships with men by not needing their money (compared to many men who actually enjoy their jobs), she has no identity that she can call her own, no interests to ground her, no passions that are unrelated to men and being seen as attractive by them.

The above is a nice way of saying the following: if women were judged by how they judge men, they’d be losers. Put a dick on just about any woman you know and watch her instantly transform into a loser, one who is addicted to social media, overpriced restaurants, toxic entertainment, and endless validation from strangers. The biggest male loser is as accomplished, talented, and skilled as the biggest female “winner,” and the only reason very few girls are seen as losers is because they have a pussy, and just about all pussies feel good, regardless of who it’s attached to.

4. They are unable to perceive their own hypocrisy

Women will hold you to a standard, at the threat of dumping you if you break it, when she herself is not holding that standard. They do the very things they wouldn’t want you doing, and rationalize it by saying that what she’s doing is actually different, when in all likelihood it’s even worse. They remember every thing you said, even from years ago, but can’t see a behavior they did just last week that contradicts her standards for you.

Women have no objective standard or morality, and thus no way to identify if they are right or wrong about anything. Instead, they use pure emotion to guide their behavior. If they feel good then it must be just. If they feel bad then it must not be. Since emotions can twist the perception of any event, she will simply do what she wants to do and find an emotional path or false strain of logic to convince her it was right.

The most amazing behavior I’ve seen in women is denying something that you caught them doing. You can show them evidence, right to their face, and they will deny it, and then find a way to blame you for it. I have been warned about this before, but was skeptical until I experienced myself. She is such an unreliable “witness” to her own behavior that there may be no point to ever getting an explanation from her about anything. If you don’t know the facts about something, and need her side of the story to get the facts, you’ll never get the facts.

5. It takes a village to keep a woman monogamous

I don’t care how much of an alpha male you are, or how tight your game is, but if you are the only positive influence in your girlfriend or wife’s life, and everything else around her is pushing her to feed her primal need of pleasure, fun, and higher status men, you will get burned. You will not provide an “oasis” of tradition and monogamy if everything else is programming her for feminism and promiscuity. You may be able to keep it together for a few months, a few years, and maybe even a decade, but eventually it will collapse.

I’ve learned that having game is only half of the component to maintaining a healthy relationship. The other half is having her in an environment that tells hers to “cherish your man, be faithful, have children.” Otherwise you will lose. We’re all products of our environment, whether we want to admit it or not, but this impacts women even more because they operate on the consensus of others.

If everyone started jumping off a bridge tomorrow, she would too, because it’s the social proof which convinces her that it’s an activity she would feel good doing. On the other hand, men operate on hierarchy, and we only follow the top dog. If everyone is jumping off the bridge, but our leader doesn’t, we do not jump off the bridge. A man will not follow a crowd of weak men because they are numerous, unlike a woman, who thinks that participating with the majority will make her feel good by lowering her chance of being rejected or ostracized from a group.

For one of my relationships, I tried to create a serene bubble of patriarchy and goodness, and it worked for a while, but eventually I lost out to Facebook, her promiscuous friends, her enabling relatives, and to the degenerate majority. By dating one girl, you date the world around her, and if that world is sick, a negative outcome is inevitable.

6. Red flags are red for a reason

If a girl has done what you consider a red flag, you know she will not be suitable for a long-term relationship. But when you really like a girl, and emotion starts to cloud your logic, you find a way to transform a red flag into a yellow flag. You ignore the advice of your friends, ignore your own instinct, and start looking for insignificant green flags as counterweights to justify the relationship until it all falls apart.

A woman’s actions do not lie. I repeat: a woman’s actions do not lie. Her words are an unreliable witness and must be ignored. The way she acts and behaves is who she is, not what she says. If her actions tell you she’s not quality material, don’t make her a wife. The problem is that men get so caught up in a girl’s beauty and pussy that they actively try to turn the ho or feminist into a housewife.

I can now see the futility in asking a girl how many partners she has been with. You won’t ever get the truth. A girl has the most incentive to lie about this, along with other features of her past, so look at her actions instead. How comfortable with sex is she? How flirtatious was she with you in the beginning? How slutty are her friends? From these observations, you will be able to surmise a number, even if she tries to lie about her actions by playing hard-to-get with you specifically. If a girl couldn’t resist your game, she also can’t resist the game of many other men.


When it comes to relationships, my standards are impossibly high, and I will be the first to admit that, but it’s based on the logic of modern relationships and the fact that I don’t want to experience a divorce like my parents did. If a woman marries the wrong man, divorce is easy for her. She gets the children, house, monthly payments, and community support for being so brave. If a man marries the wrong woman, his life is ruined. He gets depression, destitution, suicidal thoughts, and children that are programmed to hate him. Who has to be more careful about any decision to enter a long-term relationship that may result in children?

I have high relationship standards because the stakes are high, so I will use my knowledge of the true nature of women, which I’ve spelled out here, and then use logic to determine which woman may be the mother of my children. If I ignore that true nature, I may enjoy bliss for maybe a few years (if I’m lucky) until the hammer comes down on me, and I’m left in a miserable position compared to an ex who is galloping away with my property and children. I’m at the point in my life where I wouldn’t mind having children, but I am also a man who can accept being alone. The latter is surely a better option than being a victim to something I could have predicted would happen.

This article was originally published on Roosh V.

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560 thoughts on “What I’ve Learned About Women From My Long-Term Relationships”

    1. In sum the old quote (IIRC): “Show me who your friends are and I will tell you who you are” comes to mind.

      1. That is absolutely right John. My family drilled it into us as children that “You are known by the company you keep.” It applies to both men and women.

        1. I mentioned this quote before, but it has stuck with me for +30 years one night in a friends garage when his father was listening to our conversation: “Don’t hang around losers boys. It’s contagious.”
          Funny, but true.

    2. The “village” that encourages monogamy is gone, obliterated. Here is a list of things that will never happen in the Current Year:
      A mother telling her daughter to put more effort and focus into the quality of her marriage.
      A sister telling a sister to fix her unhappiness by spending more time with her husband.
      A friend telling her bestie that if she wants to keep her man, she should treat him better.
      No, what the mother, sister, and bestie will tell a woman is this: That man ain’t shit; you need to be out there finding a man that is prepared to give you what you need; find some old rich dude and get his money; all you need is your girls and your sextoys.
      All of western womanhood has banded together to sabotage functional relationships. Meanwhile, guys are telling each other to “man up” and “do right by” the very women that want nothing more than to take our money and be rid of us.
      Fortunately, they still like attention from men they don’t know well enough to undermine. So, spin plates, boys.

      1. I think there’s hope for my daughter, my mom was a strong influence, daughter posted this:
        “Every time my boyfriend says “I believe in the sanctity of marriage” I can feel my grandmother rise from her grave and go “THIS ONE, YOU ARE KEEPING THIS ONE”

    3. This is the primary reason that arranged marriages are more successful then the Western method of choosing a mate on random and sometimes contradictory traits. It’s not a perfect method of course but at least mom and dad look at someone’s family, their lifestyle, religion, etc. instead of just how their ass looks in jeans.

  1. “The most amazing behavior I’ve seen in women is denying something that you caught them doing. You can show them evidence, right to their face, and they will deny it, and then find a way to blame you for it.”
    After this happened a few times, I simply realized they are nothing but emotional hamasters unrooted from reason or vitue. Women are not capable of it and will simply continue talking over you and use shame (it seems to be their favorite tool) for making them feel bad (for exposing their lies). Walking away while she is at the appex of her rant is the best response.
    “..I don’t want to experience a divorce like my parents did.”
    Especially as the stakes are higher for men these days with the gynocentric legal institutions in place.

    1. My pop and his brothers suffered from their mom’s many divorces. The stories I’ve heard surely don’t incline me to desire divorce, even without the absurd “legal” consequences (nothing just about them).
      More significantly, though, marriage is a declaration of loyalty and dedication more than anything else. If I declare my intent to bind myself to one woman until the day one of us dies, I look on that as an oath bound by my honor and integrity. Divorce not only shatters my family and punishes my children for their parents’ inability or unwillingness to keep their word and work things out, but it also violates my integrity.

      1. I agree. When you take that oath in a house of God with your family and friends as witnesses, I find it a solemn promise– not a prop for “her day.” I know that even amongst the faithful divorce still happens, but marriage is a commitment required from both parties. As long as society rewards womens base insticts, I don’t foresee it getting better.

  2. Don’t forget Women often promise things they have no intent on delivering on to get what they want and expect you to let them get away with it after they have everything they want.

    1. This. Met a girl two weekends ago who not only asked me for my number but then also asked if this past weekend, id like to hang out with her when she comes back to my hometown. Then later she invited me over to her apartment but “passed out” when I got there and I had to walk back home. To her credit it was around 4 am and she apologized the next morning.
      This weekend she flaked on the plans she created. Asked me if she could stay at my place and I obviously agreed, but then changed the plans last second and then asked if I could pick her and her friend up “later” so basically after bar close. I would have felt like such a cuck if I drove 35 minutes downtown after she jocked me around all weekend. So i said no and went to bed after coming home from work. It was a new experience in the disappointment department with women to say the least…

        1. Well, obviously I don’t have a whole lot of information about everything that is going on, so my comment is just based on an overall impression of what you are communicating. It seems to me that you are being too passive, and not being assertive enough. She is asking for your number, she is inviting you over, she is making plans and then flaking on them. What are you doing?
          Yes, it is great when a chick is really hot for you and does all the work. But that’s not what is happening. She is a cat tapping on a ball of yarn to see what it will do. If the yarn does nothing, she’s going to get bored and go away. Do something.
          Contact her, tell her we are going to X place at Y time, and tell her to wear something nice with heels, or whatever. If she shit-tests you, hold frame. Send her the message: “I’m the trophy, if you want me, be here at this time and play by my rules.” If she flakes, delete her number and go find another plate. If she shows up, say strong and lead the interaction.
          Too many guys want to let the girl drive and just sit in the passenger seat, to go along for the ride, and then they get pissy when the girl drives them to the mall and tells them to hold her purse while she goes shopping (and probably fucks a random Chad in the changing room).
          Don’t get in the passenger seat of her car and expect it to just magically go the way you want it to go. Roar up to the curb in your jacked-up muscle car, tires burning rubber, kick the door open, yell at her over the sound of the revving motor to get in and hold the fuck on because its gonna be a wild fucking ride, then punch the gas and start the damn roller coaster. She’ll have your cock in her mouth before the end of the block.

        2. Yeah I agree with all of this. I guess I should have clarified further. When I was going over to her place, I texted her and said we should meet up tonight instead of waiting for this past weekend. So I took control of the situation.
          Then this weekend she was coming in to visit friends, not just me. So she had other plans and I told her to come to my place and it just never materialized. Im going back up to her school at the end of this month most likely and I’ll hit her up again and make this happen. if not, plenty of other hotties up there!

        3. This is an imperfect communication medium, so I may not be understanding correctly, but even in what you further explain, I think there is an inkling of what AT is talking about – “should meet up” is somewhat passive and noncommittal. Try “come meet me.” Or, “get over here.” Be direct.

        4. Yeah well I should have told her to come to my cousin’s place but it was tough at 3:30 in the morning. I was in from out of town and didn’t really know the area that well. I agree more direct, the better.

        5. You’re getting caught in the weeds. Neither me nor NE care about every little thing you said or did, or are going to say or do, with this one particular girl in this one particular situation.
          I’m not judging you. You may be alpha as fuck, twenty times more masculine than me. I admitted in my tirade that I didn’t have enough information and was just giving you a general impression. All I was trying to do was reflect back what I saw in your story that might have been holding you back.
          It’s all good, bro.

        6. Hey no big deal. I didnt know we were arguing lol. I agree with everything you said and in all honesty, im sure there are some things I did wrong and welcome advice on how to fix them. Just filling in other details and hopefully I didnt sound too butthurt about it lol

        7. No, no argument at all. In fact, that’s all I was trying to say. You don’t have to justify anything because I don’t know you and I don’t know all the facts of your situation. My rant wasn’t directed at you or your story as much as it was the type of guy who is totally passive and then gets pissy about not getting laid. Not saying you are that type of guy at all.

        8. For sure man. If a guy expects a woman to take the reigns and make everything happen, he’s in for a bad time.
          Most times I share stories so I can here the truth about it, or get a different perspective. Because my buddies are going to have my back no matter what and tell me what I want to here and I’ll obviously never ask a woman for advice lol

        9. Clearly that first night she was waiting for you to hWhip out your schlong and ask her, “what is this”?

  3. I think Roosh is wrong when he states women don’t enjoy their jobs and they’re mind numbing. Women can make the work place mind numbing for men, by making it a feminine environment. They are never alone at work, the ones whom wish can spend more time gossiping than working on average, there is lots of male attention at work, everyone is legally required to behave on the standards which the average woman wishes for, they can be promoted or protected purely for being a woman.
    Now I do think that many women kind of regret careers when they get into their late 30’s, early 40’s, but not all of them, and some of them truly love their offices. I mean it’s a truly female environment.

  4. I am so grateful for RoK, so lucky that I found the site few years ago and that valuable information was available for free. And I am still only 26 years old.
    In this day and age, even in countries like Hungary (where I live) it would be so difficult to be an alpha male, without proper guidance.

        1. Chokings, firing squads, light saberings, airlocks.
          Do you know the record for an execution by firing squad? It once took a legion of the emperor’s best troops 47 minutes to shoot a stationary smuggler 10 feet away. Even then it was a glancing hit.

      1. Lolknee was a deep op troll.
        The guy he pretended to be seemed cool enough.
        But every single major manosphere/redpill/traditional/west civ issue most agree is important, he summarily dismissed in his usual arrogant way.

        1. To use a phrase beloved to him, that is “clown-shoes crazy”.
          I speak with the ‘Man Behind the Lol’ fairly regularly. An adept troll indeed, but he is in the service of no other entity but himself I assure you.
          If the so-called manosphere, etc, can’t absorb the ambivalent attitude that often accompanies his generally wise and intelligent comments,what hope do they have against actual opposition?

      1. I felt like in was losing my mind before I found RoK– like I was the only person in the world that saw all this stuff, and I was constantly second-guessing my mind, instincts, morals, and spirit. I was a prisoner of hesitation and doubt. When I found out that I wasn’t alone, it was like being able to breathe fresh air after spending years trapped in a light-less sewer.
        And I am far from the only one. Roosh, Rollo, and Roissy have done more than we can ever give them credit for.

        1. Yeah totally. But what has this Rollo guy done ? I visited his blog once and it was really boring. I couldn’t bring mysel to read a full article. As far as I know , Roissy introduced some revolutionary ideas like the evoulutionary psychology, while Roosh helped spread them with his broad audience reach in the manosphere. Both men are geniuses in their own right.

        2. I was suffering under the strain of false ideas and the consequences thereof when I found this site (I think it was right around “fat shaming week” – what a time that was!).
          As some have apparently not heard the story, when I was entering high school a girl I “dated” (and I use that term loosely – I fell on that grenade so that my her massively abusive behavior would be lessened on my emotionally weaker friends) falsely accused me of rape. This is a girl who I never even kissed, a girl I never spent a second of time with away from other people.
          I lost access to my friends, my church (bitch restraining-ordered me away), my school, and just about everyone I knew outside my family. She slept with some of my “friends” to get them to testify against me (they retracted testimonies in my favor and changed them). She spread malicious rumors about me.
          But she vastly overstepped – on the advice of legal council, I spent the time before my trial a hundred miles away from her. When the pre-trial hearing came around, we were able to prove that her escalating claims were impossible because it would be physically impossible to be there. The DA apologized, and I was sentenced to some community service and therapy (just to get the record sealed).

          This haunted me until I found the red pill. I couldn’t find a relationship because I was still allowing myself to reel from the case and how it didn’t mesh with what I was taught to expect. I hated myself because I still thought somehow some of it was my fault, when I even knew that this was nothing new for her and her family (they’d done similar in the past, as I learned during the whole fiasco).

        3. I was one of the lucky ones who survived the pussy pass, and fortunately I found a lawyer who was sufficiently incensed by the injustice of it all to agree to a very small fee for his services (even if it had gone to trial – which I am assured would have led her and her family straight into prison).

        4. Sorry to hear about your bad experience. Women can be heartless bitches. A man must know that women cannot be trusted in the same way we can can trust other men , their loyalty is always conditional and the they need to be kept in check.
          A while back I was having some paradoxical experiences with women. I was a good and honest man but they were always playing me for a fool. It didn’t make sense. So I started asking questions in google. The keyword was “Why ?”. That’s how I discovered RoK. The rest is history.

        5. He reaches a lot of men. The articles do get long winded and boring. But I don’t think entertainment is his goal. He has my full respect, and is a giant in his own right. Get his books, after you read Roosh’s and you have experience with Game. Things you see and experience will come into amazing “ah, ha!” focus when you read “The Rational Male,” after you are square with your Game.

        6. Stories like yours need to be immediately present in the public consciousness. When human scum like Mattress Girl shuffles around vomiting lies about sexual assault to the cheers of an accusatory and unjust media, we need to ram the truth right down their lying throats and fight to prevent this from ever happening again.

        7. Rollo is fucking amazing. You should give him another chance. He has some legit next-level shit.

        8. There’s a strong personal reason I call for false accusers to suffer the sentence they seek to foist on their victims, no question.
          But women like this can be caught out – the (female) DA clearly accepted everything at face value until we showed preponderance of evidence to the contrary – and go on without any reprisal. How are we supposed to trust any rape accusers if we can’t tell whether they’re genuine victims or crazy bitches looking to use the legal system as their personal hit squad? For God’s sake, her mother apparently used this exact tactic against several of her husbands to wring money out of them and get them out of her life when she got bored of them.

        9. Why the hell should I buy his books ? That’s why Roissy is there. I read Roosh’s practical advice on game than head over to Heartiste and say “ah, ha”. If Rollo specialises in evolutionary psychology , than he can never compete with Roissy. Also he doesn’t strike to me like the type who goes out there and experiments with many women. I only want advice from men who try these things in reality.

        10. It’s also worth noting that victims of false accusation are likely to suffer intense emotional trauma from the whole thing. My family didn’t seek trial because we just wanted the madness to end, and we still have trouble thinking or talking about it these many years later.
          That’s not something they tell you in media. We know that rape survivors are disinclined to dwell on their victimization; victims of forms of legal rape are equally disinclined.

        11. Fair enough, maybe he has nothing to offer you. He is more contemplative than experimental, for sure.

        12. Perhaps the Nerds of the Internet can help.
          I propose an interactive Map of False Rape Accusers, so we can know where they are and shun them accordingly. Finding the data will not be easy, since if nothing goes to trial the records will be off– but if there was a way to do this, limiting it to public records (to avoid libel or privacy law and remain legally compliant), it would be a beautiful project. Dare I say… it would be an authentic slice of social justice.

        13. Rollo is the reason I discovered this site. I must have typed something goofy into google about relationships or whatever and discovered his site and then discovered ROK. I felt like I was the only one in my area who thought that something was wrong with society as far as dating is concerned. Then I discovered these sites and blogs and it changed my perspective.

        14. “And their abetters” would be a bit of sweet justice to me. There are shitheads I once considered friends who were happy to perjure themselves for a taste of skank.
          Of course, with a sealed record and no trial, I couldn’t put them up without accusations of defamation. But I sincerely doubt they’re the only ones in the world.

        15. Shattering levels of stress, I can only imagine. I give big propers to your family for closing ranks, believing in you, and fighting for you.

        16. You are seriously doing Rollo and other RoK readers a disservice. Rollo is gold. That dude has literally saved guy’s lives, just like Roosh and Roissy.
          Maybe Rollo doesn’t appeal to you, but there are tons and tons of guys who he has helped. Don’t shit on him when you admit you’ve barely even read him.

        17. Shame, but true. Still.. anybody with the weaponized autism necessary to pull this off to a legally permitted degree will become a hero of the people.

        18. I could care less whom I’m doing a disservice. I’m here to exprese my thoughts and that’s what I’m doing. If you have any arguments to give go on , but you can’t tell me what to say and what not.

        19. Right? There are reasons people assume I’m older than my actual age, here and in the real world.
          Of course, the fact that I can quote “Gilligan’s Island” episodes doesn’t help matters…

        20. Yeah. Something public, legal, and abiding. Something that both identifies the guilty, and serves as a deterrent for the wannabe false-accusers of the world.

        21. It’s almost easier for most folks if you reference them by their works. For example, I’ll call Roissy “Monsieur de Chateau” or “Monsieur Heartiste” – if you know the blog, you pick up on it pretty quickly.
          Rollo’s not one of my personal favorites ( his work just doesn’t speak to me the way it does many others), but I appreciate the value of his work, nonetheless. “The Rational Male” is still a book I recommend to those starting their red pill journeys, and I respect the hell out of him for dedicating his most recent book to The Private Man (RIP, good and faithful servant).

        22. I did not know that story. Good that you’ve recovered from it. A brush with evil does leave its mark, though.

        23. I found this website thanks to some feminazi posting on facebook about “5 reasons to date a woman with eating disorders”.
          Great era to be around!

        24. I found this site by accident.
          I was reading stuff from a site called “dontmarry”…
          I Google something I read there, and this site was one of the hits.
          The original address is active but there’s nothing there, someone put what ever could be salvaged here… https://dontmarry.wordpress.com/
          I highly recommend people read the very little that’s available of their forums, some of the smartest comments and very intelligent men posted there. It’s tricky to navigate but worth the effort.

        25. Same here. Dam religion, although the bible and some good men found within Christianity are valuable, kept pestering me to “marry, multiply and replenish…” which led me to really question my motives for seeking and finding another “help mate”. Since the first one turned out to be a… help “herself to gobs of cock” mate., I wasn’t to keen to the whole matrimony idea any longer. Any way, a similar article and subject lead me to the ROK. Speaking of the ROcK, one of the greatest cinematic lines ever…Sean Connery’s character, John Mason responding to the FBI agent, Stanley Goodspeed, says, “Your best?! Losers always whine about their best. Winners go home and fuck the prom queen”. Red Pill indeed.

  5. What bugs me the most is how hypersensitive some of them are, which makes having logical discussions almost impossible.
    Example – Me “I hate when you leave dirty dishes in the sink”.
    Her “You hate me? Why are you with me then if you hate me? Find someone else!”.
    Me “What the….???”.

    1. If you try to have too much of a logical discussion, you come off as boring-at-best; needy-at-worst.
      These dynamics were always part of men and women learning to build lives together. But we really are hitting g a critical mass here where even casual domestic dialogue has become a minefield of sociopolitical poison, so every exchange is a shit-test where nobody wins even when you pass. The unbound hypergamy of the SMP is navigable, assuming relationships are temporary and disposable. But it has obliterated romance, except on the most superficial, consumerist levels.

  6. This is an old tale, but it fits here…
    A man who is about 35 years old, finally decides to start looking for a suitable wife after years of playing the field and banging random hot girls.
    He devises a simple scheme which he believes to be foolproof and will separate the good prospects from the bad prospects.
    After narrowing his final selections down to four optimal women, he begins using this scheme of his to find the best of the four options.
    He takes the first of his four prospective brides on a ride with him, out to the country. They park near a farmer’s field on a dirt road. After some casual conversation, he whips out his unerect dick and points at it, and asks the girl, “What’s this?”
    The girl immediately says, “That’s your cock.”
    To which he says, “Get the fuck out of my car, you fucking slut. You’re walking home.”
    Stunned, she opens the car door, gets out, and he drives away, leaving her standing there by the side of the road, open-mouthed.
    He follows the same routine with Girls No. 2 and 3. And in both cases, when he pulls out his soft dick, points at it, and asks them what it is, they reply with, “That’s your cock.”
    He kicks both of them out and leaves them out in the country, and drives home.
    Finally he runs his foolproof scheme on Girl No. 4. She is the prettiest of the four women, and seems to be the nicest and most naive of the bunch. He takes her to the farmer’s field, out in the country, and parks alongside the dirt road. After talking with her for a while, he unzips his pants and whips out his unerect dick, points at it, and asks her, “What’s this?”
    She replies, “That’s your peepee.”
    And the man thinks to himself, “That’s my girl” and a few weeks later they are married.
    Being a traditional, Old School male, he holds off on having sex with his chosen bride, until the night of their actual wedding.
    After the ceremony, he takes her to a hotel. Prior to having sex with her, he decides to shower. He tells her to lie on the bed and wait for him. She complies willingly.
    He goes into the shower, gets lathered up, and during the course of the shower, he gets excited, thinking about the sex that is to come, and by the time the shower is over, he has a pretty impressive erection going on.
    He towels off and walks back into the bedroom area of the hotel suite, where his bride is waiting.
    Playfully, he points at his now-hard dick and asks his bride, “What’s this?”
    To which she responds, “That’s your peepee.”
    “No, honey,” he patiently answers. “That’s my cock – it’s hard. It’s my cock, not me peepee.”
    To which the girl says, spreading her hands out about a foot wide, “No it isn’t. A cock’s this big and it’s black.”

  7. Top notch (heh) article. All the points are unfortunately true, but the one that rings the most with me is #1. They’re all well practiced in the art of deception – more so here in EE. The women are beautiful and feminine, but their true behaviour is also quite nasty. I’m considering contributing an article with the sole purpose of disillusioning some of you eastbound beaver hunters. It’s no place for the weak.
    This is why I have my main bangs and a dozen other platters that I spin. I realized that I have to have the biggest lies, the least investment, and the balls to walk if she cuts up.

    1. “They’re all well practiced in the art of deception – more so here in EE. The women are beautiful and feminine, but their true behaviour is also quite nasty.”
      My experiences and thoughts are exactly the same. Their femininity and beauty can weaken you and cause you to drop your guard. And they know this.

      1. That’s why your game has to be better, your plates have to more numerous, and your lies have to be sociopath level.

  8. “When it comes to relationships, my standards are impossibly high, and I will be the first to admit that…”
    Having high standards is very important, as Roosh notes. The thirst, societal pressure and other factors can hurry a guy into getting married in a bad situation.
    I can’t tell you the number of divorced guys I’ve talked to who knew – absolutely knew – that the marriage was a huge mistake before the wedding, but just couldn’t or wouldn’t call it off.

    1. You’re quite right. Admittedly I went through that with my first wife. I was eighteen and she looked like Sandra Bullock so my common sense and reason were switched off. She wanted out of her mama’s house and I was heading off into the military and frankly was a bit scared of being alone. But something happened to me in basic training. I changed…dramatically. I was no longer the boy she was in love with. I was now a man that she didn’t know with a different perspective on life. I was aware of this but my Southern roots dictated a sense of honor and commitment to keep my word even though that small voice in the back of my mind was telling me “don’t do this!”
      The irony of it is when I returned home to get her she told me later that she knew something was wrong and started to call it off. But I think the drive to get away was too strong for her. I also overlooked the fact that she had been with three other partners before me. That significantly increases the risk of divorce.
      After a few months it became obvious that things weren’t working out (at least to her) so she went off the pill and got pregnant. This, as we know, is another ploy to keep you on the hook.
      After ten years and two sons, things weren’t working (and in no small part that was my fault) and it became apparent that she was running around on me. I had a revolver in the roof of my mouth on more than one occasion, but finally figured out it wasn’t me that needed killing. So I divorced her, ended up paying about $160,000 in child support and a meager ten grand equity in the house. Compared to a lot of guys I know, I got off light.
      I should have followed in my dad’s foot steps. He waited until he was 28 to get married, married a 16 year old virgin and she had me (planned) at 17. They were married 57 years when my dad passed away. I have no reason to believe my mother was ever unfaithful. With her moral teaching and ladylike behavior, I am confident she was completely loyal to him.
      And I used to think my dad was mean and unreasonable to her, but since have learned he was being a strong masculine leader and in his castle he was king. His word was final and she respected that. My maternal grandfather was the same way, so this was what my mother expected from good men. It saddens me to see how far we have fallen these days.

      1. Damn, dude. Intense story. But I know so many guys that have been in that same place. Glad you survived, man. Seriously.

      2. I enlisted and went the OCS route. I was shocked by how many Privates were married before they hit 20, during Basic.

        1. I had a very distorted view of marriage and relationships. I never saw my parents fight as a child. I was only around ladies growing up. I believed that all women were angels and that marriage, other than financial issues, would be easy. But worse, I had this Southern gentleman, my word is my bond, chivalrous white knight saving a damsel in distress outlook on life. It was ingrained into me. I gave this girl my word that I would come back for her after I got out of basic and that is what I felt compelled to do even though I really didn’t want to at that point. I had been in tech school for a few weeks and was going out pretty regularly to the airman’s club on Keesler AFB. One night I met this really sweet and cute girl named Angel. We were both lonely, we talked and made out some. I finally told her about my situation; that I was having doubts about going home and getting married. Well she told me that it was the right thing to do, blah, blah, blah. I should have learned from that mistake never to take advice from a woman. It took me quite a few more years to figure that out, lol!

    2. Mine are as well, now. Divorced the ex 16 years ago. Maintaining the ability to remain single? I first needed to identify, implement, maintain and continue to develop standards. Standards within myself worthy of nobility, integrity and honor before identifying and seeking a woman possessing the high standards worthy to be with me, to compel me to enter into a LTR.

    3. The best man’s primary job is to have a car waiting behind the church, with the engine running, for the groom’s pre-wedding escape. His secondary purpose is to notify the crowd, and the bride, that the groom was called away on a suicide mission and will not be returning to get wed. In other words, the main job of the best man is to talk the groom out of his (temporary) insanity.

  9. I read an article yesterday in a UK paper that included an interview with the actress Gillian Anderson (X-Files, Hannibal, etc. ) She was pretty hot back in the day.
    At the time of the interview, she was 46 years old and had four kids by two different men. An admitted bisexual, she expressed some concern about not being able to find a man to date.
    She even went so far as to claim that she went to the movies with her kids one night, and saw a man in the crowd who seemed to laugh at the same lines she laughed at, and she thought he might be a suitable dating prospect. So she literally (Hitler) chased him down the street and asked him if he wanted to go to coffee sometime. He agreed, and they dated – but only for six months.
    She chalked the whole thing up to men being shy around her, and being intimated by her, but that isn’t the case. Women just don’t get it. When you have been railed out by ungodly numbers of dudes, and you have four kids by two different guys, and you’re way past your expiration date, and you’re bisexual, men don’t view you as a suitable dating partner – even if you’re a fucking movie star.
    She hit the wall a long time ago and she has too many red flags and too much baggage.
    Case closed, bitch, get used to those cats…

    1. All of your points are valid, but much like Roosh said in the article, I’m sure there are tons of information left out of that little story. That’s just the standard “pity me and give me validation” storyline that just about any woman will give. She’s just saying “there are no good men left” but with a cutesy story to entertain an audience. As we all know, the “no good men left” means no men that she finds to have a higher SMV than her, and her own SMV is hugely inflated from being a movie star.

      1. Yes, that has to be the case. She probably left out the fact that she was a total bitch to the guy whom she dated for six months, sucked copious amount of cunt right in front of him, treated him like something she scraped off her shoe, lied to him constantly, cut him down about every manner of thing, and then…where did he go? WTF? Etc.

        1. Act like a cunt, get treated like a cunt. Act like a bitch, get treated like a bitch. Act like a lady, get treated like a lady.
          It ain’t rocket science.

        2. No shit. What got me was, in the interview, she claimed she was looking for The One. You know, the love of her life.
          Well…hey…guess what…you were looking for that before, when you got married twice.
          Woman always chalk up a failed relationship to being the handiwork of the man involved. They never for an instant think it might have something to do with them. It’s always, “I have bad taste in men.”
          No, cunt, that is not it. You want a Bad Boy Superman who is a good listener and is great in bed and will ignore all your bullshit…not gonna happen.

        3. Yep. “I have bad taste in men,” or, “I always seem to pick the wrong ones.”
          No, you’re a cunt.

        4. The One. Lol. I don’t know what’s worse… men, because sometimes we actually find The One, or women, because they will never ever find The One.

        5. She probably met “the one” when she was like 20, but she was too goddamned blind and self absorbed to notice him. And he didn’t feel like waiting around. Common story.

        6. Yep. By all accounts she had a great guy during her first marriage. But she was too hot, too young, too eager to ride the carousel. Now she probably wants him back; she always talks about what a wonderful man he was.
          “Oh, sure honey, let me suck the leavings out of your oft-throttled cunt – I’ll take you back!”
          Guys don’t like going back to women they’ve had. They might hit it once, or twice, as a revenge fuck, but it’s like the Old Cow Syndrome. Bulls, after they’ve mated with a particular cow, will not fuck that cow again if she’s been railed out by another bull. Guys are the same way – well, except for cucks and betas and such.

        7. Indeed. Knew a girl once. She got married young and had kids, to a really nice alpha type jet fighter pilot (as in for reals, in the Air Force). She went from smoking hot thin after the kids to a good 75-80 pounds above her pre-kid weight. And worse, she kept it on, all of it, all the time, using his deployments as an excuse because she “got loooonely and filled the space with food”. So when hubby would come back, and he was never out more than a month or two usually, he would start to back away from her sexually because turns out, he was an alpha type fighter pilot and those kind prefer hot women, not land whales.
          Eventually he cheated on her (legit did), with several women, then they divorced. At no point at all does she take *any* responsibility for ballooning up. None. He was supposed to “love her for who she was” and all that rubbish.
          Yeah, I’ve honestly never heard but maybe three women in my lifetime accept blame for a relationship ending (as in being the prime culprit that initiated the series of events that led to the demise of the relationship).
          Edit: Clearly dude should not have cheated, I’m just saying that it didn’t happen in a vacuum for no good reason at all.

        8. Except women sincerely no longer know how to behave like ladies. But they have limitless role models for cuntiness.
          All you can do is stay with them for a few weeks or months, until the absolute lack of character becomes intolerable.

        9. What, she expected him to lower his standards? Come on. And I’ll bet you, when those women you mentioned owned up and took responsibility, they felt, deep down, like it was some sort of a merit badge. They might have played it like they were sad, and remorseful, but they weren’t. It was more like they were just too evil, just too hot, just too catty for mortal men. “Ain’t I something, I fuck guys’ lives up left and right.” I’ve known more than few like that…they’re defective. And they know it. And some of them take pride in it. So it goes…

        10. Heard that story before, young women divorce good husband with excuses of it was boring and I was young and stupid at the time, I did not appreciate him, now 35 with 2 kid unable to find the same quality of men, women are gamblers they gamble and trade up, but modern women are never happy, Is like a gambler addiction, they are winning and yet they want to keep playing and bet more when she should retire with what she have now, but now is all in, sorry the house won you hit the wall, But I want to play more!, you don´t have money to bet. so is GAME OVER for you.

        11. Exactly. They think they are supposed to get a new entry into the game, and keep riding the dick-mobile to the Promised Land. “What? Nobody wants me?”

        12. Daughter once asked me worriedly about my ex:
          “That ship has sailed, right?”
          “Sailed, caught fire, burned to the waterline, crashed into a reef, sank to the bottom of the Marianas Trench, and is now covered under 30′ of silt.

        13. My ex took full blame. I think part of why she was so reasonable in the divorce settlement– assuage some of the guilt. Funnily, she’s getting remarried and let me know to end her military pension payments. Which, if I recall correctly, she’s still entitled to since we treated that as community property given she didn’t ask for any alimony (after a 20yr marriage).

        14. but it was an attempt to be sexy…in a room where she was about to get an abortion…you can see the metal examining table in the background

        15. A late acquaintance wrote a great song entitled, “She Wants a Sensitive New-Age Cowboy.”
          All contradiction, all the time. And not a speck of awareness of it.

        16. Women will not take blame because “they are afraid it will be used against them”…meaning held accountable like the rest of us.

        17. Marilyn Monroe, sadly her best was moaning with the legs open, and her worst was well all the other time not in bed.

        18. my ex, several abortions, miscarriages and 3 kids from 3 different guys, she is fat, ugly, full of stretch marks, she is like 24 now but looks 37, but when she was 15 she was a 9/10, 8/10 at 18yo, 7/10 at 20yo, 5/10 at 22yo she is now a 4 i think, those women age really really fast. Well your best was like 10 years ago!

        19. Doctor’s RX: The cure for oneitis is sex with three new women, three nights in a row. Works like a charm.
          Then take an Advil and call me on the fourth morning.

        20. Three women, three nights in a row. So three days of a foursome. I think I can get behind that way of thinking.

        21. I think it is in our nature to desire a single mate to bear our children and raise them with us (as the Bible would reflect). However, this desire must be controlled until you have found that mate, or you will only find misery.

        22. My first ex-wife cheated on me repeatedly. Yet when I divorced her it was me ruining her life, even though she was actively and openly having an affair at the time. Two weeks after we split, and well before the divorce was final, my daughter was calling his mother grandma.
          But vengeance is sweet. He married her and stayed married to her. Why he stayed is beyond human reckoning, as she treated him like a dog. I actually pitied him a lot more than I blamed him.

        23. My preventive treatment will last longer than uranium decay time, trust me. I learnt my lesson.

        24. I almost got into some serious trouble with a much younger female coworker. We were both having some marital problems, started talking, comparing negatives and you know where that goes. She commented to me how she had asked her husband if he would still love her if she got fat and…gasp!…he said he’d leave her! Oh the horror! I point blank told her that he didn’t marry a fat girl, so he obviously didn’t want a fat girl. And followed up that if we were together (and we were very close to that point), I would hold her to the same standard, because if she didn’t care enough about herself to stay healthy and in shape she couldn’t possibly care about me either.

        25. You know what I find funny about cheaters, Mike? They never seem to understand that if she’ll cheat on you, she’ll cheat on them. If they treat you like dirt, she’ll treat them like dirt. I feel no pity for the dumbass that cheated with and ultimately married my ex. He got what he wanted and what he deserved as did she. All I can say is be careful what you wish for…it just might bite you.

        26. Stupid stupid girl. That woman is 50% responsible for her husband’s cheating and will answer for his sin as sure as he will.

        27. Sinful nature of that form of gluttony. It’s repulsive. Not his fault. That’s where you need Roosh’s “village,” a brother or father to make her get up and go for a walk, a friend’s wife whose husband says, “you will go and walk the land whale.”

        28. Been there myself, man. It’s her loss and it’s her fault. One day she’ll look back on what she did to you as the first of many mistakes to come. You’re better for the hardship. Also, you’re totally Mr. T. You know why.

        29. Been married and divorced one time only. As in your experience, the ex-wife cheated on me…habitually it turns out. In some ways I have seen my sweet revenge, if you will, but despite all the destruction she has caused, especially to my daughters psyche, the greatest reward has been the ultimate affect on me. Her bafoonery, idiocy and familial destruction and downright dumbassery was the catalyst to my red pill awakening! Sometimes we, as a weaker man in my case, must be destroyed completely, giving rise to a new foundation, built from the ashes, blood, sweat and tears necessary to become an unshakable man in his newly found wisdom forged from the remnants of that vital and needed destruction.

        30. Similar here. We are the phoenixes of the western world. We paid dearly for the wisdom we have achieved. The problem with women is they take responsibility for nothing in life and therefore learn nothing.

        31. I tried to be hard hearted toward this fool, but watching him I could not but think, “There but for the grace of god, and the divorce court, go I.”
          He was and is a fool; but I was the fool first.

        32. Pride goeth before a fall. You are better protected if you admit (at least to yourself) that you could fall off the wagon.

        33. The required reply to this is:
          “If you ever had a best, you waved good bye to it in the rear view mirror years ago. All you have left is your worst, and I don’t want it.”

        34. Yeah, but I bet it would get hot under all that black standing out on deck in the tropical sun(s), depending what planet you’re on…

      1. But…but…I’M A STAR! No, you’re damaged goods. They don’t get it.
        Delusional – sums them up perfectly.

    2. there´s a lot of men willing to do the job, the problem is no more HIGH status men chase her, she resent that no Arab prince and “A list” celebrities that she used to reject in 1992 are not after her ass anymore, but Mr above Average is not enough.

        1. She was not even that hot in the 90´s average at best, she was hot for the virgin sci fi nerds I guess

        2. Yeah it’s relative. She’s not a Victoria’s Secret model. I would have banged her back in the day when she was decent looking. But she’s not gonna break any selfie upvote records on Instagram…Instagranny, maybe.

        3. The rumor is that people in the business really respect her acting talent… because when you meet her in real life, she is dumb as a box of rocks, but she can at least pretend to be a medical doctor and shit on TV.

        4. Another rumor (substantiated) is that she used to think her shit didn’t stink and she was notorious for being a cunt on the set of the X-Files, and elsewhere. She wouldn’t talk to most of the featured actors who appeared on that show, for example. Because they were beneath her. It looks to me like she is now reaping what she has sown…imagine that.

        5. True. But in this case, I know a couple of actors who appeared with her on X-Files. In between takes of a scene, it is common to banter with the people in the scene with you, while people are getting the lighting right, the sound levels, etc.
          It’s just what is done, common courtesy, taken for granted. Well, these guys I knew tried to chat her up, and she wouldn’t even acknowledge that they were there. She avoided extras and featured players like they had the plague.
          Supposedly, she used to be ungodly rude to waiters and waitresses, too, and she allegedly has a history of starting shit on airplanes. In 2006 she had an incident where she verbally assaulted some guy and yanked his head phones off his head in mid-flight, while she was drunk (she has claimed in interviews that she doesn’t drink – imagine that, a woman who lies about her history):
          I think she’s a bit extreme, to put it midly – she’s more likely to be a total cunt who now wants men to think she’s capable of settling down and acting sane. In addition, from what I gather, she is 100% into pussy. So her two previous husbands have basically been beards, who provided her with the proper cover that she is a family-type woman, even down to having children. But she’s a carpet-muncher, through and through. That’s the story anyway.

        6. Yeah, and during that plane incident, she chastised this father for “not looking after his child”, and suggested to him that his wife “needed a break” (Anderson was virtue-signaling and acting like a drunken, empowered cunt) – and supposedly she spent the next few hours crying under a blanket after she berated the dude and he told her that he wanted her to leave him alone.
          The dude said he didn’t even know who she was. That was probably what made her cry…hahaha!

        7. nah, casting couch, 90s casting couch. She was like 22-23 pretending to be a 30ish woman in the first season, probably dumb and young, Why did the producers use a young girl? because sci fi is mostly male viewers. How do you choice a women for the task, use a boner test. Make the producer dick hard to get the job.

        8. A friend who worked in television for a couple decades told me that the old-timers say that the worst person in the business, by far, was Cybill Shepherd. Lucky for her, she had her career before social media.

    3. there really was/is an X-Files div within the FIB. a guy was caught feeding plotlines to show’s creator, who then got a call from the govt, who then turned around and told them who fed him the plots..

      1. I’ll be damned. Didn’t know that. Hey I left a post up for you yesterday in another article. It was about Chris Cornell. This Navy Seal claims he was murdered. And they had a copy of the 911 call, the EMT who took the call from first responders. Have you seen that yet. Lemme know if you haven’t, I’ll dig it out and repost it here. You had mentioned that the whole thing was fishy a while back…uh…you were right.

        1. thats awful. chester bennington’s wife also saying he was murdered. guess if his body gets cremated(just like cornell’s) things will get really interesting

      2. The story I heard is that, in the year after the X-Files became a big hit, they had to develop an “X-Files protocol” for dealing with the increased amount of bullshit they were getting reports of because of the people who believed the X-Files type shit. But it was much more of a PR initiative than anything else.

        1. cant believe you are a southerner. your posts scream northeastern scumbag(not a bad thing necessarily)

        2. Me and Bruce Springsteen are gonna come over there, pull your shirt over your head and give you a hockey beating.

    4. The bisexual thing is a perfect example of the divergence between what women think they know about what men value, and what men actually value.
      Oh, you’re bisexual? Yeah, that is really hot and desirable…for the woman who is never going to meet my mom.

      1. Oh, you got a tattoo? That makes you desirable, for the guy who wants to pump and dump you. It is like a “20% off” tag at K-Mart.

        1. Haha! Who’s taking bets on when the first chick is going to get a “20% off” tat?
          Hell, I wouldn’t be surprised to see that it already exists.

        2. Lot’s of bargain hunters out there looking for something cheap and disposable. Glad to see some women advertise themselves as such. Makes it easier to sort.

        3. Reminds me of all those girls I’ve seen with the “cum slut” tattoo.
          Can you imagine marrying one of these broads, or taking her to see your parents?

        4. Sometimes I imagine a crazy scenario where there’s a flood and I get to decide who would be saved. And I gotta do it quick. So one of the screening out questions would be “do you have more than 4 square inches if tattoos?”. Yes? Get lost then!

        5. Huh. It’s well within the boundaries of what one could reasonably expect to see from a contemporary Canadian or American woman.

        6. It’s the tiny and stupid ones that indicate trash to me. If a girl has a big, artful tat on her body to commemorate something important in her life story, I may not like it but I can understand and maybe respect it. But some dumb little star on the ankle, wrist, or behind the ear just tells me she hates herself on a deep level. Marking yourself for life over something meaningless.

        7. Epic shitlording – after blasting nut all over her, call her by the wrong name on your way out the door. “That was awesome Mandy!”

        8. I don’t either. It’s a fun way to piss off a tattooed girl. “I wouldn’t date you because of your tats” is an invitation to begin a fight that she can’t win.

        9. No, I disagree — a tiny tat in an inconspicuous place indicates a girl who wants to break out of her shell but knows better than to do so obviously and permanently.

        10. Interesting insight… you maybe onto something there, too.
          I came to my conclusion asking chicks about their little piddly tats. The story is usually “I was out with my friends and we were having great time, and I just couldn’t decide on something, so…” There is almost no intentionality there.
          The tats that count are usually about getting through a trauma; memorializing loved ones; displaying solidarity with a group; faith/religion/spirituality.

        11. That’s part of why I have no tattoos – I can’t think of any message so significant to me that it needs to become part of my anatomy.
          I also can’t think of anything that would be better said on my bicep than by me, directly.

        12. In the world today, as it stands, I tell young men there is only one way to be 100% sure of not catching an STD. First make sure you do not have an STD; get checked several times over at least 6 months. Then find and marry a virgin, and not a technical virgin, but the real deal. Then stay faithful (both of you, and that is the part out of your control).

        13. A few years back, I ripped the tendon in my forearm lifting (that’s another story) and was possibly looking at a little surgery. I was all rolled up in the MRI machine thinking about a tat to cover the surgical scar– but I realized that the second some little skeevie dirtball fucker put the needle to my flesh to mark me for life, I’d choke the life out of him.
          I kind of like the idea of putting memories into my flesh. But there is no human on earth that I would surrender that kind of power to, ever. I’d have to hill him before he could finish.

        14. Well since my mom passed away I introduce All the quick traffic to my Dad. He just winks and nods.

        15. The first thing that we need to do before making any decision about a woman. It is to see her completely naked before continuing to check her as a potential partner.

        16. I always figured it didn’t matter what the pattern or words in a tramp stamp were, it just meant “Open for Business”. Now they’re offering fire sale prices. I am not surprised.

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        18. LOL and some dudes wonder why it’s harder for them to get laid than me. Honestly. If you’re turning your potential partner into an opponent, you suck at love, and no women worth her salt would ever make an investment in something so doomed to fail.

        19. “Lol awww, and I was so desperately pining away for your affection too. 🙁 Pity.” My response to “Aw we can’t date” was always “Lol OK.” It only works if she actually gives a shit. xD

        20. The traditional tramp stamp in the traditional location means only one thing, no matter what the picture or words; put dick here.

        21. ^^ Is that where you make him run up and down a steep hill carrying a 100lb backpack until he drops dead from fatigue? That’s fuckin badass man.

        22. It’s simple. I’m a leader with a strong character and a strong frame and I expect a feminine and classy woman and in return, she gets a good life and protection. If she doesn’t like a man that makes good money and that has a strong character, then hit the road. There are million of women out there waiting for a man like that. You are just jealous because you haven’t been able to find yourself a high-quality man.

        23. I’m engaged, just got off the phone with my dude, and we’re coming up on our anniversary rofl. And I’m tatless because I think they look trashy on anyone. That’s just a compatibility issue. All these dudes are literally being crazy by making all of these assumptions about someone using things only happening in their head instead of basing it off her actual actions and behavior happening in the real world. I’m not jealous of any of these people, because they all seem angry and miserable. Weak men go for weak women. I tried the innocent, classy, sexually frustrated, perfect image (lie) of femininity deal. Got my house broken into, all sorts of abuse, and only ever attracted predators. I’m good. I’d have nicer stuff if I stayed with succussful buy my affection dude, but I would also be miserable, and possibly dead. I’ll pass and save the codependency for lucky contestant # 2.

        24. Honestly? No not really. I don’t know the dude, don’t have tats, and don’t just freely give the power to make me not stoic away. I just am kinda repulsed that it comes off like a little bratty kid trying to get negative attention for no reason. If someone like me, I’m free to go out and be with the people who do. Why should I try to change a stranger’s mind?

        25. Key1s8

          Google is paying 97$ per hour! Work for few hours and have longer with friends & family! !au158d:
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        26. That was pretty much my reasoning for mine, mine is morse code for mum — ..- — and it’s under my bra strap on my ribs. It’s in tribute to my mum, but also the only discreet place closest to my heart. She was honestly my best friend, and the tattoo felt like a permanent way of keeping her close to my heart now that she’s no longer with us. I do have a necklace with a stone made from her ashes too, but obviously that’s too valuable to wear all the time.

        27. When I was in college (77-80) there was this fad of girls getting a small tattoo of a butterfly on their panty line. There was a saying that arose from this “Do butterflies dream of getting a tattoo of a slut?”

        28. I died of human instinctual boredom, just reading that. Mike needs something, fellas. Help him out. No woman, virgin or not can help him…Good luck, Mike.

        29. So, what you’re saying is, every woman with a tattoo would want you? Would even talk to you? Really -every one of them? Post a pic of yourself and lets see what your mirror sees, please?

        30. No, striking a nerve isnt the only reason someone comments, right? Maybe, its a funny bone? Or, a moment of boredom? The boredom one is why im writing you right now, ma. Ma. Uh, ma..

        31. The problem with your joke is that the tattoo would have to read: мене звуть Kelly.
          Unless this was also part of the joke, as in, not only do I not know or care about your name, but think you are a Ukrainian hooker.

        32. lol, a few don’t want me, but many do. Nonetheless, it’s a good way to start a fight — and it clearly pissed you off just thinking about a man making that comment. Reason: Women hate hate HATE the idea of being disqualified by a man. Women in general aren’t as equipped to deal with romantic rejection as we men are.
          But yes, I’m a catch. Check out my disqus profile for a sense of me. No photos, though — are you crazy?

        33. You all give a shit. That is 1 of your weaknesses. Even your atrention-whoring on a men’s site is hilarious proof of that.

        34. Like when you see a female with a barcode tattoo. Very accurate in terms of its message – item for sale – but does she understand? She doubtless just thinks it looks “cool” in some undefinable way.

      2. It’s kind of a way to virtue-signal, isn’t it. Although it isn’t virtuous. “I’m the hot slutty chick with no boundaries…um, like, YEAH-uhh…I eat pussy, I’m cool.”

      3. they get mixed messages though. it’s not entirely their fault if teenage boys start fapping every time two fo them link arms

      4. Why isn’t it desirable though? From a historical perspective bisexuality in women seems to be part of their sexual fluidity. This is especially true in cases of men with harems. The women would pleasure each other while the man was away or during group sex. Seems that you guys are treating it as a deviance when it seems to be just part of their nature. Sure they do it to seem cool but they also do lots of heterosexual activities to seem cool as well. I really don’t see toe problem with female bisexuality and this is coming from a Christian.

        1. Because I don’t desire it.
          Women are naturally inclined to do many things – drink to excess, do lots of drugs, tattoo themselves, chop their hair, act like cunts, etc… – that I don’t desire in a long term mate.
          If you’re OK with bi-sexuality, to each his own. But no girl I’m taking home to my mom is going to be receptive to dyking out with another chick.

        2. On those occasions where I got involved in a three way it was always with two girls that were bi. They usually ended up spending more focus on each other than on me. The most extreme case of this was my one case of a M-F-F-F-F-F experience (a professional encounter). For the most part they were doing more with each other than with me, but then there were more of them. One dick, one pussy, works best.

        3. Some guys here are players. Others use player tactics to look for a unicorn, aka, good christian girl.
          Bisexuality in women is great when Im included. In the end, some of us get sick of watching women ruin their lives, knowing theyd be happier with babies and grandbabies in a traditional family.
          Its like watching a friend get fired from multiple jobs his whole life.

        4. You are spot on in terms of the general perspective, but not the context of relationships with futures. A harem is full of tricks and hos, and there is no relationship building going on there.

        5. “Sexual fluidity.” ugh. Not all of us are into women or “sexual fluidity.” This is academic rubbish necessitated by the publish or perish culture.

      5. The only reason to date a bisexual is for a few bangs with her and her friend, nothing more. But if you want to start something serious with her, possibly marry her…? No, just no. You are bound for disappointment. I genuinely don’t understand this fascination with lesbians. Sure, I can see the appeal, specifically if they do it to please a man, but if I see them doing it as a way of saying “fuck you men, we don’t need you”(which a lot of lesbians) then I have no reason to associate with her.
        And I honestly don’t buy the bullshit that all women are bisexual. I know plenty of women who are disgusted with the idea of making out with another woman. It is another modern trend that’s trying to convince us that we are all bisexuals. No, we are not, and I find bisexuals just as disgusting as homosexuals. They are both attention whores.

        1. 3somes are hugely overrated. Ego boost is quick and huge, and leaves nothing when it’s gone. Avoid with anybody you care about enough to know their middle names. Strangers/very recent acquaintances, is fine.

        2. Right. Not all women are bisexual. This is just part of the pc bullshit coming out of universities these day. I I have no desire to have sex with a woman. Men? Yes!!!

        3. About “all women are bisexual,” read about the iris tracking and plethysmograph” studies done by advertisers. The “wife” in a lesbian relationship is usually one of the most feminine women a man will ever meet. I used to hang around with one and called her my “gay girlfriend” and I enjoyed my time with her more than just about any real date that I have ever been on. Her “husband” was more abusive than any man I have ever personally known. I had not heard from her in a few years and recently heard that she had committed suicide. In my opinion, lesbians are all suffering from a mental disorder of one kind or another.

        4. “lesbians are all suffering from a mental disorder of one kind or another.”
          That or just bad experience with males that left her scarred. Otherwise, I really don’t see how one can get attracted to the other sex. Nor do I ever want to find out.
          One of the frequent commentators on this site suggested that the reasons why females go lesbian are:
          1) Because it is cool and trendy
          2) Because she hasn’t received a proper dicking.
          I think there is merit to both of those theories, especially the first one.

        5. A massive number of them are fleeing men due to chuldhood abuse (sexual or other). Thats what makes it so sad.
          Same gpes for feminism, in fact. Men who abuse girls really ruin it for everyone.

        1. As I get older, I have less and less respect for people who don’t spend time with their kids. A father who is out working to put food on the table… I can understand that, although there are some assholes who just use that as an excuse. But a mother who is too busy playing tennis or fucking Chads or working some shit-ass part-time job that doesn’t even cover the cost of her kid’s daycare? Fuck that. Too many kids growing up without any real connection to their own biological parents, being raised by minimum wage daycare workers, teachers and babysitters. Its so fucked up, man.

        2. It really is fucked up. I think most of these younger single moms think spending time with their children involves having the kid listening in the next room while mom fucks their latest Bad Boy of the Month. It’s sickening, really. It’s child abuse.

        3. I agree, but I also hate the people who get over-involved in their kids’ lives, and in my opinion, these are just as dangerous. You don’t have to sit on the floor all day playing make believe. But you shouldn’t be out all day fucking the pool boy while some central American immigrant rears your kids either. There’s a balance.
          My personal opinion is that I want to know what my kids are doing and participate in the stuff that interests me, and then for the rest, I listen to George Carlin:

        4. I really think daycare is a form of torture to the child. They are getting at most 1/5 the attention at a care facility that they would receive from their mother. I only spent one day in daycare and it was traumatizing.

        5. how do you license someone to take care of other people’s children? i mean what would the test look like>?

        6. Allowing women to have custody of children without male supervision is a proven case of child abuse. The stats bear this out with ample evidence. Best interest of the child/tender years doctrine my ass.

        1. Don’t worry. Daddy visits on the weekends. That’s good enough.
          And “good enough” is just what you want when dealing with something as important as parenting.

    5. “being intimidated”…….that’s a laugh. My wife was roommates with this civil engineering student when we were dating. She was a 7, had her life together, all of that. Approaching 40, this girl is very successful in her business, but still single. My wife chalks it up to her being intimidating. I smile and nod. That girl is not intimidating, she is one of those career girls who, if you married, would be a life sentence of power struggles and squabbling on who wears the pants. It would be working overtime in order to play keeping up with the Jones’s, when she is living with you.

      1. No doubt about it, Duke. Now ramp that up to a factor of about times 1000 in the case of a movie star. Nobody in their right mind would go near that. Except a male who is a better schemer than the female in question. I’ll bet she winds up getting taken for a bunch of her assets by a young player. That would be poetic justice. But nobody is going to take a woman like that seriously, “Sure, you are looking to settle down now, you want to be loyal…my ass.”

        1. The ones who say “not looking for a one night stand” “looking for something serious” , those are the ones that you stay away from.

        2. So much this! I have multiple female friends with high up jobs. The only guys that go near them are the worst of the worst. Manipulative gold digger dudes! Its hilarious to see these ” businesswomen” being used and cheated on by some bad boy scumbag… while the women say ” all men are like that.”
          Meanwhile the nice guys, and wise men steer clear. We arent atteacted to alpha females!

        3. I’ve found those are exactly the ones you will be fucking in the car after the fifth drink. The ones who want a “soulmate” will only require three drinks.

        4. I see female alpha traits differently. I don’t see bossy, nagging, “strong and independent” women as alpha.
          Alpha males are males with strong masculine traits.
          Alpha females are females with strong feminine traits.
          Both are desired very much by their opposite gender.
          Just my opinion.

        5. Please excuse me guys for butting in here, but I find this discussion fascinating. My husband was definitely an alpha male and I never really knew what he saw in me (except great sexual chemistry hahha) so this was an interesting post. So would it be fair to say that alpha males don’t really go for strong, tough women, but more feminine ones? I’m a relatively young widow and just jind the whole dating thing nowadays weird as hell.

        6. Obviously yes its fair to say. Jesus. Men want feminine women, not masculine women.
          Come back tomorrow I’ll tell you how water is wet.

      2. Women love the idea that men are intimidated by them, for whatever reason. As usual, projecting their own condition onto men, standard female mentality

        1. Guys are intimidated by the power of the state which backs up women. They are scared of having their finances ruined and children taken away because their wife doesn’t get the tingles anymore.

    6. Her saying men are intimidated by her its like saying men are intimidated by the stench of Cheddar cheese that expired in 1999.

    7. She might be right. There might be some “men” that are intimidated by her. Because all the Alphas in her preferred dating age range are sport-fucking chick half her age, she is left with betas and chumps. These pajama-clad soy-laden “men” are probably very intimidated by any woman who gets within 3 feet of them.

    8. I remember when the X files first came out and she was pretty friggin smoking. My mental image of her is still a hot little thing way to young too be playing a skeptical MD opposite Duchovny.
      It is painful to see these images now where she looks like an old hag. The relativity of it is jarring. In my early 20’s I wouldn’t have thought I had a chance with a broad like that. Now in my 40’s I wouldn’t touch her with a pole vault.

        1. That is about a 5-7 year span that they are like that. Those years are very damaging to a woman, mentally. It gives them a sense of pride that they are to be adored and sought after, no matter what. They carry that attitude that they can do no wrong into their 30’s when they marry, and will keep doing their “can do no wrong” attitude. That is until, they divorce. It isn’t until their 50’s until they swallow their pride and humble themselves. But, by then it is too late.

        2. I thought it was “Would Half Bang”. Like you’d start banging her, then like halfway through, get bored and wander off to see what’s on TV.

        3. Semi unrelated, but I have a friend who advocates women wait until 30 to get married and have kids. I always provide the counterpoint – it’s harder to change your behavior as you get older, and your prime child-bearing years are really your early 20’s.
          What makes that so interesting to me is that women take my words more seriously when we present our cases back-to-back. Perhaps there’s a power in presenting both options – one way leads to lack of fulfillment that can easily remain permanent, and the other toward the greatest and most fulfilling work a woman can do.

        4. I would be willing to bet it is more about the subtext of you being more Alpha and dominant than your friend, thereby leading credence to your argument in women’s eye, then about any actual difference in the ration or logic of the argument.
          Its not the words you say or the arguments you use, its the juxtaposition of who you are versus your debate opponent that raises the attractiveness (not the rational soundness) of your argument to them.

        5. You may just be right about that. I don’t know exactly how to put it, but I think I have a certain degree of conviction and charm that he lacks.
          When I deliver the message, I usually aim for more of a loving big brother tone than a pussy-wetting one (though, girls being weird, sometimes it serves both purposes). He’s only got one setting, so I probably seem like I care more about the girls’ well-being when we do this. With my strong eye contact and generally dominant frame, this probably psychologically slots me into a de facto authority position.
          Hmm…I’ll have to give this some thought…

        6. The feminists try to make it out like you are some tinfoil hat nut job when you bring it up, but the communist tie to feminism is strong. The redistribution of wealth from male to female is one front to the advancement of communism. Along with this, lies the destruction of the family as a central unit of society.

        7. I have come to believe that the whole stigma behind “conspiracy theorist” is a Communist tactic. Some of the earliest usage I’ve seen involves the McCarthy fiasco, when media ran damage control for actual identified communists.
          I reckon about half of conspiracies (the patently ridiculous ones) exist solely to discredit the other half, many of which are observable or confirmed (e.g. “You think Obama’s multi-layer pdf certificate could have been doctored? You’re just like the guys who think aliens landed in Area 51.”)

        8. I am in my sixties, and know a lot of women that are over 50. I have watched them age from their teens to their old age, and they still think they are the hot bitch every man wants. So far, I see no indication that they have swallowed their pride. They seem to get more entitled and arrogant as they age. If they are multiple divorcees even more so. Maybe they will change when they hit their seventies; it could happen.

        9. I’m in my 50s and have watched girls go from gorgeous to grandma. What man in their right mind wants to have sex with a woman that they don’t know that reminds them of their grandma? I might get into bed with them if they read me a bedtime story…

        10. “Conspiracy theory” was coined to discredit the truth by the CIA: really check it out for yourself.

      1. A more recent case of this is Kaley Cuoco on The Big Bang Theory. She was about 20 when she started the Penny role and looked the part of a girl for whom the nerd scientist would have incurable oneitis; a hard 9/10. At thirty they still try to sell the story that she is so far above Leonard, and he basically won the lottery by marrying her. He still looks basically the same as he did at the beginning (all the male stars on the show do, and Jim parsons (Sheldon) is 44 and Johnny Galecki (Leonard) is 42) while she at 31 is a 4-5/10. At the beginning of the show she was always in booty shorts or tight sweat pants that were down around her hips and bared a lot of tight tummy. Now she only appears in baggy shirts not tucked in at the waist.

    9. Replace “Gillian Anderson” with “flight attendant.”
      Welcome to my world of cat ranchers.

    10. Maybe my calibration is off, but I think she is solidly sexier at 45+ than however old she was on X-files. But up close, who knows…

    11. We used to have a patriarchy that actively punished women for living that kind of lifestyle, as opposed to now where the law allows it, and the culture encourages and celebrates it.
      The sad thing is that even a lot of traditionalists or men who are fighting for more just marital laws are quick to accuse anyone of wanting “shariah law” for acknowledging this reality.

    12. I’m sorry, but you, mister, full of yourself. It would be better to learn some manners to talk about women.
      The horrible part of internet that these days everyone allows to say anything about anyone who doesn’t even have any moral rights to say anything

    13. I had a huge crush on Gillian Anderson for a loooong time until I finally read about the kind of woman she is. It really changed my opinion of her. I don’t know what made me think she was going to be a good one, but it is what it is. I still think she’s hot at 49. I mean, most of us hope to be with a woman that looks that good when we reach that age and beyond. That is, I guess if you’re dating a woman around your own age at that age.

    14. Women are not able to see their own hypocrisy. Because if a woman chases a man to ask him out on a date then it’s acceptable but if a man chases a woman to ask her out on a date then he is harassing her. This is the problem with women they think everything a man does is abuse to her. The victim mentality.

  10. I know a “good” church girl who dresses very modestly , talks like mother Theresa and is technically a virgin. What her husband will never know is that she has had my dick in her mouth and possibly other dicks too.
    Roosh , my brother , it pains me to see you struggle so much to find a wife-material woman because you are such a good and honest man. What you really need is an Albanian woman from the rural areas. I’ve never heard any man have troubles with these kind of women as wifes. I’d be happy to be your guide. We would just have to arrange a trip by the end of the year or more likely in spring/summer as I’m very busy right now.

  11. Of the list, lying and time vampire are the two things that will directly affect you the most in a LTR. What she thinks about Starbucks, who gives a fuck, but when she’s trying to direct your schedule 24/7 it get really annoying. Wanting you to go out *every freaking night* into the wee hours to be with friends etc. can be fun at first (especially if the sex is stellar) but it gets old quick and it drains your wallet like you would not believe. And that whole lying thing (walk in on her fucking the neighbor, tell her she’s a cheating slut and within seconds after the neighbor runs past you and out of the room she’ll deny it ever happened with a serious expression).
    Another big one is trying to change *you*. All the freaking time. Not big things, at first. Usually small things in the beginning, things that sound reasonable to you as simply suggestions on self improvement (try a new hairstyle maybe? Oh, I like the thought of you with no beard! etc). Eventually if you fall for too many of these (they’re not all actual manipulations, maybe she just doesn’t like beards) then they start getting bigger, and bigger. Once in a while a girl will jump straight from maybe one small “nothing” suggestion to a list of major changes out of thin air. It happens. The “I really enjoy being with you, but I think you need to consider doing changes 1, 2, 3 immediately!” thing. A girl will try it with me, once. When I say “Um, no, I’m an adult and will do my life as I see fit” she has two options. Accept it or get mad. She accepts it, great, we continue to fuck. If she gets mad I don’t fight, I simply hit the eject button calmly and wish her a nice life.
    It sucks that you have to do this, but it’s the cold hard reality of the situation so learn how to deal with it *before* you have to do it.

    1. GOJ, your second point about women wanting to change you is indeed valid. My wife has pulled that stunt on me a number of times over the years. I would just passively blow it off and not worry about it. But then I figured out that this is merely another form of sh!t test. My response now is along the lines of “No. This is who I am and this is who you married. I have no intention of changing for you or anyone else. That’s final.” She may get mad and go off to pout and that’s fine. But I notice that she also gets over it a lot quicker now that I am assertive and clearly ZFG. I have learned a lot from all of the men that post here. It would have been nice to have had this resource when I was young. But hey, you are never too old to learn and improve yourself.

  12. “The above is a nice way of saying the following: if women were judged by how they judge men, they’d be losers.”
    This is probably the first conclusion I came to, years before taking the Pill. If only more men were aware of this little sentence. Just this one.

  13. I expect my post will be deleted, but still I’ll give it a try…
    The first thought that came accross my mind after reading this article was “What a terrible experience with women Roosh had… How is even possible to be so unlucky with women? Where the hell did he pick such a crappy dating-material up?”.
    My second thought concerns this sentence: “If a girl couldn’t resist your game, she also can’t resist the game of many other men.” And I ask myself again: “Does Roosh really have so few trust in himself? Why does he underestimate himself so much? Why did he assume that the woman wouldn’t have resisted anybody elses game? Was there any REAL evidence?”
    A self-fulfilling prophecy. He expects the worst and … it happens … (and let me tell you that I always regarded myself a pesimist – apparently, I’m not).

    1. Yeah, but you’re an ancient Greek goddess of magic, witchcraft, the night, the moon, ghosts, necromancy, etc., so…

      1. Of course I am. My soul is black.
        Believe me or not… I have also SOME horrible experience with SOME men. I guess that you will reply something like “you deserved worse (because you are a woman)” and I really can’t proof the opposite. It might be easier for me if I knew (understood) why it happened to me.
        And my bad experience is the reason why I started to visit this web. Because I desperately needed to understand how men think and act. The only obvious thing for me now is that they think and act in a very different way than I do.
        But surprisingly, some of you have very similar life experience as I have. Roosh included. That brings me to the conclusion that it is always about people. Not about being a woman or a man.

        1. Lots of it stems from how the SMV curve is different for men and women. A woman peaks higher and earlier than it does for men. Consequently, women get lots of attention and sex from guys of all ages in their youth. This goes to their head, and they become prideful.
          As the marriage age is increasing, this has some serious negative consequences for both men and women. The “alpha widow” (an average woman who gets sex from an above average man in her youth, who eventually has to settle for an average man to marry) is unsatisfied. The lack of trust is on both sides because of rampant hypergamy, but because of how divorce law is stacked against men, fewer men are willing to commit.

        2. Yep, young women come into a type of power, when they are very immature. Humans tend to handle power of any type poorly.

        3. “Because I desperately needed to understand how men think and act.”
          Why? You may be wasting your time, searching for a hack that does not exist.
          Just like beta males. They often want to “understand women”.
          How would a beta male who is working as a janitor, cant afford a car and likes to play online games with his friends benefit from “understanding women”?
          He already knows its the muscular football guys who get the hot chicks.
          He already knows it is the rich millionaires who date miss worlds.
          Problem is, he is not good looking and muscular nor has he got money nor fame. He has got nothing to offer to a woman.
          Now if he understood women really well, he would still have nothing to offer.
          The sexual marketplace is sexual but also a MARKET.
          You have to have something to offer if you want to attract a buyer.
          The beta male in our example has to improve himself and bring some value to the table. If he does he will find a girl friend. He more he brings, the better she will be. It is that simple.
          And for you as a woman? 90% of your sexual market value is your youth and beauty. That is what you bring to the table.
          If you want a good man you need to work on your looks, your hair (long is better), your cloths, your shoes, your a make up. Be the best looking and most sexy self you can be. The older you get, the harder it will become. No time to waste lady.
          Once you have found a man (!) it is then your feminine qualities to keep him interested in you. First and most important is sex. Regular and good sex is the base you should build you relationship on. Never forget.
          After that comes trust. You should be a partner a man can trust and put faith in you.
          If these two are well, children are the 3rd of the three relaionship cornerstones.
          This is all you need to know.

        4. Excellent advice. I would also add: “Be nice. Don’t be a cunt.” Being nice to a guy goes a long fucking way.
          If women ever collectively discover the power of positive reinforcement they have over men, and the fact that their preferred method of negative reinforcement is so fucked up and ineffective long-term, the patriarchy would legitimately be doomed.

        5. Morality is right up there. However that is something that can be faked on the short term. Doing so will leave a terrible taste in anyone’s mouth. Nobody likes a hypocrite.

        6. Yes, and that is the message I already got from ROK. Yet I like your summary, it is speaking for itself, I wouln’t be able to sum it better.
          Thanks to ROK I realised that despite of being a Queen of Hell :-), I was always (even in my youth) nothing more than a beta-female. On the other hand, I haven’t ever aspired to marry an alpha-male and I haven’t. I always had weakness for “graphites with fetuses of diamond inside”… but except for one example, there was always someone else who got the diamond in the end. I rather don’t want to know what greek-letter-female I am now. It was my 36th birthsday yesterday.
          I wouln’t say I was completely unsuccesfull (I am married, I have kids, I have a job I like…), but my marriage is in ruins and I am very affraid of the future. It is very difficult to admitt that for the case of divorce my possition on “the sexual market” is hopelessly on decline, that there is nothing good to expect. Statisticaly, there is a half of my life in front of me and if I hadn’t kids, I would quit (especially after reading articles on ROK).
          Roosh doesn’t seem very happy neither. But instead of me, he HAS a chance to find a young unspoiled virgin to set a family with. But I would recomment to stop with this PUA shit because it works only for types he described in his article and wants to avoid. I wish him good luck, really… And as well, to you all.
          Greetings from CZE: https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/5192f76adb23e4a1228bff405aa131c168ea7882ae87611eca2ecf1949538bd9.jpg

        7. dont dox yourself, appreciate the picture, but not safe. Lots of guys get real world heat from feminists if they are identified.

        8. Don’t worry, I am going to delete my account in a while. That is what I wanted to do since I read here that abdominal scars after pregnancy is a proof that the woman doesn’t take care about herself.

        9. To answer the post you just deleted:
          “Actually “PUA shit” is just applied psychology and works on basically
          anyone. The thing is that there is no one specific “PUA way”, rather,
          it’s a combination of factors that you mix and match to the scenario.
          So for some Madison Ave. broad, I’d stride forward with absurd
          confidence and have a lot of social proof at my fingertips (and dress
          well, very well). For Midwest game I can go more traditional with
          regard to courtship many times (we still actually *date* out here, as in
          for real). And that’s just the exterior, the other things, the
          psychological components you combine per the individual you’re talking
          to. If she doesn’t get humor (some don’t) then you go with other ways
          of invoking emotions, etc. This is all rather scientific in a way, it’s
          not the PUA stuff of 2003 with canned lines and “Ok, neg her then make a
          joke then stand back with your hands akimbo” routines.
          You’re assusceptable to it as Kim Bassinger in her prime, difference is what the man who approaches you offers to your senses before he ever speaks a word. Otherwise, it’s all just psychology.
          Men are figuring out this “game”, and I mean the big picture, and we’re solving problems as we normally do, that is, logically and whenever possible with validated data and the scientific method. This is very, very dangerous for women now, because ultimately, you can’t fight nature and biology and it may be the ultimate irony of feminism that in the end, men win.
          Take that picture down, you’ll get doxxed fast by some very bad people. FYI.”

        10. It has been a pleasure exchanging comments with you. You have earned
          my respect and for that I will give you something. My advice. It comes
          from a person who has experience with marriage and kids, not only from
          myself but also from over 100 000 people who found my articles and
          answers helpful in the past.
          First to yourself and the picture you deleted. You are
          attractive. If you are 36, with kids I must say you are top 10% of your
          age when it comes to looks. You have NOTHING to worry about in this
          area. What you can improve is the way you dress. It will remind your
          husband that you are attractive and it will give a signal to other men
          that you might be available what in return might make your husband chase
          you again.
          For a better situational advice I require more
          background info regarding your marriage. What exactly the problem is
          that lets you say “my marriage is in ruins”
          Maybe your marriage is worth some effort fixing it. I understand that personal details is nothing you should post on the internet. Feel free to email me:
          [email protected] if you are interested in further advice.
          Until then you may want to spend a moment or two thinking about the basics.
          Every good and lasting relationship rests on 3 pillars.
          All 3 most be in good standing. The lowest of them is the level your relationship has.
          I get a new marriage case one of the first questions i always ask is
          this: How often in the last 3 months did you have sex? (with your
          current partner).
          After this simple question it is possible to place your relationship with over 90% accuracy in one of the 3 main boxes.
          “All good, nothing to worry about”
          “Problems, but we can solve them”
          “It may be time to look for better options”

        11. If women ever collectively discover the power of positive reinforcement
          they have over men, and the fact that their preferred method of negative
          reinforcement is so fucked up and ineffective long-term, the patriarchy
          would legitimately be doomed.

          Him: “Honey, I’m home!”
          Her: “Why dear, you look exhausted! Sit down and have some dinner. Afterward, well, I’ve just been dying to give you a blow job! Oh, by the way, the furnace needs repaired if you have a spare moment this weekend sweety?”
          Him: “Sure thing baby”
          Him: “Honey, I’m home!”
          Her: “My God, can you not just come in here yelling it like it was the most important thing in the world? For God sake Raulph, I work too, what you do isn’t *that* important. When you set your shit down, order a pizza, the kids and I are starving. And don’t look at me like that, there’s no way you’ve earned anything from me tonight, mister. No means no. Oh, the furnace needs fixed, I assume you’re competent enough to look at it now?”
          Him: “I just got home.”
          Her: “And…..?”
          Which scenario works, which one doesn’t?

        12. Ah, I just figured you did a delete. My bad. How it sees it as spam is anybody’s guess, given the large number of pics on here.

        13. Agreed, “pump and dump” is one small faction of game. I learn what I can from this site to get more sex out of my wife, and to have a more balanced Yin and Yang relationship with her. Not just a trick, it is learning about her psyche and knowing how to better deal with it.

        14. No, it happened to my posts very often. And I haven’t post any pictures before, this was for the first time. I don’t know where the problem is.
          Regarding your answer. If you see PUA like this, I don’t have any problem with it. Maybe yes, I associated it with negging and “akimbo” stuff. All right then, you persuaded me. But still I think that there is a high risk of an over-strategy – I can’t find a proper term in English, I’m sorry, I’m tired now. And I don’t get the part “Kim Bassinger in her prime”. Bad English? Context? Some joke everybody heard at elementary school :-)?

        15. She was a smoking hot actress back in the 1980’s. Like jaw dropping hot. And she, in her prime, would be every bit as charmed by “game” as a normal woman such as yourself. The only difference is the things that the man approaching her brings to the table with regard to the items that check her “You can talk to me” boxes the best. For her, I’d assume status, money and probably fame. And while those might work for you, yours might be something quite different in regard to what triggers you positively when you see a man approach. Confidence, a particular type of dressing (cowboy, blue collar, biker, plain and simple and unassuming, something else?), how he holds himself in the room (posture), etc.

        16. I tell you, on the rare times that my wife has had that attitude when I get home, I will let her know plainly that it will not be rewarded. She wants to get your dander up, better to talk to her like a two year old, and tell her that you are going somewhere fun without her.

        17. I’ve read and written — more than most, I assume — plenty of highly offensive things on here. But I’ve never seen a comment or an article that has ever vilified the natural consequences of childbirth a female experiences. Not saying you’re lying, just that I’ve never seen it.

        18. I do the same thing too.
          Calm, collect, totally Vulcan with a hint of a smirk, then out the door.

        19. I am afraid things aren’t as easy (as regards to your last question – I like sex 🙂 and I don’t refuse it – few times a week 🙂 ), but I appreciate your effort.
          I short, the reason why my marriage is in ruins is the jealousy of my husband. Without no reason FYI. Next to his criticism of my looks (paradoxically) and dissatisfaction of the heigh of my income (if God gives, I will be fucking rich from the end of this year – I am supposed to be a judge).
          He woke up and realised, how stupidly he behaved, but it is late. Feelings are gone. That’s all.

        20. Give her a hug and a kiss on the way out. Nothing is more powerful than to show they have absolutely no control on your emotion.

        21. Certain kinds of girls are very fond of the Western look. Combine it with a motorcycle and it is an *amazing* attractant to a whole lot of thin, long haired, conservative country girls.
          In any event, that was the Kim Bassinger reference explanation.

        22. got to keep in mind, lots are young college kids that don’t have much real life experience. They are just spouting off. Most material like that is satirical.

        23. I vaguely recall someone claiming stretch marks from pregnancy are something that can be avoided with proper care? Was that it?

        24. Yes, I know who KB is. And I remember her in her youth. We had a TV here in CZ in 80th and sometimes, there was something else than Mikhail Gorbatchov kissing Gustav Husák (president of former Czechoslovakia).
          Maybe, there was a problem with the notion “in her prime”. But I worked it out.
          Oh, no motorcycle boys.
          I tell you a secret. I always dreamt about seducing a Hare Krishna member :-).

        25. Yes, exactly.
          I have to tell you… I gained 20 kg everytime I was pregnant. I have NO strech marks. I didn’t do much for it. But I know many women who tried their best and they have them. Its about type of skin IMO. Usually, those of us with oily skin don’t suffer with strech marks. (but we suffer with acné, f.i.)

        26. Really dark buttholes are an epidemic, Jim. One of the next articles I finish will be all about them.

        27. Hmm. It’s August. Neither scenario would work. I’ll fix the furnace in October.
          Although, there is a blow job involved. These are the sorts of dilemmas that keep me up at night.

        28. I am wondering if it is an anal sex thing. My wife (37, virgin at marriage, not into that kink) doesn’t seem to have that problem whatsoever.

        29. Ah. Well that’s….different.
          Dobrý den!
          And no, can’t speak much Czech at all any more. Just being polite.

        30. Well substitute any “man task” then. You get my point.

        31. The article will certainly clarify things. Don’t want to spoil it, but you’re on the right track.

        32. Might have to find myself a nice Czech girl then. Know any with light colored buttholes, no whoring around, and good attitudes?

        33. Good examples, but a lot of husbands are so henpecked and beat down, their wives could get them to do most anything for them just by being a little sweet to them for 15 minutes.

        34. I, for one, am really looking forward to this article, and finally getting this mystery solved.

        35. It is never simple. However your case is less difficult than most.
          You are resident of box no 3: “”It may be time to look for better options”
          Reason: You have lost respect for your husband. You are already testing the water (learning about men) in order to find a replacement. Most likely of higher value than your current man. Pulling from my pool of experience your chances to do so are good.
          HOWEVER the easy thing to do is not always the best.
          Your new life may not be as great as it first looks. Higher value men come with their own set of risks. Like female competition. Then there are your children. Single moms with careers are not exactly known for having happy kids.
          You could still save your marriage and have a happy life *AS WIFE AND MOTHER* instead of career woman and money. All you needed to do is focus on your feminine side; support your husband in what he does, instead of building a career on your own. Very much not mainstream advice thats for sure; but it works.
          “is the jealousy of my husband. Without no reason FYI.”
          He has got a very good reason. You look good for your age and you make a lot of money. All this are direct insults for his masculine role as the provider and captain of the family ship.
          You are not acting like his first officer, you are acting like competition. He knows you can do better than him and that makes him afraid. Thats why he is acting the way he is.
          To sum it up:
          You are at a crossroad of your life.
          Option a) Focus on career and looks (get used to better cloths, get used to high heals on a daily base, make good friends with a skilled hair dresser etc etc) and you have about 3-4 years to land a high value man.
          Make sure not to waste time with a “casual” relationship and extract commitment using your biggest asset called “good sex”.
          After that you have maybe 4-5 more years to get an ok husband but you may have to reduce expectations; like fish in the pool 55+ and divorced.
          Competition will get harder each year wasted. You already know that.
          Option b) Cut back on career plans. Spend more time with your kids. Spend more time with your husband. Help him getting forward in life. As he improves, your respect for him might come back. It wont hurt to show him RoK so he learns some basic game at the very least.
          At first glance this might look like insanity but an intact core family and enough time for your family has its own benefit.
          Final words: Except your last reply you did show a very high level of understanding and self awareness; these are exactly the tools you need to find the best course of action. Chose wisely.

        36. The grass always looks greener on the other side of the fence.
          But if yours turned brown because you didn’t take care of it, what’s gonna happen on the other side of the fence when you get there?
          Many people repeat the same relationship dynamic, just with different folks.

        37. You know, there is a Czech proverb “Všude je chleba o dvou kůrkách”. Translation (literally) is “Everywhere the bread has two crusts”. So, there are some girls who are whoring around. And some with good attitudes as well. Some are perfect (not me). Some are trash (not me, I hope). But I believe, if you once visit CZ, you will love it. Especially Brno :-).
          I have a colleague (female) who is really hot (blond, young – 27 YO, slim, nice, wants a LTR, family, kids…) and I can cover up that it is YOU who wrote the article about DARK assholes (she has a sense of humour but not as dark as me). BUT please… don’t ask me for checking her butthole. 🙂 After reading your article I don’t dare to check mine.

        38. I’ve limited experience with Czech people, although the few I do know were deeply nationalistic and had a penchant for Hitler. Literally. One even “permanently borrowed” a book I had on World War II.

        39. Maybe we didn’t undestand each other.
          Firstly. I am not a judge yet. So I don’t earn more than my husband. It might be a problem if I was I judge already, but it doesn’t explain his previous behaviour. And again. It was HIM who complained that I should earn more money! Now I hope he will be satisfied. Anyway, I accepted the offer few month ago and I can’t take it back. Now I wait for nomination.
          Secondly, in CZ almost every woman works. Those, who don’t, are seen as parasitic. Only very few men can afford a house-wife. You really can’t apply the american lifestyle here fully. People here live differently. And I really wouln’t be happy as a house-wife. I need people.
          Thirdly. He started to criticise my looks when I was at home with kids (for 4 years – again, common here) . We had one income and can’t afford “good hairdresser” or “stylish clothes” at that time. I didn’t even think spending money about such things. Later, when I came back to work and start earning money, of course, I bought new clothes etc. So his criticism wasn’t fair in my eyes, because I can’t do more. Moreover, in context of his criticism, his jealousy didn’t make much sence to me. If I looked bad, who would care about me?
          Lastly, I don’t have high expectations. I would prefere someone divorced with kids, but around my age, plus minus 5 years. If it’s impossible (and I understand the reasons), I will stay alone with kids.
          I don’t understand why you lack understanding and self awareness in my last post. I only described the situation, that’s all.

        40. “Secondly, in CZ almost every woman works.”
          My wife is from austria. She has a Phd in bio-chemistry and has not worked a day since our first son was born 15 years ago. It would never cross my mind to call her a parasite, she does a lot for the family; much more than i do in fact. My job is to bring home enough money that my family has not to worry about bills. If i couldnt do that, she had chosen her man poorly.
          I am glad to read you took your time to stay at home for 4 years. It is a very important time for the kids and they NEED their mom most during these years. Well done.
          Life is not about beeing fair. Get his toxic idea out of your head.
          Your husband did what he did because he was afraid to lose you. Other, better men than him, would notice you. He has problems with low self-esteem, you beeing pretty damn awesome does make matters just worse for him.
          I tell you this because you need the positive feedback. You are much better than you see yourself and your outlook in life should be much brighter. You will do fine. Remember you are resident of box 3 in your current relationship and if have less than 5% recovery rate from box 3.
          You remind me a lot of Mrs Maldek. If she had married a beta male like you did, she might have ended in your place. You need a strong man you can look up to. Try to apply some of the advice I gave you, in particular regarding your looks when you have a bit more money. Thats all i have to say and I consider this case closed from my point of view. Best of luck mylady!

        41. My father told me to be kind and beautiful and smart, in that order. So Im a steadfast proponent of catching bees with honey, but does this dialogue sort of illustrate how easily men can be manipulated? Not that there’s anything wrong with that provided both parties involved have good intentions. It can be a good deal, right? But would you perform tricks for sex? Guessing not. Woman with bad intentions and impure hearts take advantage of this sort of thing, and they have really good time laughing at men behind their backs about it, too.

        42. Yes, this illustrates how easily most men can be manipulated by women. As I said in other comments, it doesn’t even have to be performing “tricks for sex.” A little attention and affection can get a guy to do a whole lot of things.

        43. I can’t decide how I feel about this. At least theoretically. In practice, I just married my husband largely because he’s the first man, apart from my dad, I can not at all manipulate. That was genuine revelation.
          But is it so bad. Does it seem a dishonorable thing from your side? Does it put you in the weaker position? Or is furnace fixing a reward for good behavior?

        44. There is a difference between mean-spirited, selfish, dishonorable manipulation and using some positive reinforcement to get your spouse moving in the same direction with you. People in a relationship are always going to try to influence or get what they want from their partner. It’s just human nature. My point is that so many women resort to negative reinforcement — punishment, complaining, nagging — which pushes the man away and creates resentment, when positive reinforcement — affection, attention, being nice, maybe a handjob — is much more effective and leaves both the man and the woman feeling happy and satisfied.

        45. I recall reading my health and social book in my catholic school in the 70s. The book was circa 1950s. We read the first 7 chapters, but being bored I read the last 5. One of those chapters specifically spoke to young wives: “look radiant and greet him when he comes home. Offer to make him a beverage. Wait at least an hour before discussing pressing matters, etc…”
          Our grandmothers generation had men pegged.

        46. Are you from Brno?! One of my husband’s and my all time favourite cities in EE. Didn’t inspect any buttholes though lol!

        47. I feel really bad for you. I had a somewhat similar experience when I was younger than you. I had a long term common law BF. It was a great relationship, we owned a house together and were definitely heading towards marriage. All was right until he lost his a job, right when my career was taking off. He gained a lot of weight, became hyper-critical of MY appearance (despite the fact that I’ve always been very fit—and work hard for this). At the same time he became extremely jealous, for absolutely no reason. After 18 months of trying to work through this the relationship ended when I discovered HE was having an affair. And the woman he was having an affair with was frankly quite a bit less attractive than me. I’m certainly no model, but his mistress was a dumpy, fat, college drop out. He moved in with tubby, but she kicked him to the curb within months. Evidently he’d developed quite a drinking problem by then. I eventually went on to meet my wonderful husband, we are very happy. The ex has since cleaned up his act and made more than one attempt to rekindle “us”, despite knowing I’m married. I’d be angrier if I didn’t genuinely pity him and his delusions of grandeur/sense of entitlement. My point in all this is the following:
          A. Anyone, man or woman,who behaves in this way is insecure to the level of it being a major character flaw.
          B. Every relationship is complicated and I certainly don’t wish to tell you what to do with yours. Marriages are worth fighting for but only you know whether this is salvageable. If it isn’t: keep your appearance up, stay away from on-line dating sites, and you will meet someone better suited. I met my husband at 32. The proverbial wall doesn’t hit respectable women who make an effort.
          Best of luck my friend.

        48. Thank you for your answer, interesting story, really… Yes, at some point I got the impression that he is insecure. I felt like I am in a competition with him although I never wanted to compete.
          Of course I’m trying to save my marriage now, being a good wife :-), especially because of our children. But… I can’t help but I’m unhappy and lack enough motivation :-(. But who knows what happens next…

        49. Brno is magical :-). Not just because there are two penises in the city centre (one on Moravské náměstí, the other on Náměstí Svobody).

        50. Right on Maldek…good wife you have there and good on you for leading your family wisely. My elder brothers wife is a Pharmacist and other than doing the bare minimum to maintain her license, she has been a fantastic “house wife” and mother to their 3 boys. Men like you, and my brother, give inspiration to me that there are intelligent women out there. Women who understand the blessing and great responsibility of being a good responsible wife and mother. To not allow society and career to usurp that “divine” or “maternal” nature.

        51. Oh, sounds horrible. I hate nacis, but yes, you can find some here.
          BTW, Nazi protector Heydrich called the Czechs “laughing beasts”

        52. Horrible is the wrong word. I liked my Czech friends. Except when they stole my books.
          Heydrich was talking about the resistance, I think. Which comports with my experience. My Czech friends were blond hair, blue eyed, tall men; Hitler would have accepted them into Germany.

        53. I’m not sure if he meant the resistance. Rather some kind of ignorance or sham, next to the habit of making fun of things we can’t change… Czechs are a small nation surrounded by many other big nations. We can’t conquer them but they are able to conquer us,if they want. So yes, there is something in the national character that could be described as “spinelessness”. We tend to get used to a situation we cannot do much with.
          Few days before two Czech parachutists assassinated Heydrich, he said about Czech people: (with the help of google translator)
          “The Poles are hard and rigid, and therefore easily fractured by force. The Czechs are spineless and flexible like rods under the pressure, but they will flick back in the moment you don’t expect it at all. “

        54. That’s a tempting offer, Hecate. But I’m afraid your unwillingness to inspect your colleague’s butthole is a deal breaker. I mean, you wouldn’t have to stare at it — just a quick look is all it would take. Stop being such a pussy. You should also examine your own butthole so you can know what you’re working with. You are over 30, though… could be pretty scary.
          I will keep Brno in mind for the future. Thanks for the suggestion.

        55. Respect to my butthole, please, you old-slut-with-dark-buttole-banger! Nobody have ever complained, let alone wrote an article about it here or there.

        56. Look, Hecate, some women have really dark buttholes. It just so happens that you’re probably one of them. It’s cool, no need to get upset.
          P.S. That old slut with the dark butthole… was younger than YOU.

        57. Oh. My bad. 🙂
          But still thinking… How could you, so young and handsome, bang somebody so derelicted, despite her youth (as far as I remember, she has other flaws than just DARK butthole)?
          Anyway, take it cool. Shit happens.

        58. She wasn’t fat and wasn’t a total bitch, which in the U.S. puts her in the top 15% of women. Other than her pitch black turd cutter, she was a reasonably attractive woman.

        59. Lincoln said: “Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man’s character, give him power.” What we are seeing is women being given power (over the past 40 – 50 years) and displaying their true characters. And those characters are shit.

        60. I like that scene in Goodfellas where Henry Hill is recently married and comes home after being out all night. His bride (stage managed by her mother) starts in haranguing him at high volume the minute he comes in the door. He looks at her, starts laughing, turns around, and leaves without a word of explanation.

        61. Age also matters. My second wife had two kids in her teens no stretch marks. Then when the youngest hit first grade and “We don’t have a baby anymore” hit we had two more. Stretch marks resulted. Same woman, same skin, different age.

        62. Darkness of the butt hole is no longer a valid and dependable indicator. The miracles of modern science have led to the widespread use of rectal bleaching. also led to vaginal reconstruction and even hymen restoration surgery.

        63. I almost shit myself laughing when I read that Dark Buttholes section of the article. Probably the most “Ah-HA! I knew I couldn’t be the only one noticing this” red pill moment I have had since I read my first Rollo Article. There is definitely something going on there. I don’t know how prevalent hemorrhoids are with women, but more and more of them can give you the Angry Eye just by bending over.

    2. You should not be naive. Of course there are a lot of differences between females, and those are affected by an interplay between culture (external pressure), upbringing and personality (mostly internal pressure). More introvert and less narcissistic girls sleep with less guys, even in the urban West, on average.
      But girls often lie to themselves, to their friends and their sex partners. A cynical mind knows that they often downplay their Cock Vitae. You’ll be happy to find someone who hasn’t rided the carousel in Penissylvania with at least 10 different guys.

      1. The mention of “more introvert and less narcissistic girls” souds interesting. So let me tell you something:
        Have you ever think about the fact that the ROK members beauty standards relate very much with the right oposite type of woman – with an extrovert and narcissistic self absorbed bitch? Also the places which are recomended to practice PUA are those with a huge prevalence of those types.
        But being honest, this is maybe the key to my “fate” as well. I work in the sphere with a high prevalence of narcissistic (especially) men and it drives me nuts (I should have studied something completely different, but here I am). I wish I could change my social circles.
        (Oh, sorry, sometimes I read here fairy tales about 18 years old virgins in Georgia, but I have to admitt that I skip them now because no joke is funny when repeated twice).

        1. I get your point. Sluts respond to game in a faster way and are generally more DTF. Yet game, including self-improvement, works on those more modest girls who have only had about 8 cocks inside.

        2. Yes, basicaly, that is what I wanted to point out. People who aren’t narcissists (men or women, whatever), at least according to my experience, don’t need to play games so they don’t respond to it. I prefer people who are spontaneous.
          Once I met I guy. He was extremely handsome in my eyes (lets say, 100% my type), he was very smart and I appraised the way he was able to stand up for himself (because that is something I have problems with).
          But… he behaved somehow arrogantly and obnoxiously. I remember that in the very beginning I thought something like “this kind of person I want to have on my side, but never as an enemy”. His arrogance discouraged me from spending more time with him, I didn’t feel well in his company.
          But apparently, he somehow liked me and found me attractive (I am a little dumb and insecure in this area and when not sure I rather assume the opposite), but my male-friends made jokes about it. So I figured out, that his behaviour was at least partly a PUA/GAME strategy (he was applying negging on me, I didn’t know about that notion at that time, but I still got the message that he was doing it because he wanted to get my attention). It was fun for some extent, because I can laught to myself…, but… and that is the message:
          I don’t think it was necesary. None of his arrogant attitude was necesary. I would be happier if he behaved … lets say normally, adequately friendly. He had nothing to lose, I find him attractive after all.

    3. “And I ask myself again: “Does Roosh really have so few trust in himself? Why does he underestimate himself so much? Why did he assume that the woman wouldn’t have resisted anybody elses game? Was there any REAL evidence?””
      Roosh is a writer and a teacher. He is conveying a message. And he is writing to other men, not to women, so he is conveying his message in a way that men understand and identify. You, as a female, read it and don’t see the message, instead you try to see the man. You read the words and try to figure out what the words say about Roosh rather than what they say about you. You feminize it by trying to understand it as some deep emotional confession about himself when its more just him pointing out a reasonable, rational fact-based conclusion.
      A man reads that article and puts himself in Roosh’s shoes, and relates it to his experiences, and sees the similarities.
      Roosh’s message is to dispel the love-at-first-sight romantic notion that some guys get in their heads. It’s to say “No, you’re not so super-special that this perfect, virginal, pure-as-driven-snow woman suddenly lost all her morals and all her convictions in a single instant purely because you are so awesome and so amazing.” The message is: “If she did it with you, it’s an indication that she has done if before and will do it again.”

      1. Yes, I see Roosh behind all his articles. I find him depressive and I feel a pitty for him, because I know what depression is.
        But you are not right. I really can see the message too. I can put in his shoes. Sadly. I wish I couldn’t.

        1. I think you are projecting some of that “depression” and stuff on him. In fact, you sound like you are a little in love with whoever it is you think that he is.

    4. There is an ancient story from asia. 2 dogs and a room full of mirrors. I wont spoil it, do a google search and read the whole thing, its well worth it.
      The type of people you spend time with, your friends and partners give you the best feedback who YOU really are.
      A person who has lots a great people as his close friends is a great man himself. He who thinks the world is full of assholes and dishonest scumbags, is talking about himself more than he likes to admit.

      1. But the world is provably full of dishonest people. If you choose to believe otherwise, really that’s just delusional. Even the best among us are flawed by our very nature.

        1. A great test of will, for both men and woman, is to find the good in even the worst of people and situations. Another old Asian story: On the road to Samaria, Christ and his apostles found the corpse of a dog. The 12 commented on the awful smell, the rotting flesh, the flies, etc but Christ said, “look at its beautiful white teeth.”

      2. “Even a mirror will not show you yourself, if you do not wish to see.”
        – Roger Zelazny, ‘Lord of Light’

  14. OT: Just got back from climbing King’s Peak in UT (elev 13,528) Took my 12 YO boy and my 10 and 8 YO girls (had to carry the youngest’s sleeping bag, along with mine) 32 mile round trip, 5000 ft climb from trailhead. Lots of blisters on everyone’s feet.

    1. you let your kids feet blister bro? someone should call CPS on you
      Id honestly be wary of sharing that tidbit with a broad or a cuck

      1. We were planning on just hitting this lake (Henry’s Fork), but once we got there, not much to do, so we talked it over and they wanted to do the summit. Started hiking at 3 am from the lake, hit the summit by 10, didn’t get back to the pickup until 9 pm. We are all sore, but it is something that can’t be taken away.

        1. I tell you, where I live, it has been calm and in the 90’s, we get up there and the wind is 50-60 mph and freezing. Different world.

    2. My father used to take me to long hikes at that age. Something I’ll never forget and I’ll always benefit from (great cardio). Congrats, man.

      1. My dad did the same for me, then when we were old enough to drive a tractor (slow moving vehicles don’t require a license to drive) they would let us drive up in the mountains. For what I do complain about him being a beta, he did have his good points.

        1. My father is also a beta, but I don’t blame him: he grew up in very different era of what we live these days.

        2. Lots of baby boomers are that way. An overzealous chilvary of the 40’s and 50’s coupled with the feminist 60’s and extended through today in the media has broke many men

  15. Pure gold…I’m saving this article for my grandson when he gets old enough to read (and hopefully heed) this.

  16. “If a man marries the wrong woman, his life is ruined. He gets depression, destitution, suicidal thoughts..”
    No, I was elated when my marriage ended. Free at last, free at last, thank God almighty! I’m still super happy, and that was put behind me three years ago.
    For many men, we are better off as individuals.

    1. I’m not sure if that sentence suggests a divorce *per se*.
      Chekhov mentions something along these lines. “If you fear loneliness, do not marry” or something like that.

    2. Absent kids and a situation where you make vastly more $ than her, completely agree… mine were grown and I had just two (painful) years of alimony, but overall Thank God Almighty indeed

  17. “Women are time vampires” … you got that right. They can even do it so passively that a man spends all of his time trying to figure them out, or get in ones pants.
    All one needs to figure out a woman is think of them as deer. A cute creature, but extremely skittish, lacking all logic, and will behave in extremes at random for no reason.

    1. And, if properly prepared, can be quite tasty ground up, in a stew, or as thick cut fillets.

      1. LOL. Strictly speaking of deer, that really is their only redeeming quality, outside of food I hate those damn things. Had one jump out of a ditch and run right into the side of my truck one time… ignorant creatures.

        1. Don’t even get me started on deer stories. My extended family has had more than a few run-ins on two-lane roads at night. It’s one of the reasons I’d like to start hunting — venison is tasty, and it’s a public service.

        2. if you see one cross in front of you, look on the side where they came from, there is a good chance their mates will want to follow. Closely related to sheep, they have a similar herding instinct, especially when something scary like a car comes by.

        3. I think they have some cat brain DNA in them too… “oh there’s something big and scary lets jump out in front of it” lol No matter how many times I’ve booted that cat it still insists on darting out in front of me and stopping inches in front of my foot.

    2. I think it was that old PUA Mystery who noted that it takes 7 hours of attention before a woman gives up sex. Those seven hours can be all in a row, or divided up between two or three dates.
      He was 100% correct. (I’m a two-date man myself.)

  18. Amen to time vampires. Avoid avoid avoid. Take charge of your life. I have a fuse about this ]-[ short for women who waste my time. An hour is the only commodity we cannot win back.

    Ex: We should buy a house.
    Jammy: Okay, let’s start saving.
    Ex: Okay.
    [six months later]
    Jammy: That’s looks like an expensive watch. When did you get it?
    Ex: Last week. I bought myself a present for my new job! Yay me!
    Jammy: How much did you spend?
    Ex: It was on sale. I saved SO MUCH money.
    Jammy: I’ve spent nothing for the last six months to save up for a house that you asked for. Now tell me how much fucking money did you spend on that watch?
    Ex: (doesn’t answer, walks out of room)
    Jammy looks up watch online. It’s eight hundred dollars, on sale. Marriage ends four months later.

    1. I know we don’t see much in the political realm eye-to-eye, but even knowing you had to put up with that, as others here also have I’m sure, you have my empathy. Goals and personal finance are not most women’s personal strongpoints.

      1. Thanks. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that my current girlfriend is a goal-oriented director of financial analysis. I needed a reset after that fiasco of a spouse.

    2. To explain in womanese what this conversation was all about.
      Warning: Frontal crash with truth inc.
      Ex: We should buy a house.
      (Meaning: I want YOU to buy a house. I deserve better than this condo. My BFF is living in a 2000 square foot mansion and she is less pretty than I am)
      Jammy: Okay lets start saving.
      (What she hears. I dont have enough money to buy you that house. But i will try to save enough. I am a fucking loser. ->Mom was right to tell me he is good for nothing)
      -> 6 months later
      Ex: Last week. I bought myself a present for my new job! Yay me!
      (Meaning: I HAD to buy myself a nice watch. With MY OWN money because you loser didnt buy it for me as a gift. My BFF got a mercedes SL from her fiance for birthday. And i did not even get a watch. My mom was SOOOO right about you.)
      Jammy: How much did you spend?
      (What she hears. Why is he asking me about my money?!!)
      Ex: It was on sale. I saved SO MUCH money.
      (Meaning: I was tired of waiting for you to make me a nice gift so when I saw this nice watch I took matters in my own hand. And i SAVED MONEY doing it. I am so proud of myself how I handled that, despite having such a loser friend who has no money and no idea how to treat a lady.)
      Jammy: I’ve spent nothing for the last six months to save up for a house
      that you asked for. Now tell me how much fucking money did you spend on
      that watch?
      (What she hears. I am so low value, i cant even buy basic things like a nice watch for my gf. Nevermind that house I am waiting for since 6 months. But why is he asking about the price of watch again? Does he want some of MY MONEY!!!??? That can not be real. What a loser. I am speechless. But i will go and call my mom and BFFs, they wont believe this. I need to get out of here ASAP.)
      Ex: (doesn’t answer, walks out of room)

      1. I don’t know how you do it, Mr Maldek, but that was spot on. Pretty much everything I was thinking as I read it.

      2. Pretty good. A mostly accurate read, minus the mother-in-law, who actually liked me a lot. And the BFF was actually a failed actress/drama queen/closeted dyke who wanted to destroy our marriage as a way of acting out her *own* hatred towards her own long-term boyfriend, whom she despised but wouldn’t leave.
        It was a really sick situation, and much of it was out of my hands. Happy to leave it behind, leave it behind, you got to leave it behind, and walk on.

  20. “What I’ve Learned about Women from My Long-Term Relationships:”
    Don’t ever do anything like that again.

  21. Good call on #2 Roosh. Here it is. Patrice was a wealth of red pill knowledge. I didn’t listen to the whole thing. The first three minutes was enough.

  22. For genetics, the female was the consumer, and the male was the producer.
    Hence the animal world had queens, alphas, betas and hags.
    But it was a high conflict survival strategy and made winners highly susceptible to being mobbed. Matriarchy couldn’t be sustained.
    So the human (ape) world transitioned to a more sustainable solution : brotherhood and subsequently marriage and finally sisterhood.
    Every male was expected to become a man and fulfill the role of host/master/leader/teacher, and every female was expected to become a woman and fulfill the role of parasite/slave/follower/student.
    Thus leading to patriarchs, wives, whores and omegas.
    The patriarchy worked brilliantly as a collaborative survival strategy.
    However if the transition were to fail, sex crazed omegas (puas and cucks) and hypergamous whores (nymphos and princesses) ruined society, and caused it to rollback.
    Gays and lesbians and whatnots, are just short term illusionary fixes.

  23. Let me tell u about middle eastern men be it with dual nationalities and lived abroad or lived in their countries , they’re selfish , they treat middle eastern women like crap and get treated by their foreign wives like crap and accept it , they waste ur time, money and effort , they’re full of flaws yet they continue to notice and mention the flaws of their partners , they’re two faced and fake they say they love you just to get more priviliges from the woman and not let her nag him cause he knows that every woman has a key to her heart , so he uses the key to manipulate her , they have absolutely no sense of guilt and careless , they play games with women and use them and once they’re done they find a new victim to leach on ,they’re insecure , immature emotionally , they have absolutely no self confidence and it shows it leaks out of every pore in their bodies , they always interpret things wrong because they’re projecting , they’re internet addicts who thrive on flirting and the attention of losers online because they know that in real life they’re worth nothing !

    1. Sounds remarkably similar to western women. Could there be something there, like their society has falsely ballooned up their SMV to the point of ridiculousness?

      1. They just think they’re gods given gift to women they’re actually gods given curse to women , they have no class and no style and low lifes

  24. I too maintain high standards for myself; because it’s all about protecting my own ass at the end of the day, from the risks and tendencies of female nature.

    1. I have been doing fine jewelry work as a hobby / side business for many years. It had given me a different and somewhat jaded perspective on the fairer sex well before I was red pilled. One of my wholesale suppliers ran a retail store and a pawn shop as well. I knew him from the time I started out in my teens. He said it was amazing to him the number of young sailors that would come in and buy some girl a big diamond ring. He said he could tell when their ship deployed because the bimbo would be in the pawn side of the business hocking that same ring he paid a couple of grand for to get a hundred bucks. Talk about a fickle nature.

  25. “Women have no objective standard or morality, and thus no way to identify if they are right or wrong about anything. Instead, they use pure emotion to guide their behavior. If they feel good then it must be just. If they feel bad then it must not be. Since emotions can twist the perception of any event, she will simply do what she wants to do and find an emotional path or false strain of logic to convince her it was right.”
    Sad but true…explains the overwhelming majority of women I have known in my life. Explains things like false rape accusations (if she feels bad about it afterward then it must have been “rape”; otherwise she would feel good about it).

  26. Great article Roosh. Damn depressing , BLACK pill stuff though… I wish your article could be forwarded by email . Have several ex-GFs I’d like to send this to

    1. Forwarding this article to your ex-girlfriends is pointless. Everyone of them will deny it and claim it doesn’t apply to her (point#4 They are unable to perceive their own hypocrisy).

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  28. Thank you Roosh: this writing of yours is the best overall description of women’s character and behaviour based on factual observation, analysis and synthesis that I’ve ever read.
    I would also add that women (and some men who have not seen and understood reality as it is) will judge a man who finds out these truths about women to be a “narcissist,” therefore exactly showing their ability to project their own destructive side onto men in order to avoid the dread of finding out the truth about themselves.
    Women are natural serial destroyers of anything and everything whenever they want to pursue an idea or an action which of their own making without consideration for the necessary boundaries which only MEN can provide. Let’s not forget that even a foetus can only grow inside a woman’s body after having fought for its right to stay there (intra-uterine war, https://tinyurl.com/y7d6ttsf). See also the myth of Kali the destroyer who can only be reined in by Shiva: it quite aptly depicts the true nature of women.
    Here is a good video about that too: https://youtu.be/UxpVwBzFAkw
    It’s not sad. It’s just the way it’s been and it is since the beginning of time.
    The destroying nature of women can also be seen as a necessary evolutionary way to acheive stronger humans.
    Yes, they are a necessary means for the continuation of the species, AND that too probably is coming to an end soon (see the progress in artificial wombs). As for a source of pleasure, we as MEN ought to learn to be free from any dependency from them by being free, conscious, autonomous, independent, responsible, and self-sufficient. Moreover, taking into consideration the progresses being made in the field of artificial female sex beings provided with AI, we are more and more able to satisfy eventual sexual urges even through these means and in a very satisfying manner.
    We as MEN have dealt with all the problems caused by women it in the past, we are dealing with it now, and we will deal with it in the future. We are able to avoid fear, sadness, and unnecessary destructive behaviour because we are protectors, builders, explorers, warriors, providers, and, because we have the superior intelligence needed for seeing what really is manifesting though the various fantasies which are being projected around us, we see the fairy tales (religious or scientific it does not matter) AND we avoid believing in them because we have the courage to stand alone and to boldly and proudly go where no one has ever gone before with strength, humility, wisdom, respect, honour and generosity.
    Moreover, by observing, analysing and being conscious of the nature of women we MEN can learn how NOT to behave if we want to be honourable: everything has a good side to it if we allow ourselves to really see, hear, taste, smell, touch, and coordinate the inputs of the senses though an unfettered mind.

  29. There’s something peculiar about Google. It was revealed that Google was skewing search results favoring Hillary Clinton before the election. To search ‘Clinton body count’ you would get the website for ‘Clinton Auto Body Shop’ somewhere in the midwest. This skewing of results was deliberate where a program was ran to twist the ‘autocomplete’ search function into a knot and deviate from much needed incriminating anti-Hillary info. And if you took the time to scroll past the loop bullshit and reach a juicy anti-Hillary site, then a shill globalist lefty establishment group called ‘PolitiFactCheck’ that looks official but is full of sjw shit tacks on a sub note below anti Hillary results as ‘False’ or ‘Mostly false, further downplaying the result. Google is up to its eyeballs in the leftist/feminist narrative pushing.
    Here’s an example: Try searching ‘Matriarchy’ and then click ‘images’. Here’s what you get:
    Now search ‘Patriarchy’ and go to ‘images’. Wow:
    So currently searching ‘patriarchy’ only brings results of nothing but pro matriarchy/radfem shit. So Google is all the way to the floor skewing the results to smear patriarchy. They are to the core as bad as the worst sjw feminist hooligans and terrorists. Google is as much the enemy as the most radical man hating nut jobs out there. The ‘Big red’ monster even came up in the images. That’s all fine but what disturbes me is not a thread on pro-patriarchy or pro-family. Imagine someone young or naive who doesn’t know exactly what ‘patriarchy’ or ‘matriarchy’ means who searches google only to be led to the hottest and most rabid, pro radical feminist sjw propaganda sites. Google has some baad baad very bad folks in there. I couldn’t even find ROK when I searched ‘matriarchy’ or ‘patriarchy’ images. It used to be near the top in my old searches in the past. SOMEONE is up to something! Hmm? It this what all of the “make $97/hr working for google” hype is all about? Proofing sites so google can use the feedback to doctor search algorhythms? If only those stupid spam bots would respond back. I heard of a person who did kratom once and a bot responded back soon thereafter and the chick agreed to a hook up. The guy went outside and the street signs started chasing him. That was some killer kratom.

  30. Bugger interrogating her about her going for a coffee with the ex – if she is still on friendly terms with the ex, get rid of her. There’s only one reason why people stay in touch with an ex – they’re still holding on in the hopes of getting back with them.

  31. “Bald-faced lie” is the saying. Though I agree, “bold faced” fits swimmingly. Enjoyed this article. I like to think I know women well but I probably don’t. I learned a few things here. As men we always have to remind ourselves that her interests will not always align with ours, particularly in regard to her leverage/standing in the relationship. None of us are immune from being cuckolded. And as a single, healthy guy there is no pressure on me, from myself or others, to settle down & get married. For a woman my age, however, it could be do or die. It’s hard to assess the behavior of someone who has so much on the line. Nice read.

  32. I’m gathering your still single with no children. You are looking in the wrong places for women..

  33. I agree with the article for the most part. The only point i sort of disagree with is #2 time vampires. Women don’t want to spend time with the Beta. Maybe if the beta agrees to pay for the food or w.e. and she is already with a group of friends. But for the most part Betas are invisible to her. she rather spend her time with mr. chad

    1. I don’t think so. A woman would use up a beta’s time when she can’t get the Mr. Chad Alpha. She will just jump from beta to beta until she finds a higher status male. The beta is just a stepping stone. Then the higher alpha is just another stepping stone to the next higher alpha. She does this until she hits that wall and would never be happy with what she has.

  34. With women you must always understand the environment where they lives, because it is this environment that determine their behavior.
    So don’t expect a faithful woman in sodom.

  35. This is dead on accurate. I would not characterize all women this way; I have wonderful women friends who I greatly admire and respect… and they are all women I would not want to fuck in the first place. A number of them are lesbians. I have encountered “unicorns” (less than 10), all are married to high value males … and they are never, ever, single. the Muslim/Mormon model of 4 women (or girlfriends) and making them compete with each other, and each of whom offer something different in terms of satisfaction is a viable strategy, as is the age old “wife/mistress” approach. We all want to think we have found the exception, the Holy Grail, and that our girl is different than all the rest. There is something in this archaeological “rare and special find” tendency in men that makes us feel special, appeals to our vanity, and make us feel accomplished. Unfortunately it comes at a high price: like playing the lottery it usually yields a life of disappointment and while there are lottery winners, I’ve personally never met one. Carry on!

  36. Hey Guys. Long time reader, but this is my first comment.
    My question is about the following quote from the above article –
    “If everyone started jumping off a bridge tomorrow, she would too, because it’s the social proof which convinces her that it’s an activity she would feel good doing. On the other hand, men operate on hierarchy, and we only follow the top dog. If everyone is jumping off the bridge, but our leader doesn’t, we do not jump off the bridge. A man will not follow a crowd of weak men because they are numerous, unlike a woman, who thinks that participating with the majority will make her feel good by lowering her chance of being rejected or ostracized from a group.”
    You speak about women following others into the new social norm (a personal pet peeve of mine is doing bullshit yoga poses in an otherwise beautiful location because maybe the incredible sunset/sunrise needing improving by some ridiculous one legged arm in the air dumbshit).
    While I agree with this, I also note that this probably started from a girl seeing one of her insta idols pulling that dumb shit in a picture and decided to do the same. In this way, isnt she looking at the model as the top dog? Its safe to assume women dont emulate ugly bitches.
    How is this any different from when a guy follows the leader? I know plenty of guys who get a twattish tribal tattoo because the alpha of the group is getting laid.
    Genuinely would like an answer from someone who can easily explain it. I hate being hypocritical when it comes with my thinking, as Im sure you all do too.

  37. “Human thinking is born out of this neurological defect in the human species. Anything that is born out of human thinking is destructive. Thought is destructive. Thought is a protective mechanism. It draws frontiers around itself, and it wants to protect itself. It is for the same reason that we also draw lines on this planet and extend them as far as we can.”
    “But we have turned that, what you call sexual activity, which is biological in its nature, into a pleasure movement. There must be two, you know. I love somebody and somebody else loves me. Wherever there is division, there can’t be love. We are trying to bridge this gap, which is horrible for us, which has no meaning, which is demanding something from us, with this fancy idea that there must be love between these two individuals.”
    “Someone asked me, “What do you have to say about Rajneesh after his death?” I said that the world has never seen such a pimp nor will it ever see one in the future. He combined Western therapies, the Tantric system, and everything that you could find in the books. He made a big business out of it. He took money from the boys; he took money from girls, and kept it for himself. He is dead and so we don’t say anything. Nil nisi bonum (Of the dead speak not unless it be good)”
    (Quotes from U.G. Krishnamurti)
    Note: “Rajneesh” refers to the person who later asked to be called “Osho”

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