10 Lessons About Girls I’d Teach My Teenage Self Today

Over the last two decades I’ve done a lot of game, had many adventures and enjoyed relationships and short-term encounters with a lot of cute girls. But it wasn’t always like this. I am now in my early forties. When I was a teenager my dating life was a shit show. I didn’t lose my virginity until I was twenty.

There was no need for this. I’m not claiming that I could have been the world’s greatest player but equally I missed out on a lot of opportunities because of incorrect beliefs and a lack of experience.

Here are 10 things I would tell my teenage self now if I had the chance.

1. Relax, it does get better

When I was sixteen I already felt like I’d been alive a very long time. Things weren’t great and my hunch was they would continue to get worse—forever. I was worried not only that I would never get a girlfriend, but also that I’d never get a job, I wouldn’t be able to support myself, I’d end up homeless. And so on.

Today I can be prone to negative projection too. But with far more experience I am also able to see that life is made up of both good and bad. While terrible things do undoubtedly happen, so do good things.

Also, I have more control than I thought. With the ability to put in hard work (into game as well as business enterprises) I can shape my own future.

2. Don’t put her on a pedestal

This is perhaps the single most important lesson any young man can learn.

In my early life, my love interests all followed a very predictable pattern. I would become fixated on a particular girl (usually a brunette, skinny one—my tastes haven’t really changed at all). Then, instead of taking action, I would wait for something to happen, hoping that my meaningful glances during chemistry class were sufficient to convey my interest to her.

Of course, this was a terrible strategy. And as nothing happened I would become more and more obsessed with the girl. This would raise her perceived value to goddess-like status in my eyes, and so the pain of not having her would become ever sharper.

By putting these girls on pedestals I not only stored up a lot of emotional discomfort, but I also made it far less likely that I would actually get them. You see desperation is palpable: women can tell, as though by a sixth sense, when a guy is interested. If he then doesn’t have the balls to follow through and be honest about what he wants then she’ll quickly despise him for it. 

3. Go with the girl who is actually interested

Another consequence of putting girls on pedestals (or oneitis) was that I would overlook those who were actually interested in me.

I always used to say that I had terrible luck with girls at school. In fact, that wasn’t really the case. There were a good many (attractive) girls who were interested in me. But I would always blow them off for whoever the object of my obsession was at that particular time. This meant that I passed up a number of great opportunities.

Remember, when you get IOIs you should always respond to them—failure to do so means you’re leaving money on the table. 

 4. Jealousy is a powerful motivator

Ironically, my failure to engage with those girls who were actually interested in me cost me opportunities with my oneitus girls that could have been sparked with jealousy.

What I failed to realise as a young man was just how powerful jealousy can be as a motivator. I always clung to the blue pill notion that it would only be by ‘showing that I was serious’ that I could hope to get the girl.

This is fallacious. ‘Showing that you are serious’ is the worst way to ignite sexual excitement and the best way to look like a desperate, overly-invested chode.

Had I taken the bait on one of those other girls then it’s likely that not only would I have enjoyed myself, but I would have stimulated demand elsewhere in the market too. 

5. Don’t try to be perfect

Don’t strive for perfection. Don’t second guess what her ‘perfect man’ is like and try to fit the bill. Don’t waste your time on all of that stuff.

Look at the guys who actually get laid in high school—the jerks, the wasters. You think they waste time trying to be ‘her perfect man’? Of course they don’t. They are simply honest, upfront and put themselves on the line, come what may.

My strategy led me to try to be ‘different to all the rest’. While radical differentiation from other men is indeed key, trying to be more honorable just won’t work—not in this universe, anyway.

6. Sexual attraction comes first and you can’t negotiate your way into her underwear.

Vinny Pringo, yesterday.

As a teenager my strategy for getting girls centred around negotiation. If I could communicate to her all of the reasons why she should like me then she would realise how perfect I was and choose me over other men. What I didn’t see, at that time, was that sexual attraction always trumps appeals to logic.

My contemporary Vinny Pringo had a much more visceral strategy than me. Our recreation area at the school boasted a climbing frame for the younger kids. At lunchtimes, Pringo would remove his shirt and do pull-ups on the bars, showing off his well-developed shoulders, arms and abs to the girls. At the time I disdained his method for being ‘too obvious’. I swear he used to oil up his chest before these displays.

Nevertheless, the reality was that Pringo was knee deep in pussy most during our senior year, while I was stuck having ‘deep and meaningful’ conversations with girls that went nowhere.

If there’s a choice between igniting raw sexual attraction or negotiating intimacy, always go for the former and never the latter.

7. Put yourself first

For this reason—as naturals like Vinny Pringo are intuitively aware—it is imperative that you put yourself first.

Do not second guess what you think the girl wants. In fact, don’t waste any time thinking of her at all. If you like working out on the bars then do so. If you love football then play. If you want to learn the violin then do that.

The more you seek to please yourself rather than her, the more you are on your own path, the better you will ultimately do, since no woman wants to replace a man’s mission.

 8. Rejection is not the end of the world

 When I was in high school I was absolutely terrified of rejection: this was at the root of all of my problems. I honestly thought that if I was rejected just once the skies would fall in and I would likely not survive.

Of course, this was nonsensical. The fact is that rejection is unavoidable in all areas of life, whether you want to publish a book, get a job or interest investors in your business idea. Why should it be any different with dating?

As I got older I learned not only to accept rejection but to embrace it. In time rejection became a badge of pride. At least I was doing something that intimidated a huge percentage of guys. For that alone, I was ahead of the pack.

9. Not all girls think the same

Following on from the previous point, just because you get rejected by one girl it doesn’t mean that the next will automatically turn you down as well. This was yet another fundamental misconception of mine. I truly believed that girls all thought the same as one another, and that if you were deemed unsexworthy by one then the next would think the same thing too.

That was before I properly got to grips with the complexities of the sexual marketplace, and realised that male value is not static. A guy who couldn’t pull a 3 in the US might well be the toast of the town in Shanghai.

Your SMV is very much subjective and in the eye of the beholder.

 10. Even if you get with her, it won’t solve your life’s problems

And finally, another blue pill fantasy that needs to be quashed. Even if you do get that girl that you’ve wanted for so long, do not for one moment think it will make your life wonderful and you’ll never have any problems again. Quite the contrary.

The unfortunate truth is that it is when a relationship with a girl begins that the really hard work starts too.

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345 thoughts on “10 Lessons About Girls I’d Teach My Teenage Self Today”

  1. First, thank you for these pics, Troy. Reall top notch.
    Second, I would add one that underlies most if not all of these – don’t project how you wish the world was onto a girl, observe how it actually is. That is actually the first place you should start, not just for women, but for life. If you start from a position of reality, it makes the inevitable failures and disappointments less crushing, and the pleasant surprises more satisfying.

    1. The assumption is that you’re a sexually active straight male interested in sex with women. If that is not the case, then your “why” question applies, otherwise, I think it’s pretty self explanatory.

        1. Granted, I should have explicitly included that as well. Good catch.

      1. “Girls are looking for a sweet, sensitive guy who listens to their problems. We don’t care about looks.”
        “Be an asshole. Work out and dress well. Got it.”

        1. I think it is really, but it has to be combined with other things. Gilbert Godfried may get women, but it’s because he’s famous *and* a laugh riot (I’m assuming here that he’s straight, but it’s Hollywood so who the fuck even knows?). If he were just himself, in high school or college, he wouldn’t get a crack at a female even if he held her at gun point.

        2. Indeed. The humor must be supported by confidence and that certain, cool, giving of zero fuks.
          And don’t look like Gilbert Gottfried

        3. I think this one is truer than false, but not in the way most guys understand. She wants someone who can flirt and not give a fuck. She wants to laugh from a combination of sexual tension and temporary catharsis (and she’s not likely to laugh from a clever joke – girls don’t seem to find them as funny as we do).

        4. A clever joke insofar as just telling it like you’re on stage at the comedy club, agreed, they usually just give you this weird look or nervous half laugh. But go to my Patent Pending “make a two line joke into a 3 minute story that seems to be based on reality and then spring a Gotcha on her” method, gets them every single time.

        5. Gilbert was my wing back in college. The irony is, dude actually has a smooth Barry White voice and he absolutely slays in clubs with it, deadpan.

        6. they had this night course, i think at The New School here, teaching minorities and women how to be funny. I was seriously considering taking the course for shits n giggles, but no white men were allowed to take the course

        7. Yeah, pretty crazy, right? But, you have to admit, his long-running shtick makes him some serious cheese, so can’t hate on him… much.

        8. I think he’s an absolute hoot. Neat that you got to pal around with him man, that’s top shelf stuff right there.

        9. Yet reverse that and you’d find a class action lawsuit on your hands that “they” would win in a New York minute. Fucking rules against racism don’t seem to exist for non-white people. Meh.

        10. musta been soooo cringworthy. if only i coulda been a fly on that wall

        11. Look at the sorts of shows they find funny or engaging. Woman comedy, like pretty much every form of female entertainment, is about building a tension and letting it out. They want a pressure to build and be released, repeatedly and often.
          The tension itself doesn’t amuse them the way it can us. We like it when comedians “go there” because it makes us uncomfortable, and in that state we’re primed to laugh at witty rejoinders on the situation. Women prefer to be made tense, then have that tension released, then start all over again.
          That’s just my take on decades of watching shows and comedy with women, though.

        12. It also explains why Amy Schumer, et al, aren’t funny; they’re imitating a style they don’t understand. Women don’t laugh at the same things we do, or for the same reasons we do, but the stand-up circuit is designed for a style of comedy that appeals more to men than women.
          When Schumer, for example, rips off her jokes, she doesn’t really know how to make them funny – she just heard other people laughing at a similar joke. She isn’t entertained by her own material or the style in which she presents it.

    1. 100%. I’ll never forget a female friend told me “just tell her how you feel” when I was asking for girl advice.
      Worst advice ever.

      1. Want to get rid of a woman? Just ask her “what do you feel about me?”
        Kind of a corollary…

  2. 7. NEVER worked in my case. I always tried to put myself first but all bitches called my egoistical jerk because I never considered them more important than me then they left me. All women wants to be considered more important than anything, its in their nature. One even called me loser only because I love to play video games (one of my main hobbies, besides playing/watching soccer and writing a book that I’m planning to publish once I’ll finish it) and I didn’t payed her enough attention. I told her that while I respect her own hobbies she should respect my hobbies as well, but she said that I should give up at my hobbies and pay attention only to her. Fucking bitch. Anyway, good pictures (except for the one at point 6- that’s for fags).

    1. Seems like you misunderstood what Troy meant at part 7. You need to put your own needs before her own but that doesn’t mean completely disregarding her. For example, if you have planned in the weekend to say, play football or such other activity, and she demands you spend time with her instead, tell her firmly but no hostility that you will be going to that football match whether she wants to or not. However, you can appease her by stating that you can spend some time with her the next day, or anything really. This way you both do what you want without caving into her needs but at the same time she gets what she want as well. You are in a relationship with her so you can benefit from it, but you need to give her attention as well, otherwise what reason does she have to be with you?
      Also, if she made fun of you for your hobbies, you shouldn’t go with the “I respect your” cheesy liners. Learn to respond accordingly. Give her a taste of her own medicine without coming off as cold. Women like spontaneous guys, not lame guys.
      …and sorry, but talking about video games really isn’t that interesting of a subject with gals. What they primarily care to talk about is themselves. Learn to make her laugh and get her talking about herself and you’re good to go. You don’t have to care what she has to say, just get her talking and laughing, and that pussy will be yours.
      Or it could be the case that you just met an awful person. In which case, you can just leave them and don’t take their words at heart. There are 3.5 billion women out there, don’t settle with a bitchy one or try to justify yourself to her.

      1. You’re right here (I’m so glad that I discovered this site not because of articles themselves but because of some wise men present here in the comment section that can help me become a better person). Yes, maybe I was wrong too. I never payed her attention, yes, I let her do her own hobbies while I did mine, but everytime when I was in the middle of playing or writing and she asked me nicely (I admit, she was always very polite, she never cheated on me and she wasn’t hot but pleasant to look at) to do something for her, I refused her claiming that I’m too busy with my hobbies and using arguments that I never interrupt her from her hobbies too. I took her out only few times during our date, I always talked about mostly myself and my book and my games and movies I like and she almost never got to talk about herself which pissed her off. But still, she shouldn’t have called me loser (that’s the only time when she was impolite with me) and left me. I never cheated on her, I never beat her up, I never tried to dominate her or be a general jerk around her. I just liked my hobbies too much and talk about myself rather than let her talk about herself. “sighs” Women will be never satisfied and I think we both agree with this.

        1. Talking about yourself too much is a big mistake. I have learned that to be a good listener is a key to keeping her interested in you. Women are very verbal and can tell when you aren’t paying attention. I am not saying you need to give up your own interests. Just persue them and don’t bore her with the details. Engage her on her level, show her you are convincingly interested and she may just reward you for it. 😉

        2. Yup, to this day my wife will say 70% of the words in a conversation. They want someone to listen and validate them. Interject and offer comments, but their hamster wheel wants to vent. What you can say in a sentence or two, will take her 15 minutes.

        3. Same here. Mine has a photographic memory, so her anecdotes are more like full transcripts of events. I, as you might assume, communicate almost exclusively in one-liners.

        4. What you can say in a sentence or two, will take her 15 minutes.

          Absolutely correct. What kills me is that women are billed as the better communicators with higher marks in that kind of thing. Now to me, see, I think that if you can successfully convey a full idea in two sentences with no misunderstandings on the part of the listener, then you are by default a better communicator than somebody who has to drag you through 15 minutes of mind jumble rambling to get the same point across. But maybe that’s just me.

        5. I have always admired Sam Elliot’s character in movies, everything he says is short, to the point, and powerful.

        6. um, if my wife had a super power, i def would not want her to have a photographic memory.

        7. Yup, if you ever had a boss that rambles on with meaningless details, you know who is the better communicator. My last one would always give this detailed background to stuff that was unnecessary, you try to listen and take notes, but then ignore it for the task at hand. He came across as very feminine.

        8. They’re also billed as reading non-verbal communications better. I don’t know about you, but I found I’ve usually got a better read on any given situation than my lady friends.

        9. I think that they are when it comes to reading body language and gauging emotion actually. They don’t know the why’s of any of it, but I trust a girl when she says somebody “looks angry/sad/happy/curious” when I can’t see it myself.

        10. True enough, but I have had “you aren’t sensitive to X” thrown at me enough to be paying attention. I can paint “I need to be alone” on the ceiling in neon colors and most girls won’t pick up on it, but I can tell a period’s coming before first blood.
          Maybe they’re like cats and just ignore what they don’t want to see.

        11. would be more useful if she had powers like plastic man…turn into hammock for you

        12. Your last sentence I believe is the actual truth of the matter. When you’re communicating “I want to be alone” they see that as a challenge because “But I’m so wonderful, he should want to be with meeeeeeeeeee!”
          I can sense certain things, but they’re weird things. Like I can tell when a woman is a few weeks pregnant, even before she knows. No idea how, they just sort of have this really soft, and I’m going to totally use the wrong word here, light/aura that I pick up on immediately. I’ve even commented to a couple of my friends wives, back in the day, “Hey, you’re pregnant aren’t you?” and they’d give me the “Um, no, don’t think so”. Two days later “OMG! I’m pregnant”. It’s not really a useful super power, but there you go.
          I can also tell somebody who is evil to his/her core. I mean deep soul evil. Same kind of thing, only like this intense sense of dread when I see him/her. Could be on television or in real life, but I can just feel it. Never, ever had that one turn out wrong either. Nice thing though, there are very, very few truly evil people walking around on the streets outside of jail. I could probably lease this skill off to the cops, but I figure, eh, fuck’em.
          And the other odd thing I have is that babies and baby animals seem to really notice me. I can walk into a restaurant and every < 18 month old baby there will zero in on me and stare and, usually, smile/laugh if I pay them even a little bit of attention. I’ve also had many kittens race to me and try to climb my leg, and puppies nearly trip me up from following me around. Pet stores can be a downright hazard.
          Not sure what the fuck *any* of this means though.

        13. I can’t sense pregnancy so far as I know, but that’s a neat trick. My talents are overhearing loud phone conversations and using information from the call in casual conversation, almost smelling where a girl is in her menstrual cycle (there’s a…sweetness?…when they start ovulating), and knowing from the look in a girl’s eye/stupid hair/tattoo just how broken she is.

        14. knowing when a woman is prego is a better power than knowing when someone has cancer

        15. The preagant woman’s glow you speak of, I have witnessed it. I write is off to her hormones are shifting gears, but she hasn’t noticed yet.

  3. How do I remain a morally sound Traditional Roman Catholic (no pre-marital sex) and create sexual tension and attraction at the same time?
    Or are the two simply irreconcilable?
    Do I make myself a “sexual prize” for her to obtain by remaining wholeheartedly chaste until marriage? Is that even possible without putting myself into countless occasions of sin?
    All of the articles on here suggest that girls couldn’t care less about the guy who is chaste, works constantly, gets out of debt (or nearly so), has a ripped body and is generally speaking a gentleman (not to be confused with a “nice guy”). They want sexual tension and they can get all of that from worse guys. The man who builds up his kingdom will definitely be rejected for the tramp because the king has no desire to sin against God. This is what I am reading all the time.

    1. It depends where you are based. But the path of least resistance for a guy like you would be to find yourself a filipina or south American girl from a good Catholic background.

      1. Doesn’t matter where you are. Like attracts like. You could be on the moon and you would be delivered poon if you so wished it.
        That’s why men who think they have to tuck tail and run somewhere to find what they are looking for are doing themselves a disservice because everything is right there if they would only seek for it.

    2. You need to fish in the pond that has what you’re seeking. So, places with fellow catholics and women who hold the same values you do. You’ll pick out the nominal catholics– those who won’t let the faith spoil their good time, and those who believe and are trying to live the faith.
      With them, the sexual tension will be there if– you are direct and express interest, and have those qualities women normally desire that you list above. In that market for them, you’re the unicorn. And they won’t respect if you let them lead you away from your mission to love God with all your heart and soul. It will be understood that there will be true courtship- not hookups.
      Do not be milquetoast in your faith. Live it. Don’t be a like a lot of folks who start trying to draw moral equivalencies or make excuses for deviant behavior. You don’t condemn the sinner, you don’t look down on them- we all fall short- but you call a moral wrong a moral wrong.

    1. NSFW, I have to scroll through and miss parts of the article because of the pics. Bikini pics are a dime a dozen.

      1. Location, location, location….if you ever have the opportunity to pick your workplace, choose WISELY.

        1. I have my computer screen tilted at a very slim angle that they can’t see from the hallway, and my cubicle neighbor only sees a slim angle of my screen. The whale couldn’t read over my shoulder, but I think she could notice pictures.

        1. always wanted to surf the web the way it looked in the movie Wargames

        2. Ha, yeah, there are some beneficial secondary effects, too. But it also renders bem mute and moot.

  4. Damn, you could have just described my own blue-pill high-school and college days (I went to a small engineering college – ratio of 3.49:1 male-to-female). Looking back, I can see that I blew many opportunities both in high school and in college. My hope today is that my sons have learned from my own experience and from red-pill maestros like Troy.
    The most important thing I wish I’d known back then is how girls really think and what motivates them. I was naive enough to think that logic and reason would apply, when clearly it doesn’t.

    1. Yesterday I read here that man should never listen to woman’s advise. But I still recommend to listen to women too (you just have to apply some reasonable filtre; not everybody is reasonable and it applies for both men and women). Sometimes the men’s advices (not just here on ROK, I speak in general) are (surprisingly) right but in some cases completely wrong. So I assume that a complete view could be very useful, especially when you grew up (spent your teen age) prevalently among guys.

      1. I read somewhere that a woman’s perception is all-encompassing both physically and spatially but is limited to what’s under her nose. A man’s includes that plus however far he wishes it to be.
        From my experience, women have good suggestions about 15% of the time. At a rate of 5 suggestions a day and 150 in one month, I would take her suggestion about 7.5 times a month. Usually it has to do with social and or familial matters.

  5. This is an excellent collection of red pill truth Troy. Thanks for posting it. Funny that you fixated on skinny brunettes. Petite brunettes were my weakness and my downfall at least a couple of times. Strawberry blondes took second place for some reason (probably my Celtic DNA coming out).
    I think number 3 is the most important. If a girl is interested in you then you are halfway there. But if she is not and you attempt to persue her, the best you can hope for is rejection. If she’s a bit devious, she’ll string you along and milk you for every bit of time, money and attention she can before she drops you in her wake. I have seen it happen too many times.
    Another important point you make is desperation being palpable. In fact women do have a kind of sixth sense because there are more connections between the two halves of their brain. They can process your cues and body language with such accuracy that it does seem like ESP. In addition to this, they have better peripheral vision than we do. So she can look at you from head to toe without moving her eyes
    But when you’re checking her out, using that scanning male predator tunnel vision, you are so busted, lol. That’s why I tend to look them piercingly in the eye when I interact with them. It keeps them engaged with you as well as setting you apart from the other panting dogs she will routinely encounter.

    1. Eye contact and holding it is *huge*. Not trying to stare them down, just holding their gaze for a bit, and they’ll usually go into eyes downward submissive pretty quickly, which is fantastic news.

      1. I figured this out when I was fairly young. I heard women talk about men undressing them with their eyes. Well I figured if I was locked on to their eyes I couldn’t be accused of that. The other thing I noticed was if a hot girl was present and a bunch of guys were slobbering all over her and I paid her no mind, it would pique her curiosity. It even works on strippers.

        1. Sure thing. I do find however that once you are engaged with her in conversation that letting your eyes give her a once over, at least one time, in a non-hidden fashion, along with a smile and a nod, does charm her more often than not. Not at the word “hello” but after interest is established by both parties.
          Ignoring hot chicks, damn that is one potent tool isn’t it?

  6. Regarding #3, back in highschool, I got a lot of IOIs from fat chicks. Still glad I never responded to those.

  7. 3. Go with the girl who is actually interested

    Quite true. I think a lot of problem for younger (teenage) guys is that they do not know how to even spot the signs that girls are interested in them. Outside of the obvious ones I mean, but even then, teen guys can be pretty clueless. A good starting point for actualizing point number 3 then may be to teach young men the more subtle clues that girls will give off in their innocent (ha!) teen years that their non-present or beta dads never told them about. The hair twirling, the laughing at everything you say (in a positive way), the batting eyes, the flustered talking when speaking to him, her always seeming to be “right there” wherever you are at the time, or talking with other girls and looking over at you then other girls in the group looking over, etc.
    Could help a hell of a lot. I usually picked up on the really obvious girls when I was in high school, but found out years later at a class reunion that a whole swath of girls in my class and the classes a year or two behind us had serious life threatening crushes on me yet I had ZERO clue that any of them even looked at me at the time, let alone had crushes. A crash course on subtle IOI cues would have been a huge help to my teenage self.

    1. Yup, being oblivious to the girls’ signs was one of my fallbacks as well. I still struggle with that somewhat, but no big deal since I’m married and all that.

      1. And it really ties into number 9. I think once you get shut down by a couple girls you start to believe its IMPOSSIBLE that any other is interested in you, so you’re blind to the signs.

        1. I think that’s true for the majority of men. My uncle, the biker, inoculated me from that pretty early for reasons I was never clear on, maybe he himself had gotten into that rut. But he made it a point, whenever it was appropriate (if a girl rejected me or broke up with me) to always give me the “There are other fish in the sea, this one got away, throw your line back in and fish for another”. I mean every single time he’d hear about me being rejected, he’d go to this. It sank in and now I could give two shits if a girl rejects me, she literally turns invisible to me the moment rejection occurs and I forget she ever existed. Pretty handy psychological tool, I’ve found.

        2. I think on a cerebral level, most guys KNOW this. But this trick it to INTERNALIZE it to such a degree that it becomes second nature.

        3. I REALLY hate to admit it, but this type of thought plagues me. I have a fairly bad run and it has a tendency to f*ck up my mojo. Intellectually, I know it’s ridiculous; but in the moment it is a drag that permeates my confidence and in my head I’m convinced they can sense that. Like a self fulfilling prophesy.

        4. Yes, you really have to stay on top of it and stamp it down when it starts creeping in.

    2. Excellent post, sir. Then there’s lack of confidence/low self esteem. There was a really popular girl in school that I liked. We even talked and hung out on a regular basis. One day, all the preppy, popular kids started telling me she really liked me as well. Even her own best friend told me, but I was conditioned to believe I was too much of a loser to get with her so I never acted on it.

      1. “conditioned to believe I was too much of a loser to get with her so I never acted on it.”
        an all too common condition for a young man. Unfortunate.

        1. It’s a freaking epidemic. You can spot guys well into their twenties with the same problem.

        2. I was afflicted with this problem until about the age of 25. I literally (Hitler) wasted 12 years of my life with this cancer of a belief ruining me. But nothing a male mentor couldn’t fixed if he’d taken me under his wing….I swear if/ when I have sons it’ll be different!

        3. I’m right there with ya brother. Started changing things when I turned 21 (entered into an LTR that helped me to learn more about women and consistently have sex). I was lucky as I networked and met guys who believed in me and encouraged me more. Its still difficult now though even at 27, to break that mindset and cold approach. Not as crippling as it was at ages 15-20, but the burden is still there from time to time.

      2. Yep. In junior high I found out the prettiest girl in our grade (quite possibly our school) liked me. Thing was, I knew quite a few other girls had been interested in me, but this one I couldn’t quite believe. There were plenty of older, more socially savvy guys who wanted to fuck her or chatted to her a bit and I was shy and awkward- why would a girl like her carry a flame for 13 y/o Captain Haddock?
        Years later she’s an actress, features in a Buzzfeed article (I know, I know) about how beautiful Australian girls are, and looking back now all the signs were there….fuck!
        My first g/f/ first kiss could’ve been her and I blew it. Blew it!
        What frustrates me is that in Highschool I was surrounded by girls every-day, had quite a few chances with some genuinely decent ones but I didn’t have a clue…now years later I’m far more astute (and ballsy) then I ever was back then but I barely meet anybody because of the hours I work….

    3. It’s only on reflection I realized that there were a bunch of girls over the years I could have had, including at least a couple of cheerleaders with “boyfriends.”
      Ah, well. Live and learn.

      1. At my 10 year reunion, long after I was married, I had a former high school broad monopolize me in conversation who was, in her prime (and even then at the reunion honestly), nearly a perfect HB10 in every way (by my standards). I mean breathtaking, life threateningly gorgeous. I had wanted her pretty badly in high school but she never really paid attention to me that I was aware of, then she shows up at this reunion, corners me, and just spills out how she crushed on me, etc. and I never, not once, ever picked up on it at the time. I mean what in the flying fuck, I could have had *that* and I didn’t even know she had the hots for me at the time. What a freaking *waste* of an opportunity.
        Needless to say, my wife was glued to my side after she saw this girl take me over to a less crowded part of the venue and talk to me for ten minutes with nobody around. Girls have that sense, heh.

        1. I can’t help (and I really don’t want to spoil your happiness over this “moment of truth”) but… it seems like a strategy to pick you up, not as an honest confession. Being your wife I would beat her with my purse.

        2. No, a really good and devoted wife would start talking about the kids, how much she loves them and her man, and how wonderful it is she lives in a state where you can carry a pistol at all times. Maybe even show it to the potential homewrecker…

        3. I actually like the “Being your wife I would beat her with my purse” response. That’s the kind of wife you want… not one who bitches and nags at you for talking to a hot chick, but one that comes up and beats the hot chick off you with her purse.

        4. Oh, I have no doubt, no super hot woman walks up to a guy she hasn’t seen in ten years, drags him away from the crowd to a more isolated area and, while standing there looking like an incarnation of Venus, starts telling him how much she wanted to fuck him just a few short years earlier. There is *zero* other ways to read this except “Hey, did you know, my pussy gets really wet thinking about you still even to this day”. Heh.

        5. Nah, no negros around here or in my former class. Closest to a minority you get out here is an Italian.

        6. That’s why I wrote “negro”. She needs some amusement. Something exotic. Italians must be boring for her.

        7. Might as well have suggested Chinaman then, we have like 0.0% of them in that county where I went to school. If you weren’t Irish or German descent, you were exotic. Fortunately I am Scottish/Viking (via English) descent, so that worked out great at the time.

        8. But still… I think she was exaggerating. If she really didn’t pay ANY attention to you… and obviously was/yet is very attractive… I doubt that this one hadn’t have enough confidence then.

        9. Oh, Chinaman is perfect! “Pee pee” and “that small and yellow”… 🙂
          Sorry, I can’t forget that story. I know it wasn’t yours, but still. Me and my colleagues ROFL yesterday.

        10. Your point is eluding me I’m afraid. I think that I’m saying that according to a *lot* of girls, there were quite a few crushes that I legitimately had no idea about, because 1) I was a teenage guy and 2) I had enough clearly flirting girls with me so that I didn’t develop any sense of what minor flirts/IOI’s would look like, at the time.
          Maybe she did or didn’t want me ‘back then’ but she clearly did at the 10 year reunion. Yeah, wish the wife would have suggested a threesome, now that Ainigmaris brings it up, heh.

        11. The point is that she IMO wanted to bang you at that reunion party. But who knows if she really wanted 10 years ago.
          Správně. Chytrý chlap jsi!

        12. There’s a similar joke– a few young boys are playing outside and one calls the other a penis. They look at each other and realize, they don’t really know what one is. So one boy goes inside his house and asks his dad-
          ‘What’s a penis?.
          His Dad pulls down his own pants, points to his manhood and says this is a penis. It’s what every man has. But this one is the perfect penis.
          Boy goes outside and tell has friends. Hey, I found out what a penis is!
          He then drops his drawers, points to his member and says- it’s this, and if it were half this big it would be perfect!

        13. No one can turn a slut into a really good wife, you either have one or the other, but you can never reform a junkie (is always a junkie waiting for the fall of the wagon)…well sluts are junkie too. No man has ever turned a junkie into a good wife..None…EVER.

        14. Had a similar situation happen in high school but it was with a girl I’d say was an 8 or so with a really nice rack. She was all in to me, but I was such a beta (and this will tell you the depths of my idiocy) and knew that my buddy had a thing for her, so I backed off.
          Turns out she really wanted me, but this guy I was supposedly good friends with spread a bunch of lies about me and ruined my reputation with her. She told me that she really liked me after she started dating this other guy 10 years old who she’d eventually marry. He’s a pizza delivery guy and had a kid from a previous marriage.
          Maybe it wouldn’t have worked out, but I’d tell young guys to learn from my moronic mistakes and pick up on the subtle clues women give you. And the whole bros before hos thing is really stupid. Unless this friend is a really high quality buddy of yours, never back off on a potential dating/bang opportunity. Im no longer friends with this guy as he stabbed me in the back again. He’s the poster child for beta boys….

      2. Yeah. That x 1000. “I’ve got a boyfriend”. Then why the FUCK are you talking to ME? I gotta teach my son that.

        1. That’s what I’m gotta teach my kids too: Don’t let anybody to fool you!
          I really hate when someone plays available, flirts with you (especially for a longer time period) and then, when you show mutual interest, tells you that he/she is taken or that he/she isn’t interested in you for some very obvious reason on your side (didn’t he/she noticed in the begining?). Eventually, something like: “Oh, what’s going on? I behaved pretty normally.”, which makes the situation even worse. It is humilitating, isn’t it?
          Yes, men are doing it as well. It is unpopular to say it here, but definitely, there you are.

        2. Oh no, that was not clear on my part. What I mean to say it does not MATTER if she has a boyfriend. At all. She is with you, he does not matter. Its just a shit test and you only pass when you do not give a fuck who she is seeing.

    4. To add to this, as part of telling this to young men, I would stress that this behavior is biologically ingrained, not learned. Girls who twirl their hair and laugh with you are not just messing with their haircut and finding your stupid offhand joke funny because they have a quirky sense of humor. It is an innate biological attraction behavior that they cannot hide.
      So not only should you equip young men to spot these signs, but to recognize them as undeniable biological tells that the girl is interested. In other words, when you see these signs, don’t talk yourself out of victory by rationalizing it away as something else.
      Now, attracting her interest does not seal the deal, and you could fuck up and destroy that interest by doing something stupid. But we all know that the approach is the hardest part, especially for young men trying to steel their courage. Recognizing the undeniable signs of initial attraction/interest should serve to boost courage and make the approach easier.

        1. I’ve had great success if we’re being honest. The only setback is if you don’t process with the company, you look like that ‘sleazebag’ and problems can arise from this as it can become your reputation. If you’re moving up and good looking it’s fair game. Note: I stopped doing it though. The attention is annoying; wanted or unwanted.

        2. Our plant manager’s daughter works here now and she is into me. Do I dare? Just to be able to sit across the boardroom table and look at him, both of us knowing. I hate that asshole.

        3. Just depends on how much you like your job and how easy it would be to get another one.

        4. That falls under the heading of “Dangerous Things to Do with Your Dick.” Another is covering it with honey and sticking it in a beehive.
          As my dad used to say, Don’t dip your pen in the company ink.

        5. If you don’t give a shit about your job, go for it. If you bang her it will be doubly satisfying.

        6. You don’t marry the girl, you marry her family. Same for dating. I’d back away.

        7. That’s something you’d say to a woman’s husband. Something to the effect of she’s amazing at sucking cock and swallows too would be more damaging…
          Every time princess gives daddy a kiss those words should play in his mind.

        8. “You don’t get a blowjob from the girl, you get a blowjob from her whole family,” does NOT have the same ring to it.

        9. Key17

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        10. I’ve seen that work for some guys in construction/oilfield. My coworkers hooked up with the big guys daughters and once they got serious the dad helped them move up since he was with his daughter. I guess they thought it be better for their daughter if their man was on the way up rather than staying in the same place.

        11. Never mix your interests with coworkers..It ALWAYS (especially this day in age of SJWs and raging Feminism) ALWAYSturns out disasterous for men, in their workplace… Don’t shit where you eat, and don’t screw where you make your money and support yourself….This is recipe for very very bad karma and results when those drama queen mentally ill trollops are later rejected/dropped and they destroy your life through false accusations incredible drama and then manipulation of the HR department against you….
          If you want to suicide your success and possibly the rest of your life, and your financial security then shell that hairy clam where you work.

        12. From a dad’s perspective- if the guy is hardworking, diligent, intelligent with a core set of values— those guys may have been quite a step up from the dirtbags he might have seen circling her, or that he’d seen her date.
          Oilfield worker who will put in a hard days work vs some college credentialed hipster whiner about social issues and not being able to catch a break, or find a job that was worthy of him. Or the derelict petty criminal who nobody understood but her and needs her so much.
          Yeah, I’d much rather see my daughter with an oil or construction worker.

        13. I promise you, you want to outrun Usain Bolt to get away from that crazy, and don’t look back. No quim is worth career suicide, no matter your grudge against the boss…Don’t do it.

        14. I recently had some young bitch at work report me for “getting in her personal space”. Mind you, I’ve barely ever spoken to her and much less got in her “personal space”. I will add that she is a pretty good looking girl and I’m sure she’s used to beta chumps placing themselves in her proximity etc. Another coworker had mentioned before that she is a toxic, narcissistic drama queen and I actually suggested he cut her a little slack. A fool was I.
          When my supervisor was talking to me about it (informally, NO paperwork); we discussed how these females can just lob baseless accusations and the burden of proof lies on me as the male. It’s a good thing my company has cameras. Imagine if I’d actually f*cked this broad or something. She could have been a lot more aggressive and cost me my job.
          Moral: watch yourself around female coworkers. Seriously.

        15. Part of the reason it is stupid beyond measure to fuck around with coworkers in your workplace. Glad you made it out of that trap intact and smarter for it.

        16. Yep. They can take the most innocuous shit and spin it into a tale of woe. After this shit went down, most of the dudes in the warehouse quit talking to her. They know I’m solid and I mind my own business. I don’t think a lot of the female coworkers were big fans of hers to begin with.

        1. Had a chick at a bike night a couple of years back just walk up to me on a cold approach and just stand there, and her eyes weren’t dilated, rather, they were constricted, it was like her pupils were tiny pin points in a vast field of green (her eye color). She literally said nothing and just stood there staring. To be honest, it kind of freaked me out. A friend of hers later came over and said “She really, really likes you” but all I saw was “I need to murder somebody you love for reasons that I have no way to explain outside of demonic possession”. Freaked me the hell out the more I reviewed it in my mind.

        2. She was short and actually reasonably attractive, by my very picky standards even. Just really, really weird, like occult serial murderer weird.

        3. If anything like that ever happens again, just walk up to here and whisper these words in her ear: “Can you take a punch?”
          I guarantee that crazy bitch will be your sex slave for life.

        4. The actual problem is, that may have worked. And then where would I be? Dead. That’s where I’d be. Dead with my nuts tied around my garotted throat as a warning to others.

        5. No way. it’s like the Joker and Batman. The Joker can’t really kill the Batman, cause without the Batman, he’s just a crazy guy in a clown outfit. Make that crazy bitch your sex slave and she’ll never hurt you (well, at least not permanently) because she needs you too much.

        6. But, and I’m actually kind of serious, she gave off that “I need to kill people you love” vibe. I don’t need my cousins or kids dead because I needed a quick piece of ass, heh.

        7. Yeah, I hear you, I see your point.
          But the kind of sex you have with a legitimately batshit insane chick is a whole different level of awesome that is often worth losing a random cousin or something.

        8. You are born my child at your own peril!

        9. Nice nip.
          Speaking of nips, anybody else notice the spectacular increase of fresh unadulterated nips protruding through clothing in public? The lusty God’s are good.

        10. I was reading that sentence with Japanese in mind, until you mentioned protruding through clothing.

        11. Kidneys, liver, heart, eyeballs all sold and installed on other folks.
          Whole new meaning to meat market.

        12. yeah, coulda sworn i read that its a thing now- getting nipple enhancements.
          I shoulda been a plastic sturgeon

        13. Are you guys really able to watch whether the pupils are dilated? I can’t. Especially when the person is dark-eyed.

        14. With light colored eyes it’s hard not to notice. Blue and green are easy reads, brown eyes can be quite difficult though.

        15. It’s what I’ve always told me kids. I’ve got two and a spare, so if you really want to do something that stupid…
          That, and the answer to the — Which of us is your favorite child?
          “Whoever isn’t pissing me off at the moment.”

        16. “I brought you into this world – I can take you right back out. make another looks just like you”
          -B. Cosby

        17. El Cid (the real historical figure) was a hostage through his young life. When his father rebelled against the guy that held El Cid hostage and the guy threatened to kill El Cid, the father replied, “Then do so, for I have the hammer and the anvil still to forge new sons.” The king didn’t kill El Cid, because he had grown fond of him (basically had raised him as his own.)

        18. You must have not been around in the late 60s early 70s. Wearing a bra might as well have been made criminal. Watching the exit lines at the water rides at the amusement parks became quite popular.

        19. Funny how none of the Cosby kids looked remotely related.
          Mom and dad were fairly dark. Half the kids were super light

        20. Yeah. I dont stick my dick in crazy anymore, and I was very careful when I used to. But you are right. CrazyCunt is always just off the charts awesome sex.

        21. Over the freezer case at Kroger was a great place to “look for dinner” at least during the summer…

        22. The constricted pupils could have been the result of opioid painkillers or heroin. They will override the dilation instinct.

    5. And then the Ghost could have had dozens of little Ghosts running around. Class reunion could have been more like a Caspers family reunion!

      1. No shit man. I’d have kept those girls pregnant until they knew no other role in life. Just a freaking smoke show most of them.

    6. But now you admit that you didn’t know about their interest because most of them were so shy to give you a clue… (???).

      1. Sure. Or that I genuinely didn’t pick up on micro-clues. I had enough obvious come on’s from chicks in high school that maybe I just didn’t think that they did it any other way, until later in life. I do know that if I’d known micro-clues I would have snagged one of the few legit HB10’s I’ve ever met in life. But hey, live and learn, je pravda?

        1. Je to pravda. 🙂
          Moreover, you are wise enough not to idolize her, n’est pas? Imagine that she said “pee pee” in a car and “(…) that big and black” on the wedding night.
          What you can’t have you have to dispise (I hope I didn’t spoil it). (48 Laws of Power by Robert Greene).

        2. Wouldn’t have happened. There were no black people in my high school, nor in any of the other surrounding counties, back when I was in school. Hell, there still really aren’t except for a few in one county over, and that’s only a small hand full.

    7. This 100 times. Some years back I was hanging with this pack of girls and I was fixated on the one I thought I had the best chance with, not realizing that the hottest one of the pack not only wanted me, but put herself in a position to lose her virginity to me one night. Not only was I clueless, but I because I failed to pull the trigger, I didn’t get a single notch with any of them.

    8. That sentence was when I knew I was reading a post by someone who actually understands the game.

    9. oh my goodness. I had no idea about how a girl was interested until I started reading manosphere sites in my 20s. I basically just lucked out here and there. I think finally in college, I started to realize certain girls liked me, but it was always too late. Now I look back and feel like a complete idiot. How did I not realize the girl literally chasing me around day camp, who was mad that I wouldnt talk to her, like me? How was I so oblivious? And then when I became interested in her later, and not because of her interest, she acted like I didnt exist. I guess I deserved that.
      Now, I weird people out by pointing out how a girl likes them and they have no idea or dont believe it. This is grown men who are completely blind.

  8. “no woman wants to replace a man’s mission.” Red-Pill diamond right there

    1. But they will try like hell to detail you from it, and beat you down and hen peck you more if they succeed. It’s a fucked up dichotomy.

      1. Because a woman’s trust is built when your compass as a man isn’t derailed by the power of her beauty…

      2. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/dac40458e7ce500e4d354ed9fa64c4989d35cfb67e3daaf415d9232aa8f11946.jpg The glow, the relaxed smiles, the attraction, the ease to let their femeninity rest on him, the lack of hover hands, the wholesomeness of the whole thing…. JOSEPH CAMPBELL = ALPHA.
        Now, look at this quote: “So during the years of the Depression I had arranged a schedule for myself. When you don’t have a job or anyone to tell you what to do, you’ve got to fix one for yourself. I divided the day into four four-hour periods, of which I would be reading in three of the four-hour periods, and free one of them.
        By getting up at eight o’clock in the morning, by nine I could sit down to read. That meant I used the first hour to prepare my own breakfast and take care of the house and put things together in whatever shack I happened to be living in at the time. Then three hours of that first four-hour period went to reading.
        Then came an hour break for lunch and another three-hour unit. And then comes the optional next section. It should normally be three hours of reading and then an hour out for dinner and then three hours free and an hour getting to bed so I’m in bed by twelve.
        On the other hand, if I were invited out for cocktails or something like that, then I would put the work hour in the evening and the play hour in the afternoon.
        It worked very well. I would get nine hours of sheer reading done a day. And this went on for five years straight.”
        He did the work, he went on his mission. His wife, Jean Erdman (a beautiful dancer) is still alive by the way 🙂

  9. If one wants to get laid, one must be sure Vinny Pringo is not in the vicinity, preferably not even in the same county.

        1. u dont remember that? a rival bar, always pulling practial jokes on the cheers gang…sam was always like “We gotta get Gary!”

        2. Gary from Gary’s Old Town Tavern? Doesnt ring a bell? I dont remember when, he would pop up maybe once a season to mess with them

        3. Yeah, I just looked him up on IMDB. There was a series of seven or eight episodes involving Gary.
          I guess I was doing something else when those episodes came on…

        4. ya know, that sketch with slim pickens in it, jim was using a real sword. he inadvertently slashed slim on the face- coulda killed him on live tv!

      1. Jody always thought he was a badass but, he ain’t got nothing on Vinny Pringo.

  10. I am in a LTR but “practice” game every now and then. My girlfriend is super-jealous so I only do it when I am alone. I usually walk around in gym-style tank tops in the summer time , or in an expensive suit at bars and clubs, and look confident. Chat and flirt a bit occasionally.
    Works ok and I often receives palpable positive feedback. I have received attention and eye contact from SMV 5-8 and some older women as well who think I look handsome. The best responses were from a tall and pretty girl who stared at my arms and were obviously DTF as fuck, a 18-year-old cutie in a supermarket, and some really cute Asians.
    This largely confirms point 9, although looks are not as subjective as some want to insist.

    1. Her knowing other women value you in turn raises her estimation of your value in her eyes.
      I would flirt a bit in front of her.
      Know a guy whose wife filed for divorce, no cheating it was other conflicts on finance/raising the kids, and they initially separated. He read a book advising very visible dating (make sure spouse is aware) to win back the spouse based on the concept. Worked wonderfully for him, got back together and worked through the issues. Not something I’d do, as I think if I found someone who valued me I’d be more inclined to stay with them than go back. But he makes it a point to occasionally flirt at parties etc. in front of her.

        1. Sometimes… just sometimes… a super irrationally jealous girlfriend is super irrationally jealous because she is cheating on her boyfriend.

    2. What you wrote, it could have perfectly been written by a woman. Think about it.

      1. There are overlaps, similarities and differences. A common misunderstanding in the Manosphere is that women are less faithful, but men are more Dark Triad. A second misunderstanding is that there are not human universals but there are, which transcend both sexes, cultures and races. Men and women behave the same way in many regards, although different in others. Some are so occupied with emhasizing sex differerences that they fail to acknowledge these facts. Thirdly, men have larger personality variance. So you have the really weak and agreeable betas and the fox/lion males.

        1. One of the principles of any patriarchal society is to give example to others and maintain order towards the common good of the ethnicity/nation. There is no (again individualistic) alpha/beta here.

  11. I might make a lot of shallow cracks and not-too-imaginative memes, but I have to say this article is spot on. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gone through this very exercise, cataloging lists of advice and corrective measures for poor stupid long-lost young bem. You’ve isolated all the same salient points that make for a miserable teenage romantic life that I have over the years, and your current successes more than validate their veracity.
    Well Done.

      1. still cant top Longballsmalone or Tessiowasalwayssmarter as screennames

      2. Nice, but there is something about conversing with some guy with a female avatar. It is like talking to a tranny.

  12. Things I would legit tell my (Ghost of Christmas Past teenage self). Forget bitches, bros over hos, MOB, put yourself first, develop business skills, lift and stack paper. Oh yeah, and also that pussy is cheap, plentiful and predatory. So, no worries, bruh.

  13. One thing I have told my son that I was never taught was about the SMV curve and how it peaks earlier and higher for women. Gives them an edge in popularity at his age (even at 12), but it ends up hurting them in the long run.

  14. Great article, Troy. All the points on are target and it’s well-written.

  15. 10. Even if you get with her, it won’t solve your life’s problems

    I think this is a huge one. This is where game stops being about getting laid and starts being able making boys into better men. This is the entryway to the deeper, Red Pill thinking where game can legitimately save lives.

  16. Looking back to high school, yeah…. whatadope. Oh, well, too late for that, now. Even most of my adult life was wasted being fem worship beta. I lucked into finding a woman who wanted me to lead. I had no clue at first. Even today, I’m still growing into that role. My dad was a good man, and I sure wished he could’ve taught me more about relationships with women, but he struggled with his own issues. Better late than never.

  17. I wish I had somebody around to tell me these things 40 years ago .

    1. Well, if I had, I probably would have gotten some girl pregnant and my life would have taken a completely different trajectory. Missing the opportunity to bang girls in high school isn’t one of the things I regret in life.

    2. My folks brought me and my sibs up as white knights..and ALL of us were destroyed in our personal lives because of it. They meant well, but instilling morality and values into children for a society that operates without any is a recipe for devastating personal disaster. All four of us were royally fucked over by women, a couple of us didn’t figure it out until after our second attempts. needless to say I did not repeat that failure in my kids, I taught them about reality and never let u, they have since learned early on everything I taught them is true, and they are girls. In order for them to survive in this effed up society, I have to teach them how to be better than their competition, smarter, more observant and more cold and calculatingly mercenary and less compassionate because society is NOT nice, nor compassionate. It is worse than the worst imagineable pirate culture. NOBODY can be trusted and everyone has a hidden agenda they will defend and lie about because their lives depend on it. My oldest had those lesson reiterated in her relationshits already, and now has lifelong scars from them. Experience was the best teacher that you should heed all wise advice from those who are decent enough to give good advice.

  18. Spot on! One of the things I consider missed opportunities came with the advent of Face Book. When I made an account I got friend requests from a bunch of girls from high school. All of the ones who contacted me said they’d had a thing for me back in HS. I asked them why they never said anything back then. They all said they figured I was out of their league and they were afraid I wouldn’t be interested. I’d have fucked every one of them. Being that it was in the 80’s they were mostly all great girls I would have been happy to spend a lot of time with.
    They mostly all said I was mysterious and they didn’t know how to read me. I was a risk taker. It was the way I kept the assholes from picking fights with me. I just acted crazy. I was always wrecking my bike doing crazy stuff, I was always driving like a maniac. I also raced dirt bikes.
    I did have several girls approach me but I often blew it once we spent time together. I’ve said I wished my father had taught me some of this stuff but he was brought up in a different time. It wasn’t a thing when he was young.

  19. My current GF is going nuts because I call the sexy pics she sends me, “cute” or “adorable.”
    Never refer to any woman as “hot” or “sexy,” it gives them all the power.
    They are either “cute” or “okay.”

    1. “Oh! that’s….interesting”
      All these selfie photos need to be discouraged if you are looking to have any long term relationship with her. What son would like to dig up 15 year old naked photos of his mom doing kissy face?

        1. Wow, Jim, that was uncalled for. Neither of us are kids, so I wasn’t casting shade on your mother. I was talking about the fact that the mothers of most kids-who-are-currently-kids have a fuck ton of naked selfies out there already.

        2. it will be completely normalized in 5-10 years…..
          EVERY mom will have porn of her floating around the internets.

        3. Lol, don’t apologize to me. You were right to assume I was being an asshole, even though, in this one case, I wasn’t trying to be one.

        4. Not every mom, 60-70% at least. Everyone else shares photos of kittens or food.

        5. The oldest profession, the only thing that has changed is the legally accepted currency that is exchanged for services, that is court enforced, that’s how you know it is legal. the court will appropriate your earnings (cash and labor), and your physical possessions (your property if she wants it), to her due to an expressed written or IMPLIED civil contract.

        6. how naïve, AWALT, just because it doesn’t fit into your brainwashing.

      1. Definitely. I mean, selfies and camwhoring do occupy valuable time that a woman could use for constructive stuff, like designing and making an improved sandwich. Or a Sandwich 2.0 if you will.
        But in all seriousness, I’ve seen multiple selfies of girls, and I have yet to see one where the room she’s using is clean. That should be your first clue.

  20. The picture on #7 should clue you in on putting yourself first. I’m no prude, but if you can see a woman’s va jay jay through her bikini bottom, she will not give two shits about you. I mean, look at that thing. Bet the girl is barely 20 and her snatch already looks like a Venus fly trap.

      1. So would I but have condoms and penicillin handy. Also some Roundup and holy water

    1. LLLLLLLLLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Best description of the day, no wait, the week!

    2. I just realized you can actually see her bare (worn out) pussy lips in that pic because her swimsuit has ridden up, exposing everything, lol. She’s too young to have roast beef like that.

      1. Has ripples in the skin from limited gap width and browning from thigh friction.

  21. Great article, if only I could go back and slap some common sense into my 20-something self. Youth wasted on the young and all that.

  22. About 12 years ago I met this blonde bartender who looked a lot like an ex-girlfriend of mine in high school. I was picking up some takeout food at this Chinese joint where she worked, and we just happened to walk past each other. One look at her and I knew I’d be banging her eventually. This chick was so hot she’d make ice cream melt just by standing next to it. In high school, I would have chatted her up right then and there, and likely would have made an ass out of myself in the process. But since those days were long gone, I proceeded to look at her like she was something I’d scraped off my shoe.
    After this encounter, I went into the bar a few times while she was working, to have a couple of beers. Sure enough, she started trying to get my attention, while she held court in front of a dozen or so Regular Joes who routinely hung out there while harboring the futile hope that they might one day have a shot at tapping her ass. I remained neutral in the face of her attention-seeking attempts. One night, a couple of weeks later, I went into the bar near closing time. She came up to me and said, “I’m kidnapping you and taking you home with me tonight.”
    We had a fling after that which lasted a few months. On any typical day, she would come by my hotel room which was adjacent to the restaurant where she worked, about 2:00 p.m. or 3:00 p.m., two or three hours prior to her shift. I would sit at my computer and work. She’d take a shower, and walk around my room naked afterwards, while toweling off. For some reason she thought it was just hot as fuck that I made money via the Internet. She’d stand behind me and towel off, staring at the computer screen and watching me work, while she whipped her hair back and forth to get the excess water out of it. After a few sexually charged seconds, I’d turn around and grab her and we’d jump into bed for an hour or two, and then she’d toddle off to work. Rinse and repeat.
    So one hot, sultry, midsummer day she comes by my room and she’s wearing a bikini underneath her shorts and top. She asks if I want to go lay out by the pool. I say, “Sure.” So we go out there, and guys started scuttling out of their hotel rooms like a horde of cockroaches and they stood near the second-floor railing and just stared and drooled and whistled at her the entire time that we were out there. Finally, this Mexican dude walks directly past the pool area which was in the courtyard right in the middle of the hotel complex, and he starts staring at her while he walks by. The guy couldn’t look away, he just kept staring and staring as he walked down this little sidewalk. And boom – he walks right into this tall evergreen bush and falls directly into it. The guys who were watching near the railing started laughing so hard I thought they were gonna piss themselves. I told the blonde, that this was the first time I’d ever seen a girl do that to somebody walking by. She shrugged and said, “I can’t help it if I stop traffic – auto traffic, foot traffic…” This chick was really fucking smart and she was witty and funny as hell to boot, which made it even harder to treat her like an average piece of meat…but somehow I managed.
    So immediately after this happened, and the Mexican guy had extracted himself from the evergreen bush in a very embarrassed fashion and had walked away, she starts asking me if I had ever thought about getting married. I told her that I had done so in the past every now and again, but it was a horrible habit, and I was trying to quit. She swatted aside my attempts at humor and started probing me regarding my feelings about kids. Right then and there I knew she was bad news. She was probably 28, and I could tell she was a veteran carousel rider. The fact that she started pushing me about this subject, indicated that she was looking for a sucker to wife her up. Since that sucker wasn’t me, we drifted apart after that, but goddamn it, I can still see her out by the pool in my mind’s eye, and I can still see her walking around my hotel room naked…what a fucking gorgeous whore. (But, in the end, she was indeed just a whore. So the moral of the story is, treat ’em all like whores. It always seems to work.)

      1. If somebody learns something from my stories, that makes me a happy camper. I’m still clueless about women, when you break it own. Shit, who isn’t…

        1. Let it be known from this point forward – Bob Smith will be read in Issac Hayes’s voice.

    1. Hey Bob, it reminds me of one of your comment in which you described a fling with a hot Latina. She worked at some hotel and spoke about her vagina muscles or what. You posted then a picture of some other girl who looked very similar like her. I am still courious how it ended…

      1. She still works at the same hotel. Still stops by my room occasionally but only to clean it, and joke around with me. She was sizing me up as a potential provider, so…now we are just friends.

  23. Don’t Put her on a Pedestal, This is Gospel, too many guys find a woman they fancy and they put her on a pedestal like she is Ms. Perfect. Lets face reality she is human, she poops and farts, she is not perfect, one day she will get old and lose her looks and sexual appeal. Unless she is the daughter of Zeus, never put any woman on a pedestal because you will wind up doing her bidding and then you will make mistakes that will ruin the relationship.
    Don’t try to be Mr. Perfect. Another great one, you really do not know what is truly going inside her head. Trying to be her perfect man might wind up creating the opposite effect, most women have a bizarre psychology, its nothing like the way men think. Most of us already got an idea of our ideal women, women for the most part will often go against conventional thought and logic. So just be yourself.
    Rejection. Again just move on and find someone else. Women are like fruit, they won’t stay fresh forever. If you keep obsessing on someone who rejected you, as time passes you will realize she was not so perfect, and as she gets older it becomes apparent she is flawed. So you wasted your time thinking about someone who was mortal after all.
    All women think differently. So true, no two people see the world the same way, and they all react differently to different things.

        1. Got DP’ed at a young age by her step-dad Skeezicks and his buddy Skees. It was so her mom Dee could get an eight ball.

  24. Lol fuck all these 10. Here is 1. Be a jock. You can fuck up all you want but you will he taking virginities left and right. The jerks and the wasters? Foh. It’s the robust jocks at the top of the hierarchy.

  25. The yellow micro string bikini girl – I spotted approximately 3/4 inch stripe of redskin half past her navel and a quarter to her anus commander. The Ohio class submarines can handle it. Torpedos are launching.

  26. Nice one Mr. Francis. The jealousy one is 1000% true and it should be the first thing you learn. If any clueless guy only knew how to create jealously, his girl problems would be solved

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  28. FWIW… This article is the VERY Thing that MGTOWs SHOULD be mentoring our juniors with…The entire article is SPOT ON, right down to the conclusions of inexperience and the Blue Pill mentality that the teens are brainwashed to believe these days. Cut Paste CITE and Share this article, mentor your juniors with this information, and then men can begin to turn things around.

  29. Good article, I really needed to read this.
    I can relate especially with points 2-5; there was this one girl I had a fixation for in high school, and it only lead to me beating myself up after she got a boyfriend…
    If I could go back in time and show my 14-year-old self all this, I would. But, I’m glad I got a hold of this information (via stumbling upon this site thanks to someone’s recommendation) only two years ago (I’m in college now). I’ve still got a long way to go, but I’m smarter about this.

  30. 10. Even if you get with her, it won’t solve your life’s problems
    I keep trying to explain this to guys in their twenties looking for a girlfriend

    1. This would have saved me 25 years of frustration, depression, insecurities I had learned that as a teen.

  31. 11. Girls aged faster than men.
    12. You can still date a 20 years old when you are 40. So be patient

  32. Your own lack of confidence can block seeing IOIs from women, and eventually of course even getting them.

  33. This is very good advice. Keep in mind that focusing on self improvement is highly important in the digital age. Women have their smart phones to fill the void in their souls and feed their “narcissistic supply.” So you’re competing with this now, and to win you have to be PERCEIVED as incredibly attractive/interesting/sexy/rich and roughly in that order. You need at least two of these; simply being rich will get you lots of rejections on sugar daddy sites lol. As a very good looking guy who used to score simply because I was a handsome musician, I’ve had to focus more on strength training, martial arts, and dancing to stay competitve. Women don’t give a shit about your music anymore; in their minds they are their own rockstars to their fuckbook, twatter, Snapslut, and Instawhore followers. it is worst in America but smaertphones are in every country now so the world has changed. If you’re not willing to do these things, then I’d suggest going to foreign countries and doing cash-n-carry. You can even do it here in the states and overall it is the still the highest ROI for time invested, about $300/hr for the hottest women. In Latin America, it is 50-75% less and the women are much nicer; in Asia 75-90% less, Cambodia being the cheapest. You’re gonna PAY regardless, whether airfare, working out, dancing lessons, learning a foreign language, earning more money. It’s the reality of modern life. Pick the approach you enjoy the most and get on with it!

  34. another great article, troy…….we’ve all been down that road……those of us who learned the lessons became successful gamers……..those who didn’t, well, they’re easy to spot

  35. lmao so many times I thought it was painfully obvious that i liked a girl because I looked at her a lot in science class. But she seemed to not have a clue when I asked her out.
    The girl who is actually interested…I know that now, but I didnt even know who was interested when I was in high school unless a girl was direct about it. A few were, or revealed later they were interested. The two I remember in particular, one was so nice and perfect personality, but really obese, so no. The other girl wasnt that great, but I shouldve practiced on her.

  36. I would tweak 4. If the girl you like isn’t aware, jealousy isn’t an option. Abundance is. No woman wants a man no woman wants. The girls you like will find you more intriguing if you are constantly surrounded by thirsty “yes” girls. The funny part is more abundance breeds more abundance.

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