The Sordid History Of When The Soviets Tried To Breed Apes With Humans

It’s a common catchphrase that “There are no races; there’s only the human race.” To be technical, humanity is a species, but there I go being a spoilsport. Once again to be technical, the biological definition of species is:

…a category of biological classification ranking immediately below the genus or subgenus, comprising related organisms or populations potentially capable of interbreeding…

As it happens, the USSR attempted to prove the human race species is much more inclusive than expected. Even in today’s “anything goes” climate, this monkey business seems a wee bit odd.

Ilya Ivanov’s background

Ilya Ivanovich Ivanov was a professor and researcher in biology. He became an animal reproduction specialist, pioneering artificial insemination. This technique was essential to his next act, hybridization. Ivanov crossed several different types of animals: cattle and buffalo, cattle and antelopes, zebras and donkeys, rats and mice, mice and guinea pigs, guinea pigs and rabbits, etc.

This blurs the definition of what we originally considered distinct species. So these animals are inter-fertile, yet generally prefer to breed with their own kind, unless there is unnatural outside influence. Here, the influence involved Professor Ivanov’s turkey baster. In 1910, he aired the idea of crossing humans and apes before the World Congress of Zoologists—quite likely one of their more memorable conferences.

Is it possible? Humans and chimpanzees have 98% of DNA in common. Humans have 23 pairs of chromosomes and chimpanzees have 24 pairs. still, Professor Ivanov managed to interbreed some species despite a dissimilar number of chromosomes. Following the Russian Revolution, he got his chance to test the idea.

Monkey business

A New Science article states:

Despite the disapproval of the scientific establishment Ivanov got the go-ahead – and the funds to mount an expedition to Africa to collect apes. Documents show that the decision was pushed through by leading members of the Bolshevik government.

Ivanov first went to Paris in February 1926. The next month, he journeyed to colonial French Guinea, arriving at a primate research station in Kindia. However, they didn’t have any sexually mature chimpanzees. Then he went back to Paris and compared notes on capturing primates with Serge Voronoff, the “monkey gland” surgeon.

In November, Ivanov returned to Africa. He and his son rounded up some female chimps and, at the island of Conakry, tried to get three of them pregnant. (This involved the turkey baster procedure, rather than a dinner date and a movie.) Despite their efforts, the experiment didn’t work.

This convinced him that he was doing it wrong. His next idea was to impregnate women with ape sperm. He wanted to do this to some local women under the guise of medical examinations. The colonial governor refused to allow this, quite sensibly. Score one for the governor.

More monkeying around

However, Ivanov wasn’t deterred. In 1929, he set up shop in Sukhumi, in the now politically unstable region of Abkhazia. His primate research station would later conduct studies on radiation exposure and vaccines. He got five women to volunteer for insemination. It’s unclear how freely they cooperated; some accounts say they were prisoners.

However, Tarzan the Orangutan, his only mature male candidate, died. As a New York times op-ed from October 2005 put it:

Next Ivanov wrote a Cuban heiress, Rosalia Abreu. Abreu was the first person to breed chimps in captivity and had a large menagerie outside Havana. Ivanov asked if any of her male chimpanzees might be available to inseminate a Russian volunteer known to posterity only as ‘G.”

At first Abreu was agreeable. But Ivanov made the mistake of approaching Charles Smith of the American Association for the Advancement of Atheism for fund-raising support. Smith was something of a showman—he liked to appear in public with a chimpanzee dressed in a business suit—and went to the newspapers with Ivanov’s proposal. The New York Times thundered, “Soviet Backs Plan to Test Evolution.”

The resulting publicity brought the case to the attention of the Ku Klux Klan, which threatened Abreu with retaliation if she took part in Ivanov’s experiment, calling it “abominable to the creator.” Abreu withdrew her consent.

Score one for Fraternity Tri-Kappa. Ivanov ordered some primates for the facility, but most of them died in transit.

The end (not)

The ape-man project was plagued with problems since the beginning, but politics did it in. Lysenkoism became fashionable, and it was dangerous to be a biologist. He got arrested, sent into internal exile, and died two years later.

This already-strange tale has some rather odd twists and turns. Contrary to what we might expect, Ivanov wasn’t considered a kook in his day; his early research (before the ape-man stunt) did get results. Also, it obviously was a significant priority. The initial funding (which in 2017 would be equivalent to $140K) wasn’t a trivial amount to the USSR, which was doing a terrible job of feeding its citizens. Finally, it wasn’t exactly a secret. Still, the story was basically forgotten until the 1990s; interest picked up a bit after the archives became available.

Later, the Chinese carried on the effort. As the St. Petersburg Independent reported on 2/12/1981, the Chinese repeated Ivanov’s first experiment, and it actually worked. A three member team, including Ji Yongxiang, got a female chimp pregnant. The article doesn’t mention whether this was achieved through the turkey baster technique or the “Who Lies More?” routine.

Once again, political trouble doomed the project. He got arrested during the Chinese Cultural Revolution, and the pregnant chimp died of neglect. He indicated willingness to resume, which would be useful in creating a workforce customized for specialized tasks.

Was Ji Yongxiang blowing smoke, or am I a monkey’s uncle?

Ivanov’s motivation

So the major remaining question was why. Perhaps demonstrating the sanctity of human life wasn’t exactly a huge big priority. As one account puts it:

According to Moscow newspapers, Stalin told the scientist: “I want a new invincible human being, insensitive to pain, resistant and indifferent about the quality of food they eat.”

Still, until the original newspapers can be identified and cited, consider all that to be apocryphal. Reginald Urch’s book The Rabbit King Of Russia does indeed cite a couple of newspaper articles from Leningrad, dated 11/27/1925 and 12/5/1925. He summarized:

The task of the Ivanov expedition was simple. It was to go to the Congo and, if possible, induce the French Pasteur station working there under Professor Calmette to assist the Bolshevist scientists to catch a number of female chimpanzee apes. After this, Ivanov and his staff would endeavor to fertilize the apes by artificial methods and bring back the mothers with their little human apes to gladden the hearts of the anti-God Society in Soviet Russia and prove that “There is no God.”

The New Scientist article goes in depth on the possible motives, giving the following as the most likely:

The high-ranking Bolsheviks who backed Ivanov were intellectuals who saw science as a means of realising their dream of a socialist utopia. “Politicians could change the political system, nationalise industries and turn farms into vast collectives—but the task of transforming people was entrusted to scientists,” says Etkind. “The aim was to match people to the socialist design of Soviet society.”

One way to do that was through “positive eugenics”, using [artificial insemination] to speed up the spread of desirable traits—a willingness to live and work communally, for instance—and to get rid of “primitive” traits such as competitiveness, greed and the desire to own property. “There were many projects aimed at changing humanity,” Etkind says. “Ivanov’s was the most extreme but if he succeeded then that would show that humans could be changed in radical and creative ways.”

Most eugenicists at the time wanted to promote high intelligence and prevent a population explosion of people perpetually dependent on the government. The Communist version of eugenics apparently didn’t share that goal. Actually, crossbreeding people with apes would be an efficient way of producing a population too dull to question government policies or the sociopolitical status quo.

Trying to manipulate the gene pool to produce compliant citizens, born to conform to leftist goals… why does that sound so familiar?

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    1. I think some animal activists found out about it and took the orangutan away. The villagers were pissed they actually fought the activists. I’m still trying to figure out how someone can pull off sex with an orangutan. If this animal freaks out it will rip you to pieces.

      1. yes, I have heard that too that the villagers attacked the activists. Fucking wired. The more I read storys like that the more I think I live in Babylon, like, worldwide.
        ” If this animal freaks out it will rip you to pieces.”
        Yes, but Orang Utan tend to be a quite “peaceful” ape race. They are not like Chimps or Gorillas.

  1. That was doomed from the start, a fool’s errand, even if they had succeeded. Jane Goodall noticed that, in addition to all of the more “positive” qualities chimps share with humans, they are on occasion subject to little fits of homicide and even cannibalism. Mother chimps that would run rampant killing and eating other chimps’ babies, for example. The Noble Savage my butt. Hobbes had it closer to truth.

    1. Don’t forget how it has been observed that if an ‘alpha’ chimpanzee becomes too ‘selfish’ with the females, the ‘beta’ chimpanzees will gang up and kill him and all of his descendants.

        1. “Sometimes Iove finds a way…and sometimes that way is gallons of monkey blood…coming this fall to a theater near you”

        2. This Christmas, John McClane is back, and he’s not monkeying around…
          “Sure honey, let’s get a turkey, a little champagne…No, I gotta crawl around in this monkey-fucking tin can! Why does the same thing keep happening to me every year?”

        1. Only the breeding of an ape and a human.
          It’s escape into the world and subsequent marriage to a whore’s son Muslim not so much so.

      1. President camacho was awesome, He was not dumb compared with the average, He do the right thing for his country, he was smart enough to appoint Joe as Secretary of the Interior. He was patriotic and love his country.

  2. The idea that they managed a pregnancy strikes me as horseshit.
    The 98% DNA match means less than we think. We also share something like 78% with a Lima bean.

    1. I must admit I would want to see like hell the end result even if it was stillborn (the most probable outcome)!!!
      The eyes would have been raped for the duration of a lifetime but the curiosity is too strong with this one!
      …What about a hybrid with a Lima bean! THAT would be the real challenge!!!

    1. Monsterquest has always made me laugh so much from their sensationalism and attempt at nail biting suspense.
      “AFTER THE BREAK we will FINALLY find out if bigfoot exists!”
      *commercials end* “scientists are still perplexed by this mysterious elusive bipedal ape. Will they finally crack the SECRET OF THE BIGFOOT??? Stay tuned!”

  3. Those commies.. such wild and crazy guys!
    My old man took a mess of them out in Korea and Vietnam.

    1. He just didn’t “take out” enough of them.
      And my thanks to your dad for serving — from one vet to another.

    1. Who is more sick, Dr Mengele or the people who reappropriated all his research and doctors to the USA so “It wouldn’t go to waste”…….same to be said for all the WWII Japanese medical experiments that were intercepted and reappropriated in bio and chem warfare…..Who does that stuff now…CIA used to be OSI…..

  4. There was this general that went to a base way out in the desert for an overnight stay and inspection. While doing his inspection he noticed a camel tied up behind a tent.
    He asked the base commander, “what in the hell is that camel doing on a military installation?”. The commander shifted his feet and said in a low voice, “well,sir, this is an isolated post and to be frank with you, the men use it when they need a sexual release”. After thinking about a few minutes the general said” that’s the most fucked up thing I’ve ever heard of but, I see the point I guess”.
    Later that night the general woke up with some serious wood so he called the base commander and told him to bring the camel to his tent. The commander asked “you want me to bring it to your tent?”. The general said “yes dammit, do what I told you to!”. So the camel is taken to the generals tent as instructed. The commanders curiosity got the better of him so he walked into the tent and the general was up on a stool giving it to the camel as hard as he could.
    The commander exclaimed “general! How could you?”. The general says “what?isnt this how the men do it?”.
    Commander says “no sir, they usually just ride it 5 miles to the whorehouse in town”.

  5. …,“I want a new invincible human being, insensitive to pain, resistant and indifferent about the quality of food they eat.”
    Behold, the African migrant.

    1. Lol
      Also, the deer/monkey reporter’s the low-SMV monkey insight is totally allegorical to the sex-bots that keep coming up in the ROK comments.
      Monkey needs to take the red pill instead.

  6. “After this, Ivanov and his staff would endeavor to fertilize the apes by artificial methods and bring back the mothers with their little human apes to gladden the hearts of the anti-God Society in Soviet Russia and prove that “There is no God.””
    Shit like this makes me chuckle. I realize that this is just Urch’s summary of two articles, and so may not have been the official position of the Soviet government, but regardless of whose belief it was, it reveals a stunning lack of scientific understanding.
    Suppose the experiment had succeeded – that would not prove that there is no God anymore than people discovering that they could mix flour, water, salt and yeast (naturally occurring ingredients) together to make bread (which does not naturally occur) does.
    It also strikes me as retarded since we know that domesticated dogs have been bred from wolves, and so we already knew that we could select for certain traits. And, crossbreeding of species is not new – that’s how we have mules. None of that refutes the existence of God. Scripture says that God created man in his own image – what is to say that God didn’t decide to give us his power to create life? God may or may not exist, but these types of experiments would only show that you are playing by God’s rules and discovering new possibilities allowed by those rules, not that you are refuting the existence of God.
    I personally don’t give a shit if people believe in God or not. But I am always amused that the atheist crowd doesn’t understand the science it claims to champion. Probably because they don’t understand science, and in reality just use it as a substitution for God, which they have faith in.

    1. Probably because they don’t understand science, and in reality just use it as a substitution for God, which they have faith in.

      Most atheists seem to have far more faith in government than they do science.

      1. Actually, you are more on point. When atheists are confronted by actual academically rigorous science that contradicts their cherished beliefs, it is the government they turn to to assuage their icky feelz.

      2. Government is a cult so it doesn’t surprise me that they chose one deity while ridiculing another.

  7. (((They))) have mixed their wine with water since: now they just want us to breed with Blacks instead of more monkeyish monkeys. Impulsive people who depend on welfare (or on a State-guaranteed career for the few with a three digits IQ) and are too stupid to even understand the Jewrasian elite’s politics: what could be wrong?

  8. There must have been some super science in the early days after the Flood, as they succeeded – if Nature Mags study on Bonobos, Chimps and African DNA is true. As it shows Africans and Bonobos are genetically related, and the Africans are not gentically related to Europeans.

    1. “Pretty much my favorite animal, it’s like a lion and a tiger mixed, bred for it’s skills in magic” – Napoleon Dynamite

  9. designer babies are here!
    also, I suggest you read this article, I always thought something was fishy about once you get tested, you are granting them a permanent royalty-free license to your dna
    selling your dna for a mere $99 bucks, what a raw deal

  10. I used to be in a band with a neuroscience grad student who fashioned himself an intellectual, because he wrote long emails he would be an awesome scientist.
    He was all over eugenics, thought it was so cool.

  11. Ivanov were successful you know, the Russians imported them to the USA to ruin us from within, hence the crop of liberals and progressives ruining our country these days, 2 successful generations of them and counting….

    Looking at what the western world is importing these days, I’d say they were successful.

  13. Thank the maker they didn’t succeed. Guaranteed we would be nagged and shamed for not wanting to fuck or associate with these monkey people had they been able to multiple. Much ado about nothing today of course.

  14. there’s nothing ‘leftist’ about soviets – they were totalitarian occupational force both home and in their region

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