How To Combat Declining Nightlife Game

Exclusivity is always going to be the name of the game. As I write this from a cafe in Wroclaw, Poland (the first European city I ever went to), I realize now that if you want to continue to seek you must seek new destinations. You must move up in frequenting higher-end venues that keep out the riff-raff.

Why do guys go to places like Wroclaw? For pretty Polish girls and vodka, of course. But, things have changed drastically since 2014. Roosh and I detailed this in a podcast, and I’ve written about it before, too.

In 2014, on a weekend night, I walked into a club with a friend. We were the only guys in there, and were surrounded by 20 girls. Nearly all of them had dresses and heels on. This weekend, I walked into a club, and most of them had foregone the heels and dresses for baggy jeans and Chuck Taylors. There were five guys for every one girl. Talk about a 180.

What Changed?

Well, girls are going out less now, that’s for sure. The explosion of the online dating game has changed this drastically. Now, you can use a nightclub as an excellent measure of how healthy a sexual marketplace really is.

If girls have to go out to meet a guy, that’s great for guys. And actually, it’s great for girls—it keeps their egos in relative check—at least in comparison to the mammoth mountains where they currently reside. Nowadays though, a girl gets all of the options she could ever need (and a lot more) from her smartphone.

I could sit here and complain about that, but it’s better to move forward. How? By seeking places that are more exclusive. Too many guys have an abundance mindset with women (or at least they preach it). But yet, they don’t have that same abundance mindset about money. I realize now, I used to be one of those guys.

$10 cover? Too expensive.

Drinks that are 25% more than the “usual” places? Pass.

I’ve been trying to shift this mindset recently because I’ve realized the benefits of it. Rather than trying to play with everybody else, I’d much rather pay the extra fees and be part of the exclusive crowd rather than the low-end. It does take a certain amount of age, experience, and overall weariness with how things have changed to reach this conclusion—in my case, several years.

Can You Still Game?

Of course you can. But it’s the matter of enjoyment. By human nature, we want what we can’t have. So when a girl is getting approached dozens of times in an hour, she’s far less likely to turn away the next guy. In reverse, if the girls outnumber the guys, she knows she has to give every one a chance to get what she’s looking for.

Plus, in older times (meaning 2014), girls would actually go out to clubs to meet a man for a relationship. Until the smartphone dating app scene took off, their only options to meet a guy were work, social circle, or “old school” internet dating where you actually had to send a message. If none of those were options, girls would go out to clubs for opportunities.

There’s just something about being surrounded by hundreds of other guys all vying for the attention of girls that turns most people off. Even the best players in the world will have this wear on them over time. I wish I could say I’ve found some fix for being able to power through—but I haven’t. Other than to buy your way up and out of the cesspool.

But What About The Girls?

We all know that girl’s skills with money management and financial planning are lackluster at best. So it would be a fair assumption that cover charges and high-priced drinks would deter some women from getting into these venues.

Of course, it’s going to vary from place to place. Even in places like Las Vegas, sometimes cover charges for girls are north of $50 (while being $100+ for guys). But, the hottest of the hot girls usually find some way or another to get into these places—so it has the added bonus of filtering out the lower-quality girls, too. High-end places want the hottest girls—it’s the equivalent to parking the Lamborghini in the front of the hotel valet. It shows status.

Plus, girls want a winner. The highest quality girls know their value, and typically won’t settle for anything less than a high-value man. Girls in 2017 are always trying to date up, hence why you see so many land whales with relatively attractive dudes. Now that we know the hot girls will still fill these venues, the simple solution to the problem of nightgame being overrun and over is to simply move up in life.

So the next time you’re out and you’re bitching about a $10 cover charge, maybe re-think that philosophy. $10 is all that’s standing in the way of you and meeting the top girls that only the top guys have access to. Everybody else is behind.

And if you don’t have $10? Well, it’s time to increase the money abundance in addition to women. And until you do, it’s safe to say that nightgame is only going to continue getting tougher and less enjoyable for you.

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      1. Sure. I can make flying cupcakes, drooling zombie-whores, etc. – a Lord of the Snowflakes meme is a killer idea. (But I gotta give you credit for it…)

        1. Haha i just want to do some trolling. Award someone for the best virtue signaling comment of the day or most victimized outlook on life possible. I think lord of snowflakes is a good award for them. Or snowflake king? Like nightmare before christmas ” i am the pumpkin king!”

    1. Why do cavemen drag their women by the hair?
      Because if you drag them by the feet, they fill up with dirt.

  1. Nightclubs can go to hell. Especially those which are bottle service based.
    Spend your money on yourself and with good friends.
    And meet sluts through daygame and social circle game.

    1. This guy longs for when a girl would go to clubs for a I never had a relationship with any woman I met in a club besides a sexual one. Why does this guy think clubs are a great place to meet chicks? Women are everywhere. Take your pick

    2. One answer.
      “Kyle is an entrepreneur and nomad” and this is, because according to his website he is a ‘consultant’, very likely a payed advert for a few clubs in eastern Europe.
      The article even starts with a self jerking circle.
      “As I write this from a cafe in Wroclaw, Poland (the first European city I ever went to), I realize now that if you want to continue to seek you must seek new destinations.”
      Grow balls, not beards.

    3. Honestly I find its easier to pick up girls at clubs than by day. Way easier. Maybe it just depends on your style?

    4. You’re absolutely right mate. Fucking waste of money. Even more so now that there are so many hassle-free options to connect. Unless you’re a rapper who really wants to flush his money down the drain, I guess.

  2. The biggest takeaway from this article, in my opinion, is this: shit is going downhill fast. I’ve noticed a precipitous decline in the quality of women since 2014 as well. I’m not in Eastern Europe, obviously, but in the States you can literally see the rot spreading all around you wherever you go; it’s literally closing in a breakneck speed. Every time I leave the house, I feel like I see less good looking women than I did the day before.
    I’m always up to day game (I haven’t been to a club in over a decade; bars are a different matter), and make it a point to look for opportunities to do so. I ran errands to three different places today — the grocery store, the bank, and to pick up some dry cleaning. I saw a total of one good looking girl: a grocery store worker who looked to be about 17 and already had a visible tattoo. There were no good looking chicks shopping (and I go when they’re getting off work), no good looking bank tellers or chicks in line (I’ve gotten numbers and dates at banks from both tellers and customers), and the dry cleaners was a bust (it always is, but one can hope). It never used to be this way. It wasn’t great by any stretch three years ago, but at least the situation seemed manageable — that one could do the best with what they had, and still be not only be okay, but actually do pretty well with adequate effort.
    If things have declined this bad in three years — and I travel all over the country, it doesn’t look good outside of my stomping grounds, either — I can’t imagine what shit will be like in 2020. I’m going to hit up a local bar here in a bit, and I have a feeling I’ll have a gin & tonic and be on my way within 30 minutes. My expectations are so low they could wipe an earthworm’s ass.
    This raises a question for you guys: Do any of you find yourselves hanging on to sub-par personality women for longer than you used to just for the sheer fact that finding attractive replacements has been getting more difficult? Would a bitch who would be out on her ass after two or three weeks make it to the 60 or even 90 day period with you? I’m obviously not talking about putting up with blatant disrespect or entering into some kind of relationship with them; however, will you ignore enervating and annoying behavior and shitty personalities for longer periods of time than you would have in the past? Do tell.

    1. I think the hottest are being snatched up faster by the hyper wealthy. That or they are all in transit to and from Dubai. Hit up an airport and I’m sure you will find them all concentrated there.

      1. I hit up airports for a living — they all must be wearing pajamas, ball caps, and wearing Ray Bans with no makeup, because that’s what you see at the airports. The Emirates lounge at JFK might be a different story, though.

        1. those women wear pajamas almost 95% of the time, they only wear tight dresses and whore high heels in the clubs and parties. Learn how to identify them and talk to them in the street or at walmart, 40% of their beauty is their fashion style and make up. The end game is to fuck them in their party mode.

        2. Maybe it’s just me, or luck, but the times I’ve seen scores of hot girls at airports is during the month of march when they are all going to and from their spring break vacations, during the middle and end of school sports seasons when the girls teams are travelling, and at the end of Christmas break when they are heading back to school. I’ve seen this at Harlingen, Houston Hobby, Logan, Toronto, Charles de Gaulle, and LAX.

      2. You are onto something here. Tinder here in SoCal 3 years ago was accessible. Now it is impossible to get poon here. There are a lot of sugar babes and similar shit. And the percent of hot girls has increased dramatically.
        The hot girl is becoming a luxury product for the wealthy. Materialism to the max.

        1. hahaha you don’t even know how right you are, feminists think they are creating equality,
          what they are recreating are harems
          how else do you think all those girls can afford college?

        2. I noticed that too. Tinder is dead in the states for me and every guy I know. I only swipe on foreign girls who just moved here. Still tough.
          Didnt work in spain or PR either. Mexico, and latin america still good.

        3. They’re not even creating real harems though. More like groups of girls one guy fucks but each of them fucks like 20 other men at the same time. A true harem where the women all sleep with ONE guy is a fantasy in the Western world. Would never happen.
          Hell even high status men get cheated on. No actual harems exist in Western civilization unless they are of religious nature. What is stopping a girl who is part of a “harem” from Fucking another man? Not a damn thing.

        4. it’s better in some ways than real harems because their parents or the government are half supporting them.
          Then they age out or get whiny or want to cheat, just throw them back and tell them good luck with their career that everyone is so excited for them to have
          the only trick is you have to have real game and you can’t get attached
          but who said pimping is easy

        5. Of course but when you find out she is doing it she won’t care you banished her.
          Even the girls of the playboy mansion are fucking someone other than Hef.

    2. In short, yes. Partially because with age, my priorities have been reevaluated and thus, reorganized hierarchically. I also believe to an extent, I’m so jaded by the decades of garbage women, it’s easier to clump a rare good one in with the slop and overkill it with AWALT. They are, but for that rare mid-term keeper (try out period) to lesser extents. Marginally tolerable women are where I’ve been treading water. Haven’t met a girl that knocked me back in a long, long time, partially because of the aggregate drop in quality, partially because I’m less female game focused.
      It usually ends the same way with any of them. I describe what I’ll tolerate at some point, either directly or implicitly, and within a period of time, they seemingly directly aim for the very target I said was intolerable, and I boot them. I used to just observe and shut up outside of the aimless social banter that preoccupies female brains. I’m just too old to deal with the bullshit. Depreciating commodity. Certain it’s not my fault they’ve done this to themselves. So like a cheap wager at a blackjack table, I let it ride and cash in chips whenever liability-ship rears its ugly head.

      1. Great strategy. Same here. Blackdragonblog talks about keeping fuck buddies for life. I dont think thats realistic. When im done, im done. Over it.

        1. Not for life, but I’ve found myself on occasion, time permitting, hitting an old plate again. She has to approach me for starters, secondly it has to be a no-questions-asked nsa situation or no go. And not any/all that reconnect, just one that was better than average of the whole group that’s past.

        1. First, the woman declares herself a feminist or promotes the feminist indoctrination, that’s your red flag of staying away from her for your own health.

        2. Well the obvious shit like Noah said below is automatic. One of my key intolerable notions goes like this:”Look, I’m well aware women are the emotional gender and I know emotions will be involved. Thus, if your emotions don’t make sense, or I’m expected to just know your thoughts and you try to hold anything against me for not knowing something you haven’t outright said, you can fuck off. If you say you’re ‘non-dramatic’ you damn well better BE non-dramatic, or the boot. On emotions not making sense, let’s say someone close to you dies, and you treat it like it’s time to prepare for a wedding and not a funeral, you can again, eat shit.” << Quirky isn’t cute, behind all ‘quirks’ as a fundamental dysfunctional behavior disorder I’m unwilling to coddle and watch blossom before me.

    3. I travel all over the country
      I feel your pain. Start traveling to Asia. It won’t be long before you completely forget where you came from, I promise.

      1. Been to Asia a few times, my man. It’s been about three years since my last visit (Philippines). I’ve never been disappointed and love the region. The problem was I had such a good time during my last visit — and met a very good chick, actually — that I fell into a bit of a depression when I got back home. I sort of made a vow to myself that I wouldn’t vacation abroad again until I could make it permanent; the good time I had abroad was superseded by the depression I had when I returned and I didn’t care for that one bit.
        But I’m seriously thinking about taking a month off and getting the fuck out of here for a bit. It would probably do me some good.

        1. Well, you need to detox yourself in Latin America. Mexico is one of the countries where you can still be a masculine man and women will respect you for that.

        2. Mexico is in transition to feminism, president peña is sold, the government is implementing a lot of equality feminist shit, now is illegal if a government agency is not 50/50 men and women, we are start seeing more and more couples of 1 male cop and 1 female cop in the streets. The senate must be 50% women by law. And Peña wants to implement the teaching the of the 38 genders and sexuality to the kids, Mexico is doom, it just matter of time. There is feminism everywhere, Mexico was a macho country, we don´t have minorities, never own slaves, but we were manly macho man since the Mexican revolution, but now they are using that against us, they are using some form of macho shaming, like accusing of being a classic Mexican macho retrograde, shame! and it´s working. Venezuela here we go.

        3. I don’t agree with you because Mexico has strong ties to their culture and their women tend to reject feminism because they know is anti-male and anti-family.
          I don’t think that Mexico is going to get to the level of Feminism that we observe in Canada or USA but we can predict that is going to affect the Latin culture at some level.

        4. In the States – since you fly often and probably chat it up with other pilots – where do you think the best region is to have any hope for a quality woman?
          Apart from the liberal enclaves, the upper Midwest stretching over even into rural cities in MN/Iowa/Nebraska/Dakotas have smokin hot Scandinavian HBs so I hear – with reasonable traditional values and limited choices. Only Red States qualify for possibilities, the blue states and their cities are all hopeless.

        5. I’m Mexican living in Mexico, Women do reject feminism but I’m seeing more and more feminist shit propaganda being pushed, And more and more young women fall for it. Believe me I found a teenage mom who said his son was genderless There is a rejection but that only slow down the assimilation, women are becoming the same as any western women, fat and cunt. You are experiencing Mexico as an American man. If you are American citizen there are a lot of women that will do anything to marry a USA citizen. We have a lot of goGirlsm in TV, feminist tv show, gay parades, same sex marriage, forced 50/50 women male ratio by law, health service exclusive to women, laws and legal designation words like we have homicide but if you kill a woman is a special designation is a femizcide, The only cancer in Mexico is breast cancer, there is no money for the others kind of cancers, we have the all men are dumb Homer Simpsons in TV. And everything manly is depicted as the devil, Mexicans are very susceptible to propaganda. We even have refuges!!! Yeah so we can’t all starve equally, And we have the classic women response of welcome refugees. So we have first world problems being a third world country.

        6. I didn’t know it was bad the feminist situation in Mexico. I thought that because of delayed globalism you guys were able to save your society from cultural decline but apparently, all countries are going to be affected by the social collapse that feminism brought upon us. So what about the young Mexican women, what is your opinion about them?

        7. Big City the same as any degenerate Facebook tinder addict, In the north you can find a good girl as American, some girls in the north are educated since childhood to catch one good husband with USA citizenship, some of them have their “friends” in Mexico, be wary when she is visiting her aunts in Mexico too often. A few years in USA an they quickly become as any other woman in America. Women in small towns and rural area can be a good catch but the hotties are in the cities, and beware of hitting on a Narco´s girls, the rural area are Cartel controlled usually you don´t want to hit on the only cute girl of town if a narco want her you have no chance. Be cautious you can´t travel freely in Mexico some parts of Mexico are Cartel controlled they will kill you if you go there. Go to the state of Jalisco, Los Altos and Guadalajara have the hottest girls, is full of white Mexican girls, ignore most of the south, Mexico city is as westernized as any other western city. All the country hates them they are called chilangos.
          Small Town you can find a good girl, Big city the same as any western city. Beware of the drug cartel. AWALT.

        8. Sinaloa 2nd place, but Sinaloa is a Drug Cartel infested Holes, Yeah those women are cute, they kept thin, use high heels and tight dresses like the Russians but they do that to catch a Narco. The cartel have the power and high status the cartel only took the most beautiful girls so the competition is very very hard. Drug cartel bosses are Kings.

          Every Violent Male Criminal Is Rewarded With Sex From Beautiful Women

        9. Thanks for the help, I have only heard good things about Mexican women so I really didn’t know that they were already westernized. In my next trip, I want to go to Merida and Cabo.

    4. Sex is only so important to me so there is a continuum of how much energy I am willing to spend on girls, which is primarily based upon their hotness. Needless to say 90% of women don’t get the time of day.
      It’s the same reasoning why you don’t have a conversation with a manitee.

      1. Awesome answer. I find that earplugs are generally needed to. I just tell them they are hearing aids, as if they would know anyway.

      1. I’d prefer to keep that to myself, Darth. I don’t mind the question, so don’t get me wrong, but I generally like to steer away from answering things that could aid in pinpointing who I am.

    5. Do tell on the bank tellers. there’s this absolutely gorgeous blonde at my bank I was flirting with a couple weeks back who I’d die to ask out haha. never really been successful with the approaches when they are working.

      1. If you’re dying to ask her out, then ask her out. Worst she can do is tell you “no,” Bill.
        Go in there, look your best (within reason, don’t barge in there in a tuxedo with a white dinner jacket), flirt a bit, and ask for her number. Let the chips fall where they may — good luck.

    6. I, personally (being 35 in a month), won’t step foot in a club(unless invited my higher status friends who put me on the VIP list). I’m simply too tired. I haven’t been in about a decade myself. On a regular basis anyway. The shifting mindset and ego of these bitches is unbelievable and quite honestly, nauseating. I don’t have the energy anymore to chase “Hot” girls. Or any fucking girl for that matter. And it would behoove any young man not to do this. Especially in this day and age. You’re simply not dealing with the same women from even 3 years ago. I refuse to spend money to get into ANY venue. Maybe if i was rich or had highly disposable income. But, even then, why? For these whores? Hot or not. Fuck them. I rotate between online, day game and bars. Now, like you AV, i usually walk out within about 20- 30 mins. Not much there. But there are a few venues on the “Ave” in my city, that have reasonably attractive women, but it’s a crap shoot either way with all the thirsty “competition”. It’s simply a pass time. If i wanna get laid, i just keep rotating the whores i’ve had for some time now. Mixed with some new broads. Bur overall, the nightgame scene for me is just about out. This western disease is spreading everywhere. So even if you are paying to get into venues for the “hottest” girls, i assume the game will be no different once you get inside. And another issue with this article, respectfully, is that once inside this venue, you are now competing with the richest guys in town. So unless you are very rich, or famous or both, once you step foot in the door, the competition is still there. Possibly more so. And it won’t be as easy as you think. It doesn’t end just because you “paid” more to get in. I refuse to, and i mean, fucking out right refuse, to spend my hard earned money chasing some bitch in a high end club. For a lay, at best? Not like those whores are looking for a relationship. To me, besides eye candy and Maybe a phone number, it seems like a lose lose. And as far as women’s attitudes and putting up with it? Not a fucking chance. I still drop them as fast as i pick them up if they give me any shit. Nothings changed with my game and how i run it. And i do fine. Not banging the best of best. But i honestly don’t care anymore. It’s just a nut to me. So i won’t go all out for it. Nor will i turn down 6’s who wanna bone. Like i said, it’s just a nut to me. I don’t give a fuck about status, the hottest girls or any of that garbage. It’s a waste of time and money. I don’t plan on marrying, so im not looking for a wife. Don’t wanna girlfriend, so im not looking for that either. When it’s time to bone, it’s time to bone. And a bitch is a bitch to me. Hot or not. Im still gonna get that nut. So in the end, who cares? I understand the mindset of getting the hottest bitches. But the amount of work that has to be put in and paid for, isn’t worth the reward. Which is just a fucking nut. I don’t knock any of you fellas that go for the cream of the crop. But i can only imagine the payoff being minor or miniscule, at best.

      1. Good stuff, TK, thanks for the thorough answer.
        The thing is that it used to be a trade-off. You could bang the 6, and while she wouldn’t be the prettiest thing you’ve ever seen, the fact that she’s a fucking 6 would be enough to get her to behave in a reasonably decent manner. Nowadays, the difference in attitude between a 6 and an 8 seems negligible. You’re going to be putting up with bullshit no matter what — especially if these women are 28 or older. The swelling egos and ever increasing demands of these chicks are becoming unbearable.

        1. This life as a player is a lonely one. But it is one i have chosen. WE have chosen. Because it’s better to be alone than married or commited to these fucking creatures walking around today. I simply get in where i fit in. Fuck ’em.

        2. Here is one thing I noticed that I mentioned to a buddy of mine. Back in the 90s, early 2000s, once in a great while I would tag along with a group of guys to one of many strip clubs we had in the area I live whether it was for a bachelor party or just a night of drinking and watching the girls. But I was always put off by the strippers because they always had nasty attitudes, only talked to the gang bangin hood rats that came into the clubs, if they gave you a lap dance they’d barely talk to ya and then try and rip you off for more $. They just had the nastiest attitudes, no matter which strip club. Because of that alone, I was put off by strip clubs. Fast forward to 2012-13, it had been like 7 years since i’d been to a strip club. A buddy of mine that moved into town begged me to go one he had a membership too. I declined at first because I was going by memory of what the strip clubs were like years ago. So I tagged along with him and noticed that just about all the stripper chicks in the club were super nice and cool to talk to. They’d come and sit down and chill and talk with ya without even asking for a lap dance. I was like WTF?!? What happened here?? HOWEVER, whenever my buddy and I went out to regular bars or clubs, the women at those places had the nasty attitudes.
          What i’ve noticed today is the whores at strip clubs have nicer friendlier personalities than girls of the civilian population. That really says something of what western females have become today.

        3. Omg this is so true. I lived in Astoria in New York City near a strip club last yr. The club was full of sexy latinas that looked like they they could be in beauty pageants as opposed to your stereotypical strippers with ridiculously fat asses and bitchy attitude. Everytime me and my friends would go out in the city for club gaming, which by the way is terrible in the city that never sleeps these, we would always end up at the strip club towards the end of the night. And gosh the strippers with their sexy spanish accents were so much nicer and chill to talk to than any of the stuck up bitches we would be dealing with that didn’t even like 1/4 as good as them. They would just come and talk to you, I had way more engaging conversations with strippers in NYC than I did with any girl I met at the clubs.

        4. I’ve noticed this too, I have some experience with some ladies of the night and they all seem to be friendly and appreciative of men, normal women on the other hand act like spoiled little monsters. My only theory as to why this is is that perhaps its because the escorts are have more experience with men, while most women see men through a feminist lens.

        5. That’s the reason why im always saying here that is far better to rent an Escort than dealing with fat-landwhale-feminazi cunts everywhere! however, bear in mind that it’s only a matter of business, nightclub’s owners well knows the average male situation, so they act accordly! especially with customers who pay and want a good service.

      2. LOL, nice reply. To be honest, the only time I pay at a Club is when it’s a brothel and I’m literally paying for pussy to nut in 15 minutes later.

      3. I was looking at a pua forum from 2012 this morning and i thought: ” oh yeah, I remember when girls used to participate in conversation.”

        1. It is not only that we are declining, but also that the speed of the decline is increasing, and even it acceleration.

      4. Very well said. It’s like going to great trouble and expense to only shit in a toilet that has a particular brand of seat. Who gives a fuck?

      5. I live in Canada, and the rot you describie is outright noticeable over here too. Women dress less feminine and take care of themselves less than they used to. Narcissism and aggression are common, and the overall aura of the dating scene is more and more hostile. It’s an absolute mess. I’m sure a lot of men are thinking the same thing.

        1. And don’t be deceived by the guys rolling around in that luxury vehicle with the hottie in the passenger side. That fucking slut is only there for his money. This is standard, but just a friendly reminder.

      1. Do you get to drink from that river with any regularity? You have the access through your job, I can’t see that being anything but a net benefit.
        By the way, thanks to you and all of the other Toronto guys who post here. I actually met a girl from there recently who’s now living here. She had no tattoos, natural hair color, and no strange piercings — everything seemed pretty decent about her. She didn’t even exhibit any outward feminist nonsense. But after hearing all of the horror stories about Toronto chicks from you guys, I was always on my toes — just waiting for the real deal to emerge.
        I really wish I could post the text exchanges we had without fear of getting doxxed because they are fucking hilarious. But long story short, she asked if I knew anything about Toronto or ever flew into there, etc. I told her that my impression of Toronto is that it’s filled with a “bunch of fucking weirdos” and that it’s the most liberal shit-hole city in North America according to my friends who live there (a nod to you guys. I know no one from Toronto).
        She goes absolutely fucking ballistic and tells me how “one of her best friend’s back home is trans,’” and “how dare I insult her heritage!” I’m literally crying laughing at this point, both because of her reaction and how right you guys are about your women. So, thanks, Clark — you helped a dude dodge a bullet.

        1. lol i’m telling you man Toronto has gone nuts!
          Club girls that I work with are too much to deal with, but bringing girls to the club for free in a place where you know all the staff has its benefits.

        2. How do you survive in Toronto? I’m talking about the daily interaction of women. How do you deal with the feminists and the SJW’s?

        3. When I was in the Philippines last summer I met two thirsty Toronto guys. One could almost spot their thirstyness from a mile’s distance. Nothing wrong about them, they were a bit short but athletic and looked good, but in serious shortage of high-qual puss it seemed. When two Spanish girls, a 6 and a 7, showed up at the hostel and they had the opportunity to go on a two-day excursion with them, they were high-fiving like a Muslim terrorist in the afterlife. But they were also sweating because the 7 was more into me. But then I let them know that I was going to Cebu City instead – in search of some decent third-world puss (which I got) – they were relieved as hell.

        4. iunno… i just look at them as spoiled children i guess…
          the general liberal delusion and lack of common sense is what bugs me most here…

        5. mate, I’m going to Toronto for 5 days next week to meet some friends…if it’s that bad I might not game at all and just enjoy myself lol. Luckily though, I’m seeing the eclipse in Tennessee right in the middle of Trump country. Better luck there maybe

    7. I see a lot of decent bods in town around the Yoga places. Except they all are in a hurry with their mats. Not ready for primetime yoga, but what say you Gents… is it the new pickup spot?

    8. “Do any of you find yourselves hanging on to sub-par personality women for longer than you used to just for the sheer fact that finding attractive replacements has been getting more difficult? Would a bitch who would be out on her ass after two or three weeks make it to the 60 or even 90 day period with you?”
      Yes. I got into a relationship for 8 months because I could not find anything better. In the end, I kicked her to the kerb due to eventual disrespect and disdain. The quality of women in the US is VERY low. It is starting to worry me deeply, if I end up staying in this country for the long term. And it is not a matter of “game” or lifitng and shit, it is a matter of numbers: the population of dateable women is shrinking very fast.
      That is why I try to make so much emphasis on the COLLECTIVE aspect of masculinity: dating market is a matching market: the supply and demand are rigid. It takes too long to produce a dateable woman, unless you go abroad (but you are taking her from someone elses!) We men need to wear the pants again ASAP.

      1. As they say up in the mountains, about the only way to get a cherry these days is to grow your own.

    9. I was thinking it was just where I lived, but girls seem much fatter and dress like lazy bums compared to ten years ago.

    10. “I’ve noticed a precipitous decline in the quality of women since 2014 as well.”
      I just came back from a visit in the US after a few years and it was a bit depressing. With the exception of the time on a large college campus, I didn’t see very many atractive women at all. I would recommend saving your pennies and go abroad.

    11. The higher the mileage and faster they rack it up on the cock carousel, the faster the velocity to their sex market expiration date and the dreaded washed up “wall”, never mind the accumulation of STI/STD’s they can’t get rid of but easily give away. Going downhill fast, nah, yah think?

      1. You’d think the carousel damage denial would decrease and they’d wake up. Nope, these hoes double-down on it and lean increasingly feminized.

    12. Stop doing daygame around the time girls get out of work. Maybe I haven’t gone out enough to recognize a pattern like you, but during the summer girls who don’t have school are around between 10am-4pm to do errands or whatnot. After 4pm I find that larger shopping centers are where they go. Malls are prime time for girls around 4pm-8pm

    13. Preach, brother.
      I can tell you what it was like in the 1980s. And back then, we had older fellows telling us how much better it was in the 60’s and 70’s.
      It’s all part of the collapse. A Mad Max scenario would have been less painful (and far less irritating).

    14. Also the guys are getting better looking too. 10 years ago if a guy was swole he either had a physically demanding job or he played a sport.
      Nowadays even the guys selling movie tickets in suburban neighborhoods look like body builders.

      1. I’m noticing, esp since my hiatus from lifting, the new group of “swole boys” may be swole in physique, but their minds are scantly masculine. Not creating some non-lifter’s confirmation bias here, it’s true. I’ve got a few friends who’re jacked, taking test injections, the whole routine.. but they weren’t alpha before, they aren’t now. Same goes for new meat heads I’ve met. Sure, they’ll pull tail just on smiles and doofus game, but really when it comes down to it, no ‘real” lady-killer skill set has been achieved.

    15. Spot on AV. The percentage of attractive, slim, personable women in the US is rapidly shrinking. Between you go girl feminist brainwashing and the fat acceptance movement, the remaining attractive women know their value. And, from what I can see, they intend to cash in on that and milk it for as long and hard as they can. The decline in female quality is steep, yet it’s taking place during a time when men are increasingly waking up to masculine self improvement.
      Sadly, it looks like this decline in women is spreading beyond the Anglo American world.

    16. I personally would not spend my time with a girl who is irritatingly annoying, i.e. someone glued constantly to their phones / someone who cannot rationalize or hold an intelligent discussion / someone who has no common sense / someone who is childish.
      But in my observation, I have seen various men who have lowered their expectations and fall for these type of women. For example, my closest friend who is an intelligent guy, an artist and a doctor (anesthesiologist) is marrying a girl who is constantly glued to facebook, worked as a booth girl, and one that cannot have an intelligent discussion as it “bores” her quickly. Yet my friend is whipped (even though he can go out right now and find many other girls to date). His medical school friends have done the same thing – married girls that are maybe a 7, but all either worked as hairdressers or gogo dancers in their previous life. Not sure if it’s more from the male side where smart men just want plain dumb women, or whether it’s the fact that they can’t find smart women (which I find hard to believe because their medical school had some hot women).
      Regarding the club scene and the overall decline in beauty of girls: my theory is this:
      Club scene got ruined after the introduction of foreign immigrants into Western countries. Usually, these new wave immigrants came from third world trash, and brought their same old third world mentality with them. The club was the ideal place for them to target as this is what Hollywood conditioned to believe was the holy place in finding beautiful white/blonde women. So as they masturbated in their bedroom in some trashy home in Pakistan hoping to one day land in America and go this heavenly place called the nightclub, what eventually ended up happening is that you started seeing a large wave of third world degenerates invading the clubs. With their third world behavior and beta personalities, a lot of the decent women started seeing a lack of any decent men since it was invaded by third world foreigners. The quality women either don’t show up to the clubs anymore, or they’ll hang out in the VIP so that these third world foreigners can’t approach them. Here’s another thing – if you’re a tall decent looking, well dressed “white” guy, and emphasize “white”, you will be the one scoring multiple girls at a club without even having to open any of them. They will come to you!
      In closing, the reason you see the overall beauty of girls declining is because all you have to see who’s the one having children – third world new wave immigrants. They don’t have the best gene pool, and two bad looking poor genetic parents will produce an offspring that is the same. But if you hang out with say new wave Russian immigrants, you will suddenly find a vast variety of better choices. Or, if you hang out with rich upper class neighborhood, you have better options.

  3. 2 EE bangs this week and it’s not even well into the weekend. All done without clubbing. I’ll close my 3rd this week with one of my plates. You guys that go out to find chicks at the nightclub are making it hard on yourselves. Only the highest quality men (as perceived by the club sluts) are going to get regular bangs out of the club. This brings me to this point – If you’re going to the club, you’re playing their game. You are not likely in control.
    Learn to use your smartphones to set up the basics to close the deal.
    No offence meant to the author.

    1. Closed out the 3rd one. If any of you fuckers are in Kyiv and want to know how I do it, drop me a line.

  4. How things change so dramatically so quickly.
    In older times (meaning 2014), my grape harvest was near record lows. But as the winter seasons began to see more and more precipitation, my grape production has proportionally increased and is now in abundance.

    1. I expect this year will be terrible for red wine in the Northeast. Near record summer rainfalls mean a diluted specimen that will not age well since the sugar content will be low. The temperatures are moderate which is good, however. I am betting next year’s harvest will either be the same, or tremendously better–it does seem to go in cycles like that.

    2. Draught produces sweeter grapes. Few have tried pomegranate wine. Like the grape, pomegranate roots go very deep and can grow well in vineyard areas and even in higher rocky areas. There are some good Armenian pomegranate wines. Barefoot also makes a good one that’s popular. Pomegranates are at the top of the list in anti oxididants/flavinoids moreso than even blueberry or grape.

  5. I thought we here at ROK hate nightclubs.
    The author and his “abundance mentality” for money seems like an excuse to spend copious amounts of money on girls (i.e . bottle service) just to get a chance to hit on them.
    I guess of you’re rich, it’s different. I do remember this author’s old bio saying he is retired at 25, so maybe he really does have an abundance of money.
    Didn’t we just have an article recently about clubs and all the reasons why they suck? I think bottle service was like #1 on the list of things NOT to waste money on at clubs. Something about how thirsty it makes you look (hence the fitting name: bottle service).

    What I Learned About Women From Working As A High-Level Club DJ

    1. Sometimes you have to look beyond the testosterone of the writer and the “alpha” mentality to see the error of their ways and thinking… cheap and easy quantity over real game of quality..oh wait, what was I thinking?

    2. Having all these authors that contradict each other really makes this website look fucking inconsistent. This dude doesn’t even seem red pilled but just a fly by night online marketer. For this reason multiple contributors can be a problem. Makes us seem like flaky women who can’t make up our minds.

  6. I’m happy to go to a club, but if anyone orders Merlot I am leaving. I am NOT drinking any fuckin’ MERLOT!

  7. Wasn’t there a recent ROK article about how terrible music is these days. Isn’t that what they play at clubs – terrible music. I can’t think of a worse way to spend an evening.
    If a dude’s gonna dump $100 to $200 at a club, and listen to bad music in the bargain, he’d be better off spending that much at a high-end strip club, and negotiating with a girl who’s an 8 or a 9, for some quality, horizontal-refreshment time.
    Beats the hell out of wining and dining some psycho whore at a club, wasting time gaming her, and then spending even more money on a short-lived relationshit (not a typo).
    But I’m old and jaded, so…

  8. Night game is the best. You just need to go to bars where young college girls are. Any girl over college age today is so brainwashed, the ROI is literally zero. She’s in that weird cyclone stage where every man is too poor, rich, ugly, handsom, short, big, tall, whatever. AKA she will smash headfirst into The Wall very soon. She’s just in the final stage of dilusion.
    Go after the newly 21 year olds fresh out of their parents house. It doesn matter how old you are. Youll have a better shot with them, more fun, and save money. They wont make good girlfriends, but no american women do anymore. Catch and release. It will make you a better man.
    Plus the young ones have a lower notch count, and less diseases. I know too many women my age with herpes.

    1. I chase a lot of college girls (just went out with one last night). They’re pretty well shit as well and highly susceptible to groupthink. It seems like you’d have to find a new freshman to prevent her from being tainted.

      1. Let me help you with that..”I chase a lot of brain dead teenagers (just got with one last night). They’re pretty well shit as well (being brain dead to start with) and highly susceptible to groupthink (yah think, maybe? What was the first clue?)). It seems like you’d have to find a new freshman to prevent her from being tainted(the most ignorant and naïve, that’s a recipe for success).”
        Wasn’t sure you knew how to accurately word your exploit.

        1. Young girls have a chance of being keeper material. Getting them before they have been damaged by the toxicity of attention-whoring for years and developed an inflated ego is critical. Women past their prime are ruined forever. Any time spent with them is a lost investment. In case you aren’t sure how I view prospects, I’d rather expend resources on the ones that have a small chance of success rather than the ones that have none at all.

        2. You understand there are men here who are not looking for families? For us, Its only logical to look for disease free fun with the least resistance. That means naive women at bars. Cant knock us for choosing hot leads over cold.
          My dad married two women from church, both divorced him. Until feminism is destroyed via the laws that are anti-male, all we can do is tackle college bitches . When they stop showing up at the club, we’ll know the tides have turned.

        3. Nah id just fuck them. Ive been with close to 40 women now, and only 3 have I personally broken up with. The others just vanish after a few weeks when they meet someone more shiney. Its there own choosing to be promiscuous and attribute no value to sex, or their bodies. A girl knows if shes gonna fuck a dude before she even goes out. It might as well be me.
          It will bite them in the ass when they turn 33 or so, but hopefully they just die silently and without procreating.

        4. I’m at 100+. I give them all a chance to meet expectations. I’ve had one, a foreign born, not disappoint. I try to stay positive, but goddamn, you have to go through 1000+ girls to find a single quality one. It’s fucking ridiculous.

        5. Oh don’t get me wrong, you got the right target demographic. If I measure it against my experience (if I knew then what I know now) you are spot on for the demographic to play with and exploit, no shade on your game. My point is that understand you are playing with girls with no sense at all, and the initial exposures to feminism coloring their actions, so I agree, the least tainted. I think I was trying to clarify the psychology applied is all. You are spot on with your comments except the disease free part, these naive girls get and pass around shit because they don’t care or know that they have it.

    2. I smashed a druggie 20 year old last night. She graduated high school in 2015. Me being in my 30’s i felt great. There’s nothing like fcking a young girl with the tightness of youth and a firm supple body.

  9. Something men to accept, we are now getting into the second or third generation of females that completely put themselves out for sale at clubs. There is nothing left…

  10. Once I read an article about “nightgame” (in fact, the author didn’t use this term or any czech equivalent). According to what he wrote about himself, he was somewhat succesful with women and he decided to be so kind and give an advice about picking up to those less lucky.
    In short, he discouraged from “nightgame” (clubs, discos…) and expressed an opinion that it isn’t suitable for anyone who isn’t significantly good looking. And as you all probably know, women’s taste is unpredictable and difficult to comprehend. So, every place where you can’t put even a bare sentence together because of an unholy noise, your PUA strategy is very much limited.
    I would say that the same applies to women. Those very good looking ones have a huge advantage, but I still doubt we can speak about a benefit. As to my experience, a decent and sane girl/woman doesn’t seek a future husband or man for a LTR at a club.

      1. Only if you don’t know how.
        It is the easiest way for me.
        I get about 3-4 dates every month through it.

      1. Online has worked well for me, but that is targeting a niche market and fulfilling a niche. Also, platforms that are more about socializing than pure dating have done better for me, as I’ve been able to pipeline and ease into relationships. Your mileage may vary though.

  11. I’d suggest the opposite. You want to ‘play’ where you fall into the highest tier of the local social hierarchy. It’s never failed me and requires minimal effort.
    Some of my best night game results were in shitty bars with terrible ratios.

    1. This so important.
      Top alpha gets the ho…
      And librarian chicks are often far cuter than billionaire bar desperate skanks

  12. I am an older man past pumping and dumping but this article worries me. You are essentially saying that good social skills, the ability to initiate and hold interesting conversations with women no longer count because you can pay a cover fee?
    This may be a reflection of your own experiences but I don’t think it holds true to the masses.. I see a couple of the younger guys in my work place doing a great job meeting and dating women so it’s possible.
    It worries me also that the link to increasing your money abundance or whatever leads to your site.
    Is this a sponsored article?

  13. “So the next time you’re out and you’re bitching about a $10 cover charge, maybe re-think that philosophy. $10 is all that’s standing in the way of you and meeting the top girls that only the top guys have access to. Everybody else is behind.”
    To meet more successful gold diggers and higher demand whores…What a bonus…ugh

  14. I can relate to so few women. It just takes one little thing to set me off. Last week I was out, get this, I had to listen to some skank talk about how “she feels sorry for other people…because they will never have a relationship like her and her girls.”
    My brain let a little puff of smoke internally. That was it for me. Night was ruined. I just walked away from the group. My friends stuck around and got laid, and good for them, but I just cannot fake it anymore. It’s like fucking a broken record.
    Bitch please. You mean to tell me that you think that no greater bond exists than you and your pack of backstabbing whores? Ya, really forged in the trenches for sure. You have only seen each other’s faces caked in makeup, lit by your phone screens, in search of your next free thing.

  15. I guess it all depends on where you go. I was in the Ghost Bar in Vegas and had girls approach me and say things like, “hold on, let me go get my friend” and come back another girl to hang out with my buddy and I.

  16. Seems you’ve had mixed reception here, Mr. Trouble. I’m not so sure about Tinder/Bumble/Happn, etc. because either the hot ones that have figured out they can just be sugar babies have become sugar babies, or they just do it for attention (i.e. notifications from matches). I’ve had less luck with those and am sticking to daygame more. But I’m not really understanding the flak coming from those who won’t spend $10 or even $5 on an “exclusive” club. I’ve been to clubs with $25 covers, and one time went to La Vela in Florida for $50 for a special event. I’ve been spending less and less on drinks when I go out now. Normally I only buy one at each venue, so I have a lot of extra money and I don’t mind spending a little to get into a place (besides $25 in a night is nothing).
    I honestly don’t like clubs though. The music sucks, you can barely hear the girl you’re talking to, and the ratio between the sexes is terrible some weekends. If the ratio is terrible, I’m at the venue for probably under an hour after I’ve gamed all the girls. Roosh wrote an article about this regarding DC club life.

  17. Imho, we have to move away from nightclub focused hunting. The nightclub is just not a good place to meet women…..paradoxically. Bars and lounges are far better. Also expanding into different types of social events will vastly improve your odds.

  18. This is the least red pilled article published in 2017. Get this author off the site IMO. This shit belongs in 2004 rsd archives.
    Nightclub girls are such useless skanks. They get validation from a bunch of simps and on top of that they aren’t even really hot. A girl in full makeup and a short dress with heels isn’t going to look that way the next morning. On top of that you are only pretending to be rich and competing for women who have been used hundreds of times. And clubs are a hotbed for a bunch of brown and black men and the women who have no problem sucking their cocks.
    Yeah, great idea!

  19. Why the fuck is banging sluts the epitome of unabashed manliness? Men that don’t accumulate sweaty bathroom blowjobs from whores are inadequate in some way? Christ.

  20. ‘$10 is all that’s standing in the way of you and meeting the top girls that only the top guys have access to.’
    $10 is just to enter the club. It quickly adds up after that.

  21. Last time I was there this girl wanted me to buy her a drink because I asked her to dance. (I wasn’t there to find someone to take home, just to dance.) She told me to buy her a drink because it was her birthday. I went to get the drink she asked for thinking it was less than 10 dollars and not a big deal, then I was told that it was a 20 dollar drink. I just walked away, didn’t take the drink or pay. It seemed as if it was much easier to just go out and have fun in the older days, but now girls want you to do expensive shit for them after knowing them less than five minutes.

  22. Kyle we found the same thing to be true. We went with group of guys to Wrocław in April this year. We were not the only one, it was one big western invasion.
    You need to move further. More people are traveling more every year, it’s just globalisation. People, including girls, on average get richer. A friend did an experiment counting number of feminists on Tinder in East European and Russian cities and found increased percentages every year. St Petersburg is becoming the next Toronto fast.
    Think further.
    Minsk (visa free flying since beginning 2017 for many western countries). Vladivostok. Yekatarinaburg. Lviv. Astana.

  23. Kyle Trouble, you just fail to realize what’s really going on with this article!.. too bad! look, world never changes, women always sell themselves to the higher bidder, but you forgot to think about what you really want for girls!
    Your article lack of reason why an intelligent adult should join this mess, and i tell you why!
    1) do you want to game up for a stunner, let’s say, a 9, for SEX?
    Then let’s see, you are telling us to game up! spend a lot of money going abroad, (flights, hotels and so on) to enter in an expensive club to try be enought cooOOool to pick up a gal?? rofl! it’s better to rent her! cheaper and 100%sex guaranteed! you should already knows that, i.e., girls in Kiev sell pussy to the highest bidder and also to a fair price (less than 800 grivna) in Ukranian sex forum, i may link many of them for comparison purposes!
    2) do you want to game up for a stunner, let’s say, a 9, for Relationship?
    you better stay in a foreign country away from poisonus West feminazi mindset, otherwise your ass will be buster, sooner or later, and please, do not tell me that girls in Kiev are marriage material! you must know russian and go in the far village and hope to find a girl, and once you found her, stay there! don’t dare to take her back to the west!
    so the point is, what are the logical reasons to travel abroad? i tell you my opinion. Every time i go to Kiev, i fuck girls(range 20/29, from 7 to 8) for about 30 euros! no need to go to expensive disco club (or at least after having sex) simply know how to deal with the local pussy market, having their mindsets and knowing russian language helps of course, but i don’t know many russian words yet is still enought for me to have sex with them without problems! another case in point is that the same girl you fuck for almost 30/35 euros (around 1000 grivna) ask you 150/200$ in clubs such as Dlux or Avalon!
    Today marriage chances are very lows, since girls, all over EU/US and the near east countries are ALL poisoned by feminism by media and smartphone, world has changed, in the baddest way possible. You better forget about hunting for pussy, the cheapest smart way is to pay a resonable price, and anyone can do it as long as is intelligent and knows the situations, otherwise everyone will be tricked to the bone everywhere, women become greedy parassites, ain’t no more love or emotions in them anymore, only egoism and illusions who drives them away from any intelligent reason to deal with, plus the States law are biased against men, so you better act accordly.
    Stay fit, eat well, enjoy your life and buy pussy, your time is the most important comodities and today hunting for pussy is just a waste of time.

  24. As soon as you agree to pay a cover charge as well as a premium for a drink you’re coming out as a cuck.
    My self respect will never allow me to place myself in the subservient position of night club lurcher. Night clubs are for beta men who buy drinks for women in the hope that alcohol will dull her sensibilities and loosen her knicker elastic. A man with real game will game wherever he is whenever the moment suggests its the right thing to do.
    Nightclubs are rarely optimal for game as they are loud and not conducive to conversation. Women who frequent nightclubs are by nature exhibitionists and want to be seen as well as have the attention of as many men as they are able to impress with their clothes makeup shoes, dancing etc. None of these things are of any value to a man seeking value.
    Given the gynocentric maxim of if she to drunk to consent it’s rape, nightclubs are not what they used to be. If she changes her mind at any time you are in trouble. If her cock blocking landwhale of a friend doesn’t like you, ditto, you are in trouble.
    Bottom line: If you’ve managed to “pull” a girl in a nightclub, what are the chances she has been “pulled” before, on more than one occasion? What have you achieved other than a higher percentage chance of acquiring an STD?
    Cucks make their own bad luck!

  25. In heterosexual scenarios, men have to compete with each other for the right to bed a woman. That’s because men have higher sex drives than women – men find themselves competing with each other for that right in a setting where women are not really seeking sex but rewards in exchange for sexual consent.
    In an all-male setting, men don’t compete. Every man is available at the drop of a hat. The men are all matched in their high sex drives, and men seek sex for sex’s sake, and not for a reward in exchange for sexual consent.
    This is why I recommend that all men try men – it’s empowering.

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