Israel’s Nuclear Policy Goes Beyond Deterrence And Threatens The Entire World

Some consider nuclear weapons a curse, and I concur. Others say nuclear deterrence has helped keep the peace. Still, there are some obvious problems. At least twice, false positive radar readings nearly started doomsday, largely unbeknownst to the public. Also, deterrence obviously works only with rational actors, unlike emerging pests such as North Korea. Unfortunately, one of America’s closest allies is one such problem.

Israel’s precarious geopolitical situation

These confrontations often don’t end well.

Israel, surrounded by Muslim countries, has a land mass and population slightly less than New Jersey. Relations have been strained by sporadic warfare since the beginning, leaving the Arab public seething with hatred. Their leaders are somewhat less hostile, but not enough for normal, neighborly international relations.

There’s a grim historical precedent here. In 1099, the First Crusade—a rather late reaction to Muslim expansionism—established the Kingdom of Jerusalem. In 1187, it was largely overrun, surviving only in southern Lebanon. In 1291, it was obliterated completely. All that would’ve happened sooner if the Arabs had been more unified. The Islamic caliphate then expanded further, until reaching a terminal decline.

The Israeli leadership is well aware of what’s at stake. They maintain a well-funded modern military. They’ve had the draft since the beginning, even for women; a pretty extreme measure, though justifiable in their case. The Palestinian territories are mostly walled off, which has gone far to curtail the endless spit-in-your-eye war they’ve suffered since day one.

Further, intense lobbying has gained them proxies in the American government, and they’ve done much to destabilize neighboring regimes. For example, I’m not shedding any tears for Saddam, but there was more to the Gulf Wars than Kuwait’s independence or even promoting democracy. Senator Fritz Holdings said in 2003:

The truth is, I thought the Israeli intelligence was really furnishing all of this information and that we were going in this time for our little friend Israel. Instead of them being blamed, we could finish up what Desert Storm had left undone; namely, getting rid of Saddam and getting rid of nuclear [arms] at the same time.

Be all that as it may, Israel’s ace up their sleeve is their nuclear capability.

Israel’s nuclear program

The nuclear weapons plant at Dimona: here’s what you can see

PM Ben-Gurion made Israel’s nuclear ambitions a priority since the beginning. According to Peter Pry’s 1986 book Israel’s Nuclear Arsenal, they studied from the masters. Fifty six Israeli scientists were trained at Oak Ridge in Tennessee and the Argonne National Laboratory in Illinois. Israel’s first reactor was the Soreq Nuclear Research Center, designed in 1956 by American Architect Philip Johnson. According to Pry, the USA supplied this effort with fifty kilograms of enriched uranium. This is just a research facility, but all the experience allowed the Israelis to pursue other goals.

With assistance from France, Israel created the Negev Nuclear Research Center near Dimona, which began construction in 1958 and went online around 1963. In fact, President Kennedy expressed some concern. JFK didn’t have much of a chance to follow up on this, for obvious reasons. Some consider this not to be a coincidence, but all that’s highly debatable.

The Dimona facility contains six secret basement levels for arms production under the Institute 2 lab. The elevators are located by the cafeteria, behind a wall to fool the American inspectors visiting in the 1960s. Below ground is the real control room, not the Potemkin Village version the inspectors saw. It’s estimated that the Dimona facility produces 40 kilos of plutonium annually, as well as enriched uranium. Lithium, deuterium, and tritium (used in the ignition sequence of H-bombs) are its other products. Estimates in 1986 put Israel’s arsenal at 100-200 nukes.

We wouldn’t know about these details if not for the revelations of Mordechai Vanunu, a former worker at the Dimona facility. Before he lost his job in 1985, he snuck in a camera and took over fifty pictures. The next year, he took his story to the Sunday Times in Britain. Unfortunately for him, he got taken in by a “honey trap”, then was drugged and abducted. After the Mossad took him back to Israel, he was imprisoned for eighteen years, eleven of which were in solitary confinement. At least it’s better than what Julius and Ethel Rosenberg got, back in the day.

Israel has never signed the Non-Proliferation Treaty; I’ll have to give them credit for honesty. By now, top Israelis have admitted what everyone knows, yet strategic ambiguity—the “maybe we have ’em, maybe we don’t” game—still serves a purpose. Specifically, American law has strings attached to foreign aid, and developing nukes is a no-no. If the international community includes two hundred rowdy kids in a playground, nine of whom have grenades in their backpacks, then it doesn’t make sense to let more of them have grenades.

Israel is a very large recipient of American foreign aid. (In 2017, they’ll get $3.1 billion, a lavish racket for our industrialized “51st State” that’s gone on for decades. Meanwhile, Mexico gets just under $135 million, largely toward combating the drug trade.) In fact, the US government has been sued to try to get them to enforce their own rules, which most people aren’t aware of unless they read the Israeli press.

The Samson Option

Israel’s weapons delivery systems include fighter-bombers, with the Tel Nof air base being a likely depot. Further, the Jericho III ICBM has an estimated maximum range of 11,500km. Their navy includes Dolphin-class submarines capable of launching missiles.

The Israelis intend to use nuclear weapons if their country is in danger of losing a war. During 1973’s Yom Kippur War, this nearly came to pass. Things were looking pretty dicey, so they notified Henry Kissinger that his boss had better send aid, or else. Nixon complied, sending a massive airlift to Israel’s defense, saving the day.

Israeli attitudes tend to go beyond a wish for self-defense:

Twenty, thirty atomic bombs on Berlin, Munich, Hamburg, Nuremberg, Cologne, Frankfurt, Stuttgart, Dresden, Dortmund and so on to assure the job gets done. And the land will be quiet for a thousand years.
Chen Ben-Eliyahu

As it happens, Germany sold them their new submarines. That’s par for the course for today’s German leadership. Consider also the following:

If left to its own Israel will have no choice but to fall back on a riskier defense which will endanger itself and the world at large… To enable Israel to abstain from dependence on nuclear arms calls for $2 to 3 billion per year in U.S. aid.
—Economic advisor Amos Rubin

We possess several hundred atomic warheads and rockets and can launch them at targets in all directions, perhaps even at Rome. Most European capitals are targets for our air force. Let me quote General Moshe Dayan: ‘Israel must be like a mad dog, too dangerous to bother.’… We have the capability to take the world down with us. And I can assure you that that will happen before Israel goes under.
Martin van Creveld

You Americans screwed us in not supporting Israel in its 1956 war with Egypt… We can still remember the smell of Auschwitz and Treblinka. Next time we’ll take all of you with us.
—Israeli official quoted in The Samson Option

Will cooler heads prevail? Let’s hope we don’t have to find out.

A plague on both their houses

The Israelis and Arabs should settle their quarrel like gentlemen and leave the rest of us out of it.

One hardly can fault Israel for wanting to defend themselves against hostile neighbors, but they certainly can be faulted for threatening to nuke countries elsewhere. Further, an all-out launch would devastate the entire world from fallout and nuclear winter. If they’re serious about this then “our little friend Israel” is as irrational as North Korea. (Why are these guys still getting American aid again?) Their leaders should consider the day after: who would take in any Israeli survivors if they did this?

As much as I dislike Muslim terrorism, it has a couple of advantages over the Israeli kind. At least they’re not out to nuke the world if they don’t get their way. Further, they don’t pretend to be our friends while playing us for chumps.

Really, Israel has a lot going for it; they should get back to that. If their mission is to be a light unto the nations, then it’s time to start acting the part.

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225 thoughts on “Israel’s Nuclear Policy Goes Beyond Deterrence And Threatens The Entire World”

  1. Thank goodness (literally) Hitlery isn’t President instead of Trump. She’d have done something by now in her nasty woman ways to piss off Russia badly enough to toast us. What a nightmare she would have been.

    1. That still stands as perhaps the single best “nuke a city” scene in cinematography. Very powerful even watching it decades later.

      1. If a city must be nuked (but not the people), LA is a legit target. Put an end to the pornography industry, Marxist SJW film & TV, degenerate music etc. and start fresh.
        The SoHo offices of Buzzfeed, Salon, MIC, ATTN, etc. are up there too…

        1. Well…. they don’t have the infrastructure anymore. But yes, it’s ultimately a temporary solution. I’m just talkin shit 😛

        2. So it’s agreed. Round up the inhabitants and send them elsewhere to be nuked, sparing the infrastructure to be reused by a more desirable class of people.

        3. Detroit seems like a logical place to send them since it’s already pre-nuked and you won’t be doing much damage to anything besides the degenerates.

        1. Exactly. It just gives one a thrill of joy to watch. Kind of like how I stood and cheered when the aliens nuked the White House in the first Independence Day movie. People stared. Heh.

  2. Nuclear arms are terrifying and should be treated accordingly. They’re highly destructive not only in the blast, but in the fallout. Threats of nuclear violence should not be taken lightly, and honestly I think they should be swiftly and surely disciplined.

  3. Israel is far more dangerous than North Korea ever will be, but the average American has no idea since the entire news apparatus is completely cucked, as is every last member of the house and senate. Each time you watch a political debate, the candidates (especially GOP types) are more eager to talk about defending the borders of Israel than they are those of America.
    Even if Israel “goes it alone” against whatever middle east enemy of the day they have, well guess who gets stuck with the cleanup, occupation and refugee resettlement plan? Yep – cucked America and cucked Europe (to a much lesser extent). America just signed some deal giving Israel ten years worth of at least 3 billion a year of aid (not loans – grants). We’ve given them up to 4 billion a year in the past, some of which no doubt went to pay for all of those walls. Meanwhile, a 230 million dollar wall on the southern border is too expensive for America – and often opposed by some of the biggest pro-Israel sellouts around.
    I’d like to think a few things are different under Trump but the fact is nobody gets elected to national office without first meeting AIPAC approval and Trump is no exception. He will have to give them what they want if he expects any progress on anything else. Israel is a disgusting and deceitful mendicant. Technically an ally, but never a friend. I only wish America could be more like them in their resilience.

    1. Israel has always been alone in its wars. What clean up has the US been a part of? I think we have nothing to fear with Israel having nukes. If they wanted to, they could have obliterated the Arab world years ago. Fact is if Mexico committed the volume terrorist attacks, and invaded our borders with the intent on destroying all American’s the way the Arabs have historically done to the Jews, the US would have invaded and permanently occupied Mexico decades ago. And as far as aid to Israel, we give the same to the Palestinians (basically Jordanian refugees) who use the money to promote and support terrorism around the world. I applause the Jews for not nuking the Arabs at this point when we know American public opinion would support such drastic measure if we were the victim of those invasions and terrorist attacks for a hundred years.

      1. Israel didn’t even exist as a modern state before the Balfour drug deal, accelerated after WW2. They didn’t just want a country, they wanted it in the worst neighborhood possible. Fine, they had to have it because the Bible said so – and now they are “alone in their wars?” Christ, you buy them a house they complain about the view.
        Alone — with US footing the bill ever since the end of WW2. Sometimes it’s way more than money, and involves direct action in places Israel pisses off one way or another. Hell, 9-11 itself was an attack Bin Laden himself attributed to American involvement with Israel. Before that, Americans were running logistics via C-130 support in the 1973 Arab Israeli war, even after getting sneak attacked in 1968 (USS Liberty), and now Syria must go, right? Well, how many refugees is Israel taking? Ditto for any “independent” action Israel takes over there. Every time they step in shit, we have to lick their boots clean.

        1. “Israel didn’t even exist as a modern state before the Balfour drug deal”
          And the USA didn’t exist before the Revolution, yet it can be said that the colonists had rights that they were deprived of from the Brits. Balfour was a declaration of the UK’s Support of a Jewish state.
          “They didn’t just want a country, they wanted it in the worst neighborhood possible. Fine, they had to have it because the Bible said so.”
          True, and they had thousands of years of historical precedence there. Or did you think the Jews sprang up in Europe and made the rest up.
          “and now they are “alone in their wars?” Christ, you buy them a house they complain about the view.”
          Its more like the house you built and land are stolen, then when you win the right to have it back, your neighbors all want to kill you and your family for it. And no one bought them a house. The 1948 war? The US actually made it a crime to provide material support for the Israelis during that time. Why? Because the US Gov didn’t want to upset the Arabs because we were just starting to get all that cheap oil from the Saudi owned Aramco.
          The US Gov threaten to take away US citizenship from US Jews who not only fought in WWII, but wanted to fight the Arabs in the 1948 war. You know the war where the Arabs told their brothers and sisters to leave Israel because they were going to bomb the country back to the stone age….Women and children too. OH wait….that’s the reason the so called Palestinians(Jordanians) want their land back…they lost the war….no fair give us our land back…BS.
          “Alone — with US footing the bill ever since the end of WW2. Sometimes it’s way more than money, and involves direct action in places Israel pisses off one way or another.”
          Not true…Not until the 1960’s did we give them any real significant material support. They got decomm’d Patton (WWII) tanks from us, and they had to buy their own jets from France. (Think lend lease) France was a bigger supported than the US at the time. When terrorism became a factor in the US planning, that’s when the US started sending the billions.
          “Hell, 9-11 itself was an attack Bin Laden himself attributed to American involvement with Israel.”
          Yes, Pearl Harbor was attacked because FDR forbade the Japanese from access to US steel and scrap metal, and barred them from access to rubber in SE Asia…. So are you saying we should blame our selves for Pearl harbor and NOT support China and the rest of Asia against the war of aggression the Japanese were pursuing?
          “Before that, Americans were running logistics via C-130 support in the 1973 Arab Israeli war, even after getting sneak attacked in 1968 (USS Liberty)”
          I am with you on this one. I have read everything on the Liberty incident including stuff not made public. No doubt the IDF fucked up on that one and a tribunal should have been set up by LBJ to prosecute those who ordered it. But as to why we still supported them after. That plan. We like the Mosaad. They have the best intel on the Middle East anywhere. Without terrorism the US would barely have a presence in the ME much less support Israel like they do.
          “and now Syria must go, right?”
          No just their leader
          “Well, how many refugees is Israel taking?:”
          Huh? They already have thousands of refugee Jordanian Palestinians in the Gaza strip launching missiles at civilians through out Israel…why would they take more Jew haters in their country..they are not stupid.
          “Ditto for any “independent” action Israel takes over there. Every time they step in shit, we have to lick their boots clean.”
          Here’s some examples of independent action Israel took:
          1. The IDF bombed Sadam Hussein’s Nuke Plant (built by the French) Independently mind you! No more
          nuclear aspirations in Iraq…no fall out there….
          2. In the 1980’s the IDF invaded Lebanon after years of attacks from the factious groups their…Lebanon
          was quiet for awhile. When they asked the UN to take over, and IDF pull out…it all collapsed because
          the UN peace keeping was always a complete failure after the Korean war. The US sent marines there and
          allow them to be commanded by UN leaders and boom 230+ died in their barrack in Beruit.
          3. We did not find Sadam, Mosaad did.
          4. When the FBI and US Intel gets the word of a possible Terrorist attack, that info usually has Mosaad’s DNA all over it.
          Other than the Brits, the best Ally the US has had over all is Israel. We can’t always blame them when we don’t always have their best interests at heart.
          You why Nazi-ism took over Germany so easily? Because the average person in Germany believed that the Jews had no right to exist. That simple thought sparked the gas chambers. It was easy to turn a blind eye when you already had a little hate in your heart.

        1. No. Egypt lost the war in the first 20 minutes when the IDAF caught the entire Egyptian AF on the ground, destroyed it and then controlled the skies by running around tank busting.

    1. The one Israeli chick I’ve ever shagged was from Haifa. Except she held onto her Baht (was in Thailand).

  4. “As much as I dislike Muslim terrorism, it has a couple of advantages over the Israeli kind. At least they’re not out to nuke the world if they don’t get their way”
    Just wait until they get their hands on the British and French arsenals. Given the rate at which islam is expanding in Europe, it isn’t unthinkable.

    1. Yeah this Jewish stuff is a half-true conspiracy theory at best. But the muslims are real , they are out there , growing in numbers and they really hate us.

        1. I do believe in the Liberal Elite pushing the leftist-marxist anti-white and anti-male agenda. That’s obvious. But the fact that all of them are Jews , who do it out of a blind hatred for White people , is a bit far-fetched. And trust me , it’s best for our cause is we forget the Jews for now. We could never win the sympathy of the masses with Anti-Semitism , and it would be like giving our enemies a sharp sword to stab us. We better focus on the leftist degeneracy and the muslims’ savagery.

        2. I get what you are saying and I think I’m the last person who’s gonna shout “Kill the Kikes” or something like that. The “virtue signaling masses”, the ones you mentioned, are the ones they should be afraid of because regardless of their color, they are irrational, they might say today they love X people and tomorrow they snap and want to kill them and rape their women, in a nutshell, I cannot care for them. But my point was that public statements and documented facts are a far cry from conspiracy theory.

        3. This is not a passive aggressive comment. I am going to suggest some reading for you to get a base understanding of Judaism and how Jews operate. Untergang07 said that they tell it to your face, and it is true. Very prominent rabbis, Jewish leaders, and even the chairman of the ADL have expressed virulent and unfiltered hatred toward all non-jews, whites in particular. You just need to look up their hand in creating quite literally everything that is rotting our society out from the inside, as well as their gross overrepresentation in media, politics, lobbies, activist groups, academia, hollywood, and even religion (look up the vatican priests who started the whole “pedo catholic priest” jokes).
          quotes from jews:
          “Goyim were born only to serve us…” -Ovadia Yosef, Chief Rabbi of Israel from 1973 to 1983
          “I speak of the death of the white race….It is now time to make sure the white race becomes extinct through miscegenation and having virtually zero birth rate.” -Abe Foreman, ADL chairman
          “Abolish the white race, by any means necessary.” Noel Ignatiev, Harvard professor
          “Jews are better white people than Italians. We own banks and make movies all while being genius enough to be victims.” -Jake Weisman
          Quotes from the Talmud
          “Murdering goyim is like killing a wild animal.” -Sanhedrin 59a
          “Even the best of gentiles should be killed.” -Aboda Zara 26b
          “Do not save goyim in danger of death.” -Hikkoth Akum XI
          Reading: The Talmud, George S. Patton’s journal, and Mein Kampf for starters. Judaism and the tribe are the same as Muslims in that their holy books viciously and explicitly tell them to kill and subjugate all non-believers of their cult. I could go on but I don’t want to write an essay for a comment. Remember when criticism of the Quran was the worst thing ever and the whole “religion of peace” bullshit was being thrown around? The same will happen to the Talmud and the cult that follows it.

        4. Was just about to do that but you did me one better.
          But “The same will happen to the Talmud and the cult that follows it.”?
          Isn’t it and hasn’t it already been worse than criticizing islam?
          It’s just that any critics are more professionally silenced.

        5. Well, the majority of the left surely isn’t, but it cannot be denied that the higher up you go the juicier it gets.
          However I have always had the sentiment that focussing anything on anyone but ourselves and our kind would be counterproductive as the success of civilization depends on no one but us.
          As in lgbt and other filth aren’t the problem, it is our weakness to push them back that’s the problem.

        6. Yes that was a bit of a misleading statement. I meant that just merely a few years ago, criticism of muslims would get you fired, called a “nazi,” and basically have your ruination wrought upon you by many forces. The thing is now, public criticism and study of what islam and muslims actually are and examining the facts is not as taboo, at least in the US. europe is an entirely different story.

        7. But the fact that all of them are Jews , who do it out of a blind hatred for White people , is a bit far-fetched.
          “Anti semites” don’t believe they are all jews, it’s about their overrepresentation. This can’t be said enough.
          We could never win the sympathy of the masses with Anti-Semitism
          If by anti semitism you baseless claims, blood libel ect. your right. But pointing out overrepresentation is perfectly reasonable…unless your a jlover.
          As for their motivations, I think it’s genetic.

        8. Good to hear that that’s the takeaway of your country but I can’t say the same about here in Germany. Must be because we are more directly affected as the authorities are outdoing themselves in covering up for Islam and censoring the major social media.
          I think only sweden is on par with that worldwide.

        9. Yes. I truly do lament the situation in Europe, which is why I seem so brutal and racist in my writings and opinions on the matter. I honestly can’t imagine having my door kicked in after posting a harmless dissenting comment online. A family friend of mine who lives here but was born in Germany, visits her family once a year. She was talking with one of her friends on the train in Berlin about the current situation, and her friend had to tell her to be quiet and not say anything because of secret police and people who would report her for “hate speech.”

        10. Not ALL of them are Jews obviously. But some of the most influential and virulent liberals out there have been Jews. Keep in mind, 70 percent of Jews voted Hillary in the election; that’s a higher percentage than HISPANICS did.
          Jews are also known for nepotism and using their vast amounts of wealth (highest incomes in the US out of any race or religious demographic) to push liberalism, which is influence that most other liberals don’t have. The most extreme and pervasive liberal movements throughout history, from Bolshevism and Communism, to feminism, to a subversive mass media, to the NAACP, to anti-apartheid activism in South Africa, etc etc etc, all of it was led and influenced from the very top extremely disproportionately by Jews. I have plenty of examples to back these up if you want to discuss.
          Like any other source of liberalism, it needs to be pointed out and neutralized.

      1. Balkans know like no one else what Muslims are. Centuries of Ottoman domination were a lesson that is impossible to forget. Western Europeans are just about to learn it the hard way.

        1. Yeah to we’ve had lots of troubles with the muslims , but to be frank , the Balkan’s muslims are quite civilized compared to the Arabs who are taking over Western Europe. When they become the majority the West will be far worse than the Balkans.

      2. Very true. If you’re looking for a cabal of evil wizards, plotting the destruction of the West, look no further than Islam.
        I find it funny that although some healthy debate about American support of Israel is appropriate, there is a real, proven, no-doubt-about-it conspiracy out to destroy conservative Western civilization. And it’s name is Islam.

        1. We all know that, it’s common knowledge. But we must also expose the (((parasites))) here in our own nation.

      3. Half true? Sorry my friend but they’re the ones pushing hardest for the Islamic invasion of the west. Everywhere they go they destroy culture and morals.

      4. Muslims aren’t running your white house, own your currency, control your information flow, dictate your culture, introduce/saturate your people with degeneracy, control your academia etc etc
        It wasn’t islamic politcal powers that lobbied and pushed the recent migrant crisis. The Muslim leaders actually warned us and are now either dead or branded terrorist/literally Hitlers.

        1. But they are marching through our cities waving signs that say they will take over our countries and enforce Sharia law. Their leaders in their home countries give speeches stating that they will take over Europe by the wombs of their women. And they are doing just that. How do you take over a democracy? Flood the country with you refugees and then vote to put your people in charge. Then you make it just like the pest hole you came from. .

        2. The saying to keep in mind here is “Islam is the sword of Judaism.”
          Jews and Muslims work together to subvert and destroy cohesive nations, and this has been the norm throughout all of history. Jews lived as protected minorities in the Caliphate while Christians were genocided and enslaved. Jews fought together with the Muslims who took over Spain, and fought together with Muslims AGAINST Crusaders.
          Muslims being anti-Semitic is a smokescreen. Jews are some of the biggest advocates for mass Muslim immigration in Europe and the US.

        3. So what does that tell you about the (((people))) most intent to introduce and cultivate that weapon onto the west.
          A democracy can be overrun by<2% of a population. If you divide a nations people, have its government dependent on your banks, own the nations media, influence the educational curriculum, have your boys in the law houses and your tentacle network in all facets of society.

        4. Spain is a good example.
          I believe the tactics are a little different now. Killing 2 birds with one stone if you will. In the end they will want to stand on the corpse of Islam after the Christian adversary is completely dead. Only racially exclusive Judaism will reign supreme over a future broken people with little identity or group bond.

    2. Yeah I don’t care if Israel exists, but anyone that thinks Muslims aren’t collectively suicidal maniacs is retarded.

    3. I’m pretty sure the hardcore Muslim psychos would be all for nuking the world if they were given half a chance.

      1. It only the fact that most ragheads are too stupid to develop nuclear weaponry that stops this from happening.

        1. Certainly true with Iran. Those backwards, goat-humping bozos haven’t figured out how to build something the USA and USSR figured out over 70 years ago using vacuum tube and Bakelite technology

    4. I have had that thought, myself: what becomes the nuclear weapons that belong to France once the heritage population becomes a minority?
      Hopefully, they will have the foresight to disarm before they pass those instruments of death along to their replacements.

      1. I’m pretty much sure that trusting France to get things right is a sucker’s bet.

        1. Imagine the international response if the USA said, “Alright, France. You French people may be responsible enough to be the custodians of nuclear weapons, but we do not have similar blanket trust for the new-comer majority-Musilm politicians and population of your country. Please turn over your weapons to us, now.”

        2. I’m pretty sure there would be lots of gasping, cursing and red-faces. Some stern talking, and some stomping of feet.
          Then they’d surrender.

        3. Was also wondering about the international response in various “what if” scenarios.. Who will look out for Western Europe if the shit hits the fan? Well at least for now, France has got the bombs..

      2. That seems a shade too optimistic. If the French believe the rightful inheritors of France are the Muslims, as they apparently do now, why would the lone exception be the weapons?

        1. Islam is currently akin to a death cult. France, even just one rogue solider in the right place will be screwed over by Islam in its present incarnation.
          For a so-called intelligent race, the French can be incredibly stupid.

        2. Not sure what you mean by “one rogue soldier in the right place” but yeah, they had their chance to get Marine Le Pen in, will have to wait another four years now..

      3. Look at Saudi Arabia. An Islamic state completely under the control of globalists and like the U.S carrying out Israeli interests in the Middle East.
        Islam is just a divisive destructive tool on Europe to break it down for remodeling.

    5. I don’t think they’ll get that far though. Western Europe is going burn for this (the worst is yet to come) but Islamic culture is so absolutely fucked in every way that I don’t think it will usurp European culture. Perhaps I am naive, but Islam quite literally has nothing to benefit The West…even their food is terrible which of course matters so much to leftists. Soon enough, virtue-signaling losers will be pushed aside.

      1. You’re right about their food.. I remember going through a walk through Brussels once. Not sure exactly where I was but entered a region with a kebab shop on every corner, horrible smell of halal meat and the big cylinders rotating, so uncultured..

    6. “As much as I dislike Muslim terrorism, it has a couple of advantages over the Israeli kind. At least they’re not out to nuke the world if they don’t get their way”
      That is only true because Muslim terrorists seem content to abuse immigration policies of developed western nations and destroy our countries from the inside.

    7. Pakistanis already have nukes. The pakistani missile “shaheen III” can already reach most of the world.

  5. “As much as I dislike Muslim terrorism, it has a couple of advantages over the Israeli kind. At least they’re not out to nuke the world if they don’t get their way” That’s a pretty naive statement. If ISIS had the capacity today to fire nuclear bombs at every US and EU city, they’d do so while singing “All power to Allah”
    The biggest single threat to world peace is precisely a Sunni Islamic country having nuclear weapons. Iran is different, they’re too measured and intelligent to fall into the fanatics trap.

      1. Indeed. The anti-Muslim propaganda is a product of (((the media))).
        All of Trump’s appointees are advocates of war on “militant Islam” and blame Iran for “sponsoring terror.” They ignore evidence that Saudi Arabia and Quatar and not Iran fund ISIS. They ignore evidence that ISIS was trained, armed and supported by Mossad, CIA and the West.

      1. Nor Al-Qaeda. Funny how these militant groups form out of nowhere and fit nicely to globalist and Zionist political narratives/objectives.
        And why does an Israeli defence minister of a nation that is constantly bemoaning in the west about it being under constant threat from terrorist groups tell local media an Isis victory is the preferred outcome in Syria.

  6. The Torah, the Five Books of Moses, better known as the Old Testament, is the historical record of a tribe of nomadic goat herders who keep trying to cease their wandering and settle down where they can establish farms and cities which are then destroyed because of their intractable possessiveness, whereby they are forced to rediscover God and move on again. Sound familiar? It’s virtually the theme of Western Civilization. It is the quintessential clash between the male and the female. So now the feminist materialists have created a new Israeli state which has turned away from spiritual values so rapidly that it is either going to drag all of world Jewry down with it or they are going to cut it loose. What does history tell us? Israel has to change prodigiously, has to rediscover its God, or the people will cut it loose.
    The same with America.

  7. Imagine how great it would be if we didn’t have to care what goes on over there.
    But we do have to care about Israel. The survival of the Israeli state should be a top priority of the west.
    We need some place to deport the Jews to. Think about it: ((they)) have a country to go home to.

        1. correct- the haagen-daz/ben and jerry’s vanilla cartel have owned that joint for 100 years

      1. Man, if they’d taken it, how much better would the world be.. It’s not some highly contentious region that all kinds of countries are fighting for

    1. I think the Palestinians hold greater claim to that land. Atleast they are fully Semitic unlike the Ashkenazi mongrel invaders.

  8. “As much as I dislike Muslim terrorism, it has a couple of advantages over the Israeli kind. At least they’re not out to nuke the world if they don’t get their way”
    You tell yourself that, buddy. lmao

  9. ““our little friend Israel” is as irrational as North Korea. ”
    lol, lol, lol. My top kek for the day, thanks.

  10. There is no such thing as “muslim terrorism”: it is simply Islam. Open a history book to know how this cult of death operates.

    1. “Islam is the philosophy of failure, the creed of pedophilia and the gospel of death, its inherent virtue is the spreading of misery to all non-Muslims.”
      -Winston Churchill
      (to mock the Gandhi quotes)

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        3. Gear134s

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    2. muslim (or islamic) terrorism is indeed the right phrase as it is terrorism by muslims. What doesn’t exist is “radical” muslim terrorism as it’s not radical when a big chunk of your population wets themselves with joy every time a bomb goes off. Of course today you can just say “terrorism” and you’d be right 99.9% of the time. At least until they start classifying all white on nonwhite crimes as terrorism.

      1. Terrorism is a very recent word (NATO pushed it) to talk about things that have always happened. That was my point.

        1. Jesus was saying that those who lead children astray (and by extension his followers in general) would be better off at the bottom of the sea (to paraphrase). The implication is that they would prefer that to what punishment God is going to dish out to them in the future. It’s not a command to drown “nonbelievers”, although as a punishment for those corrupting children I say it’s not bad.

        2. Remember when Jesus drove the moneychangers out of the Temples? He didn’t drive the moneychangers out of the whorehouses or liquor stores.

        3. Not sure how that is violence to nonbelievers though; that’s a protest against the profaning of a sacred place. The moneychangers were Jewish as well as only Jews would be admitted. As for Jesus using physical means (that could be viewed as a form of violence) I will agree that he wasn’t a peaceful hippie type that many would like to believe.

        4. Ofc, other things in the Bible tells you to do the opposite.
          But I was more referring to the general spirit of it’s practitioners (rabbis etc), no-one is telling Christian believers that it’s okay to hurt the non-faithful, while the same is not said to muslims or jews.

    3. After closing up shop last night, management pulled out a few cases and we had a late night after work party.
      One of the girls had too much to drink and disappeared. Found her passed out on the toilet when I heard snoring from a washroom stall later on.
      I started walking to the group to ask who were her friends so they could go take care of her.
      I ran into two of the guys I supervise, both Muslims, who were saying “Clark chill you’re off the clock, don’t worry about her let’s get out of here and get food”. I thought they were joking at first but they seriously thought it was too much effort to go help someone who had too much to drink.
      I might be generalizing thinking it’s because they were Muslim that they didn’t care, but when I mentioned it to the group they wanted to help.

        1. I’m writing on a mobile…
          Point is they didn’t care to help someone passed out in the washroom after a long weekend of work when to the rest of the non-Muslim group it was just common sense.

        2. Oh OK, those muslims folks work with you then?
          It is largely known that for muslim men, Western women are no more than hookers (they are wrong, either)

  11. “In 10 years, there will be no Israel.” – Henry Kissinger, 2012
    (I’m not saying it’ll happen by 2022, but I’m betting Hank’s way on the soon-to-be-realized outcome.)

      1. Israel’s a pawn…the fall guy…the bogeyman…the sacrificial lamb. (And Hammerin’ Hank knows the score.)

        1. so that’s how bilbo baggins escaped from his a hundred and eleventieth birthday party undetected. I’ve never seen that movie. Amazing that they got away with that

      1. Heh. They put more truth in the gossip columns than they do in the rest of thoose rag publications (just like they put more truth in “fictional” Hollywood movies, and in tabloids like “The National Enquirer”.)

  12. Lots of you mention Muslim terrorism. And its not unreasonable given all the attacks we’ve been witnessing on the Western soil in the last decade or so.
    But have you thought why that is? Imagine some country from far away comes to your lands, drop bombs on your cities, topples your leaders, distorts your culture, kills your people snd family members and then… brings you by the millions to their lands and expects you to be greatful.
    My point is if not for US backed Israeli wars, there would be no Islamic terror in the West.

    1. The Muslim world has been at war with what was once called Christendom for more than a thousand years. But you have a point. Without the American stooges wreaking havoc, they would still be in their slumber and inmigration from those countries to the west would still be minimal compared to what we have now.

        1. I would change that for you either bomb them and convert them there or convert them there and don’t bomb them.

        2. I vote we bomb them there, don’t bring them in, and then bomb them there some more. Just to be sure.

    2. Muslims have been fighting the West tooth and nail since long before America was even a nation.

      1. As a Russian I know it, trust me, Russia was at war with the Ottomans for centuries. I was talking more about the last two decades or so.

    3. So explain the majority of terrorism, which is by muslims, kills muslims, and is within Islamic countries. The media keeps pushing this fact, and yet it is impossible to blame the west for this, though of course personally I don’t care when animals slaughter each other as long as it stays in their own backyards. And of course not all western countries who suffer islamic terrorism have had anything to do with anything in muslims countries.

  13. Nobody has the balls to push that fucking button. Doomsday rah rah for centuries. I want action! Nuke this fucker or fuck outta here.

    1. I’m with you, buddy. I’ve been itching for some hardcore post-apocalyptic revelry since the original Mad Max movie. Let’s get this party started!

      1. you crack me up.. Cool to hear the original Mad Max mentioned have seen it several times, as well as 2 and 3, very good revenge movie

    2. I don’t know why I can’t get the Leonard Bernstein version of the first movement of Beethoven’s Erioca symphony out of my head today? I love this version with the Wiener Phil. It looks real cramped on stage, but, the tempo, violence and expansiveness is the only version that does justice to Beethoven’s intention. It looks around 84/85 vintage, LB died in 1990 at 72, so he kind of looks around 67/68?

      Oh yeah the nuclear question. Pressing a button is easy for today’s generation. You’re all wired to the hyper-reality of the void, so pushing buttons like ever typical gamer whose balls have not descended is just too easy.

      1. It’s truly awe inspiring to see it performed live. Even moreso back when it was first composed. The level of talent, practice, and discipline musicians back then had to have without the aid of modern technology is beyond comprehension to the musically literate and afficianado. There are STILL pieces by classical composers that have not been recorded yet. On top of that, these guys didn’t do it because they just wanted to create good music (save for mozart’s first symphony he made when he was 8), they did it because the aristocracy paid them.

        1. I love the 1970/80s recordings of so much classical music. The orchestras back then seemed to intrinsically get the true “geist” or spirit of the composer so much more than modern recordings do, even, though the technical quality is better now.
          You’d also very talented musicians and conductors in their prime back then and I think the whole backdrop of the second world war and the soviet invasion of Europe gave performances back then so much more power and vigor. Many of the grey heads in the Vienna Phil above would have been children in the 1940s, so they’d have remembered a city and culture destroyed and ravaged by war.
          It’s impossible, despite modern PC sensibilities, to appreciate the positive and constructive role that the European aristocracy, especially in Prussia and the Hapsburg Empire gave to the musical and literary forms of art. Patronage was a noble way for the rich to spend their money. It gave us buildings, books, paintings and most critically ideas that have an enduring value. What for example still stands the test of time under State sponsorship of the arts in Soviet Russia or Nazi Germany? Nothing.

        2. Eloquently said. I don’t know about you, but I enjoy 17th-20th century military march music. It’s not fair to compare them to the classical artists because their pieces were in the spirit of their countries that wrote them. The Red Army Choir comes to mind. I’ve gotta say, it would make me proud to be a russian. And you’re right about the aristocracy getting a bad rap. They produced some fine music and art as well as architecture. It’s a real shame that churches are getting replaced by mosques, and all these relics from another time are being erased. Could you imagine if they converted Mont St. Michel into a muslim town?

      1. Only an insane person would wish for a nuclear disaster. I’m simply calling bluff. This world wide dick measuring contest is as old as time . A grade school kid has enough sense to know that that would destroy the entire planet so if these fucking morons wanna wipe us all out, i would love to see them do it. If they have the fucking gall, i mean.

        1. Not 0, No.. Because for some reason, the people in positions of power, are always these sociopathic individuals high on authority. Sad fucking shame. However, the catastrophic events of the aftermath, would result in total annihilation. Or a third and fourth world, at best. It would literally be suicide. So yeah, i call fucking bluff.

        2. How do you bluff a religious physcho. They’ve already been brain washed.
          We should be wiping out the biggest propaganda machine on the planet, hollywood, then unite with whats left if free Europe and Russia and finish off islam for all time.

        3. If they build a space colony where they can live for 300 years, go to it without being detected then they can use some pawns to start the wars and eraze most other race. Then come later on earth when it’s less poluted.

  14. Unfortunately, what is in the best interests of Israel has come to dominate US foreign policy. Much more so than what is in the best interests of the US itself.

  15. This is great Mr. Albrecht. Opening more discussions about Israel in general is a great way to start discourse on the subject with people who haven’t yet shed their programming that prevents them from talking about jews period.
    The Samson option is not a “defensive” strategy as you have said, but rather a safeguard for israel if the world turns on them, which they will. Israel has nuclear submarines everywhere and are ready to use them. Why do you think we give Israel a million dollars an hour and fight their wars based on complete lies? Why is Israel so important? Yes, their positions of power are most of the reasons, but the fact is that israel has the world hostage. All they do is spy on everyone, violate international treaties, genocide their neighbors, instigate superpowers to overthrow democratically elected governments in the ME, and sell our military technology to our enemies. No rogue state could come even close to 1% of what israel is doing and get away with it unless the rogue state has an ace in the hole option. The Samson option guarantees that if they goyim wake up en masse, we all get incinerated. Depressing? Yup.

    1. The middle east- Muslims and Jews- Semitic folks, always the source of so much discontent in the world and yet the west cannot prevent itself from endlessly interfering in their affairs. You’d think we’d have learnt about getting our paws burnt by them at this point.
      Strategically we don’t need Israel, but, domestic politics in the US prevents either party from ever taking an objective line with them. The same with SA, but, once we’re all driving our electric vehicles we can forget them, but, because of US politics and the Zionism backing for both parties, nothing can, or, will ever change in our relationship with that State.
      It’s a shame as the Jews are a very talented race, but, the whole Zionism movement has polarized them in most peoples’ eyes.

  16. Kick the dual citizens (how insane is it they are allowed in?) Out of USA govt, stop giving Israel billions of dollars. They should get no more than Mexico. Preferably, none at all.

    1. Here’s the problem it’s the Evangelicals who helped build up Israel’s military and economy. They are a giant voting bloc in America.

  17. We have the capability to take the world down with us. And I can assure you that that will happen before Israel goes under That is really a worry. Also the thing about revenge-nuking Iran and Germany. Funny, I was just having a thought today, followed on from watching a vid about some journalist pursuing attendants at the Bildeberg conference including the Rothchilds boss at a train station in Austria and the airport. The thought was, that these conspiracies with the elites are real, I watched three questionings of these guys, one of which took place in the British Parliament. They don’t give a single word away these guys.. Whatever they are up to there is seriously behind closed doors and it really is an undermining of a democratic government. So the thought was, these guys are so powerful and removed from reality, if things take a certain turn, they really will go down a Strangelovian mineshaft or in a bunker and play destroy the world. Just all those nemesis characters you see in the James Bond movies who are always foiled in the last minute in their plot to wipe out humanity. It all seemed like science fiction but increasingly, the phrase “life imitates art” is starting to sound ominous. And now the idea that the Israelis have got their nukes pointed at Germany, and through a religious driven train of though, quite crazy, might push the button one day…

  18. You are wrong about Israel in one regard. I hesitate to say this, due to the sheer amount of fellow red-pill hate about to come my way, but fuck it.
    Benjamin Netanyahu, a strong nationalist who shows the kind of leadership the U.S. needs, once made an excellent point:
    Israel is strong, and the muslim countries are (relatively) weak. If the situation was reversed, would any of them hesitate to slaughter the Israelis?
    The answer is, of course, no. A mere hours after Israel came into existence, it faced invasion by every neighboring country. It faced multiple wars against Muslims who were literally trying to slaughter them all.
    While we can debate the cost-benefit of supporting Israel, never forget that if the situation were reversed, the Muslims would have slaughtered the Israelis years ago. If the choice is between Israel and Islam, I’m with Israel every time. And twice on Saturday.

    1. Here’s the problem with your analysis. Israel is not as mighty as you think. They need US and European aid to thrive and survive.
      Also Iran is becoming a check against Israel in the region. They are now closer to Israel because the Russians occupy Syria.
      As far as Muslims, they are batshit crazy people. Iran getting nuclear weapons is the one to be concerned about.
      The more moderate Arab states support Israel through siding with the US and EU.
      The reality is that more countries will have nuclear weapons. Iran will start an arms race in the region.

    2. Yes, Israel is so strong that the US is doing all the dirty work form the, American soldiers are dying while jew soldiers brag about how tough the IDF is.
      The U.S has destabilized almost every country in the middle east in the name of Israel.
      Israel was scared of Iraq, that they got the US to fight and destroy Iraq.
      Yes the Muslim countries want to get rid of the Jewish state… if you wanted to know why, do a little research to find out how disgusting and barbaric the jews were in order to steal the land from the Palestinian.

      1. Yup! Being booted out of over 100+ countries over the course of a single millennium should be enough to drive people to do a bit of research on the matter…
        Germany would have crushed the British in WW1 and indeed offered a peace treaty of sorts before a single round was fired on German soil. Instead of accepting the peace arrangement (which there were on the verge of doing), they took a deal from the zionist/elitist j e w s: Give us Palestine and we’ll make sure you win the war, we’ll rope the US into joining as an alley. Oddly enough, US-German relations were good during this time, so they had to go hard on the propaganda, nothing was held back.
        It also should be noted that the jews were treated better in Germany than any other European country, and they still hung their gracious hosts out to dry.

    3. The Jews were the biggest agitators about the injustice of Apartheid South Africa. Mass boycotting and international pressure proceeded.
      Now you’re telling us the victims of Israel’s Apartheid and Zionist terrorism should be thankful that the Jews just don’t stamp them out like insects because they’re ‘stronger’.
      Fuck you and your Jewish hypocrisy.

      1. Am quite angry about the sanctions and pressure the world placed on South Africa over the decades, damn virtue signaling, moral highground rubbish. Now the country has gone to shit, and a continuation of that white-guilt easing continues with the importation of Africans into Europe which is slowly turning Europe into Africa. It’s all very well to look after your own race, but all the unnecessary meddling in other societies, dictating other culture’s racial politics is really going to justifiably magnify the hatred.

  19. Erm… well all this article did is make me think: “Israel is AWESOME!” 😀
    They know they’d be in for a losing battle. So they stack the deck so everyone else gets wiped out first? That’s brilliance. Moreover the “crazy” guy was about right. Wipe out half the world and things would be … “calm” for 1000 years. 😀 Maybe that Jews in Space skit isn’t half wrong. Haha!

      1. Hey, at least they’re protecting their own. What us goyim’s doing? A whole lot of NOTHING. 😉

  20. Technology will bring the end of our dependence on the Middle East.
    Mass production of electric cars, buses trucks etc.the vast improvements to renewable energy will see our need for their oil diminish.
    That is when we we see the ME implode.
    Europe ( east and west )and all the free world better have their borders contained by then.

    1. Actually Israel will wind up dragging down the West with them. Iran will become a nuclear weapons capable state. Then that will lead to other Arab nations getting nuclear weapons. Muslim nations with nuclear weapons is really frightening.

  21. The genocide of whites and the destruction of Western societies is deliberate and calculated. The evidence points to USSR social warfare weapons being the cause. However there are many who claim that Judaism is ultimately behind it all. As the one true race removing all future powerful threats.
    Let us not forget who actually developed nukes in the first place…

  22. MAD is all right but the Samson option is not? Don’t be silly. Given the current direction of Europe, as it evolves towards Eurasia, the nuclear weapons of England and France will be redeployed to support the islamist cause. The United States would do well to redirect some of its own Arsenal at those future traitors to Western civilization. As becomes a start-up Nation, Israel developed the strategy first: if they burn, everyone else Burns also.

    1. THey’ve been a continuous nation in exile for millenia – they invented the multi-level international method of group control

    1. Wrong he is a liberal Zionist. He believes in Israel just got a different approach than right wing Zionists.

        1. He’s another Jew out to ruin the West. He supported Hillary Clinton who is a NeoCon Zionist.

        2. True – I belong to Jewish Voice for Peace and Jews for Justice who are both quite open about their disgust at the Israeli government

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  24. Proves Israel is smarter than everyone else. they are holding the America Leash, and America barks on command and heels well, and is disposable in terms of income, money support and military support. American blood has been shed for every war Israel wanted.
    Look who the real fools are. If you aren’t willing to change it, you tacitly approve of it.
    Roll over Red White and Blue Rover…sit now. BEG….good lapdog. How does it feel to be owned by a psychotic nihilistic nuclear armed state? should be required reading, “By Way of Deception”.

    1. I don’t think they’re smarter – they’re just more ruthless because they don’t view other humans as equal to them
      Our good morals hobble us

  25. All countries with nukes have a secret doomsday policy. Most people forget the tensions between the US and USSR. Also India and Pakistan is very worrying at the moment.
    Russia has a weapon capable of creating a blast area the size of Texas or France.

    1. I’m working on a theory that Judaism is actually the Matriarchy (you’re only a jew if your mother was) – and that is the real reason the patriarchy is under attack

  26. Israel needs to be cut off from foreign and to have their nukes secretly sabotaged by a commando unit

  27. If Islam is such a threat why is the Great Donald Trump selling Saudi Arabia 100 billion dollars of beautiful weapons?

    1. This in interesting one. Not trying to be a 4D chesscuck but Saudi Arabia is embroiled in a civil crackdown of its own people right now (, they can’t even fully beat down Yemen, Qatar was just cut off, and Iran is constantly trying to expand its influence.
      Selling weapons to Saudi Arabia will only add to the chaos and instability over there, which in Saudi Arabia is what we want, since they’re an ally of the evil Israel & US deep state world order.

  28. “One hardly can fault Israel for wanting to defend themselves against hostile neighbors, but they certainly can be faulted for threatening to nuke countries elsewhere”
    They can also be faulted for having their entire country and military funded by American taxpayers, to the tune of around $4 billion/year.
    Politicians and the media freak out over Trump asking for a mere $1.6 billion for the wall, but they will never ever ever question our aid to our “greatest ally”.

  29. Wow. North Korea is preparing to launch a nuclear attack against US territory in the western Pacific (and maybe the US mainland) and y’all are moaning about Israel? I guess Kim Jong Un is OK because he’s not one of those (((Jooz))). Sheesh!

    1. North Korea is only a threat becayse the PTB are painting it that way – just like they said Iraq had WMD

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