Black Music Has Devolved Into Absolute Degeneracy

From John Coltrane creating masterpieces with a saxophone to Michael Jackson grabbing his genitalia with a white glove, black sentiment and culture can be studied through their music. It is currently at the lowest point in their history.

What Black Music Used To Be

Jazz and funk used to be popular genres. During a time when it was safer to go to clubs, disco was it. And some of the greatest musicians of this era were in fact black. The stuff they produced was amazing and puts today’s rappers to shame.

John Coltrane – Giant Steps

It’s hard to find another musician who can match Coltrane’s skill on a saxophone. Do you hear any rappers doing this kind of performance anymore? Nope.

Kool & The Gang – Summer Madness

CD 101.9 was once a popular smooth jazz station, but got replaced by the crap millennials listen to. Songs like this were played, perfect for a drive on a hot day or even just to chill out. You can actually feel your mind going to a higher level as you listen to it.

George Duke – Summer Breezin

Back when the afro was popular, Duke dished out this relaxing tune.

Najee – Betcha Don’t Know

Released in the 90’s, this hit was not that long ago, which goes to show you just how fast the music world has fallen to a level that is no longer recognizable to its predecessors.

Was (Not Was) performing Walk The Dinosaur

Yes there were girls showing skin, but it good clean fun without perverted ideograph and zooming in of butts and thighs.

If you like music like this, checkout my playlist.

What Black Music Has Become

Jail, shooting people, promiscuous sex, and glorifying the thug ghetto gangster lifestyle is essentially what the music is about.

Snoop Dogg – Lavender

Snoop Dogg, a dog trapped in a human body, thinks it was fine to make a video pointing a gun to a Trump figure.

I lost count how many times curse words are used. Apparently, rappers these days are incapable of saying one sentence without “mother f#$ker” or some other foul language.

Rappers are promoting violence and degeneracy whether they realize it or not. It is encouraging the black youth to identify themselves with the gangster image and to treat women, white or black, as ‘hoes”.

This is what passes as “music” today. Misguided souls think this is just expression of “art.”

Well perhaps art means something else today.

Candy Shop by 50 Cent (even though it’s pronounced Fifty Cents)

I once showed this video to a Pleiadian friend of mine who was visiting at the time (long story) who had never seen anything like it before. His comment was, “This is lowest consciousness.”

Ludacris – What’s Your Fantasy

There’s no point or purpose to this song, just hopping around like a clown with paid-off bimbos. Pretty much all of the big-name rappers rip music off of real musicians. You’re listening to a breed of “musicians” who can’t even play an instrument, taking the tunes from others and spitting out rap about grinding with women, slapping hoes, and drugs.

I once found a female friend of mine in college listening to this Missy Elliot “Work It” song. She was always moody and depressed from all the failed relationships she had with guys from parties, clubbing, and alike. Listening to this, is it any wonder why today’s youth are so confused?

Papa Singh once yelled at me pretty good in front of my friends when he heard Twista’s “Slow Jamz” as I was flipping through stations in the car. Most responsible parents don’t want their children listening to this garbage, because they know what it does to the mind.

Does this mean all rap is bad? Certainly not, however, it’s quite rare to find songs that are free of cursing, $2 trash girls, and drugs. One that I remember that was acceptable, was the theme from the first Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie. As cheesy as it may be, it has far more creative lyrics compared to what is produced today.

That goes to show you just how low the genre has fallen that you have turn to a kid’s movie to find something that is of some decency.

What Rap Has Done to Society

It’s created a generation of domestic terrorists. Criminals, to be frank. Kids that seek to attain the same low-life desires portrayed in these videos. Some are even glorifying the criminal image, stating it naturally attracts girls. Yes, but take a good look at what kind of girls are attracted to these thugs, and then think whether or not you want to adopt that image. You can still be a bad boy without being a gangster.

Too many kids are imitating this criminal lifestyle. It has infected the Western world all over from America to England and even New Zealand.

Is Rap Really African Culture?

I have heard claims that rap is part of ancient African culture and that I’ve offended them. Well, how come you don’t see traditional tribesman in Africa dressed up like gangstas?

Anyone who’s ever been to Africa will tell you that when you arrive, they greet you in their traditional attire and perform old ritual dances which don’t include any cuss words or rapping.

During one semester, I watched a real African group that performed their traditional dance. It was refreshingly amazing—the performers actually had skill playing those drums by hand while you had real women dancers with rhythm. Nothing like what you see in America. It’s hard to find good examples online, but this is closest I could find…

Black kids should watch this then rap. It might do them good in life.

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429 thoughts on “Black Music Has Devolved Into Absolute Degeneracy”

  1. While I agree this is all accurate, all music has devolved into degeneracy. Focusing on Black culture specifically doesn’t really help the manosphere since most of us aren’t Black and don’t care about Black culture. Black people should focus on Black problems.
    Now if you were to say that Whites emulating this is a problem I still would not say Blacks caused it. Miley Cyrus, Katy Perry, Ariana Grande (yes she is not Latino apparently) all engage in degeneracy and don’t cater to Black audiences at all.
    Nonetheless thanks for the article Indian fellow.

    1. The manosphere is pretty much centered on men from Western Europe, North America, and Australasia trying to either make their countries bearable despite all the feminism and degeneracy, or jump ship to South America, Southeast Asia, and Eastern Europe. It is by nature very much a white-centric crowd, but it doesn’t mean everyone can benefit.

    2. I was about to say the same thing. No black person put a gun to Miley Cyrus’ head and forced her to go out and act like a total clown onstage with Robin Thicke. No black person forced Madonna to put out a book of nudes in the 90s, or to dance in front of burning crucifixes. No black person made Katy Perry squirt whipped cream out of her tits and then call herself a role model for 12-yr-old girls.
      It’s a change in culture.

      1. As I always say: it’s not about race, it’s about culture… which is much worse, because culture is contagious.

    3. Black ghetto music is especially popular with White women. I was shocked to have some over one night , and hear that they wanted to listen to some ghetto shit about money , drugs , big ass etc. I only listen to Rock myself. I say black music is having a huge impact in spreading degeneracy among the White population.

      1. Yes women love music with lyric about money, power, cheating, being sluts, and bad boys, then the same girl post in her facebook I want a nice guy. Then they claim I just want to dance, it´s weird that your ass only moves with a song with a theme of sex and asses. You can dance Tango lady. Every women who said I go to clubs to dance bc I love to dance is lying they go to experience the hook up culture, the dancing crap is the hamster anti slut excuse they made up.

        1. Women work off peer group pressure! If it’s in to be a slut, women will be hoes hence the typical western woman!
          Women are followers, men are leaders! I noticed this when I’m with a girl and she is so into me. If one of her friends doesn’t like me I go build rapport with her friend. Until the group likes me, they won’t let me take the girl home. Guys on the other hand will do what they want! We might tell our bro she is no good but it won’t stop him from taking her home!

        2. Yep. Women are hive mind. They are followers which matches their childish nature as children are naive and gullible following the adult other ducklings are following. I guess calling a woman a chick is and understatement as chicks are baby chickens forever children

      2. White women need not listen to rap for that though. Music that doesn’t appeal to Blacks follows the same themes of being a slut. Blacks don’t care about Katy Perry. White female singers promote just as much garbage for their mostly White fanbase. Acting like this is Black music that degenerated is just ignoring the bigger issue.

        1. That’s one of the things that make me believe that a lot of the guys on this site are more purple pill instead of red. They get upset when blacks, gays, women, etc blame everything wrong on the white man yet they do the same thing except their target are the Jews, blacks, and pretty much anyone who is not a white man. At the end of the day western society is falling to degeneracy because most people accept it, whites included. Yea you can say a certain group promotes a degenerate life style but the only way it will effect you is if you allow it.

        2. Yeah, it’s hilarious they can’t even see through their own bullshit. They’re blinded by their own false sense of superiority that’s been reinforced for years. I don’t blame them though. I’d be pissed and ready to point fingers too If I were losing my power, becoming a minority and having to enjoy this here decline. But wait… it’s the Blacks fault, I diddnt’ du nuffin!!

        1. I’ve heard women referred to as “overgrown children with breasts”….or something to that effect.

      3. Same! I also listen to mainly Rock although also a bit of indie rock from the 90s, and had a girlfriend once (white) who had some kind of sick obsession with all that hip hop

      4. Ya I always make a point to tell white girls who listen to garbage that they are themselves garbage. When they talk about “THE BEATZ NIGGA” I take out my bass guitar and play some reggae. Blows their mind

      5. Women detect what they perceive to be masculine energy and gravitate there. It’s why they buy trucks. Why they get tattoos. Why they date POS. Same for rap music. The sexual lyrics with no shame resemble confidence, an expression of masculinity women crave.

      6. It is. Helping spread degeneracy. The same people that run Hollywood runs the music biz. There isn’t any shortage of good, progressive rap music errr ghetto black music. You hear what’s promoted is all

    4. I concur. This really should have been an article regarding the degeneracy of POPULAR (or mainstream) music as a whole. I am a fan of Hip-Hop/Rap among other genres and can honestly say that much of it is quite unpopular by comparison to what you’ll hear on the radio stations due to the material being “too intelligent” or “not relevant.” Music of substance gets filtered out of the mainstream, period. Race is hardly a factor at this point. Those in power give no fucks about shit like that, so long as they can maintain the status quo and manipulate us against one another.

  2. Black “music” has also handed itself over to the hate whitey bandwagon which is so chic in our SJW zeitgeist. Like this video of a barely comprehensible rapper who raps like a honey bee (ends every line with “nnnnnnnnnn”) who insinuates every white man with a confederate flag must want to “Make America Hate Again” and shoot niggaz at every opportunity they get. Just utter trash.

  3. Gangster rap has been popular for nearly 3 decades and it glorifies thug culture. It influences blacks and hispanics but also white youth.
    Michael Jackson? He was innocuous compared to Snoop Dogg and 50 Cent.

    1. Minority youth? Only about 45% of babies born in the U.S. have been white the past few years. food for thought.

      1. Thanks for the correction, when you count out elderly people or those getting close to retirement age, people in their late 50s to early 60s, America is already majority non white. Also notice most of Trump’s support base is predominantly older people. Its not as strong among younger white youth.
        I keep hearing about Generation Z, but honestly they are screwed just like Gen X and Gen Y. They going to be the last generation where America remains a Western nation, I guess that is why they are labeled Z.

    2. The other night in my otherwise quiet neighborhood there was a high school age gangster wannabe with his fancy car at our mailboxes. He had a bunch of pathetic white kids hanging around him. What a wonderful influence… sigh.

        1. thats what your parents said when you were blaring ice cube outta your window in the 90s

        2. Hey negro. No fried chicken and watermelon today? Didn’t get your unemployment check?

      1. Some people keep telling me the Generation Z crowd is more traditional and conservative. I got a real hard time believing it, they might be browsing right wing websites and blogs, but the reality is there is a world of difference between what people write and think online versus in real life. Maybe the generation Z in the conservative regions of the country are more traditional, but then again the X and Y in the red state areas were the same.
        And then they are outnumbered. So what kind of change can they really bring to America? Life that we used to know is going away….fast.
        Generation Z still got access to phones, computers, and a middle class life, so I do not see how the status quo is changing.
        Also look at Trump, after 6 months, its clear he is pulling closer toward being a mainstream Republican RINO. He might say things on Twitter, but its all meaningless unless he gets it into legislation and actual policy.

        1. I’m fairly sure the idea of Generation Z being “more traditional and conservative” is somewhat misleading. The young generation just naturally rebels against the dominant culture, and right now SJWism and PC bullshit is the dominant culture. It’s not necessarily that they truly value traditional conservatism, it’s more that they are just giving their SJW parents the bird.

        2. Well they won’t be able to put it into practice. I have heard delusional baloney that Generation Z is going to be like the World War 2 generation. Puhleese!!! I already found some very disturbing stuff about them, they believe in gender fluidity, they also have high rates of mental illness.
          The World War 2 generation is gone, they are not coming back. They also lived in times of great hardship. And there parents were not a bunch of pussies.
          The West is dying and at this point the best that can be done is salvage whatever might be left.

        3. As much respect as I have for the WW2 generation, if they had been better parents and raised some more level-headed kids, we wouldn’t be in such a fucked up mess.

        4. Its mainly the generation after the World War 2 one that has fucked up big time. Boomers started mainstream hypergamy and feminism. Gen X and Y continued further. Gen Z is quietly rebelling online. I have met a few of these Generation Z types but I do not see them turning the Western world around.

        5. I know, the WW2 generation should have beat some more damn sense into their hippie ass kids.
          And you really can’t blame Generation Z too much. Just look at the world they are born into. I mean, most guys here took many years of their lives to find the red pill and start figuring shit out. The indoctrination these kids are going through now is 100 times worse than what we got. They are neck-deep in it from the day they are born, and the punishment for daring to even consider thinking for yourself is pretty damn high.

        6. It’s funny, I was talking with my wife about the effects of the different generations and I have the sense that our generation (Generation X) really hasn’t had much of an effect one way or other. X is the smallest in number thanks to feminism with its barren wombs and baby slaughter, and the Baby Boomers have held onto power until grim death. It feels like their torch is being passed to the Milennials, and our generation, that last that has any memory of the Old America, is quietly marching with it to oblivion.

        7. They believe in gender fluidity…and they have high rates of mental illness?
          It’s like those things are related somehow

    3. This assertion is interesting, it suggests that gangster rap is the cause of black on black violence. Rap music is approx 40 years old. So what was the cause prior to? Black on black violence wasn’t even a term then, which to me is very interesting…
      Anyway, while VERY problematic, black on black crime is just crime. BLM is a phony LGBT movement so who cares on what they speak on? It isn’t even a credible movement. Bunch of soy boys and girls that do NOT represent the Black majority. Please understand this, they are a niche, disingenuous group of people, like women, they don’t know know they want.
      You guys are always on the outside looking in, making vague, inaccurate descriptions of how you hardly know nothing about. While some of your points are valid, you come off as an intellectual eunuch.

    4. Not trying to troll or whatever but there is a bit of conflict on whether capitalism is good or not? These industries are just playing the capitalism card so they make money at the expense of black integrity. Lot of industries like Popeyes chicken would set up shop near poor black neighborhoods for instance and BET deliberately drills mind dead programs and commercials to black youth.

      1. Actually that’s even worse. Having minorities eat junk makes them more prone to criminal behavior. Having them hooked on sugar and trans fats is not good.

  4. I’ve noticed a recent trend in tearing down people like Elvis Presley as “appropriating” black culture. Steven Tyler said in a recent interview he’d slap Elvis in the face for not giving more credit to black musicians, which any amateur historian can debunk because he always gave a nod to the R&B artists. He just did it better and that’s what annoys them.
    The Beach Boys catch the same charge of “stealing” Chuck Berry riffs. Brian Wilson could write a song like “Sweet Little Sixteen” in his sleep but there’s no way Chuck Berry was ever going to write “God Only Knows” or “Good Vibrations” and that’s where the differences in European creativity differ from the primitive. Nobody would’ve ever heard of Muddy Waters if it weren’t for The Rolling Stones taking that 12 bar blues model to its maximum limits, however modest that might be.
    That being said, I’d be lying if I said I didn’t enjoy Mo-town. Diana Ross, Smokey Robinson, Four Tops, Marvin Gaye, Martha Reeves, etc. that’s the pinnacle of black pop music in my estimation.

    1. Yeah, B.B. King always said that black artists never had any beef with Elvis, because he respected black music, and did it well. They were jealous of his cash, though.
      And nobody’s even mentioned Eminem, who did black music so selfishly, and used it to make himself wealthy… hey, there’s a concept that works.

      1. I’m inclined to agree that black gospel is good. I’m Catholic, my style of devotional music is different than the Baptist brethren.
        Muddy, Little Walter, Howlin Wolf and gang had success in specific markets in Chicago and along the Mississippi but there’s no doubt the British Invasion bands maximized their exposure. Muddy made more money touring in the late 60s and 70s due to it than he ever did at Chess records in the 50s. He also blew a lot of money as is the case with musical juggernauts.

    2. Plus Rock owes at least as much to Country and folk music as it does to jazz and blues. C’mon huge chunks of rock are just jazzed up folk and country songs. Sometimes literally.

      1. Standard rock chords are based on 12 bar blues progressions so this is what gets people pissed off. But rock became its own thing.

        1. Oh sure, not denying the bloodlines, just the idea that rock is purely black music stolen by whites. It’s got a bunch of influences black and white.

  5. I’ve always Wonder with actual rap ‘stars’ are using images leading to the worst stereotypes of black men popular in the beguining on the 20 centurey
    => Imature, violent kids, spending all their money on useless jewerly, booze and craving for promiscuous sex.
    Wait a minute, who produce them ?

        1. gangta rap was promoted by jews.
          Dr dre eazy E ice cube were all rolling for a jewish man.
          Hell even tupac used to be racketted by the jdl. Evenif its not directly related to the subject, it shows you how powerfull the jewish mafia is to scare those ”tuff born in da hood dat have seen & done gruesome chit gangstaz” to the point of making them their btch.

    1. Yep. Cause fatherless young men had no attraction to money booze violence or whores before da Jooz got involved.

  6. Note to author: Music doesn’t *cause* changes in culture. Music **REFLECTS** changes in culture.

    1. Note to your shitlib brain : Many children and teenagers watch this crap and get inspired by these ghetto thugs , especially those who have no fathers or don’t see them very often.

      1. In the words of Frank Zappa (paraphrased): “If music could influence us to do anything, we would all be falling in love every day, because 99% of all songs in the history of the Western world are about falling in love.”

        1. There are very few (if any) hardcore rap/hip hop joints that could be considered a love song. I listened to the shit growing up when I didn’t know any better. I liked the beats and the djing aspect behind it, I couldn’t have cared less about the actual lyrics.

    2. It’s not mutually exclusive in either direction. Rap reflected black culture, but caused changes in white culture.

    3. I agree to some extent, but music can also be like a meme. Culture is contagious, and it can be transmitted through things like music and movies.
      That’s why you get stupid white boys in the middle of 100% white bread flyover country with sagging pants and shiny new kicks blasting rap and talking bad slang. They’ve never actually been to LA or NY, they’ve never really interacted with anyone who is part of the hardcore or ghetto culture that rap glorifies. Rather, they’ve adopted the rap “culture” that is part of the rap music meme.

  7. I have a soft spot for quality disco funk jazz. This one has a bit of everything with a decent arrangement.

    Skip the intro, click to 1:15. Apparent the start time argument doesn’t work with embed.

    1. You’ll really like this. Prince, age 17, killing it with jazz funk.
      Thank God he OD’d or we’d never have gotten this uploaded to YouTube:

    1. He did not deify himself. It was done by acid head, retard fans in San Francisco. He had nothing to do with this.

      1. True but it is true that he became deeply religious after overcoming his addictions to alcohol and heroin in 1957 so in a sense the fans were inspired by him.

        1. Around late ’64 he ventured out musically, never growing hateful or spiteful, always with a smile on his face. To the end he was a magnanimous man that only spoke of truth and love. Shit, man was dying. There is nothing about this many that you could hate.

        2. Rumor said that before he recorded “A Love Supreme” he meditated alone in a room for three days. When he finally emerged, he said, “This record is going to be a force of good in the universe.”

        3. That is an amazing piece of music. Elvin Jones& McCoy Tynee, Coletrane’s band mates, each put out some amazing albums too.

  8. Funny thing about rap is doesn’t matter how degrading the song is towards women, you will always see women shaking their asses to it as if it’s an anthem for them. Take “Loyal” by Chriis Brown for example. The chorus is “these hoes ain’t loyal” and women eat it up.

    1. Hey Ya by Outcast kinda mentions that.. its not rap, but there’s a line in it “You ( specific you, as in the listeners) don’t want to hear me, you just want to dance.” Almost everyone I’ve pointed that out to has been surprised by it.

    1. Pretty sure Blondie had the first mainstream rap. You know “out comes the man from mars, and he’s eating cars, something something bars, something AIDS something-ars, now he only eats guitars.”

      1. i think Kojak mighta been the first mainstream rapper. he or Pa Ingallz from Little House on Da Prairie

        1. Oh it rhymes:
          Boston, Charleston, Dayton, Louisiana,
          Washington, Houston, Kingston, Texarkana,
          Monterey, Ferriday, Santa Fe, Tallapoosa
          Glen Rock, Black Rock, Little Rock, Oskaloosa,
          Tennessee, Hennessey, Chicopee, Spirit Lake,
          Grand Lake, Devil’s Lake, Crater Lake, for Pete’s sake;

  9. At least with Snoop Dog you sometimes get actual porn, as opposed to something that amounts to porn but pretends its culture, which is far more corrupting as far as I’m concerned.

  10. The great black jazz instrumentalists of the past, Miles Davis, John Coltrane, Sonny Rollins, Thelonius Monk, Duke Ellington, Wes Montgomery, etc., wrote and performed humane, sophisticated music that puts most of today’s musical artists (heh) to shame, regardless of their color.
    Having said that, however, one only has to compare them to the no-talent, brain dead rappers of today who couldn’t play anything beyond a simple major chord (if that) on any instrument to see how fall musical culture has fallen in within the “black community”.

  11. Former Music Exec Describes The Scary Meeting That Resulted In Today’s Violent Rap Music –
    What if rap music is just a tool to turn impressionable listeners into prison-bound degenerates. That’s what one man claiming to be a former music executive said in an anonymous letter published today by the blog
    According to the mystery man’s letter, gangster rap is a product designed to benefit private prison systems. The man writes that he went to a Los Angeles meeting in 1991 and immediately signed a confidentiality agreement. What followed shocked him and the other people at the meeting. The industry executives were asked to promote gangster rap in order to drive up the number of inmates and profits for the private prison systems, which funded the business.
    Here’s part of the man’s account of the meeting:
    “Quickly after the meeting began, one of my industry colleagues (who shall remain nameless like everyone else) thanked us for attending. He then gave the floor to a man who only introduced himself by first name and gave no further details about his personal background. I think he was the owner of the residence but it was never confirmed. He briefly praised all of us for the success we had achieved in our industry and congratulated us for being selected as part of this small group of ‘decision makers’. At this point I begin to feel slightly uncomfortable at the strangeness of this gathering.
    “The subject quickly changed as the speaker went on to tell us that the respective companies we represented had invested in a very profitable industry which could become even more rewarding with our active involvement. He explained that the companies we work for had invested millions into the building of privately owned prisons and that our positions of influence in the music industry would actually impact the profitability of these investments.
    “I remember many of us in the group immediately looking at each other in confusion. At the time, I didn’t know what a private prison was but I wasn’t the only one. Sure enough, someone asked what these prisons were and what any of this had to do with us. We were told that these prisons were built by privately owned companies who received funding from the government based on the number of inmates. The more inmates, the more money the government would pay these prisons.”
    You can read more at this Business Insider link:

    1. I am almost entirely certain that this letter is 100% fake.
      The crime wave is basically what you get after three generations of successively greater bastardy rates.
      There is no “conspiracy” besides really well meaning really insane policy combined with inertia.

      1. I’d wager that letter is 100% real. Now there’s no way to prove it, one way or another. But if you’d ever like to wager against me regarding the outcome of future events (political election outcomes, sports contests, shit, just about anything at all), I’d be glad to take your action. Just let me know.

    2. I recall a judge being investigated as it was found out he was part owner of a private prison and was convicting to fill it. The whole private prison thing had fallen in disfavor in a lot of states.

      1. I don’t think it’s isolated to one bad-apple judge. It’s pretty obvious that gangsta “culcha” was hatched in a think-tank and sold to malleable blacks, mostly, via music and videos, in order to fill the prisons. (But hey, it keeps ’em off the streets. So it’s all good, homie…)

        1. One time I was going by a convention center and there was something like a black engineering society meeting going on. It was mostly young people, all clean cut and in suits/dresses… all very sharp! Your comments just reminded of them and how it’s sad that their not promoted, as frankly I don’t want to be paying for prisons…

  12. Afro Americans reject their African culture hundreds of years ago, in fact implying that is racist, calling a black man tribe man is racist, no one wants to be associated with the uncivilized indigenous of any continent, In Mexico the young native indigenous kids reject their heritage their culture and their language they want the Facebook, the cool stuff and smartphones, if you call him indio they get really really mad.

    1. Not being racist but you can ask a white or asian man what country their ancestors are from and they know. But you ask a black person what country his ancestors are from he doesn’t know and just gets angry at you. There doesn’t seem to be an attempt to re-connect with their relatives from several hundred years ago.

      1. There is African culture, but there is not African American Culture. Rap and hip hop are from the 20th century, thug culture is from the 20th century, What culture? Gangstas are modern, the pants down gangster is a prison culture from the 80´s, so this is your culture, Niggas, guns, rap, hip hop, ghettos, single mothers, unemployment and crime. Every indigenous people from a former colony retain theirs or try to reconnect with their culture, you can find Native Americans connected with their ancestors despise of suffering a genocide, You can find indigenous people in all the Americas continent despise of all the countries being colonized by the Spanish Catholics and suffering the Spanish inquisition. The only blacks connected with their African culture you can find are the voodoo priests and the weird black magic, again a negative thing.

  13. Wow! Amazing piece. As a white male that has been teaching in predominately urban areas, I am the first one to ever mention the name Coltrane, Miles Davis, or Marsalis to my students. My students have been convinced that “black” is Snoop Dog, “Fitty Cent”,& Muhammed Ali. Dr Dre is musical genius, while, like Jesus, Tupac&Biggie died for their sins. I blame #1 media and #2 Cultural Studies professors at colleges.

    1. No, you should blame the ghetto culture that has become so incredibly degenerate that its people have forgotten about their own musical heritage.

      1. Eh… I tend to think that most folks can’t think for their selves. Leadership in Urban areas by those that both follow and don’t follow laws is menacing.

        1. ‘I keep on chugging but it is getting tough.’
          Don’t despair…..served years on the Eastern Front* teaching in ‘a challenging environment’.
          99% female workforce…….so…..
          Anyway, why not triple your income, be actually teaching for…wait for it….12 1/2 hours a week, live rent free and have an eleven week paid Summer holiday?
          Moved to the ME, lots of American teachers out there.
          *East London.

    2. ‘ I blame #1 media and #2 Cultural Studies professors at colleges.’
      Plus tragic absence of a father’s record collection to play. And scratch. And get grounded for scratching.

  14. The 2 teenage boys I know both only listen to rap music. They’re both white country boys who 30 years ago would be listening to Skynyrd or Johnny Cash but now instead walk around with there phones blaring out some black guy mumbling over a shitty beat. Very depressing. (((Their))) plan is working.

    1. I see this at work, I deal with a lot of white trash in my beat. But rather than acting redneck (though some still do) many rednecks have adopted ghetto culture. A lot of the young white kids are also gang banging and are affiliated with traditionally black gangs.

        1. Fathers as in role model FATHERS or POS sperm donors and other male losers play acting role models?

        2. Mom’s current BF doesn’t count.
          The common denominator for any man who did time is no father in the house. Single moms create the environment, society subsidizes it (via welfare and incarceration).

  15. I think out of all the musical genres only Country stayed SJW free and is closest to the Right as it gets.

    1. Oh man, I don’t know about that. Lots of modern country is bubble gum pop music in the key of A. Old Country, absolutely correct, new stuff, it’s awful.
      Modern male country singer: I have a hat and a pick’em up truck oh and I want to dedicate my life to every girl I see that walks by me, and by the way, feel bad for me because I lost the best woman in the world.
      Modern female country singer: I want to physically harm, cut and/or shoot every male in my immediate vicinity, oh, and I really think it would be cool to be a lesbian.
      Wish I was lyin’.

      1. Im not aware of one country singer who embraces Leftist talking points every chance he get.
        Country music along with extreme sports are one of the last bastions of whiteness. How diverse is NASCAR fan crowd or Keith Urban’ fans?

        1. Tim McGraw
          Brandy Clark
          LeAnn Rimes
          Garth Brookes
          Dixie Chicks (! You don’t remember these girls during the Bush years?)
          Sheryl Crow
          Steve Earle

        2. Lol you’ve got to be kidding me. Faith Hill and Tim McGraw are cucked as all fuck.
          Outlaw country is worse. Fuck that shit.

        3. It seems all the genres got corrupted. Honestly, Im not that familiar with Country, but now I see they caved in too.

        4. I could not have said it better, and in fact, wish I’d thought of that first. It is INDEED a big middle finger to everything that was country in the past. A big fat deliberate middle finger.

        5. “The south is full of SJW wimps” ………I hear the same about Germany, I wonder if the the white guilt is what is doing it. Those areas have been villianized so much that guys have just given up standing up for themselves.

        6. Not sure where you live, but that has not been my experience in the South. Maybe you are just seeing Southerners in big cities or something.

        7. Look to Sweden.
          No slavery, no WWII genocide, no Empire (outside Europe), no nufin.
          Yet look at the SJW destruction of Swedish men, then the country.
          It’s not ‘white guilt’ that is devouring white culture, it’s something else.

        8. It’s bizarre, I’m forever reading learned explanations of ‘white guilt’ regarding people who have nothing to be ash……..
          Well, you know the rest.
          There is a huge gaping hole where our explanation for white/western cultural and political degeneracy should be.
          All explanations are inadequate….and mine are just pure crazy!

        9. We don’t have big cities in Kentucky. Our biggest isn’t even 300k people. The whole state has like 4 million people total

        10. Hey! I still kind of like that that song. If you go back and listen carefully Falima doesn’t get a free pass.
          ( I had no idea how to spell Falima and just took a shot in the dark)

        11. “Wicked Felina” most certainly gets a pass. The guy dies in her arms, so she gets all the validation and attention of having this dude who worshiped her kill some other dude because he is in love with her, and then instead of living out the rest of his life safe and far away, he sacrifices his life just to die in her arms. And she goes right back to being a whore.

      2. Modern country music is crap from other end of the spectrum these days. What is the difference except the predominate skin colors? And then the latest “top 40” crap….is just electronic nonstop female screeching diarrhea. Honestly, WHO BUYS “music” these days? Who “tunes in” to the radio these days? What is on there…? NONSTOP CRAP and ADVERTISING….What are todays music videos…NONSTOP VISUAL IPECAC AND MODERN DAY ROMAN BREAD AND CIRCUS OF PERVERSION AND FILTH.
        Todays music is nothing more than electronic static that fools purchase or buy into that makes the “distributors” and “artists”(sic) money by pushing Marxist ideals.

      3. I listen to mostly older country and I hate the modern female singers as they’re mostly about the rage and hate.

        1. They really are, aren’t they? Shoot the man, slash the man, freaking “I hate men and get away from me” and all manner of assorted toxic bullshit.

        2. I don’t get the numbers of feminists on the rodeo scene. Lots of girls doing the barrel racing, thinking they “can do it as good as any man”. I would bet you the day will come that there will be a saddle bronc or bull riding women’s league start up.

        3. It’s all part of the same sickness. I’ve honestly stopped being quiet about it. If I see women fighting on the tele in a bar I will be the first one to chime in how unfeminine and disgusting it is and how they look like angry little teenaged boys. If it’s women’s basketball I’ll ask if more than five people showed up to watch. Etc. I’ve stopped giving quarter through silence to this crap. Surprisingly, once you break the ice, everybody else comes out and is empowered to vent their frustration. We are suffering in a tyranny of silence. Speak up.

      4. Q: How many country singers does it take to change a lightbulb?
        A. 2. 1 to change it, 1 to sing about how much he misses the old one.
        Q. What happens if you play country music backwards?
        A. You get your woman back, your truck back, your dog back, and you have beer money.

    2. Its all male simping and whining and oh my poor self in my hangover and the wife/girl robbed my heart and wallet blind because Im white knighting it… best friends are my dirty boots, my tore up pickup truck and my beer drinking dog who gets more tail than I do.

      1. It is good until about 1980, there are exceptions though. Alan Jackson, Alabama, and George Strait to name a few.

    3. Modern country and modern rap are essentially the same music, one branded for hillbilly hicks and one for thug n!ggers.

        1. No, that’s wrong.
          I though everyone knew those buying the ‘gangsta rap’ were white middle class boys in the burbs.
          That’s where the money is.

  16. Why do black men and blonde women get along so well?
    Similar IQs…
    (Hey, it’s a JOKE, sheesh, relax…)

    1. I don’t know the last time I heard a joke without someone getting offended!
      I miss the old days when people weren’t weak to let silly words upset them!!

    2. Why do some white racist men feel empty and angry at high black male SMV as decided by white women?
      Why do you think.
      ‘(Hey, it’s a JOKE, sheesh, relax…)’

      1. That was really good. Seriously. As barbs hurled by bitter people go, that one was top-drawer. Kudos to you, and well done. Your true calling is evident. Seize the day. (“Blacks” and “high SMV” – that’s hilarious. Seriously.)

    1. Fucking brutal truth in that song. I’ve been looking for an excuse to post this song and today we get this article.

      Instead of repeating the same mantra that only black people are victims, he speaks about the idea that social class and wealth has more to do with discrimination.

  17. The problem with articles like these is that you can tell the writer isn’t well verse in “Black” music. This isn’t a very good article; his biases are quite obvious and telling. You’re talking points are about one extreme to another. While I agree with the quality of music (in general) declining, essentially comparing Kool N The Gang to 50 Cent is satirical.
    Mainstream “Black” music is pushed by White (Jewish) liberals this isn’t in any attempt to pursue blame but there is a deliberate crusade to no longer promote positive Black or good music in general. The 1996 Telecommunication act started what we’re hearing today.
    Furthermore there is plenty of good music, it just isn’t mainstream anymore.

    1. This. The author doesn’t even realize who is popular amongst Blacks anyway. Sounds like a curmudgeony old White guy.

  18. As a 28 year old black male who listens to rap all the time, I 100% agree. I stumbled upon Return of Kings a few years ago. It’s rather depressing to have your whole world turned upside down once you take the Red Pill. Although I don’t necessarily agree with everything you guys say on here, I’m very appreciative. I enjoy coming to this site everyday. You fellas that drop knowledge in the comments are just as valuable as the authors of the articles.

    1. Evidently a man who knows how to carry on a conversation with someone he may not agree with while not being an argumentative moron or a troll.
      I salute you.

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    2. listening to things you don’t necessarily enjoy hearing but have the discipline to appreciate the arguments and facts being presented is a very admirable trait which few on the whole leftist spectrum have. you are ahead of the curve my friend.

    3. I know you’ll get a lot of shit on here for being black, but I respect that you are able to see through that and still see the truth.

      1. In an alternate universe where the welfare state never existed, I would bet you the animosity would have reduced to nearly zero by now.

        1. Exactly…..if people can look around the VAST devastation caused by welfare everywhere in the world where it is inflicted…..and still have the energy to ‘blame the Jews’, then they are not really looking for solutions.
          (continuing our above brief exchange).

        2. The whole social welfare state should be revamped. I agree there needs to be some kind of social safety net but I think instead of cutting someone a check for doing essentially nothing replace it with “workfare”. If one is able bodied between 18-65 yrs of age & swears on a stack of bibles they can’t find work then find work for them. That is the gov says if we can’t find anyone in the private sector who will higher you fine..we will pay you at least minimum wage and find some kind of (hopefully) useful work you can do for said gov. You might find yourself fixing potholes, sorting garbage for recycling at the waste treatment plant, painting park benches whatever the gov finds for you to do. If you don’t show up for work (or show up drunk/high) you don’t get paid. You can quit anytime you want but when you do the checks stop like any kind of job. For the miscreant who gets 3 women pregnant out of wedlock progressively garnishee his wages for each kid he fathers…even if it is only a portion of the cost the state is on the hook for he will have some skin in the game whether he likes it or not.

        3. Similar reason, the state enforced transfer of wealth. Prior to the welfare was segregation or slavery where the wealth that was produced by slaves being legally taken. The guy who has stuff taken from is mad for obvious reasons. The recipient also has to justify in their mind their immoral action by viewing those who they are taking from negatively. Hence, you have slave owners in the 1800’s viewing blacks as subhuman. you have 1930’s Nazis view Jews as subhuman, and you have modern blacks demanding reparations from guys who never enslaved them.

        4. I believe the nazis viewed the jews like we do. As they are. I don’t know anybody crying about reparations. You might know more blacks than I do though…but I’d think if a person was upset and wanting of reparations it wouldn’t come from joe blow citizen but what do I know. Yeah, the system of worldwide segregation is what I’m alluding to. Why was that done? The campaign for a white Australia. Killing and deporting the aboriginies and surrounding islanders. The apartheid of South Africa that lasted well into modern times. Jim crow and the like here in the US. Seems like animosity bro. Sounds like somebody doesn’t like somebody

        5. I can find PLENTY of work for able-bodied individuals in my city – removing graffiti, cleaning out abandoned buildings and vacant lots, cutting grass and removing weeds, picking up trash and litter, painting and maintenance of street signs…If all of this was done by folks of all persuasions sitting on their ass waiting for a handout, I’d be living in the cleanest and safest city in the world!

      1. As a 28 year old african american, cacausian, Chinese, Mexican immigrant who identifies as a vuvuzuela, I agree as well!

        1. who identifies as a vuvuzuela
          I’m staying away from you. You’re the kind of guy that frequently attracts warning shots.

        1. Ah, you must be referring to my comment about old black musicians. I always listened to old music, even more lately.

    4. Honestly, I tease about rap a lot, but it is just like listening to any other genre of music. It is largely a hunt for microscopic diamonds in a steaming pile of elephant shit. The diamonds are there, but you’re going to go though a lot of awful shit to find them.

    5. I’m a regular ROK reader and I don’t agree all the time myself. It’s opinions and always something to think about. Thanks for the comment, Matt.

    6. If you’re on the pill then you already know there are forces behind the scenes pulling strings and profiting from pushing the narratives that are popular. If you’re a hip hop fan there is plenty of positive and skillful music for you to hear. You have more access to it now than ever bruh…what this guy is saying is from the pop culture view. The outsider view. He is talking about fitty cent lol ludacris…two artists who are in more movies and tv shows than they are songs for the last few years. He has no idea. If you are listening all the time though you should. You don’t have to look far and you won’t have to spend a dime.

    7. Rap would’ve been fine if it would’ve remained an underground sub genre where anyone without musical talent could express themselves, without bringing down mainstream music that should require real talent and music behind the songs.

    8. You are doing your community a service! You are right, some of what is here is like anywhere else. You have to weigh what is good, and sift out what isn’t. Such is life. Always has been.
      But you take this Red Pill to your friends. And I will look forward to the day I can enjoy businesses in your hood that are uniquely your own, without having to fear violence, and being able to enjoy your company without being told crap like “Check your privilege!” every thirty seconds.
      It takes a while. But it is totally worth it. Good luck. We’re rooting for you. Well, many of us are. Some here certainly are not. LOL

    9. While I agree with this article, I think it would of been better served examples if we used more current trends. Migos, 21 savage, yachty etc, etc. I mean point taken, but NY late 90s and 2000s hip hop was glorious. Mos, Nas, Mobb Deep, Joe budden, busta, not to mention the late greats. I don’t include jay z because he’s a virtue signaling bitc*.

  19. I never cared for rap and pretty much quit listening to black folks music when the funk went away.
    The worst thing about rap is it has infected all the other genres of music even to the point of having “bro-country”.

  20. It is encouraging the black youth to identify themselves with the gangster image and to treat women, white or black, as ‘hoes”.
    Should they treat women as “special” and “respect” them instead (regardless of how many cocks they’ve had)?

  21. It’s all music bro! White women music promoting the most slutty behaviour for women turning them into unfit to be relationship / marriage material.

  22. On a somewhat related note, I highly suggest anyone looking for long-term investment options to consider investing in hearing aids and other emerging trends for treatment of hearing loss and deafness. Because I see/hear so many people with the volume of their music in their cars and especially in their earbuds cranked up so loud, I know they are totally destroying their hearing. I was in the elevator the other day with a guy who had earbuds in his ears, and the music was so loud that I could actually understand the words to the song to which he was listening. All these dudes with their earbuds, earphones and jacked up car audio systems are going to be deaf as hell before long.

    1. Haha! That is a good idea. I had that happen on a flight. It was so loud that after bitting my lip for a half hour I had to yell at her to turn it down!

  23. Some of the best music came from blacks, a long time ago (prior to 1960). Lightning Hopkins, Blind Willie McTell, John Hurt, Big Joe Turner, Albert Ammons to name a few

    1. nah, lotta great stuff thru the 70s, then it died. white music died 20 years later. check this guy

      1. Call me ignorant, but I’ve listened to Bob Dylan, and I’ll agree with the South Park boys when they feel like it sounds like shit. It’s so boring and dull. It’s almost like proto hipster music. The guys from Mumford and Sons probably fap to this.

      2. He is one of my favourites artist, but I must agree. He never had a good voice (I especially mean vocal range, intonation, pronounciation) and it became worse and worse with the time.
        But I like the lyrics of his songs (at least most of them). Maybe if I were a native speaker I would see it in a different way, I admit.

  24. Been like this since 2005. I also remember whores twerking to the garbage which is cringe to look back on.

  25. I once heard it said that there are two kinds of Black music in America…”Black music before Sylvester Stewart & Black music after Sylvester Stewart.”

  26. Yes! Is so long overdue someone calling this out.. Was noting wrong with Michael Jackson, Isaac Hayes, Johnnie Lee Hooker, Ray Charles etc but all that hip hop stuff and the worshipping of it. Have noticed a bit of a trend in the alternative medias lately to ridicule the uncivilised nature of bad black behaviours which is fantastic to see as it has received a free pass from the establishment for too long.

    1. I never really liked Lorde. I always thought that, due to the song being released when she was 16, people would forget about her by the time she turned 18.

  27. Long Live Rock&Roll and fuck this ghetto jive bullshit and how it has corrupted America’s youth, pop culture, advertising, race relations, female behavior, etc.
    Blacks, ya’ll dun went wrong when you stopped playing guitar.

    1. yep, dont think there will ever be an influence on pop music such as what Albert, BB & Freddie, otherwise known as the 3 Kings did for it, and not only black music but all music.

  28. Second most dangerous job after crab fishing off the coast of Nova Scotia, is being an aspiring rapper from any big city ghetto.

  29. Miles Davis, John Coltrane, Lightin Hopkins (thanks Lolknee), Howlin Wolf, Sam & Dave, Jimi Hendrix (godfather of metal), etc…
    I still like NWA, Ton Loc and the old LL cool J tracks. They were speaking the truth in some of it.

    1. NWA.
      Trouble with ‘Strait Out of Compton’ is that is too good. Hard to really hate raping that good. Dirty ‘n wrong but damn good.
      ‘They were speaking the truth in some of it.’
      No idea, however there is some mileage in the idea that the welfare state destroyed the black family, first.
      Now, it’s destroying the white family will all the same results.
      Point being the women receive the welfare and their sexual behaviour destroyed black family life.
      Should sound familiar to white Americans….the demonisation of ‘gangstas’ and ‘dead beats’ is part of the process (along with worshipping single mothers…never fathers).

      1. Easy E was was selling something as “rock music” was on the declne. Fresh it was in 88′ but I would write off all music circa 92.
        No one plays an instument anymore and all singers need a synthcizer. Forget it.

        1. ‘I would write off all music circa 92.’
          Your being generous at ’92.
          Contemporary music hardly survived the 1980 (it’s zenith).
          If there are great bands emerging around 1990+, I missed them. All.
          There is the same phenomena occuring in all the arts.
          Buying a picture today, the chap told me in London at ‘a prestigious art gallery’ they are having an exhibition of…….selfies.
          He was distraught.
          Films, clothing (x200), hair, music, culture, drama, painting……
          Is there any area of human artistic expression that is healthy?
          I don’t know any.
          It’s very significant.

  30. I entered high school at the tailend of the 70’s. Black music was really good then and I listened to it all the time. Earth,Wind, and Fire, Commodores, and the like. Even KC and the Sunshine Band (I know, I get it, you guys don’t like disco – but KC was good). A lot of the jazz fusion was made by black musicians as well. It was all really good music, with the benefit of not being misogynist.
    Today’s black music is complete crap in comparison.

    1. I’m around the same age, & yeh I hated disco in the late 70s, however 40 years later looking back, all the people in the bands you listed were amazing musicians. As a guitar player myself I know how long it takes to master a musical instrument including singing, practicing as a band, dialing in your tone, etc, & there were no tools such as Autotune to fix anything. All the Motown singers & backing musicians made timeless music in one or two takes on 2-4 track equipment with little or improvised effects in Berry Gordy’s basement. 5 part harmonies in perfect pitch, everyone had to be good, no hiding mediocrity, unlike now where they are all a bunch of puppets. Great post man

  31. Drake the “rapper” and singer. It’s the better example of the emotionally, weak, supplicating male of this millennial society.

  32. According to Alex Jones, sometime in the 1980s, the record labels ALL switched to ‘gangsta rap’ at the same time.
    This was a clear policy that was explained to the artists.
    Jones claims his sources were in the room at these meetings including KRS1, from memory.
    No surprise to me.
    This trash, like all the other poisonous trash; is social engineering.
    Writer above missed out ‘daisy age’ rap. Positive and fun….

    1. Even Will Smith in his Fresh Prince persona was fun compared to having to listen to those ugly tatted up modern rappers.

      1. ‘Summertime’ is a pure classic.
        I’ve not actually listened to any rap for 25+ years.

        1. Just listened to it today through IHeart driving from work. Now I was still a young’in in elementary school when this one came out, but it still resonates big time.

  33. From what I gather from the comments, this is actually a Jew problem, rather than a black problem. They are force fed 50 Cent, we are force fed Miley Cyrus.

    1. I’m not sure if you are anti-Semitic, or not but we have a problem if we ‘blame the Jews’.
      The problem with that is no-one will ever do anything whatsoever about it, if the answer to our problem is ‘the Jews’.
      Not today, not tomorrow, not ever.
      However, we can do something about people who inflict Miley Cyrus on their defenceless daughters and rely on Welfare and other people to raise their children.
      (I’m not saying anything regarding your views on Jews and you will know this site has some ‘hatred inspired posters’.)

      1. My opinion on the Jews is still in deliberation. I just as well could have said “the puppet masters behind the scenes”. The New World Order types do have a strong Jewish following, but I don’t think it is mutually exclusive.

        1. I read so much hatred regarding Jewish people on certain US sites (not your good self, obviously).
          For me, even IF we could hypothetically ‘blame Jews’ for polluting advanced culture/s, just what does that say about those cultures and people in the first place?
          Even if this wicked b**tch was Jewish, it is the mothers who are taking their VERY young daughters to her sex-concert.
          You’ll have examples of this self destruction yourself.
          Jews are….an excuse to DO nothing about the world, for some.

        1. Cyrus is 100% disgusting.
          The life she leads in the MSM pages will be a horror show leading to the same end as other ‘starlets’ using sex to attract very young girls.
          ‘The Spice Girls’ did the same.
          Ariana Grande is utter filth, as are the women who decide to train their small girls to be whores by taking them to her sex-concerts.
          Think I’m exaggerating?

    2. That’s not a bad point, Johnson. I think you’re right. They force feed any culture’s youngest & most vulnerable whatever trite, belittling, brain-rottimg nonsense that culture is most susceptible to. But it’s just as much our fault for letting our kids eat it right up, too.

    3. Same thing with movies, sports, and the news. The Jews keep force feeding us crap. Also our education and financial system. All the most sensitive parts of the nation’s economy.
      Jews despise Trump because of his attack on the “Free Press”, they are anything but “Free”, they are bought and paid for by the big money interests.

    4. Dem joos, dem joos, dem BAD joos!
      Could swear that’s a song from somewhere. Mel Brooks maybe? Surely a jew is to blame for that too. 😀

  34. RUN DMC, LL “rock the bells” the FORCE MDs those were the days . fun fact! Don cornelius of “soul train” saw this shit coming, who really didn’t think much of rap . I also have a theory that some of the people who listen to this, do so in a kind of a twisted sort of keep up with the joneses .to be seen as “cool” and secretly don’t even like this shit ! rap really has degenerated into a low vibration low consciousness energy .

    1. As bad I hate to admit it, I used to listen to some of the early rap in the old days. Run DMC, Egyptian Lover, Whoduini etc.
      The difference in that and much of the other stuff I liked at the time was, I got tired of it quick (rap) but I still enjoy listening to the other stuff from back then.

  35. I have hated rap music since the 90s, almost entirely due to the content. Recently I got back into a little bit of Christian rap/hip-hop (CHH) when I found some stuff that didn’t sound awful and have crap lyrics (my dad bought some Christian rap back in the 90s and I was cringing back then, when I was a super nerd). Unfortunately of my favorite artists, Lecrae, gave me a real good lesson on why the black music industry, even in CHH, is so horrible. After he had posted some stuff on facebook about meeting Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton his posts took a massive turn towards being all about race rather than the gospel. I watched his TED talk on YouTube and was seriously disappointed when he started going on and on about how people outside the black community (read:white folk) during the 90’s viewed black music as being all about sex, drugs and violence, so that’s what the black music industry turned into! Sorry, no way! The black music industry, like any other industry out there, will find what people want and then mass produce it until its no longer a viable product! Guess what! Its been a couple of decades and the garbage that passes for rap/hip-hop is STILL a great product for its consumers! Not only do blacks consume it without question but now white people do too! And there are tons of copy-cats that have popped up in other culture groups too! This garbage sells to the most base and degenerate of humanity and as long as it keeps making money it will continue to be produced. And since it doesn’t look like the product is going to become old and stale any time soon, we can expect the glorification of the thug lifestyle to continue to thump in our ears.
    Now I’m going back to my Zeppelin, Jethro Tull and The Sword.

    1. I always hated rap music. I thought Michael Jackson was ok back in the day before he started going weird. Trump was a fan.

  36. Rapsters are so dumb they can’t even spell the name of the music they make. They forget the ‘C’.

    1. 50 Cent had a net worth of $165 million which got reduced to $15 million in one year.
      The real money behind the rappers are the Jews. Just like the stupid idiot football players and basketball players they are controlled by Jewish business interests.
      The first generation black athletes were good, Michael Jordan and Jerry Rice. Current generation are thugs and overpaid bums. They get rich because Jews like having these thugs in music, movies, and sports.
      Colin Kapernick grew up with white parents in a white neighborhood and is bitching about racial justice. He was paid $200 million by the Faggot Frisco 49ers. Now no team wants him. They don’t want a thug that has no appreciation. The vast majority of NFL fans won’t earn 1/100th what Kapernick was paid in their lifetimes.
      At least there is the NHL.

        1. He is a grade A piece of shit. I am more of an NHL fan anyway, the black thugs can do whatever they want in the NFL and NBA. Fuck them both.

      1. Sport are nothing more than a distraction from real issues. Men take a kids game played by adults more serious than political issues.
        Sports are a brach of the Zio objective, just like shitty music is made to dumb down society, ever wonder why it’s always blacks that whites are made to look up to? It’s easy to sell low IQ when the performer naturally has low IQ. Hard to sell low IQ when the performer has high IQ.
        Another Zio branch is Hollywood. Most movies are made to give men a huge emotional drain only to be drained some more in the latter half of the movie. Guardians of the galaxy vol.2 is a perfect example, movies are tools to make make into women, more emotonal than rational. That’s why the media has been shoving emotional charge and discharge down our throats.

        1. Wonder about Guardians, you got a white male who falls in love with a green lady who is really Hispanic in real life. Media bombards people with images of black men and white women. Why they have to condition white men to do the same?

  37. I have long believed that a “genre” of music has a life expectancy. The “Big Band” sound was replaced by the early rockers. They were replaced by the British Invasion who were kicked off the charts by the acid rockers.
    Disco invaded and died a merciful death to be replaced by “Big Hair & Spandex”. Grunge moved out of the Pacific Northwest in the Early 90’s, etc.
    You did a nice job profiling (can I actually USE that word?) the history of African-American music. I must confess that I have been baffled by the persistence of Hip-Hop.
    It is FAR PAST TIME for young African-Americans to create their own music. It’s time for an art form that offends their parents, something the “Old Farts” can’t understand.

  38. In all fairness, most genres, from punk to thrash, have started as crude and loud and misogynist as rap music. With that being said, rap stopped bring enjoyable and gritty a long time ago. Where’s my Gin and Juice Snoop?

    1. Its NOT misogynist if the women are into much more so than the men. Look at the crowds, what do you see? about 70 percent FEMALES all getting themselves in a lather. Misogyny is the most overused and abused bullshit NONSENSE in the past 40 years.

  39. So many things I’d like to say about this article but I think I’ll stick to 2 or 3 main points.
    a) What the fuck
    b) this guy REALLY likes Walk the Dinosaur (but let’s be honest, who doesn’t?)
    c) rap music actually has a really interesting history. Yes, it’s mostly given us terrible music for its 40ish year history as we know it…but that doesn’t mean all rap is awful, from any era there are some really talented lyricists & DJ’s, mixed in amongst the mountains of total shit. And the history of rap/hip hop is a really good example of how diversity can indeed produce some good things culturally — at least on an artistic level. You can’t say jazz was a valuable creation and rap was not in the same article. Like all the greatest forms of American music, they ALL came from cultures mingling, and people with good taste picking out the best of many genres to build something new. Rap is certainly no different. That history is something more people ought to learn about.
    Peace weace, fatty sausage guts

  40. Some old rap was good: Kool Moe Dee, Run DMC, Grandmaster Flash. It all went downhill after 1991. That was when the NWA album without Ice Cube came out and all the wiggas and Marky Mark wanna-be’s got into rap. 99% of it has been complete garbage since then.

    1. some of Grandmaster Flash’s songs actually had a positive message, i know right, hip hop not telling everyone to be thugs n’ hoes and do drugs n drive bys wtf?
      if you listen to his songs ‘white lines’ about cocaine (obviously) it tells the listener to NOT do blow and the inherent evils of it, and his song ‘the message’ tells the story of a mans journey into crime and how he ends up (in the can getting it in the rear)

  41. One thing the article didn’t mention is that today’s black music has no melody. Rap especially, but pop too.
    Listen to this Billy Ocean song from the 80s when black music was still being produced, with talented singers accompanied by talented musicians to create a catchy song.

  42. I used to listen to CD 101.9 back at its peak in the early 90s. It started going downhill around 1994 when its playlist got too repetitive. After that it became “Chill 101.9”, then an all news station, then a sports call-in station, and now whatever it is (since I don’t live in the NY/NJ area any more).
    However, rap was on its way up while smooth jazz was on its way down. Rap goes back at least to the early 80s (at least that was the first I heard it), but I think it has now run its course as well.

    1. Those white boys without shirts and one caveman playing the bongos did a pretty good cover of that. I’ve never been able to decide which version I like best.

      1. Fuck yeh man, I’m with you on that, Rare Earth kicked ass, full version of this is over 20 min long. They did a killer cover of I’m Losing you as well. Peter Rivera is one of the greatest drummer/singers of all time. He had more soul than Don Henley & a more aggressive drummer. Good call!

  43. Music in general started being garbage when MTV started “Yo,MTV Raps”.
    Most top40/pop radio stations began to play mostly rap or strongly rap influenced music around 1990 which is about when I stopped listening to those stations. In this area that didn’t leave much else to listen to other than country then, a couple of short years later Shania Twain came along and something happened to country music too leading it to complete ruin the last few years. Now when I turn the radio on it’s tuned to classic rock or when I want something different,classic country.
    I beg for something new to hear that doesn’t suck.

    1. Last year I got a new car that came with SiriusXM, never looked back. Even classic rock on mainstream radio has become the same 100 songs. A friend of mine has been at KLOS here in Los Angeles for 25 years, and he said the more monotonous they make it, the higher the ratings. For a few months he has his own show every Sat 9 to midnight called Horns Up that played cool hard rock & metal from the 70s – 80s & it got shit canned after 6 months for lack of listeners. They might as well just play Stairway To Heaven all day every day & watch the ratings go through the roof…it’s fuckin nuts.

      1. “They might as well just play Stairway To Heaven all day every day & watch the ratings go through the roof…it’s fuckin nuts.”
        thats freakin sad isnt it, i like Stairway, but after the first 1 million times it does get a little frustrating.

      2. Makes you wonder how much unconscious subliminal programming is in it that gets people to play it over and over again making them glazed eyed and reminiscing, ad nauseum. I get it, there was good music, but when its beaten to death for 30 some odd years as a constant drone, there is something in it that keeps people doing the Pavlovs dog reaction.

    2. Dropkick Murphys.
      Flogging Molly.
      The Pogues.
      You’re welcome.

  44. I don’t often listen to rap, but when I do, I make sure it’s a white rapper (not named MnM).
    Deep puddle dynamics- the taste of rain why kneel… best album…all white dudes
    Buck65- white rapper (I’m not sure if he still raps) he’s the bee’s knees!!
    JeL best producer… white dude
    I could easily name 10-15 white rappers not named MnM… that kicked ass 10 years ago
    Sonic Sum- the sanity annex
    I guess when you’re “privileged” you have to be creative since you can’t rap about the ghetto life style, bitches/crime/booze/cops/white devil.

  45. The Nineties was a time when there was still a good variety of music styles out there, club music was catchy, not too vulgar and even some rap had social consciousness.
    This song stuck with me, and as a white guy I could appreciate it’s fixation on the inheritance of a troubled, mixed blessing of a history, as well as frustration with oneself and with peers who fail to appreciate it and strive higher. Theres spiritual yearning too; an alien sentiment in mainstream music today.

  46. Come on, go further back.
    You’re not going to see an act like this today:

    Or a club like that, even if this were all set up for filming, even the ideal is dead.

  47. I have always seen this clip as a prime example of decadence and degeneracy, heavy with satanic and MK ultra symbolism.
    Lil Wayne – Love Me (Explicit) ft. Drake, Future

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  50. If white people stop purchasing degenerate rap music and going to concerts then degenerate rap music will go the way of the dodo bird. White dollars is what keeps rap music alive.

  51. Niggros were producing great music while under the ‘tutelage’ of whitey
    After emancipation they went their own way ie primitive/music-less garbage catering to their lowest instincts (muh dik)

  52. Can you tell us about some modern music that isn’t degenerate?
    I disagree about rap creating gangsters. More like the other way round.

    1. ‘..some modern music that isn’t degenerate?’
      How about ‘some modern anything’ that isn’t degenerate?
      Buying some art work yesterday, the chap (an old friend) told me about ‘an exhibition of ‘selfies’ at a prestigious London Gallery’.
      How doe we go lower?

    2. Can you tell us about some modern music that isn’t degenerate?- No
      I disagree about rap creating gangsters. More like the other way round.- I’m going to call 50/50 on that. A lot of little kids listen to that and try to emulate “thug life” and think they can can have that life too, without realizing that it mostly ends in premature death or prison.

      1. Well I listened to rap a long time before the gangsta stuff. That said, there have always been gangsters. Kids generally imitate whoever has the juice where they live.

  53. There is still good Black music out there. I listen to a lot of Blues, which is great. Yet not many music sites even list blues as one of their genres.

  54. Pretty much all of the big-name rappers rip music off of real musicians.

    They can’t write anything original so they have to take the beat or chorus from a popular song from the past and just talk over the top of it with their gangster lyrics. But those songs they rip off are protected by copyright so the original writers of the songs get a cut of any royalties.

  55. When your cultures proudest achievement is rythmically clapping your asscheeks together (I believe they call it twerking), you know your “culture” has gone down the s*itter.

        1. I assume you don’t walk around like this. I meant as if I was talking to one of these guys. I suppose boxers vs briefs is a blessing here though.
          Now if women did it, okay! (Except not really. Theoretically I should find Lady Gaga’s no pants look appealing, but she is so creepy. I don’t think it really caught on.)

  56. that’s one of the reasons i have more respect for primitive african tribal blacks, than these american ghetto niggers

  57. Thanks for the trip down memory lane. Smokey clubs, low talk, ice in glasses clinking……
    Gangster rap? So true, every single young black man I come across in my job is writing stupid verses on scraps of paper in order to be a “rap star”. Just makes me wanna laugh.
    Gangster? Go ahead, get stupid, your dumbass behaviour is my job security.

  58. Funny how you had to make it a “black” issue when all music is shit these days, even music done by white people. You fuckers are just on a racist rampage because you’re scared little white cunts.

  59. What Luthra says regarding black music is true (and even 1990s gangsta rap had more heart and talent than the swill you hear today), but the decline is also very evident in white pop. Rock scarcely exists nowadays; what you do hear from YT is lame-ass tart pop from the likes of Arianna Grande, Justin Bieber etc. Let’s face it, popular music hit the wall around 1990.

  60. It isn’t just rap and hip hop. Look at any genre of popular music being pushed by the corporate entertainment industry.
    Rap/Hip Hop-
    Aimed at: The youth. Blacks. Whites. Hispanics.
    Themes: Promiscuity. Drug use. Violence. Materialism.
    Pop (Miley Cyrus, Nikki Minaj, Arianna Grande, etc)-
    Aimed at: Young girls
    Themes: Promiscuity. Degeneracy. Partying and drug use.
    Aimed at: Whites. Male and female.
    Themes: Drinking. Beta behavior. “Female empowerment”.
    Aimed at: Whites. Primarily young white males.
    Themes: Hopelessness. Depression. Impotent anger. Drug use.
    That’s not to say that all of it’s bad. Each of those genres have some examples of really good, positive music. But you’re not going to hear that stuff on the radio or see it pushed on YouTube. You’ve got to dig for it. All of the music being pushed as “mainstream” seems to have only one purpose. To demoralize, degrade, and debase the listener and society in general.

  61. You seem to say MJ is a bad influence but he seems to share the same sentiment about jews as some RoK members feel.

    1. Well, he started with the crotch grabbing in the mainstream. (Well, Jim Morrison of The Doors famously either flashed or grabbed his crotch on stage, but it was a one-off and he was extremely drunk. Just looked it up: Miami in 1969, convicted of indecent exposure and open profanity, sentenced to 6 months hard labor and a $500 fine, died while under appeal.)
      At least Michael Jackson was a singer who sang and sang well! He was an accomplished dancer! At least his songs had melodic tunes!

  62. Thug life rappers don’t even represent gangster street life once they make it big. What gangbanger walks around in designer clothes anyway. There seems to be a trend, when they’re underground they talk about real thug problems once they make it big all they rap about is their sodomite drug fueled nights no more gangbanging, drive by shootings or GTA or fearing how their night could be their last praying to Jesus

  63. Given the nature of the platform the ROKs website provides and the prevailing views of its readers, you wrote this opinion piece fully aware of the controversial and shameful historical context of labelling particular music styles as ‘degenerate’.
    By prominently describing, in the article’s title, contemporary black music as ‘degenerate’, you knew ROK readers would make the link with the Nazi Party’s crusade against ‘Entartete Musik’ and ‘Negermusik’.
    It’s common knowledge the Nazis considered this ‘degenerate music’ to be made by people belonging to inferior races. Concerned ‘degenerate music’ would corrupt Ayrian youth, by exposing them to ‘subnormal’ Negro culture and insidious Jewish ideas, the Nazis prohibited the music and sent many Jazz musicians to concentration camps to suffer slow, inhumane deaths.
    The vast majority of people writing about the appalling misogyny and glorification of gang violence in some found in some rap lyrics, would take extra care to avoid generalising or making any links with race; most people would go out of their way to avoid any association with Nazis racial politics and policy on ‘degenerate’ music and musicians.
    Yet, you purposefully describe contemporary black music as ‘degenerate’ in a deliberate and unabashed provocation. By describing all contemporary black music as ‘degenerate’ and making links with race, you demonstrate that you have no qualms with Nazis’ racial views and aesthetics. (Elsewhere on this site is a piece bemoaning the fact that ‘ugly’ African women are winning beauty contests in Europe as the result of misguided political correctness).
    Worst of all, you unashamedly not only make gross racial generalisations, but you also you show no sensitivity and don’t appear at all anxious to disassociate yourself with the persecution of black and Jewish musicians, and the racial policy on ‘degenerate’ music that formed a central part of the Final Solution.
    You’re obviously racist.

    1. Ridiculous! The whole article is comparing the days when black musicians actually played musical instruments to nowadays. If he’s saying blacks are inferior races musically, how on earth did they produce the music he is lauding? It’s not at all a ‘gross racial generalisation’ since the comparison is on historic and not racial terms.

  64. In the picture with the tiger lady, those dots make it look like she has a bad case of cellulite. Strange, perhaps they are some kind of watermark on the image?

  65. I grew up with 70’s music, didn’t realize I’d be hearing it over and over again the rest of my life. Really enjoyed some bands in the 80’s. Things went downhill after that.
    I started getting into “World Beat” music after that.
    Here’s a great Tuareg guitar band, Tinariwen:

    The great Senegalese guitarist Jimi Mbaye. Named after Hendrix:

    Lots of good stuff from Brazil, here’s my favorite female vocalist.

    I guess to enjoy this kind of music you have to be okay with not understanding the lyrics.

      1. The rapper guy? He does resemble some Nigerians I know. The singer is Baaba Maal who appears to be Senegalese now, when I researched.
        I like this as a song but I notice nowadays it does claim all drums are African and pushes the out of Africa theory.

  66. ah the sainted, glorified and protected at their finest. Beethoven and Tschaikovsky must be rolling in their graves.

  67. “I’m gonna have to sort of, disagree with you here,”
    Hip hop artists and rappers have the absolute best understanding of the true nature of the modern, damaged woman.
    Zum beispiel: which song more accurately captures the modern woman: “Gold Digger” by Kanye West or “Treat you Better” by Sean Mendez?
    Gentlemen of the jury I rest my case

  68. The producers and marketers with money and power don’t care. People keep buying it. And low IQ people are proliferating more.

  69. I notice the music went downhill since the first generations born under the welfare state came of age.

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