3 Reasons Why The Democratic Party Has Already Lost The 2020 Presidential Election

Our enemies have not only overplayed their hand in a panicked spiral over these last few months, but have also demonstrated a shocking inability to read the new zeitgeist and learn from their mistakes. Mark my words: there is a 0% chance of a Democratic Presidential victory in the 2020 United States elections.

While the reasons for this are many and varied, I’ve done my best in today’s article to distill the three most prominent reasons for why I believe that any attempt at victory on their part will lead to nothing but yet another of the disastrous humiliations they’ve been subjecting themselves to since Trump’s victory.

November 8th, 2016, was a sign that the pendulum of American politics is now swinging in the other direction. As Rhythm is an eternal Law of Nature, it will now continue swinging rightward for at least several decades until hitting its peak and returning course in the other direction at some time in the future.

This being the case, I believe we should be conducting ourselves with a forward-thinking mindset, and putting more focus on what we will be building over the next decade than how to defeat an opponent that has already lost.

That said, let’s take a look at three concrete reasons for why the Democrats have already lost in 2020.

1. They Are Losing Constituents (And Gaining None) With Each Passing Day

Even their politicians are starting to abandon ship.

With each failed attempt to market Social Justice to the American public (and it fails every single time), more citizens “wake up” to what’s going on. Their minds piece together the grand tapestry on a higher level, and they feel the sting of betrayal from the establishment they had previously thought had their best interest in mind.

Every time this happens—which is now a weekly if not daily occurrence—more and more of those who grew up on the left begin to question their old beliefs. The questions that have been brewing in their minds for some time finally boil over into full-blown curiosity, and they start looking around for answers that can help them reconcile what they’re observing with what they’ve been told is the truth.

This does not–ever—lead to the conclusion that everything is “as it seems.” The deeper down the rabbit hole they go, the more exposed they become to the truth which has been hidden from them; this inevitably pushes them away from the left, especially as they begin to realize who is responsible for keeping it all hidden in the first place.

This same phenomenon is not occurring on the other side of the spectrum. There are no conservatives or traditionalists who, observing what’s happening in the world, are abandoning their beliefs in favor of “social justice.”

The only people “social justice” appeals to are those who have already made up their minds… and more and more change their minds daily. The Universal Mind of the American public is only traveling in one direction—and with the latest revelation that millions of illegals have been voting Democrat for at least eight years, it seems likely this has been the case for much longer than is now becoming obvious.

Their one and only hope of winning the popular vote is to flood the country with illegals and remove the citizenship requirement for voting. I don’t think this is going to happen, since more people than ever are now keeping a very close eye on this process and I suspect there will be some major criminal cases soon regarding those who have been trying to hinder the legal voting process from behind the scenes.

Our President obviously knows this, and I suspect his latest immigration act was drafted to hinder illegal leftist votes more than for any other reason.

2. They Have Boxed Themselves Into A Corner

An artist’s sketch of the 2020 Democratic candidate pool.

By having no more coherent message than “down with white men,” Democrats have automatically limited their leadership options to only white women, minority women, or minority men.

All three options lead to a fractured party (and an electoral loss) given the particular quirks of the leftist mind. I will detail these in a moment.

They cannot run a white male Presidential candidate, because even more of their rapidly-shrinking base will jump ship than is already happening anyway. Regardless of what the white male might say, most of their audience is not really able to grasp anything beyond surface characteristics, so even if he says things they agree with, they will feel bad if they cast a vote for a white man.

And at the end of the day, feelings is what leftists go with. He won’t win, no matter how much he throws his own race and gender under the bus attempting to do so.

For the record, I’d vote for a traditional Christian minority over a white liberal atheist 9 times out of 10. I very strongly believe that any form of nationalism without God at the center is bound to fail, and that ultimately faith is a stronger tie than ethnicity.

Theocratic Nationalism makes more sense to me than any other kind, and brings blessings which I frankly don’t see with less traditional forms of government.

Anyway, that is a matter for a different time. Back to the topic at hand.

Given the bewildering level of identity politics at play within the Democratic Party, the other options are also bound to end in nothing but division and in-fighting. If they run a white female, most of their constituency will still complain that she’s white and ultimately not support her.

White women themselves generally hated Hillary Clinton and many voted for Donald Trump, so they have already demonstrated that a candidate’s simply being white and female is not enough to win them over. They prefer more traditional values over the identity-politics game.

But if the Democrats run a minority female, the anti-white, anti-male message she will have to run on will invariably alienate the majority of the American population. If they run a minority male, the other minority groups will complain that 1) he’s a man, and 2) he isn’t doing enough to serve the minority groups of which he himself is not a member.

The leftist hoax of “intersectionality” is a lie. When the rubber hits the road, their constituency is nothing but a bunch of competing victim groups that each chooses its own interests over that of the others.

In other words, Democrats have no winning plays in the 2020 election. It’s already over.

Ultimately, the left simply cannot and will not appeal to the majority of the legal American population either way. They have made “whitey is evil” their sole point of rapport with their constituency, and—how fortunately for us—seem utterly incapable of learning from past mistakes.

Not enough people believe in this message to vote for them, and the vast majority of the legal American population has become unwilling to vote for candidates who do nothing but insult them.

Even the massive censorship on public utilities like Facebook and Google has been unable to contain the obvious shift in narrative which has occurred over the last few months.

Since the “mob-rule Democracy” we now live in basically means that whoever tells the masses what they want to hear wins (one of the Founding Fathers’ worst nightmares) you simply cannot win the Presidency by running on a message that the majority of the population does not want to hear.

3. We Will Probably Be At War

Whether it’s with Russia, Iran, North Korea or simply multiple factions of a Civil War here in America, I think there is a decent chance that the United States will be at war during the 2020 election. There will definitely be a war sometime during the decade, but it might happen a bit early.

If you look at American history, you will quickly discover that Presidents who run for reelection during wartime simply do not lose.

Whether it’s because the American public has decided it’s too risky to make that big of a change when things are already so tumultuous, or patriotism and “love for the leader” are heightened during times of conflict, we always stick with what we’ve got when the going gets tough militarily.

Ironically—and depending on which of these countries we’ll end up at war with by 2020—there’s a good chance it’ll be a result of the establishment’s saber-rattling. Yes, the same establishment that threw everything it had into the disastrous loss of Hillary Clinton in 2016 may well be entirely responsible for the fact that their next puppet will lose as least as soundly as she did (and likely by a wider margin).

So you see, gentlemen, the Democrats have already lost. And they’ve lost badly. Rather than continuing to ridicule them and pick apart their arguments (as fun and easy as that can be), it is far more prudent at this point in time to decide on what we want the shape of post-2020 America to look like.

It is time to formulate and verbalize precisely what we want moving forward, so that our leaders in the near future can begin building their platforms and policies now. Being ignored will sting the Democrats even more than all these recent losses have, since they seem to love drama and attention more than they like winning anyway.

Instead of wasting our time with fruitless debate, let us simply mock them for having already lost. Let them sputter and squeal in their desperate attempts to stay relevant; let us drown out their cries with our laughter.

As we begin to deprive them of the attention and respect they most desire, they will double-down on their insanity and simply push more and more of their already-shrinking base over to our side. All while we prepare and move our desired pieces into place.

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323 thoughts on “3 Reasons Why The Democratic Party Has Already Lost The 2020 Presidential Election”

    1. What the current Republican Party didn’t seem to realize was that after Trump was elected, they lost too. Just the sheer fact he was able to campaign with so much success should have told them something about the American people. They were just too stuck in their ways to see it.

      1. I wouldn’t say “stuck in their ways” so much as “willfully blind.” These fucks have gone on for far too long offering no real alternative to the shit the democrats peddle. The only choice you have is between shit you don’t want, or a little less of the shit you don’t want. Trump was an A-bomb on the established order, and his election should be screaming “reverse course.”
        Take healthcare. These cucks think they risk losing their seats if they vote to repeal AS THEY HAVE DONE NUMEROUS TIMES BEFORE. Completely retarded. Whatever votes would be lost had they voted straight repeal were those they were never going to get anyway. The votes they will now lose are guys like me who will say, you’re a bunch of lying sacks of shit, I’ll find the guy who will vote on a one line repeal bill and send him instead.

        1. Pretty much in complete agreement with you. I’ll continue to hope for the best when I go to vote but I’ll always expect the worst.
          As for now, my biggest hope is that McCain lives long enough to decide to run for re-election only to get booted out of office.

    2. “The Republican party as it exists will be destroyed .”
      This has been ongoing for a few years now at the local and state level. Those remaining RINO bitches in DC are fearing for their shittly little lives because there is a rather large purge going on within the ranks and ther are going to lose their place at the troff.
      I had coffee with a local rep a few weeks ago when I was home and heard some (IMO) pleasing news. A lot of the old glad handing GOP types from the court house to the state house have lost their positions as consvatives challenged them, and won, in the primaries. This has been going on since the Tea Party types appeared and isn’t stopping. As my (who was originally a libertarian) friend said, “we are here to take over the Party, not bow down to it.” I look for alot of John McCain types to either bow out or switch parties in the coming years.

      1. Good riddance to McCain and his ilk, hopefully. He is such a lying, sellout toad and is embarrassing even considering the typical scum-sucking Washington RINO political hacks in power.

      2. the neocons as i believe they are called got a huge win when bush the younger got in and have been riding that wave even as it has begun to shrink. the tea party people are the true conservatives imo. People like Rand Paul,Cotton, mike lee and even that creepy looking dude ted cruz are the conservatives we need more of in my opinion. I think candidates that run strong on immigration and privacy could do very well. Losers like graham, rubio, mcconell, mccain and flake need to get the hell out

        1. Complete agreement. I would advocate getting street fighter types like Jim Jordan (he was the rep that sought action against the IRS for targeting conservative groups) to fight the entrenched deep state. The corrupt citadels in DC need to be torn down and there is plenty of agreement from the citizens on that to build on.

      3. And just remember, it was these RINOs that were in favor of more immigration. You had Ted Cruz and Marcio Rubio asking to increase the H1b visa quota from 85,000 to 325,000! These are not the types of Republicans I want to have. The last Bush president is a prime example. He flooded our country with third world immigrants, went to a war that was not warranted, cost us American lives on US soil, and had corrupt people working for him like Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfield.

        1. “cost us American lives on US soil”
          You want to square that one or you pinning 9/11 on him too?
          I preferred GWB over the sex poodle, but to each his own. IIRC Don Rumsfeld left ater Bush cleared his cabinet after the re-election and I honelty thought Don did all right. I think George turning left after re-election wasn’t an apiphany he may have had– just both parties are bought and represent the same coin. They are doing the bidding of those who pay them.

        2. Plenty of Americans die every year on US soil at the hands of illegal immigrants without getting into 9/11.

        3. 17 killed in suburban nyc by ms13 since jan…still had protesters supporting these guys at the courthouse…crowd chock full of lesbians…the mind boggles

        4. Exactly, all these lobbyists and their bribes really screwed us up. You have the tech lobbyists allowing for more increased quotas to bring in imported cheap labor, and now you got all the feminazis advocating for equal pay and abortion rights. Look at what that has done to our country. Trump is the one who is here to clean that mess up. The question is, will he?

        5. People talk about Muslim “no go” zones in Sweden and France. Shit, we got whole towns that are Mexican “no go” zones in the US.

        6. “Will he?” is a good question. “Can he?” is another good question. “What will they do to him if he does?” is also another good question.

        7. You want to stimulate the economy? Get rid of H1Bs and watch people flock to get trained as programmers.

        8. I would answer “exactly what they are doing right now: trial by the media.” He is deemed guilty of Russia collusion without any supporting facts, for example.

        9. Importing cheap labor, replace it with American citizens, right? Trump is a parenthesis. People forget that dems will get back to power, or maybe another party, Trump is 4 years, maybe 8, but I think he is just tiny piece in a bigger picture.
          This is like the 20’s century far right politics. Same old song. Science does not give a shit about that.
          Robots will replace you, and the immigrants. Please look at robotics, I am nerdy about it, but I see now, why the next step will not be about nations, and globalism. I believe a lot of people are going to lose their jobs in the next decade.
          Robots are coming, for us, and Sarah Connor…

        1. Volunteer. Some are not cut out for public office, but loads of work to help those who are able and willing.

    3. “On a more fundamental level, they are going to lose because they cannot be honest with themselves about why they lost. There is no real self-reflection.”
      Self-reflection would require the capacity for rational dissent to have any meaning (I believe), and if there is one thing that leftists are absolutely incapable of it is dissenting from the Party Line.

      1. Exactly. That’s why we need to be paying just as much attention to voting in congressmen and senators as the American people have presidents. There has simply not been enough emphasis on that. Instead they almost always vote the same idiots in and this MUST change or forget winning anything.

    4. If Clinton had reversed it, she’d be the level headed saint who put the
      needs of our nation above identity politics. But because Trump did it, […]

      Absolutely. It recalls the argument put forth by an ACLU lawyer that the travel ban Trump tried to institute would be constitutional if Hillary had been the one to do it.
      If it wasn’t for double standards, …

    5. There is no difference between the Democrat party and the Republican party. At the top level, they are the same people with the same interests and the same values… i.e., money and power for themselves. The GOP never gets anything done because they don’t want to get anything done. It never stops the Dems from advancing the leftist agenda because it doesn’t want to stop that agenda. Everything else is just smoke and mirrors to fool the sheep.

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    6. I have seen some real underhanded crap from a few of them. In my State there are very few counties where Democrats can win. So progressives run as Republicans and then vote like Democrats. When they get challenged a few have gotten some of their friends to run to help split the “anti incumbent” vote. I would really like to have a run off law instituted.

    7. The sorrowful truth is they do not need to be honest about why they lost, or about anything else. They just need to repeat the lie enough times that the lie is all anybody ever hears, thinks, or repeats.
      They’re almost there.

  1. Stay in shape. Captain Sommerset may need you young, strong men for for a light infantry company soon.

  2. You can be a democrat, a communist, whatever. Just don’t put feelings into politics or act like a wimp while you sell your product which is your idea or your best candidate.

  3. Be carefull. If they can’t win, they are able to make a deal with a more ‘convenient’ Republican.
    Foundamentally, most high level ‘Democrats’ and ‘Republican’ are the same (same sponsors, at least).
    And the Left is quite good to create chaos… All they have to do is to make a mess, push Trump to the Exit, and let a New ‘Republican’ solve things (A Republican Barack Obama ? ),.. in exchange for a big part of the pie…
    Politic as usual…

  4. anyone think n korea really has a missile that can hit middle america? the entire country seems like a potemkin village

    1. Evidently they have a missile that can hit middle America, they just don’t know where it will land.
      In a few years when they’ve developed their own hydrogen bombs it won’t matter where it lands.

    1. demography is destiny, and we re almost at that tipping pt where marxist maniac voters will outnumber the sensible ones

      1. “demography is destiny, and we re almost at that tipping pt where marxist maniac voters will outnumber the sensible ones”
        Thats what concerns me the most.

        1. Well, to borrow from Ted Nugent re: a coming civil war, one side has 8 trillion rounds of ammunition and the other side doesn’t know which bathroom to use.

        2. That’s a cute anecdote but… The left are organized and can deploy “troops” very quickly as we have seen with the BLM, anti-fa and other protests. What has the right got? One hundred eighty million guns, trillions of rounds and perhaps three percent of the population with the will to stand up, but no organization. Even a poor plan is better than no plan.

        3. Plus, the left will be chock full of soldiers trained in live combat on the inner city streets of Chicago, Detroit, LA, etc., not to mention the (figurative and perhaps actual) troops they will be able to pull from Mexico.

        4. UN “peacekeepers” won’t give a shit about our lives, our rights or our Constitution. This could end up looking like Afghanistan.

        5. Very true, they are pussies. And its always hard to hit something when you are holding the gun sideways with one hand while holding up your pants with the other.
          Nonetheless, the left does have armed and violent factions within it.

        6. People who live in cities are just a food supply for the cannibals. Life is a lot different outside of cities.

        7. I got to meet Antifa up close and personal at a recent event they were protesting. Trust me when I say they are the unhealthiest group of white people I’ve ever seen. Two of these “street soldiers” were literally so obese they had to protest sitting down in the shade for the entire event.

        8. Quite so. That is why I don’t live in a city. I figure that once the city proper gets done consuming itself, who or whatever lives will head to the suburbs. The “burbs” burning will be the buffer as well as the canary in the coal mine. At that point long range marksmanship will be a handy skill to have…

      2. What’s that saying about a democracy never survives the point where 51% of the population figures out they can vote themselves all the shit of the other 49%?

        1. I think thats the saying. long term, unless the school curriculum is changed, its over. harvard took down a painting of shakespeare, replaced with black lesbo poet.

        2. Well, they are threatened by a fat, old, white dude who submits to asking for permission to go to the bathroom and apologizes for accidentally using his hands to gesture while he talks, so….

      3. Dems have won the popular vote in six out of the last seven Presidential elections. If it weren’t for the electoral college, we would already be screwed. And eventually that won’t be enough to stop the equatorials and the libtards from winning every election.

        1. this country will break up if they ever get rid of that…its why the founders created it in the first place- to prevent states from attemptin to secede out of frustration

        2. Yeah, that is the thing that is a really huge problem here. These elitists will lie, cheat and steal to get their way. We need to do a lot more to address voter fraud.

        3. They won’t have to get rid of the electoral college. Eventually the white guilt combined with the population increase of non-whites will simply overwhelm us.

        4. There’s only two solutions:
          1. Quality- change voting to more stringent requirements.
          2. Quantity- change the voting demographic by restricting immigration and somehow increasing the non-libtard population.

        5. Ideally a combination would be implemented to maximize efficacy. Simply eliminating universal suffrage would make an immediate and massive difference. A federal tax payer (less than half the population) that can pass the citizenship test is where I would start with that.
          Increasing legal incentives for men to marry (and women to not divorce them) along with immigration reform would make long term gains so that we could comfortably have children and raise them in a sane environment. Obviously I’m not optimistic about the outlook.

        6. Heck, lets do what Poland does and offer cash for each extra child brought into this world.

        7. If the republicans would learn to separate church and state, dump the religion based politics and stop pushing away non christian voters, most of this problem would go away.
          The Republicans are their own worst enemy.

        8. Your comment is great. If you stick with facts, and you get rid of the electoral college, it’s done. The country votes more democrat than republican. And no, it was not millions of illegals coming in buses, in a system without the electoral college, Trump would have lost.
          If one those bozos start messing up with the electoral college, it’s done.
          As far as war, the US has been at war with pretty much everybody (including the civil war), since its existence.
          Some wars were justified, others put the world in a big mess.
          Trump will lead us to war, his image is too damaged inside his own country. He has supporters but it’s shrinking left and right.
          In front of that, the dems are totally lost, with nobody worth listening.
          People forget that Clinton and Trump were never candidates of the consensus. Their personalities are divisive. It’s either/or.
          So, coming back to my friend Machiavelli…
          How the hell do you rule over, a country that is so divided?
          You can’t. But a foreign power could.

      4. Agreed. To me it’s a toss up 50-50. Demographically, the Dems have the advantage. However, as a former D myself, they have been gradually alienating every sane group that supported them for 15 years. They are very close to losing blue collar white workers and they cannot win by just appealing to a bunch of crazy fringes (ie the LBGQUSIUOTIOD Tranny Muslim Black Lives Matter party).
        I don’t really care who wins at this point because I don’t see enough of a difference between the two and democracy is a bad thing anyway, but I say it’s a tossup.

  5. My poorly informed analysis of democrat losses is white union voters jumped ship. Many of those people voted democrat for years because that’s what union members were supposed to do even though they pretty much disagreed with democrats on everything else. The democrats have been courting all the various victims groups for 30 years while ignoring the rest, now they are paying the price.

    1. well, the middle class has disappeared over the past 30 yrs, so who else should they court? legal and illegal immigrants, welfare cases, single moms, lgbt crowd…

    2. also there must of been many many people that never voted before voting for trump. Ik personally over a dozen and everyone of them voted for trump or 3rd party

    3. Pretty much the same story as the Labor Party in Australia. Funny thing is their best PM of the last 40 years was one Bob Hawke- who would be dismissed as a beer-swilling womaniser were he active in politics today.

  6. Don’t get over-confident. I could see a Kamala Harris scooping up more white women’s votes and inspiring an increased minority turn out (the black vote — a central Democrat constituency — was down in 2016). Not only that, as an Attorney General, she can make a pitch to law-and-order types.
    She is also less obviously repulsive to white males than Hillary (although who isn’t?).
    No-one here will vote for her — and rightly so — but there’s plenty of “Americans” who will.
    The Democrats are down, not out.

    1. Blacks are lazy you can’t rely on them when things don’t go their way they burn down their own neighborhoods.
      White voters will think twice about voting for another black.
      SJWs will have to repackage themselves with John Cena if they want to win.

      1. Hope you’re right — although black females seem to be the “safe” option for some white people. See Oprah.

    2. Exactly. This is gross overconfidence and lacking perspective. Democrats could easily be back. It’s up to Trump to have at least the perception of a successful administration to win re-election.

    3. We should never underestimate our enemies — that would be extremely dangerous. The Democrats may very well win the elections in 2018 and 2020. And if that happens, they will most likely unleash a “Red Terror” against anyone whom they suspect of not agreeing with their agenda.

  7. I don’t consider Democratic politicians switching to Republican a positive development…this is how we got the globalist, hawkish neo-cons during the George McGovern candidacy in 1972.

    1. True, but those turning to the new Trump Right are not Neocons like those of old. The Trump phenomenon is a wrecking ball to the classic GOP, who have now been exposed as nothing more than shills for the same elite who control the Left. I think people are beginning to wisely read the tea leaves and notice that the new Right is going to take this country in a very different direction.

  8. Democrats did not try to do anything for working class whites. Still the razor of victory among rust belt voters were thin. It was 80,000 votes in PA, MI, and WI. And Ohio Trump won by only 100,000 votes.
    Democrats could have easily won with Sanders or Biden, both were born in working class white families.
    If Democrats pick another female they will lose. A white male with moderate views they could win.
    Also when you think of it the Republicans are so different from Nixon and Reagan’s days.

    1. Funny how it seems like most every election is the most liberal wacko Democrat against the most “centrist” Republican.

      1. Wacko democrat who is an open communist and promises to enslave the populaton under his tyranny and turn the a country into Venzuela.
        And he would have probably have won. That’s the scary part.

        1. Sanders would have surely had a very difficult time passing his stated agenda, had he been elected. I think a lot of people liked the old bastard because he seemed genuine, which is something at least.

        2. I found him to be a senile old gas bag who should find his way to a nursing home along with his wife (who is currently under federal investiagion).

        3. I hear you on that and post-election, the Sanders have definitely been exposed as largely hypocritical frauds, like you just said. Big shock, eh?

        4. Nope. I start from the position that all democrats are liars and hypocrites and I haven’t been wrong yet.
          Q: What’s the difference between socialism and the Chicago Cubs?
          A: The Chicago Cubs can point to a success about every 108 years.

      2. Clinton went after working class voters. Obama did it but with less sincerity.
        The Republicans chose dickless Romney to run against Obama. The man has the charisma of a goat.
        If they picked Rick Perry in 2012 or Ron Paul, Obama would have moved back to Chicago teaching the destruction of the Constitution to future ambulance chasers.

      3. The last great Republican was Ronald Reagan.
        Nixon was also far superior to any President of the past 28 years.

        1. A lot of people have posited that Nixon was the last “New Deal” POTUS, followed by the never-ending parade of neoliberal successors. Regardless, the guy was really one tough motherfucker.

        2. Reagan definitely had his strong points, but even he was controlled by the purse strings of bankers

        3. To some degree but nothing like today. Reagan threw crooked Jews like Michael Milken and Ivan Boesky in prison.
          Did Lloyd Blankfein go to jail? What about Richard Fuld who sabatoged his own company and started the financial meltdown.

        4. I had an 80 something year old guy (so around bem’s age) tell me the last real president was Ike. He said the rest were bought and paid for. This man told me in April of 2015 that Trump would be the only one who couldn’t be bought because he already had all the $$ he needed

      4. Could it be that the international banksters own both Team A and Team B? So no matter who wins they always win. We may not know for sure who’s really running the show but it ain’t the president or congress. The majority of them are little more than meat puppets.

        1. How about there is only one team: Team Elite. The political class in America has become an aristocracy. They don’t have to follow the same rules as us — the law treats them differently, the media treats them differently, etc. They pretend to fight each other for the spectacle of it, so they can keep selling us the lie that they are on our side, but they are all only on one side: their own side. They don’t give a fuck about us or the country.

        2. Right? At least there are penalties (like an injury) if you seriously fuck up at your job in the WWE.

        3. I’ve seen enough diva sex tapes by now to not be very impressed by their out-of-ring skills.

        4. The same way I can go to the coffee pot at work and not take a donut when the box is sitting there calling out to me. It’s an ancient mystical art known to the adepts as (((self control))).

        5. I know! For a lot people I work with it might as well be magic. They don’t seem to believe it even exists (based on their waistlines anyway).

    2. I disagree on Sanders. Biden is a maybe. But something that gets overlooked in these discussions of how close the margins were is that Trump got more votes while spending only half as much and campaigning in primarily assumed democratic strongholds (not NY and CA, but the rust belt). And, let’s not forget that he was also campaigning against two independent candidates, AND his own party, many of whom were actively campaigning against him AND the media who were actively colluding with the DNC to push the results in favor of Clinton. To me, this is not a story about razor thin margins and wavering support. It is a story about the appeal of Trump being tremendously understated and suppressed. Had he spent as much as Clinton did, or had the support of his own party, I bet the victory would have been crushing. If he could get some fair coverage of his presidency instead of constant focus on a Russia investigation to nowhere, you might see even the biased bullshit polls favoring him.

      1. Trump was a huge “fuck you” to the establishment. The Trump movement was not about Trump as a man or Trump as a politician, it was all about giving both the Republicans and the Democrats in Washington a giant kick in the nuts. The more the DC elites and the Hollywood idiots came out and shit on Trump, the more Trump’s popularity grew. He became a living meme that encapsulated a huge middle finger to the political establishment.

        1. I’m a Ron Paul supporter who voted Trump just for the reasons you stated. Anything else is an afterthought assuming Trump can overcome the turds in both parties to do anything for Americans anymore.

    3. “And Ohio Trump won by only 100,000 votes.”
      False. He won with over 460,000 votes in Ohio. There was reason the state was barely mentioned in the MSM in the run-up to the election. The internal polls knew the hag couldn’t beat the spread.

      1. Thanks for the correction but his wins in WI, MI, and PA were very thin.
        Bush crushed Kerry in Florida but eked out a win in Ohio in 2004.
        Trump won by over a 100,000 votes in Florida.

        1. I didn’t expect Trump to get WI or MI– that was just icing on the cake. The 4 states he needed to win were OH, PA, NC and FL. After PA fell, it was over.

        2. If the Democrats pick Liz Warren, Trump will be around for 8 years. Also it will be a slaughterhouse. Like Reagan Mondale.

        3. As a WI voter who has watched my state go to democrats for over 25 years, I was pleasantly surprised to see Trump win. I knew things were trending in the right direction when Clinton started to lose Florida. I said the “so you say there’s a chance???” and then Wisconsin numbers started coming in and Trump was leading. Pretty surreal haha

        4. LA Times was showing Trump in a lead. IBD and Rasmussen as well. In May Trump was surpassing Hillary in RCP and also after the RNC.
          The pendulum was swinging both ways it finally swung in Trump’s direction.

        5. I like WI, but never understood why you guys vote like Minnesota.
          I had a grin on my face all week which pissed all my euro colleagues off.

        6. I wish I could share your certainty. I think the bulk of the matter will rest with economic performance come election time.

        7. I dont really understand it either. My first time voting was in 2008 and our state went to Obama by 14 points. In 2012 it was much closer (sign of change?). Romney lost Wisconsin 7 points.
          If you look at the maps, in 2008, rural counties in central, western and north western Wisconsin voted Obama, but in 2012, many of them shifted to Romney. Im a firm believer that Palin killed a lot of traditional blue collar voters for McCain in 2008. Even if they didn’t vote for Obama, they wouldn’t vote for McCain, so those counties ended up going to Obama.
          If you look at the 2016 maps, the state is overwhelmingly red. The only prayer Clinton had, was to get the minority vote in Milwaukee and Madison and those were two places she absolutely refused to campaign at. The hubris of that thought process thrashed her chances at taking Wisconsin.
          While the election was “closer” this time around in WI it could have easily went to Clinton if she gave minority voters a reason to vote for her. She didn’t, and Trump stole a state he had no business winning.

        8. MSM ignored authentic polling data in favor of “muh feelings” data like Huff Po and others who proclaimed that Trump had no chance at taking the Presidency. Even Obama said “you’ll never be the President of the United States.” Even if Trump does not succeed in many of the things he campaigned about, it almost seems worth it to see these smug liberal twats get a real dose of reality. Not to mention Trump will install more conservative SC judges and at least for the rest of my life, the SC will swing conservative.

        9. Before the election, I recall watching a young black woman from Florida (campaign commity) who said Clinton isn’t going to win the state due to the same point you made– she never bothered to come down and give minorities a reason to vote for her. She also mentioned Hillary was ignoring her campaign advisers (shocker).

        10. i lived in both eastern and western pa during the election. Im honestly shocked it was that close because along route 80 u would see massive trump signs along the highway and i’d say the surrounding Pittsburgh area it was 25-1 trump to hillary signs, eastern pa not philly it was 10-1

        11. Ah, yes, this was Obama v Romney, where Obama took 107% of the voters in certain precincts in Philly, if I recall.

        12. That level of solipsism is insane. You said it too she sat in her ivory tower and couldn’t be bothered. She had it all figured out! And then had the gall to blame Comey because his re-opening of that investigation had so much impact on her losing the election.
          WRONG! The writing was on the wall. When you run a shit campaign, people notice. 2016 was already a bad year candidate wise and it really wasn’t too shocking to see Trump run an extremely successful campaign (the left would never credit Kellyanne Conway for being the first woman to run a successful campaign, but if she ran with Hillary, she’d be lauded as a greatest thing to female empowerment ever).
          Democrats and trot out whoever they want, I think they’ll get crushed not only in 2018, but in 2020 as well. I doubt conservatives are going to be as stupid as democrats and assume they have everything locked up. They’ll do whatever it takes to win those seats and keep a “conservative” president in office for 8 years. It might not matter since they aren’t really getting a lot done at the moment. But Democrats are at their weakest point as we speak.

        13. Can’t speak for anyone else, but my (conservative) tribe are all in. There is no going back. The younger generation makes Goldwater look like a piker.

        14. Still, given how many districts are 100% black, Romeny didn’t have a chance in hell. So make it 100% instead of 107%

    4. all right besides ohio which was a blowout for trump with an 8% victory, it’d be nice to grab minnesota

    5. “She spent most of the summer of 2016 in her getaway in the Hamptons” Arrogance, and ill health.

  9. It looks very likely that the Donald may very well be a war president by the end of 2017, thereby ensuring his reelection as the author posits. Although technically he is already a war president anyway, thanks to his predecessors wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria and a multitude of proxy wars still ongoing. Come to think of it, has the U.S. ever been engaged in so many wars at once (see also: Libya, Yemen, the Philippines, drones in Pakistan, etc.)?

    1. no but that’s because they now attack small countries and try and spread their will unlike the past when they’d go head to head with france, spain, the uk, germany, japan and the soviet union, so they can spread the war around. If we ever got in a straight on war with russia or iran or china i bet we’d drop those side wars in a hurry

        1. Oh wow, come to think of it you are spot-on there! I totally forgot about Mr. Garrett, but quite the doppleganger (is he so hard-up for work as to be moonlighting for the “sexy man” ads here? Shite…!

        2. Old-timers like me might remember Spy magazine, that had ‘Separated at birth’ as a regular feature. Humorous magazine with occasional really serious investigative journalism.
          (In retrospect I wonder if a lot of these Hollywood/TV/media celebrities weren’t Jewish, perhaps even distantly related. Here Garrett is actually Gerstenfeld, goes with my Seinfeld post, but Morgan isn’t actually Jewish, although he often plays Jewish roles. That’s a switch, I’m used to things like Jewish actors playing Italian, and even remember Joey Bishop [who?; I’m old] playing a Native American, that’s a hoot:

        3. There’s been some research done on this subject by a dude named Miles W. Mathis. What he’s found out, is that they are basically all related. And most come from Jewish families…

        4. Yes, I enjoy Miles Mathis, he has some wild ideas and interesting research.
          I hope readers don’t take my concern about who is Jewish as ‘anti-Semitic’. Interestingly enough it seems most of the sites that you can look up people are run by Jewish people. Rightly so, they should be proud of their accomplishments.
          In those innocent days I read Spy I had no idea or concern who is Jewish or not. And of course that term isn’t very specific: is it religion, ancestry, etc? Since then I found out the media and government influence of Jewish people is so disproportional to their population. And often times some of these groups don’t seem to have my best interests in heart; it’s concerning in a democratic republic. I am not proposing any sort of pogrom! I think it’s good people are becoming more aware, and treating the media, for instance, more critically.
          I think that in the Jewish diaspora the Ashkenazi were a tight-knit group to keep their identity. So it’s interesting that if you see someone who looks like Phil Spector, for example, likely is he has some Jewish connection. That’s how I got my speculation about look-alikes.
          This reply is not so much to you specifically, Bob. I wanted to clarify what I posted, lest outsiders say, look, they are all Nazis at RoK!

        5. I know what you mean about that last bit. Miles Mathis is interesting but as you said he has some wild ideas. He connects some serious dots, but I think he might be part of the let’s-pin-everything-on-the-Jews crowd. I once sent him some information on Martin Luther King Jr. Photos that were fishy, and an A-Z write-up of his past, and why he looked and smelled like an intelligence front. Never heard back from jo,- not a peep. A couple months later, he puts up a piece on MLK Jr. Complete with big chunks of own research and a photo I had sent. He didn’t give me a nod for the information, which to me seemed extremely bizarre. Or, as he would put it, “that’s a red flag”…he’s probably an intelligence asset himself. But I knew that when I first saw his work. You can’t tell the phonies without a score card…

        6. Really cool that you are doing original research! I’ll have to check out his version some time. Do you feel he distorted the information you found?
          He might be poisoning the well, kind of like the recent popularity of the flat earth theory. Putting out strange ideas to make conspiracy theorists appear absolutely bonkers. John Lennon is alive; Elvis had a double, etc.
          I like his ideas on art, because I too enjoy realist art done with skill. I haven’t gotten much into his physics ideas.
          It’s a tough world of ideas nowadays. There’s the conventional wisdom and one or two accepted conspiracy theory versions. I often spout the accepted conspiracy theory version, but is it really true? One has to continually entertain and evaluate competing versions and process new information as it comes in. Most people think more in binary terms, is this true or not? What does Snopes say?

  10. One thing you didn’t mention is that leftists are going to get increasingly unhinged and violent the more they’re rejected. Their “moral” outrage will grow to the point they see everyone as monsters that need to be purged. It’s a pattern that’s played out many times historically. http://masculineepic.com/index.php/2017/06/15/why-are-leftists-getting-violent/
    So the increasing drive to insanity and even violence will act as a vicious cycle – the more people they drive away, the worse they will get, which will drive even more people away, etc.
    Still, don’t go too far just yet. Keep in mind that they ran the absolute worst possible candidate they could find last time, and they’re doing everything possible to cut Trump down at the knees and censor the outlets that helped him the most. They might just succeed.

    1. The violence aspect may resolve itself as more law abiding Americans arm themselves and defend their lives and property. It will only take a few of these paid agitators experiencing immediate and meaningful reprisal to convince the rest of them that it’s not worth Soros’s money.

    2. So what happens as they get their asses progressively kicked? Do they persist in their lunacy or does physical pain finally break them?

  11. I agree generally, but for two points.
    1. Most women vote left wing because feelings.
    2. We have to beat them culturally, and their organizational arm as well if we hope to win.

    1. in regards to your point #1
      the women where i am vote left because all the hand outs from ‘i dont need no man’ government that covers for all their f*ck ups and poor choices.

  12. Michelle Obama for President and Al Gore for VP in 2020 or perhaps the other way around? The perfect love in for the Media class.

    1. The Rock is looking into running for prez. Kid Rock running for senate. one of the sex and the city broads may for ny govenor. the line between politics and showbiz is beginning to disappear

      1. Sounds great! A bit like Philip K Dick’s, Valis, President Ferris (aka Nixon) who rules through a parallel dimension or something like that…?

    1. This makes sense. She appeared to have one foot in the grave during the election; It may as well be some dark art keeping her alive.
      Cannot begin to imagine the cocktail of drugs being slipped into her IV every night. Probably slept in a coffin just to save time.

    2. We can only hope. Maybe the Dims will think that once the Trusted Flaggers clean up the web and we tighten up security against those mean Russian hackers she’ll be a shoo-in!

    1. She will lose. If the Democrats want to win get John Cena or the Rock. Testosterone always wins.

        1. That’s tiny for a wrestler. What happened to larger than life wrestlers like the Undertaker and Kevin Nash and Hulk Hogan? 6ft1 250 lbs? I’m bigger than that, every man in my family is bigger than that.

        2. Ultimate Warrior was 6-2, Rick Flair was 6 feet, Bret Hart was 6 feet, and Macho Man Randy Savage was 6-1.
          I guess they can go for the Rock he’s 6-5.
          Regardless it’s the Jew bankers that really run the show.

        3. I hate tattoos. On men or women. Only morons get tattoos. Primitive types. Head hunters. 4 for 1 special: get a tattoo, a bone through your nose, your lip disked, and your earlobes disked.Ooga booga.

        4. Yeah, just wait and see what happens when you get to the Pearly Gates and find the Macho Man there wanting to know why you interrupted his moment of silence.

    2. If Gabbard becomes the front-runner, our path to victory will be to agitate ugly liberal women (most of them are physically unattractive) and make them angry at the idea that only attractive women can get ahead in life. This will be easy, effective, and also fun.
      We will trigger fears that their men will leave them for attractive women, attack her for “reinforcing patriarchal beauty standards,” and all kinds of other gimmicks that lower their trust and faith in her.

    3. Not going to happen. Remember her Syrian fact finding tour (with Kucinich), she found lots of support for Assad and none for ISIS there. Her antiwar stance in Syria is unacceptable to the powers that be.
      If she ran I might vote for her just to have a more rational foreign policy. I remember Trump’s tweet that you can’t be in the middle of a civil war and support the ‘good rebels’ versus the government and not the ‘bad rebels’ and his criticism of ‘nation building’ war ventures. Also his willingness to work with Russia supporting the legitimate government of Syria against ISIS.
      Trump attacking Syria was a major disappointment for me. Seemed like a petulant revenge for that bogus ‘chemical weapons’ attack.

    4. As far as Democrats go, Gabbard is one of the less-offensive ones. However, a lot of what she stands for is in opposition to Deep State goals (namely imperialism), so I doubt they will elevate her to forerunner status. If she winds up as the forerunner anyway, then I think you are onto something here–that we can splinter her voting bloc by agitating ugly leftist women about how she represents “patriarchal beauty standards” or something of that nature.

    1. I would suppose that there are enough reliable democrat voters that still have some sense of self-preservation to make that idea a non-starter.

      1. The old guard dem boomers are not done burning the party down yet (they just threw out anyone not on board with abortion on demand). Whats left will be fragmented groups who will unite under a “hate whitey” political party.

        1. Yeah, Maxine Waters is going to lead a new, “all black” political party. The second plank on their platform, after reparations, is gonna be to save Guam from tipping over.

        2. the fact russia invaded korea haunts her to this day. what a bum, I remember her trying to get bailout $$ for her hubby’s regional bank. if you want funny, check out vids of her from the bailout period, i think she was on that committee, she knows zilch

        3. this mean they’ll give no funding to bob casey? the ass clown senator from pa because he is pro life, i sure as hell hope, i’d love to see pa solid red

      2. I doubt it. I suspect you’d have Republican voters publicly switching parties just to virtue-signal and go vote for the muslim.

        1. A bit of clarification. I actually find it reasonable to believe they would put one on stage during the primary, and I do believe in such a case the media would fawn all over him, but ultimately he would be rejected by a large unambiguous margin and not even come close to participating in the general.
          If the numbers of Republican virtue-signalers were significant, Hillary would be in charge right now, no?

        2. All good points. We agree there will definitely be a muslim among the Dem’s primary candidates. I just believe that the muslim influence on the levers of power in the DNC is a lot heavier than you.

    2. that’d be so dumb, muslims are the one area where i see some actual pushback from liberals. way more than women and other minorities

      1. It would be dumb. But i’m not seeing pushback from liberals on muslims. I’m seeing Linda Sarsour lead the Women’s March on Washington and dumbass feminists claiming the hadjib is a feminist symbol.

        1. it’s why u legit can’t argue with these people. they have no reasoning or common sense. When women were liberated in the middle east the first thing they did was take off the hijab. wearing a black face covering in 110 degree heat is so liberating!!

  13. I propose the following:
    1. De-communist-ize the federal courts by offering incentives for communists/leftists to LEAVE and appoint God-fearing pro-lifers and finally end this genocide against unborn children (3,000 per day killed). Poland is wisely purging their communist judges as we speak.
    2. Bring back shop classes in high schools.
    3. Defund the dept. of education and leave it up to the states.
    4. Suspend all H1B visas going forward. We have 300,000,000 people in this country, surely there must be some decent programmers hiding somewhere.
    5. Make it a felony to have an abortion.
    6. Make it a felony to perform an abortion.
    7. Make it illegal for women to vote.
    8. Increase funding for technical schools.
    9. Tax breaks for those who use a traditional master/apprenticeship program in the trades of machinist and electronic assembly.

    1. Make it a felony to give taxpayer money to a church or church school.
      Make it felony to use the government to enforce church rules or values.

      1. “Make it felony to use the government to enforce church rules or values.”
        Oh, like “Thou shalt not kill”? Is that one ok to enforce?

      2. If our moral conscience does not spring from Christian values, then where does it come from? Is everything therefore relative?

  14. Atheism is not synonymous with liberalism. It simply deals with whether you believe in gods or not, nothing more. It only seems related because conservative Christians want to try and equate atheists with liberals (much in the same way liberals try to link conservatives to Nazis). And Christians will often employ the same dirty tactics as liberals to defend their beliefs. The Bible itself defends and encourages things that we consider taboo in the US anyway, such as slavery, genocide, rape, and murder. The term “Christian Values” is a farce. And unfortunately, most of the country still clings to this 2000 year old fairy tale from the Middle East.
    How can you say that a country whose foundation is God will be good when you see what it did to the middle east? The only difference is that in the United States, the law and separation of church and state keep religious extremism in check. Just look what is happening in Europe now the Islam is being granted impunity from law.

    1. Ayn Rand was a against religion. There are quite a few libertarian atheists. However, there are those who treat atheism like a religion. Some are ridiculous enough to establish churches . I call them the evangelical atheists. They preach their religious views, and act very much like holy rollers against Christians, and a huge majority of these evangelical atheists are primarily Anti-Christian, far more so than anti-religion in general. They’re the types that will burn bibles, but not Korans. The kind who are fine with mantras in praise of Lord Genesh in yoga PE classes, but not with prayers from a coach on a football field.

      1. I would be very interested to know what kind of “religious views” are being preached by atheist. Atheism has no doctrine, traditions, holy books, etc. Why would any atheist accept the Quran but not the Bible (that’s like saying Bigfoot is bullshit but Sasquatch is real). You’re likely referring to the fact that atheist in America focus more on Christianity then Islam because that’s the dominant religion in the US (for now). Hindu is not a major religion in the US and they are not currently attempting to force their way into schools like Christianity is. Are Yoga classes attempting to indoctrinate people into Hindu, or are they merely giving a nod to the origins of the art (kind of like bowing before a match in martial arts, since bowing is an oriental custom.) And what does football have to do with Christianity? Nothing, so the only reason a coach would force his kids to pray is an attempt to indoctrinate them into Christianity.

      1. No it does not, christians and muslims are the same, violent extremists.
        The only difference is that here in the US, the secular government keeps them under control, sometimes.

        1. Your comment is typical for people who have never studied any religion at all. Maybe you watched some edgy YouTube video and are just parroting this line about how Christians and Muslims are the same…who knows. Look at Jesus, then look at Mohammad. Those are the role models for the respective religions, and they couldn’t have been more opposite to each other.

        2. The two are not even remotely the same. That tired old argument has no basis in truth. Perhaps if this was 1300 ad I could agree, but alas it is not. To even try and compare Christian extremism with the violence and terror of Islam is utterly insane and academically dishonest

    2. Hooray for you.
      I am not an atheist, yet, but you a voice of sanity here in sea of fairy tale politics.

  15. The Deep State seems to have some sway in the Trump administration, but everyday is still a day without the ugly cunt Hillary. By now, we would be flooded with more ‘turd world’ immigration, pensions and IRA’s stolen, taxes raised, guns grabbed as best as possible.
    It looks like Trump was on to something in CA with the popular vote. The Fake News Media won’t advertise this story:
    Team R is not much use overall; too many cucks and establishment whores that also need a pike rammed up their asses and left to die in the most unpleasant way.

  16. I think you underestimate the demographics change and the call of the gibsmedats. In 4years the proportion of Hispanics to Whites will drop a few points as the older whites die and the younger Hispanics reach voting age. Add to this the new illegals which continue to come even if it has slowed some, plus the rapefugees and gimmiegrants that Americans PAY to import and I don’t have your same confidence.

  17. I totally disagree. The Left has not lost the election. They are winning it.
    When megacorps crush freedom of speech on social media, the MOST critical medium for counter narratives, the Left is winning. Trump has done nothing, even though Google and Twitter are actively suppressing the voices that elected him– and these info behemoths are monopolies, ripe for breakup.
    When the MSM pushes a speculative narrative about Russia’s… something-or-other, and it drowns out genuine debate and social pressure to address health care, taxes, foreign policy, infrastructure development, lobbying reform, the Left is winning.
    When Trump’s team cannot take control over the Executive branch to the extent that leaks are constant, flagrant, and brazen, the Left is winning.
    When Trump, his VP, and his allies in congress cannot pass ONE significant piece of legislation utilizing the democratic process that defines our system of government, the Left is winning.
    When Trump has failed to draw down our forces in Iraq and Afghanistan, while dangling the threat of war in Korea over the nation’s head, the Left is winning.
    President Trump and his team need to address every issue I’ve outlined here, or he will not win re-election. And he will not deserve to win.

    1. I agree he’s being hindered every step of the way, but my point is that the more often this happens, the more people realize what’s going on. Their censorship, likewise, is not winning any converts but opening more and more peoples’ eyes every single day. Every attempt to market “Social Justice”–whether it’s through crappy movies, delusional YouTube videos or tranny comic book characters–fails miserably. America does not want Social Justice, and the harder the Left pushes it, the harder they push normal sane people away.

      1. People only realize that it is going on when they witness principled pushback. They need to see the powers-that-be being fought, and with success. Otherwise they will wither back underground in despair and silence.
        Trump is being eaten alive, a little bite at a time, from all angles, every day. There is not one place that I can identify where he has the initiative, or where he is winning.

        1. He’s appointed well over 80 federal judges so far, not to mention Gorsuch in SCOTUS. Illegal immigration is down like 70% I think I heard.
          The place where he’s winning is the place where it counts, in the court appointments, which the ADHD media doesn’t even see or report on in their blinder fervor to take Trump down.

        2. That is EXACTLY what has been playing out thus far. Beck has been wrong about almost everything the last few years, but his admonishment to “watch what the other hand is doing” given years ago is *very* on point.

        3. This is very true. The appointments are a safety net against legal creep for a few years or decades, at least. But they are happening outside the overarching narrative, and they are done with his “pen and phone,” to paraphrase Pres. Obama. Pres. Trump needs a major legislative win. He also urgently needs to:
          Fire the whole State Department. They are a Clinton government-in-exile. Replace with anybody remotely qualified. It can’t be worse.
          Disband the IRS, and reform the tax code. Shuttering the IRS would kickstart tax reform instantly. The Service is also a weaponized political persecution force, antithetical to the principles of American values.
          Break up Google, citing antitrust law.
          Forget about Korea. Those morons have been lobbing rockets for decades to zero effect. Fuck them. Ignore them.

        4. Illegal immigration is down, deportations are up, education is on its way back to the states to decide for themselves, voter fraud is being exposed, they’ve arrested a ton of pedophiles, millions of jobs added, and billions have been shaved off the national debt. Considering what he’s up against, Trump has been pulling off miracles for our country thus far and I think it’s going to continue for all 8 years of his reign.

        5. Yes he has/had over 120 judicial appointments to make. Don’t how many of those “80 federal judges” appointments you speak of have been confirmed, but if/when they are (and the remainder) he will remake the federal judiciary for decades to come. If in addition he gets to replace either Kennedy (or Ginsburg) or maybe both, you can kiss Roe Vs Wade goodbye for instance. He could do this much during just his first term. The Dems however I have heard are doing everything in their power to delay/obstruct confirmation votes. We shall see.

        6. I fully acknowledge all these accomplishments. And I don’t think you’re being hyperbolic to call some of these things “miracles.” But he must win in congress. Executive orders are insufficient to govern a republic. Everything he’s done could be undone in 6 months by the next president, if he does not get to work passing legislation.

        7. One of many reasons why modern American democracy sucks. The Founding Fathers never envisioned this nightmare for their project, whereby the mentally ill, the corrupt, and the parasitic could hinder an elected President by endless stalling and trickery.

        8. No, I think that they always assumed that elected representatives would have some level of buy-in with regard to the success of the country. But, they just don’t anymore. Their own success and prosperity is separate from the success and prosperity of the nation – so, they just pimp it.

  18. I’m not surprised that the Democratic Party defeat in 2020 is being predetermined because the platform they have is a fucking trainwreck and a complete joke. Their leadership is downright horrible and incompetent, they continue to push the same tired policies that does more damage than good to this country as a whole,and their entire platform has been reduced too “Everything Is Racist and Sexist” and “I Hate Trump”.
    With a pathetic ass platform like this their 2020 defeat is inevitable especially if President Trump is able to get more shit done (which he has been doing contrary to what the lame-stream media has been saying) without those dickheads in Congress stonewalling him.
    As long as the Democratic Party continues to waste their time playing identity politics,wanting to start an unjust war with Russia,throwing tantrums like babies when things don’t go their way,and shouting out every buzzword under the sun at those who don’t buy into their bullshit they will continue to lose until their platform completely crumbles to pieces.

    1. I agree and I hope I’m right about this. They are dishonest and amoral snakes, however, so they may come up with some new horrifying tricks between now and then. We’ll see.

  19. The cultural war will become more severe and violent. In context, we are now at about 1939 or 1940, and definitely in a watershed. Battling against delusional thought, the American culture is hemorrhaging emotionally, and reason will not re-enter the picture until a significant blood is shed.

    1. I urge everyone to Read “political ponerology” – it at least gives us hope from Poland’s example of how to get rid of your authoritarian leaders

  20. Kumballa Harris, Bernice Sanders, Elizbian Warren, Mark Zuckerturd, Joe Blighton and Cory “where the fuck did my cornrows go” Booker. Yup…they’re fucking doomed.

    1. As much as I loathe Sanders he is the only person apart from Rand Paul who actually votes with his constituents in mind. And surprisngly as a jew he is anti-AIPAC. But as we have seen with Trump – the position of President has less and less power every year as congress and the senate shackle them on most reforms

      1. If Zuckersperg looked jacked that might be one thing. But he looks like a total beta dork.

  21. A liberal buddy of mine put it best: the Democratic leaders have forgotten that common folk need “to eat”. You can not sell”diversity”&”inclusion” as a battle cry as you march forward to face the cruel world.

    1. The colleges that do that are losing massive numbers in terms of enrollment. Look at Missouri for a prime example; people realized it turned into a clown show, and enrollment is down 35%. That’s a massive number for a University, and the pattern shows no sign of slowing down.

    2. That’s happening now mainly only if the kids are neglected by their parents, or if the parents are lefties too.

  22. Let’s work for this upcoming ‘war’ not being some pork barrel overseas boondoggle. There’s too much pork that needs cut within. The excising will be within.
    The left can’t function with its umbilical cord cut as we see with the Hillary supporters vs the Kim Jong Il mourners vs the newborn baby. They all cry when their umbilical cord is cut. Then they must grow and mature – – otherwise they die. It’s their choice:

    Realize that the crying Kim Jong il mourners are the same as the Hillary supporters where they trigger spontaneous crying to spread amongst other members of the group. These crying people are largely ‘codependent’ personality types which means they can’t function independently. They need a shoulder to cry on in all matters and they need a confidant to help them do their thinking for them. The men amongst them are wired like women and cannot think for themselves.
    The pitfall of the Democratic party is that it has embraced the codependent personality type people as the mainstay for its base of support. Pathological codependency constitutes roughly 30% of the human population. This ratio will never change.

  23. Does it really matter if the Democrats win or lose? They seem to set the Congressional agenda regardless.

  24. I would vote for a white christian over a liberal to, NOT because white christians are good, but because they are very slightly less bad than liberals.
    Any kind of government run by religion is a disaster, look at Iran and Kentucky.
    The Republican parties insistence on catering to the christian extremists will be their downfall.
    Every generation of young people that comes along wants less and less to do with religion, and for very good reason. The Republican party insists on alienating the voters they will need in the future.
    Where will these voters that the religious reich turns away go to ? YOU GUESSED IT, they will become democrats, and even the moderate conservatives like me will be forced to become libertarians.
    The demographics are against the Republicans unless they change their ways. Christianity is a dying religion, and the Republicans are hell bent on backing a loser.
    The christian taliban is what is wrong with the Republican party, and why it is doomed to fail.
    All the democrats need to do is wait a few more years until the current generation of bible thumpers dies off, and then the young people, gays, atheists, members of other religions, minorities etc that the bible thumpers have abused, ignored and driven away for decades will hand the election to the democrats on a sliver platter.
    The only reason the republicans won last time is because the democrats are so vile that even a bible thumping moron like Mike Pence looked good in comparison.
    Remember, hillary won the popular vote by a huge margin, and bernie shocked everyone by how well he did. The democrats are not dead, they are just waiting.
    Our founding fathers feared mob rule by the church because they had seen it first hand in Europe, and they wisely separated church and state, and now you theocrat fools want to do away with the very thing that protects you from yourselves.
    When we lose our gun rights and are forced into European style socialism sometime in the next couple of decades, we will have you pigheaded religious assholes to thank for it.

    1. “Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.”–John Adams

  25. The problem we must always be on watch for is the wolf in sheeps clothing – the professed christian who is really just using the label when they have skeletons in the closet.

  26. I will see your three reasons and raise you this: the Republicans in DC have dialed the Stupid in the Party of Stupid up to eleventy eleven – because they DO NOT WANT TO BE IN POWER. To be in power means that they have to actually do stuff. Stuff like “repeal O’care like we’ve been promising to do for years and years and years.” Believe me, the Rs will find a way to lose the Senate in 2018, and everything else in 2020. Because that’s the way they like it.

    1. I think both parties, which ultimately have been controlled by the same people for a while now, are on their way out. We are going to witness a rising tide that has not been seen in the United States for a long time, empowered by Trumpism and taking many forms. However, since for the time being there are really only two meaningful parties, I believe the Democrats are the ones that will disappear first.

    2. The problem is a handful of RINOs plus the Senate GOP having only 52 seats.

  27. “Their one and only hope of winning the popular vote is to flood the country with illegals and remove the citizenship requirement for voting. I don’t think this is going to happen..
    Our President obviously knows this, and I suspect his latest immigration act was drafted to hinder illegal leftist votes more than for any other reason.”
    According to this non-citizens were banned from voting in federal elections since 1996 (only!) (as of 1928 all states banned voting in state elections):
    Yeah, won’t happen. I can’t see there’d be much support for giving green card holders the right to vote, let alone illegals.
    I think the latest immigration act is primarily a brilliant long-term move to MAGA, getting immigrants who can speak English and have skills and will assimilate well.

    1. Uh Uh, no voting by non-citizens is illegal or rather, it is a deportable offense ( unless the alien is 16 or younger and thought that they were a citizen at the time. Read up on section 237(a)(6) is the section that forbids noncitizens voting in any elections in the USA. This is the law since The Walter-McCarran Immigration and Nationality Act of 1952 was passed.

      1. Thanks! You are very well versed in these legal matters.
        I found it hard to pin this down, should have known better but went with Wikipedia, an article specifically about ‘Right of foreigners to vote in the United States’.
        Suspect this could be part of an effort to butter us up to “remove the citizenship requirement”. Article starts out “The right of foreigners to vote in the United States has historically been a contentious issue.” Well, maybe historically, but not for 65 years then, not the 16 they claim. Good catch!

    2. I know it’s illegal, but they’re still doing it. Same with dead voters and whatever other tricks the Democrats have been using. 11 counties in California had more votes cast than registered voters; trickery is afoot.

      1. Oh yeah, that’s for sure. Fortunately there’s some developing public consciousness of this. Just commenting on ‘remove the citizenship requirement’ really.

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  29. If the US will go to war with Russia, I hope your entire fucking continent sinks for beings such retarded pussy stains that alowed the demagogues to con you into another bank-sponsored theatrical play/ sacrifice to whatever gods the maniacal Elite worship.

    1. We’re not going to war with Russia. If hillary clinton had been elected, we would have been by now.

      1. Yeah Hillary was an evil demon bitch. Glad that bag-of-hag didn’t get the position. I wonder though if it makes any difference in the end. Trump is but a man, against a hive of the most corrupt and unified people. Too many interests are at stake, so it is up to the people to determine which way this ship will sail.
        Going against Russia will unleash a hell upon this world. And it will be an artificial conflict made by banksters and other parasites.

  30. While I agree with many points in this article, I just can’t agree with the overall argument yet. Yes, I agree that it feels like the pendulum is shifting rightward slightly, there does seem to be a sense that the left is loosing it’s grip on the narrative and culture and general sense of the country. BUT, never under estimate the left or count them out. The left always returns from defeat, they re-label themselves and start over. The left never dies because they appeal to the worst and most base instincts of human nature—laziness and hedonism.

    1. This is true, that’s why leftists are usually in extramarital relationships and often out of shape.

  31. 1) The democrats want war and can make it go badly.
    2) The powers that be can tank the economy and blame it on Trump.

    1. The Democrats are down but hardly out of the game. The way things are going Trump is far from guaranteed a win in 2020, assuming he will want to run again.
      As far as Democrats using a white male, they can do it. They will pick a white male and a female or minority running mate.
      Tim Kaine was a white male but one with zero charisma. Imagine if Hillary chose Bernie or Joe Biden.

      1. Huh? I argued none of these points.
        I only argued that democrats can make wars go badly for Trump and that since Trump has taken ownership of the expanding bubble he’ll take the fall when it’s popped. And it could be popped on him.

        1. Pretty much the good economy is an asset bubble that is why Trump backed off Janet Yellen. He was highly critical of her a year ago accusing her of artificially inflating the stock market.

        2. Being a nationalist I do not think Trump wants to start wars, at least not against countries that directly threaten US national security.

  32. Last election was the worst election ever. Choose between a cartoon clown or a criminal
    I don’t get why so many RoK readers support Trump. I thought they were smarter than that

  33. The more Americans turn to Christ for their guidance and authority, the fewer people will rely on big government–and the less influence demons will have in our society. This nation was more-or-less founded as a Protestant Theocracy, and our turning from God is the only reason why wicked spirits have gained the power and influence in this country that they currently have.
    One Nation, UNDER God. Now it is a nation divided by people who believe themselves to be God, who turn their backs on divine authority and the idea of objective morality. This country was designed to keep such people far away from the halls of power, so remember that next time pride-marching atheist degenerates talk about “the founding principles of this country.”

    1. Amen. And I second the notion of supporting a minortiy traditional Christian over a white atheist. Me being a minority having no bearing, as I would vote a white traditional Christian over a minority atheist as well. But as the body of believers know – we put trust in the messiah first.

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