Game Of Thrones Has Nothing But Beta Males And Alpha Women

Although Game Of Thrones, at first glance, appears to be about war, blood, loyalty, family, and betrayal, a closer look will reveal that the entire cast is filled with alpha women tolerating weak, emasculated, orbiting, deformed, insane, beta males.

The women all have a vision to rule the Seven Kingdoms from the Iron Throne. The men are pathetic, with few exceptions. This complete role reversal from medieval-like times actually represented, when women gathered, cooked, and raised children while the men hunted and ruled, perpetuates the current trend of grrrl power and men-hatred that has metastasized throughout our entertainment industry.

The women

Cersei:  Queen of the Iron Throne, for now. Rules her brother, who should be king. She joyfully kills all who cross her, and any innocents who may get in the way.

Daenerys: Queen of the Dragons and a bunch of other titles. She has some moral qualities like freeing slaves, and is the quintessential “cat woman” surrounded by her loyal, deadly dragons.

Olenna Tyrell: The true power behind the House Tyrell (while alive). Even at 80-some years old, she was far tougher than almost any man on this show.

Yara Greyjoy: Self-proclaimed commander of the 14 seas, usurping her brother and uncle. Gets more women than both combined.

Brienne: A six-and-a-half-foot tall mammoth woman who is loyal to a fault and tougher than almost any man on the show. She also kills men with ease.

Lyanna Mormont: A 10-year-old girl who makes grown men cower with fear with her ferocious onslaught of orders, common sense, loyalty, and honor. Any man would be proud to be half as tough as she.

Arya Stark: The second youngest alpha on the show and the toughest. On a mission to kill everyone who has harmed her or her family, including Cersei, who is probably the evilest person on the show.

Sansa Stark: Queen of the North. A natural leader. Grown men, including her older brother Jon Stark, listen to her advice and follow her commands.

Now the “men”

Samwell Tarly: The ultimate beta.  He took in a Wildling, an unforgivable act to his family and his people, and is raising her son, who he allowed to be named after himself. This caused him to be excommunicated and disinherited by his father, a true alpha, who is not part of the show. Also, there is a fair chance that Samwell has impregnated the Wildling. We shall see.

Tyrion Lannister: The smartest person on the show, but he’s a dwarf. There is nothing wrong with being a dwarf. However, this is medieval times, and dwarves are called “imps,” and they are not respected. Tyrion has had to talk his way out of death many times, and his family tried to kill him.

Jamie Lannister: Made babies with his sister, who rules him as his queen. Doesn’t seem to have any interest in other women, despite being dashingly handsome. Also, only has one hand.

Theon Greyjoy: Tortured and neutered by Ramsay, Theon has gladly allowed his sister to rule him. During battle, he jumped ship instead of trying to save his sister.

Jorah Mormont: The ultimate orbiter. Banished by Daenerys so many times that she finally gave up and allowed him to return. A better example for the friend zone has never been found.

The Hound: A big bad-ass, true. But, he’s deformed, afraid of campfires, and was almost killed by a little girl.

The Mountain: One of the fiercest men in the kingdom. But he’s the queen’s slave.

Varys: Neutered and loyal only to himself. And homosexual. Game of Thrones almost refuses to allow any man to be what that society would consider “normal.”

Littlefinger: Sold Sansa, a teenager, to Ramsay. Then tried to have sex with her. Some might call this an alpha move, but he sold a virgin to a twisted psycho and then tried to get sloppy seconds from her afterwards, despite their 20-plus year age difference. Pathetic.

Ramsay: Dead now, but a twisted, evil torturer who loved to watch people burn, get skinned, and get eaten alive by his dogs. Probably the most hated character on the show, rivaling only Joffrey.

The list isn’t complete, but I’ve made my point: under the guise of warring families ruling for control of the known world, the show is actually the ultimate example of bossy women controlling pathetic men. War, blood, battles, and breasts are thrown in as a distraction to keep the men who are watching distracted from the fact that their very essence of manhood is being subliminally evaporated by a society that celebrates beta males supplicating to frigid females.

Game of Thrones (GOT) isn’t the only show where you’ll find this current trend of go-girl writing. Or of Athena-like women displaying amazing powers. Atomic Blonde, Wonder Woman and Kidnap are recent examples of attempts by the industry to capitalize on the trend. If you want to see weak men, you only need to head over to Silicon Valley and take your pick. Big Bang Theory is beta male paradise.

Or, watch Chris Pratt’s character, in Passengers, wake up Jennifer Lawrence (who has higher-level access to everything, of course) ninety years early because he’s lonely. Stop fast-forwarding for a minute, watch almost any commercial featuring a married couple, and you’ll quickly see a stupid man being berated by a bossy woman.

Weak men are literally everywhere in entertainment. This misandry has become our new zeitgeist, and it’s not getting better. We need more male characters with qualities like Jon Snow from GOT, who risked his life refusing to bend a knee to Daenerys, and John Wick, who calmly killed the enemy while dressed to the nines. Our newest hero, Roland, from The Dark Tower, is caught in an eternal battle against someone way tougher than he.

I long for the days when men like Eastwood, Stallone, and Schwarzenegger ruled the screen. Or Segal, Van Damme, and Snipes. These men were pure alphas who took no shit from any man or woman, and, more importantly, lived in a society where that was accepted.

Unfortunately, today we live in a society that is in its heyday celebrating the beta male.

For now.

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304 thoughts on “Game Of Thrones Has Nothing But Beta Males And Alpha Women”

    1. The books are better than the TV show but they started to betray their author’s ideologies. Who know what will happen by the last.

        1. Yup, these (((coincidences))) are everywhere: CNN, freemasonry, Forbes, the Bank, feminism… So many (((coincidences)))…
          But let’s all keep smiling and pretending it doesn’t matter…

        2. It is scandalous. And we all used to know about these things, before the media brainwashing.

        3. It does look unfair. I would be interested to know how an antifa would try to justify this (as opposed to respond to it). Is it accurate? Do those individual represent as large a proportion as the meme is trying to suggest? It isn’t right that such things should just be met with silence and dismissal (as anti-semitism). If representation / over-representation is an issue with respect to race and gender more generally, then it should at least be addressed even if just to put things in perspective

        4. It is on them, the burden of the proof. They are the ones pushing proportional representation and all that stuff.
          Insofar as it concerns me, Jewish success is just pure ethnic corporatism. It is written in history books.

        5. i’d say it’s more than that. It’s messianism and ideology as well, including the idea that they’re ‘changing’ / ‘leading the world, but can’t own up to it. I think there are many jews of good conscience, but very few of them seem capable of speaking up, or breaching the taboo against talking about jewish influence. A lot of that is fear of anti-semitism, combined with the idea that they’re some kind of mission to be accomplished. Whether that is but a rationalisation of ‘ethnic corporatism’ or whatever is something else. It is also possible that there are cognitive biases at play in both directions i.e. they have a blind spots owing to the nature of their focus, but also that those who start to notice what was previously less than apparent or not apparent at all, suddenly start to see little else.
          Re. burden of proof, I would say some kind of a constructive response wouldn’t go amiss. I’m not particularly comfortable with the whole blue stars thing, yet the alternative seems to be that the whole thing goes completely unnoticed

  1. I watched one episode, which contained: a fart joke, a gruesome battlefield, an amputation, a fancy midget, a prince who forced his wife to beat a naked woman under threat of crossbow, then a woman in a cave gave birth to a tar demon. My response, “Guess I never need to watch that show again.” And I never have.

    1. Same here. One random episode and boom! Too stupid to be watched ever again (fyi: a midget doing some chick and sheep fleeing from a dragon… Wtf!?!)

    2. Exactly. I found the desire to watch GOT because Sean Bean was starring. Sure enough, they lure me in then shit on me and kill him off (first episode I think). Well screw this, I bowed out.

    3. The whole show is a mockery of the society that existed when Western civilization reached its cultural pinnical. GOT was created to be as cruel, filthy and perverse as possible in order to elicit repulsion from people from the greatest era of the greatest civilization the world has ever known.
      And most people just love it and eat it up like dogs who eat the scraps from the table.

  2. I have extracted many hours of delight from the show. But the bloom is off the rose, the showrunners are beyond the solid work (and lovely dialogue) of the books, and I just want them to end it before they completely ruin it.

  3. Good synopsis. Glad I avoided this show. A lady tried to get me into it once. Saw 4 minutes before I left the room. Not interested in under-sexed ladies getting off vicariously through minors and hags.
    On a Contrarian Note, Wonder Woman was an eventuality and the character was always that way. Almost has her whole story driven by her tingles. She’ll likely be written in as a love interest option for Superman in a later movie but who knows.

    1. There’s a movie coming out about Wonder Woman’s creator, a feminist male who had a wife and a lover and threesomes.

  4. Pop culture loves this show, which is an immediate red flag. I don’t bother to have HBO, so I’ve never watched.

    1. You didn’t miss much. It’s really not the end-all story that everybody likes to make it out to be. Plus, the misandrist tones have become unbearable.

    2. I saw one clip of Daenarys talking to slave eunuchs and her overacting of oh Im such a morally good person made me vomit

      1. Well considering that the article includes people who are already dead, I think it’s fair to mention him.

  5. In Tyrion’s defense, he did kill his own father with a crossbow whilst on the shithouse, a move which was epically medieval. Unfortunately Tywin Lannister was a tyrant who delighted in belittling (LOL) his gimpy offspring, but he was alpha through and through.. hence being killed off.

    1. The moment Tywin – Westeros’ true patriarch – was murdered was the moment the show died. He would have fucked Daenery’s dragons up the arse with wildfire

      1. Realistically, if Tywin had still lived, I think he would’ve made sure to have Daenerys killed before she ever managed to sail to Westeros. Tywin was the type who prefered to end a battle before it ever began. Amazing character, and the only genuine alpha on the show.

        1. His death created a huge vacuum which is being (literally in the case of Tyrion) being filled by dwarves and mediocrities, most of which seem to be female. No-one has the will to maintain family or kingdom that Tywin had

  6. It’s also interesting to compare the TV show with the books.. although the books portray strong and ruthless female characters, they aren’t nearly as sympathetic or pandering to the pussy pass as the TV shows. The shows even changed some key events to make the womens’ wicked deeds seem more justified, especially where Cercei is concerned. There’s the female audience bait right there.

      1. Jaime almost kills amazon girl with one hand and being barely able to stand. He also is portrayed as dominate over Cersei. He actually became my second favorite book character behind his brother

        1. I also like that unlike the show where he still serves her like a simp, in the books he finally sees her true nature and gives up on her. Even though he is handicapped, Jaime turns into a real badass.

  7. Women are so obsessed with this show, some even consider it a deal breaker if you can’t have a conversation about it because you’ve never seen it. True story.

    1. If a woman tells you its a deal breaker that you’ve never watched a TV show — any TV show — thank her very sincerely for not wasting any more of your time, and then leave. And don’t look back.

      1. But by all means go ass-to-mouth on her before throwing her out of the car. At least that way it’s not a total loss.

    2. That’s not surprising. I have up on it a few seasons ago but my wife’s hooked on it. I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve laughed my ass off at the situations in that show. After being in the army and witnessing firsthand how shitty women were as soldiers and leaders I can’t take any you go girl seriously.

    3. If you don’t want Daenerys to ultimately sit on the iron throne then that’s conversation over. I recall the temperature instantly dropping about 10 degrees on one occasion

      1. Same here. Really, how pathetic can someone be that they get worked up over a fucking show? It’s fiction, for fuck’s sake. Not the future of humanity.

        1. quite, I can’t think of another show where having the wrong favourite character (in this case I made the mistake of saying ‘Tyrion’ when asked who I liked most) is like admitting you chose Trump over Hillary

      1. Every bitch i fucked, when i was nice they where giving me attitude. Once i’ve gone sadist on them, they turned into puppy. Crazy bitches!

    4. They’re just fascinated with all the sexual violence. Take that out, and it’s just D&D stuff that wouldn’t hold their attention past second two.

  8. Our newest hero, Roland, from The Dark Tower, is caught in an eternal battle against someone way tougher than he.

    Sadly, Roland ain’t red pill no more.

  9. Having sat through this show, I could hardly describe it more clearly.
    Look at the show as insight into a classic Gamma, and you will never be surprised. His “heroic ideal” is bland (Snow – Gammas are not virtuous); his “ideal woman” is batshit insane but can basically do no wrong (Dragon bitch). His standins are smarter than the rest, though deformed (Tyrion, mostly).

      1. He sees himself in Varys and Littlefinger, as well.
        It’s Gamma mindset as a show – the world is arbitrary and cruel, women are magical creatures that you can never measure up to, “good men” always suffer.

        1. I suggest it is harder to make comments about George (“I swear I didn’t copy the ‘R.R.’ in my name from Tolkien”) Martin based upon the show, you have to do it from the books. He has a lot of control over the show but not total control. And he wrote all of the first 3 or 4 books by himself, at least.

        2. Except Tyrion. Dinklage one-upped the book version, IMO.

          At least until the end of the third season.

  10. Seriously, men, get out of mainstream pop culture. It is 100% cattered towards women: they make the majority of the voting and TV hours.
    BOYCOTT TV, Netflix, HBO, !

    1. Thank you, THAT is the most precious advice one could give on these matters! I’ve been doing that for a while. Tv means an irreversible loss of otherwise useful free time, with a lot of harmful consequences: Obesity, brainwash, weakness (social, mental and physical), and info-junk that should be cut loose as soon as possible.

      1. Life has some many things to offer… why wasting it in front of a bloody screen that hates us?

    2. Couldn’t agree more! All I do is look at the cucks who constantly talk about TV shows and tell me how I SHOULD be watching them…boring and lame losers! I played tennis tonight for 3 hours with some better colleagues. Now that was rewarding, as opposed to sitting on my ass watching shows that are only trying to socially engineer me!!

      1. This is why I don’t hang out in the flight crew room. The TV is always blaring some beta male/faggot/nigger nonsense, while nobody is capable of having a normal conversation. The usual talk is about some other stupid show, or what stuff costs at Walmart. It’s a pain to be around this feminized, consumerist behaviour, so the solution is to tune out, dissociate.

      2. That’s great to hear. Fuck those losers, let them gush like women over some random show. Neither you or I are losing anything by watching these shows.

    3. The problem is everything that cater to men, like rick and morty. if it’s become popular, they turn it into cuck feast.

      1. It seems most red pill stuff in media has to hide in cartoons these days like South Park, Boondocks, Superjail. Rick and Morty does go a bit SJW at times though

    4. And if you want to see a true Alpha show, watch the first few seasons of Mad Men. Those were the times when America was great.

        1. But in a all honesty, Mad Men is still a great show, and should be watched to completion. It’s just one woman I can’t stand who they made rise up to the ranks in the show. She starts off as a timid secretary who immediately gets on the cock carousel. Then later on, she’s running part of the company and calling the shots, to where even the show’s true Alpha male, Don Draper starts commending her. What’s funny is that Don Draper was such a womanizer and also cheating on his wife, but women who watched the show explicitly stated how much they loved him. The show was really popular among females. Go figure.

        2. You’re talking about Peggy or Joan? And yea I watched to completion.
          Also I found but amusing – Peggy called out Joan once saying something along the lines of “you show off your tits like a whore and demand respect, you can’t have it both ways”. Love that

        3. Yeah, both Peggy and Joan. Peggy ends up with a total Beta boy who will accept her even though she has a kid and acts like she’s the man in the relationship.

    5. Exactly! What’s the point in watching something that seems to hate us? Mainstream entertainment does nothing but demoralize us. I will admit, that it’s annoying how people of my generation think poorly of me simply because I don’t watch “X,Y,Z” show, but fuck it. Better spend my time improving myself. And if I really want entertainment, books are much more preferable than TV.
      I still watch movies, but mostly old ones, particularly Film Noir(full of red pill) and westerns(John Wayne movies were more entertaining than all the Marvel movies combined).

    6. And if one must watch for research or observational purposes – use streams, don’t contribute to their machine.

  11. WRT “read the book”:
    I agree, but there are other books you might like better. Larry Correia’s MHI series, in particular – funny, action-packed, supernatural met with a stoic attitude (makes sense if you read them).

        1. I’m ready to re-read them through a red pill lens. On the surface you think there are strong females but they always need bailed out by men (usually Harry). And most of the villains are females (hmmmm)

      1. You won’t be sorry. Main character is a gun aficionado with a stoic attitude and a wicked sense of humor. Basic premise is: “Monsters are real. They’re bad. We hunt them for $$$.”

    1. Yup. Hopefully, Martin doesn’t allow his liberal ideology to take center stage into his next books.
      That is if he ever finishes them.

      1. I do not know how the film will end, but as far as the books are concerned, I fully fear and expect Daenerys breaking through the Glass Ceiling to become the first Feminist Queen of Westeros…

        1. Who knows? Though I don’t think it’ll be that bad. One thing I’ll praise Martin for is that he doesn’t cater to his fans, and always does what HE thinks is best, not what the fans want, and generally that means a surprising twist. We’ll see.

  12. I don’t get the whole GOT phenomena. I watched some of it, but, it become obvious after a while it was like the popcorn for all the beta hen-pecked men I know. An excuse for them to fantasize and pretend that this show somehow equates to the real behavior of being masculine. Betas always think that chopping, slashing, raping and torturing other human beings is somehow Alpha behavior- this is where they’re so wrong. Any fool and stooge can do that, and, yet all the Betas I know are addicted to this show, and it odd how I always notice that they find the torture scenes enthralling. Makes you wonder when you hear about soldiers who commit war crimes, I reckon these class of men in the army are always little, undisciplined, jump-up Betas.

    1. You might have discovered something very interesting. I mean, the association between betaness and lack of discipline. I have never thought about it before, but it makes a lot of (immediate) sense to me.

    2. It’s pretty easy. Most people are irrational entities that just go with the flow. Humans are seldom rational, they are rationalizing creatures, hence their morals are mostly unhinged from any objective consideration. Today they are the “betas” you describe, tomorrow they are soldiers torturing men, raping women and crushing children heads.

      1. Human, all too Human to paraphrase the mad professor from Leipzig. Although both the “gloomy Dane” and the professor won’t agree with you, they thought modernity had produced, largely docile, “rational” but essentially passionless beings. Perhaps, the successes of series like GOT is that it taps into that sense of the passionless void which many 9-5 office types feel after their “hard” day’s work.

    3. It’s the other way around. Deep down all men are warriors, warrior is a male archetype, but in our Feminist society, even the military guys are made beta with all that diversity and gender crap.
      Remember when you were 20? If they gave you a gun back then and sent you off to war, you would have been raping, burning and pillaging with the best of war criminals. Sometimes even today I dream about war ending the boring 9 to 5 job.
      War is cool.

      1. It’s not. Mostly it’s cruel. senseless and utterly pointless. There was some commemoration program on the other day about the first world war, I can’t even recall the actual name of the battle, but, up to 10000 men died in the course of a single day in the space of a 1 acre field. The battle resolved nothing and the moans of the half dead and dying men went on for days. The rats, some the size of small dogs, apparently feasted with relish on the half dying men over the succeeding days.
        I don’t subscribe to the notion the all forms of true masculinity must be primed to destruction by being tested on the battle field. Don’t you see how men are manipulated in the notion the war is heroic while in reality they’re completely expendable cannon fodder for some system that doesn’t give a shit about you? How men fall for this shit, never fails to amuse me. Go out and live by yourself in the outback of Alaska or Canada, be self-sufficient, ignore the war cult that wants to see you dead.

        1. I happen to think that fighting to defend your country and your people from the enemy is the noblest thing a man can do. But that is justified defence.
          However, I also happen to think that in an offensive, conquering war, the looting, pillaging, raping and burning on enemy territory is the coolest thing a man can do.
          But I have to admit, WW1 and WW2 and contemporary wars, when millions of people were dying for Jewish interests, are reprehensible and not what I would call masculine wars…

    4. You’re on to something here. They (women and betas) are always attracted to violence and male dominated sex. They think that’s what masculinity is made of. They get enthralled by it because they get to witness power from a first person point of view, something they will never experience.
      Also think of when women and betas lash out it’s the same type of uncontrolled attack.

      1. Yes, they witness power and violence remotely, but, would never dare experience it. Typical safe beta/feminine reaction and their enthrallment is testimony to it.
        Like you say, their lashing out (and I live with a women who’s paragon of this) along with any sense of constancy and discipline marks them well in my books. Weak people in my mind are those who’ve never mastered their emotions and are programmed by them. Perhaps in reality you’re talking about at least 50% of the population, and, incidentally, mastering one’s emotions, doesn’t mean you’ve no emotions, like most dumb Betas imagine.

        1. You got it. Beta men think you walk around as as a cold emotionless guy trying to pick a fight all the time. I think it all clicked for me when I realized being “alpha” means just being confident and comfortable in any social interaction, but able to act as well. The types who lash out are controlled by their emotions. Women, and feminine men

        2. Betas might look like Alphas, but, it’s not the exterior that’s important. Confidence, judgment, fortitude, intelligence and discipline are what makes an Alpha.

        3. They don’t confront the main instigator of their grief and take it out on someone else. I bet women take out their frustrations on their beta orbiters but never dare squeak against their alpha sweetheart

  13. I have no time for GoT, or for that matter, for much of ANY TV. My middle one knows GoT is full of “yougogurl” (and other things), but he watches it with his buddies to laugh at the stupidity of his friends’ comments – I think he’s trying to get through their thick blue-pill skulls.
    If I watch something on the tube, it’s an old movie like “Gettysburg” or “Gods and Generals”, or the Duke, or “Kelly’s Heroes” or a red-pill-filled comedy like “How to Murder Your Wife”. Even sports is too pussified. It was said best a long time ago – TV is a vast intellectual and cultural wasteland.

  14. Noticed this trend on the show as well. They put all the female characters in the power positions. Jon Snow is really the only man right now. Maybe Bronn as well.

  15. Nice writing. I agree.
    Actually, in pre-modern times, women were in some regards much more masculine than they are now. The reason is because the material and political conditions were much tougher, and that the culture was largely patriarchal. Men lead and women followed, including the harsh laws and ethics.
    Also pshycially they were often less femine as a consequence of lack of make up and body/pubic hair which were seldom removed. Hygiene was worse. Sure, obesity was pretty much non-existent but that is it. There are exceptions, such as geishas and certain aristocrats in Europe and Asia, but the bulk of women were weather-beaten.
    In modern times, on the other hand, the feminine nature has penetrated society, leading to safe spaces, emotional drivel, and pathological altruism. If we manage to incorporate a modern masculinity that is predominantly yin/yang can coexist under much more favorable conditions.

  16. Haven’t seen the show, but I could have predicted it with the way anything else in the media goes. Starts off decent, they hook you, then it changes to political correctness, dumbing down, feminization, or whatever sort of indoctrination is in order. Saw it happen with the History Channel, Star Trek, the Walking Dead, any number of comedies or anything else in the media.

    1. Ain’t that the truth. Old Star Trek – Kirk was seducing green alien girls right, left, and sideways. Next Gen – a girl asked Riker if he liked girls, he was so pussified. God help us if we have another incarnation of Trek – the half who aren’t gay will be yougogurl types, with only the bad guys being white males.

      1. I am sorry to break the news, but there is new Star Trek in the pipeline. I kid you not, but the main character – who occupies the ships “no. 1” second in command position – is called ‘Michael’ but is played by a black woman. Speculation is that Michael, played by a woman, may actually be transgender or something. There is literally nothing they won’t ruin. The good news is all these shows are going to be remade, and dis-infected of the communist rot

        1. Gender and sexuality: the final frontier. These are the voyages of the starship diversity. Its continuing mission: to explore strange new gender identities, to seek out new sexual acts and unicorns, to boldly penetrate orifices that no one has penetrated before.
          Oh and space. Something about space as well

        2. Yeah, because fuck tales of adventure and discovery that might actually get people interested in the sciences again

        3. They already had Sulu and his gay BFF in the new versions. Guess his character is now out of the closet just like the original actor.

        4. If I remember correctly, the actor called out the writers for the current version, stating that even though he’s gay in real life he always played the character straight and said as politely as possible that he was disappointed.

        5. I’m not sure whether the original characters appear or not. I think it’s set prior to the original series from memory but there isn’t much info about it yet

        6. ‘oh my’, but that’s the recent film. This is the new netflix abomination: star trek (gender) discovery. Note the compass and square between the two pics.

          “In the first production shot from the show, we saw Burnham and her commanding officer, Michelle Yeoh’s Captain Philippa Georgiou, visiting a desert planet just like Vulcan. Could she be returning to the world she grew up on?” So we have an asian female captain and a black woman with a male name as first officer, seemingly given to us by revolutionary freemasons who aren’t particularly smart

        7. Compass and square? Check.
          “V” symbol denoting the 5th age or aeon of Horus? Check.
          “Gender”? Check.
          Case closed.

    2. you have a good point there Jim, History, BBC Knowledge and Nat Geo channel are just woeful
      flicked over to History not long ago, they had a whole “factual” show about Adolf Hitler smoking crystal meth??? what next?

      1. I threw away the network TV in 1999. Like watching the grass grow, you don’t notice the day to day change, but you come back after a long vacation, and you are taken back at the difference.

        1. yep agree, there was some good stuff on History years ago, but now, no chance.
          it may be time to bring out the triple brackets (((them))) ?

        2. I like to watch documentaries but, correct me if I’m wrong, it’s becoming difficult to find them any more and any good ones. Astronomy, science and history. Especially YouTube, what a garbage dump that place has become

        3. Seems to me at least 90 percent of what they call “documentaries” are really agitprop films that document nothing.

      2. flicked over to History not long ago, they had a whole “factual” show about Adolf Hitler smoking crystal meth??? what next?

        Hahahaha, weren’t they called once the Hitler’s channel due to the inordinate amount of tv shows about the same old tired story of WWII?

        1. yeah you are correct on that, the channel execs just bombard the viewers with constant Nazi stuff, maybe a big joke around the meeting table who can come up with the most overkill exaggeration of Hitler.
          they absolutely love drumming home the concentration camp hyperbole

      1. I do remember when TLC was The Learning Channel. I believe they had that Honey Boo Boo reality show, wtf? Degenerate is good, wholesome is bad, reality tv with slimy fat fuck scumbags is learning…

    3. Absolutely Jim. I detached myself from tv many years ago. I won’t disparage those that like these shows, but for me, there is so much LIFE to be lived away from the idiot box. There’s absolutely no tv programming and very few (new) movies that can capture my attention for more than 1 hour. When I do unwind in front of the tv, it’s usually with the older stuff…

    4. Exactly. You described the process perfectly. What’s the point in engaging into a medium that’s anti-male? All it will do is demoralize you and make you waste massive amounts of time that could spent much better. It’s just not worth sifting through so much amount of shit just to get a few bits of quality material.

    5. Couldn’t have said it any better.
      Almost every single thing on netflix does this. Cuckflix is cultural-marxism Central.

  17. This is because George R R Martin is a Gamma male and has no real conception of how Alpha men are or behave. Notice two other things:
    It is anti heroic – all the honourable people (mainly the Starks) either get killed or have their lives ruined.
    Very few people have normal monogomous relationships which last – the best looking male (Jamie Lannister) is incestuous, the young Lannister is a sociopath, they all have strange sexual kinks and any time true love seems to come along one of them gets killed.

    1. Pretty sure the writers of the series have overtaken George R R Martin already and are going it alone. So the current season hasn’t been written by Martin at all.

      1. I didn’t know that.
        That will create a weird situation then where Martin is hostage to the show writers as to where he takes his books, unless he is going to fork off. Either way, looking at the way most shows are going I doubt it will make much difference to the cuckiness of the show.

  18. All the alpha males were killed:
    Ned Stark – Strong warrior, insists his son witness an execution. DEAD
    Robert Baratheon – Took Westeros by force, was still hunting fucking boars with a spear. DEAD
    Khal Drogo – Barbarian warrior. DEAD
    Jeor Mormont – Leader of the Knight’s watch, strong warrior. DEAD, killed by an undisciplined draftee who muntinies.
    Robb Stark – Declared independence, led a war, winning most battles to avenge his father’s murder. DEAD, because of women.
    Game of Thrones has killed every strong male character. I will have to write an article about “The Last Kingdom”, which is not only based on historical fact, but shows “True Alpha” Christianity in Alfred the Great (and also shows beta-whinyness in Uthred).

    1. Not to mention Roos Bolton and Tywin Lannister…At the moment Euron GreyJoy is the only redeeming alpha male

    2. I would say that Stannis Baratheon was an alpha, but he is also dead. The show is missing testosterone.

  19. Totally agree, I hope to see Kit harrington on the street before the final episodes so that I can tell him ‘I hope you don’t bend the fucking knee’

    1. to conquer the future you have to re-write the past. First destroy the role models, and the mythological resources of masculine and national identity, then go for the history that sustains it

    2. They want to take away males role model from boys, to make them weaks and powerless. weak males = country easy to dominate.
      I recently heard of an highschool kid that beat and stabbed two girl, because they where bullying him by calling him harry potter. He obviously lacked a manly role model in his life to show him to laugh off useless shit like this, now he have to do 4 years of jail.

  20. I owe all the shitty TV programming and poor movie quality a debt of gratitude — it’s caused me to read a great deal more good stuff.

    1. Same here. Don’t regret a thing, even if it makes me a bit of an outsider to my generation(amazing that people think low of you because you didn’t watch some shit show they did).

  21. It’s simple. It’s the occult / satanic (in the secular non-metaphysical sense) reversal. The turning the world upside down, that is the essence of the revolutionary Bolshevik project. The Baphomet has breasts. The chymical wedding of the male and female takes place not in the matrimonial bed between man and woman, but in the erasure of the boundary between men and women, i.e. in the priestly hermaphrodite, in GOT represented by the literally castrated Varis and Theon, and the figuratively / symbolically castrated Tyrion and Jamie. Love the dragons as cat reference, although I always think of them as social justice dragons. At one level they represent the levelling power and absolute monopoly of force of the modern state lifting the female aloft, but in the sense described above, the occult and satanic sense, the dragon represents fire, the masculine, active, element in alchemy, which is also as such the phallic principle, artificially strapped on to Daenery’s loins. The clash of the two principles, the above and below – the masculine / feminine now inverted (since ice is feminine water) again represent the chymical wedding in the form of a symbolic clash (and negation?) of the two fundamental elemental forces.
    Interesting though how they played this. It began with almost unprecedented realism, reflecting masculine mastery, and overwhelmingly heterosexual fantasy (remember Tyrion and Ros? Daenerys being reamed by the Khal Drogo). Retrospectively, while it is possible that the ‘twist’ was improvised in part, it is hard not to conclude that this subversion of an institution may have preceded the institution itself, in other words while Bolsheviks typically subvert existing (bourgeois) institution, here we may have an institution that was effectively ‘grown’ in order to be subverted. In other words not only was there an evil reversal of white and black, masculine and feminine, but the point was always to lead our expectations in order to demoralise. This was always the intention in a way that was not the case with the original Star Wars or even episodes 1,2,3, – The social justice castration of masculinity found in the JJ Abrams abomination was the subversion of an existing institution. I think this a potentially important distinction: it shows us that demoralisation is their purpose.
    They will fail. There lies are becoming ever easier to spot

      1. thanks, I’m not quite sure where GRR Martin & the show producers are coming from exactly, beyond left / progressive politics, but there are definite occult themes throughout, and the gender reversal aspect within an occult context suggests a satanic inversion.

    1. yep, we need more producers like nolan and gibson that can produce content without being castrated by the system.

    2. Its interesting to me that everyone is so sure that the Dragon Queen is fit to rule the seven kingdoms. I have seen every episode and I have yet to see her show any signs of real leadership. She makes a complete mess of the situation at slaver’s Bay and gets saved by her dragons. She defers to Tyrion and Varys at every opportunity. Cersei has never asked anyone what she should do. It is eerily similar to the American male’s unexplainable worship of American women. John Snow is the alpha that doesn’t kiss her ass simply because she asks. The dragons certainly represent the family court, welfare state, pussy pass daddy government that protects them from any real consequences. Without the dragons she would be dead already.

      1. She’s supposed to have a compassionate side which inspires ‘errant knights’, wandering tribes and enslaved peoples to give her their allegiance, but most of it amounts to a combination of a sense of familial entitlement – she traces her right to rule back to her father an unjust and mad king who routinely burned people alive – and her ability to intimidate and kill with her dragons, which as you say appear to symbolise the monopoly of force that is the state as a military and as “socialism” a socially levelling behemoth. This balance of personal entitlement and commitment to social justice pretty much sums up the modern middle class feminist young woman, committed – from a position of great privilege – to abstract ideals about how the world should be, but increasingly unable to maintain any kind of perspective or engage in any meaningful decision-making beyond that. So far her decision-making has generally either been poor or effectively constrained by her advisers. In the last episode it appears she achieves a victory based on impulse and appears despite Bron’s cross-bow bolt to have got away with it i.e. she has prevailed purely out of luck, a luck that would be inconceivable without the possession of heavy fire dragons. Moreover in this last episode we see just how she treats her enemies (although previously she crucified the slavers who defied her) having her dragons burn hundreds of ordinary foot soldiers alive – the very antithesis of a fair fight, and an action which associates her morally with her monstrous father .
        It’s interesting though that her idealism, represents the masculine principle of abstraction – fire / air. For any kind of material rootedness she depends largely upon her male advisers (as well as the girl adviser / translator). I would say that unless the writers betray the narrative process or simply bow to her fanclub a powerful correction is due for her ambitions . However since she also represents matriarchy / social justice that seems unlikely

  22. In the first ep. of the new series Arya pretends to be her old nemesis Walder Frey – having killed the real individual – enablng her to poison the wine of all his warlords and knights. She then rips off her mask Scooby Doo fashion. This absurdity is met with great acclaim in the media though it’s silliness is almost beyond description. Two episodes on, and she returns to Winterfell. Here she encounters Brienne of Taarth (or Brienne the Tart as she would’ve been called if she weren’t a manly she-beast…I quite like her actually). Now Brienne in a previous series defeated the greatest warrior in the whole of Westeros, the Hound, thus making her, a woman – albeit a hefty one – the new greatest warrior in the whole of Westeros. Now, although this is pretty silly in itself, Brienne is actually a pretty believable character. She is strong of limb, and actually cuts the right kind of figure for a knight. She’s an outlier in terms of strength and skill, and stranger things have happened – martial arts contests don’t always go to the strongest individual. In other words it’s just about believable that Brienne could have pulled off the title. But of course in this latest episode, along comes Arya, a teenage girl, who looks about five years younger than her actual age, and weighs as much as cocker spaniel. No sooner has she arrived than she’s challenged Brienne to a sword fight and knocked spots off of her. Now Arya, a very small teenage girl is the greatest warrior in Westeros. Obviously she had a bit of help getting there, from the faceless man, but that just makes it even sillier.
    Needless to say the acclaim in the media was universal.
    Oh, one other thing, spoilers above.

    1. Yeah, I came directly to the comments on this post. I’ve never a single scene let alone a full episode. From the general tone of a lot of these comments, it sounds like the writers pulled the old bait and switch tactic. Lured a bunch of dudes in with the earlier more alpha/masculine seasons, then transitioned it into what the execs had planned right from the beginning.

      1. yes, bait and switch is the device I was trying to describe in my comment. There is something quite despicable about such manipulation, and I think as a device it is being used quite widely

      2. I wonder if the same applies to The Man in the high castle (there is a “strong woman hero” in it….) but there are some Alpha Males too….

  23. The plot of the show is now a bitch fight where men (and dragons) do all of the fighting and the main female characters give the orders. It didn’t used to be that way though and there were strong male characters but that was in previous seasons and they are now all gone.
    Now most of the men are hopelessly pathetic and their only influence is derived from the females that they are orbiting. The show is all about Cersei and Danaerys now.
    The show has pretty much lost its unpredictability which was what made it interesting and is now a cheap action film with a good guy and a bad guy, who are both women.

  24. I regret to say that I’ve really enjoyed the series but the last couple of seasons have made things pretty obvious. The bravest and best of men are either villains or close to it. Jaime Lannister started off evil but has since become the hero that westeros needs. The Hound was a complete bad ass but now he’s on the path to redemption. Bronn may be the only man in the show who is alpha but doesn’t have to apologize for it. Not exactly a main character either. Jon Snow is obviously the main hero and although he is brave, he also comes off so beta. He always has some kind of internal struggle. Always being a bitch around women. I guess he hasn’t bent the knee to Merkel Targaryen, so that’s a step in the right direction. The other dudes are all made out to be creepy bastards like little finger.
    Then you have women. Fucking women every where. Cersi is running the show for the Lannister’s, Brienne is the strongest warrior in the land(LOL), and Arya is the elite assassin.
    Daenerys, easily the worst character in the series. All hail the queen feminist. I fail to see what is good about her. She’s brought and army of foreigners over to Westeros to conquer it. We know Westerosi people reperesent the West. She’s Angela Merkel opening the flood gates for migrants in a multicultural society. She’s the true villain in this one boys.
    Don’t forget they had to show the Dothraki savage say “You’re men can’t fight”. Right there and then I looked at the TV and said “Fuck off”. May have had something to do with being out numbered and basically nuked.

    1. Excuse me if I’m wrong, but didn’t the Dothraki Khals sit there and let themselves meekly burn to death instead of, say, choking the life out of the woman who trapped them in a fiery coffin?

    1. Ned Stark was a good man, but he was definitely an alpha. So was Robert Baratheon. Tywin, Ned, Robert, and Stannis were all different men, but alphas. No men like them anymore

      1. Not sure I’d consider Stannis an alpha. He was too obsessed with becoming king, to the point of allowing a witch to manipulate him however she wished.

  25. I couldn’t get past the first episode of GOT. Seemed like incest-filled softcore porn to me. I have no stomach for that.

  26. What do you expect from a show written and directed by a (((feminine race))) who fight their enemies with (((usury))), (((Marxism))) and (((pornography)))?

  27. What do you expect from a show written and directed by a (((feminine race))) that fights their enemies with (((usury))), (((Marxism))) and (((pornography)))?

  28. It seems that the blue-pill is coming through thick and fast on GOT, thinly veiled behind the distraction of a few large dragons. I can’t think of a single alpha male left alive in the show
    A series that seems to be showing red-pill promise is Taboo. Any thoughts on this?

    1. I feel that every show that comes out now is going to try and lure us into it with the first season by trying to appear red pill and politically incorrect, then they’ll start shoving liberal agenda by the second season.
      My recommendation? Don’t bother with TV shows. They consume massive amounts of time, and it’s not worth trying to sift through all the garbage just to get a few glimpses of quality. Life offers so many other things.

  29. GOT was tolerable – sort of – before they ran out of books to turn into screenplays. Now it’s just a couple of douchebag executive producers sponsoring a never ending series of SJW themed skits with no logical tie ins to the original stories. I don’t know how they’re going to end this shit show but it’s all over the place right now.

  30. Martin has always been heavily into misandry, he’s like the literary lovechild of Joss Whedon and James Cameron.

  31. Game of Thrones is so derivative for anyone that has extensive fantasy reading. NOthing will ever compare to the chronicles of thomas covenant – that needs to be made into a film by Christopher Nolan.
    Also we need Guy Ritchie and Edgar Wright to do a reboot film of Minder.

      1. Thomas Covenant lives in our world. He has contracted Hansens Disease (Leprosy) and as a result loses two fingers and his wife leaves him. As his condition deteriorates he is run over crossing the street but wakes to find himself not on earth. The place he arraives at “The Land” is unlike any other standard fantasy world – but he first aspect of it he notices is that he is beginning to heal and an attractive young woman finds him and sees his missing fingers and assumes he is a the coming prophecy of the return of Berek Half-hand to save the land from The Despiser known colloquially as “Lord Foul” amongst many other names. But another side effect of his healing is he is able to become sexually aroused again. He initially thinks he is dreaming and that is must be a dream as there is no cure for leprosy – so he rapes the young girl thinking he will wake up from a dream and it won’t matter. But afterwards he is still in the land and now must confront the fact that he did something morally reprehensive whilst also denying the fact that he is indeed the prophecy returned and that the White Gold Wedding Ring he wears is the most powerful magical item in the entire universe. The Despiser has been waiting for his return because he wants to take the white gold ring and unleash it’s wildifre magic to destroy the arch of time thus ending the entire universe for ever – he is immortal and is sick of living. The first 3 books deal with one time line then the second three books a set much later as in between Covenant returns to earth. THe third and final series is best not discussed until you’ve read the other 2.

  32. Lyanna Mormont is fucking excellent though
    Varys isn’t gay – he’s celibate
    and Sansa is weak as piss so far

  33. Feminism has run completely amok on this show to the extent that’s it’s unwatchable. A little 10-year girl commanding and acting wiser than 60-year old battle hardened lords??? A small teenage girl kicking every warriors ass with ease and able to kill entire clans at will??? Rampant homosexuality, castrations, incest, and satanism. Every woman / girl on the show not only has ninja-like skills, incredible strength, genius intelligence and the ability to command everyone around them, but they also have enough sex appeal to make every man melt around them. GOT might as well be a cartoon with all reality completely suspended. In short, all around awful fucking television, but what do you expect from the J-tribe?

  34. Sam meets the wildling girl after his father kicks him out. He kicks him out for being fat and a coward with no martial ability.

  35. you know the show is adaptation from the books??I support the author as he earned money by catering to the masses.

    1. Fuck Bronn, he’s a petty sell-sword thug, panhandling for coin without a shred of nobility. Was hoping Drogon torched him down to the bone.

  36. All of the Alpha males in the show are dead. Tywin Lannister, Robert Baratheon, Ned Stark, Stannis Baratheon were all various alphas, but are now dead. They recently introduced Randyll Tarly (Samwell’s dad) to bring a little bit of testosterone back, but he will soon be dead. The lack of a true alpha is hurting the show IMO

  37. This is wrong about the women. All the women on the show are where they are because of men. The show also “promotes” strong women but all of them are absolutly worthless and are dooming the world. Cersi will kill anyone. According to the spoliers she is going to let the white walkers take over to kill her enemies. Dany is a spoiled brat that will turn into her father and become mad. She hasnt earned anything with out men she also is letting a dark skinned race take over. Who will rape all the women in the area.
    Brienne is a dude. In the book she looks a lot more male then the show.
    Ayra is a anime character now.
    Yara – dyke
    Dorne bitches- all dead. Killed the king and the prince for no reason. Doomed their whole country.
    In reality Cersi is the baddest person on the show. She is cold as fuck and has seen and done some real shit. She is the true female empowered. Insane with power willing to kill anything in her path.
    yes most of the men on the show are cucks.
    The Hound and Jon being the only ones who are not.
    Hound was not almost killed by a little girl. He was already hurt before the fight.
    Jon is doing everything he can to save his people.

    1. Cersei- Killed her friend, when she was a kid, killed her husband, killed rob and catelyn, killed half of the political and all the religious class in KL, killed the Dorne, killed Olenna, Tricked Danaerys .
      and still wears dresses
      She is the only strong woman that has used her strength in a reasonable way like medieval queens did- the other women are just for fantasy. Without Dragons Cersei would have won

  38. Tywin Lannister was the most respectable man. He had everything… masculinity, duty, honour, cunning and genius… and putting his family before all else (which was his demise). His flaw was irrationally his dwarf son (the best of his children). Anyways, Charles Dance as Tywin Lannister was something to behold. I agree the other characters have serious flaws and are subservient to women. Even Oberon whose fighting prowess and bedding skills were attenuated by the show writers making him a bisexual. GoT is feminist propaganda. Jon has the IQ of a barn-hand and an inability to show cunning outside of being rescued every single time. Ramsay would have crushed hadn’t that unexpected calvary of knights from the Vale came out of no-where. Tywin Lannister par excellence was second to none.

    1. The knights of the vale came from the vale, The stupidity is how travel works in GoT jhon snow travels from the north to dragon stone from one episode to the other that´s days of travel, People cross the entire continent in a horse in 5min of plot. SO maybe jon travel for a month but in winterfell the events happen in 3 to 4 days

      1. Exactly! How in the fuck did that happen?!!! And more importantly, why aren’t people questioning this deus ex machina? It seems they got so distracted by the(admittedly superbly crafted if a bit unbelievable)fight sequence that they are willing to overlook this. And don’t even bother trying to point it out to them; the apologizism you’ll be subjected to isn’t worth it.

        1. Amazing. I mean, I know the show has started delving into Time Travel, but I didn’t think the showrunners would take it THIS literally. LOL

    1. Very respectable. Died at the hands of a woman’s poison, whose power and armies were to later be usurped by the Targaryen girl (another woman).

      1. Thanks for the update. But at least he bent that one chick over the table in one scene – that was a few years back – a controversial scene supposedly.

    2. One of the most masculine and dominant men in the entire series. He reminded me an awful lot of Conan(possibly inspired by him?).
      He’s both an alpha male and a cautionary tale for what happens when a man listens to a woman rather than do things as he sees fit. Daenerys ended up manipulating him and in returned unintentionally pushed him to his death.

      1. “He’s nonwhite (meant to be like Arabs/Muslims here), so he’s allowed to be masculine”
        Never thought about it like that – interesting observation.

        1. The obvious programming becomes apparent when seen from a completely detached and uninterested point of view. Simply reading the posts of people who do watch it…
          watch out Neo, the matrix has you is so true with this series and it’s popularity.

    1. You didn’t really miss much. It’s nowhere near as bad as the author of this article is trying to make it seem, but it has become weaker ever since the show diverged from the books. Speaking of which, if you are ever interested in the series, definitely go with the books, they’re fantastic(pun intended).

  39. There are no redeeming male characters on the show. Tywin Lannister was the last one. Nobility of character, speech and deed is something that both Euron and Bron lack. They’re both petty thugs, one wants to fight and panhandle for coin and the other wants to fight for a woman to bed. Neither are respectable, neither possesses refinement, good breeding, education, manners or nobility. They are both semiliterate hooligan scum (You mine as well throw druken whoring profligate Robert Baratheon in there as well). Tywin Lannister, Roose Bolton, Stannis Baratheon and Randyll Tarley are characters that possesses(d) what a well rounded man should have.

    1. Tywin die due too lack of foresight. Yes, he was pretty cool but death was needed for him. Randyll Tarley is now a traitor and can now kiss his house goodbye. His house will probably mean nothing by next episode. Roose Bolton was fun to watch when he trolled people but he caused his own problems and death. The audience cheered on Stannis when he fought along side Jon against the wildlings. However, no surprised the show runners had him sacrifice his daughter so people could not like him that much. Stannis was also unreasonable and decided to cast a spell to kill Robb Stark. Unlike Danny who is not declaring war on John Snow and now knows she has to show the North that she is not like every other southern ruler. Danny says the thrones is her but I give her a pass on this since almost alot the men on the show proclaim this or have show this through actions. Her violence is not even that extreme so I say well done for her adapting to the world she was born in.

    2. Euron Greyjoy is horribly underwritten in the show, compared to books. In books he’s a silent, half-mad strategist who spent way too much time in boiling seas of Valyria ruins, looking (and finding too much of) ancient magic.
      Not what you’d call a well rounded man, but he’s certainly a silent menacing presence that even his own Ironborn fear.
      Why show decided to make him basically a “Ramsay Bolton on speed”, is beyond me. Actor is pulling it of, I give him that, but I’d still prefer book Euron in the show.

  40. The dragon lady with her brown hordes is pretty much a reflection of the white thots and their beloved borderline retard “refugees” in Europe today.

  41. I disagree. I think the show shows how women’s vanity is capable of destroying what men built. Stark matriarch basically started the war of the Five Kings. The red Priestess was the Eve in Stanis’s ear. Daenreys needs men to do her bidding. Cersei’s vanity shows how stupid women can be. I think the show has done a great job showing how women are capable being vain, whiny bitches and destroying the great works of better men.

    1. Ned Stark’s wife always listened too him. Ned sadly got himself killed by the choices he made. He told Cersei what he knows and listened to Little Finger. His wife sadly made some stupid mistakes because she wanted to protect her children. The red priestess follows her religion and has now gotten cut down a peg or two. Daenreys shows a biological truth. Her brother got burnt by her husband but she did not get burnt and came out with three dragons. There is a biological reason the Jews say the blood is passed through the Jewish woman. Yes, Cersei is a evil, sexually immoral woman but she will be replaced by a more beautiful queen who will take all that she holds dear (the power).

  42. I’m not one who regularly indulges in mainstream pop culture, however as a fan of fantasy and swords & sorcery, I usually prefer Conan or Lord Of The Rings whenever I watch something.
    Modern fantasy is cancer made for an audience of spinsters and dickless men.

    1. Yup. I like A Song of Ice and Fire, but it’s not Fantasy. It’s a soap opera disguised as fantasy. It’s an enjoyable read for me, but it doesn’t compare to Tolkien, Robert E. Howard or Moorcock’s fantasy stories.

      1. Moorcocks work were the absolute best most imaginitive writing. They would make incredible movies but would surely be twisted with he current crop of jew mafia cabal industry producers. They would wrecked. The Eternal Champion series……nothing recently authored compares.

        1. Yeah, Moorcock is definitely very imaginitive, and despite people claiming he is a bad writer, I actually like the way he writes. It’s very pulpy and gets right to the action. Props to him for being different and original(although my favorite still remains Robert E. Howard).
          As much as I’d like a movie with The Eternal Champion, like you said, it would be horrendous in today’s toxic political climate. Look what happened to The Dark Tower(Roland is a black guy, gee, how subtle), the movie was garbage. I’d rather the series remain just as it is. There’s some comic adaption of the first book going on, and it does a superb job.

  43. I think I have seen it maybe twice and I agree with the article. I thought the show sucked and could not see what all the hype is about. Chic flick type tv show, lots of posturing and feels, no substance, backwards roles, boring.

  44. I agree, the show has fallen really low. Not sure if because of feminism or other such ideology, but I am very certain that weak writing is the major contributor, and the problems mentioned in this article are a product of that bad writing. The Showrunners are crap writers, and it can be seen from season 4 onwards.
    Which is why I have to stress this; don’t bother with modern pop culture. We don’t get anything out of it. It’s too steeped into misandry and political correctness. It offers nothing of value, and more often than not it does more harm than good, since it slowly instills a sedentary lifestyle because you become glued to the TV. Sure, you might end being a bit detatched from the current generation because you don’t share the same taste as them, but fuck it, it’s worth it.
    There’s a whole world outside. Time to put aside childish things and actually be adults.

  45. So you say, HBO basically tells everyone, if alpha women rule (or have the vision to rule), we will have this awesome utopia with … ehm … war, blood, loyalty,
    family, and betrayal.
    Sound’s awesome. Currently in the west, we’re going full speed ahead!
    But this is too much honesty from msm / mainstream pop culture. Something is odd …

  46. GOT is lame nerd fantasy crap anyways, and is meant to appeal to the same beta and omega men who play Final Fantasy and Warcraft in their parents basement, so quite frankly who gIves a fuck. Just look at the fat slob who writes this crap, tells you everything

  47. I noticed this shit just last season. This season is even worse. Only John Snow keeps me interested and they are making him more and more unsure about his leadership abilities and it’s pissing me off. If he bends a knee to that unburnt little bitch who is nothing without her dragons, I’m done.

  48. I would advise reading the books instead. They’ve got about a dozen or more alpha male characters who didn’t make an appearance in the show and the ones from a show are a lot more badass in pages than on screen; Tyrion fights in battle, Jamie is much less of a bitch, Littlefinger is more of a boss (and Sansa never gets within a thousand miles of Ramsey Bolton or Winterfell, instead eating lemon tarts in her late aunt’s castle), Mance Rager cleverly fakes his own death and Barristan Selmy never dies.

    1. It’s been years since I read the books but IIRC in the book, that ridiculous duel between Brienne and the Hound never happened. The Hound’s collapse came about because of an infected swordcut which he sustained in the fight (ie “I’ll eat every f****** chicken in the place”) with the Lannister mercs at the abandoned inn.

  49. GOT is modern Jewish Hollywood. Hollywood was always Jewish but these days rather than entertain they use film as propaganda. That being said the SJW bullshit is not selling as well as it did just a few years ago.
    Maybe they should go back to making entertaining films again.
    Look at the Disney Star Wars films it’s all beta males and alpha females. The only alpha male was Han Solo and he’s gone. Main villain is Solo’s son whose is an archetype mentally ill youth. The main hero is a masculine female.

  50. You forgot Orange is the New Black where women prison is exaggerated on how tough it is. Trying to make women look all hard and tough as nails

    1. Erm….”if they didn’t do the crime….” what if its tough? Prison is not an all you demand spa. They should suffer.

  51. All I had to watch was 1 episode of this garbage series.
    One. Fucking. Episode.
    In the first episode, we have:
    1.Edgy ghost monster girl killing adult men in a forest
    2.Boy failing at archery, a strong independent gurl abandons the other women doing womanly things and without any training picks a bow and shoots it better than him.
    3.Some whore giving the dwarf a blowjob
    4.Incest between brother and sister
    That’s all I needed to see, that’s enough for me, my time is precious, fuck this show and fuck its cucked fanbase.

  52. I’ve never seen any of it. I DVR the shit I want to see, and avoid fads. The fad bullshit shows are just milepost tests of the Progressive brainwashing effectiveness by the viewership numbers they monitor. Who has time for this mental manipulation, oh wait…those who can’t live except in this Progressive Matrix blue pillers. Baaa baaa sheeple. The wolf gnaws on your leg and you don’t even feel it anymore.

    1. On another note , the most sane and down to earth common sense people I have met, are particularly uninterested and non users of manipulatable electronic refresh rate TV’s and monitors and the strobing effects from them…part of the reason why when people watch TV they are motionless captivated zombies, especially those that fall asleep watching TV…the are the most insane and emotionally sensitive and easy to trigger.

      1. I’m definitely feeling a prouder that I don’t watch TV shows after reading your posts. It does get irritating at times because the people around you have low opinions of you simply because you don’t watch “XYZ” show, but you get the good with the bad. Mostly in my spare time I read, and that’s far more lucrative than TV Shows.

        1. Maybe you noticed that the most ignorant inane and narcissistic people are avid TV viewers for HOURS in their day, almost every day. Then contrast those people with people that seem to be busy all the time working or involved directly with their kids in school sports, marching band or other activities. These people rarely talk about TV shows and often are so full of real tangible people stuff, they often go to bed without seeing the TV at all. Its easy to corroborate my comments to actual people and their behavior. Never mind TV shows, but all the PC incessant advertising too.

  53. The current male characters who have made it to this point in the show without being killed have generally done so because they relied on something other than brute strength and authoritarianism. Yes, the women are now playing the “alpha” roles and battling each other for control – same as the men were doing a couple seasons ago. I predict similar outcomes for the women. Who cares what gender is in power? If you watch the show, you know that whoever is in power won’t stay that way for long…

  54. Yeah the whole ‘girl power’ in your face has lead to a pretty detrimental state of affairs in the anglosphere. I had an experience that confirmed this yesterday. Drinking and talking with a Puerto Rican girl about how things are bad and American women(people in general) are oversensitive about touching and then a Mrs.Americunt cut in and said she would not like it if any man touched her in public and she had an experience with her German boss that she almost smacked because he hit her butt with a menu. I flat out told her that in his culture the women are less bitchier lol score

  55. The new season had a scene that really annoyed me.
    It was the one where they were debating whether Jon Snow should have gone to meet with Danearys.
    His sister openly criticized his decision in front of all his men.
    Later, he (rightfully) calls her on it. Her reply was to tease him by implying that his unwillingness to be criticized makes him “like Ramsay Bolton”. He then asks her if she was seriously comparing him to Ramsay and she says “no, you’re nothing like him”.
    Typical female logic!

  56. You guys shouldn’t watch Game Of Thrones at all, it’s clearly way too complicated for you if all you read into it is this “alpha” bollocks that seems to pervade your lives.

    1. I hate this new movement, this need to “celebrate” female characters, as if there have never been good female characters in past stories. What the hell is such a special thing that a character that is good happens to be female? Boo-fucking-hoo. They act like creating “strong and independent” female characters is going to cure cancer.

  57. Jon Snow, Tormund Giantsbane, Davos Seaworth, Tyrion, The Hound, Little Finger… if you pick and choose and then write off the male characters that have some solid traits then I guess you can make any point. By looking for misandry anywhere you can find it and picking and choosing facts haven’t you just turned into the other side of the coin, a whiny woman hating crybaby.

  58. This sort of degenerate sh** is corrupting the minds of its viewers. It’s like a snuff film. Two or more people have sex and then someone is murdered. Disgusting filth. And how they have a fit when you criticize it. That’s the fun part.

    1. “And how they have a fit when you criticize it. That’s the fun part.”
      Oh, fuck yeah, man, I’ve seen people getting into a frenzy simply because I said that I think it is overrated. Hell, I haven’t watched any TV serial for over five years now, and that makes me a hipster and braindead in the minds of many from my generation. Insulting their favorite shows is a pleasure of mine.

  59. HBO went from Sopranos to GOT, Fuck them!!!
    No straight men with self respect watch Game of Faggots.

  60. The most alpha male in GOT is the Night King. If you are building a harem that thousand yard stare works wonders

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