4 Harsh Realities Travel Nomads Need To Accept And Surmount

A number of manosphere writers, too numerous to name, have extoled the virtues of American and other men relocating to places like Eastern Europe and South America. The cultures abroad are often actually cultures, not a mass of fearful, obsequious consumers, and the women are, on average, considerably more feminine and attractive than back home. Nevertheless, many advocates of relocation are either blind to or choose to ignore the many issues a Western man will encounter moving overseas or traveling extensively in other countries.

Thankfully, Return Of Kings has been quite frank about the pitfalls of travel or moving abroad. I remember an older video by Roosh that shows him getting flaked on by a Ukrainian girl. This is not only an example of how some basic female patterns are shared by women across the world, but it demonstrates one of the many logistical problems men will be saddled with in their new temporary or permanent homeland. It is not a click-your-fingers type of scenario where all the frustrations in the West will suddenly disappear once you’re abroad.

Like with Roosh’s recent podcast with Kyle Trouble, discussing these issues allows you to surmount them. I, too, am not interested in doing many of you a disservice and claiming that moving to Europe has somehow been perfect just because I arrived with a well-functioning red pill outlook.

I am genuinely excited about my future travels in South America and Europe, but my experiences so far have taught me that rosy expectations are regularly disappointed. Just as you swallowed a red pill and continue to do so, you need to swallow these pieces of advice.

You need to learn the local language–and relatively fast

Mángo Languages is one of many convenient options for men to learn a local tongue.

Sure, you’ll probably be fine in Prague or another more Westernized Eastern European city like Gdańsk (Poland). But outside these areas and often within them, you are severely limiting your opportunities, most of all with girls, by not having a intermediate knowledge of the local language (B1 or B2 in the European common framework).

You need to make a choice between learning the language properly and getting by with English. Half-hearted forays into learning the local tongue are mostly pointless and essentially the same as opting for English. One will fast exhaust the basic number of permutations provided by restaurant-themed or “What’s your number?”-style sentences.

Do not be concerned about fluency. Because I use a language like Spanish, Czech, Hungarian, or Polish for two to four months at a time and then stop for months, I make a number of minor mistakes all the time, especially with Slavic declensions. But, all in all, I am considered reasonably fluent in Czech, Spanish, and Polish, in addition to some other European languages I speak.

If you have no time for learning the language, and some of you will definitely fall into this category, you need to have something–connections, regular social haunts, or something else substantial that can make up for your lack of speaking skills. My advice to learn the language is not a religious one, yet 98% of the time better language skills will improve your experience and performance, including with girls.

Having money is not all it’s cracked up to be–and incites jealousy

Money and status attract girls, but can also be disadvantageous for foreigners living in poorer societies.

My starter soup the other day in only a basic Slovakian restaurant cost more than the girl who served it earns in an hour. My Peeks & Cloppenburg suit, just a temporary one I will end up leaving at a girl’s place in Europe for next time, cost the male sales attendant two weeks’ worth of salary. To be blunt, there is a certain amount of local resentment at proportionally cashed-up Westerners living it up in Eastern Europe, chasing local women, and otherwise living lives far better and more luxurious than 97% of natives.

I’m not a frugal man, yet I am not interested in being ostentatious, either. Still, having good levels of disposable income or simply a secure bank balance can arouse jealousy and put a rift between you and the locals. Because of the much lower wages, people in places like the Czech Republic and even more so in places like Romania choose cheap social entertainment. Subsequently, the club scene even in tourist meccas like Kraków is lacking compared to Western cities like London.

Money may have its advantages, but for someone like me not willing to buy my way into people’s hearts, taking pleasure in the simpler things is undervalued by Western travelers. To an extent you need to think like a man who earns US$3-5 an hour.

You need to be prepared to go it alone

Ready to set your own pace and make your own life?

I initially took Topdeck and Globus tours when I traversed Europe. Topdeck was mostly full of young Americans, Australians, and Canadians, while Globus fitted a middle-aged crowd and offered somewhat more structure. Topdeck was great for communal activities with similarly aged Westerners, whilst Globus allowed me to explore cities in-depth and also slip off to meet local girls. Eventually, though, you tire of this and desire a more long-term European experience, an experience which then creates its own set of problems.

At the time you branch off by yourself, expect to remain by yourself much of the time. Of course, I meet lots of people on my travels and many of them I’ve known for quite a while. But when I return to my base city, Bratislava or Brno, the trip is usually taken alone. I can make new connections on a bus or plane, yet constancy in companionship is lacking. It gives you more bangs but less of a community feel to anything you’re doing. I’ve lost count of the number of great people I’ve meet, or girls I’ve gotten with, whom I will probably never see again.

Flaking, when it happens, is arguably more annoying when you’re traveling or living abroad. If a girl flakes, often you’ll need to have a much stronger back-up plan than you would back home. Unlike your university days, you can’t always hope to find another friend randomly hanging around. Plus, in poor societies, it’s not just flaking you need to be concerned with. A lot of people do have things that require their attention for legitimate reasons, whether work, study, or something family-related. It’s your job to have something (or someone) else to do when that occurs. And it’s an ongoing job.

Let’s remember that most friendships are basically enforced. We make friends in school, in college, or in the workplace, three places where we are mandated to spend time with the same people, or at least be reasonably close to them. Over time, bonds develop and people forget the basically unsocial way they built up communication and trust. True, a seasoned traveler is at something of an advantage because he can use the excitement of a vacation to make more memorable friendships than people back home. That is, until all your Western friends have to leave and promises of a reunion stretch out into months or years.

Meanwhile, in Bratislava or Brno, my native friends are seasonally consumed by realities I rarely have to face. For example, if it’s company audit time for the brunette junior accountant I’m banging and she’s doing 16 hour days, I don’t expect to see her. Likewise, you often fail to make the social connections locals would because you’re not sitting next to them in the same group of cubicles five days a week or cracking the same jokes by the water cooler. For that reason, traveling or relocated men are better of enrolling in even the most boring night class (bar knitting classes), just to be around some of the same people regularly.

Your resolve and work ethic are constantly tested

Nope, choose now.

In nine days recently I covered Debrecen, Bratislava, Prague, Wroclaw, and Poznan, all cities I know well. As a result of the speed of my travel, I got close to zero done for my work commitments. Twenty-five article ideas for Return Of Kings have remained unfulfilled for months and a promise to chew off at least two of them during these nine days came to nothing.

I got plenty of bangs, but also spent over 24 hours on intercity buses, and a good number of further dead hours on city buses, on subways, in taxis, and carpooling. Leaving a hotel for meals in the city with girls or friends was great, yet took far longer than anticipated. Once you get tired of banging a girl three times in two and a half hours, after a whole day of traveling between cities and/or sightseeing, there’s virtually nothing left for productive endeavors.

Good intentions will take you even smaller distances than in your native country. Surrounded by in-your-face opportunities and a bevy of local beauties, your grad studies or, in my case, other writing work persistently falls by the wayside. Time management is an even more crucial tool in your version of paradise than in the monotony you call the United States, Canada, the UK, or Australia.

Are you ready for fun and commitment or just fun?

There’s fun outside but work to be done inside. Which will you choose?

Travel is a commitment, not just fun. Inasmuch as you need a positive outlook and a desire for a better, more enjoyable life, you also have to regularly curb your enjoyment to keep that same life going. Getting into a language-learning mode, modulating your spending tastes to fit in, managing or overcoming the solitary patches, and valuing your work time are unexciting but essential ingredients for any travel nomads out there. The long-term benefits, whether with a fatter bank account balance or smoother communication, are palpable.

If you want the lifestyle, and many of you do, take my advice: get real and enter a world that you must consciously create and work towards. Travel is great, but the ease with which you can do it is usually greatly overestimated.

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178 thoughts on “4 Harsh Realities Travel Nomads Need To Accept And Surmount”

    1. Your position is reasonable, but guess what? People aren’t reasonable.
      Look at Spain – a basket-case economy. Western tourists are nevertheless being attacked.
      Aside from agriculture and tourism, what does Spain have? It has no world-renowned finance, technology, or manufacturing sector on par with the British, Americans or Germans respectively. It has a heavy presence in construction and transport (think of Acciona and ACS) but that’s not nearly enough to drag an economy with 19% unemployment out of the doldrums.
      If these morons jealous of and attacking tourists seriously contemplated their position, they would realize that of all the national sectors, tourism is perhaps the most egalitarian way for the Spanish economy to improve itself. The benefits are far more equally spread than arenas like technology and manufacturing.

      1. Yeah, I don’t disagree with you. I’m just saying that your article is a “prepare for …” type article, and I’m just adding that you shouldn’t sweat it over this.
        As to your point about Spain – when resentment reaches these levels, it’s time to just take your money somewhere else. Smart places, even those that are wildly corrupt, have figured out that you should prioritize keeping tourists safe so they keep coming and opening their wallets.

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        2. Sync33d

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      2. I just had coffee this weekend with a woman from Barcelona (friendly, not romantic). She said that residents of Barcelona feel like they don’t know their own city anymore because of the ever-increasing tourism. I was there six months ago and agree. It didn’t feel Spanish.
        Side note: Barcelona is booming economically, in both construction and tourism. Other parts of the country are lagging far behind. This is one reason for the movement to create an independent Catalunya. Spain needs Barcelona much more than Barcelona needs Spain.

        1. Spain needs Barcelona much more than Barcelona needs Spain.

          Keep thinking that, they will discover the harsh reality once they get independent. At the end of the day most of the infrastructure was paid by the rest of Spain, the demand that justifies that infrastructure is undergirded by the rest of Spain, etc. etc. By the way Barcelona was being flooded with all sorts of non-westerns since at least 20 years, invited by the very independentists who didn’t want hispanics either Spaniards or from Latin America to settle there, go figure…

        2. Agreed, and I see your point of view. It seems to me that the Iberian peninsula would be stronger if they stayed united, but some Catalans are VERY stubborn. It’s the leftover anger from when Franco outlawed their language.
          My opinion: The independista movement will decline as time goes on, and the older generation begins to die off.

        3. There is a Colorado mountain town that in the 1970s that was a cheap place for hippies. Now due to tourism, a small 100 year old house starts at $150k. I understand the feeling of a community losing what it was, but they had no other business and now they have one, plus the tax revenue to where it’s a much nice place to live even with its costs. The alternative to a dying town is IMHO worse.

        4. I was in Barcelona on business recently and heard the same from my colleagues. Locals are selling their flats in the city to foreigners for a fat profit which drives up rent and value they cannot afford. They are being pushed out of their city due to rising costs as foreign investors take the city. A bit of resentment that is snowballing.

        5. Barcelona didnt feel Spanish? large portions of the USA dont feel American anymore.
          This is intended btw

        6. Knew something would go south in a hurry with all those Milennials flooding Barcelona to be worldly and gain experience.

        7. Ha. More to do with Brits and Germans buying flats and driving prices up. Spaniards do not earn as much as they.

        8. Smaller parts of Spain are much better. Valencia is a much nicer alternative to Barcelona.

        9. I get your point. The annoying part is not so much the independence (most common people would be relieved if they just go their own way and stop asking for money and grants from the Central Government) but how noisy and, dare I say, openly libelous the independence campaign has become, on par with the leftist campaign to re-write history.

        10. I spent last Christmas in Munich. I enjoyed the Christmas markets, but the best day I had was a day trip to Regensburg. Much smaller, what I had envisaged Germany to be like, but only to be let down by the large city.
          Avoid large cities. Totally agree.

        11. I spent most of my time in the East and some time in the West. The best places were always smaller ones.
          West German cities like Frankfurt are too big.

      3. i hope you’re as accepting of the rich Chinese buying all the real estate.
        They’re improving the economy doncha know?
        Go back tour trailer whole the Chinese own the penthouses suites.

    2. Agreed 100%. My only advice would be that when you’re outside of the “rich” city areas of a nation, just dress modestly and don’t be flashy if you reasonably expect the locals to start targeting you for….bad attention. That’s just good standard safety operating procedure. Otherwise, fuck it.

      1. Oh yeah, I agree. I’m not saying you should make yourself stick out. But I don’t think you’re doing that by walking into a restaurant and being able to pay for your meal, even if you are in a poor area.

    3. I dunno maybe cuz it’s NOT YOUR FUCKING COUNTRY???
      I hope you’re as cool and easy going when you see rich Chinese college students driving their $200k sports cars while you heave your body into your rusty old Honda.
      muh capitalism dirka dirka dirka

      1. I am. In case you missed it – I don’t resent people better off than me. You should try to learn to do so yourself.

        1. The way I see this sort of thing, sure the car is nice, but look at the totality, I don’t want to be a Chinese college student, I’m happy to be me.

    4. tell them to fuck off? How about some Euro skinheads start curb stomping you Gringos?
      Sorta like how you all bitch and whine about the dark horde stealing all the white Western women, maybe Polish and Hungarian men don’t you to shell shocked refugees of the gender wars showing up in their home towns.

    5. so what if we steal their women, butcher their language, and drive up the cost of living for them. We’re bringing shekels!

      1. Don’t want tourists, don’t create a tourist economy. Completely feminine and retarded to create a tourism economy and then bitch about it.

      1. You sound like a butthurt woman. “People have it better than me. Boo hoo.”
        Here’s the unfortunate reality for you – with your attitude, people are ALWAYS going to have it better than you, and you’re always going to be on the bottom.

    6. “If you’re a man, you’ve got lots to LEARN from men who have made it.”
      “made it”
      You mean like be born to wealthy parents? Be born to parents to send you to private school and set you up with a good job through their connections?
      Most wealthy people didn’t make SHIT

      1. The butthurt is strong in you. You need to take the advice I have given. I wasn’t born wealthy, but now am. Assuming I was born wealthy and have nothing to offer you in terms of help would cut you off from valuable advice. See why it’s foolish to always paint with your broad brush?

    1. A tour bus is pretty much my idea of torture. I think I’d rather be waterboarded than have to ride around on a tour bus. At least the waterboarding would be over quicker. I’m fairly certain the 2nd ring of hell is just riding around endlessly on a tour bus filled with fat, loud, smelly people eating lots of old cheese with no A/C.

      1. Also if you want to do fun things like meet women a tourbus is a waste of time. You will wind up meeting people from your own country.

        1. They will also smell like it. Went on a high speed Eurostar and ran into two Jewish Americans from Florida. After years of dealing with European women, goddamn Jewish women are repulsive, also the worst specimen of American women.

    2. Can’t agree more. The last thing I want to be around is other tourists.
      When I’m being a tourist. 😀

  1. I did 5 weeks in Europe last year by myself – got mugged by north africans and almost killed but still the best time of my life

    1. If getting mugged and nearly killed was the best time you’ve ever had, dare I ask what manner of hell makes up the rest of your life?

      1. Getting up at 6am then getting on the highway sitting 2 hours in traffic. Working in my cubicle for 8 hours. Going home and getting stuck in traffic. Eating the same old crummy dinner. Watch some TV then go to sleep and repeat the same thing all over again.

    2. I almost got mugged in Marrakech (Morocco) but they couldn’t because of my physique and aggressiveness. You should lift and learn to fight bro. I am not a good fighter but you can come far by looking dangerous and learn some kicks, punches and blocks from for example thai boxing.
      I love some adventures, though. I was almost killed by a sting ray in Australia and climbed a vertical 100-yards hill/mountain wall in Indonesia in pure darkness because we wanted to get back to our crib. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/14bf1eca0199615df573978a1bcf53cec8bae9ffbcf802ac014183e02ac2754e.jpg

      1. We have pretty much the same build, William, and you’re right. Nobody chooses to mess with muscles, especially if you’re 6’2″ or 6’3″ like me. It doesn’t matter if you can fight or not — I haven’t been in a fight in 20 years. Haven;t needed to.
        The weight room deters crime! Lordy, the benefits of resistance training never stop rolling in, lol.

        1. Cool. I agree. I am short but do well.
          The general exception is people with firearms. I wouldn’t go to Venezuela, El Salvador, San Pedro Sula or the worst cities in sub-Saharan Africa just to show I dare to. I just don’t wanna deal with it. However, when adventures come I accept them so to speak, whether it is in North Africa, Mexico or Southeast Asia.

        2. You seem more and more like someone I would be very cool with offline. Good job on being that ripped!

        3. The weight room deters, but some try to make up the difference with numbers. Once you drop the big mouth ring leader they tend to split without your wallet.

        4. Tall + Jacked = People always want to be nice to you, even people that don’t want to be nice to you.

    3. But… the africans are so short! Getting mugged by a much taller and bigger guy, OK. But short guys!?

  2. Surprisingly fewer people commented here than expected. Here are a few things from someone with ties to America and overseas as a dual citizen, no one likes a braggart. Think you mentioned Spain in another comment David. Spain was a conquering nation at one point. Some of the most articulate language, religious affiliations, and cultural representations stem from Spain. Hell, the world from the Caribbean through the USA and as Far East as the Phillipines, are all bred in thanks to the Spaniards. Why would they relent any pride to a foreigner simply because where he lived did better? It’s that attitude, while true, that will guarantee that you will not be wanted overseas. You might not want to be wanted. But if you do, learning to be humble, since the country you came from you fell into their economy.
    On the people, if you want to learn a place, separate bangs from culture. You can learn a lot about the culture of you can learn to genuinely like the women. The only way to do that honestly is to accept at least one girlfriend for a time. The assumed alpha status difference will tell her to give you free reign as a man so you will get to slay others while she is at work or maybe with her for threesomes.
    You can also make male friends. If you can protect yourself, start with someone who has no reason to lead you into a robbery. Maybe at the local parish whatever that is, and build a network from there. These people will give you a lay of the land not easily viewed in a tour guide.
    End of the day, you Just have to show the people you aren’t there to take from them and all should be well. In a funny way, that isn’t too different from what a lot of people claim to want from the West here.

    1. Surprisingly fewer people commented here than expected.
      I find this to be generally true across all articles of late. Could be because of all the unexplained sudden banning.

        1. I think he got 86ed, then came back with another name (Hipponax), and then…I dunno for sure but I haven’t seen him around these parts. GOJ talks to him on Telegram. Maybe he can give some insight here.

        2. The hell!? What abject moron banned lolknee!? 😀 I was wondering why I wasn’t running into any of his comments. Leave for awhile and the place goes to hell. 🙂
          He was a regular fixture around here. Either writing something hilarious or insightful.

        3. Oh why? If I get banned I just won’t drop by anymore. With lolknee gone it’s pretty much just checking out Bob’s funny posts or GOJ’s stuff anyway.

        4. Wait a second…. hipponax, the Greek guy with a cussword in Greek!? I THOUGHT something was familiar with some of his posts! Haha!
          Oh well, I’m late the party as usual it seems. 🙂

        5. Think ChipBaskets had a mad on for him and kept pushing for something to happen. Can’t be sure since I haven’t been as active until last week.

        6. “Just like Frosty the Snowman, we all hope lolknee will be back again some day.” — Gandhi.

        7. “The day Vinny Pringo meets Gandhi, it will be the second coming of Christ. You know it, but just choose to not see the truth. Open your eyes man, this is reality!” – Mohammad Ali

        8. “What we all like best about RoK, both north and south, slaveowner and abolitionist, are the endless Gandhi jokes.”
          – Abraham Lincoln

        9. he just changed names, it was the same account- I noticed the comments and uvpote tally were similar(I got suspicious once i noticed the peepee in the coke posts)

        10. allowing you mouse to hover over a person’s thumbnail, yeah, at this pt, I wouldnt be surprised if this is considered stalking

        11. I dunno how they rate SMV…but if it’s a 1-10 scale, yeah, about 2 SMV points…taken right off the top.

        12. His comment and word count were easily double the next person.
          Almost like he had nothing else to do. Or was paid to comment in a certain matter…….
          Nooooo. That could never happen HERE! cried the ignorant

        13. No sir. I did nothing to get him banned.
          I think he was paid to post on here a ton in a certain manner, but I enjoyed some of what he had to say.

    2. We forget that the Mediterranean countries of Spain, Portugal, Italy, and Greece were all civilizational leaders of the world. Three of the four had honest-to-God empires.
      Today, Northern Europeans — British and Germans — have taken over that leadership role, largely because they possessed a lot of coal at a particular moment in history (19th century) when having coal determined civilizational power.

      1. Exactly. You can’t tell a nation with that kind of hubris, “Walk it off sunshine. You lost this game.” Especially while still trying to take their women.

      2. It also helps that it was the Germanics who ended up felling Rome and then the title to the Western empire fell into the hands of the Franks (Germanic) for all intents and purposes (Holy Roman Empire). It was then that Germanics became the culture leaders I think.

      3. The ancient Greeks actually colonized southern Italy, Sicily, and parts of the French Riviera, iirc. They couldn’t hold on to their colonies though in the face of Rome.

  3. Soup is usually really cheap in that part of the world. I was on pretty much a soup only diet in bohemia for several months some time back. I have never spent more than the equivalent of 3 quid / 4 dollars on soup. It just isn’t done.

  4. Before you travel, sort out the basic question. Is it for fun or is it because you want to completely change your place in the world? If it’s the former, well, just go with the herd and you’d be fine, but, the latter requires quite a bit of groundwork beforehand and you have know yourself with great honesty too.
    I met some couples from Switzerland and Germany when I traveled around parts of Chile and Argentina and they mostly had a very good quality of life. They make money through B&B, fishing and hunting trips, and generally support themselves through the likes of small scale agriculture, forestry and aquaculture projects. As they say, you don’t need that much actual money to survive, once you’ve some land and a bit of ingenuity. Most of them home educate their kids while they work around the house/farm too. It can be done, but, you need to plan well ahead and have a partner that will do it with you.

    1. I could see traveling as a young couple, but it would be harder with children. I know of a couple that does so, and their daughters want husbands with stability and income.

      1. I’ve met a couple family travelers myself. But they did it in an interesting way: via boat. So they’ve got the stability of a home but can still travel. In theory. 🙂
        Personally, that wouldn’t be something I’d choose. Maybe for vacations, but kids really need to be in one place. Jostling them around from port to port can’t be a good thing in my mind.

  5. This is all good advice.
    In regards to the money issue, the best way to go about it is to turn off the ego. Save that for the ladies (if that’s your thing). Be polite, kind, and of course don’t go waving around a bunch of 500 euro notes and you should be fine. Oh, and being able to laugh about the US works wonders too. (Dependent on country of course. Some countries still like the US for some reason!)
    The work issue is a big one too. It’s similar but a bit worse than any self employed person. Worse because there’s so much to do. Get some work done today or relax at the cafe in a castle town? Finish up that project or hit the beach on the Mediterranean? I’ve found when there’s a conflict like this, pick work every time. Then when you’re done (and richer for the effort) you can -really- enjoy what your host country has to offer.

  6. OT, but shit happens. So this 24-year-old carousel-riding bartender I know, just became an aunt. Her brother supposedly fathered a kid with his wife. The brother is only 21 years old. So I asked the bartender/aunt if I could see the pictures of the kid. She was excited to show them to me and grabbed her phone and started flicking through all these pictures. But man, I swear to god, I’d be getting a DNA test if I were the alleged father. That kid is about 12 shades too dark, and the face has some seriously non-Caucasian features. I mean, it was so obvious, I couldn’t help but shake my head and sit their open-mouthed. I finally just congratulated her and shut up about it, but…that kid isn’t his.

      1. How in the hell can a dude fail to notice that his Caucasian wife, whom he allegedly knocked up with his Caucasian sperm, has given birth to a child who looks a lot like Mike Tyson…

        1. Well, on The Jeffersons tv show, the Ropers had a black son and a white daughter…I remember george and weezie couldnt believe it

        2. I missed that one. Sounds like Mr. Roper was a cuck, too. I swear…this kid looks so black, that he refused to wear diapers, and is currently sporting a pair of thug jeans, which are cinched up around his thighs. Gnome sane, homie.

        3. The Ropers? That was Three’s Company. In The Jeffersons, it was the interracial couple that had a black daughter and a white son. I still remember the episode where the daughter admitted being jealous that her brother was the white one. Honest shit for TV, and Mr. Jefferson was nobody’s victim. He was a self made businessman. A shame TV didn’t continue on from the 70’s. What the hell happened?

    1. The instant that kid plopped out looking like it did, somewhere deep in that guy’s brain, there was a lightning-quick decision made by some ancient part of his unconscious mind. Some deep part of his id had to make the decision between facing reality and blowing up his whole world, or lying to himself and keeping the status quo… and he went with the status quo. So then some deep self-protection routine fired up and started cranking out justifications and internal propaganda like the Soviets during the height of the Cold War. His mind is now in a constant state of Space Invaders, desperately blasting away at any figment of reality that is contrary to the lies he has told himself, fervently fighting off the proof before his own eyes to protect the false reality he has created to protect himself from the truth.

      1. Well said. Kind of like when a guy finds out any red-pill truth. He fights it tooth and nail in his mind, so that his world and his belief system won’t collapse. I resisted the overwhelming urge to tell the aunt (whom I have banged, by the way), “Your brother has some really interesting DNA there…”

        1. You should call her out and encourage her to push her brother to leave the woman and child. He is only 21 and shouldn’t saddle his life to a child who isn’t his. It is best and easiest to leave now rather than invest a few more years. And it will cost him more to leave in the future. At any rate, keep us posted with how this pans out.

        2. Have you considered trying to talk to the guy real quick?
          Avoid any messy crap.
          But givr him a pep talk, that its ok if the marriage ends and the kid isn’t his, he’s got to look out for himself.
          Nobody in his life is truly helping him.
          You could make a real difference a d help this guy, bob.

        3. I vaguely know him but if I get to know him a little better, I will try to open his eyes up. The only thing is, it’s pretty damn obvious that he knows the score. Nobody can be that stupid. I think it’s only a matter of time before he gets a DNA test and bails. But we’ll see…

        4. Men have been making conscious and unconscious choices to raise other men’s children for centuries…your idea of ‘help’ sounds more like busy-body gossip from someone who isn’t paying enough attention to his own business; behaving like an old, lonely, mean-spirited, church-lady.

        5. Yes, get to meddling in other people’s affairs like a stereotypical bitch that can’t mind his own business, and delights in stirring up shit for others…

        6. Alpha males don’t bully or gossip, like you do. Fortunately for you, Chip Baskets (I don’t even want to envision that paunch a penchant for chip-baskets produces on men…), alpha-traits can be easily learned. Guys like you have to ‘fake-it-til-you-make-it’, but that’s okay, in the 6-12 months or so that it takes you to develop the poise and discretion of an Alpha, you can Alpha-up that body of yours. Chad Howse and the Art of Charm are a couple of sites that you may find helpful. Best of Luck!

    2. Bear in mind that newborns could look weird and very often their skin could look much darker than it is going to be.

    3. Babies naturally tend to resemble their daddy, its an evolutionary mechanism to build bonds with the father so he won’t bail.
      All 5 of mine looked just like little boy and girl versions of me. People seeing my (ex)wife at the store would often say, “I don’t know you ma’am but those are Wayne’s kids for sure.”

  7. A few things, when people come to a country, the locals expect them to speak the language. If you go there and speak English you just sound like another tourist. You will be surprised when you speak to locals in their language how easy it is to make friends with them.
    If you want community or a sense of permanency around the people you encounter, stay in one place, don’t roam around. When you find a place you like stay there. I have known lots of people who found significant others this way.

    1. ‘You will be surprised when you speak to locals in their language how easy it is to make friends with them.’
      Where I live (ME), speaking English is an important status indicator.
      People would be very surprised to hear me speaking Arabic.
      They enjoy speaking English with you the way the Dutch do.

        1. Certainly, most yes.
          Some places have this weird inversion where they want to speak English and be culturally thought of as an ‘English capable’ person.

        2. You must be in one of the Gulf countries. The Netherlands is also a mercantile country. In countries with these type of economies you will see locals value English.

        3. In my experience the most attractive women abroad do not speak English and haze little exposure to American culture.

        4. Not very attractive. Modern American culture prevents people from having healthy relationships.

      1. Several acquaintances of me tell me that the Dutch are kind of over their own language and prefer German or English

      2. Lol.
        The dutch would much rather practice their English with you than let you practice your Dutch with them.

  8. Is Mango language actually good? Is it comparable to Rosetta stone, duolingo etc. cause if it is then its not good?
    Just wondering as my library offers free access to it.

  9. Travel sucks if you are over 25. Much better to be settled in a comfortable place, live a healthy lifestyle, good food, exercise, hobbies. I never travel to a place if I don’t plan to spend at least three months at the destination and have a list of specific activities I want to do.

    1. My job gives me just enough travel to keep it fun and keep it from becoming a chore which, for me, is 4-6 times per year

    2. Well, I think travel is amazing, before and after 25. My trips to Japan, South Korea and the Philippines to name a few, sweet Jesus, have been like running nectar to my body and mind. Also short trips to Malta, Dubai, Spain, France, Scotland, Switzerland and many others are great.

  10. The best travel advice I ever got was to bring half the clothes and twice the $$ so you can buy what the locals wear. Ditch the Levi’s, silk-screened shirts and ball caps at home. Actually, just ditch them all-together.

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  13. “You need to be prepared to go it alone”
    This. It can be a bit difficult going at it alone, especially when one is in uncharted waters – but one has to go alone.

  14. Great article – yes I do dream of the nomad & travel life. I had a feeling already about several of these points.
    I always appreciated experienced tips from those who have a real-world understanding of how that type of life really works. Thanks!

  15. One thing I have always wondered when reading these articles is how exactly you support yourself when you don’t write for ROK?

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