Women Are Pathologically Addicted To Flaunting Their Bodies For Sexual Attention

In the age of the internet, women can’t stop exploiting themselves on the internet in ways that can be described as perverted or even pornographic. Lately we’re seeing new lows where women are doing anything to make a quick buck or achieve overnight fame.

Girls come up with creative excuses, but to the trained eye, they are simply attention whoring. From showcasing their pregnant bodies, to offering to deliver a porn flick in exchange for subscribers, the internet has empowered them to do whatever they please without the fear of consequence.

Before continuing, let me define two things:

  • Prostitution – selling oneself in order for monetary or social gain.
  • Pornography – prostitution on camera.

Western women of today have mastered the deceitful trick of appearing to look innocent yet at the same time exposing themselves indirectly, even though you may not initially realize it. For example, look at this photo…

Nothing wrong with it, just girls in bikinis. However, feast your eyes on this next one…

Skinny Californian mom Jamie Lynn posed for TIME a while ago. As you can see, this is not about being a mother or breastfeeding, it’s about this narcissistic woman using her child as a tool to gain attention.

Money is the main factor for these kinds of stunts, but others include fame or boredom. Girls crave attention and need the masses, particularly male viewers, to send limitless compliments of how beautiful they are. It’s like a crack addict who needs more and more. One hit isn’t enough, stronger doses are needed.

Prostituting for subscribers

Lena Plug announced to do an x-rated film if she got one million followers and sell it online as part of a $29.99/month package. According to the Sun, she got 60k paying subscribers pretty quickly. So that means she made roughly $1.8 million dollars. Even if you subtract online merchant fees and other miscellaneous expenses, she still brought in over a million dollars simply by selling herself sexually while refusing to be labeled as a porn-star. She also stated she let her friend “try out” her boyfriend’s penis.

Struggling American citizens who study science and engineering (like me) to solve the world’s problems make zilch compared to these talent-less low lives who degrade themselves on the internet. It doesn’t matter what double talk they spit out of their dirty filthy mouths, their actions speak for themselves.

Breastfeeding in public

Women today feel entitled that everybody must witness them nursing their child to prove their superiority while simultaneously displaying themselves as holy and sacred mothers.

Magazines are raking in the dough by providing HD quality photographs of women exposing their breasts which easily passes through the filters of major search engines. Most people however, especially parents, don’t want to see it, because it is still publicly exploiting a sexual organ.

It’s okay for a woman to gain weight, but not a man

There’s a new trend of ex-female bodybuilders who are “embracing their real bodies” by letting themselves go, gaining anywhere between 20-50lbs while stating that bodybuilding hurt them.

However, if a man—let’s say an actor—is caught with his gut hanging out, paparazzi swamps in with cameras ready to instantly upload it online. There is no glorification, but for women, it’s somehow accepted. This is gender equality?

Bodybuilding and having a single digit body fat percentage is hard, and it’s okay to gain when you’re done with it, but it doesn’t deserve an award.

Brad Pitt had clear-cut abs in Fight Club. Although he may not be as defined today, he’s still in great shape. That’s fine, but women expect men to bow at the altar of their fat butts and kiss their feet while telling them how hot they look bulging out of their bikinis.

Voluptuous, full figured, curvy, and BBW (whatever that means) are the new terms to cover up that ugly word – fat. More and more women are embracing it, and some how they think it’s society’s responsibility to give credit for their average achievement.

The other excuse is, “having the perfect body isn’t all it’s cracked up to be”. See the before and after photos to judge for yourself. Pornography is further adding to this by brainwashing men into digging “thicc” girls and mushy elephant size butts.

Paris modeling agencies promoted the scarecrow look hiring bulimic girls with emancipated bodies, but now fat is fashion. When a skinny fitness blogger girl gains muscle, real life compliments aren’t enough, the whole world needs to know. Men are made fun of if skinny or fat, but women get off easy.

Celebrities with camel humps

Serena Williams was real quick to play the poor pregnant mother role when John McEnroe said she wouldn’t stand a chance in the Men’s Pro Tour. She claimed she wanted safety and privacy. However, she posed nude for Vanity Fair (you can see the photo on your own, however I suggest you have your therapist on speed dial, as Roper said in Enter The Dragon, there’s a point I won’t go beyond).

She also posted a video of her performing intense exercises while being pregnant. This is dangerous for the unborn as it can cause damage. Too many celebrities just don’t know how to stay away from the lime light. Instead of focusing on being a healthy mother, they’d rather risk a miscarriage for “likes”.

Post-pregnancy pics

Even after giving birth, the narcissism continues as women on Snapchat are posting pics of their skin with colored stretch marks after giving birth, presenting as art. Perhaps it would pass in kindergarten.

With thousands of likes, many others are posting content of similar nature. The idea being stressed is that “the woman is superior because she carries the baby”. As you can see, the system makes it very easy for women to gain instant fame and wealth through media exposure all the while appearing to be just an innocent soul.

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653 thoughts on “Women Are Pathologically Addicted To Flaunting Their Bodies For Sexual Attention”

  1. Well, to be honest, her weight gain was an improvement. In the “before” photo she could be mistaken as a methamphetamine addicted tranny.

    1. It will keep them thin without going to the gym, but repulsive to try and get past the foul festering skin issues , rotting faces, missing teeth and general abhorrence of personal hygiene….

    1. I would be curious to hear explanations from the mother (and the whores at Time) about how that kid will not be fucked up. Nothing but inane rationalizations, certainly.

      1. The damage to the kid is not even something they care about. Whether he’s damaged or not is literally (Hitler) not their concern. So what, is what they think.

        1. I’ve setup photo shoots which take a lot of planning, and that must have been some weird conversations. I would have highly recommended photoshop than as you said damage the kid. I can’t even imagine the jokes by the studio workers that were standing around…

        2. It was like that one effed-up broad from Game of thrones, with her 8 year old son still tit-feedin’. Yes, I know…

        3. I think it’s worse than that. They’ve literally convinced themselves that the behaviors that manifest from that damage are somehow virtuous.

  2. Thought this was obvious, but, no matter what women say, no matter what they do, no matter where they go, no matter the environment, sex is always on their minds. Like men but, unlike us, they know they both victim protection status, and men only want their vaginas. We need it. And some men are so poor at getting it they will give the women the world just to get access to sniffing it. This confidence boost is always available and a woman only has a limited time to use it. Note in pictures you will never see praise of a naked ‘hot’ 70 year old woman. Why? Because despite the socialization, no woman cares two shits about being old, because the real money is men thinking the woman is hot enough to drop everything now.
    Women have always been Red Pill as hell on sex. We just didn’t see it because we want to see them as nice or saints or worthy or daddy’s little girl and all the other stuff. Selling sex is their cocaine, Percocet, marijuana, ecstasy, all in one, with no downers. The sooner we just move into how to become more masculine and get comfortable doing that more openly, the more satisfying our sex lives with women will be.
    Then the only downer will be what to do if competition with men actually becomes a real issue.

    1. Which is why the best way to make them batshit crazy is simply to tell them they’re ugly and wasting everyone’s time. Doesn’t matter how many white knights and Captain Save-a-hoes stick up for her, there’s slays that one comment she’ll never forget.

        1. I actually once asked a slut once aside from her snatch, what else did she have to offer. The margarita helped cool my have that summer afternoon.

    2. I am not so sure that sex is the real end goal. It is validation. The female existence can only be validated by external forces. They do not possess the ability to feel important or useful the way us men do. So they must do whatever it takes to “feel real”. This is why young girls actually think that porn increases her value. Hot girls do porn so if she’s recruited to “star” in a film, she must be hot too. All she’s thinking in her head throughout the entire scene is “guys are going to jack off to me”. The dignity and self respect she gives up is irrelevant if she gets a high enough level of validation. I think some girls enjoy the actual act of sex more than others. Most just want to feel wanted.

    1. And the dude still got “triggered” by aging cad McEnroe. Tsk, tsk, for shame. A Real Man ™ would have let Mr. McEnroe’s inconvenient truths slide like water off a bucket of fucks. Er.. ducks.

  3. Interesting stuff. Yeah had a recent experience ‘on line’ where a woman 26 years younger insisted on coming straight to my place for the real thing rather than the usual meet and greet. When she arrived she was 20kg overweight yet was into ‘my fit body’ etc. Made no excuse – she just thought she was hot. She wasnt.

      1. I didn’t get that…
        I’d honestly throw up, with her or with the lead girls. I used the Rhett Butler line on my wife when I got married, “You get fat and I’ll divorce you.” (Same goes me me of course.)

    1. Read some craigslist ads, then you see the real mentality on the streets amongst the proles….You don’t have to take anyone’s word for it, you can see it right from the horses asses themselves…Every one of the fancies themselves to be an 11 on the 10 scale, deserving of four figure “donations” / “helpful” and “generous” for their time. Wildly dangerously delusions of “beauty” and value has become the norm. Then the red pillers (who obviously must be gay) shatter their precious globes of reality by setting them straight.

    2. Had lunch with a friend who hits the online dating scene like a madman. He said standard procedure is for women to post 10-20-year-old “hot” photos, then show up for the date significantly heavier. (One, he said, was a good 275.) Then they’re indignant that they deceived you and you’re not interested, and they claim not to understand why you don’t want them. As my friend says, it’s nothing short of “catfishing.”

      1. No shortage of dates for sure – have a steady now. What won me over was a simple photo of the girl finishing an ultra marathon. Thought she might like exercise lol! As my mate said of the fatty experience – ‘did she have a full body shot’? Hmm lesson learnt.

  4. Did I mention weaponized Marxist psychological warfare? So sick of the social engineering craze.

      1. No it isn’t. It is the natural order of human nature across all of upright walking humans history.

        1. Well, patriarchy is natural for men. Sure.
          But for women, what we see today is what’s natural to them. It’s natural for them to want to slut/shop around as much as possible and to practice legal hypergamy through optimized divorce laws.
          I think patriarchy very much was social engineering because it limited women’s natural desires through legal constructs as well as strict social prohibitions against sexual ’empowerment’.
          I say this just to be intellectually honest. We aren’t arguing for a social-engineering free world. We are – or I am at least – arguing that patriarchy is the best social engineering framework.

  5. Sorry, gentlemen but women are our mirrors, for sex is the only love we know how to give.
    Sex happens to be the original symptom of man’s failing. It represents death coming alive, a new body replacing the dying one through the sin of pride. For man, death comes through sin, and that sin is pride.
    Deep inside woman’s private hell the ancient Serpent saps life energy from her soul. She, in turn, drains it from the man. Ever since the dawn of history in the Garden of Eden, man has loved woman only for the teasing thing that lives within her and rarely for the woman herself.
    While there are many dyed-in-the-wool whores who revel in getting away with this sort of murder, there are also many sincere women who cannot find pleasure in it. The contempt of a decent woman is different from her sinister sister’s in that her soul cannot find pleasure in being a destroyer. She simply cannot enjoy the false security of sexual power. Her sincerity allows her to see the folly of it all. Her contempt consists mostly of resenting men for their inability to save her from the indwelling evil that comes with such power. Real women have no ambition for power, and so they suffer from the power that they inherit simply from being female. Unfortunately, their resentment locks them into their mate just the way it does with other women.
    Deep down what a woman really wants is to be loved for herself, not for her body or for the resident hell that men selfishly embrace for the sake of the continuance of their pride.

        1. They truly do. And given our past conversations, he tends to argue and insult the same way. My money is on FO3 ftw.

        1. That he’s answered everybody else, but not me, basically confirms it.

      1. Something I read. What’s amazing is that we must be the only two in this room who can resonate with it.

      1. Just on the contrary. Women long to be corrected by a real man but man’s extraordinary sexual drive awakens the Serpent inside her and both get seduced.

        1. How can anything so mutually enjoyable AND healthy be consider a serpent?
          Serpents only attain as much power as you are weak enough to grant them.

        2. Just look around you – the Western world is dedicated to seeking pleasure and eternal youth. The Serpent laughs all the way to the bank.

  6. Here’s a message to you hoes, thots, sluts, whores, skanks: you are not valuable or desired. You are a temporary fix, a passing amusement for many. You are not worthy of any man. Not a lowly beta nor the high value alpha you think you somehow should be with. You should be grateful to every individual orbiter or male that takes precious time out of his day to give you a moments glance.
    Here’s my message to men: betas, become a vigilant strong provider that nourishes and fosters a strong family with a worthy women (as rare as they are), learn and be lead by your alpha role models, And together our communities can strengthen. Alphas, whether you’re a bad boy player or a benevolent patriarch – make sure that women know their role. Do not throw other men under the bus for that momentary puss. Do not make her feel as if she is your equal when she should be grateful when even a beta male gives her attention. That her time spent with you is a gift bestowed not because she “deserves” it. Top down solidarity.
    Manginas/willingly cucked omegas: you will be purged, be ready.

    1. “Here’s a message to you hoes, thots, sluts, whores, skanks: you are not valuable or desired.”
      Here’s a message to you hoes, thots, sluts, whores, skanks: you ARE valuable or desired for what you market yourselves as sperm receptacles. Your opinions are optional and unnecessary. My money time and attention demands you shut up and put out. BTW, the customer is always right.

    1. We need the grade association now more than ever. Maybe 1 through 7 with Curvy as a one. Curvy, pillowy, BBW (only counts if her body is all around similarly shaped), sponge bob, fat, lard, unholy mass of person.

    2. This has only ever been a question for beta orbiters. The rest of us see fat or not fat. For those of you who are still confused, fat is anything heavier than the girl on the left.

    3. The example at right cannot get up off the floor.
      In the online dating world, “average” body type means buffalo heifer. “Curvy” means you’ll be needing a forklift to handle it. “BBW” means, Save Yourselves!

    4. I especially hate moby dick lovers that call landwhales THICC, it’s FATT you dumb fucking cunts out there.
      THICC= Huge tits, huge booty on a relatively thin frame.
      FATT= Out of shape lard masses with feet.

    5. I called one of my “baby mommas” fat the other day when she wasn’t watching my kid properly (she has become fat and lazy), and based on the reaction, I swear calling a bitch “fat” is a thermonuclear insult (i.e., indelible truth) second only to “ugly” in terms of provoking the hamsterizing female mind.

      1. idk still calling a woman a slut in front of other women still elicits an almost atomic bomb in the room. But fat is still a huge one, I was in my friends college dorm room and a girl i was fwb came in and we were small talking and she said something like “i’m hungry i want a snack but i probably shouldn’t” and all my friend said was “yeah u probably shouldn’t”. This started a total shit storm she didn’t talk to him again and she threw out all her food that she considered bad.

        1. I make sure to mention to my wife that once she pops out the bun from her oven she needs to start exercising again. Of course when she breast feeds she gets back down to 115 lb but I’m going to make sure she doesn;t let herself go.

        2. Once you hit 40 and married if you go that way you will be happy as long as she’s not a house. Slightly chubby wife, if you can live with her, is far better than a self-loving, empowered, tatoo-covered beluga whale who can’t see her feet in the shower.

        3. I’d rather go for slightly chubby vs completely fucked in the head porn star look-alike. Too many women need correction but that takes a shit tonne of time I think. Better find an unscathed feminine chick and build atop a clean slate.

        4. “Slightly chubby wife, if you can live with her, is far better than a
          self-loving, empowered, tatoo-covered beluga whale who can’t see her
          feet in the shower.”
          @Darth, you nailed it ! Bless You.

        5. That’s part of the point of marrying younger. You don’t have to deal with a lot of baked-n neurosis and hopefully you have a chance to keep them from developing.

      2. Having a child with a woman you consider fat, ugly and lazy doesn’t bode well for your unfortunate child. A lazy fat bitch mother and a father who makes poor choices.

        1. In many cases you are definitely correct. Am taking her to court soon and trying to get residential custody. As you know, a lot of them aren’t neccesarily lazy fat toads until they think you’re an exclusive “couple” or give birth to your kid, then all of a sudden the crazy witch rears her ugly head.

      3. Friend of mine called a girl who repeatedly slopped beer on him in a bar a “fat cunt” and after she ran off crying her friend came up to us and said, “I can’t believe you called her fat.”

        1. Most girls won’t do anything until a gaggle of women all rally up on you because they are also afraid to be called fat. A group would sort of throw your insult into the air helping them evade self esteem attack.

      4. If you call a cute, slim chick fat, she gets depressed, because she is insecure and fears becoming a wad. Call a fat chick fat, and she goes nuclear, because you have destroyed her fantasy

    6. Political Correctness has run amok. My definition of curvy is like an 80s porn star, the ones that had real round breasts and nice legs. Also skinny is bad as well but still better than sleeping with the Stay Puff Marshmellow Woman.

      1. that’s the thing evenb women that look in shape have fucking cottage cheese looking legs. it’s gross and they all wear short shorts

      2. “Rather ironic that American women used to be the gold standard of beauty 50 years ago.”
        Because Americans stopped wearing the pants.

        1. “Get yer girl in the mood quicka, get yer jimmy thicka, with st ides malt liquor” Gandhi

        2. Despite her drug habit, she actually only messed around with white men. Apparently she got hot and heavy with Harrison Ford off screen.

        3. “At the end, Gandhi admitted that there is only one true power in the Universe–the Power of the Dark Side.” –ME

        4. Speaking of which, just yesterday I came across this bizarre SJW video deconstructing Harrison Ford movies and his “predatory” interaction with women.
          Even creepier than the video itself is the comment section, I swear it’s like an Orwellian echo-chamber full of brainwashed virgins who have no clue about the true nature of flirting, every comment is nothing but praise with each getting 1000’s of likes. And the comment section on all his vids is identical. Just bizarre.

        5. Damn, if these cunts ever discover a Sean Connery James Bond movie, they’re all gonna explode.

        6. The deconstruction of Harrison Ford video was done by Jonathan Mcintosh, who’s the guy that’s behind Feminist Frequency, and Anita Sarkeesian. He is literally, and i mean literally, the original and biggest beta SJW cuck activist going. The echo chamber in the comments is because he deletes all the negative comments.

        7. Holy shit, you weren’t kidding, the comment section is insane. These guys literally believe that a man taking any kind of initiative is automatically rape.
          I was going to shitpost and start an argument, but I honestly just felt sorry for them. I remember the days when I thought being a pussy beggar who quotes Drake lyrics was going to work out for me, and then I ended up learning the hard way like a lot of these people(hopefully) will some day.
          Now I’ll critique the scene from Empire. Han’s advances on Leia were perfectly consensual and natural, considering that hes the only good looking alpha male with strong leadership qualities on the ship, and the fact that they were being hunted down while escaping many perilous situations, which would drive any woman into the arms of the nearest strong man. However, the great philosopher John Mcintosh seems to think its more masculine to act like C3PO instead, so idk.

        8. I was thinking more along the lines of a 50’s era kitchen appliance like a washing machine, they always had a 5000 or something at the end of their name, sounded more futuristic back then I guess. 🙂

        9. Wow no surprise there, yeah I caught on right away he must be deleting negative comments, it even crossed my mind that many of the comments on there may be fake, as in written by some kind of google sjw comment mill…I wouldn’t put it past google, bunch of children.

        10. Totally agree with all your points, what a fucked up life these SJWs lead, it’s really like a weirdo cult all voices speaking in unison, no freedom of thought or dissent tolerated.

        11. Hah I actually think some of the Roger Moore ones were “worse” in that regard. In a particular scene he would meet a woman for the first time and literally be in bed with her in the next scene, haha

        12. my roomate’s mom makes $88 every hour on the internet… she’s been fired from a job for 2 months and the previous month her paycheck was $17946 working on the internet five hours every day. ➤check➤ this ➤site

        13. Just watched it, and I wish I hadn’t. Holy shit what a terrible video. I wonder if the videomaker has ever left the house in his entire life? Has ever spoken with a woman before? Have either of those 40s old virgins in the comments section?
          They’d probably have a aneurysm if they ever watched some of the old Clark Gable or Humphrey Bogart movies.

        14. The sad part is the fact that people behind entertainment, whether it be video games or movies or TV Shows, tries to cater to these morons and in the process ruins the fun for all of us. Otherwise, nobody would give a fuck what these nobodies have to say, but for some reason creators do. So glad I stopped watching TV and new movies. I’m having a blast with old Westerns and Film Noir. So much better than the tripe today.

        15. For videogames I mostly play Japanese or retro, and for movies my cutoff point is like the 90’s or early to late 2000’s, but even then I’m very selective with what I watch.
          I agree that the classics are great, I just watched Jason And The Argonauts the other day, and it saddened me how artless movies are today by comparison.

        16. Exactly! Even though it is old and the special effects are dated, there was real passion behind the movie. Conan the Barbarian was also a very good and underrated movie(the one with Arnold, not the shitty remake with Jason ‘listen to what your woman tells you to do and you’ll be fine’ Momoa).

        17. Yeah, even though the stop motion may be seen as dated now, at least it let the makers of the film work better within their limits, as opposed to modern fantasy movies where all the money is wasted on turning the film into a videogame cutscene.

        18. what a f(&ing idiot who ever made that video. man these feminists are really doing a job on young male minds arent they. masculinity shaming to the point where they are neutered automatons.

        19. I suspect that he’s gay, which means he has no skin in the game of male-female interaction but feels the need to brainwash straight kids into being so fucked in the head that they will never reproduce,
          it’s either some kind of depopulation plan (focused in white majority countries) or they are actually stupid enough to believe that a gay/sexless/childless planet wouldn’t result in humanity’s extinction.

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        21. Most women would spread their legs for a guy like him. He is rich, famous, and good looking, what does he not have that a woman wants?

        22. That youtube channel, pop culture detective is controlled by the leftist media. They promote the elite’s agenda of feminism, that’s the reason all their videos, make men look like abusers and women like victims.

        23. Jack Reach chapter 2 with Keanu Reeves from this year is really good because he plays a strong frame character that doesn’t take shit from anybody and women know their role in the movie too. Also, hacksaw ridge from last year is the best war movie directed by Mel Gibson and it also respects the natural roles of women and men.

        24. Women want three things…..looks, money, and a big crank. And they will cheat on the first two to get the third

        25. The best Bond. Better than that overrated Daniel Craig. He finally agreed to make one last film. Why bother? The last Bond movie from each actor is usually bad.
          What is the point of having Bond films when all Western nations are SJW havens.

    7. I said, “curve,” not multiple rolls where one curve should be. Cellulite theighs, hey, you get hundreds of curves in one spot, talk about maximizing space.
      I always found it funny how chicks think they can trick you into thinking certain things. They will say out loud, “well if I do ——, you will think ——.” I reply, “no, we don’t think that, most of us have caught on.” I can already see the gelatinous wave at the top of her tits. A clear indication that we are going full National Geographic when that bra comes off. If she persists, “yeah but if I wear vertical stripes..” no, grab two beer bottles and hold them at your finger tips and let em swing from our nipples, “like this, right?”

    8. It’s like a war on the notion of attractiveness. Having a pussy is enough, all women are equal.
      Actually, pardon my thought crime, not all women have pussies.

      1. They aren’t it’s the same with men. Only difference today is that the ugly ones think they deserve a guy who is rich and handsome even if they got nothing to offer.

        1. Men can’t be discriminating (another word that the leftists redefined), women are still allowed to.
          Interestingly enough the Bolsheviks promoted the idea that all women should put out for all comrades.

        2. A former classmate of mine, 5’1 and 280lbs insists she is a “catch” because she has a Master’s degree and a house. 😆

  7. The desire for women to attract sexual attention by taking off their clothes and/or revealing their bodies is not new, but the female glorification of this sexual power is pathological.
    High School girls are protesting the right to show their nipples at school…..
    ‘Students From A High School Are Going Braless After One Teenager Was Told To Cover Up
    The battle around dress codes in schools is still going strong. There’s the issue of girls’ clothes not covering enough skin, but now the problem is what lies underneath their clothes…or lack thereof. It really does seem that girls are getting called out for how they dress while the boys get to carry on with their days no matter what they’re wearing. ‘
    The article lies by trying to pretend the girl was wearing ‘nipple stickers’ though teachers would not have complained if that was true.
    Seems a day hardly passes without middle aged women taking off their clothes under the pretext of some ‘charity calendar’ or whatever…..
    …and all the hatreds and jealousies you would expect.

        1. Y’know….sometimes it just takes ONE man to turn around and say…..
          ENOUGH!……….GET ‘EM OUT GIRLS…..for freedom or whatever….

  8. The only reason any of this shit sells is because most men in America are completely sex starved. Most men are so desperate that even magazines with covers of 40 year old mothers with a 5ft10 child clamped down on a titty like a piranha sell like hotcakes.

      1. Im an LL Bean man myself. a chick in a baggy oversized flannel shirt allowed my imagination to run wild(still does)

        1. Im starting to think geting the mark of the beast wont be that bad- gotta be some perqs right? Free Amazon Prime for life? quintuple rewards pts from AMEX?

        2. Yeah, it’s not all bad. You can zip through grocery stores as they will scan your head for that implant. We’re not frogs in pots of slowly warming water, we’re incredible spiritual beings, soon to be set free – courtesy of our kindly overlords.

        3. Sure, I identified as an attack helicopter, but some of those Swedish jets back in the day— the Draken, the Viggen, the Gripen… just- Wow!….

      2. I recall the Sears catalog, underwear pages.
        In my youth in the 70’s Time and Newsweek would always thoughfully include some photo of a nude or topless female in their arts section.

    1. Living in a pornerrific society kind of breeds thirst. It keeps us in a 24×7, hopped-up state of lust.
      There is a certain dignity that a man takes for himself when he allows for other things in life to be important.

    2. Americans need to see prostitution with better eyes. Not a fan of it, but it surely decreases the price of pussy.

        1. If you like, enjoy. I’m American, not a PUA, not rational, and have no pet hamster.
          When I was a young, virginal, hopeless nerd I did get some hand jobs. At a time when there were massage parlors on every block along the lakefront of the city. I drew the line at full-on prostitution. Was it a good thing or should I have let the pressure build up so I actually approached a woman? I don’t know.

        2. Oh OK, my bad. I thought it was a RVF-style reply against hookers.
          I also got to that stage at some point, I was a virginal nerd. In the end, I manage to find a girlfriend, so “problem solved”.
          However, the thoughts of going to hookers have always come to me during dry spells. I think we men we need to get rid of the female imperative of qualifying males as losers because “they cannot get laid”. Personally, my success comes from my career and achievements, not from slut approval. I have not been to hookers yet, but as I grow older, I see it with better eyes: I’m sick of non-hooker women. The ONLY reason I accept being against hookers is when someone tries to skip self-improvement. Then, I agree.

        3. Speaking as an older man (early 40s) I can say that using prostitutes is perfectly appropriate for young men who lack experience / confidence with women. It removes the mystique and lets you see them as people, just as flawed as men. And a bit stupider.

  9. The problem is: women can be as fat and tatted and unpleasant as they want and there’s nothing men can do about it.
    If all women gets tats and bloat up, that is the new standard.
    It’s not like they have to compete with millions of young svelte immigrant women from Thailand or Russia.
    It’s like being the only casino in down: no matter that the games are all rigged, it’s the only gambling house in town: you either play and know you’re going to get ripped off or don’t play at all.

  10. Women are attention whores. But then, everybody’s a whore in one way or another when you break it down. Speaking of which, those were some pretty darned good tips that Super Man-Whore Vinny Pringo gave me last night…I hit my targeted goals, going 2-2 on the ML plays, and 3-2 on the spread plays, including 2-1 on the $200 spread bets. I think I owe Vinny a beer or three. Too bad I blew the winnings at the Lucky Thong. Hope you lads got down on this action. Net for day: 5-4, +$177.50

        1. It’s technically illegal, I believe, in most of the United States, to bet on sports. So if you bet online, you need to be aware of that. But within about a year, sports betting will probably be legal in most of the USA. Which means within a year, you’ll be able to go to your neighborhood casino or horse track (for starters – eventually it will expand to bars and all kinds of places). Short of that, I’d recommend wagering in Nevada, or going overseas to bet.
          What I know about online wagering is this – there are no guarantees that you will get paid if you win. The operations are housed overseas, and there is no accountability. (Which is why I have never personally bet online.) I’ve heard stories from guys who hit a big sports betting jackpot online, and their accounts were closed. Since online betting in the USA is technically illegal, what are they going to do about it, call the police?

    1. And all she does is cover up the midsection and show off her boobs and she gets guys all over her all the time.

      1. This bitch is the poster girl for the Association of Insane Cock-Gobbling Post-Wall Western Sluts. You could stash a helicopter in that cavernous vadge, no doubt about it.

    2. I feel genuine pity for people who can’t accept the aging process. A friend of mine from high school just dyed his hair pink and still works as a part-time bartender at 34.

        1. Nothing wrong with chasing younger women. The problem is when you have guys in their forties dressing (and acting) like they are just out of high school. It’s relatively easy for men to stay attractive as they age; take care of yourself physically, dress to match your status, and have some pride.
          My $.02.

        2. I suppose the thing to ask is whether you’re pretending to be a 22 year old at college bars/concerts/campuses or owning your age and using your comparative stability, accumulated experience, etc to attract girls. The latter I can certainly respect.

        3. I’ll bet women are the only ones who say that, though. No greater threat to them than the harsh truths of biology.

        4. I got to where girls are that I am attracted to. Which means lots of college bars. If that falls into pretending then so be it.

        5. It is in vogue to be a male faggot so don’t worry too much about that. Example, two years ago, I saw this cute 19 year old checking out books in the bookstore. Caught brief eye contact and said fuck it, its on. A friend, male was supposed to be meeting with me and he was just arriving at that time, but that wasn’t stopping me. So I go, drag the guy with me and stop the girl. What ensued was the worst set of cock blocking any man should experience. There was talking about courses. Offering of Skittles. Anything to highlight age and keep the topic away from sex was used, while this was a theater chick. Any guy who has been to college knows theater chicks are all about taking dick but here is a friend, 24, saying the 19 year old girl is too young. Was the last time he was allowed wing man status.

        6. What was scarier is he genuinely was under the impression that she was bad due to indoctrination more than being an overt douche. He thought she was too young and immature. He was shocked I was able to build rapport and touch her a bit so quickly and wondered how long we knew each other so no active game to speak of. And he was 24 and looking forward to dating an older woman for maturity so perfectly primed to save a carousel rider one day when she decides to stop cock hopping. That’s the real disgusting part of it all.

        7. Exactly. They don’t need to communicate with your head much anyway, just your dick. All they need to be is old enough so you won’t go to prison and young enough so you won’t hurl when you take off their drawers.

        8. I’m in my 30s and dress that way. Keeping value isn’t the problem. Finding a quality female isn’t easy in the US.

        9. That person wouldn’t be a friend to me anymore. My friends give me shit for chasing young girls, but they certainly don’t cockblock me.

        10. It’s inevitable that personal life conversations come up with colleagues. I figure plenty of the older ones are jealous they simply aren’t attractive enough for college aged partners.

      1. my one friend just graduated from pitt and plans on being a bartender till a regular from the bar offers him a real job one day…. stupidest plan i’ve ever heard

        1. Bartending is great, but not a career. I’ve been seriously considering taking an underskilled job like that while honing my technical skills on the side, just to boost my portfolio until a job in my field comes along.
          Bartenders don’t become CEOs. People who tend bar can, but not if they’re defined by their bartending.

        2. I’m a programmer by trade. Firmware is my focus, but I’ve done quite a bit with web development and server setup, as well.
          My real talent, though, would appear to be along the architectural lines. I’m good at breaking down complex problems into discrete, workable components, and I’m good at identifying likely problems and issues before they arise. That’s my advancement path.

      2. bartending seems to get a lot of flak once guys are past 28-30 or so. bloody hell, if your at a raucous place you can get $300-500 a night in tips AND still get a few numbers from nubile women. Of course, this is in the United States only. Bartending is indeed a bottom-feeder gig for older guys in places like Australia, which are expensive as fuck and bar staff don’t get tips.

        1. If you can move to tending bar at a club scene, your tips only go up from there.
          It’s not a bad gig. It’s just not something you can readily build upon.

        2. exactly. if your in your 30’s, not super social anymore, and have a full time monday-friday job PLUS one night a week tending bar at a happening place, you can pull some healthy extra dough plus still be in the game a bit.

        3. How do you get into the bartending thing? Don’ t you have to know a lot of drink recipes? I don’t see too many bartenders flipping through a book.

        4. This is basically what being a weekend Uber driver at the same age was like. Got a few numbers/ dates/ invites to parties out of it and scored more free food, alcohol and (sometimes) drugs than I can count on my hands…

      3. An older guy working at the gym has a beard and he dyes it for the holidays with that temporary stuff. Red at Christmas, green for St. Pat’s, neon pink at easter, tri-color red-white-blue for July 4th, kind of a tradition and folks give him a hard time when he misses a holiday.

      1. The “SEE MORE” bar is pretty much perfectly placed there to go from “WB” to “WNB and would throw up in mouth” in a single click.

      1. I think after her fifth pregnancy and C-section, she had plastic surgery and body modification, so that the entire thing would just be one long, gaping echo chamber (aka, vagina).

    3. Man, there’s no way around it. If you wants babies, you’re going to (mostly) wreck your woman’s body. I’ve seen stretch marks much worse than that on a certain ex…

        1. Good question. I think some women really indulge themselves during pregnancy, too. Like she puts on 40 lbs and has a 10 lb kid.

        2. Oh, hell ya. My ex-wife totally embraced being pregnant to the point that she was pushing 200 (!!!) lbs with my first kid. …holy sh!t, wife goggles are real. Luckily I persevered to have two more kids before it all blew up.

        3. I don’t know if it’s age so much as some women just roll through pregnancies like nothing…and come out the other side still looking hot. Genetics I guess.
          I’d look for women with some natural muscle tone. Skinny-fat women don’t do so well…

        4. Yup. Typically. But stretch marks can happen to any woman making babies. My grandmother had 12 and started at 16 or so. But seen hot girls wearing midriffs who had stomachs that looked like Freddy Krueger came out of there.

        5. Oh, well there’s more that blops out of a woman than jus the kid. First her ‘water breaks’. Then there’s the placenta…an umbilical cord… It’s quite the sight.

        6. If you think that is outrageous, think the word is there is a village in South East Asia where a man calls himself king and has scores of wives and potentially well over a hundred kids. Some brothers and sisters haven’t even met yet! Twelve was average for those born in the Greatest generation or whatever period was after the Great Depression.

        7. My grandfather was the first and only child of a man who died during the Spanish Flu Epidemic (1918). His mom remarried and had 12 more sons.

        8. Think between lack of television, low trust in the economy, and the farming industry still being fairly lucrative, having that many kids just made sense. Thirteen boys seems wild! It was a mix with a little over half being girls for my grandmother. Don’t see many if any woman aspiring to have 12 kids now.

        9. Most of those (Great) Uncles were pretty thuggy. They were wrapped up in cockfighting and dogfighting. They were rough guys who grew up in a hard place.

      1. This hadn’t occurred to me until now, but a quick search reveals a lot of Caesarians are due to breech presentation (baby wrong way around). You can actually turn around a breech baby with acupuncture (or even acupressure). Western medicine sucks in that it claims to have the only solution to everything.

        1. Yeah. You have to seek out alternative care in the West. But it is out there.
          My little sis was breech. She went to see some mid-wife/chiropractor and was good to go.
          Often in our corrupt society, you have to ask, ‘do they make more money on a C-section or a normal delivery?’

        2. Thanks for confirming story. Hey we might have saved some woman out there from getting hacked up; some doctor is pissed off at us.
          A quick search reveals lots of alternative approaches to this. Mine involves stimulating the outside corner of the little toenail. So, baby toe = turns babies.

        3. I’ve heard of weirder things.
          In my sisters case, she just has a set of stretches and exercises to do. The baby flipped in a couple days. No knives!
          Yeah, I suppose there are legions of women lurkers on this site.

    4. Dammit bob. That was gross.

      Where ghost with am that awesome eye bleach..in thinking something blonde hair and blue eyes…

      1. See CERN does create micro black holes, and it allows things from other dimensions into our world….RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!!!

        1. Cheese, how many times do we have to tell you to stop humping those mermaid sand-castles at the beach?

      1. Translation: “I can’t handle it when a woman is right so I have to make asinine assumptions about her life even if I know nothing about her.”

        1. No, they aren’t. There is a difference between an actual sexual organ an organs which have been sexualized. Take an anatomy class.

        2. “organs which HAVE BEEN sexualized.”?!?!?! By whom?!
          Are you insane?
          I don’t refer to pop culture to analyze what gets a woman off. The erogenous nature of something is not externally applied, its experienced by the subject. And in my perhpas limited experience I find stimulation of the ol’ nips is instrumental to the arousal.

        3. it’s one of the most obvious female secondary sexual characteristics and it’s sexualised by nature. Some feminist misanthropologists have pointed out there are some backward places with native’s women whose breasts hang to the ground resulting in men who have lost interested

        4. But you admit that tits “have been sexualized.” If they “have been sexualized” then they have become sexual, and thus, it is technically proper to refer to them as “sexual” organs.

        5. If that’s the case, why do some women have orgasms from breastfeeding or nipple play?

        6. Why do I near have an orgasm when my husband nibbles my ears or kisses my neck? An erogenous zone is not the same thing as a sex organ (an organ used to create a fetus).

      1. She actually replied at length, surprisingly, albeit somewhat crudely, and I para-quote her: “If my husband fucks my boobs I won’t get pregnant, therefore tits are not sex organs”, etc.

        1. Yeah, leave it to a feminist to even take the fun out of boobies. What a killjoy, Debbie-downer.
          Shit. Can you imagine being her boyfriend?! “Don’t touch me there!!!”, she roars, “Those are for babies only!!!”

        2. Ya know, I have yet to have a woman during intimate moments tell me not to touch their breasts, quite the opposite.

    1. FAT being completely unnecessary except for mating = copulation.
      It seems someone has no idea what “sexual” really means….

      1. First, maybe learn how to make an argument before vomiting a word salad. Second, just because something is “sexy” doesn’t make it a sex organ. I think my husband’s chest is sexy, but it’s going to contribute exactly zero biological material toward reproduction. He could fuck my breasts and those won’t give him kids. What you are failing to understand is that if you have a problem with women breastfeeding, that’s your problem, not the mother’s. Breasts are designed to do nothing more than feed a baby. No woman has to sacrifice her baby’s needs to cover up for someone ELSE’S comfort. Parents literally do not give two shits about anyone’s opinion on breastfeeding, so if you’re going to use it to cement your own misogyny, go ahead. It doesn’t take a genius to see that judging women for breastfeeding in the open is based on nothing but hate. They’re going to do it. To feed their babies. With or without a cover. Act like an adult and get over it.

        1. Sexy? That is what someone, who has no idea what “sexual” means, would say… thus pathetic.
          Low IQ? , Can’t you understand what FAT means ? You need verbosity eh.
          It means that IT is NOT MILK, it means you CANNOT feed a child with FAT, it means it has NO purpose for “breastfeeding”, it means it can only exist for MATING, it means breasts exist FOR THE MAN TO SEE them SEXUALLY, EROTICALLY, like you obviously CAN’T, CAN’T, CAN’T, CAN’T, but you want to think you can. “Sexy” means you are sexually blind, blind, blind….
          It means breasts exist ONLY to alert men that MATING SEASON has started…
          ( • )( • ) = “fuck me” = “choose me” = “give me attention, oh please, please”……… Thus pathetic.
          You need more words princess ?

        2. Since 1) I give a shit about my husband I don’t insult him when we have a problem and 2) He actually has a brain in his skull, no, no he doesn’t.

        3. “He actually has a brain in his skull”
          Marrying you proves he really doesn’t have a brain in his skull.

        4. Haha oh you’re hilarious, don’t stop. Nah. Unlike you, I actually think all people should have their own their thoughts, my husband included. He’s an ex-cop, ex-firefighter, and we’re both military officers. Neither one of us tolerates the other attempting to exercise control in our marriage. Newsflash; it’s actually okay for people to exist in the world who don’t have the same opinions as you. You won’t die, I promise. 😉

    1. Unbelievable. That is just horrible. Why kill the kids? Just kill yourself and let the damn kids alone.

    2. I will bet that she was loaded up with antidepressants and or anti-anxiety drugs. Playing around with your brain chemistry is extremely dangerous.

  11. If you realize that women tend to have zero innate talents or personal qualities of note, for that matter, then their infantile behaviors are easier to accept (somewhat). Men accomplish real, important stuff, while women can only jerk off to themselves while looking into the mirror. FACT.

  12. Why are people handing Lena money? I get that like many Armos she’s got that exotic-but-not-too-exotic appeal for the white guys and bootay for the black guys, but I’m sure you could find some pics/videos of athletic olive-skinned girls for completely free somewhere in the vast ocean of porn that is the internet. Not really keen on seeing her tattooed goblin of a boyfriend naked either.
    I kinda feel bad for the Armenian community. They have a lot to be proud of(survived attempts to stamp them out, first Christian nation, etc) but their most visible representatives in America are complete gutter trash. The Kardashians, Ana Kasparian, Anita Sarkeesian…

      1. I can’t believe that in the country of political correctness there is a show called The Young Turks. It shows how illiterate “educated” liberal Americans are. Or how damn hypocrite they are.

      2. If anything the genocide should have killed off those too weak and stupid to get away.
        Cull the herd so to speak.

        1. Chip, turn your “paid troll” radar on Rich Zubaty and tell me what you think. I suspect shenanigans.

        2. Chip, I will be up in KC around the end of this month. If you want to meet up I will post my burner email address briefly. Let me know.

  13. A friendly word to our author Mr. Luthra.
    Struggling American citizens who study science and engineering (like me) to solve the world’s problems make zilch compared to these talent-less low lives who degrade themselves on the internet.
    This comes across as whiny and jealous.
    However, if a man — let’s say an actor — is caught with his gut hanging out, paparazzi swamps in with cameras ready to instantly upload it online. There is no glorification, but for women, it’s somehow accepted. This is gender equality?
    So does this. And the latter example only works in the specific case you mentioned, actors. Otherwise, let’s be honest about it. Society accepts, nearly to the point of expecting, older men eventually sporting a gut.

    1. What you say about older men being expected to have a gut is sadly true. I am in my late fifties and work hard to maintain a trim physique. It gives me a significant advantage over my peers. Not just the admiring glances from the ladies, which are nice, or the health and fitness credibility it gives me with my friends and neighbors. It has greatly improved my quality of life and overall health. I think this whole “once you get to a certain age you’re going to have a gut” mindset is the male equivalent to the “I’m not fat, I’m curvy” big lie. I can still remember a time when even older fat men were the exception rather than the rule. But I guess that doesn’t sell as many pills and knee replacements…

      1. There’s a big difference between a “gut” and a “little bit of excess”. My dad, for example, is probably all of 20lbs over his ideal body weight because he eats an extra helping of pan-fried potatoes every now and again – this is “a bit of excess” and gets harder to completely avoid as you age.
        A “gut” at any age means you ain’t trying hard enough. I can understand the impetus – as you get older and have accomplished many things, it’s easy to get complacent – but your quality of life and its duration are improved dramatically if you keep the gut away.
        Tale of two of my great-grandpas – one had a gut from a lifetime of two-beers-after-work, one kept himself in shape into his 80’s. Guess which worked his farm up to 95?

        1. Yeah, it’s really easy to talk sh!t. It’s quite another to actually give up cake, cookies, potatoes, bread, soda, ice cream, etc. I had a young coworker ask me how I could go up front for a cup of coffee and not take a doughnut. I told him “It’s easy. You go get your cup of coffee and you don’t take a doughnut.” D’oh! I guess it all boils down to whether or not you want to look like a pregnant man or not.

        2. It gets bad around holidays. The women bring in all these homemade goodies and do their level best to tempt you with them. I politely decline and now have a reputation for healthy eating. So I don’t hear “You really should try this.” quite as much but some still try. The other day I was teasing one gal and told her I planned to stop working out. She was asking me “Really?” as she was checking out my arms. I said “Yeah. For a whole week. I need a little recovery time.” She let out an “Oh good. You had me worried.” I love being nearly sixty and having people guess my age at the mid forties and getting the attention of young attractive women. It’s worth every bit of what I’ve had to give up.

        3. Exactly as I am trying to do, although I’m a couple years behind you. It’s about consistency about being self restrained. I will eat but really force my myself to make my portions smaller that usual and drink more water. Im trying to stop all sugar laden foods but the occasional chocolate bar.

        4. You are on the right track. I do eat one square of 90% cocoa chocolate a day. It’s actually beneficial for your blood pressure. I let my wife try a piece of it and her response was “Ewww! Yuck!” But she’s not on the keto path. Once you’ve eliminated all the simple sugars, 90% cocoa tastes sweet. I avoid all grain products now which means no bread, cake, cookies, pasta, rolls, biscuits, etc. Once in a while a few crackers with cheese, but very seldom. I also avoid rice and white potatoes. I mostly live on meats, kale and spinach salads with lots of onion, peppers, cauliflower, tomatoes and a small amount of shredded carrots. I also eat raw almonds, English walnuts and some cheese.
          Now that I’m used to it, I really don’t miss the junk food at all. And I still have all my hair and my ass. The hair thing is genetic. The ass is by doing squats (nothing is free). I’m taking a whole week off from lifting and it’s driving me nuts! But I needed the recovery time. You should give your body a break every ten to twelve weeks. I was only thirteen weeks over due, lol.

        1. Dammit! I knew I should never have uttered that invocation even under my breath! Now I will have to stay inside this circle of protection until I can find the right page in the Necronomicon… 😉

    2. “Struggling American citizens who study science and engineering (like me) to solve the world’s problems make zilch compared to these talent-less low lives who degrade themselves on the internet.
      This comes across as whiny and jealous.”
      Nah, I highly doubt he is jealous of anything, he is just stating a fact. We live in a mass consumer society were profits are not aligned with economic efficiency but marketing waste.
      “You promised me Mars and you got me facebook” Buzz Aldrin.

      1. I’m not asserting that he is jealous. I am suggesting that the point could have been phrased and presented better.

        1. The point I made in the new article about Japan is perhaps less whiny, and I think more pointed:

          The vast majority of jobs I see for Americans in tech, at the red-hot
          moment, are for those with a decade or so of direct experience in a
          particular role. There’s little room for entering the field, and that’s
          because the jobs that entry-level engineers would take are filled by
          visa holders and outsourcing. This is a long-term detriment to the US’s
          economic base, because the pool of highly-experienced and
          highly-specialized Americans shrinks yearly without sufficient

        2. Have you passed through Grad School? It did not use to be like this before the left conquered universities.

        3. I made it almost halfway through a Masters, but that’s mostly because I still had scholarship money to burn. Frankly, it was easier taking 9 credit hours of “advanced study” than 18 for my undergraduate, but I wanted nothing to do with schooling when the money ran out.
          I can’t imagine how people could want to stay in school – not staying to master their discipline or acquire valuable credentials, but just to be in school. I see these perpetual children bitching about how hard it is to be alphabet-soup-degenerate while getting drunk every night on daddy’s dime, building up unpayable debts, and otherwise wasting valuable years of life.

        4. I think I could have made graduate school work financially, but was already too disillusioned with the whole thing. By graduation, I’d seen too many instances of people who took academics very seriously yet they were absolutely lost and useless in an applied/industrial/business setting.

        5. I also cringed while reading that. Its similar to how teachers are always bitching about athletes making so much money. Regardless of how the author feels about pornography, Lena has a product (her body) and a marketing plan and she put it to good use. She may have lost a little of her soul along the way but oh well.

        6. No degree confers competence, every degree confers that course mileposts and money disbursed to the institution were met, nothing more.

        7. Good point, but then do the metrosexual founders like having no-bullshit 40 year olds who actually know how to get the job done working there?
          Or do they who do the hiring prefer the youngster who will ‘work’ 18 hours a day for ‘options’ and knows how to say ‘pitch deck’, ‘deliverables’, etc.?

  14. The worst habit of modern western man, whether he be on the right or left is the habit or rather enslavement to the visuals of scantily clad women. A man is enslaved when he looks at a half naked woman, whether she’s wearing whore shorts or yoga pants, or even accentuating her calves with high heels. These are all forms of bondage, and I really deplore all these so-called ‘conservatives’ who use the term ‘sexy’ freely. Why on earth would you want your wife or daughters to look sexy in public, that is to say in front of other men? Sexy that is the adjective denoting a condition of sex or desirous of sex. Even sicker, I hear mothers and fathers say this to their children. Men, really conservative men should promulgate, women dressing more modestly. I’m a catechumen in the Russian Orthodox Church and I can tell you a lot of the women who dress modestly by ecclesiastical law and Church custom, in public dress no better than the spiritually bereft whores they look down upon. This scourge of immodest dress is plaguing the West and most notably the minds, eyes and hearts of men.

    1. You sound like a whiny Muslim with no self-control. Some moderately immodest stuff in public is not bad. I see hot 18-year-olds all the time. Doesn’t mean that I have to gram’em by the puss (that’s for muss).

      1. The state of desire and lust even without approaching is bondage. A society that permits its women to dress like whores shows the powerlessness and weakness of its men. A society of whores denotes a society of men waiting to be conquered by stronger men. “A man has as many masters as he has vices” – St. Augustine

        1. We have different interpretations of what a whirw looks like but I do partly agree. It is a balance.

        2. Sure, but the American fait accompli is individualism. Individualism never beats altruism. You’re asking a mighty lot from a system that elevates sodomites over fathers and husbands. People are ‘usually’ only as good as the system or family in which they’re raised in or under. Bad soil (nations) produces bad fruit (people). It has everything to do with society.

        3. Dude, write more often. ROK needs more American me,me,me bashing.
          American women are what they are because American men let them.
          American men = American women.

      2. but in the main it kills the (sexual) imagination, and it is the imagination that drives sexuality. Internet porn divides people but it’s had hugely negative effect to the extent that one can see pretty much everything one could think of, and a great deal that one could have thought of. I would much prefer to live in a society where in the main women dressed fairly demurely (they can still dress sexily) but where you could still go out on the town or to st tropez beach or wherever to get an eyeful

        1. Whats the point of a slut showing me her pussy through transparent yoga pants in the gym if I cannot fuck her right there?

    2. Whatever. I love me some eye candy. If you’ve got a hot gf or wife and she wears clothes that show off her looks, more power to you.
      Women have always – ALWAYS – been obsessed with showing off their beauty.

    3. This is a crucial topic. It is women inflicting sorrow on each other…. truth is for ppl dat believe in marriage, after a guys eyes gets fed by all this stuff everywhere he goes especially in the summers….he inadvertently loses interest in his wife….. because he has seen arguably too many nice things outside almost everyday that overwhelm his mind. Women too hv a right to wear wat they want its summer and it’s hot…. so guys should deal with their own lust as unfair as dat sounds….

  15. I don’t mind so much women showing it off, because that’s natural to them. What I mind a lot are women like Ariel Winter, who endlessly show themselves on Instagram, then scream “sexism!” if you look. IMO this is a form of mental illness that used to be known as hysteria. Imagine if men did this. What if Cal Ripken started screaming when you mentioned baseball or Dave Grohl put you “on blast” when you responded to his Instagram photos about music with comments about music?

    1. Ariel Winter, among many others in her industry, really believe faking emotions for a living is something we unwashed plebs really give a fuck about, and thus is greatly pained to learn we don’t and only care how she looks.

  16. “Western women of today have mastered the deceitful trick of appearing to look innocent yet at the same time exposing themselves indirectly”
    Basically, the mythological Pandora has opened her box, and is sexting everybody the pics. I actually think women are the greater losers here, because the deceit and indeed self-deceit required to engineer situations where you can get your tits out – and usually much worse – while claiming it’s for some innocent, artistic or increasingly political feminist cause is doing something rather sad to the feminine soul. If you lie to everybody about what you’re doing in order to get attention, or raise your SMV eventually there will be a cost, and that cost is to what could have been – I hesitate to say integrity – but at least self-respect. There are women who don’t behave like this, but the are few and far between.
    It’s not just an individual thing of course, but part of a feminist political philosophy that says male hetero-sexuality is illegitimate and exploitative but female sexuality – i.e. expressing sluttiness and seeking attention is empowering. Well maybe it is empowering for the moment, but the returns are diminishing with every day that passes. People are still somehow addicted to the khardiashian’s greasy arse but many people are growing to hate the daily mail sidebar and the unending trollope parade that has somehow substituted itself for western culture as far as the media is concerned

    1. theres no need to do that in public. bowel movements are natural too, i dont drop trough in the middle of central park though

    2. I don’t opine on the matter as I’ll never be in a position to do it myself, but I don’t get why women fight over this. If they get negative attention for breastfeeding they shit a brick. If they breastfeed in public and nobody cares, they shit a brick. What gives?

    3. When the kid is still breastfeeding beyond about 2 yrs it’s a bit creepy and more about the mom than the kid.
      Teeth are nature’s way of saying this kid should be weaned.

  17. “Struggling American citizens who study science and engineering (like me) to solve the world’s problems make zilch compared to these talent-less low lives who degrade themselves on the internet.”
    Oh spare me. Engineers have the highest average starting salary of any field, period. You spend forty years working in engineering and you can clear $6 million in lifetime earnings. A successful camgirl/pornstar/social media bitch has a shelf life of about three years.

    1. im supremely confident she can bang out another 5 skin flicks in the next 5 years, should get her to that 6 mil benchmark. game set match to the whore

    2. Don’t forget that very few female pornstars save or invest any of the money they make, and like most pro athletes, they go completely broke within a few years of exiting the industry.

      1. Karmas other name is self indulgence, same bitxch different name. No woman understands that.

      2. At which time they find some beta cuck to marry them so they can spend the rest of their lives spending his money and making him miserable.

    3. I know, right? all that hot fresh skin crème stops getting rid of the wrinkles and reverses course making them…

        1. You haven’t heard TIME’s meme hopeful – “Hold my avocado.”
          Read their article (there should be an archive link somewhere) – the left can’t meme, and neither can old-fart media types (but I repeat myself).
          EDIT: Screw it, I’ll archive it myself.

        2. I always believed the green frog to be a silly meme, but at least the Right get some of the other memes right.

        3. Lol, then you haven’t see that many memes. Plus its funny as fuck if you understand the context. The left tries to make a meme to dredge up some issue that only like 6 people care about, and the autistic-right steal it from them and then use it against them. Take the Trump part out of the equation, and its awesome.

        4. A case can be made, I think, for “Hold my soy latte”. As the following:
          “Hold my soy latte” (Article: “How Communism is the best thing ever”)

        5. He really is. I almost wish it would turn out that he has been trolling us this whole time…. like his real name is Ted Johnson and this was all part of some master plan he laid out as a super-autistic sperg kid when he was 8 years old and his parents forced him into child acting.

        6. True, but I find the pussy hat figure amusing. Too bad that fad fizzled out so soon, because it was so ridiculous.

  18. If a woman shows her anatomy in public, its seen as sexy. If a man shows his, he will be arrested for public indecency and lewd conduct. Even in places where public nudity is legal, like in Western Europe, men get can wind up getting in trouble.
    Also many of these public nude places are not good, lots of gay stalkers and other bad stuff. You might be better off visiting a brothel.

        1. and so she should. Women’s sexuality has been oppressed for too long. Slap that dick on the table Caitlyn, or whatever’s left of it

  19. Stop calling them ‘beautiful” and ‘brave” and start calling them “morbidly obese” and “diabetic” and “unhealthy”

  20. A woman’s sexuality is her power in life. And heaven forbid we limit it in any way. Slut-walks anyone?
    As usual with women though, they don’t really think it through. It’s her power when she’s hot. And when she’s not, it’s gone baby gone. …may want to put some eggs in some other baskets women.

        1. It’s in the thighs, for me. Adjusting for perspective, she’s pretty cylindrical (and do I detect a faint “cottage cheese” texture of cellulite?).
          Dropping a few lbs should make her curves pop out, thereby improving her appearance dramatically.

        2. That stomach is fatter than it looks in that pic. She may be “embracing her real body” but her arm is covering up a dunlop gut.

    1. No strong argument from me.
      I’d have wondered if they were even the same woman, were it not for the tattoo. (Speaking of which, one of the pictures was horizontally flipped. Not that this seems to have any particular consequence, just an observation.)

    2. For anyone wondering, her body on the left is publicly anorexic and her body on the right would be BBW. Anyone saying anything higher than that is BBW is full of shit.

      1. Framing is key. The girl on the right is angled in such a way that she appears to be less overweight up top, which hopefully tricks the viewer into thinking she’s a bit much but could slim down a tick.
        I imagine it would go the other way, though. IRL she’s definitely overweight – how much depends on how much angling she did in the shot – and I can’t see her just dropping that weight while she’s attached to anyone.

        1. There a fat grenade pin got pulled and all that happened was “…..ffffflllarrpp”….ugh.
          Same with the other one just up above this one..Crispy Crème fat grenades by the dozen.

  21. Anyone else think the two brunette Latinas with the one guy were the hottest girls in all these pics?
    The manosphere IMO (or maybe just this site) seems to have a thing for girls with abs for some reason. Am I the only one who prefers an ass over a ripped stomach?

      1. That’s what i gravitated to years ago, and still do. Any affairs I have had since being married were with girls that had b cups at the most, tiny waists that I can nearly get one arm around, but LEGS AND BOOTY. Can’t mix on those. That’s my thing. Unfortunately, I’m married to a chick with D cups, shapely, but a good 60 pounds overweight.

    1. The truth is all men want thick, but we must say skinny now to not let the fatties think they have a chance. Thick is still universal with thick with abs a second, and fit a third.

      1. I don’t know about all men wanting thick. I just know that we can let the fatties get the message that we don’t want them by…not Fucking them.
        A girl with a small waist and an hourglass figure is not a fat girl.

        1. I do. It is always funny to hear a fattie say my last boyfriend was black or I know I’m not that attractive, or do you think I’m pretty. No amount of backdoor attempts at a compliment or hints that they would be an easy lay will give them any chance with me that my hand couldn’t cover first. And by thick, I mean hourglass figure; big tits, small waist, round ass.

      2. Ah…no. I cannot stand that shit. Give me a rail thin, WASP-y looking woman with genes from somewhere north of Germany and you won’t see either of us for two weeks.

        1. I don’t know where you live but most WASPy looking women are not rail thin. Eastern Europe is where that’s at.
          And Germanic women are known for being robust. Go to Cincinnati and see what I mean lmao

      3. nailed it. might as well just take “thick” or whatever the kids call it these days out of your vocabulary. Fact is, most women, as they get older and shit out kids, are just gonna get “thick”. My wife has. I don’t want to touch her unless I’m black out drunk or it’s been weeks. She might get it from somewhere else at some point, though I don’t think she would really tread there. Fine if she does. But I ain’t getting a divorce and living on the streets because she’s a little thick. Nah. I’ll just keep on being me.

    2. Given my druthers, I’d take a truly healthy girl over a fit one. I don’t mean “healthy” in landwhale speak, but truly healthy – think Elly Mae Clampett or Mary Anne from Gilligan’s Island.
      Choosing between a tub, a big booty on a girl with a carb addiction (which promises a fatty in the future), and a six-pack that makes me jealous, I’ll take the six-pack for the longer haul.

        1. That, right there, is beauty. She’s well within the healthy range, with just a bit of extra fitness that promises she’ll remain attractive later in life.

        2. No promises. See the bodybuilder in the article. Nothing is guaranteed. Rather, how well can you lead her to stay fit?

        3. That’s ok. There comes a point where you move into chiseled territory which correlates with puke territory.

      1. Many girls with big butts just have a lower gluteal insertion and broad hips. Has zero to do with diet and everything to do with genes. Even if these girls got a six pack they’d still have a booty.
        I am specifically talking about bone structure at not a bitch who was too lazy to exercise.

        1. That’s a real “Get in mah belly!!!” looking leer on her face. It/she is about to eat pussy.

    1. on a side note women’s obsession with animals creep me out, like sure i like dogs but wtf are u doing letting it lick ur face and mouth and shit, nasty af imo. and sleeping on ur bed? Maybe it’s just ,me but i let my dog in the basement, the kitchen that’s tile and outside my bedrooms and living room it knows not to enter.

      1. My dogs live outside. If it gets really cold, we’re talking zero or below they come into the basement and go in their kennels. Otherwise no house pets. Period. I have read about these women that play kissee-face with their dogs getting parasites and having a helluva time getting rid of them. Absolutely disgusting…

      2. My cat sleeps in my room, but she has her own bed. She comes up onto the bed when I’m waking up and she gets a few minutes fuss before I get up, would never kiss her or let her lick my face, she licks her arse and lady bits with that mouth!

  22. I’m not sure if I told this story here or not but I remember my one college friend was going to Spain and she badly wanted to go to Ibiza so she started selling her used underwear online to people on the internet. I never felt more disappointed in someone, as this was someone I thought was a good christian girl and someone I at the time was hooking up with, after she told me that I really didn’t even want to talk or be friends with her anymore as the whole thing just grossed me out. What weird me out even more is I told this story to some of the people I know and everyone i thought i was the weird one for being weirded out by it.

    1. I am of two minds on it. On the more pragmatic side of things, she’s making money exploiting weirdos and losers on the Internet, and I applaud such practicality.
      On the other hand, though, that makes my stomach turn a bit.

      1. like 65% of men are disgustingly pathetic and thirsty these days.Like paying 30 bucks for a girls used underwear, have some pride man

        1. Yeah. It says more about the men that are providing the market than the woman who is exploiting it. But still, the fact that she knows there is a market to begin with…

        2. Makes me want to buy some panties, wipe my smelly butt off with them after working in the yard, find a picture of a cute chick online then sell the panties as hers.

        3. That’s probably what’s really going on… Some greasy bastard is just selling dirty panties with his own cheese on them for these desperate losers to purchase.

        4. This is exactly the reason why mankind needs a culling when men degenerate like this to this kind of sick behavior. Dirty panties….gross. If its not freshly showered, keep the stank away from me…but the dirty laundry fetishes are just gross beyond words.

      1. a college virgin is 1 in like 10000. cant hold women to a standard of not having sex at all. Maybe in the 1920’s but our culture doesn’t allow that anymore

        1. And here you were corrupting her. Either you want girls to be pure or you become ok with them letting out their inner slut. Hell it was probably you who brought out her inner slut. Now you complain lmao. AWALT you novice. You get her to sacrifice her morals and then you get mad when she…sacrifices her morals. Logic not even once.

        2. My idea is for you to realize that if you open her to world of the cock carousel, you can’t be mad when she rides it

        3. Can’t have a chaste woman who acts like a slut. And if you propagate it then don’t let it surprise you. Obviously she wasn’t a good Christian girl the minute she let you take her virginity. What is so hard to understand? Where didn’t you get the hint?
          No one is saying you can’t expose sleazy women. We are just dumbfounded that you barely discovered this about this skank now instead of when her vow to virginity was just some empty words. I don’t get how you thought she was still a good Christian girl after that and I am not the only one either.
          “She is such a sleaze! Like…she fucked ME even!!”

    2. … so she started selling her used underwear online to people on the internet. I never felt more disappointed in someone…

      Why? Nobody is getting harmed in this transaction. The only people in the wrong here are those willing to pay for such things to begin with.

      1. because degeneracy makes me sick.if a dude paid another dude to fuck him i’d think that was gross and degenerate too, even though no one is getting hurt

    3. Any girl who says she is selling her used underwear online is really telling you that she is a neck-down cam whore. Women lie. AWALT.

      1. that’s what me and my friend said, we were like if she is willing to do this who knows what she’s do if she wasn’t an upper middle class girl with her parents money

        1. Why do you think being “an upper middle class girl with her parents money” would stop her from being a degenerate whore? AWALT, mijo.

    4. “I thought was a good christian girl and someone I at the time was hooking up with”
      Male expectations have really nose dived. 🙁

    1. More succinctly, women will never stop stooping to new depths in pursuit of their narcissistic attention fix. Film at 10.

  23. I’m unsure of people’s outrage at breastfeeding, it’s the norm so I don’t bat an eyelid if a woman is doing it discreetly in a public place..children are impatient.
    However the tramp on the magazine cover and that Australian mp cunt who insist on courting media attention cos their tits work sicken me.

    1. Honestly, if you wanna breastfeed in public without too much undue attention, carry a little blanket or towel. Throw that over the baby and your tits, and boom – no one gives a hint of a shit.
      Moms should carry those things, anyway, because babies get messy.
      Of course, I don’t exactly get the outrage over breastfeeding in public. Maybe it’s some sort of modern Puritanism, maybe we don’t see why anyone should be in a busy mall with a baby young enough to be that kind of hassle, I don’t know. But if Baby #1 is old enough to play in the park, and mom is breastfeeding an infant while supervising, I don’t see any harm.

        1. My way was, apparently, taking in something like 100oz of soy nonsense in a single weekend. The doctor took one look at those numbers and said, “Get this kid some solid foods!”

        2. There was some woman who wrote an article about how she starved/dehydrated her kid to death trying to breastfeed unsuccessfully. All the ‘lactation expert/consultants’ kept insisting she keep trying that vice formula. So brainwashed she couldn’t accept the reality of what was going on and shift over the objections of the supposed experts.

        3. Women who are less than knowledgeable about proper breastfeeding – and thats most, sadly, thanks to the formula manufacturers – and also ignorant of the early signs of infant dehydration could very well run into trouble. Education is the answer.
          All the “women can’t make sammiches anymore!!!” comments are funny, and a reasonable complaint, but a more significant problem ime is that the average women doesnt know much about how to have a healthy pregnancy, how to give birth, breastfeed, and care for a newborn. Sandwiches are important, yes, but this is where women have truly failed.

        4. What I object to is this shaming thing if a woman doesn’t breastfeed. My first kid was downing an entire large bottle within the first week. Her mother just couldn’t keep up naturally, but she was distraught as if somehow she was failing. And the judgmental comments from other women from the breastfeeding cult perspective. Closest I’ve ever come to hitting a woman was these witches seeing the bottle and thinking it was their God ordained duty to berate my wife. If the object is a healthy kid, and the kid needs formula to be healthy— there shouldn’t be any shame at all. She was able to breastfeed with the other two as they weren’t as ravenous from birth.
          But taken to the extreme, as the woman at the link explains, she just mentally wasn’t able/willing/clear minded to assess what was happening and do what was best for the kid. All the pressure, and her child starves to death.

        5. It’s enormously sweet the way you defend your wife.
          Shaming works in small doses? As with fat shaming? Women chose formula usually because they are lazy or selfish. Really, I have heard so many of these excuses. So maybe some reasonable degree of social shame would convince more woman to choose the better option.

      1. There isn’t any. It’s a manufactured crusade. Literally no one I have ever met in my entire life gives a shit if a woman breast feeds in public.

        1. That has also been my experience. The same is true for “insufficient diversity” and a host of other contrived excuses to increase regulation and browbeat people who go along to get along.

        2. Yep. I could care less. A lady breastfeeding and covering so the other kids in the neighborhood don’t stare, doesn’t bother me. Putting it on the cover of a magazine is fucking stupid though.

    2. You’re right about the tit feeding Adolph. You know what really pisses me off? THIS KIND OF shit pisses me off.
      My parents cracked on me good about wasting food and that’s a ton of good American milk going to waste right there. She could feed a whole tribe, but noooo she just sucks up so much extra cab space that she has to ride with the doors peeled open. That would be such a perfect picture if only it included quadruplets stuck to her like refrigerator magnets.
      The public tit feeders never bother me either fűhrer. I feel happy and thumbs uppity and not a bit embarrassed when I see a white woman tit feeding. I won’t do like Jim Carey in ‘Me Myself and Irene’ with the milk moustache, but I respectfully salute the white woman who publicly tit feeds with a Nimitz salute, not stopping but stepping into a prarde march of sorts. If I have a hankey, I hold it out as an offering. If she has a barf towel and declines, I march on waving proudly or I say “USA” with Roman salute. It always puts a smile on the tit feeding mamas face. Yes I spread the love whenever I can.

      1. There it is!!! You were the first person I thought about when the article me tioned breastfeeding. You never fail to disappoint. Hahaha

      2. That kind of attention whore pisses me off no end.
        You are the first person to address me as I am in fact Adolf Hitler of ww2 fame, leader of the 3rd reich and what not..very odd.
        How do you feel when you see a non white woman breastfeeding?

  24. According to the Sun, she got 60k paying subscribers pretty quickly. So that means she made roughly $1.8 million dollars.

    Wow… the fact that there’s that many people out there who are willing to pay for porn is incredibly pitiful.

    1. I agree. If you’re going to pay for anything sexual, might as well pay a chick for sex. At least you are literally feeling it in the flesh and not watching another dude banging girls.

      1. +1
        I dont even want to drain my sack inside them anymore, want to facial glaze and make them have stinging eyes and hair gel

  25. Getting closer and closer to the women in the Heavy Metal magazines of the 70s and 80s…..and that’s not a good thing….shhhiiittt the entire population is going that route…

    1. Doesn’t look bad to me but the article isn’t about that. The article is about her being an attention whore and being praised for it.

  26. Nothing wrong with giving your offspring it’s GOD GIVEN food for optimal nourishment where other people might see. Children should be fed until at least two years old, four is best. If ‘they’ pretend to defend/promote breastfeeding but do it in an provocative way, it’s intentionally made to be offensive, and making people on the opposite side believe that they must speak out. There should be absolutely ZERO hindrance placed upon women to fulfill their natural roles and not be too weak/lazy while hiding behind modesty. Do not indulge in this puritan-esque bullshit, where woman are too ‘shamed’ to properly provide for their children. It’s not even remotely ‘liberal’, it is the most conservative nuclear family promoting act and should actually be shown proudly. Do you want mothers to continue to coldly pop bottles of chemical laden fake milk into children’s mouths and sit them in front of the television to be indoctrinated OR do you want ENDLESS LIFELONG benefits for the entire family? Don’t choose based off of being offended by seeing some skin and a baby head.

      1. Babies start to develop teeth between 4 and 7 months with final teeth coming in around 25 months. It is recommended for the first 6 months after birth to exclusively breastfeed. The World Health Organization recommends continued breastfeeding for up to 2 years of age or more. Have a nice day.

  27. Regarding the breastfeeding crap, I’ve got an old (for me anyway) story about that one. In Disneyland no less! So there I am, waiting for lunch at the Blue Bayou. At the little area with chairs where everyone waits. A reasonably attractive*** mom with a baby sitting across from me announces: “Just to warn you there’s going to be some boobs. I’ve got to feed him. And… I -can-.” She added the last part real snooty like. My response: “If you want to put on a free show, I’m not going to stop you.”
    She feigned shock and annoyance… then did it anyway. (And she wasn’t that spectacular, let me tell you… :-D) The classless, pride in exposing herself like that made a strong impression on me. With kids everywhere! Disgusting! Might have been the start of my own red pill journey.
    This was about 12 or so years ago. I’d probably be arrested for “sexual harassment” for saying that today. Thank God I’m not in the US! 😉
    ***This was before I had traveled to continental Europe and found out what attractive really means.

    1. I recently walk in to my regular independent coffee shop…. and as soon as I walked it BAM! Tit in kid’s mouth… I was like…humm…. I’m used to that… but what I was more surprised was how this woman wanted to make it a show.
      Most women will cover the area, if not look for a discreet spot where it’s her and her baby… but not… this was breast feeding.. fuck you… I’m boss.