4 Benefits That Minorities Enjoy While Living In “White Supremacist” Countries

All across the Western world, but most notably in the United States, we keep on hearing about how awful “white supremacy” is. Apparently, white people (and particularly white men) have too much political power in society, keep taking all the best jobs, keep taking all the biggest movie roles, and have a hard-on for beating up black men on the street for “no reason” via the modern day slave patrol or “police force”.

Rather than acknowledging that political power tends to come naturally with majority demographics, lucrative jobs favor a culture which emphasizes good education and marketable skills, the movie industry is actually exceedingly Jewish, and black criminal responsibility is equally as important as police brutality, white society just needs to regularly be browbeaten and demonized at any chance by SJW’s and their Marxist media platforms.

White men who are right wing, heterosexual, and Christian are particularly sidelined for criticism and scorn, and treated like they are all closet Ku Klux Klan members and Nazi’s in their private lives.


A rather silly looking outfit which a lot of SJW’s think is hiding in every right wing heterosexual Christian white male’s wardrobe.

This “white supremacist” power structure is treated like it’s the scourge of the modern age, and it must be “dismantled” (ie. white men removed from positions of power and influence) around the globe at all costs. Because according to SJW’s, “everybody suffers from white supremacy”. Even other white people which seems rather odd…

However, this article will let you know in four key points that white supremacy as the left describes it is a farce. White supremacy is a good thing, and it should be celebrated in the same way the left thinks meaningless diversity should be “celebrated”.

Please note that the frequent use of “white supremacy” in this article is meant to be tongue-in-cheek and to mock SJW publications overuse of the term. Additionally, my definition of white supremacy in this case is not to denote a country where whites are superior and have special privileges, but a country where whites maintain a clear demographic majority and the national culture is centered on white European traditions and free market capitalism.

1. They Have The World’s Highest Standards Of Living

The Top 20 countries on the Human Development Index. All but 5 (Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea, Israel) are white supremacies. The white supremacies graciously allow various levels of non-white immigration, while Israel, South Korea, Japan, Hong Kong, and Singapore have very restrictive immigration policies. In fact, Israel’s migration policy is outright RACIST against anyone who is not Jewish.

White supremacist countries like Norway, Australia, Sweden, Denmark, Iceland, Germany, Netherlands, New Zealand, Switzerland, Canada, and the United States all share the distinction of having the world’s highest standards of living. In these countries where people of northern European extraction predominate, infrastructure is reliable and well-maintained, corruption is low, civil rights and liberties are high, technological innovation is high, jobs are on the cutting edge, and hospitals and universities are world class.

To put it mildly, things just work.

Meanwhile, the bottom 20 countries are almost exclusively black African nations. Liberia ranks 177th, a country which was founded by freed African American slaves in order to (oddly enough) escape white supremacy.

On the other hand, much of the rest of the world’s nations vary in their levels of infrastructural, educational, and political dysfunction. Additionally, these countries are often plagued with grinding poverty, substandard healthcare, poor job prospects, and questionable civil liberties for the common citizenry.

Even in the wealthy northeast Asian countries (which don’t allow foreign migrants beyond token numbers), many people in those lands still desire to move to white Western countries for greater variety of employment opportunities, access to much more spacious housing, to escape cutthroat standards of conformity, and to embrace the west’s much greater respect for individualism (which helps foster Thomas Edison and Elon Musk types.)

The various peoples of the entire world reap innumerable benefits by living within a nation which is considered white supremacist. However, those benefits are greatly called into question if the dominant group which is responsible for making those countries so desirable in the first place (white people) are being dispossessed by mass immigration. White demographics need to stay high in all of these countries so that the non-East Asian minority groups living within them can equally thrive.

2. They Have The World’s Lowest Levels Of Racism And Intolerance

Cultural Marxist agendas constantly try to insinuate that white Westerners are very intolerant and well, just act sort of outright cunty towards non-white and non-Christian foreigners. The preceding clip of a man in a New York City dentist office being told by a white woman not to speak his scary “Muslim” language is a perfect example of this melodramatic propaganda.

This is absolutely not the case, and countries which are demographic white supremacies are in fact the most tolerant and most accommodating nations on the entire planet. For example, the Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, Uruguay, Australia, Finland, New Zealand, Ireland, Canada, and Iceland were named the world’s 10 most tolerant countries. All of these nations are white supremacist in their racial and religious (Christian) demographics.

japan discrimination

Some of the wealthy northeast Asian nations like Japan are NOT very tolerant as you can see. White supremacies the world over would not put up with this sort of ethnic and linguistic discrimination for a SECOND.

By comparison, even the wealthy nations of northeast Asia express their intolerance and unaccommodating nature by accepting hardly any immigrants, and some even forbid foreign tourists of any race from using many hotels and shops at various locations throughout the country. Well that’s not very nice is it!?

As for many black or Muslim countries, don’t even get us started. African countries like Liberia clearly state in their constitution that only people of black African ancestry can become citizens, while not a single white country on Earth has such racist clauses anymore. Furthermore, Muslim nations are among the most intolerant and barbaric.

The religion of peace still executes people in some countries for saying “I quit” (apostasy).

Women cannot show their faces or drive in Saudi Arabia, homosexuals can be killed in many Muslim nations, apostasy can be punishable by death, gay marriage is legalized pretty much nowhere, and non-Muslim minority groups like the Coptic Christians of Egypt are treated like 2nd class citizens at best.

White countries, with all their guaranteed freedoms of religion and expression on offer, and the great liberties that women, homosexuals, and other groups enjoy, don’t sound so bad now do they? White Christian societies made all of those liberties happen.

3. They Have The World’s Best Salaries And Career Opportunities

usa black family

Despite lower levels of economic prosperity compared to other groups (primarily due to personal choices and their potential consequences), the approximately 45 million African Americans enjoy a median household income of $35,500 (compared to $350 in nearby Haiti). Black Americans additionally benefit from white-orchestrated affirmative action policies designed to further increase their employment opportunities and economic standing. The “white supremacist” U.S.A. also has over 35,000 black millionaires. More than the ENTIRE CONTINENT of Africa.

As you can see from the preceding factoids, via living in a white supremacist country, African-Americans enjoy the highest annual earnings of any highly populous black population in the entire world, and by a considerable margin. As politically incorrect as it may sound, and with no desire to cause (butt) hurt feelings, there is not a single truly prosperous and high-income black country elsewhere on the entire planet.

People from all over the world desire to relocate to one of many white countries, as they offer a level of career advancement, along with their generous corresponding salaries, which are essentially non-existent in their home nations. In fact, certain non-white ethnicities (Indians & Chinese for example) in “white supremacies” earn even higher average salaries than the white majority, while the irony of the situation is that their ancestral homelands are noisy, polluted, and low-income.

indian student

A university student in India, a country where people still defecate in the street and the nominal per capita income is less than $1,600. Ask him where he wants to go to get a lucrative career and he will probably say Australia, Canada, the United States, or the United Kingdom. All of them white supremacies.

The benefits of having a generous income cannot be understated. An abundance of money offers peace of mind in that healthy food will be on the table every night, the rent or mortgage will be paid, the motor vehicle will be full of gas, and that much desired overseas holiday can be paid for. White supremacist countries offer this kind of economic security which is lacking in most of the world.

And speaking of travelling overseas…

4. Their Citizens Have The Most Visa-Free Travel

Sadiq Khan, the shitty Pakistani-British SJW mayor of Londonistan. His white supremacist British passport allows visa-free or visa-on-arrival access to 173 countries and territories. By comparison, a passport from his dysfunctional homeland would only allow visa-free or visa-on-arrival access to 29 countries and territories.

When you are the citizen of an economically prosperous country with a strong human rights record and representative government (ie. most countries predominated by people of northern European extraction), you are rewarded with a privileged passport which offers well over 150 countries that they can visit either visa-free or visa-on-arrival at worst.

Why? Because the citizens of most white countries are accurately considered to be low-risk candidates for people to overstay their visits (illegally migrate), be unable to afford their journeys duration and departure, and be highly unlikely to swarm the local refugee or political asylum offices.

black woman europe

A jovial African-American woman travelling abroad on her white supremacist U.S. passport, ranked 3rd in the world with 174 countries and territories visa-free or with visa-on-arrival. By comparison, most sub-Saharan African passports are among the world’s most restrictive due to the continents rampant poverty, corruption, and instability.

Such passports are not inherently white supremacist and “racist” of course, as the wealthy and peaceful Asian countries of Japan, South Korea, Singapore, and Hong Kong etc. also have very strong passports. It is purely due to the economic and political standing of the country in question.

Since white Europeans and northeast Asians have proven themselves time and time again to maintain the most advanced (and therefore unfucked) societies, it is for the benefit of everyone in high-performance white majority countries that the white population remains in the clear majority. Your passports power depends on it, because the wealthy northeast Asian countries are certainly not very well known for taking in immigrants who are not of their core ethnicity!


Sundar Pachai, the Indian-born CEO of Google, one of the white supremacist USA’s largest corporations. In his oppressed minority position, he has the power to terminate white male employees who express thought crimes (red pill truths) about gender, and point out the obvious discrimination against conservatives in tech companies.

As you can see from the preceding four points, “white supremacy” really isn’t so bad after all. Butthurt SJW’s of many various factions seem to be complaining about it all the time, but we don’t exactly see them filling out their forms to move to Liberia, or return to whatever third world nation (like India) they originally came from to try and escape white supremacy or carve out a successful career there in any considerable numbers.

Why? Because life is good, healthy, functional, accommodating, innovative, financially abundant, and tolerant in white supremacies. And it is the white European natives, and their majority white settlers in the United States, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand which made all of these wonderful things possible for non-Europeans in the first place.

In short, the left has got it all wrong. White supremacy is not a horrible thing. White supremacist countries are in fact a fantastic thing for everyone who lives in one.

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    1. They be going away like other extinct species replaced by the white entitled SJW dependapotomus in the handicap wheeled scooters, and the flubberwhales who are waiting for white man to create anti gravity hoversleds to ferry them around in their princessly entitled attitudes.

  1. I often wonder why leftists never scream about the white billionaires who run the world. If it’s truly all about “white supremacy”, surely they’d connect the dots and run that notion all the way up to the top of the greasy flagpole. But au contraire – connecting the dots involves independent thought. So at that point, I stop and realize that the white billionaires who run the world have programmed every aspect of the leftists’ lives, from their sexual orientation, to what they wear, to the very last half-baked thought in their tiny little pea brains. We aren’t dealing with human beings here. We’re dealing with robots. Robots who have been programmed to seek out and destroy the very people (red-pill men) who might one day free them from their sleeping servitude. Ironic as fuck, isn’t it…

  2. When I hear claims of racism, sometimes I wonder what planet these people are talking about. When I walk out of my front door and when I’m at work I see people kissing each others asses because they’re terrified of offending one another. I see a lot of white people exaggerating their laughter when a black person tells a joke. Honestly all a black persons has to do is say, “whachoo talking bout, I ain’t doin dat,” and they’ll instantly have one hundred guilty white friends. I see a lot of white people smiling at black babies and black parents to an exaggerated degree. And not just black people but non-whites in general. I see this at an overwhelming degree. I’m not sold on this apparent racism but there’s one thing I’m certain of; there are a lot of people who are unsatisfied with their life and constantly looking for someone to blame for their misery.

    1. Dude, there’s a lot of racism out there, but I see a lot, probably the majority of it, coming at me from the very people who accuse me of being racist just because of my skin color.

      1. There are a lot of watered down claims of racism and cries of wolf scenarios to where you just can’t take it seriously anymore. I don’t. And that’s what happens when people are irresponsible with their claims. Black people hate it when white people say, “I’m not racist, I have black friends.” This is something to get upset about? Give me a break.

      2. It’s straight projection. If you listen carefully to what they say, they believe that minorities aren’t as good as white men and so need to be protected in some way.

        Jokes about non-white people aren’t funny not because the joke wasn’t witty or pointed, but because minorities don’t have the sense of humor that white folks do.
        Women need special efforts to push them into STEM and management positions because they’re just not good enough to make it on their own.
        Muslim migrants cannot be expected to understand and embrace Western civilizations (insert the implied reason here), so they have to be shielded from criticism and the penalties for, say, raping native women.

        These are the implications of every major SJW ideology, and they are inherently racist, misogynist, etc.

  3. “Immigration and low birthrates are quickly eroding the majority, and if the white man disappears, he will take with him his sense of fair play, his unswerving commitment to the underdog, his belief in personal responsibility, his willingness to aid those in distress, his aversion to crime, his strong sense of family, and his ability to create and maintain stable governments.” – Michael Andrew Grissom (2001)

    1. what the savages call “white privilege”(SIC).. goddamn do they get all the benefits of it and yet vilify the ones that willingly give those benefits away.. ungrateful freeloading scum should go home.

  4. The reason why passports from countries allow travel to more places is based on the country’s economic and politcal standing.
    Well since that is the case, India and China will have the two best passports by the 2030s, Brazil and Russia followed next.
    Look at the demographics of the US, it won’t be white majority much longer. Europe will have giant Muslim minority populations.
    Non whites go to white countries for benefits but the system is not indestructible.

  5. A few months ago I had a political discussion with a fifty year old black man. We talked about race and he thought he was going to hit me with the trump card. He said in a very confident and arrogant manner, “let me ask you a question, have you ever been pulled over for being black?”
    I said, “no, I haven’t. So tell me what happened. Did you go to jail?”
    Him: “no.”
    Me: “did they beat you up?” Him: “no.”
    Me: “so, they pulled you over, asked some annoying questions and you went about your day?”
    Him: “yeah, but still..”
    Fifty years old and this was his story about his trials and tribulations of being a black man in the US. “One time a cop pulled me over, asked me annoying questions and thirty minutes later I was home watching TV and eating spaghetti.” (I’m holding back the tears).

    1. One tried that with me and I pointed out how many times I’ve been stopped and for what reason. It was actually pretty funny to see how quickly he shut up.

      1. Good point. For someone to think they are the only ones who’ve dealt with a lot of shitheads in their life is crazy. The victim Olympics is such a bizarre thing. Why in the hell would someone go through life putting so much effort into convincing others how bad they have it? What is there to achieve?

      2. I was pulled over for driving while hispanic (technically speaking, anyway). True, I was going about ten over the speed limit, through a speed trap, and I was the last car in my lane and thus easy pickings, but I think it was because I’m hispanic.

        1. Why, just yesterday I was doing 115mph on the interstate when a state trooper got behind me and tried to pull me over. I fired several warning shots at his cruiser, but then I ran out of gas. He got out and drew his service weapon, but I just flashed my White Privilege Card. We all had a good laugh and he sent me on my way.

    2. You forgot the key question – how do you know he pulled you over for being black?
      People see what they want to see. Every time I get pulled over, it’s because the cop was a power tripping bully with a badge, never because I was actually fucked up and breaking the traffic laws.
      Another good counter is, “have you ever been told you should pay more of your salary to a group of people just because long ago some of their ancestors suffered from something that your ancestors had no part in?”

  6. ONE BENEFIT That Minorities Enjoy While Living In “White Supremacist” Countries
    Modern industrial society and technology that supports it where the environment isn’t a class shithole to live in..maybe?
    Thankless savage masses, go back to your mud huts and caves, and take your Marxism with you.

  7. If you were tired of hearing the term
    “White supremacist ” prior to this past weekend, you’re really going to be sick of it over the next few years.
    Anyway regarding Charlottesville, I have about as much use for Hitler fan boys as I do BLM however, I would like to point out what I saw on the news this morning-
    CBS This Morning, Charlie Rose was interviewing someone about this weekend and asked,”are these people Trump supporters?”. I never recall him asking about BLM or Antifa riots,”Are these people Obama supporters?”.
    And they wonder why they are called fake news.

    1. I won’t waste time watching MSM, but I did look at YouTube vids— I noticed the overwhelming amount of the rioters were all low rent white people exchanging ineffectual blows.

      1. I have pretty much dropped the MSM over the last year or so. It wasn’t easy because I spent years being a political junky, I usually watch a few minutes before I go to work in order to have at least a vague handle of what’s happening in the world.
        I learned a long time ago how to sift through their BS.
        I watch the local news in the morning for the weather and find out where the local robbery,murder,shooting,
        carjacking etc was. It’s always in the same neighborhoods.

        1. Same. Been MSM free about a dozen years now, but still read alot online, books and magazines. The narratives never change and once you are able to sift through the BS, you have time for other things and still be informed.

        2. they have injected politics on the Weather Ch- I cant even go there w/o getting a daily dose of propaganda

        3. I kind of skim over the online news too but, in many ways it’s worse than the MSM. Sometimes it takes some digging to find the truth.
          To add to what I saw on CBS, you would think that the Hitler fan boys have stinger missiles to shoot down State Trooper helicopters. They way they report it makes it sound as though the crash was a direct result of “white supremacist Trump supporting protesters”.

        4. It’s hard to know what to believe anymore.
          I have gotten good at skimming fast though.

        5. they had a latina with a banging bod and a gorgeous redhead until recently…what ch is telemundo lol

      2. one clip they showed over and over included a tranny in heels trying to fight a chubby guy in all black(he was probably one of those guys holding his silly dungeons and dragons shield)
        strange days.

        1. Cannot say that I have, but if my opponent was I would say he wasn’t there to fight but pick up a date.

      3. Im surprised that they weren’t sword fighting with their dicks….All the video is so stupid, white folk cucks fighting other white folks. the minorities are laughing their asses off cause the cuck traitors are winning.

        1. most of the people involved in that movie got shitcanned by the studio. I dont think it did too badly at the BO, but the message was not something corp america could get behind…

        2. “Remember this. The people you’re trying to step on, we’re everyone you depend on. We’re the people who do your laundry and cook your food and serve your dinner. We make your bed. We guard you while you’re asleep. We drive the ambulances. We direct your call. We are cooks and taxi drivers and we know everything about you. We process your insurance claims and credit card charges. We control every part of your life. —So don’t fuck with us.”
          That movie could not be made today.

        3. That quote in a vacuum would be immensely successful today – it ties right into the ‘raise the minimum wage’, ‘workers unite’ Sanders-ian populist drivel that the Occupy Wall Street Crowd preached.

        4. I would disagree. The moochers you mentioned always want something (money, power, priveledges, acknowledgement, etc..) where the right simply wants to be left alone and free of the parasites and government meddling into their affairs.
          “Don’t fuck with me/us (with the hint and the will to do violence)” is the exact message that fits a lot of men I’m acquianted with.

        5. Yes, if you approach it from a ‘right’ mindset. But I can see the “we” this or that can appeal to the collectivist mindset too.

        6. cmon darth at least post the original! chubby kid from the AV squad who doesnt know the camera is recording…

      4. Another question: how fast did the alt-right get out of the area after the state of emergency was thrown down? How many of them were actually still there by 12pm to tangle with the “counter protesters?” Because my impression from the YouTube videos is that the alt-right was more or less dispersed as soon as their event got shut down. What ensued was almost all due to bussed in organised rioters, and one scared straggler in his car.

        1. No idea, but the MSM has a name to fit their narrative with a dead chick thrown in, so they will run with it. Let’s see what the inquiry finds, but by the time this gets to court it will be long forgotten and on the back pages.

        2. The truth (whatever it turns out to be) may be forgotten, but the MSM will never let go of their narrative: that an evil white terrorist used his car for premeditated murder against peaceful protesters. They will be comparing this guy to Timothy McVeigh before it’s over.

    2. I don’t think I’ve ever met someone who called themselves a white supremacist. Most would be better labelled as advocates of ethnopluralism, isolationism, traditionalism, etc.

    3. Good call. We’re going into ad hominem overload. This morning I read a YouTube comment from a German woman regarding the Charlottesville deal, “Stop it before it gets out of hand. Hello from Germany.” The comment got a lot of support haha. Give me a break. Racism has been reduced to an extreme state of paranoia, people coaching one another to become even more paranoid. What a mess.

    4. Yes. I am subjected to CNN in all public areas of the office complex where I currently work. They are conflating those of us who are pushing back against the left and their White Male Shaming tactics, with real White Supremacists, of which there are very few.

      1. Seems to be a lot more white supremacists than accounted for. Don’t think they are really any more than the white purists type that don’t want their women mixing. Even then, it is likely their focus because they aren’t producing any white babies and having issues getting laid by white women. Either that or they like they crowd appeal of being called hero or white savior. But technically speaking no, no one is calling themselves a White Supremacist.

    5. I also have no use for Nazi fanboys, but I have to say, I am unfortunately on their side in this. They have a right to do their march without being violently attacked. And, my bullshit meter is pinging very heavily over the way this car attack is being portrayed. I’ve seen it most frequently as taken from the vantage of the cars that were hit, and edited to show only the immediate one or two seconds before impact.
      It has not been widely reported (I wonder why?) but I also heard (and have seen pictures) that the the guy was in his car and a bunch of
      these fucks started to surround him and hit his car with bats, sticks,
      etc… So his story was that he was afraid and just trying to escape.
      And I have also seen this:
      To me, the video in that link looks consistent with his story. Note again, that the video is edits to only show what they think is the most damning picture, but even there, for me this looks to fall far short of something intentional.
      First, the guy is moving, but not as fast as he could have been if he was obviously trying to hit people. He looks like he’s going about 25-30mph, not 100mph. Additionally, he isn’t trying to swerve into people, he is keeping the car straight and in the very middle of the road. Note that the people ahead of him are generally clearing out of his path well in advance of his approach, and to me, when viewed in context, it looks like what happened here is he expected the crowds to continue parting so he could go through (probably expecting that his rate of speed would discourage them from trying to block his path), but as they parted, it revealed a parked car which he didn’t have time to stop to avoid collision. The guy didn’t speed up for impact. He didn’t try to swerve into people while backing up. He didn’t shift back into drive and make a second pass at the people now flocking around the others who were hurt. Instead he went right to the cops and surrendered. Doesn’t sound like an intentional terrorist attack to me.

      1. 4 video links in post to review.
        Please explain this. The maroon van plows through the crowd, same scenario as the gray Dodge Challenger. The maroon van then is shown to have switched direction and is parked next to the white car after it plowed into the crowd. Other footage shows the gray Dodge Challenger come from the opposite direction to again plow through the crowd.
        What’s really going on? Was the maroon van a trial run?
        Early footage from NBC News. Where did this footage go? All focus is now on the gray Dodge Challenger.
        Drone Captures Video of Car (Maroon Van, not a gray Dodge Challenger) Plowing into Crowd in Charlottesville

        This footage clearly shows the gray Dodge Challenger was not speeding down the road. Watch as the Challenger passes the bicyclist. The media sped the video up to make it look the the Challanger raced into the crowd.

        This footage shows a mob of mostly black men with bats chasing the Dodge Challenger. After the Dodge Challenger makes impact with the other vehicles and is stopped, the mob catches up with the Challenger and starts beating it with baseball bats.

        Most of the people in this footage don’t seem very concerned about clearing the road so medical attention can quickly get to people that were just run down in front of them. Notice the camera man use his/her fingers to block what was occurring immediately after the impact.

    6. If someone uses the whole “white supremacist” on you just ask them if they’re in the same catagory as La Raza or BLM? Can only minorities have racist hate filled groups?

    7. leaving aside the death of the young woman the ‘united right’ were simply out-manoeuvred by the left / MSM combo. Seriously, bringing nazis, with Hitler t-shirts along is just so completely dumb.

        1. I’m sure there were antifa masquerading as nazis, but if you have attendees wearing Hitler t-shirts etc then that’s merely amplifying an element that is already there. The gathering was intended to unite the right, which presumably involved uniting some, like those who think Hitler was right or whatever, with views that most people, at least outside those gathered, would condemn. They made a grievous strategic error, and now everybody who attended, and Donald Trump who didn’t but failed to single out ‘white supremacists’ for censure, are all lumped together, and the MSM, who almost certainly planned in advance to condemn everybody gathered as white supremacists are having a field day. Even if the girl hadn’t been killed by that moron, the “united right” would have failed for that reason. It just wasn’t very smart

  8. So this dumb, ahistorical fuck is gonna just skip over white imperialism, white terrorism and slavery? Lol. OD on some percs while you’re at it 🙂

    1. Terrorism and slavery originated (and is still practiced) from the earliest civilizations of the MIDDLE EAST and western asia areas. Not from white Europeans, but that doesn’t fit the history that you never learned but have scrapped and rewritten to fit your narratives….

    2. I love the combination of liberal self- righteousness and murderous undertones. It really adds that extra oomph to your argument, ya know?

    3. LOL as though only whites engaged in terrorism and slavery. Learn some history past what your liberal college professor teaches or continue to be seen as a tool for those smarter than you.

      1. Don’t you know we marched in force into Africa, rounded up every black tribe we could find, marched them all to Britain, and traded them like bubble gum stickers?
        It was 100% us, all the time. Muslims and warring African tribes dindu nuffin – that was something we made up to hide our massive guilt at being the only people in the world that took slaves.

        1. How about the Barbary pirates that raided the coasts of Europe, all the way up to the coast of Ireland, where they would kidnap whole villages and sell them to Arabs in the middle east…. don’t hear much about that do you?

        2. These virtue signalers also seem to forget, or were conveniently never taught, that whites were also slaves at one point. Iran enslaved many whites AND blacks in the 19th century. We just don’t cry about it 200+ years into the future.

        3. Castrated ’em, too. The Barbary slave trade only didn’t castrate slaves sold to the West because we weren’t interested in encouraging that sort of thing.

        4. Been saying this for a long time. Should be mandatory to castrate black babies at birth so they dont grow up to be savages.

        5. That, I think, is too far. Suggesting that they move to Africa and build their ethnostate according to their vision is one thing, but mandated castration is not dissimilar to race-based execution, which is absolutely not right.

    4. How about the Arabs and the Africans themselves being the biggest slavers in history. White Europeans had nothing on them. Not excusing European misconduct in the colonies but African tribal leaders were the ones enslaving other tribes and in some cases their own people to sell in the slave markets. Of course it doesn’t fit the narrative of hitting whitey for the bill……

      1. I love when the whites try to justify slavery with the weak ass “Africans did it first!!” Argument. You lot find your OWN WOMEN repugnant, you thought those bitches weren’t gonna push back? White men created feminism, lol. When you see your own dying from overdoses. Your white women looking like disgusting, insufferable lard-asses as you affectionately call them-(lmao) look upon your fellow white and tell them “good job”! Every fucked up thing in society is the white man’s fault. Including the demise and destruction of western civilization which you created off Africa’s back. Suck a dick with your mothers mouth, lol.

        1. So you’re saying that white people are not only the best at imperialism, terrorism, and slavery (though, considering we decided to end slavery, that may be a point against us), but we’re also the best at both stealing, building, and destroying cultures?
          That sounds like white supremacy talk, to me. Check your privilege.

        2. I didn’t justify slavery. Maybe you should go get an education in discussion. Oh yea you did get an education provided by majority white tax payers. Obviously it was wasted.
          Don’t know what white country you’re referring to? Are other “minorities” immune to overdoses? From what I see majority of black wimmin are so fat they need planning permission to move around. They really should lay off the spandex, it’s a privilege not a necessity.
          Created off Africa’s back? Oh please you children couldn’t run Africa and from the evidence today you still can’t. Funny thing is South Africa had more law and order under Apartheid.
          To use one of your own colloquial terms……”Yo mamma”……..

        3. Lol. Everyday you shit on your own white women. Spare me the lecture, go try it with those weak ass bitches that don’t want to reproduce with your sorry, low status ass. :))) oh and btw, my family paid for my education…sorry you don’t have one 🙁

        4. You’re all over the place…..take a deep breath next time before shitting out so much disconnected nonsense.

        5. Your family paid for your education in an institution if not founded by white men then it was based on educational principles established by white men. Go figure…..maybe you should go back and help your African brethren running their continent….which is abundant in so many raw materials but they just can’t seem to make it work…I wonder why?

        6. Lol. Because whites ravaged my home and stole me from it. Take your own advice. Help your own people get off that stuff!

  9. The phrase “whatever” is great. Someone calls you a racist, sexist, homophobic, trannyphobe or whatever. Let it roll off you like water on a ducks back. They don’t have any power or authority by calling names, the fake outrage is all it is, fake.

        1. My father told me how he picked cotton on his grandparents’ farm in Oklahoma growing up. So much for Daddy’s white privilege.

  10. Let us not overlook the fact that all these beneficial conditions are a result of the efforts of white MALES. The infrastructure, technological advances, and systems of government which make it all possible were created by White Men.

      1. Jonny Quest looks really creepy and degenerate now. Two guys live together without any women in their lives, and they adopt a orphaned Pajeet kid as a companion for Dr. Quest’s son. Oh, and Race Bannon goes around killing people.

        1. Ya done ruined it. It was a bunch of guys doing crazy things for reasons, and ya done brought the homosexual and paedophile thing into it.
          Not blaming you, in particular. This sort of thing is rampant, and it ruins perfectly good stories and entertainment.

        2. In the 60s Quest, it was unspoken fact that-
          Race Bannon- bad ass OSS super soldier/WW2 pilot who is known to have a way with the ladies.
          Dr Quest- probably ran the Manhattan Project while inventing the proximity fuse and the Mr Coffee and sticky notes. Wife passed away after being murdered by evil henchmen or something.
          Hadji- they picked up an orphaned Indian kid so Johnny would have a buddy since they were always on an adventure.
          Johnny- Dr Quest doesn’t bang whores to make a good impression for him while outsmarting evil masterminds every Saturday morning.
          No women going around kicking all the men’s asses. It was great.

        3. Good explanation. Just because they didn’t have women around making them miserable and wasting their time and money, doesn’t make them queers.

      2. The aircraft was actually a research plane owned by the US Government. My job was to be a bodyguard for Jonny, because it was thought that rival nations might kidnap him in order to get to Doctor Quest and his research. I just happened to also be a hell of a good pilot – way better than Quest, anyway, so I did the flying. But that was a long time ago.

  11. If a person gets upset at somebody who is allegedly a supremacist, doesn’t that mean that the person who gets upset is admitting that they are inferior. I think so. Because a superior individual wouldn’t let other people’s actions and/or beliefs faze them. This just proves, yet again, that leftists are inferior. Maybe we should start calling them inferiorists. Bet that would bake their tiny little pea brains…

  12. From a minority, I would just like to thank white people.
    Thank you for the opportunity.
    Thanks for the compassion.
    Thanks for innovation.
    Thanks for liberty.
    Stop blaming each other and just understand that there are fundamental differences in the way we think, we eat, we go on about our businesses.
    To all other minorities, stop feeling inferior. Nothing good comes from beating yourself up. Just try to enrich while not encroaching on the fundamental principles of what made the west different.

    1. From a white person – thanks for not being a whiny bitch. With your outlook, you will likely go far in life, and I would be happy to associate with you.

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        2. Digital184s

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      1. Capital71b

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    2. And to say you’re welcome, modern white folk will now systematically destroy the things you’ve listed.

    3. Likewise I also cherish the oppurtunity to be in a White country. As much as I enjoy visiting the motherland, there is no way I could live there continually. These ungrateful shits need to realize how blessed they even are to be given the oppurtunity to live in the top 10% of the world.

    4. I think the only minorities that have a legit gripe is asians when it comes to college emissions. and that’s because the virtue signaling left had to try and make it “fair” for the latinos and blacks, when true fairness is the ones that earn it make it in and the ones that dont earn it dont get in. Like when the left tries to help someone it always backfires as “About half of black college students rank in the bottom 20 percent of their classes” so they are dropping out and going further into debt with nothing to show for it

      1. the only minorities that have a legit gripe is asians when it comes to college emissions.

        So they don’t get laid enough in college?

        1. Funny thing is that as soon as he murdered a bunch of people, a load of sick bitches started to swoon over him.

      2. Making things “fair” usually means the outcome will be terrible. Can’t believe we haven’t learned this lesson by now.

      3. This is another place where our dear progressives mask their racism in kindness. Instead of having very good students go to high caliber schools where they would thrive the progressives instead push them to more challenging and prestigious programs where they will have trouble competing and will likely fail. In some cases this has nothing to do with the students themselves but where they grew up and the high schools they went to.
        During the Clarence Thomas hearings in the 1990s it was revealed that it was insulting to suggest very good schools where black students in this category would thrive over more prestigious schools where they would run a high risk of dropping out. The person who was looking at the student’s long term success was considered racist.
        Now I get the point of the Harvard-Princeton-Yale connections thing, but that doesn’t do any good with those who fail. If that’s the motivation it only goes to show how the left views the world as one of political hierarchy instead of competency hierarchy.

    5. I too am grateful to my ancestors for what they have built for us even though we screw it over royally.

      1. Minorities? Might as well get used to calling them majorities. It’ll come. Then see how Whites are demonized.Wherever we go, whatever we establish, whatever towns, cities, territory or country we occupy, they’ll follow.

    6. White immigrants in my country always do great things. They create prosperous companies, employ autochthons, bring technologies, found schools and hospitals, etc.

    7. I join in that gratitude to white european Christian culture. As an American born minority – I truly appreciate the civilization I live in. Every culture and group of people have faced and caused atrocities. It’s the ones that rise above it that matter. I salute you.

    8. Second that, my father came from Egypt and rose to the top of the medical profession, in Egypt he wouldn’t have had any such opportunity to be making 6 figures. I also am at a loss to understand why the fuck being a minority would make me want a flood of racially similar people to be admitted to the west. Meritocracy is what made the west and now filthy leftist want to use relativism to bring it to it knees.

  13. Don’t leftists believe they know better than anyone else, about everything and everybody. Don’t they believe they have the capacity to stick everyone into a pigeonhole and label them. That’s about as supremacist as you can get…
    an advocate of the supremacy of a particular group, especially one determined by race or sex
    relating to or advocating supremacy of a particular group
    Yep. Leftists are insane.

  14. Just wait until enough high-caste Indians settle in the U.S. and set up a new Brahminate. They come from the most hierarchical and reactionary society on the planet, and when they get enough power and wealth here, they will turn against the other groups because they see them as subhumans.

  15. The Nazi larping like we saw in Charlottesville has to stop, guys. The Alt Right needs to orient itself towards the 2030’s and beyond, not look back to an unsuccessful model in the 1930’s.

    1. I’m honestly unsure whether the Nazi LARPers were planted there for optics, or just really dumb. “Conservatives” don’t like Nazis (and anyone to their right), the Left don’t like Nazis (Communists never did), and frankly most of the alt-right and moderates don’t like Nazis.
      Those symbols won’t be even vaguely reclaimable until we finally let WWII rest in peace. The best response to being labeled a Nazi is not, “YEAH NAZIS!” but rather, “You think Nazis are hiding under your bed at night. Everyone’s a Nazi to you.”

      1. Personally I don’t disavow fascists and national socialists, but if these people want to put on a real demonstration for revolutionary right wing politics, it needs to look a little more like this…

        At the end of the day, people are going to be attracted to strength. It’s not the symbols themselves that are the bad optics in my opinion, but rather that they came across as out of shape degenerates. Fascism requires testosterone and fearlessness, or it’s nothing.

        1. Exactly. Some in the alt-right are worried that there are no women coming to it. And I say: don’t worry, let’s start winning and they’ll come.

      2. The rehabilitation of the Nazis might have already started. I haven’t seen The Man in the High Castle, but I’ve heard that many viewers warmed up to the Nazi Dad character because he expresses sensible views about moral character.
        The Nazi movement did promote a traditional moral agenda in some ways, and in response to the Jewish degeneracy that went on in the Weimar period.

      3. Jews don’t let WWII rest in peace because that would represent the end of their victimism supremacy which justifies the atrocities being made in Israel. That’s why there are dozens of holocaust museums in the US, even if that crap never happened in this country. Holy fuck, even in Europe, we have forgotten about WWII, look at Schengen space, and we were killing each other by the millions 70 years ago! This is about Jews, only about Jews.

    2. The 1930s model is behind schedule but still successful and we’re living in it, still proceeding to a 1930s vision of technocracy and management of society.

  16. Speaking of Charlottesville, Thomas Jefferson put that town on the nation’s map when he founded the University of Virginia there. Why haven’t the social-justice obsessives targeted that institution for destruction because it celebrates the memory of a white man who owned slaves?
    Not that long ago popular culture portrayed Jefferson in a positive light, like in the musical 1776. This video from a live performance makes Jefferson sound like a really cool guy, and I just can’t imagine anyone singing Jefferson’s praises like that in the current white-hostile culture:

    The idea that SJW’s plan to erase Thomas Jefferson from American history doesn’t sound so nutty now.

      1. The Federal Reserve mere misappropriated their portrait for their fake money/ fiat Federal Reserve notes that are fancy colored paper debt instruments.

      2. The Fed was planning to replace George Washington with Barack Obama on the One dollar note.
        That being said US currency is going to be good only for wiping your ass in another 10-20 years.

    1. SJWs are fake attention whores. That’s why. You think if those Antifa had actual jobs there would be riots in Charlottsville and Berkeley?
      Katie Couriv is a UVA alumni, she is also the prototype SJW. She has also made millions doing it.

  17. I have a black and an indian friend (among my other white/caucasian friends- I even have a woman friend, an ex-girlfriend whom I remained friend with after we ended our relationship for some reasons- she’s one of the most ambitious, intelligent and honest persons I’ve ever meet. I RESPECT intelligent women with strong morals, as RARE as they’re). So, those guys (the black and indian) are ones of the BEST and most loyal friends I have. They’re not racist (yes, they RACIST MINORITIES too, not only white people), they love and respect white people (both men and women), they love my country (calling it their country too) because they studied and found work/hospitality here. They appreciate me that I’m an open minded individual, seeing good and capable people as my equals (no matter their race, religion, sex- except for fags, I’ll never accept fags in my life) and they’re also open minded individuals. They sad that they want to live in a world where people will stop killing each other because of the religion and race, a peaceful and tolerant world by both side (whites tolerant with blacks/asians/jews/muslims and blacks/asians/jews/muslims tolerant with whites and between each other. Maybe this world will never become true peaceful but at least we can work together to make it a better place. So better start to understand each other and stop with this violence and hate bullshit. I salute all my smart and tolerant white fellows here and all minorities who understand that hating white people is stupid and counterproductive.

    1. Why do people from the countries listed above want to come to “white supremacist” countries? Because their own countries are shit. Why are they shit? Because they are full of those people. Of course there are exceptions to the rule. However let enough of the low IQ masses into the white countries and change the demographics then we will all be living in a world of shit……

  18. You know what would solve the majority of white peoples’ problems?
    Intolerance. Logical, self-interested, self-loving, beautiful intolerance.

  19. I graduated high school in 1987 – less than 20 years after the assassination of MLK. We were way closer to that to top pic of the multi-cultural friends than we are now, 30 years later. Sure, there were still problems. But this division now? Drummed up by leftists and reacted to by in self defense. Leftism is the root cause. Mental disorder.

    1. Same here. Now the possibility of “friends” is remote; at best, you may end up as an “ally”, which means “subordinate, probably the next target of our wrath”.

    2. Same here. The place I grew up was stereotyped as being racist, but we had a couple kids in our regular gang that were other colors/ethnicities, and we never gave a shit. As long as you could ride your bike fast and hit a ball hard, you could have been purple with three eyes, we would not have given a single fuck about it.

      1. I grew up with Pakis, Africans, Afghans, you name a race I’ve met one.
        What struck me is that racism will always exists because of diversified perceptions. It’s a way we gauge whether a person can be our ally or not depending on how they react.
        Plus racism is funny, telling jokes about stereotypes is one hell of a way to bond.

  20. Only 4?
    RE: The KKK is the best gift the Dems ever gave their base. They’re apparently everywhere, oppressing the shit out of the poor POC, and yet are also constantly portrayed as pathetic, bumbling losers rife for ridicule. It’s a socio-political fantasy enemy win-win!

    1. It’s the same sort of phenomenon as those Twilight vampires. “They drink blood, they’re strong and have magic powers, they could kill everyone and not break a sweat, but they LURV unattractive and/or uninteresting women, so you’re safe.”

  21. ‘To put it mildly, things just work.’
    No, they don’t.
    Here in the UK, the NHS, the Courts, Local Government, the Police (Criminal Justice), transportation, ….these thing basically, do not work.
    Female Management has made them inward looking, inefficient, over staffed and vastly over pensioned.
    I’m not making any comment about how lucky 2/3 world people are to live in the West.
    I’m saying our assumptions about the basic functioning of the West is, these days; in error.

    1. But that is the problem, the people who made things work is no longer in charge of keeping things that way, having handing over the responsibility to those who only wish to leech privileges but are incapable of keeping the standard or producing riches themselves.
      The question here is how long will what was already built last?
      Because looking at Sweden, the UK, France and Italy, it’s clear what they have won’t last for more than thirty years the way things are going.

      1. ‘But that is the problem, the people who made things work is no longer in charge of keeping things that way, having handing over the responsibility to those who only wish to leech privileges but are incapable of keeping the standard or producing riches themselves.’
        Here’s the problem my Skully friend….
        Modern productive efficiency (robotics) and ‘pretend money’ fiat self financing systems will keep the tvs, phones, welfare and consumption going far longer than nature would prefer.
        Certainly for the lifespan of anyone reading this.
        That’s what really hurts….they’ve hijacked a fully mature economic system.
        They can kick the ‘can down the road the road’ for much longer than sanity or justice would normally allow.

    2. It’s becoming the same here in the USA. Incompetents in charge. Look at any predominate black run city in the US. If it were not in the US, it would be as bad as any African poop hole.

      1. Black people who can’t do stuff…..homosexuals who can’t do stuff….women who can’t do….
        We sure got diversity.
        Remember that.

  22. It’s like game. Look at people’s actions, not words. If this was a white supremacist hellhole, people would be lining up to leave. Instead we have millions of people sneaking in illegally and a mile long list of people clamoring to become citizens.

    1. White countries are the least racist countries on Earth. Non-whites are cowardly invading us, taking advantage of (((white guilt))).

  23. WTF? Believe or not non-white countries can be well run and have these privelages as well. Can I mention Singapore? Costa Rica? Chile?
    Here in the USA when people see my Spanish name, they think of two things: illegal Mexican. Yea, what a privelage. Twice already I was singled out by white people who told me “You better be legal.”

      1. What’s interesting, all these countries as far as I can tell, whites dominate in a greater or lesser degree. Ditto Argentina where citizens of European ancestry are the majority.

        1. Not at all. We’re on the same team. I mean, my bastard high school friends didn’t nickname me the Mennonite for nothing.

    1. And yet you don’t emigrate to those places and instead choose to suffer the occasional (and arguably VERY valid) questioning of your residence status. Seems to validate the premise of the article.

      1. That questioning based on stereotypes is why we are living in a police state. If a guy is Italian they can get questioned on ties to the mafia. If one is black is one to assume the guy is either on probation or an ex-con? If someone is wearing a turban, and not only Arabs but Sikhs wear it as well, are we suppose to frisk them for bombs? Are we also to assume that a white guy is a closet KKK member or packing heat?, come on. A Spanish last name does not equal a Mexican illegal. Reminds me of that Puerto Rican at the airport to speak English even the Puerto Ricans are all Americans. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=70A6zDv_wC0

        1. Do not think so dood. Some guy who rushed Donald Trump on stage was an illegal from England, he let his visa lapse.
          The USA also has 50,000 illegal Irish in the USA. Remember, illegal is illegal, no matter where they are from.
          Ok, next time I see a white guy I am going to ask him is going to join a neo-Nazi white supremacist rally.

        2. The vast, vast majority of opiod addicts are white. Ok, great logic. Have fun when the police frisks you for drugs since you fit the profile.

        3. Not if you go per capita, which is why they go to “urban” places for drugs. And go to “youths” for illegal guns and the usual murders, rapes and violence. So did you answer? Are you sure your legal? And wouldn’t you rather live in that Hispanic paradise you come from?

  24. Most of the “white supremacists” that I’ve met are really just white separatists. They just wanna be free to associate with and live amongst their own people but aren’t allowed to.

  25. Another to the point article from John Carver. I made the same reflection in 2012 when I reviewed a book, that whites are the only ones that treat minorities really good. Northeast Asians are much more in group-oriented. Therefore it is in the interest of leftists and minorities to maintain a demographic white majority/hegemony, even though it seems counter-intuitive at first (from their viewpoint). If Jews are so smart they should get this as well.

  26. As a naturalized citizen who arrived in America as a child I love America and the people who created this great country. I would hate to go back to my country since my opportunities as a religious minority (christian) in my country of origin would’ve reduced my opportunities severely. But at the same time I still recognize that throwing up nazi flags is not at all cool. There is a reason your grandfathers fought to destroy the nazis. Why disrespect their military service by taking up the flag of your forefathers enemies? Those who do take up the nazi flag I have no respect for as they’re basically traitors to their own nation much in the same way Colin Kaeparnick is a traitor for disrespecting the American flag.

      1. I really don’t care what one lonesome WW2 veteran who’s a Nazi symphathizer have to say. No matter what argument you put forth romanticising the Nazis it still doesn’t change the fact they’re the most disgusting hateful criminal party ever to emerge in modern society outside of the communists in the Soviet Union. They killed jews, germans and many from other european countries. The Nazis even killed their own, the Sturmabteilung or better known as the SA the precursor to the Waffen SS, who helped the Nazi party to power. I’m also a republican, so I don’t appreciate the fact that Nazi sympathizer losers like yourself keep associating the republican party with these fools. I say losers because the Germans never won and also Hitler was too much of a coward to face death, killing himself with poison instead. Find better idols.

        1. Not once did I want to associate the Republicans to the Nazis. I have too much respect for the Nazis to do such thing.
          One freed their country of the evils of Talmudic jews, only to be crushed by the International Talmudic jews.
          The other is full of people like you that want to hold hands and sing Kumbaya while his country is being turned to sh*t by the same people that crushed the Nazis. So yeah, I would never insult the Nazis by comparing them to the Republicans.
          Ok, enlighten me as to who is a leader who didn’t kill a single soul and led his people out of an oppressive regime? And trust me the Germans were in dire strait.
          Please name someone who achieved such saintly feat.

        2. Your boy Hitler still lost so no he didn’t lead his people out of an oppressive regime. He only lead them to even a more literal sense of an oppresive regime, with the Soviets influencing and oppressing East Germany and the Allies “oppressing” West Germany. Find a better role model SMH

    1. And that’s why you will always re-create the same shithole that you fled for every white country foolish enough to give you refuge. You don’t understand freedom. You loathe freedom. You love other people’s stuff.

      1. haha you must live under a rock? That’s why asian immigrants are considered the model minority in America huh? We make more money than even caucasians on average and as such pay more taxes, and commit less crimes than of any ethnicity. You go to any top colleges, asian minorities are over represented, especially in the top public colleges, where affirmative action isn’t as prominent as the ivy leagues, where white people keep complaining about hispanic and blacks taking their spots. You eliminate affirmative action at those colleges see the number of whites in those colleges dwindle tremendously and be replaced by asians. Also all the top professions, doctors, lawyers, accountants, financiers, are dominated by asians these days.

        1. Also arabs and persians put themselves as Caucasians on the census. So yea you got a bunch muslims pretending to be white lol.

        2. Japanese clean up and recover from literal, multiple, nuclear holocaust. They don’t live in shitholes. Asian means a lot of different peoples. That’s why people don’t run from their presence.
          Nobody recovers from diversity.
          Look. I am glad you escaped your own people. That doesn’t make you American. You can’t escape who you are. The dirt isn’t magic here. You need to go back and clean up your own mess.

        3. I’m south asian, bangladeshi specifically lol. We did great at one time and we declined after the british took over and sucked our resources dry, we’re starting recover now though. All great empires rise and fall and we had our moment. Also same could be said of your ancestors who prolly escaped the I-talian mob or the irish who literally ran away cause the potatoes ran out. They literally escaped who they were, guess you should go shit and piss on their graves now.

        4. In the words of Motley Crue, “Don’t go away mad. Just go away.” I’m sure you and the negroes (not a slur, just factually true description of someone of sub-Saharan ancestry) can go back to building pyramids … without us holding you back.

        5. Your not holding us back lol. That’s why we’re taking all your professional jobs lolololol. And we have to pay with our tax money for all of yall’s unemployment benefits since all the manufacturing jobs got moved elsewhere hahaha

        6. I’m sure that you are very great people. You just don’t have the same concept of freedom as whites. You can’t help reverting to tyranny. You’ll call it freedom, but the result will be dictating to others just like what you fled before. The victim may be different, but there will be a victim.
          The more the US looks like the 3rd world, the more it will look like the 3rd world. You’ll have to escape and find more white countries to “bless”.

        7. You do realize the majority of white nations had monarchs as recent as the early 1900s right? And dictators well into the middle of the 1900s? Some still have virtual dictatorships today (i.e. Russia, and some of the former Soviet bloc). You don’t have a clue about world history. You realize your ancestors were still jerking each other off in caves couple of thousand years ago while my ancestors were inventing the number system we still use today? If it wasn’t for us you would have to do math with Roman numerals (i.e. I + IV = V, instead of 1 + 4 = 5). You think your better than me solely by the fact that your white, going by recent world events? That’s literally all you have going for you, being white. But your prolly some white trash from the midwest who hasn’t gotta clue about anything. You probably think poorly of the major urban centers this country has like NY and Cali with all its liberalism, multiculturalism, brown ppl and blah blah blah. But don’t realize that if it wasn’t for NY and Cali no one would be there to subsidize ppl like you when everything moves to Mexico or China. You don’t realize your white brethren that actually runs this country from NY and Cali don’t give a crap about ppl like you who do nothing but complain. They would rather enlist the help of us asians in helping run this country than aggresive keyboard warrior fools like you who just literally talk out of their ***. My advice to you, get educated, go to the gym, get some girls and be part of the country’s elite instead of feeling sorry for yourself and blaming others for being better than you. LOL

        8. So you come into my place of business and request service … I ask you to leave. You legally are required to comply and peacefully leave. Is this an example of freedom or slavery?
          Of course, whites had experience with various forms of involuntary servitude. The difference is that we end the practice. You establish it whenever and wherever you are able. The only solution is for you to go back.

        9. Do you really not know how to read? What back water country are you from? I’ve been to the bayou and I’ve met bouncers who had more braincells than you. How do you bring slavery into this equation? White people had slavery more recently than my people. Actually I can’t even remember the last time South Asians in the Indian subcontinent had slavery in our history. You are literally the definition of #fakenews.

        10. You can’t answer the question without proving my point … you don’t even want freedom. People could refuse you. Whatever you want to call it, you always will want involuntary servants, aka slaves. Yesterday, today, forever. You are here for the stuff. Other people’s stuff. Other people’s labor. You need to go back.
          Separation is a real mortal threat for any parasite so you can’t let go (no mater how much we “need” you). If you weren’t, you wouldn’t need our magic dirt to be so productive. Please prove me wrong. Enjoy Asia. Leave the evil white racists to suffer your absence.
          Or wait for that EBT to reload … again. Or maybe I can buy you another Holiday Inn Express against my will.

        11. What does that have to do with anything? Sure go head refuse me to your establishment I could care less to going to your establishment I’ll take my business elsewhere just like I can refuse you from my establishment for being a fool. That literally has absolutely nothing to do with slavery and is totally separate issue. White people had slavery the most recent, that’s a fact, Done. Stop going in circles you know exactly what the definition of slavery is and that’s been done the most recently in America than where I’m originally from. There’s no other way of getting around it. Lol more like my tax my money is going for your white trash ebt. Everything you’ve said makes absolutely zero sense. Your not providing any real rebuttals and just repeating the same things I’ve already shut you down with. Also from my experience the only evil white man that I’ve run into were in parts I was forced to go to for work reasons. I would never go there you can stay their and party with your like minded evil white man there. I could care less.

        12. That’s easy to say. The reality is that real people face fines and imprisonment for resisting servitude to specific groups. None of those groups are white, Christian, heterosexual or male …. Hmmm.
          For a historically brief time, white participated in slavery on both ends. We don’t like it and end the practice. With the encroaching blessings of diversity it returns, like in Rotherham, and is quickly covered up by the state and main stream media. Slavery still exists today where there are too few whites to do anything. That’s why Gandhi loathed the British. They were a threat to the caste system. The British left slavery returns. But it’s ok. They’re inferiors anyway, right.
          Agreed! Stop subsidizing us. Go back. Keep your superior productivity. We’ll just have to get by … A parasite wouldn’t fear indian or any kind of non-white dirt. So why does it terrify you so much?

        13. Lol yea its easy to say, I could care less about hypothetical situations that you claim to represent slavery of the white people. The truth is they are far from what true slavery is, which is literally being forced to do something against your will without any compensation. If you don’t understand that than that proves why most of this country needs H1B imports to keep the IQ level of this country high enough to stay competitive with the rest of the world lol. And also white people had slavery for only a brief period in history? Really? You again prove you know absolutely nothing about history. Ever heard of the the Romans? They had slaves that they had sex with, made them kill each other for their entertainment, and made them serve them without due compensation. What about the Vikings when they started taking over europe? They enslaved large proportions of the populations and made harems out of the conquered women. Most of europe had slavery for long periods of time even before colonialism, with the utter disgusting acts that the Spanish, the Portueguese and the British did, quit trying to circumvent the facts. Also feudal europe had a caste system for the longest time that was identical to the indian caste system. Hell it even continues today with the british house of lords which is literally made up of nobel men. The caste system doesn’t exist in India today, get your facts right. Also slavery doesn’t exist in the indian subcontinent, you need to stop generalizing the arabs with my people. In fact arabs are closer to europe than my people if you actually look at a map you fool. We’ll keep our superior products and stay here and make all the money we can. We could care less what some hillbilly down in the ol south has to say. You took land from the natives here anyway after ruinining your own land in europe from constant warfare and over farming (lol potato famine). Nothing much different that we are doing that your ancestors haven’t done in the past lol

        14. Jeez your dumb, I’m not african you fool. If your gona insult someone’s race at least get it right. Also Africa is closer to your ancestors land than mind lol. But you wouldn’t know that because you failed 9th grade geography.

  27. The problem with all these positives you mention is that they are slowly killing the Western world. The Western white supremacy but virtue of being so tolerant has given us feminism.
    So while most posters here are involved in some “white people are awesome” circle jerk, look where it got us.

  28. John Derbyshire expressed this phenomenom, not quite as tongue-in-cheek as John Carver, but taking the meaning of the term “supremacy” in its literal (ly Hitler) form. A couple years back in a brilliant Vdare article. The migrants risking their lives to get into Europe illegally certainly know what black or brown supremacy is, living in their countries of origin. They want no part of it.

  29. “Apparently, white people (and particularly white men) have too much political power in society”
    They SHOULD.
    Our ancestors built this society for their descendants, US. Everyone is welcome because we’re just THAT awesome, but if you start whining and expecting handouts, or expecting us to lower ourselves so you can feel better, F* CK OFF back to your 3rd-world sh* thole. We’re not your nanny and we’re not here to give you sh* t.
    Be grateful you’re even allowed here, or go home and shut up.

    1. White privilege when boiled down is the concept that all white people look alike and are monolithic and share the privileges of the 0.01% in some diluted way. In other words it is exceedingly racist in its denial of the individual and his experiences.
      Call a leftist on their racism using the language that they typically object to when applied to others and watch the circuits blow. They might even threaten violence.

    2. You are correct. I remember talking to an older gentleman back in Michigan and he told me about his ancestors who worked in the Iron and Copper mines in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. The conditions those people went through was horrifying and yet no one talks about their sacrifices. Makes me wanna holler! ( with no apologies to Nathan McCall!)

  30. Nonsense, Singapore has a very easy immigration policy, just that very few other 1st worlders want to live there.

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  32. It is unfortunate that the alt-right is filled with brain dead anti-Semites who don’t know how to fight properly. The best they got are Nazi memes.
    If the alt-right really wanted to fight the Jews, any time a Jew complains about evil white supremacist America, ask them why they want to destroy the only country that ever allowed them to stay and thrive without any type of legal discrimination? The only one in the history of the world to allow them to own properly and become professionals without pograms to ehtnically cleanse them out?
    The Jew has never been more free or economically prosperous in its entire history than right now in the United States.
    And you let them have the balls to complain? To change our countries into their image?
    Seriously, who is the Jew to dictate anything?
    Anybody been to that shithole called Israel?
    The only thing that makes Israel better than its neighbors is that it is a little bit les shitty.
    Americans need to wake up. Europeans need to wake up.
    Any foreigner from a shithole country who has the audacity to complain about our countries should be given a swift kick in the ass.
    When have American men become so pussified that they can’t even say to somebody who insults them “Who the fuck do you think you are?”

  33. There are two major faults with this article:
    1. The benefits of life in the developed world are by no means enjoyed equally by all, and aren’t applicable at all to the lives of the most disadvantaged.
    Comparatively poor immigrants often don’t benefit at all from them, aside from earning just enough to send a small amount of money back to their home countries.
    2. First world benefits are shown to be directly related only to the efforts and rule of white men, which is far from the truth. Given the demography and social/economic background of White Supremacists in the USA, law and order, civil rights and (especially) high living standards and wealth creation have very little to do with White Supremacists.

    1. The proof is in the direction and magnitude of diversity migration … nobody chooses black. Please. Please, prove me wrong.

      1. Excuse my lack of comprehension, but would you mind elaborating on your comment? I’m not being difficult or a wise guy,… I genuinely do not understand the point you’re making.

        1. It’s easy to escape white racism. Choose brown neighbors. Despite all the bitching, nobody can give up being a “victim”. It still pay so much better than anything they could do on their own.
          There’s nothing wrong with the 3rd world dirt. It’s the 3rd world people. It’s not their skin. It’s their behavior. Put a Somali in Minnesota. Call him a Minnesota man. He is still a Somali. His expectation/ your expectation of different results is proof of inferiority.
          Our Constitution, concepts like free speech and property rights, could be applied anywhere. They don’t want freedom or opportunity. They want white man juju without the white man.

        2. Yes, that’s an interesting point. I agree that recent immigrants do tend to congregate in the same areas. As well as avoiding racism and prejudice, new immigrants have family and personal ties in these areas which are essential for establishing yourself and surviving particularly in big cities.
          But, there’s also a massive economic reason why immigrants live in the same area. These areas are almost always the most deprived neighbourhoods and have experienced waves of immigration from different regions over the years. The East End in London is a perfect example of this: in the 17th century French Protestant Huguenots fleeing catholic persecution settled in the East End around spittlefields.
          They were replaced by Jews fleeing persecution in Eastern Europe and Russia. The Jews, in turn, were displaced in the 1970s by immigrants from Bangladesh fleeing the Pakistan/ Bangladesh war and collapse of the jute Industry.
          (Like all inner city areas in western capitals, the East End is now gentrified and populated by younger wealthy mainly white hipsters from the uk and Europe.)

        3. Except you forgot (maybe????) that as long as you are in white countries, or Wakanda, you get access to white people juju … Oops!
          The parasite is the one that dies if it lets go of it persecuter.

        4. No clue what ‘white people juju’ means…
          But, it’s definitely not what compels people to the West.
          It’s not white people or Western standards of living and liberal freedoms, keeping the majority of immigrants away from their homes,… it’s the draw of low wages for shitty jobs. No matter how shitty the job, it’s better than no job, which is the reality for young men in developing countries.
          Taking into consideration, overseas students working and nepotism, c80% of legal immigrants are motivated by possibility of employment.
          All illegal immigrants are looking for work.
          In short,… outside of periods of war and violent unrest, immigration is motivated by employment and money.
          This article and your comment are both wrong because:
          1. the vast majority of immigrants do not enjoy the listed ‘benefits’ of living in the West.
          2. The listed advantages and benefits of life in Western democracies aren’t significant for the poor in Western nations
          3. Western Liberal democracies’ values and freedoms aren’t very important or at all significant for the vast majority of immigrants.
          Freedom, equality and fraternity,.. and the ‘American Dream’ may be motivating factors for the small number granted permanent residence; but, the number of Green Cards awarded annually, is dwarfed by the number of illegal immigrants arriving in the USA each year: c400,000 green cards compared with c11,000,000+ illegal immigrants looking for lowly paid jobs.
          As long as there are crappy jobs, that white working class won’t consider for the low wages offered, there will be a market for immigrant labour. The flows of immigration won’t stop until these job opportunities dry up.
          Trump’s mythical ‘wall’ or proposing harsher deterrents will do f*ck all… they’re just populist gimmicks for stupid voters.

  34. I’m still not seeing how white people are suffering. The most I’ve heard is verbal anger from white liberals. I mean if you’re so hurt from ad hominen from a white liberal and think that words from people nobody really respect will cause harm to white people, you might want to check yourself.

  35. If you’re tall and white, more pluses if you’re blond and blue eyed rub one off and sell a sample to the sperm or egg bank if you still feel like whites are mistreated. That kind of sperm/egg is in high demand

  36. i am from india , love donald trump. these liberals and peace lovers are targeting western civilization .

  37. Even a half breed loser like Obama can become a millionaire just by being a bathhouse boy and a community organizer. Imagine him trying to do that in Kenya. He should have been more appreciative.

  38. “The only thing worse than living in a country built by White racists is not being allowed to immigrate to a country built by White racists.”
    The reality is that Whites built the most prosperous, fair and open civilizations in the history of the world. Non-Whites flock to White countries to take advantage of it, then bitch endlessly. It has convinced me that the races should be separate.

  39. A friend of mine back in the US who is of Asian origin is worrying that when whites become a minority the US will be not be as good as was in the past. The reason why non whites want to live in white countries is that we offer a more beneficial civilization than those of the non white countries. Even the non white countries that are prospering, much of the wealth is controlled by 10 percent or less of the population. The masses even in places like China, India, the UAE, are extremely poor while the rich live like ancient royalty. Its only been the predominantly white Christian countries that built economies that allow a large middle class to thrive.
    Neoliberals have been gradually destroying the model of a mostly white society in North America, Europe, and Australia for over 25 years. Look at how the West looks today. Not looking very good, look at the working age population, they earn less money and have more debt, home ownership among young workers in America has fallen substantially because of student loan debt, many young people are not having children as a result. Every marker of prosperity is down.

  40. There is some immutable justice in all of this, those who swallow the blue pill i.e Google are merely sowing the seeds of their own mediocrity and destruction.

  41. While I agree with the title of your article, your evidence and analysis of white “supremacist” nations is not based on fact, and appeals to people’s worst instincts. Most of the nations with the highest standard of living have that high standard because they’ve instituted socialist government and economic policies, which share the wealth of the nation more equally with all of their citizens. These nations are mostly not Christian, and have not been Christian for at least 40 years. Religion has been in decline there. Most of the people there are what I would call post-religious. The focus is on what works with government, not on “white supremacy” identity emotionalism.
    The reason they are the most tolerant is because they have the most progressive and egalitarian values in the world. I know, I lived in Sweden for a year, and studied their government and economy up close. Their tolerance has nothing to do with what color their skin is.
    What white supremacists stupidly fail to recognize is that “supremacist” and Trumpian positions actually reduce the standard of living of white working and middle class Americans. Trump hasn’t done anything to improve the conditions of the white supremacists who voted for him. He’s a billionaire who has duped white people into supporting him, while the people who actually benefit from his actions are his fellow fat cats, like Mnuchin. The working and middle classes should be advocating socialist positions and power, like more unions against the capitalists, and single payer health care with regulated prices.
    I agree that America should severely reduce immigration, to probably less than 5% of the numbers which come in now. I also agree America should remain primarily a white nation, and not allow the population to become another Mexico or Syria. However, the fight is not between races, it’s between the working and middle class, and the upper class.

  42. We see one pattern. Even in white supremacy countries.
    If idiocracy-risk groups are allowed to govern themselves or even worth others, shit hits the fan very fast.
    That’s why a female vote should count only 3/4 of a male’s.
    Examples? Berlin.
    And chocolate cities seem to become hell holes pretty fast too.
    Hell, that’s why the data collection (((tribe))) promotes those groups.

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