Australian Fire Department’s Female Firefighter Quota Of 50% Will Get People Killed

Not satisfied with regular SJW-enabling and social engineering, Australia’s biggest fire department has implemented a 50% female hiring quota. Unfortunately for residents of New South Wales, Australia’s most populous state and the home of Sydney, this is only going to increase property destruction, not to mention cause serious injuries and deaths.

Feminists, god bless them, have been appalled by the proportion of female firefighters, which presently hovers around 3-5% for Australia’s eight mainland states and territories (for good reason). The solution is one for the ages, as former Australian socialist leader, now anti-SJW crusader Mark Latham has revealed:

It wants new recruits to be able to “drag a collapsed firefighter to safety on their own”, yet to accommodate female applicants, the Physical Aptitude Test has been reduced from a 90kg [200lb] dummy drag over 20 metres [66 feet] to the relatively easy task of carrying a 30kg [65lb] weight for 10 metres [33 feet].

The price for gender “equality” has been revealed: female firefighters are now expected to carry the same load for the same distance as a 45-year-old suburban housewife bringing groceries to her car. If they do this, they can get the job ahead of a man who can carry twice or thrice that weight for much longer distances.

America may have spawned Evergreen State College and other SJW factories of late, but Australia is rapidly edging ahead of the US for the title of the most cucked English-speaking nation. And, as we know from so many other arenas, one Western country’s ridiculous social experiments tend to spread to all other Western countries. So watch out Britain, Canada, and the US.

An insult to every qualified firefighter who ever lived and a risk to everyone finding themselves in danger

Female feelings are being put ahead of people’s lives across the Western world when it comes to fire department hiring policies.

When I think of hardworking firefighters, I remember the brave–and doomed–members of various New York City firehouses ascending the stairs of the two World Trade Center towers on September 11, 2001. The professionalism of these men (all lost FDNY personnel were male that day) has already been insulted by their Department’s mollycoddling of incompetent female recruits who persistently fail fitness tests. The same can be said of fire departments across the Western world, probably all of which have been assaulted by some form of SJW madness.

An even bigger problem will loom if the FDNY and other organizations opt for a New South Wales-style quota. Like New South Wales, New York City has millions of people, many of them living in densely-populated apartment blocks or mega-sized residential towers that make it difficult to escape blazes. The potential for horrific casualties in highly urbanized areas is going to skyrocket when hiring policies are geared towards female feelings over professionalism and physical requirements. This process is now in full swing.

They’re going to carry you out of your burning building?

Fire brigades’ effectiveness and cohesion will be progressively destroyed if too many years’ worth of subpar recruits are admitted, whether in New South Wales or elsewhere. Moreover, once standards are lowered, it is hard to see them being increased again, until people really start to die. Even if they do die, do not expect the authorities to throw the blame at the quality of any (female) recruits.

The former socialist leader Mark Latham, whose about-turn from leftwing politics should inspire all of us, compared the decision to enact quotas in New South Wales to Orwellian Newspeak. He called out how a fire chief demanding a 50% forced representation of women could ever say:

Merit selection will determine the best candidates for the job, regardless of gender, but we will deliver equity in the number of male and female firefighters.

Officials aren’t even trying anymore.

Our safety is being undermined

For those of you not fully up to speed on the topic, the video above is a prime example from Sweden about the end result when you put unqualified females into public safety positions. If the man the female police officers tried to restrain had wanted to kill them, he could have done it easily.

Like the horrendous decision to hire women half the time for New South Wales Fire and Rescue roles, Sweden has repeatedly favored women in police capacities, to the point of deliberately taking in more women than men. When similar stories for the emergency services in England, the US, Canada, France, and Germany are considered, we have a storm brewing.

Return Of Kings is replete with cases like these, including my article earlier this year about how the current proportion of female police officers and soldiers endangers the public. The soldier successfully disarmed at Orly Airport outside Paris was, of course, a woman. And the firefighters most likely to be “disarmed” by the demands of fighting fires and rescuing people are going to be female ones.

Now people will have to take their fire safety risk even more seriously than before and act independently of government support in times of emergency. With many tens of pounds of equipment already strapped to firefighters’ bodies, is anyone going to expect more than a tiny fraction of these female recruits to be able to carry them out of a burning building and save their lives?

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136 thoughts on “Australian Fire Department’s Female Firefighter Quota Of 50% Will Get People Killed”

    1. I was subjected to Co-ed Basic Combat Training, a while back. It opened my eyes, and convinced me more than ever they don’t belong in hazardous/combat roles. But Western females will always be happy to put men into harm’s way, while they hang back in comfort.

      1. I dealt with something similar. I’d say probably 4/5 women ended up getting sent home for fucking their male counterparts.

      2. Even if females could perform at the same level as men- and they can’t- the detriment to the team dynamics is so significant that the unit will never be effective. Putting women into combat units is another unpredictable variable command staff will have to account for.

  1. “It’s a hell of a price to pay for being stylish.” – Clint Eastwood as Dirty Harry in “Dirty Harry.”

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    3. That chick who gat partnered up with Harry did become somewhat competent towards the end of the film.
      Still died harder than the rest of em put together though.

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    4. Todays SJW remind me of those Communists who insisted that peasants must grow crops unsuited to their climate because Marxist ideology said that agricultural science was bourgious and capitalist.
      People starved.
      The Commies didn’t care. What mattered was that ideology had been followed.

    1. And cheating on their husbands screwing other firefighters at work in the beds. I can see it now: “Australian female firefighters exhibit the biggest nation-wide pole routine ever displayed.” “Sir, why did they die… the people inside?” “Well our point-woman was getting raw dawged by the dalmatian for starters….. then she spent too long tugging on the hose…”

      1. OHH females fucking dogs, someone should make a documentary about it, is it true?, a myth?, a misogynist lie? I´m been told to be wary with girls who own big dogs.

        1. I have often wondered how much of this is truth as opposed to myth. I have also wondered if I really want to know the answer.

    2. They don’t want any men in uniform anymore. They want the uniform itself.. Just for social whoring and collecting likes. Those bitches.

      1. isn’t this trend because women are more “yes men” than actual men?
        a woman wont go against the grain for anything.

    3. Every year in Australia, female audiences are treated to the soft porn of the “latest firefighter calendar”. Such a “news story” was broadcast just last week. A whole segment featuring shirtless, oiled up men in fireman hats.
      Somehow I doubt we’ll get the female firefighter equivalent (not that I want to see a calendar of built-fat dykes).

    1. If they vote for faggots to get married then well and truly full retard status will be achieved.

      1. they are quite close, unfortunately they just jump on a plane and over to my neck of the woods and get married here (same sex marriage is legal where i am *shudder*)

        1. Sickening. Just as well I haven’t eaten. Sodom and Gomorrah well and truly I tell you.

    2. I still can’t understand what the fuck went wrong there. They are supposed to somewhat similar to midwest America, and yet they just fuck all of that shit up

  2. I think the female? on the left in the 3rd pictures could repel even fire with that face, so maybe that’s why she? got the job!

  3. This at the same time obesity rates are through the roof. Even the men will be struggling to get these people to safety.

  4. The solution is simply to double the number of firefighters so that you still have 100% manpower while the females stroke the hoses. Also a great way to launder taxpayer money through the unions to politicians’ bank accounts

  5. THe world is fucked. America is obviously going to set off one of its own nukes in Guam and blame NK/China to start WWIII – thus reducing the world pop to the Georgia Guidestones target (thanks Ted Turner)

  6. Translation: “Women, the supreme worldwide minority, gain another open-door entitlement program at the expense of the lives of others.”

  7. Did anyone pick up on the message in Game of THrones yesterday – The West is being invaded by hordes of savages and unless we put aside our differences we will be over run by them

    1. Day late and dollar short..POOF…Western society is toast already, you can’t stop what is already self destructing. the smart thing to do is get out of the way and let it burn. Trust me, it wasn’t worth saving any part of it, let it go, start over.

      1. Yep, Pointless to try and stem the current tide of political correctness stupidity, rather help pull it fully towards destruction so the whole thing can implode on itself. Financially its not sustainable and pretty soon the MAN power required ain’t going to be there. Just let it burn and nature will take care of it, the strong and wise will survive, the weak, well nature has a way of cleaning up.

    2. I got this as well, but it can also be seen in another way, and I’m not sure which one they’re really going for.
      Danearys (democrats) had to bring a whole bunch of 3rd-world savages (illegal vote) so she could take over Westeros. Without doing this, it was impossible for her to win the throne.
      This is why I don’t want her to win. If she has to do this, then OBVIOUSLY she’s not really the queen of Westeros, is she? She’s the foreign queen of foreign savages, IN Westeros.
      The true King/Queen should have the loyalty of the natives born in Westeros, first and foremost.
      A massive change in demographics to allow you to take power doesn’t make you the actual ruler, it makes you a fraud.
      Also keep in mind that the dothrakis look a lot more like muzzdogs than the WhiteWalkers do.
      …WHITE walkers…. some kind of stab at white supremacists I wonder?
      So maybe the show is telling people that we must all unite (and be friends with muzzdogs) against the threat of white supremacists.

    1. I have popcorn
      https ://

  8. I’m 6’1″ and 250 lbs. I guess I’ll die in the fire, because they can’t even lift me over my 2 1/2 foot window ledge in my ground floor bedroom. Shit, 4 of them couldn’t lift me over. Damn, I really liked being alive. Thanks, cuck fire department. I already have a family friend female deputy who is 5 foot nothing and a hundred pounds who I’m afraid for every day and I wonder how the hell she passed the academy. Maybe by lifting a 5 pound barbell. I hope all of her suspects always cooperate.

    1. pretty sure if you ask an Aussie they will tell you the abbos burnt all the houses down the government gave them back in the day, because they would pull the floor boards up and start a fire on the ground using the walls as firewood.
      so those ‘blokes’ may not be your best bet.

    1. They’re too arrogant and stupid to work it out. That or know but strut around because they’ve been so successful at mindfucking children with their insanity.

  9. Me paps is a retired firefighter…I remember him benching 350 in his prime. I was in middle school and had twig arms and legs at the time but what a great role model, at least with respect to physical manliness. He would occasional talk about women trying to test and attempt to acquire a firefighter job…but they could never pass the physical test, ever! They not only had to carry a 200lb dummy a certain distance, but out a window and down a ladder, from what I recall. Needless to say…he now, just has he did back then, encourages his sons to be physically fit and to have a good fire exit strategy for our homes. Mostly because now a days they will just drag you out of the burning house…if they can. Either way, as we see from this article…you and your family are not in good hands any more. It’s on us now gents!

      1. good photo shop skills you have there sir, putting Anna Kournikova’s head on “The Total Package” Lex Luger’s body.

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  10. This won’t be challenged ever. If there is a tragedy and dozens die because of this shit, you can bet the male firefighters will be blamed and the female ones will fly by waving their pussy pass.

  11. Yes, people will die. And SJWs will blame it on men. White men.
    Denial ain’t just a river in Egypt.

  12. My son is a firey. He’s also a past Body Builder – and he told me the story that in his first year he had to enter a ‘white/dark’ house full of smoke and the female firefighter couldnt cope for fear and ran for it. He accidentally bumped his foot against an object. Turned out to be a person whom he lifted out on his own as if he was dead lifting 220lbs. Saved the guys life. Imagine if the near dead person had relied on a girl’s strength?

    1. “Imagine if the near dead person had relied on a girl’s strength?”
      The person would have died and the chick-pretending-to-be-a-fireman would have gotten a medal for particpating and a nice write up in the local rag.
      I know a cop who pulled over a vehicle the fit a description belonging to a bank robbery. As he approached the car, both guys got out blasting and he returned fire. His female partner ran back to the patrol car and locked herself in. No. She didn’t bother calling for back up.

        1. My first guess is a lateral promotion to a desk job somewhere.
          My second guess is they partnered her with one of the rare competent female officers who took her to an alley and provided some counseling with a beating for emphasis. (What we in Naval aviation referred to as ‘wash rack’ counseling).

        2. From what I recall (+25 years ago), they pulled the vehicle and approached from about 60 feet out, a total of 40 shots fired and no one hit a damn thing. They caught the perps a couple of hours later.

    1. well at least this will be a boon to cosmetics companies, they can now get some military contracts. 1 lipstick: $23

      1. They do sell metal trashcans, I mean, waste receptacles, for airplanes at $300 a pop. So yeah, I don’t agree. Maybe it’s a good time to start buying stock in Maybelline.

    2. Yeah, because ISIS will overwhelm a female unit, disarm them, beat them up, and use them as sex slaves.

  13. Anyone who dies as a result of this policy can rest assured that they died for the greater cause of gender equality. In fact if you really believe in gender equality you will barely feel the flames crackling your skin. That is the power of belief.

  14. people seem to forget that these are white men making these decisions
    White men want to be ruled by women, they have learn’t nothing from their fathers…

    1. Not men as I see it-white knights lefties I call them. No man worth the title man would be for this bullshit. No women with an ounce of sense, either, come to think of it.

  15. why not recruit kangaroos? they would be great for kicking down doors in burning buildings

  16. Former firefighter here. There were many times when smaller men needed my help — taking doors, rescues, etc. These were MEN in top physical condition. It is a job that often requires superhuman strength and endurance, even from a man who is built like a bull. It’s not the gym; it’s combat in the worst conditions.
    I know one female firefighter. Nice gall, big bulldyke. They had her doing mostly administrative stuff, and now she’s a battalion chief. Looks good on the statistics. Of course, that’s in a “sanctuary city” filled with perverts, with a do-nothing black female police chief, so she fits right in.

  17. Those standards are useless, unless you’re trying to rescue a family of midgets, in which case you stuff them in a sack, throw them out the window, and hopefully another fireman catches them.

  18. Spread the rainbow like equality to the SAS and Delta Force, etc. Pretty sure Israel and her interests won’t have that! Condolences to male firefighters and future 4th degree burns bodies.

  19. Not only is this stupid from many angles, but is anyone thinking about the agency of women? What if women just do not want to fire fighters? Shouldn’t they be able to decide that without the government forcing them into a profession that isn’t their personal preference?

  20. Yup. I used to say that “when people start dying we will reverse the insanity.” Case after case of incompetency and sheer unwillingness to stop setting precedents for people getting hurt still won’t get the masses to wake up

  21. Here’s a question for you.
    Why, when everyone knows this invites horrific and painful death for people who would otherwise be save; why does hardly anyone care?
    We, the people, have a different set of priorities to those we are prepared to acknowledge.
    That’s my answer, anyway.

  22. We’ll just let a few children die and that will be OK.
    It is stinking hot out and every road crew I drive past is men standing out in the sweltering hot asphalt heat. I wonder if they realize how privileged they are? I wonder how many women applied and were passed over due to the patriarchy?

  23. How about Hollyweird make a movie “proving” that women can fight fires and save people better than men can? That ought to make people tell the unbelievers “Seeee?!?”

  24. As an Australian, this kind of PC bullshit makes me want to leave the country. It has been going on for too long and I can’t see the situation improving. Years ago, the most incompetent police commissioner in the history of Australia, Christine Nixon, decided there were not enough women in the Victorian Police Force. So what did Nixon do? She put a complete moratorium on the hiring of young men for VicPol in favour of women. Never mind that many of these women were small to the extent of bordering on being midgets and could not cope with the job AND that many of the young men she knocked back were fit strapping lads who would have been the model of a policeman, to Nixon, getting the numbers of women up was the only objective. Fortunately, Nixon has since left but VicPol will be stuck with huge numbers of incompetent and useless women for years to come.
    Just recently, the federal minister in charge of the Australian armed forces have decided not to accept any male candidates into the Australian defence force for at least the next twelve months (it will probably be longer). As one might expect, the standards for female applicants has been lowered to ensure all the women who apply will “succeed”. What a fucking joke. What happened to “the best and brightest”? Since when did the Australian taxpayer become liable for what is effectively an employment scheme for women who are unable to do the jobs properly?
    Now we have this bullshit with the Fire departments. Do the people in charge have no pride in the services they preside over? Like many people I speak to, I am absolutely sick of SJW’s and the PC agenda that appears to be hell-bent on fucking up out once great nation. Australia was once one the greatest nations on Earth. Now we are quickly becoming a joke on the international scene.

    1. It all went to shit when Howard was voted out. Best Prime Minister post WWII even if I found the firearm buyback scheme reprehensible.

      1. On the day when Howard was voted out, I stated to all and sundry that Australia would come to rue that day in the near future. I was right. Since the Howard government was voted out, Australia has had a succession of poor leaders – the only possible exception being Tony Abbott but he wasn’t given much of a chance by his own party. The rise of PC, anti-meritocratic culture has gained huge momentum since Howard was put out of office and this has hurt our great nation to no end. Sadly, I wonder if we are so far down the rabbit hole as to be beyond redemption.

        1. Same. I remember it and saying to all the clowns who were happy about Krudd won that they will come to truly regret it because that clown was an egomaniac with no discernible head for governance. I was vindicated when the lesbian was installed thereafter and made a further mess.
          It really makes you wonder what will fix this malaise.

  25. Currently a US Border Patrol Agent assigned to the southwest border here in Texas. The USBP in it’s infinite wisdom decided to do a female only hiring push a couple of years back. The stated purpose was to have more female Agents available to search and deal with female detainees. We currently have the lowest percentage of female employees than any other federal agency, including the military at 5-7% (long hours, outside most of the time etc.). Also, I can’t quote any hard numbers, but from what I have seen females are under represented as line Agents and disproportionately make up management (office) staff. The females that stick it out in this job try to pick up supervisor as fast as possible to get out of the field from what I have seen.
    Though the agency fell well below their goal of 5,000 female applicants, we have seen a increased number of females at our station (we have four now out of 60 total). One is about 5’2″ and weighs maybe 115 lbs soaking wet.
    A few weeks ago our night crew spotted 6 drug mules hauling backpacks of dope and Agents moved in to jump them just before dawn. Bad guys spotted the Agents before they were in position and decided to make a run for it, leaving their backpacks behind. Tiny girl decided to go toe to toe and try to tackle one of the bad guys. It failed and bad guy decided to try and smash tiny girl’s face in. It eventually took two male Agents to subdue this guy before he did any lasting damage to tiny girl (she’s fine). As a result of the two male Agents leaving the bad guys they were chasing to help tiny girl, they got away.
    Say what you want about poor migrants and immigration in general, but I cannot accurately describe the searing, burning hatred I have for drug smugglers that earn a lot of money for very bad people. The fact that two got away because tiny girl got hired when she shouldn’t have and got involved in a situation that she was not nor could she ever be prepared for pisses me off to no end. No one got seriously hurt (bad guy got his face pounded a bit) this time, but she should have never been there in the first place. My only hope is that the horrendous attrition rate for female BP Agents eventually at least mitigates the damage.

  26. This scene always cracked me up. morso lately. Can only imagine fire dept in Aussie going to be like. Women firefighters failing to save lives, while all the males are stuck in sensitivity training?

  27. So they’re now going to have firefighters who are not capable of carrying anyone larger than a 8 year old child because. . . . . . .political correctness.

    1. 30 kgs is insulting even to women. Theres some strong girls who could do the job and i as a male wouldn’t. It shits me whenever i see “female applicants are encouraged to apply”. Cunts.

      1. It’s really scary that you can call for “professional” help in an emergency, and those who show up will be less capable than you are.
        People are going to die because these f******g SJWs howled that it was sexist to require a firefighter to be able to lift a normal sized human out of harms way.

  28. Chances are if something goes wrong they will blame the people who built the structure or someone high ranking will take the fall instead of doing anything about this stupid policy.

  29. Clickbait-y title. There is no such thing as the “New South Wales Fire Brigade”. Do your homework, ROK.

  30. It really just get worse and worse everyday Gender Neutral Gender Equality Transgender Cis -Gender No Gender . Really I think the games up . I was on a Blog and attacked by the LGBTQIXYZ squad because I said Sodimy was wrong.
    Now personally if they all like a bit of Brown thats their business it becomes ours when they want to teach our Children that there is nothing wrong in this Genderless Sexuality. You know sometimes I feel its getting if you cant beat them join them . Maybe Putin is right maybe his Russia will save the Reprobate Europe.

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