3 Crucial Factors That Determine The Bulk Of Your Dating Success

Below are three main factors that largely underlie success with women. One is not enough; a male needs some degree of all of them. These have been identified after 20 years of actual experiences with females, ever since I first made out with a girl as a 12-year-old aspiring Casanova outside of a disco.

I have also observed many other males in my social network, some of which are highly successful and some are the complete opposite, and needless to say also taken into account all the game material on ROK and elsewhere that I have come across. Hopefully this effort can help to identify some of the most crucial factors in order to guide other males and engage discussion.

1. Looks

With looks I refer to the whole spectrum of face, height, body composition, hair, dress style, grooming and hygiene. Although looks are largely influenced by genes, they are also partly malleable.

For instance, a person who is critically short – at least in taller countries such as the Netherlands, UK and Denmark – can use stretching exercises and certain insoles in order to add two inches (one authentic and one inauthentic). With a long-lasting diet and exercise program a person can look like an Olympic athlete. Anyone with a middle income can buy a Calvin Klein suit and cool shoes every now and then.

Looks are also partly contextual, relative and a matter of degree. The short blonde athletic guy in the Netherlands who do not do so well with the local women may be akin to a star in Japan or Colombia. Also within countries there is a lot of variance since the tastes differ.

As for game there is a strong feedback relationship between the inward and outward. With some muscles, low body fat, cool outfits, and even unnatural hair colors, a person can look much better than he would if he did not do all these things in order to maximize his potential. That in turn makes him objectively better-looking in the eyes of most beholders, and he will think that he himself deserves better quality and perhaps also higher quantity of women.

Regardless of which factor that is the most important, how one feels inside or how others look at you, I cannot recall any time that I have slept with anything better than a six or seven when my body percentage has been too high (bulky rather than fat). While looks are not enough as an isolated factor it sure helps to get direct and free access to attractive girls.


2. Confidence

As for the internal and external feedback loops, looks often overlap confidence. The better a person looks, the better the confidence, although that is a half-truth since many decent looking guys have only moderate confidence or in some cases less than that. As with appearance there are seldom any absolutes in this respect but is a question of degree: one is more or less confident. Confidence is perhaps also the factor that more frequently switches on and off and thus is less stable than many other factors. Like VO2 max it has to be almost constantly maintained.

However, it really does matter, for the very simple reason that a guy seldom will be chased down by girls, even if he looks good. He might get more IOIs (Indicators of Interest) than an average-looking person but that is still insufficient. Confidence does also have a strong comparative advantage and therefore to be irrationally self-confident might be a very decisive factor.

Nevertheless, most lays – as well as kisses, phone numbers and dates – stem from confidence. Sometimes it is only a small degree that makes the difference, such as to make a cold approach, call someone after the first encounter (less common these days), or kiss a girl in an appropriate moment, but still one cannot be without it.

3. Determination

The third main factor that I put forward is determination. How many times have you not avoided to approach a girl in a bar, club or in public as a consequence of lack of determination? Surely, this phenomenon overlaps confidence, but it is not enough to explain neither success nor failure in this regard. For example, one can do a lot of things that one is not completely confident to do. When I tried skydiving in Australia I did not feel confident at all but still I did it, because I was determined to do so.

The same is the case with girls. One can feel more or less confident inside, and get more or less external validation from others, but one must still be determined to make an effort, whether small or big. Sometimes it happens almost spontaneously but numerous times one must almost force oneself to make something uncomfortable, such as several cold approaches. But it can often transcend these types of interactions and simply mean to live through hours of bullshit.

For example, I have an ambivert personality and can easily slip into writing, reading, working and exercising and only do some online game before I feel compelled to get back on the wet track after consecutive months of drought. Then I will be much more willing to use for instance Machiavellian cunning in order to be on the score board once again, such as to pretend to be a left-liberal just to pseudo-connect with a Swedish slut that I have little in common with. Always when I feel that I have to perform I am willing to use more of this.

For example, I often imply that I intend to stay longer than a few weeks when I am in Asia so that the girls will not activate their anti-slut defense shields, which will prevent me from increasing my notch count. My current girlfriend is the result of determination, combined with looks and confidence (and other factors).

Furthermore, a lot of the self-improvement efforts are linked to determination. It can be to train six times a week, eat strict, take the best possible photos that you will use online, and buy those clothes and shoes that might make the difference in a highly competitive sexual market. Or be more sociable than you sometimes feel like at a particular moment. It is even more important than the Dark Triad, although it might be the case that your personality profile partly underlies your behavior, including determination. Subclinical narcissism is linked to mental toughness.

The underlying factor in all of these different cases is always determination. Sometimes you are not willing to make much of an effort to get girls, for whatever reason. Perhaps you are already on a roll and do not care for another one, or are not on a roll and have lost track of the efforts that underlie relative game success. Sometimes you lack motivation. Nevertheless, determination is crucial.


As I stated in the introduction, there are a variety of factors involved. At best one can disentangle main factors but even those are seldom more than general predicators for a large share of individuals, not all. Still I think that these three are the most important such, and I myself and my two decades of interactions with the (un)fairer sex – combined with manifold observations of other males – is a proof of that.

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  1. The eclipse is next week is anybody going to be sacrificing some goats or virgins or anything?

    1. Sacrificing a virgin was a very early attempt at game.
      Yeah, we are sacrificing virgins tomorrow
      You know girls went out of there way so everyone in town knew 100% they weren’t no virgins

    2. I was planning to petition the sun gods with a small orgy, but your idea is better.
      Come back, Sun Gods! My electric bill can’t handle 24-hour lighting!

  2. Sort of goes with determination but ability to accept rejection (or zero fucks given) would be my number 1. Even if you are ugly and have all the outward confidence in the world if you can’t put up with the fact women are going to reject and sometimes in the cruelest manner possible then you will have no success.

    1. Gents – the 2 pillars of Game need remindin’ often: Spin Plates, and remember as Roosh said that women are like oil wells and they all dry up some day for you. Hold back your heart.

      1. It was beautiful. He condemned the taking down of Confederate statues, saying the Left is rewriting history, that most of the protestors weren’t Nazis but were protesting the taking down of statues, and that there was violence on BOTH sides. Damn fine speech.

        1. Hell, last night people on the right were (jokingly, I assume) talking about tearing down MLK and Lenin statues.
          “They lost, get over it” and “They’re symbols of rebellion against America” are phrases that can blow both ways, after all.

        2. Here’s what’s really idiotic about this take down the Confederate statues nonsense: President Johnson pardoned them all, and Congress subsequently declared them to be US war veterans for benefits purposes and gave them gravesite protections as well:
          http://www.presidency.ucsb.edu/ws/?pid=72360 (Proclamation 179)
          http://uscode.house.gov/statutes/pl/85/425.pdf (Public Law 85-425 – benefits
          http://uscode.house.gov/statutes/pl/85/810.pdf (Public Law 85-811 – graves)
          But desecrating monuments to US war veterans is OK somehow because you never experienced slavery, or probably even racism, but it hurts your feelz to think about it.

        3. I just got one of those annoying notifications on my phone- Bibb County Ga officials considering removal of Confederate monuments.

        4. Fuck the statues. We gotta raze UVA to the ground because Jefferson not only owned slaves, but in the ultimate act of white patriarchal privilege oppression, fucked a slave girl. Should probably just burn all of Charlottesville to the ground just to be safe.

        5. That’s the real fun in this loser’s game. We’ll just obliterate all history as the political winds change.
          It seems completely lost on these fucking morons that in the past two decades they have screeched and wailed multiple times as various Muslim factions obliterated historical sites that they considered blasphemous to their faith.

        6. Seriously, that’s what really gets me about this. If the dudes THAT FOUGHT AGAINST THEM saw fit to forgive them and allow them to erect these monuments, it not only desecrates the memory of the confederates, but the union soldiers too. It’s kind of like saying “yeah, fuck your forgiveness, you’re an idiot who should have done it my way, informed by my naive, sheltered, soft ideals, that blow with the prevailing winds.”

        7. Seriously, think about how retarded their position is. Should all of the confederate monuments at Gettysburg be torn down? Should we bulldoze all the places where the confederates stood and fought – obliterate half of the preserved field so that we don’t remember the sacrifice of “traitors”? Should we get rid of all the battle sites that were confederate victories so that we aren’t honoring them? These people are whiny, childish imbeciles.

        8. On the flip side – Tucker Carlson laid out a grave threat… they are going after next Jefferson, Washington (slave owners), oh… and of course… the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution that they wrote

  3. Looks, Confidence, and Determination. Women will attack all three, so your determination better be strong, and your confidence tempered. William Adams, I like the article.

  4. What an American woman must do to have dating success:
    1. Exist (even if only in cyberspace)
    2. Weigh less than 500 lbs. (well, this is probably still helpful, but not vital)
    3. Have something resembling a vagina

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        2. Chubby settlers is getting added to my vocabulary starting right now. It’s not that they LIKE fat girls…that’s just all they can get at the moment.

        3. Back home I notice a lot of well built guys who take their weightlifting seriously…With fat, sour-faced midget girlfriends.

        4. I go to a powerlifting gym in denver. Lots of big good looking swole dudes-with their gross dykey looking chubster girlfriends. cracks me up.

        5. I was thinking the term should rather be “chubby takers”, akin to “price takers” in economics. Price takers are economic actors who have no market power to affect prices, so they must take whatever price it happens to be. Similarly, chubby takers are men with little to no sexual market power, so they take whatever women they can get.

        6. Consulting138s

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    1. Sadly it true. mens standards for the most part are that dismally poor….equal to the womens attitudes and naked gold digging.

  5. Very concise and very dense Mr. Adams, nice work. This should be a permanently featured article at the top of the menu so that everyone (including newbies) can read it before wading through all the rest of them.

        1. It says 1″; the second stems from the shoes. I think it is resonable after various anecdotal evidence on the matter. But this could mean that one “regains” the inch that one has lost throughout life as a consequence of aging, not that one actually becomes taller.

    1. Roosh could copy and past it into the original; article as an added feature…In fact he should have it as part of his regular page as contributed content.

        1. The difference in penis size, while present, is nearly negligible between whites and blacks. If a guy has 8″ or 8.12″, would a girl notice? No.

        2. The mudsharks I see are quite hideous. And they are not that numerous either. And I live in the NYC metro area. In fact, I have seen tall, muscular blacks with mudsharks that are really land whales. Why they would prefer that to a thin black girl is perplexing. Do they hate their own kind that much?

        3. Good question. As I wrote in details in my another post, I recently came across some kind of strange guy’s behaviour, consisting of informing me that he has a large dick. One of my answers to it was “lets define a large dick”. The answer was “I’ve never measured it” which I don’t believe at all. IMO every guy at least once did.
          Anyway, concerning the size, I not only doubt there is an official standard, but also think that 10 women would have 10 different oppinions. IMO large dick is bigger that 17 cm. Between 14 and 16 cm is average.

        4. That seems about to be my experience. Women seem to be perfectly satisfied with mine, but not panicked that it won’t fit or will kill them, and I actually had one girl measure it once (her idea).

      1. Plus, in dating, it’s not like you should walk around with your Johnson out and about and flipping around in a public place. The “have a big dick!” thing is for AFTER you’ve gotten her naked. Never understood it for before.

    1. I have a question concerning this. I’ll be glad if you guys could give me some feedback.
      It happened to me two or three times in my life (the last time very recently) that a guy told me, usually “out of the blue”, that he has a large dick. In the last case he kept repeating it despite I told him something like “congratulations, but this is more information than I need to know” or (lately, when it became a little bit obnoxious) “I don’t care, I’m not into big dicks”.
      The reason why I’m asking is that I don’t understand why he (them) was (were) doing it. And what sort of guy it is. I find it weird and kind of offensive (which, I admit, has to do with something personal which the guy couldn’t know, but still…).

      1. The Phag trying to feel you out and pick you up. All the gays fantasy is to meet and turn a straight guy. 1000% of the time to turn at least one, but hell they will try to turn them all….and mooch their resources just like women.

        1. Likely then it was all he was thinking with..the little head was using the rest of the body like a ventriloquist. It happens. there are plenty of non thinking meat puppets. It didn’t make my other comment wrong though in its substance.

        2. Im not assuming anything of the sort, except that you lack understanding of the social realm where you experienced it, and also that some men use that as a communication form (as crude and ineffective that it is, is apparently works sometimes for them to get what they want.) If it didn’t get what they want, they wouldn’t apparently use it. being that raw and forward about it gets results.

        3. Yes, I lack understanding of it. But I see it now as The Jomsviking do – there
          really isn’t a reason for trying to read much into it.
          Some context, just FYI :).
          As far as I remember, I heard this “have-a-large-dick-declaration” (or something of that kind) from a guy I was dating when I was around 23 or 24 Y/O. I have had only one LTR before (5 years) and after the break-up I felt
          like Alice in Wonderland. I had a big crush into this guy which I wasn’t able to cover up. Once we met in a teahouse (holding hands and kissing each other), he suddenly said “I can’t visit public showers because men are jealous about me” :-). He added some details but I can’t remember now what exactly it was. I have to admit that it did provoke my imagination, but on the other hand I couldn’t shake off a weird impression about him for the whole time we were dating. What was funny, when we made love few weeks after for the first time, I realised that though he had a big dick, it was still smaller than the one of my ex-boyfriend who never spoke about it (one moment I thought about telling it aloud, but finally I kept it for myself). If it was a PUA strategy I would say it was futile. I was into him already. But, if he had been silent about his dick size I would have felt much more comfortable with him. Not to mention the final opinion about him.
          The latestexperience was few month ago. The guy was much younger than
          me so I had some “older-sister-attitude” to him. After few weeks of interaction he started touching me “by accident” (including touching my leg under the table, f. i.), telling me that I was beautiful and sexy… I wasn’t sure if he really wanted to pick me up, anyway, my friends made lots of jokes about it. Once in a pub, where we were with a group of friends, I was speaking with a (female) friend about self-confidence. He joined the conversation and started to investigate, why I don’t have any. I didn’t want to speak about it especially with HIM, so I replied with a question “And why you have self confidence?”. He
          answered: “Because I have a long tail.”. So far I would have taken it as a joke, if he didn’t mentioned “the-dick-size-issue” almost every time we talked. If this
          strategy should work for him to get what he wanted, I still don’t understand what he really strived for.

        4. Sounds like the both had insecurity issues, and both played up a dick size boasting effort in order to cover up their insecurities concerning other men, but only succeeded in revealing their greatest ones instead. The impression is that they were maybe average at best and we’re very insecure about being judged in general. Yeah, I’d say they were weirdly displaying insecurities, and like both closet bi too.

        5. Very interesting thoughts IMO, because something about “gay/bi in closet” in relation to the second guy came across my mind then. Not because of his “big-dick-declaration”, but because he had strong negative opinion about girls kissing each other. I remember he asked one of our (male) friends what he would do if his girlfriend frenchkissed another girl. We all laughed because that friend answered something like “I would watch it until the end”. Of course, nobody was serious at that moment,… anyway, his reaction surprised me. He seemed to be kind of narrow-minded in other areas as well. Later he interrogated me if I’ve ever had frenchkissed a girl. When I confessed (yes, once at a ball I kissed my best friend) he start to ask me like “But were you drunk, weren’t you?” (yes, we both were) and “But was it just for fun, wasn’t it?” (yes, we were young and stupid, but the world turns still around its axis). So then I had a feeling that he can’t accept that a person could be partially bisexual… and as you remarked, such an attitude indicates that it is him who can have bisexual issues. I don’t remember any male form worship but he tried to behave in a very masculine way. On the other way, his style of clothing was sort of feminine (dandy).
          Concerning the first one all happened a long time ago so I don’t remember much, but he is (I suppose happily) married with a child now. Regarding his wife, she look feminine enough not to been suspicious about his sexual orientation. On the other hand I am sure he has some issues concerning his parents and brother. I know his wife a little bit and I am sure that she plays a “mother-role” in their relationship (something I really wasn’t able and willing to). As to homosexuals, I don’t remember him speaking about sexual minorities negatively. Only once he mentioned something like that he wouldn’t be happy if some gay had been interested in him, which seemed and still seems quite normal to me. I don’t even remember the male form worship. He was very interested in sports but in a passive way, f. i. he was a keen football fan, but rather the opposite to an athlete/sportsman.

        6. The dandy guy, the gaydar get a solid tone, closet conflicted gay dude. Everything you described..gay dude. For certain. But don’t out him, that. Would be very rude and mean. Trust your gut, it will seldom lie.

        7. Hm… Another thing…I saw the dandy’s girlfriend’s photo on FB. Thinking about it from your perspective, she looks very “girlish”. I mean, despite being around 20 her face and body looks like that of 15 Y/O. She is total opposite to a “curvy” girl. I mean not only slim, but with small breasts and hips in almost the same line as waist…

        8. It’s the 21st century and while the alternative lifestyles are not necessarily loved, they are pretty well tolerated, so if he is living a lie he is making himself miserable instead of being himself, under the belief that he would not be accepted. Instead he projects the very intolerance he seeks. How sad.

        9. I don’t think he is 100% gay but aproximately 20-30% (???). I don’t see it as unnatural on the one hand or as something you have to free rein to at any costs on the other. But as you said, it might help him if he admitt to himself that he is somehow interested in guys as well.
          Another thing… I remember that he (IMO) often spoke about anal sex (“If the girl is having a period there is no other option…”). Still, I can’t imagine his young and innocent girlfriend practicing it :-). Unless she is not so innocent as she seems to be.

      2. I wouldn’t read too much into it. Some people – men and women – are just socially inept. They have no idea how to interact with the opposite sex. They panic a bit and just keep beating their head against the wall so to speak. When I was in college I worked nights at a liquor store. One night an unattractive older woman came in to buy some booze. I was the only guy at the counter, and as I rang up her order, she kept repeating how this particular alcohol (it was sloe gin) made her “nasty.” I can still remember her face as she said it. She just kept saying, “Sloe gin makes me nasty. I’m going to get nasty tonight.” Like she was being seductive or something. Pathetic. Obviously most women would have been smart enough to pick up on the fact that I was not into her at all and her clumsy flirting just had her going down in flames. But she was too clueless to figure that out.

  6. IMO, Confidence can only be exuded if one has things to be confident about. Most guys seem to be over confident and have a very high opinion of themselves. An opinion that does not seem to be based on reality. And the females still go for it. And they think they are better looking than what they really are. Especially the older ones. Ridiculous how some of these 35+ females think of themselves.
    Just the opinions of an omega introvert on the outside looking in. Bullshit makes the world go round.

  7. Sorry….agree about what the author says to a point but no mention of money or status? Doesn’t have any bearing on your success with the fair sex? Doesn’t seem likely…would you rather be a rolex wearing well dressed Porsche driving beach house owning average looking doctor/lawyer or a good looking self-confident beer truck driver with a with a big Johnson? Who would consistently pull and keep the higher quality (looks, class, etc.) women?

    1. Good looking and self confident go *way* further than you seem to think that they do. If she gets to the point of getting her hands on your wang, you’re in like Flynn. There’s a reason that rich wives cheat with the poor Pool Boy.

      1. ahh…but “rich wives” already have the “rolex wearing well dressed Porsche driving beach house owning” hubby or they wouldn’t likely be rich. So the Pool Boy isn’t really beating him out; she wouldn’t leave hubby for the pool boy no matter how good looking or big his Johnson he is just a temporary distraction, & hubby probably gets to bang her more often. To say nothing of hot young secretaries, waitresses, starlets, models, etc. who luv a rich sugar daddy.

    2. Money and social status are very important factors but most people have not that much of either. From that premise I discerned three main factors.

  8. Let’s reduce it to a mathematical scale as the way I see it: money > body > height > face > game > confidence > style..
    1) Money, scale 0-5.
    0. merely employed, but struggling
    1. employed, but tight budget, can’t fake it
    2. employed and can fake success sometimes
    3. good job and lives pretty well, but careful still
    4. professional, drives nice car, decent place, doesn’t have to budget much
    5. pretty lavish lifestyle, luxury car(s), no budget restraints
    2) Body looks, scale 0-5.
    0. obese / fat / chubby / disproportionate
    1. relatively slim
    2. fairly fit, healthy looking
    3. active, some muscle mass from gym
    4. very athletic, more muscle mass with striations
    5. 6-pac, big pecs / biceps, underwear model quality
    3) Height, scale 0-5.
    0. midget / noticeably short (5’6″ and under)
    1. 5’7″
    2. 5’8″
    3. average height
    4. up to 2 inches taller than average
    5. 3+ inches taller
    4) Facial looks, scale of 0-5.
    0. disfigured / ugly / forgettable
    1. average
    2. handsome / cute
    3. good looking and told sometimes
    4. very good looking and told often
    5. gorgeous, top model quality
    5) Game ability, scale 0-4.
    0. no game / lame game / awkward game / beginner’s game
    1. applies basic principles of game with skill
    2. smooth operator, moderate game
    3. natural talent, advanced game
    6) Confidence, scale 0-3.
    0. no confidence / low confidence
    1. pretty confident usually
    2. very confident most of the time
    3. irrationally confident always
    7) Personal Style, scale 0-3.
    0. no style / shitty style / lame style / too conservative
    1. makes an effort, spends some money on it
    2. some natural panache, buys designer
    3. GQ smooth, always considered sexy
    Maximum points for the Perfect Man = 30 points
    Some examples, not including the massive Fame Factor:
    Chris Pratt before = 12 or 13
    Chris Pratt currently = 21
    Tom Brady currently = 23
    Brad Pitt in his prime = 24
    Cristiano Rinaldo = 26
    Big question: how many points will attract the attention and give vagina tingles to most women rated at least a 7/10 who are under 35 years of age?
    Answer: any combination that hits the 20-point threshold, in my opinion.

    1. I would double the points money give you after say “3” or above and half that for body looks after “2”. Don’t think most women care how “cut” your body is; may even be a negative; you might be perceived as a “gym rat” with a low paying job who spends all his time working out. Would count facial features and height about how you rate it. Onward to “game”….a large portion of which is convincing women you are more “alpha” (money, status, glamour) than you are; so yes agree with you there. “Confidence” (related to perceptions of class/money/success); likewise with “style”; women are looking for a well-dressed confident man because they are perceived indicators in women’s eyes again of wealth/status/etc. So allot of what you list besides height/facial features are qualities that are yes associated with wealth/social-economic status.

    2. Well done.
      I would like to add a couple of things that were not in the article. Like I said, I have given this a lot of thought.
      A large degree of money and/or social status are outliers. Sure they can be measured as a continuous variable, but for most guys that are clustered somewhere in the middle there are other factors that differentiate him from the herd (or not). Those I have focused on. For that reason I have left out social skills and place of living.
      Additionally, determination and confidence can boost a person’s real and/or perveiced value in many contexts. For instance, when I was outside the semi-fancy Club Octagon in Seoul last summer I looked good and I really have a lot of things that make me somewhat of a catch (although still of moderate status): decent job, lots of education, fitness industry connections, and a family company that will likely get me access to at least more money in the future. Then I added a couple of contextual things, such as K-pop encounters and Korean language skills, and voila: the hot Asian girls saw me as 2-3 points better.

      1. I like your logic, it shows that many attributes can be enhanced with dedication. I am an older man now mid 30’s with a family and it is good to see sound advice and not the same bullshit that just gives excuses for men not to get laid.
        I have found that for me being 5″8 being in good shape , sharp dress and good career helped my game no end as a single man and now keeps my wife on her toes through getting regular ioi’s that I don’t fully act on beyond stroking my ego.
        I was very glad not to find in your article the usual shit that amounts to telling me to be dancing monkeys for the fairer sex.

        1. Thank you. It seems like you have found a good position in life. I think that one can come a long way without being a dancing monkey for the fairer sex, as long as some humor and agreeableness balance the serious and masculine aura.

    3. Well thought out list.
      Your money scale does not take net worth into the picture. Going by your scale, money wise, I am a 4. I suppose If I chose to be a “big spender”, I could be somewhere between the 5 and the 8 on your list. I do splurge, but only on escorts.
      As for height, I am 6’1″. So I suppose if 5’10” is average, I get a 5 for that as well. Which being me to a 9.
      And that’s where I stay, as I would get 0 in all other categories.
      Hence the need to save up for escorts…
      I figure if I make it to 75 (highly unlikely) and retire, I will then tap into my savings to pay for the escorts until I croak.

    4. I never wore a watch to tell time. I always guesstimated. I bought a fake Rolex for $40 back in college and wore it many times clubbing. Bouncers would tell me “You shouldn’t wear that thing in here” like I’d be mugged or something. Once they saw me start running my bullshit lines, they probably assumed the watch was fake too, but I lived for clubbing and PU. I loved that watch even though it was a fake piece of shit with quartz movement. It looked impressive and served its purpose.
      In a club, you can’t tell the difference. I can’t say if it got me laid, but I remember the night I lost the watch. I checked out a new country western club where I danced with a genuine Dolly Parton look alike. She was made up a bit to resemble the star with hairdo and a skimpy dress that looked like some Dallas Cowboys cheerleader get up. Her tits were big and real and she was short. Face 8+. I’d drank a bit and made out with her at the back tables. No bang though. No bang that night. I left the club 2am walking looking for maybe a tittie bar or all night place, stopped to rest on a bench and woke up later with a bump on my head and my fake Rolex was gone off my wrist. Shit some stupid motherfucker thought it was real. I packed a gun ever since then. Eventually I had a collection, fake Cartier, Fake Piaget, Fake Cartier tank watch. I was one fake watch wearing, gun packing, super sharp looking motherfucker back in the day.

      1. Fake watches is a bad idea for a man. A watch is a status symbol as their practical use is redundant with smartphones. Fake watch says wannabe loser to any man or woman that is not a half wit.
        Buy a watch that fits your means and wear it with pride, buy a better one when you improve your status..new job etc.
        I desire s Rolex but prefer my omega pie pan constellation over the tat you have pictured above.

        1. I was 19-20 when I did the fake watch thing. I wasn’t rich but I was quite red pill at the time and insanely clubbing and pursuing PUA. A fake watch but a real quality motorcycle was more important to me when I was 20. Now that I’m a bit older, watches are minor. I get more out of a boat. When I see a young kid in a bar with a flashy watch, I know it’s fake. I’ve been there. It’s funny how blacks and hispanics love the fake watches too. The big dial pimp watches are hilarious.

        2. Haha, very true! A boat is beyond my means at present but like yourself I adore my motorcycles.
          In Europe I notice it is the Polish and the Russians who wear all of the fake watches and jewellery.
          I had a conversation with a Polish cleaner where I work about this. He was wearing an obviously fake Gucci tee shirt, I explained that he would be better served saving and buying the occasional Ralph Lauren or Tommy polo than a load of fake Gucci..he didn’t understand.

    5. So many times I’ve made big tall ugly guys squirm with envy rage and inadequacy when they see me putting the mack down on girls so easily with my brutally handsome mug and rockstar comedian charisma. You dont need to be a jolly green giant or have shitloads of money. Women see me coming and they start flipping their hair and shooting smiles at me.

  9. Determination is a key but having an attitude of abundance is catnip to women. Women can taste thirst and it is a yuge turnoff. Determination as a ZFG attitude in approach is good. Determination as a try hard is bad.

    1. Of course there are a lot of constraining factors and obstacles to overcome. Some of these are related to social skills, timing and to appear to try hard (which is a turn off, as you say).
      But to be determined to score is goddamn important and relates to so many other areas and facets of life: the willingness to socialize, the willingness to go to the proper clubs, bars, parties, and/or to use the right dating apps. The willingness to find a love hotel in Tokyo 07:30 in the morning and so forth.

      1. Your comeback is exactly what I expected from a group of angry, self-loathing men. Impressive. But you guys just keep complaining about women and I’m sure every woman reading it will think to themselves, I’d better turn my life around so I can be attractive to this group of douchebags. That will happen.

        1. Angry and self-loathing? You got that wrong. Here we love ourselves and our accomplishments, whether small or big.

        2. This whole blog is full of men who boast about themselves and complain about women. People who truly love themselves and are at peace in life do neither of those things.

  10. You forgot a good job and money. That is why rich men drive sports cars and date younger women.
    Both Donald Trump and Harrison Ford are married to women more than 20 years younger than themselves. You think their looks had something to do with it? Their money, fame, and social standing got them their choice partner.
    As far as looks you would be surprised how much grooming and fitness affects a persons appearance. There are very very few obviously ugly people and even fewer people who would look the same in some clothes from Kmart vs some high end retailer.

    1. In a somewhat longer version of this article I discussed a number of typical reservations and counter arguments, and some of these I have mentioned below instead.
      A lot of money and fame are outliers. These are for the guys that are more clustered in the middle, yet strive for higher grounds. Why have some middle-class guys banged 100 good looking girls while some only 0-10? Answer: these three factors.

      1. You got that part right. Still having a prestige profession and a large wallet never hurt anyone in the meeting women game. Even if you got all three, if you are out of a job you are undateable.

      2. Middle class guys with good looks and the right kind of personality can easily hook up with many beautiful women, but they still need financial resources.

        1. Yeah and they need social skills too. The list can go on and on. Howwver, a determined middle-class guy will use his resources properly. He will buy a suit instead of a Ps4. He will buy a ticket to Bogota and Tokyo in order to get exotic fruits inatead of a car.

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