Conor McGregor Is The Ultimate Alpha Male And The Smartest Athlete Alive

Conor McGregor is the UFC lightweight champion. He is the highest paid fighter in UFC history (which isn’t saying much as far as professional sports go, especially fighting sports).

Mike Tyson, in the 1980s, for example, was earning around $30 million per fight. Although the UFC is secretive about its payroll, it’s reported that Conor earned somewhere in the neighborhood of $5 to 10 million dollars for his last few fights. Most UFC fighters earn under $100,000 per fight, and the champions typically earn in the low millions or less. The fighters’ low pay is a constant topic of strife between them and management.

His Rise To Fame

Conor’s first fight in the UFC was in 2013 at the age of 25. He quickly earned a reputation of making short work of his opponents and also giving great fights, something the UFC has a history of rewarding with bigger and better fights.

In 2015, at the age of 27, Conor got his first title fight, which lasted 13 seconds, the fastest in UFC title fight history. He had become a champion in two years. Soon after, he got a chance to fight for a second belt at a different weight class, a fight he handily won in the second round with a knockout. Conor had become the first fighter in UFC history to simultaneously hold two belts in two weight classes.

Now, at 29, Conor is set to fight one of the greatest boxers in history: Floyd “Money” Mayweather. Conor will be making a rumored $100 million for this fight, which almost every expert has concluded he will lose and that this is a prop fight just for the money. The promotional tour has been laughably entertaining and, win or lose, the fight will be a huge success for both fighters.

The Ultimate Alpha Champion

What makes Conor the ultimate alpha male? There are many factors that make him the ultimate alpha, and we can all learn from him and maybe adopt some of his qualities. Keep in mind that he is only 29 years old and has had these qualities for years.

He has style

Conor wears fitted shirts, fitted suits, a trimmed beard, and has well-cut and groomed hair. He’s always presentable, whether it’s for a public event or just going about town. When asked about it, he said, “I like to look good, my friend.”

He’s outrageously confident

Alphas are confident. They should be. They look good. They’re fit. They have game. An alpha like Conor has an additional quality: he can get inside your head and start winning the fight verbally. His fight starts way before the actual fight. That’s how he gets his fights, and that’s how he wins his fights. A strong alpha should be able to hold his own verbally without losing his cool.

Conor was able to get two championship fights at two different weight classes. He did this not only by being a great fighter and giving great fights, but also by calling out the fighters he wanted to fight in such a way that they felt they had to fight him (see video below). After winning both belts he started calling out Mayweather.

Why would an MMA guy call out a boxer? Conor would have to box, which means no kicking or grappling. He would be at a terrible disadvantage against the world’s best living boxer, right? The obvious answer is for the money. The UFC, even for Conor, pays less than $10 million and a Mayweather fight could get him $100 million, right? Not so fast. Mayweather had no interest in fighting an MMA guy.

But Conor didn’t stop. The shit talking didn’t let up. MMA fans got interested. The UFC got interested. Mayweather got interested. Connor was told he couldn’t go off and box because he was an MMA fighter. He said, “If they (the UFC) let people go fight jiu-jitsu tournaments, they can’t stop me going to fight a boxing fight.” Hard to argue that logic. UFC fighters go off and compete in all kinds of other tournaments, both for free and for money.

Mayweather told Conor that if Conor made $5 million a fight (probably close to the truth), Mayweather would pay him $10 million. Conor said, “I’m not taking a pay cut to fight you. I want $100 million, not a penny less.”

Here’s what Conor said about his own shit talking: “You beat him verbally. You beat him mentally, and then finally, you beat him physically. That’s the three ways to beat a man.”

Some other Alpha qualities that Conor owns

1. Alphas are Persistent

Conor is not a quitter. He fought good fights and won them until he could start calling out the champ, and then he got the title fight and won. Then he did it again at a different weight class. Then he called out the greatest living boxer until he got that fight, too.

2. Alphas are Entertaining

There is no one in MMA, or, arguably, any other sport, more entertaining than Conor.

3. Alphas are Humble

Conor is far from humble before a fight, but when he lost to Diaz, he had this to say: “I’m humble in victory and in defeat. I respect Nate. It is what it is. I’ll face it like a man.” A true champion.

4. Alphas Are Courageous

It takes incredible courage to fight for a living. Anyone who has fought competitively knows this. But Conor has a special type of courage. He calls out champions and wins. Twice. Then he calls out the world’s best boxer, a sport in which he’s at a tremendous disadvantage. For the money? Maybe, but he has a reputation, too, and if he gets wiped out, he will look silly. Like he says in his commercial, “If your dreams don’t scare you, they’re not big enough.”

Conor Is The Smartest Athlete Alive

On August 26, 2017, Conor McGregor will transform himself from a modestly paid (by professional athlete standards) to one of the highest paid athletes in the world. All because he was able to talk himself into a fight with the greatest fighter alive and able to get his fans and then Mayweather’s fans excited about the possibility of a great fight between them. He was able to go from a first time UFC fighter to a $100 million dollar boxer in just four years. No one has ever done this in the history of the UFC, where the fighters line up to fight for $50,000, if that.

He will go from making $5 to $10 million per fight to possibly $100 million dollars (over $46,000 per second for a 12-round fight). Because he has the swagger, style, and hubris to pull it off. He’s a heavy underdog, but don’t count him completely out. Mayweather is famous for fighting to win scorecards, so we can expect him to fight for a 12 round decision. Conor fights to win fights, is only 29 years old (Mayweather is 40), and hits hard. There’s a chance, albeit small, that Conor wins this thing and gets to entertain Mayweather trying to get a rematch. That would put Conor on the receiving end of a $200 million dollar payday.

We could all borrow a little from Conor to make our lives better.

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305 thoughts on “Conor McGregor Is The Ultimate Alpha Male And The Smartest Athlete Alive”

  1. The easiest career provided by UFC, avoiding unconfortable rivals and difficult fights and spoiled by the organization. Lost against a sub-par fighter and running off him inside the cage in the rematch… Too much hype for a paper tiger.

  2. I don’t go in for athlete worship, and don’t watch UFC, so was skeptical going in to this article. But I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised by this. Learn what you can from a successful dude without engaging in man-worship and you’ll do ok.

    1. Agreed. Man worship is akin to saying I can’t do what I am observing but I admire and wish I could do it. You limit yourself while limiting what you can learn or build with the person you are worshipping. Stunts everyone involved unless if your goal was to become the mouth piece to proclaim why that person is so great.

  3. “..and that this is a prop fight just for the money.”
    Aren’t they all? I enjoy watching UFC on occassion, but Conor’s best assets are his showmanship and self-promotion. He has a limted window of opportunity and he is making the best of it.

  4. the fight is gonna be as real as a WWF fight. they were jawing at each other in a press conference, both left on the same private jet. laughing all the way to the bank

    1. Yep. I have more respect for WWF wrestlers — at least there is a risk that they can get actually hurt if they fuck up their routines.

      1. Hell, even if they don’t fuck up. Ever hear Hulk Hogan or Steve Austin talk about their wrestling days, when even a good night dislocated half their joints?
        It may not be real competition, but I defy anyone to say it’s not sport.

        1. Wrestling is the most dangerous sporting event there is. No one in their right mind jumps 50 feet to smash a table. These guys are nuts and they do it almost every week.

        2. You are forgetting Hayabusa and Starman, giant panther and great puma, Kin corn karn, the Amazon and King Slender. The Winner is You

        3. I think there has to be some element of actual competition in sport, so I don’t know that it is a “sport” exactly. But it is a lot more physically difficult and dangerous than a lot of so-called sports, and a lot of so-called sports these days are just as rigged as wrestling. Plus, its got a healthy and unapologetic dose of T&A, which I respect.

        4. Wrestling isn’t even rigged. It’s scripted, but it isn’t rigged. They pretend like the outcome is in doubt, but everyone over the age of 8 knows its fake.
          The other big sports are still trying to pretend like they are real competition when half of them are rigged as fuck. What’s worse?

        5. I think they get away with it because the individual matchups aren’t necessarily rigged, but it is understood that the sum total of those matchups at the end of the game is going to amount to a specific point spread in favor of team X over team Y. So you can delude yourself that you’re watching “real competition” because in some sense you are, just not in any sense that will matter to the ultimate outcome.
          If you want to watch pure sports, where the game is decided on actual skill, you probably have to stick to little league, and even then, it has to be a league where everyone gets to play a part of every game.

        6. Uh-oh, joking is also now illegal. See, women aren’t funny, so now men can’t be funny, either, because that’s sexism. Double execution for you.

        7. It’s not that men can’t be funny because women aren’t funny, it’s that men aren’t funny because women are totes awesome! So you’ll follow me to the gallows, friend.

        8. This week? Try this hour. You inability to recognize your obvious crimes is why you must suffer quadruple execution.

        9. You can’t pay me enough money to do that shit. Even if that shit is premeditated. That shit hurts.
          I remember when Mankind was going through steel cages.

        10. Shane McMahon was already pretty famous and damn sure had plenty of money when he did that shit, too. No reason to risk your ass (and your life) like that except to put on a good show and earn the respect of the other wrestlers. Or maybe he was just batshit insane.

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        12. Box95g

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      2. Mate I know plenty of guys who’ve been utterly fucked up in MMA fights. We’re talking broken necks, brain damage and all kinds of horrible shit.
        I think you should rethink the level of respect that you have for MMA fighters.

    2. I think they’ll try and give us a good show, and the hits will be real. The promotion though is fake as hell. I expect it will be a real boxing match. I think they want this to seem like a Rocky movie though.

      1. I just hope evander holyfield jumps in at that last second and breaks a folding chair across conor’s head…instant rematch, mo money

        1. I was the only one in my group to pick Holyfield to beat Mike, but I actually spent time to a week early to hear what they had to say. Evander sounded like he was on a mission from God and Mike acted as if he was going to beat down an old man in the ring. Surprise, surprise.

        2. Don’t recall. No ill will towards Mike as I do believe he was screwed over by Don King and the “rape conviction.”

      2. Whenever they put a white guy against a black guy they go for that marketing angle.
        I remember when some doughy IrishAmerican chump from Massachusetts went up against Iron Mike – dude got vaporized in like 45 seconds.

        1. Shit, I forgot that correct spelling and grammar is racist now. Excuse me while I go commit ritual suicide for my offense.

        2. Oh, for fuck’s sake. Should I lynch myself? Dose myself in gas and set myself on fire? Shit, how are white people supposed to atone for their sin… oh, wait… here’s my checkbook.

        3. That’s the first step. Then you have to put on your dunce cap and sit on a stage in front of a live audience while we castrate you. We will see whether we can nag you to death or you bleed out first. After that, you will not be allowed to have a headstone, and your body has to be fired into the sun in a rocket, that your family will have to pay for, to make sure that none of your racist shit still pollutes the earth.

        4. Well, if you’re part French, you could guillotine yourself. If you’re part Irish, you could starve yourself to death.

        5. Part? What about the other part? Don’t its irrational feelz matter? I’m afraid it’s re-education for you, comrade.

        6. Nah, I’ll just say I identify as an attack helicopter and I have the legal right to life out my lifestyle by strafing my enemies with 50 cal machine guns.

        7. And then have Trees grow there fertilized by their remains and creating oxygen that we would have to breath in? I mean, your life would literally be sustained by a racist.

        8. Well, I’m only 12, but I figured I was pretty much the oldest kid here other than GoJ and Uncle Bob.

      3. The real question is this: with all the money involved in this fight which is the exact outcome that will ensure interest in a rematch?

        1. The only problem is that if this were an actual fight and powers that be weren’t fixing it, it would be Floyd in 3 rounds by ko

        2. So many sports are fixed nowadays, the only interesting part in watching them is finding out if your predictions come true or not.

        3. McGregor is a tough fighter though, he’s not some pantywaist. I likely outweigh him by a good 70 pounds or more and can bench press a Buick, but I wouldn’t want to take a punch from him.

        4. You know, I was actually thinking just the opposite. I’m in a similar vote, and have him by a good 60lbs when he’s heavy. I don’t WANT to fight him. But there’s a part of me that wonders just what it feels like to get hit by him. Masochistic, yes, and not my usual as I avoid fights these days. I guess I sometimes wonder how much his superior skill can actually compensate against his disadvantage when it comes to raw physics.

        5. I suspect that while we would have the power advantage, he’d have the speed advantage, and a hell of a lot more speed at that. It is an interesting question though.

        6. May weather won’t take a punch from him. In 49 fights over 20 years not one pro boxer has knocked him to the Mat. McGregor would have a better chance of beating tiger woods at a round of golf than knocking mayweather down. Every one of his instincts, including his stance, is total rubbish for boxing. Watching him spar is a joke: the most you can say is that he, or what ever marketing Jew is behind him, has some brains on how to rally idiots into giving him a pay day

        7. Yeah, with power, weight and reach, I can afford to eat more strikes than he can. But that only goes so far. Eventually, his strikes would wear me down, and of course, if placed correctly, which is what he is trained to do, would likely floor me. But the flip side is that he can’t just eat punches all day, and what I may lack in training/precision, I could always make up for in luck by landing one in just the right place. I think what makes it interesting is that he’s not really a grappler so much as a striker. That’s how he prefers to fight. For what my skill level is, I’m OK with either, which also works to some advantage. But in the striking game, its like a question of whether supreme skill (him) can overcome raw physics (me).

    3. There is a difference between fake and staged, if WWF was fake, then a regular 150 pound guy would be taking down John Cena, but that will never happen. Its staged meaning they are really throwing blows at each other, but the outcome is predetermined, after a while, one of the wrestlers will just let himself lose.

  5. In the buildup I noticed that Mayweather is actually more confident. Conor did not get to him verbally, and did not beat him mentally. He is not going to beat him physically either. MW will punch him from angles Conors never knew existed. He will be a complete mess by round three if it even goes that far.
    MW doesn’t hit hard but believe me, he hits hard enough. When a drunken hillbilly can deliver a ko punch then I think it’s safe to say that the best boxer around can too.

    1. Keep in mind that McGregor is likely not just sitting around eating Cheetos. I’m betting that he’s getting extreme and constant and top dollar boxing training, and given as he is a martial person it’s going to absorb way faster into him that it would you or I. I’m of the mind that Mayweather will clearly win, but there’s this little doubt in the back of my head that’s saying “there’s a chance, a minute 0.01% chance, that Mayweather goes down”. Don’t know why precisely but it’s just there nagging at me.

      1. Yep there’s always a chance. But McGregor would have problems winning the Irish national boxing AMATEUR championship..I think that puts thing in perspective.

      2. The only way Mayweather loses is if he purposely throws the fight, or if he gets way too cocky and McGregor lands the luckiest, most perfect punch ever thrown.

        1. Sure. But it might happen. Mayweather is old. Something I don’t think is being factored when talking about “greatest living fighter” right now. He’s not 75, but he’s not 22 either.

        2. A guy who has been in as many fights and sparring matches as Mayweather has to know by now that you can’t underestimate any opponent. You don’t get his record by being reckless. It’s possible, but I doubt it.

        3. Oh, no question. But he’s still getting old. At some point his on point estimation of opponents may no longer match his physical stamina/power. It happens when you get old. God knows that I’ve figured that out already.

  6. OT, but now theres a protest to get rid of a statue of Teddy Roosevelt(dafuq?) here in nyc- wasnt he one of the original progressives?
    slippery slope, slippery slope

        1. what is the temperature books burn at? Will there be a national hiring frenzy for “firemen” soon? I bet the bennies will rock tho

        2. They don’t have to burn books anymore. They just digitally alter the e-versions, and future reprints come out with all the changes pre-made.

        3. The bennies will suck. In this age of privatization, the state will hire a “fireman management firm” whose board is comprised of heavy political donors. They in turn will farm all the actual work out to minimum wage Mexicans with NO benefits.
          Cost to the state will be the same, actual service will be crap, and the connected will make a few clams.

        4. thats why im not down with ebooks- they can even tell what passages you hightlight. Ill stick to my magic marker thanks

        5. Are you saying BLACK markers aren’t good enough to be highlighters, you racist bigot Nazi fuck?!

        6. I did not say I would ban breathing, I said I would ban exhaling. Totally different. And only for the people that I don’t like. Shit, Hillary has already killed more people than I even know.

        7. Привет, товарищ! Рад видеть, что я не единственный, кто использует цельсию.

        8. Простите меня, я не понимаю. Пожалуйста, говорите по-русски.

    1. It’s getting to the point that it won’t just be about the Civil War or Confederates. It’s going to be about eliminating straight white males from history. The very men who created everything good that the world enjoys.
      That’s how sick white liberals are, and how unappreciative the minorities are.

    2. The thing about these “protests” is that it was 200 people which is enough people to make the paper but few enough not to mean a lick of difference. I could round up 200 people to anything.
      Hell, there were at least 100 people here yesterday bitching about getting triggered by a chick flick!

      1. And, all the histrionic pearl clutching aside, it was 200 people, after months of planning, marketing and organizing that drew these maladjusted retards from places at least as far away as Ohio (no offense GoJ, just trying to make a point about the geographic scope of this population).
        By any realistic measure, that is piss fucking poor. I could send an open invite to my kid’s birthday party the day before with a promise of free ice cream on my neighborhood list serve and get a bigger turnout than that.

        1. I think it would have been bigger if the Alt-Reich had not been involved. Think about the people that were initially interested but pulled out when it started becoming a KKK clusterfuck. Just Gavin McInnes could bring more than 200 of his Proud Boys to an event.

        2. Yeah, that’s correct. It actually shows that the right IS NOT racist and has no desire to associate with those who are. There was no real reason you could not easily have drawn 10,000 people to something like this, from Virginia alone. All you had to do was bill it as a free speech/preserve history rally and drape themselves in the American flag.

        3. Definitely. That’s why I get so aggravated with the KKK and these Neo Nazi fucks. First, they aren’t rightwing or conservative, because socialism is leftist. But more importantly, they routinely damage and fuck up the very things they say they want to promote and protect. They’re like big dumb radioactive clods that destroy everything they say they want to accomplish by smothering it to death with sheer stupidity and the radioactivity of their mere presence.

        4. I agree fully. But I do have to note that the pure stupidity also resides on the other side.
          Nazi-cosplayers: “they want to erase our history and silence us!”
          Anti-faggots: “tear down their statues and don’t allow them to speak!”
          I mean, I don’t think that nazism ultimately sells. But in all this breathless bullshit about the resurgence in white supremacy, I find it very odd that we overlook that the “solutions” confirm the worst delusions these retards are selling. Also odd that this is the polar opposite of what we are told, by this same group, that we must do to win over Islam – don’t kill them because it helps them recruit.
          Or maybe that’s not odd, so much as convenient. After all, what’s a race pimp gonna do when there’s no racism around? Gotta make new racists somehow to keep the hustle going.

        5. You’re exactly right. The Alt-Reich-tards hold this rally to protect a confederate general statue, and after they get abandoned by the cops, ambushed by Antifa and mauled by the media… the left ramps up and tears down ever more statues at an even faster rate. Mission totally and completely failed.

        6. “the left ramps up and tears down ever more statues at an even faster rate.”
          like you and many others have said Thales, things went according to plan for the globalist left

    3. Let’s just cut to the chase here and do away with New York itself. I
      mean, it’s named after James II, the Duke of York, who headed a slave
      trading company. So it must be completely erased from the planet to purge us of this evil white supremacist heritage.
      And don’t get me started on St. Francis of Assisi – he actually tried to convert a Muslim sultan during the crusades to oppress him with Christianity. So San Francisco’s gotta go too.
      Who’s with me?

        1. Are you fucking crazy? Cartoons are drawn by WHITE people. WHITEEEEEEEEE!!!!! SLAVERY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HELLLLLLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! DUH!!!!!!!!

      1. Actually wouldn’t it then just be named after York? Which itself comes from the Norse invasion and was once called Jarvik?

        1. Don’t try your intellectual, white supremacist apologist shit with me! It was named after York because it was given as a gift to the Duke of York, probably because he was a master slave oppressor and promised to fill it with slaves and rape them all, and then have more rape after all the slaves were raped. My “logic” doesn’t have to make sense, only my feelz do, to me, shitlord!

        2. I see that you’re progressing well in SJW speak after buying that Teach Yourself Hipster In 21 Days book last week. Heh.

        3. Hipsters didn’t teach New York to rape and slave! The white man did!! And now that’s all NY basically is, rape and slaves.
          The hardest part about learning their language is suppressing your natural ability to think. I mean, it’s actually really hard to sound so fucking stupid.

    4. Back in 1910, Teddy had a mutual friend on FB, who was an Afrikaner, hence he was a racist and a slave owner. Clear as mud?

      1. Right. Teddy denounced the KKK in general, but he didn’t read a list of every single known KKK member in exist and denounce each on of them individually and in particular. Thus, clearly he was a racist bastard and must be scrubbed entirely from history.

    5. it’s why faggot marriage should never been allowed. it started with gays then trannies, next is bestiality and pedos

    1. Know one or two guys actually flying out to see this spectacle play out. The experience might warrant it this go around. And it’s Vegas. Don’t really need an excuse to go there and have a good time but a fight between good fighters, one of whom is coming out of retirement just for this specific fight, warrants some attention.

        1. If mayweather was willing to totally flush his reputation and legacy down the toilet, he could make an ungodly amount of money. But I don’t think his ego will let him.

        2. I dunno, wasnt he the boxer qho got mega screwed in a divorce? wife got 2 of his champ belts in it? he goes thru money like crazy

        3. “Why do you think they call Major League Baseball ‘The Show’. It’s all theater.” – Vinny Pringo’s Bookie

      1. Hey, look, this is kind of awkward, but… we all took a vote while you weren’t here, and we kind of voted you off the island. Its not you, it’s us. Things just aren’t the same. But we really wish you the best.
        Thanks for playing… buh-bye now!

  7. There’s definitely some showmanship going on with old Conor, but he IS definitely badass and Alpha.
    The British Isles produce some damn tough guys… more than the stereotypes would lead you to believe. I’ve known some rough dudes over there.

      1. Nah, I’m on board with BlueEyedDevil on this. My grandfather (English) was a bruiser. So were his brothers, one of whom took a proper shooting across his legs when charging a German machinegun nest in WW2 and never once uttered a peep about it even though it kept him on a cane and walking assistance for the rest of his life.

      1. Yes but he looks like a knacker before, during and after….a true alpha has class….McGregors bling is just a cover for his lack of it….. if he cleaned up his act just a little bit he would be a true winner. The pay for view prices are bombing for the fight….€25 over here……

  8. I couldn’t read the article because the noise from the author slurping on Conor’s cock was to loud.
    P.s. style? He grows a neckbeard and has a hipster hairdo. This is the pinnacle of style?

    1. That’s not a neckbeard. Neckbeards go down the throat in a pathetic shamble of unkempt barbs. He just has a normal well trimmed full beard. His hairstyle is everywhere these days so I’m not going to knock him on that.

  9. He is a nu-alpha male, a wannabe thug who is acting tough, so fucking transparent. A real alpha like Mike Tyson would crush the potato midget into smitherens.

  10. These blokes are tough, but they’re pampered show ponies. I served 16 years in the SAS and I’m telling you, these “alpha males” wouldn’t cut the mustard in the regiment.

  11. Conor already won this fight showing he is very smart indeed. He is fighting a fighter he hasn’t even come close to earning a spot as a sparring partner with, in a fight he can’t possibly win in a million years and clearing 100m for it. Shit, I’d let Floyd humiliate me for 1 million. Connor is getting paid 100 for it. So by any reasonable standards he has already won.
    On the other hand, that 100 mil will be gone in 5 years and there is a 107% chance that macho man will snap into a slim Jim

    1. He doesn’t seem financially unstable to me, although I don’t know a lot about him. Why do you assume the money will disappear? That’s a lot of cash to make vanish.

        1. I guess my question then is, does he have an issue with that right now? Broads yeah, but he’s way too consistently fit for booze and blow to be an issue I’d think. Dunno. He seems in some ways smarter than the average bear, and I can tell pretty clearly that he’s crafted a very unique persona intentionally. We’ll see I guess.

      1. Just based on 103% of fighters and the fact that he is just the kind of dick head to start buying up fleets of rolls royces

        1. I spent the first million and a half on whores and liquor then the rest just, went away.

        2. Reminds me of a quote from one of my all time favorites, George Best, “I spent a lot of money on booze, birds and fast cars. The rest I squandered”

        3. You seem to really buy into his invented persona. To me it is utterly fake and for show, it seems to me to be deliberately created and may well not be how he is in real life when the cameras aren’t around. I might be wrong, I don’t know, but when I see him dealing with his trainers and friends/brothers, he seems to not be what he acts like when he’s jack talking an opponent or smack talking with the media.

        4. Time will tell I suppose. I hope he isn’t nearly as much of a jackass as he seems to be. The smack talk is one thing, that’s hype. I wouldn’t be surprised if it was written for him before hand. There seems to me to be a smarmy cuntishness to him but who knows, never met the man personally. What I can tell you is that he is shit as a boxer and I would put any collegiate or golden glove boxer against him any day and clear a win in an unfixed fight

  12. Though I don’t usually like blanket terms like “alpha,” Conor definitely AMOGed Floyd in the promotion for the fight. While Conor used the crowd, rubbed Floyd’s head, and talked about how he liked Power Rangers, Floyd rambled about Conor being a “microwave meal” while he was a “home cooked meal.”
    Conor has a negative digit chance of winning the fight, but he’s a far better talker.

    1. I don’t think you can actually evaluate McGregor’s alpha-ness based on pre-fight bullshit and hype. This is all scripted out and pre-planned to hype up the fight. It’s not an accurate reflection of who he really is, he’s just playing a character for the camera.

      1. Of course a lot of it is scripted out but even so there is a certain way you carry yourself that makes it work or doesn’t. Conor made it work much better than Floyd did there.

  13. In all this hoopla about this dickeeed mick fighting a dickweed boxer he can’t beat everyone seems to have forgotten that a mere month later an actually interesting fight will be going on; Canello v. GGG

  14. If he were to win,the much wailing and gnashing of teeth in the aftermath would be interesting to see given the current political situation.

        1. I swear, if the KKK and the Neo Nazi fucks really cared about making this country better, they would find a way to shut David Duke and his retarded ilk the fuck up. Pretty much every time David Duke mentions Trump, he loses an electoral vote.

        2. Nobody has listened to Duke for 25 years but all of a sudden, all he has to do is pick a booger to be on the nightly news.

        3. Yep. The man was wasting away in complete obscurity, a living punchline to bad jokes, and the leftist media resurrected him solely to use as a weapon against Trump. That is the one and only reason he is still around. Any influence or voice he has is 100% solely because of the leftist media, and every single thing he does inflicts political damage on Trump and the right. There is no single leftist more effective at hurting Trump than David fucking Duke.

        4. Those stormcunts caused severe damage to right wing image in America. The media will now demonize anybody who is even remotely towards the right.

        5. ‘…will now…’ uh, they’ve been doing that for years. Every republican presidential candidate since WWII has been called a Nazi/Hitler (literally).

        6. Yes, that’s true, and the vast majority of people realized that when the leftist media called Romney a Nazi, they were full of shit. That is why the Nazi fucks acting like they are arm-and-arm with Trump damages him. It lends credence to the bullshit lies the media puts out.

        7. It’ll get even worse now. People won’t even care when regular conservatives or right wingers get beaten anymore. The media will always cover for the left and they will use this incident for a long time to further damage Trump.

        8. I don’t know about that. A whole lot of people saw what happened at San Jose, Berkeley, Charlotte, etc. and understand there is an alt-left/ctrl-left.
          The media’s refusing to acknowledge it is casting just as much doubt on their credibility as the attempts to link the Nazi leftists to Trump are hurting him. Maybe moreso.

        9. You have a point that more people are seeing the violent antics of the left… which makes it all the more important to present a viable alternative.
          Yes, the media is always going to call the right a bunch of Nazis. But that doesn’t mean you surrender the point and become a Nazi (especially since Nazis were actually leftist socialist fucks). Your audience isn’t the media, it’s the average person out there, living their lives, who don’t have the time or energy to dig deeply into this stuff.

        10. The damage has been done already. The leftists share the blame in the riots, but the media is forcing Trump to condemn the alt-right. If he does so, he loses his support base. If he doesn’t, then the media will use this to paint Trump as a Nazi sympathizer. Either way, his image will be tarnished in the eyes of unaffiliated people.

        11. The following is just the beginning of the Unite the Right rally’s legacy (headlines from Drudge):
          Chicago Pastor Asks Godfather To Remove George Washington Statue…
          Confederates taken down in Baltimore overnight…
          Brooklyn Army Base Urged to Rename Streets Honoring Generals…
          Dallas Mayor Calls Statues ‘Propaganda’…
          Threats Force Hollywood Cemetery to Remove Memorial…

        12. Trumps refusal to single out the alt-right has caused the MSM, democrats and many republicans to write a blank check to the Anti-fags and their ilk to attack anyone alt-right since they’ve all been deemed “white supremacists” since that is “unacceptable” in our society.
          I saw a clip of some “protesters” destroying a confederate monument in NC with no mention of anyone being charged with vandalism or destruction of public property. Now the governor wants to remove all confederate monuments. So I guess they have a blank check to destroy any public monuments they disagree with. Not good. This will end badly in the long run.

        13. I saw an article about at least one person being arrested in connection with pulling down a statue, but that’s probably because the government wants to make sure all these statues get removed through proper channels — you know, a big fat contract to a politician’s brother-in-law, a big public event where the politician gets all the credit, etc.

        14. If it’s the statue in Durham that was pulled down, it’s kind of ironic in that it wasn’t a statue in support of the confederacy, quite the opposite:
          “The statue, which honored children conscripted against their will into the Confederate Army during the Civil War, stood in Durham’s public square since 1924.”

        15. The media will persecute anyone who doesn’t agree with their Marxist mantra 100%.
          The left will ever persecute and ambidextrous.
          Trump tried to put some logic into the Charlottesville fiasco, nope, the media is not having any of that. The Left is 100% innocent, the Right is 100% wrong and should die. Disagree with that and you’re a Nazi, white nationalist (where are all the none-white nationalist?) white supremacist (atleast they’re admitting that there are non-white supremacist), fascist, privlidged, slave owner, oppressor, KKK, and should be dead.

    1. You…you…you mean the crowds will want to delete all records of the fight and ban UFC as racist and identify anyone in the crowd laughing at McGregor and get them sacked from their jobs and…….

        1. Only white supremacist Nazi child murderers wouldn’t give it to Mayweather.
          Now, being August 17th.
          ‘Hope not Hate’, kill all Nazis !!!!

  15. Alphas are Persistent
    “Nothing in this world can take the place of persistence. Talent will not; nothing is more common than unsuccessful people with talent. Genius will not; unrewarded genius is almost a proverb. Education will not; the world is full of educated derelicts. Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent. The slogan “press on” has solved and always will solve the problems of the human race” – Calvin Coolidge
    You are the one who decides to quit.

  16. Most heavyweight boxers of the 1970s-1990s are tiny compared to today’s champs. Most UFC fighters are normal sized individuals. The larger fighters are 6’2″ to 6’4″ but many of the great ones are much shorter. Connor is one of them.

    1. I could maybe believe McGregor wining by a fluke knock-out from a once-in-a-lifetime lucky punch on an overconfident cocky Mayweather. Maybe.
      But there’s no possible way on earth McGregor wins by decision without it being 100% fixed from the get go.

  17. stop sucking his cock man. This extreme idolization makes you *look* like a hardcore beta.

  18. Connor is definitely a smart athlete. He may not be the best fighter but he is definitely the smartest. The way he handled José Aldo and made him loose his shit and then the fight is remarkable. However, the way he is handling Dana White now is even more remarkable. He understood very well from the beginning how the money game is actually played in the UFC and executed his plan to perfection.

  19. He lived in a telephone box for 3000 years before he became a C-beam glittering like a iridescent particle upon the Tannhauser Gate. He made me cry, like tear drops in the rain.

  20. Is this a UFC sponsored post? The fight is a joke… WWF promotion. A man that has never boxed in his life against a boxer that has diminated world competition for more than a decade!

  21. Have to say I hate Mayweather.
    Boring fighter.
    But I can’t see any scenario short of extremely, extremely lucky punch where he loses this fight.
    And keep in mind that knockout punchers like Delahoya and Pacquiao didn’t even come close.
    The closest anyone came to beating him was Jose Luis Castillo, and that was on activity, not hard landed power punches.

    1. …..And keep in mind that knockout punchers like Delahoya and Pacquiao didn’t even come close.

      That’s what I see is being tested. Some may think that going “all-out” in the first couple of rounds (aka go for the hay-maker) might break through any defence that Mayweather Jr. might put up. The reasoning there is that even those two power hitters are still reserving fuel in the tank for later rounds… so going full throttle should prevail… however…
      I’m of the camp that any decent boxer, let alone the master of slip and slide himself, can weather any furious storm of concussion-inducers — they might even throw in a stunner of a counter punch or two at the same time. It is still a boxing match.
      Lucky shot? Anything is possible, but that just doesn’t make a sound “business plan” for victory.
      Conor still has balls the size of coconuts, though… and he is entertaining.

    1. That’s his girlfriend???
      Holy smokes!
      Why on earth would a guy with his fame and money date that 6???
      I wouldn’t touch her with a tennis racquet, and I’m less than nobody!
      Well, maybe I would, if I was drunk, exceptionally horny and the agency said she was the only hooker available that night…

  22. how much is he actually keeping? Its a known fact most of these millionaire athletes are broke when the wheels fall out.

  23. You made him look pretty cool then I watched the video and he looked like a bitch.
    I still admire him as a fighter though.

  24. I’ll never respect a 140 pound fighter. Mayweather or Mcgregor. The average bouncer at a strip club would kill them both. Watching to tiny shrimps fight super technical is lame.
    Bring back heavyweight boxing.
    One punch could ruin your life from a 240 pound heavyweight. Now that is boxing .

    1. Actually I read that Lighweight fighters are more likely to die in matches than heavyweight fighters. (Ill post the link if I can find it)
      Also the fight will be taking place at 155 lbs not 140.

  25. I think Conor will do better than people believe. He’s one of the best MMA fighters right now with no knockout losses and 18 wins mostly via knockout. He’s also in his prime while Floyd is middle aged. I don’t know if he’ll win but he won’t get knocked out in five seconds either.

  26. Speaking for myself, I will not watch his fight next weekend vs Mayweather and already accepted this is Mayweather’s retirement match.
    I already previously got burned by Pacquiao-Mayweather and the more recent Pacquiao-Horn match.
    Other than that, he is a paragon of what he practices.

  27. I’d be surprised if Mayweather takes this fight to 12 rounds. MMA fighters are generally terrible at stand-up. I know because I’ve fought them.
    That aside, the most important statement in this article is the following:

    You beat him verbally. You beat him mentally, and then finally, you beat him physically. That’s the three ways to beat a man.

    In the street you only need to beat a man verbally and mentally. Then he will not want to fight you. That is the Art of Fighting Without Fighting.

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