Swedish Museum Accelerates Their Cultural Collapse By Turning Viking Artifacts Into Scrap Metal

Following the revelations of one of its angry archaeologists, it emerges that the curators of Stockholms Länsmuseum have been ordering the systematic destruction of newly found artifacts from the Iron Age and the Viking period under the guise that it would be too burdensome to process.

Coins, arrow heads, ritual amulets, weapons, jewellery and weights that were kept in the past are now directly dumped into metal recycling bins upon discovery instead of being treasured and displayed.

The museum’s version

Following a recent surge in excavations aimed at construction that are occurring all over Sweden, the museum excavators are instructed to recycle unearthed iron elements into scrap metal following the pretext that “it would take too much resources to process, identify and store them.” The findings are usually quickly disposed of in order to make way for construction machines and building workers.

This was kept secret until this week’s declarations by Johan Runer, archaeologist at the said museum. He tried to raise the alarm before but only met indifference from the Liberal Swedish Media. According to Runer, this has been going on since at least 2016 as he recalls the example of an entire human settlement from the Bronze and Iron Age that discretely got levelled to allow road works for Sweden’s E6 motorway to progress. We do not know so far if this practice only incriminates this museum or is part of a greater scale.

How I picture the LänsMuseum’s board

Runer explains that the archaeologists cannot themselves auction the findings to the private sector as it would encourage crooks and robbers to then resell the treasure.

The mask slips and reveals the true motive

The money argument for a national museum implanted in one of the most prosperous countries on Earth (for now, before the “New Swedes” do what they do best) does not make sense. There is no shortage of funds in Sweden to host more refugees and promote multiculturalism in every media, but the money seems to vanish when it’s time to preserve European common heritage.

The tragic aspect of this situation is that those construction works that unearth the artifacts destined to be destroyed are probably the new buildings needed to house the freshly arrived migrants that the Swedish government is so eager to welcome. Talk about full circle.

Treasures thrown away when the answer is the people

Archaeological artifacts made of iron are altered by time and roughened by the terrain. No one can really judge of their quality and uniqueness until they are being processed and restored. In this particular case, no chance is taken and anything made of metal that is not well conserved is ditched.

It was even kept relatively secret until one researcher who could not take it anymore had to tell the world. Why do they not invite other museums around the world to collect and protect their artifacts in their name if money is an issue? I know at least ten museums around me that would stop everything they are doing right now to plan a trip and bring back the artifacts to add them to their collection.

Why don’t they store them in labelled wooden boxes as it was done for hundred of years? If not, let them ask for voluntary work to take care of the findings or let it be given to the native people that are interested in this culture. Even if used as door stops or cutlery, they’ll take better care of it than any Swedish liberal government.

The gods are angry

This news made my blood boil. I am an enthusiast of the Viking Age, being an eager student of its history, folklore and traditions as our readers have noticed in the past. But regardless of my attachment to this particular culture, it is the gross disrespect and complete lack of regard for an entire country’s History that makes me furious. And knowing the hardly-hidden motives behind it makes it worse.

Terminally ill patients suffering from the Liberal Cancer like Alice Bah Kuhnke (“New Suede” and Sweden’s Minister of Culture) are the ones that now approve those decisions and define what should compose Swedish History and choose what will be Sweden’s future.

Alice Bah Kuhnke

The same people that consider that the ideal treatment for returning ISIS fighters to Sweden should be more love and integration.

Today, Sweden. Tomorrow, us?

The leftoid cyborgs will be quick to declare “A few arrow heads and trinkets? So what? The Whites did the same yadi yada”.

This is where they are dead wrong. If we do not expose them and fight this lunacy, how will it stop? This story is just one more proof of the Left’s effort to shape the future of the their ugly world using the technique of the scorched earth.

It also follows recent claims from Leftists that ancient marble statues made thousands of years ago are actually racist and were specifically used to “whitewash history”. Other examples where History is targeted include the Left using violence and threats in order to get Southern generals statues removed from various locations in the United states.

Lately, the BBC used an incompetent feminist professor’s views to create an “educational cartoon” where, among other things, Roman centurions in Britain are black. This is one episode of a series where some Picts and Norman Barons are also black.

Caius Septimus WeWuzKangus is a historical reality according to the BBC Teach channel.

There is not much difference between those Liberal iconoclasts and the soldiers of the Islamic state’s goons smashing millennia-old statues and monuments with sledgehammers. In both cases, those who destroy claim that the targets are false idols. The first against a multiculturalist future and the latter against Allah.

Un peuple sans Histoire ne sait pas pourquoi il se bat

From Saul Alinsky’s “How to create a Socialist State”.

Such practices are revolting to say the least. A prime example of how Cultural Marxism aims at erasing the past to get rid of the last roots that our children can call theirs. Just like violent communist regimes in the past aimed first at burning libraries, bringing down churches, graveyards and museums before shooting teachers and scholars in the back of the head.

As our readers already now, the knowledge of history is a core concept in masculinity. Without respecting the ancient traditions of men, a stable and healthy future cannot be built.

By destroying elements attached to the idea of Viking culture, which valued financial success, bravery and putting one’s people first, Sweden’s self-loathing decision makers try to erase the few traces that show Sweden as something else than a multiculturalism-infected petri dish.

Destroy a people’s history so they cannot find a common heritage to fight for and you can start anew and create the society you seek. This shall not be.

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474 thoughts on “Swedish Museum Accelerates Their Cultural Collapse By Turning Viking Artifacts Into Scrap Metal”

  1. Well, those Vikings were ‘rayciss’, there weren’t enough black Vikings, so their history gets trashed, just like the Confederate statues.

  2. he recalls the example of an entire human settlement from the Bronze and Iron Age that discretely got levelled to allow road works

    Damn, that is seriously wrong.

        1. The best solution would be to enlist the LGBTs and create exclusive platoons for them to fight in. You can satisfy the leftist agenda and get excellent cannon fodder as well.

      1. It’s the people who claim to hate the ‘white nationalists’ the most that are directly responsible for their rise, isn’t it?

    1. That is perverse bordering on disgusting. How dare these pricks. How dare them.

  3. More Confederate monuments were taken down last night in Baltimore too…
    “People simply disappeared, always during the night. Your name was removed from the registers, every record of everything you had ever done was wiped out, your one-time existence was denied and then forgotten. You were abolished, annihilated: VAPORIZED was the usual word.” – 1984, George Orwell

    1. They should have been taken down when they fucking lost. I don’t see any King George statues sitting atop our capitals.

        1. Bingo. That’s the catch when taking a scorched-earth, “Fuk-em they lost” attitude towards the south. The Confederacy, no matter how misguided their actions were, were first and foremost Americans, fighting and dying for what they believed would ensure the survival of the republic.

        2. So? They were enemies of the country. They gave up all rights to any claim to America when they went there own way and subsequently lost.

        3. But they weren’t taken down and were seen by Americans even directly after the war as monuments to fallen Americans (first) and not “damn rebel scum”. Suddenly they’re all so bad? Seems like a modern Marxist political trendy thing to agree to, if you ask me. Nobody, until right now this year, saw it as anything but monuments to fellow Americans. For shame in ripping down history.

        4. They were also the ones being more Constitutionally minded than the Union. It was the North who turned us from a Federalist system (Constitutional government, states rights and local rule) into a centralized Europe-lite government in direct contradiction of every intention of the Founders.

        5. I’m sure some people are hopping on the virtue signalling bandwagon. However, there are a whole bunch of people like me who never understood why we had memorials to secessionists. Probably because we are the smart civil people who don’t go around pulling down statues so you don’t hear from us.

        6. Tearing down historical monuments, however you feel about them, over a century and a half after they were erected with *no objection* by the victors, is the domain of ISIS and other historical reprobates. You can do better.

        7. Damn Yankees coulda been a LOT less forgiving about the whole affair.
          They coulda slapped a Versailles-esque treaty on the south’s ass and milked them forever.

        8. My family was sipping tea OR eating haggis at the time, we don’t have a dog in this race. But clearly the South was actually the side fighting *for* the bulk of the values of the original Founding. Slavery was a propaganda issue and little more.

        9. When looking at how we’re governed now, I’d say we took a first class ticket to Suckville. Income tax, warrantless searches, gun regulations, high business taxes, oligarchical centralized banking, almost no states rights that mean anything (some exception are starting to be pushed to the surface again of course), free speech “zones”, militarized police force acting as an occupying army, globalist leaders selling our rights wholesale to the world for pennies on the dollar.
          Personally I would have went with the South, knowing this, because slavery was way, way way on the short list of things becoming obsolete even before the civil war.

        10. I don’t like the statues being torn down. I think it is petty libtards attempting to extract some measure of virtue signaling. However, I never understood why losers got monuments. Might makes right. Don’t like the consequences? Don’t lose wars.

        11. Because we didn’t used to subscribe to Law of the Jungle being the supreme value in society, once upon a time. Those days are now, of course, long gone.

        12. I had family on both sides. Brothers-in-law. Slavery would have faded anyway.
          The North held a grudge against Virginia from the start of the U.S.A. because VA held so much power and prestige and they jumped on the first chance they could to stick it to them.

        13. Yes we fucking did. Superior western Europeans stomped on the Native savages here in America. Our land now. Germans lost both wars and got fucked over for it. Muslims lost to the Israelis and got fucked over for that. I have no sympathy for the losers. If we lose this cultural conflict against the libtards, we deserve our fate.

        14. I didn’t say that we didn’t act in that manner when it comes to government, I mean as a culture and people among ourselves we had a measure of civility (at least in the states, there was no love lost for Europe). Meaning, I think, that I’m talking about inner-culture. Today we’re turning on ourselves, with leftists running amok erasing history and burning down shit just because they can and everybody just shrugs.

        15. I’ve thought this for a while. Louis L’Amour said something similar in that the natives we pushed out had pushed out the ones before them, who pushed out those before them.
          It’s a constant struggle and we need to realize that and push back before it’s too late.

        16. Hell Jefferson predicted slavery was gonna be come obsolete. Hence why the states that came from the northwest ordinance were slave free states.

        17. I’m a black man and I agree that tearing down monuments is some Soviet Union type crap. Those men fought and died for their beliefs so why tear down statues that honor them. Also lets not forget that liberal hero Abraham Lincoln couldn’t care less about blacks.

        18. What part of they are the historical monuments of secessionists who went to war against the United States do you not comprehend? “But they wuz always there.” What a weak ass argument. Times change. Deal with it.

        19. You’re arguing like every Leftist I’ve ever had this discussion with. I don’t believe that I wish to continue, as I’m not one to condone tearing down long standing cultural monuments or relics and find the very notion gut churning and Soviet.
          Good day.

        20. Pretty much every person I’ve ever heard make this argument was a Northerner butthurt about the fact that the North sucks and the South is awesome. Suck it up, buttercup.

        21. If you want a real eye opener, look at how and why Reconstruction was ended.
          A closet queer won the Republican nomination, and the election. The Republican vice presidential Electors and the Democratic Electors conspired to vote faithlessly to make the Republican Vice Presidential nominee President, in return for ending Reconstruction.

        22. Interestingly enough, slavery peacefully ended in other parts of the world. I tell people this country has been on the downhill slide since Lincoln. They look at me like I am crazy.

        23. The abolitionists were this country’s first SJWs. Interestingly, they were mainly women and Northern “preachers” and were really worked up about it

        24. You’d think that “carpetbaggers” would have been the first hardcore PUAs, but it turns out they were really a bunch of crooked SJW whores, too.

        25. Says the guy who labeled me both “marxist” and “ISIS” for not wanting the losing army’s statues on our public lands. Yeeeesh.

        26. If them good ol’ boys want to make a private confederate garden full of dead generals statues, so be it. But not on public soil.
          Let’s get to the real point though, your service is slow and Wafflehouse sucks.

        27. Hey, I’m not the one wanting to tear down U.S. veteran war memorials, hoss. You are.
          NemesisEnforcer gave you the history. Own it.

        28. Congress and the president were wrong to pardon them and give them veteran status. Not the first time they’ve been wrong.
          You can go back to name calling now.

        29. Congress and the president were wrong to build the White House with slave labor. Tear that shit down!
          Congress and the president were wrong to repeal Jim Crow laws. Erect a status of David Duke!
          You see why it’s foolish to curate your history based on shifting political whims?

        30. Soon to be followed by:
          “they build those bridges/subways/ harbors/rail yards/skyscrapers with NON UNION labor!?!??! Tear that shit down!”

        31. And let’s not forget that plenty of blacks also served in the Confederate army. But yeah, fuck their sacrifices, tear it down!

        32. I don’t think the Europeans were very civil in annihilating the natives. It also didn’t seem to be a centralized government program to eliminate them. Not that I have a problem with a superior culture exercising their dominance.

        33. I am advocating for the removal of Confederate statues from the public soil of the United States of America. Feel free to put up as many stars ‘n’ bars and General Bobby Lee busts as you want on your own property.
          It’s not curating history. It’s removing monuments to secessionists who attacked us.

        34. Or what they’re offended by changes. “Davidson said Science is partially unfounded! Tear down that wing of the library!”

        35. Never before a renovation project that was bid at a quote for less than what costs. Got to get those ‘equality’ road crews out there so a woman can stand and hold a shovel half the time.

        36. So if the Holocaust industry is to be believed in its entirety. By your reckoning the 6 million Jews apparently turned into lampshades and bars of soap are the losers and should have no sympathy.
          Perhaps Israel and Jews worldwide can now pay back the billions in reparations, no longer have immunity to criticism and cease all the political/military favors they receive.

        37. The goal was reconciliation and bringing the Southerners back into the fold of the Union, not rubbing their faces into the dirt. The war was viewed by many as a harrowing tragedy best moved on from.

        38. Very accurate observations. The modern American system of government was definitely built on the foundation that Lincoln’s administration laid. It was not a civil war at all, but a war of independence. The federal government won and all the several states lost. There is a very basic principle of the law of war (now euphemistically referred to as “international law”) that states: If a sovereign occupies a territory with its military, that territory is subject to the will of the sovereign. IOW, if I have more men and guns on your land than you do, I get to tell you what to do.
          Name for me any one of the several states or US territories that does not have a US military base on its soil. Short answer: you can’t. The states are militarily occupied and have been. The organized militias have all been nationalized (i.e. the “National Guard”). Much like Rome, the feds tend to occupy as transparently as possible (or they have up until now), preserving local culture and customs to prevent meaningful uprisings, but occupy they do.
          Slavery was fast on its way out. There were actually more abolition societies in the South than there were in the North prior to Nat Turner’s raid. War or no wary it is highly doubtful it would have made it past the eigteen seventies anyway. There was too much worldwide moral pressure to end it.

        39. I don’t think he is so much a liberal hero. I have always heard Republicans pointing out he was one of theirs. I agree with you statement otherwise.

        40. JnJ, have you ever been in the military? We did talk to each other this way (and worse) in person. It was “glorious” all right. You just had to give it back as good as you got it. It did give me a quick wit and a sharp tongue. It equates to a certain type of masculine development I suppose…

        41. By that rationale, every American was an enemy of his country, when they rebelled against their Lord, King George, rightful ruler of the crown.
          I’m far more concerned with WHAT people stand for than what label they put on it.

        42. Are you ok with a big statue of Obama going up in your city park, because, you know, he WON and defeated that loser Mitt Romney? There’s more to life than labels and winning/losing. People like Lee are revered because they were men of PRINCIPLE, and when faced with hard decisions, they sided with their families and their land against the government that they had worked under. Call that traitorous if you wish, but he was universally respected by both north and south.

        43. Exactly. I laugh when people say ‘The South started the war because they wanted their slaves and seceded.’ It’s the most retarded effing statement on the planet. Or they say “The South started it because they fired on Ft Sumter.’. — I’m like – ‘Yea, Fort Sumter, in South Carolina – occupied by Union soldiers, which had seceded?” Ladies — if you’re living with your boyfriend at his house and you break up, you’re moving out whether you want to or not. And then if you go stalking him and trespassing on his property, keying his car, slashing his tires and killing his cat, YOU are the criminal. Not him. The North attacked the South, resulting in a war that killed 620,000 people. The North cannot, under any circumstances, claim moral high ground after initiating that kind of violence and force. It’s pure insanity.

        44. Mao’s cultural revolution started with the destruction of monuments and history. It ended with 80 million plus dead. The October Revolution happened the same way, with even more dead in the end. You destroy history because it exposes you for the short sighted fool that you are.

        45. If you think removing statues put up during the Jim Crow era from public spaces erases history despite the vast amount of books, videos, private collections, etc. that exist on the subject then there is simply no way to come to a consensus on this.

        46. Drago – Add to that the slaves were losers in their country because they were captured and sold to Jews who in turn sold them to the 1-2%-ers in the south.

        47. The (((carpetbaggers))) were not SJWs, they were lying cheats and conmen, just like (((they))) always have been.

        48. Destroying the statues is the first phase. It will accelerate to burning all government monuments, one’s similar to Iwo Jima will be next, and then book burning will commence. All state engineered communist uprisings work the same: Destroy the family, destroy history, and then there are no institutional forces outside of government control.

        49. Uh, no. They chose and fought to leave and separate themselves from America. They may have been forgiven for the sake of unity but that is in no way any reason to glorify an act of treason, a decision to secede from one’s country. Regardless, the statues in question were built in the early 1900’s during the Jim Crow era intended to to intimidate an entire race. You folks talk about heritage – that’s your heritage. It should be remembered, kept in museums and taught in schools accurately, not romanticized. Lee himself never wanted a statue of himself for any reason. There are plenty of reasons to celebrate the man, the war is not one of them.

        50. Never was. I have a circle of male friends and we are constantly at each other. The worst thing you can do is take something seriously and get mad or pout. Then you’re either brutalized or shunned

        51. They killed the buffalo to destroy the native Americans,they stopped slavery to destroy the economy of the farmers of the south.Did they then do anything for the released slaves,or give them a bonus?

      1. Oh is that how you want to treat the memory of AMERICANS who fought for the Jeffersonian Republic as explicitly stated in the declaration?

      2. Dude, they were put up with the approval of the people who fought on the winning side (granted, not all of them, but many) in the interest of unifying the country and healing old wounds. If guys who fought, and watched their friends and loved ones suffer or be killed could see fit to get over this, it’s time for today’s snowflakes to get the fuck over these statues too. At the end of the day, yes they lost, then President Johnson pardoned all of them, and Congress made them US war veterans with benefits and gravesite protections. People who want to tear these things down are literally destroying memorials to US war veterans, and it’s not only detrimental from a historical standpoint, but disrespectful both to them, and the the union veterans who gave their blessings to these things too. These whiny freaks need to get the fuck over it. If someone’s life sucks because of some ancient statue that they can’t even tell me what the dude on it did, their life is always gonna suck.

        1. Fucking A, you said it very well. This “fuck them they lost!” lunacy is the domain of people with no historical knowledge of everything you just mentioned. It is motivate by nothing but hatred, ignorance and arrogance. First, last and always.

        2. “Fuck them, they lost” is also shortsighted. “Won” and “Lost” is measured over a long timeline. Lots of people predict Civil War II in the near future. Who’s to say the south will not end up a separate nation? And, the people whining about this shit the loudest are a particular brand of insufferable urban liberal. I’d bet my ass that most good old boys outside of a certain radius of whatever libtopolis du jour is on this shit don’t give a flying fuck if these statues stay up.

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      3. Most of those statues were built decades after the war as memorials by the southerners, many of whom lost friends and loved ones in the war. Lincoln’s reconstruction was about coming together as a nation again and forgetting the violence towards each other. Part of that was allowing the confederates to keep their heroes and most of their customs. The one statue of the soldier torn down by the fat black communist in Baltimore read “In remembrance of our boys in grey.” Does that seem racist or inflammatory? No, because it is a memorial to the honored dead. That is why the US government maintains and protects Confederate war cemeteries and the same respect is given to confederate dead as soldiers today. They are recognized as American casualties of war.

      4. Do you include the statue of Joan of Arc that was vandalized in New Orleans? The one they wrote take it down on?

  4. The teardown and/or coverup of white achievements is going on everywhere you look –
    Mitch Trubisky, Chicago Bears –
    The mainstream media is universally downplaying this rookie white quarterback’s eye-popping first NFL preseason game (103.1 QB rating, sacked 0 times).
    Deshaun Watson, Houston Texans –
    The mainstream media is universally gushing over this rookie black quarterback’s lukewarm first NFL preseason game (81.9 QB rating, sacked three times).
    The mindfuck of the stumbling, bumbling, athletically inept white man vs. the incredibly talented, brilliant, athletically superior black man continues.
    That, and The Evil White Man vs. The Godly Dindu brainwash.
    It’s enough to make a discerning person of any color vomit blood…

    1. Thank the cucks for this shit, when white people start living in mud huts and on the streets in 100 years, they will start the We Were Kings thing when all the other people take over the world.
      Given the fact that many non whites are more impulsive and emotional than whites, I think the whole world will look like shit in another 100 to 200 years.
      I recall the Fifth Element film was one of the first cultural Marxist films and predicted the world would be a multicultural utopia of different colored people in the 23rd century.

      1. You sure Fifth Element was a “Culturally Marxist” movie? I distinctly remember that aliens and humans of all type were living together in a a overrun wold, with dirty, worn down cities and 5 cubic foot apartments…all of society was pretty much sh#t. And it was very clear this “utopia” had failed.

        1. It was really hard to decode movies from the 20th century. Valerian was also quite ambiguous.
          You had a white male and a white female fall in love and save the universe. Interesting because Korben Dallas was living a lonely existence and then met Milla Jovovich and saved the universe by mating with her.

      2. The difference is that whites won’t do the we wuz kangz thing since genetically we are predisposed to a higher IQ. If life resets back to antiquity and we are living in huts, we will progress. The non-whites, especially blacks will not. Also wasn’t Fifth Element about living in a shitty false “Utopia” that had to be saved by white man Bruce Willis bringing it all down?

    2. Some of the blame goes to the mainstream media puppeteers, but some blame also has to go to society at large. The average Alt-righter or self-proclaimed “race realist” will tell you that the only two roles blacks serve in this country are to a) pull that “Democrat” lever ’till it falls off the hinges come voting time, and b) to entertain the masses, whether it be through sports or what passes for “music” these days. You gotta keep the myth of the “black super-athlete” going because the powers that be (e.g. Donald Sterling) get to pat themselves on the back for finding a place in society in which they can thrive and putting food on their tables, and the blacks themselves get to feel good about excelling at something that people enjoy for a change. The powers that be would be afraid to tug at that particular house of cards.

  5. Here’s a thought… It’s surmised that humans have been around for a long time, civilizations risen and fallen over a millennia, maybe some even with higher tech than we have today. It makes me wonder if this destroying of artifacts, statues, monuments etc. that we see happening by crazed retards is why we don’t find artifacts from prior civilizations other than cave drawings or the occasional beer mug.

      1. Or….were nearly illiterate rubes who probably thought each passing season counted for seven years. Which is more likely the case.

    1. I’ve been thinking about that recently. Hapgood’s book Maps of the ancient sea kings is masterwork in this regard. It’s about the possibility of the existence of another civilization that could map the Antarctic continent. This civilization would have mapped the world with more accuracy than the maps we had available until the 18th when we could accurately calculate the Longitude (which required the knowledge of spherical trigonometry, unknown to greeks and other ancient civilizations). The maps that these civilization used would have been copied by Greeks, Arabs and Turks for hundreds of years, a well guarded secret.

      1. There sure are a lot of cities underwater now. Almost as if the oceans in ancient times weren’t as high….
        I remember reading about an artifact found on the ocean floor that we can’t figure out how it works. Or the pyramids being on the same alignment as Stonehenge and other Neolithic sites. Evidence of ancient brain surgery

        1. Yeah, in many aspects the academia’s current mindset is even more backward than that of the cardinals and intellectuals of the Middle Ages and Renaissance who are su vilified on account of their “intolerance”. In the Middle Ages, as long as you didn’t challenge the doctrine on Metaphysics grounds (the existence of God, divinity of Christ, etc.) you were free to defy any scientific theory of the time whereas orthodoxy in modern academia cannot even be doubted, unless you don’t want to have your work published in any “reputable” journal.
          Hapgood is an exception and it seems no one else continued his work even though he had solid evidence for his conclusions, backed by hard numbers and quantitative techniques not ideology.

        2. The oceans were frozen in polar ice caps during the las “ice age” (approx 6 degrees C colder than today’s average), which allowed tribes to cross from ye olde russia to alaska

        3. I once got into an argument with a guy who kept insisting that I give him the number “in inches”, and I kept insisting that the number WAS in inches.
          A third guy had to step in and explain that we were both morons. While I was indeed providing the figure in inches, I was (admittedly, confusingly) expressing it as a decimalized number. The guy that needed the information required it in a fraction of 16ths, but wasn’t quite able to express this need accurately.

        4. Been there….fukkin engineers with their decimal feet: 124.08’….cant tell you how many times I read that as 124 feet, 8 inches….

        5. You mean the The Antikythera mechanism? An ancient, highly complex, clockwork, computer, the Greeks used for navigation (we now know…or think we do) that we would have never known existed if not for sponge divers in 1900, and later, a British scientist who decided to follow up on it in 1951.
          Whats funny about it and other ancient artifacts like the “Baghdad battery” is their existence is clear and indisputable evidence that there was comparable technology to ours in the world 2000+ years ago! Yet modern man is so smug in his accomplishments, and the certainty that we will never devolve to a level of universal ignorance again.
          We know what they say about those who forget [or destroy for that matter] history…

  6. Caius Septimus Wewuzkangus lol I think I may have jarred something loose from laughing.

  7. We probably need to dynamite Mount Rushmore while we’re at it and remove white peoples names from all the streets, monuments, buildings and bridges all streets should be named MLK jr. Skreet.

      1. Honestly that needs some force 10 push back. Fuck these little faggots. If armed men are not standing there ordering the dynamite crews back, we will have failed entirely as a nation and culture.

        1. If officials think activists are going to be satisfied with Confederate Monuments, they haven’t been paying attention. They’re going to take this as far as they possibly can.
          I woke up to see that Maryland took down their statues in the middle of the night so no one could object and tweets of journalists comparing ANTFA to WW11 veterans. It turns my stomach.

      2. Next thing you know a new ant Rushmore will be created and include Bernie Sanders, Hilary Clinton, Trayvon Martin, and that manning Shemale

      1. While I am admittedly not a fan of Dr King, he at least advocated doing it the right way.

      1. Hey, we all know why it’s called the “White House”. We need to tear it down and build a big teepee.

      2. Maybe it could be saved if we put graffiti on it and changed the name to “The Ebolaniqwa Washington Monument “?

  8. such a shame…
    similar thing is happening in Kosovo (temporarily occupied by nato and eu), with medieval Orthodox monasteries and gravesites

  9. Iwas just told Merkel is pushing an initiative to stop the production of ICE and diesel engines in Germany- this should do wonders for its economy

    1. Sadly that’s true.
      But Deutschland and cars … one could start believing we invented them.
      I guess that wasn’t part of the commie curriculum when Merkel studied her Lysenkoism-Physics in a Sauna somewhere while others overthrew an actual Regime.

  10. This is a tradition that goes back further than most people think. The pharaoh Akhenaten was the pioneer of it, who attempted to destroy Egypt’s old religion and replace it with the sun disc cult with himself at its center. No longer were the people of Egypt able to connect with the gods, they could only connect through him.
    And this is what these regimes have always done. Attempt to destroy the past, then erect a new class who are the arbiters of a mandated, totalitarian truth. Learn this past, because it is exactly what we’re seeing now. http://masculineepic.com/index.php/2016/02/15/akhenaten-historys-first-social-justice-warrior/
    And the counter reactions are usually equally brutal, but no other options remain.

      1. The counter reaction doesn’t usually come from below, but above. For Akhenaten it eventually resulted in Horemheb. General Monk arranged for the restoration of Charles II in 1660 and the new regime purged the radical factions like the Fifth Monarchists. Napoleon purged the Jacobins. Franco purged the communists. Pinochet, the Vietnamese against Pol Pot. The list goes on.

        1. Unfortunately, I don’t see any European leader willing to put an end to the madness. By demographic change alone, it is pretty much impossible at this point.
          I imagine that things won’t change until muslim controlled Germany and France start war against neighboring countries that still resist islam, particularly Russia, something that I think will happen in thirty or so years.

  11. Unfortunately this is nothing new. Due to political correctness and widespread atheism, thousands of churches have been abandoned and transformed into anything, from brothels to mosques, being the later ever more common. The problem is that most of those churches, unlike mosques or American “Mega churches” are real masterpieces and part of the cultural heritage of the peoples of Europe.
    I guess Europeans not only lost their minds but also their own memory.

    1. I can’t express by words my utter disgust for these new Europeans, who disrespect their (our) forefathers. They use the word “hate” a lot, most of the times, abusively. Not in here. Anyone destroying my blood’s memories, land and culture deserve my full hate.
      But things will run wild until their fair retribution. Maybe our revenge won’t be a work of our hands. Again, I believe retribution is certain.

  12. Pol Pot’s “year zero” initiative has been reborn.
    This is the last step before we go from soft globalist tyranny to a hard one.

    1. That was the first thing that crossed my mind when I read this. They will start out with the recent finds, arguing no money to curate the artifacts or they already have enough representative examples. Then there won’t be funds to keep existing exhibits open. The finer pieces will quietly “disappear” into the private collections of the ultra wealthy. Back in the sixties there was a small museum of the Confederacy that my father would visit to admire an original LeMat grapeshot revolver on display. The curator was very proud of it and took good care of it. He was an old man and finally had to retire. Shortly after the new curator took over the LeMat simply vanished. When my dad inquired about it the curator got snotty with him insisting that the gun never existed. I expect we’ll see a lot more of our Western cultural heritage vanish the same way.

  13. I take it burkas are going to be enforced next month? This is Sweden we’re talking about, after all.
    At this point I just say, let them rot. They’ll be a shithole less prosperous than Colombia in twenty years, so who cares? They *chose* this.

  14. Most things I could give two shits about, but destroying actual archeological artifacts of a very important segment of people in history “just because” is in my estimation a criminal act. ISIS does this shit. It’s no surprise to me however when I saw the “Swedish” minister in charge of this.
    What. The fuck. Is wrong. With Swedes?
    Ideally I’d say that heads need to roll, but the Swedes are so suicidal as a culture that they probably cheer this. The very last Swede, I’ll wager, will volunteer to dig his own grave so as to not put out his Muslim master, in about 40 years.
    Fucking atrocious. Just reprehensible.

    1. My description of Sweden is a bit like how you describe your part of the US, the better part. Standards of living are high, salaries high, crime rates low outside of certain diverse parts of cities. But that is for now: with increasing diversity, cultural Marxism, and feminism things head in the right direction. Both like in Sweden there are large segments of the population that try to counter these processes: national conservatives, classic liberals, and populists.

      1. I’ve heard rumors that there were nationalist Swedes and I think I saw a video of them one time and they didn’t seem very happy about where things were going, but that was years ago. Hopefully they can start kicking some freaking Globalists ass. First step, stop electing aliens to your people and culture to high office, I’d say.

        1. I once heard rumors of the existence of Swedish men. Men! Can you imagine that?
          They’re as elusive as Bigfoot.

        2. It seems a high percentage, but that’s after you’ve gone even farther than Germany with your suicidal policies. At least Germany has an excuse: massive brainwashing within the Entnazifizierung programmes, sponsored shoved down the collective throats of das Volk by the US as a way to never again have a manly and beligerent Germany but what is Sweden’s excuse?

        3. Many factors involved bet extreme leftist politics and cultural programming have taken such a stronghold during the last decades.

        4. US isn’t entirely responsible for Germany’s problems. They after all were supposed to be the front line along the iron curtain so they couldn’t be too emasculated. Remember half the nation was under marxist control and the current leader of Germany was raised in that marxist half and was a “model citizen” of East Germany. Most of what ails Germany today is marxist.

        5. I never said the US was entirely responsible for Germany’s problems, however the “Entnazifizierung” policy had the goal to destroy Germans’ pride in their history and legacy, under the pretext that such an action would ensure a peaceful Europe, and yes it was shoved down the collective throats of the German populace by the US and its allies. Originally the plan was way harsher, more in line with another proposal, the Morgenthau plan but in the end it was softened due to the fact that Germany became a frontline in the Cold War.
          However such a massive brainwashing is one if not the main reason why Merkel (and previous traitors in office) can do what she does (as well as the standard Marxist poisoning that has been applied throughout the west).

        6. Shoved down by the US? Buddy you need to look at the bigger picture. General Patton was governor of Germany at the time and he was against the Entnazifizierung policy and wanted a strong allied Germany to oppose the USSR. He even wanted to use the Wermacht to invade Russia. Guess what happened next? Communist right to the previous dictator FDR, Harry Truman colluded or allowed the USSR communists to remove Patton in an unfortunate “accident.” Blaming the US is intellectually short since the string pullers have and always will be the marxist agenda pushers.

    2. Women control the vote.
      I imagine they do not recoil in horror at what a man views as evil. Such as the look of the typical crazy cat lady man-hating dyke bigot…
      And they vote these non-breeding anti-males into power…
      And it is accelerating…

    3. ISIS does this shit.
      “We won, so the losers can just watch their monuments get destroyed” misses the point entirely.

    4. It’s entirely BS to just throw away the artifacts. I volunteered for awhile at a local museum that was always receiving dinosaur bones and fossils. No matter how small and common they appeared they were placed carefully in a storage box and left in a room for us volunteers. Every Saturday I would go sit in front of a window that kids and visitors could look into and clean fossils for three hours of my day 9am-12pm. There were other volunteers there too, lots of old people especially loved doing the work. Point is, the lack of money being an excuse for not processing the artifacts is bullshit. There are always volunteers who will do the job and like my museum, you can even make it an exhibit because people are also interested in how their history is cared for.

  15. Sometimes I muse if there’s soy coming from the faucets in these Scandinavian countries instead of water.
    How else do you explain a people so spineless, so neutered, gullible, and self-loathing? Is it really just the propaganda?

    1. Can’t be, can it?
      Does anyone think a couple of generations of propaganda would produce good Christians, chaste decent women and manly men?
      I don’t.
      There is more to this madness.

  16. They’re trying to remove the Robert E. Lee statue from a main drag in Austin, Texas. My liberal sister is helping to raise signatures. She is now my ex-sister. I’ll never talk to that insane bitch again. You have to draw the line somewhere. Consider it drawn. We may share DNA but we are no longer family. She is actively destroying everyone’s freedom. That makes her my enemy. Fuck her.

    1. My sister – same.
      But she is a grandma…
      Kids/grandkids should be cure for crazy…?!?!?
      My gf/ex-gf/gf same – early thirties, wants kids, ponders why not “I do everything right”. Goes to bars regularly…
      Not gunna have kids with her…
      Crazy never stops…
      I am seriously thinking about exing USA

    2. The good thing about eastern culture is that brothers are allowed to keep their sisters in line. Not talking about honor killings lol but ive slapped my sister when called for. This deserves a slap haha.

    3. “She is now my ex-sister. I’ll never talk to that insane bitch again. ”
      That’s the only right course to take with that sort!

      1. It truly is. It’s the silent banning without explanation that makes it so insidious. Kind of like some star chamber trial and then ritual public execution where nobody understands the why’s of it all. As a matter of policy it would seem that the Mods would want to inform the general readership why somebody was banned who is a long time poster, in order that we ourselves make sure not to make the same mistake. Instead, silence and nothing more.

        1. I’m about a couple clicks away from ditching this joint for good…I have been getting Shadow Banned of late. That’s juvenile shit. Maybe I’ll start my own blog/forum…

        2. It’s a Disqus feature for moderators. It will make your post visible, but only to your own eyes – the post won’t show up for other forum visitors. So a guy will waste his time, posting…gee, no comments to my posts? No upvotes? Then they take the Shadow Ban off. It’s a cool tool for sadists who are enraged at god for making them marginally talented, while instilling in them the fervent desire to rule the world…

        3. Why don’t we crowd-source our own site? Bob could build it and we could have an editor/content controller and let people post blogs on there. Like a free flow of info.
          Could have different categories…..

        4. Yup. Disqus crowed about it a couple weeks back. First thing you saw when you hit the log-in page. Disqus is elitist-funded. Bad news. The Usual Suspects. Etc.

        5. I do wish Roosh would comment. If the regulars don’t know what’s going on and can’t identify the problem, then I might next suppose one of the mods has gone rogue.

        6. He weighed in a week or two ago saying that lolknee wasn’t banned, but he clearly is because his Hipponax account couldn’t post, and it was the same exact count as the lolknee one except that he changed the screen name (which any of us can do to our current accounts). If Roosh doesn’t condone the banishment then as you say, somebody needs to look behind the scenes and investigate what’s going on.

        7. If he scrolled through the list to the “L” section, and didn’t see “lolknee”, then he can say “lolknee wasn’t banned”. And the whole thing is a complete misunderstanding, and nothing was achieved. He was looking for the wrong name.

        8. Right, I think that’s exactly it. If you go back a year you can see all of the former lolknee posts were updated to Hipponax. It’s how Disqus works.

        9. Cool be sure to tell me about it. Your viewpoints always interest me even though I don’t agree with all of them.

        10. I was thinking we could start something like I mentioned below, where it’s more free range, not for someone to make $$/a name for themselves off of

        11. “People simply disappeared, always during the night. Your name was removed from the registers, every record of everything you had ever done was wiped out, your one-time existence was denied and then forgotten. You were abolished, annihilated: vaporized was the usual word.”

        12. I’ll let you know. Or get word out some way. Disagreement makes the world go round. It’s all about evidence. And hot chicks with big tits. And money.

        13. Yes. We are open to guest posts. If interested, email me what you would like to discuss. We prefer it be kept to the subject of red pill marriage and/or masculinity, but are pretty flexible.

        14. It does seem odd… especially on a platform that encourages free speech. It’s the honest discourse and the humor that brings me back, but this almost makes you wonder if they’re trying to shape or control the narrative…

        15. He wasn’t aware that Lolknee was the same account as Hipponax. And he did explain that he banned Hipponaux because he was “talking down to people”. Who he was talking down to and what was specifically said I have no idea, but he was aware of Hipponaux’s banning, he just wasn’t aware that he and Lolknee were the same accounts.
          Wish he’d allow him to post, though. His posts were great to read and he has been on RoK for a long time if I’m not mistaken.

        16. On the same article where you were accusing Lolknee/Hipponaux of being a paid troll, if I’m not mistaken. Don’t remember which article that was, but I do remember what Roosh stated.

        17. I’ve not ever, not once, observed him talking down to someone that didn’t deserve to be talked down to.

        18. Me neither. At most he chided people who tried to make everyone around them feel as doom and gloom as they did, and he was perfectly right in that.

        19. Whoa whoa whoa.. Stop the presses! “talking down to people with shaming language”!?? So he was banned for SJW reasons!? HAHAHA!
          Anybody have a link for a post that asinine? I could use a good laugh. 😀

        20. Well that’s the end of it.
          One of things that got me sticking around this place was the fun commenters. Not the articles so much. If LolKnee AND Uncle Bob aren’t around!? Screw it in that case. 🙂

        1. I wonder if there’s a special kind of dog who can sniff them out. Start barking at the screen or something

        1. That’s your “bit”. The misspelling of bad words, like you can’t afford the “c” key on your keyboard or some shit. I’d never steal that.

      1. Sadly this will turn out to be a score reminiscent of the Globetrotters vs The Generals … humm.. oddly enough the Globetrotters were black and the Generals were white…. we’re the jews reffing those games??

  17. This is sad. If I had the money, I would buy it, not just as an investment, but I like history, no matter how dark and dirty.

    1. If it was really a matter of money, they would ebay ALL that shit. No, they’re deliberately trying to erase “certain” history

  18. Sheesh. George Orwell didn’t write Nineteen Eighty-Four as a how-to manual:

    Winston wondered vaguely to what century the church belonged. It was always difficult to determine the age of a London building. Anything large and impressive, if it was reasonably new in appearance, was automatically claimed as having been built since the Revolution, while anything that was obviously of earlier date was ascribed to some dim period called the Middle Ages. The centuries of capitalism were held to have produced nothing of any value. One could not learn history from architecture any more than one could learn it from books. Statues, inscriptions, memorial stones, the names of streets–anything that might throw light upon the past had been systematically altered.

  19. The BBC are scum.
    Parents who expose their children to it’s output are guilty and neglegent.
    ‘Lately, the BBC used an incompetent feminist professor’s views to create an “educational cartoon” where, among other things, Roman centurions in Britain are black.’
    There were black Roman legionaries.
    They came from North Africa.
    They were stationed on Hadrian’s wall.
    No idea if their Centurions were black.
    ‘This is one episode of a series where some Picts and Norman Barons are also black.’

    1. thought they were the same group, they wear black pajamas, cover their faces like cowards & are on the payroll of the globalists.

    2. ISIS recruits come from middle or upper middle class backgrounds. They’re the Arab version of antifa trust fund kids. Many join for companionship and a free meal since entitled rich kids usually don’t plan their lives around getting a regular job or even supporting themselves. They’re the same as rock throwing antifa. They’re another Soros chess piece.

    1. I think they’re attempting to set the world record for the number of times Trump can be called a racist on a single webpage. I can discern no other value or point.

  20. Speaking of idols, what is the Black Rock in the Kaaba that a billion face and pray to daily if it isn’t an idol?

  21. This intentional destruction of history all rings true when you understand the true spiteful nature of women. Women are sweet as a fragrant pollenating flower when kept in their natural place but women become more horrid than slime from hell when improperly managed.
    I knew of a spiteful scorned ex spouse of a man who won a divorce rape settlement against the man. But he wasn’t dead yet and her satisfaction of gaining the divorce rape settlement had worn off. She wanted more. Maybe she wanted blood for dessert. He generated money on his own and could afford to write her off – so she wanted a big dessert.
    She had posession of the house and contents which included a garage full of collectable cars and memorabelia he had collected. He moved abroad to escape being doxxed and falsely accused further by the bitch. Meanwhile she ordered the cars scrapped, not sold but intentionally hauled to an auto recycler, titles surrendered, tires removed since they were all slit – – and crushed flat, each one. She smoked cigarettes and flirted with the tow truck driver as she ground her teeth and did an Indian dance watching each restored machine that the guy had patiently resurrected – and she had them all KILLLED!
    But that wasn’t all. The dog. His ol pal ‘Moocher’ she brought to the pound citing behavioral problems and false ‘biting’ accusations. Again KILLLLLED! “KILL KILL KILL the bastard” she screamed driving home from the pound as she banged her head on the steering wheel and shook with sweat droplets like popping a wet towl. Then finally she burned down the house which he and his father had built by hand. She collected the insurance. Even after the house was gone, the house she couldn’t stand, she still grovelled on how it never worked right and had flaws. Typical wrathful mismanaged bitch.
    Her hunger for wrath was bottomless. And her excuse for destroying everything was telling. She’d say shit like; “I was advised” or “Cost vs liability” or “The house seemed to have a flaw with the foundation” or some other cunt bullshit that sounds legitimate. It’s the same as the bitchcuck Swedish government’s fembitch wrath against it’s own male constructed civilization and culture. The self destructive erasure of one’s own history is a phenomenon that oozes out of an unregulated and improperly managed cunt.
    SWEDEN’S demise is clearly a result of the same wylie scorned bitch wrath that a typical bitch divorce rapist exhibits. It is clear as a bell the ‘cost effective’ excuse the swedish bitchcucks are using is a thinly veiled cover to BURN AND DESTROY everything. “KILL KILL KILL the culture”. The sexually maladjusted SJWs and antifas show the same rage when they scream “KILL KILL KILL whitey”. And their marxist college professors and mentors advise them with the cover reasoning to justify the insane rantings.
    Surely everyone knows a woman or two who comes up with bullshit excuses to destroy things. Say the woman throws away good stuff like your college memorabelia. “We didn’t have room to put your 10″ shoe box of baseball cards and class photos so I tossed them in the furnace honey (smirk)”. Wake up boy. The bitch is winding up to burn everything. Unmanaged wrathful bitches usually burn shit. Men have to build it back.
    An old used retired woman is what needs tossed out as scrap refuse. A house you can rebuild but a woman you must start with scratch and bust a brand new one when the old turns wrathful. Keep your young virgin woman properly managed, domesticated and cracked right.

    1. “We didn’t have room to put your 10″ shoe box of baseball cards and class photos so I tossed them in the furnace honey (smirk)”.
      I regularly go to weekend flea markets and on a couple of occasions a guy was selling a collection of something like DVDs of a genre for example because he said his wife/girlfriend told him they needed to make room for something. No doubt to make room for more of her crap like shoes.

  22. Slightly off topic: There is a nice 16-foot-tall bronze statue of Vladimir Lenin in Seattle that could stand to be melted down — or whatever. It is culturally enriching a trendy neighborhood.

  23. I am beginning to think that Islam is God’s gift to weak, White nations to either wake them up and remind them of who they are, or totally destroy them so that their sins cannot continue to be compounded.

  24. A very depressing article. So its not just sharia apes destroying items of past cultures – it’s the swedes as well.
    One would think that since the swedes don’t want this stuff, then they could auction it off like civilized cultures do, and raise more money for more buttplugs, gay education, and more dol-out cash for their destruction-via-migration programs.

  25. An act like this is the same kind of arrogant, ignorant barbarism that ranks with the burning of the Library of Alexandria.

  26. This move by the Swedish Museum saddens me, especially when this gives me the impression they want the History of the Vikings to go to same road as the Celts.
    Mind you, speaking for myself, I have more exposure of Vikings than Celts.

  27. Black picts?
    Absolutely ludicrous. The basic response of the picts to anyone who was not a pict was to eat them.
    And since picts were not african they could not be black.
    I’ve heard of “you are what you eat” but I don’t think they ate enough of the romans african slaves to turn black.

  28. The same people who bemoaned the loss of Historical artifacts during the Iraq war are probably the ones who are now supporting the destruction of European history…

  29. Damn. Throw a Viking amulet and a few arrow heads my way. One of those Mjolnir charms too, if you’ve got one. I’ll curate em real good for you.

  30. Kind a hard to have sympathy for an entire nation and culture committing suicide…I mean really, how pathetic is that? Maybe it is fitting that they disappear if they are than disgusted with their history and so pathetic to NOT FIGHT to keep it.

  31. Destroying the statues of supposedly racist Confederate statesmen is pointless. The Southerners were racist? So were the Northerners! They owned slaves? So did a lot of Northerners!
    Do you think the (First) Civil War (called the War Between the States in the North and The War of Northern Aggression in the South) was about slavery? It was about State sovereignty with slavery as a side issue and convenient pretext. With abolitionists getting beat up in the North, how many of those guys would take a bullet for a Black man?
    This is just the opening salvo in a new phase of the culture war where accomplished White European males will be made to disappear from history. What’s Next? The Founding Fathers (all of whom were Freemasons, and some of whom did own slaves and weren’t very fair to Native Americans)? Famous inventors (even if Thomas Edison was a hack who stole all of his ideas from other more talented inventors, both Black and White. Hey, at least he didn’t discriminate)?
    Also for the record, there were White slaves, too…and Black slaveowners.

    1. who was running the black slaves business in Africa? They really believe there was white dudes hunting blacks in Africa.

      1. “who was running the black slaves business in Africa? ”
        Many followers of the same peaceful religion that still own black slaves today.

      2. There were some Whites, but it was mostly Arabs and some Black turncoats.
        Arab slavers targeted Europeans, too. The infamous Pirates of the Barbarry Coast would raid towns and villages and carry off people into captivity. Ransom societies were set up throughout Catholic Europe to try and buy some of them back.

        1. who was the general who catch a bunch of them, force them to eat pork, then hang them and buried their corps facing down covered in pig blood? That guy scare them and they stop kidnapping American ships and asking for ransom to the newly created American country. Prove that the savages only understand violence.

  32. The Progressives operate much like ISIS, they have this uncontrollable urge to destroy anything regarding cultural history.
    The American left is now in the process of destroying Civl War memorials simply because they bear the least amount of sympathy among the general public. That is just their starting point in their quest for more “fair game”.

  33. I’m not so sure that the Vikings would have wanted this to happen to their artifacts. They must be rolling in their graves right now.

  34. Why of course the vast majority of Europeans in the medieval period were black. Just google European people history and then click on images.
    Hey, of google, the most trusted name in search engines, says or shows so, it must be true!

  35. This is just sad. Sweden has completely lost it. Even monkeys would fight harder than this. What the hell is wrong with them?

  36. Daily Stormer Lives.
    Do it NOW.

  37. WTF ……. I means ……. at lease dey should gibs peeps opportunity to purchase dat sheeit on eBay or sumthang!!! Send dat sow bakka itz muddaland…

  38. Museums dispensing with artifacts is not new anywhere or unique to this situation.
    History museums keep only the items which will attract visitors or have high historical value.
    Everything else goes home with employees(whether by them taking museum unwanted items or stealing them) or is tossed into the garbage bin.
    This I know personally having seen it many times over.

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