3 Dystopian Movies That Have Been Uncannily Accurate About The Future

Portrayals of not-so-wonderful futures are fairly common in cinema, often focusing on major concerns of the times. The first dystopian science fiction movie is Fritz Lang’s 1927 Metropolis. Other than interesting developments in robotics, this groundbreaking masterpiece depicts the wealthy living in opulence, provided for by dispirited workers toiling underground in dangerous and exhausting conditions. Social class and labor relations were pretty contentious subjects back in the day. It was rather controversial then, but its Socialist angle wasn’t too heavy-handed.

Hollywood is showing signs of running out of new ideas, which unfortunately is the cinematic establishment’s smallest problem lately. (As evidence, I’ll cite needless remakes of great movies from the good old days, which often don’t live up to the originals. Further, they’re increasingly raiding comic books for plotlines.) Even so, they’ve come out with a few good recent films concerning where a decaying society might lead. Actually, since Hollywood seems to be knee-deep in degeneracy, who better?


A high-IQ couple has waited too long to have children. It’s quite a common scenario these days, especially with the advent of feminism and consumerism. Specifically, young ladies with professional aspirations typically party away their most fertile years. Then (as pictured in the film) they finally get around to locking down a boring reliable provider, but then they have to wait, wait, wait until they’re financially secure.

Unfortunately, they’ve slapped the “snooze” button on the biological clock one too many times. However, depicted alongside them is a couple with dull-normal IQs. None too diligent about birth control, they have many children, and a great number of descendants. Over the centuries, the world’s population becomes increasingly stupid and incompetent. The film takes several pokes at redneck culture, though certainly not the worst example of Hollywood types making fun of the people who grow their food.

All told, it describes a theme that Francis Galton and Henry Goddard (among others) warned us about a century ago. What’s quite remarkable is that Idiocracy accepts the idea that intelligence is hereditary, IQ has meaningful effects, and the loss of intelligence over time would cause profound social problems.

That’s basically what The Bell Curve: Intelligence and Class Structure in American Life set out in painstaking detail. Aside from the conclusions (obviously), the book took a moderately liberal position. As such, the authors seemed like bishops who discovered an ancient manuscript in the Vatican archives that irrefutably disproved some key Biblical doctrine, like the existence of God or something monumental like that.

Despite their modest approach, and overall focus on how best to help everyone to fit into society, the book was—and still is—hugely controversial. (That was mostly because of chapters 13 and 14, discussing racial differences.) Basically, the authors walked across the ideological tripwire of the nature/nurture debate set by Franz Boas and Trofim Lysenko. I’ll have to give Richard Herrnstein credit for having been one of the most honest leftists on the planet, unlike all the others who’ve been screaming bloody murder about The Bell Curve since it came out. Furthermore, Charles Murray is an exceptional Libertarian for not ignoring the subject.

How would a society work out, after the intelligent K-selected types fail to keep their lineages going, but the dull r-selected types breed like rabbits? If you go by Idiocracy, this results in a crude and incompetent society, with even medical technicians utterly clueless, and energy drinks used in place of water. If you go by The Bell Curve, there’s a strong correlation between low IQ and social dysfunctions like illegitimacy and crime, compared within the same population group. If you go by world IQ maps, average intelligence corresponds fairly closely with how well countries are run.

Overall, it’s a discomforting thought, and what to do about it remains a thorny question. This is in no small part due to leftist taboos about even considering these matters. The movie itself has no answers, but it’s pretty good for lowbrow humor.


The film begins showing the world completely turned into a trash heap. It’s so desolate that a roach—the only example of animal life depicted—actually looks cute. Sure, it’s only a cartoon, but one wants to scream at the people for letting things get that way… except that there are no people. The titular robot works tirelessly to clean up the mess, using broken-down robots as a source of spare parts. Wall-E has been at it for so long that he’s developed intelligence, and a bit of nostalgia for the culture that once existed.

Then another robot appears on the scene—this one more sophisticated—and a love story develops. As it happens, EVA has a secret mission, one which ends up profoundly affecting destiny. As their adventure continues, one wonders if the robots are the only intelligent beings left. When the humans finally are seen, it’s utterly horrifying—they’re such couch potatoes that they can’t even walk. Actually, the original plan was that people would degenerate further yet into amorphous blobs, though the filmmakers decided to tone it down in order not to scare the kids.

The film does end on an upbeat note. Still, they have to recover from total environmental devastation. I doubt it would ever get quite that bad for real. Still, the loss of species in modern times qualifies as a global extinction event already, and it’s hard to say how much worse it will get in the future. If noticing this makes me a tree-hugger, I’m guilty as charged. All told, the film is a powerful warning about pollution, resource depletion, environmental catastrophe, consumerism, and of course lack of physical exercise.

Blade Runner

In the far future (2019 to be specific), a cop reluctantly agrees to “retire” four escaped replicants, genetically engineered humans. These ones have been designed to have superhuman powers, not experience emotions, and die in four years. They’re the perfect slaves—unless they start getting ideas of their own.

Although these fugitive replicants aren’t quite psychologically human, they’re really just acting as rationally as they can. They play dangerous bad guys in the movie, but their “retirement” seems pretty much the same thing as murder. Well, slavery sucks; a point that’s pretty uncontroversial in all but the least civilized parts of the world.

All told, it’s a classic science fiction movie. Blade Runner is one of the few instances where a film is better than the novel on which it was based. Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep? was kind of a yawner, but that’s how it goes for Philip K. Dick books.

Now that we’re coming up on 2019 pretty soon, the movie’s timeline seems dated. (It’s only half right; remember that it came out in 1982 when southern California still resembled America.) We don’t have interstellar colonies (just an international space station thus far), and LA’s smog problem isn’t quite that bad. Despite that, if things don’t go well, then Los Angeles might end up looking nearly as crowded, polluted, and dismal in the next century or two. However, if society does degenerate to that condition, we might not even have an international space station by then.

The Western world is on a slow descent trending toward conditions in the developing world. One reason (among others) is the erosion of the middle class, which gets worse each time the economy crashes. The ultra-wealthy tend to thrive throughout it, especially when they’re bailed out for being “too big to fail“. Increasing vast disparities of wealth aren’t too promising for the future. If trends don’t change, then the malaise and desperation of Blade Runner could come to pass in the New World Order that the globalists have planned.

As for genetic engineering, that has great promise. Not only can it eliminate genetic diseases, it also can boost intelligence (averting the Idiocracy scenario), and even make people better looking. However, it could be used for bad ends: unhealthy food, creating unnatural genetic freaks, or making the public docile and stupid. There are absolutely no limits to where some people would go toward that. Blade Runner serves as a warning about this new technology just on the horizon.

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262 thoughts on “3 Dystopian Movies That Have Been Uncannily Accurate About The Future”

  1. anyone else notice hollywood hasnt been making many dystopian sci fi flicks the past few years? Is it because we’re already there I suppose? nothing but superhero flicks, fast n furious, and kevin hart comedies

    1. Hadn’t noticed, however, I have considered why there are no real ‘horror’ movies anymore.
      Debased Godless societies do not need that particular ‘thrill’.

      1. real = exorcist- type flicks? A new Conjuring flick just came out, the first two were pretty good- based on actually exorcisms back in the 1970s
        now that i think about it, kevin hart movies are pretty dystopian

    2. The last one I can think of is Looper, where people in the future are isolated individuals and women are all hookers, and everyone just lives to take drugs and make money.
      I interpreted the real message of that movie as save your cash and go teach english abroad.

      1. Bruce made another flick around that time-Surrogates. actually, Ex-Machina is only about 2 yrs old- robots keep trying to escape from its creator…prescient, as an article came out a few months later where an actual robot escaped from its robotics lab- twice

        1. Just checked out the trailer, looks like a decent critique on social media generation. I made a short film about a year ago that dealt with similar themes, but more avant-garde and low-budget heh .

        2. you ever read a site called theburningplatform? guy chronicled his days commuting from the burbs to his job in the hood, pretty grim. watch a few Vinnie Paz rap videos, depressing shit

  2. Most of these films about the future (de)evolution of the human race such as Wal-e, Bladerunner, Matrix is talked about here a lot, most 70s sci-fi, owe a lot of credit to Kubrick’s 1968 film “2001:a space odyssey”. While that movie dealt more with technological singularity rather than the human race just destroying itself by turning into fat blobs. I think what we are seeing now with the advent of technology like smart phones which are making people dumber, combined with what Idiocracy is saying, is an accurate and grim prediction of our future.

    1. Kubrick predicted an optimistic future in 2001 and its sequel 2010 where a monolith brings peace between America and Russia. Almost 30 years after the Cold War ended we are still enemies.

      1. 2001 was about special effects and drugs.
        mostly drugs.
        That movie was crap. I don’t understand what people see in it.

        1. Well I wish the main event of the real 2001 was America sending astronauts to Jupiter rather than Islamic terrorists flying planes into the WTC and Pentagon.

      2. Kubrick had nothing to do with “2010”. There is nothing optimistic about “2001”, you must have fell asleep before the intermission, which is easy to do. Its a great movie, but in a lot of regards quite boring.

        1. On a technical level, it is truly spectacular. But the best summary of the film I’ve ever seen was from Confused Matthew’s original review:
          “Landscape…landscape…landscape…oh, look monkeys!…landscape…still landscape…and landscape.”

  3. ‘All told, it describes a theme that Francis Galton and Henry Goddard (among others) warned us about a century ago. ‘
    My understanding is that Galton & Darwin’s families decided to ‘breed’ with each other because of high IQ.
    Eventually becoming severely mentally handicapped a direct result.
    ‘That’s basically what The Bell Curve: Intelligence and Class Structure in American Life set out in painstaking detail.’
    The ‘Bell Curve’ is totally misunderstood by most, certainly it’s authors.
    Consider this.
    The authors posit abortion as an inadvertent ‘solution’ to crime.
    What abortion is actually demonstrating is the terrible price society pays FOR GIVING FEMALES POWER OVER SEX SELECTION.
    It’s not ‘the poor’ or ‘low IQ racial groups’ or ‘poverty’.
    It’s the female sex selection that is the cause of these violent and dangerous social ills.
    Abortion is a sticking plaster that some use AFTER the female sex selection has already generated the problem in the first place.
    You knew killing the unborn was not the solution to all our ills, didn’t you?
    ‘Aside from the conclusions (obviously), the book took a moderately liberal position.’
    The liberal Godless position is never that the female has ever done anything wrong and it NEVER calls for female responsibility.
    That’s quite correct.

    1. “The ‘Bell Curve’ is totally misunderstood by most, certainly it’s authors.”
      Did you really just drop a “those guys who came up with the idea about that thing totally misunderstood that thing they came up with”
      Me feels you might be an attorney with the law firm of Dunning and Krueger

      1. ‘Did you really just drop a “those guys who came up with the idea about that thing totally misunderstood that thing they came up with”‘
        That human IQ varies greatly is not a revelation of the book.
        The authors + everyone else working in the field always knew that.
        I wrote….
        ‘[Aside from the conclusions (obviously), the book took a moderately liberal position].’
        So, I’m pointing out that the liberal bias in the book is partly the reason that implications of their research are so clearly flawed.
        I explain that above.
        If I’m incorrect, glad to be corrected.
        Writing books that draw conclusions from data is not new.
        Drawing incomplete (in this case) or incorrect conclusions from data gleaned is very common.
        ‘Freakenomics’ is another example of liberal conclusions drawn from data.
        Imagine if I had to be wrong.
        That would mean all conclusions drawn from all data in every publication would have to be correct & complete.
        Mot real life.

    2. Abortion is murder. Look at a 23 week old fetus and you tell me THAT is a “lump of tissue”.

  4. Hollywood, actually, spend a lot of resources making apocalyptic movies in which the solution consists of an elite with a „great idea,” i.e., a new world order. This is indoctrination of the highest class.
    If you want to achieve a new feudal social arrangement, you create the problem and you solve it implementing your desirous plan, providing that you have the means to do so, which is the case for the main draconian globalist powers, Vatican taking the lead.

      1. This is what he appears to be. Don’t forget he’s a jesuit. Jesuits don’t care about right or left, just about the future feudalistic dominion of their beloved Church. Arturo Sosa, today’s current Supreme-General of the Society of Jesus affirms this by revering his order’s founders whose malignous objectives I whish you were seriously informed, as the believer must search the motives of his faith.

  5. Further to my post below.
    Female IQ is 5 points lower than male IQ.
    Society is getting dumber?
    Political discourse is at it’s lowest ever level?
    Policy decisions by women in Office defy reason and logic?
    ‘Feelings’ are now more important that facts and reality in the Court room?
    Well, isn’t THAT a surprise!!!

      1. It can I’m sure because it is allied with female ‘logic’ and female emotional instability.
        ‘Refugees Welcome!!’
        You think men with identical IQs could ever be THAT stupid?
        I don’t.
        Try telling an English woman ‘free’ healthcare is too expensive.
        Just try.
        It’s not just the crude measure, it’s the nature and ‘quality’ of what’s being measured.
        Female brains weight 20% less than men.
        You’ll have to trawl through the pc excuse making, I’m afraid.
        (says 8%, different brain tissue I understand)

  6. Love Blade Runner, one of my all times favorite movie of all times. If only Ridley Scott didn’t feel the need to spoil *that* question and instead leave it a mystery for the viewer to conclude with their own interpretation. The book is very good as well, I highly recommend them both.

  7. Great article! I love movies! But I prefer Disney movies, preferably rated ‘G’ movies with happy themes about polite, friendly people. Have a blessed day!

      1. Gosh, I don’t think so, buddy. I always follow the rules! Following the rules is swell for all of us. Have a wonderful day!

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      1. Golly, friend, I’m not sure what you mean, but there is certainly no need for that kind of foul language. Two pilotless gentlemen such as ourselves can work out any problems there may be between us. Have a great morning!

        1. You are absolutely right, my friend. I apologize for my foul language. I’m just not accustomed to excessive politeness.

        2. Well, fine fellow, you’re in luck! I’m currently writing an e-book on “Polite Game” to help all my good friends in the Manosphere meet quality women, court them with proper etiquette, and hopefully marry them and live long and happy, polite lives with them. It’s going to be swell! A free tip: avoid using profanity, as women are really sensitive to those kinds of vulgarities, and you don’t want to give a potential mother of your children the wrong idea about you! Have a blessed day!

        3. Please, my good man, consider mentioning the importance of proper gender usages in order to avoid offending grammar.
          After all, it’s impolite, daresay the height of rudeness, to be offensive.

        4. it just seems to me like putting pain and humiliation (?) at the centre of one’s identity. Not good really

        5. Agreed, though I must observe it is putting pain and humiliation into the fundament of one’s anatomy.
          NB – “bottom” originates from male homosexual terminology for the sodomisee (as opposed to the sodomiser).

        6. I wonder how many come out saying “mum, dad I have to something to tell you: I’m gay and a bottom. I only receive.” If you’re going to come out, you should do it the whole way

      1. Thy didn’t mention which country it had to be jailbait for and ROK has an international readership. So if ou are in Japan you can post 13 year olds, Angola or the Philippines 12 and if we find ole Kersey, on his next trip to Aidsville, Nigeria he can put up some pics of 11 year old Nubian princesses (age of consent is kinda odd huh)

    1. Your positive attitude and friendly blessings are truly brightening my day and contributing meaningfully to positive discussion in a tumultuous time. God bless you, friend!

      1. Especially after yesterday’s article, the change of tone on this site is really welcome! I look forward to many of your high quality and polite comments, my friend! God bless!

        1. Absolutely! Positivity is contagious. Pass it along! This will be the best, most swell Comment section on the entire internet!

      2. Hi there friendly Taignobias.
        I just got this shiny new pair of Rayban sunglasses.
        Would you try these out for me?
        I’d offer you some chewing gum, but I’m all out…

  8. There really needs to be an article about dystopias that are actually utopias like any of the towns in the 80’s that outlawed dancing or Brave New World.
    Also, someone should really have mentioned to Bradbury that raising the air temperature to the combustion point of paper is like the least efficient way to get Rid of books. If he really was a visionary it would have been called Pornhub 451 and the guv would have invented porn. No need to destroy the books, no one would read them any more anyway.
    As for this article’s insistence that there is some kind of vision in any of these movies, there is an old saying: if you want to beat a dog you will always find a stick.
    I can take the DMV manual and explain how it predicted the cubs winning the World Series.
    Less movies. More making money and cumming on slut’s faces

  9. Idiocracy also shows how nerds have become extremely arrogant over the years. Nerds used to be shy and passive, now they emulate the perceived snobbery of yesterday. Meanwhile, the jocks of the eighties seem to be a little more down to earth. These new hybrid nerds wouldn’t last a day at sea.

  10. Some of these Hollywood screenplays are so accurate in their predictions, that it’s almost like the scripts are written from larger, much more sinister, all-encompassing scripts that are formulated for purposes of complete and total social engineering and control…but that’s crazy. That would take serious planning over long periods of time. A bunch of guys pushing all the buttons and pulling all the levers and calling all the shots while maintaining iron-fisted control via the deliberate creation of chaos and fear via manufactured events. You know, kinda like that Wizard of Oz dude in that Hollywood movie…

    1. A wiseman, old art professor at UC Berkeley once said, “Artists cannot lie, and artists tell us the future.”
      The first part is obvious. Artists cannot lie. You make art, you are showing us your inner world.
      The second part is more subtle. Look at art from the past, say 50-60 years ago. They are showing us the world to come. Art they produced stays around for 50-60 or so years.
      Specifically, that old art professor was talking about an ugly fountain in San Francisco, which that professor took my dad as a young student to protest.
      Vaillancourt Fountain.
      It was put in place in 1971. It is UGLY. My dad said, “I didn’t understand it at the time, but now I realize, that fountain represents everything wrong with the early 21st century.”
      Look at this fountain and tell me that isn’t our nation’s policies for Iraq and Afghanistan, that isn’t Enron, that isn’t 8 years of Obama, and Obamacare, that isn’t a sign that reads “Refugees Welcome.”

        1. You really ought to ponder the timing and implications of Operation Paperclip, my good man.
          Otto Skorzeny had a lot to say about it.

        2. I roll with the {{{it’s the Joos}}} angle around here. Because most people are comfortable with that. One step a time, etc. But I definitely know what you are saying here…

    1. So I hear Eddie Furlong turned into a major strung out drug addict after T2, which would have made him perfect in T3, him not reprising his role as John Connor is one of the biggest biffs in hollywood history. Plus he would have gotten to make out with Claire Danes heh

  11. Return Of Kings Comment Policy
    Don’t post personal attacks, nudity, gore, illegal activity, and “false flag” incitements.
    What does that last part mean. “False flag” incitements…
    Seems to me it means don’t question the mainstream media when it tells you a staged event was real.
    I might be misinterpreting that, which is why I’m asking.

    1. Clicking through to the policy page reveals a little more detail:
      Do not post “false flag” content that may incite attacks against ROK. This includes Nazi content, calls for race violence, and the use of racial epithets.
      I read that as don’t post stuff that makes ROK look like something it is not (or, probably more accurately stated, something that Roosh doesn’t want ROK to become.)

      1. Could be. I was taking it this way –
        False flag
        The contemporary term false flag describes covert operations that are
        designed to deceive in such a way that the operations appear as though
        they are being carried out by entities, groups, or nations other than
        those who actually planned and executed them.

        1. Well, yeah. Consider that the person posting, say, a picture glorifying Hitler may either actually genuinely be promoting Hitler, or might be some leftist subversive that wants to make others think ROK attracts people that worship Hitler.
          The latter would be the false flag, although both of these posters would be unwelcome according to policy.

        2. I find there is much useful insight to be gleaned even from evil men, and a more accurate sense of history does require analysis of many sides. Is it possible the war could have been largely avoided had Churchill not been itching to fight Nazis for so long? Is it possible Hitler bears less blame (or more) for the actions of the Nazi party? Is it possible the Nazis were a lesser evil than the communists?
          These questions deserve debate, but admittedly this forum is not for such discussions. What bugs me about the possible false flaggers is that they deny the well-known ills of the Nazi philosophy and history in order to promote what could be lesser-known goods (or “less-evils”).
          Yin and yang. Acknowledge the evil and the good. Do this, and keep it in context of the discussion (no more “Hitler did nothing wrong” on sponsored posts), and I find it unlikely you will run afoul of either the policy or the commentary base.

      2. That is the rule to ban the soros employees, You need 15 to 20 guys spamming the comment section with nazi symbolism and references and a few screenshots and you fabricate proof that ROK is a nazi white supremacist site.

      3. Kinda weird then that lolknee (yeah I know he changed his named to Hipponax) of all people got banned, considering his message was just to go for a bike ride and take a shower four times a day.

        1. Sounds like a real trouble-maker….that and his incessant “work hard, dont take shit, get in shape” drivel…..yah what a loser…

        2. There was a bit of discussion on the matter, which sort of started to explain things.
          Roosh: Hipponax, whoever that is, was given a reason for his ban. He spoke down to site readers with shaming language. I don’t allow that MGTOW type of language.
          Now, I do see this as possibly being true, although in lolhippo’s defense, I would say he never talked down to anyone that didn’t actually deserve to be talked down to.

        3. Well, I certainly agree with Roosh. No one should ever using shaming language on fellow site readers. That’s not very polite at all! Sounds like this “Hipponax” rascal sure got what he deserved. We should all be kind and respect our friends and fellow gentlemen!

        4. Agreed. That would suggest the policy is at odds with the culture.
          I’d settle for a slight change in the wording of policy #1.
          “Don’t talk down to writers, staff, or other commenters unless your name is lolknee, hipponax, or some variation thereof. Don’t call someone an idiot, moron, or hater.”
          Incidentally, I was called an idiot twice here, yesterday. I don’t believe the perpetrators should be banned for it, though. I’m a big boy. I can handle it.

        5. There’s a degree to which that’s just what guys do. We mock each other for weakness in order to promote strength.
          I don’t know. On the one hand, I can see where the mods are coming from as a rule, but on the other the LolHippo was really one of us. We enjoyed the banter, and you can’t say he wasn’t spectacularly insightful from time to time.

        6. That’s an interesting thought. When the ban happens, do all his comments disappear from his profile or just from here? Can those ideas still be retrieved, or are they all but lost to the ether?

        7. Oh, come on, friend. That kind of hurts my feelings. Can we talk this out politely like gentlemen?

        8. This raises an interesting policy question. Is accusing someone else of being a bit faggy really an issue if you somewhat regularly accuse yourself of being a bit faggy?

        9. Four showers a day is a bit much, especially if they’re hot showers with soap. I don’t know about you, but when I used to do two or three a day my skin got really itchy and flaky (and my dandruff was obscene – I’m already a bit allergic to sodium lauryl sulfate found in shampoos, so it went from not good to terrible).
          Two or three rinses with cold water can be very nice, though. It’s a shock to the system that oddly gets pretty pleasant once you’ve started to adapt to it, and it’ll get rid of most any grime you could acquire.

        10. Personally, I always enjoy tips on proper mani/pedis. Although I’m a little timid around chainsaws. But who isn’t, am I right? LOL!

        11. if you dont stop im going to start posting u tube clips nonstop. where is wally p when you need him

        12. I always imagined him as a cross between shwarzenegger, a young george hamilton from “zorro the gay blade”, and leatherface

        13. I’ve changed my mind. It’s not you who is going to crack first.
          Gentlemen, you are witnessing a master at work.

        14. Wasn’t there an article on here recently about “IT’S YOUR CIVIC DUTY TO FAT SHAME OBESE WOMEN”? http://www.returnofkings.com/125548/its-your-civic-duty-to-fat-shame-obese-women But busting each others balls will now get us banned? That’s one of the main reasons I come here, the hilarious comment sections allowing all kinds of opinions.
          I can understand wanting to distance this site from the Nazi stuff, but not policing people talking in MGTOW language. That seems pretty odd.
          I know that lol/hippo got into it with the author on this thread http://www.returnofkings.com/126418/4-insider-tips-for-hard-gainers-struggling-to-build-muscle Maybe that was the problem.

        15. *Everyone* got into it with the author on that thread. And the author was dishing it out twice as hard.
          No, seriously, I see nothing wrong with anything in there.

        16. That’s my favorite song ever! I like to play it over and over again. I’ve found that it really gets women in the mood… for some hand-holding! Thanks, buddy!

        17. When I was banned from a leftist SJW Disqus channel, all of my comments remained visible under my profile. They were merely removed from that channel.

        18. “Shock to the system” – At the end of an ordinary warm shower, if you run it a bit too hot for a moment, then a bit too cold, then hot again, etc. it really wakes you up and supposedly has other health benefits.

        19. Frankly, that’s just bullshit. Before they ban anyone of us they shouldn’t ban anyone at all and lolknee was most definitely one of us. As in put aside differences against our enemy.
          Also, clearly they fail to ban women on the regular anyways.
          After all censorship of the right seems to be picking up steam anyhow so we shouldn’t start censoring ourselves as well.

        20. Not to mention, 3 cold showers a day have the pleasant side effect of elimanting all those aggressive parts of the patriarchy we so disavow.

      4. Oh no! I just heard my good friend The Champion has been prohibited from further posting on RoK! Shucks, that’s truly disappointing. He was a swell guy. I know we’ll miss him.

    2. Personally, I love the new Comment Policy! I think its going to make a great site even better! Have a great day!

    1. the movie had intermittent brown outs, right? everybody was sweaty, onyl the wealthy had A/C?
      the gov of NY is in the process of shutting down nuke energy plants in upstate area, provides 30% of the electricity, hasnt said how he is gonna make up for that shortfall…that movie was prophetic

        1. what went down in virginia.
          good ol wolfie blitzer said something yesterday to the effect of “we cant confirm if this attack in barcelona is or isnt a copycat attack inspired by what happened in charlottesville”…..

  12. Watched wall-e and idiocracy this week.
    Fatties of walle hover chairs are now.
    Women waiting too long of idiocracy is also now.
    Friend just got told from his 29 year old gf that she wants to wait till 35 to have kid…
    He is not happy.
    I think she is delusional
    Blade runner is next up with amazon prime.
    And isnt there a sequal?

  13. Blade Runner was only accurate about corporate power. We don’t have flying autos and interstellar space travelers colonizing other worlds. It’s similar to the Alien movies. Even deep space travel in the late 21st century as depicted in the Alien universe won’t happen until at least 200 years.

  14. Jin Roh the Wolf Brigade is probably the most accurate film when it comes to predicting the early 21st Century. It’s about Japan taken over by fascists and police become a paramilitary force. Look at America now.

        1. Especially that taxpayer-funded one they made with Stanley Kubric patriotically directing, about landing on the moon.

  15. Why wasn’t Metropolis listed? I think the pic at the beginning of the article is from it. Great depiction of the soul crushing monotony of many modern jobs. But its black and white and it’s a silent movie, so I get it, it’s pretty challenging.

    1. IIRC, Metropolis is incomplete. Some of the movie has been lost down through the years. I have it on DVD, so I will dig it out and watch it again.

    2. I recall the God Moloch being referenced directly in the film.
      Moloch is no joke.
      That image is Moloch eating men (‘s souls).
      He’s mentioned in the Bible, OT.
      Some Jews reverted to human sacrifice to Moloch.
      Their children were ‘passed through the flame’ to him.
      No joke.

  16. The only movie you really need to watch is Demolition Man. Commiefornia went and made that a rule book to follow to the point where you can’t really be sure if it’s satire anymore.

    1. There’s a MGTOW analysis of ‘Demolition Man’ somewhere on ‘Youtube’.
      It made a few interesting points.

      1. Semi off-topic, but useful for comments. There are a couple of HTML tags you can use in Disqus comments to, for example, italicize titles of films and books.
        The first is “i” and “/i” put inside of “” brackets. The tag makes the difference between The Godfather and The Godfather.
        It’s hard to describe here, but you can find the supported tags and some examples here. It’s helps put just a bit of flair on your comments (don’t go overboard, though – no one likes ugly comments.)

        1. Thanks a lot.
          I really would like to italiciSe my commebnts & didn’t know how.
          I wanted to learn but the instructions seemed so boring to follow.
          Cheers ‘T’.

        2. Somewhere in that pooch’s family tree, long ago, there was a wolf. Humans screw up a lot of things…

  17. Gattaca was a good one too especially the scene where the woman just kissed a guy and then had his DNA tested. I can’t wait for that.

    1. Don’t have flying cars in 2017 and won’t have them in 2019.
      People will still eat meat in 2019 also have real pets.

    1. “Your honor, he should have to pay her a bunch and not see his kids cuz his report says he’s fucked up and his shit’s all retarded”.

        1. I can see it now. The Replicants will be fighting for Reproductive Rights after decades of Oppression.

      1. Just a remix I guess.
        I watched the original – IMO ok movie but not prescient like the others. And not as fun as bruce willis in 5th element

  18. We already a society of idiots. Idiocracy got it right. Blade Runner would have been a utopian dream in comparison.

  19. A Boy and His Dog.
    That is the future, and most likely not so distant, for “Sluttus Americanus”.

  20. Sadly, it won’t be long before genetics are used to dumb down the people or anyone else who could potentially oppose those in power.

  21. All “world” problems come down to one thing…… Over population. There needs to be A global bill of one kid per family until world population is down to just a billion. This is crucial to our survival and determines the quality of life for everyone

  22. Too bad the future can’t be like Star Trek, the Jetsons, or Star Wars. Its got to be dystopian.

  23. The ISS is being decommissioned soon.
    At the end of the day, the only way to stop psychopaths is with violence.

  24. I remember a book written by a jew that was published way back then that predicted Facebook/Twitter Likes/Dislikes as a human worth rating system. America was a third world country then with the military in charge.

  25. They Live with Roddy Piper is a very accurate summation of the present situation. Maybe some could view it as sardonic or satirical to some extent but it does have some truths to it.

  26. Honestly if you compare Blade Runner which takes place into 2019, that place looks almost Utopian compared to what the world looks like today. Also humans found a way to live on other planets. Compare that to the Hunger Games where an environmental calamity caused the US to collapse into a third world police state. Humanity didn’t find a way to leave the Earth.

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