How To Become A Catholic Priest

I know what you’re thinking: “How can a man be celibate for the rest of his life?” I will gladly address that glaring concern, but first, hear me out.

The Church needs masculine leaders. Far too many priests are weak, cuckolded, beta men (and a few are child abusers). This is in stark contrast to the Church’s historical martyrs, like St. Jean de Brébeuf, who withstood harsh winters, month-long canoe trips, and gruelling torture, to spread the Gospel in Canada. Masculinity reflects Jesus Christ’s own human nature, as well as God the Father’s patriarchal attributes.

The question of celibacy is important: we men are wired to spread our seed. This issue can be addressed in two ways. First, after you have sowed your wild oats, and had your fill of hedonistic game, then you can join the priesthood; fornication does not yield lasting fulfillment, after all, and marriage is a rigged lottery. Indeed, the skills you learn by practicing game will be useful for the Church.

Second, consider joining an Eastern Catholic Church, which permits ordination after marriage – the downside of this is that you may need to be fluent in Ukrainian, Greek, Arabic, or some other language. In this article, however, I restrict my attention to the Church of Rome.

There are general requirements: you must be Roman Catholic, unmarried, and male. The Church often pays for your training, after which you attain a bachelor’s degree in theology or philosophy. Eventually, you are ordained a priest, taking solemn vows. This gives you the power, through Christ, to perform the sacraments: baptism, confirmation, reconciliation, marriage, and anointing the sick. After this, your Bishop or Superior may decide that you require further education, sending you to get a master’s degree or PhD.

You must decide whether to become a Diocesan priest, or to join a religious order. In the former case, you need only make vows of chastity and obedience – thus a Diocesan (secular) priest can own property and start a business. However, you are generally restricted to a single geographic area, making it difficult to move.

Religious orders, on the other hand, may require you to also pledge poverty, meaning you cannot own property, aside from simple personal items like a toothbrush. The upside is that you live in a community of likeminded men, and can travel or have other careers: teaching, research, medicine, etc. Each order has its own spirituality, and it is worth discerning this before you commit.

There are, perhaps, hundreds of religious orders to choose from. In what follows, I provide a summary of a few notable ones.

The Jesuits

Founded in 1540 by former soldier St. Ignatius of Loyola, the Society of Jesus is the most popular Catholic order. In addition to vows of poverty, chastity, and obedience, Jesuits make a special vow of obedience to the Pope. Historically, the Jesuits were an important part of the Counter-Reformation and Vatican II.

The heart of the order is Ignatian spirituality, which requires you to “Find God in all things.” Ignatius, a military man, realized the importance of drills, and therefore composed a series of spiritual exercises for Jesuit men to follow. These exercises are performed in a 30-day silent retreat.

Jesuits have a reputation for liberal theology and politics, but there have been conservative Jesuits, like Cardinal Dulles. The order does not permit monasticism, since it requires Jesuits to be active in the community.


‘Franciscan’ is not an order as such, since it encompasses several orders, such as the Friars Minor, Saint Clare, etc. However, these orders all adhere to Franciscan spirituality.

St. Francis of Assisi, after whom this spirituality is named, was a medieval Italian friar who was a hippy, living in the wilderness, preaching to birds, and conversing with flowers. During the Fifth Crusade, he tried to convert a Muslim Sultan of Egypt, without success. Franciscans carry on St. Francis’s spirit, finding harmony in Nature, wearing a friar’s habit, and ministering to the community.

Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter

The Fraternalitas Sacerdotalis Sancti Petri (FSSP) is a traditionalist order, which grew from a rift between members of the Society of Saint Pius X. The order harkens to a pre-1964 Catholic Church, emphasizing the traditional Roman rite, in which all masses are said in Latin.

I have attended the ancient Tridentine Mass, and it is absolutely beautiful and sensuous, arresting your nose with incense, your ears with melodic Latin hymns, and your eyes with simple elegance. Needless to say, the men who work in this order are traditionalist and conservative in outlook. They are also fairly young, the average age being 37


The Catholic Church is one of the few powerful institutions, in our modern world, that stand for Western values, and against degeneracy. It needs masculine leadership to ensure that it remains the rock upon which Jesus and St. Peter founded it. Prayerfully consider joining the priesthood, and improving the Church from within.

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158 thoughts on “How To Become A Catholic Priest”

  1. Why doesn’t the Catholic church just allow priests to get married? Doesn’t seem like a big deal. Or how about this, allow them to marry nuns. They could be masculine and lead the church. This would solve so many problems.

    1. Right there in Scripture – I Cor. 7:32-34 The unmarried man is concerned about the work of the Lord, how he can please the Lord. 33But the married man is concerned about the affairs of this world, how he can please his wife, 34and his interests are divided.

      1. The unmarried man is concerned about getting laid. The married man is not. If you do not believe sex is at the root of everything we do, you are naive. This is why Catholic priests have sex anyway (with each other) because the drive to procreate or perform the act of procreation is irresistible. A man fighting against himself will always lose.

        1. You have become corrupted, my friend – to the point that you no longer understand good and evil, but imput evil to good.

        2. There is that happy median. Denial of the natural urge is just as psychologically twisted as too much involvement in sex.

    2. The real reason is to prevent family dynasties arising within the church. It has its roots in the middle ages. During this era bishoprics were becoming inherited feudal positions. This was unacceptable to the church which claims the sole and absolute authority of investiture. To prevent family dynasties and inheritance issues the church began to enforce celibacy.

    3. My thought also.
      They claim to be living the ultimate life by being a evolutionary dead end.
      Why should not this fabulous human beings use all their resources on getting more children than the rest and bring about a fabulous next generation?

    1. You have a point. Vatican II has tried to make the church more ecumenical. It backfired and has led to its diminishment. IMO.

      1. I wouldn’t say it has backfired Vatican 2 was called to establish an ecumenical dogma-less church, a church of the brotherhood of man. In this goal Vatican 2 has been very successful. But in order to have accomplished this V2 had to contradict the established teaching of the Catholic Church, which according to the Catholic Church is impossible. Therefore it is impossible for Vatican 2 to be Catholic.

        1. But I mean the sedevacantism of 1951 who consider the successors of
          Pius XII illegitimate and reject Vatican II.

        2. You mean 1958? But yes it’s the same principle. Sedevacantists believe that the successors are illegitimate and therefore not true Popes meaning that Catholics have no Pope.

        3. No it is not heretical to believe that non-Catholics cannot be Popes. In fact if they are true Popes then you, as a Catholic, must submit to their teachings under pain of Schism. That means that you must embrace the new mass as Francis has declared it Magisterial as one example.

    1. What’s up with all the pedos in the public school system? Or in the orthodox jewish communities?
      Sure, there have been Catholic Priests involved in this abomination too, but that was because the Church relaxed their standard on homosexuality.
      I absolutely believe that priests should be allowed to marry, though. You’d get a much more normal group of guys.

    2. If I’m not mistaken, there was an active effort by Communists to get some 1000+ of their people into the priesthood back in the 30s and 40s with the express goal of undermining its doctrine and power. Bella Dodd was one of the main American Communist Party operatives working on this, she later had a change of heart and renounced Communism but in the meantime she had succeeded in her original goal.
      From what I hear, there’s a large overlap between the powerful gay circles in the Vatican and the Marxists, so it stands to reason that the two groups helped each other out in overlooking each others’ misdeeds and undermining any efforts to oust the perps.

    3. Sex abuse in the Church was mainly perpetrated by homos, not pedos. It’s not pedophilia when they’ve hit puberty. The “pedo priest” narrative is created by the homo media to cover their asses.

    1. Thank you for saying 10 hours ago what I only just wanted to say. I reject the Pope as the voice of God. Read your scriptures, men! Resist legalism, the sure-fire alernative to Jesus’ message of freedom from the law! Be free and Red-Pill in the grace of God through Christ Jesus. Legalism, and trying to save yourself by works and rituals, is an insult to Jesus’ sacrifice for you. Baptism and the prayer of your heart is what you need, and you have no one to impress but God, not man, by seeking a station. God through Jesus can forgive your sins. No man but Christ will vouch for you on your day of Judgement.
      Jesus and you don’t need a middleman.

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      1. There’s a difference between trying to earn your salvation and working as a reflection of your salvation. Faith without works is dead. I think a lot of churches can’t make the distinction.

        1. Nice, Prudzsky! Faith doesn’t always mean belief. Some interpret faith as submission to God’s will. So, yhe will must be in action to be. Yeah. But give not in pride.

    2. Allegedly the current pope, Benedict and John Paul II were tied in some pedo ring with the Archbishop of Canterbury. I wouldn’t be surprised if they have some ties with that Epstein guy

    3. You got it almost right, except that Bergoglio the marxist clown is not even catholic let alone a pope.

    4. Pope Francis epitomises the Vatican II church, which after the Vatican II council set about modernizing (read destroying) everything that was Catholic about Catholicism, beginning with the liturgy. The Catholic orders offering the Traditional Latin Mass – FSSP, SSPX, Institute of Christ King – are anything but commie!

    5. Priests don’t answer directly to the Pope (I know of even ordinary priests who are sick of his shit) and we’ve had bad popes before and lived.

  2. The church has hurt itself by “loving the sinner but hating the sin” mentality i.e. homosexuality. This has led to an increase of beta males inside the church. The church admitted many men who were/are homosexual in nature that is out of proportion to the rest of society. I suspect many of these men found shelter in the church that they could not find in the outside world. It was an easier path to take. The church must look for men with a true vocation to God; men with the strength to carryout that vocation. It is a difficult road to live the life of Christ.

  3. A celibate priesthood is unnatural, and actually advised against in the Gospel. Also, you think the current Pope is defending the West? What bizarre echo chamber did this article spring from?

    1. There was no Catholic priesthood at the time of the Gospel, so the Gospel does not advise against it.
      On the contrary, Jesus himself recommended the celibate life “for those who can endure it”, to make themselves “eunuchs for the Kingdom of God”.

      1. Paul reaffirmed the teaching, adding that while he was happy being celibate he recognized that he was in the distinct minority. Thus, he encouraged marriage to one wife over fornication.
        It’s worth mentioning that 1 Timothy 3 lists among the criteria for bishops and deacons that they be “husband to one wife” and “having his children in subjugation with all gravity.”

        1. Paul’s use of the phrase “but one wife” when describing the requirements for deacons seems to support my own personal hypothesis that early Christians were free to choose between monogamy, celibacy, and polygamy.
          I think Paul was saying you can’t be a polygamist and also a deacon, though he definitely encouraged celibacy for those who could pull it off.
          “For he who marries will have worldly troubles, and I do not wish this for you.”

    1. I know the name but haven’t seen him and Quintus Curtius around for a bit. He had some profound thoughts on Christianity and how the Red Pill was as a whole.

    2. Are you talking about that guy who LARPed as a monk but decided to be a sedevacantist so he didn’t have to go to Mass on Sunday?

  4. Very nice article. I spent the first 28 years of my life in the Catholic Church – both pre-and-post Vatican II, so I went from Latin to English Mass and saw all the changes as they happened (I’m now a Buddhist, but have residual affection for the Church). Yes, the priesthood can offer much to “the settled man” who wants to single-heartedly serve God, great ideals, and “the people of God”.
    My only criticism of the article is:
    “This gives you the power, through Christ, to perform the sacraments: baptism, confirmation, reconciliation, marriage, and anointing the sick.” …
    … which, I’m sure, by accident, omitted mentioning the most important and most priestly sacrament, the Mass/Celebration of the Eucharist. For those that don’t click on the hyperlink, please recall that the Eucharist is the center and raison d’etre of Catholicism.
    Thanks again for this great article.

  5. Great article. This is possibly the ultimate red pill, and one in which one can actually influence and change lives! Not to mention bending society back to its Catholic roots.

    1. Definitely a great article. But I love the comments from the atheists about “desert fairy tales, sky fairy, pushing your religion down our throats.. Etc” even more. what is it that angers these heathens so much. And how do they ever find the time in their Oh so intelligent lives to comment on such articles.

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    2. If this is the case why does the Catholic Church have such a shocking reputation, from torture to pedophilia? There’s a reason why King Henry VIII (the ultimate alpha) kicked them out of England.

        1. Well, if I wrote you a message about what you just said, I would not say more relevant things that are there. It is simple practicality.
          But try to investigate on your own. You can find out about interesting things about the Catholic Church.

        2. I went to Catholic school.
          It’s not practical at all. I don’t have time to go through a bunch of links to try and divine your meaning. I don’t even know if you agree or disagree with them. Consider your audience.

        3. Okay.
          The idea that Catholic priests are more likely to abuse children is false. It only affects 0.3% of the clergy (source: Pedophiilia and Piresthood, Philip Jenkins).
          And on the Spanish Inquisition … only 4% of the cases ended at the stake. (Source: Erasmo, Marcel Bataillon). I’m not saying it was okay to burn people. But it tends to exaggerate to defame the Catholic church.

        4. The figures are likely to be far higher given what we now know about their propensity to hide these things. There is an extremely strong instinct to ignore the obvious sin of the church among the faithful Catholics.

        5. Are they suppositions or did you really see something?
          Because if so, I would appreciate you passing the sources if you have them (I am Catholic but I am willing to see things that I might be ignoring about my own church).

        6. Thank you for that. There were other issues, relating to England’s continuing drive to be independent of foreign powers but I grant you that the pedophile issue could be overstated.

        7. Suppositions regarding the catholic church’s propensity to hide and evade ? No, unfortunately those are very well documented, the information is very readily available to anyone willing to do even the least bit of research.

        8. Oh, nevermind, you went to a crappy parish grade school, that means you’re an expert on history and theology.

        9. I appreciate your reaching out Julio but everything is readily available to you no further than your fingertips.

      1. Henvy VIII started the first cultural revolution that led to the destruction of thousands of medieval abbeys, he then gave the land to his rich friends who offered nothing culturally significant in return.

      2. The answer is, quite startlingly, it doesn’t. It is all hype and propaganda by enemies of truth and civilization. Read Rabbi Newman’s “Jewish Influence In Christian Reform Movements” and you will see where all this brouhaha came from – the same fount as modern progressives.

  6. In the words of Saint Peter, I am already a priest. As it is written, “Ye also, as lively stones,
    are built up a spiritual house, an holy priesthood, to offer up spiritual sacrifices, acceptable to God by Jesus Christ.” And also, “For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them.”
    By this I am given to understand that there is no boundary between me and God any longer, for he is my father and I his adopted heir. No earthly authority can give me more or less authority than whatever the Lord has dispensed unto me, as no earthly teacher can give me greater spiritual insight than the Holy Spirit (which brings to remembrance what our Lord Jesus Christ has said – I make no claim to prophetic revelation in my reading and repetition of the Gospel).
    I do admit myself unworthy to be a bishop or deacon of the Church, which are earthly authorities given unto Godly men of exemplary character. I would that every man in such a position be in line with the words of Saint Paul to his student Timothy (1 Timothy 3), and I admit that I do not measure to the standard.

      1. The royal priesthood is not the same as the sacerdotal priesthood, which is the office of the Apostles and presbyters.

    1. The royal priesthood is not the same as the sacerdotal priesthood, which is the office of the Apostles and presbyters, instituted at the Last Supper.

      1. It is an interesting point worth delving into. This is a point on which the Catholic and Orthodox traditions differ very greatly from other denominations.
        The Protestant understanding of Holy Communion is one of obedience to Christ’s command, wherein he commanded us to “take and eat” and “take and drink.” We do not believe that we are in any way performing a sacrifice, for Christ’s one sacrifice on the cross is sufficient for all mankind. Instead, we “proclaim the Lord’s death until he comes again” – it is more a remembrance and a celebration than a sacrifice in the traditional sense. (This is NOT to say we do not need to perform communion, nor that we believe it entirely symbolic, for our Lord himself has said, “This is my body” and “This is my blood.”)
        Under this understanding, a priest or bishop is no different from any other brother. If two or three of us gather to break bread together, Christ is among us. Thus there is no sacerdotal priesthood (which, for those who are unaware, means a priesthood endowed with authority to give sacred offerings). Instead, we (theoretically, anyway) elect from amongst ourselves the most upright, learned, and godly men to minister our congregations, in alignment with 1 Timothy 3.
        In the same way, we do not uphold a specific office of the Apostles. To us, the Apostles were godly men who were appointed by Christ himself to continue his ministry on the earth, and little more (and no less). We believe that the Spirit endows us with all spiritual gifts as the Lord wills, and that among these gifts are teaching, pastorship, apostleship, service, healing, evangelism, and others. Any man may be given these gifts, and it is our responsibility as a Church to acknowledge these gifts and work together for the common edification of the Church.
        I hope I have explained this clearly. I am not myself a Catholic, and so I can err in my explanation of their beliefs.

        1. The Sacrifice of the Mass isn’t a new sacrifice, it’s participating in the one sacrifice on the Cross. “Do this in memory of me”, which is prayed by every priest at every Mass, does not mean simply a memorial, but “anamnesis”, which means bringing a past event into the present. The Mass brings us to Calvary to participate in the sacrifice of the Cross, and consume the Passover Lamb in the Eucharist. Nobody, I mean literally nobody, believed in the modern Protestant understanding of the Mass until maybe the 16th or 17th century. Even Martin Luther’s understanding was semi-Catholic, as was that of traditional Anglicans.
          Your understanding of the office of the episcopacy and priesthood is rooted in nominalism, that is, the idea that there are no real essences but just names given to things with nothing in common metaphysically speaking. This idea is from the Late Middle Ages and Renaissance Martin Luther applied this idea to the sacraments and first and foremost this reduced the idea of grace to forensic justification rather than the infusion of divine life, but also to the idea that the priesthood, and especially the episcopate, is just a position of authority without any metaphysical change. Once again, this is nowhere to be found in the ancient Church.
          You should really read the early Church Fathers. Their understanding of the Faith was the same as the Catholic one of today. I recommend the edition “Early Christian Writings” by Andrew Louth (he himself is an Orthodox priest, so I don’t endorse his ecclesiology, but otherwise we agree) which focuses on writings before the Council of Nicea. It’s the same faith then as it is now.

        2. I will have to look into that, my friend. Actually, while we’re on the subject, do you have a good reference for Thomas Aquinas? I’m not bold enough to attempt the Summa Theologica in its entirety, but the excerpt books I’ve read always seem to be missing key passages that are essential to completing his arguments (e.g. one skips right from “man needs a hierarchy” to “therefore the Pope is the head of the Church” – the way it reads, there absolutely must be something in the middle).

  7. I like the idea of traditional Christian fraternities, and enjoyed reading this article to learn about the differences between some of them. But at the end of the day, as long as Catholics submit themselves to the will of the Pope instead of only to God, then I can’t justify ever becoming Catholic.
    As you are seeing in the modern world, the problem with putting all that authority in one man’s hands is that if the position is subverted from within and an impostor to the cause takes the throne, then the entire order will suffer beneath him.
    I am not against the principle of divine monarchy on principle, necessarily, but there is little I think can be done “from within” so long as that monarch is not truly a man of God.

  8. Wow, I just got a “moderated” comment.
    “Waiting to be approved”.
    That never happened to me here before…

  9. Just have to get passed the whole fact that the Bible is a bunch of bronze age desert myths, and dedicate myself to the lie, and I will be all set!

      1. Religious men have hamsters that run faster than a woman’s. Seeing this rationalization a lot. You’re admitting that it’s bullcrap and then trying to steal credit for Western Civilization.
        The Enlightenment came about AFTER the stranglehold of the church was lifted. All technological advances happen DESPITE the reason destroying nature of faith so prevalent in Middle America.
        Let me tell you something: Jesus didn’t create the Internet. He didn’t decode the human genome . He didn’t invent iPhones. Those happened basically because the West Coast has largely rejected religion. Thank goodness.
        Now we will work through the leftism, which is definitely a reaction to the soul killing strictures of Christianity. The only thing left will be Reason and Rationality. Thank goodness. Read Ayn Rand

        1. So explain then how, historically, the Church has often been a patron of sciences and prolific in the foundation of schools, universities and hospitals, with many clergy having been active within the sciences if it supposedly has a stranglehold on such? How do you account for people like medieval Catholic mathematicians and philosophers John Buridan, Nicolas Oresme, and Roger Bacon whom are credited as the founders of modern science? I think you’re jumping to a rather asinine conclusion.

        2. The art of bricklaying was lost in the Middle Ages. Human life expectancy was reduced to watching seven of your nine children die before the age of five and then you were dead at 25.
          It was only when Aristotlean thought was rediscovered after being forcefully purged from the land by the church that the condition of man slowly began to improve. It happened DESPITE the fact that Copernicus was placed under house arrest and countless other men of science were marginalized and murdered by the church for their curiosity.
          But I know this is pointless. As a religionist, you renounce reason. The only way to deal with people like that is to state your case if you so choose and then say “I disagree. Goodbye.”

        3. I’m not a religionist. You are jumping to conclusions and are insulting me in the process by doing so without any idea what I am, what I think and are going by the rhetorical questions. I asked them because you made very sweeping, generalised statements that lack nuance.

        4. Would you say that you view religion and faith and revelation as equally or more important or more important than reason?

        5. I haven’t taken umbrage. I was asking rhetorical questions. Reason is extremely important and should predicate your thinking but one cannot logically rule out faith entirely out of hand in the sense that atheism is somewhat illogical-case in point, energy cannot be created or destroyed and cannot impact the world on its own and therefore needs another force to be applied to it-causation. It is therefore anti-intellectual to posit that the universe and all life within it started from nothing; nothing cannot create a cause and effect situation.
          And then, the probability of such complexities of life coming into existence on their own, un-created and unguided, is so low that mathematically you have to scoff at it. I guess it’s Pascal’s Wager. I am of the mind that probably is something responsible for causing things to start but don’t have the intellectual capacity to explain it or understand and direct my energy to other things.

        6. No he didn’t create the internet but SIr Issac Newton(A Christian) created modern Physics and Calculus and thus modern science. The leader of the Human Genome project was a Christian. But don’t confuse metaphysics and science as they 2 different categories. Christianity civilized Europe and the world. History bears that out. Look at the western countries now, Cucked and disintegrating,
          “Reason and Rationality” isn’t enough and a lot of what we see now is against all reason and rationality, Leftism is a reaction to STANDARDS. They don’t want to be “judged” or called out for their filth and stupidity . You won’t “get through leftism” with reason , they don’t care about debate or discussion.

        7. Yes I can rule out faith. I can even rule out allowing even one instance of faith in my life. The simple reason being, if I believe in any one thing without evidence, I open myself up to believing ANYTHING without evidence. That is a quick route to misery

        8. Yes. I’m an extremist when it comes to my use of reason. Given that it’s my sole means of survival, it’s quite reasonable to be so

        9. Pre-Christian Rome civilized Europe and much of the world.
          Leftism is indeed a reaction to standards and even moreso, personal responsibility..

        10. Yeah ..modernity is so great.
          We forgot to have children though.(Thank you Atheism and Feminism!)
          …but don’t worry…the turd world does and they will inherit your ‘Progress’ which will soon turn into another Dark Age

        11. I love the “the Enlightenment is western civilization” meme, especially when it’s people who go on to pretend to be angry about degeneracy as if one didn’t follow from the other.

        12. “It was only when Aristotelian thought was rediscovered after being forcefully purged from the land by the church”
          Are you retarded? Have you never read a history of philosophy in your life?
          Ooh, let me guess, you believe the “Muslims saved Aristotle” meme too.

  10. Some churches are already marrying homosexuals.
    “God loves everyone.”
    Ew. Didn’t know God is a hippie.

  11. What happened to the Jesuits?? Weren’t they called “Gods Marines” back in the day?? All the Catholic priests I see today don’t look very manly…

  12. „Jesuits have a reputation for liberal theology and politics[…]“
    Bloody lie. Since the XIX-th century they’ve adopted a new outward personality in order to regain what they’ve slyly managed to blight before they were extirpated from virtually every nation due to their fanatic „end justifies the means“ motto.
    The fourth vow, or, the vow of the initiated, is the same today, as it was then: anihilate Protestants, whether they happen to be noblemen, or whether they be rotten widows.
    Read „Rulers of Evil“ by F. Tupper Saussy.

  13. Nah, I’ll just stick to fundamentalism, not gonna follow a cuck who kisses migrant’s feet

  14. This must be a joke. Even the Creflo Dollar Ministry of God has more Western values than the Catholic Church. Western values? They are the ones calling for mass migration of Muslims into Europe.

  15. Wonderful article.I will share it and it should be recommended to all bishops and the pope. It is my experience: The best priests are many, good looking guys whom the girls would run after. Unfortunately since the 50s due to lack of applicasnts the Chruch made the error to take nearly everyone, including wankers and nobodies.Only one remark: Priests may administer Holy Communion but not confirmation.. Marriage is a sacrament which groom and bride spend to each other, the priest is only testifying.

  16. “The Catholic Church is one of the few powerful institutions, in our modern world, that stand for Western values, and against degeneracy. ”
    Does anyone actually still believe this ?

    1. Only the delusional. The Catholic Church is a corrupt bureaucracy, languishing on a mound of wealth, that continues to fed upon ignorance and innocence.

  17. I’d prefer a 5 year term in a military monastic order, before returning to secular life, if I was going to do anything like this.

  18. No, the church actively covered up, threatened and blamed kids, parents, “worked with” cps against people who spoke up etc etc etc and this happened at the highest levels. To be clear, this wasn’t an isolated incident or a mistake. The lack of honesty and integrity speaks to people, and most aren’t even aware of how bad it was/is.

  19. My ex was Catholic, I would say most Catholics tend to believe in liberal social values, that ‘s why most Catholic countries such as France and Spain tend to be socialist welfare states. If anything Catholicism tears away at good societies. Protestant America used to be strong but its in a very weak state today.

    1. I am a Nationalist and also a Catholic. I think priests should preach about hell, a place I am quite afraid of.

  20. If this is not a prime candidate for worst ever ROK article, I know not what is.
    Catholicism is the Babylonian Mystery religion with the gods and goddesses renamed as “saints” and the sun-worship “holy days” renamed “Christmas” and “Easter”. It has nothing, NOTHING to do with biblical Christianity.
    It misrepresents the Bible’s doctrines of salvation, as well as the correct meaning and use of the sacraments. It promotes idolatry, prayers to / for the dead, the insufficiency of Christ’s atonement, and it denies the doctrine of Christ’s human righteousness imputed to believers. In all of these things, it is anti-Scriptural.
    And of course, its priestcraft is anti-Scriptural too. Forbidding to marry is explicitly – EXPLICITLY – described by the Apostle Paul as a “doctrine of devils” – 1 Tim 4:1-3.
    You can’t have it both ways, Catholics. Either the Bible is the supreme and final Authority, or your “church” is. Because they are – and always have been – mutually incompatible.

  21. If you want to believe in God/a Higher Being, than simply do it. You don’t need a religion, which were basically dudes like you and me before 2000 years who asked themselves the same questions like us.

  22. I was married to a Catholic woman for over 30 years. Catholics will turn America into a South American banana republic. Already a large infiltration of them from Mexico and other sketchy countries.

  23. Do not trust any (((Jesuits))), (((st. Ignatius Loyola))) and his (((secret society))) have their dirty hands in many messes. In fact, do not trust the rcc in general. If you want to be a servant of God, pick up a bible and start preaching the word.

  24. I grew up Catholic, but I am not a believer in a watchful man in the sky, I do believe there might possibly be an intelligent creator. Nonetheless I love the Catholic culture, full of beautiful art, rich, and deep. I do feel sometimes my life lacks spirituality, so even though technically I am a non-believer, I go to Church to listen to what Priests have to say, they usually have good messages.
    I live in Los Angeles, you can imagine how degenerate this city is. I’ve met plenty of priests at Catholic Churches, and I can tell how saddened and disillusioned many of them are about what society is turning into. I was going out with a Catholic Korean broad, and she would take me to her church (I went so willingly fellas relax), and the Korean Priest was infinitely harsher than the sissified white guilt Los Angeles, White priests who catered to Multiculturalism and Homosexuality.
    The Priest would call out cheating wives, call out homosexuality, call out all forms of degeneracy, and told men to be strong, and to stop dressing like metro-sexual borderline queers (more common among Korean men than white men, believe it or not) and to take up manly activities and to learn to control their women… Wasn’t long before they removed him from Mass and replaced him with a child molesting looking cuck who blamed men for everything.
    I liked that Priest, when I asked what had happened to him, they basically told me that he was not a good fit for this post because of the kind of people who go to this Church (aka big city living degenerates), and they put him somewhere else instead, most likely. Typical. I can imagine all the degenerate fucking sub-humans who went to church hoping to feel good, hoping to hear that all they needed to do was recite a couple of hail marys in order to be absolved of their sins. Of course, those kind of people took offense to being scolded at their wrong doings and probably complained him outta there.
    The Catholic Church is overrun by Degenerates, and I don’t just mean us, the people who go there, but the actual authority figures in there. Call me a Conspiracy theorist, but I believe Zionists have invaded the Catholic Church, and have destroyed it from within. Time to Join Mel Gibson’s Catholic Church.

  25. Total bullshit. Modern Catholic church is bunch of gay-voiced pussies. It is even better to join some baptists in this case, but not these refugee-friendly loosers.And guys, it better to fuck girls and make kids instead of be one of celebate servants of Fracis-the-refugee-foot-kisser.

  26. How to become a Catholic Priest, fucking don’t. I’m going to catch a lot of shit for this, but religion in general is as beta as beta can be. It is not needed. RoK always talks about how the elite manipulate the masses, and religion is one of their most powerful tools. The hypocrisy and decadence of the Vatican is sickening. Men can, and should, go one without seeking moral guidance from bronze age ideals.
    We are our own masters.

    1. Agreed. Plus, every priest I know (and I know quite a few) is living a total lie and end up having women (or men) on the side. And the Church makes it very hard for priests to leave because they give them an education that is totally irrelevant for any other job, and they pay their expenses while giving them hardly any salary, so they are totally dependent on the Church.

  27. As someone who spent time very active in the Catholic Church, becoming a priest is a bad idea. Yes the Catholic church does need masculine leaders, but I am friends with a lot of priests, and they are either secretly gay, secretly have women on the side, stopped believing in Church teaching and are living a lie, or are total weirdos. In the past, it was basically accepted that normal guys would become priests, and would have women on the side, whereas today that isn’t accepted. Committing your life to an organization that demands you deny your most basic need (for sex), and with no surety of an eternal reward, isn’t a life any sensible man would want to live.

  28. This lacks a core aspect of religion: the lack of self judgment; as long as the priests dont actively judge the church it will keep declining into whatever modifications fit the current society… and while believers are happy to condemn the problems in the church in the end they take no legal nor economical actions against it

  29. St. Francis was a soldier, not a hippie, and living the true Franciscan life (which many communities have abandoned aside from groups like the Friars of the Immaculate and Friars of the Renewal, to name some good ones) is brutally ascetic.

  30. I would not call St Francis a hippy. I think his legend has been snowflaked so much it has led to an avalanche of false ecumenical in his name (we should love each other as individuals created by God in His image and not force religious systems together that do not for or sell out whatever isn’t nailed down to make it so). St. Francis had big cajones to go to the Muslim lands. He would have done it so they might convert to Jesus and the whole truth and definitely would not have allowed non-Catholic services–especially not pagan ones–in a church He built, as I believe has happened in Assisi in the past. He probably got roughed up by the sultan’s men, even though the Sultan was a curious man and liked a challenge. I think he praised some who took down a pagan idol or something not modernly ecumenical–the latter term once only applying to the business of bishops with each other and not interreligious relations. Any case, I have read much about him and he was not a hippy. Were Japanese samurai hippies for appreciating cherry blossoms or Indians, for appreciating nature? St Francis once chose to go to war. He ended up going to war against a stronger foe–the ego and it’s base desires and, as with Jesus, got him persecuted for it and, yet, did not say what people wanted to hear to go along to get along. Both pissed off both sides and it got one of them condemned to death. One thing I like about the obedient traditionalists is that they do not care if the separatists think they are sell-outs or the Left think they are Pharisees. They lay down their who before the bishop and put it in God’s hands what the latter does with them.
    I haven’t had the opportunity to get to a n Eastern Rite Mass, but the Latin Mass is devoid of ego. The priest does not feel tempted to entertain, but faces the crucifix and leads us to Calvary. You don’t see the choir, and they do not play toe-rappers to keep modern people around. The priests say what needs saying when he does face us.
    As far as Jesuits go, Fr Mitch Pacwa is very solid. There are probably others feeling like aliens in their own order. Pope Francis did make an outreach that exceeded his predecessors by giving them jurisdiction needed for providing certain sacraments. Even ones in good standing need permission before providing them in another diocese.
    Anyway, yeah, the system is a bit bloated, but you have all these people that have different levels of Faith or ones without who were baptized into it and, since bishops are the chief shepherds, they have to set some ground rules for the sake of the weaker. As Jesus did not come to destroy the law, neither should those who are wired right and/or raised right. Some will just have to be on life support for the sake of their souls in a legalistic mindset, though some look for loopholes in wording, while, ironically, accusing the legalistic pharisaical types of legalism, to get out of even that and will fall through the safety net. We all still have to do what we do in love of God, if not also our fellow man. We still must have Faith that Jesus is the Way, the Truth and the Life and what he said about those who do not do so going to Hell along with unrepentant adulterors (via lustful looks and remarriage after ditching the spouse) and those who do other things that Jesus told believers would lead to their damnation by their own hand. Good works is like helping your parents after all they did for you, even though yours will never repay the debt. You don’t have to be with them if they were in an elitist sex pedophilia ring, but you would not have been or able to see Christ’s face had they not gotten You that far. Forgiveness is necessary for Heaven, as in the “Our Father”. You better believe you will be on the edge of Hell, if you for unrepentent of that, thinking you were fine for merely believing in Jesus as your Lord and Savior. Those who are saved are his brothers and sisters in Heaven those were were those who did His Father’s Will.
    Sadly, many Catholics have falsely made Protestants think they were right by saying those of good will will be saved and being more like secular social workers than Christian stewards of God’s creation.
    Sorry for the essay.

  31. Even if you aren’t a Catholic you owe it to yourself to experience the Tridentine Mass. It’s an uplifting experience. Afterwards I often feel at peace and like I’ve been cleansed — with or without confession!

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