Men Are Becoming Too Scared To Ask Girls Out

Men used to have to rely on social connections family ties, or just dumb luck to meet a girl. In some ways, this new way of dating makes it more difficult. More guys have more options. Despite this however, I’m seeing a disturbing trend—guys are unwilling to make the first move. When all it would really take to significantly improve their results with girls would be to try a little bit harder.

Time and time again, when talking to guys, receiving emails, or coaching, I see a disturbing pattern emerging: they are simply not making a move at appropriate times. Even worse, they’re not even inappropriate times. They’re just not doing anything at all.

I’m not sure if it’s the massive quantities of soy that are infecting our general population, rendering a man useless and weak. Maybe it’s a lack of interest in the other sex because of the options are are available. But whatever it is it has to stop.

Girls Hate It, Too

As much as it’s fun to complain about their attitudes, flaky nature, and the lack of any and all feminine warmth in the West (in comparison to say, Russian girls), girls are sick of men being weak. What’s a girl to think when the majority of guys don’t even have the courage to ask for her phone number on Tinder? Or when they won’t have the balls to ask her out over a simple text message?

It’s simply easier than ever to ask a girl out. Does anybody actually use the phone function on their cell phone these days? All it takes to get a girl to meet you for a drink is to type out a few works on your screen and press the ‘Send’ button. It’s so simple, and yet so many are still not doing it.

I’m old enough to now think back of the “good ol’ days” of high school—I didn’t go to school in the richest area, and most of us didn’t have mobile phones. If I wanted to call a girl and ask her out, I had to call her house phone. I had to deal with the realistic possibility of her parents picking up the phone and explaining stuttering through who I was and why I wanted to talk to their girl, then asking if I could speak to their daughter. And if she wasn’t home, I had to hope they’d pass on the message and she’d return my call—then I’d wait by my own house phone to save her the ordeal of having to go through the same thing on my side of the line.

And if she didn’t call back, I’d have to go through the whole ordeal again.

A Reminder: Game Is NOT Always Needed

Game is not required as long as a girl is complying. Think of dating like a highway. You keep going on the road, to your end destination. It’s up to you as the man to guide her down that road. Occasionally, she’s going to take you off the road. Maybe she has to piss. Maybe she’s hungry (they always are). The reason doesn’t matter. The point is, you take a break from the road and then you get right back on it.

In terms of game, this means that she throws shit tests your way. When you’re trying to escalate things in a sexual sense, she tries to change the topics. You put her back on the road and keep going. You must continue to re-direct and drive towards the destination. Left in the hands of their own devices, women will veer you off the road and into a ditch, every time.

Of course, none of this is even necessary if she’s not deferring you in the first place—in that case, you’re more likely to screw things up by trying too hard. Sometimes she likes you and just wants you, it’s really that simple. This is increasingly true the more that sluttiness becomes accepted across society.

I noticed a stark contrast between dating earlier in my life (2013) versus more recent years. Repeatedly, I felt like I had girls out with me, and all I had to do was not screw it up. But, before I could get them out I had to follow the process.

It was quite simple, and that simple process still works. It’s all the other hamstering that you do along the way that gets you into trouble. Game is shockingly similar to sales, and what’s the one thing they teach you in every sales class?

You have to ask.

The same applies to girls. If you’re not even willing to try to ask for her number or ask her on a date, you’re simply not going to get very far. It’s becoming increasingly clear that you can win the game just by doing more than most other guys are—and thankfully, most of them aren’t doing much.

You are always going to regret the girls that you didn’t try for. The one you didn’t ask out. The one you didn’t approach. The one you didn’t try to kiss. You’ll never regret the ones you did try for.

So get to trying.

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435 thoughts on “Men Are Becoming Too Scared To Ask Girls Out”

  1. “Qui audet adipiscitur.” (Who dares, wins).
    – David Stirling, founder of the British SAS.

    1. Dares what?
      Let me just turn the challenge on the head.
      Dare for a while to chat her up and just leave her. Try to just for a while to just ignore her, or even better; right in front of her clearly indicate that you have other and better interests than her right now. Try to demand some intellectual response before taking it any further.
      The article says that men are getting too scared to ask women out, and women dislike it. The former is a pity, as to the latter – who cares?
      The PUA community is caught between a stone and a hard spot as they are practicing keeping their cool and at the same time seems to completely controlled by their friend between their legs. To me they seems to be just as obsessed by women as the beta who thinks about it all the time without getting any. Both attitudes build the stupid pedestal.

      1. EXACTLY because game IS beta! Think about it: does a naturally confident man have to THINK about making himself attractive, or is he just attractive? All the best outcomes with women I’ve ever had in my life, I was happy, healthy, and just being myself. I wasn’t trying or pretending, I just was. Women love healthy, happy men. Game imply lack, it implies imperfection and worse yet, thirst for vagina. How do you think PUAs stay in business? They’re gaming the MEN more than the women! Women respond to male leadership, try long enough and women will sleep with you. Game is just a confidence trick for betas.

    1. I think it is interesting that authors of these types of articles always suggest this chestnut, i.e. you will always regret the girls you didn’t try for . I could care less the girls I didn’t approach in my blue pill days, no regrets at all here, but what about you guys? Do you stew in regrets about the women that “got away” because you didn’t approach?

      1. I had a shot at half the cheer squad, but I was too bp to notice them twirling their hair and blushing when we talked.
        Kinda regret that. Lesson learned, I guess.

        1. The age of consent where I live is 16. Just saying. You can go back and have a couple now that you have game if you want.

      2. Agreed, I have yet to meet any guy who regrets not busting a move. As I stated earlier, for most of us, we didn’t ‘bust a move’ because we simply weren’t motivated to do so in the first place.
        Now messing up a sure thing is another story altogether. Sure many of us regretted that time where we asked a girl out, or some girl we liked was literally handing the pussy over on a platter, and we f’d up and missed out. That’s a different thing altogether.
        But regret not approaching a girl in the 1st place? Nope, never happened. Mostly because even if you are a total herb, when you see something you can’t resist, you WILL make an approach. Now that doesn’t mean it will be successful, but most guys will at least try. Even if their technique is totally inept.

      3. Yeah, the hottest blonde girl in my class in college, I learned from friends after graduation, had been waiting for me to ask her out. I hadn’t noticed her because she wasn’t my type. That’s probably why she liked me.

      4. If I take the time to think about the old days and a memory comes up where I now know I missed a golden opportunity, maybe a little bit, but not much really.

      5. “you will always regret the girls you didn’t try for”
        Yea but I won’t regret the false rape/DV allegations that I didn’t get. Perspective!!!

  2. The way I see it is that if being rejected is the worst thing to happen to you then you’re a pathetic weakling. A rejection isn’t going to sap you of your strength, take away what you have accumulated/earned, diminish your bank account, make your penis shrink (at least not permanently anyway) or in any way affect your life force.
    Grow a pair of balls and do it. If they say ‘no’, big shit.

    1. Dude this comment pushed me over the confidence edge. I’ve been getting plenty of IOIs from girls at my college this week but haven’t been approaching them. After reading this article and then this comment I said fuck it, what is there to lose. So I did it. Cute girl sits near me, I go and direct game her. She rejects me but we have a nice little convo anyway. Fuck was I so afraid for.

    2. I agree, but I can also understand why dudes just don’t feel like it. Getting rejected sucks, but getting married sucks too. Relationships here also suck. So it’s only really worth it if she fucks you for a short while without much drama. I can make that happen, but the average dude is over it.

      1. Understandably. One cannot help but be jaded given how toxic the relations are between men and women courtesy of the mind virus in feminism among other things. I get that way too. Then I will remind myself that I’m better than that and women are equivalent to children and should be treated as such.

      2. getting married sucks? Actually I much prefer it. Wish I had done so years ago. Guess it depends on the person you marry.

  3. Roosh said at the beginning of the year that he respects guys who cold approach girls.

    1. Once you’ve been through a divorce, cold approaching is easy. You realize that there is literally nothing a woman can do to hurt you. It’s all upsides.

  4. I used to think the current generation was just more antisocial, socially stunted, sexually retarded, etc. But frankly, the MAJORITY of the women just aren’t worth the effort these days.
    For every 7,8,or 9, you have 40-50 fatties, tatted, meth-looking skanks, hair-hatted, post-baby, busted-bodied, hook bitches, and pseudo-lesbian, anti-beauty, feminist extremist running around. And a vast majority of what’s left over is painfully plain, has no personality, vapid, self absorbed, and sexually invisible.
    And this is across the board. Young, old, middle aged, it doesn’t matter; the majority of the available women on offer in the west are simply undesirable.
    It’s like complaining how your kid has no desire to get a drivers license and buy a car. Yet you live on a bus line, he has 24hr access to Uber, and all the cars available to him are either barely running, broken down, and extremely undesirable to boot.
    Sure he dreams of that sweet 69 Camaro SS his dad wistfully remembers, but those are all gone, and what’s comparable he can’t afford. Things have changed, drastically, yet his innate sexual needs and desires have not.
    Short of moving overseas, or spending every waking moment, re-inventing himself into some fantasy fuckboy that all of theses undesirable women think they deserve; it makes far better sense to simply not play.

    1. This really sums up the common problem. It’s a matter of risk/reward. Why stick your hand in the trap if there is no prize inside? In the last month, I’ve seen a total of three women I would consider approaching, and one of them already had a ring on her finger. I’m not a man with high standards, I have no problems with a 4 or 5 if they have no visible tattoos or metal in their face. But that’s every woman under fifty I see today. Obscenely overweight, with more metal in their face than a scrapyard and more ink than a tax office. And this can be seen in high-school girls now. What’s the point of approaching if you know you’re going to hate every second of the conversation and there’s no way you’re going to be able to get it up without medical assistance even if you do manage to score?

      1. “What’s the point of approaching if you know you’re going to hate every second of the conversation and there’s no way you’re going to be able to get it up without medical assistance even if you do manage to score?”
        For practice.

        1. I have to agree. Why disgust myself approaching Rosie ODonnell when I can just gaze at Selma Hayek, get my fix, and not be any hating myself for delving into the Crisco lake?

        2. Then you are not trying hard enough to find quality women. There ARE some out there. Go find them. Do some recon. Get some intel. Maybe they are at church?

        3. No they arent. The ones there just pretend to be different. Then when they think they got ya, BAM! Out comes the list of demands and an all out assault on your frame as they try to “tame” you. It’s a huge pain in the dealing with church girl’s control issues.

        4. I guess I should have qualified my remarks by saying “actually become a real Catholic first. It CAN be a red pill experience if you really follow Jesus.”

        5. “I guess I should have qualified my remarks by saying “actually become a
          real Catholic first. It CAN be a red pill experience if you really
          follow Jesus.””
          Finding a good woman in church is possible, but you have to accept the rules of that religion, umm…..religiously.
          1. The best women would be virgins. They have zero experience, and if very religious, will not leave you for anyone else. On the other side of things, you should give such a woman the same courtesy. Don’t sleep around on her, and make an effort to actually love her, because she deserves it.
          2. Accept the fact that you WILL be having kids. That’s a dealbreaker for me. Already got the snippity snip, and never regretted it.
          So yeah, ask me know I know this shit.

        6. I see another 12 step program that is destined to fail. Then only thing that a man can do is decide to have self control and standards then force himself to live by them, no religious cults or 12 step nonsense to deal with.

        7. This is the problem with men standing together. IMO avoid virgins because I do not want to spend time training an adult. I rather have an woman who is experienced and knows herself.
          Many women think all men are like Dad. That is a mistake. Women hate it when men treat her like mom too. It takes time to learn about each other. I do not condemn other men for trying what they think will work for them.
          Happiness,it is you doing what works for you.

        8. A woman knowing herself doesn’t necessarily means she’s been riding the carousel. So your preference is for a woman that will be able to specifically judge your penis size, and sexual skill based on the 10’s of other ones she has experienced. LOL

        9. Sex is an experiential experience. No experience means no way of judging. Sexual skill depends on many factors not merely penis size. As too big is painful Too big in the personage of an hubris that wrongly thinks that is enough is mistaken.
          A woman who has no such knowledge (virgin)can be fooled easily. Her rage at finding out the truth, sunders the heavens.

      2. Gonna be honest, the sheer number of tats that girls my age (early to mid 20s) possess is a huge turnoff in the dating game. Not only that, but they’re all extremely obvious and visible (thighs, forearm and shoulder).

      3. All human behavior is governed by risk reward. If there is no reward for risk the person won’t take the risk.

    2. These girls ARE uber. You take a ride then leave. This isn’t an article about marrying…

      1. Many men especially those among us that are religious are looking for marriage not a quick slut to screw

        1. I wouldn’t hang my hat on religion. There’s just as much divorce inside the church as there is outside of it. Just saying.

        1. Uber with a fifty-fifty chance of dying in a fiery crash. I too would prefer to walk.

    3. destroying the masculine object of desire has been one of the most effective assaults on men. Moreover there has been an attempt to replace such objects with purely masturbatory ones, either pornographically sexualised women, or those like the pseudo-lesbians hollywood and feminism wants us to believe in, who are unattainable by definition. The powers that be want us mesmerised by fake goddesses and wanking in a corner

    4. This, this THIS!
      I think it’s more than just guys being afraid to hit up women or social anxiety, etc. Women these days in the west are simply bottom of the barrel. Sexual liberation may have opened these skanks legs on a wider scale but the net effect is the devaluation of all women.
      People appreciate more the things that they must work harder for or sacrifice more for. That is the nature of value. Let’s face it, women today have little if any value and LOTS of liability. I would really love to hear someone’s thoughtful rebuttal on the difference in value between masturbating into a plastic fuck doll and fucking a modern woman. It’s virtually the same thing!
      Since we have devalued women and sex to such a degree, there is little if any motivation (or difference) between the fucking a sex doll and an actual woman(aside from hearing the annoying woman actually talk).
      I’ve gamed all sorts of women. I’ve done shit that took serious balls. I’ve said and done things with women that would get other men slapped, punched and even arrested. After several years of “gaming” I’m not any better a man for it. In fact I probably desire women less now. Why? Because I see through the facade which is a flimsy veneer at best and there really isn’t much reward for those efforts. Not only that I find it degrading to behave like a dancing monkey all for the meager scraps of attention some ADD slut may throw my way.
      Instead of gaming women, random pickups, I’d probably derive much more entertainment and satisfaction by treating them a scenic view atop a very tall building. In which I kick her bitch ass off the top and hear the entertaining screams all the way down. Now THAT might actually be fun!

      1. I think the uneven payoff is a much bigger reason than fear of rejection. I approach girls all the time and I still HATE giving some of them my time when it becomes obvious they don’t deserve it. I can’t get that time back and they know it.

        1. Although it is not about fear of women, it is men don’t want to cater to their insane vanity, shallow values, self-centered, entitled and greedy, all the while believing that tis deserved just because of vagina. Its too much of a headache, too much “tolerating” estrogen and their mental illness. There is no reward, high risk, and too much pain to bother with them, much less who in their right mind would want to “have a relationshit” with them, because that’s all it would end up being, a relationshit, because THEY WILL NOT AND DO NOT BELIEVE THEY MUST INVEST IN IT, all that matters to them is THEIR FEELINGS AND DESIRES (modern feminism at its most malignant cancerous stage).. Men don’t necessarily want to be simps and white knights and SETTLE for their crap anymore.

      2. The most desirable women, those currently in their 20’s, only want to do exactly what they want and only exactly when they want to do. Their abundance has turned them into a very spoiled lot. This is why text responses have dropped off of a cliff. I can send out 10 text invites, all to women who have at least expressed interest and to some of whom I’ve already closed. I’ll get a few no responses, some “my phone died”s, a few “I’m busy’s,” a few “I’m tired’s” and at best 1 or 2 “Maybe”s which is just a nice way of saying no. Modern women love to eat, drink, and travel, but only on their terms (since it’s mostly about looking perfect to take selfies anyway.) Since they will no longer answer phone calls, and you can only glean scant details about their current mood through three or four word texts or five second Snaps, you literally have to be a mind reader or have lottery levels of luck to successfully set up a “date.”
        This is why I really stopped trying to “make things happen.” Nowadays I work on myself, stand there and look pretty, and wait for the woman to signal that she wants to hang. This takes the form of either her showing up out of the blue or sending a text when you least expect it. It’s a far cry from the standard meet/call/date paradigm that worked as recently as even 10 years ago, and it’s also a sad state of affairs, but the results speak for themselves.

        1. The most laughable aspect for me is them actually trying to get you to bend to their frame, their schedule, and when among them… not just putting up the expected resistance, but acting as if they state the terms of how everything will go. Reminds me of a girl I dated for a few months, when it came to me getting anything I wanted, the way I wanted, she always had some bullshit stopper she certainly intentionally put in there just to enforce her “girl power mode.” Granted, she was 7 body, and 9 face.. so she was riding on the aspect that most guys would fuck her in a second, but my tolerance just wears thin.
          A year later or so she texts me saying she wanted to hang out and was thinking about me a lot. We started to discuss how it didn’t really work out between us before hanging like that, and why. I said: “Look, the truth is all I wanted to do is fuck you, and the few times we did, you made it an enormous pain in the ass, and way too time consuming.” Her response;”Well why didn’t you just say that.” I said I did, but you’re so self-absorbed, it killed the interaction, the entire sexual vibe, and everything…. which really was not remotely entertaining or even “girl funny.” Then she goes on to say how she feels bad she acted that way, and I say:”Look, I made it abundantly clear when we first started talking, my life is conducted on my terms, I’m done negotiating, you had the chance… and frankly fucked it up royally.”
          Told another Ex-fling same shit basically. “Apparently you mistake me for some faggot that pays his dues twice with a bitch.. I’m not here to pad your world so the truth is more gentle.” Never heard from her again.
          See, they value what they do for you in themselves, not in what way it benefits you or to be kind So today’s tramp just decides in their own mind they’re a great valuable catch because they do 1-2 good deeds….(I did good, see, I gave him a half-witted blowjob, that’s all of that I’M doing until he goes down on me with 3 other guys’ wad in my twat for the next month) and that delusion leads to a life of ultimately getting used on various levels by a whole shit-load of men, all of whom are slightly satisfied in her in any way at all, and not just sex, but mostly dissatisfied.
          Even lifetime blue-pill guys are realizing at minimum, some level of dysfunction now… or rather, malfunction in women nowadays..Not to say they don’t double down and become total-bitch-boys, they do, but they are starting to recognize the intolerable shit.. when the late adopters and laggards are taking note of devaluation in women, the product:: American Women and Everything they Stand For, pussy included, is on its way out of the market.

        2. Also, I believe college age girls are the perfect target. After college, women are impossible to please because they’re looking for … god knows who… superman?
          But every day, a young woman turns 21 and is looking to embrace feminism, which she thinks means “sexual freedom.” Be there waiting for her.
          It’s a paradox, but young girls are actually easier than girls in their 30s.

        3. That’s because they have less baggage. It’s easier to keep a 21 year old starting her life than a 45 year old divorced single mom. The latter has all sorts of psychological issues and baggage. That is why older men often date younger women. Older women become bitter and cynical.

        4. That’s because if you run into a female that is still single in her 30s or 40s, she’s basically demonstrated that she isn’t relationship material. Women that are good at relationships and are attracted to good men, get into those relationships by age 21 and they stay in them for a lifetime. So those marriageable women are off the market. MOST guys that I know that have been married for years to a decent looking nice lady met that woman back when they were late teens early 20s.

        5. This is true. I dated a girl my age off of line dating. Drove into town, same day lay, it lasted a couple months. She told me how many dudes shed been with. 32.
          I was shocked and concerned for the health of my Johnson.
          But, a couple years since, and the Johnson is fine, I realized that she probably lied to me with a plausible number and she may have been triple digits.

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        7. Really???
          I prefer their young bodies and tight little p*ssies. Personalities have nothing to do with it. But that’s just me…

        8. “The most laughable aspect for me is them actually trying to get you to bend to their frame, their schedule, and when among them… not just putting up the expected resistance, but acting as if they state the terms of how everything will go. ”
          This. I have experienced this recently where i am and thought it was just me, but then again i thought something was amiss. this clarifies it. I’d even spoken about it with some natural alpha dudes at my gym and even they were getting it. one said to me that 5-10 years ago it was about the man and woman impressing each other, now they are all “what can you do for me?” this guy is a national amateur body building champion and is a naturally good looking guy with a strong masculine presence. chicks self perception is outta control.

        9. The problems are in culture and definitions. Relationship? Well, that might mean something different to me than it does to you.
          Some of it is wimpy men. Men are a target for frustrated women. bad laws and rules made by cowardly legislatures and men. Yes, men who have been elected become eunuchs over night. I blame other men more than women. So many men are scared. That is possibly due to fear mongering.
          There is no guarantee that the woman of 20 will be as desirable at 40. What i want in this stage of life and what another might want could be very different. One thing is to know yourself and who you are. What emotional, physical,mental items are in your checklist?
          I realized early on that I am a gregarious loner. I prefer to socialize out side my abode and really do not want to “live with any one”. When I was very young living with a woman was the goal. No one questioned it. The problem is i always felt empty. The reason is simple.I was not getting what i needed nor had the words to express it. It is not her fault if you do not communicate.
          Women often hint. The issue is in today’s world hints are not the same as communication. And some women and men are not honest.
          Yet if we communicate exactly what we want(assuming we know what that is) then often we are considered ill mannered.

        10. Bitter and cynical at be at the wrong reasons. Feminism didn’t free them, it wrecked them physically, mentally and sexually. There is not a single aspect that has been discussed in this thread where feminism made things better. After all the tattoos, all the demonization of men, all the slutting promiscuity and cock carousel the called liberation, men see them as heavily damaged goods while they believe they are the golden entitled vagina dream princess. Women wrecked women…not men. We went along with the program and gave them what they demanded…we aquiesed to them.
          The snake gave Eve what she wanted and made both sexes miserable for it and yet somehow men get blamed for it. How passive aggressive could Eves be? God’s ultimate joke of self indulgence in women is tragic.

        11. And it all is about their own ability to resist and manage their own self indulgence, that is the basis of an attractive woman. If she can do that and briefly touch and sate her self indulgence in little snippets, she accentuates her sexual and personal attractiveness, but when they let it rule them, it’s a horrid beast.

        12. I made a comment response up above that I think sums up why that is.. this topic that we’re are commenting on seems to be the most down to earth core resonating one I’ve seen here with men.

      3. ” Not only that I find it degrading to behave like a dancing monkey all for the meager scraps of attention”
        Dancing monkey… that’s the same analogy I use. It’s sodegrading I simply refuse to do it. I know what works and I find myself intentionally doing what I know doesn’t work because then if there’s interest it’s more likely real and not just for being an entertaining jester.

      4. I think a lot of men experience this. It’s that same thing as walking into a restaurant, taking a look at the menu, and making that awkward realization that nothing listed even wets your appetite. Why bother visiting the restaurant anymore if you know, chances are pretty good, nothing there will strike your fancy? Why pay good money for a restaurant meal when you can get something cheaper and stay in? The risk and investment is so high considering the fact that: 1) Belligerent and hateful attitudes towards men are now common. 2) Women are STILL completely unaccountable for their actions. 3) Many women are now anti-beauty, don’t even take care of their hair, are fat, nasty and tatted up. 4) Most women have the personality of dead fish. Taken all together is it any wonder that there is virtually nothing out their that can wet a sane man’s appetite? You’d be weird if these slugs did wet your appetite.

    5. “For every 7,8,or 9, you have 40-50 fatties, tatted, meth-looking skanks, hair-hatted, post-baby, busted-bodied, hood bitches, and pseudo-lesbian, anti-beauty, feminist extremist running around. And a vast majority of what’s left over is painfully plain, has no personality, vapid, self absorbed, and sexually invisible.”
      And you have matching numbers of doughy, beer swilling, sportsball watching morons on the dude side. How many actual male friends do you have that aren’t toxic? Shit is the new average. It’s society, not just women. If you fancy yourself unique or above average, you are by definition a rarity. As such finding a woman of that caliber will also be rare.

      1. On ROK they talked about recalibrating the 1-10 scale for looks. An average 5 weighs about 150, has “just a couple” tattoos and maybe a nose ring. Look around you and know this is basically right.

        1. The average American female is overweight and on the verge of obese. Depressing as it may be, using a normal standard distribution curve that’s what we have to assume is a 5.

        2. Two thirds of the population is overweight. Too many people live sedentary lifestyles.

      2. Also some guys forget there are guys out there who like girls with tattoos and nose rings. Do you think Mr.Barista at Starbucks or mr.guitarrist with the tattoos is dating that blonde girl in the wheat fields? No hes dating a similar girl with some tattoos on her arm and a big nose ring.

      3. Statistically speaking, males have a broader distribution curve so there will be significantly more higher end males that have to compromise on their attractiveness and status than females. I don’t consider myself a prize, but I am in far superior physical and financial condition to the vast majority of males in my age range. Very few females compare.

        1. I agree. I have a group of buddies who are all married. I went out with the couples once and realized EVERY SINGLE ONE of them married a girl much uglier than them, with a shittier personality. If the bitch is ugly, she damn well better be feminine, nice, or rich. What the hell?. I’d might as well marry my dog.

        2. I used to find my dog to be better emotional support than my ex wife. I missed that dog.

        3. I say this with no hyperbole, it’s goddamn awful out there. There’s such a major decline in the last 10 years with women I am gradually becoming convinced I will have to convert to a religion if I want to have a family.

        4. Convert to a religion…that’s great, but with all the emasculation in churches, etc going on, which one is worth a damn these days, lol??

        5. If true, that sucks. I married a Polish girl, so I changed the playing field.

        6. Don’t settle, keep on looking. Don’t be a schmuck that settles. Go to Poland if you have to. I did.

        7. Catholic is pretty good, but the Pope sucks, he is a lefty for sure, and has gay colleagues.

        8. Church girls have their own set of control issues that make them just as obnoxious as the slut they try to distance themselves from.

        9. Mormonism is probably your best bet for the type of woman you look for.
          The rest are the same sluts you find everywhere else,just dressed up pretty for Sunday. Catholic girls are usually the most emotionally fucked up of the lot.

        10. Not many of them preach about hell that is for sure…pussified to the max. Jesus was a hardcore Alpha male I think…he went around telling the unpopular truth and was hated by some….

        11. My very Catholic wife is a keeper. The difference is she was raised in a patriarchal, traditional, strongly religious culture in a very small village (pop. 1,200) in the Philippines. She was taught by her mother that sex was so great that she should wait for marriage as once tasted always wanted, and marriage meant a steady supply. Secondly she was taught that, as a wife, it was her responsibility to keep her husband’s balls drained.

      4. True in terms of physicality. Which is part of why most average-to-attractive women would rather just wait for her turn with the apex man as opposed to having to slow the carousel to take a chance on the median man.
        They know (think) the median men will always be there to clean up when the apex men stop text-banging them. Most of them are correct, but that will change too and the shrill voices for for “man up and marry that slut” will grow louder.
        They are just not that interested in Relationship town with their natural counterparts when they can still order off the hypergamy sushi menu a la carte. They are consumers. They want *experience* above all else.
        They will avoid their natural counterparts even if that means dry spells of actual shagging or “dates” or flings. They’ve always got their orbiters, Facebook, and instawhore to keep them company. When that falters, its wine and zannies and pets for the win.
        The point made above stands, however, because the approach-pursuit onus is still on the man; it is a problem of incentives. Incentives and a massive dislocation in SMV self-assessment; women are grossly over-valuing their SMV, in spite of systematically lowering the value of their sex.
        And male attractiveness has a much more varied set of drivers, so a man can be a chubby schlub as long as he as compensatory qualities.
        But you are also correct, the way up is to encourage men to improve, regardless of the shitty sexual trades happening in the market, to build new intrinsic-based incentives.
        Move closer to the 1%, but more importantly become a better man because you are built for better things – the “way things are” i.e. women are unattractive, vapid, consumers is not really within your control, but your own character is entirely yours.
        Finally, quit feeding the beast. Women are vapid because there are too many men on the other end of those phones feeding that. Get off social media and get the guys together and go outside and do something. Women’s hindbrains will respond to men of action. An end-run can be made, but it wont be easy. Then again, easy is how we got to this point.

      5. The problem is men are held accountable for their own situations, women are not.

    6. Quick thought exercise: consider the last several times you’ve been to the gym, as far back as you remember. How many of the people at that gym were guys and how many girls? And of those girls how many were actually fit and how many were slobs trying to act healthy by getting in 10 minutes on the elliptical?
      I’ve been to many gyms across several cities across several countries, and my best guess is that the ratio is around 10-1. Hell, most times the chicks working at the front desk are chubby!
      Bottom line is the average guy feels like he has to look like Arnold while the average girl is on her couch swiping with her right hand and shoving Cheetos into her mouth with the left.

      1. These modern ones like all this farm to table and organic crap but when the mood suits them they will binge on donuts and pizza.

    7. “It makes far better sense to simply not play” .. reminds me of the tag line from that great 1984 Cold War film War Games “the only winning move is not to play” , ah yes (((Matthew Broderick))) and (((Ally Sheedy))) , one could almost sense a certain theme here …

    8. Exactly why risk the unfortunately all too common public humiliation of a bitch giving you the brutal turndown when chances are that if she did say yes you’d end up dumping her two to three dates in anyway after realizing she’s a whore

    9. I used to envy americans and europeans for their lifestyles, then I traveled to Germany and England and all I saw was degeneracy and nihilism. At least I get to have a faithfull wife and lots of kids here in south america.
      I’m not better than any of you guys in a matter of personal virtue, but it is a matter of fact who has the better conditions to live a meaningful life here. At this pace you fuckers will die rotting in loneliness and emptiness, while contemplating the great achievements of your ancestors and complaining about being powerless to change anything.
      I’m tired of seeing gringos complaining. I never imagined that a whole generation of men would give up trying to get married, and now they are even stoping trying to get laid? Hell, what the fuck is happening? Has this ever happened before in human history? I don’t think so.
      This can’t end well.

      1. 2 -different cultures my man. Ours is currently fucked. All a man can do here stateside is create his own microcosm, and sub-sub-sub culture of his own really.

        1. Living overseas I noticed most foreigners have an outdated idea about America.

        2. “All a man can do here stateside is create his own microcosm, and sub-sub-sub culture of his own really.”

      2. I’ve had a wonderful time fucking the top tier ladies in Colombia, Incan girls in Peru, girls in Mexico, Costa Rica, and even a Venezuelan whom I met in Spain on asylum. I truly love women, thanks to my experience with Latinas.
        But I agree with you. Family oriented latinos do seem happier, because the feminist movement never hit there.
        It will. I can see it in the big cities. It’s creeping in through the cell phones and tv screens. Make sure you guard your wife and daughters.

        1. I will. There’s actually a lot of feminist shit in my country in the big cities. They have already infected universities and the media and the corrupit political class don’t hesitate in using them as subversion tools. But things are getting better because there is actually something good about latinos being hard minded and, dare I say, dumb: they won’t accept changes who seem unatural and unreligious. Ignorance is not really bad when the people is rooted on the right values. They might not be able to articulate why they are important, but they know they are important anyway, and that is what matters.
          Also, a good portion of the high class citizenry is constituted of ancient christian families, so they are pretty conservative and are doing their best in keeping a rather effective countermeassure in order to prevent liberal ideas from spreading.

      3. “I never imagined that a whole generation of men would give up trying to get married, and now they are even stoping trying to get laid?.”
        Well, guys down there probably don’t end up like Thomas James Ball or Travis Alexander.

        1. Clearly you have not studied the divorce laws. Most of the laws are anti-male. When so-called men’s right guys pressure it always comes out worse. Because men cannot get it together. Women’s groups tend to stay on target even with very different agendas.

    10. Some women look downright like trolls. I mean I thought cavewomen would look hideous but modern women look like the equivalent of cave trolls

    11. “But frankly, the MAJORITY of the women just aren’t worth the effort these days.”
      That. It’s rare to find one worth the effort and risk.
      “Short of moving overseas, or spending every waking moment, re-inventing
      himself into some fantasy fuckboy that all of theses undesirable women
      think they deserve; it makes far better sense to simply not play.”
      Exactly. I like to use the market analogy PUAs are so fond of, but the price/demand curve instead. Price is high, quality is low, demand is going to crash.

      1. Start going after women 1-2 SMV points below you, and with low notch count. Admittedly the latter is a very tough thing to know.

        1. “Start going after women 1-2 SMV points below you”
          That sounds fucking awful. All the effort we put into our life and we have to compromise on one of the most important components on life.

        2. Yeah, Fuck that. Go after women at your SMV or higher. Many men are intimidated by attractive women and are afraid to ask them out.
          When my wife moved here from Poland she observed”American men are ok looking, but they choose such ugly fat women to be with. How did that happen?”.
          Looks like many American men are following your dumb advice. Normal guys with women 50 pounds overweight. What the heck?!

        3. Depends on how much BS you want to put up with. Not saying you won’t in that dropoff… however statistically it is better for BS repellant. Also none other than one of the Fathers of Game – Roissy (Chateau Heartiste) advised this especially to guys still getting their Game footing. You guys also are buying the bright shiny toy.
          See past the 1-2SMV dropoff, you may have a nerdy girl who is a hidden HB8 all dolled up.

        4. Yeah, I agree, nerdy girls can be a hidden treasure…so ask yourself, where ARE the hot nerdy girls with low self esteem? Church? Birdwatching? Hiking? Go FIND them.

      2. I must echo GoJ on this one. There is an immense area of “flyover states” in the US that is largely untapped and still has marriageable women.

        1. I see this from the perspective of Chicago where these fly-over state women come to experience the big city. It also puts me in the proximity of fly over country and what I see doesn’t really look better.

        2. Definitely avoid those specifically wanting to go to the big city, except for use as a slut.
          I have seen some hidden gems in the nether regions (pun intended) of the South Georgia area that have no use for going to the big city to “experience” life.

    12. Going overseas is much better, also with the toxic political and social environment, its even more of an incentive to move elsewhere.

    13. Behold millenials, the shittiest generation this planet has ever seen. May it be the last.

    14. I don’t recognize this reality. But then I live in Sweden.
      EDIT: On the appearance part at least.

    15. This applies to westernized women such as women from Rio, Brazil. Men do not want to approach women because women will more likely give a cockblock. Also, most of them do not want to get a false rape allegation from a bitch. Women are just too god damn picky and evil these days.

    16. This speaks to me.
      I look decent, I know how to socialize, I have friends and go out sometimes, I am an average dude, but I look around and I see skeletons, landwhales, tattoos… many of these girls could look good if they tried, but they actually put effort into getting as ugly, disgusting and awful as they can, to hell with them.

  5. My present ex-gf/gf/ex-gf said that she like me initially because I was direct:
    something as simple as:- “I want to see you again, how about Thursday”
    However, I have always been a fast closer — I am more into the one-night-stand passion. And stated years ago that every women will ONS with Mr Right -now…
    So, with newly learn’t txting skills/game etc from experts in the manosphere(who are 20 – 30 years younger than me) – i went out recently:
    Spoke to 4 friendly women, and exchanged numbers.
    txtd them next day – “nice meeting you yesterday ” + short relevant comment.
    All 4 answered – quick logistical discussion for possible continuation (but not for a month 100 miles away).
    However, back to initial passion — I just don’t care that much and would prefer to stay with gf — and this probably applies to most women also…
    So, I say again – go for the bang — relationships may follow…

    1. Good advice, but you could leave it at simply “go for the bang” and that is solid enough.

    2. “My present ex-gf/gf/ex-gf said that she like me initially because I was direct:
      something as simple as:- “I want to see you again, how about Thursday”
      That’s always worked for me. In fact, that’s how a landed a super-hot HB9 wife. “I don’t play games, let’s meet on Friday.” Boom, it separates you from the pack. Women love a man who knows what he wants.

  6. The way I look at it at this point is that 9.5 times out of 10, a rejection is a great blessing. A rejection just means that some other poor bastard will be stuck with her, or even more unfortunate, that an innocent cadre of felines will have the misfortune of being abducted from the local pet shelter to live in catlady kingdom-style agony.

    1. The greatest is when you get rejected, then see her somewhere in the not-so-distant future with a total loser. I think some girls shoot guys down because they know ultimately the guy IS out of their league, would be dominant, and crumble many of her preconceived notions of what the modern man-woman relationship is supposed to be.

      1. Cosign. I have had a couple that as soon as things were looking seriously good, they would dump me for some junkie ex-con. Their excuse? They couldnt live with the “high” expectations that came with being my woman. My expectations? Keep a job, stay loyal, don’t do drugs, and dont being shame to me, my family or friends. Oh the burden of performance these poor women have to shoulder.

        1. I have that same expectations, which are not very high, and neither one of these skanks wouldn’t even TRY to live up to them. That says a lot.

      2. This. I also think it has a lot to do with the fact that girls have a really hard time getting dumped by higher value men. What is worse?: dating an ex-con, some dweeb, swagged out drug dealer where there are no real expectations of a serious relationship where she can just walk away or getting dumped by someone you truly value and have to face that?

    2. At least the cats can feast on her corpse when she vapor-locks and lying tits-up on the living room floor of her flat or house.

      1. That is hilarious! She becomes part of them. Because cats are assholes.

    1. That´s indeed a very good advice, it´s not the same if you ask “would you like” and “let´s go to”, you´re giving the option to say no, an easy exit, in the other you are only giving one option, it´s more easy to reject the first, the second require more energy and to be more assertive to go against the balls of the guy to say no. Some girls just comply just because there is no option to say no and assertiveness is not a female quality. That´s why you always hear them said “I don´t know it just happen, I can´t explain” Then hamsterization to explain why she open her legs.
      This book is awesome you can apply all that shit with girls and you will know the tricks to avoid being scammed.

      1. Also, this is a good shit test for a man to run on a woman if you like compliant women. If she asserts herself and doesn’t comply, and she doesn’t have a damn good reason for it, you’d probably be fighting that kind of attitude any time you hung out with the broad.

        1. The propaganda told them to fight the battle of the sexes they see romantic movies where the girl behave like a bitch and the guy like a stalker, in reality men hate the bitchyness and women fear the real psycho stalker that usually don´t look like Ryan gosling.

  7. That top photo? If you see her do that, it’s a sign that she likes you and wants you to ask her out.

  8. I’m no Casanova, nor Don Juan, not even a Tyrone.
    But what I didn’t get from this article is if it differentiates between a bang and a potential long term.
    Reason why I say that is, if the woman just wants to bang, going through the whole process as if you’re interested in a LT will scare her off, specially now days with the empowered snatches.
    Tyrone on the other hand has no interest in how she feels, or what she wants. Tyrone knows all he wants. Then she’ll go to Tyrone who is more than happy to powerfck her empowered snatch

  9. Just out of curiosity what is the biggest age difference between you and a girl you bedded? I’m curious. Mine is 14 years; I’m 41, she is 27

    1. 14 years, not bad, my friend, not too shabby… Does your question include pay-for-play, though? ;*) Seriously, 12 years here; I was 35/she was 23, from a cold approach in a park a few years back.

        1. Bob, I knew you would take the crown, sir. Pretty damn impressive, am not going to lie.

        2. Thanks, but that’s only because I am older than dirt. When you guys get to be my age, you’ll be bragging about even higher age differences…

        3. It gets easier when you get older, even if you are only moderately successful. Trust me on that one. I have never banged a woman over the age of 38. And I’ve only had serious relationships with women who were under the age of 30 when we first got together. I just don’t like women who are older. Their attitudes suck, they think they’re special, most of them are feminists and they are just bitter and used up. Opinions vary, but give me that younger vuh-jay-jay every single time…

        4. I married a woman over 40 once. They don’t have baggage, they have freight, as in a full train’s worth.

        1. “Never had to pay”
          Good for you.
          But do these younger girls you see expect you to stay out till 4 AM and buy them drinks till the bar closes? And then maybe a few bags of coke when you head back to the hotel room that you paid for? That’s what most “party girls” expect. So kind of the same as P4P.
          Or are these good girls who go to sleep relatively early?

        2. Oh no, I bought one drink for the 27 year old before, “Let’s go someplace quieter so we can talk,” and zero drinks for the 21 year old, who was on the verge of drunkenness already.
          I seldom but girls shit, ever.

      1. Well, if you’re going to include P4P…
        I have a couple of 21 year old regulars.
        So 30 years for me.

    2. 21 years. That could change to 22 years in the next few months, though, since I just number-closed a 19-yr-old yesterday after a week of casual flirting. She’s a small-town ballerina with an adorable face and blonde hair. Not my usual type, but she’s quite a specimen.

        1. I apparently met her a year ago, when she was 18, but didn’t remember her. She remembered me, though.
          We live hundreds of miles apart and she’s having a big surgery soon, but I’m confident this will happen at some point. I gamed her with very little effort. It’s easy when they’re so receptive. I swear, it’s like fishing with dynamite as you get older.

    3. Younger I was 31 she 19 (last girl under 23 that I banged) young is cool but on the boring side more often than not
      Older I was 24 she was 37 tighter and hotter

      1. Best sex I’ve ever had, tightest body, was with a 32-year-old South American bikini model. Doing her was like snorting crack. I was the mouse hitting the lever for more cocaine. I couldn’t think straight and actually had to get away from her to clear my head because I could feel myself starting to lose frame.

        1. I was banging this chick kinda like that for a while, except she was a white Murican chick. 30+, had two kids and you would have never known on either count. Shit was gutentight. I finally ghosted on her when she started up with the “muh feminizmz”.

        2. I laughed out loud at the mouse part. A Russian girl did that to me once. Her body was made for porn

      1. Nice. I fckd a 20 year old a few weeks ago. There’s nothing like a young girl with a flat toned belly.

    4. I was with an 18 yo for a few months this year, I’m 36. I’ve been seeing a 19yo since. Can’t say I really enjoy it much but not going to turn down attractive girls, I’d rather someone closer to my age. Rather a girlfriend but can’t see that happening unless I settle for someone with a few kids that I’m not really attracted too. 🤷‍♂️

      1. If you’re 36 and want someone your age, you’re likely SOL… unless you’re down with divorcees and single moms with kids, and don’t want kids of your own.

        1. 8 years younger is about what I’m shooting for I think that’s a good age gap. Divorce is too adult, not keen on left overs 🙄

        2. They don’t improve with age. A woman your own age is still a 14 year old cheerleader in her mind, and always will be.

        3. Exactly. All women are just the most responsible teenager in the house.
          A little more than 27 years difference between me and my wife. People ask what do the two of you have in common? I reply not a single thing. And then add that I have very little, to nothing, in common with any woman. Men aren’t going after women to have someone to share common interests, that is why we have male friends.

    5. 15 years for me. Me 34 and her 19 (found out after I broke it off because she was getting clingy), she even would go to my barber to get her hair trimmed to try to catch me there and was asking him why I was avoiding her after the split… lol. she was a half white half Trinidadian girl whose white dad converted the family to Muslim. brown skin, blue eyes.. yea. long jet black hair, 5’8 and 120lbs. (I usually go for 5’5 and under) was a nice romp but I could see the crazy in her eyes, got out while I was ahead.
      Not hard to pick up. friend of a friend, invited her over for a drink after meeting her at a get together and that was it. empty house, late night, alcohol, not much effort needed if you lay the game right up front
      Another chick I was seeing at the same time came by one day to “bust me” with her and she covered my ass saying we were just friends and left calmly. later came back to screw when the other one left.. it was nice, but I don’t know that episode kind of killed it for me. fun times tho. those young ones just do whatever and they are so teachable. its great.
      Currently married to a woman 9 year younger.

    6. Youngest: Me 31, her 18. Easiest pick up I ever had- was at the bar right before closing time, she came up and started dancing with me then tried to bite me and I asked if she wanted to get out of there? Back at mine she pulls out the “I’ve never done this before” line right before telling me I could fuck her pussy or her arse if I wanted…
      Oldest: Me 29, her 47. Long dark hair and a big friendly smile. I thought of fucking her the moment we stared talking, TBH. I’d love to have seen what she looked like at 22, but what she lacked in the youth department she made up for in ability and eagerness to please. Fantastic at sucking dick as well…still the best head I’ve got.

    7. I’m 52, banged a 19 yr old last week.
      Easy as pie. It’s incredible how lame the younger guys are. Just by being in shape and having a full head of hair I am automatically ahead of 90 percent of the shlubs out there.

      1. When I met my 27 years younger wife I was bald and fat. I was, and am, average looking at best. I am balder and fatter now (working on the fat part and ZFG about the bald part). She weighs about 5 pounds less than the day we got married almost 10 years ago. She is 5′ and 100#.

    8. I met my current wife when she was 23 and I was 51. We are approaching our tenth anniversary.

      1. Thats cool. Best wishes.
        My last LTR was 27, 14 years younger than me. Once she asked, “What will you do when I’m 40 and you are 54?”
        I responded, “Go find another 27 year old I guess.”

  10. Most men under the age of 25 or so are just plain scared of the rejection that most likely faces them when cold approaching a woman. One of my coworkers has to take ativan or get shit faced drunk to have the courage. It produces that much anxiety.
    Fine by me. As a man in his 30’s without such a proclivity I have noticed younger and younger women are receptive to being approached by men 10+ their senior. It wasn’t like that even five years ago. Some will even actively open on me which also wasn’t like that five years ago. Many will even initiate one night stands in hopes to “bag” you into some form of relationship by demonstrating their value to you in the sack. Not so bad as long you are not a millennial loser.

    1. I’m sure the possibilities of meeting an established man fuels their openess towards an older man. It’s their thought process in action. A few years later when they clean out said man, it will be their thought process in action too.
      When I was younger I didn’t really care to get rejected, since most girls I approached I just wanted to bang. For some reason the girls that I like more than just a bang were harder for me to communicate with. It was easier to say hey, let’s go for a walk…. a secluded area… and bang.
      The girls I liked I was like… I like you… that was it. But even if they turned me down, I’d just go for a walk with a girl… and bang all forgotten.

    2. Men in their 30’s are in their prime. They can look mature but still be really fit, still have lots of energy, but they are mature as well. Most men in our country don’t seem to be mature even by their mid to late 20’s. Even immature women can often still appreciate a mature man, or at least they can be intrigued by one. Your age may be helping you more than it’s hurting you. I’m 33 and I get eyed up by 18-25 y.o. women way more than when I was 23.

      1. Oh yeah men in their 30’s get distinguished. Women in their 30’s get old.
        If you are a man in your 30’s and are balding, don’t dress well, and are even slightly fat women will just think you are an old man. If you are a man though who stays fit, or at least thin, dress well, and even if you are losing hair do something about (seriously there are plenty of drugs out there which are well worth the money) you might as well set up a one man pimp operation.

      2. According to some folks I look old enough to be my father. A “keanu reeves” quality as a cougar once put it. Now I feel flattered every time I’m carded when I buy beer.

        1. funny. lol. I gotta use that line sometime. “I look old enough to be my father”.

        2. Oddly enough my father doesn’t look old . When he and my mother went on their 25th anniversary cruise the staff thought they were 30 year old newlyweds.
          My family ages weird.

      3. …get eyed up for wallet thickness potential. Its not about your age directly. Walking talking ATM they just want to see if their overdrawn card will be accepted and money appear at her slot. Im not saying you are wrong, I am saying your attributing their interests in you to something physical, when in fact they are measuring you up like hyenas and how tasty you will be for them when all they have to do is spread legs and offer up well traveled slot “c”..if they hear a cash register bell, they know they are a winner.

      4. yes, I found that as well. In your thirties you have the largest set of options. Having hit 40, it does change. I suppose I could still manage to attract younger women, but being married and with different priorities in life (e.g., thinking about my contribution to the world), chasing boobs is not on my list anymore. Honestly I don’t really even notice women these days, as my wife (28) is hotter than most american teenagers. Maybe I’ll start to look again if she has kids and babushka’s out.

    3. There has been a good thirty years of telling boys that it is socially unacceptable to hit on a girl that isn’t interested. Starts somewhere in high school but isn’t too bad. Then you go to college and have to sit through seminars on how disciplinary action can be taken for hitting on a girl who isn’t interested in you. Maybe you go to graduate school and you have to sit through a seminar that as a TA you should never allow yourself to be alone in your office with a woman and all sorts of other rules to avoid sexual harassment charges and so on. Then you get your first job at some big company and they put you through a sexual harassment seminar which repeats the same things over again but this time you can lose your job. Then on the news is some new law that reduces the burden of proof for rape, sexual assault, harassment, etc.
      Is it really fear of rejection? Rejection is nothing.

      1. Rejection is easy. I feared rejection growing up, but no longer fear it. The real issue is knowing that I could probably approach 500 women in a month and be rejected by 490 of them. The work I have to put in to make anything happen with the 10 that didn’t reject me is not worth my time. All of the things you mentioned that are stacked against us, add to the level of difficulty and possibility of success. What is a guy to do?

    4. Not really, they know if the sugar daddy tag will rip off of you easily…its about money and resources and her recreation. If that tag looks like it is stuck to you by accident, it likely will go very bad very quickly.

    5. in my 30’s my average age gap was about 9 years. Greatest was at 39 when I was dating a 21 year old. (She was super serious as well, and pissed off when I finally decided that we weren’t a long term match). Ended up marrying a woman 12 years younger, which is probably all I would want.
      Just stay fit, keep yourself interesting and slightly edgy.
      Having said that, I probably couldn’t stomach most american women 12 years younger than me. They are seriously retarded when it comes to social and political beliefs, including the safe space crap and the inability to listen to other opinions. Most of my girlfriends in the past were Canadian or American, but once I switched to Eastern Europeans the quality shot up dramatically. The 24 year old Seattle girl that I dated was less slim, less attractive and less educated than the 21 year old ukrainian.

    1. An older player that’s been around a few years told me something profound. It’s only harassment if she isn’t into you. Imagine the threshold for sexual harassment for Brad Pitt vs random office dweeb. H3ll DT described what women let him do just by being the Donald.

      1. And even then, the hot ones usually rely on their bitch shields rather than complaining to HR to get the point across.

    2. just claim to be a syrian refugee or somalian immigrant. all rape charges will disappear magically.

  11. Have a story for you guys. So I went out yesterday for the first time in about two weeks. A buddy of mine wanted to get a beer, so we went to this new joint, which I have never visited. There’s a 22-year-old, hotter-than-fuck Latina working behind the bar. Quite a few older guys (like me) are sitting at one end of the bar. She jokingly says, “This section is reserved for all the horny older guys.” Then she points at the front portion of the bar, and says, “This section is reserved for all the horny younger guys.”
    So she’s wearing this risque outfit and her ginormous tits are bursting out of the tight halter gizmo she’s wearing. She’s putting on a show for all the guys seated around the bar. So after about 10 minutes or so, I noticed she kept looking at me out of the corner of her eye. When she comes around to ask if I want another drink, I look right into her eyes, and say, “You told me about the two sections for seating here, one for the horny older guys and one for the horny younger guys. But I feel like I don’t quite fit into either category. Where is your seating section for rich, older guys with big dicks.” Her eyes widen, she blushes, and then she laughs out loud, and says, “You can sit wherever the hell you want, daddy…”

    1. That, in a nutshell, is why you bother to hire female bartenders in the first place. Personally I rather have a male bartender since I feel they’re more competent, but if you’re going to hire women, might as well discriminate and get the hot ones

      1. If I ran a bar, I’d have male bartenders for busy evenings and female bartenders for the afternoon happy hours when men are getting off work but women seldom come by. The chicks could double as cocktail waitresses during the busy evenings.

        1. I went to a bar that had both male and female bartenders. The female was well built, wearing a t-shirt artfully torn to maximize her appeal. We ordered two simple drinks, mine was rum and coke. We then waited, and waited, and waited. Then the male bartender came over and took our order, made the drinks, delivered them to us, and took payment. We were half way through our drinks when miss big tits came with our original order. We declared that we were drinking the drinks we ordered and she never delivered. She got huffy, but we just walked away. Piss on her. She figured having big tits meant she could suck at her job.

    2. Bob Smith left out the best part: she’s her dad and just came to drive his daughter home after her shift!
      Ba-Dum Bum Tish!

    1. “Girls are sick of men being weak”
      Men are sick of fun crazed American sluts.

  12. To piggyback on your comment, just call the woman and set her straight on the details of the date. I think by hearing his voice, a woman will submit easier to a man rather than through texting, where she can manipulate at will.

  13. Most men meet their girlfriends and eventually wives through social networks, family members, work colleagues and so on. That is how it has always been. Most men have no approach skills and can’t open a random attractive woman. That…is a skill and a difficult one to acquire. Most men sleep with less than 5 women their whole lives. Fear or not, most guys basically will do the minimum to hook a mate, get married, and then let themselves go.

  14. I would’ve never believed this had I not been part of the okcupid subreddit. I know I know, it is awful and the advice there is awful. Anyways what I did notice was girls who would have guys message them but not ask for a phone number, let alone a date.
    Leading a girl out the door was normal in the 40s but now it’s considered bold and daring.

  15. Usually I enjoy the articles put out here at RoK. However, this article is just straight up bollocks!!! He’s putting the onus on men across the board to make a move. Sorry but, those of us who his post actually speaks to, are tired of that rat in a cheese maze game.
    Not only that, but “wise” men today are starting to wake up and realize their limitations. For the average men out there, which that’s his implied audience with this post, we’re not going to keep suffering feminist indignation anymore as a virtue of something that we’re “supposed to do.” As has been mentioned by other commenters, a good 50 to 75 percent of Western women, especially the Ameriskanks, have no value whatsoever for us to even be approaching. The remaining 25% are probably a hodge podge of “you’ve got to look like this and you’ve got to have this” etc. etc.
    Nay, I say, if the women, too, are hating men not making a move, then they need to put their ho-ho’s, twinkies, and ding dongs down, open up their mouth and say something to a dude. And if all they’re looking for is the typical “666” or better, (that’s 6 ft. tall or taller, 6 pack abs, and 6 figure bank account for all you psychology 101 majors out there), then let ’em keep whining that nobody is approaching them. I’ve got better things to do with my time and better things to spend my money on than wasting it on a depreciating asset…..if it even has any appreciable value to begin with.

    1. Those do not outrule each other. The fact that the dating and marriage market is bad (in America in particular) doesn’t mean that one should not approach when it appears proper to do so. It is still a crucial key.
      As for love tourism it is a bit absurd that a guy might have to go all the way to Europe (certain cities), South America and East Asia in order to get some fairly decent and thin women, but you have to deal with the cards you have been given in the global game. It is a great adventure which transcends mere poosy possession. I wrote about East Asia earlier this summer and recently I read this from the Swoop players. Really inspiring stuff.
      Disseminate both yourself and your seed in the world!

      1. I agree with you but se asia isn’t some poosy utopia. Sure it’s easy to get laid but there are still issues you will face.

        1. “but there are still issues you will face…”
          It is rather many of the faces that are the issue.

      2. “Disseminate both yourself and your seed in the world!”
        There’s 7 billion people on this planet. F I need to spread seed for???

    2. Listen, you’re being negative and a defeatist. If only GQ models with 6 figure incomes got laid, there wouldn’t be 7 billion humans. No. Not everyone can have a supermodel girlfriend and porn skews the expectations of a lot of young men. You have to get out and work for what you want. Imo, throwing your hands up and blaming women is the wrong approach

      1. Because many “thirtsy males” and low end betas are more than willing to settle down with the fatties, uglies and old bags.
        Lots of fat ugly kids out there among those 7 billion.

      2. well, considering that the largest portion of humans seems to be in south asia (where they are ugly, smelly, hairy and with an IQ of 82), I’d say you have a point.
        somehow those hairy indian and pakistani bastards manage to pump out 5 kids per woman, so there is a lot of sex going on. However, most of them don’t appear to be happy.
        moderating expectations is good. Dropping your standards too far…. well. I would rather die than even think about dating some mustachioed indian or guatemalan woman with hairier legs than a gorilla.

    3. Lot of truth there…
      But, i cannot help but keep trying.
      666 is funny
      Thai bar girls use 333 for the optimumcustomer:
      3 inches, 3 seconds, 3 thousand baht

        1. $90 – And thats a lot.
          The point is they like guys that are -small, fast, and overpay.
          Then back to work

    4. I’m a 606, as the only 6 pack I have is Pabst Blue Ribbon. Not that I don’t try, but just not in the genes.

      1. ROFLMAO!!!!! Might as well be drinking the 55 calorie Bud Light. But I feel ya brah. I’d have to drop my body fat to a dangerously low percentage to even get close to having a 6 pack. Not worth it when the status of western women is lower than that of support for the GOP.

  16. Do you know if young girls like playing these back and forth games more? This 18 year old showed blatant interest in me so I got her number and the day after started texting to set up a meet but both times she said ” she didnt know me”.
    I dont have time for this bak and forth texting BS.

    1. I’ve encountered this before with younger girls in their twenties, who want to text back and forth a bunch so that they can get to know you before your first date. The main purpose of the first date is for getting to know someone to see if you connect, not beforehand via texting. As men, our time is valuable! I don’t have time to be continually texting back some girl who I haven’t even met, and don’t know if I’ll even like yet.

      1. Oh its the same with 20s also? Im early 20s and this would have been my 1st date ( yes I know, its sad), so I thought since this girl was 18 that it was like it.
        Even though it would have been my first date, like you said, I dont time for this shit, so I just ghosted.

      2. And why create a written record of your desperation to please a dumb broad?

    2. 18 god bless, dude set up a date. And if you get that you’re job is to just keep it simple and have fun that’s it. As I’ve read at heartiest , 18 years olds don’t date they hang out . So I’d set something up like that something simple just hang out have fun

  17. “If I wanted to call a girl and ask her out, I had to call her house phone. I had to deal with the realistic possibility of her parents picking up the phone and explaining stuttering through who I was and why I wanted to talk to their girl, then asking if I could speak to their daughter.”
    Ah, those were the days. Except for me that day was in like 2013 or 14 or so, because she was a tad sheltered and sans cell phone at the time. Very feminine and traditional woman, even moreso after surviving university and resisting Cultural Marxism. Sometimes I feel like I should get back in touch.

  18. Well, if you’re, let’s say, in the UK, Sweden, Germany or France and you are not muslim chances are asking a girl out will get you in trouble with the police.
    And things here are moving in that direction as well.
    So, why the hell bother?

    1. No it is not like that. It is about SMV, behavior and if she likes you or not. My major tools have been a website called Happy Pancake, some social circle game and not too bad night game. In ten years I have been met with some negative response only twice, but that was because I was standing and staring (you know when you haven’t decided what you wanna do) and one girl was a crazy bitch.

        1. At it is that One crazy bitch making that One Majik Phone call that does it all. As a Bail bonds agent, I see the results of it All. The. Time.

    2. Lies. Why do you incels come on here and make up obvious bullsht? Are you blaming muslims for why you don’t approach women you’re attracted to?

      1. Ive never seen a news report where a muslim rapist has ever been arrest and tried in a court…..Nope, not once.

    3. Isn’t it funny how if you’re not Muslim you get in trouble for showing an interest in them, yet if you’re Muslim you can rape them and nothing happens to you. There’s definitely something wrong with that picture!

  19. You forget there’s also many women riding the wave of, “I was drunk. He raped me!” And legally in more and more places, it is rape, even if the guy’s drunk and she’s only a .09). And where do you meet or take most women (also because they want to “go dance”)? That’s right, a bar/club, where you hope she likes alcohol.
    Problem? You’re (legally speaking) setting up a rape. So that means that in most cases, hooking up with a woman involves (legally speaking) “raping” her and then hoping the next morning she won’t cry rape (you will be convicted). Who wants to live like that (for dating)?
    Sex dolls don’t cry rape (even though Feminists now want sex with one to be considered rape now too).
    So given that having sex with a woman on the first day doesn’t happen without some alcohol and that most girls will say they want to go to a club and that legally they will be intoxicated and that thanks to Feminists those same willing girls are also willing to cry rape the next morning and that legally now they can’t consent if they just say they were intoxicated and the fact that there is no defense and it’s a guaranteed conviction, you really can’t figure out why men won’t approach women anymore? Really???
    What needs to happen, is that every time this subject comes up, men need to bring this up and tell any women who’s blaming men for their loneliness, that they can thank Feminism for first of all saying that masculinity is toxic and single motherhood producing weak men and then hypocritically complaining that men aren’t acting like men and for turning a hookup into an automatic rape.
    Also tell them, when they say that they’re not like that, that a man has no way of knowing that and besides, no woman who would do that would tell you that ahead of time.
    And lastly, that you’re sorry, but it’s too late now. It’s over. The law is the law and men aren’t going to risk it and your sex doll is on the way. 🙂
    But my bet is, none of you will say a word. You’re too afraid that a woman might get upset with you. Me? I don’t care who I piss off and I enjoy seeing the smoke come out of a woman’s ears when she tries to avoid taking any blame and then realizes that her own self-contradictory arguments are what’s condemning her. Hey, if you’re not trying to bang her, what do you care how upset she gets? 🙂

    1. 100% this, if you cannot see this you are fucking delusional.
      I really take issue w/ blaming the millenial dudes for being pussified. Yes there is -a- factor there regarding the overall feminization of men. But even that should be taken with a grain of salt. When you are beaten over the head 24x7x365 with (((propaganda))) that you are the epitome of evil and shit, what else do you expect? These younger dudes are getting this stuff from pre-K up to college in a way the ‘old heads’ never did.
      Second to that, and primarily what you are stating. Back in the day, ‘rejection’ and a bruised ego was the worst you had to contend with. Today? Your ass is going to jail, son. GUILTY until proven innocent. The ‘rape culture’ hysteria is just about as fever pitched as the confederate monuments / hatespeech hysteria.
      One flaky chick decides she doesn’t like you and cries rape, you will spend much time, effort, money, and life attempting to defend yourself and clear your name. For what? Smashing yourself into an gaping axe wound for a night (and usually a few minutes if we are being honest).
      Fuck that noise, beat your dick, wake up not in handcuffs. I am not condoning the miserable conditions, I just understand the fear and it has little to do with ‘rejection’, we are in a gynocracy at this point. Academia, media, employment (HR dept), etc. The women got what they wanted, enjoy your scissoring and your cats.

      1. Best advice and mentorship that you can pass on to men. I share that FREELY and often if my kids friends are around and “talking”, ill jump in and share thoughts. Some of them, can be fed to the lions, some actually listen and consider what I have to say.

      2. except of course if you are a violent, low IQ pakistani or afghan migrant, you don’t have to worry about rape accusations because nothing will happen. 🙂

    2. Two words for you sir: Absolute Gospel.
      Addendum to your Rhetorical Suplex.
      “And with new tech creating ova from stem cells and artificial wombs being developed, it won’t belong before men won’t need women for anything at all. Enjoy your cats while ya got em”.

    3. Well said. You nailed it with this:”Problem? You’re (legally speaking) setting up a rape. So that means that in most cases, hooking up with a woman involves (legally speaking) “raping” her and then hoping the next morning she won’t cry rape (you will be convicted). Who wants to live like that (for dating)?”
      All risk, and little chance of rewarding benefit….not a smart investment of energy and time.

    4. the last several girls I met and banged didn’t drink at all. I did though. so I guess they all raped me

  20. I disagree with the premise.
    It’s not that guys are afraid to ask girls out. It’s more like, the modern (western) woman isn’t worth asking out.
    When I’m able to go out and play women right into bed, why buy the cow when I get the milk for free (thanks feminism)?

    1. “Most modern western women bring only pussy to the table.”
      Same thing I say. All women have to offer is pussy and a blowjob.

    2. I think it has almost (95% of the time) it has nothing to do with rejection, but that a guy KNOWS already that it may become a social life ending decision because of false accusations of rape harassment and the related bullshit. If a guy cannot get an accurate read on a girl, Id think they err on the side of caution of not ruining their life if simply going up and talking to her would end up being a conviction and prison sentence because the bitch want the power to ruin lives and relishes it. That can of tuna isn’t worth it, so approaching the sleazy whore types is almost certainly going to mean that the tuna can can be opened and eaten without fear of serious criminal issues later…health issues will be likely, but the rest of the aggravation will not be. so generic 5-7 cans of tuna will fly off the shelves and the 10’s priced to high who will be your downfall are left to stew.

      1. Don’t underestimate the ability of the 5-7 “can of tuna” to ruin your life either……sometimes quicker and more vicious than a 10 would.

    3. How true. For me, the six month on and off cycles of mini-relationships I get into only seem tolerable because of sex.

  21. I’m an old fart now but I still reckon it’s the whole ‘putting them on a pedestal thing’.
    Newsflash to the younger guys, girls shit and they stink if they don’t shower. They are also massively insecure about their looks under that hardass persona they put on. Doesn’t matter if they are a 10/10, they are ALL the same. Remember, Men age like fine wine, women age like milk.

    1. There was a joke in an old Calvin and Hobbes where Calvin goes up to the neighbor girl Susie and tellers her a joke. “Why do girls wear make up and perfume? It’s cause they’re ugly and they stink!” Not sure if that would make it in today’s newspapers.

    2. 10/10s are the worst.
      They have been given unlimited attention their whole lives and they think they can get away with anything. They have the morals of alley cats.
      How do I know? Lots of 10/10s in the escort business.

    3. if you meet a girl who is intimidating in terms of her beauty, just picture her taking a massive dump. because she does, from time to time. my slim russian wife can fart like a trucker if she eats the wrong food.

  22. It’s not fear dude. The quality of american women is nil, and their expectations are so high, it’s a fucking waste of time for the average dude.
    I’m relatively tall, decent looking, with a good career, I play guitar, sing and I dress nice when I go out. I have a goal of approaching at least 4 girls per weekend night. Sure I get a number or two and an occasional lay. But the follow up is ridiculous. ZERO women answer the phone. Few ever reply. Most say they’re too busy, then flake. Sure, maybe it’s my fault. Maybe I’m too picky because I avoid fat bitches. But since all my friends tell me that I’M THAT FRIEND who’s getting all the girls, I can only imagine how difficult it is for a short, unattractive dude, without a fancy career to brag about or a fierce vengeance toward pickup.

    1. 7s & up are in the top 10% or maybe 15% IMO.
      The rest…who gives a crap.
      So that means you have 100% of males competing for 15% of females.
      Those odds suck. They really do.
      And then factor in the bitchiness and lack of morals of “Sluttis Americanus”, and you have a recipe for disaster.
      Women back in the 40s and 50s were loyal and dutiful because the 40s and 50s were the real world. No AA, no EEOC, no welfare, no food stamps, no “no fault” divorce. Females needed a hard working, intelligent, honest, decent, good provider to survive. Now they hump tattooed “bad boys” for fun. The world’s turned upside down.

      1. Sadly – or perhaps you may be surprised – go for the next 15-30percent and screen for low notch. There may not be many there. But if you are 1-2 SMV sustainable points above her you can instinctively have the right Frame whether she’s a flake or not… and odds are greater she’s not versus those top 15percenters. Try it.

        1. For now I’ll stick with escorts.
          But I do have an idea I’ve been pondering. Even though I am an IT consultant with 30 years experience, I have been thinking lately about getting a part time job on Saturdays. In an upscale mall near where I live, and if possible, in a clothing store that young pretty girls would work. Hopefully I’ll be able to home in on the ones with low self esteem & from homes without a father. Why should the bikers and bad boys have all the fun? Still just an idea in the works…

        2. Thanks!
          I just can’t resign myself to the old bags. I need hot young girls, and I am getting tired of paying for them.

        3. I think you are kind of on the right track, but really, the mall? Is that a job for a man?

        4. Maybe read Bang and focus on Day Game….and try it. Go lift weights, like I need to.

        5. and I am getting tired of paying UP FRONT FEES for them.
          Fixed it for ya. You ALWAYS pay. The “Free” ones just have different payment plans.

        6. guy working in a clothing store will get you the label, in an instant, of gay, and then the parade of phags will be after you.

        7. I am in somewhat decent shape. Not a muscle man, but fit and trim. I do body weight stuff 4 times a week, with some light weights thrown in. I have been working out for at least 35 years. Did the heavy stuff in my 20s. But now, my tendons & cartilage won’t allow for that.

        8. I already have a job for a man. I am an IT consultant and have been for 20 years. 10 years as an employee before that. If I do go the mall route, it won’t be for money.
          I figure if I buy 3 or 4 suits from Barneys, and maybe even sports car (something I swore I would NEVER do), I can impress the sh*t out of some low self esteem 19 y.o. retail worker with “daddy issues”. I see this as a good decision because I have never worked around hot young females. IT for 30 years (90% male, and the 10% of females are hideous) and before that, as a teen/collegfe years, I drove a fork lift and carried sheetrock for my father’s business (got real strong carrying sheetrock).
          Retail will force me to engage the public, be more personable, and will allow me to meet young, thin 7s and 8s with low self esteem and no future. NIce submissive girls who just may be impressed enough with my money to let me get what I want from them.
          Like I said, still mulling this over, but it seems like a good decision to me so far.

        9. Jeebus…I never thought of that.
          I will quit on the first day if what you say is what it is really like.

        10. Let me propose an alternative; become a bartender in a trendy bar. You will have young drunk women all over you, those working there and those drinking there. You will talk with tons of good looking women with no pressure.

        11. Yes, I thought of that as well.
          But in that scenario, I would be meeting over 25 barroom sluts who want to stay out till the bar closes, and then bang the clown who paid for her drinks, just so long as he has a few bags of coke in his pocket. In other words, the same type of crazy BPD types that I get now with the Escort agencies. What I really want is a fresh young girl with low self esteem, daddy issues and a natural submissive personality. The low self esteem part is essential. I believe with some work, I can train myself to home in on that. Might take a while, but I think I can do it. And engaging the public in retail will be part of the training. Sure, bartending would help in that manner as well, but I want 19/20 yos, not 27/28 yos with 8 or 9 years on the carousel. And of course, there’s always the escorts until I reach my goal (which may be never).

      2. Waaah! Give me a fucking break. Get your head in the game, get out there and start getting phone numbers. 100% of males are NOT competing for 10%. At least 30% are in nursing homes, right? The other 30% are in grades k-12. So its probably more like 60%. Of that 60% maybe 30% are happy with some Walmart fatty they met……I know, I go to Wal Mart and see those dumb shrubs all the time. So it is not as bad as you think. Why psych yourself out? Its really more like “50 % of all men”…..

    2. David, what you say is so true. I do meet lots of nice women in my part of the country, but they are already in relationships. The ones who are available are of mediocre to low quality in either looks or personality, or both. I’m at least a low 7 and could up myself a point or two. The amount of effort to catch a low 6 isn’t worth my time since I work 50+ hours per week. My finances, my house, and my job take priority over the slim pickins. What I really need to do is acquire a new skill that enables me to work anywhere. I seem to get into mini-relationships with sixes. Six months on, six months off. And sadly, I am starting to enjoy the six months off more.

      1. if i could live again, i would make money earlier in life and then high tail it to ukraine or another country at 30. have a job where you can work via the internet, and then women will be chasing you.
        the main advantage of getting out of the western world is the sex ratio. Women in NA are less desirable on average, and the ones that are worth your time have too many suitors. Compare that to EE, where educated, slim, intelligent and marriageable women are common.

    3. To David:
      The moral story is never to bang, date or marry Anglo women. They are fucked up beyond repair .They are a lost cause.

      1. Not quite true. If you are a violent, misogynystic, low IQ migrant from Somalia, Afghanistan (etc), they appear to be perfectly willing to spread their legs.

        1. Being an easy lay does not mean they are not fucked up beyond repair, only that the zero effort to get them to spread their legs is just barely worth it.

        2. Men with no standards to begin with that romp with camels and goats….and they are two levels above American women. At least camels and goats you can make work in a useful manner, one you can eat and the other you can ride….not so with American dependapotomuses and their orbital broods from many donors..

  23. The cause is maybe not so surprising – male sexuality is by now almost explicitly criminalized, so that the very act of asking a girl out can be treated as harassment. Men are raised believing that they have committed some original sin just by having male impulses, so do everything possible to deny or hide their nature. This implies never daring to make any approach, which would out oneself as having male urges.

  24. The cost of seeing a girl is too high compare to the reward. It’s just not worth it. Especially when there is a chance (small, but growing) that you will have your life turn upside down by just looking at them

  25. Think about risk versus reward, people are willing to take risks for a bigger reward. Then think of the pool of American females compared to 30 years in the past, most women are overweight, many are adhering to feminist and crass consumerism, the only thing woman can offer today is sex, that is it, and even then its not even good quality sex because of the woman’s physical, mental, and emotional limitations. The risk is also higher, high divorce, high rates of accusing men of harassment and other inappropriate behavior. Men need reward to go after women.

      1. I went overseas, given how American women are there is zero incentive for me to pursue them. And now they want to make flirting a crime? Why bother when there are better options elsewhere. Only justification for me to put up with America used to be economic, that’s not valid anymore with globalization.

        1. If you have the resources and time to travel over seas then that’s a great option. I don’t. I agree that the majority of girls in the US are not marriage material or even LTR worthy. But men forget that there are tons of feminine girly girls right here. Most of the 7s – 10s are very girly any way. There in every city and state. Don’t group all American girls as fat feminist dikes.

        2. The majority are fat feminists with entitled attitudes, the feminine ones are the minority and you have to work much harder to get them. They know their value and automatically demand more.
          If you go to the market and most of the fruit is stale, the fresh fruit gets more expensive. I decided to go to a store with a better stock of fresh fruit.

        3. I love this site. I visit it a few times a week even. 70% of the stuff written on here is negative. You can easily get a negative brain wash from reading about feminist every day. Don’t get me wrong this site has tons of value. I guess just don’t become negative and generalize all women is what im saying.

        4. The purpose of this site is to communicate reality. The red pill is about accepting reality and then making sensible changes. Modern American culture denies reality and tells people to do things that go against basic sense.
          There is no greater joy than expanding your horizons with travel and seeing something different.

      1. Why do you guys let women determine if a guy is cool? Cool is in the mind. Who gives a FUCK what a woman thinks? Be assertive, approach and expect a 10% success rate. Girls have bad taste anyway, they like Madonna and that gay Canadian prime minister. Fuck that. C’mon guys, stop this “poor us” routine and get out there and slay some pussy. Now!

        1. “Why do you guys let women determine if a guy is cool?”
          Uh…..geee…….probably because they’re the ones that determine it??? Shocking, I know.

        2. I guess it all depends on frame. If frame is subjective and you want to believe what a dumb emotional woman believes then I guess your success completely depends on her feelz.
          If you are confident in yourself and think you are cool, you are cool. Objectively. Be objectively cool and not tricked into getting psyched out by some female. BE cool. Not seek approval. THAT is my point. WE determine it. My view is 180 degrees different from your point of view. Just trying to psych guys up here and not get all hung up on possible rejection.

  26. Part of the fear is justified by the Junior Anti-Sex League environment targeting precisely those places where young people used to meet potential mates: work and school. When he can have his career and life ruined by making the wrong person “uncomfortable”, dragged before HR at work or a star chamber proceeding on campus, just for making the most innocent move, he will think twice.

  27. And don’t forget when you get the number don’t fuck it up by over texting! The phone is to be used for setting the date that’s it . So easy to remember but so easy to forget.

  28. I was in a bar a few years ago just hanging out by myself with a book having a drink before heading to an event. I noticed a woman across the way was almost staring out me. Sort of creeped me out but I kept reading my book. Finally after glancing up for the sixth or seventh time noticed she was still glaring in my direction I decided to approach her to see what the deal was. She was not giving me the “fuck me face” or throwing out any IOI. It was just a blank to mean look. The convo went something like this:
    Me: “Hey I noticed you were looking over my way….do we know each other?”
    Her: “Yeah I think we used to work together and I just couldn’t put a face with the name…”
    (Five minute exchange about what could be common jobs, residences, friends, or colleges…no connection made).
    Her: “Maybe we met in a past life or something…anyway let’s get a drink” (she buys the round)
    (Insert 15 minutes of meaningless banter as we finish drinks.)
    Her: “Hey this is an interesting conversation I am staying at (hotel) across the street want to continue it?”
    Me: “OK but don’t get any ideas…”
    (Later is her room we say exactly three words before she hits the floor, unzips the pants, and well you know the rest of the story. Afterward lying in bed, set lights.)
    Me: “So if you were interested in me why didn’t you just come over and say something?”
    Her: “You weren’t the first guy I was interested (blah blah blah excuse on why she ‘needed’ to hook up that night) but were the only one that came over to talk to me…”
    Me: “So if say one of those few other men you were more interested in approached you the same thing would have happened to them?”
    Her: “Yes….I just really needed to hook up with a guy (more blah blah blah)”
    The Art of the Approach gentleman. Has happened to me more then one time. I hate to say it but I was probably the number 3 or 4 choice for her in that bar that night which she conceded in further conversation, but I was the guy who did the approach. Simply having the balls to talk to women is going to get you laid. Period.
    Women HATE approaching men because it makes them feel like whores. But, women need sex as much as men (studies have shown this). Making women know that you are available and willing by simply initiating conversation is going to produce results in this messed up sexual marketplace. Have fun with knowing that hooking up in reality is now a low value opportunity.

  29. I like calling and many girls often respond(ed) positive, actually saying nearly no guys ever dare to call. Friends then ask me in panic what I would say or how I keep the conversation going etc like it takes a masters degree. It doesn’t, I just ask how this girls day was and the rest goes by itself.
    PS – Freddy pants always +1 Nice choice Kyle

  30. Yea that pretty much sums me up but in my case i don’t think it’s lack of testosterone (full beard and tick, 19 years old)

  31. I actually do not know of any guy today that is married that met that woman by cold approaching her in some random public place. I’m sure it happens, but every guy that I know that is married or has a girlfriend either met that girl through friends that fixed them up or in some rare cases the female hit on him first at some bar or somewhere.

      1. You’re missing the point. Even having a gf isn’t the result of cold approaching most of the time.

  32. My theory about “approach anxiety” is that it is instinctive in most men that it shouldn’t be that way. I don’t believe that dating, mating, & marriage was meant to be that way. Going back in time beyond 100 years ago, men didn’t go out into public to try to chat up women in hopes of getting laid or married. Daughters of men were “married off”. 200 years ago, if a man had a daughter or several daughters, he fixed them up with his friends or his friend’s sons that he knew would be good husbands. That’s really how it’s supposed to be. A family / community type of arrangement. Marriages are arranged. Not going out into public, chatting up a random female, and then LETTING HER MAKE THE DECISION on whom to get with. That’s why so many females date losers is because women cannot make good decisions. They need to be told by a father whom they should be with.

    1. Simple solution: be the father-voice in her head, guide her choice to your bed. That rhymes, heh!

  33. It may not be that they’re scared, but that they are not worth the time, money, and effort.

    1. Yea it’s definitely telling the bias of the author by not mentioning this in any fashion.

    2. Your right a lot are not marriage material but who mentioned LTR or marriage? Is it worth a hello my name is so n so to passably bang a 8 or 9 with a chance of becoming a FB? Hell yes

  34. i disagree with this article 100%
    the reason (mine):
    for about 50 years, men, WHITE Men, are facing a war, in every fields, what used to be right in the past, may lead in prison today, plus the State laws are against men, plus there aren’t women anymore outside, generally speaking, they are all slutty, egoistic, childish entitled princesses, cunt who have a girly childish self ego, they prefer riding the cock carousel and have their fun until the wall, std are rampart plus no home skills whatsoever, and the list goes on, so why care if the only thing they shall give us is easy affordable by a professional escort without any hassles? kid? givve me a break, they will stole them once they divorce raped your sorry ass.
    so you point some questions here, let’s see:
    1)Girls Hate It, Too
    yeah! of course! no more mangina around to save the damsell in distress? who cares! they are powerful enought! no more men who want to commit with a slut? you bet! i don’t want a slut as my wife! you are welcome to marry one! and of course, men are simply acting smart, enought to be a white knight for a used vagina who doesn’t deserve our time and life! are they empowered? hell let’s them start to do what men does for centuries! ask men out! (utopia) we are sick and tired of those entitled females who used to be women in the old glory days!
    2)A Reminder: Game Is NOT Always Needed
    bullshits! even in a marriage, today, you must maintain a frame with your wife and game-her-up each day, otherwise she will get unhaaaAAAAaaappy and rape your sorry male ass in a glimph of an eye! game is not needed with escort and with those you already wet their pants, women simply make everythings easy for the men THEY choose to be fucked!
    So the answer is a big NO-FUCKING-WAY! i’ll fuck those who are already set to give me pussy, otherwise my life and my time is more valuable than courtship a bitch who wants to sell their used vagina to us for the higher price!

    1. “otherwise my life and my time is more valuable than courtship a bitch who wants to sell their used vagina to us for the higher price!”
      Agreed. They give away 95% of their value for free, and expect you to open up your wallet for that last 5% of Arby’s roast beef…..and then you only get it when SHE wants to give it to you.

      1. Guess she was done riding my cock carousel and then found you. I tapped that for a Starbucks latte.

    2. Sounds like someone got burned bad Lol. Did you just get done reading the rational male or something? Men with your attitude tend to forget how awesome girls can be. They are the perfect complement to a masculine man!

      1. Indeed Shaen, today’s women (USA/UE) are awesome when they suck dicks, and fuck as hell! useless for everythings else. your choice pal! mine? pump&dump! you are free to marry one of course

      2. You are cult of personality unto your self in your own echo chamber. Enjoy your lonely conversation with your magic mirror on the wall…

  35. Just live life with the assumption that all attractive women want to fuck you and things will work out. If you are a decent catch its true anyway. Women WANT you to approach them.
    No fucking excuses! None of this, Seinfeld-esque excuse making bullshit. You’re attracted to her, she is attracted to you, its the most natural thing in the world!
    If all she wanted was a drink she’d go to the grocery store and buy a bottle. She WANTS to be approached and fucked by a higher status guy.

  36. I am guessing that the guys who say shit like, “I don’t approach because I cant find any decent women,” are probably just afraid. I live in a 7,000 person piece of shit town and I find plenty of sevens and (occasionally) eights.

  37. Bastard. Typical dating coach named kyle trouble using the same worn out method of saying things to make guys feel they are doing something wrong or too understand women and how she feels. all so you can sell your shit.

  38. I call BS, I say most so called millennial women only want weak men to ask them out just to get the ego boost, when a real man does it they back down cause they know they cannot control them – they never liked real men anyway !

  39. To many pissy sad men on here. Guess it makes my game easier Lol. Your right guys all girls are terrible you should just stay home and watch your next series on Netflix.

    1. So what, don’t you have more cats to collect in your boredom…You think you have game, the only one who will believe that is your reflection in the mirror. Thanks for proving the number one most hated attribute women have , self absorbed narcissism. you are cult of personality unto your self in your own echo chamber. pFFFT. Watch out for that wall, its coming on fast and splatter happens. Collect more stray cats and do not pass GO.

  40. I really have never had problems asking women out. Some will say no, some will say yes. Some will have sex with you, some will not. Some will be attracted, some will friendzone you.
    And the world continues to turn.
    It is actually better to be rejected outright by a woman because it saves a lot of time.
    Men have to reframe their own minds about rejection.
    So many men have been socially conditioned to be like women that they think rejection will do irreversible damage to their womanly feelings.
    You learn more about life through rejection than through success.

  41. I work between 40 and 50 hours a week. I rarely meet women I wan’t to date let alone talk to. It’s not a matter of being afraid, I’m not.Its the time calculation with the little free time I have available, I rather spend on my hobbies like flying small planes and fishing. After 35, the novelty of sex wore off. Most women I’ve ever dated didn’t bring me anything other than their mouth and/or vagina which, either way, I used and tossed aside when done with. It’s not like it’s hard to find either these days. Today’s women simply don’t bring anything to the table that’s worth the little free time I have.

    1. “After 35, the novelty of sex wore off.”
      You are lucky.
      I really wish I felt the same way as you.
      I am way over 35 and getting physical relief with females is still by far the #1 priority in my life. And my life is much the worse for it.

      1. After 40 it is not that you like sex less, it is just that first you want to see if there is anything good on TV.

        1. Nah…I still have to get laid at least 3 times a week.
          2 pops each time.
          It costs me an arm and a leg.

  42. Asking a woman out is like asking someone to start taking cash out of your wallet. The trick is to get laid without paying for it. If you can pull this trick off, you will be a rich man.

  43. When I was a young guy I was scared of hearing “no”
    As I got older I realized “no” was no big thing. You went on with your life.
    I soon realized hearing “Yes” was far scarier.

  44. Back in the old days, you wrote, “most of us didn’t even have a mobile phone” Oh man, that was a good one. Well back in the “old” days, when I saw an attractive lady, I had to yaknow, actually approach her and strike up a conversation. Its a skill that has served me well over the years.
    Within 10 seconds I can tell if any further effort is warranted. Further, its a practice that comes in very handy when dealing with clients. You don’t have to be inane but Lord, when I watch guys in the 30s dealing with customers, it’s like they’re walking on eggs. Afraid to say the wrong word.
    I guess I just like talking with people, seeing where they’re at. I’m not looking to spill my guts or have them do the same but shyness ain’t gonna get her number.

  45. …the lack of any and all feminine warmth in the West…”
    Why, I think we’ve found the answer to the mystery!

    1. Men will not revert to traditional behaviour, unless the laws are changed to reflect traditional values.

      1. I dont totally agree. It’s possible to get autistic about “muh laws” in a way that fails to perceive the root problem, which has to do with the collapsed emotional and spiritual dynamic between men and women in modern times. A bunch of potbellied lawyers and judges cannot be the main protagonists in fixing that.

        1. Feminism and kowtowing to their gynocentric efforts has skewed the entire legal system AGAINST men. So yes, that has to change, but it cannot change independently without a corresponding attitude change for the mental and societal poisoning that feminism has created in women.

      2. Exactly, without legal protection from the most common risks that Feminism has created, the gynocentric societal risks makes them a very very bad investment and dangerous hobby.

  46. “You are always going to regret the girls that you didn’t try for. The one you didn’t ask out. The one you didn’t approach.”
    That’s so true. Once in a fast food restaurant this girl that worked there came up to me to ask me about something I bought from another store. Then she seemed a bit shy as if she was talking to me for more than just about my stuff. She started saying all the right stuff about the subject matter, and I wimped out of asking for her number because my self esteem was low after being recently rejected. I’ve regretted it ever since. At least I’d know if I asked and she said no, but now I’ll never know what could have been.

    1. The only missed opportunity I deeply regret was in high school. I had just bought my milk tickets and turned while counting them. Both my hands, up to the wrists, plunged into the cleavage of the girl behind me. I was extremely flustered and my face turned red. I muttered about how sorry I was. She smiled and said she wasn’t sorry at all. I walked away, like an idiot.

  47. I like confident and intelligent women.
    That’s why I visit Russia yearly..
    Here, I have a problem. There I have no problem at all.
    Their, the women are generally very friendly and open. Here, they make you feel like a closet rapist for asking them out or inquiring about their availability. Not to mention the whole sexual harassment thing where you risk complete social isolation if you run into the wrong ‘ice queen’. Besides the sex with American chicks is just never that good anyway. It’s just best avoided in my opinion.

  48. Fear of being accused of rape. I had it in the 80s. It must be 10 times worse now. Not even worth the risk. That’s what’s doing it.

  49. I see the argument here. Its fairly obvious. The thing you didn’t touch on is that the desirable women see it too. Its like Gene Hackman said in Crimson Tide, “Yeah, horses’re fascinating animals. Dumb as fenceposts but very intuitive. In that way they’re not too different from high school girls: they may not have a brain in their head but they do know all the boys want to fuck ’em.” And it may be the only thing they know, but they know it well.

    1. That’s not intuition, that is DNA ingrained biology to mate….no surprise their.

  50. I’ve stopped asking girls out on the street for a simple reason: terrible ROI. About 1/10 girls I approach will give me their number, 1/10 out of those will show up to a date, and 1/10 of them will fuck. That’s 1/1000 odds for a given approach. Compare to Tinder where you’re pre-selected (she won’t swipe right unless she’s attracted to you on some level).

    real truth man are scare of women running to cops back in the days women ran to cop guy where listen to .now no say in the matter.
    women use to only date their own race.
    women have stolen so much power from men and abuse it.
    dating sate and internet are killing guys to. with so much fate hope and lies.
    guys us to have to go looking for women. and talk to them . and could with out the fear of cops.
    guy can’t afford. Things blame on women who stole job from guys. use to guys could. their use to be 68% male 32% women working. guys had a life.
    women wont date a guy they that has not job. that they stole from. no couple should have men and women working
    be real about this als .life need to be simple again . guy need to be able go some where find women .not online or clubs. their a reason we dont need women as president.
    if women are going to change the roles they need to ask guys out. stop saying women you hate guy not asking you out.

  52. For what? For another night out with a nasty Ameri-skank tramp? I rather go with real professional ladies, than put up with this kind of crap.

  53. Average American woman is 20-30 pounds overweight, entitled and empowered, as many as half have a diagnosable mental illness, and most have personality problems that are close to full blown mentall illness. Do you wonder why most men are avoiding them?

      1. A good way to avoid rotten apples is to get an idea of the woman’s family. Also avoid girls who will sleep with you on the first date or after a few dates. Ideal is to find a woman who will only have sex when they are married.

  54. 2 pieces of advice. if you want true love, buy or get a dog and treat it right, and it will never ever do you wrong. If you need to get a nutt off that is better than real vagina, get a fleshlight. Best $85 bucks you can spend and have NONE ZERO of the problems acting out ,mental illness, tantrums, headaches, and STDs or FALSE CHARGES OF RAPE they always fall back to, that todays b1tches bring to the table. never mind the constant drain and pining to your wallets. Eff them money grubbing whores. You really really don’t need them. You want a deep conversation, get a guy friend and you instantly trim off 75% of the bullsh1t in your lives. Now if you want all the drama laden relationshit, then by all means, talk up and adopt a gold digging manipulative bleeding hatchet gash, because she will bring you all the problems you never thought you needed.

    1. I lived in Germany and prostitutes were everywhere. Every single city, town, and village had a brothel or an RLD. Of the Western women, American women are RANCID.
      It’s true a dog is the most loyal being on Earth.

      1. Do a survey. 9 out of ten men would agree with me, but most of them would still simp for the vag. I’ve never met a dog owner that was betrayed by his dog or charged by the police for allegations made by dogs against the owner. Nor has their dog ever slandered and smeared his owner to his friends, nor stolen his atm card, nor cheated on his owner for lack of attention or being unhappy, nor asked for divorce because he didn’t make enough to cater to the dogs demands.

  55. Some are scared. And some are simply tired of the the whole game. They’ve made a calculated judgment: in today’s atmosphere, the effort required to pursue a girl isn’t worth the cost of the declining chances of success. The risk outweighs the reward. Some men are just weary of it all.

  56. Quite frankly, women are far too volatile in the States. You can watch tons of men try and talk to these girls and they get SUED for saying hi on youtube. Whether it goes anywhere or not, it’s not worth it because the quality of people has gone down (in both genders) and when you get to know people, you find they are hollow, just keeping up appearances. I, personally, am done dating in the US and maybe even most of Western, Central, Northern and some of Southern Europe as well. Australia and New Zealand are a no go and I would love to date in the Middle East but I don’t trust Muslims and the Christians there are all but extinct. There goes half the world. and in my case, I have high standards so I don’t even try because some broad-browed neanderthal has probably already beaten me to her and I never had the chance. So, what is left? When I break down the numbers and look at it rationally? Dating (at least for me anyway) is a nigh impossible game.

  57. NO, fuck them. Out of all the shit that’s happening in the world right now, this one is actually a plus in my book. How about they, empowered females, start making the moves?

    1. I suggested this 20 years ago. I felt that if men did a MGTOW and passive strike, the women might start to get some idea. A friend laughed at me.
      I admit, he was right.
      Yes, there are women who ask out men today and pay their own way but in this feminized culture with high entitlement and a perception by attractive women that their self-worth is super high, most don’t go for it and they are in many ways correct. The states is full of thirsty men and beta males supplicating them and even if these men are pathetic, it still feeds their egos. Perhaps in a few more decades this may work out but not in the near future.

      1. Yup. I will not add to another “notch” of validation to some stupid cunt.
        I was kind of being facetious when I say “maybe they should make the moves”.
        I’ve had women make moves on me actually. They don’t come out straight up and ask you out, but they hang around, try to make small talk, give you that “come on ask me out” look. Nope sorry, no asky outy here.

        1. I’m 51 years old and appreciate what you’re saying. I’ve been there. Here’s my seasoned view of the matter.
          I don’t think they’re all “cunts”. Let’s try it this way: I’m sure you know a lot of beta males out there who act the same way. It’s kind of funny, really. I see them flirting with and hanging around pretty girls hoping for the girl to make the next move or maybe for her to move him into a friend zone and more and it doesn’t happen. We look down upon such men as cowards or at least stupid but it’s also just a matter of how hard it is to pull the trigger on a relationship. To take that huge risk is a big deal whether it’s a man or a woman doing it.
          This is why I am especially amused by real “cunts” or white knights who turn around and say “Asker pays and that’s usually the man, haha!” So the man who takes this amazing risk and effort requiring major amounts of introspection and emotional pain are then told to pay for dates because “manners” says he’s the asker (as if men would try to make women pay our way if they did the asking out.)
          So yeah, there are a lot of entitled cunts out there. Agreed. But not all of them. Some are just stupid or weak. I was stupid and weak at one time. What matters is I grew out of it.
          Sadly, too many of the female “gamers”, so to speak, who are playing for the askouts are teases. Looking back, I would have perhaps responded to their “come ons” by simply asking for their number so we can talk more. A woman giving out her number back then, and especially now, is a big deal (unless she’s smart and has a google phone number 🙂 Then talk for a bit and then suggest a date but for God’s sake, don’t go for a dinner date. Activity dates are best because she burns calories rather than gets them. I would go for tennis, or hikes or even minigolf (with lots of touching.) My successful courtship with my wife involved outreaches from both of us with me still having to do the asking out, ultimately, but she did what she could. And it was long but progressive. This is how it worked in the old days and I sort of replicated it.
          Finally, keep in mind that as unfair as it is (and fair in a way), they have the upper hand in youth. There are guys your age to 50 willing to date them. Nice girls will not abuse that economic advantage but I think it’s fair to recognize they have it. Looking back, I think the come-on girls were trying to meet me halfway (or even more.)

  58. This topic that we’re are commenting on seems to be the most down to the core resonating one I’ve seen here with men. When feminism made women vain shallow self-centered and greedy that’s where it wrecked them. And now men cannot get past those things in women to be bothered with them anymore, but the bigger problem is that WOMEN cannot get past these things at all, and that is just going to further the disinterest and avoidance of men towards women. the risk to gain ratio and the effort to reward ratios are heavily against that changing any time soon without a MAJOR paradigm shift. We have two full generations of Feminist instilled damage and a third one partially indoctrinated. That’s going to be a very hard thing to reverse, especially when it comes to population stability. AS this gulf increases the number of children being added to the population is going to drop dramatically, and that makes the indoctrination of feminism all the more damaging in successive generations..Mankind is about to take a huge drop in numbers solely because of the foul effects of feminism and the attitudes of women. And imagine also three generations of the most f__ked up parenting skills being extended out at least two more generations and the impacts that is going to have on human survival. Feminism is a long lasting and reaching cancer.

  59. Since it keeps men out of jail for all the feminist reasons and fake rapes charges….plus it keeps more of their labor earnings in their own pocket for their own use.

  60. Sorry, I have higher priorities for my energies in life than being endlessly rejected by women who seem to have little to offer anyway.

  61. If men are too afraid to ask women out on a date how will they cope with the revelation that it’s ok to date/bang more than one woman at the same time? Really, it’s OK. It doesn’t automatically make you a bad person. The police won’t arrest you. Often the women involved don’t even mind, and you don’t even have to be 6’4″ NFL. When she asks you if WE’RE A THING NOW you don’t have to say “Yes, absolutely, you’re the only one for me.” Does that mean she stops putting out for you forever and ever? Maybe, but I wouldn’t count on it…

    1. I would sooner commit seppuku than ever reduce myself to even remotely being interested in these hamplanets. I feel like throwing up now.

  62. Story from an old timer: Back in the 1980’s, it was all basically “day game” but feminist indoctrination wasn’t yet complete. Many women wanted relationships and marriage would throw a LOT less shit tests comparitvely. It’s largely a states thing: European and even Asian women are just a lot more friendlier, less ambivalent and don’t have as much over expectations.
    When the author says just a “little” more game is necessary, I’m reminded of the moving goalpost paradigm: Just go a little further and then… the goalpost moves. Some still make it but the bar is raised, etc. Yes, American men probably are better at game than in some other countries but simultaneously, they have a much lower self esteem. I know men who are 8’s here who act like 6’s.

  63. The author here is totally off-base… He’s basically a shape-shifting mangina, because the article is geared with a narrative to shame Men who do not initiate interactions with Women. It’s not that guys are scared of asking girls out. The juice is not worth the squeeze, and more and more Men realize how much the dating game is rigged and dangerous, so we just want no part of it… BTW, it’s Women’s jobs to approach Men and court Men. Back in ancient times, it used to be Women who would pursue Men and be eager to gain the attention and courtship of any Man. Only Trad-Cucks keep on pushing the notion that Men need to pursue Women. Well, the pursual of Woman is exactly what causes the Woman to be the Queen in control over the Man, because she gets to make the choice. If Men want to gain their Manhood back, Men need to collectively ignore Women’s charms and insist that Women approach and court us. Women have nothing to offer but worthless pussy anyway…

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