Women Will Never Be Taken Seriously Until They Fight To Be Included In The Draft

As every man over the age of 18 knows, registration with the Selective Service System is mandated by Federal law for men only. The consequences for not doing so are dire, and have been well-covered here at ROK. Registering with Selective Service puts young men’s names in a database to be used in the event of war, requiring those men to be involuntarily drafted into military service.

A Volunteer Military

The draft in America ended with the Vietnam war, and we have had a volunteer military ever since. Our military, in the 40-plus years since the draft ended, has been involved in conflicts all over the world, with no need to reinstate the draft. In that time, millions of young men, including myself and most of you reading this, have registered and are essentially ready to be pulled into war at the President’s request and Congress’ approval.

But that hasn’t been required, despite the first and second war in Iraq and the war in Afghanistan, the longest war in U.S history. Our volunteer military, according to the Department of Defense’s 2017 fiscal year budget proposal, is over 2 million people strong, suggesting that military service is a relatively safe and rewarding career choice for many people, both men and women.

I never visit feminist websites, and I’m not too familiar with their main issues, besides “gender equality” (except when it comes to fighting for men’s rights). So, I searched out and visited some sites and even searched what their main issues are. I got stumped. They don’t even know what they’re fighting for.

I was finally able to condense their fight down to a few main issues: gender equality, equal pay, eliminating “rape culture,” and a woman’s body is her’s to do with as she chooses (weight, abortion, clothing, etc). There are more, but these seem to be some of the major issues.

Feminists have the freedom to fight for these causes because they live in a country with a government guided by a sacred document called the Constitution, and the tenets of that document are preserved and protected by our military. If a foreign invader successfully defeats our military, we lose our Constitution and the rights afforded by it.

I can’t think of a better cause, or of a better way for feminists to truly and honestly fight for gender equality, than for them to organize and march on the President and Congress, demanding to be included in the mandatory registration process of Selective Service. Then they can join the ranks of every 18 year old man and register to potentially be conscripted into military service and potentially die for their country in combat.

If women were to ever get drafted, as unlikely as this is, they would be drafted right alongside men, theoretically. I don’t believe this would actually happen for combat positions, however. I believe, right or wrong, that women would be drafted into support positions and men would be placed into combat roles. Maybe I’m wrong. Whether women would be better or worse in combat will be covered later.

What is true is that women would have an easier time with the physical requirements of basic training. They are not required to perform as many push-ups and their minimum run times are extended. Why? Well, all four major branches of the military believe they are the weaker sex. See the charts for the minimum fitness requirements.

The Army thinks women are weaker and slower

So does the Navy

…and the Air Force

…and the Marines

Physical demands aren’t the only thing easier for women. How about something more basic, like hair? Women have it better there, too. You might think hair is no big deal, but to an 18 year old, hair is a very big deal, even to a man.

Belieb it, his hair is important

It took him over an hour to get this Styles

Now take a look at some male and female Marines in recruit training (boot camp).

Shaved to stubble, without exception

They get to keep their hair

So, when the women get down time, they can literally let their hair down and look like women. A man with a shaved head, these days, looks he might be something other than military. This is yet another example of unequal but better treatment for women in the military.

What about the pay? Good news, ladies, pay is based on rank. An E-5 sergeant makes the same, regardless of genitalia.

I can already hear the argument about the push-ups: men are stronger, so they should have to do more. Men run faster, so they should have quicker times. Okay, but women have smaller bodies, so aren’t they proportionally equivalent? Watch this 17 year old girl:

So, is the military being sexist and non gender equivalent by lowering the physical fitness standards for women? Since there are hundreds of thousands of women in the military, maybe they can take on that battle. When they have time.

What about combat? Another well-known fact with women about to be deployed is the increase in pregnancies. But I’m sure there are plenty of women willing to die for their country if given the opportunity. I, for one, would not want to fight next to someone who was allowed entry on reduced physical standards. At least not in infantry. Just like I wouldn’t want to be rescued by a female fireman who was quota’d in like they do in Australia.  Aircraft, however, is another story.

Some studies have suggested that women make better fighter pilots because they have better hand-eye coordination, faster reflexes, and can handle G-forces better because of their smaller frames. That may be true. Actually, it makes sense to me, and I have no reason to disbelieve any of those claims. I’ve also heard that women don’t have the same “kill instinct” that men have and that they hesitate a split-second longer than men do, especially in instances when there is a possibility of civilian involvement or friendly fire. I believe these statements, also. I have never flown in combat, but I have known fighter pilots, none of whom have flown with women. Maybe someday those truths will reveal themselves.

Feminists, Fight For The Draft Or STFU

Do I want 18 year old women in combat? No. I also don’t want 18 year old men in combat. But, as mentioned above, we have a volunteer military, and these women would likely just remain on a list until they were too old to be drafted, if a draft were to ever happen. We have plenty of volunteers, and we’ve had plenty of volunteers for over 40 years. So, this is a safe, but meaningful, fight for the feminists to attempt.

If they made their voice loud enough, they could win this fight, too. They’ve already turned consensual drunken sex into rape. They’ve also gotten the media and the rest of the liberals convinced that they only make 76 cents (or 74, 77, 78) for every dollar men make for doing the exact same job.

So why not fight for the best example of gender equality possible? If they ever do, and they fight hard enough to win, I will become a feminist. A proud, flag-waving feminist. However, I am confident beyond measure that this will never happen, because I will always believe that feminists will never fight for true equality in anything.

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136 thoughts on “Women Will Never Be Taken Seriously Until They Fight To Be Included In The Draft”

  1. Since I’ve never seen a woman accept an argument that is based on true equality and fairness, it’s safe to say that we won’t be taking women seriously anytime soon.

    1. Women aren’t in any hurry to relinquish their gender specific privileges which put them on an equal footing with men. Like…
      1. living on average 6 years less to equal male life expectancy
      2. embracing male pattern baldness
      3. signing up for the draft (as stated here)
      4. Instead of saying “why isn’t he asking me out?”…..ASK HIM OUT.

        1. Sadly, that is so true.
          The only time a girl ever asked me out, she was butt-ugly.
          All the 8s, 9s, and 10s, were/are always unavailable for one reason or another.

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        3. I’ve asked out 9’s, 10’s, 8’s. They’re usually kind, and some have even ended up across tables from me. Thing is, I don’t give my weekends to strange girls, and I take girls to coffee so I can bail when she’s an 8 shell with the mind of a girl who didn’t heed her father.

      1. Yep.
        I’ve said it before and will say it again.
        Women have their perks and responsibilities, and men have their perks and responsibilities. Feminists want the perks of both sides and the responsibilities of neither.

    2. http://www.thedailybeast.com/beware-the-women-of-isis-there-are-many-and-they-may-be-more-dangerous-than-the-men
      I read this article recently; it is kind of long-winded, but it details why Western women moved to Islamic State, what happened when they got there, etc. Interestingly despite being depicted as representing an arch-reactionary strain of Islam, they actually have women in their “military police”, doing military suicide missions, and so on. Since feminists seem to have an unholy mutual support agreement with radical Islam, they should put their money where their mouth is and advocate for what ISIS effectively does; mandatory women in combat when required and effectively a draft of its female citizenry.

      1. The only time a woman walk in front of a Muslim es when they fear to step on a land mine, woman first, so polite.

    3. The US should require every politition to join the draft. Then women can go back to making sandwiches and licking toes.

    4. Roosh can we expect an article on the death of the First Amendment to follow , after the false flag of Charlottesville and the subsequent (((Shuttening))) ?

  2. Perhaps the MIL is like STEM,
    they cannot do it, or even do it well, and do not like it. but must be hearded into the field.
    And become managers/leaders
    Forward Soviet.
    At mid 50s I can achieve those results

  3. My argument each time I have the displeasure of interacting with a feminist. And curiously I never get an answer for why this is not a legitimate fight to fight if equality really is the there motivation.

    1. I always get a “I’ll get back to you on that one”. Pretty much the left spectrum’s escape route while attempting to save face.

  4. This will never happen, as we all know exactly why feminists are the way that they are. They’re not fighting for equality. They’re fighting for attention and societal benefits because men have been sympathetic and polite to them for too long.
    Some good news that comes of this is that I have heard men my age expressing redpill views on women even without encountering the “manosphere”. This is due to so many women today being brazenly repulsive and attempting so forcefully to be masculine that many young men can see right through it.

    1. I agree to a large extrent. But I think it is a mistake to think that women simply want to be masculine. Physically that might be so for many, but even that is a half-truth. Deep down they want to be feminine but don’t wanna work for it. So they become feminists and fat activists instead, and/or try to relativize more objecive beauty standards.
      As for behavior they want men to be weak and impose their emotional bullshit obiquitously. No rough talk, aggressions or so-called sexism. Man, I have worked at 90% female work place for a year – in Sweden! My goodness.

      1. I agree with you. They don’t want to be more masculine, they just don’t want to work enough to be more feminine.

        1. I went out for lunch today near an office park. The office women in line at a restaurant were all obese. Some had tattoos, and all were in nasty tight clothing. That was seriously the wrong attention!

        2. They want the benefits of masculinity without the drawbacks…the best of both worlds. You can’t have it both ways.

  5. I saw a female army drill instructor on tv- short, chubby barking at men. quite surreal

  6. Any female draft will be immediately repealed by congress 8 seconds before war is declared. Either because congress actually wants to win, because too many would fall pregnant or be too fat to bother drafting, or because they know that more than a handful of female bodies coming back under flags would be political suicide. The only option is to keep the combat draft male only, but for every man that dies in combat three women are drafted to be inseminated with his stored sperm so that his genetic legacy lives on. Abortion or abandonment of the resulting children would of course be a capital crime.

    1. Very good points on all and I like your proposed solution. That is very fair, really.

    2. Should have women vote for it…
      yes for draft, yes for voting rights
      No for draft no for voting right
      Even Hillary avoided the fuckng question during the presidential debates.
      The end result is all they equality bllsht would disappear. If you don’t want to die for your country, you don’t have a say.
      On another note, I knew a drill Sargeant… boy the stuff he had to say about blackies, I feel sorry for anyone in a position of authority that has to deal with blackies, when they’re a protected class you ass is grass

    1. Oh I can see a baby boom if women were to get drafted… Tyrone would be one busy mofo… he’d be prone to penis fatigue from all these empowered broads not wanting to duck bullets, survive explosions… you know, the fun part of trying to stay alive

  7. War has always been about mass culling of healthy young boys – fed to the Mother, sacrificed to her, their blood poured onto the dirt of the fields to enrich the anticipated harvest..

    1. Not sure about always, but in retrospect it seems like that way with regard to WWI / WWII.
      There is not a single thing men gained from those wars. Those who lost, lost. Those who won, lost too.

  8. Not surprisingly many feminists oppose the draft for women. The most prevalent argument I’ve seen online is that women have yet to achieve true equality. Until they do, imposing the draft on them is an “F* You” to poor and women of color.
    I’m sure that they’ll be ready to sign up when that level of equality is achieved. [SARCASM INTENDED]

    1. “Of color” is one of the most fucking hilarious expressions ever devised, is it not?

  9. Well said. As for faster reflexes and hand-eye coordination I am skeptic. For instance male tennis players do not only hit harder and run faster, they have better technique, precision and skills. Same in table tennis and golf.
    The biggest joke is female soccer, by the way. 15-year-old amateur boys beat the best female soccer teams.

    1. I’m not sure female hockey, female basketball, female rugby, are pretty boring…they give female soccer a great challenge

      1. Hockey is beyond a joke.
        In horse riding, gymnastics (except for the most strength-demanding types) and short-distance running, women are not long after, literally and metaphorically speaking. Some like female tennis because there are much less aces, but the quality is still too low, in my opinion.

        1. Funny they had the female soccer play 15 year old boys, I would love to find out what would happen if they had female hockey play 15 year old boys…. a contact sport…. sounds fun

        2. some of the 15-16 year old guys i went to high school with were over 6ft tall and had beards already. would be a total massacre!

    2. They beat the Female world cup champions, so 15 year old kids beat the best of the world. Evey time I see a game full of dike girls running, is like seeing a male game in slow motion, they run boringly slow.

    3. And yet we have segregated genders chess tournament, why?, strength is not involved, If I remember correctly Racing is not gender segregated, There is not Female NASCAR, and yet there are not female champions on racing.

    4. It’s the wide breeding hip ratio. Soccer is recommended only in moderation for the females where winning is not the objective. Flailing the legs like a slinky loostens the jowels where the baby sliiides right out. “BLOOOOP!”
      That’s the sport. Blooop blooop. May many bloopers rain down upon the west
      Louie louie

  10. This article is straight up bollocks! Being required to register for the draft is not going to have any consequences for women. The last use of the draft was during the Vietnam conflict. 50 years of advanced weaponry and technology development means we will never again have a mass ground force engagement the likes of Korea and Vietnam. It’ll be done from the air, and with partial ground forces.
    I say if women want to be taken seriously, then we should go back to the days of “fault divorce”, take away the government “daddy” benefits that they have, end free birth control, criminalize false rape/DV accusations, and go back to shaming promiscuity. Give me that, along with SEVERELY restricting 3rd wave feminism, and I might think….THINK about taking them seriously.

    1. I’m not sure how correct you are. From what I’ve noticed most people think the every country hasn’t developed defensive weapons.
      Ever wonder how in the last few months, two U.S military ships got into accidents in the ocean, in the fcking ocean… think about that.
      From the very little I know the defensive systems will force combat to be faught the old school way, boots and rifles.
      I would love nothing more that to see whole female plattons, none of that mixed gender sht that will put men’s lives in danger, full blown all women platoons..

      1. He’s somewhat correct. The massing of ground forces is very unlikely to happen again due to advanced weaponry. There is simply not the same need for a buildup of frontline forces. However, support functions have become more important so manpower restrictions could still be problematic.

    2. Here in GB men don’t register for the military. The British Army etc is strictly volunteer. I have a cousin who is a Major soon to be a Lieutenant Colonel. He is in bomb disposal. I must ask him what he thinks about having women in combat roles.

    3. “It’ll be done from the air, and with partial ground forces.”
      That idea will work out as well today as it did for Nazi Germany’s war with England.

  11. Since we’re demanding full gender equality today, women should also start
    Opening jars
    Carrying garbage
    Clearing brush
    Splitting wood
    Killing spiders
    Killing anything
    My great-grandma used to kill chickens by snapping their necks with her bare hands. Nobody in my family has done that for at least fifty years.

    1. My granma was 16 hours in the kitchen, standing all the time and she was able to lift a fridge with her arms.

        1. Actually… It seems like wringing water out of clothing does hit the biceps. if the thumb is on the outside on the dominant hand (a natural way of wringing). The forearms will dominate, but the bicep will be used. I’m going to try the towel wring later.

        2. if you twist all the arms you also using chest muscles to squish all the water with all your body force. Gym? What Gym? Older people were naturally strong working the old daily life. also men had twice testosterone, so basically granpa was manly as fuck.

      1. My grandma could make an 19 year old girl squirt into my mouth by eating her clit like a fiend. Mad Props. “Ish”

  12. They can pour me a Bud Light draft anytime, as long as i can slap their ass afterward.

  13. It’s certainly not inconceivable that women could be required to do national service as this happens in Scandinavia and Israel etc. The draft is another thing. They could well require it, without intending to use it surely. Personally I doubt it is the measure of anything. The only point here is that feminists argue for women in the front-line without arguing to be the grunts at the same level of men, which is continuous with their desire for women to be CEOs etc but never bin collectors or drudges at the same level as men.
    Personally, I think all men should conscientiously object, and led butch women fight world war 3. Now, engage in a little mental exercise: imagine world war II, but fought on both sides just by women. That’s what world war III could be like. Well, it might be according to some future edition of Call of Duty

    1. Ha ha the Swedish army….. there’s a joke….. and its only 5% of the Israeli army are female. They are proficient in weapons usage but very rarely are they on the front line. (((They))) know better than to let fertile nubile young (((ladies))) risk their eggs….. sperm is cheap……

      1. That is right; fundamental premise underlying all matters regarding homo sapiens is that eggs supersede everything.

      2. the israeli military historian martin crevald has ridiculed the idea that women are an integral part of the israel defence force. They are deployed very selectively

  14. Wow I am exceptionally unfit. I can’t do more than two push-ups. I am not fat just very out of condition.

    1. No matter how much they try to force this empowered woman crap on us.
      Actions will always speak louder than words.

  15. At the police academy women are given a complete pass on anything remotely physical. Instructors never seem to mind that they can’t perform even basic police control techniques and the actors in mock scenarios are always extremely easy on them.

      1. Actually one woman regularly out-shot me while we were standing still shooting slowly. She fell apart though at run-and-gun type shooting, where I excelled.
        And she couldn’t swim and was afraid of birds. She freaked out when one flew around the targets at the range.

        1. In my academy, most women needed help to qualify. And God help them during simunition scenarios

        2. I got in trouble during simunitoins for shooting Amy, our class president, too many times during a scenario. After dumping my first mag into her at six feet away in two secconds, she did not cease to be a threat so, that is why we carry spares the way I saw it.
          And the fact that most of my shots hit bare, exposed flesh wasn’t really my fault either.

    1. I noticed the same thing. Most of the females did good academically but many washed out on firearms qualification. They lacked the strength in their hands to control the pistol. What bothered me and most of the male classmates was the arrest techniques and self defense when obviously the women could not for a big man down to the ground using the techniques that are taught. The instructors would let this go but would fail a male student for the same thing. Then these women get out in the field and they are just sucking up a salary that could have gone to man who can do the job.

  16. Women who want true equality should also fight to have women incarcerated and sentenced to death at rates equal to men. They should also fight to get less women in universities to make things more equal. They would also try to do something to make men live as long as women.

  17. One tenant of the “Skin In The Game” voting act is that ALL citizens of the US must register with the Selective Service to be eligible to vote. Most of the military is composed of admin. and support services that can easily be accomplished by women.

    1. Hit it right in the head. Especially in the Air Force, females tend to go for Personnel, Finance, or Services, but especially Services. Which means, they’ll cook your omelette at the chow hall, hand you a towel at the gym (provided you have a high rank), and give you your key at the Air Force Inn. And I bet most join to defy the Patriarchy and it’s gender roles. Go figure.

  18. As a woman I would never want to join the military. I believe that the sexes should play to their own strengths. The vast majority of women are physically, temperamentally and emotionally unsuited for combat roles and dangerous jobs like fireman.

        1. An honest sock of a woman: blindly supports the neo-fems with other sock puppets she upvotes but secretly wants to be Fifty-shaded by an Alpha. 😛

    1. Yeah yeah… you say that now…. but I very sure you’re all liberal tart. You’re all for equal pay, special treatment of women, and all the bologna. You just like men in dangerous jobs, no respect.

    2. That was for many jobs before men mechanized them or otherwise made them relatively safe and not as back breaking as they used to be. Even so women often don’t last long doing many of them.

  19. Good in theory , bad in practice. Women in front line combat will weaken the armed forces and be a liability.

    1. Untrue! Hordes of female troopers giving the enemy the “silent treatment” to coerce them into complying is a fearsome tactic. I’m sure Sun Tzu wrote about that… XD

  20. Air Force actually raised the female minimum to more than 16 minutes in the 1.5 mile? Still a joke. A decently fit man can shuffle part of the PT test and still outrun most females.

  21. Fair play to that 17 year old bird….I hope she keeps it up and bears strong white men for the coming battles…………..she could go a bit easy on the slap though…….

    1. We used to give these civilian vehicles joke military acronyms when I served. Called them LSSTs (little shit suckin’ trucks).
      The porta potties (per Adam Carolla) were called “Mexican Space Shuttles,” due to their ubiquity at construction sites.

  22. I remember the first time I maxed out the USAF PFT in ROTC. Best score in the detachment. Those were the days. All downhill from there…

    1. As much as I’m not a big fan of communism, I’ll give them merit on one area: they sure know how to produce hot women. They can be communist all they want, as long as they put their women on the capitalist market

  23. No-one should be drafted, you aren’t free if your government can point a gun at you and tell you to go to war.

  24. When feminists start clamouring that 50% of all garbage collectors, construction workers, road workers, overhead electric line repairers, miners, trench diggers, sewage engineers etc should be women, then maybe I’ll start taking them seriously. Maybe.

  25. My response: Unneccessary. And the reason why its unnecessary is because today the military is the New Welfare. With marriage rates in the decline, single motherhood on the rise, rising college costs, and the Federal government cutting welfare benefits the military has become a powerful lure to many young women across the country.
    Secondly, another reason why it won’t happen: children. A lot of these females come with children in tow. Children that the military can’t and doesn’t want to take responsibility for. The military already has all the single mothers that it can sustain, it couldn’t possibly take on any more.
    And while we’re being honest, everything that’s being done in regard to homosexuals in the military is all to make the military more female friendly…Period. If it weren’t for females, then the homosexual thing would fall flat on its face.

    1. I’ve been out for five years, so you might be able to catch me up: are single mothers allowed nowadays to enlist? At least, Air Force back then didn’t let single mothers in for obvious reasons.

      1. Mainly no, but it varies by service. And that falls under the whole working woman thing…they are going to find ways to get others to help them raise their kids.
        But here’s the thing though… no mention is given to a couple of things. Like the number of females who become single mothers after joining, the increase in military family services, the absence of any requirement for female birth control, or even any mention of the burden of pregnancy/ single motherhood on military readiness.

  26. I’m a 55 yo man and, with the exception of the gymnastics at the end, I can do everything this girl did. Let’s compare her to an equally awesome 17 yo male and see how she holds up. Equality is a myth. Each sex has its strengths. Women will never be as good at being men. Get over it

  27. Feminist Equality: I get what you have without having to earn it or work for it. I get the good of being equal without the bad. I get to fight in combat and not get killed. Give me a break

  28. And Wonder Woman? Please! Instead of Mcgregor vs Mayweather I’d like to see the best “they” had to offer against either one. Grrrrl power!

    1. There are some youtube videos of a Thai girl who fights boys in the ring. Search “the girl who fights boys”. Why her parents allow it is beyond me.

  29. Eh, I think that trying to take feminism as something serious is impossible. At the moment I do not know any single current feminist group that exposes its points rationally and out of the perspective of women (remember that men and women think differently besides having different needs).

    1. Eh, I think that trying to take feminism as something serious is impossible. At the moment I do not know any single current feminist group that exposes its points rationally and out of the perspective of women (remember that men and women think differently besides having different needs).

      While the foundations of modern feminism cannot be taken seriously, the very existence of it should be. There can be no mistake: it is a doctrine of selfishness, intolerance and deliberate bias that has every intention of using any means to influence the state into supporting their views.
      There is no neo-feminist group that can stand on a rational platform because their concepts are fundamentally illogical and ethically corrupt. What is more is that they know this.
      An equitable solution to the relationship between two groups necessarily requires that the needs of both groups are fairly addressed. The problem with neo-feminism is that it is all about “their” needs and nobody else’s. It is not because their needs or thought processes are different. It is because in their solipsistic pursuit of harpy-ness, they consciously do not consider the needs of men or society as a whole.
      I’ve asked many SJWs and false-egalitarians to present a reasoned and reasonable argument in support of their interests. To date, the crickets around these parts are all I hear.

      1. But one question I ask myself is:
        Should feminism disappear or return to its roots?

        1. But one question I ask myself is:
          Should feminism disappear or return to its roots?

          Short answer? It should be made to disappear, and there is no compelling reason for it to return to its “roots” since “human rights” movements should cover off any true egalitarian causes.
          Here’s the long answer…
          The problem is that “feminism” in all its “waves” has always been about gaining something that they (women) feel disadvantaged at, but never about relinquishing advantages that they have (or at least admitting to it, and not abusing the power they inherently possess). The subterfuge of playing victim is a way to avoid ever having to even mention the strengths of women that men, as a group, are unlikely to ever possess.
          A way to see parallel that is this:
          Assume that all women are blind (but possess adequate hearing), and that all men are deaf (but have adequate vision). Women then demand that automobiles be outfitted with sonar-based steering, but they are NEVER responsible for having brake lights that do not work (since they can’t see, it just doesn’t matter. To them, men should just be “more aware” that some braking is “implied” and that no-lights means I’m braking (even when no-lights could also mean that I am not braking).
          Do you see how that is the problem reflected in practically any thing that is demanded by women via “feminism”, but at the same time, ignore that they can abuse their inherent power with impunity?
          So, do we return to the roots? No. Even the original movements had elements of the fallacious foundation illustrated above. Furthermore, any remedy to an actual inequality of eligibility sought by feminism, can be effectively pursued under “human rights”. There isn’t a need for such a sexist agenda that, by its very name, deliberately promotes women, and, only women. Defenders will no doubt say that “feminism” is about supporting everyone’s rights… but in practice it is really nothing but women wanting power, but unwilling to even accept that they have much power in areas that men never will (power that really can’t be shut off or transferred either).
          The grand experiment shows that giving power to those who abuse the power is detrimental to society. It always makes me think of laws that are created to protect the weaker from being physically intimidated by the stronger… Is it a wise thing to feel that because those laws exist, one can then openly thumb their noses at some mountain of a man and say, “you can’t touch me jerk, because I’m protected”? You’d think that the prudent person would understand that rattling bear cages is a way to get your arm torn off. However, neo-feminists seem to think that such behavior is their “right”.
          In modern Western society, the major problem is that we forget that, due to excessive sheltering, many women are, psychologically speaking, still children. We don’t give driver’s licenses to 8-year-olds for a reason.
          The cadre of crickets, agree.

        2. Well … it’s quite complicated.
          Something I noticed is many in here in the manosphere (the MGTOW) developed a very recalcitrant hatred towards women. Almost as strong as the hatred of several feminists like Andrea Dworkin for men.
          Up to this point I realized that both men and women are indispensable for the welfare of society. Many here speak the man how he can cope alone without the help of women and build civilizations, but they can not do it. A humanity without the beauty of women simply can not be called humanity.
          I at least do my best to help bluepill men to wake up and I encourage femininity in women. Many times I received insults and I was called retrograde, but I will not let my compatriots fall under the yoke of the global elites.
          Working for unity and peace in society is my duty as a Catholic and a citizen.

        3. Well … it’s quite complicated.

          Yet, it really isn’t that complicated at all. Modern feminism promotes the self-serving misconceptions that surreptitiously imply women can do no wrong, and that they are helplessly under the constant threat of men aggressively mistreating them. They use that to justify their righteous indignation and general contempt for anything other than a solution being all that they demand. This needs to end.
          = = = = = = = = = =

          Something I noticed is many in here in the manosphere (the MGTOW) developed a very recalcitrant hatred towards women. Almost as strong as the hatred of several feminists like Andrea Dworkin for men.

          As a whole, we don’t see that. There really aren’t that many men in the manosphere that “hate” women. While sites like ROK can and will attract those that actually loathe women, most men here adore women that excel at being women. Having no patience for the childlike and illogical rhetoric of Social Justice Warriors and their sycophants can sometimes appear as hatred for women when not seen in context. In the framework, it is really just giving extremist feminists the very discourtesy they earn.
          = = = = = = = = = =

        4. …continued

          Up to this point I realized that both men and women are indispensable for the welfare of society. Many here speak the man how he can cope alone without the help of women and build civilizations, but they can not do it. A humanity without the beauty of women simply can not be called humanity. Even societies as masculine as those of the Vikings took into account the advice of their women.

          While the incentive of beautiful women (not all women, and especially not the modern, blue-hair, tatted-up, fat, “grrrrrl” power, militant feminista) can inspire men to build civilizations, it really isn’t a requirement. Sure, acquisition of the attention of babes drives men to work smarter and harder, but many pursuits (of which the ancillary benefits to society are huge) can be completely agnostic of women (from beautiful right down to “barely adequate, but I’m horny”). Few astronomers spend long cold nights cataloguing stellar bodies because it might lead to better chances with a hottie. In reality, it’s probably quite detrimental to one’s dating success. Many craftsmen, sportsmen, King’s men, etc… hone their skills for no other reason than the pursuit of perfection of their chosen vocation. One has to come up with some sort of a better argument to support your notion.
          “Humanity without the beauty of [some] women” not being called humanity is merely semantics.
          Nearly all societies including the fabled Amazonian society are based on the reverence of masculine qualities. These attributes are required to coax order from disorder, consistency from randomness, and generally a good environment from the essentially hostile natural one. The “advice” of women, while useful, is not critical. After all, are not men and women equally capable of giving useful advice? Considering it was usually the men doing the conversion from nature to nirvana… a man’s advice would be, in all estimates, far more useful. As far as the Norse culture. You’ll have to provide some example of this. There may well be, but from my direct perusal of Viking exhibits, there doesn’t seem to be anything like what you are saying.
          = = = = = = = = = =

        5. When I said the manosphere, I did not refer to it in its entirety, only to MGTOW sites.
          But you’re right, feminism has to disappear.

        6. When I said that women are indispensable to society, I meant that men can not procreate among themselves (although I saw something about artificial wombs) and the care of children distracts them from work. Women take care and men build, I could never replace a woman in her labors (I would not raise children as well as they, it’s in their brain).
          And a world of men alone (assuming there are no women) would be horrible. It would be a sad and boring humanity (for me).
          And about the Vikings, I could only find it in Spanish https://thevalkyriesvigil.com/2014/03/09/sociedad-vikinga-i-el-papel-de-la-mujer-en-la-sociedad-vikingo-escandinava/ But in sum, women could not participate in government assemblies, but rather urge their husbands to do so and also advise them

        7. (Note: Somehow my posts are being “detected as spam” — reposting in shorter form)

          I at least do my best to help bluepill men to wake up and I encourage femininity in women. Many times I received insults and I was called retrograde, but I will not let my compatriots fall under the yoke of the global elites.

          Society in general does encourage femininity in women. It is only the small, but extremely loud and proud group of SJW’s that promote the fallacy of “womynz is just like, nawww… BETTER… than men”.
          Have a look. Most of the women playing victim and barking about “equality” are not “beautiful” (usually not physically, and almost always not behaviourally). What they are doing is trying to force men to change their natural inclinations because those natural inclinations do not include these “victims”.
          Whether the campaign is supported by global elites or not is still a question. I’m inclined to think that it is really just a small bunch of bullies messing with the system. Neo-feminism needs to be stamped out.
          = = = = = = = = = =

        8. …continued (original post “detected as spam” — which it is not!)

          Working for unity and peace in society is my duty as a Catholic and a citizen.

          A unified populace is one way, but it is unlikely to occur. What we need to promote is real education, and, restore common sense to remove the artificial barriers to speaking out against the political correctness which SJW’s use to muzzle any and all criticism.
          What happened to that software engineer at Google should be a watershed moment. He was shedding light on how “equal opportunity” is perverted by SJW’s to become “equal outcome” (or at the very least, “the outcome that SJW’s wish it to be”. There should have been applause and accolades for that — not ridicule and career damage.
          Our duty, as a citizen of all society, is to stop the infection being spread by a relatively small but fanatical segment of society. The selfish and illogical foundation of false egalitarianism needs to hide behind bullying. Cast the light of truth on them and watch them run for the shadows.
          = = = = = = = = = =

        9. Probably another JOS I’ll tag you as a SPAMMER attack… reposting…

          I at least do my best to help bluepill men to wake up and I encourage femininity in women. Many times I received insults and I was called retrograde, but I will not let my compatriots fall under the yoke of the global elites.

          Society in general does encourage femininity in women. It is only the small, but extremely loud and proud group of SJW’s that promote the fallacy of “womynz is just like, nawww… BETTER… than men”.
          Have a look. Most of the women playing victim and barking about “equality” are not “beautiful” (usually not physically, and almost always not behaviourally). What they are doing is trying to force men to change their natural inclinations because those natural inclinations do not include these “victims”.
          Whether the campaign is supported by global elites or not is still a question. I’m inclined to think that it is really just a small bunch of bullies messing with the system. Neo-feminism needs to be stamped out.
          = = = = = = = = = =

  30. Feminism’s goal if you need a simple goal for it, is to increase the obligations of men to women while eliminating those of women to men. To erase all societal obligations, rules, and restrictions for women while adding for men.
    Remember that in many countries the vote was begrudgingly given to all men because of the draft. That if the government could draft men into wars they should have at least have some say about who was in office to decide to go to war. It was an expansion of voting on the basis of having your own skin at risk from the political process. All women got the vote shorty there after without any obligations.
    Another aspect of feminism is that women get to _choose_ to do things that are obligations of men. They will never tolerate them becoming obligations of women as well.

  31. Ha.
    That’ll be good.
    Let’s have a bunch of people with the strength and intelligence of 13 year olds serving in a war.
    The fact that the US military has women is the biggest sign of its degeneracy.
    The last real war the US fought was Vietnam, and even then the country and the military had weakened.
    Back when the US had a real military, they annihilated the Empire of Japan in three and a half years.
    Now they can’t defeat a bunch of cave dwelling, boy fucking faggots.
    Because they’ve become faggots themselves.
    And as for women “soldiers”-
    They’ll enthusiastically submit to towel head gangbangs before they’ll ever fight.
    13 year old boys make infinitely better soldiers than women.
    And if a large scale war breaks out, you’ll see 17 year old young men volunteering to fight, while 30 something year old cunts, who are “veterans” of the military, will suddenly cry and resign.
    Because women are cowards.
    When the chips are down, boys and men will fight to the death, while women will whore around with the enemy, and fornicate on the graves of their dead soldiers.
    Or, as we saw a hundred years ago, during the first world war, while boys in their teens, as young as 13, are lying about their age to enlist, the whores will go around handing out white feathers, shaming boys.
    While they wait on the sidelines, waiting to fuck the winners.
    Because deep down men, and boys, are warriors – while women are whores.

  32. Regarding the 17 y.o. girl in the fitness video, while I find that type of thing to be extremely unfeminine and unattractive, I have to say I am impressed! Holy smokes! That little girl was moving some serious weight around. She must be a gymnast or something.

  33. I am a blue belt in BJJ. In my gym, most white belt guys can beat the two blue belt girls with relatively ease. The ones who couldn’t are those 55kg guys who just start training for one month!

  34. The feminists won’t fight for it. They killed the Equal Rights Amendment without the Hayden rider because it meant they would have to register for the draft and lose a lot of privilege. What women get in the US at 18 for nothing is what we men in the US have to sacrifice freedom for by registering for selective service.
    I personally want them to register for the draft not only to put their names in the pot, but for the consequences if they don’t register. As it stands in the US, if you don’t register for selective service: https://www.sss.gov/Registration/Why-Register/Benefits-and-Penalties
    -No federal student loans or financial aid for their bullshit degrees. They will either have to be a trust fund baby, or go into debt with more dubious parties.
    -Unable to apply or hold federal jobs. No more of those cushy jobs where they sit on their asses and collect pensions.
    And it doesn’t end there. On the state level, you can’t hold a driver’s license, or access state services (including welfare.)
    So by supporting the registration for selective service for everyone, we can deal a death blow to feminists. Even if they bypass financial aid, they can’t get into a position of federal power if they don’t register.
    Oh, did I mention that women can sit on the selective service board when they are activated while NOT registering themselves. They are sending you out to die at their whim if the draft is activated. Fuck that. No skin in the game, no vote on how it’s played.

  35. May aswell sterilize the population if we want to draft the women… though they can perform other…duties to relieve stress and improve morale.

  36. OK Men She said, We are going to take that hill after Pvt Male opens this pickle jar.

  37. The proportional strength is meaningless in combat units. She weigh 110 lbs so she would literally be carrying 100% of her body weight in weapons and gear on a combat patrol in Afghanistan. I think an 180 lb man has a lot better time of it carrying the same load.

  38. What I really want to see as statistics is how women tend to be more hive minded than men. Because that’s the main reason I’m against women voting at all. If they’re hive minded it’s likely they will vote for what their close friend would vote for without a second thought. That’s just bad voting… I know voting isn’t supposed to be intellectual all the time but I think hive minded voting is equivalent to a monarchy or something.

  39. Feminism was never about equality, for that they would also be handed the responsibility, which most modern women, particularly the Millennial kind, are not willing to take. Its all about extracting as many concessions as they can from society, just like other movements such as BLM.
    I wouldn’t take women seriously until they ended court mandated child support in divorces.

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