Stand For Something Or Die For Nothing

Responsibility. It’s a big word. All too many people today don’t take on full responsibility for their lives, and thus, they remain juvenile and immature, while doing a whole lot of complaining that gets them nowhere.

In general, when I look around today, I see a lot of people blaming a whole lot of other people and circumstances for the predicament that they find themselves in, especially on social media. It’s just another branch of attention whoring and it’s weak and apathetic. And it reflects a complete lack of personal leadership of one’s self, a.k.a. responsibility and accountability.

The blame game is one of the most prevalent escape attempts that people the world over implement to try to avoid personal responsibility. It’s like knowing you have to lose weight, but it was rainy today, so dammit, you didn’t go out for cardio and instead opted to sit around watching TV all day while eating potato chips.  It’s not your fault, nay!  The fault always lies somewhere else.

Yet, if you’re up past your neck in debt for buying into the Western dream of having that big house, that fancy car, those three foreign vacations every year, or any inane amount of vanities “provided” by the “good life”, you are responsible for making those choices. If you’ve reached the stage of your relationship turned relationshit, you have to own up to the fact that you were the other half of that equation. Therefore, you have the tools, at least in part, to dig yourself out of that hole and repair what needs to be fixed. By so doing, you reassert control and take full responsibility on your own behalf.

You are the blacksmith of your own life. You forge your own destiny. This includes absolutely every area of your life. You are always, at least in part, responsible for how things turns out. Scapegoats simply don’t exist.  Do we even stop to ponder whether our excuses would ever hold up in an earthly court of law?

It’s like the old saying “There are no such things as excuses, only reasons why things don’t get done.” That’s all part of owning your own shit. That’s called being accountable and being in control, at the end of the day.

The Power Of Choice

Wherever you are in life, you must realize that if you are not happy with the way things are, your choices have brought you to this point. From the unhappy feminist who can’t land a decent man for the life of her, to the lonely white knight who can’t land a girl who’d be attracted to him, to the jailbird sitting behind bars doing time for getting caught, to the pick-up artist who doesn’t feel anything anymore, regardless of the hot chicks that he bangs, to the modern individual swimming in a sea of stress and worry to maintain a certain lifestyle, you have got to realize… your beliefs and actions dictated the roads you took that landed you where you now are. You have the option of making better choices, moving from dissatisfaction to satisfaction.

By taking on full, personal responsibility, you move into a place of power. All the complaints and gripes end when you take control of your life. Sure, you might feel frustration in your personal struggles, and surely you will, but that doesn’t automatically warrant a complaint. That said, any time you, or anyone for that matter, issues a complaint, you damn well better also have some plausible solutions available, so that you don’t ascribe yourself to being a basic bitch. With the complaints department closed, you can focus on the things that truly weigh and matter, and thus, orienteer yourself in getting your shit together.

A lot of people today look to evade hardship and aim to procure the “easy life” for themselves, thereby shedding the weighty garb of full, personal responsibility, and accountability. In so doing, they become weak in their hedonistic quest, like someone who doesn’t want to push the heavy weights, lest they become musclebound. Don’t fall for the bullshit and mirage.  Be the one to bitch-slap yourself so someone else doesn’t have to do it for you.

For the most part, life is mundane. It’s a grind, from day to day, trying to pay the bills, trying to make headway for a better tomorrow. The mountain high experiences we have are just a brief respite, to give us a sense of escape and elation, before the roller coaster rushes back down to the valleys below for more struggle and toil, which, granted, is what the bulk sum of life adds up to.  You don’t want the hard times, but you need them.  You need them to learn and grow, so that you don’t become or remain a milksop.

See it as your payoff for the moment when you experience mountain highs. Don’t expect life to offer you a continuous string of steady goodness, because should such an unfortunate thing happen, you would quickly tire and get bored, and the said high would become the next tier in the mundane existence you otherwise lead.

Therefore, mountain highs must be rationed. You have to earn that bone, little doggie! You need those drivers of necessity in your life. Otherwise, you’d have no ambition. You would feel no need, and have no driver that compelled you to push forward. You’d simply drift, much like all too many kids of rich folk, who end up druggies and complete wastes of life, having been handed it all. Trust me, I’ve seen it.  The easy life is no blessing.

Everyone gets tested in this life. It’s a necessary good and evil, all rolled into one. You can’t stop the winds from blowing, nor the rain from falling. The tests are there on a consistent basis to make you stronger. But of course, it’s out of your free volition what you choose to do in the face of these tests. Either relent or push through.  That’s the beauty of it. This is the stage where you get to own your own shit, where you get to step up to the plate and make yourself more of a man. This is where the word perseverance comes in.

The Power of Perseverance

The number one thing, fellas, that I would adhere to when life tests you, is to stay the course. Persevere. Especially as a man, for the sake of your internal stock, stand. Get your armor on, cast-iron faceplate included, and weather the storm. Stand like the fucking Rock of Gibraltar. Stand where others fall, where others simply have given up. Choose to be more than the status quo, so that in the end, your life will have meant something and you’ll be able to respect yourself.

This is, in short, is where especially men, the world over, have failed. Simply, they’ve failed to stand and persevere. Or perhaps their personal houses were built on such shoddy foundations, that when the storms of life contested them, their abodes were consequently laid to waste. Regardless, relenting in the face of pressure and abandoning their post has been to the detriment and downfall of men the world over. All too many people today crumble in the face of criticism and pressure, changing their views and stances to appease the dominant mindset. In so doing, they lower themselves to betas and find themselves courted by the pastures of victimhood.

Bruce Lee had it right, when he advised “Do not pray for an easy life, pray for the strength to endure a difficult one.”

Instead of standing and persevering, we have chosen to drift and sway, to avoid the weight of hardship and the heat of trial. We have chosen to be agreeable, even when we don’t agree, just to avoid conflict. Somehow, we think that if we relent and just go with the flow, we’ll have it easier in life. Bullshit. That’s the exact point at which your life and inner workings become a living hell and you end up feeling defeated, less than a man.

As a man, it’s your duty above all to yourself, that you navigate and captain your personal ship with trustable authority. Without personal accountability and full responsibility, this is purely impossible. Without standing and persevering in the face of trial, this will never happen. You have to be able to respect the man looking back at you in the mirror.

Know and recognize what it is that you stand for. You must guard and honor your post. You must stand. Son, you are at the helm. You wear the captain’s hat. Don’t throw it away, no matter how hard the ride is.

No matter the criticism, no matter the pressure, no matter how turbulent the sea, just stand. The winds are going to blow anyway and you can’t stop the storms from coming.  So stand like your life depends on it. Because if you’re honest with yourself, it does.

In closing, when pondering the tenet of personal responsibility and asking yourself what you stand for, take it from the central punchline in Sly Stallone’s 2008 rendition of Rambo: “Die for nothing, or live for something.”

Succumb and become a beta, or stand steadfast like an alpha.

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79 thoughts on “Stand For Something Or Die For Nothing”

  1. If a man has family, this dilemma is easy: stand for your children and wife. But a lot of us, partly because of the degenerate culture, do not have children and may never have them. This means we have to take on surrogate activities to “stand” for, like money, chasing girls, bodybuilding, etc, which are poor substitutes for personal sacrifice. Unless we fix the family problem, it will be hard for men to feel truly masculine in their roles.

    1. Agreed. Which means our purpose should be focused on creating an environment where families are valued again. In order to accomplish that, the libtards need to be marginalized.

    2. So many people stay ‘stuck’ in life because they lack self-awareness; not being able to name a problem, keeps a person from being able to fix the problem.
      You express your principles and needs in exacting detail, blaming someone else’s cultural-ideals for your inability to live the life of a principled man doesn’t make sense.
      Perhaps you are having the hedonistic-time of your life now, because you like the immature, immediate sensual gratification it affords you…own it, man!
      You know what you need to do in order to be a fully functional man-in-full, and when it is time to put your childish ways behind you, you’ll be able to do it no matter what anyone else is doing in their lane.

      1. Somewhat. I’ll fully admit to not making a complete effort to the cause. But if in an environment where that dedication is potentially detrimental to one’s well being, I find it diifcult to blame he individual for choosing self preservation.

        1. What country are you living in that going to college, getting a job, falling in love, buying a home and creating a meaningful life are a physical threat?

        2. The US. Political correctness has been imposed on our lives from day one to grave. False rape allegations in college, claimed sexual harassment in the workplace, divorce rape in marriage, and the generally excessive PC zeitgeist are all existential threats to most especially straight white men.

    3. I’m right there. I have no wife or kids, so sometimes after a long day at work, thoughts enter into my head that it’s all for nothing. Most of the time I do not feel like a “man”. I describe myself as a “guy”. Inside, I know that I was meant to be a husband and father and provider, but this degenerate society has robbed me of that since acquiring a decent woman has turned into a game of musical chairs of very few chairs and tons of guys to compete against. I didn’t win in that game. If Russian, Chinese, or NK soldiers stormed our beaches tomorrow, I’d simply step aside. I’m not fighting for a country that redistributes my earnings to welfare mamas, creates laws that benefit women, creates laws that oppress men, has no-fault divorce, glorifies drug use and degeneracy through mainstream media, and has turned most white working men into nothing but tax paying debt slaves. Forget it .

      1. Ghostrider To an extent I empathize with you.
        When I was 16 I made a commitment to myself to never marry, never have children. I have kept that commitment.
        I always feel like a man. Why? Easy. When I look around me and see men who let women push them around and tell them what to do, why would I not feel like a man? Some of them earn more money than me. So what? Most of them don’t have the balls to do what they want, when they want, and answer to no one. Most of them have wives that cheat, disrespect them “to their face”, and children who are disobedient.
        And too many of them let their wives keep their bank accounts drained dry. All that work to support a family. Damn.
        When I see guys go “clubbing”, buying drinks, dancing with, and talking up girls, who have never gave a damn about them (the guys), men who alter their personality (who they really are), just for a chance to have sex with a half-drunk slut, why would I not feel like a man?
        Yes! I did those things, too. When I was in my late-teens thru late-thirties. But no more.
        As for an enemy invading the USA, I would do nothing unless or until they came to my corner of Heaven. All those people who grow rich off the arms industry and banking and taxes, it’s their turn to fight. After all, they got more skin in the game than me.
        Anyway, I don’t blame you for feeling the way you do about things. Carve out a niche for yourself and make it as prosperous as possible. Men overlook the fact that success in a man is itself a powerful magnet and aphrodisiac to attract women. Just remember the golden rule Ghostrider; pump-em-and-dump-em.

        1. Yeah, I think you’re right. Most – but in fairness not all – of the married men I see are clearly neutered and know it themselves. It’s what we’ve all be conditioned to accept, so they soldier on.
          I see divorced men – after they come out of the painful fog – as being some of the happiest and most vigorous men I know. They have a boyish energy about them which is great.
          I have that energy myself now and won’t give it up for anything. To give up that core of yourself is to lose at life. Girlfriends can be managed without losing your core…but wives are a tough order.

      2. “It’s all for nothing.”
        I feel this way too, even though I have three kids who I love to death. (I’m divorced.)
        What can we conclude except that the masculine heart desires a family?
        Still, family bliss was always mostly an illusion. Women don’t make you happy. They just don’t and aren’t designed to. Thinking they can just makes you miss something that doesn’t exist. And will cause disappointment should you ever get married.
        I’ve come to think that alienation from our world, from our societies, is itself a positive good. In a spiritual sense, it causes us to look outside of the material sphere for ultimate fulfillment.
        * * *
        Yes, we don’t have a stake any more in our countries. Everything has been weaponized against us. If my sons are asked to “fight for this country”, we’re out of here.
        What would we be fighting for? Second class status as men in colleges and the workforce? Second-class status in families? In divorce court? No fault divorce? No questions asked abortion of our babies? Endless wars against who-knows-who for who-knows-what reasons? Obscene profits for the chiefs of our mega-corps?
        A country that doesn’t defend it’s men will not be defended by its men.
        And, sadly, this is by design. Globalists want us to be demoralized to the point we let our countries collapse around us. We’re in a bit of a bind. I think Trump is a way out, but man are all the globalist, neo-con, cultural Marxists against him and us.
        I suppose all we can do is continue to hold onto the truth and maintain it against the onslaught at all costs.

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        2. “Still, family bliss was always mostly an illusion.” My take is the truest love a man will know from his wife or girlfriend, comes only, after he’s dead.

      3. I went through a bit of depression when I became financially independent with my own house but realised these no good woman in Western culture to start a family with. It’s suicide getting in a relationship with one cause they are all brainwashed by male hating Feminisms.
        I found purpose again after finding this website and and learning that these still hope in Eastern countries. I’ve now built and move to SE Asia and have a great woman that all she wants to do is look after me and make me happy.
        I believe men and women are design to be together but it’s impossible to be with a woman in the west even if you find a good girl cause of daily male hating messages by the media, TV, etc…
        With all the toxic PC Cultural messages directed at children, I would never want my kids to grow up in such a toxic culture!

        1. Sadly, you are one of many men who has taken that road. It has its own perils but usually turns out much better than marrying a western woman.

      4. As a straight white male in the west, you might as well resign yourself to this:
        When we do good, no one remembers.
        When we do bad, no one forgets.

        1. But when you do good, you become freer quite often. Granted it’s your own microcosm, few men know that freedom with age.

        2. Western males need to quit caring what everyone thinks and do good. Respect will be earned by people that matter.

      5. “If Russian, Chinese, or NK soldiers stormed our beaches tomorrow, I’d simply step aside.”
        If they’re Chinese, I’d ask them in Mandarin, “Hey, do you guys play Snooker? I’ve been meaning to play that game for a long time, but there’s no one in the US who plays that form of billiards. Also, I could really go for some Peking Duck or Moon Cakes. I’m a bit hungry right now.”

    4. Family was the central thing men built in our lives. All the sacrifices we made were to build a social edifice and legacy, rich with intimate interpersonal relationships.
      And we were in charge of our project. We owned it. The law protected and encouraged us in our endeavor. And it was respected.
      When feminism took that away from us – ownership of our own family – they struck at our hearts and sent us into a severe identity crisis.
      The best I can come up with is to focus your life on relationships still.
      If you don’t have kids, volunteer to help a wounded warrior, as an example. Helping another human being – in whatever dire straits they are in – will give your life purpose. And you will build relationships in the process.
      Most of all, focus on building deep and long-term friendships with other men. This is so important. I was married for 17 years and can tell you that even a wife of that long can not (and doesn’t really care to) know you the way a good male friend will.

    5. Better that people stop having children. Then people would stop trying to force society to build itself for children and women. The importance of women and their ability to birth spawn will also diminish, their reproductive value will drop and we can finally focus on real problems instead of more stupid ass children being born to become degenerates or criminals.

    6. Absolutely spot on. Other activities only fill the void of our innate biological masculine imperative which sadly is becoming stifled due to the sick degenerate society we are afflicted by.

    7. Generations of childless men are going to be a benefit in the inevitable civil war the globalist jew is fighting so hard to start. Family men can far too easily be manipulated and threatened. A man may be willing to sacrifice his own life for a cause, but very few have the convictions to watch their wives and daughters be sacrificed in their place when the enemy shifts attention to them. They can too easily be bribed or threatened with the lives of their children.
      Millions of men with no family, no future. Only guilt can control them, and that guilt, the last thing that binds them, is fading quickly. It’s the same conditions the liberals insist created terrorists among Islam. “You can’t just keep calling all of Islam a incompatible with western values or else Mohammedans will have no choice but to slaughter you! Also, everyone that doesn’t worship the leftists are all rayciss nazis that need to be punched. Nazi nazi nazi nazi nazi nazi nazi nazi.”

      1. Millions of men with absolutely nothing to lose and no loyalty to the state or powers that be……

    8. everything i’ve discovered as being a problem in this (western) world today is solved with one word (or two)…..the patriarchy

    9. Even with family, a man still wants something more to stand for as well. I can see how if a man is into his 30’s or 40’s with no family, nothing else is going to fill that void no matter how much good he does for the world, how much self improvement he does, how much fun he has, etc… but it won’t end there.
      Of course with your website, you are already contributing greatly to the world, so for you, if you got that family maybe you would. This may also be a grass is greener on the other side thing though. I don’t know if you’re still out laying it down with young cuties on a regular basis, but if you are, that could be a hard thing to leave behind for one pain in the ass woman, even if she does bring your kids into this world. It’s easy to leave it behind when you are terrible at picking up women, but hard when you’re good at it.
      That said, you seem like a guy very capable of committing to yourself. You committed to betterment with women, you committed to a better body, to this website, to that beard. I think you could commit yourself to family. And that’s exactly what a man with options does when he decides to forgo other women. It’s not for that women, but for the family he builds with that woman. It really is all for the kids and knowing your genetics have a chance at some form of imortality, since you can only believe and have faith in that for your soul.

  2. Good article but Long. One of the ways that so called Disabled People are around (i put disabled in caps as I have a friend who has been in a wheelchair for 30years ) to give us an example. In other words we all have our Own Cross To Bear.

  3. Modern life encourages an emotional remoteness from life that discourages any kind of principled thinking.
    You work a corporate job?? You’re not working for the man … you’re working for the man, for the man, for the man to the power of 27 zeros. Completely detached from consequence and meaning. It’s a tough truth to reconcile because we can’t all live the FF the beaten track. I’m a programmer. I depend on networks (physical and virtual). I’m not an island, however much I wish, but I’ve a few rules I follow that give me the best results and freedom
    1. Truly, truly excel at something to the point you’re indispensable to the environment you’re in.
    2. Have a family. Nothing gives you more instrinict purpose.
    3. Work out hard. Sounds dumb but it takes care of an entire dimension of your life.
    At this point I’d say something like “stand up for your values”. But it’s not as easy as it sounds. People like us are dissidents. We can’t all be Roosh, saying what we feel whenever we want and living off the map. But we can pioneer, sometimes quietly, but always diligently for the world we know is best.
    And …
    4. Never fucking give up!

  4. In 1982, I went thru MCRD San Diego (USMC). I accepted that everyone back home KNEW I had a snowball’s chance in hell of making it thru. Lying in the rack my 3rd or 4th night there I made a commitment to myself.
    There’s only 1 of 2 ways I am going home; in a uniform or a body bag. That’s it!
    Well, this wimpy 17 year old kid (at the time) made it thru and graduated on time. Since then, I have used that mindset a lot.
    This article articulates this better than I can.
    Great stuff!

  5. Yeah, well, some powerful elites in our country don’t want white men to “persevere.” They want us to retreat to our rooms, watch porn, eat junk food and read Harry Potter novels.

    1. Albionic American Are you going to let them, so-called elites, push you around and tell you what to do?
      Fuck them and “what they want.”

      1. Of course not. The Alt Right scares the shit out of our elites because it has attracted men who recognize this trap and want to escape from it, though these guys could set a better personal example and benefit from more effective leadership. The photo of the fat kid in the Confederate cosplay outfit in Charlottesville just made me shake my head.
        I offered the suggestion the other day that these youngsters need to prepare for their rebellion financially by saving up Fuck You Money in case the antifas dox them and cause them to lose their jobs.

        You’re Not Free Until You Have “Fuck You Money”

        1. Albionic American Your original statement seemed resigned to fate. I am glad you cleared up what you are saying. I understand where you are coming from now. You did have me worried for a moment.
          Saving up Fuck You Money is good. Also being in top physical condition is another. The list goes on but I will leave room to add to that list for others.

        2. Re: the rebel kid and the flag did that repel and disappoint you or the opposite?? I think that kid was a bit of a hero. Did you see him pack his AR15?? Did you see him quietly stand there and take abuse from that psychotic broad ? Got kinda choked up watching that kid….

  6. Very powerful article.
    Of course the victims of the Jews, NWO, conspiracies, the federal government, the fed, the United Nations, feminists, public education and the liberal media will hate it.
    Anything that advocates personal responsibility they hate.

    1. so when the jews got rounded up and placed in concentration camps were they supposed to work on self-improvement or taking personal responsibility for their situation?
      An extreme example perhaps, I can anticipate the objection (none of us are in any kind of extreme circumstances that prevent us working on self-improvement or taking personal responsibillity) but there was there a guy there who actually dwelt on the paradox of having full agency as a human being while nonetheless being aware that there may be very considerable constraints imposed by ones environment, including forces that may be inimical to your interests. Victor Frankl (or someone like that) came up with the following advice: mentally accept the worst thing that might happen (which would include an increasingly totatliarianism on the part of the elites that govern us) and try to make it better. So in the case of being incarcerated in a concentration camp you accept and prepare mentally for the worst, then you work to make the best of the situation, to improve yourself or perhaps even to work on an escape plan if you think it might work.
      The point isn’t that our situation is in any way like that (which of course it isn’t) but that we should always be working on both taking personal responsibility for, and improving our own lives as well as engaging constructively, and to the extent that we are able to, with external constraints, including forces that may well be hostile and damaging to our interests.
      The whole take responsibility for everything in your life is fine except where it lets every other actor, including powerful institutional forces off the hook. We live in an age where the state and the elites are more powerful than ever, and are taking increasingly control over individuals lives. Why should the individual take responsibility for such things?

      1. Nobody has ever prevented you from engaging in politics or has prevented you from convincing others to be political actors and acting in concert together for your own political ends.
        Any time anybody gives me this argument, especially if they are Americans, I tell them this:
        The Founding Fathers were traitors to the British Empire when they waged their American Revolution. They waged their war for eight long years without one single modern convenience that we enjoy today. There was no welfare state. They also had to provide for themselves and their families while waging war. Every single one of them knew that if they lost, each and every one of them would swing from the hangman’s noose for treason.
        Now, you are probably thinking that I am advocating war. I’m not. But unless you are willing to spend part of your life fighting for your own freedom in the political sphere with everything available to you, then you have no right to cry about losing your institutions.
        Freedom isn’t free. If you don’t do politics, politics does you.
        Nobody is responsible for your political freedom except you.

        1. so in order to engage in politics at all, or even to be or care about or pursue politics in any meaningful way it has to be all or nothing, and one has to be prepared to sacrifice all worldly success etc. Perhaps there is some truth in that, at least in extremis, but for the most part that is a false dichotomy: we are not talking about joining the rebel alliance or the resistance against skynet, and even if the issue of ‘engagement’ has long remain a critical one for ‘changing the world’ or whatever it simply doesn’t apply for most people. It is perfectly possible to be political and to take responsibility for ones life. I don’t hear you railing against progressives who engage in their politics on social media, yet whose only real sacrifice is probably dyeing their hair a stupid colour, yet those people however dumb they may be are highly effective in their own way aren’t they? So why should it be different for anyone else. We can take responsibility for ourselves and fight the PTB. There’s no need for sacrifice. Just leverage.

        2. I made it clear this was a about a will to commit. The American Revolution was just an example of having a commitment, a vision, and doing everything possible to achieve it against all odds and with one’s life at stake.
          Your point about social justice warriors is spot on.
          They are nobodies. They’re rabble rousers. They are not very intelligent.
          Imagine what people could do if they were more committed than these little punks.

        3. well sure. Will, true will, lies at the heart of effecting change. I’m not sure that’s at issue here. If we are only talking about leadership, then that might be a compelling point. But we are simply talking about engaging or not engaging in politics. In the context of the article we talking about the issue of taking as much responsibility as one can for oneself, and whether that can / should include or preclude engagement in politics (on whatever basis). Your original point seemed to suggest that maximising the agency of the self / personal responsibility would argue against attributing responsibility elsewhere e.g. the nwo, or more prosaically the federal government, and I attempted to argue that one both take responsibility for oneself AND assign responsibility elsewhere. But suddenly we are talking about will as a precondition to any kind of political engagement (including presumably assigning responsibility to the federal government / NWO or whatever). I don’t really see why that comes into it

  7. Why does personal responsibility and accountability always go out the window as soon as the discussion turns to having a family? If you never have kids, that’s your own fault. If you want to fix the culture, the people you can influence most are the ones you parent.
    Remember, a leftist is someone who wants to change the world, but isn’t willing to work or parent to get there. Blogging isn’t enough. Go forth, be fruitful and multiply.

    1. “…a leftist is someone who wants to change the world, but isn’t willing to work …”
      I’m not defending leftist but to be fair about it, leftists work tirelessly without ceasing to further their own cause. Even when one avenue of attack closes on them they find a way to keep fighting.
      “Know thy enemy and know thine self and you can fight 100 battles without fear of defeat.”
      Sun Tzu, The Art Of War

      1. I agree. I should have said, most leftists have a low opinion of an honest job done well, and would rather force change upon others, than do better themselves.

  8. Let me start out by saying, I agree that people should take responsibility for their own spawn they birthed into the world and stop trying to get the government, other people and other industries to take responsibility for their children. Lots of people can’t believe me at all when I don’t put their stupid ass children first, they should drop that attitude immediately, your children your problems. I see childbirthing and rearing as a mere hobby stop acting like it’s as required as food, drink, air and sleep, it’s not, you chose to have children just like people choose to study and build, you take responsibility for it. If you have a dog or cat same rule applies, if your dog goes eating someone’s food you have to pay for it.

    1. You’re referring to having children for the sake of having children where the main resources are used for creating an environment for the family/children. A woman might concieve of such a thing if the man was domesticated. But a man with ambition and dreams lives on a higher plane than kid’s bread and circus activities, the ball games which are all fun but there has to be a higher purpose for breeding out a swath of pedigree likenesses of yourself and your compatible spoose, er spouse.
      A BUSINESS justifies 10 kids. A FAMILY FARM justifies 2 wives and 15+ kids. Say if you’re an enterpreneur and open a restaurant or two? If you have enough kids, the business stays in the family. No witholding taxes, no screening dubious employees that will bite you for workman’s comp or sexual harassment worse than a gold digger, no worry. It’s all in the family and the business is safe. When you’re in business, it makes sense to have a big family. That means more horses pulling and they’re blood related. I know a 3rd generation family who run a medium sized dairy and all family members are set for life with homes/land and all work to keep it running and profitable. If it were a mom and pop operation with no kids, they’d have to hire wetbacks or sell out.
      So get the business bug going in your head first – THEN you’re clear to screw your wives brains out and commence the serial baby production. One two three . . . It’s like spinning plates. Business – family – managing.

      1. Your best DNA and your partners DNA occurs when you’re both young – the longer you wait the lower the quality

        1. There are a lot of junk science articles advocating that older women mate with younger men for ‘sperm quality’. It’s pure rubbish. The most you can find is a 2 point IQ difference between children sired by a 66 yo man vs a 16 yo teen male. The cosmo women’s magsare full of the feminist sthit backed by junk science and crunched numbers but they avoid the WHOPPER fact that female’s eggs become very defective after 30. I find a hundred kosher fem articles supporting old used hags pairing with young men thereby bolstering the SMV of used garbage females and I find NOTHING in the women’s mags pointing out how women’s eggs go rotten like milk quickly. I have to find a site like ROK to find a standard acceptance of the truth that old men should pair with young sweet smelling nubie fertile females with cracklin fresh eggs. The female age is most critical by far and even if a 2 point IQ difference was truly determined by the male’s biological age and not by environment, it would be insignificant.
          The freshest most wholesome eggs occur right after female fertility through 25. Many women in the colonial era pre feminism wed and began breeding at the legal age of consent which was after puberty. First wave feminists in 1875 began lobbying to raise the age of consent to 18 allowing for higher education and to stave off marriage.
          Previous to 1875, female age of consent in the west was held at puberty (13) for six centuries dating back to 1275 when sir Edward Coke passed the first age of consent law (Statute of Westminister England) to protect ‘maidens’ (fertile virgins) from being ravaged (deflowered) without purpose. The law gave trad marriage and patriarchy a 2-in-1 shot in the arm that lasted 600 yrs and produced some of the finest progeny the west had ever seen since the fall of Rome. The west lifted itself out of the dark ages and shook off it’s whores, witchcraft and matriarchal demons and young nubie gals mating with older men produced the stock of brains that carried western civ through the entire reniassance and enlightenment to the point where we mapped and colonized the entire globe. It was all going so great and then came first wave feminism in 1875 followed by suffrage. Maybe there’s numerological significance to the number 600 in relation to the life cycle of a civilization.
          FRESH EGGS cap’n – that’s the way to start your morning.

        2. Please, don’t blame women and feminists for not having children in their early twenties. Men has also their part on it.
          I don’t know many men who wanted to have children before their 30th, but I know many women who were abandoned by their boyfriends because they weren’t prepared for the family yet. Yes, they are prepared in their mid thirties and early forties. Many of them realise then that 10-15 years younger women aren’t much interested in them, but their despise women their age and keep talking about genetical damage, authism, etc.
          I was in a LTR from my 17 to 23 Y/O. I wanted to have children right after the colege (I wasn’t much interested in having a career) but it was HIM who wanted to live freely and without any commitments. I was lucky, I found anybody else two years after and had my children before my 30th birthsday. But not anybody was.
          (FYI, my mother was 39 when I was born and my IQ is above average).

      2. If that’s what you desire I don’t object to it that’s not my business, I just don’t want people that do run these big nuclear families to get the government, other industries and me involved with helping them or trying to make us think they’re doing us a big service which they’re not that will be something I will fight against.

  9. Unrelated – what happened to many of the regular posters here? It seems many of them just disappeared from the comments section.

        1. You look like Ronald Reagan
          You look like Adolf Hitler
          You look like George Schultz
          You look like Magilla Gorilla

        1. Yes, he did. GhostOfJefferson wrote about it on “Man Without Father”. I’m really disappointed that GhostOfJefferson was banned. He was my favorite member here. And yes, it’s not only him, other people were banned these days. I am ready to share they fate. I started to visit this page
          for some specific purpose which was already met. I will take my dog, my second and third face and go to hell.
          But before leaving I have to repeat: Roosh obviously isn’t well mentally balanced these days. I once wrote that he is depressed and was accused
          of having a crush on him (no, I don’t). I insist on what I said. He should
          find a professional help (I’m serious, not ironic) before it’s too late. Just
          look… he is 38 years old, not particularly content with his work (it seems
          like he lost enthusiasm), has no family and kids, dreams about Eastern European/Georgian/Armenian uneducated virgin as a remedy for his damaged soul (I’m afraid, even if he found her and she wanted him, it can’t work the way he believes). Despite being so “alpha”, he is banning anybody who doesn’t bow deeply in front of him and his ingenious thoughts. Moreover, he blames anybody here and there (last time “a degenerate culture”) for
          his futile fate, except himself. His recent articles are containing unique
          discoveries (comparable to those of C. Columbus) like “don’t drink much
          coffee otherwise you’ll be tired” or “don’t jerk off while watching porn”. If he was 18, it could sound embarrassingly cute, but he is 20 years older and should be somewhere else. Being almost his age, I would rather eat my keyboard than putting my name under it.
          I really understand why he and many others here are so “polarized” in their
          worldview. I believe that if I lived in American/Western European society it could (metaphorical) beat me to unconsciousness sooner or later. But it’s time to change a position of this uncontrollable pendulum at least a little bit because it doesn’t do you a good job anymore.

  10. This is beside the point but it may have an effect on how the actual content of the article is perceived; Tony Halme is by far the most succesful male pro-wrestler to come out of Northern Europe. He’s the only one who made it big in the states, got to wrestle with the big names of the time and has come up in shoot interviews of former top talent years after his death.

  11. Am I the only one seeing the irony? This article is about taking responsibility for your own actions and not blaming anyone but yourself; yet I see alot of comments blaming feminism and the Western culture on why life is miserable for a straight white male. Granted these are things that make life difficult but fudge ’em and break them.

    1. We allowed feminism to slowly take root and erode masculine society. Do you think if every man stood up and said “enough of this shit” that things wouldve ever gotten to this point? There’s no fucking way it would have. For those of us with our eyes open we have to take responsibility that we didn’t do enough to stop it before it got out of hand and start fighting back. Red pill as many men as possible. Lead by example. Humiliate and shame the cucks for their behavior. Dont give an inch to the liberal agenda or apease some fag loving hipster. If you give an inch they’ll take a mile. We’re the front line and we can’t afford to break rank. We can actually win but only if we never back up or back down.

  12. It’s difficult to stand for something in an increasingly nihilistic world. Families and communities have broken down for various complex reasons (i.e not just leftism) and a direct consequence is that any sense of solidarity has been completely lost, especially for those of us living in big cosmopolitan cities.
    Doing ‘good’ for the local community is thankless work, and that’s by design: you’ll be micro managed by local government bureaucracies to such an extent that it isn’t worth bothering with. And the transformation of suburbs and municipalities as a result of multi-culturalism has merely increased this feeling of hopelessness.

    1. I think the Eastern countries are going to become more powerful while the West becomes irrelevant. Look at the current “First World”, only Japan and Korea will survive the changes of the next 30 years. Those countries will abandon the West and align with Asian powers.
      Russia will have a niche in an Asian dominated world. The upper crust already preparing their own kids for a world dominated by Asia.

  13. This is one of the most kick ass posts I have ever read. I know how to make it better. Do it. Do what he says and make these words live and breath.

  14. I liked this OP, got busy and re-read it today and hope he comes back for more great tips on perserverance… for Men.
    But ‘everyone gets tested’? Seems like many women do not and won’t. They just flash their pussy as they need to if they’re HB7 or above and can pick one of thousands of Provider beta boys if they can’t get their alpha (to turn beta.. .lol).

    1. I might add the true Naturals and Alphas have the same lack of need for test… they can find well-resourced women to pay for all their needs

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