Joss Whedon Pretended To Be A Male Feminist While Cheating On His Wife With Young Actresses

As Vox Day wrote in his book SJWs Always LieSJWs always project, and the extraordinary downfall of director and screenwriter Joss Whedon in the past week is the latest evidence of that. Whedon, best known for his outspoken feminism and for creating TV shows and movies such as Buffy the Vampire Slayer that purported to celebrate female empowerment, was recently outed by ex-wife Kai Cole as a serial philanderer who psychologically manipulated her into having a nervous breakdown:

Joss admitted that for the next decade and a half, he hid multiple affairs and a number of inappropriate emotional ones that he had with his actresses, co-workers, fans and friends, while he stayed married to me. He wrote me a letter when our marriage was falling apart, but I still didn’t know the whole truth, and said, “I’ve never loved anyone or wanted to be with anyone in any real or long-term way except for you ever. And I love our life. I love how you are, how we are, who you are and what we’ve done both separately and together, how much fun we have…” He wanted it all; he didn’t want to choose, so he accepted the duality as a part of his life.

These revelations couldn’t have come at a worse time for Whedon, barely a month after his unused script for the Wonder Woman movie was leaked to the public. Whedon was lambasted by feminists for depicting Wonder Woman as a frail, defenseless damsel in distress who constantly needed to be saved by the men around her, which not only makes for bad storytelling, but is a complete 180 from the actual Wonder Woman movie that was released in June.

Joss Whedon’s adultery is yet another example of the duplicitous and narcissistic nature of male feminists. Contrary to the fake news media’s claims that neomasculine and anti-feminist men are predatory and misogynistic, it is almost always male feminists such as Whedon who turn out to be the biggest abusers and users of women. Any man who identifies as a feminist is a liar who should be shunned and avoided by both men and women.

A Brief History Of Male Feminist Users

Joss Whedon’s behavior towards the opposite sex is the norm and not the exception when it comes to male feminists. Much in the same way that Jesus warned us against listening to “hypocrites” who loudly and piously proclaimed their faith as a compensation mechanism, men who can’t shut up about “mansplaining” and “equal rights” are doing so in order to hide their own demons. Over the past decade, prominent male feminists have been repeatedly unmasked as rapists, abusers, and cheaters, behavior far worse than the “sexist” men they attack.

Whedon’s collapse is reminiscent of the fall of Hugo Schwyzer, formerly one of the world’s most prominent male feminists. A photogenic, articulate community college professor from southern California, Schwyzer became famous by presenting himself as a “reformed bad boy” who had become a feminist after a lifetime of dissolute behavior, including sleeping with his students and attempting to murder an ex-girlfriend.

Beloved by feminists and leftists, Schwyzer was a frequent contributor to prominent websites such as Jezebel and The Atlantic, and even led L.A.’s SlutWalk in 2011. He used his media megaphone to push positions that were extreme even by feminist standards, such as advocating that men allow their girlfriends/wives to penetrate them with strap-ons and proclaiming that men should not date women younger than them.

Schwyzer’s world came crashing down came four years ago, when it was revealed that he had been cheating on his wife with a porn star. In the aftermath, Schwyzer went on a manic Twitter rant, revealing that he had falsified his academic credentials, had been sleeping with his female students, and more. Not long after that, he attempted suicide by crashing into a car while drunk, earning himself a felony DUI. Schwyzer was finally forced to resign from his teaching position after the administration announced an investigation into his affairs with students.

Another notable male feminist who abused women is Jian Ghomeshi, the disgraced former host of CBC Radio’s arts program Q. Three years ago, Ghomeshi was terminated by CBC Radio and arrested after over a dozen women alleged that he had beaten and raped them. While Ghomeshi was ultimately acquitted of the charges, the revelations of his creepy sexual behavior ruined his reputation and kept him from returning to his previous role in Canadian public life.

Another example of a typical male feminist is Anthony Weiner, a former Democratic congressman and the husband of Hillary Clinton’s chief of staff, Huma Abedin. Weiner was famously forced to resign from Congress after being caught sending pictures of his penis to random women. Prior to his fall from grace, Weiner had been feted by feminists for his crybaby speeches accusing the Republicans of trying to roll back women’s rights.

One of the most remarkable aspects of male feminists is how they are completely unable to take responsibility for their actions. In the case of Joss Whedon, when Cole confronted him about his adultery, he effectively blamed the patriarchy for his actions, all the while using her as a prop to silence critics who were skeptical of his commitment to feminism:

Fifteen years later, when he was done with our marriage and finally ready to tell the truth, he wrote me, “When I was running ‘Buffy,’ I was surrounded by beautiful, needy, aggressive young women. It felt like I had a disease, like something from a Greek myth. Suddenly I am a powerful producer and the world is laid out at my feet and I can’t touch it.” But he did touch it. He said he understood, “I would have to lie — or conceal some part of the truth — for the rest of my life,” but he did it anyway, hoping that first affair, “would be ENOUGH, that THEN we could move on and outlast it.”

As Roosh V Forum member AnonymousBosch has written, Whedon’s sexual pathologies are on full display in Buffy the Vampire Slayer and other works he has created. It’s almost certain that other women will come forward in the future revealing how he has used them, and like Ghomeshi and Schwyzer, he may end up facing criminal charges for his actions.

Masculine Men Are The Only Trustworthy Men

Joss Whedon’s downfall—and the rapidity with which his female feminist fans have turned their backs on him—is living proof that it does not pay for a man to be a feminist. Despite feminists’ proclamations that they want men who are sensitive and attuned to their “needs,” they repeatedly disown and reject men who espouse the same beliefs that they do. Feminist women are still women, and as much as they may deny it, they want real men, men with balls, men who won’t put up with their power games and emotions.

Indeed, given the track record of male feminists so far, women are right to distrust them. Joss Whedon and other men like him are psychos and predators who mouth feminist platitudes in order to find new victims to prey on. Any “man” who identifies as a feminist is likely a narcissist or psychopath who should be avoided.

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  1. Even female feminists are onto the game of the “male feminist”. I expect them to begin actively excluding any man who isn’t obviously gay or trans from their communities. The only sexual strategies left for them is to go bisexual to prove their lefty cred or swing right and learn game.

    1. Its not hard for women to sniff out beta/desperate men. The concept of a male feminist is nothing more than another “nice guy” who feels hes entitled to a woman. Because of their low sexual dimorphism or ignorance of female nature, they rely on virtue signalling as a means to get laid.
      It’s no coincidence why you never see any gym bro looking guys larping as feminists, in fact some libtard site had an article the other day whining about how most gym bros tend to lean right.

    2. Remember that guy who directed X-Men, I think his name is Brian Singer (?). He apparently uses his HollyWeird position as a powerful producer/director to molest huge numbers of teenage boys who want a foot in the door in the degenerate film “industry”. Those people are totally immoral and fucked in the head.

        1. I still dig the James Bond films with Daniel Craig (in spite of some feminist bullshit thrown in), the Taken series with Liam Neeson, etc.
          LaLa Land was surprisingly good old school, traditional.
          But yeah, Hollywood mostly churns out garbage… courtesy of the tribe, women, and lefty gentile dudes trying to impress their masters.

        2. The only Craig film I liked was Casino Royale, and parts of Quantum of Solace. I think the latter was merely a conclusion to Casino Royale than a stand alone movie. Skyfall and Spectre? Did not like them. If you like Craig, he is making one more film, but I think he might make more than that. His non Bond movies like Lucky Logan are not doing well, so I think he might realize playing Bond will keep him fabulously wealthy.
          The big thing about him is that appears to be an average guy, there were several moments in his movies where he nearly dies, the other Bonds seem bulletproof in comparison, and I think that plays into many guy’s fantasies that they could be Bond. All the other Bond actors were taller men, the shortest one before Craig was 6’1.5″, that was Roger Moore, all the others were 6’2″. The only other masculine Bond actors were Sean Connery and Timothy Dalton, the others were male model pretty boy types.
          Main problem with the Craig films are the women, they are very plain in comparison to past Bond films. I think the Roger Moore movies had the best looking women, followed by Connery. Today they would never even think of using names like Pussy Galore, Octopussy, and Onatopp. These names give you a hint as to what Bond wants from women.
          Speaking of Bond, On Her Majesty’s Secret Service was my favorite Bond movie, it starred George Lazenby as Bond, the first actor to take the role after Connery said he would make no more films. The film got a lot of flack because it did not have Connery, and many fans were angry to see another actor replace him. That being said it was a great film, and Lazenby was actually quite good as Bond, the best character was Ernst Stavro Blofeld, who only appeared in the shadows in the first 6 Connery movies, finally was on screen. Easily the best Bond villain portrayal of all the movies. The producers were able to induce Connery to return to the role, and that wound up being his final official Bond film. he made yet another film in the early 1980s. That movie was kind of like Blade Runner in that people did not appreciate it when it first came out but it later became a classic.The tone of the film was much different than in the Connery films.

        3. Timothy Dalton will always be the best Bond for me. He was the most accurate to the novels descriptions of Bond being disgruntled badass with a drinking/smoking problem.
          Connery and Moore were entertaining in an over the top way, but they got a little too comedic for me.

        4. George Lazenby was not stellar as Bond, but that movie definitely was and I doubt it would have worked with anyone else in the role.
          Having gone back and watched all of them for the first time in years(decades), I really have a great appreciation for On Her Majesty’s Secret Service and a great disdain for the clownish Moore.
          Though I agree with TheOnceAndFutureKing that Dalton was really the best portrayal, OHMSS was, in my opinion, the pinnacle of the films.

        5. I could easily watch OHMSS over and over, I can barely sit through the Craig movies. In fact I have no idea why people love his films.
          Dalton was great, he though got involved when the Cold War was winding down and ended in 1989-1990. Despite that the producers had legal issues that kept the third Dalton film on hold and he quit in 1994.
          Brosnan replaced him and he was more like Moore’s cartoonish Bond.
          A lot of people who liked Brosnan were real upset about Craig. Craig was ok, I liked Casino Royale it was good. I initially had a difficult time accepting Craig as Bond, he used to play creepy types before Bond, the other major Bond actors made some action films before they were casted.
          Lazenby was a male model and went straight to making a Bond movie. Male modeling back in those days had a different connotation though.

        6. Goldfinger with Connery is my favorite movie and I have stated several times that Sean Connery is my favorite Bond actor.

        7. My favorite was Dr. No and You Live Only Twice, it had Blofeld finally appear at the end of the movie, but most of the film he was behind the shadows. OMHSS was the first Bond with Blofeld playing the main villain from start to finish, it was easily the best on screen translation of the character, Telly Savalas was one talented actor. Diamonds are Forever and Never say Never Again also featured the character. Spectre had him, but for most of the film he went by another moniker.
          I liked the more campy version of Blofeld portrayed in the Connery and Lazenby films compared to the more sinister and realistic Blofeld in Spectre. It was also kind of weird finding out both Blofeld and Bond are relatives.

    3. Male feminists, the ultimate female simps without being an actual eunuch. However Eunuchs were generally 100% loyal to Male masters.

    4. Josh Whedon was no alpha, just a whoremonger. Those girls were all just users and gold diggers who sold their souls to move up in Hollywood. If any of those girls ever managed to achieve an LTR with Whedon, they would have all divorce raped him in the end. Or they would have done the palimony equivalent Hollywood style.
      Those girls all came with a trail of dick in their pasts, from the movie scouts to the production agencies, and that’s not even counting their sausage count in high school. The point is NONE were virgins and virginity is the standard for wife material whether you’re alpha or beta. He was therefore beta because he couldn’t get his own wife to agreeably settle, behave and form a balanced sandwitch with a sisterwife or two. He played whores instead. He simply fucked many whores instead of bringing home a clean virgin sisterwife to the table. Judge him as you will.
      There are two types of women in the west. Those who will and those who won’t under any circumstances engage in a ponygynously polygamous ritural for their patriarchal master – like piling themselves one atop the other into a fine corsage of flesh, tits, elbows and multiple holes to visit, kind of like a deco style condominium birdhouse you see in some old lady’s yards. Then there are the straight ‘dick only’ women who would never coo with a 2nd wifemember. These women tend to be the bossy henmother type who are capable of long term marriage so long as all of her tools of control work on her man. They want his dick and his soul. These controlling types tend to go psychotically jealous upon suggestion that another woman enter the fold. They’re like “eew I’m not doing another woman with you in a threesome. That’s gross”. OR they turn homicidal towards you thinking that you’re obligated to sell your soul for her hole or else. Either way it’s the bitch trying to control you and your body. Actually it’s a controlling and somewhat masculine bug she’s got up her ass in her psyche that makes her less than mellow, and less than suitable for wife material for a patriarch. Betas marry and get whipped by these types constantly.
      A TRUE mellow woman who’s pliable and can be kept loyal for a lifetime will gladly invite and slurp a sisterwive’s twat. She’ll acquiesce to her husband’s wishes and she’ll treat her loyal sisterwife with the respect she gives herself. She’ll foreplay her sisterwife getting it tingy and chinky and she’ll help guide her man’s dog into the sisterwife if that’s what the master desires. And she loves her sisterwife all the more for it too. And the man doesn’t have to beg – for anything. He says it once “let’s switch and I’ll blast in you” and she flips it like a frog’s flycatcher to catch the love load. For the true mellow sisterwife, KEEPING the master’s balls drained is just as much a love of labor as keeping the laundry wrung out and sunny fresh.
      IF A WOMAN is cool with a sisterwife, then she’s the ideal type that lasts a lifetime as monogamous too. She’s an ideal wife period. She’ll stick with a beta for a lifetime. She’ll also stick with an alpha so long as the pussy stack doesn’t include extraneous whores and as long as they all stay under his central umbrella of domestication as sisterwives.
      Whedon’s wife showed aversion to his woring with whores so we’ll never know if she was the mellow and pliable type. Whedon should have been up front with her if he was an alpha and he should have sisterwife-tested her instead of ploughing a bunch of used nonvirgin whores on the side. That would have been righteous if he’d brought home a hard to find virgin actress who was compatible and had chemistry with his wife too. But he never even tested his wife on that. How beta.
      A truth still holds about this hard division of western women. Aside from virginity, mellowness is VERY important when finding a true LTR mate. She won’t ever hammer or control your shit.
      I’ll leave it with the true story of a ‘jealous’ type woman who MURDERED her fiancee because he wanted to see if she’d consider a threesome. ANGELIKA GRISWOLD was an EE Latvian bride to a New York man Vincent Viafore. She looks soo soo EE and traditional doesn’t she?
      Vincent was 11 years her senior but she still obviously wanted to control and posess one man – HIM. The suggestion that she’d cremepie sammitch with another woman drove her to become batshit homicidal. Maybe Vincent just wanted a rent-a-whore on top and not an LTR sisterwife member. He should have made that clear to Angelika. We’ll never know. That’s an impressive and distinct Latvian butt-chin nose she’s got.
      Does that nose indicate psychotic genes? Or that she’s a controlling/posessive type who can’t be mellowed and who can’t control her body if she can’t control his too otherwise psychotic impulses will overcome her own body? Sheeh – is mellowness important or what? Very important.
      I cried for poor vincent when I read the story. I did.
      So did she pull the drain plug on Vincent’s kayak and sabotage his paddle? Is she the infamous ‘kayak killer’ as they claim? This should be a featured murder mystery theatre here on ROK. Knowing the true nature of women, I bet red pill men here could divine if she did indeed kill the guy.

  2. Briffault’s Law definitely applies here for Mr. Whedon’s situation. This dude has been a feminist hero for nearly 20 years, ever since he was pushing for lesbianism and girl power with Buffy The Vampire Slayer, and all the way up to now with him directing a Batgirl film.
    All of his “progress” is now gone, because the feminists no longer see him as useful. Its just sad that he doesn’t at least try to disown them now that they hate him, but instead he is going to keep simping out and apologizing, thinking it will actually make a difference.

      1. You’re thinking of two HB10s getting it on. The reality is two bulldogs trying to figure out how to pee with the toilet seat up.

        1. or two old uglies with their one cubic meter heavy bodies, their short greyish hair and their sad faces. irrk.

      2. it’s good for porn. In real life it’s either actually male promoted bisexuality (they get attention and get to feel complex) or feminism / feminist separatism. There are some actual dykes too, but they’re a pretty insignificant minority who no-one would ever have paid any attention to if they weren’t ‘useful’

  3. Of course he cheated. Because he can. Any man in his position does the very same thing and naturally they get caught.
    Whedon plays the “I’am a male feminist” game even though he knows it’s bullshit. The hypocrisy is outstanding. Monogamy doesn’t work, let alone when you are a famous millionaire.

    1. a lot of comic book writers are male feminists these days-even alan moore, he wasnt like this in his heyday. frank miller has been slammed for being a facist by moore and others

        1. Aww man Savage Sword was the best. T&A, swordfights ending in beheadings, great art and writing…the real Conan you couldn’t get in the watered down standard comic (which itself wasn’t bad). If Savage Sword didn’t instill a desire in you to become a powerful poon and demon slaying warlord then nothing could.

    2. You are damn right on all that. Joss Whedon is a fraud/hypocritical douche. Hate to admit it here, though, but I really liked his show Firefly when it first came out. In retrospect, it probably had some SJW overtones, but the male lead in that show’s character still seemed pretty cool at the time.

      1. Beat me to it, was going to say he gets one free pass because FIREFLY but even that is filled with “go girl” characters . Mal Reynolds is great but smitten with a prostitute (Inara) . Still love it , even though Mal can’t hold a candle to the ultimate alpha that is Adama in BSG , Ed J Olmos is The Man

        1. You are dead-on w/ everything you said, and as cool as Mal is, Adama was the shite/Olmos is a truly great actor. Did you ever see Farscape? Great series IMO.

        2. I love BSG, very brutal but inspiring series. Actually has a scene where a female strikes a male and then without a moments hesitation, he swings right twice as hard back decking her in the face, ending the argument. You know…actual equality.

    3. He’s balding and appears round, not grossly obese but clearly out of shape, with his money and position he can get pussy, so he goes for it.

  4. All hot women are apolitical, or light lefties.
    Why would any man try to ingratiate himself with hard lefties ?
    Either he is a true believer, or likes banging green-haired bisexual lard beasts.

    1. Second option any time.
      He’s beta and unattractive, but millionaire, famous and I’d bet not stupid. He knows his position allows him a constant stream of pussy he would never ever get if he wasn’t a millionaire, so he plays the feminist game to ingratiate himself with Hollywood.
      A classic example of do as I say, not what I do.

      1. Do you remember his anti-Trump video? He brought the entire cast of Avengers on it, trying to tell people Trump was the equivalent of a Marvel villain. It didn’t work, Whedon assumed because his movies make giant amounts of money that grown adults would “look up” to his cast and himself as “role models”. Most people saw it as Hollywood liberal propaganda to brainwash voting age adults.

      2. Yeah, my first thought when I saw the pic was, WTF? He’s nothing to look at. I wouldn’t trade my looks for his.
        Yikes, I just did a Google search and found more pics. He’s even worse than the top pic here shows. So he does only get all these bimbos just cuz he’s rich and famous. Says a alot about him, and the chicks themselves.

        1. Says what we already knew.
          Power grants you pussy. Even if you’re not worth shit by looks and attitude you can still become a “status alpha” like Whedon and many others do.
          Problem is deep inside you know why women go down on you and money/power is volatile. That’s why a man needs game.

        2. Exactly BlueEyedDevil! I think it says a lot more about the chicks who bang this beta puke.
          Most (not all) women will do anything to climb the “ladder” in regard to “obtaining” wealth by laying on their backs, gaining status by putting “leg” up in society or get on “all fours” to advance in their careers no matter what some guy looks like.
          This is what feminism has taught them. Especially Third-Wave feminism. It’s always been a means to end for these Harridans.

        3. i suggest an awful lot of powerful jewish celebrities would get precisely zero interest from women if it were not for their money and power.

        4. Oh, you couldn’t be more correct. It’s sad that so many of our white gentile beauties end up marrying tribesmen for the exact reasons you name.
          And women dare to call men “shallow.”

    2. Vast majority of desirable women are flimsy when it comes to politics, I knew one who found Trump “crude” and “disgusting” then after that Access Hollywood video her opinion of the man changed, she liked him. What was really happening was she never had a concrete opinion, she was pretty much bullshitting me.
      There are some who are eggheads who will have strong opinions, and they are usually in some high earning profession and are the empowered type.

    1. Nope, you’re right, nothing is. Most American universities now are truly male feminist indoctrination factories, so small wonder the male feminism thing is becoming an epidemic.

      1. They are also creating indebted and underemployed or in some cases unemployed young people. It seems as if the higher education system will eventually collapse.

    2. Whedon works in Hollywood, maybe he’s playing a charade to score points with the people who sign his checks. He wrote the original Wonder Woman script, and apparently it was thrown in trash for being “misogynist”. I guess the only thing for him is that he’s making millions making childish comic book movies.
      If Justice League makes some serious bank, all of this stuff will be forgotten anyway. I mentioned before that Hollywood only takes up social justice when it makes them money. Richard Gere took up a real cause and it wound up destroying his career in mainstream films, the kind of films that made him giant paychecks.

      1. We need to give a small high five to Gian. He kept the 10-year-old emails and texts. The C list washed up actress was hoping for a cum back, but it just didn’t happen. HA!

        1. Agreed, everything I read and heard about the Gian case was a text book example of how a player is supposed to operate. Heck, even his being fired was due more to his not apologizing and keeping frame than anything else.
          I was not aware that he is now a “feminist”…

        2. He is not now a feminist. That picture of him is before the feminazis tried to burn him at the stake in front of Toronto Old City Hall Court. He no doubt like the other men mentioned in the article was pander to the flavour of the moment. You know, put on a t-shirt and “I’m with you”.
          Interesting thing is, his attorney Marie Henein did a first class defense job. The feminazis also wanted her head on a stick.

        3. he is most certainly NOT a player
          During his days with york university he was a left wing activist with a minor in women’s studies. he was using his feminist credentials to ingratiate himself to left wing women. back then he had a reputation for being kind of creepy.
          anyone who thinks ghomeshi is an alpha male is a fool who doesn’t know much about him. He’s a grade A beta male who got by through being famous. White women in particular will spread their legs for any C list celebrity.

        4. no, he is a long term committed leftist and feminist. I suggest you dig up articles on him in the Canadian media.

        5. Not wasting my time. I really don’t care about Gian Gotmessy. It is interesting how, like the two men mentioned in the article, he was able to give the male feminist vibe while gaming these women. He may still be a lefty but he never was a feminist.

      2. To Disqus-2015S: Hey man, I want to ask for your advice. I am a Mexican man. White women are horrible. I avoid them like the plague. They are extremely mental and dangerous. Is it okay for a mexican men to go with brown woman that is not Mexican say Indian, Persian, etc.

        1. stay away from indian women. Hairy as gorillas. Persians are okay but snotty. They are generally quite racist people.

        2. i have to stick with brown women except indian women. THe problem is that brown women like white men. They do not like men of their own race.
          Also, stay away from black women too. Ugly as fuck.

      3. “The ones that stick with their own usually…”
        are the MASCULINE, Sensible, Traditional, Cultural, Luckiest, and the MOST Happiest !!!

      1. Honestly, I would rank White anti-racist second.
        Anti-racist these days are mostly antifa, which does not work in their favor.
        But there is a more masculine streak of anti-racism, not that I agree with it. Some Russians love talking about how great they are for beating Hitler and how racism is bad. People on ROK are also often anti white identity and interests because of much brotherhood of masculine men. Not that I can’t be friends with men of other races, but I won’t drop the 14 words for nothing.
        In my opinion male feminism is so retarded even a blue pill normie would reject it. Even when I believed in much Holocaust and much Evil Hitler I still would have laughed at the idea of equality of women with men and would make fun of women all the time.
        Anti-racism is less obviously wrong. Feminism is wrong on a more obvious level, which is why only the most neutered cuck would buy at it. If even normies don’t buy it, you must be some special brand of pathetic to buy it.
        I still conclude nothing is more cucked than male feminism, not even anti-racism.

    3. Nothing. Absolutely nothing more loathsome than such. They should allow mercy killings so that they can be released from their miserable existences.

    4. He said he had “emotional” affairs? Does that mean he did not penetrate? Never trust male feminists ever.

  5. Good article Forney. Hugo was a despicable cunt, but Ghomeshi wasn’t really that bad for a male feminist liberal type. At least he was good at his job.
    There are many things I’ve picked up in the Manosphere over the years, and not being able to trust male feminists has been an insight that I’ve found to be consistently true in my own experience. I come across them constantly because I’m in education, but now I keep my distance.
    Whedon is an overrated fanboy. Never liked his TV shows or films.

      1. He might have been, but that’s hardly the point. He wasn’t that bad (i.e self righteous) as other male feminist types.
        How he treated women is pure speculation.

  6. I’m not a huge David Lynch fan, but his current reboot of “Twin Peaks” contains some seriously accurate portrayals of the modern Western woman. And he doesn’t pull any punches regarding how he feels about it, either.
    In one of the first episodes of the 2017 reboot, the main antagonist (played by Kyle MacLachlan) is grilling his girlfriend about who she was talking to on the phone. She lies and tells him she was talking to a mutual friend of theirs about business. When she realizes that he doesn’t believe her, she throws down a massive shit test, followed by a huge tantrum. After he extracts the information he needs from her, he calmly takes a pillow, puts it over her head, and blows her brains out.
    Ironically, the left loves David Lynch – and most especially “Twin Peaks” – so nary a word has been spoken about this in the mainstream media.
    Lynch even goes so far as to portray women as hypergamous changelings who morph into doting, loving wives, but only after their man hits it big financially. Naomi Watts plays the wife of the main protagonist (also played by Kyle MacLachlan), who is your typical, carrot-on-a-stick-chasing loser, who spends most of his time working a dull job and rebuffing his wife’s constant abuse and shit tests. But he suddenly morphs into a money-making, mostly silent, sex machine who can bang her all day – and his wife transforms into a doting, loving, nurturing partner. About 14 episodes down the road, he begins to become extremely verbose – and Watts’s character hates it (she liked him better when he kept silent and just brought home the bacon and fucked her brains out).
    There are countless other examples of these dead-on-accurate portrayals of women, throughout the rebooted series. And by and large, all the women in the show are portrayed in similar, frighteningly accurate fashion. Since Lynch’s work is notoriously ambiguous, it allows him to demonstrate his true feelings about “the fairer sex” while leaving it all open to artistic interpretation. And I have to give him points for that.
    It’s definitely worth a peek, if only for the blatant viciousness with which Lynch rips the masks off women (which is doubly ironic, given that most women tend to, like, oh my god, absolutely love-love-love his work, which proves how galactically ignorant they really are).

    1. I just watched the episode where Agent Cooper wakes up after his coma. He’s back to his old self….. gets into a new BMW convertible with Naomi and kid and drive off…. all seems to be ok… we’ll see.
      But yes Lynch takes no prisoners when it comes to the wimmin in Twin Peaks. I think he likes to expose their true nature. In that last episode he absolutely ruined Laura Derns character….I mean he might as well have just pissed on the remains….. actually if you are gong to destroy a character he nailed it.
      I always liked his movies. The ambiguousness (as you mentioned) and he likes to stimulates parts of the imagination no other director would dare.

      1. “Got a light?” – remember that episode. The homeless-looking dude who is a space alien/tulpa/zombie (or whatever), grabs the radio station receptionist by the head, after she slow-motion walks up to him with a look on her face that says, “I’ll suck your cock,” (subtext: hot girls like bad men) and he squeezes it until it breaks like an egg. I liked that episode the best. Here’s a photo of Chrysta Bell, who plays Tamara Preston (that FBI agent you mentioned). WB.

        1. was it you who claimed there are coded messages in his flicks? I know someone did. I never liked his stuff, may have to rewatch his stuff

        2. Wasn’t me. I’m not a big fan of his either, but the way he shoves stuff right in your face is worth the price of admission. I’m not sure if this “Twin Peaks” clip violates ROK comment policy or not (it’s pretty gory), but I’ll post it anyway, as it illustrates what I was explaining in my original comment, and heck, it was on Showtime, which is a mainstream media channel; if I get banned, see you on the flip-side (this clip is from Episode 8, which is the only full episode that was worth a crap, IMHO):

    2. Yes, the hypocraZy is quite enjoyable. Why do they love David Lynch? It’s because they don’t understand his work which allows them to “like totally” express their interpretative capabilities and tell you how much they “just get it”. A couple weeks back I had one trying to explain to me why Bukowski is her favorite author. I laughed immediately. After several failed attempts to put together a cogent reason, I simply asked, “have you read Women?” She had no idea what I was referring to…

      1. Yep, I know what you mean. All of this just proves what we already know – women have no discernment. They adopt the viewpoints and tastes of their friends. And they are vessels, filled up by whatever is in front of their faces at any given moment (a TV show, a cock, etc.).

        1. Wow wow man ” women have no discernment.” here you are generalizing, this is similar to when a woman says “Men are rapists or potential violators” You can not say “All” it is to condemn a whole group.

    3. I never got why the series was so critically acclaimed when it first aired all those years ago and could never find a home after it was cancelled. But after reading your comment, I’m going to watch the series on demand to see what your talking about.
      I just hope this isn’t Lynch’s way of working out his being cucked by Michelle Pfeiffer.

      1. It is boring as fuck (especially the first few episodes). The first one is like watching paint dry (although it does feature a chick and a dude who are having sex, but get torn to shreds by some sort of paranormal entity). If you get bored shitless, be sure to check out Episode 8. The whole thing is kind of like panning for gold. You have to work hard and stay awake and keep your eyes peeled…

    1. Well it seems to work. At least better than being a nice guy. Just proves that the best way to seduce a woman is through telling her what she wants to hear

    2. Yes. If I want to persuade someone, do I tell them what they want to hear or what they don’t want to hear.

        1. As a woman, I have never been “balls deep” in anyone’s flange……
          Please explain, does it just make them go wild?

      1. That is true, these are mostly rich and famous men, they are not the average ordinary Joes.

      2. You’re confusing pretending tel be a feminist to being a pushover. You can be red pilled and one girl can still push you around. You can be a feminist and still mindfuck women into wanting to actually fuck you.
        The two are mutually exclusive. Political beliefs don’t necessarily translate into how you treat women. Most ladies men I know are liberal simply because of where I grew up (the North).

        1. Fair enough.
          I speak from what I have seen at work and with friends who tried the “I’m a male feminist approach.” It only led them to the friendzone and to being taken advantage of. The way I see it you need money and influence to make this strategy work.
          If you have seen different, then great.

    3. In Whedon’s case I’d say its more of a PR tactic to fend off criticism from SJWs. In terms of the average male feminist though, its just a pathetic way of trying to bed women with as little effort as possible.

    4. Its part of the “game” people play in coastal areas of America to get laid. Pretty sad stuff.

    5. I’ve have a couple former friends who are outspoken male feminists. Both got cucked by their former wives. Literally. They let dudes fuck their wives. One of them has a long history of being very shitty to women. Serial cheater and emotionally abusive.
      All male feminists fit into two categories:
      1) Beta cucks trying to get laid.
      2) Guilt ridden abusers who are trying to make up for their past and possibly present abusive behavior.
      They are disgusting.

  7. Computing Forever just recently did a video on the hidden anti-globalist rhetoric in Angel’s fifth season, highlighting the ironic libertarianism/conservatism of many of Joss Wheedon’s movies and T.V. shows.

  8. This article points out several points in no certain order of importance:
    Women do not call each other out for their slutiness.
    The hypergamy of women and their HOR-ness for not respecting a marriage.
    Women don’t care what men look like as long as they have power(money).
    The wife did not marry a feminist. She married money and power. His father and grandfather had long histories in Hollywood. She did exactly what the HORS hitting on him were doing.
    Last but not least, but most important. Am I spelling HORS correctly? And yes, I yell it every time it comes up in a sentence.

    1. Number 3 by WOW…. Wheaton is a ginger! And by ginger standards he is bottom of the barrel! The fat jowels, the pathetic ginger stubble, probably took months to grow. I’m guessing he has a doughy, soft body with a light dusting of ginger pubes between his flabby legs covering his tiny prick. What an absolute kunt……

      1. Ginger chicks usually aren’t much better in the USA, anyway (maybe in Ireland they are… maybe?) at least in my experience. The only semi-attractive one I have ever come across dated one of my good buddies in high school and she decided she was “bi” and ended up leaving him to munch on some chick. He was pretty alpha beforehand, but after that became a total beta schlub to this very day. Kinda sad…

      2. What’s with that beard anyway? He shaves just the philtrum, the area below the nose. That’s my least favorite place to shave. Maybe it’s the anti-Hitler look.

  9. Excellent. I will read all the links later. Seems to be virtue signalling at its finest. Just tell them what they want to hear.

    1. Whedon just got his name added to the credits of the new Justice League movie, so all this stuff is blowing over already. He cheated on his wife?? The horror!!! If he committed an actual crime like that Persian from Canada it would be different.

  10. Yeah, I find that the ones who are the biggest virtue signalers… are the biggest hypocrites and have the most to hide.

    1. “I have often found that the most intolerant, narrow minded people of all are the ones who congratulate themselves for their tolerance and open-mindedness”- Christopher Hitchens

  11. So what you’re saying is that these “male feminists” are actually masters of game and only pretended to be feminist so they can pork hot chicks.
    Well, if that isn’t the best argument for feminism that I have ever heard. For shame, RoK, for shame.

    1. They aren’t masters of game, they are simply doing what they can to get laid in a society where most women are feminists. In the end its a no win situation.

        1. That is why I believe legalizing prostitution will change things a lot for men. Rather than these thirsty idiots chase worthless women, they make a business transaction with worthless women, have their sex, and go on with life. Much better than being forced to play games with some evil witch because she has a vagina and breasts.

        2. PoonTang!!…. PoonTang!!….. Poon…Tang!!!
          That would make an awesome war cry.
          No…definitely would not

      1. “No win situation”? They’re getting pussy by the truckloads. It’s a winning situation for them. All they have to do is say the right words, and the women get hard and bone them.

        1. Fucking a feminist is like putting your cock in the mouth of a Great White Shark, its going to get bitten off as will some other body parts. Not worth it, quality always beats quantity. I rather bang 10 more feminine women than 100 feminists. The latter I would NEVER touch.

        2. I’ts quite obvious that they’re banging women who are only neophytes of the feminist ideal-women who love to party around and couldn’t care two shits about activism.
          Fucking over these men? I haven’t seen these actresses screw over Joss Whedon. His wife screwed him over for cheating, but his many paramours seem to be silent as the grave.

        3. Joss is rich and powerful that is why those women did not cross him, his wife is his wife. That other fella from Canada is not Joss Whedon, and wound up accused by 8 former lovers, wound up facing criminal charges. Men with less status would get screwed in the end following these tactics. This is why so many smart men are abandoning Western women or going MGTOW.
          The dude in Canada was Persian, he had a better option, his own kind of women, rather than screw around with some ugly feminist. I notice that most ethnic men never cavort with white feminist women, and if they do they wind up getting burned badly by the experience.

        4. A man pretending to be feminist is no different than using tactics like negs or DHV. In the end it is all shit you would never think to do on your own because it feels weird and goes against what you know. But hey, they got results.
          Btw, not only high status men can pull this off. I know plenty of guys who pretend to care about women’s issues and they get laid because of it. If you think about it, it’s pretty Dark Triad because you’re just better at playing the game than they are. In essence it is oust another tactic.
          Is it honorable? Fuck no. But I think lots of red pilled men have realized that racking up notches mostly involves a lot of shit that isn’t honorable. Actual White knights (like in the Crusades) didn’t do shit like this BUT there were actual LADIES back then and whores were shamed and punished.
          In short, lots of guys with high notch counts just are good liars and play the game well. It is lying to get a girl back to your apartment for wine when really you mean you want to screw her. All these guys are doing is just weakening a woman’s bitch shield by making her think he gives a shit when he knows what gets them wet.
          “Ooohhh he cares about my rights…tingles!!”

        5. It depends on the woman. Some respond extremely well to asshole game, and some respond to this feminist crap. Although the ones that I’ve found that respond to this are definitely not worth it. They’re usually the most air headed, vegannoying, animal rights, dipshits, that couldn’t count to 10 even if you spotted them the 6.

        6. What if I told you asshole game is still possible when pretending to be a feminist?
          Believing women and men are equal doesn’t mean one has to be pushover. Lots of liberals are assholes naturally.

        7. I did the asshole thing with a German university student. Initially she thought I was a dick but then she followed me and talked to me and it worked.

    2. in the noughties PUAs had success with ‘negging’ women. Women eventually got wise to it. Male feminists have sometimes achieved some success through opposite tactic, flattery and massaging the ego. Ultimately it’s as vacuous as trying to downsize someones ego. Why, because it insincerity ultimately outs itself, even if its a somewhat slow process amongst women who have bought into a whole world of lies.

      1. Except it was successful, because Whedon got plenty more pussy as compared to most men. Not saying that it was good, mind you, it was toxic for both sides. But in terms of banging women, it worked.

        1. He is a famous, powerful multi-millionaire surrounded by the hottest people on the planet at all times. You’d have to be an utter fool to not bag a lot of women in his place. Any man with a shred of masculinity would never be in this situation. Have you ever heard a peep out of women about men like Scorsese, Bay or Schumacher?

        2. Well its hypocrisy and cant and moreover it only worked in all likelihood because he is successful and rich

      1. Experience has taught me otherwise. Although, it seems to only work if the guy is feminist in name only. Real feminists would just end up like Jorah “Lord Friendzone” Mormont from Game of Thrones.

    3. Masters? I don’t think so. They’re parasitic and would lower themselves to such a wretched state in hopes they could get bottom of the barrel poon.

  12. The first male feminist of this type I’ve heard of was former Oregon Senator Bob Packwood. He defeated the anti-war Wayne Morse in 1966 and was the first senator to introduce legislation to legalize abortion, making him the darling of the feminist movement. However, he had to resign decades later when the feminists no longer found him useful, and charged with sexual harassment.

    1. Well, as I recall that scandal, I can’t help thinking “He surely is living up to his namesake and packed wood all right!” Now, if his name were Packfudge, things would have been quite different.

  13. Oh please! So he cheated on his wife. We don’t know what kind of wife she was or how cold she might have been. We only have her word for it that it’s even true! Just cheating does not make him a hypocrite or liar. He can still believe in equality. Maybe he feels it’s ok for women to cheat too. Some of the biggest feminists I know are lesbians who have cheated on their girlfriends/wives so the 2 don’t necessarily go together. Joss is a nice guy, a genius writer, a progressive influence in the world of tv and a father. He just made a mistake. Haven’t we all at some point? We can’t negate all the good he’s done because he’s not perfect. None of us are. He’s contributed some of the best writing and tv work to this generation and I for one will remember that and remain loyal.

    1. And this here just shows that a man with his stature and power will always have loyal women defending his actions.
      Thank you for proving us right!

      1. I’ve heard that when you’re a celebrity you can do almost anything you want. As a matter of fact I’ve heard they let you do it, you can do anything, grab em by the pussy, anything.
        Looks like once again women prove this to be correct by their actions.

  14. “Contrary to the fake news media’s claims that neomasculine and anti-feminist men are predatory and misogynistic, it is almost always male feminists such as Whedon who turn out to be the biggest abusers and users of women. Any man who identifies as a feminist is a liar who should be shunned and avoided by both men and women.”
    This is spot on. Both an argument that works, and certainly true of many male feminists / progressives, and quite possibly all. I would say the left has tended to mischaracterise those critical of feminism as misogynists and motivated by hate, not only because it’s their philosophy towards opposing creeds but because they are projecting at an unconscious (and perhaps sometimes not so unconscious) level. Men who are feminists may sometimes be exercising a kind of inverted pride (anti-patriarchal feminism flatters men by claiming we oh so powerful and dominant regardless of our position in the chain of being) but I would say a lot of the time they are actually trying to compensate for feelings of sexual guilt / aggression. Now you may well feel guilty for being a man because you believe you’re part of the oppressor class (people really do get indoctrinated by marxist schemas) but there has to be something in the psyche to ground that, for it to be meaningful to you personally. A man who feels so guilty about the sex he belongs to, isn’t just indoctrinated, he’s likely expressing his own disordered and repressed sexual aggression, and trying to cover up for it. I suspect these are men who feel that all men are shit, because they have inside information on the subject. How else can you explain Jan Ghomeshi and his type.
    On the other hand having to take feminist bull-shit seriously has probably in itself created male monsters.
    Of course that doesn’t quite exhaust the category. There may well also be absolute cynics – the type who like ‘Paul Calf’ think (mistakenly) that you have to be a radical feminist to get laid these days – but I think its more a question of deep and often unconscious hypocrisy than pure cynicism. Consider the creator of Wonder Woman, William Moulton Marston. This was a guy who fantasised about a radical separatist lesbian utopia, and a matriarchal world where women would rule over men (and institute world peace through frenzied universal masturbation or something) while actually forcing women to engage in S&M games and lesbian menage a trois’. His fantasy involved both the effective castration of his own ‘gender’ while at the same time frequently dominating and abusing the women he wanted to liberate. The masturbatory is at the root of male feminism, and inverted aggression seems to be a part of that.

    1. That’s a great explanation. I believe men become feminists for that reason and also due to insecurities of self worth/attractiveness/status. The desire to feel that you are ‘better’ than other men resonates more strongly in some men than others. But men who are insecure have less to hide. Those male feminists are more benign than the Hugo’s of this world.

      1. Insecurities / guilt certainly plays a part for many I’m sure. Many men also simply believe what they are told, some of which rings trues of course – historically male violence etc has not been entirely unknown, and when your own observations are mesh with what the ‘smarter’ people think its seems a no brainer, and it isn’t hard to become emotionally / psychologically invested in such a world view.

  15. I wonder how many of the feminist critics who lambasted him over his Wonder Woman script read 50 Shades as well as saw the movie?

    1. Feminist and the majority of women love their rape fantasy so much that when they found that raping is decreasing they made up the concept of rape culture and Europeans women go to extremes to import one. Like those obese feminist obese with rape, and they false accuse because they wish some will fulfill their rape fantasies, I known a women who was sincere and told me that she will never be sexually satisfied because he fantasizes about being raped by a manly guy, I told her rapist look more like creeps than Ryan Gosling. And she tried to pretend to be raped but it was not the same she knew it was not real. A lot of women feel the same but deny it.

      1. Saw an Arab guy punch a German woman in the face on a night train. Honestly wonder with these idiot feminists who get attacked by their boyfriends. Guess it’s a great case of karma.
        Saw another group of German women act condescending to a nerdy Asian guy. Might makes right.

      1. No it’s empowering because it’s the female fantasy that you can be a boring, ugly, hairy, bitchy woman and still have hot billionaires on their knees begging to fulfill all your needs.

  16. It figures an alt right guy has a problem with Whedon. Let’s break it down Buffy the Vampire Slayer is the best show ever,and alpha dogs are jealous. Whedon isn’t going anywhere. If anything you are only making him more popular because most people don’t even know who he is. It must burn you guys up that a show called Buffy the Vampire Slayer is so good! Keep talking you will only get it put back on the air!

    1. You couldn’t get any gayer or more pathetic unless you were being sodomised by strap-on wielding bulldykes while hailing women’s liberation and abortion being a right that the public should subsidise. Fuck off loser.

      1. And you couldn’t feel anymore inferior! Enjoy your complex. Your probably a bald aging fat ass,who figures if you knock her up enough she won’t leave you. Your pathetic!

        1. It’s spelt ‘you’re’, you spastic. And way to play the ad hominem game. Hate to break your heart but I’m actually in my early 30s, 235lbs of muscle with a full head of hair akin to Conan the Barbarian and am a demon and pussy slayer. So eat a dick gay boy-just not mine 😉

        2. Oh are you! I watched all you skin heads hide behind the cops! 235 pounds of muscle and your also scared of women,because no one cares so much about the supression of women unless they have a complex! Look at all those cops that had to protect your ilk from getting an ass beating!

        3. You’re a fucking moron. Go kill yourself you cuck. You’re conflating anti-free speech with this feminist idiocy? You must have got dropped on your head. Fuck off and die.

        4. Fist of all I don’t care about gays,I’m not like you! But truth be told I think your kind is the gayest of all. You only want guys in power,you only watch guys,you only want to have guys telling you what to do. It’s pretty gay to enjoy watching Conan the Barbarian as well. You seem so gay that you are attracted to yourself. Oh and by the way I’m not gay. However Conan I’m certainly not a alpha dog! You are right there! And I don’t care if you like women too. We all know most of you are bisexual alpha dogs. Oh and next rally don’t hide behind the cops Conan!

        5. You are the morons. The whole world is laughing at you, and your moron president. Trump is so stupid it hurts to look at him!

        6. Oh and Mr hammer,next racist,sexist rally you have leave the cops at home! How many cops does it take to protect sexist pigs like you! Get over your inferiority complex! It’s not women’s fault they are more evolved than you! It sounds like howler monkeys are more evolved than you!

        7. Strong independent minded women are going to catch on,more and more! And I’m going to help that happen. They have to stop trusting assholes like you to run our country! You spread the Bible with hate! At least drop one or the other. Don’t hit me with both at once! If you want to find a stupid submissive woman to do your bidding,and prey to fake sky daddy,go for it! But leave the rest of us alone. TRUMP IS A JOKE!

        8. Women are going to have more and more positions of power every day! Voting for men all the time isn’t going to stop it! Especially since we now have Donald J Trump as an example for the next 50 years.When this is all over you are going to wish Hillary had won!

        9. Oh and don’t tell me who I can defend! I’ll defend strong women all I want! I have no attraction at all to weak Bible thumping utility broads!

      2. Only a real smack me off wants to make women have babies they don’t want! The thing that gets me the maddest is women let assholes like you win because they feel sorry for you! I will give you credit for one thing though,at least you don’t hide behind a blocked disqus site! Most of your ilk put out bigoted posts,and hide behind a blocked site!

  17. If only women would read these posts,but they don’t give you idiots the time of day. Lucky for you guys,because they don’t see the extreme hate,and insecurity you all have about women.Most of you actually have an inferiority complex.

    1. I read and comment all the time. Gives me a leg up on the mental retarded thinking of women, especially the ones I work around. Just got back stabbed (again) but I turned it around, held frame, denied everything and made accusations.
      About to receive a cheque for about one year of wages from my previous job where a bipolar twat of a Manager thought she could get one over on me. Thanks RoK!!!!!!

        1. No in the sex sense, but certainly understanding the hive mind mentality of women. HR people are the most untrustworthy twats on the planet, scum of the earth. One of the greatest articles I have ever read was, “How to Survive a Modern Day Witch-Hunt” from RoK, May 22, 2014. Parts of this article need to be engraved in stone.
          I can’t forget reading about “frame”, how to hold frame and reframe. Holding eye contact, denying the accusation and ridiculing your attackers.
          I now know about the 48 Laws of Power and Sun Tzu’s The Art of War. It’s an education and some of the comments, well, you can’t pay for this kind of entertainment.

      1. I’m talking about the majority of middle of the road women,who are probably soft left,or maybe even soft right,that let you guys win most of the time,because they don’t realize the hate you have for them.They don’t realize they are defending people who hate them! I’m not talking about the men,and women on here. Obviously you hate them,that’s what I’m talking about. If most women go online it’s for a much more practical purpose. Or so they think? They aren’t insecure enough to understand how much hate there is towards them. Largely due to inferiority complexes!

        1. Fact is, I don’t care if you hate me. Fact is, I read RoK because the articles posted are NEVER seen or spoken about on other websites or MSM. Matt Forney is a stellar writer and when I see his name I always take the time to read his postings.
          Do I like everything written on RoK? Definitely not, but it is my choice to read it or shove off.

    2. Thanks for your comments and welcome to ROK. We here like to stand against generalizations in general and from your comments it sounds like you are a similar soul. So wilkommen, and may it be an eye opening experience for you. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out should you decide to leave!

    3. You should know that this community is actually full of highly accomplished individuals. We have several former military members including officers. I know of one that comes here who has a genius IQ and produced his own movie and has authored a few books. You want to think of us as small dicked and pathetic, because, you can’t stand the fact that other people have a different opinion than yours. Typical snowflake and, please note, typical of a cult member. This isn’t insecurity and hate, if you want to see that, just open your mind and eyes and look to feminism and liberals in general. Unlike you, we just have the courage to stand up against oppression and hate when its directed at us, not bury our heads in the sand and pretend its not real. We all know what we know about women because we’ve fu*ked lots of them and, among other things, we know that they’re hardly the honorable/noble “victims” you want to think they are. This is what you don’t see when you think you’re being the “nice guy” to your female overlords. They are making fun of your receding hairline behind your back giggling to each other how you’ll never have a chance with them because you, John, are “out of their league” meanwhile some criminal “badboy” with no future sodomizes them with garden hose. I know this because I was the “badboy” once upon a time, sans the criminal record, and I did sodomize many women – fyi pus*y is better, but you wouldn’t know. Good choice schmuck.

      1. Some of you have high IQs no doubt.But the base of this far right crap is a bunch of morons. It used to be liberals were well intended, but stupid in general,and far right Republicans were evil but smart. Now your stupid,and evil! There is no such thing as a grass roots Republican except to spread white male bigotry! I have no doubt some of you are smart,but alot of it is a bunch of morons. Trump is a moron,and I don’t buy this there are good people in the alt right crap! If your not alt right you should oppose it,and just be a regular republican,or whatever else! If you support this alt right crap you are either stupid,or compliant in its evil!

        1. Gibberish, one thing is for sure, you do not have a high IQ. Look, we don’t want your world. We don’t believe that, for instance, humans should “evolve” to a “gender”less existence. Check out what your side wants for us…note antifa’s recent demands for the “abolition of gender”? Have you ever read-up on the canon of thought that is the basis of your belief system? Its called postmodernism. And it goes like this…reality is entirely subjective and there are no absolutes.
          That’s the rationale behind your “worldview”. I and many other people, such as those on ROK, do not subscribe to this nonsense. We’re quite happy in reality, though it seems you are not…might want to look into that. And, we’re all waking-up to the fact that its people like you who are pushing this baloney on us against our will. We don’t have to put up with it, period. So, this goes beyond feminism and men and women, this is much deeper than that. This is freedom, in that, billions of people live life, happily I might add, in a coherent rational world, with all its randomness too, and are absolutely aghast, as they should be, at the kind of twisted and perverted vision you people have. We want NOTHING to do with it and nothing to do with you.
          I mean, you do realize that its your side that wants to normalize pedophilia, right? If there is one freedom I want its the freedom to be free of lunatics like you who want to rape children and be “gender”fluid freaks.

        2. Women are doing more and more jobs everyday! We are changing from a blue collar economy to a service sector,white collar economy that has very little to do with brute strength,and alot more to do with communications skills ,etc. Jobs that are more favorable to women. Whether or not we ever get to have you testosterone freaks stop putting all men in government,because of your precious male ego,which sucks, because you are a bunch of morons. But either way women will move further and further ahead in the business world. 60% of college degrees are from women,they have a better attention span,and more suited for this economy. Your idiotic plan to make them have more kids so they don’t leave you will also backfire. Alot of them will still leave you idiots,and you will have to pay for even more kids,while she has already moved on,and is now doing someone else. Or maybe she will just stay along. Half of you are nothing but a bunch of morons anyway. Why would some woman want to stay home,and cater to you guys anyway. You hate them,and think they are nothing but a uterus! And I already know this was more about you hating wome than black dudes. Don’t get me wrong you guys hate all of it though, except your working class white manliness!

        3. What up Mr Nazi Gunner? How are your balls today? Have you ever looked in the mirror naked, pretended you were the president,while staring at your balls? I hear it’s a rush!

        4. Life is supposed to be easy!
          Easy like Sunday morning! But you right wing Nazis made it hard! And why did you make it hard ,Gunner face? For your pride. You guys don’t care if you work til your bones snap, just so you feel good about your balls! Sickening!

        5. Guys they wanta have fun
          When the Nazis day is done
          Nazis just wanna have fun
          Nazis wanna have fun, fun
          Their balls are number 1
          There balls are number 1
          There I sang you a song. Can you please stop being a bigot now?

        6. You know what? You helped me realize something.When talking to your crowd ,don’t say racist because that sells you guys short! Say bigot because that covers all of it. Mostly you guys hate women worst. But some of you hate blacks worst,some Mexicans,some gays,some the poor. My point you all hate differently.For alot of you it is women you hate most though! By the way did you see orange pig face scoring points off of a flood? He strips all environmental protections,and he exploits a disaster for his own gain. What a pipe of poop!

      2. What really cracks me up is you far right wingers insult everybody under the sun,and then you get upset when people do it to you! Women aren’t the laughing stock around the world,you morons are. And who says the main reason I want more women in power is to come to their rescue! I want them to have more power because alot of women are smart,and I’m sick of being run by you idiotic racist rednecks. Straight Outta West Virginia has to stop! Now go give pa his possum pie,and shove a rebel flag some place very special!

        1. Good grief, you are such a tard. We have plenty of African American men that come here, matter of fact, check out the recent posts on ROK, one of them, Donovan Sharpe, ahem, a black man, is starting his own show. If you ask me, all men are under attack by your ideology and I have more in common with a Black man than I do with a white male liberal. I’d take a solid Black man as a neighbor over a punk liberal like you, even if you are white, any day. So, that destroys your attempt at branding us as racist. As far as your appeal for women in power its probably because you are a woman posting under a male’s name.

        2. Or maybe I’ll just say predjudiced. Let’s experiment! All you predjudiced alt right idiots.All you bigoted alt right idiots! Ones more on the money,but one sounds better!

  18. These are true omegas, opportunists, frauds, manipulators, imitators of masculinity;
    They are the kind whose —natural— place is at the bottom of the hierarchy…….
    They represent the real problem in society, the true reversal, that now the inferior male rules with the help of oppression myths, money, technology, and the state. All of these have an equalizing effect:
    – Oppression myths= equality ideology, certain groups as victims, men/others demonize = legal theft
    – Money= allows to steal things like intelligence(workers), mating rights(women), opportunities(jobs)
    – Technology= the inferior depends on technology to be equal = money buys equality through tech
    – The state= control, extraction and redistribution = theft = invented morality and normality = laws

  19. I had a co-worker like that. Worked with him in like 3 different companies. So I knew him fairly well. I remember at one company, I was the resident alpha. I was (and am) happily married, so I didn’t give two shts about the women there. I certainly knew better than to crap where I ate. That said, this dude was single. I remember telling the one of the hot admins (who thought I was a pig) that the only difference between me and him was he’d listen to your bullshit before bending you over the table.

  20. I dont think it is appropiate that Returns of Kings, of all people, joins the lynch party against Whedon for doing… what, exactly? He cheated on his wife? It is certainly reprobable, but at least he is not proud of it and admits he has a problem resisting temptation. It is not like he is advicing men to sleep around with as many thots as they can as a valid life style… Which is exactly what you do. In Roosh forums, I suggested getting married to a good woman and staying loyal to her instead of sleeping around and that got me insta-banned for life.
    I dont think many of you, in his position, would not have cheated like he did, so stop pretending you are the moral superiors.

    1. This article is attacking his hypocrisy. Had he not been wagging his finger at men for not being pedestal polishers while dipping his pen into ever 18yr old ink pot he could find the article would read “rich famous guy sleeps with hot young actresses and five ways you can work to do the same”.

    2. Gamergate doesn’t forget who collaborated with the enemy (eg Joss Weirdo & Wil Wheaton total sell-outs to SJW but William Shatner & Notch never did)

      1. Then call him a sell out that pandered to the wrong crowd, but dont burn him on the stake just because he did what many of us would have done in his case. Joss managed to give shape to his fantasies on screen without feminists complaining (much) about the obvious sexism of his works because he had managed to make them believe he was one of them. He distracted them with the “Look! A powerful woman, this is so feminist!” concept while slipping his interests under their radar (which included banging hot show buisness ladies, apparently, among other things). Even now that he has been exposed, he is trying to blame patriarchal society in hopes of earning their sympathy, trying to not to be thrown out of their club. If it was all camouflage, like this article claims, then you should be praising his cunning instead of shaking your heads and saying he was not a such a good feminist boy, after all. In Hollywood nowdays you have to at least pretend to be fully supportive of the feminist cause if you dont want to get shunned.

    3. Surely you cannot be this dense. What the article is doing is lambasting the fact that this ginger buffoon was going around being a ‘feminist’ and an SJW and ultimately ended up being a piece of shit using this to exploit women up to and including cheating on his wife; where’s the feminism in that? Where’s the compassion for women when he committed such acts.
      ROK has stated innumerable times also that the goal is indeed to find a good, feminine, traditional, conservative woman who wants to be wed and have children. Yet seeing as the modern woman is so damaged because of (((feminism))) you might as well try to get something out of the dystopia we live in.

      1. If you want to pray to a fake sky daddy go for it. But keep you beliefs out of government! Separation of church and state moron! Learn it! It must burn you up that a show called Buffy the Vampire Slayer is better than all that alpha dog crap!

      2. He didn’t exploit women. All the women he fckd knew he was married. They willingly spread their legs in return for a movie role or whatever. Let’s not absolve the women of responsibility

        1. Very true. I’m certain many willingly did so yet there may be some who were compelled to do so-wouldn’t surprise me in the least.

      3. Yes, “where is the feminism in that” indeed. And then you are basically accusing him of the same thing you claim to be entiltled to do, “try to get something out of the dystopia we live in”. If you guys can go around banging chicks whenever the chance arises, why are you censoring Whedon for doing the same?

        1. Because he’s married and cheated on his wife countless times and exploited women who would have to do sex acts to get movie roles. You can’t be this stupid of your own volition.

        2. Oh! He is married! Of course, we now are all staunch defenders of the holy vow of marriage! Hallelujah! What a joke.

        3. You’re a belligerent dickhead. I’m not going to dignify your idiocy beyond that.

        4. You are being a belligerent dickhead.
          This site has categorically and emphatically defended such where it is appropriate and where you enter into such with women of value who were raised properly with strong value systems, femininity and whom had strong fathers.

    1. I was about to ask the same question. Without a corresponding caption, I have no way to place the face with a name.

  21. I don’t know a about anyone else, but having grown up in the 70’s and 80’s, these days I feel like a stranger in a strange land. I wish you millenials could have seen how different things were back then. Men were still men, stuff was made in the USA, and women still acted womanly. Hate to sound like an old fart but this is really the insane asylum at this point.

    1. If you want to experience the same thing today go to Serbia or Macedonia and then go to Canada.
      It will probably mirror your experience of 80s vs today.

      1. I was recently in Canada. While out for dinner one night, as far as the local whites around me, the pretty boys were gay, the other males were in packs with no women and looked like they had no future with any, and as far as the women, either they were as well in packs of overweight cows, or skinny with tattoos and painted hair and probably lesbians.

        1. Understood. Well as said, the white youth seem to be all gay or at least unattractive. Doesn’t sound good for the future.

    2. It’s fucking pathetic. I see them and they make the bile rise in my gullet.

    3. Its terrible. But, I honestly believe its all synthetic and caused by the controlled culture. Things ‘should’ change as we, rightly, revolt against this and, in general, the culture goes from being centralized to decentralized. “Dudes” wearing pajamas and $ lattes etc. are all caused by a perverse culture that wants to stunt men in order for women to “move up”. Again, its the culture that is the true cause here. We can still have 70s or 80s conditions…but it will take a cultural change to bring us to that point. Its happening, Alex Jones has more viewers than CNN and the vma award show had 2 million viewers down from 4 from last year. Hollywood continues to dig its grave deeper and this years box office is, once again, down.

      1. Sorry heysus christo but Darth Vader is right. I too was born in the early 60’s and we didn’t have any of this nonsense going on when I was a teenager or college student.
        You and your lot are a bunch of triggered snowflakes and wiggers who will be the poison that brings the United States down. Stay in mom’s basement playing video games where you can’t cause that much trouble. You people bring nothing to the game.

      2. no thanks. I’d take the 50s anyday.
        Watchign the western world fall to pieces underneath the dual onslaught of cultural marxists and their low IQ, primitive Indian/Arab/Afghan/Paki/etc footsoldiers is nauseating.

    4. I cut my teeth in the 90s early 00s and even then it was -nothing- like today. The first glimmerings of the internal rot had started to appear but we simply had no idea how deep the cancer had already embedded itself. Hindsight is 20/20 of course.
      But at heart, I’m an optimist. Life is often self-correcting. The things that swung the pendulum into perdition and ruination as we have today can just as easily swing the other way. Perhaps not in my lifetime, but we’ll get their one way or another, even if its through fire and brimstone.

    5. yeah, i’m with you there. First inkling I had was when I taught law school and had to see all the manginas in my class unable to take criticism. The younger generation of men are different.

    1. Despite those flaws, his fame, money, and position in society allows him access to top shelf pussy. This always proves to me that women chase money and status, and that is more important to them then the actual man.

  22. In conclusion, any “man” who identifies as a feminist is likely a narcissist or psychopath who should be avoided.

  23. I’m not blindly loyal. I’m just not as judgemental as you guys…..who are obviously all so perfect!!

      1. Since when are women allowed to comment on ROK?
        If I wanted to read the BS of women, I would have gone to a Feminist site.

  24. You’re welcome. I don’t feel qualified to judge since a marriage is a very private thing and we only have one side of the story from a bitter, dumped woman! Maybe if you ever did anything if any note you would have people (joss has loyal male fans too) who would support you and be loyal to you through your mistakes and bad choices. God forbid he not be perfect!

  25. He works in Hollywood, land of make believe where they all virtue signal from the comfort of their lofty offices and mansions secured by the best bodyguards money can buy.
    Want to destroy these people? Stop watching their garbage.

  26. Living a lie is tough on the mind. Marriage should be contractual for a set time period; not till death. If you want to stay together, you can renew. Just like a magazine subscription. I work with many fat, over-weight, frumpy married women. As a man, I can’t imagine having these women as my only sexual outlet.

  27. I looked at a photo his wife and thought, given the way he looks, and the fact he has success and clout in Hollywood, I think most men in his position would have been sleeping with the kind of women he bedded. I think he realized his opportunity and jumped on it.
    Hollywood is a very left wing place, its even more so today, so he must have decided to jump on some kind of social justice matter and he decided on supporting feminism. All of it was pure virtue signaling to make himself look good. The fact that he was sleeping around ain’t going to hurt him one bit, all these Hollywood types are getting it.
    As far as famous people and social justice, its complete and utter horseshit when most rich people support social causes, its all about trying to make themselves feel less guilty for having a highly privileged existence when others don’t fare as well.
    Now the question remains, did the Wonder Woman actress get a taste of his powerstick? That being said I feel stoked that I live in a country where beautiful women are common and I do not have to be a big Hollywood executive with oodles of cash and clout to get laid.
    That Wonder Woman actress is married to balding guy, who happens to be rich. Go figure even the ones with “Superpowers” got a magnetic attraction to large bank accounts.
    Whedon looks like your average balding, out of shape, middle aged couch potato, yet he gets his way with the women because of his money and fame. A guy like me, I’m not rich or famous, I take extremely good care of my self and my body, and that is the main reason I get women.

  28. Hollywood is Leftist Marxist and they really do not like people with traditional views, maybe if Whedon was in another line of work he would express the views of women he truly had in his Wonder Woman script more out in the open.

  29. “Joss Whedon and other men like him are psychos and predators who mouth feminist platitudes in order to find new victims to prey on. Any “man” who identifies as a feminist is likely a narcissist or psychopath who should be avoided.”
    This hits the nail on the head and can be applied to all liberals. They project the innermost demons of their rotted souls on to anybody who stands for higher standards and quality, which they do with the most naggy snark. All their cries of racism, misogyny and anguish for the victim olympics are rooted in the vilest of hatred of anyone better than them, the people they purport to defend and most of all themselves.
    Psychopaths indeed.

  30. I think your inability to articulate your point without resorting to personal insults says it all! I prefer to listen to the well formed opinions of an educated and balanced viewpoint. I’m sure you’ve never been guilty of hypocrisy yourself…!

    1. I think you should expand on your reply more.
      As it is, your comment doesn’t say anything other than: I like this guy because I hope to be an actress and it triggers me that this hurts my chances of using him to get fame.”
      We don’t want to think that so explain your position more to us. 🙂

  31. Classic cuttlefish behaviour. I think guys like this adopt the socio-political ideas of women to sneak around the hard truths that masculine males are forced to confront so they can get near the eggs.
    It’s pretty clear that most feminists fall into the classic psycho-analytical category of women who unconsciously desire to be dominated by men – but like it says in the scriptures – they yet yearn for power over those men.
    They will hate these guys even though they have alignment because essential all a male feminist provides is another bitchy woman’s perspective instead of the guardrail of masculinity which stops women from going off the road when it curves.

  32. As red pilled men we know women succumb to many psychosis when they behave in unfeminine ways for any length of time. It is reasonable to assume men who behave in unmasculine ways will suffer as well. These “feminist” men appear to support the idea you cannot thwart your biology and not pay a heavy price. The lesson, be masculine, damn the politics of the day.

  33. Ha ha! I’ve left it a bit late in life if I want to be an actress and I actually couldn’t think of anything worse! My position is that cheating on your wife doesn’t mean you don’t see women as equal to you. I myself have cheated but it doesn’t mean I don’t see men as my equals. It’s just not a valid or paticularly convincing argument to say that cheating has anything to do with sexism. It also doesn’t undo all the good you may have done or make you a terrible person. So he has flaws, weaknesses and makes bad, impulsive decisions…so do I and everyone else on the planet so let’s not vilify the man for being human. Maybe his writing wouldn’t be so good if he wasn’t so flawed.

  34. You are everything that’s wrong with the world today but sadly there’s no helping people like you. Oh well at least you’re not anything important in this world like a doctor or teacher. Small blessings….

  35. Male feminists are men who think feminism is a legitimate road to power and that it is the order of the day. The truth is that it is illigitimate and must be crushed. The mechanics of a feminist power structure invites the most dishonest and deceptive politician types who climb the ladder to their positions of influence in a system that is based on lies. Of course they pay homage to the feminist doctrine because they owe it. It’s just like how political party machine hacks pledge allegiance to the power structure that sustains them. The system is corrupt and so are the operators in politics and feminism both.

  36. How in the blue fuck this guy ever wrote a mostly red pill (and really good) show like Firefly is one of the great mysteries of the universe. Glad to see him taken down a peg, though. Hope it continues.

  37. I really love Buffy but Whedon himself personally is one of the most contemptuous, weak, disgusting, pathetic excuses for a man I’ve ever encountered. Negative respect.

  38. I’m reminded of something I read in Quintus’ translations of Cicero in On Duties. Glory by deception or hype never lasts like glory done by great works. Charlatans, demagogues, and scammers can ride high for a while, but nature always seems to find a way to punish them in the end.
    It’s stuff like this that has always made ROK, despite its flaws, an oasis, as it has done a crucial job of bringing this much-needed philosophy back to the minds of today’s men.

  39. ‘…men who can’t shut up about “mansplaining” and “equal rights” are doing so in order to hide their own demons.’ Indeed, and some of them falsely see it as a way to get some action, even if it would have involved a man hating tramp stamped fatty with an unresolved personality disorder.

  40. This is another example of why feminism isn’t about equality – notice how many rags rave about letting the women become adulterous and un loyal, and men should be happy for them. But the moment a man does it, he is a pariah. Oh yea, and male feminists are usually conniving, sniveling magina hypocrites such as whedon.

  41. I don’t know what’s funnier:
    “Despite feminists’ proclamations that they want men who are sensitive and attuned to their “needs,” ”
    Needs goes in seething quotes, as if to suggest women don’t need anything. A strange idea for someone who believes in sharp, omnipresent contrasts between the sexes. Maybe you just can’t tolerate nurturing, exchange, giving of any kind.
    Masculine Men Are Always Trustworthy
    How many twisted emperors, corrupt noblemen, debauched businessmen, villainous Knights, piratic dilletantes, gangsters, henchmen, looting armies, creepy stalkers, OJs, Bill Cosbys and Mike Cernowitzs’ have abused undeserving women to bloody, used victims or cold carcasses? Shit, you need a whole branch of the police department (also routine offenders) for them.

  42. Just a second…
    I don’t have any sympathy towards this mangina director. BUT why you are blaming a MAN !? Doesn’t the promiscuous, whorish and slutty “young” actress know that He is married and she is destroying life of another woman ? The title of the article should have been “a-young-woman-used-a-man-and-cheated-another-woman-for-her-own-benefit”.
    Blame that pussy who knowingly “slept” with the MAN who is married to someone else !
    Blame that pussy who “objectified” herself for her own benefits & easy money !

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