11 More Ways The Elite Psychologically Severs Us Through Harmful Conditioning

Last week, building on the critical work of Lucien Cerise—a Ph.D and expert in cognitive sciences and transhumanism—I outlined broadly how the occult elite had proceeded to “change” how people think and act over decades. The elite’s project is a kind of giant, society-scale neurolinguistic reprogramming. It is a demiurgic attempt to destroy and recreate, to make everything and everyone artificial.

No more men and women, but multi-addicted abstract individuals pretending to decide their “gender” overnight; no more wholesome foods, but Monsanto-grown frankenfoods; and so on. To change a multi-secular, satisfying status quo, the elite took up various roles, chose various scapegoats to take the blame when necessary, impaired our innate ability to discriminate and hierarchize, blurred the difference between truth and fiction. And this was only the beginning.

All these indeed are preparatory steps to make people more plastic. Obviously, a system—as they say in cybernetics—which is unbalanced, contradictions-ridden, and wishing for external help is easier to change than a stable, healthy, and autonomous one. Now, in line with last piece, we cut deeper into how exactly our neo-hermetists did that.

1. Trusting, trivializing, stigmatizing

One of our in-built subconscious categorizations works along the lines of:

  • whom I can trust,
  • what is regular or trivial or doesn’t matter,
  • whom I should be wary of.

Common sense, social norms, distinctions between relatives and strangers, and personal experience were more than enough for us to know who or what we should do. Prejudice arises when this pattern of thinking becomes too rigid and hampers one’s daily life. Otherwise, this way to categorize people is normal, as long as one can punctually step out from the autopilot and consider someone or something consciously.

The elite took this pattern over by changing its content. For example, people knew intuitively that trannyism was a sign of pathology and degeneracy, but now normies believe trannies are poor innocent victims who should either be considered normal—hence trivial—or pedestaled. Conversely, a wholly new category appeared with modernity: the “far right”, which did not even exist before at best the eighteenth century, became synonymous in the normies’ minds with a “foul beast” people should relentlessly stigmatize and reject without a thought.

Through reframing, promoting contrived narratives, painting Leftist heroes as sympathetic or more humane in contrast with “right-wingers” who are always depicted as stupid or evil, they shaped a whole worldview of new good and bad guys. Keep the old structure intact, change its contents, and you will have changed pretty much everything.

2. Karpman’s triangle: the victim, the tormentor, and the savior

Another in-built triune pattern the System took over is what is commonly referred to as Karpman’s triangle. During an interaction, someone starts to become bossy, overcritical, controlling over someone else. The first takes up the role of the “persecutor”, the second the role of the “victim”, and a third party may come in rescue to the second. These are roles in the sense that they are more like holes or boxes than essential attributes. They can shift, and a purported role might hide something else.

When politics are framed as a wide-scale drama triangle, as it repeatedly happened with the inception of every new “minority” and their “rights”, the average Joe is baited to feel empathy to the purported victim, hatred towards the tormentor, and a desire to be or join the rescuing party. This is part of a polarization strategy, not unlike scandalous tabloid headlines. Of course, the repeated use of the victim-tormentor-savior in politics amounts to reducing a complex, nuanced reality to a very simplistic, Manichean narrative, and can be used to hide contrarian truths.

Behind the mainstream world of appearances, people who play the Biggest Oppressed Victim are also the bossier, most narcissistic, and most disrespectful ones—in a single word, crybullies—while deadbeats struggle to be acknowledged as victims too without even noticing the structure they try to fit in, and white knights see themselves as noble rescuers whereas they are little more than enablers of toxic behaviors.

3. Promoting empathy, one-world-fusionism, and the regressive Left

Ancient myths tell of a paradise world, whether inhabited by Adam and Eve or ancient Golden Age Hyperboreans, that turned divided, scattered, rife with warfare and other woes after a major cataclysm. The Babel tower story follows the same pattern.

These myths still resonate much in human psyche. Modern thinkers such as Jean-Jacques Rousseau and Karl Marx tapped there by inventing a kind of “natural state” or primitive communism inhabited by noble, innocent savages. This utopian world, they told, had been destroyed by the establishment of private property. Thus, what better way to “fix the world” than destroying private property and establishing communism? The same goes with castes, social classes, and even the sexes. If we are different, hence unequal, we can all go along very well as long as there are proper, acknowledged boundaries, protecting territories, prerogatives, and other components of identity.

A strong trend inside the Left is the sheer hatred of these boundaries and differences. Everything should merge! No borders! No limits! One world!

After Communism ignominiously failed, the occult elite changed its strategy. Through new-age, they would promote “empathy” as a means to lose sight of who one is and to make men more vulnerable to emotional blackmailing. They blamed the warring aspect of masculinity, promoted “communication” and “consensus” to browbeat men into pussies and turn females into caricatures of men. Aren’t our ancestors sooooo guilty of oppressing the whole galaxy after all?

4. Confusion between self, others, and the media

People who are too empathetic can confuse their own feelings or beliefs with others’. This is especially true of individuals who ignore how they can be manipulated, either because they are young, or because they spent their time in an artificial urban world gazing at contrived pictures and lack testosterone. They are all too prone to empathize with characters and points of view that are forcefully presented or suggested to them, no matter their genuineness or truthfulness.

Here is a textbook example of a Leftist inventing a whole scenario out of thin air and selective empathy, then pushing it on Twitter. Upon seeing an unknown Muslim woman in mass transit, (((Rachel Jacobs))) invokes Karpman’s triangle and patterns a story where the-white-male-is-an-oppressor, the-muslim-woman-is-a-victim and I-Rachel-Jacobs-or-another-SJW-am-the-fierce-and-noble-savior.

Is Jacobs actually connected to this Muslim woman or fantasizing? Are SJWs retweeting #illridewithyou all merging into a proto-one-world, or individually daydreaming, forgetting their actual hollowness, and twitting with their mental background all conditioned by the media?

Here we have a mixture of the elite’s invasive narcissism and blue pill gullibility. The first project its own ideas upon everything else while the second submits to the point of mentally living inside part of the elite’s mind and ignores the reality around.

5. Stigmatizing true differences

German jurist Carl Schmitt unveiled an essential feature of the liberal, modern, “democratic” “humanism” when he noticed its fundamental hypocrisy. At first glance, “humanism” celebrates what all humans share, tolerates differences while allowing to “go beyond” them towards a beautiful and harmonious human brotherhood. But in fact, “humanism” threatens to cannibalize all cultures, nations, and lifestyles. “Humanism” destroys the possibility to life peacefully with different and unequal people and instead evilizes whatever it cannot include. If you aren’t a “humanist”, you aren’t fully human!

Thus, having purportedly destroyed or included differences, which is exactly the same when “including” someone or something means making it another brand, “humanism” or progressivism creates a new otherness. This one is not national or geographic but political. All humans are to be cannibalized into the new unity, but beware of the “far right”, this black sheep that dares to be different!

After their cognition was impaired by an artificial inability to discriminate or hierarchize, normies can have their brain working normally anew when they at least meet anew with the otherness. At least, good and bad guys! God bless Trump for allowing us liberals to feel superior!

Once again, destroy and rebuild: the mind virus of the 60s prevented distinguishing, hierarchizing, imitating, and now normies can do all that again—distinguish between the “good” refugee and the “bad” evil white male, hierarchize between the invaluable suffering of the “micro-agressed” princess and the unworthy beta male, imitate or follow the media-touted “causes.”

Not to forget the typical carrot of “look, we’re gonna have a perfectly nice and beautiful world, we just need to eliminate X before… and Y… and Z…” Just say X is “racist” or Y is “-phobic” and this will be enough. Pavlovian conditioning is that simple.

6. Blocking access to new information

“Reality is a far right hoax!”

This may seem out of place in the so-called information age. We have Internet, numberless books around, free communication… how could we lack information? Simple: overloaded with new information and stimuli, the typical individual will follow what is put in front of him as “valuable”, “legit” or “the real deal.” Those who follow this lead end up, once again, living inside a closed system and blocking whatever might threaten their shared narrative.

In France I have seen numerous bourgeois bohemians quote the globalists’ Le Monde religiously. Their “reference newspaper” does not inform on reality, it makes it. On the other side of the pond the same upper middle class herding happens with the New York Times. As society disintegrates into antagonistic small groups, the bewildered mass along with the members of the Hive decide to go on sharing the same illusion.

Hence the emphasizing on the source rather than on objective truth—and why, as long as the System’s outlets will repeat such myths as the gender gap, they will keep believing it no matter how debunked it actually is.

Postmodernism went so far as to deny the non-contradiction principle as well as the existence of an objective truth. In the world of fake news or mainstream media, the approved, Hive-belonging outlets are perceived as if they made the truth. Notice how far we went here into make-believe: it is as if truth could be produced or manufactured firsthand, as if everything was a “social construction” subjected to the whims of our demiurgic managers. Race does not exist! Race exists but this is all “social”! White genocide does not exist! White erasure is great!

I have had the same experience with journalists citing each other about my books without the smallest effort to go to my writings—my experience is that most journalists, professional academics, and other in similar phony professions don’t read original sources, but each other, largely because they need to figure out the consensus before making a pronouncement.
— Nassim Taleb, Antifragile, chap.23

7. Severing the links with the family, with dissenters, fostering social autism

Once external information has been blocked, those who share the same illusion tend to sever their remaining links with those who do not. Large family meals, when they lead the typical blue pill to meet with red-pilled relatives, are typically a quagmire of avoidance, sham, passive-aggressiveness or overt conflict. Hair-dyed twentysomethings will resent their grandparents for being –ist or –phobic.

Do you know what kind of movement leads its members to cut all ties from their relatives and past history? Totalitarian, cultish movements do. Under its smooth façade, mainstreamism orders its members not only to follow, but also to convert their friends and relatives—or to otherize, ridicule, and finally reject them. Thus the bubble becomes thicker and its members all the more together alone, everyone more or less sharing the same semblance of reality.

8. Impairing critical thought, destroying the ability to handle hypotheses, muh feels

In such a context there is no place for doubt. The very habit of being conditioned day after day numbs the mind. When I started philosophy, I remember that most if not all students tried to find simple, immediate answers to the great philosophical questions, as if doubt was an unbearable state. True, the making of hypotheses may be part of an autonomous make-believe, but handling and weighting them requires more than scrolling down a newsfeed or watching Game of Cucks.

SJWs act as if they were absolutely right because they have no notion of probability or hypothesis. The very idea of weighting alternative versions seems anathema to their “feels.” Instead, what they display is impatience, intolerance to frustration, rigid thinking, it is hidden behind “clever” or “witty” references, hysteria, clownery, or sheer nonsense.

9. Rewarding this crap with narcissism and passes

“If you’re a good follower, you will have pussies passes if female, tags for virtue-signaling if female, and Victimhood Points if belonging to a minority. Be transblack, transgender, and openly autistic to apply for the Big Victimhood Tournament!”

10. Neophilia

As I said last week, target individuals must will the mind virus or an updated version of it. Making them addicted to fashions, fad, and the Next Big Thing fulfills various functions: they are obviously more malleable, more prone to follow the media, eager to fit in the bubble so that their mental universe does not crash, able to spend their money on the next iPhone or whatever.

On a deeper level, neophilia is a key component of what some sociologists dub the “liquid society.” After the pater familias was killed, there are no core values, no stable internal structuration. Opinions are fluid—they will drip from one box to another as long as the transition is smooth. We will have pedophilia shoved down our throats, but not now, for the elite still needs to include polygamy and young teens before they start preying too obviously on children. The mainstream is just that, a stream.

11. Anti-Oedipus

Just wait for a few more steps in “equality” and “inclusiveness”

Just like gender roles, “heteronormativity” was until recently something so obvious and normal it didn’t even need to be put into words. Using the vocabulary of cognitive science, one could say that “heteronormativity” and the rejection of incest are built-in parts of any normal mind. These parts have to be a bit enforced during education. The male child must be separated from his mother and do male activities. He cannot do what he wants, or if he does, he will never grow up.

Borrowing to the overrated Deleuze and Guattari, Cerise uncovers their concept of “anti-oedipus” as meaning the exact opposite of this. If you ban the bans, if limiting the children’s range becomes criminalized, or worse, if you encourage the children to go beyond the limits he should respect, what you get is blurred boundaries, a lack of sense of identity, and a desire to “regress” towards being one with one’s mother.

This one might seem a bit far-fetched. And yet, when we see how incestuous some powerful tribe is, well, perhaps all the clutter we faced last decades in relation to sex is a sign that we live in a world they shaped all too much. This can also be a good sign as it proves that, if they are to pull the strings, they must somehow show themselves and can never maintain a complete invisibility.

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54 thoughts on “11 More Ways The Elite Psychologically Severs Us Through Harmful Conditioning”

    1. The image shows what we in Australia call “tall poppy syndrome”, basically saying “you’re not allowed to rise above our mediocrity”.

      1. Tall poppy syndrome is even worse in New Zealand, which is sort of like the Scandinavia of the southern hemisphere. It likes to think of itself as a really egalitarian society which is better off if everyone just lives in 1st world mediocrity, instead of having 10% of the population as ambitious go-getters and want some finer things to enjoy in our finite existence.
        All the tall poppys in New Zealand now are pretty much Asian immigrants, bringing buttloads of wealth and yet because they are non-white, they are free from criticism (cuz waycism) compared to white Kiwis who actually want to get ahead.

    2. I think a big part of it comes from having strong masculine presences in your life-be if your father, uncles, elder siblings and cousins and perhaps even coaches in sports or peers. They are able to ingrain with this virtue while young and malleable and it shapes your world view accordingly.

    3. ” I wonder how we were still able to overcome all that conditioning and still see the truth, especially if we grew up near pozzed out cities that many ROK readers hail from (Toronto, London, NYC)”
      Wondered the same thing. I grew up in various parts of the usa but was raised in a staunch feminist / libtard environment. I guess the thing I learned early on is to shut the fuck up and not piss off the witch of a stepmother, and dear old cucked dad whose masculinity was washed away due to his inability to be alone and latching on to whatever he could get as a wife.

    4. In some cases I think it’s because many of us grew up with inherently Red Pill men in our families…father, grandfather, someone who provided that early guidance…a firmly embedded “mad code” has carried me through the complexity/complication of living in cities such as NYC, Miami and San Francisco (all great cities in their own right, but infested with the harmful psychological conditioning of left wing groupthink). In fact, I view myself as both the “poison pill” and “antidote” to what ails these blue-pill metropolises. I know I’m not the only one. Unvarnished truth–no matter how painful or contrary our self-interests they are–beats the pozzed lemming lifestyle by a mile, every time.

        1. The animation is Disney, but it was voiced over by a guy with the YouTube handle Walt Bismark. He’s done it for a lot of classic Disney songs. Here’s the playlist:

          Here’s his Vimeo channel where he has videos that aren’t on the YouTube channel: https://vimeo.com/user47528807

        2. Ok gotcha – so he did a matrix of yhe mouth movements and wrote a dong to maych up lyrically and musically…. cool.

    5. For me, misfortune was my smelling salt. Dead father, young divorcee. I mean, if justice is a myth–and here on earth, it’s just that–their brand was never going to take. This world is for the wealthy, the loved, and the believed-in. Everyone wants the prize, and because I got disqualified early, I see the contest for what it is. Focus on the things of eternity, gents. All that glitters looks a lot like broken glass, and the timer is ticking. I don’t know how you didn’t “pass go,” Roosh. The cold hard truth is a lot harder to see through disposable income and a buffet of shapely lady-thighs. EDIT: I’m pretty grateful you’re out here, though.

  1. Lucien Cerise quoted on ROK, what a great news. Lucien Cerise’s work is brilliant and he’s getting really deep into modern techniques of social engineering. I recommend all ROK readers to study his work.

  2. I just realized blacks are the best Americans.
    The idea of American Exceptionalism, they just do it better than white Americans and they do it better than the British.

    1. Naw. Even black pro athletes have been corrupted to worship “diversity” when 70% of their peers are the same race and 100% are the same sex! Theoretically their heads should explode but they still act like democrats and practice double thinking

      1. Exactly my point.
        “Crazy Americans” is a pretty common expression.
        I don’t say that to be funny or insulting, I think that is what happens when a cultural root/heritage is taken away.
        Aren’t where do we come from, why are we here and where do we go to the three great questions?
        European settlers could kind of answer that together and give up a bit of their original culture, but even that was bloody, wasn’t it? And to be honest, the British are not the greatest European culture, from an American point of view I know, they may have to be.
        Anyway, for Africans there is even less and what is there isn’t pleasant and the (((fucktards))) never stop twisting their mind.
        Which makes them the best Americans. From their perspective.
        How many Jews do blacks murder each year?
        The other pretty crazy culture seems to be Islam, erase history with a bollocks story aka Quran.
        And Post Modernism is that, take history away and rewrite it.
        The end of history.
        the least cultural corrupted are in general the simplest people in all societies today, blacks aren’t simple but simpletons.
        Which is another clue, the Simpsons is as German as it gets.
        And no one seems to realize it.
        The founder of Springfield’s name is Hans.
        Simplicissimus was a satire paper in Germany.
        A Simp-son or a Simpletons son.
        Marge? Margret or Gretchen is the most German name a woman can have.
        Lisa was the most popular cow name.
        Matt Groenig himself is half German.
        Springfield? Spring-ins-Feld is a life loving young men.
        The novel and the weekly satire 17th and 20th century
        Pretty handy to steal, when you want to paint a group as humorless.
        Not saying that was Groening’s plan, I think they got involved about season 8, when they Simpsons stopped being funny.
        Like Richard Wagner said, they can’t create something, only pathetic and kirre copies. 😉

        1. They smell talent and when established take it over. All the famous MIT writers? See my point? Or am I going crazy?
          The Simpsons, in my book, are used as a sick tool to implement sick ideas into their audiences minds since about season 6-8.

        2. Famous MIT writers? Not sure what you’re referencing here.
          Early Simpsons was genius satire. But in the current culture of mass degeneracy I’m tired of such humour; tired of looking at everything in life like it’s supposed to be a joke.

  3. ‘ It is a demiurgic attempt to destroy and recreate, to make everything and everyone artificial.’
    One reason televised sports are so popular is that the emotions on display are real.
    Where else do you see real elation or despair?

  4. Interesting article, but perhaps a little too wide-ranging. 11 points are a bit much to take in on a friday night, particularly where they cover some quite hi-falutin ideas. Addressing the last point first Anti-Oedipus is pretty unreadable – and as for rhizomes – wtf? – but the way I understood it was that along with say later feminist scholars like Juliet mitchell deleuze and guattari were arguing that yes, Freud had correctly identified psychic structures – in this case the tripartite oedipal complex – father / mother / son (or daughter in the case of the elektra complex) but this was due to capitalism or in mitchell’s case the patriarchy (marxist feminism would eventually united the two evils capitalism was patriarchy and patriarchy was capitalism). So deleuze and guattari seem to me to be saying that the structures of the mind are not innate as the nativist Freud seemed to suggest but are cultural, and moreover that if you overcome capitalism or whatever you can free up the libidinal economy (I seem to remember some weird shit about libidinal circuits where relationships between people (e.g. mother and child) are framed as desiring machines etc. I’m not sure if i’ve read that correctly (as I didn’t read much of the book) but all of it is in keeping with the underlying freudian / psychoanaltyic idea that the fundamental energy in the cosmos (and in human society) is sexual / libidinal, and where there are problems this may relate to blockages or maladaptations etc (c.f. marcuse etc) Now is there anything particularly jewish about this? Quite possibly, at least it’s arguably quite kabbalistic c.f. emanation theory.
    So, I’m not quite sure you can counter all this just by asserting the opposite, as it is the fixity of these psychic structures that are effectively being argued against. On the other hand in the process of trying to unfix and de-throne these ‘enemy’ psychic structures (in this case the oedipus complex) the marxist authors attack everything they don’t like while keeping the fundamental assertion, that everything is about sex. It is this fundamental idea that remains unchallenged. Jung arguably objected against turning everything into a question of sex and desire, and I don’t see why we shouldn’t continue down that line. Having said that the christian denial / repudiation of sex probably made the world somewhat vulnerable to this turn
    Returning to point 1:
    “The elite’s project is a kind of giant, society-scale neurolinguistic reprogramming. It is a demiurgic attempt to destroy and recreate, to make everything and everyone artificial.”
    I would say this is more or less correct. The reference in the same section to hermeticism might well remind us that much of the justification for this is of a gnostic nature. There are perhaps two ways of conceiving of elite sponsored change. Firstly there is the idea that it is about power, and even the deification of man. Secondly the moral case for any such assumption of power, and for raising up of humanity over the old gods, is the idea that there is something wrong with the world in the first place.
    Now what is wrong with the world? Capitalism? Patriarchy? Death? War? All of those things have been placed at the door of the old order, the male order (taken as a whole). We stand accused, and in the form of marxism, and feminism have been found guilty with malice of forethought. If we are not then we must make the case that the analysis, and with it the accusation is in whole or part faulty. That it is not the whole of the truth.

  5. Empathy is a masculine virtue and not taught today.
    They teach bland forced and artificial sympathy and rebrand that as empathy.
    Or do you have the feeling students/feminist/PC-victims are very capable to understand a different point of view / situation? They see others only in relation to their own sick need for endless sympathy gain.
    That’s how we got cucks and unshackled femininity.

  6. Much of this is coming down to what some are calling a condition of “intellectual martial law.” What is the motive? These elites need to be “proven right at all costs,” despite the manifestly poor job they have done in running the country and indeed the world, and to cover up this increasing obviousness, more and more thought basically amounts to virtue signaling.
    This is all a part of something Quintus and I have stressed and will continue to. It’s a part of the plan of these elites, the “plutocratic insurgency,” to steal everything. They all live in their needle towers while everyone else gets by on less and less. It’s more insidious than most people think: http://masculineepic.com/index.php/2017/08/13/tracing-the-plutocratic-insurgency/

  7. “We will have pedophilia shoved down our throats, but not now, for the elite still needs to include polygamy and young teens before they start preying too obviously on children.”
    They’ve been busy sowing seeds. “Not all pedos are bad” articles are the first phase.
    https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/13faf6f3eae92c6ebac6ae401f6186c10cf0732215402f287ff50947893ac409.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/9e2c45810943840c341327044bc512d62b47f86406e128afc23c1a62eb0766be.png https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/b66175228980e8f5d74d2421f4d5958669020aaaf5dd47a87abf63663d00f2de.png

    1. Let them push it and the when it becomes evident what they’re doing, the blow-back will set them back 15 years. The left has no issues left to fight for anymore since trannies have become accepted. The right should keep quiet and pounce at the right moment.

  8. “Do you know what kind of movement leads its members to cut all ties from their relatives and past history? Totalitarian, cultish movements do”
    Experiencing this with my own immediate family members…although us siblings meet once a month for a family gathering to help combat this very thing.

  9. I’m 15, a Muslim, being raised by a single mother and am living in a 3rd world country. Been visiting this site for the past year and needless to say, I consider myself saved. The globalists’ roots seep deeper than I had originally thought. Guess I need a lot of deprogramming.

  10. This is awesome! A female high-school QB threw a long TD on her first career pass! So it’s official, men can now join female sports teams, compete against women in the Olympics, etc.!!! (Oh wait. I got that wrong. Women can compete on men’s teams, not the other way around. What was I thinking.):

    1. 42 yds in the air, or was it a short screen pass he turned into a 42 yd TD? would be great if they explained it

      1. Careful, you’re dangerously close to exposing the bullshi….. I mean gender diversity equality empowerment story.

        1. I saw garrison hearst go 99 yds for a TD- it wasnt a 99 yd pass, it was 1 yarder w/a 98 yd run…

    2. “While the game ended in a 21-7 loss for Hollywood Hills, it was an
      eventful night for Neher, who became the first female player to throw a
      touchdown pass in the history of Broward County. She connected with
      Shelton on another play before the end of the night, finishing the game
      with two completions for 66 yards.”
      Two. Completions.

  11. What the heck happened to Katy Perry? She looks really, really unhealthy and unwell. Did she lose her mind and her soul all at once?

      1. If you can’t become better than anyone else, according to the social-justice ideology, then why bother with your self-maintenance?

  12. Excellent article – but please tell me that the photo cover from “Incest Magazine” is fake; that there really is no such publication…

  13. Andre, you nailed it right here:
    “Behind the mainstream world of appearances, people who play the Biggest Oppressed Victim are also the bossier, most narcissistic, and most disrespectful ones—in a single word, crybullies—while deadbeats struggle to be acknowledged as victims too without even noticing the structure they try to fit in, and white knights see themselves as noble rescuers whereas they are little more than enablers of toxic behaviors.”
    If I could magically affix this exact level of “X-ray vision” to every American citizen, we could dissolve away the miasma of obfuscation and cynical fakery of “pathological altruism” you eloquently described.
    Great writing on your part, Andre, and by that I mean the precise way in which you arranged the words into meaning / clarity. Here’s to knowing what’s really going on…and for showing how it’s not some crackpot conspiracy theory (it is real).

  14. hierarchize between the invaluable suffering of the “micro-agressed” princess and the unworthy beta male It’s not in every context, or every culture, and I can’t help but feel that the topsy turvy nature of things in the west will at some point change or reverse with all the efforts of our movement and related movements, just that it’s unfortunately not just months or one or two years away..

  15. If we suffer from “neophilia” so much, why does Hollywood keep producing remakes, reboots, sequels and prequels?

  16. Our degenerate culture also says that we should express our feelings for good mental health.
    So what happens when you say you don’t like your nation’s policies regarding immigration and diversity?
    In that case the guardians of the dominant culture call you a Nazi and try to suppress your freedom of speech.

  17. Deleuze and Guatari are heroes in today’s Lit and some Philosophy Departments. Amazing how federal funding is giving willfully&charitably to its own enemies and demise.

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