3 Downsides Of Dating Traditional Women

Women coming from more traditional societies, such as in Eastern Europe, Southeast Asia, and the Caribbean, are often being compared by mostly Western authors to their US, UK, and Western European counterparts. Their femininity, obedience, care, and support are hugely praised. As somebody that has grown up in Eastern Europe (Bulgaria) and spent the larger part of the last five years in the Southern Pacific (the Philippines), I have been surrounded by such women basically my whole life, but there are some downsides to dating this type of woman.

1. Traditional women are very dependent

It’s a fact that a lot of the girls from poorer countries have less resources than men and if they want to have a better life, they need somebody who can provide them with more resources. This is among the main reasons why Western men have tremendous success out of their home countries—their potential for resource extraction is immediately being recognized.

Let’s not pretend however that the male role of a “provider” has only upsides. Usually those girls will remain dependent on you throughout your relations. If you are just dating casually, you won’t get to feel it hard, because you just pay for a few drinks and meals here and there, but if you consider getting into a relationship, know that it will be up to you to provide till the bitter end (or probably forever, depending on marriage laws).

Lots of traditional women are street-smart and can learn quickly, but they usually didn’t spend the time and money to pursue fancy degrees, which could make them into the dreaded strong and independent career woman. If you can shoulder the bill and carry another person on your back (apart from any prodigies you may end up having together), then all should be good.

If you can barely afford to have a good life on your own, when you start “providing” chances are you will find yourself in the predicament of a reduced standard of living. I know that many guys get excited by the thought that their woman’s existence is dependent on the money they bring home, and this may not be a concern for you if you are loaded, but it is definitely a commonly overlooked factor worth considering before committing to anything long term.

2. They are extremely good at long game

My impression from reading about Western women is that the hardest part is establishing a meaningful relationship with them. This comes very natural to traditional girls, as traditional societies are still largely focused around family life and don’t cater very well to singles. Hence, chances are that by the time you meet one, she has already been in at least 2-3 long-term relationships before. While guys in the traditional countries may vary between very weak and extremely macho and dominant, the women are almost always naturally gifted at tying you down.

Observing traditional girls playing the long game is quite the masterpiece because you rarely get what’s going on, if and when it’s happening to you. Some men may consider this an asset and I’m definitely not one to hold it against women for their ability to initiate, build, and sustain long-term relationships, which can lead to starting a family together. Before you know it though, you’ll find their over-consuming presence in all areas of your life and unless you are equally gifted at long-game and sticking for your own goals, she will have carefully navigated you towards a path that best suits her interests but not necessarily yours.

Most men I have observed, regardless if having had affairs with hundreds of women or marrying their high-school sweetheart, usually react very similarly in such context: they play along up until they feel the benefits of the relationship outweigh the negatives and if this stops to be the case, they find themselves in a situation where it’s equally difficult to restore the balance and gain back control, as it is to change or leave their partner.

Decades ago, when family traditions were at their peak, a couple would eventually hit that unbalanced state after many years if not decades. Nowadays, thanks to the internet and freedom of movement, this moment happens much faster in a relationship, usually before the birth of a child, while the temptation to choose a path different than family life are always at an arm’s length.

In short, Western women may suck at building relationships and traditional women may be extremely skilled at it, but unless you are able to time their presence in your life with your own priorities and purpose, in the long run you would eventually feel equally discontent in both cases, albeit for slightly different reasons.

3. They don’t age well

Women in Eastern European and Southeast Asian countries seem to have two states of physical appearance: quite feminine and attractive up until certain age and then almost immediately and automatically they turn into near-granny material (late 30’s – early 40’s). Some would argue that this applies to women in general, but I think that poor living conditions, lower access to healthcare, higher alcohol consumption and less money for plastic surgeries and expensive cosmetics are factors that make the transition more notable and sudden than among Western women.

The traditional society also plays quite a big role here, where women say it’s “inappropriate” for somebody at their age to go to gym, dress elegantly or go out in bars and clubs, something women in the West still frequently do deep into their 40’s.

All in all, my main point as someone who has (almost) exclusively dated and mated with traditional women is that even though they seem like an overall better deal than their Westernized counterparts, they also come with their own set of fine print that you must understand and accept before opting for a long-term relationship.

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  1. Only black and Asian women age well, and the other two points aren’t that bad. I’m sure a lot of men would rather sign up to this than have to deal with Tinder sluts for the rest of their life.

      1. Latinas usually turn into tanks. I’d rather have a wrinkly GILF in my old age who’s in halfway decent shape than some fat ass who hasn’t seen her muff in over a decade. There’s downsides to everything, though.

      2. When I lived in Colombia, there were some hot MILFS parading around in the rich district, but these were definitely the exception that is more related to their socioeconomic class.

    1. Black women???
      OK, they may “age well” but what percentage would you say are 7 or higher to begin with?
      Although that being said, I have to admit the girl who played “Thelma” on “Good Times” seems to have aged very well. And she was higher than a 7. And Holly Robinson from “21 Jump Street” too.

      1. Dude come to africa, Mozambique South Africa and see the beautiful black women with their super fit bodies and zero if not even minus zero exercise lol. I dated a chick that looked like she had enlarged breasts, a fake ass and a shrinked torso. She looked like something out of a cartoon, yet was all natural. The ass you find here is just crazy. Black really don’t crack.

        1. That huge ass cartoon shit is grotesque and indicative of what is wrong with western society today. It is degradation.
          The classical Greeks had the proportions right and what we should strive for.
          Right now I am dating a black woman who is athletic. She has the perfect proportions and, unlike the white women I have been with in two years, the sweetest smelling pussy. No huge ass, no wrinkles, healthy, active and 4 years older than I which puts her in the late-mid 50’s. She looks like she is in her 30’s.
          She is aging very well.

    2. Black womens problem is that they get fat at early ages. And I’m not talking about anywhere close to late 30s. Try HS and college age. Its not uncommon to see one put on 25, 30 even 50 pounds between 19 and 21. On the other hand, Ive seen black women who if they stay in shape look in their late 30s not much different than they did in their late 20s.

    3. Asians hit the wall harder and faster than any other. There are some exceptions to the rule, but that is true across the board.

      1. I have been married to an Asian woman for almost 10 years. She is slender with long black shiny hair. She is 5′ tall and 100#. This is about 5# less than the day we married. We have a large social circle made up entirely of Asian women and (usually) their American (White) husbands. The ones in their 30s and early 40s are hard to tell from their teenaged daughters. Of the many Asian women I know in their upper 40s and through their mid 50s many are attractive, slim, and very feminine women . I know a few very attractive Asian women in their 60s. That seems to be the cliff point. About 55 the slender little spinners suddenly become the fireplugs. It goes quickly; a year or two.
        The most important step in vetting any woman for a long term relationship is to look long and hard at her mother. My wife’s mother is in her 60s is still fairly well built, and can still shake her booty with the much younger women. But I know that the wall comes to everyone in the end. What I did was marry a woman 27 years younger than me. When she turns into the fire plug at, say, 60, I will be 87, and probably not that interested in what she looks like. I will be more interested in if she is still taking care of me. The big difference between these women and the western counterparts is you actually get their best years as well as their worst years. Western women won’t settle down until all they have left is the dregs.

        1. So you’re bragging about getting some Asian mail order wife that is three decades younger than you and that only hangs around with other White sugar daddy couples??
          And this thing about Asians not aging is complete bs. Im surrounded by Chinese and Koreans and they hit the wall like everyone else and they’re materialistic and vain af.

      2. Depends on the type of Asian.
        SE Asians tend to hit the wall either due to weight or skin especially Filipinas. NE Asians, especially those that take care of themselves, tend to age the best up until their fifties, at which point they become “obasans,” although some keep their good looks. This is much better compared to most western women that become cows if they weren’t already.
        Black women age well too if they take care of themselves, but Black people are generally found unattractive to begin with in the eyes of other races, so that is likely irrelevant.

    4. Ah, no. Asian women age well until they hit 45-55, then either they are “skinny dignified” or morph into mama whale san. A good number will turn into mama whales, and a smart guy will be looking at his girls mom/grandmothers/family photos. Odds are if her grandma turned into a whale then she will.
      Never was attracted to black girls, so I can’t say much about their looks or aging

  2. To be honest Eastern Europe (Iam from Czechia) is pretty damaged by Western culture. Maybe 10 years ago you found here some good traditional girl but today it is only a dream. It is very funny how a lot of USA men think that Eastern Europe is some great place where to find a good honest woman. Almost all girls here are using Tinder and fucking as much boys as possible…Bigger cities (Prague for example) with a lot of tourist are completely lost.

    1. You know, I read and lol these want-to-look-scientific “studies” on Eastern Europe and our women. More loyal women? Bullshit. More traditional? Maybe. I might say, more or less the same, only our women started to leave the kitchen in bigger numbers about 25 years later than western ones. So our mothers still remember what was it like, what was good in “the kitchen” for them. Worse nutrition, cheaper cosmetics? What the HELL? We are fully dumped under all the western consumer shit brands… Be it food or cosmetics…
      Trump really went to EE for having a new wife, twice.

    2. Indeed. Not just Eastern Europe, almost every Country is in same boat !! Our otherwise feminine females turning into un-feminine bitches, Politicians pampering them for votes, Local Media (of which more than 70% is controlled by the Western forces) trying it’s best to highlight weak & pathetic females and posing threat to the MALES, etc. etc. etc.
      It seems these undesirable & unwanted changes are “inevitable” !!

    3. I dated a Hungarian girl and she was traditional. I was young and stupid at the time and, had I been more mature, I would/should have married her.
      But as you say, that was back then. In fact 28 years ago.

  3. My experience with Asians, is that they age badly in their own countries. Partly due to exposure to harsher physical conditions. Lots of exposure to sunlight , because of many outdoor tasks, and many things done by hand, such as clothes, and walking everywhere.
    When I was still looking, I noticed the Chinese ladies seemed to age the best, into their 50’s and even 60’s.
    Filopinas also age well here, and are closest to our culture, but have some negative qualities. They tend to be gossips, especially among other pinays. They often are gamblers too. Also, infidelity can be a problem. What probably drives it is they often marry older men, who have little interest. They also have a different diet than us, so your grocery bill will rise
    There is much to like with Asians. Intelligent, hard working, traditional, very clean and attractive, with a delightful and tight yum, even after kids.

  4. I can certainly live and thirve with these downsides.
    The biggest one is that the conservative girl gets feminist friends and decides it is time for her to try some freedom and start riding the cock carousel at your expense.

    1. I’d have to disagree with you there. Back in the day, older women would look after their grandchildren thus freeing up their daughters to do the more physically strenuous jobs of foraging, farming, fetching water and such.
      I reckon that’s why human women undergo menopause. Sure, females of other species experience declining fertility as they age, but it’s more like a human male’s decline: a slow and gradual process which occurs over the course of their lifetimes, as opposed to the human females’ sudden plummet from peak fertility to complete infertility within a decade.
      Because giving birth is particularly dangerous for humans, and becomes more dangerous as a woman gets older, there comes a point in her life where the benefits of having yet another child of her own are outweighed by the risk that neither she nor her baby will survive the birth; her death in labour will leave her grandchildren at a significant disadvantage. By the time a primitive woman was 50, her energy was much better allocated to her existing grandchildren than potential extra children.
      TL;DR: Nature does have a place for women beyond 50; that place is ‘grandmother’ rather than ‘mother’.

      1. My mother is turning 70 next year and she refuses to go to Arabic doctors. The reason is that Arabic culture doesn’t value women, particularly women over 50. She believes that an Arabic doctor won’t work as hard for her as he will for other patients.

        1. These days if you want the best care, you go for the youngish White or Asian doctor (that’s the good Asian, not Indian or muslim Asian like the Brits say). I want my health care to be performed by someone who had everything stacked against them in medical school and yet survived the crucible to get their degree, not someone who was given six scholarships and 400 extra points on their exams just for their skin colour and “muh oppression” narrative.

        2. What you say applies to many other areas. Makes you wonder who the hell is going to keep the living standards at the current level in the Western world once the current generation retires, because the new ones getting degrees thanks to their “minority pass” certainly don’t give a damn.

    2. For all animal species, childbirth is a risk to the life of the mother and child/ren. Procreation is dangerous, so what? It never stopped any animals from trying though. Its called biological necessity driven by the DNA. When we drop all the pretenses of humans and the modern society and look at them solely on the basis of them being animals, there is nothing that separates us from the rest of the beating hearts.

      1. Of course there is. Modern medicine. That’s why we see so many stupid old women having way too much influence and a devaluation of good grandmas.

  5. A lot of good points on this post, really. It’s a good way of looking at the other side of the coin. I still prefer traditional, despite the negatives.
    With a traditional woman, I am less likely to deal with…
    ….an ex from her college days finding her on Facebook and inviting her to drink so they can “catch up”
    ….her fertility compromised after years of birth control, VD’s or both
    ….my child breast-feeding on a nipple that has been bitten, manhandled and jizzed on by dozens of other men
    ….getting compared with some d-bag she met on spring break several years ago
    Me, personally, I’d prefer to handle the cons of a traditional woman than the pros of a liberal woman.

      1. It was a rhetorical question. I should have started out by saying I’ve been with my traditional wife for over a quarter of a century.
        “Traditional women are dependent”.
        All women are dependent. The problem is “strong independent” women are still dependent, they’ve just lied to themselves and everyone around them they aren’t. That adds to their psychosis. Not one woman on this planet has anything that wasn’t given to them by a man. A traditional woman knows this and is more at ease with herself. The down side is you get calls while you’re on the road asking for help for some of the most simple things. Because they know they need help with a lot of things, they just go ahead and ask-early.
        “They are extremely good at long game”
        No shit. When my wife and I got serious (I’d known her in HS and I knew all her brothers) I knew all she wanted was a family. She was ready to get married before we started dating. I knew that going in. That was one of the things that made her such a great wife. She’d taken a few classes at community college but never went to “a college” and doesn’t have a degree and she realized her career was raising our sons and making a home for us.
        “They don’t age well”
        Guess what, no woman does. The only thing you can do to slow that down is marry a woman a lot younger than you. Even then, you’re going to wind up with an old wife at some point. That’s why it’s so important to get together while they’re still hot. You’re shared experiences and growing old together will make up for the aging–as long as she doesn’t pull the ripcord and balloon out like the canopy from a Martin Baker ejection seat. I’ve been lucky, my wife has stayed slim. I have a lot of friends who aren’t so lucky. I’m sorry, fat is disgusting–no matter how “beautiful inside” she is.
        The thing to understand is we live in an imperfect world. I got into a discussion along these lines with my younger son the other day. We were talking about BLM, ANTIFA, and the all-out assault on traditional values. He was asking if there was an end to the fighting or if the lost souls and anarchists can ever be defeated. Since we’re a christian family I put it to him in these terms. Earth isn’t paradise. We’re here to do the best we can and deal with the problems we’re dealt. Sometimes we win, sometimes we don’t. We just have to keep fighting, enjoying life where we can and realize life on earth is basically always going to be a struggle.

        1. With the degeneration and fractionating extended family, what are your (both of you) plans for if your health tanks but your carcass refuses to die? Life insurance doesn’t pay 1c until you die.

  6. I agree with the first two points not the last it’s been in my experience and what I’ve seen traditional women age better because they take care of themselves more and take pride in their appearance. If you look back to the 1950s many women started taking care of themselves at a younger age to look more elegant as they got older hence why they spent so much time and money on certain creams.

      1. In my state at least, the % of women over age 21 who are overweight is frightening.
        Yet some of the most grotesque females I have seen are still able to snag boyfriends and husbands. These are the guys that are killing the rest of us. They are enabling and rewarding these hamplanets and not giving them any incentive to change.

        1. The midwest?
          Although plenty of fatties all over, so could be anywhere…
          Here in NY I routinely see fatties in the 4/5/6 range with decent looking young guys in the 7 range. Really amazes me how they settle for those cows. I sure never would.

        2. I have had to pull my two youngest sons aside on several occasions. My second to youngest son was very social (almost a chad). but on a couple of occasions he brought home girls a little on the chubby side. I gave him advice but he said that was the best that was available. I have advised both of them to never stick their dicks in crazy, to which both responded that they are all crazy (it is nice to learn that they have listened at least once or twice).
          The second youngest finished high school and entered first year of college with a real beauty. The problem was she was a controlling bitch that felt it OK to hit him if he irritated her or spoke out of turn. I stayed out of it because I thought if I said anything it might drive her into her clutches. She claimed an oops pregnancy, so he dumped her tout suite. The pregnancy disappeared immediately. He did not take her back. She was married a year later to some other poor schmuck; after which she spit out a crotch critter and pulled the inflation ring. She went from built like a brick shit house at 18, to fat and ugly before she hit 23. The outsides now match the insides.

        3. “felt it OK to HIT HIM (!) if he irritated her or spoke out of turn”
          Holy Smoke!!!
          Hopefully that phase in your sons like is over!

    1. It’s like at 50 Asian women are shipped off to a camp where they are given a perm, a slight hunch, and bad fashion.

  7. I initially thought that if you could get traditional girls, you could get any type of girl. After all, they take the most amount of work, right?
    I would say the same things, make the same jokes, take em to the same places- and they would fall one by one.
    So one lunchtime I tried it with a club slut, took her to the same diner for a coffee as I did the traditional girls. She didn’t seem herself and was looking around and barely speaking, I ordered a coffee, she ordered a double vodka… At 1PM.
    “Ah, Mick, ya great galah!” I says to myself, “Why are you trying to change a zebra’s stripes?”
    Told her what I was going to do to her and we beat feet to my place.
    Came to the conclusion that if you can get a slut then you can attract a traditional girl. But if you can’t get a slut, you may not be able to attract anyone…

  8. When the alternative is feminists covered in tats and with a bull ring in her nose who barely ever looks up from her phone, I will always prefer the traditional woman!

  9. i think it’s peculiar that nobody mentions that traditional women DO contribute to the relationship/family with hard assets. and that’s the strongest value in being with a truly traditional woman (and actually the key reason for BEING IN a LTR/marriage). i understand that most people deem financially dependent women from poor countries as “traditional”. well, it sounds funny because the former half-generation of these former eastern bloc women (and I mean born in 1970s-early 1980s) were hugely “exported” as strippers, call-girls and hookers in western european countries during the 1990s and early 00s. and of course, that was due to the combination of their looks with the poverty of these countries (that has changed much since then). however, i don’t personally understand why sb should “buy” a marriage as a “provider” and keep thinking that he is in a win-situation. the “provider role”strongly associated with a concept of sex as having a “per se value” for men is a total bullshit secretly cultivated by females during the last decades. well, friends, in truly traditional cultures the wives were assumed to contribute a. a house/ie the family’s first real estate and b. their hard work and no I don’t mean “raising children and staff” I mean true work. and guess what? a good dowry or the perspective of a joint work effort or even a free house constituted a totally socially acceptable for men to settle down.
    although times have changed, we keep forgetting the fundamental truth of marriage and female/male relationships: Relationships are meant to RESOLVE problems (for both parties of course) and not to function as exchanges of sex with “support”. They are not based on sex, love, “common hobbies” and all this shit. They are and should be based on NEEDS and I mean real and actually MATERIAL needs. Many men and not necessarily just betas tend to perceive them as implicit or explicit one-way provision channels (beta bucks or alpha “improves himself” in order to “succeed” in fucking. so what with just fucking?). Moreover, the idea that sex (with any or at least some cost) should have a self-perceived value for men (haha because women actually do not attribute such a value to sex itself) irrelevant to all their other needs, is the cornerstone of many future disappointments and failures.

  10. “and then almost immediately and automatically they turn into near-granny material (late 30’s – early 40’s)”
    As opposed to Sluttis Americanus, which morphs into her mother on her 30th brithday?
    BTW & IMO, NE Asian girls (Koreans being what I know best) age much better than American girls.

        1. With tribeswomen the words “rancid” and “feminist” are sort of a given.
          Oh… and ugly as a mud fence.

  11. Traditional woman ages well. Asians and Latinos hit the wall at around 55. White and black women on the other hand……..
    But you got to take care of your woman too. Don’t be an idiot and encourage bad habits when it comes to her health. I know its tricky but we ought to really increase our standards and expectations.

      1. No offense personally to the author but yah, traditional women are what we desire as men. Golly gee, if only I could have a woman with traditional values but she also works, provides for herself, has no dependency on me it or expectation as a provider. Pfft, get real! Interdependence is key to a traditional woman and relationship. She manages household and family while the man leads the home in all patriarchal aspects. That’s what red pill men seek, in relationships of marriage and family anyway. Help me understand the point of this article please. Also, aging is genetics combined with healthy living and lifestyle. Plenty of sensual aging woman of all ethnicities.

    1. That’s true. Asian ladies hold their age very well, much to the consternation of white women, and most are very self conscious about their appearance. The beauty and cosmetics industry in east Asia is huge and booming. And unlike western women you rarely see an Asian landwhale (except at a western liberal college)
      East European women otoh.. That’s a far sadder tale. They hit the Babushka stage like a speeding train. There’s an old saying.. you wanna know what your Slavic bride will look in 10 years, take a look at her mother.

  12. The corollary of #1 is that traditional women are actually more hypergamous than their western liberal counterparts.. they have to be out of necessity. This means if a better richer sugar daddy comes along, she’ll waste no time kicking your ass to the kerb, regardless of the time and $$$ you’ve invested into the relationship. Be warned.

  13. Tradition exists in the heart and the head. The west is so toxic towards tradition that a nuclear holocaust would make little difference in the toxicity of the environment. And people living in a sterile environment are walking dead. It is possible though to steal a western woman away from the rotten culture. Do you really need culture from the west or the deteriorating east if the culture rots your soul? Try going on a cold turkey diet from the from the culture. Typically a western woman must first be isolated from her toxic culture and then stripped of luxuries. MINIMALIST living is the crash course she needs.
    A minimalist castle like any castle is the pride and labor of the man’s loins. And in the case of the minimalist castle, your socket wrench set will serve you as well as your woman serves you. Home is home even if the Earth rolls beneath it at 55 mph and you especially know it is indeed home when there’s tit feeding going on.

  14. Except for the third item (which is questionable because I don’t think traditional women age worse than their counterparts, what determines how well a girl will age is mostly her race – the white race is the worst in my opinion), I don’t think any of these points are bad at all.
    Why the fuck having a woman who depends on you be bad? That’s how they are supposed to do in first place.
    Women’s long-game is a very good experience that I think all men should have in their relationships. Of course having your woman in every fucking shit you’re doing can be very annoying, but as long as you’re awere of the long game you will be fine, since you will play your own long game in order to have your woman were you want.

  15. Each person needs to work it out. My wife stayed home with our son up until age 3 or so. I will never forget how much he cried his first days of pre-school, but we needed the cash. I wish we could have kept him home one more year.
    I think it is best when women can be financial “pinch hitters”. My wife has always been in and out of the workplace, usually making slightly less than I. Briefly once making more.
    But a working wife is pretty good unemployment insurance, allows you to switch jobs with more security. But woe be to him who thinks he can sit back and let her support him over time. Ain’t gonna happen. She will be out of there !!!
    I am glad my wife is working now and pulling in a good salary. Home paid off, cars paid off. She just went back to work after freelancing for 5 years, not making so much.

    1. I think a reasonable and pragmatic compromise and synthesis between traditional and modern life is to, like you say, let a woman switch between full time, part time and complete home time. For instance, my father has a business which makes him earn good money so my mother don’t have to work at all nowadays, apart from that she helps him a bit with practical things.
      But in earlier periods her part-time job has been imortant, and gives that little extra for the household. Many women should work only about 50%, on average and in general, IMO. My sister on the other hand works full time and manages to balance family life, but that is because my mother helps her family with her children and my sister is sometimes quite close to getting burned out. Almost never have time to read and can only exercise at 5:30 in the morning.

  16. Take if from someone who is happily married to a traditional filipina. You also marry her entire family, much moreso than you would a westerner who probably doesn’t even know/like her dad. Let alone her uncles, cousins, etc etc.

    1. Another married to a traditional Filipina here. Yes, you do have her entire family to deal with, however, I avoided that being too burdensome by marrying into a fairly well to do Filipino family. They are mostly college educated, doctors, lawyers, accountants, college professors, and politicians. We send zero $ back to her family monthly. There is the occasional crisis money request, but I get that with my large traditional Irish American family as well. This is not the norm. Almost all similar couples I know send a fixed amount back each month. I let her know prior to the marriage that this would not happen. She took this fully onboard. Her family comes to me before they ask her for money because she screams at them.

  17. There is no greater acheivement than finding a traditional woman who is a virgin at the time of marriage. Would you really want a wife with a colorful sexual history?
    Marrying a non virgin means your wife will cheat on you with Antwone, DeMarco, and Jamal.

  18. They don’t age well

    I have noticed this about Spain. Lots of hot sub-30 women but literally zero 30+ hotties. Its like some Logan’s Run style dystopia where at age 30 they get recycled into old biddies.
    I will say though, I have met one “old” Romanian woman who was incredibly hot. Perfect body, tits, face and turned heads as we walked down the street. When we met she told me she was 33. Later on she admitted she was 42. I had no idea.

  19. they get fat as well
    something about traditional women makes them more mellow
    and the lack of hyperactivity means they gain the weight easier

      1. i’m almost at a point of MGTOW these days (i’ll still fuck them)
        thats where i’m at
        they are all hypergamous
        even the chubby and fat ones
        and Jermaine and Devon always comes up on a first date
        deal breaker

  20. I’ll gladly take these 3 “downsides” especially considering the alternative, as seen in articles like “35 signs your girlfriend is a slut”
    You know, if you eat ice cream too fast, it gives you a brain freeze. Nothing in life is perfect and without suffering. And if it was you would not appreciate it.

  21. “3. They don’t age well”
    No white female ages well, but a traditional female who takes care of herself ages waaaay better than some party coke whore who spends her twenties chasing line after line.

  22. i don’t think there’s such thing as a traditional traditional woman anymore. I feel today’s modern society and feminism warped the way women think. The traditional woman has already been warped in the minds of women. Women think being a traditional woman means they do absolutely no work and have no responsibilities other than pushing kids out. They think being a traditional woman is spent putting on make up, shopping with husband’s money and going to the hair and nail salon. They never think it’s about doing housework chores and obeying the husband. They will still try to control the man are entitled to his money and do no household chores.

    1. My wife was raised by a traditional mother in a patriarchal small village (Pop. 1,200) in a religious culture (Catholic). When we married, in the US, she called back to her mother and complained that we did not have servants (she had always had servants growing up). She bitched that she was expected to do Yaya (maid) work. Her mother told her she was married now and she should roll up her sleeves, get off her ass, and get to work. She also advised my wife that it was her responsibility to keep my balls drained, or the woman down the street would. Traditional womanhood is a beautiful thing.

  23. Your real problem is that you think that you need to bind yourself to woman for a lifetime. Why would you even think about something retarded like that? Social Conditioning?
    When I’m 55 I wouldn’t want to shag my 50 year old girlfriend/wife ffs. I would rather bang young sluts as long as I can get them and if necessary with money.

    1. My experience may be atypical, but in my 50s I grew increasingly dissatisfied with banging sluts. So, when a beautiful young traditional woman set her cap for me I was easy pickings.

  24. oh and don’t forget AWALT. So many so-called red pills who make one of the biggest bluepill mistakes.

  25. My traditional GF doesnt share my passion for crass humour. Once, I had a mistake of putting on Patrice O’Neal podcast while driving. The look of disapproval on her face…

    1. I hope you have gotten to the point to where her “disapproval” don’t mean shit. I love the Stern Disapproval look. I give it as about as much thought and weight as a fart in the wind.

  26. 1. True, they are more dependant, like children, and you will deal with them anyway if you start a family.
    2. They are extremely good at long game. Be the fucking boss of long game.
    3. Women age good or poorly depending on race, money and particular genetic inheritance. Traditional women does not come necessarily from a poor family or situation, I think this fact ussualy depends more on religious values.
    Although all this was completely true, the more traditional, the more they are worth, for granted.

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