Feminist Move To Desexualize Breasts Could Allow Men To Squeeze Them With Impunity

Touching a woman’s breasts without her consent is a textbook example of sexual assault (if sufficiently proven in a court). Yet a growing number of feminists argue that both female breasts and the nipples on them should be “desexualized.” If this rather moronic policy proposal is ever implemented, it would be entirely illogical and indeed unfair for any person touching a woman’s breasts to ever be accused, let alone convicted of sexual assault.

However, this is exactly what braindead feminists are arguing for en masse:

As for me, I am happy with the status quo: breasts are highly sexual body parts, more so than the male chest, and so laws should exist and be enforced to prevent these breasts being groped without permission. My only concern (and a very big one!) is with the evidentiary standards and procedures for proving that someone, almost always an accused man, actually did sexually assault a woman’s breasts. Other than that, laws as they exist now on paper are largely fine.

It is generally agreed that touching a man’s pecs will not result in you being arrested for sexual assault, whether you are male or female. Likewise, tapping someone on the very non-sexual shoulder is a universally accepted way of getting their attention. If certain categories of feminists wish to desexualize breasts and female nipples in line with the male chest and nipples, they need to accept the same outcomes as when we men are ever touched on the shoulder or the chest–there’s no sexual assault which can be alleged or prosecuted.

Feminist typists gotta type

Back when Cosmopolitan didn’t argue that breasts weren’t sexualized.

As we would expect, such high-brow publications as Cosmopolitan have shown an interest in “desexualizing” the nipple and therefore breasts. The stupidity of Eliza Thompson’s article would be hilarious if it were not for the tragic implications arguments like hers usually end up engendering. By arguing for some kind of perverse “equal” treatment towards men and women’s chests, Eliza is really advocating that women should have no recourse to sexual assault laws if they find their breasts forcibly touched or fondled by anyone.

This kind of feminist solipsism will no doubt try to bolster itself by claiming that women can sexualize and desexualize their breasts and nipples at will. When it comes to showing them off in public, their breasts will be entirely desexualized. But if someone touches these breasts, feminists will reserve the “right” to have them treated as sexually as genitalia would be. There is therefore not even a patina of solid ground on which to base such a ridiculous proposal as “Free the Nipple” or “Desexualize Breasts.” It is the feminine equivalent of a circle-jerk.

How many times do women touch your chest?

This fan has a better chance of touching Nicholas Cage’s chest than my chance of touching Miranda Kerr’s–and for good reason.

It happens all the time to me. Some recent examples in my own life include:

  • Photos taken in a Bratislava nightclub. Across seven images, I spotted four girls with their hand dead-centre on my chest, palm open.
  • I made a joke to a 24-year-old Slovenian birthday girl that 24 in female years is 52 in male years, so she better hurry up and have kids. She playfully pushed my chest and kept her hands there far longer than she should have.
  • A female friend came up behind me in London and grabbed my chest from behind to surprise me.

There was no sexual assault in these cases because in legal terms the adult male chest is not sexualized, or at least not nearly as sexualized as the female chest. Desexualizing female breasts and nipples would require a similar non-observance of sexual assault laws for it to make any sense whatsoever. Combine my experiences with yours and these are exactly the things that feminists will have to accept happening to them and other women if they succeed in desexualizing whatever body part they want desexualized.

Of course, many men, myself included, will continue to treat breasts as the sexual body parts they are and behave ourselves accordingly. Others will not. If anything, “Free the Nipple” and related social retardisms represent a desire by feminists to deliberately inflict sexual harm and assault on other women. Who ever said women don’t hate each other?

Breasts are highly sexual–for the benefit of women let’s keep it that way

Her boobies are sexualized and for good reason.

Unless a mother is breastfeeding in public (and thank you to those women who are not childless, cat-lady feminists), there are powerful reasons why breasts are deliberately kept sexualized, both socially and in terms of the law.

“Equality” for male and female chests is not only a rejection of common sense, it will encourage actual sexual assault under the flimsy guise of gender non-discrimination. It is akin to proposing equal menstruation rights when men do not have periods.

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  1. A feminist tried to prove there is nothing wrong about showing her breasts. A black homeless man agreed and goes for a squeeze. Expectantly, she gets mad.

    1. The black pastor is a cool and sensible guy. Someone should turn him on to ROK. Love the way he kept on at that genderless jewish creature who started mouthing off to him.

      1. They have to be kept away from voting at all costs.
        I am convinced that Men who give women the power to vote are doing them tremendous psychologival harm. Try to imagine yourself as a little kid, and then one day your big bear of a father comes home wearing a dress and claiming he wants to be called “mommy”. I think when men give up their power in this way it activates psychological survival mechanisms deep inside the female mind. Ie, “the men are complete pussies and you are now on your own girl. Activate dyke pitbull pattern X”

        1. I agree.
          Same with women in the workforce. It does damage to them.
          Nature is a very powerful force. And the social engineers screwing around with people to downgrade humanity are betting on people being suckers and falling for it. So far, their winning

        1. Yup.
          Tom Coughlin said “nothing good happens at 2AM”.
          He was right.
          Just about every bad situation I have been in happened in the early AM.

        1. Then no one would pay attention to her extremely plain body at all. And in her animal hindbrain she is hoping that a badboy will fuck and seed her.

      1. When a tall thin girl at our company picnic volleyball game flashed her (sorta) tits a guy immediately yelled, “Insufficient exposure”.

    2. This is all so that lower status women can display themselves more effectively to be seeded by alpha male cock.
      That’s it. That’s the beginning and end of it.
      If we allow it to continue, then the West will fall and be replaced by men who will not allow it to continue.

      1. It’s ironic how these women are taking us back to the huts. Think about it. What civilized society allows its women to go around topless? You got it, none, only peoples at the same level or close culturally speaking to our hunter gatherer ancestors.

        1. Check out anonymousconservative.com he details r/K selection theory as applied to our current situation. Everything you see from liverals is nothing other than a reproductive strategy. All of it.

        2. Civilized societies did not only allow certain women to go about shirtless; it was a mark of concubinage. First-class wives were fully clothed, concubines were naked above the waist and ordinary slaves were naked.

      2. “…the West will fall and be REPLACED by MEN who will NOT ALLOW it to continue.”
        Amen !
        (Edited: “Amen”, for the “positive” side/hope of original comment)

        1. NO! Not “Amen”! That is a TERRIBLE result you are hoping for!! I want them to change! To find their balls and save their people!!!

      3. Attention seeking 101, in the guise of political nonsense. Plainly transparent. Who is enabling this silliness? A sizable majority has to know that this is just pathetic hijinks– why treat it as anything else?

    3. This is not an uncommon sight at Yonge and Dundas.
      Consider that a few blocks away from here is Ryerson University, where cultural marxist students are petitioning to take down the statue of its founder Egerton Ryerson.

      The liberal degeneration in Canada is getting pretty bad.

      There was also an anti-Islam rally in Vancouver recently, that was met overwhelmingly with SJW “anti-hate pro-diversity” counter-protesters. What’s funny about this video is Vancouver is actually getting bought up and taken over by wealthy Chinese who don’t give a shit about Canadian politics and obviously didn’t bother to show up.

      1. Well, do you expect different from Canada? The loonies have a Prime Minister who wants to turn the whole country gay and fill it with muslims, it’s no wonder the degenerates feel empowered to ruin their country with their crap.

        1. And get beheaded for sodomy. Infidels may not testify against Muslims. Muslims don’t need to testify against infidels. All they have to do is to make a complaint. No matter how ludicrous and even physically impossible the act accused the Muslim complainant will be believed.

        1. I wondered if it was a professor. I believe there is a University nearby and they make classwork out of doing stuff like this.

  2. Feminists, and women in general, want to have their cake and eat it too. They want to be, and usually are, protected from all negative consequences associated with their insane decisions. This is a perfect example. They want to de-sexualize breasts when it fits them, but at the same time still be allowed to use them as sexual when it suits them….ie sex harassment or assault.
    For the record, I’m not arguing men should be allowed to grope at will. Like the author, the status quo is fine

  3. It’s makes perfect sense just like everything else about leftism in general and feminism in particular.

  4. Jeez, poor Nic Cage.
    He’s such a drunkard these days he doesn’t even realize he is being groped by a female ogre.

  5. “I made a joke to a 24-year-old Slovenian birthday girl that 24 in female years is 52 in male years”
    That’s funny, I recently told a girl that 28 for females was the same as 58 for males. So we’re on the same wavelength — about 30 years.
    Nice day out today…I guess I should get started on finding that 21 year old…

  6. Feminists want Muslim immigrants even though they treat women like cattle. This article is proof you should never give a shit what a woman thinks.

    1. Or perhaps because of???
      Either that or an attempt to further weaken traditional white Christian male-led societies.

      1. Women always go with men that are “bad” for them, then once Devon or Mohammed gives them a black eye, they start to realize their mistake for a moment then they forget again.

  7. If men can sucessfully argue for the penis to be desexualized, that means that it is okay for any woman to touch it, right? With no ASD, shame, etc. Desexualized dick game; D/D game.

  8. They tried it in the 60s but women can never free the nipple as the mask will drop – most of the breasts are not that aesthetically pleasing.

    1. It doesn’t matter if it’s aesthetically pleasing. What matters is that she is demonstrating to any interested alpha Chads that she is “ready to go”.
      Think of it this way, imagine that you are hungry and you have a billion dollars in your bank account.
      Because of this, you can easily afford to buy steak at an upscale restaurant, but then you’d have to wait around while they cook it, the restaurant expects some manners from you (altho not as much as they expect from Harvey McBeta who works at the local car wash and barely has 50$ to spend on “a date”)
      However, as you are walking on the street thinking about the time and effort it will take to get the steak, Mary Whorepants walks by in her grimy food cart and offers to sell you a hot dog for 3$.
      Now you know the hot dog is probably filled with all sorts of shitty chemicals, it’s foul, the cart looks like Mary Whorepants hasn’t cleaned it in months, etc. BUT. The hot dog is right there, it’s in your face, you can smell the mustard, and Mary is even offering you the first one for free.
      So. Do you say “fuck it” and take a bite? Or do you decide to pass and go to the upscale restaurant?
      THAT’S why they want to “free the nipple”.

        1. Female breasts are supposed to jiggle. And bounce. And shake, swing, nipples stick out when they feel like it. Why do so many have a problem with natural breasts?

        2. “Safely outta the way?” Wondering what that means. Maybe if she’s doing something where her breasts might dangle and get burned, cut or caught in gears, but generally what is the problem with natural, unrestrained, non-artificially shaped breasts? If you see some that aren’t esthetically pleasing to you, look in another direction. Just a suggestion.

      1. Really? 80% of FACES look better in Chadors. Ever see some of those Arab women? You think we have ugly women? Should women therefore wear masks?

  9. Ah, free the nipple. If there’s ever an example for attention whoring this is it. Most of the “women” advocating for this would be lucky to get a man to look at them in a sexual way, let alone touched without the assistance of a case of Jack Daniels and a keg of beer.

    1. You could have not said it better. I would call it insta-boner-killer when you realize that there is nothing there.

    2. That’s one of the reasons why this one will not happen. Women won’t kill one of their best weapons just like that.
      Desexualizing breasts would destroy one of their biggest attention winning weapons.

  10. The idea behind all these movements is quite simple.
    Lower value females want more attention FROM HIGH VALUE MEN (while restricting the many beta males around them they are not interested in) – no matter what.
    Get fucked by an alpha and have his kids is the highest goal of every girl.
    As long as you understand this, you understand women.

    1. Sadly, high value men don’t even seem to care at all. To them it’s just another stupid “movement” that’s not worthy to pay attention to.

    2. Not disagreeing with your point in total, but as far as alphas (leaders) are concerned, have you ever seen some of their wives? Considering that political leaders are the “ultimate” leaders.
      Take a look at Pence’s wife. Or Scott Walker. Or Poppy Bush. Or Ted Cruz. Or even Obammy.
      Not to mention DiBlasio. Ugazoids, every last one of them.
      The Only US politicians I can think of with decent looking wives (for their age) are Trump, GW Bush, Romney, McCain, and Rubio. I suppose that Mayor of SF was married to Kimberly Guilfoyle, so probably him too.

      1. Most politicians are not very high value.
        They need their paycheck from uncle sam just like the guys on welfare.
        The average NFL player has more money than the average senator and that at a much younger age. You get the idea.

        1. Sure, but the average NFL player is not a leader of anything, so not an alpha.
          I think this begs the question, “what is an alpha”? Is it just someone with confidence and aggression? In that case, any muscle bound construction worker or fat, hairy biker – the kid of guy who would try to beat you up over a parking space – is an “alpha”.
          Or are alphas the 10% or so of men who are leaders? Business, military, civic and political leaders.
          I see the leaders as the alphas.
          To me, the other discussion is of type-a vs. type-b personality types.

        2. To explain what an alpha is, would be an entire article.
          So for this the super short version must suffice.
          What makes a woman an alpha woman? 90% looks and youth, 10% feminine traits.
          What makes a man an alpha male?
          There are 7 major traits.
          Body (good genes applied)
          Good in sports
          Natural leader (=charisma)
          Warrior Spirit (like your biker guy who fights a lot)
          Smarts (=applied intelligence)
          Social standing and Fame
          Command over resources (in our time mostly displayed as money)
          The perfect super alpha has 10 points in each, 70 total and does not exist.
          A guy like Christiano Ronaldo (a soccer player, google him if you have been living under a rock and never heard the name) would score around mid 50s.
          Most beta males who work in a cozy office and have a masters degree in correct speech and liberal brainwash score below 20.
          To become an alpha male in the broadest sense your score should be in the highest 15% of males you compete against.
          If you understand this concept you will realize that a guy who may be an alpha in his rural hometown may not make the cut in say L.A. …or the other way around.

        3. I think those are traits the alpha male has, but it does not define him. What does define him is the ability to control his own life. An alpha is independent and does what he wants and that can be from any of your reasons.

        4. if you were going to define an Alpha, a pro athlete would be #1. Looks and fitness matter to hot girls.
          Fit, attractive and cashed up.
          Rich business men simply get used by hot girls and still beg for pussy or are married to ugly girls.

        5. Yes, but they are not leaders.
          To me, an alpha is a leader.
          A “bad boy” or an entertainer is still a clown, no matter how much poon he gets. Thomas Edison and Henry Ford were alphas to me. Their names will be remembered forever. Who’s going to remember “Vinny Pringo”?

        6. Well They absolutely are the leaders of men. And if we are using alpha traits to express what Females are atttacted to, why would anyone who is “alpha” to you be atttactive to women, because you think so?
          Money and intelligence is no substitute for aesthetics and athleticism, fame and money.
          I think the whole alpha beta Hb 1-10 garbage needs to die. Women aren’t worth the energy to argue any of this rubbish.

        7. ” Women aren’t worth the energy to argue any of this rubbish.”
          On that we agree, God.
          And remember, when I kick the bucket and come to meet you…you got some splanin’ to do!!!

        8. Those in elected office are usually doing what someone else tells them to. They owe their election to those bankroll them. They are bought and paid for.

        1. Yeah, that’s a good point. Business leaders usually have much younger and prettier wives.
          Bill Gates notwithstanding.

        2. I get this vibe, too. Some are on the level, but most of the ones who run don’t get elected. How lucky are we Trump got in, though, huh?

        3. We are in the era of handsome cucks puppets in power, is happening in all the world. Politician realize that women vote for attractive men. And they said that men thinks with their penis, women vote with their vagina tingles.

      2. The alpha tactic was to be manly the beta tactics was to outsmart the alpha with resources. If you give a lot of money to a cuck he will expend it all in pussy, women outsmart them. There is a reason those men start jumping for building when they are broke, the stream of pussy will end as soon as they are middle class.

        1. Well, I spend a good portion of my disposable income on tight, young poon…but I saved a whole bunch of it too. But then again, I pay by the hour, so I know what I’m getting into before it starts…usually.

        2. whores is a paying service. Like getting a haircut. Paying women just for their time and a chance of sex with a failure rate of 90% is just being stupid. There are guys who paid a woman a vacation with them and NO SEX, like wtf dude She is using you. I know a guy who give money to help women then those women take it and soon he realize some asshole is having sex with her while he is paying her rent. Some of those women give him pity sex. Pity sex is boring sex, they just open her legs waiting for you to finish fast just looking the ceiling, they even need lubricant, their vaginas are so dry just for being near of those guys. And what this nice guy told me? I pay because I like to help, I don´t have sex with prostitutes, I did not do it for sex. What a joke, then why did you not help guys the same? You don´t even help your brothers! but you give money to single mothers you know for 5 days who spend the money to buy gifts to the black father of her sons. Nice guys are full of shit, He is doing it for sex and won´t admit because he is such a nice guy.

        3. “I pay because I like to help, I don´t have sex with prostitutes, I did not do it for sex.”
          Your friend needs an intervention.
          The sooner the better!

        4. Oh, that’s just awful. Too bad for him.
          BTW, what country are you from?
          Your writing style suggests English may not be your first language. I am guessing somewhere in Eastern Europe. Is that correct?

    3. They don’t even deserve the betas. Those pathetic betas have more value than those cheap whores. I only wish collectively men will wake up and realize this is the Univeral truth. It has always been.

  11. Once the sex robot comes of age guys are going to tell women “Free whatever you want just leave me the fuck alone.”

    1. You’re missing the point.
      This is not the first time in history that the women have gone haywire in this way. It always happens because when resources increase, your average beta faggot gets it into his head to be “super nice” to women using “other people’s money”, then the women get arrogant and proud, and begin a massive “hen hunt” for the most alpha cock around, leaving the betas to starve.
      At which point one of two things happen: either the beta males find their balls and start smacking the bitches into line, (both female bitches and the male white knight faggots who sabotage everyone with their preachy bullshit). OR they get overrun by a more virile civilization.

      1. Exactly they de regulate the sexual market and return to the 80% of women after the 20% of men. The 80% beta have no reason to work hard, no family no pussy no work, then the civilization collapse. it´s very cheap to be single, a man need almost nothing to survive alone, that´s another reason to regulate prostitution, women survive controlling a monopoly of pussy. And of course they fear the very idea of very convincing robots letting men access to easy vagina, Robot will be banned as soon as that happen. We are currently in a time when the price of vagina is high but the quality is low.

        1. I saw a feminist article against sexbots that claimed they must be illegal because men will rape them. She actually meant what we’d mean by it: physically assaulting them.
          Got to make it illegal for men to rape machines they own that are designed for that purpose.

        2. The Neo-Puritans are here, soon they will say that masturbating is you raping yourself, or you masturbate because you hate women, who prefer a hand than a woman?, worst if you masturbate watching porn. But women masturbation ohhh she is exploring, finding herself, experimenting, whatever, Feminist said that dolls and robot objectify women, but a dildo that simulate an erect penis, no that´s not objectification. it´s literary a penis without a body! -ohh you just jealous.
          I saw a documentary about guys in love with their dolls, like this can happen to you! And the guys were depicted as total mentally ill losers. They get really mad when men stop playing their game. Like, why women hate MGTOW? those guys maybe are losers, MGTOW is not even a right wing movement is a symptom of a decaying society. if you are not a slave you are sexist.

      2. Women HAVE made themselves, are working at making themselves completely obsolete by their nonsense. When the enemy is phucking up, DONT STOP THEM. Sex robots will be a god send, because we will get all the utility, all the reliability, all the loyalty, all the beauty, all the sexual prowess, all the housekeeping skill, all the LABOR AND HELP KEEPING HOUSE, with none of the money demands, and soon all the biological functions of real women, with the convenience of two things that women lack. A mute button and logic. What’s not to want out of that?

        1. Women are not your enemy, they are wired to please the men. I believe that everything they are doing right now is because they have been conditioned to think its what the men in power want. Yes they test, yes the horny little dears will even have sex with dogs if necessary. But it seems to me that what they really want is to be taken, spanked, seeded and commanded by a proper man who has totally mastery over her.
          Thats my impression.

        2. Enemy is not really accurate, they do hate men, but love our resources and earnings. The rest you mentioned they don’t want, its all manipulation acts is all. I don’t see them doing anything but to please them damn selves.

        3. Women are fellow victims. The feminist movement manipulates women as part of destroying the male-female-children family, replacing it with loyalty, first to the state and then to the proletariat once the state “withers away.”
          The female is not fully functional without the male element (sperms and seminal fluid). The ovaries still produce sex hormones but ovulation (egg production) is wasted effort. The uterus is relegated to spewing bloody gunk as it prepares a bed for the next arrival of an egg, hopefully fertilized.
          The male, however, is fully functional with or without a female, though seminal emission without a vagina to put it in is rather pointless.

      3. That was basically the conclusion of J.G. Unwin’s research, once women are sexually ‘liberated’ the culture has maybe 3 or 4 generations until internal collapse or external conquest. No reversal ever in history, women’s liberation is the final tipping point…we’re about due, brace for impact.

  12. OT, but I think this is something you guys will find interesting. Basically, a black female student in South Africa gets a million bucks instead of her monthly $108 financial aid by some mistake and, instead of returning it, she decided to spend about $900 a day during the next 73 days without reporting the mistake and was only found out when a friend ratted on her.
    And what did this lucky girl had to say when the ride came to an end? Well, she said this:
    “This NSFAS saga has me fearing for my life 😢😢😢. I regret utilising these funds. But I will never hurt my self”
    Once again, AWALT.
    You can read about this fiasco here:

    1. Self entitlement, selfish mindset, all about their own pleasure, morals and values be damned. Ain’t ever seen a unicorn, so I agree AWALT to the 10th power.

  13. There is therefore not even a patina of solid ground on which to base such a ridiculous proposal as “Free the Nipple” or “Desexualize Breasts.”
    I can’t be arse to even look it up but I think there’s supposed to be some anthropological research by completely neutral and objective radical lesbian feminist researchers that argued that breasts are not naturally sexual because they found a primitive society where the men didn’t consider breasts hanging below the knees to be particularly erotic. This ‘evidence’ has been used by said rad fems to argue that the sexualisation of woman’s breasts is cultural not biological. The double think here is that most of these women are radical feminist lesbians who don’t just reject heterosexuality in its current form, but are at war with biological reproduction of all varieties except where there is a turkey baster involved. Indeed given that these women appear to be sex positive only when the sex is non-reproductive you’d think they’d be pretty positive about tit wanks as well as scissoring their way to the burns unit. But not so.
    But it would be wrong to think in terms of double think, or even hamstering. The arguments advanced, insofar as they might actually qualify as such, are purely strategic and have only one purpose in mind, which is the fundamental purpose behind nearly all feminist campaigns on sexuality: knowing full well that breasts are sexual, and that their appreciation is an integral part of male sexuality, they wish to demonstrate that male sexual attention is unwanted, pathological and something to be further criminalised, so that when women seeking attention, and flaunt their bodies or otherwise advertise their wares, as they do when they dress provocatively (or merely attractively), or when they get tit jobs, or pose seductively for some political cause or whatever, this is as such plausibly deniable as a demonstration of female sexuality that is subservient to (and oppressed by) the cultural imposition of male desire and the evil male gaze. As ever it amounts to feminists denying any kind of self-accountability.

    1. Why do men even give lesbians a hearing at all? Who gives a shit what they think on any issue? The one thing that women provide men is their reproductive and nurturing ability. That’s it. They don’t do anything as well as men can, they are neurotic and yammer endlessly.
      But if a woman has decided to drop out of the reproductive provision game, then what use does she have? At best she will spawn children using some r-selected swine who will then try to parasite the rest of society to pay for her spawn. Not only do they drop out of the reproductive game, on top of that they tie up other women that the rest of us are competing for.
      Basically, they are the ultimate parasite. Taking everything and giving back absolutely nothing. Like a fat nasty tick, whose stomach is bloated and filled with our blood, spreading their diseases from one poor unaware host to the next.
      Does anyone really expect her to say anything intelligent? If she was so smart then why is she in a “womens studies” program to begin with? Who outside of Womens Studies departments hires Womens’ Studies majors?

      1. you’re usually more mellow than that codemonkey.
        I don’t like to use the term ‘parasite’ because it has a – let us say – history, one I imagine you’re probably aware of.
        The point about lesbianism, is not from my point of view primarily about social utility – although it’s absolutely sensible to reflect on the implications of women of child-rearing age dropping out of the reproductive race (except in an entirely artificial sense) – but the fact that rather than being in the main some kind of liberation from the well of loneliness it is an almost entirely manufactured identity and moreover one that is been specifically manufactured for political purpose.
        Consider Adrienne Rich’s notion of the lesbian continuum, which sought to widen the catchment area to all women breathing pretty much. Though she’s virtually unknown outside academia on campus her influence has been massive even beyond women studies, and she is arguably one of the key figures responsible for pushing the idea that even behaviourally straight women can and should for political reasons if for no other position themselves within the lesbian spectrum. That’s arguably one of the key reasons you get shows like Orange is the New Black, which is a vehicle for an evangelical dyke-out
        So I have nothing against lesbians per se, insofar as they are the real thing, but consider that insofar as rad fems like Rich have effectively weaponised a marginal sexual identity – they very rarely are the real thing.
        Other than that I think you might want to cool it with the parasite talk, which just plays in to the hands of those who think legitimate criticism is a form of aggression

        1. lesbian porn is ok, but the novelty has somewhat worn off / been licked off. As some comedian once said, it just goes on and on and there’s no reason for it not to

  14. “If anything, “Free the Nipple” and related social retardisms represent a desire by feminists to deliberately inflict sexual harm and assault on other women. Who ever said women don’t hate each other?”
    This should be your lead. Roosh I would like to see someone at ROK tackle this subject.

    1. Women definitely hate each other. Ask any woman about her friends or co-workers when they aren’t around & they’re not obligated to put on their fake friend attitude.

      1. And yet it’s what other women think of them that really matters to women. Except in certain circumstances they don’t care what men think. Their clothes and makeup are to communicate with other females. You’d think patriarchal marriage would be the relief to them it seldom is.

  15. Let face it attractive normal women will not go around showing boob. Only the blue haired, the ugly ones and the dykes will. Breast is a weapon, that´s the reason the most famous busty women rarely show their boobs in the prime of their careers. they want to make men lust and use their imagination, kate upton never do a proper full front nude, she did a body paint but her boobs was kept as a national treasure, she was expecting to sell a frontal nude in a movie or magazine for millions when her career would be ending. That´s why the fappening was so damaging for Kate and Jlaw they lost the opportunity to monetize their boobs in the future. Do you remember the sensation when demi moore show her boobs in the awful movie striptease. She did it while she was hitting the wall, better monetize her body soon.

    1. Funny how when she’s ugly, her tits are disgusting. Even big ones on a hag are a no go.
      Butterfaces aside. They’re kind of okay. I just wouldn’t want her to give me kids. Then I’d have to look at their half-ugly faces all the time. Nupe.

      1. There is a myth that a man put boobs above face, Angel face with small boobs win over Butterface with great boobs. In fact Newer generations prefer small boos 60 years ago a flat chested girl was doomed today she is fine.

        1. True. Angel Face with no boobs won’t bitch about her back hurting so much. Probably. Kind of a bonus that she won’t get long, baggy jugs either.

        2. I have been the chairman of the itty bitty titty committee for decades. I learned to appreciate small breast in the process of divorcing my first wife, a natural double D. Big tits and a bitch is worthless. Now when I see big tits all I can think is, “Wow, she must be a complete bitch.” And I am right 99% of the time, so the stereotype gets reinforced.

        3. If you marry a woman because she has long legs and big tits you will end up married to a woman with long tits and big legs.

        4. I don´t know, one of the sign of a slut in the infamous article in RoK was that precisely, big boobs, probably she got them at a young age and start getting attention of males since 14-15 and develop a princess mentality.

        5. Before menopause, when the breasts lose fat, bra-wearing contributes to and accelerates sagging. Gaining so much weight that the breasts’ skin stretches, then losing weight, does the same thing as menopause.

  16. Inherently shameless girls are hyper-begging to be shamed into becoming sane women.
    Going to ignore and leave them writhing in their lonesome agony, whenever possible. Don’t have infinite amount of time.

    1. Zues’ beard, Jay. I think you’re right! They’re just looking for a line and no one will draw one. Actually kind of sad.

    2. As far as can be told, primates other than humans don’t have the vaguest idea that fucking makes babies. They have urges activated by airborne sexual attractant hormones (pheromones) that they relieve by fucking.
      How the males know, or “know,” that they can get relief by sticking their penises in vaginas and not in anuses, or just masturbating, is not known.
      Humans know the connection of fucking with making babies. Until recent years the mechanism was not understood on a microscopic, cellular, level but it was understood that putting human seminal fluid in a human vagina had something to do with making babies. So women who didn’t want babies growing in their bellies knew that keeping semen out was key.
      Timing of semen deposition was understood from an early age. The Catholic Church denounced the Manicheans, a gnostic sect, for timing fucking to avoid impregnation (“rhythm” and its improvement, “NFP”).

  17. Men won’t lose interest in boobs any more than we lost interest in legs circa 1920 when women started wearing short skirts and then shorts. They will only lose the surprise value of appearing where they were previously unexpected.
    Feminists — maybe most women — are too stupid to understand this.
    Or that such deceptions as falsies won’t be possible once it’s accepted.
    Maybe they’ll even learn to compete by developing pleasant personalities…

  18. I look to the deeper and more ancient root of this desire to free the nipple.
    We are… entering a 100% goddess matriarchy.
    Just google “mycenae bare breasted women”
    That is all this push is confirming for me. If adopted… we will have gone back over 3000 plus years in REGRESSION back to the days of human sacrifice and pregnancy being a gift of “the wind” or “the waters of the river”.

  19. This is good boys.
    This will just pump up my stock in the nipple fidget spinner market.
    In all seriousness. This will most likely make women more modest. Long floral dresses, body contouring dress etc…Women want to be rebels afterall.

  20. “I made a joke to a 24-year-old Slovenian birthday girl that 24 in female years is 52 in male years, so she better hurry up and have kids.”
    You, sir, are the man.

  21. Women dont understand they have two choices in society:
    Be protected by good men.
    Or be opressed by bad men.
    If they continue spitting in the faces of good men, eventually the bad men will show up with REAL oppression for the women. The good men will be expatriated.
    Or fucking robots

    1. Sex robots will be a god send, because we will get all the utility, all the reliability, all the loyalty, all the beauty, all the sexual prowess, all the housekeeping skill, all the LABOR AND HELP KEEPING HOUSE, with none of the money demands, and soon all the biological functions of real women, with the convenience of two things that women lack. Logic ( and if the robots have that then don’t need a mute button, and a mute button. What’s not to want out of that? As opposed to the modern woman who is so selfish and self absorbed, so narcissistic, so lazy, so entitled in their own minds and now so fat and getting fatter and uglier, and so incapable of doing anything useful or constructive. Men want robots that will act like real women, and self destructive slutty FEMINISTS want women to act like chaotic robots. Who knew, right?

  22. 1. It is about man’s pleasure. Feminist envy the fact that men ENJOY breasts.
    – Their idea is to desensitize them, thinking that it will turn men frigid(non sexual). Like they are.
    – They HATE the fact that men can experience so much pleasure visually(and in other ways).
    – They want to do porn in public, to somehow compare it to male sexuality. Envy.
    2. Congruent with penis-envy theory = Envy of men’s sexuality (very obsessed with masculinity).
    – That is why they promote lesbianism, which is an imitation of masculinity = thus man-haters.
    – This shows lesbians CANNOT see women, like men can = true lesbianism does not exist.
    3. Frigidity.
    – Basically they claim that “BREASTS ARE NOT SEXUAL”.
    – This means they are INCAPABLE of seeing eroticism in their OWN breasts(nor in the male chest) like men can in the female body and his own genitalia.
    – Claiming it is “not sexual” = frigid = they ignore what true eroticism is. But not the EFFECT of provoking males= copulation/sex = desperate for attention = targets the sexuality of man)
    4. Attention, desperation, male-choice. Self explanatory.
    5. Reversal: It is sexual-exhibitionism, nonetheless they call men “perverts” = Contradiction.
    – Claiming it is not sexual is meant to disguise their own perverted behavior, to so justify blaming men of being harassers(evil). The same when they wear tight(sexual) clothes = a kind of porn, it is nothing but sexual-provocation = harassment(false mating). Men do not complain = sexual.
    – Female primates exhibit themselves expecting copulation soon after. In our society men must pretend female behavior is not porn(sexually perverted), but them being “beautiful”, or feminine, or some kind o “art”, or any other euphemism, otherwise she would be the harasser/perverted/animal.
    – This also shows, not men, but them as lacking self-control.
    So it’s very important to blame men of everything they do, if we want to protect their “innocence”.

  23. Lindsey , how about this… you pay ME $97 an hour to pound you long, hard, and often. As long as you are actually a female, not a fattie and at least a 6.
    Otherwise, please just GTFO.

  24. I think we should cave to the FEMINISTS. Here is why, If you have seen them they are revolting to look at clothed. Let the hags shed their clothes, and after they become their own worst enemies by grossing everyone else out, people will get sick and tired of their crap and really put them in their places. They will end up killing every single effort they have at public in your face debauchery, because they will be allow to be all the rope that hangs themselves.

  25. Wow Cage flying in cattle class, he used to own a beautiful villa in Germany and he was A list in the 1990s. He was paid $20 million per movie up until the 2000s. He became so delusional he thought a guy with his face could be Superman.
    Cage only got his big break in Hollywood because of his powerful uncle, Francis Ford Coppola, now even being related to a member of the Hollywood establishment isn’t helping him.

  26. So feminists are working as hard as they can to DESEXUALIZE women further making them more like robots, while men are working harder and harder to build robots to REPLACE THE ANNOYING biological woman. With all the desirable traits, all the desirable behaviors, all the desirable HUMANITY that women are shunning.
    And still yet somehow the feminists just can’t figure it out that they are doing this to themselves, OBJECTIFYING THEMSELVES, making themselves revolting and undesireable, nevermind that these harpies wont shut the hell up (its their mouth and their mindset that absolutely makes them the most UNDESIREABLE.
    Women HAVE DONE THIS to themselves, and are working at making themselves completely obsolete by their nonsense. When the enemy is phucking up, DONT STOP THEM. Sex robots will be a god send, because we will get all the utility, all the reliability, all the loyalty, all the beauty, all the sexual prowess, all the housekeeping skill, all the LABOR AND HELP KEEPING HOUSE, with none of the money demands, and soon all the biological functions of real women, with the convenience of two things that women lack. Logic ( and if the robots have that then don’t need a mute button, and a mute button. What’s not to want out of that? As opposed to the modern woman who is so selfish and self absorbed, so narcissistic, so lazy, so entitled in their own minds and now so fat and getting fatter and uglier, and so incapable of doing anything useful or constructive.
    WHAT IS NOT TO WANT FROM A SUITABLE ERSATZ REPLACEMENT? This is why feminists are mad about robots. They can’t beat the misery into men fast enough and beat sympathy OUT of men towards them, so lets destroy any competition to replace their worthless selves.

    1. Feminists do this to desirable women because they hate them.
      You see, women hate each other with a passion, and the one thing they desire the most is attention. Male attention.
      If normal women start getting more attention and support, the feminists will try harder to destroy them.
      Simple as that.

  27. This is easy. It will be sexual assault in the eye of the victim. Breasts will sexual and non sexual based on what the owner of said breasts thinks in the moment. You didn’t expect feminists to create anything but a subjective standard where a man will always be wrong?

  28. Sorry but it doesn’t work that way. Women will cry rape and sexual harassment for you rubbing just their shoulders. Sexual harassment and rape seems to only apply for any part of a woman touched. Touching breasts even after they’ve been desexualized still wouldn’t be allowed.

    1. With their penchant for making fake claims of rape all the time, they should be made to wear burkas and kept where they cannot be harmed….OH WAIT!!!! Where do we know about those methods to “protect women”? It makes perfect sense why feminists are strange allies with Muzzies now. But sadly the deluded and mentally ill feminists don’t realize they can’t have it both ways….LIBERATION/HYPERGAMY SLUTTINESS and “protection ” of safe spaces. But let the muzzies give it to them if they really want it. Step back, MEN. Give what they want, and they will get what they deserve. just sayin.

  29. Issue with feminism is it makes absolutely no sense.
    Stop female rape!
    Stop giving me shit for wearing nothing.
    I think as a lad this is part of feminism that confused me and should of been the part that told me, dude feminism is mental ignore it.

  30. The title of this article should be “should allow” not “could allow”. If they want breasts to be desexualized (a crazy notion of course, but go figure) then it can’t be a sexual assault to touch them. There’d be no chance of this logical outcome happening in practice though, so “could allow” is a fantasy.

  31. With their penchant for making fake claims of rape all the time, WOMEN should be made to wear burkas and kept where they cannot be harmed….OH WAIT!!!! They demand safe space and respect while the slut it up everywhere. I know, they need muzzie masters. that will make their dreams come true.
    Where do we know about those methods to “protect women”? It makes perfect sense why feminists are strange allies with Muzzies now. But sadly the deluded and mentally ill feminists don’t realize they can’t have it both ways….LIBERATION/HYPERGAMY SLUTTINESS and “protection ” of safe spaces. But let the muzzies give it to them if they really want it. Step back, MEN. Give what they want, and they will get what they deserve. just sayin.

    1. What we must do is putting our women back to their place. There is no other way out of our present predicament, and no-one will do it for us if we do not do it. There is no laying back and enjoying the decline, because the decline will come right to our doorsteps and then we die. This will not be allowed. Therefore we must do what we must have done in the first place and much-much earlier: putting the silly bitches back to their place. With violent force is necessary.

      1. You can’t change rewarded and entitled behavior through violence or threat of violence. Women will after the way they do now until it’s no longer desirable to act that way, or it fails to get them the attention and resources they want. It took generations to get to that way and will take a major change in acceptable social paradigm before it will change. Your way will only make them.more entrenched and resistant even though it would bring them negative attention.

        1. “a major change in acceptable social paradigm” as you say.
          “putting women back to their place” as I say.
          We are talking about the very same thing. 🙂

        2. Ok, we are, but you will not get there the way to propose. you will not change 40 years of brainwashing across 3 generations of women to change by force. Wont happen. It will happen with a catastrophic failure of society because their whole system is based on having all of their resources to keep them alive provided by MEN for them. They can’t do it, neither the physical strength, nor common sense nor experience nor the intelligence or self discipline to get there. Once deprived by catastrophe of all support by people struggling just to survive no longer providing for them, they will acquiesce easily because they cannot survive for themselves without the host they parasitize off of NOW. Survival will force that change, not threat of physical violence IN THE CURRENT SOCIETAL FORM with all of technology and ease provided by it. Won’t happen. You cannot change human nature.

  32. Yet simultaneously, men are being told of the importance of “breast love” even “breast orgasm” during sex.
    It’s a bit schizo.

  33. “Equality for male and female chests… is akin to proposing equal menstruation rights when men do not have periods.”
    Brilliant! I have never read/heard it put exactly that way before. 🙂

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