The Endgame That The Occult Elite Has Planned For You

Dear Citizen of the World,

Have you read the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion? Do you remember this letter from autumn 1999? Likely, no, you don’t. The former is surrounded by such a stigma that you’ll be deemed a tinfoil hat lunatic by the second you start talking of it—no matter the truthfulness of the contents—while the latter only enjoyed a semblance of spread.

In 1999, I was still a trainee inside the elite’s corridor. Upon reading the letter I became afraid that the sheeple could realize the truth. Had it happened, my own career might have been in jeopardy. Fortunately people were busier sharing idiotic chain mails and what I knew was a gem of dangerous truth was promptly forgotten. Now, having almost twenty years of high-level experience under my belt, I know how hopelessly stupid the majority is and therefore can write this letter with confidence. Our god is with us after all. It is up to you to follow him as well.

A brief word about me. My family tree is centuries old. So far, I am half-Jewish, quarter Scottish Catholic, and quarter German Protestant. Or perhaps it is half Scottish and only an eighth Jewish. In fact, my family went through so many marriage-alliances it is hard to tell you who I am exactly. It does not matter very much. Sometimes I feel like I have no real identity apart from my belonging to the elite. And I want you to give up any identity you might believe you have in exchange for what we are crafting for you.

We destroyed most of the traditional world. We confiscated wealth through usury. We took esoteric knowledge away by publicly denying it through science while carefully preserving it inside our Freemason networks. The way of men itself became ours. We made you forget about God, replaced him with idols and never-ending desires.

Your women absolutely loved this. At least, they could get out with the sisterhood every time they wanted, drink tons of alcohol, sleep with random men, and kill their own babies in the womb. Way cooler than staying at home, isn’t it? We are no atheists though. At best, atheism was a means to undo Christianity—at worst it is a pretext for douchebags who pretend they’re still siding with “progress” like Richard Dawkins.

No, our god is the one who brought the light to humanity at a huge risk. When your god had you spoiling your life through dull homilies and primitive work, our god gave us the light. Alice Bailey, Saul Alinsky, and transhumanist Max More contributed to enlighten the world. And once again, when we win, you may become fully enlightened, too.

Look, he’s a cool guy

In the name of equality, freedom, dignity, justice, advancement, open-mindedness, hope, and many other buzzwords, we made you reject your own landmarks. Fascinated, hypnotized, or browbeaten by those who were, you forfeited your own inheritance. Nations mean war, families mean oppression, being white means evilness. And unless you’re one of us, being a man is oppressive too.

How about undergoing a costly, harmful surgery to get your balls chopped off and pretend you are the Other or even genderless? We support human dignity as long as we are the ones defining it. Just as we oppose rape the way our land whale foot soldiers define it. That is, rape happens when a cis-white-male has sex with a girl or even thinks about it. Rape is not what happens when, for example, you get penetrated against your will by a Muslim migrant.

We define and redefine words at will. When you own the media and the academia, and when most people are just too lazy to check the dictionary, definitions become incredibly plastic. Likewise we built every skyscraper you may work in, every shopping center you can stroll in. Only we have the money and the authorizations to venture in such works. (And if someone else built a tower or a shopping center, we’d buy them out, or some puppet of ours would seize it.)

We own the world you live in, we have produced every dollar you are earning or spending, and we give dollars their value out of thin air. The best part of it all is, you’re not even allowed to publically acknowledge our existence. We are invisible and wish to remain so. Dare to connect the dots and, following our orders, the sheeple will label you a conspiracy theorist.

Our long term aim is twofold. We want to recreate man, and we want to recreate the world. This may seem grandiose, not to say impossible, but after we have made it everyone will thank us and kiss our asses forever. First, we want to turn flesh-and-blood individuals into abstract units. To be fully human one should have no race, no sex, no family name, no roots, no nationhood, no “proper” culture. Most places and social functions should be interchangeable.

Already we’ve pulled out some very promising outcomes. Look at how happy urban hipsters are, jumping from one fad to another, constantly finding out new tasks to perform and new stuff to consume! Sexes were oppressive. They tightened whatever people could do. Now, instead of these boring, unchosen two sexes, we have more than 90 genders that people can choose overnight. Nothing is true—everything is possible. We took the Original Chaos, put it in a bottle, and we’re selling it to you every day. On credit.

People will fuse. One world, one salad bowl, one mixer. Actually, we will keep interbreeding with skilled Asians, Jews, other noble families, and exceptionally we’ll admit in our brethren some gifted adepts whose high IQ and toil will have proven the genetic worth, whereas the proles—including you—are to blend with the dark-skinned masses. You will also fuse with technology. This is what you have been told to wait for under the name of singularity. Speaking of it, the tattoos so many of you cover their bodies with are but a preparation to the planned merging with machines. One world, many virtual worlds, and an indefinite number of potentialities expressed—each fad, each good, each newly creation embodying the limitless possibilities of Human. Every individual will become the demiurge of his own world.

The fusing will go much farther than your narrowly conservative minds can imagine. Anti-racism and gay marriage are but baby steps. Later comes anti-specism, the rejection of limits between species. When you consider oneself a citizen of the world, you should also become a citizen of the Living, where all animals are included. Eventually, when animals are properly included into our world, we’ll pull anti-regnism out of our hat. Yes—even plants and minerals will join. In the end all otherness will have been destroyed. Everything will be conquered. Everything will be one. Progress will be complete.

But before we get to these heights, you should prepare by exercising “love” with wrinkles-ridden spinsters, relatives, children, and nature (go on and Google “ecosexuality”). Children are individuals like any other. As for nature, you are part of it, it is part of you, it can be both your mother and lover. Isn’t it marvelous?

I’ll tell you: Lucifer is cooler than your god. Many of you bow to the Dollar God every day, without realizing that this god was created to serve ours. You have already started to lose sight of the Sun as you live at night, stare at screens and eat our food. When we have won, we will be your sun, unequivocally hovering above the Earth.

A word on something that has been sorely misunderstood: the aesthetics of the ugly. For decades Christian dissenters said we wanted to inverse the values of beauty and ugly, to have the ugly considered as beautiful and vice versa. Boy, how stupid they have been. Had they looked broadly at the so-called modern art, they would have found pieces of their taste. Christians often get blinded by a very typical Manichaeism. When something does not side with “beauty”, it sides with “ugliness.” Same thing with “God” and “the Devil.”

In truth, we were busy putting an end to all these limits. We don’t want to destroy beauty, we just want to make it relative to the Will. When we have won there will be no ugliness left. Ugliness is either otherness or imperfection. In our perfect unified world, nothing will be Other, and everything will be perfect.

Patricia Piccinini, The Welcome Guest, 2011

One of our main thrusts right now is the making of chimeras. We are blending the DNA of various animal species with human genome. We are already setting the scene when the next generation of living beings, created by us, will rise: check Patricia Piccinini’s works. If this seems surreal or sci-fi like, remember that sci-fi is either serious projects and hopes or pure diversion to lead idiots astray (or a blending of both). As soon as 1894, John Jacob Astor knew we’d have a worldwide telephone network and harness solar energy. Conversely, in 1990, if you had been told that gay marriage was to pass and become the new norm, you wouldn’t have believed it. Yet here we are.

Throughout the process you will become more and more dependent from the owners of the artificial environment you live in. You, or your parents, paid twice or thrice the price of your house for sheer interest. Even if you are “red-pilled” as you say, you still need to cater to our norms if you want to get a notch. Independence belongs to yesterday. Today, and tomorrow, everyone is to be interdependent.

You may believe you know more than before about us. Frankly, you don’t. Some say the Rothschild or the Rockefeller tower over the rest. Some say we are 13 bloodlines. Others told of 33 or 200. This makes absolutely no difference for the masses. I am not a Rothschild although one of my ancestors was the stepsister of one, and inside our insular culture the Rothschild bloodline is deemed superior to mine. Sometimes I think a bit too much about this, but then I remember I am above 99.99 percent of the world, so, this compensates pretty well.

On that note, I have to get back to my 30 days of discipline challenge—climbing the elite ladder requires difficult, hard work, even when you’re wearing an apron under your belt—before I really talk too much. Thank you very much for joining our peaceful world!

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2 thoughts on “The Endgame That The Occult Elite Has Planned For You”

    1. Race is a red herring. It’s just their current vehicle. They are hungering for a race fight instead of a individual/liberty fight. Freedom often rings well in the hearts of many (not all) people no matter the color of their skin. They need to divide us up, pit black against white, black against Hispanic, Hispanic against Asian, Gentile against Jew. Divide and conquer, pit groups against each other enough that they will do most of the work FOR them. The trick is getting those indoctrinated against freedom to see the light, and not just identity politics.

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