6 Quick Game Tips For Meeting Ukrainian Girls

I just spent a month in a second tier Ukrainian city, to determine whether this country would suit me for a long term stay. I passed through there last summer and here are my additions on Ukrainian girls for short or long term relationships.

1. Find the normal girls

It will take effort to find students and regular women. Try the river banks, campuses, or open markets (rynok/рынок). Leave the centre. The difference between two streets can be huge.

High-end “western” shopping centres exist but are almost empty. Normal people can hang out there but rarely buy.

The girls we are after don’t go to high-end clubs. Avoid the slightly older “sponsor” girls (summoned by rich men) there, who display universal slut signs.

2. Be careful not to be played

Two stories stuck with me. First, a nineteen year-old nine from day game tried to blackmail me into sending her flowers in the mail, even before considering a coffee date.

Nineteen and already aware of her value. Details follow.

Second, my wingman set up a double date with his attractive target and a grenade for me. They were late arriving and attraction was absent. He set up a second date despite my disagreement. A different grenade with a snapback hat (which I detest) showed up for me with his girl. It was painfully obvious that they feigned interest. Once they ordered cocktails, hookah and sushi, they pretended to go for a smoke and disappeared, leaving us with the bill. My friend managed to bullshit the manager into not making us pay the bill but we learnt our lesson.

3. Focus on effective game

Online game has average quality and is lower than day game, which yields better results and is less time consuming.

Night game (high-end) has girls that are rarely under their mid-twenties, including hot Dubai girls, career girls, or moms with “ex-husbands.” Dancing with girls without prior interaction is ineffective. Booking a table without a circle is counter-productive. Evgeny, an oligarch we met, said: “Among the girls present, 70% are actual whores. 30% do not do it full time.

For day game, observe the street. There are just more women to approach. Ukraine is day game country.

4. Appearances matter more

Looks must be on point, be it clothes, watches, shoes or apartments. My approaches rarely worked when I was heading off to the gym, in short and trainers, regardless of confidence.

I left the so-so flat I booked upon arrival and upgraded immediately. I knew that girls would have ran away if they had seen it.

The feminine potential is also taken to the max. Even uglier girls could fool you (from far) with toned bodies and impeccable style.

5. Attraction is obvious if present

Post-bang laundry folding

The girls I slept with took care of me unprompted, preparing food, or doing the washing up. One even mopped the floor. Those are signs of attraction.

My wingman brilliantly redeemed himself with another double date. His girl’s friend, a small brunette with nice curves, and I hit it off right away. Eventually, we called a cab, paid our tab, and respectively took our girls home to be intimate with them them. By combining attraction and paying the bills, an implicit agreement for intimacy took place.

Mini brunette

I later met a beautiful, innocent eighteen year old with braids (my kryptonite). A shame that the attraction was strong but I never managed to set up a second date as I flew home the next morning.

I had only wheat fields and Viking babies on my mind during that date

6. Concurrence is rare but fierce

Few high-value males for many high-value females make women compete harder. My Russian coach once said: “JB, we’re Soviet Union, because alcohol, because war, because prison: men little, women a lot.”

The oligarchs, well connected middle-aged men sitting on millions from shady deals, are only a handful so there is enough for everyone.

Foreigners are rare outside of Kiev. Mainly groups of Turks and middle-eastern students, spending their day smoking hookahs in cafes. I only saw them bringing prostitutes (sub-par and in the thirties bracket) up the brand new tower where all the foreigners had short term apartments.

Ce qu’on en retient

Forget online game. The street gives varied and numerous options. Do not be afraid to be bold. Display dominance in a non-verbal way. Local girls are into men that lead though aggressive game does not work as well in the FSU as in South America or Asia. Good hunt, brothers.

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