Does Legalizing Prostitution Shift The Balance Of Sexual Power To A Man’s Favor?

Not long ago, a reader of my blog sent a question in asking what my thoughts were on escorts and general prostitution. While at one point in my life I was vehemently against any man paying for sex in any situation, my opinion of it did change a little bit last year.

I’ll never forget when I got to Krakow, Poland last year. While I was on a date with a girl, she mentioned that prostitution was legal in Poland. I didn’t think much of it.

The next day after I’d banged her out and sent her home, I decided to see what she was talking about. I got on my computer and started Googling around for escorts in Poland, with low expectations on what would actually turn up. I figured I’d see a bunch of ugly gypsy girls whoring themselves out.

But I was wrong. I was amazed.

The quality of girl I could hire for an hour was insane. 8s and 9s were going for $50-$75, or even less for 30 minutes. I do realize that many of these photos are probably ripped off of porn sites, or heavily edited. Regardless, what I saw shocked me.

Legalizing Prostitution Impacts The Entire Sexual Market

Let me be clear—I am not the first man to make this argument on the internet. I’ve read it before in numerous places, but never agreed with their assessment. It wasn’t until I actually experienced it (to an extent) myself that my stance on the issue shifted.

Legalized prostitution would take a lot of the power out of the dating market for women, so of course they act disgusted by it. Guys would be a hell of a lot less thirsty if they could legally get on the phone and have a good-looking girl at their door within an hour for a reasonable price. It would create such a drastic shift in power that much of the poor female behavior we witness nowadays would disappear.

Girls would flake less, attention-whore less, and overall be more pleasant people if they knew that the power of a vagina could be bought for chump change by a “provider” who is way hotter than they are.

All of a sudden, all the regulation and general hysteria surrounding the sex trade industry in the States made sense. The entire agenda is to empower girls, and prostitution is the number one easiest way to give power back to men in the dating market.

The Shift To Prostitution Lite

While I don’t think the laws and regulations will change anytime soon, there has been a very grey area that has developed over the past couple of years with sugar dating—which as far as I’m concerned is just Prostitution Lite.

Rather than be labeled as a “whore” or an “escort”, terms that have been seen as derogatory for centuries—women who basically trade sex for money get to be labelled as “babies”.

I can report this is now most certainly changing in America with the “sugar” re-branding movement. The conventional terminology such as prostitution and whore is being deliberately replaced with cutesy nomenclatures like sugaring and sugar babies, words far more palatable to the female psyche.

My final takeaway is that this re-branding movement enables the sugar baby to pursue a double-edged dating approach where she extracts large amounts of resources through prostitution with one group of men and at the same time retains the popular princess lifestyle with her main group. Throughout most of human history a woman of status was the antithesis of a whore. But as recent trends have shown, it now appears that princesshood and prostitution are two contradictory lifestyles that can be found embodied within the modern woman at the same exact time.

You Can’t Have It All

Remember a few years ago, when women were told they could sleep with attractive alpha men throughout their 20s (and even 30s), then settle down with the nice guy? While it worked for a few, others were left behind to grow old with a litter of kitties. Many who did manage to settle down are now also divorced. Some women are wising up to it. Again, emphasis on some—because the appeal of getting hot and random dick from your smartphone is a temptation most girls can’t resist.

Despite sugaring becoming mainstream and cool, it’s impossible to have the best of both worlds over the long-term. How are some of these girls going to go from jet-setting and $200 seafood platters every week to dating a “nice guy” who is making $70k a year? Will they ever truly find happiness in that? I doubt it. Expectations in women don’t decline with age, they only seem to rise (despite their value trending downward).

I predict that sugaring will be the new Sex And The City lifestyle for girls in the coming years. It will come complete with all girls claiming, “But I’m NOT an escort!” on their profiles.

Because they know that if they were escorts, their entire value would be crushed by a couple of bills in an unsealed envelope.

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