The Hunt For A Moral Woman

A lot of men I talk to think the best way to find a good girl is to visit a small town or village. The girls will be more pristine, they figure, and they’re generally right about that, but there’s just one big problem: those girls have not been tempted enough for us to know what their true character is.

There are two kinds of “good” in a girl. The first is situational, where she appears good only because the devil has yet to tempt her. The second is tested, where he made his offering but she resisted. When a man identifies a girl who has upstanding character or morals, what he actually found is a girl who has yet to be tossed into a world of sex, drugs, money, or attention (fame). Once that temptation occurs, or she is removed from a bubble that has kept her good, it’s nearly certain that she will dive head-first into the ocean of human depravity.

In Eastern Europe, I noticed that a girl is most kind and sweet in the six-month period starting with her freshman college year after moving from the village to the city. She’s also the easiest to get into bed. Her sexuality and raging hormones have been bottled up in the village, watched carefully by her family, but now that she’s in the city, she can finally do what she wanted to do all along. It wasn’t that she was a good girl in her village, but that she lacked the opportunity. As much as I would like to think I’m a casanova for sleeping with such a girl, the reality is that I was her gateway into a promiscuous lifestyle, soon to be forgotten after her 20th or so sexual encounter.

If I go to a village today, and meet a 22-year-old girl who didn’t have the chance to attend college and who has a notch count of less than five, is that confirmation of her goodness? It’s not, because she has yet to be put in a sinful environment. I think we already know what she would do if she had the opportunity to move to a cosmopolitan city like New York, London, or Toronto.

The saying “all women are like that” implies that if you tempt a woman with a city lifestyle where she can have anonymous casual sex with men who turn her on, she will do it. Some may just experiment, a notch here or there, but a girl won’t say no unless she happens to be part of a tight-knit community that constantly watches her. The number of women who are capable of resisting are in fact so few that they are statistically insignificant. We should therefore assume that no woman can pass the test of temptation, and perhaps no man as well.

Every single female you meet has succumbed or will succumb to temptation, and it may be unfair to expect anything otherwise. This is why, as women have degraded sharply in the past century, the only way to keep men interested in marriage is through sustained cultural programming that makes them accept obesity (as beauty), vulgarity (as strength), promiscuity (as experience), bisexuality (as sexy), and equality (as just). Constant offerings of temptation are causing female value to plummet to such an extent that men have to be literally brainwashed to believe that women are still beautiful princesses who must be cherished and beholden to.

Upon realizing that no woman can truly resist temptation when tested, we encounter a simple solution: don’t test them with temptation. Create a better society with built-in safe spaces where the sweet and kind teenage girl stays locked into situational goodness thanks to male efforts shielding her from the temptation she has no innate immunity against. If Eve could not resist from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, today’s modern woman cannot resist even the smallest bread crumb.

The challenge for men wanting to create a family is therefore not trying to find a good girl who can resist temptation but one who, through good parenting or sheer luck, has not yet been excessively tempted, and keep her there by building a firewall which prevents the devil from knocking on her door when you momentarily step away. The only way I can see this reasonably happening today is to find a girl who has economically poor parents that are religious and where she eagerly accepted their religious teachings. You will maintain her faith and give her a slightly upgraded standard of living that is valuable to her and her parents but not so valuable that you tempt her with status and riches. Go to the village to find the good girl, but you’ll have to keep her there, or you’ll find out for sure that she has no innate goodness like you may have thought.

Understand that the problem of goodness is not exclusive to women. When I had the opportunity to experience carnal and worldly pleasures, I took it… for over a decade. The fact that I realized it was a dead-end does not make me a moral man, and the only credit I can accept is eventually understanding what hedonism really stands for. I’m not impressed by men who preach to me their moral goodness because it’s almost certain they haven’t been tempted around the world by beautiful women, but if they have indeed rejected Brazilian, Colombian, Ukrainian, Polish, and Croatian women who wanted to sleep with them, something that I found impossible to do, I will personally commission golden crowns of morality for them to wear.

There’s no need to despair upon realizing the flawed nature of women, because it’s really the flaw of humans. When presented with options of excitement, sex, and sin, we almost always take the low road. Instead of asking women to possess moral strength that they simply don’t have, we should simply identify women who haven’t yet been tempted or who have made tiny mistakes when tempted strongly. If a woman moved to a big city, refrained from drinking, and maintained a religious social circle, it may be prudent to accept her if she made one or two mistakes.

There aren’t many girls out there like that, but if you find and marry her, do your part in helping create a home, a neighborhood, a society where temptation is moved to the background of life like it was in the past, instead of being thrown directly in our faces like it is today.

This article was originally published On Roosh V.

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5 thoughts on “The Hunt For A Moral Woman”

  1. It depends on where you live, and to what extend the degeneracy of modern ‘civilization’ has infected the females there.
    Of course, while all women are women, not all women are the same. Some are more susceptible than others to the lies and verbal vomit of the msm and the political class and arguably the worst of all: marketing companies. If you can, always try to select a younger woman who has not become so bitter. Also, one who keeps both TV and ‘social’ media to a minimum is less likely to attempt to drive a wedge into your life as you’ve chosen to organise it.
    However, that being said, a man with the requisite charisma, intelligence, verbal skills, psychological insights and instinct for reading people will be able to take a women from the brink and make of her something respectable and admirable. The only thing such a man has going against him, is that if he possesses these qualities, he’s almost certain to be unemployed and probably unemployable too, since our society is formally structured to prevent these white males with residual traditional alpha traits from gaining any social-financial ascendancy, unless of course, they are willing to renege on some of their fundamental principles, which such men are extremely unlikely to do.
    But, I will make this clear: when you secure such a woman, and you sure she is the real article, get her engaged, get her pregnant. And, if you wish to keep her (and your family together), keep having children with her until she’s 30-35, since women are not fulfilled if they are not having children even if they have already had one in their early twenties. If you are the real deal, you’ll understand that good women need to be keep physically busy to keep them good. We made an enormous mistake inventing all those automatic electronic household appliances!

  2. is there such a thing as moral woman ?
    virgin ? submissive ? self-restrain ?
    moral comes from the other side not from woman
    when she was a girl it came from her father
    when she is in a relationship it comes from her boyfriend
    when she is married it comes from her husband
    so wise up and make one, the quality of an “evil” patriarch 🙂

  3. Yes it’s called religion, who’s morals come from god and not man. Go to any legit non catholic, orthodox, bible teaching church to find most woman whom you describe. Will they all be perfect no of course not, but say even 50% still higher than maybe 5%…?

  4. In closing all moral problems can be linked to loss of moral religion. God’s morals never change, but human morals change like the wind. Remember when being homosexual, was immoral? Well it’s not anymore, because humans get to decide their own morality not written in stone. I bet even most LGBT people would say pedophelia is wrong and fucked up, and we are moral people. Well how long before humans change the definition of morality again, and pedophiles are counted moral?

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